Sunday, July 21, 2013

I will listen hard to your 'tuition, You will see it come to its fruition

 Only in a world as insane as ours, could a headline published in a major newspaper attempt to highlight the 'sanity' in normalizing the pathologies of the underclass.
"Faith Patrols" in Indianapolis helped keep the peace between black people at the Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis; they attempted to the 'better nature' of black hoodlums. As Heinlein taught us in Starship Troopers, such is folly of XXth Century do-gooders and social workers

No, scratch that.

The headline and accompanying story is an attempt to celebrate the momentary liberation from those pathologies, praise from a maladroit individual hoping no one actually reads the extraordinary measures necessary for a peaceful black event to run 'violence free' [Black Expo's big weekend passed quietly for the third year in a row. Is this the new normal?, Indy Star, July 21, 2013]:
For five years, ministers and lay people with the Ten Point Coalition have been walking Downtown streets on the final weekend of Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration to help keep the peace.
At times – such as when 10 people were shot in 2010 – it looked as if the efforts might be a lost cause. But after this weekend – when Summer Celebration crowds were calm and the event remained trouble free for the third year in a row – Ten Point leaders, city officials and others were almost sensing a victory.

“My hope,” said Rev. Charles Harrison, president of the Ten Point Coalition and an organizer of the peacekeeping patrols, “is one day we don’t have to come down here anymore

Veteran observers of the event say the crowds around Summer Celebration this weekend were among the lightest and calmest they can remember. And the peace prevailed despite the fact the city has been in the midst of a deadly summer, when homicides have been a common occurrence. That includes a shooting death Downtown early Sunday that police say was unrelated to Expo.

Exactly what accounts for the new calm around the event isn’t entirely clear, but there are some obvious places to start.

First, the police presence Downtown this weekend was massive, almost Super Bowl-like. Parking spaces along most of the core Downtown streets were lined with police patrol cars and more were on the move. Uniformed officers were on foot, horseback, motorcycle, bicycle and helicopter. There was even a cop on a golf cart. Undercover officers were in the crowd, too.

Second, an effort by the city, churches and Expo itself to keep unsupervised children out of Downtown seems to be paying off. There’s been a 3-year messaging campaign to dissuade parents from dropping their kids off and leaving. It seems to be working. Expo even changed ticket prices to events in the convention center so children, accompanied by an adult, could get in free.
Why not take a look at what those efforts by black churches to provide supervision for unsupervised black children actually entails?  [Faith patrols on Downtown streets look to be buffer tonight between kids and police, Indy Star, July 20, 2013]:
Amid the crowds of people jamming Downtown Indianapolis tonight, a small army of orange-vested ministers, concerned citizens and retired cops will be roaming the streets, looking to stamp out trouble before it starts.
These “faith patrols” organized by the Ten Point Coalition are part of the overall plan to keep the peace Downtown during the biggest night of the final weekend of Indiana Black Expo, which has been marred by violence in the past, though none in the past two years.

“We kind of want to be the buffer between the kids and the police department,” said the Rev. Charles Harrison, a United Methodist minister and an organizer of the patrols.
Ultimately, as many as 120 volunteers are slated to patrol an area in the heart of Downtown that’s been carved into seven zones. Each zone has its own designated patrol teams, and a couple of additional teams will roam wherever situations warrant. In some cases, the free-roaming teams may even follow gangs or neighborhood cliques with the potential to cause trouble.
These extraordinary measures to keep the peace at the Indiana Black Expo can't be replicated every weekend in not only Indianapolis, but other major cities throughout America besieged by the same violence.

In the coming days, we will explore the central message of Robert Heinlein's masterpiece Starship Troopers, which discussed a future world where the disorder of XXth Century was finally put down for good.

That disorder is raging in Indianapolis.

"Faith Patrols" are hardly a way to appeal to 'better natures' of thugs, for this will hardly spark their moral sense. They are already doing what they know is the best manner in which to survive.

But go ahead and congratulate the black attendants of the Indiana Black Expo for behaving in a collective manner that one should expect in a civilized society -- it only took an army of police and "faith workers" to make it happen.


Lorraine said...

Black adult people need babysitters in the form of police, ministers, security guards, and other triage professions in order to behave.

The nanny state gone amuck. To recant a poster from many months ago, 'beam me the hell outta here!".

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

Imagine the first think that pops into your mind after hearing some ethnic expo is coming to town:
The Japanese Expo - "damn, that'll be expensive.. "
The Armenian Expo - "Kabob and vodka, what a people"
The Chinese Expo - "Better go over and meet the new bosses"
The German Expo - "Sausage, beer, and hot
The Egyption Expo - "hmmm, mummies and rocks"
The Albainian Expo - "wtf?"
The Irish Expo- "hell, we do that every year"
The Latvian Expo - "Shit, this could be hot!!"
The French Expo- "F@$& the French.."
The Canadian Expo- "I wonder if I can emigrate?..."
The Africa Expo - "hmmm, sand,rocks,&sticks??"
The Black Expo -"She"ll like getting out of town for the weekend?"

Anonymous said...


I love the safety vests they are wearing. Kevlar better suited to the job but...

Anonymous said...

"You can't desegregate your self from the slum, for the slum is not the builds nor the community, if you could take the people from the slum it would only become a slum where they lived, it's the people who make it a slum, you could no more then give these people in the slum millions of dollars and come back later and it would still be a slum, while at the same time you can take these other people move them into a slum and then come back and find a paradise."

Cassius Clay aka Muhammed Ali

Anonymous said...

They were calm because it was 95 degrees all week with heat index of 100. No one reads bird cage lining newspapers anymore so no one will see that headline. Also the newspaper is days if not weeks behind the internet. The radio comes close but the internet is within minutes of events happening.

Anonymous said...

Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Anonymous said...

Let's just send the bill for all the extra bullshit to jessie jackass and al 'nig-nog'sharpton.Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Some people will never wake up. Look at the lady robed of her iPhone in Chicago after just arriving a few hrs earlier.
After feeling her iPhone being pulled from the pack pocket of her jean shorts, Tammy grabbed the boy who took it by the backpack and held on until police got there two or three minutes later.

"He just kept saying, ‘We didn't take your phone, you white b------, leave us alone,' '' said Tammy.

"I don't think it was racial. I just think they targeted anyone whose phone they could get.''

Ya right

Mr. Rational said...

go ahead and congratulate the black attendants of the Indiana Black Expo for behaving in a collective manner that one should expect in a civilized society

Those who would once have been described as members of the Talented Tenth—now likely less than a twentieth, a Moral Minority among Blacks—are to be commended for fighting a rearguard action against the degeneracy promoted by dysgenic breeding and the promotion of total uselessness by the several social "welfare" systems which finance the feeding, housing and "schooling" of the Black community of IndiaNoplace.

This cannot continue indefinitely, so it won't.  The breakdown will be ugly in the extreme, but there is no alternative.

Vicio Malo said...

I read somewhere (probably here) a hospital worker saying that they are suppressing the facts. Not a day goes by in Indianapolis that no violence is recorded. The downtown of Indy is divided into 4 quarters. T the center is the circle. This could be a beautiful city, more war memorials than any city in the USA except WDC. The S
ailors memorial in the circle is beautiful with a museum under it's base. The new library is grand with views overlooking 3 Memorial parks leading into downtown. Daily they feed the tribes. More give-away programs than you can imagine. If you don't mind walking, in a war zone, Wednesday night you can get free chik_fil-et in the dinners in the parking lot of Lucas lunch at the church on Delaware...lighthouse mission. Free breakfast at 14th and Penn. Food pantries at just about every church in town. None of this is good enough to keep the tribes satisfied. Indy is a magnet for homeless people. There are no jobs. In the 10th St. hood there are very few stores and no markets. Vacant homes everywhere that are occupied by squatters. In some areas the Mexicans have moved in because rent is very cheap. You can tell when they move into an area, the lawn is mowed and the trash is picked up. Anyone thinking that the Hispanics are a problem should have to live amongst the negroes for a spell. You seldom see any Mexicans at these give-away programs. They actually work and cook their own food. Can you imagine? Indy is a sinking ship, the passengers will just move on to other homeless magnet cities. The tax payers and the actual residents will have to clean up their own mess that they created with "feel good" programs. Y'all have a great negro free day...Negro Fatigue is a bitch no need to suffer with it self-segregate...VM

Don M said...

"Veteran observers of the event say the crowds around Summer Celebration this weekend were among the LIGHTEST and CALMEST they can remember."

What? Was there an over representation of quadroons and octaroons at this year's events?

Vicio Malo said...

to that anon with the snarky remark...This is a business PK is a business man...the comment moderation is extreme. You may have noticed that several commenters agreed with my post about expediting the comment posting. I also realize that some people have a should look into getting one for yourself. PK relies on a few people here, I have seen his posts thanking them, they could also review posts, I'm sure they would gladly do that pro bono. You will not find another site like this one. My desire to have interaction with some commenters is not to argue with them. It is an effort to expand on theories, experiences, thoughts and solutions. have a nice AA free day...VM

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, negroes! You somehow managed NOT to blow anybody away this weekend! We're SO proud of you!

To quote Frank Zappa: "Movin' to Montana soon ..."

Anonymous said...

Visit Colin Flaherty's White Girl Bleed A Lot Twitter feed, and read the black's comments about Expo.

I listened to the police scanner, and there was black crime ALL NIGHT LONG. The cops were overwhelmed. Broad Ripple village went on lockdown, and closed the streets because of the violence and cruising. They had calls for from bike cops for paddy wagons to haul the black males downtown.

These people are a coalition of liars and our direct enemy. It does not matter what Greg Ballard says about Indy being a great place to live and raise a family, white people are leaving Indianapolis in droves.

Ballard is probably grooming Indy's "First Black(TM)" mayor.

rex freeway said...

The NASCAR race at the speedway is next weekend with teams arriving already. They are the last true "white" sport left. You see a token Black every now and then, but never a driver. And im certain the number of Police needed for the fans of this event is very low. With most being posted outside of the race to protect fans and their vehicles from feral Negros.

Anonymous said...

NASCAR cuts ties with Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push racist shakedown organization:

I was sitting in a spots bar yesterday and a commercial for NASCAR came on TV. The first scene was an event with huge groups of black youth mingling with the race car drivers. Not surprised, found this in a document on NASCAR and Minority outreach:


The NASCAR "Diversity Internship Program". This ten-week summer internship offers diverse students an opportunity to work with the NASCAR sanctioning body, NASCAR sponsors, licensees, NASCAR tracks, teams, media partners and sponsors.

The "Drive for Diversity" program. Provides support for minority and female drivers. The Drive for Diversity also supports crew member candidates through a four-year pit crew training program.

NASCAR currently has successful business partnerships and continues to grow its minority vendor base.

NASCAR committed to purchasing supplies and materials from minority contractors. Currently, nearly 18% of contracts awarded by NATC, ISC’s design and construction subsidiary, are held by MBE/ WBEs.

Sick, sick, sick. Apparently, appealing to their true fan base does not bring in the shakedown money.

Vicio Malo said...

Yea like NASCAR needs police to police them. I am not a fan of roundy poundy racing...I prefer drag racing and lord knows I have been in enough trouble for my preference. Negroes buy a $12.00 car and put a thousand bux worth of rims on it and stereo that has way too much base...and a gold for the car and one for their stupid grin....shit we in business...blacks are the joke of the century...VM

Anonymous said...

Enlighten me...what is a quadroon? What is an octoroon? Inquiring realist wants to know !

Anonymous said...

I notice that although most of my posts go up quickly,some take much longer.I just try to reply to individual posters to keep things in context.It seems to work for me.Richard Cranium


This post illustrates my argument that SEGREGATION and Jjin Crow laws are needed to force the "talented 5%" to live with their brathas and sistahs.

To behave, the negro youth needs a more "violent" rule making body. They won't let the White man do it, as we did in the past. Jim Crow laws and police dogs kept the youts from not only killing each other, but kept them under control when they ventured into White civilization.

Now that it is illegal for the White Man to keep law and order, we are stuck with either letting them run lose and destroy civilizations (Detroit) or giving huge amounts of money to "black" community organizations. A form of extortion.

The responsible element of the Negro race is necessary to keep the juvenile bucks and sassy sistahs from misbehaving. Whites can't do it since the blacks race naturally hates the White race. This is normal. Therefore, control must come from the move civilized of the Negro race. Those to the far right of the behavioral Bell Curve for Negroes.

When the proper, moral, and natural forced segregation of the Negro, away from the White race, was removed, society began the journey to the ills and social pathology we have now. The feral black "youts" were allowed to roam free within the White civilization doing what they are genetically determined to do: Rape, steal, kill, reproduce, etc. etc.

We must force the "talented 5%" to take care of their own. It is not the White man's burden. We need either proper Segregation or deportation. Either way, it is not the responsibility of the White Man to monitor, teach, raise, educate or forcibly control this sub-species.

The White race self regulates. The White race deals with their violent 10% and we are not responsible for the Negroes violent 90%. They are.

They have to go.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the reason,let me say clearly that I am glad there were no major problems at nig-a-palooza.The bill for all extra services used during the event should be presented to the race hustlers at a televised ceremony.Let them think they are getting a check (donation) and watch them tear open the envelope.Watch the confused look as they peruse the bill.All televised,live.Have a few hardball questions ready for when they claim being billed for services they made necesary is 'raysiss'.

Anonymous said...

@ Vic don't take it personal if someone commented outside of the parameters, it probably wasn't directed at you anyway. Keep the Indy reports coming we want to hear all about every aspect of Indianoplace.

Vicio Malo said...

On the subject of self-segregating... Yes you can...I use to live in Cordova MD. 97% white. I Moved to Cambridge, MD. 50% white. My girlfriend drove 14 hours from Easton Maryland to meet me in Indianapolis. I left everything and moved to Maryland. I told her I was looking for someone to adopt me. We now own a house on Race St. Cambridge, MD. or as I like to call it RACEST. Google race st. riots...H.Rap Brown came here stirring up shit...they shot him and he left and Gov. Spiro Agnew later arrested him for inciting riots. Of course, the blacks burned down their own neighborhood , as usual. You just can't make this shit up. self segregation is a matter of will. Will you stand for negroes to be in your everyday life or do you make drastic changes to alter that fact. have a great negro free day y'all...VM

Anonymous said...

You have to remember that this race evolved specific traits to prevent concentration of large numbers of them.

Anonymous said...

That's not what liberals say...they say if you put white people into "those conditions," the outcome would be the same.

My reply is that we already have a word for what it is when we do that- it's called gentrification.


off topic but on subject. this killer in ohio could be the son if barry soetoro had one. I wonder if barry will call those victims families or have his deputy dog eric "my peeps are stupid" holder use the power of the federal gov't to make sure justice for this black man is without any racist white people on the jury of this negroes peers.

which brings me to a time capsule from the 1990's Mr. O.J. Simpson. that poor, poor black man that was framed bye those racist LA cops. yea, right! remember o.j. said he was going to find the killers if the cops couldn't. and any of you good white people out there remember the NGRs jumping out of their seats when that verdict came down? remember the dancing and the basic laughing at the white people that were murdered bye that NGR o.j.? now jump 20 years later and all of a sudden the verdict didn't go the way those NGR's EXPECTED and it's of course RACIST! how fucking dumb is this race? yet not a white person back in the o.j. trail was leading marches because the system is rigged or made to put the NGR in jail at all costs. and this time when they didn't get their verdict the system must be changed due to out-n-out racism. sure NGR's whatever you oh so smart people say!==NOT!!! if anything that not guilty verdict(zimm) was for Ron Goldman and the NGR lover Nichole brown! karma has a first name and that name is JORGE!!!

Anonymous said...

No kidding ! We should talk sometime,I have built a few cars and love racing.I have been riding motorcycles lately,much cheaper and also a lot of fun! I must have outrun the cops 150X at least.'You can't beat a radio' my ass ! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

365 Black McDonalds feeling the pain.


Anonymous said...

How bout that 365black comrades:

cdw said...

A buffer? The law is the buffer between the police and criminals.

10mm AUTO said...

The disingeniousness of even the language of this news article is astonishing. Notice how they take about a 3 year messaging campaign to keep mothers from "dropping off" their "children". First, the Children are fully grown teens, the same teens that get into fights and shoot each others. Before they blow someone away, they are "children"; in the police line up they are "teens".

Second, a "Black Expo" should be (and is, from the list of retail and employment companies), grooming the "talented tenth" for a job. The irony is that the very demographic that you would want to recruit from is a danger to your entire Expo. Let in teens from 14 to 22 into the Expo without massive Police presence and forget it.

Third, here is a list of the Corp. companies that are sponsors at the Expo, based on the website:



LEL Home Services

PNC Bank

F.C. Tucker Company, Inc.

Marketing Werks (Verizon Wireless)

RBC Wealth Management

Herman and Kittle Properties

Fifth Third Bank

Pepsi Co.

That is a pretty thin list. The retail booths, those who hope to sell their products at the fair are equally thin, mostly jewelery shops, hair design, cosmetics, cell phones, clothing, home supplies, etc. The rest are recruiting companies or non-profits or memorial organizations like the "Tuskegee Airmen" booth.

The point I am getting to is that this "Expo" could never in a million years generate the kind of dollars that could pay for three days overtime for hundreds (if not thousands) of police officers, their overtime, equipment (radios, cars, bikes, etc. plus support (dispatchers, Med-Aid personnel, parking attendants, organizers, printing, cleaning and setup and on and on. This Expo is a huge money loss for the city. Negros not only hate to tip, they hate to pay for fees for anything, so I am willing to be there are a lot of "discounted" tickets, free tickets, donated tickets, etc. I bet they only make 60% of entrance numbers.

Someone is going to have to pay the bill for this and my guess is that the city is going to get stuck with coming up with the coin.

The "black expo" is a small whirlpool in the black undertow, hastening the city's demise.

Vicio Malo said...

OT but note to any would be posters here. Read the daily on the daily offering. You can post where ever you want but only hard core followers will be re-visiting the past posts. To quell your thirst for the previous posts there is 5 years worth to keep you busy. Read the comments section, PK is not only a gifted writer his commenters are over the top intellectually. I just hope I can get some of his books. I live on a somewhat limited budget and hope donations can become cumulative so I can have some of his offerings. I try to leave out any bad language in my posts. I do not argue with other posters, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And to anon at 7:15am I did not take any offense at the snarky remark. I also look at angry white dude...big timer reviews the comments for content as well as red stater they also write for angry white dude. I just wish more discourse and conversation could be had here. This is my favorite site and I encourage everyone to donate a few bucks. Also wounded warriors project could use some's only 20 bux a month...keep an eye on the 6 and be AA free all day...VM

Vicio Malo said...

PK I am going to mention this on every post until you get back to me. I live on a military stipend that does not leave me a lot of excess. I would like to donate $10.00 per month that you can deduct from my debit card. Do you have or do you intend to have the means to do this? Over time I would like my donations to allow me some of your books. I am patient kind of like Andy Dufrain in the "Shawshank Redempion". I won't go away...VM

Jassi said...

"In some cases the free roaming teams may even follow gangs.."

Sounds a bit like profiling and really similar to a free roaming neighborhood watch man except the profilers were probably black, so it's cool.

What might have had happened if one of these gang members had felt threatened for being followed? Could they punch the free roamers and call it standing their ground?

Left Coast White Guy said...

Ok Good White folk,
Your Enemy Has Now Decided To Forcibly Integrate You Because You All Seem To Keep Self Segregating. This Is Bad For The African As Only They Are Allowed To Do That At Their Choosing. Please See The Link Pussy Below....

( Sorry, I Don'tKnow How To Post As A HyperLink, Als, I Don't Know why My Phone Capitalized The FirSt Letter Of Every Word. It Only Happens When I Post On This Blog, And ItOnly Started A.Few Months Ago)

Anonymous said...

"list of the Corp. companies that are sponsors at the Expo"

You missed the majority of it. UPS, At&T, Verizon, Eli Lilly, State Farm, Indiana University...Fed Ex...

This is their opportunity to be "committed to diversity" for the tax break, LOL.

AND the wealthy, white-hating social engineering foundations and their Satan's money, funneled/laundered through LISC Indianapolis are the major players. CICF, Harrison Center for the Arts, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Big Car Gallery, Big Car Service Center, Arts Council of Indinanapolis, Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, and many more are propping up this giant turd.

Everyone takes their cut, including the Mayor. Trust me.

Bogolyubski said...

10 MM Auto's post regarding all of the crony-capitalist and Chamber-of-Commerce types who shelled out for the groid gathering reminded me some something I read earlier today over at Auster's VFR archive about how many of the same type of folks were funding the NAACP. The Washington Times article linked to in that decade-old blog post is still there, by the way.

I often start off the week looking over the decade old posts at VFR as sort of a memorial to Auster and the following invariably strikes me: BRA was going then, just as now. Repukes and the Chamber of Commerce types were all crypto-Marxists then, just as now. Probably even more whites were clueless then but most continue to fall for the same lies over and over. VFR was on top of all of this a decade ago, when literally nobody else, save maybe AR and VDARE, was. Keep in mind that in 2003, the Repuke Party controlled the Whore House and the Congress. BRA continued to advance - relentlessly.

Anonymous said...



"Blacks need to have access to the American dream too, not just Whites."

Lorraine said...

Right on.

The bottom line is that black thugs can only be related to other blacks. Whites can't do it and really should not waste their time as deali g with blacks will wear on a white person's soul ( think back to the article on the white cop who committed suicide in Chicago).

Segregation is the only thing that works and it is better for EVERYBODY, blacks included. Integration was a way not only to destroy white society via shakedowns, but it destroyed black society as well.

Time to get real.

White Mom in VA

Vicio Malo said...

Indianapolis blows through money like a cheap whore blows her way thru the hood. They don't care who is paying the bill. # guesses and the 1st 2 don't count...(hint) blacks don't pay taxes) OK OK OK Mexicans don't pay taxes...That leaves...white people on the hook. Go Figure. They need to pay so they can feel good. Maybe next year they'll say OH HELL NO. Likely not. They love their pets in Indy. I should be in the kitty Litter business...VM

pat said...

Vicio Malo said that - "there are no jobs".

With respect may I suggest that this is a poor construction of the situation and one that should be avoided.

This way of explaining unemployment assumes that white people have failed to provide enough jobs for black people which is why the black people are forced into all those social pathologies.

I remember a book by P.J. O'Rourke about his trip to Ireland. This was at a time when Northern and Catholic Ireland were in the middle of a bloody civil war. O'Rourke looked at a devastated neighborhood and asked if it was caused by drugs. His Irish guide said, "No, the IRA beat up drug dealers. They had no drug problem." He learned that any healthy urban neighborhood that had parasites like drug pushers could expect the adult males to clean them out irrespective of the police or even warring armies.

So if there are drugs in a black ghetto it is not caused by the drugs themselves or by the people who profit by them, it is the responsibility of the community.

If you never bathe, I won't have sympathy for your skin diseases.

So it is with jobs. White communities when the plant closes and everyone is laid off experience a spontaneous entrepreneurial eruption. Women take in laundry. Men buy a used truck and go into the hauling business.

You see some of that in black communities but not nearly enough. Any population relies on it's most talented and energetic fraction to create the enterprises that will employ the rest. But the black population is not talented enough.

If we were to assume that to be an entrepreneur required an IQ of 130, it doesn't but that assumption makes the math easier, then a white neighborhood would have 100 entrepreneurs for every one in a similar black neighborhood. That's why the fate of Detroit is sealed. There are not enough people who are talented enough left in the ruins of Detroit to ever bring it back.

I apologize for being preachy, but you have to be careful about how issues are phrased. So many of the common constructions used in the media cast blacks as victims and whites as perpetrators or else imply that the bad conditions (murders, rapes, etc.) are just impersonal events unrelated to any person's actions.

I looked through a lot of books about Detroit a few months back. Most of them just took the destruction of the city to be an Act of God that was no one's fault.

It would be more accurate to say - "the local community has failed to create the necessary jobs".



Can somebody give me the phone number to the department of this city that puts together "expos"?

I am so glad they put on these expos for the communities. Multiculturalism and diversity works wonders when we each support and promote the diversity and different cultures. Our differences bring us together as one people. I feel so warm and toasty inside already.

I am eager to attend the White Expo as soon as I can get the show dates.

Can I please have the number?

Anonymous said...

off topic
DC trayvon rally podcast

Can you imagine a white person saying such things publicly about blacks? Can you imagine the level of outrage that would occur if a white person were to say how indignant they had become because a little black girl dared to play with her puppy in a white neighborhood? Yet, this black woman says such things openly about whites and everyone reacts like what she said is perfectly normal and acceptable!? That’s because in black communities across America, it is. It only proves, though, how much more racist blacks are than whites.

Only whites have been stupid enough to believe the lie that if they gave up their racial prejudices, blacks would love and respect them. Whites who have suppressed their natural and rightful suspicion of blacks have only managed to make themselves victims of black criminal pathology.

The large black woman also stated, “My people just got shot down!” This is her way of not only identifying with Trayvon Martin’s cause, but also her way of racially identifying with him as well. Yet how often do whites show such solidarity in their manner of conversation by referring to other whites as “my people” or “our people”? These kinds of expressions are almost forbidden for whites. It would sound odd if we did. Everyone would look at us strangely and some would even be hostile to it. This is because our racial pride and unity has been stripped from us after almost 50 years of continuous anti-white propaganda fed to us daily by Leftists and the MSM.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...


How ironic. I was in the USA a year or so ago and looked around at properties for sale. In the realtor's office was a sign saying it was against the law, and company policy, to give that kind of information to potential buyers. Needless to say, I was not prepared to buy a pig in a poke, and we were unable to come to an agreement.

Anonymous said...

Don't need an Expo to learn about black people or what they are like. Most of the ones I've known in the past 20 years are united in their insistence of racism if you think Obama is incompetent. Since he is hte first black elected president, he must obviously be the best ever. All they know is how to close rank by skin color exclusive of anything else. At least there are none living close to me anymore but I always carry a pistol because they are mobile and could show up anytime.


This site, Zero Hedge:

has a great article about other cities that are headed for Detroitization.

EXCEPT, they don't mention race. They speak of the decline in population being identical to the collapse of Detroit. Of course they don't mention WHY there is a decline. Nor WHO is leaving.

One needs to look at the race of those who left the cities and the race of those who stayed or moved in. Increasing blacks means something. Decreasing whites mean something especially when this is occurring in ALL of these cities.

An honest sociologist would have material here for a Phd. except no University would allow it.

Every contemporary article today about Detroit is blaming the auto industry. Fine, OK, but then why do all these other cities face the same trends when they have NO auto industry?

What they all have in common is one fact. As the black population increased and took over the city governments, the White population had to leave. Period. That is 100% across the board. It had nothing to do with jobs. It had everything to do with race.

That is the reason for the collapse of all these cities.

Anonymous said...

Folks, was listening to Rushbo this AM. He is a neocon but has some good info.
He says 'Detrot is 47% illiterate'...
iow Blacks in detrot are mostly illiterate.
rush did no mention skin color.


"Blacks need to have access to the American dream too, not just Whites."

yeah, right. Feed from the gov trough.

Anonymous said...

Hey the Belushi's are albanian!

Anonymous said...

Where ate the white slums? The mountains?

AnalogMan said...

Pat said

"No, the IRA beat up drug dealers. They had no drug problem." He learned that any healthy urban neighborhood that had parasites like drug pushers could expect the adult males to clean them out irrespective of the police or even warring armies.

Yet now, when Ireland is being overrun with negroes and gypsies, where is the IRA? Where are the adult males?

Why, the IRA sold out for government jobs. They just wanted to be the new ruling elite, and were easily coopted by the old elite. Now they sit on their arses and collect fat pay cheques while the government, of which they are part, destroys the country they claimed to be fighting for. They never were. They were gangsters fighting for their own profit.

Anonymous said...

Yoots target whites on mag mile. All those should be labeled hate crimes. They think all YT is rich

Anonymous said...

1/4 black blood and 1/8 black blood. Popular terms in NOLA to describe exotic prostitutes.
Most just called"mixed" now by both sides. Used to be mulatto until civil rights

Bogolyubski said...

I see a lot of the same old complaints on this thread which have been present for years. Yes, they're all true.

1. Whites have no freedom of association.

2. The ruling elite supports the whole BRA racket.

3. Republicans are liars and part of the BRA racket.

4. The media lies and covers up black crime - especially when directed against whites.

.... and so on, und so weiter, etc., etc.

I understand the complaints and the need to vent. Heaven knows I do it myself here. We all suffer from negro fatigue. How has all this come to pass? At the end of the day, it's this way because the majority of whites are OK with it. Even elites are not totally invincible. They actually die if they're hit with enough bullets in the right place, regardless of how much money they have. In the historical past, elites have been overthrown when enough of those suffering beneath their jackboots cannot take it any more. Violence is over-rated in its effectiveness though. Just two years ago, a likely CIA-agent named Anders Breivik liquidated approximately 70 of the younger generation of Norway's treasonous elite - who very much had it coming. Did it change anything? No, the genocidal elite who run the show there have simply doubled down on the diversity. Norwegians will end up a minority in their homeland before too long. Most are apparently either OK with it or clueless about what's going on.

We need to start thinking well outside the box - which our enemies control. If they proved nothing else, the Tea Party proved that the political system and process itself is a totally-rigged farce whose purpose is to draw off money and energy from those who might actually oppose the genocidal agenda afoot. How many even here - who are fare more aware than the average white in either Europe or America - actually comprehend that we are facing extermination? That's one of the reasons I've been rather pointed in my recent attacks upon that which refers to itself as Christianity. What does it tell us when you see white, Evangelical Protestant churches devoting all manner of time, energy and money to sending missions and aid to various Africans both here and abroad while they completely refuse to even acknowledge that their brethren are being exterminated in Southern Africa? If you cannot purge these genocidal assholes from your own house, how do you expect to be able to effectively fight the vast armies of orcs, zombies and their squid masters who are presently arrayed against us - salivating for our extermination?

Bogolyubski said...

1/4 black blood and 1/8 black blood. Popular terms in NOLA to describe exotic prostitutes. Most just called"mixed" now by both sides. Used to be mulatto until civil rights.

Not quite. The correct term for the 1/4 groid is quadroon, for 1/8 groid is octaroon. A mulatto is half-groid. The quadroons and octaroons of pre-civil war Louisiana were major slave-owners, by the way. George Zimmerman, the Ministry of Truth's favorite white-Nazi-Klansman-hispanic-whowantstokillsixmilionjews now that that he killed St. Trayvon, the Baron of Skittles and Earl of Arizona Watermelon Juice, is actually a Peruvian octaroon who was adopted by a Jewish judge who married his Peruvian mother. But, the Ministry of Truth just rolls on and on.

YT idiot still watches the propaganda which is so filled with blatant lies it would almost make a Stalinist-era editor of Pravda embarrassed, continues to buy shit-sandwiches from the squid-controlled corporations who advertise, continues to think maybe the Republicans will fight this crap he's starting to feel uncomfortable about (if he's one of the smarter ones), continues to attend a church controlled by Marxists, sodomites and feminists, to watch niggasportz, listen to niggamuzyk, send his kids to the government skool gulag for daily indoctrination in self-hate, etc, etc., etc.

Lorraine said...

This is a very good point you raise.

Many so called public servants forget the constituents that put them in office in the first place. We can see that here in the States where the Repukes as Bogo calls them have sold out their base for the brown turd masses. The Repuke Establishment also turned on the Tea Party.

This is why the whole system must crash, which is sad because good blood will be lost. Serves the Republicans right though, as they sold working class and middle class Americans down the river for cheap wetback labor to appease the corporate squids and giants who have no loyalty to the USA and the Constitution whatsoever.

Anything for a quick buck and done cheap butt.

Hey, it's rude and crude, but its the truth

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

White people never had to even think about this crap until the great society came of age and began to dismantle everything that was good and functional in the US.Give them cash by the truckload,pay them to breed,pay them to not work,and SURPRISE! Houston,We have a problem! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Anonymous enquirer: Quadroon (1/4 Black, 3/4 White) and Octoroon (1/8 Black, 7/8 White) are not, btw, slang terms conceived by racist bloggers. They are centuries old Spanish words coined to help Spain manage their South American empire. They had a different word for every possible combination of Black, White, and Indian, measured in eighths. George Zimmerman, for example, is a pardo IIRC, 1/8 Black and 7/8 Indian.