Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Remember your "History and Moral Philosophy" Class Lessons...

Ever read Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers

There's a passage in the book, when the protagonist relates a conversation from his History and Moral Philosophy Class.
"Yes Rico, law-abiding people stayed away from downtown Indianapolis and the Indiana Black Expo because of the risk of being attacked by packs of black people."

A conversation detailing the collapse of democracy in the XXth century, when law-abiding people "hardly dared go into a public park at night":
Mr. Dubois was talking about the disorders that preceded the breakup of the North American republic, back in the XXth century. According to him, there was a time just before they went down the drain when such crimes as Dillinger’s were as common as dog-fights. The Terror had not been just in North America — Russia and the British Isles had it, too, as well as other places. But it reached its peak in North America shortly before things went to pieces.
“Law-abiding people,” Dubois had told us, “hardly dared go into a public park at night. To do so was to risk attack by wolf packs of children, armed with chains, knives, homemade guns, bludgeons . . . to be hurt at least, robbed most certainly, injured for life probably — or even killed. … Murder, drug addiction, larceny, assault, and vandalism were commonplace. Nor were parks the only places — these things happened also on the streets in daylight, on school grounds, even inside school buildings. But parks were so notoriously unsafe that honest people stayed clear of them after dark.”
… “Mr. Dubois, didn’t they have police? Or courts?”
“They had many more police than we have. And more courts. All overworked.”
“I guess I don’t get it.” If a boy in our city had done anything half that bad . . . well, he and his father would have been flogged side by side. But such things just didn’t happen. …
 More police. More courts. All overworked.

All incapable of maintaining law and order.

After reading this passage from Heinlein's Starship Troopers, perhaps a big gulp of XXth century misery (courtesy of 2013 Indianapolis) is necessary to wash down the harsh truth of what a civilization where
law-abiding people "hardly dared go into a public park at night" is a nationwide phenomenon. [Erika D. Smith: Don't let fear of young black men hold us back, Indy Star, July 22, 2013]:
Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.
Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration is over. And contrary to what many people predicted — or at least feared — there was no unspeakable act of violence in the middle of Downtown.
Unsupervised teens didn’t brawl outside of Steak ‘n Shake or Circle Centre Mall. Gang members didn’t have a shootout along the Downtown Canal. Parents didn’t have to grab their kids and dodge stray bullets.
Instead, for the third year in a row, Expo organizers, police and an army of volunteers mostly kept the peace. I say “mostly” because one teenager was shot by accident in a Downtown parking garage in the wee hours of Sunday morning. But in general, Summer Celebration was so peaceful that it was almost shocking.
On Friday night, after the O’Jays finished their set at the annual free concert, people picked up their coolers and chairs and quickly vacated the American Legion Mall. Some people even left early. On Saturday night, the same thing happened after the Jill Scott concert at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse. The streets were empty — not just of people there for Summer Celebration and the after-parties, but of everyone else. Last weekend was not normal in terms of foot traffic. Downtown was a ghost town with blocked-off streets.
This is both good and bad. The violence of Summer Celebration is mercifully gone, but so is the vibrancy. What’s more, the event is sucking the vibrancy out of Downtown. And that’s sad.
 A fear of young black men is healthy. It is natural. Based on the facts of life in Indianapolis, a healthy fear of blacks keeps white people safe and out of harms way (considering the "social breakdown" in Indianapolis is only found in the black community). 

Honest, law-abiding people will stay clear of cities which host events that are unsafe; honest, law-abiding people will abandon cities populated by a people who make cities unsafe.

Heinlein was onto something when he wrote Starship Troopers.

Remember: in 2013, things are going to pieces.


Anonymous said...

@Erika_D_Smith is a nobody.

A high yella, half cracka, sassy black lesbian gal, the keepin' it real type, and not too bright.

She only has a job because of IndyStar's diversity program. T

Indy Star is about to pack up and move their offices into the ultra-violent Circle Center Mall because they are losing their building downtown. And the mall has lots of new space available since all of the anchor stores had to move out due to the black yoot wildings.

Erika likes to finger wag and lecture white people because the white man has taught her that blacks are our moral authority now...on everything. Her conversations are one way monologues.

2+2=5 in Erika's world.


So who gives a Flying Fuck what she says? She is the typical black apologist, liar, and Whitey hater. 2She is jealous that she is not 100% white.

She won't respons to my Tweets about Indy becoming a police state fo da blacks.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

Two types of "human" existence:

1. The type of world we know as modernity was created by the white man - automobiles, planes, indoor heating, indoor plumbing, sattelites, spaceships, television, telephones, internet, electricity, lightbulbs, computers, and the list goes on and on and on.... Everything around me was created by the white man (or possibly Asian).

2. the BLACK way of "humanity". Live life similar to non-human animals.. eat, sleep, reproduce... basically live for today. And this is what you find in Mozambique, the Congo, Uganda, Nigeria, etc..

And you find it in the ghettos of America.

When White people no longer exist in any significant amount, blacks will be reproducing like rats by the age of twelve, and dying of HIV, starvation, and senseless violence.. but they will still keep reproducing. there lifespans will be short and miserable, but long enough to keep the nightmare going... long enough to reproduce more...

And America will be like Sub-Saharan Africa.

Anonymous said...

So they sucked all the life out of the black expo so the blacks wouldn't snuff the life out of each other? They're never happy.

When does Indianapolis hold their white expo? Did I miss the announcement?


How does a teen get "shot by accident"?

Anonymous said...

What's lost on Erika Smith is that it takes a massive police presence to maintain that order. Now contrast that with events like GenCon, FFA, and other more white-centric events that have just as many if not more people and doesn't require martial law.

Anonymous said...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=se4_7X3BLKI Man Attacked By Gang Of Black Kids in Baltimore's Little Italy!!

Anonymous said...

Why is there no massive black migration into Detroit currently underway? The city has acres of cheap and abandoned houses free for the squatting. It should be a near religious experience to live in the black equivalent of gays in San Francisco, where they rule all the ruins of the city proper. I guess there isn't really a pressing need for half a million barbers or reverends, even the race huckster variety without sufficient white people to extort. Plus why move that far to live in just another project when you know how those people act already?

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Starship Troopers was a terrible movie (no fault of Heinlein). To me it was obvious the writers/director really hated Heinlein's work...

The movie was painful to watch..

panjoomby said...

I liked in Heinlein's book how one was only a "citizen" if one had served honorably in the military. i have NO problem with that.

Anonymous said...

The O.J.'s performed? I bet they were a cut above the rest. I mean, they probably had the audience in pieces ...

But seriously - Blacks got together and no one got murdered. We need to commend them for that. Skittles for everyone!! Hooray!!

San Mack said...

In the medical field, we call these people short-timers.

People in the subculture don't think past fight, f***, and get high. So what does it matter what you have to do to make those three things happen daily?

Of course, lots of them don't live long. The ones that do live long in prison.

Anonymous said...

Poverty and violence are endemic in black society. "Why does black culture stay in the gutter?" is a question on many people's minds.

In terms of the Western World, Negro culture has never created or produced anything to advance human civilization. Unlike European-based societies which have created magnificent architecture, prosperity, democratic governments, university education, global trade, etc., African culture has never evolved much beyond a hunter-gatherer society. When confronted with European culture, the logical result is a RESPONSE TO and REACTION TO the superior European-based culture. The nature of Negro culture is simply not wired for mapping the world, exploring space, finding cures for diseases, or splitting the atom.

Thus, the Negro is, de facto, out-of-place in any white society where innovation and creation have been the norm through the ages. Blacks simply aren't integrally invested in the creation and maintenance such First World societies. What else can the Negro do, then, except REACT TO, and against, the white societies they find themselves in? The natural reaction, then? Frustration, insecurity, and jealousy, violence.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood gets its just rewards for promoting Negro worship over the last two decades....



Anonymous said...

"More police. More courts. All overworked."
If they are so overworked, then why did they piss away all those dollars and manhours in persecuting George Zimmerman? Oh, wait. Never mind. To "keep the peace", you sometimes gotta throw a bone to the packs of rabid dogs.

Anonymous said...

Heinlein was quite prescient about a lot of things.


gubbler of the church of reformed chechenism said...


Walter Russell Mead blames the politicians of Detroit, but who elected those clowns into office? The BLACK PEOPLE of Detroit. Who kept on voting for the same crooks over and over? The BLACK PEOPLE of Detroit.

And who robbed, raped, murdered, and acted crazy in the streets of Detroit? The BLACK PEOPLE of Detroit. It's so easy to put all the blame on the politicians and pretend that the people of Detroit were helpless victims.

So CAL Snowman said...

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

"Starship Troopers was a terrible movie (no fault of Heinlein). To me it was obvious the writers/director really hated Heinlein's work...

The movie was painful to watch.."

I agree that the book was much better and that the movie did not really follow the book at all. I like the movie though (no blacks in lead roles, a young Denise Richards, Doogie Howser, micro nukes, etc.) Where they really messed up though, was not including the POWER ARMOR. The Power Armor in the book makes the Mobile Infantry into walking one man death machines. By not including the power armor in the movie, the Mobile Infantry is reduced to World War 2 style "over the top" meat grinder troops. Because they are not one man death machines, they lose the ability and RESPONSIBILITY to ask "why" as in WHY should we march off to war, why should we fight? By not having the power armor, the Mobile Infantry has lost any reason to be responsible for the community.

The reason I think you dislike the movie is because you are looking at it from the wrong angle. Starship Troopers is not a movie aimed at a 20th century American audience. Starship Troopers was made in the vein of a PROPAGANDA film for the people of future Earth. Basically Starship Troopers was made by Verhoeven to be a government tool for the people of that time. Once you understand this, it makes sense that they filmed the movie the way they did, Verhoeven is a genius in my opinion. "Starship" Troopers" was directed by Paul Verhoeven (RoboCop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct) so that's one of the reasons the movie looks and feels as it does; to me "Starship Troopers" is a lot like RoboCop with its political and social undertones.

I have a lot more to say about the actual book, but I need some time to properly gather my thoughts, as the political and social aspects of Starship Troopers are in direct contravention with the current ruling liberal ideology.

Anonymous said...

I'm black and live in Indy, and I had to laugh at my wife who wanted to go to the free concert but was scared of what our local idiot media call "teen violence". (Notice there's no mention of the race of the teens)

For years I've conveniently avoided downtown Indianapolis in mid-July because of "Nignorance Weekend". It attracts the absolute worst of the "African American" community from every city accessible to the four interstate highways that pass through the city.

Anonymous said...

The bugs in Starship Troopers could be an allegory for black people except we haven't found any with a brain to study and find out why they act the way they do...

Anonymous said...

This is commonly referred to as "bad luck."

Jay in DC said...

When PK posts like this I realize how different I am than many (maybe most) readers here. You are dinosaurs, by and large, bred in a prior age. Where Robert Heinlein mattered. When people actually read books, listened to facts, and respected the rule of law. These days are over. We are now to quote another amazing sci-fi film "on an express elevator to hell, going DOWN!"

I STRONGLY identify with the quote though "something given HAS no value". Things earned, are what matters.

You older white folks here will hem and haw about this movie, and about, I dunno... blacks. And ultimately you will do FUCK all because you are soft and weak. Blacks know this too. You have more to lose than they do in 2013.

Allow me to go further-- "Violence is the ultimate authority from which all other authority is derived." PERIOD.

Also, if you don't want to fuck that gorgeous red-head probably of Irish descent, you don't understand the best things Europeans are capable of. Raping blue and green eyed angels (white women) is a past-time of mud races because they understand the inherent value of genes...

Anonymous said...

"The streets were empty — not just of people there for Summer Celebration and the after-parties, but of everyone else. Last weekend was not normal in terms of foot traffic. Downtown was a ghost town with blocked-off streets."

"This is both good and bad. The violence of Summer Celebration is mercifully gone, but so is the vibrancy. What’s more, the event is sucking the vibrancy out of Downtown. And that’s sad."

Yes, what a shame. Although I'm sure the diversity and vibrancy will be back soon...somewhere else, where there isn't a veritable army of police and volunteers to contain their exuberant wonder.


Anonymous said...

re, first post:

She won't respond to my Tweets about Indy becoming a police state fo da blacks.

Can ya blame her? What side are 'we' on?

Anonymous said...

from link...

Erika D. Smith shared a link.
This is some scary stuff. Talk about finding the data to justify why a growing number of people in our urban core feel hopeless. "The researchers identified four broad factors that appeared to affect income mobility. All else being equal, upward mobility tended to be higher in metropolitan areas where poor families were more dispersed among mixed-income neighborhoods. Income mobility was also higher in areas with more two-parent households, better elementary schools and high schools, and more civic engagement, including membership in religious and community groups.

Regions with larger black populations had lower upward-mobility rates. But the researchers’ analysis suggested that this was not primarily because of their race [!!!!!!!!!!!]

erika smith

Lorraine said...

I've tried a couple comments that 24 hrs., maybe this will make it through.

My new neighbor and her husband are late 60's boomers from Colorado. Idiots. She expressed to me today how it was good that Colorado passed the new gun laws and how Trayvon was just going to get groceries and how black America is mad blah, blah, blah.

I tried to relay to her about my experience with the Section 8 Sistahs in DC and then connect it up the complex where Trayvon and Zimmerman lived and how the place became infested with violent Section 8 ers.

She just looked at me with this line blank stare and them bitched about waiting in line at the airport due to the sequester.

I really don't get it. But then I realized that many of these libtards don't have the full effect of groid dysfunction in your face, as I have had living in Turdville, Big B, and Philthy. I have done the groid circuit mang!

If this droned out boomer is indicative of Amurkistanian common thought, we are so doomed. I try to be positive...

So today I am out with daughter in the stroller at a crosswalk and this white dude in a pick up stops for me, I wave and smile, but wouldn't you know a pile of turds almost tried to veer around him. As I looked back, they gave me the eye and another groid behind them tells our 'Be careful mommy" twice.

I honestly felt scared. I felt that it was a kind warning but one of groid intimidation. I was scared and angry at once. Be careful? Were they warning me to be careful of getting shot?

Then this eve I am at the Giant cafe. Groid walks in and slams his parcel down loud on the table and glances at me and my daughter.

You know, these microaggressions are real. I thought back to what my stupid neighbor said about Black America being angry.

I honestly don't give a flying turd if blacks are mad, I just want to be left alone.

I am really tired.

White Mom in VA

Californian said...

What's lost on Erika Smith is that it takes a massive police presence to maintain that order. Now contrast that with events like GenCon, FFA, and other more white-centric events that have just as many if not more people and doesn't require martial law.

Or your average gun show. They are actually quite peaceable affairs. Even with all the ordnance. This ought to give pause those who claim that guns cause violence.

countenance said...

Heinlein was practically an oracle.

So of course he was a native Missourian.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat OT but did anybody happen to see Bill O'Reilly's recent talking points on race. He got pretty worked up and laid the blame for the problems in the black community on their own behaviors. He said, in a nutshell, the dysfunction is due to:

1. Out of wedlock births
2. Poor attitude towards education
3. Rap music

Problem is, this doesn't explain everything. Unmarried Hispanic women pop out a ton of babies - more than black women. And while the Hispanic community isn't quite on par with whites and Asians its nowhere nearly as degenerate as the black community. Number two has been addressed in The Bell Curve. As for rap music, lots of white people listen to it too (sadly) but they don't kill each other much because of it. Also during the race riots of the 60s black people listened to Motown. Didn't seem to help.

I think it's a step in the right direction and lots of white people are totally feed up with the blame YT rap but there's still hope that the problem can be fixed. By things like listening to better music and telling black women to stop having kids out of wedlock. Facts are, a significant portion of the population won't change no matter what people tell them. Maybe eventually we'll realize this but it might take another 50 years of trying Bill's approach and watching it fail.

Room101 said...

Anonymous said @ July 23, 2013 at 6:01 PM...

"Hollywood gets its just rewards for promoting Negro worship over the last two decades....


Just rewards.
Hollywood is spending hundreds of millions per film producing their typical sewage and no one worthwhile is showing up to buy a ticket. Except stupid worthless fux on welfare whose entire lives are subsidised by the taxpayers.
It's a great trend that Hollywood is losing billions after billions.
I'm sure they think it's "racist".
They couldn't come up with a new or creative idea anyway, that's why they need welfare money from fat black leeches on welfare who've never worked an honest day in their lives and who can't be bothered getting up before noon or at least until the liquor store opens so the stupid leeches can get the taxpayer to buy their bottle of booze.
Hollywood crap is for stupid welfare niggers.

Anonymous said...

10 people were shot on the closing weekend three years ago so the past couple of expos must be viewed as an improvement (?) Syndicated Indy radio AM drive time hosts Bob and Tom used to have a "white trash expo" commercial that was pretty funny but it was pulled along with all the skits with sexual overtones and T.C. the black traffic helicopter pilot which was hillarious. The show is really neutered now in the cultural marxism aka political correctness era.

Anonymous said...

Off topic of Indy Black Expo and but related to corrupt city officials:


FedUpFF said...

Off topic, but I just had to vent a little...
I've been a career firefighter for almost ten years in a medium sized city in the Deep South. I see quite a few knee-grows in my line of work (not firefighters) but "customers". As part of our Community Outreach Program we go out & install smoke detectors in homes- free of charge for the elderly, poor & disabled- they just have to call & ask.

Just yesterday we went out to yet another roach infested hood crib & installed smoke detectors in every bedroom & living area... Three able- bodied knee-grows home at the time 10:00Am on a weekday.
What chaps my ass to Kingdom Come is not one of those worthless, fat, stupid, freeloading, EBT collecting, Obama voting, Section 8 pavement apes had the COMMON DECENCY to even THANK US before we left.

I'll say it again... When the shit finally hits the fan in this Country you are on your own with your family, friends and what you have. The Fire Dept is not coming to work, nor the Police. I know this for a FACT.

Get your shit together. YOU are the future. Start acting like it & preparing for it.

bubo said...

Nothing to see here. Just a double rape, attempted murder and arson performed by those black men that people profile for no good reason.

Why would anyone be afraid of black men?

Anonymous said...

What,if anything,can be done about the majority of your ' brothers' ?
Do you see the dysfunction,bizzare value system,lack of initiative,etc. in your community? Nobody has more to gain than whites do if or when black america gets its' act together.They are given:New housing,almost free! Subsidized utilities! Food stamps by the handfull ! Pocket cash !(ebt) In other words,everything needed for a good foundation,a good start.So why are your brothers so angry? Also how do you explain jessie jackson being able to get your people out of bed before lunch on a Sunday to walk down the street,when they cannot find time to clean up their neighborhood? Really,what is your take on this?

Mr.Ken said...

If you were lucky enough to capture the brain bug equivalent,you would find out the answer.
1. why work when we can get everything for free.
2. why stay with only one babymomma when she starts asking for money, just leave.

Discard said...

Having women in the Mobile Infantry made me gag. Aside from the sheer unreality of it, Heinlein plainly believed that the lives of fertile women were more valuable than mens' lives. Read his essay "The Pragmatics of Patriotism", which can be found in the book "Expanded Universe". Hollywood is a moral cesspit.

Johnny See said...

I'm black and live in Indy, and I had to laugh at my wife who wanted to go to the free concert but was scared of what our local idiot media call "teen violence". (Notice there's no mention of the race of the teens)

For years I've conveniently avoided downtown Indianapolis in mid-July because of "Nignorance Weekend". It attracts the absolute worst of the "African American" community from every city accessible to the four interstate highways that pass through the city.

Thank you. I admire your honesty and what I see as your humanity. You are not 'PC', and neither am I. Neither of us should apologize for that.
You are the sort of person with whom I could have an honest and polite discussion on "Race relations in America today". It has been said that one must admit there is a problem before one can begin to seek a solution. After that we must describe the specific nature of the problem in order to reach reasonable solutions, or at least suggestions of possible solutions.
It will come, one way or another, when the present course is realized to be unsustainable, especially when it is realized as so by those who pay for the system. I think you are one of those, like me, who pays, and is tired of the problem being perpetuated rather than dealt with.
Welcome. Do not shy away. We all have an interest in this being dealt with, and only through the application of reason, honesty and kindness can it be dealt with well. There has been much foolish kindness without reason and accountability, and indeed without honesty. I welcome all honest people to this debate. All.
In closing, let me say I hate no one; I hate bad behavior. I don't care whether it's a punk in the ghetto or a banker in a corner office, I hate bad behavior. I hate the act, not the actor. Unfortunately, unlike a bad movie, this is a societal thing I cannot and will not ignore.
Please ask your like minded friends to work on this with you. We all need clear-headed blacks to kick this debate into the open. Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Randall Kennedy cannot do it alone.
Thanks, and stick around.

Anonymous said...

OT: In church this week a woman was called upon to read the Prayer for Healing. She stopped after reading Trayvon Martins' name and said, "I didn't write this". Bless you Nancy.

Daniel said...

Starship Troopers the movie was about Communism (the bugs) vs Fascism (the humans).
Paul Verhoeven is a genius.
Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers - they're not about what you think they're about.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous CENTURION said...

How does a teen get "shot by accident"?

When a pistol is held gangsta' stylee (90 degrees from proper hold) aiming is impossible so there are many shootings by accident.

Monroe Ficus said...


How dare those bad, bad Afrikaaners protect themselves from plaasmoorde and the other beautiful effects of “vibrancy” under the benevolent rule of the ANC. Don’t they know “kill the boer” is a term of affection!

hardscrabble farmer said...

"When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, "This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know," the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything — you can't conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him."

Great Heinlein quote, thanks for the link.


I can see a day when this black issue is taken on for real this time. it's coming great whites! they are talking about race almost non-stop. all it's going to take is a chimp out where young whites are hurt. this dust storm is on a verge of a head on collision! and hopefully there is no chimp out where whites get hurt or defend themselves with a firearm. I never wan any white to be harmed bye blacks. but even if the chimp-out doesn't happen we are still in a better position with all of this race talk of late. I'm hearing congressman/women talking about working for the food-stamps. I know it's little to late or that won't happen. but just mentioning work with food-stamps is a small start.

Yesterday my friend mentioned to me that they are giving food-stamps to Puerto Rico & Haiti is this true? I sure hope not cause that is against my laws! just like the so-called undocumented people(their words not mine) are getting stamps and u.p.s.ing them down to Mexico! so we are feeding them why not those two countries. man this has got to stop. and how about this story(page right out the NGR play-book) a white 13 year old girl was raped in Texas and the illegal aliens video taped it with their phone cameras! WHITE IS RIGHT! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Reading Farnham's Freehold is a much better Heinlien book. Farnham portrays what eventually happens after a nuclear event that spares the dark races living below the equator - cannibalism and slavery. Heonlien is worth reading regardless - he always used political tidbits to color his work.

Anonymous said...

Blacks actively CELEBRATE their dysfunction...because they don't know they are dysfunctional.

Notice the black women in public place. They make a complete spectacle of themselves. Their behaviors are exaggerated by ten. Their black energy is even different than that of white women. No femininity.

They dress in garish costumes, flab, boobs, and flesh cheese hanging out everywhere, gaudy jewelry and brown makeup, 5" heels, loud colors, big wigs weaves, and loud talking. They openly celebrate this. Black is beautiful. There is no pushback anymore.

Gays, feminists, blacks, illegals, trannies...they now have the moral authority in our society.

Blacks live in a 3rd world bubble, and since whites are no longer allowed to check and sanction black behavior openly, black behavior is mainstream and aggressive. Blacks are no longer afraid of white people's opinion of them, as white men have completely lost their influence over our society.

That is a huge part of the problem.

I pray for white men to start taking control of things again. Except for the realists, whites have forgotten who they are in the scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

"When does Indianapolis hold their white expo? Did I miss the announcement?"

Indiana State Fair comes August 2.

NASCAR coming up too.

If you pose that question to Indiana blacks, they will tell you that EVERYTHING else is the white expo.

BTW, our local 'conservative' radio talk show host Greg Garrison is starting to talk race in Indianapolis. He is mad that blacks are blaming whitey for their problems. He shamelessly panders to his black audience (calls them "articulate" and "well spoken", as small as it is, but is recently asking blacks to call in to his show to give him suggestions about fixing the black on black murder and black culture failures.

So far, it has resulted in one-way monologues and blame whitey rants. Yesterday was a hoot. Hilarious!

I want to tell him that they want him dead.

Old black ladies have been calling in to rip him a new one, and he can only grovel and plead for forgiveness. It is a train wreck, but very entertaining.

The calls are hilarious. You can listen to past show podcasts.

Sorry I don't know how to do live links:


Anonymous said...

Anon @1555 Indystar=bird cage lining or something to laugh at with headlines that are at least three days behind the internet.

Anonymous said...

What TF is Bill O'Reilly doing here??


Anonymous said...

You give them too much credit.They just know beauty when they see it.Nobody wants a rachael jeantel-type woman.The nastiest white woman you ever saw in your life is a godess compared to the loud,rude,stupid,brillo-haired examples of negro beauty.As far as people being old,well,I hope you live to be 'old'.Old is always 20 years older than you,no matter what your age.Be smug while you can...Red Sector A

Anonymous said...

They just don't have it in them to thank anyone for anything.They are assholes with an entitlement mindset.Just continue to do your job to the best of your ability,and be grateful you aren't like them.I want to thank You for doing a very important,dangerous job! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Quite true! Everything they do is aimed at attracting attention to themselves.They really are like children in many ways.Whites as a whole group need to stand up and tell them to shut the fuck up or go home already.I am way past sick of seeing them ruin every public event.

Anonymous said...

@Johnny See

It's unfortunate that we only have a handful of blacks like Sowell, Williams, Elder, and Kennedy that see the truth for what it is.

What's needed are more white folks to wake up and stop walking on PC egg shells and start calling a spade a spade. The voices of the 3-5% of conservative/libertarian blacks like myself aren't loud enough to overpower the race hustlers and Democrat pols who have a giant megaphone provided by mainstream media. Which is why it's great to see sites such as this. Believe it or not, I was referred here by one of my black Facebook friends, whom like me, are fed up as well.

I accept your invite to hang around, and I hope we'll have more opportunities to share dialogue on these issues.

Anonymous said...

"It's unfortunate that we only have a handful of blacks like Sowell, Williams, Elder, and Kennedy that see the truth for what it is."

Um. If you simply start introducing yourself as a 'black conservative', the white Tea Party members will make you their black mascot and the Conservatards will offer their daughters up for marriage.

They will swiftly place you at the podium to share your brilliance and experience as a black man on the "liberal plantation".

Your voice need not be loud when there are so many conservative whites willing to pander and bow to you just because of your noble black skin.

S'good to be the King!

Anonymous said...

The apparel is little changed from African days. Only what is used to attract attention or convey - (Whatever it is they seek to convey) is different - Ostrich feathers, bones thru nose, neck rings, and what I've often wondered while watching documentaries on tribal africa - what must that smell like? Hoofah!

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 5:28: Heinlein is worth reading regardless.

Not quite regardless. Most of his stuff is good on some level, though a lot of it is just Boys' Own type stuff. However, he wrote one book that was most atypical - Stranger in a Strange Land. Avoid at all costs.

It's a long, turgid, slow, boring saga that is described on the cover as the "Bible of the Love Generation", which should have given me a clue. It has all the ingredients beloved of the liberals - blank-slate "nurturism" (the protagonist is a human raised by Martians, who grows up to be a Martian), magical thinking (yes, he has all the magic mind-powers of a Martian, including telekinesis), casual sexual promiscuity (everybody loves everybody else - it's the Martian way), and especially utopianism. If it had a point, I didn't get that far.


AnalogMan said...

bubo asks: Why would anyone be afraid of black men?

Interesting link, but, as you said, nothing to see here. Just TNB, and, as far as I can deduce, no actual humans were harmed. The victims rented a motel room and invited two black lifelong career criminals over to party. Did they think they were going to play Scrabble?

Damn, there I go again - profiling.

Anonymous said...


This is your typical "black family", a dreadlocked. feral black waste of flesh thug sporting a huge clatch of fat black babymommas falling out in the court room shouting, "Dat's my baby! Boo hoo hoo! Dat's my baby!" and then making threats to the victim's family.

"He a gut boy, can't do no wrong. He innocent. Can't do no wrong."

Watch the white man's shock, guilt, and then denial after the display.

Blacks feel no remorse when a white is slain.


Anonymous said...

This is your typical "black family"

You mis-spelled "fambly".