Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In Defense of Merritt Landry: Why Would You Fear a Black Male In New Orleans?

Only in a world gone mad would the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) suggestion of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee as the new Secretary of Homeland Security make sense.

It’s a world where the first black district attorney of New Orleans could fire multiple scores of white employees – with extreme prejudice – and that represent only one of the minor offenses of his tenure.
Why would anyone fear black people in New Orleans? Seriously? Why?

A country where nine years prior to Hurricane Katrina unveiling the uncomfortable truth of modern America for all the world to see, calls for the National Guard to patrol the Big Easy and fight rising violence were made.

You see, the levels of violence in the city rose faster than the waters of Lake Pontchartrain; but unlike the water that breeched the levees, this violence hasn’t abated.

It was bad in 2003, two years before the hurricane; it was bad two years after the storm in 2007. It was horrible two years ago in 2011.

Four years ago?

You guessed it – 2009 was a rough year as well.

Why is the Crescent City so violent? A look at the type of community the almost entirely black occupants of public housing create in the city offers that answer [2 Crime Busters for New Orleans, New York Times, 12-5-1996]:
And the consultants have calculated that the murder rate in the city's public housing developments is about twice the rate for the city as a whole, which was 76 per 100,000 people last year. That makes the public-housing murder rate roughly 18 times the nation's.
In a city of 369,000 (60 percent black, 30 percent white), New Orleans is the epicenter for black crime in America.

This is an indisputable fact.

It’s a city where one natural disaster ripped open the simple, indisputable fact that the democratically elected black government was hopelessly inadequate and incapable of maintaining a 1st World civilization.

And this is why Merritt Landry, a building inspector for the Historic District Landmarks Commission, was suspicious of 14-year-old Marshall Coulter.

Coulter, a black youth already in trouble with the law, had gotten past a locked gate to Landry’s property and was fooling around near his car around 2 a.m. when Landry shot him.

In a sane world, it would be obvious why Landry shot Coulter, but in our world he is the criminal. Though the presence of black people makes any situation one fraught with ‘imminent danger’, we live in a world where Trayvon Martin is perpetually an angelic two-year-old in the minds of his fans.  [Legal experts say Landry will have to prove 'imminent danger' in Marigny home shooting, NOLA.com, July 30, 2013]:
The shooting of a 14-year-old boy has raised many questions, but legal experts say that in a court of law the case will boil down to whether the homeowner who pulled the trigger felt that his life was in "imminent danger," even though the victim had come past a locked gate and was on private property when he was shot. 
Merritt Landry, 33, a building inspector for the Historic District Landmarks Commission, was arrested Friday morning after police said he shot Marshall Coulter, 14, while the teen was inside the fenced-in area outside Landry's home in the 700 block of Mandeville Street about 2 a.m. Detectives determined that Coulter, who was not armed, was not posing any "imminent threat" to Landry. Police booked Landry with attempted second-degree murder. 

"We are in New Orleans where people are being purse-snatched and shot at on a pretty regular basis -- the only defense here is that he was truly fearing for his life. The question remains: Why exactly did he fear for his life?" said Jeffrey Smith, a New Orleans criminal defense attorney.
Almost every year, a call is made by leaders in New Orleans (to stop black crime) for the National Guard to patrol the city

Why exactly would anyone fear for his or her life in New Orleans? It couldn’t be due to the wanton criminality and lawless on display during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which was just the publicizing of what life is like in all-black areas of the city on a daily basis… could it?

The violence was so bad in ‘certain’ (black) parts of the city, residents were forced to sleep on the floor so as to dodge errantly fired bullets [High Homicide Rate Leaves New Orleans Fearful, New York Times, 5-31-1994]:
The casual visitor here sees the city's beguiling facades, but, like the rows of boarded-up houses only a few blocks from the elegant ones, fear lurks nearby. Murder is booming in New Orleans. 
In 1993, with nearly 80 homicides per 100,000 people, the city's homicide rate led Detroit and Washington, two other high-crime cities, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In the first quarter of this year, the homicide rate for the city of New Orleans was up 36 percent over last year, and it was still leading the other two cities' rates. The homicide rate of the New Orleans metropolitan area led all others in 1992, the last year for which Federal figures are available. 
The new Mayor, Marc Morial, devoted his first big initiative to a series of crime-fighting measures, including a tough curfew for youths 17 and under. 
In a Central City neighborhood where houses need paint and boards sag, behind the barbed wire and "Bad Dog" sign of her aunt's house, Jessie Mae Brady, a neighbor of the 9-year-old shooting victim, said: "Here in New Orleans, you never know when they're going to strike. It pays to be afraid." 
Fear has helped double the number of burglar-alarm companies operating in the city since 1980. New Orleans has lost over 130,000 residents since 1960, many of them whites who have fled to the safety of the suburbs. 
Fear has also put guns in the pockets and desk drawers of merchants along Magazine Street, made Uptown residents circle the block before emerging from their cars if a stranger is spotted and forced residents of housing projects to sleep on the floor when gunfire is heard. 
"Sometimes you think if it's less shots, no one got killed. If it's a whole lot, somebody got messed up," said Emma Brown, who lives in the grim St. Thomas Housing Development. Unjustified Fear?

No, Merritt Landry was correct to fear 14-year-old Marshall Coulter, just all white citizens of New Orleans are correct to lock their doors and procure extra security.

As long as the black population remains substantial in New Orleans, the city will not be able to shake free of being the Murder Capital of America.

Hilariously, white Mayor Mitch Landrieu, speaking to the McDonald’s 365 Black Awards in 2012, labeled the black-on-black violence in New Orleans ‘unnatural’ -- sadly, no one can equate white fear of this violence with why such rates of segregation exist in the city.
Mayor Landrieu told the 365 Black Awards attendees:
“If 199 white guys killed each other the world would stop. If the Klu Klux Klan killed 199 black guys the world would stop and people would still be talking about it. But for some reason because it’s young guys killing young guys, they want to put their heads in the sand and don’t want to talk about it. I’m telling you it’s unnatural and it’s not something that we’re supposed to tolerate in this country.”
It could be considered ‘unnatural’ if the same thing wasn’t happening in Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Milwaukee, Houston, Dallas, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and New York City.

So, no, the black violence in New Orleans is quite natural. No one blinks an eye at symposiums held to combat black-on-black violence in, not only New Orleans, but also any of those cities mentioned above – that’s how ‘natural’ this violence is.

What’s unnatural is our cowardice at discussing this reality.

Illegal immigrants, who flocked to New Orleans (doing the job black people wouldn’t do) and helped rebuild a city black residents of the Big Easy looted in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, weren’t cowards in admitting racial violence [Day Laborers Are Easy Prey in New Orleans, New York Times, 2-15-2009]:

With resignation but no visible anger, more than half told of being threatened or robbed. One man, Armando Cruz, from Honduras, asserted flatly, to nods of assent, “Most of us here have been robbed.”

Many bluntly assigned a racial component, saying that it was “los morenos” — their colloquial term for blacks — who were after them. “When we are leaving here after work, we have to go on foot,” Mr. Billado said, speaking through an interpreter. “The blacks are waiting for us. They’ll beat you up. They’ll take your money.”

Such incidents can occur more than once a week, Mr. Billado said.

The police, the men said, either ignore their calls, admonish them for being in the country illegally or arrive too late at a crime scene to do any good.

“The blacks know when we have cash,” said Juan Guillermo Medina, another waiting worker. “Yes, it’s dangerous. But we have to be here. It’s the risk we run.”
“Los morenos.”

Only in a world gone mad would the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) suggestion of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee as the new Secretary of Homeland Security make sense.

Only in a world gone mad would the defense of ones property, life, and family – from the ravages of “los morenos” – be considered a crime.

Free Merritt Landry. 



Why are some Whites so stupid they live in proximity to negroes?

Why? NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF IT. Get away from negroes. There are no good ones. There is nothing to gain. There is only pathology, death, sickness, hate, ect.

This Landry is a fool. Twice over a fool. He lives near negroes, in New Orleans of all places, and has his family with him. STUPID.

He should know better. You don't shoot anybody in your yard. You wait until they enter your home, then shoot them. Damn, this is one stupid White guy.

Anonymous said...

Chinga Los Morenos!

Anonymous said...

Blacks are like the sacred cows of India, aren't they? They can just go wherever they want, take a dump, impede traffic, kill somebody, whatever, and no one dare say anything about it. Tragic. This poor guy is toast, I'm afraid.

Blacks: The Sacred Apes of New Amerika.

Anonymous said...

Excellant article. I agree, free Mr. Landry. unfortunately, I don't see him being acquitted vía a jury trial given the demographics of New Orleans. I hope I am wrong.

I Also agree that a large segment of the white population will not address the race issue because it is either unpopular to do so, they don't care because they are not immediately touched by it or they just dont give a damn due to, what I call the systematic "psychological mongralization" through the media, whether it be news or entertainment, of whites over the past 60+ years.

Whitey better wake up or within 30 years, whitey is going to lose it all...

So CAL Snowman said...

Illegal alien invaders from Mexico and Central America trek thousands of miles from their homelands and are somehow able to find jobs in the "Chocolate City" but home grown africans just sit there and wail about the lack of jobs! You can't make this shit up. . . Whenever I hear the africans wailing about the lack of jobs, I find myself wondering, what kind of jobs are these people even qualified for? What exactly do they think they are going to do, sit in offices and twiddle their thumbs all day? Do they even understand the jobs that White people do? How many Africans would even WANT to be a building inspector or an electrician or a sanitation engineer or a city planner or a surveyor or a chemist? As many have noted, blacks are basically obsolete in a high tech 21st century world. I guess that's why the following doesn't surprise me in the least :

"When we are leaving here after work, we have to go on foot,” Mr. Billado said, speaking through an interpreter. The blacks are waiting for us. They’ll beat you up. They’ll take your money.”"

What a country! The Africans refuse to work, instead finding it much easier to just steal the wages of the illegal alien invaders. This reminds me of those African Safari documentaries on Nat Geo when a lesser cat like a cheetah kills its prey and then is forced from its kill by a lion. The best part about this situation is that the blacks know WHEN and WHERE the illegals are working, which means they know where the jobs are! Instead of showing initiative and actually getting a job, they revert to their primal, savage, predatory instincts to survive. For the african, this is actually pretty savvy behavior as it requires little or no effort as opposed to swinging a hammer or mowing lawns for 8 hours a day. But hey I have NO sympathy for these illegal alien invaders, they are getting a nice taste of the "American" dream. I bet they NEVER thought that they would have to deal with feral, savage Africans while pursuing their dreams of an American paradise.

"If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law." - Thoreau

countenance said...

I want Sheila Jackson Lee to go to HLS. Obama won't appoint anyone we like, and it will only help our cause if Obama's public face of homeland security is a low grade black moron like SJL. Plus, she might have a 2nd Degree chimpout while in office.

Anonymous said...

Why not nominate Zimmerman or Landry for HLS

Californian said...

So CAL Snowman said...

Illegal alien invaders from Mexico and Central America trek thousands of miles from their homelands and are somehow able to find jobs in the "Chocolate City" but home grown africans just sit there and wail about the lack of jobs! You can't make this shit up. . .

Excellent post!

The Ministry of Truth tells us that one reason for black criminality is a "lack of jobs." Yet the jobs are there because illegal aliens are doing them. Meantime, the race hustlers and the DWLs claim that black unemployment is a national issue, yet promote open borders such that the jobs go to illegal aliens.

If one were of a conspiracy bent, one might believe that this is an attempt to play blacks off against illegal aliens and vice versa. Perhaps the powers-that-be require a new underclass to do the low level work; blacks are not up to the task, so they import a new underclass and dispose of blacks via the prison-industrial complex?

America in the 21st century!

10mm AUTO said...

SJL is being groomed for DHS not for any reason other than a fall guy. Everyone knows she is a moron; a vile hateful black with close ties to Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers. She is to be the club to take Whites down. She has been promised to taste "Man-flesh!".

I did not think it would start so soon, but Obama is really going to do it. He is going to sign the UN Arms Control Treaty over August and use the DHS to hammer Whites into line, breaking up neighborhoods to prevent solidarity and social cohesion, ergo less resistance. Any unfortunate incidences will be blamed on her, which she will "Take Responsibility"; just like Holder and Janet Reno and the rest of their ilk did with Waco, while still "enforcing" gun seizures.

Like Waco, but this time against Whites in general, it will go public with quislings and collaborator celebrities daily on the TV saying "give up your guns, I did and I'm safe and a Patriot! We are all in this together!"

When things go really bad (Civil War III) then SJL will be dismissed and some other flunky will take the podium (See: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/ray_has_eye_on_dc_gig_VRtKZtN0kNXoepIvmwHPjK ), but just like other Obama directives, just because the people have changed doesn't mean the music is any different.

There will also be an interrupt in race realist blogs, certain members of the far right Political class will find themselves "uncomfortable" or driven out of their jobs or their lives. Already there has been talk about far right groups and prominent individuals "going dark".

We are entering the final phase. Some are ready for this, others will be caught and surrounded, unable to get away.

They are not going to wait for 2040 when Whites are a minority, they see it too close. Their fingers ache for it.

Good Luck all.

Ex Gladio Libertas!

Anonymous said...

That first pic is a (c)rapper from wu tang clan, method man it looks like. Let the vibrant diverse shaka zulus have their bankrupt shithole dump utopias. Did you see where Don Lemon has been called an Uncle Tom for merely suggesting not littering, buying pants that fit and not having a baby just because your body is able to. He went on the O'Liely show during a break from Communist News Network and said these heresies to hive mind groupthink of the darkies. A race that wants everyone to think the same and views big government as their mommy and daddy is by definition worthless.

Moondoggie said...

Nothing is going to change until a tipping point of white people finally say enough is enough. I know many are afraid to speak out with truth and conviction about the black problem. It is up to people like us to lead the way. Speak up when the opportunity arises. Our voices, as race realists speaking the truth in front of your family, friends, and peers will give those on the edge just enough confidence to start speaking out also. They want to know they are not alone in their opinions and experiences. If you get push back,push back harder. Don't back down or back away. It is amazing how confidence and conviction on a issue can sway even the most hardline nigger lover. These folks are brainwashed and it is our job to start the de-programming because no one else will.

Right now whether you believe it or not the momentum is with us. The Zimmerman issue has opened the door and the race hustlers are way overplaying their hand. Now is the time to strike with the truth as those people on the fence are leaning our way. They just need a little push, they need to know they are not alone.

We all know the black race is a detriment to society, hell the entire world. We don't need propaganda or falsehoods like the liberal totalitarian communists. The Black race is all you need to prove the truth. They prove it everyday, every hour, every minute. The truth is on our side, and in the end the truth always wins.

We have proven we can all whine and bitch about this till the cows come home. Start doing something about it. Speak out, pass a nigger in the store, give them a look of disgust, give them the stare while you drive by, don't go to nigger movies, stop watching nigger sports, don't buy their jerseys, shake your head at whites with half breed kids, be rude to whiggers. It really is fun and makes you feel GOOD. Plus it builds confidence to do more and more and more. I say keep it going White Mom.

We can continue to bitch, no problem with that but let's do something useful along with that bitching,..... while we wait for the day to end this crap once and for all.

This country is ours and I am not giving in, ever.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
Blacks are like the sacred cows of India, aren't they? They can just go wherever they want, take a dump, impede traffic, kill somebody, whatever, and no one dare say anything about it.

I was thinking exactly the same thought about two days ago. They have become our sacred cows. It's bizarre. It's madness.

DailyKenn.com said...

Makes about as much sense as an incompetent community organizer being elected president because he is black.

Anonymous said...

All the next generations great leaders and scientists are being shot by evil white men.

Damn it, we had high hopes for this one too.

"Professional Thief". Really? Is black society so hard up for blue collar working men that they assign a 14 year old the title "professional"?

By the way Mr Kersey, I am hearing talks that there is some surveillance footage and a quote from a neighbor to the times picayune saying, "I was gonna call the police but I didn't want to racially profile the kid..."

I looked it up and cannot locate it, though I found this gem -

"Now, an NOPD detective told Naomi Martin and Helen Freund of The Times-Picayune | NOLA.com he had "spoke[n] with an unidentified witness who gave an account that differed from Landry's, though the detective did not specify how."

Supposedly the surveillance video shows two kids on bikes going up to the house. So I figure if this video evidence exists, and the neighbor who has it told the truth about profiling the two kids, then the unidentified witness is the other thief (lookout).

I'm sure his facebook and twitter account are filled with beastly references to violence and Trayvon Martin sympathies, but won't be allowed in court.

-focal joker-

Anonymous said...

The Democrats will not be able to maintain a coalition with the immmigrant groups and blacks. Blacks will not allow it; they have been indoctrinated for 50 years into an arrogance where they are all victims and deserve something. The immigrants won't go along with it the way whites have; any where they have the numbers, they will drive blacks out to be safe.

Wednesday said...

The DHS is the USSA's new Cheka. This is straight out of the Bolshevik handbook.

Bogolyubski said...

Sheila Jackson Lee as head of Ministirium der Heimatsicherheit (reads better in the original German, no?) is an absolutely a perfect choice. We can go directly from a bull-dyke with a face of a snapping turtle needing a facelift to a Scared Ape Sheboon. His magical negretude leads the idiocracy rom glory to glory!

Worse is better!

Don M said...

I personally support the appointment of Sherilla Jackscoon Lee as our Stassi Chief.

During the reign of the Sovietski Soyuz, the fearsome Cheka, NKVD and their equivalents in other Comblock countries were typically headed by ruthlessly cunning and intelligent individuals. Almost all of them were, of course, TWMNBN who are world-renowned for their high IQs.

Having our secret police apparatus run by this low grade moron probably gives us a better chance than we might otherwise have.

The only problem is that in every powerful organization, behind the black front man there's TWMNBN. I wonder if they'll bring Mikey Chertoff back to be the real brains of the operation?

Silent Running said...

“The blacks are waiting for us. They’ll beat you up. They’ll take your money.”

"It is pleasant, when the sea is high and the winds are dashing the waves about, to watch from the shore the struggles of another."


The antipathy blacks and mestizos feel for each other is only to our advantage. It is there for us to exploit.

She has been promised to taste "Man-flesh!".

I actually threw my head back and laughed at that one. I'd like you to pay for a neck brace if it's not too much trouble. And I want a good one.

I did not think it would start so soon, but Obama is really going to do it.

Let America be the playground of Ares.

Anonymous said...

…but why not consider the mutli-talented and brilliant Cynthia McKinney for the job?????


bubo said...

I hope Shelia Jackson Lee becomes the new homeland security chief. I really do. I hope she institutes a new policy of making whites strip in front of cackling hyena blacks at the airports. Things need to get worse. Much worse.

Anonymous said...

I am actually seeing a faint ray of light at the end of the tunnel. I have many DWL friends. Although all of them publicly mouth the PC line, in private I hear more and more of them complain about encountering a feral ape who chimped out on them.

Even DWL's will not put up with some monkey killing them or their children. The number of people who have been mugged by reality will eventually reach a critical mass.

Anonymous said...

It appears that black America wants to run the country like Africa. Split the country into sections where self made Mugabes and Amins will have security forces who job it is shake down the local population for any wealth they have a,cumulated. Any outsiders who wanted to do bussiness will have to pay heavty protection.fees.Eventualy nobody will do bussiness there and the warlords will be reduced to fighting over foriegn aid packages and piracy on the sea.

Mich Mike

Lex32 said...

Bravo to Landry.

N.O. is just west of me, been there for numerous required visits. Always armed.
@Melanie please contact me through PK. We're on the coast in MS.

San Mack said...

The sacred cow thing really is accurate. I've heard younger people say they never knew about black crime growing up because all they knew was The Cosby Show, 227 and Urkel. There was no COPS or The First 48.

They are realizing what's up now. No matter how much the schools scream about everyone being equal; no matter how much Hollywood romanticizes the problem, Black behavior condemns Blacks eventually.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are really stupid enough to believe they can count on the Army and National Guard to do their dirty work for them.

the Old Sarge

Anonymous said...

Plop that sheboon in there! Love it!

Between DHS and arming every time card puncher in a Fed job... pls TSA zombies... the DWLs will be the ONLY ones left unarmed in Amerikwa!

Agree w/Centurion-- any YT dumb enough to live in a 60% dark pop town... well stupid gets what it deserves.

Anonymous said...


Indian said

It's true cows in India are sacred and they can go where and do what they want.

The reason they are sacred is because they contribute to Indian society in the the form of milk.

Milk is highly regarded in India.

I have been reading this blog with interest for some time now and, this is my first post.

Mr. Clean said...

CENTURION saidHe should know better. You don't shoot anybody in your yard. You wait until they enter your home, then shoot them. Damn, this is one stupid White guy.

I am thinking a well-lit area (or at least motion-activated lighting) and a racist dog would have been advisable... ounce of prevention and all that. This guy should have known intuitively that he would have to account for the harming of a federally protected ape.

D-FENS said...

If I were President I would put the most incompetent negro in charge of every agency and cabinet position. Within a year, the federal government would be so paralyzed with corruption, incompetence and scandal that even the most diehard liberal would beg for its dismemberment. The IRS would be so F'ed up there would be no money for BRA.

Anonymous said...

Blacks and their supporters become outraged if Whites defend themselves against the black murderous onslaught against our people.

Anonymous said...

OT: Indianapolis: Majority black "Christel House" charter school grade elevation/campaign donation scandal brewing:


They can only find success by cheating.

Anonymous said...

My kids ask why the Great Migration occurred - it's because that's where the white people were with all the cool shit.

Why did all those bantus flock from as.far north as Nigeria to the formerly almost empty southern tip of Africa? Same reasons.

Anonymous said...

Amy biehls father shook their hands and gave them jobs...you underestimate just how far gone dwls are

Anonymous said...

You hear Cosby Show used all the time as a data point for how we have become so progressive and multicultural and proven that we are all just the same. In fact my own dumbass dad used the huxtables as such at one point.

Problem: this isn't data, it's make-believe!

Anonymous said...

Of course they do, an affront to one member of the tribe is an affront to all

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

Well stated. I have been boycotting ANYTHING groid for years. The WILL NOT get my money.

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

CEnturion is true, this guy is stupid as all whites who live near Blacks...excep^t those who dont have the choice economicaly. For 30 years i live near them and i made a promess to myself to not educate my children near them..i hope they will understand it..

Anonymous said...

Ironic how the dead man's family casually confirms his life as a career thief at age 14, yet accentuates his lack of association with a firearm as a positive attribute! He wasn't a "good" person, only smart enough to know a gun would make him a target. But he did manage to find someone willing to help him end his addiction to other people's stuff!

Anonymous said...

As for why people live in proximity to blacks, they normally ease in a neighborhood quietly and in few numbers. That way they remain under people's radar as they go about their lives. The mere presence of blacks causes nearby property values to immediately drop. Those not wanting to live by blacks sellout and go. As more blacks arrive the property drops lower and lower. By the time the remnants are ready to go, they have little, or no value in their home to allow them to start over somewhere else. Older white people especially have a hard time moving after spending decades in a formerly nice neighborhood. Recall the fellow living in the war ravaged outskirts of Detroit wishing to leave but having an $11,000 value in his home, hence nowhere to go!

Puggg said...

I get a kick out of all these blacks that neuter the local cops but turn right around and want the national guard to be the cops.

Independent Accountant said...

Sheila Jackson Lee doesn't need to be a "front person". She's a genius! Really. She went to Yale!

europeasant said...

It is really amazing how many cities in the USA have dangerous NO GO zones. Look at any list and you will see large percentages of blacks.


It would be Okay if they stayed in their own neighborhoods but many times they insist on visiting the white parts of town for easy pickings.
Plus these days many of them rent or buy house in white areas. It happens very slowly but one year you look up and you see more and more blacks in the parks, on the streets. AT first they do not have the numbers to start flexing their power but as a critical point is reached they get very emboldened.
The absolute number of blacks is up to about 38 mil. In the year 1900 there were only about 8.8 mil so as you can see they are growing rapidly despite their claims of not having enough. At this rate of growth, their population is projected to reach 74 mil by the year 2100. WOW and the sub saharan population by year 2100 is expected to be 3.4 billion. Folks we better close our borders.
Meanwhile our ministry of propaganda tells us how nice blacks are every time you watch a movie and listen to commercials etc. etc.
Itz almost as if the bolsheviks abandoned Russia in the 1930's 1940's and 1950's and set up house here in the good old USA.

Anonymous said...

"...because she understands the importance of increasing border security and maintaining homeland security,”

SJL doesn't understand shit... just a pompous, bloviating, bullshitting windbag.

Bogolyubski said...

the Old Sarge:

I wonder if they are really stupid enough to believe they can count on the Army and National Guard to do their dirty work for them.

They don't have to wonder. It's not your army any more, it's theirs. In the wake of Katrina, the mostly white OK National Guard, just back from Iraq, willingly obeyed utterly lawless, unconstitutional orders to disarm middle-class white folks issued by Ray Nig-Nog-Naggin and Pohleece Cheeph Eddie Compass without a complaint. We need to stop being delusional about the military and the police. They will obey any order, just like the Waffen SS.

It would have been quite simple for the OK National Guard to arrest both of the those clowns and take over the city, but they didn't. They were ultimately obeying their commander-in-chief, the noted Islamic theologian Imam al-Duhbya, the Mahdi from West Texas, who informed us that "Islam.... is a religion of peace."

Californian said...

Silent Running said...Let America be the playground of Ares.

Good line!

Johnny See said...

Indian said

It's true cows in India are sacred and they can go where and do what they want.

The reason they are sacred is because they contribute to Indian society in the the form of milk.

Milk is highly regarded in India.

I have been reading this blog with interest for some time now and, this is my first post.

July 31, 2013 at 1:44 AM

I know of a certain old city in Europe that was ravaged by the Bubonic Plague back in the day. 800 people a day died. They said it was brought by rats that came on ships. Today, cats are respected as chasers and controllers of the rats. If you harm a cat you will be in serious trouble with the law.

Common point? Cats in this case and Cows in India are protected because they provide something of value.

What do groids provide of value? Well, obviously nothing to those of us here, but to those in charge, quite a lot. The groid population creates a huge amount of employment for government types. They create exploitable divisions in society. They create a need for ever greater expansion of the security apparatus. Someone is profiting handsomely from our nation's decline, and the federally protected North American Pavement Ape is a big part of the subterfuge.

Anonymous said...

". AT first they do not have the numbers to start flexing their power but as a critical point is reached they get very emboldened."

hell, they don't need "numbers", the DWL twits bend over quick so as not to offend the AAs.

"you want it, you got it" is the DWL mantra.

D-FENS said...

"Itz almost as if the bolsheviks abandoned Russia in the 1930's 1940's and 1950's and set up house here in the good old USA."

Check the history of neoconservatism. Many of the neocons are "former" Communists and socialists. Jean Kirkpatrick, a high official in the Reagan administration, was a member of several socialist organizations. Another Reagan appointee, Carl Gershman, who still heads the National Endowment for Democracy, was a leader of Social Democrats USA.

james m said...

Anyone know if there is a Merritt Landry defense fund set up?

Anonymous said...

If you've got the stomach for it, take a look at a web site called Abagond.wordpress.com to listen to some pseudo intelligent blacks whine to each other about the evil white racists that keep them from healing. If only they could have their own place - damn, I agree with that, how about Detroit?


Discard said...

D-Fens: The original Neo-cons, Norman Podhoretz and Irving(?) Kristol, were hard leftists. They supposedly broke ranks with their fellow lefties as a matter of conscience, but as a matter of fact, both of them brought the magazines they edited along with them. Even both of their wives, Midge Decter and Gertrude Himmelfarb, became noted Neo-con writers. How does a mere editor completely reverse the longstanding political stance of the publication they work for? They don't. The Neo-con movement was a leftist scam from the start, which has successfully neutered any real conservative opposition.

Anonymous said...

I've been following this story in the New Orleans Times-Picayune -- nola dot com -- since the beginning. They are deleting any comment I make critical of black youth. About the worst you can read in the comments is that the kid should have been home in bed.

The latest story is about the inevitable entrance, stage left, of the local NAACP, which is demanding investigations -- city, state, and federal -- into issues concerning the white man's posting of bond.

Meanwhile in the comments section, they're publishing lengthy screeds attacking "white supremacy' and its evils.

Not surprised, of course. Just reporting this.

Discard said...

Postscript to my last comment: Two of the three editors of "The Weekly Standard" are none other than William Kristol and John Podhoretz, the sons of Irving K. and Norman P. A dynasty of subversion.
The third editor is Fred Barnes, a former editor at The New Rebublic. Leftists are the gatekeepers of the respectable Right.

pat said...

In the nineteenth century and most of the first part of the twentieth century race riots were always begun by whites. After the middle sixties however race riots were always begun by blacks. I make this little historical point because most readers can never remember a race riot that wasn't begun by blacks.

But that may be about to change.

Illegal Mexicans and Mayans seem poised to initiate our next spate of race or race-type riots. Whites have too much to lose to take to the streets but illegal Mexicans certainly don't.

Everyone after the Zimmerman verdict was waiting around for a black initiated riot. It never came. We may be at the end of the black initiated riot period. We may be nearing a period in which riots begin when Hispanics attack blacks.

It is instructive to Google "cities by murder rate". New Orleans comes in at number 21. All the twenty more murderous cities are Hispanic.


Quinnotaur said...

And now it's whiteys fault that he's black and can still survive on such little brain matter....?

C. E. W., III said...

pat (August 1, 2013 at 1:29 PM):

"Everyone after the Zimmerman verdict was waiting around for a black initiated riot. It never came. We may be at the end of the black initiated riot period. We may be nearing a period in which riots begin when Hispanics attack blacks."

Oh my God! So it may turn out to be true after all - "the Hispanics do the jobs Americans won't do"...

Anonymous said...

You can't blame white people for living where black people do. They follow us. Lower Ninth Ward is a case in point - it used to be a white neighborhood. Go research it. It was flooded with blacks, then they forced the schools to integrate it. Whites fought integration, were viciously smeared for fighting integration, fled the neighborhood when they lost and were subsequently blamed for the neighborhood's degradation (even our absence is to blame, it seems, for the condition of the blacks). Now when whites return, we are blamed - for "gentrification", now that we are fixing up the mess that even they abandoned and slowly rebuilding it all into a nice place again.

The truth is, whites built New Orleans into the economically viable port city it is. Indians never used it for anything but a temporary trading village. We slowly tamed the land and the river and populated the area from several ancient countries in Europe - France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, and England - and African slaves, just like many other parts of the East coast.

As society became more mobile in the 20th century, it became easier for formerly stagnant populations to move around. The black population, which had been concentrated in the American southeast, was upheaved by several historical events, and they began to move into places that did not previously have a large black population. Wow, life sure was nice there! They settled in, telling their sob stories of the racist south. After their welcome wore off, friction set in. That didn't take long. White people moved out. Waaah, racism, why don't they like us? White people suck.

Rinse, repeat. White people should move away from black people to stay safe, rinse repeat.

When should we stop retreating? Why do we have to give up the cities WE built, watch what we say to avoid offending, follow all the rules when defending OUR homes and communities, and finally sell our houses (at a loss) and uproot our families to try to find some black-free paradise that they will just invade again in a few years because they've destroyed our old home; while they can move wherever they want and cry racism when we do anything at all about it?

Anonymous said...

This blog is sick. Read a little history. White people and black people and brown people and yellow people don't really exist. We're just people and we're just animals. Race, culture, civilization is all an illusion. I don't want to live my life in fear, and deep down inside neither do you.

Anonymous said...

moondoggie is right empower yourself stop being a victim
fight back a look of disgust works wonders

glocktim said...

Race culture and civilization is an illusion ?go to the closest MLK avenue (there's one in every city) after dark .ware a nice watch or a gold chain .then if you survive tell that BS again.i live in a mostly white area never been messed with .EVERY time I go to Oakland to get MM I get hassled by a nigger wanting something .

Dr Know said...

Thing is, beaners are coming from beanerworld. I live in Mexico, so I know. Mexico is nothing, the further into beanerworld you go the worse it gets. It wouldn't be "los morenos" but there would be some evil beaners doing the same types of strongarm robbery. So they think it's normal. Like he said, it's the risk they take. They're still better off than they are in their own destroyed shithole countries, so they just deal with it. At least they will actually work, which puts them above the murdermonkeys, but not by much.

Of course, if you go far enough you come to Brazil, which is completely infested with pavement apes in the north, much worse than the US. Way more slaves were brought to Brazil back in the day. Once you get to the south end of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, whatta ya know? It's nice, civilized, HUMAN. Because it's cold down there, everyone is White.