Friday, July 26, 2013

'American Idol'... Pulling a Zimmerman?

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Since when did Eric "My People" Holder add American Idol judge to his resume? We already know the Federal Government is suing companies that run background checks on potential applicants, because such checks have the undesired effect of disqualifying black people who have been erroneously found to be criminals (one day soon, it will just be declared illegal to arrest black suspects); so now the target of disparate impact is on the back of Simon Cowell's baby. ['American Idol' socked with racial discrimination suit
You can't check arrest histories of black people anymore...
pretty soon, you won't be able to even arrest black people.
,, July 26, 2013]:

 Ten one-time contestants on American Idol, all male African Americans, have sued the Fox singing contest, claiming they were unfairly kicked off the show because of their race. The men are each seeking $25 million in damages.  
 Only hardcore Idol fans may recognize the names of the plaintiffs. (Let’s face it: only hardcore fans can remember even the names of the Idol winners). 
Bringing the suit are Corey Clark, Jaered Andrews and Jacob John Smalley (all from Season 2), Donnie Williams (Season 3), the Brittenum twins, Terrell and Derrell (from Season 5), Thomas Daniels and Akron Watson (both of Season 6), Ju'Not Joyner (Season 8), and Chris Golightly (Season 9). According to TMZ, the contestants’ attorney, James H. Freeman maintains that Idol has only publicly disqualified 10 contestants in the show’s history, all of whom are African-American. 
He also alleges that the show illegally looked into the arrest histories of the Idol 10 and used that information to humiliate the contestants. The suit holds that only African American singers were questioned about having criminal records. 
Freeman termed the policies of the show “cruel and inhumane,” and accused Idol producers of painting his clients as “violent criminals, liars, and sexual deviants.” Some of the ten men made it as far as the Hollywood rounds. 
Clark is the only one to have made the Final Ten, He filed a separate suit earlier this year against the show for, among other things, defamation and false light invasion of privacy. Clark, who had a brief and controversial affair with Idol judge Paula Abdul while he was on the show, maintains in the suit that he was cast as “the villain” in a “scripted” reality show. 
All 10 contestants publicly disqualified have been black, with background checks engaged by the show to determine a criminal history... what, is George Zimmerman moonlighting as a producer for American Idol now? 

Considering that the EEOC wants to make it illegal for companies to check criminal background checks, because such investigations by employers have a tendency to disqualify black applicants, the actions by American Idol must be the basis for a case of civil rights infringement/violations taken up by the Department of Justice.

Instead of funding rallies against Zimmerman, perhaps the Department of Justice can fund a program to call in hundreds of thousands of votes for only black contestants on American Idol?


Anonymous said...

Amerikan Idle? I've heard of it but I don't do teevee lobotomy box so I've never seen it. Also regarding the high yellow holder yesterday he showed that the 10th amendment is null and void, like you didn't know that already, by singling out Texas and saying they must get approval to make changes to voting laws in their own state. Meanwhile outside the land of Saint Skittles the rest of the world prepares for WWIII and sadly this time we play the role of the evil empire. Soon we'll have a bigger problem than BRA and you can ask Deutschland how it turns out when the world comes for your ass.

AzDesertRat said...

Ju'Not? Seriously, Ju'Not?

So CAL Snowman said...

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."
- Henry David Thoreau

Anonymous said...

I suppose I'd rather punch myself in the junk for an hour than watch idol.
They are just shakin' the money tree. It is a faster form of wealth redistribution. There is an army of fee contingent ambulance chasers doing their bidding. Heck, even Johnny Cochran advertises on taxi cabs in South Florida for personal injury.
Juan Outtamany

Anonymous said...

"Clark, who had a brief and controversial affair with Idol judge Paula Abdul while he was on the show, maintains in the suit that he was cast as 'the villain' in a 'scripted' reality show."

If you're admitting that "American Idol" is scripted, then you can't really claim that you suffered discrimination because the character you play ("the villain", in this case) is written off the show. You had your chance to make it on "American Idol", and you didn't make it. Most contestants don't. Try your luck elsewhere. It's extremely difficult to make it in the entertainment industry. An authentic artist would keep trying.

BTW, if you want to don't want to get disqualified from contests, best practice is avoid potential conflicts-of-interest like screwing the judges. But I guess somebody without future-time orientation is incapable of seeing the potentially harmful outcome of such a liaison.

Anonymous said...


Drudge linked a version without a picture or a name, but even in lily-white Oregon you know TNB when you hear about it.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again with that annoying racism mantra...."Racis'! Racis'! E'body be racis'!" Truly, this is the most overused word in the English language today.

Anonymous said...

Ju'Not? As in "ju'not followin' me, you creepy ass cracka."?

Lorraine said...

This article was posted on Countenance.

Again, the groids self delusion knows no bounds. They believe if THEY think it and THEY said it, well then it must be so. Overgrown toddlers in the playground of life who see someone else's candy and just want to grab it. 'Gibsmedat foo!

Do these turds really believe their earning potential after Idol would be 25 million?

This crap needs to stop. It's sickening. Well, the turds aren't going anywhere so we have to... Secession now!

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

"Do you ever get the feeling that you are in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s? The media keeps up its production of lies that reinforce and rationalize the system. But as the gap between reality and propaganda gets larger and larger, it’s increasingly impossible for any rational, intelligent person to believe the lies. Then it gets interesting."


It's going to get interesting folks, stock up and get ready for the show.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Good evening, Those Who can See. It’s been a long week of working hard to pay for the every need of the negro while barely having enough left to cover the ever-increasing expenses of basic necessities. But my White Guilt/Privilege/Burden™ requires it… We must forever pay for the evil transgressions ob da slabery. Gnomesayin’?

I can’t always post, but I’m ALWAYS reading. I continue to be encouraged by the number of new handles, permitting the emergence from obscurity. The sterling quality of the commentary continues to give me some glimmer of hope, all of which is made possible by PK’s tireless work, which continues toward ever-greater heights in its own right.

It was suggested this week that SBPDL has managed to transcend the anonymity of the internet. Ironically, I had made this same assertion to my significant other several weeks ago. After swimming through a sea of comments one evening after work, I told her that SBPDL has managed to attract a large group of people that possess both the intellectual capacity as well as the bottom line, no b-s common sense that we are otherwise led to believe does not exist in the arena of race realism. Kinship and the internet don’t seem to go hand in hand, and normally they don’t, but I second the notion that we (with PK as the tour de force catalyst) have created something very unique here.

The value I see lies in the nationwide footprint of the readership, and the ability to draw attention to information and situations about which we would remain collectively unaware. I know what goes on where I’m at, but the ability to get no b-s information about other areas of the country is unique to SBPDL. Mention something of importance – and someone probably has the local, inside scoop for you, and you can damn near take it to the bank that their perspective is yours. I can’t help but go to back to blancdeseinesaintdenis. SBPDL has permitted the forum to get on-the-ground, no b-s info from France of all places! And from someone that sees all the multikult b-s exactly the same way we do.

I would definitely like to see more international commenters, just to get more global perspective via local (to them) information. I know we have a few Canadians, at least two from France, the UK, Australia, seems like somebody from Italy checked in once, etc. Don’t worry if your English isn’t perfect – we’ll always get the gist of what you’re trying to say.

Back here in Amurkistan, the thought today occurred to me about maybe some regional meet-ups. I have no idea what that would accomplish other than make us feel good about meeting others that we know for sure are in the fight. One thing that I worry about is that, although the internet is great, most people don’t use the internet the way that we do. Thus, our reach isn’t as broad as we might like to think in disseminating race realist agitprop. I have no answers – just throwing that out there. I wish we could all communicate directly, and with less delay that this forum permits, but we all know the risks that come with that possibility. I just know that winning some intellectual argument is not effective. The foundations of the arguments in favor or race realism matter, but the message has to be more visceral. That’s what I tried to accomplish with my psyops materials – shocking stuff that ever reachable white person knows damn well to be true. I just wish I could snap my fingers and have those show up in the mail and email boxes of every person in America.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


With regard to the Mexican invasion, I first became educated on the whole Atzlan concept while living in Las Vegas and listening to a kick-ass local talk radio host. I did a little research, and I believe his name was Tru Hawkins, a long-time host on KDWN 720. That was a different time, pre 9/11, but it was very obvious in Vegas what was happening with the Mexification of the SW, and he was all over it. I saw plenty more of this during my travels to nearby LA during those years.

That said, I second SO Cal Snowman’s assessment. Sure, Hispanics are generally less destructive and socially/morally/intellectually bankrupt than most blacks. However, make no mistake about it – they are here to take over and return Atzlan to Mexican rule. We all like sovereignty, freedom, liberty and self-determination. The naked intentions of the Mexican invasion are in direct opposition to all of those fundamental American concepts. Further, although they’ll fix up houses and put a new roof on yours or tile your kitchen floor, while groids will pursue the Pruitt-Igoe or Johannesburg methods of community re-development, it’s just a question of degrees.

They’ll never vote for actual conservative ideals (ACI). Susana Martinez represents the small, fully-assimilated/educated/American-born latino population. Hell, she used to be a libtard by her own admission in her 2012 RNC speech. I think the fallacy that has developed in the minds of whites over the last 50 years is that we KNOW that blacks and browns can’t get along. We further know that the browns ALWAYS run the blacks out. Fine. But that’s where whites go astray and overlook a critical flaw on the subject: you still don’t want to live or be anywhere near the battlefield where the transition took place, either before OR after the black-brown confrontation. Thus, the choice that’s in the interest of race realists, is (D) None of The Above. There will never be a white-brown alliance against blacks, however much we all know they are the lesser evil in many, many respects. They still have an agenda all their own.

Finally, with regard to the elder rape and murder of the 93 year old woman in Omaha posted by 10 mm: I see no solution to situations like these other than equally brutal, merciless, and immediate retaliatory violence against the perpetrator. Our justice system is completely ineffective in providing any deterrent to this type of pathological violence. They could care less about prevention of this kind of senseless carnage. I’m all about due process, but this MF-er was caught in the act. In such a situation, would he really have ventured to those depths if he knew there would be no trial and free meals? The pathologies of modern society have deteriorated so severely that “justice” now means 30 years on death row before there’s any chance of actual death unless you take responsibility for your actions like Timothy McVeigh did in saying, “No thank you. Needle, please.”

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


And the DWL “reporters” referred to him as a “teenager.” They can’t even bring themselves to say the word “rape.” “Sexual violence” is much more generic and less offensive. Kind of a statistical definition rather than a beloved elder matriarch. They closed the piece by calling it a “random attack.” Once upon a time in America, a 19 year old male was called a “man,” that may well already have had children of his own that he was raising with his wife. This type of thing was common for the white people that built the country, which DWLs have systematically transferred to control by borderline-retarded negroes. And these same DWLs are filled with moral outrage when Detroit finally arrives at its logical conclusion.

I think we’re in a race against time between the coming, inevitable economic and societal collapse and potential rise of full-blown communism/Agenda 21 via DWL and squid globalist TWMNBN forces.

Strangely, spewing forth all that somehow makes me feel just a little bit better, if only because I know the audience is capable of understanding.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

Now the lefty psychofucks are claiming the Zimmerman truck rescue was staged.

We must separate from these people. Now.

Anonymous said...

It's true, blacks are so oppressed in racist America that they are leaving by the millions to seek refuge in majority black nations....

There's a reason God made these "people" the same colour as shit: because they're completely full of it.

Anonymous said...

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hello White America,
Here is what we live in Paris' metro...

Hard to live with monkeys and arabs!
God bless White America


greatwhites! this is the first of many lawsuits to be brought to many courts. They are basically saying that all blacks shouldn't have their backgrounds checked. I mean if your going to win on that liberal show from now on your going to be disqualified for being other than black. which now may morph into black American idol. And I for one could give a rats ass about any and all blacks around the fucking world. Our justice(yea,ok)dept. is the biggest bunch of hard-core racist's that ever came down the pike. They should be wearing black hoods & sheets. really!!

This is only going to get worse with this so-called justice dept. they are on the verge of totally fucking over every white/Asian person in America. Something is telling me we whites are in for it if we somehow can't come up with a way to fight this pig "my peeps"! that low-class NGR has got it in for whitey! I wonder when he is going to return the fucking handgun to mr. Zimmerman. or is it his trophy piece? And I wonder how any times the justice dept has looked into this blog?(say high whites) GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

robins111 said...

Ghetto lottery..

Anonymous said...

my fellow readers lately it seem like we are living in the movie they live we just need to get more people to put on the glasses.with everthing thats going on in the world its like bread & circuses it make me wonder what is it that the squids dont want us to find out.
royal oak dude.

Anonymous said...

Here's the next white man to be crucified for defending his home:

Anonymous said...

"(one day soon, it will just be declared illegal to arrest black suspects)"
Blacks should pray - hard - that day never comes. If it does, their crimes will be dealt with "off the books".

Anonymous said...

very on topic:

Anonymous said...

nymous said...


Drudge linked a version without a picture or a name, but even in lily-white Oregon you know TNB when you hear about it


Anonymous said...

Blacks kill 8000 ? a year in USA +
Wetbacks kill 10,000?


Are people insane?

Mexico's homicide rate is now higher than Brazil's at 23.7 homicides per 100,000 people.
Mexico is officially one of the most dangerous countries on Earth.

Over 70% of ALL mexican immigrants are on some form of welfare.

If Mexicans are so great for America why is California at least $848 billion in debt?
Mexicans/Latinos now form the MAJORITY of CA public school students and CA public schools rate just ahead of Alabama in terms of reading comprehension and math and science proficiency (48th in the nation). Please take a drive through Los Angeles county or Riverside country some time, in many locations if I dropped you off blind folded you would not know that you are in the United States.

How exactly are we supposed to ally with a group of people that insist on marching through OUR streets clad in RED with the tri-color mexican rag flying high in the sunshine? These people are intent on transforming the United States into their third world homeland. They care NOTHING for this country except for the amount of wealth that they can extract. Mexicans are completely loyal to the motherland, they have their hearts in mexico and their stomachs in the United State

eah said...

Easy pickings. In the current social climate, featuring eg 'disparate impact' and other absurdities, such suits automatically have legs. And there's always the chance that in order to avoid lengthy and costly litigation the defendant(s) will settle. Given how over-lawyered the country is I'm surprised there aren't more such suits.

Anonymous said...

fk Piers Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero sez:

Lemme get this? Some negroids are whining about them being disqualified on a game show because of their past criminal dealings, eh?

One moment...

(CC goes outdoors and laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs...)

Okay, where were we?

AnalogMan said...

eah July 27, 2013 12:33 PM said...

And there's always the chance that in order to avoid lengthy and costly litigation the defendant(s) will settle.

As the Paula Deen extortion showed. Doesn't matter what the case is against you, all the lawyer has to do is ask you under oath, "Have you ever said thuh enward?" Hell, yes, who hasn't? Careeer over. Unless, of course, you are an enward.

Discard said...

American Idol is shit for the stupid masses. Let them pay.

bearspaw said...

1f Obama had a city???? He has a COUNTRY!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gwinnett Gladiator, It would be nice to be able to have a conversation without the wait, but at the same time I am enjoying for the first time in my life, signing on to a site and not seeing it infested with moon crickets spewing jigbonics.It is so wonderful to see so many intelligent, like minded people that know the truth and are not afraid to tell it like it is....Heather aka Badnblond

Anonymous said...

One thing being illustrated here is one of the main reasons black employment is down (beyond the obvious fact that they'd rather sit around on their asses and draw welfare or commit criminal acts).

To wit: If an employer hires a black person who cannot do the job properly and fires him/her, they can count on a lawsuit claiming racial discrimination. It's the black default excuse for their every failing. Therefore, many employers will look elsewhere for