Monday, July 15, 2013

#JusticeForTrayvon and the High Homicide Rate in 85% Black Gary, Indiana: Selective Outrage Defined

While the entire black community (and their Disingenuous White Liberal - DWL - allies) acts as if the world has ended with the "not guilty" verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, a generation of Travyon Martin's is killing one another in Gary, Indiana. 
Yes, Martin Luther King would be milking the Trayvon Martin gravy train for all it was worth, while avoiding any mention of the type of community black individuals collectively created in 85 percent black Gary, Indiana

And, yes, they look the sons (both victim and suspect) Obama never had [Gary seeks backup from state police,, July 12, 2013]:

After enduring tiring weeks of homicides and shootings, Gary officials are seeking help from Indiana State Police. 

Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson said she made the request to Gov. Mike Pence's office Thursday to provide additional manpower to her city's stretched forces.
"We really need to send a message to those who are involved in violence that this is something serious," Freeman-Wilson said.
"I don't think anarchy has set in yet. But I certainly want to establish that daily killings are wholly unacceptable."
Indiana State Police Sgt. Ann Wojas said her department is "seriously considering it," and that ISP officials met with Gary Police Chief Wade Ingram and other officers Friday.
Wojas said the request must be approved by Pence's office, and she did not have an estimate on how long a decision could take. Freeman-Wilson said she hoped she would know by this weekend.
Pence spokeswoman Christy Denault said Friday that Pence has received the mayor's plea, and "we are working with the state police to evaluate the request."
Shootings and homicides have plagued Gary in recent weeks, including a triple homicide near the end of last month. Summer typically brings an uptick in violence to many cities.
But Gary's homicides are up overall for the year, to 26, nine more than this time in 2012.
The Northwest Indiana Major Crimes Task Force has worked on seven of those killings this year, including one from Thursday night, said Robert Byrd, the group's vice president.
"Gary has a dedicated team of talented homicide detectives who know the city well and who the criminals are. Working alongside our Gary counterparts is both challenging and an opportunity to sharpen our investigative skills," Byrd said. "We certainly respect the job that they are doing." 
Should Gary's request be fulfilled, it would not be the first time the Steel City has sought the state's help in managing crime.
In 1995, then-Gov. Evan Bayh sent 50 troopers to Gary during the height of the city's violent past.
Freeman-Wilson said officials, including Ingram, are pursuing multiple approaches to stemming the city's violence, not just seeking outside agency help.
"We have to deal with this on all fronts," she said. "Putting more officers on the streets is just one of them."
But the Daily Beast said black-on-black crime problems was just a myth? [The Trayvon Martin Killing and the Myth of Black-on-Black CrimeCrime is driven by proximity and opportunity, writes Jamelle Bouie—which is why 86 percent of white victims were killed by white offenders, July 14, 2013]

The intensity of concentrated black-on-black violence is on display in an 85 percent black city like Gary: there exists not one city, with a white population of 85 percent, in America that has the same frequency of murder and requests state-aid to stop the murder/mayhem. 

Not one. 

But there's no outrage from the same people livid over the death of Trayvon Martin.

Gary, Indiana, for all intents and purposes, doesn't exist in the world of Organized Blackness. The conditions present in the 85 percent black city wouldn't elicit any sympathy on a national or international stage: Gary just serves as further proof that once a city goes black, it's future is that of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. [Gary's new violent crime tactic: 'Vengeance is the Lord's',, July 13, 2013]:
Gary Police Chief Wade Ingram said he is fed up with the retaliatory gun violence in his city and is vowing to do something about it. 
"We're doing terrible with homicides," Ingram said. 
Ingram's comments Thursday morning came on the heels of the fourth homicide in the city in a week. The city logged another homicide that night and one on Saturday morning, marking six in eight days — 28 for the year. 
This time last year, the city had logged 17 homicides. 
Gary police Wednesday also responded to two other nonfatal shootings. 
"We know most of these shootings seem to be retaliatory in nature," Ingram said. 
"That's what we're trying to stop before it escalates." 
Ingram said most of the victims of gun violence in the city "live high-risk lifestyles, and a lot of them have had contact with the law and court system." 
One victim of a triple homicide last month had a court appearance on a criminal charge the day before he was shot and killed, Ingram said. 
Following the particularly violent 4th of July weekend, Ingram on Monday initiated the Gunshot Victims Visitation Program. Ingram and detectives meet with gunshot victims quickly after they are injured to discourage any retaliatory action by them, their family members and friends. 
"They may be on their way to do retaliatory violence, and we can stop them," he said. 
Ingram already had a program in place where he visits the families of homicide victims in the city with a department chaplain and local clergy member. 
"I probably have visited 20 homes," Ingram said. "We stress to them that vengeance is the Lord's."
Maybe now you can figure out why the price of a house in some areas of the 85 percent black city of Gary, Indiana is a $1.  

Why shop on the McDonald's $1 Value Menu when you could get into real estate speculation for the same price? 

The incredible amount of spilt Skittles in Gary, Indiana should be cause for national concern; instead, it only confirms why white people don't consider black neighbors in their community a positive attribute to ensuring property appreciation. 

How many cans of Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice will go unopened in Gary, because some hoodie-wearing black thug gunned down a hoodie-wearing black person? 

But the problem of hoodie-waring black people killing one another in Gary is nothing new. In 1994, the police erected a billboard in Gary warning people about entering the majority black city (where individual black people collectively created one of the most dangerous communities on earth!) [Gary, Ind., Police Post Danger Sign At City's Edge, Seattle Times, October 30, 1994]:

When Gary police officers decided to go public with their frustrations about low pay and hazardous duty, they put the message where it couldn't be overlooked. 
The police union rented a billboard at a key entry to the city for its message, which is anything but subtle. In bright red letters, the sign on Broadway reads:CAUTION!!! 
You are currently in Gary, Ind. 
1993 MURDER capital of the nation. 
Where officers are EXTREMELY underpaid and overworked. 
"It was an attempt - obviously it worked - to get the public's attention," said Gerald Clayton, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 61. He said officers are frustrated that they won't receive a pay raise this year, even though they're among the lowest paid in Lake County. 
The billboard went up this month and immediately got people's attention. Motorists often slowed or pulled over to read. 
People are debating whether it is an unnecessary kick to a city struggling to improve its badly tarnished image or a simple statement of fact. 
"It's a disgrace, but it's true," said Robert Woods, 45. "Some people are going to say it's a racist statement, but it's the truth. They should put them up all over." 
Others said the sign only hurts the city. "It's a slap in the face to me as a taxpayer of Gary," said John Edger. "We're trying to change the image of this city." 
The billboard drew an equally bitter response from local elected officials, who agreed that Gary police are underpaid but said the sign is out of line. 
"I think the billboard is a mistake," said Gary Common Council President Roy Pratt. "We don't have to advertise our shortcomings."

No, 85 percent black Gary doesn't need to advertise the city's shortcomings -- a simple check of US Census data will provide the answer to why such shortcomings exist (it should be noted the majority black residents of Gary elected a white mayor back in the mid-1990s because: "People in the community believe that a non-African-American can do a better job than an African-American."). 

Concentrated Blackness creates Gary, Indiana, a city Organized Blackness turns its back upon, for the shocking amounts of Spontaneous Blackness give wings to the idea ones health and fortune can only be protected by avoid black people entirely. 

Or, by reporting their suspicious behavior to the police when they are in your community. 


Anonymous said...

Summer heat be wayciss and cause vibrant diversities to be killin each other n sheeit. said...

Gary, Indiana - When the cops have to call the cops, you know crime is over the top

WarriorClass said...

Black mobs have been brutalizing whites for years without a word from Obama and the Media.

Anonymous said...

Whether it's nature or nurture, it make no difference.

Black Culture is an endless and irredeemable pit. It will continue to drag down this nation - hell, it's ramifications and white progtard Perpetual Indulgence have already accomplished this. Our Executive, elected TWICE, is proof that the corpus of Amerikwa is terminal. TU. Morte. Warm only because of the IVs and O2 administered by a corrupt FedGov.

The modern iteration groid will never be anything but a groid.

With King Putt and B'rer Holder in their positions, we know where any support will be delivered

Prepare Accordingly

pat said...

I think it's time again to look at the big picture.

My question for today is how much longer will there be black people? Let me explain why there is an excellent case to be made that blacks won't last out the century or the next.

I've written before about how Oakland is into the one hundredth and fifth year of an earthquake cycle that historically has been one hundred and forty years. I think this is strong evidence that a quake is coming soon. Many seismologists think so too.

The whole earth is in a very similar position. We on earth started experiencing ice ages about three million years ago. The earth had had ice ages before but not for billions of years. Nobody quite understands this. The most popular explanation is Milankovich cycles.

Milankovich cycles however don't explain everything. We do know that the cycle of ice advances and retreats used to be on a 30,000 year cycle but for about the last million years has been on a 100,000 year cycle. The ice advances and stays for about a 100,000 years. These cold periods are interrupted for interglacial periods that last 10,000 years or so.

Our current 10,000 year interglacial is now about 10,000 old. We are due anytime now for another cold snap.

This isn't a marginal theory. It is copper bottomed iron clad mainstream science. The ice is coming.

What happens then? First of all Sweden is abandoned along with Finland and then Ireland and Britain. All these areas were under a mile or more of ice before and will be again. I'm part Irish but Ireland wasn't really there until the ice withdrew 10,000 years ago. Where will the lads go?

The most likely answer is Africa. South America should be a favored refuge also. The world today harbors about seven billion souls. At the ice maximum I doubt if the planet could support even one billion. Make you own estimate, but whatever it is, a lot of people will not make it.

The Great Plains of the US and Canada will be mostly under the ice. There will be no wheat to export. The Russian steppe will also be awfully cold. The world simply won't have enough grain anywhere to support our huge interglacial population when the interglacial ends.

Once again the tropics will be the home of homo sapiens. There will be blond Swedes in Swaziland. They won't be any room for the 'useless mouths' of the native Africans.

The Chinese will also be moving south. They have a foothold in Africa already, but there main escape route will probably be into Viet Nam and Cambodia.

When will all this happen? It might start next Thursday, but who knows? How long will it last? There we are on more solid ground. These cold snaps last 100,000 year. There should be milder weather around the year 102,013 AD.

This means a number of things. First it means that 'preppers' who have prepared underground shelters with two years of food are woefully under stocked. It also means that humans will have to 'thin the herd'. There won't be enough food or land for all of us. Amerindians might survive but it is very unlikely that Australian Aborigines or Africans will.


Anonymous said...

Gary, Indiana in the 1960s.
wonder what changed?

Anonymous said...

Pike township refugee
Indianapolis black population is doubling with the expo going on. I drove by broadripple sat night and it was blacker then I have ever seen. Cops were everywhere. My local business was hit by 3 groups of blacks trying to use fake bills of 20s and 50s. You would think they would give up after the first or second try. They would go outside , regroup and give the fake money to a different "youth" and come back in and try to buy a bunch of food. After working in food in this area for a few years I can tell you these people are not human. Hyenas more like it. It's funny the white privet school kids I hire after two weeks come up to me and are like wow, I never knew how bad they were. It's a good wake up call to these privileged young whites. They know after a few days that blacks are not like us.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
Gary, Indiana in the 1960s.
wonder what changed?

If you're under the age of maybe 50, you've probably got no idea of what America was like at one time. The change has been science fiction-like in its scope, dystopian in its direction.

Sam said...

Whenever I see or hear the name "Gary, Indiana" I think of the movie "The Music Man", in which Robert Preston, and Ron Howard, as just a little guy, sang their renditions of the song "Gary, Indiana". In the era the story was set, Gary, Indiana most likely was a truly delightful place. A line in the song is "There's just one place that lights my face". As someone above asked, what changed? Back in the "Music Man" era Gary must have been very White, but now, not so. Very sad to see a symbol of an earlier America so run down.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:50: You're doing a great thing for those kids you employee. Opening their eyes could save their life someday. And if they see that everything they've been taught about the "noble negro" is false, maybe they'll question some of the other lies they've been taught. We can use all the eyes-wide-open whites we can get.

10mm AUTO said...

When speaking about murder and little buck negros shooting each other Every day, you really get a feel for the deep intellectual grasp a liberal black sowpotomus ( ) has of the situation in her eloquent and emotive addressing of the Problem:

"We really need to send a message to those who are involved in violence that this is something serious," Freeman-Wilson said. "I don't think anarchy has set in yet. But I certainly want to establish that daily killings are wholly unacceptable."

Is there anyone here who does not want to slap her right in the face? She sounds like she is addressing a littering problem after the fourth of July picnic!

Do you think that any of the negros pulling the triggers don't realize that what they are doing is serious?

Angry Miller said...

I have a question: All this talk of the 'rights of "others"' raises a number of concerns I have. What exactly is an "other"? When one refers to "others" are they referencing only blacks? What about Asians? Hispanics? The Baltic region of immigrants? Why is it only blacks? (or Gays, or women?)

Personally, I am sick of the attempts to make me feel guilty for what I have acquired in my lifetime. I am sick of the attempts by others to play that BS race card.

Start calling people out in public. Shame THEM for their attempts to play such a game. The "thug in training" Trayvon was shot because he was on top of a man pummeling him. Stand your ground didn't have anything to do with it. It had everything to do with self-defense and self-preservation.

Call it what it is: A contrived attempt to lessen the hardened blow of reality to their bubbles of victimhood.

Keep fighting the fight.

Nolan said...

LMAO, "I don't think anarchy has set in yet. But I certainly want to establish that daily killings are wholly unacceptable."

Sweetheart, I'm pretty sure when you have descended into the range of daily killings, you've crossed the line into some shade of anarchy. At least from the standpoint of a Western, First World country.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys does anybody know anything about this incitement to genocide? Nat Turner Unchained, the following youtube clip is one of the most disturbing things I have seen in my life yet its is passed off as entertainment

Californian said...

If you're under the age of maybe 50, you've probably got no idea of what America was like at one time. The change has been science fiction-like in its scope, dystopian in its direction.

That is one aspect of it. Again, consider how back in the 1950s science fiction writers postulated a future that was better: more rational, more scientific, more Mankind-to-the-Stars. The usual negative was the possibility of a nuclear war. Well, there was no nuclear war, but look at the condition of many American cities.

Whenever I see or hear the name "Gary, Indiana" I think of the movie "The Music Man", in which Robert Preston, and Ron Howard, as just a little guy, sang their renditions of the song "Gary, Indiana".


Gary, Indiana was once a symbol of American heartland civilization.

The situation there ought to give pause to those who claim that the environment is what creates the people. Gary, Indiana is the same buildings, the same climate, the same natural resources. But the population has changed over the past century. And that is what produces the difference in outcomes.


spooks are well kept and this type of violence still takes place. shit these and most all ngr's are feed, housed, and given pocket money from welfare(hard working whites taxes) and this isn't good enough to keep ngr's from basic stress. you know fellow whites what basic stress means. right? how many times have we said to put the national guard on patrol in Gary. if the two soon to drop over dead social justice jokers and you know who I mean stupid AL & dumb JESSIE don't like the military state in their hoods then tell their stupid followers they either quit killing or live in a new Palistine(Gary) style neighborhood. what them broke ass ngr's aren't going to move away from the military state city!

Also if the joke top-cop ole "peeps" himself will just embarrass himself and his muslim boss cause they ain't going to get that decision they want anytime soon. how can they call Jorge a racist. when he took more time to help little ngr's in the hood.(reading/writing) I wonder if stupid AL & dumb JESSIE ever helped a ngr kid they weren't related to! you and I know what that answer is--HELL-NO!!! hey DUMB-JESSIE how is that son of yours that bears your name? you know the one JESSIE the thief! nice try race hustlers-NEXT! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION ANYTIME YOUR READY!!! I know we are!

bubo said...

Possible Zimmerman trial revenge killing in Jacksonville. Two white brothers were shot to death outside a Golden Corral restaurant on Sunday night. The brothers were in a vehicle that had a "Free Zimmerman" sticker on it. Witnesses describe a carload of black males getting into an altercation with the brothers and shooting them. The carload of blacks is being sought.

Discard said...

Pat Albertosaurus: I agree with your long term prediction, but I'd like to see something improve sooner than 10,000 years.
Blacks and other inferior peoples will disappear just like the Neanderthals, but we may not have to wait until the next ice age. Half the food produced on Earth today is dependent on synthetic fertilizer, for example. Black Africa lives almost entirely on the White man's charity. The Chinese are moving in, but China is a food importing nation as well, even though 74% of their population are farmers. The White race could take over Africa in a historical heartbeat by simply holding back the food, and I think we should. In the very long run, Whites will need the land and the present tenants will have no more success stopping us than the Indians did.
This may all sound very nasty, but life belongs to the winners. Welcome to the post-liberal world. There are, I'm certain, some very sharp people working in some under-the-radar think tanks sorting out the nuts and bolts of human survival.

Jay Santos said...

PK - The most valuable thing that can be done at this point is to create a video, a compilation of selected video showing negroes beating non-whites. There are hundreds of examples similar to the footage of the women being kicked in the head in SF recently. Get them all and edit them together, don't add any provocative images of monkeys or crap like that. Make it so that it's accessible to more than the realists. I don't have the skills to do it. Someone here does or knows someone who does. We can all work to contribute specific video footage. It would be a useful tool in the propaganda war we are faced with.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:33 a Tex Arcane Vaultco. reader!? Amerikwa reference is why I ask.

Anonymous said...

"We really need to send a message.."

really? that's all you got?
a freaking "message"?

and who is this "we" you speak of negress?

Anonymous said...

Your phrase "Selective Outrage" is spot-on, Paul. Very, very good. I'm going to plagiarize that term. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon, 7/15, 12:50. It's good that the young white private school kids you're hiring are getting first-hand knowledge about black behavior. For most blacks, it's all about "getting over," through deception and dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

How on God's green Earth could there still be any white people in places like Gary or Detroit? An interesting article would be who are they, why do they stay, and how are they benefiting from this constructed reality?

I can't imagine what its like in those places daily for white folk, its hard enough in Seattle with a small population of AA's here.

Shibes Meadow said...

Do you have the guts to face the Truth about race in America?

Anonymous said...

Negroes don't think or realize anything at all. They just do things. Like a dog chasing a car. No offense to dogs.

Anonymous said...

Gary, Indiana...

Just another casualty of BRA.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. A question for The Daily Beast:

Why isn't there a hundredth of the anger for two black serial killers who murdered a dozen or so black women each in South Los Angeles?

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. A question for The Daily Beast:

Why isn't there a hundredth of the anger for two black serial killers (Chester Turner and Lonnie Franklin) who murdered a dozen or so black women each in South Los Angeles?

Anonymous said...

sounds like the phrase "white supremacy" is getting a lot of echo in the lefty press and protests.

Mr.Ken said...

Good for the GARY P.D., I would want to know when I was passing into the danger zone. Who cares about the 'image' when your very life is in danger. Now give them the power to set up vehicle check points- not for drinking or even drugs... but for GUNS. Get caught with an unlicensed firearm-MANDATORY JAIL TIME. No matter what color you are. All the gun control laws in the world will not deter punks who do not follow the law.

Anonymous said...

we are south afreeka:

Anonymous said...

Lonnie is suspected of killing [grim sleeper killings] 40 to 100+ black gals.


Anonymous said...

Black Oak section only majority White neighborhood in Gary IN has confedrate flags flying from their homes plenty of redneckers in Ross near Gary concealed carry their not afraid of blacks!

Anonymous said...

When a lion brings down a giraffe on the Serengeti no one sheds a tear. Likewise when a black kills/maims/wounds/rapes/robs another black there is no one shedding a tear. It is merely animals behaving like animals. No more and no less. When someone who looks white attacks one of the black animals it is just like getting into trouble over killing a deer out of season. With everything having it's own season it might be nice to know when it is okay for whites to defend (if necessary to the death) against predatory blacks.

Melanie said...

I really don't give a good damn if every single negro continues to spray and shoot until every other single negro is dead and buried. This mess with Holder threatening to bring charges against Zimmerman is just the last straw. This country is just the latest example that negroes can not be trusted to run a country, a city, even a dog pound-least of all a dog pound, as they'd spend their time torturing the dogs.

Negroes are tribal, reflexively tribal-all they know is that if it's black, they must support it. Whites would do well to be tribal, however whites have this thing called higher IQ and a sense of fairness which impels them to try to see both sides of a question. This will not work when dealing with negroes. They will still act as one, tribally, and see our fairness as weakness. We have ample proof, the proof of decades, of seeing this.

Whites are going to have to drop the fairness overboard as excess baggage, when dealing with negroes. It just won't work with them, and it works against us.

It would be the best thing for civilisation all over the globe if negroes managed to kill each other off to a man, and the last negro standing could be put in a zoo, if whites didn't have the heart to exterminate the last extant negro. There would need to be strict laws banning bestiality, so that no traitorous white woman who just had to satisfy her curiosity could be imprisoned or executed for breaking the bestiality law. When that negro died, the world would finally be rid of the curse of a mutant species of human which had never caused anything except misery to white and other civilisations. Whites could once again follow their nature in exploration and discovery, without millions of useless negroes to feed, subsidising their breeding like rabbits. It's as if some lunatic had decided to create the perfect environment for cancer to grow and spread.

What have negroes given the world? Parastism, AIDS, ebola, and non-stop breeding, a population explosion because of whites' misplaced generosity in feeding them and prolonging their miserable useless lives through western medicine.

Just let them all kill each other, through violence or the careless spread of disease, the way they would have if whites hadn't interfered with nature.

Can any of you imagine the world we could have if negroes were extinct? Sure, it wouldn't be Heaven on earth-only heaven is heaven-but it would be something a lot closer to it if negroes were a mere footnote in history, and an example to future generations to practice pragmatism and have vision when it comes to racial loyalty. They would also need to be taught-to have it drilled into them-that all the most important advances and discoveries, the majority of all progress, has been due to the white race. And that even something as superficial as our hair and eye colors are unique to whites, and as worthy of preservation as any spotted owl.

There is a reason which God told the Israelites to kill a certain tribe they warred against down to the last man, woman, child, and animal, and to not even keep booty from them. God knew that this tribe was ridden with venereal disease, and it spread like wildfire throughout the Israelite camp. it sounded cruel, but it would have been just as cruel for every Israelite to die of an awful venereal disease, for which they had no treatment in those days.

Melanie said...


July 15, 2013 at 12:15 PM

Pat-if by "thinning the herd" you mean other whites, I wouldn't be too heart-broken if they were the DWLs who brought us to this pretty pass. They didn't have one qualm about grinding their bootheels in the faces of whites as they sided with their pet negroes, so I won't impugn their integrity by assuming they would want to switch sides and join their fellow whites if the shooting began (hahaha). I'm sure they will be proud to be the first "evil whites" who are stood against the wall and shot by their negro pets-if they're lucky enough to die that easily.

Melanie said...

People, including the "respectable right" are finally getting angry enough to admit the truth. At a certain famous conservative forum, I and other posters have been getting away with posting comments that would do a racial realist site proud. It's good to see people finally be willing to see the truth-my only trepidation is that they'll slip back into their apathy and their feeling that whites must never commit the mortal sin of being rayciss, and the whites who fall back on "IKAGO" syndrome. I pray that this is a watershed moment for whites in realisng, and dealing with, the truth, but we shall see.

I still have to carefully correct them when they talk about blacks killing more blacks than whites ever begin to do-I always point out that that regarding interracial crime, blacks murder and rape many, many times more whites then the reverse, but you'd never know it just from listening to the MSM and the revruns spew rhetoric about the "epidemic" of whites preying on blacks. I make sure to point out the black on white statistics every time. I hope it's getting through to someone.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the primer on ice ages-Fascinating for real.I think it might help to have a plan b in case the predictions are off a few hundred years...Kind of reminds me of praying for global warming to improve the climate of Northern Ohio (where I suffered through 30 winters). I finally just moved to California,and like magic the climate improved immediately ! Ten thousand years here,a hundred thousand years there...pretty soon you are talking about too long to wait! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Very succinctly put.Thank You ! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

"How on God's green Earth could there still be any white people in places like Gary or Detroit? An interesting article would be who are they, why do they stay, and how are they benefiting from this constructed reality?"

White guy in Gary,IN here. Where to even begin? Well most of us whites here are tied to jobs and property. Property that is located in pseudo-Gary city limits. Gary itself is very segregated, with Gary proper being all black and dysfunctional and a outlying area or two that has mostly whites.

I myself live in an unincorporated area of Lake county that has a Gary mailing address but has nothing to do with Gary. We do not pay Gary taxes, we do not get Gary fire or police and we do not get other city services - ha, like those exist anyway. Technically we are fully outside the city limits and I even have well water.

People like me and my neighbors only have an address that lends itself to Gary census taking. We do nothing in the city. Most all shopping and entertainment is done outside of the city. Most of the city is no man's land and completely ignored and never traveled to unless forced to - like when the license bureau was in the deepest darkest part of the city.

Even those that work up at the mills avoid Gary proper when they can. They get on the express way and exit by the mills, staying clear of the ghetto as much as one can.

The only place in Gary where one can regularly see whites is the Indiana University Northwest campus. And needless to say that it has a very heavy police presence. University, state, city and county sheriffs patrol around the campus area quite heavily. Ensuring safety at the campus is a PR priority for the school, whose enrollment mostly comes from the surrounding white burbs.

Sadly, even our little oasis of normal in a sea of ghetto is coming to an end and many are now trying to move out.