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The Roots of the Term 'Killadelphia' Go back Two Centuries: Why Philadelphia is the Next Detroit

 The historic bankruptcy of Detroit has municipalities across the nation worried the fate of the Arsenal of Democracy is on staring them directly in the face.

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, is at the top of the watch-list for the next America city to succumb to the truism that "demography is destiny." [Avoiding Detroit's crash Once a boomtown, the Motor City now is a sad warning. But Phila. and others don't have to follow in its path, Philadelphia Daily News, July 28, 2013]

You can't avoid an economic crash when the people responsible for making a city a 'boomtown' have decided to vacate their metropolis because it is no longer conducive to raising a family and protecting wealth.

In reading Case Study of a Riot: The Philadelphia Story, by Lenora E. Berson (a story of the black riot of 1964) we are witness to an admission of the Visible Black Hand of Economics from which no city can escape:
In 1950 the Negro population of Philadelphia was 380,000 - 18 percent of the city's. By 1960 the number had jumped to 535,000 or 27 percent. One hundred and seventy-five thousand, or almost one-third, lived in North Central Philadelphia; 22,000 whites lived alongside them. By 1964 more whites had left than had been replaced. Philadelphia had suffered a population decline of a million; North Central Philadelphia's share of the loss was 25,000. 

By 1960 the Negroes had completely occupied the last of the old North Philadelphia white neighborhoods. Most of the new residents sought to shape a decent life for themselves and their families under extremely difficult circumstances. Unlike the groups that preceded them, however, they had brought with them few mercantile or entrepreneurial skills, little tradition of family solidarity, scant preparation for academic schooling and little feeling of self or group worth. North Central Philadelphia became an unrelieved community of poor Negroes resting on the commercial infrastructure of the old Jewish quarter. (p. 25-26)
 The "Great Society" so many people blame for destroying the black community was years from being implemented; why then, were the black inhabitants of Philadelphia incapable of producing a community where social capital flourished?

Why were the black residents of Philadelphia incapable of producing a community where individual entrepreneurial activity could set in, like frost on a cold fall morning?

Could it be the violence found almost exclusively in the black community, itself caused by (as we are told) poverty and hopelessness? 

Mayor Michael Nutter, Philadelphia's current black mayor, has an op-ed in Time, where he discusses black-on-black violence and how his city produces a 'Trayvon Martin' on a daily basis -- though no one cares [Stopping the Slaughter, Time, July 29, 2013]:
Every death is a tragedy in this nation, whether in Pennsylvania, Connecticut or Florida. We all have suffered a great tragedy with the death of Trayvon Martin. But Trayvon's story is only the latest in our epidemic of violence, compounded by race, that must be addressed in America.
Why is it that African-American males are so disproportionately both the victims and the perpetrators of violence, more often than not against one another? In Philadelphia, where I am mayor, 75% of our homicide victims are black men. About 80% of the people we arrest for homicide are black men. Black men across the country are killing one another, yet that epidemic is rarely part of any national conversation.

Our priorities are askew. Our leaders talk a lot about international terrorism. I often talk about domestic terrorists, by which I mean not foreign nationals plotting violence on these shores but the day-to-day crime that is even more devastating to our cities than the episodic threats from overseas. My focus comes from my experiences and the buildup of living all my life in West Philadelphia and Wynnefield, and as a city-council member and then later as mayor, attending numerous funerals and talking to moms and dads who have lost their children and other loved ones to senseless acts of violence.
What's missing are the fundamentals. It's about jobs. It's about education. It's about economic investment and job retraining. It's about getting benefits to people who need them. We know that in Philadelphia, thousands of people are not even signing up for the available benefits to take care of themselves and their families. We know clearly that there are a few things that work: investing more in Head Start programs, summer jobs and programs for teens and community-development block grants for cities to put people to work. Those three areas have been cut significantly over the past few years.
The U.S. seems to be more invested in nation building in other countries around the world, Iraq and Afghanistan in particular, than in nation building--or rebuilding--here at home.
 Shouldn't the black inhabitants of a city - after all, they are "Americans" - be capable of building their own communities? Wait, we learned from Case Study of a Riot that black people in Philadelphia, despite inheriting the abandoned infrastructure left behind by white flighters, couldn't replicate the same economic conditions of those who preceded them.

They couldn't produce the social capital required to build an economy, though wherever white flighters landed, they could reproduce it (even when they engaged in reverse white flight, what some call gentrification, they reproduce it)

For those wondering, the roots of black violence in Philadelphia go back to the 1800s. In Violent Death in the City: Suicide, Accident, and Murder in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia by Roger Lane, we learn:
The black population of Philadelphia was never so larges as the Irish, but its experience with homicide was at least as significant. No major group had a higher rate of indictment, as the 147 identifiably black persons indicted between 1839 and 1901 may be computed at 7.5 per 100,000 - itself an understatement - or close to three times the rate for whites. 

What makes this rate significant is not merely that it is high, but that is direction and the patterns behind it were, unlike those for the Irish, markedly different than the rest of the population. 

While poverty and discrimination pervaded virtually all aspects of life in black neighborhoods, the method of handling of homicide cases in the criminal justice system does not seem in itself  to have been an important instrument of oppression. The rate of conviction for a ll identifiable blacks accused of homicide was somewhat higher, 58 percent, than the conviction rate for whites, which was 48 percent. But since the majority of indictments, as with most others, were for killings within the group, what this indicates is that unlike the situation int he South during the same period, black-on-black homicide was treated as a serious matter in Philadelphia. (p. 104)
But Roger Lane doesn't stop there:
The existence of a weapons culture clearly had an impact on many aspects of the habit of violence in general, go back before the beginning of this study; the black homicide rate was already considerably higher than the white in 1839-1845 and remained higher eve in terms of killings without weapons.

But it would seem that to explain this pattern in terms of family or indeed anything internal to the community is to reverse cause and effect. Forced out to the margins of the urban economy, living in or close to the centers of criminal activity, subject to harassment outside of their own neighborhoods and sometimes to invasion, even armed mob invasion, inside of them, many blacks found internal battle-readiness an essential survival mechanism.

What cheap handguns did to this cultural pattern was simply to intensify  it, enabling an escalation in the rate of violence directed inside as well as outside of the group. And, what is critically important, there was nothing at work within the black community - unlike the white - to check the upward curve. While homicide rates in the city as a whole were dropping late in the century, the rate among the black community continued to rise, even though that community became larger, more nearly self-contained, and less threatened from without. The rate from 1839-1859, already high at 6.1 per 100,000, grew to 7.2 per 100,000 during the 1860-1880, and to 9.3 during 1881-1901.

Most strikingly this rise during the nineteenth century may be projected ahead into the late twentieth. As demographic change has made Philadelphia an increasingly black city, the black homicide rate in itself is enough to account for the differences between the overall official rates for 1839-190, 1948-1952, and 1972-1974. Indeed the rising black homicide rate has obscured the contrary trend among whites, perhaps the most significant of all comparisons over time. Within the white population over the last two decades, escalating sales of handguns and the flight from the city of the richer, more educated, and less violent have combined to drive up the rates. (p. 112 - 113)
Lane's book notes the black homicide was in Philadelphia in 1839-1901 was 7.5 per 100,000; in 1948-1952, it was 24.6 per 100,000; from 1972-1974, it was 64.2 per 100,000.

Conversely, Lane notes the white homicide in Philly in 1839-1901 was 2.8 per 100,000; in 1948-1952, it was 1.8 per 100,000; from 1972-1974, it was 2.8 per 100,000.

Why doesn't Mayor Nutter acknowledge this in his Time essay? 

The same reason we can't acknowledge the growth in the black population of a city correlates directly to its inevitable decline. Roger Lane wrote another book, carrying the title William Dorsey's Philadelphia & Ours: On the Past and Future of the Black City in America. In the concluding chapter, Prospects For the Black City, Lane writes:
In city after city, in fact, including Philadelphia, the winning political power typically symbolized by election of the first black mayor has been greeted with high hopes, and followed quickly by disillusion, as the condition of the African-American community has not improved in any comparably dramatic way, and instead, together with the condition of the city itself, has usually continued to slide. It is obvious to any observer with a long view - if not to many white residents - that the deterioration of urban life is far older than the achievement of black power, and due more to fundamental economic change than to the complexion of municipal politics. Philadelphia, typically, reached its peak in terms of both population and manufacturing jobs in the census of 1950, at a time when politics was till int he hands of unreconstructed Republicans; the most cynical way of looking at later developments is simply that white residents, in the course of abandoning it for the suburbs, simply tossed the keys to the city over their shoulders on the way out. (p. 394)
That's not a cynical way to look at it at all.

Philadelphia continues to see its white share of the population plummet, while the black share rises.

And with it, the delicate balance of civilization in a multiracial society slides into the status of disorder, economic collapse, chaos, and near homogeneous state of Detroit in 2013.

Yes Philadelphia, you are on the short-list of seeing a situation like the one Detroit encountered in 2013 happening to you very, very soon.

And just as in Detroit, it's black political power driving the city over the economic cliff.

But then again, as noted above, black people have been behind the bulk of homicides and economic destabilization in Philadelphia for more than two centuries.


Anonymous said...

At 43 yrs of age I have been hearing the jobs, education, benefits rallying call to save AA's for the past 25 yrs of my life. Somehow these fantastic tools never seem to work. How much longer can these code words numb white people into a Zen state without producing results? I grew up in Wilmington, DE and 25 to 30 yrs ago Philly was scarey and dangerous and it wasn't the Italians I was leery of, can't imagine day to day life now there let alone Wilmington a mere 40 miles south.

You could drop the Army core of engineers and 10 billion bucks in any place like Philly and within a decade it would be right back to shuck n jive central.

Jobs. Oow jobs if only we had jobs to give them. I'm sorry if given a real job blacks don't want to work, unless its a government one w all the benes. No one ever gave me a job, I had to find one, then, then retain it for future planning of life. Every black male I have ever worked with it has been a joke. They don't be fixin to kill themself on account of this stupid job is the line most likely to be heard.

Sorry, the illusion is crashing black males. We white men build this country, maintain this country, and don't plan on dumbing down to lose it.

If you can't work, you can't maintain a family, let alone develop a community.

Anonymous said...

From the reading I've done, negro violence (from the post civil war era to the present day) has always been far higher than any other demographic and has only grown worse. There's a good reason why all other races move out when blacks move in and good reason for trying to keep blacks out~ which has nothing to do with the skin color they hide behind while trying to portray themselves as poor downtrodden sweet innocent black angels.
When you feel sympathy for black people and decide to help them, you enable monsters that will eventually destroy everything around you and around themselves while they screech that you're to blame for it all.
You aren't to blame for it all as the sad and pathetic conditions of black environments would be there regardless of anything you did or did not do. However, if you help them, enable them and have sympathy for them, you are to blame for introducing into your non black environment a black plague of destruction.
If the businessmen of Detroit (or any other city)who willingly hired thousands upon thousands of the feral creatures during the Great Migration could have seen what the consequences of such damn fool behavior was going to be, I doubt they'd have done so.
The horrible mistake of the past is not deporting blacks back to Africa or at the minimum not establishing black autonomous areas to which they would have been restricted. Those areas would be Haiti-like hellholes but at least white cities/areas would not have been infested and destroyed.
Yet the mistakes of the past are being repeated on steroids through affirmative action, section 8, Ebt, welfare and the feeding and breeding of parasites.
You cannot cure black dysfunction~ you can only disengage from it, isolate it and contain it. Anything else is the act of a fool.

Anonymous said...

off top:

Anonymous said...

Third World good. First world bad. Get the picture class.

Anonymous said...

What's the percentage of the black population now in Philly?

There should be a cut-off point where a city in in danger of tipping over due to the black population and I'm curious to hear what others might think is the point of no return.

Anonymous said...

The City of Brotherly Destruction

Anonymous said...

I often hear that any Black area eventually degenerates to Shuck 'n Jive.

You know, none of this would have happened if we would have kept them at Step 'n Fetch It level.

Oh, the antebellum South. What a dream worth reliving.

Anonymous said...

have lots of white babies. demographics is our weapon too.

Anonymous said...

The reverse Ashtrayvon incident.

Bogolyubski said...

The irony of all this is that most the old dead white men of the 1800s knew all this. Even the crooked old railroad lawyer from Illinois knew it - blacks cannot live in a civilized society. Yes, there were abolitionists in that era who believed in equality über alles, just as their DWL counterparts do today. Really, it's just who they are. Complaining about groid violence is like complaining about the fact that water is wet when you think about it and look at the historical record honestly.

Reading the appropriately-named Lord Mayah of Philly was amusing for its display of the utter predictability of the groid brain. Nutter's remedy: repeat of the failed policies of the last half-century - this time with even more money. Who ever could have guessed that the Lord Mayah would come up with such an original, unique and out-of-the-box proposal? I'm in total shock-and-awe!

But that's probably not even the best part. I'm willing to bet that some clever shill in the Ministry of Truth will respond to Lord Mayah's proposal with glowing praise for its provocative thinking and startling originality, that this recently-delivered pile of steaming, fly-encrusted turds is really PURE GOLD!!! just waiting to be pocketed for the saaaavvvy DWL trendsuttee - and that the vast rabbit-warren of DWLs who listen to NPR every day will all immediately respond to this latest announcement in collective agreement: Amen, Nutter's finally got the solution! Who, again, is the low-IQ factor in this sordid lesson in squid-o-nomics?

Zapper said...

Nutter: "What's missing are the fundamentals. It's about jobs. It's about education. It's about economic investment and job retraining."

So why is their President still offshoring jobs and working on even more free trade agreements? Why are the Congressional Black Caucus and the President still championing amnesty of 12 million illegals and family reunification of 20-30 million more foreigners to join them?


off topic-- did you greatwhites listen to the Billy Cunningham show sunday night on the radio? he had a guest who's writing a book called "if I had a son" said it was due out in oct-2013. well in this book he explains what the deal is with the skittles and Arizona iced tea(actually it was watermelon flavor-no lie) the media made it iced tea flavor cause the lib-fucks know the truth about that watermelon flavor. again i'm not making this up for racist or laughs purpose. seriously good people.

Here's the deal with the skittles and watermelon drink. I guess this drink is popular with the hip-hop community(rappers)they take the skittles and the juice and mix it with robetusson(cough syrup) they call the drink LEAN and a few other street names. trey-boon was an expert drink maker according to his facebook page before it was scrubbed. I guess it gives these thug NGR's a cheap high or rush or something. this guy said he thinks the little baby boy(according to the media) went home in that 5 mins or so and whipped up a batch and went to go find that "creepy ass cracker" and wanted to watch his nose bleed and who the hell knows what the grown man ngr was thinking. I for one could care less what that NGR's goals in life were i'm just telling you guys what has not been reported. but all of you know that this media in America will never tell us the fucking truth. and for that they should be delt with swiftly when the new America rises.

the funny part is they lied about what flavor that NGR was really drinking--watermelon. they said they showed the can on the news report but turned it the other way so you couldn't tell it was watermelon flavor. my god they will do anything to keep their pet ngr's from getting laughed at or made fun of. again greatwhites this is the story that was not told to the American public and i'm not lying it was on the B. Cunningham radio talk show sun night7-28-13 and I just had to share it with SBPDL!! lol, GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Zack said...

In law school (Harvard) we studied criminal law and discussed discrimination in the application of criminal laws to Negroes.

It was discrimination that more blacks than whites were jailed for murder.

It was also discrimination that black men were punished more often for killing white people than killing black people.

It was also discrimination that black men were NOT being sent to jail for killing black folks (e.g. "Black lives are cheap!" as my liberal professor put it).

"So," I thought to myself, "what on earth can white people do that is NOT discrimination?"

If we crack down on ghetto violence we are racist for cracking down on blacks and sending more blacksto jail.

If we DON'T crack down on ghetto violence we are guilty of racism for not protecting blacks and treating black life as "cheap".

Liberals want white people to stop black crime, but to send fewer black people to jail ... at the same time.

This is where the magical thinking of "jobs" and "gun control"come from. "If we could only make guns magically disappear everything would be wonderful. If we could only give more money to blacks maybe they would rather work than kill."

They don't actually want to jail blacks for violating the gun laws (since that would increase the number of blacks in jail--which is racist).

They just want laws on the books which somehow, magically, will stop black people from carrying and using guns.

It truly is weird, magical thinking.

Anonymous said...

DC and it's piggyback county in MD - Prince George - reveal what happens when blacks assume political control. First, the COunty and City implemented term limits for elected staff. Once the whites were pushed out and blacks were elected, they lifted the term limits. ON three ocassions over the past decade - the PG COunty school board members were arrested for "misappropriation" of funds - RE: THEFT. They bought mecedez, furs, trips to the Motherland, and other specious purchases to look - wealthy? Or White? Ditto DC. Half of the cities elected officials from last election are either in jail or facing jail time, or soon to be facing jail time. Grey the current mayor will not survive a 2nd term in office. However, Mayor for Life Marion Berry continues on year after year - nothing can remove him from office. Berry was recently indicted on bribery charges - all proven. He remains in office as the Council will not act to end his term. This is why large municiplaities are broke. Black Elected officials steal public funds. They do not believe their white precesssors actually earned their wealth. SOme whites made their money from shady investment opportunities - but they didn't outright steal publics dollars. Knowing when and where to invest was what they misused. We are screwed. We must split the union while we still can.

Anonymous said...

My only word these says is SECEDE. I am losing friends and family by the tens for saying it out loud, but I don't care anymore.

White men who push the Tea Party and GOP crap are numb nuts and tools in their own dispossession. I am starting to think that just like Noah's Ark, most will not listen and go down the drain with the high water. Twitter is all "rah rah America!!" today and I want to vomit.

Some white male idiocy rom my Twitter feed today:

Steve Miller ‏@BugKlr 5m
@dahbigj Your right...America is that common ground. We all need to stand together against anyone who tries to destroy our great country!
Retweeted by Jeff in WNC

Rah rah!!! Go America!!

Anonymous said...

How naive it was to continue on like it was 1946 and we are the economic powerhouse of the world. Those days are over and won't be coming back. Outsourcing never comes insourcing back. To continue golden parachute pensions and make work parasitic government jobs is probably not naive but part of the deliberate wipe out collapse plan. We've had enough of high standards and excellence and now want a good 30-50 year run of marxist misery. How about the cities in line to be the next Detroilet have sporting competitions over it with trash talking, my city is the next Detroit, no your city sucks my city is the next Detroit! Rumor is Chicago will be next in line for diversifuxated enrichtarded hopey changey improvementations:

Anonymous said...

Democrats are primarily to blame but other politicians who refuse to work to end AA laws are complicit in creating and perpetuating a government sponsored behavioral indemnification scam - blacks are never to blame for anything their behaviors bring upon themselves. AA laws also limit white males access to government jobs and academic access. Even contract jobs must follow EEOC rules. Race laws permeate society with one objective - drag white society down to make black society not look as bad as the facts suggest. Keeping white men out of the mix helps limit comparison too. This is essential. When every standard was dumbed down so minorities and women could qualify, race apologists couldn't have the former standard bearer (who could pass the original tougher qualifications) around making the new hires look bad.

Anonymous said...

The jobs, education and benefits don't work. I've seen social workers try to work with Blacks. They get hooked into benefits and other free goodies, then the Blacks scare off the social workers because they have nothing else free to give.

Whitey can only give free stuff and free money. After that, he's a racist and tell him to get lost.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 0500hrs regarding those rah rah what can my country do for me chickenhawks:

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Samuel Johnson

AnalogMan said...

Anon July 28 @ 6:20 said:

If the businessmen of Detroit (or any other city) who willingly hired thousands upon thousands of the feral creatures during the Great Migration could have seen what the consequences of such damn fool behavior was going to be, I doubt they'd have done so.

It's nice to believe that, but I wouldn't be so sure. Certainly, I wouldn't give modern capitalists that benefit. I think most of them would weigh the benefits ("I could be rich for the rest of my life") against the costs ("the city will be destroyed - after I'm dead"), and call that a no-brainer.

It's the exact same arithmetic behind "Comprehensive Immigration Reform", but on a national scale.

Anonymous said...

Damn dude, black people are FUCKED UP!

10mm AUTO said...

A view into the future:

Every day in every university in America, all injustices committed by Americans of tribe A against tribe B are wrapped into a ball, monstrously exaggerated, and thrust as a burden of guilt onto all members of tribe A. Who shudder at the load, but sigh and carry it. As for injustices (ie, crimes) committed by Americans of tribe B against those of tribe A, it is almost taboo to mention them, and certainly taboo to connect them. Each is its own random and inexplicable event — the responsibility of the criminal alone, and no one else. After all, it’s not like he was following orders — like some NKVD officer. And it’s purely coincidental that he’s so well-informed about the enormous crimes of tribe A.

And when we contemplate this strange and hideous spectacle, are we surprised that tribe A is the native, cis-democratic electorate, and tribe B the alien, trans-democratic votebank? We are not. And hence, the fundamentally suicidal nature of democracy unfolds itself to us. Well, it never hurts to know your fate.

Lawrence Auster


The processing underlying CHANGE work slowly. Initially there is very little to notice. But, over time, the forces build and build until, one day........BOOOOM.

This is what happened to Detroit. The beginning of the collapse was way back in 1927 with the Great Mississippi Flood. This drove thousands of washed out and hungry share-cropper blacks, and "freed" black laborers north to look for jobs.

And who was there to hire them? The Auto factories and all other industries looking guessed labor.

Very expensive cheap labor.

Thus began the black communities of Detroit. But, at this time, we had sane segregation, real law and order and a natural fear and dislike of Negroes. The cops and laws kept them penned up where they were forced to "help" each other, keep some sense of civility and greatly encouraged black family formation where the strong female kept the males in check, mostly.

Deed restrictions maintained white property values and thus the tax base that was paying for the excess pathology of the red-lined black slums. Keeping the black penned in aided them and enabled the Whites to produce the wealth needed to keep them in the US.

But, change continued. The Federal government, trying to gain votes and expand and save face in the "fight" against communism (they couldn't care less) caused the "snivel" rights movement.

Then the 1965 riots, etc and legislation.

Then the collapse of deed restrictions and white schools. EEOC and AA, Section 8 and ETB, etc. Diseased legislation based on pro-black sentiments were the final nails needed to kill off American cities by forcing productive Whites to either move or get raped.

Then massive White flight which led to what we have today. Huge, sick, diseased cities ready for the final collapse.

Now, the collapse is going to be sudden and fast and quick. Expect a few more "black mecca" cities to fall like dominoes in the next few years. This is going to make it harder and harder for the blind to ignore race as the factor.

Soon, somebody will slip up and notice all the cites going bankrupt (they are already bankrupt. They just need to file the proper paper work) are Negro cities.

It is coming fast and it will be a "shock". SHOCK!! to so many. But not us.


after ww2 the auto industry in 1946 or so needed workers bad. with all the G.I.'s to compete with the auto co's started to offer health insurance as a way to get those workers they needed. so bye doing this Detroit was the fist city to offer health insurance to attract it's workers. a lot of company's didn't offer this benefit(health insurance)to their employee's! so bye doing so the auto co's and the unions destroyed this great city. then throw in BLACK poverty and bam that was the final nail in the coffin. and i'll be damned if any of my taxes should go to bail them out. cause when those workers were getting the big checks they didn't put one fucking dime into my future. they should of put a small amount away so if the damn thing caved in at least they would have a safety net! they didn't and I wont give a damn dime willingly towards that NGR infested city. also remember what P.K. has said.--we owe the black race NOTHING! I put that same line up once in another blog and you would of thought that I stole the popes ring! couldn't believe the reaction it got. and it wasn't to good. but I still stand bye that saying cause it's true. thanks p.K. for all that you do here!

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

@centurion, White America has the choise between doing a new Israel,where jews dont accept non jews or a new South Africa where white have been ejected...

Anonymous said...

Exactly.Thank You! Richard Cranium

Californian said...

Bogolyubski said...
The irony of all this is that most the old dead white men of the 1800s knew all this.

That's the disturbing thing. When you look at the history, white people understood the racial situation perfectly until the mid-20th century. They also implemented realistic policies re race. And more, the scientific evidence backed them up.

Since then, the USA has been living in a delusional world. And the results are there to be seen:
* Massive black-on-white violence.
* Massive black rates of illegitimacy, STDs, school drop outs.
* Blacks pillaging entire cities.

But such is the nature of DWL delusion that none of this is recognizable, nor can it be attributed to racial factors among blacks. Instead, it is all blamed on some mysterious force called (oooooh!) "racism." And then the witch hunts follow.

Ignored is the evidence that just about every black majority rule city and country has sunk into demagoguery, corruption, economic decline and inter-ethnic violence. The white world is living in a dreamland. Even the destruction of entire cities does not wake up the mainstream.

Since the scientific evidence is ignored, America can only continue to spiral downward. It's like people have chosen to live in a Dark Ages to satisfy some mass hysteria. And I do mean Dark Ages when you consider how the lights are going out in more cities!


Why I should be a municipal bond salesman, but will never get the job:

Is the city in question 100% current on all pension funding?

Is the city in question current on all expenses?

No bills owed to contractors or suppliers more than 60 days?

Does the city have the proper ratio of Police and Firemen based on sound national standards?

Is the city current on all special purpose bonds? Like sewer systems, airports, industrial parks?

Is the population at least 85%, or greater, WHITE?

Are any top level city politicians or employees under indictment?

Are Whites moving out? Are blacks and mexicans moving in?

Has any group of "refuges" been located there by anti-White churches (Catholic, Lutheran)?

These are some of the questions that a responsible bond buyer/seller must look at to determine the status of a city. With these concepts in mind, it is easy to see which US cities are going to collapse in the very near future.

This is going to be glorious to watch.

Anonymous said...

The rank & file Republicans are idiots and the Tea Party people are delusional. This party is OVER.

Marxists won.

We're now into the beginning of Vol. 2-- the Era of Those Who Can See.

I am reminded of the very beginning of the Foundation Trilogy. Hari Seldon sees the end of empire approaching even while it seems it is at it's zenith.

The Project has begun.

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

the first colonizater who discovered Africa said that they didnt consider African as humans but more like animals...They said they were amazing by their sense of dancing and rythming but that they weren't able to mae a society like whites...nothing has changed...Toqueville, Washington, Voltaire all said what we think about blacks...

Anonymous said...

This will disturb me for a long, long time.

OT: The baseball bat beating of TC Maslin:

and the convicted violent savage:

New Nation News

Lily White said...

And HUD plans to map every neighborhood in America in an effort to "eliminate segregation."

Apparently, some bureaucrat noticed that there are still some safe areas that Whites can live peacefully and huffed, "Well, we must get rid of THOSE."

Anonymous said...

A couple of spelling errors but this is an excellent piece on the terminal madness of the self inflicted decline and collapse of a once great representative republic ran into the ground by the smartest guys in the room, I'm looking at you ivy leaguers:

Anonymous said...

Had a coworker, who years ago got lost in one of the ghettos back east. He stopped at a light and was attacked by several groids. He floored it, running over at least one groid (bump, bump as the tires went over the groid). He didn't know if he killed the asshole or not. Point being was that he and his girlfriend made it out alive. He said he drove like a madman blowing throw lights to get out of there.

JonC said...

Can someone please formulate a decent theory concerning blacks and the decline of cities? Reading the article, I'm told that a lack of jobs is the reason for decline; then I'm told that white flight is the reason for decline. Well, which is it? Does white flight somehow cause a decrease in jobs for blacks? Are whites moving their factories and businesses with them? Are blacks being fired as whites move away? Makes no sense. Is the cause of job losses perhaps free trade, off-shoring, etc. which has nothing to do with white flight? Somebody needs to formulate a theory. As it stands from the article, white-flight is somehow resonsible for the lack of jobs in Detroit and Philly which assumes that blacks used to be gainfully employed.

JonC said...

"Philadelphia, typically, reached its peak in terms of both population and manufacturing jobs in the census of 1950, at a time when politics was till int he hands of unreconstructed Republicans; the most cynical way of looking at later developments is simply that white residents, in the course of abandoning it for the suburbs, simply tossed the keys to the city over their shoulders on the way out."

Confusing - what is the significance of manufacturing jobs? How does a rising black population destroy a city? - can anyone give a concise theory?

Californian said...

I am reminded of the very beginning of the Foundation Trilogy. Hari Seldon sees the end of empire approaching even while it seems it is at its zenith.

This is a very good analogy. Right at the moment when the Empire seemed to be at its highpoint, the seeds of destruction had been planted. But those who could think analytically planned for a new imperium.

Anonymous said...

Guess all the infrastructure money went to welfare checks:

Anonymous said...

We hear the same eccuses over and over again for black violence. The one I like is that blacks are depriived of the tools that whites have to create and sustain a workable society. This is one agree with. They are deprived of jobs ( devoid of a desire to or willingness to work), they are deprived of education, (do not have the mentality or the desire to learn), Do not have a strong family structure ( this speaks for itsself fatherless families six or more children with different dads usually allowed to fend for them selves on the street. Hillar Clinton said it best it takes a village to raise a child, just plain parental laziness). Financialy they are pretty well taken care of, and here in lies the problem. Why work when you get more reward for doing nothing

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

You gotta do what you gotta do.The police are NEVER around when this shit happens.Your friend was 100% right.In a situation like that,you are on your own and survival trumps all else.If your friend had hesitated or took time to think he and his girl would probably be dead.People who have never been around this type stuff can freeze up and then it is all over.Sounds like your friend learned a valuable lesson.Thanks for an interesting post.Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Jon C
In the mid 60's it became national policy that the Negro would become wards of the state to keep them from burning the place down. Blacks are kinda like white elephants, very expensive pets with no use, and we are not a wealthy country anymore. We cannot maintain our pets in the manner they are accustomed to and they are becoming feral. We have a long way to drop. Only when we are fighting for the same scrap of food will we reassert
ourselves. It's not going to be pretty...

Anonymous said...

I heard same story last summer and also that martin had the beginning signs of liver damage at the age of 18 from chronic abuse of "lean" and its narcotic ingrediants. What a gem of a young man he was shaping up to be. Also read up to 2 accomplices may have been present and that they were casing the hood for target homes to break into. These details had to be buried of course to fit narritive. That thugs chosen lifestyle and a bullet killed that nigger deader n shit. Pimps dont cry.

Anonymous said...

Whites build a big city.All the roads,bridges,telephone lines,electric plants+distribution grids,water,sewer,roads,traffic lights,street signage,sidewalks,city parks,schools,hospitals,libraries,maybe a zoo,churches,airports,a fire department,police department,,courts,jails,radio stations,tv stations,newspapers.
Businesses are developed,providing needed and wanted goods and services-which compete with other businesses for market share.These businesses pay taxes as do the employees of these businesses.These taxes support all the things (and much more) listed at the beginning.All businesses do not make a profit.Some die.Some do very well,such as a business that provides needed goods and services,at a high,consistant rate of quality(at a reasonable price to the consumer,yet high enough to make a modest profit).
All this happens over time,in fits and starts,sometimes quicker than other times.The hope is for high levels of employment.More workers to be taxed makes the per-worker-tax-rate lower for each individual worker.This leaves more money for the workers to spend at other businesses,who also pay taxes.High employment means more taxes collected,paying for more and better city services .A clean,well-run city-with full employment,low crime(everyone is busy working),a high rate of home ownership,good schools,public services ,infrastructure- USA in the 1950s!
Start giving tax money collected from businesses to people who don't work,instead of investing the money maintaining the city.The city starts getting dirtier,more run-down.Start taking more taxes from workers to pay for the non-worker's housing.Subsidize their utility bills-the utilities suffer from less money.Pay for the non-workers to have kids- no limit to how many.Make it advantageous to not name the father.Tax the businesses more to pay for this.Make it possible for a non-worker to live almost as well,or sometimes even better,than a worker.Tax the workers more to pay for this.Slowly,city services suffer.Businesses begin to move to places with lower taxes.Unemployment increases.Tax collections get lower.City services get worse.City workers become resentful.This downward spiral continues for many years.Then,an unrelated financial crisis strikes(stock market,etc.)This really raises the stakes.Many businesses suffer,go out of business.Tax collections plummet.Eventually there aren't enough tax-paying workers to pay for all of this.Homes are foreclosed,reposessed.Crime,once a rarity,becomes more common.All the non-workers have 5 kids,supported by fewer and fewer workers.The city is short of money.They spent freely during flush years,saved nothing 'just in case',and now cut services.The multitude of kids from non-workers have no skills,and there are no jobs for them anyway.They look at their parent's example and decide work is not for them.Many turn to crime.The city is now dangerous.People that can leave do.Houses and buildings sit empty,inviting squatters and arson.From there it is but a hop,skip,and a jump to our present condition.Thanks for hanging in there! Richard Cranium

JonC said...

Anon 5:36 PM:

That's pretty good. One ingredient was left out I think and that's the one the deals directly with blacks ruining cities: you have to have a sufficient population of people who hold a deranged morality. In other words, a very high percentage of blacks are happy to live off the governement; a very high percentage of whites would rather live poorly than become dependent on someone else.

See here - poor whites

and here - poor blacks

Californian said...

As it stands from the article, white-flight is somehow resonsible for the lack of jobs in Detroit and Philly which assumes that blacks used to be gainfully employed.


Confusing - what is the significance of manufacturing jobs? How does a rising black population destroy a city? - can anyone give a concise theory?

PK has been developing a theory on SBPDL.


Blacks, owing to genetic factors of lower median IQ relative to whites, predisposition to violence, and lack of long term planning, can not maintain levels of education, civic order and economic development as can whites.

Black collective dysfunctions have been made worse by a welfare state which causes illegitimacy and dependency to skyrocket, thereby increasing the low IQ demographic.

Cities which have large black demographics generally have high rates of crime and welfare dependency. These drive out white people and undermine the tax base. They also cause the more functional sector of blacks to flee. This leads to a downward spiral of civic disintegration as we see in Detroit, Birmingham, Gary, and other cities which SBPDL has documented.

Black leaders (and I use "leaders" ironically) are incredibly corrupt and exploit black grievances to enhance their own power base. Part of this is in attacking white people via policies such as affirmative action, and part by encouraging criminal violence against whites. White people are driven out of cities their ancestors built. With white people gone, so is the pool of people with the IQ and foresight to maintain urban civilization.

Blacks lack the skills to maintain the old manufacturing sector; nor can they create high-tech new industries (as whites have done). Again, IQ factors. Thus, a black run city is going to decline economically.

A sizable chunk of blacks claim that white people, when they fled their cities, magically took some kind of intellectual capital with them that had created the jobs and industries. The relationship between their own behavior and the actual outcomes is lost on too many blacks (or if it is understood, is not publicly admitted for political reasons).

Manufacturing jobs have been a staple of the American working class, allowing people to move up in the world. The loss of manufacturing jobs owing to globalization or whatever has undermined the American middle--which was solidly white. As the white middle implodes, the black underclass expands to fill the vacuum.

Liberals refuse to face up to this reality, which would mean blaming blacks (or themselves). Instead, they scapegoat white people for the decline with their agitprop machine. Liberal ideology is a delusion which leads to increasingly unrealistic policies, making it impossible to deal with the actual cause of urban decline (i.e., the ethnic cleansing of white people and their replacement with blacks).

When faced with this failure, blacks resort to violence: flash mobs, rioting, torture-murders--all to take out their frustrations on white people whom liberals have informed them are their "oppressors". This in turn causes more white people to flee their cities, thereby accelerating the downward spiral.

This pattern is global. It can be seen throughout North America, in the Caribbean, in post-colonial Africa, and now in the banlieus of Europa.

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly

Anonymous said...

"Liberals refuse to face up to this reality, which would mean blaming blacks (or themselves). "

I am finding that the soft and fluffy herbs in the rah-rah GOP Conservatard party are the worst actors when it comes to blaming fellow whites for black failure. They would pay to see most of us lynched in the name of "racial healing".

I am on Twitter, and many so-called white conservatives argue with me about the precious blacks' unmeployment rates and poverty. They say liberal policies destroyed Detroit, not black rule. Of course, the GOPers say that none of it is the fault of black's behaviors, foul living, loud mouths, criminal activity... it is the "economy" or "liberal policies", or "racism and discrimination" or Obama.

I am sick to death of these traitors! I will never NEVER vote GOP again.

Anonymous said...

Yes,I just typed all of that off the top of my head,quickly.(on my way to work).I am sure I only scratched the surface of a couple of your questions,and didn't address many others at all.The post was starting to look like War and Peace,I had rambled long enough and wanted to leave room for others to post.I really enjoy this forum,it is theraputic and informative.I will think on some of your other questions for sure,and check out your links.You don't need me or anybody else to explain what is going on in plain sight.I know,it is unbelieveable! But trust me,it is really happening.This is a great place to find out all the other shit you can't see or haven't seen yet.This website,I have no doubt,IS really doing an important public service.It is surely saving lives,and preventing naive(but otherwise intellegent) Whites from the deadly games of the bored nigger.All the Best to you,Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Confusion? If the "cities" in America are so darn bad, and jobs aren't there, and the benefits suck, then why don't blacks do like whites and leave the cities and build their own suburban paradise.

Whites leave the cities for their reasons: trash, crime, bad schools, non-tranquillity, then build up a version they like.

Black folks here's the question: why don't you go build your version of the culture you like? Why keep following us?

JonC said...

Good replies on the topic of the mechanism for blacks ruining cities.
The key seems to be white flight. When whites leave, population falls and money leaves; nice restaraunts, symphonies, theaters, etc. are no longer able to make it. Local governemnt is corrupted with contracts only going to black own businesses for example. Office space is in surplus so buildings decay. Tax revenue goes down so the city deteriorates. Jobs for blacks (low skilled) leave as white businesses close; the decent blacks follow the jobs and the city is left with the far left of the bell curve. Also important, a company like Microsoft is not going to move a branch to city with mainly low IQ people.
I drove through downtown Birgmingham last year - what struck me most was the ghost town feel of the 1960s-looking downtown. Sure, I saw grafitti everywhere, unmowed grass along city streets, boarded up buildings but I was most amazing by the absence of people - I didn't even see black people (saw a few cars with blacks but not many). I then drove further East and ran into a huge sprawling suburban area (most likely a former small town) - all white of course; movie theaters, nice restaraunts, etc.. I wonder if every city with a black population above a certain percent (maybe 15%?) will wind up like Birmingham. These cities will become more and more lawless - I'm waiting for a necklacing in Detroit; it will happen.

AnalogMan said...

Some good replies to Anon re: blacks destroying cities, but one question remains unaddressed. How can it be blackness that is to blame, when black middle-class crime rates are similar to Whites'?

Off the top of my head, I'd want to see some evidence of that assertion. Do you have a source?

Assuming it's accurate, you have to bear in mind that the black middle class (that's middle-class by White norms) is the right-hand tail of their bell curve; the best of them. The White middle class is that hump in the middle; the average, and the majority of them.

We all accept that there are exceptions. Many of us even Know A Good One. They don't change the reality, which is a game of numbers. Large numbers. The word for negroes in large numbers is a ghetto. Everywhere, and at all times.