Saturday, July 13, 2013

... to be a scared white boy in a black neighborhood: 80 percent of those arrested in D.C. are black

Oh no. 

The Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) of Washington D.C. are whining that black people are arrested nearly 80 percent of the time in a city that is on course to be free of blacks by 2025. [Study cites racial disparities in D.C. arrests,Washington Post, July 12, 2013]:
80 percent of arrests in Washington D.C. are black people... the Washington Post cries tears (while waiting for the gentrification of Anacostia to take place...) 

A new study by a group of civil rights lawyers says that black people in Washington are disproportionately arrested for minor drug offenses and other petty crimes, which the group’s director says has essentially “criminalized a large portion of the African American community.”
The Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs does not make specific policy recommendations. But the report, to be released at a news conference Friday, says the arrest statistics from 2009 through 2011 should be a “wake-up call” and feature prominently in the debate over decriminalizing drugs, forming strategies for reducing crime and devising arrest policies.

Authors of the report found that eight of 10 adults arrested in the District are black, disproportionate to the racial breakdown of residents — roughly 47 percent black and 43 percent white. Nine of 10 people arrested on the charge of simple drug possession are black, the study found. And eight of 10 charged with disorderly conduct are black.
Said Roderic V.O. Boggs, executive director of the lawyers’ committee: “Police are spending an enormous amount of time resolving behavior that is not life-threatening.”
He called the disparities jarring. In 2010, the equivalent of 30 percent of the District’s adult male population were arrested, compared with 2 percent of the white residents.

Police have criticized similar studies as unfairly discounting the fact that crime rates are highest in black areas of the District, particularly east of the Anacostia River, which in 2012 recorded nearly half — 43 — of the District’s 88 homicides. That area also accounted for nearly 40 percent of the city’s violent crime last year.
Authorities say they don’t target people for minor drug crimes, such as marijuana possession, but the arrest numbers reflect the increased presence of law enforcement often demanded by residents who want order restored in communities long considered neglected.
Remember, D.C. is a city where 97 percent black residents of Southeast Washington were recently asked (in a hilarious billboard campaign) not to throw stones at buses.

It's a city where Hunter S. Thompson worried (in his book Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail, '72) whether or not Georgetown could survive the black menace -- considering much of the city at that point was under direct siege from the menace of black people.

And yet, the city is still under siege from the menace of black people (even though their percent of the population continues to decline and the percentage of the right kind of white people grows).

To understand why the police arrest blacks so frequently, let's consult A Study of Homicides in the District of Columbia: Metro Police Department District of Columbia, October 2001. Between 1998 - 2000, of 744 homicides, 94 percent of those arrested as suspects in those homicides were black:
Between 1998 and 2000, the three-year period that is
the subject of this report, a total of 744 homicides
took place in the District. By comparison, there were
1,399 homicides from 1990 to 1992, a decrease of
almost 47 percent.
As in previous years, the overwhelming majority of
homicide victims in the District of Columbia between
1998 and 2000 were African-American. Of the 744
homicides that occurred during this three-year period,
685 – or more than 92 percent – involved African-
American victims. The number of Hispanic/Latino
and white victims was identical: 24 in each group, or
3.2 percent of the homicide total. 
According to the 2000 Census, African-Americans
account for 60 percent of the District’s population,
meaning they are seriously over-represented among
homicide victims. By contrast, whites account for 31
percent of DC’s population and persons of Hispanic
or Latino origin represent nearly 8 percent
Of the 367 suspects arrested for homicide, 345 (94
percent) were African-American – a figure roughly
equivalent to the percent of homicide victims who
were African-American (92.1). In other words, the
overwhelming majority of homicides in the District
are black-on-black crimes. Other arrestees during the
three-year period included 16 Hispanic/Latino
suspects (4.4 percent), five whites (1.4 percent), and
one Asian (0.3 percent).

Nothing much has changed, with 87 percent of homicide victims in 2011 being black (there's virtually none, contrary to the Hollywood and DWL journalists everywhere, white-on-black murder).

Look -- Washington D.C. is undergoing unbelievable "urban renewal," which simply translates to "black removal."

But remember, it's the right kind of white people who will inhabit the capital city of the Empire of the United States of America.

Everyone else gets to enjoy the fruits of a diverse population, replete with a sizable black population reliant on Section 8 Vouchers, EBT/ Food Stamps, and welfare to subsist.

The District of Columbia?

It will be black free, though the Washington Post will continue to publish stories bemoaning that the police are merely doing their job.

It's important to feign righteous indignation while silently cheering on the "urban renewal" taking place in D.C.

Now, if only we could do something about that high rate of HIV found in the black community (odd, AIDS/HIV is basically kept alive in the black community).


Anonymous said...

If 80% of crimes are committed by blacks, maybe black leaders could encourage the black community to STOP COMMITTING CRIMES instead of playing the blame game.

Anonymous said...

A vibrancy slinging rocks and buds on a corner on D.C. doesn't want to see drugs legalized.

Check out this find on the mythical war to free the slaves:

Anonymous said...

The right kind are Birkenstock sporting educated derelicts from Georgetown who think we are all equal and will hold hands and sing strawberry fields forever in a glorious each according to his needs socialist utopia? (rhetorical) Reality has a way of dashing fairytale pipe dreams to pieces.

Anonymous said...

Pat Mahaney, 46, boredom beating victim, dies of his injuries sustained one year ago.

He was a young man. This is very very sad. I hope these 6 afto-turds get new charges filed against them.

Anonymous said...

I was up in Columbia Heights today, a mix of section 8 blacks and very high end townhouses and apartments. 100% of the people begging, blocking sidewalks, and openly looking into cars for thing to smash and grab were blacks. The issue is that new moms and richer gays get mad at some point, and demand police action. Them, and the owners of the new high end bars and art stores tired of losing customers after dusk. After Treyeldomte gets arrested the 8th time and gets some jail time his mom and favorite babymomma request a section 8 move to Prince George county so his criminal behavior can continue sans jail time.

D-FENS said...

Isn't the police force in Washington DC run by negroes?

Anonymous said...

DC is indeed clearing out the jig population, hence their much greater presence in Montgomery and Frederick Counties in MD. One never used to see to see them driving on 270, but it's now lousy with them, impeding traffic flow as they drive slowly n the left lane, bootlips to cellphphones, in dey shiny BMWs, Mercedes and Audis.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I now have a new appreciation for the phrase'Hell is other people' ! Richard Cranium

Whiskey said...

Zimmerman NOT GUILTY! I am happy to eat crow on this one. Must have been a damn miracle -- six women on the jury.

Now let the riots begin. Stay safe out there. And away from the "youths" and "teens."

So CAL Snowman said...

Not Guilty! What now? What comes next?

Anonymous said...

Zimmermann was found not guilty. Prepare for the riots lol

Or perhaps they'll just stepup their game of "Knockout King" and we'll have a spate of old white men and women getting punched in the face this Summer.

Sheila said...

Zimmerman found not guilty! I'm shocked that the jury actually followed the law. Let the mass chimpout begin.

Anonymous said...


As you know, breaking newzez///
Zimmerman Not Guilty.

Best to you and yours as always.

Anonymous said...

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty on all charges. Which American city goes up first in arson, looting, and assorted mayhem?

Anonymous said...

GZ not guilty!

Anonymous said...

Disorderly Conduct isn't life threatening? With the Darks it sure as hell can be (or likely to be).

You don't have to be from the Baltimore area to understand this dynamic.

(Reading but not posting like I used to)

Jay in DC said...

Let me briefly open it up for you SBPDL. The 80s are OVER... OVER. The 80s crack cocaine wave hasn't existed for over 3 decades. DC today? It is even more scary than then, why? The Party (1984 Style) have been pushing the Proles into P.G. County for at least 5 years. Every busted nig-nog neighborhood has a towering construction crane hovering over it ready to build a new skyscraper for SWPL Libtards. Gentrification by SWPL is at nearly 100% now.

The Federal Leviathan (Vampire Squid Generals) got tired of trying to placate "home rule" nig-nogs, and simply stopped doing it. Now, they just bulldoze them out to the East and South. DC will be a majority white city within 10 years, maybe less. And if you remember nothing else, remember this. The whites who live amongst me are the most dangerous motherfuckers on planet earth. White female libtards ready and willing to fuck their own race out of existence. Dept. of Defense/Pentagon contract families or direct employees looking for housing "Closer to the 5 Sided Fistagon", and wealthy elite who will write off their donations to nigger charity for a hefty tax break.

Baltimore? 40 min. away, a shithole of blackness.... this is the way of things between Fortress DC and Lost City Bal'mer.

Quinnotaur said...

"Authorities say they don’t target people for minor drug crimes, such as marijuana possession, but the arrest numbers reflect the increased presence of law enforcement often demanded by residents who want order restored in communities long considered neglected"

This, to me is the crux of the matter. Wheather it be a domestic dispute or...or... THIS! It is an utter failure of people to deal with one another honorably once the police/judicial force/system become involved. You don't have "disproportionate" numbers of the "community" (ROTFLMFAO! @ community) being arrested on petty pot charges as long as you aren't killing 50 fucking percent of the people in an entire CITY and YOUR community NEEDS to be flooded with law enforcement. I mean for fucks sake, I know places where most people dance with Mary Jane, but they do it at home, before checking their kids homework..... This is one of the whitetopias out there. Sit in your own goddamn back yards and smoke "yo trees" and you won't have no problems with POE-LEESE.
/rant off

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...

Check out this find on the mythical war to free the slaves:

Thanks for the suggestion, a very interesting article and a book I'll read. The parallels to today's elites are right there.

Glaivester said...

Leet's hope any riots take place in Marco Rubio's neighborhood. There's a "white Hispanic" who should be found guilty.

Lorraine said...

I used to live in DC. Section 8 Sistah Souljahs and their broods, friends, and enablers got me so fed up that split to VA.

The bottom line is that diversity doesn't work. Blacks need to live, work, and play among blacks. Latinos the same. Asians the same. Whites the same.

I am glad GZ was found not guilty, but in truth, this dog and pony show of a trial will simply cause more angst, and it already has.


1) the BIGGER issue at stake is here is the Constitution and the right to defend ourselves. That was really what this trial harkened. Thank God we still can but God helps those that help themselves. We must become more vigilant and active in maintaining our second amendment rights. We must Stand Our Ground.

2) white women were the bulk of the jury. White women are stalked at alarming rates in this country compared to others. For all the slamming that this board illustrates towards white women sometimes, please give white women credit and stop stabbing your sisters in the back. Many of us work, raise our kids, mind our business, and don't cause drama. We want to be safe to work and to care for our kids. White men need to stick up for our honor.

3) Recognize that this country will sink further into a police state and that WHITES will continue to be targets in an effort NOT to draw attention to all the Turdvons out there running amuck and destroying our cities.

4) Blacks in da commuuuuunity were paid off NOT to riot via the ghetto lottery monies Turdvon's mama won. Scam, lies, more BS.

5) How timely this report comes out from the District of Communism just as this trial wraps up.

White people, the battle is just beginning.

White Mom in VA

Lorraine said...

I agree with you that white libtards are in fact more dangerous that ghetto groids. At least with ghetto groids 'dey be out dere wit dey sheeit'.

The Party wants DC, and now NOVA for themselves. I live in an area of VA that used to be inhabited by white hillbilly types, Latinos, and a few groids thrown in. Now The Party libtards gave crept to VA and brought their commie BS with them. Virginia is a conceal and carry, but there are plenty of libtards in VA that turn this state into the color purple. Hell, that stupid Critical Race Theory White Privilege BS is preached in NOVA schools.

Read the other day at the Countenance Blog that the fastest demographic in Wyoming is illegal aliens. Great. That crosses that state off my list.

Is there any place in the USA left that the Party has not infected?

I think not. Civil War guerilla style is brewing. Be wary of white libtard neighbors as they will be the first to stab you in the back.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

Lorraine, I agree with your assessment. I have lived in NOVA for over ten years and have seen the shift. Fairfax and Loudoun pretty much control the vote in any statewide election, I think we are saved, for now, that we elect our governor in an off year, and the groids and libtards don't vote en mass. But that will change too. My neighborhood is okay for now but more trash keeps piling into the neighboring town and the border gets blurred more and more. I work in the Tysons Corner area and once the metro opens I know that will be the last time I go to that mall other than for a weekday business lunch. The liberal soccer mommies will be in for quite a surprise when the Trayvons over in Southeast hop on the green line to go shop with whitey.

Anonymous said...

The Low intellect prevalent in the black community prompts their believe in STATIC analysis. Their racial hatred bolsters this belief. They believe crimes are committed in equal quantities by all races. DYNAMIC analysis is never considered. Dynamic analysis reveals people who cannot plan long term and seek immediate gratification along with a low work ethic, resort to crime to sate their wants - much more than others who do plan long term and resist primal urges. But because THEY do it - EVERYONE does it - ERGO; commission of crime is a static calculation.