Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Time To Bring Back Sundown Laws?


If you pay close enough attention, you see patterns emerging. 
Emergency curfews being passed nationwide lend credence to these laws

That's what the latest Paul Kersey column at VDare is all about -- the noticing of patterns. [After Zimmerman: Maybe There’s A Reason Cities Are Enacting Curfews?, July 16, 2013]:

While America braces for more rioting in the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal, and as Attorney General Eric (“my people”) Holder threatens a federal “hate crime” double jeopardy end run, this 17-month saga has obscured an accelerating phenomenon that may ultimately prove more significant.
As I noted in a March 26, 2012 VDARE.com column as the Main Stream Media narrative of the martyrdom of St. Martin was unraveling, cities across the country were being forced to enact emergency curfews to deal with rising racial anarchy since Obama’s election in 2008.“Obama’s sons” were out of control:
Read the rest over at VDare.com, but understand the noticing of certain patterns in these emergency curfews - especially the one that just passed because of black violence in Greensboro, North Carolina - confirms what few people dare mention today. 

It's time to bring back sundown laws, or at least admit the reason they were passed to begin with; and, invariably, it's the same reason these cities are passing emergency curfews. The concluding paragraph of the piece at VDare.com

I am an American who was born long after the Civil Rights struggle had been won. But the more we march into the future, the more it becomes apparent these special curfew laws now being passed nationwide are a response to exactly the same pathological behavior that sundown laws once protected against. 
Colin Flaherty has documented what is really happening in America in his underground bestseller White Girl Bleed A Lot. 
And there’s a reason “white girl bleed a lot.” 
The law is no longer on her side.
What do you think?

Talk about it here, but please be sure spread the VDare piece far and wide.

But remember: since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, a number of patterns have emerged for those paying attention.

Are you?


Anonymous said...

Would be good to nail down the "after Obama's election" aspect, which would seem to evince a black triumphalism that whites should be aware of. The immigrant groups should be aware of it, too, and they come in more contact with blacks in some states.

What we've seen with the Zimmerman case certainly looks like arrogant black triumphalism. They WILL NOT look at facts or evidence. Leaving your car and walking in your own neighborhood is an "aggression" against a black teenager that justifies the black teenager attacking you and bashing your head on concrete. At the highest levels of our government, this is the operating belief.

Therefore, it is imperative to keep blacks out of power. They don't just destroy cities with their corruption. They are much more dangerous than just that.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Not only black triumphalism (we saw this in Detroit when Coleman Young was elected the first black mayor in 1974) but also "black tribalism"...

That's what we are witnessing with the raw, emotional response to the Zimmerman Verdict.


Almost a hive-mind response.

MBlanc46 said...

You certainly can't do it on a racial basis anytime soon, but getting "youth" and "teens" off the streets at night is clearly becoming necessary.

countenance said...

I have always said that black politicians are slowly reconstructing the Jim Crow system one piece at a time, but doing it in the name of black power and equality. Curfews are basically the new sundown towns.

Then again, I've also said that the civil rights movement wasn't about civil rights, but more about mulatto blacks replacing whites as the rulers of blue gum blacks.

10mm AUTO said...

"The law is no longer on her side."


The point of this trial is to bring down White Defense. To bury the the 2nd Amendment, the Stand your ground laws, concealed carry, Castle Doctrine in home invasions; in effect the entire body of laws that comprise the concept of personal self defense.

You Laugh? Look at England, where any usage of weapons in self defense is prohibited and liberalism has triumphed! Where even a robber, bent on killing, can sue you or your family for harm that befalls him in the course of his nefarious work.

negros understand that the White man's weapons, especially those Whites who are even mildly knowledgeable, can be an effective defense to even the largest "crew". negros feel that psychologically they have the White on the ropes and merely need to restructure the law so that the White is afraid to carry, afraid to defend, afraid to resist and all will be good. In cities with low clearance rates of police solving of crimes, from the black perspective, the negro may be right.

The astonishing thing is the horror of the Federal Government supporting and enabling these monsters, fully bent on crushing and incarcerating the next Zimmeramn. If Jorge Zimmerman is killed because of the bounty the Black Panther Party has put on his head, do you really think Holder will go after with vigor the perp. Hell, negros are targeting Whites that don't even have anything to do with the trail and the police, news media and local governments are denying its even happening.


What will this increase? White Flight. Concealed carry and usage of weapons in self defense among hard core Whites, leading to the next Trayvon trial.


The tension is building. This is soooo good.

Just like a real Earthquake, the forces building up to the final snap takes eons. But the "snap" is sudden and violent.

The forces leading up to our racial Earthquake keep building and someday it WILL snap. And, it will be glorious.

Can we all not feel the tension? I think the Negroes know something is up. "Something" with them and something with us. Something has changed.

Their present movement towards civil disobedience is different this time. A bit more like a building tidal wave than a violent storm. They are massing tribaly as we speak and their commonality is creating a bond. Race realist Whites are doing the same thing while the Brain Dead Liberals most likely don't sense nor see what is building.

A critical mass is finally building and soon something will trigger an all out race war. I feel it. I "see" it and I know it is coming.

Soon. Folks, keep a gun with you at all times. Avoid ANY and EVERY Negro area you can. Even in broad daylight stay away from the Apes. Whatever triggers this "moment" will not give you time to get off Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd Jr road. Don't be on it to begin with.

It is coming. Get ready.

San Mack said...

It doesn't help that we educate every generation to think:

White = Oppressor / Black = Victim

If every single day becomes a Django Unchained revenge day, a 400 years of oppression revenge day, etc...

This problem will never resolve.

PioneerPreppy said...

The only issue I see is with today's DWL crowd everyone will have to pay for the actions of a few.

Anonymous said...

Not being able to put it on a racial basis in unfair to all the teens of all other races. There is no legitimate reason to make them suffer or be impacted negatively because of the feral behavior of niggers.
It's past time to stop calling this a "teen" problem and call it what it is- a nigger problem.
No, blacks won't like hearing it and they won't like suffering the consequences of their own behavior and being held to account for it but it's ALSO past time to tell them to shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are vile ignorant uncivilized hypocrits and need be taught a harsh lesson about their behaviours and the best way teach them is to hit them hard in the wallet boycott every single black owned business and refuse to go see or buy any movies with black actors and actresses we can refuse to feed the beasts by not paying taxes, we need to segregate!

Anonymous said...

Paul Kersey,

Many of your articles involve both NFL and College football. There are many of us for whom the only reason we get cable is for High Def Live Football and the NFL channel.

If it was not for the NFL, I would literally never watch NBC, CBS and ESPN(ABC).

If there was a law that mandated the ending of cable bundling, tens of millions of people would overnight love to have no financial connection with NBC, CBS, ABC/ESPN, MSNBC, CNN.... The only thing keeping MSNBC in business are the cable package fees. That and the fact that Madison Avenue is dominated by the same Manhattan "THMNBN" Lefties who dominate the MSM. Otherwise MSNBC would never get the ad buys that talk radio with vastly larger audiences can only dream of.

The Zimmerman persecution has revealed that except for FNC the rest of the MSM is entirely dominated by Racial/Cultural/Gender Marxists. Because of this the MSM is now for a majority of the American public entirely dispensable.

Except for the NFL & FNC there is no other live TV I watch. I could simply stream all my other television viewing which consists of science, history and classic movie viewing.

The NFL is the only must see TV, none breaking news, on Comcast.

Anonymous said...

What other ethnic, religious, or social group has ever had to have a governmental curfew imposed on them? That question,alone, speaks volumes about the dysfunction and internal rot of black society.

Anonymous said...

"Knigg er dont let the sun go down on you in Bucktown "

Prominent sign in bucktown louisiana, circa 50's til early 80's

How far we've fallen.

[Crazy azz cracka]

Mr.Ken said...

If (when) curfews are finally enacted, the subjects of that curfew will be those who are causing the need for them. There will not be a need to stop working, middle class (white) people from travelling to and from work. There will be no need to stop elderly people from attending church or bingo games. College students can still attend night classes. These groups of people tend not to ROB, RAPE, ASSAULT and MURDER one another on a daily basis. We all know what the real problem in this country is. Thank GOD for SBPDL spreading the word, you will never hear the truth on the nightly news. I believe that a curfew is a step in the right direction, but much more action will be needed to stop the destruction of our country. In closing~ if 70% of the prisoners in jail are black, it's because they committed felonies and that is where they BELONG.

Lorraine said...

It is pogrom. And the reality is has been for awhile,

Anonymous said...

I think it's ridiculous that they can have a "teen" curfew, but not a BLACK curfew, since the justification is the same - that being that a statistical analysis of a certain demographic of humans (teens) warrants a SPECIFIC targeting of them.

I am sure if you look at STATISTICS, a 25 year old black male is more likely to commit a crime then a white teen.

When will society discuss the 800 pound, uneducated, undisciplined, violent, selfish, musty gorilla in the room..

D-FENS said...

"The NFL is the only must see TV, none breaking news, on Comcast."

The NFL is part of the problem. Boycott the NFL, NBA and their college equivalents.

My son subscribes to ESPN magazine. I call it "Negro of the Month" since every cover is bound to have a negro featured.

countenance said...

Anonymous July 16, 2013 at 4:30 PM:

Guess who opposes a la carte pricing for cable and sat systems? The NAACP. Guess why? To save BET.

Anonymous said...

Many of your articles involve both NFL and College football. There are many of us for whom the only reason we get cable is for High Def Live Football and the NFL channel.

You know,I had an argument with the sig other over a subject that's kind of related to television.

What started the clawing was that I made the observation ( an observance of a fact,mind you,verifiable,and verified through quite a bit of personal experience )-

That her definition of "doing something" almost invariably amounted to "watching someone else do something".

I also contended that she and I would both be better off if we spent our time off work doing something ourselves,rather than watching someone else do stuff.

The point that I'm trying to make is that the time spent watching football on television could be utilized in other ways. We,as a people,seem to have completely forgotten how to make our own entertainment.

Time to learn again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the boycotts of movies with groids. I will take it further and no longer listen to black music. I used to like Stevie Wonder, but after he would boycott Florida..I will no longer play his music. I used to listen to soul music and old jazz greats. I am so turned off by groid dysfunction in every form. I am forced to limit any additional exposure. The beautiful park next to my building is now their new discovery. Sun Down laws please!

Anonymous said...

Various thoughts...

Agree totally with dumping any semi or pro sports that glorifies the groid-- otherwise you're just subsidizing them.

Agree with observation that "something has happened". It has. Most won't verbalize it aloud but it sure has opened the eyes of many who can now see...

There's no plausible "polite, clean" negro that could follow Obama. They might try to invent one but they truly are rare. I hope they find one-- the blatant in-your-face disregard for whites and the preferences heaved on the "culturally diverse" during this "presidency" has done more for race realism than a 1,000 Derbyshires...

Bring it on. We prepare for the next, inevitable assault...

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Well this has been an interesting few days. Nothing of consequence to report from the ATHell as far as Zimmerman violence/TNB that I have observed. The governor has just removed the DeKalb County CEO from power due to pending felony indictments (SOP for DeKalb County government all-black leedahsheeip). There has been a large convention downtown since last week, so cops are everywhere (mostly groids) and DWLs are oblivious. The city too busy to hate... I say we MAKE the time!

A couple things I wanted to share. First, unless it was before my time, I don’t recall any SBPDL discussion on syndicated talk radio host Michael Berry. He’s based in Houston, and we’re getting him all of a sudden with the re-birth of WGST (temporarily turned over by Clear Channel to Mestizo sports talk, with disastrous ratings). Now this guy is no savior or leader or anything, but he is taking things head on, and in a very non-Jared Taylor kind of way. He talks about negro degeneracy and ignorance EVERY DAY, and takes some pretty hard-line race realist positions. He’s kind of a redneck in his presentation, but he’s very intelligent, so he has validity in my book. I just wanted to point this out because, to hear him talk about things that don’t see the light of day beyond the corners of the internet we all occupy, it’s borderline shocking, and pretty much totally awesome! It’s really hard to believe that he is being permitted to go there on a syndicated radio show. Check him out on the internet if you have a chance.

With regard to the media, it seems crystal clear that black-perpetrated mob violence is on the uptick, and the media has doubled on behalf of the poor downtrodden negro in a way that has even managed to surprise me a bit. My take is that the apparent, initial calm was merely the result of the unusual timing of the announcement of the verdict. Particularly on the east coast. Rioting on Sunday morning is kind of frowned upon, but they’re slowly getting around to it. Everything may come to pass exactly as many of us expected, but a week later. I am certainly looking at Indianapolis as a flash point. I’m sure tons more is being suppressed by national media, but the internet has a way of shining light on those actions.

Neither the media nor the mindless, tribal groids have any interest in the facts of the case. A black youff is dead. He was unarmed. He was killed with a gun. Guns are bad. He was not killed by a black person. Unfortunately, he wasn’t killed by a white person, but a “white Hispanic” with a Jewish last name is close enough. Rayciss!!™ The mere possibility that a non-white person followed a black youff (“profiling”) gives said youff carte blanche to physically attack the white person. I mean, he was feelin all dissed an sheeit. The fact that the case was narrowly focused on (1) an examination of the facts pertaining to the use of deadly force in self-defense; (2) had nothing to do with “stand your ground” is completely irrelevant to the media, as well as all negros.

BTW, I couldn’t help but grab a screenshot of the subliminal airing of the corpse of St. Martin by MSNBC. Shockingly, he wasn’t 12 years old. In fact, in quickly examining the length of his legs vs. the presumably adult cops that are also in the shot, Trayboon is clearly as tall or taller. Yet we’re still led to believe he was 12 and was the victim. An innocent child… What he was a victim of is his genetically-based lack of impulse control and violence, as well as future time orientation (Hmmm – if I try to beat the hell out of that crazy ass cracka(er), might I be the recipient of any negative consequences that I would actually prefer to avoid?).

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


Finally, I have fresh, first-hand account of TNB to share. I went to a computer store after work and bought a new computer. As I was in there, I noticed a tall black male in his 50s walking in the same general area I was in. He was behaving kind of erratically. I also noticed that, on his neck, he had a lump about the size of half a softball. And I don’t meet someone with a hump in their spine – this actually looked like a massive spinal tumor. I would have been at the doctor if I had a growth on my neck 1/100 that size, but I digress.

As I had moved a little farther away (thankfully), he freaking chimps out an starts yelling. He yells at someone that he feels has dissed or disrespected him by “following him around.” “You needa stop followin’ me round right now!” He may well have felt that he was being “profiled.” As it turned out, the subject of his ire was a well-dressed Indian (dot – not feather) kid that I initially mistook as a store employee. He was simply comparing the hell out of the assortment of laptops – much like I was doing. Well, apparently the computers he was looking at just happened to be too close to this negro, who deserves the utmost respect and deference at all time (that tumor probably has his central nervous system even more dysfunctional than normal). I expect that the silly negro thought that he was being observed by who was actually a fellow customer. The thing is, do you know how I managed to use my white privilege to determine the difference? I saw that the Indian kid didn’t have a store nametag like all the other employees did. Silly negros.

Anyway, the chimpout flare-up passed, although as I was waiting to have my new i5 desktop pulled from the back, I kept my eye on him because he had moved really close to me. Here’s what matters, though – both I and the Indian kid patronized the store (I’m a regular customer) with two new computers. The magic negro, on the other hand, bought nothing and kind of aimlessly stormed out the front right as I was checking out. I found that fact to be a perfect metaphor for what we have been living through in Amurkistan for the last few days. I’m sure this individual experience was merely an aberration, though, and that no meaningful conclusions can or should be drawn.

Keep your loved ones close, and your firearms closer. I think things are about to get a little uglier in the days ahead.

Gwinnett Gladiator

D-FENS said...

"Guess who opposes a la carte pricing for cable and sat systems? The NAACP. Guess why? To save BET."

You know, I thought that maybe, just maybe this was hyperbole. Nah, couldn't be, could it?



What surprises me is that I thought a French term would appeal to the negro since they like their names to sound French - DeShawn, Antoin, Lawanda etc.

Mr. Rational said...

the time spent watching football on television could be utilized in other ways.

Gee, who'd a thunk it?

(sez the guy who literally DOES NOT HAVE A FUNCTIONAL TELEVISION aside from the tiny screen in the bedroom that has not been turned on in 2 years.)

Anonymous said...

SO FUCKING TRUE ! This bullshit has gone on WAY too long.No matter what they do they are given a pass and it is INSANITY ! It IS a nigger problem,has been for a long time,but god help you if you dare utter a word about it. ENOUGH !!

Anonymous said...

Yeah,my Dad wasn't really into sports,so it wasn't pushed one way or the other at home.Consequently,I never caught the sports bug and don't feel that I am missing anything at all.( I have attended maybe 15 MLBaseball games,3NBA and 12 NFL games in my life)We all make time for things that are important to us.There are far worse things people can do than get drunk and watch football.No doubt.There are also far more satisfying and productive ways to spend time as well.What do you find yourself making time for ? (just a rhetorical question,something to think about)Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

I live in New Orleans. I have a teenager, but the teen curfew law has never affected our lives. That's because I don't let him run around in the French Quarter - full or drunk people, bars, and strip clubs - after dark by himself. What responsible parent would? I've worked down there and I've seen terrible things happen to white teens who wander down there unsupervised even for "fun". Black teens use the French Quarter as a hunting ground - tourists beware. Don't get too drunk and stay in well lit places, just as you would in any other city, and if you notice the crowd turning suddenly "dark" TURN AROUND - you've wandered into the wrong area.

My friends are whining endlessly about the Trayvon Zimmerman thing. It's gotten crazy. Someone posted a story with some crazed groid whining about a woman on an elevator. He got on the elevator and admits he was giving her the eye, and she very politely took the sensible step of waiting for him to get off the elevator before putting in the number for her floor. He was ALL OFFENDED by this. I guess white women aren't allowed to take even the smallest measure of steps to protect their personal safety now if it offends the groid.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Blacks are vile ignorant uncivilized hypocrits and need be taught a harsh lesson about their behaviours and the best way teach them is to hit them hard in the wallet boycott every single black owned business and refuse to go see or buy any movies with black actors and actresses we can refuse to feed the beasts by not paying taxes, we need to segregate!
July 16, 2013 at 4:06 PM

I do this (boycott), though I don't kid myself that my total expenditure will make a noticeable difference to the people who are actually causing this plague. That said, I was interested to read recently of a study that found, in the UK I think, that "significant and growing" numbers of people are quietly boycotting businesses that advertise with multiracial ads. Every little bit helps.

I also make it a point to avoid any movies with negroes in the credits. I threw away my TV years ago, and haven't attended a movie theatre in even more years, but recently was given a video of a movie called "Unknown". It started out promisingly, and only had two bit parts for negroes. I was not prepared for the fury that those two small parts caused me.

The first was a negro in Germany who, translating for a German, tells the hero that the woman he is looking for (a young blonde woman) is an illegal immigrant, and that illegals are ruining Germany! The second was a "progressive" African prince who is going to solve world hunger, who turns up at a function with a White woman on his arm. That was when I switched off.

The point of this rant is that the propaganda is not even subtle any more, and it's everywhere. Yes, boycott the bastards. It may not hurt them, but do it anyway for yourself. Don't watch their propaganda. Especially, don't pay for it. If you must watch movies, there are plenty on the internet.

I limit myself to movies made before 1980. There are plenty from the 50's and 60's that are all White. Yes, children, that world really did exist. Not, of course, that there weren't negroes, but nobody was forced to interact with them; and so, naturally, most people didn't.

Lorraine said...

This was by design. White people's creativity and contribution to the arts, music, etc has essentially been buried over the last few decades. Again, design by the media to subjugate whites, to instill in us an ignorance of our own music and entertainment.

A good white sport - hockey. Have to say best sport live to watch.

White Mom in VA

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

I have been doing just that, for the last 25+ years. If we all do it, THERE will be an affect.......

Anonymous said...

My father was a policeman in the 1960 riots in B'ham. He went to work each day with a machine gun he was issued to carry in his patrol car. He said whenever a large black crowd would form near their car threatening to riot or otherwise act out, he simply took out the machine gun and racked it ready. They were stupid, but not THAT stupid. He told me he once disarmed a black with a machete stuffed down the front of his overalls. When asked why he had it, he replied," I'd rather the police catch me out here with this than the other niggers catch me out here without it!". So it wasn't much better fifty years ago. The PD began to lose their ability to control the city and assure safety. They lowered test standards to assure Negroes could get hired, along with less qualified whites. That didn't make the city safer in the long run. The current black police chief is clueless on how to stem the tide of black homicides in hte city.

Lorraine said...

Ok Stuff Black People Don't Like readers, it was mentioned that the legal system is no longer on the white woman's side. I know of someone compiling a blog discussing the victimizing of white women in racial crimes. Please find below a starter list:

1. Melissa McLaughlin
2. Tiffany Long
3. Channon Christian
4. Emily Haddock
5. Beverly Melton
6. Anne Presley
7. Eve Carson
8. Brittany Watts
9. Melinda McCormick
10.Genelle Conway-Allen
11.Imette St Giullen
12.Jennifer Moore
13 Janie Fullilove
14.Christina Edbert
15.Kari Dalton
16.Amanda Cope
17.Sharlotte McGill
18.Carissa Horton
19.Nancy Strait
20.Kristen Warneke
21.Pam Gentry
22.Lauren Burk
23.Eugenia Calle
24.Heather Muller
25.Laura Dickinson
26.Ashley King
27.Jeanne Ann Clery

More to make note of....,

Thank you.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

Well said! The media enjoys portraying whites as inferior athletes, while hyping the wonderful attributes of the negro athlete. While at the same time, glossing over or ignoring a pattern of generalized criminality among the black affletes of the NFL and NBA, where the N stands for negro. Anyone who disbelieves, head over to castefootball.us.

Anonymous said...

The NFL is the only must see TV, none breaking news, on Comcast.

July 16, 2013 at 4:30 PM

So say you.Instead of wasting time watching the Negro Felon League,go read a book.I unplugged my Electric Thought Control machine 12 years ago and don't miss it at all.

Anonymous said...

Trayvon went out as the Sun was setting (in store at 6:22, sunset 6:24) and was shot dead 51 minutes later (Nautical twilight) mugging George. Black night in the rain attack.

Trayvon was in fact pronounced dead at 7:30 that night, just as the NBA All Star game began... Curious he was said to have gone out at halftime for a quick trip to the 7/11 but the game hadn't started yet.

What had started was DARK NIGHT.

...and a need for codeine cough syrup.

Leander Alexander said...

I feel sorry for you. Would it be ok if I labeled all whites the same? Any race at that. Now I agree with keeping bad people away from good people and I actually agree that certain crimes are considered black crimes... in that same instance what about the sick people who mess with little kids? If im not mistaken thats a crime a very sick crime mostly committed by white males. Would it be ok if I labeled all white people as perverse and sick. I.mean whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Watch your mouth and make sure you get your facts straight before comparing every black person to one another. Just like none of you are the same none of us are the same and may God have mercy on your soul......

Conner Nation said...

Please recognize the fact Blacks DO label Whites males as "Devil's" and many other unflattering names depicting character.The fact is that Blacks in this country believe that rampade racism exists in communitys.It is ALL they have to cling to excusing their behavior.....Blacks are a failed people.