Monday, July 15, 2013

Were the Bohannon Brothers in Jacksonville the First Victims of Zimmerman Acquittal Django Unchainment (ZADU)?

George Zimmerman's goose is cooked. ['Nothing more than a modern day lynching': NAACP convention, held just miles from site of George Zimmerman trial, becomes an unofficial 'Justice For Trayvon' rally, Daily Mail, July 15, 2013]

Cooked. [Attorney General Eric Holder Addresses the Delta Sigma Theta National Convention Social Action Luncheon,, July 15, 2013]
Has the Zimmerman Acquittal Django Unchainment (ZADU) started with the murder of the Bohannon Brothers in Jacksonville?

Tomorrow, Attorney General Eric "My People" Holder will address his people at the NAACP convention. His speech will be the unofficial - but totally explicit - position of the Obama Administration.

Remember: the monopoly on violence always falls on the state, and in Black-Run America (BRA), every action must be to promote the interests of black people. Thus, the decision by cops to stand down in Oakland and Newark is nothing more than the state ensuring the proper monopoly on violence is maintained.

Things are seriously on the verge of getting out of hand.

What Holder says tomorrow will illustrate simply one thing: we are all Boers now.

And though the Department of Justice is prepared to continue the investigation into the Zimmerman Affair (one hopes a video emerges, a la the Zapruder Film, showing what actually happened that fateful night between Zimmerman and Martin), a story only in the early stages of being buried is breaking.

Two white brothers are dead, and immediately the police are downplaying any connection to a "Justice for Trayvon" style execution.

That's the first clue Django is unchained in Jacksonville: the state immediately downplays the most obvious motive [2 killed at Golden Corral were brothers: Jacksonville police looking for gunman, News 4 Jax, July 15, 2013]:
Two men who were shot and killed at a Golden Corral restaurant on the Westside on Sunday night were brothers, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Police were called just before 9 p.m. to investigate a suspicious death in the parking lot of the restaurant on Normandy Boulevard.
Officer Melissa Bujeda with said officers found one man dead in a truck, and another was taken to a hospital, where he died.

The victims were identified as 19-year-old Matthew Bohannon (pictured, right) and 24-year-old Andrew Bohannon.
Police are looking for the gunman who left with a group of people in a vehicle.
"We hope to release a photograph of the vehicle the suspects were seen in. We believe multiple individuals were in that vehicle. We're asking for anyone with information to please contact police," Bujeda said.
Channel 4 crime analyst Ken Jefferson says the public needs to come forward with information.
"No matter how minute or how small you might think your information, your contribution might be very important," he said. "I would encourage them to contact police."
Those in the community say they'll feel better when there's an arrest.
"You're aware of it, you pray for them and you hope for the best," Ragland said. "But even so, it's still, it's right across the street, and it could've been our parking lot. They could've ended up in our parking lot not two hours earlier."
Rumors surrounding the killings prompted JSO to issue this statement Monday: "We have had numerous inquiries, blog comments, and Facebook postings about the relationship between the Normandy shooting and the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial. We are confident to say where we are in the investigation that this is not the case at all.  There is no link at all between these cases."
 Police are still searching for suspects. Claiming no such link exists at all might seem a wee bit premature, when the Jacksonville Police Department is still searching for suspects (though it has been established the shooters were black).

 As we have seen with Eric "My People" Holder's candid comments to the Delta Sigma Theta National  Convention on his intense racial solidarity and commitment to uplifting black people everywhere above the law, there's nothing wrong with assuming the worse in the demise of the two Bohannon brothers. 

After all, if the media in Jacksonville and the police get their way, the case will quickly be swept under the rug. No Department of Justice official will even care about opening a file on it.

The Zimmerman Acquittal Django Unchainment (ZADU) has begun.

And with it, the pendulum begins to swing...


Anonymous said...

The way the black TV commentators have been behaving about this case, I am wondering if its possible that 95% of blacks think Django Unchained was a documentary.

And how many white people react, "I'm done with them. I'm sick of hearing about 'Blacks in America;' the hell with them."

And how many immigrants are rethinking that they are Democratic Party constituencies and have cast their lot with the blacks, the only group from whom violence is constantly feared, the only group that can always be counted on not to take responsibility for themselves ever.

San Mack said...

Who knows where all this will end? The world media is all pro-Trayvon. More and bigger rallies are coming with police standing down.

Reports of Whites being beaten and now murdered?

How far will they take this?

10mm AUTO said...

Three cheers for seeing this terrible pattern, the same pattern John Mohammed laid out as the beltway sniper. It is in effect a military doctrine.

1. Shoot Whites at random

2. Use the 'hood to mask your presence, background, movements, resupply and intentions.

3. Use the incompetence of the Police to manufacture terror.

In the book, Zebra we saw 179 days of terror used to attempt to drive Whites out of San Francisco. Small Potatoes.

This is black terrorism backed by the full force of the State. To describe it, I have to use an old word, on that has never been used (as far as I know) in the USA before.


Gayle said...

Here are two more:



Anonymous said...

The time is coming for blood and fire. Arm yourselves and protect what and who you love. Everything else is a wall of noise.

So CAL Snowman said...


The World : Thats ok, we understand

White People : We do not like black people

The World : How Dare You, BURN IN HELL!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Bohhanan brothers may have been stalked. Randomley albeit. No report of quarreling or whatever.
So the nigs, even though outnumbering the two brothers murdered them in cold blood.
Jacksonnville Po-lice needs to step up "stop n search" as does all of Florida and anywhere else groid infeststion has taken root.
CryHavoc and let loose the Dogs of War

Lorraine said...

I wanted to go to the anti amnesty rally in DC today, but decided against it. Did not want to do the metro with the angry turd masses and their usual hostility.

I just looked up the word pogrom. Yes, whites are the persecuted group, along with Hispanics. Dare anyone work or be a Christian.

Supposedly there have been death threats made towards the jurors as well. I guess they get like six months protection and then that's it.

It's on. No doubt. I could feel it outside today. I remember before a shooting would take place in Philadelphia, I could sense something, a 'buzz' if you will. Things were too quiet after the trial.

As the Chinese say, just because the water is calm does not mean there are no crocodiles.

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

San Mack said: 'How far will they take this? ' far as we let them. Nobody is responsible for your safety but YOU. Nowdays to me safety means avoiding blacks at all costs if possible. Bars on the windows, barbed wire fences, burgler alarm, gated driveway, plenty of 'means of defence'. I have no known 'personal' enemies. I do however read the news, and comprehend that 'civilization' as I knew it in the past no longer applies. After all, as a white male of Judeo-Christian belief, I am No. 1 'with a bullet' on the 'most-hated demographic' list. ....Regards, K.C.

Anonymous said...

" There is no link at all between these cases."
The standard knee-jerk "This Is Not Terrorism" line, always delivered within 30 minutes of the attack, before anything -- ANYTHING -- has been investigated. They have no suspects, and thus have not interrogated any suspects. But because "Trayvon" wasn't carved into the victims' flesh, that proves conclusively that there is no link. There is a link -- a Missing Link.

Anonymous said...

The high yellow flim flam halfbreeds potholder and barry soetoro have to prove how true they are to the cause due to their gene pool.

Anonymous said...

And another...notice how much print space and attention the news gave this story...pathetic.

This might just get ugly.

Jay Santos said...

At some point, given the success of the statists/progressives, you begin to ask yourself, maybe these people should be in charge, call all the shots. They are obviously so much better organized and way more committed to their agenda. They've spent decades taking over all these institutions; the media, academia, the churches, the bureaucracy. They've enlisted the dedication of the negroes as mindless automatons for their agenda, while giving them very little in return.

What has the opposition accomplished? Nothing. Nothing whatsoever, other than an ineffective holding effort.

Anonymous said...

They may be one of the first POST-verdict victims, but they are definitely NOT the first Trayvon-inspired victims.

Bogolyubski said...

San Mack asks:
Reports of Whites being beaten and now murdered?

How far will they take this?

Let's see:

1. Police standing down.

2. Ministry of Truth is openly inciting violence now. The behavior we're seeing would have landed them in jail 50 years ago.

3. The entire legal, military and government infrastructure, including the DHS with what amounts to a Stasi-army ready for action - all willing to obey whatever orders are issued by the likes of Eric Holder, an utter criminal who still has his job thanks to a feckless, fake opposition party.

They can go as far as they like, up to and including declaration of a state of emergency, putting the country under the direct decree of the John Doe known as B. Hussein Obama, with gun-confiscation, asset confiscation, concentration camps and mass executions. D'Won can truly morph into St. Ashtrayvon of Skittle's father - a no limit nigga.

I'm not necessarily saying this will happen, just that there is literally nothing standing in their way should they elect to take this course of action. This could very well be the crisis that Rahm advised not to go to waste. The military is filled with folks who will obey literally any order, as are the police, courts, etc.

Worst of all, most of YT remains as clueless and stupefied as ever - waiting for the next moronic football game or Dancing with the Staaahs episode. The "more aware" ones still think they can stop this by voting for the Tea Party Patriots. We can all see how well that notion played out since the class of 2010 was seated.

Outdoorsman said...

The negroid regime has clearly earmarked us for death, not only collectively, but INDIVIDUALLY.

Its "entertainers" laugh PUBLICLY, to applause, while jocularly anticipating our painful and violent deaths. Its officialdom pronounces "open season" upon us. Let this realization, provided courtesy of those who hate us, be a liberating experience that allows us to divest ourselves of any sentimentality toward the putrid corpse that was Amerika and the black worms wriggling over its decaying sinews. In the words of General Milan Astray of the Spanish Foreign Legion, "Long Live Death!" What is entailed in this war cry is the death ONLY of our FEAR and the FALSE MORALITY that leads to the extension of MERCY to our enemies, both of which must and WILL give way to an IRON RESOLVE and an undying, HOLY HATE.

Raise the Black Flag in your hearts and minds! Marxist Negroid Amerika is the enemy of our ancestors and our posterity, of our past and our future, of our mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children and grandchildren, of our art, our poetry, our song -- indeed, our very existence.

The moment we embrace our situation with fearlessness will be the moment we take our first step toward VICTORY, for all battles are won or lost in the SOUL, before the first shot has been fired. And surely, we have not yet begun to fight.

Anonymous said... topic but imp

Anonymous said...

GZ Took Black Chick To The Prom, Tutored Black Kids, StaRted A Business With A Black Friend, Launched A campaign On Behalf Of A Homeless Black Guy Beat Down ByThe Police. Where Are All These Black People He Helped? Why Are They Not Out Publicly Claiming His Innocence?

Anonymous said...

What will happen, will happen. The elites have unleashed their black Frankenstein and will bear the consequences. MSM notwithstanding, Whites in white neighborhoods (thankfully most of them) will recognize what is going on-- the threat of violence will focus them like nothing else-- and more eyes will open and be able to see. The poison that was sown with the OJ case (jury nullification, the anticipation that whites will always be punished and blacks will emerge unscathed, etc) is being rejected by the White body politic. Survival instinct is trumping white guilt. This is a fortunate by-product of what is happening.

Anonymous said...

bubo said...

Media is keeping this real quiet down here as usual. This is the 5 and 6th murders of the last week. All committed by black males. At least 4 of the victims have been white.

Anonymous said...

Let's just forget the fact that Zimmerman IS NOT white for a moment and look at the other glaring fact.

Even extreme politically correct liberalism offers no protection from the black mob.

Zimmerman was as gelded a liberal fool as the left could hope for, but even liberals are not allowed protection from the wild criminal black buck.

When are people going to finally understand that segregation is the only solution--even for Hispanics.

blacks are deadly to all forms of life, even to their own kind.

Anonymous said...

Major riots in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles tonight. LAPD stood down while "protestors" smashed store windows, jumped on passing cars and prevented the drivers from driving away, burned the American flag, beat several Latino men senseless, and attacked a CBS reporter. Only when the crowd started pouring into the Walmart on MLK and Crenshaw did LAPD declare an Unlawful Assembly and begin clearing out the mob.

As I type this, several buildings in Oakland are emitting smoke and have had their windows smash. Earlier in the evening, a working-joe stiff waiter at a restaurant was viciously assaulted by a "protestor" with a hammer.

How far will they take this? I wouldn't be surprised by more riots, especially as the rest of the country wakes up to news of the West Coast riots tomorrow.

Not to mention that Zimmerman is about to be hit with both a civil lawsuit and a DOJ federal civil rights case.


if ngr's want violence they are going to get it. there will be a backlash so fast. even the stupid/sleeper whites have been told to be ready for anything. i'm just waiting for the first white-man threatened and pull his piece and kills ngr's dead. then that's when the full scale crack-down will be motivated. those cops know all to well who is shooting at them and who really want them dead it's the ngr's in this country you know "copkillers" so as for this standing down that won't last to long. the police in this country will have to show who's boss. and rightfully so! cops around this once beautiful country are not going to be standing down long. the first hint of violence or mayhem that stops right then and there. fuck them stupid spooks anyway, this won't last long the hernandez killings are next on the merry go round docket. GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

But you're not supposed to fear black men. That's racist. It has no basis in fact. We all know blacks never kill, rob, or rape whites. But the opposite happens all the time. And we as whites can get away with it because of white privilege.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, March 17, 2012
The Lesson of Trayvon Martin
It's pretty simple: Black people need to stop committing......

This story smells like the Jena 6 case..............

This story is going to get ugly. Fast.

Credit to you PK for getting it right and getting it right early.

How you spotted this one still amazes me.

Your White Hispanic pal,
Juan Outtamany


P.K., I forgot to ask all the great white contributors here at SBPDL this one nagging question! is it me or is it 1962? seriously the the new york daily news has a question on their ass-rag with a picture of an empty hoodie and a list of names that says "when will it end"? like my question asks is it 1962 Selma, Alabama. GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!! p.s. just like the democrats of America it always has to be 1962! I just wish these a-holes at publications like the daily news would visit us here at SBPDL then they would have the stat facts that tell the story about how the whites are the victims of ngr violence not the other way around. these democrats/liberals would lie to God!

Anonymous said...

This brings me back to 1995, the aftermath of the OJ Simpson verdict. Remember the "justice for Ron and Nicole" rallies? The massive white riots? All the defenseless African Americans being brutally beaten by mobs of white youths screaming "This is for Ron and Nicole?"

Oh wait, that didn't happen. I forgot, white people aren't violent savages.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

The time is coming for blood and fire. Arm yourselves and protect what and who you love. Everything else is a wall of noise.

July 15, 2013 at 7:36 PM

Ein wei├čer, sieben schwarze should be the rule.

Mr. Rational said...

Every Golden Trough I've looked at has been full of Black people.

To avoid the groid, I give them a wide berth (I have stayed away from the local outlet).

Anonymous said...

Lorraine said...

I wanted to go to the anti amnesty rally in DC today, but decided against it. Did not want to do the metro with the angry turd masses and their usual hostility.

I just looked up the word pogrom. Yes, whites are the persecuted group, along with Hispanics. Dare anyone work or be a Christian.

My wife went and said the crowd was peaceful and it wasn't divided into white/black. She said all the trash was picked up before everyone left. This was a different group of blacks, not the wilding variety.

We have a friend who has lost all of his contracts for being a Tea Party member, Christian, etc. Not, right that things like that happened.

Anonymous said...

While everyone is whining about a Mexican shooting a black teenager over a year ago, in the meantime in the last few days in my metro area alone:
A black six year old was raped and murdered, most likely by a black family member;
A black man was finally indicted for having murdered his girlfriends 2 year old (by beating and BITING her to death, of all things);
Another black man was shot in the face, no motives, no suspects;
A black woman is wanted for trying to stab someone to death on a public street at 2 am then running off;
A black man with a gold "grill" robbed a bank;
A Hispanic was shot to death by persons unknown;
Two unidentified people were shot, but given the neighborhood I can make an educated guess as to their race;
A 19 year old armed black man robbed two victims;
3 armed black youths robed people and beat them with a baseball bat;
etc, etc, etc.

Oh, and about 100 DWLs with a sprinkling of blacks among them held a Pro-Trayvon protest even though this isn't Florida and therefore shouldn't be our concern.

Don M said...

"those cops know all to well who is shooting at them and who really want them dead it's the ngr's in this country you know "copkillers" so as for this standing down that won't last to long. the police in this country will have to show who's boss. and rightfully so! cops around this once beautiful country are not going to be standing down long."


I really wish I could believe that. It has been my observation, however, that the "gleeful armed enforcers of BRA" save the brutal repression for us whiteys.

See post Katrina, for example. There was no real effort to interdict negro criminality, but a 65 year old white woman was tackled by a thugscrum of stormtroopers who forcibly ripped her ancient, pearl handled revolver from her arthritic hands. This was while she was holding it in a non threatening manner by the top strap with the cylinder hanging open and unloaded!

Make no mistake my friends, the jack boot is for our faces...

Anonymous said...

Marley Lion's killers arrested. Guess who?

Anonymous said...

The first? Nah, there have probably already been several lynchings, possibly dozens, associated with this case. Remember that elderly white man who was shot dead by blacks while jogging after this case started getting news coverage? I think it was in Kansas City. I can't even remember his name, it's gone down the memory hole. There have been many others, the acquittal is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

They really are above the law now:

Californian said...

GZ Took Black Chick To The Prom, Tutored Black Kids, StaRted A Business With A Black Friend, Launched A campaign On Behalf Of A Homeless Black Guy Beat Down ByThe Police. Where Are All These Black People He Helped? Why Are They Not Out Publicly Claiming His Innocence?

Because ultimately it is about black racial solidarity.

And even if a black were to stand up for Zimmerman, he or she would become the target of the lynch mob hysteria which is sweeping the country. Better to lie low and hope it all blows over.

But it's not going to blow over. Ultimately, it goes back to whites ceding too much power and moral authority. The race hustlers sense the weakness, and are fanning the flames.

But there is a real opportunity for race realists here to organize. This case is pushing the reality of race through to the American public consciousness.

I forgot to ask all the great white contributors here at SBPDL this one nagging question! is it me or is it 1962?

For DWLs, it is always 1962. Blacks are always a poor, set-upon, helpless minority, eternally discriminated against, eternally in need of DWL protection.

Again, it goes back to DWLs living in a world of delusion.

boooo hoooo. hooo said...

I liked the black selectivity of mr zimmerman. I feel nothing for him, nothing, he has always been pro black, obviously he inhereted his fathers weakness, so now let the pack turn on him, was he expecting solidarity, a show of gratitude?

What he is going thru is called instant karma, my prefered method of justice delivery.

Hopefuly he will be woken up now, and his TWMNBN father, family and friends, reality is a bitch then it bites you

So not much sympathy from me, if it was a hispanic hispanic in his place or a white, don't think for a moment that zimmerman wouldn't be protesting or doing something outside court or in other cities, as those baying for his blood are doing now to him

Moral, never trust nigs, amy biehl found out the hard way, now zimmerman is too.

Anonymous said...

Even Trayvon Martin thugs could not beat any sense into this white man, who is "colorblind" and does not see race.

Too bad for him. He may get it again.

Bogolyubski said...

The upcoming case in Milwaukee has more serious implications for YT nationwide than GZ does. The 76-year old white man on trial was defending his own house from a groid who was entering. If they throw this guy in jail the castle doctrine will be falling nationwide. Given the propensity of blacks to attack, rape and kill elderly whites, this has very serious implications.

Keep in mind, BRA has control of nearly all the money, lawyers, judges, police and prosecutors now. As Sam Donaldson crowed in the wake of D'Won's re-coronation: It's our country now. To paraphrase Stalin's infamous question about the pope: How many billionaires does our side have? The answer of course is zero. There's a reason for this, too.

pat said...

The most interesting factoid in yesterday's news for me was that the Oakland cops stood down.

You may remember that I had been predicting something like that for the coming Oakland earthquake. The blacks in Oakland hate the cops and the cops seem to reciprocate.

We have a legitimate local hero cop named Pat Gonzales. He is white not Hispanic. But all the bad guys he has shot have been black. Gonzales is on the Tact Squad, so his job is to be sent in if there is a dangerous situation.

Four years ago a black rapist, pimp, and burglar killed two traffic cops and then set up an ambush at his house where he killed two more. Gonzales was shot in the shoulder himself but he finally managed to kill the killer.

But rather than be honored as a hero he has been continually attacked by the 'black community'.

The Oakland black community hates the cops especially the white cops. Black riots are typically blacks shooting other blacks and burning out black neighborhoods. I'm not surprised that the police aren't eager to risk their own lives when things get dicey.


Anonymous said...

GZ's Grand Parent Was Black

Anonymous said...

Conservative writer Thomas Sowell, an Uncle Tom, defines a racist as:

“A conservative winning an argument with a liberal.”

Anonymous said...

Conservative writer Thomas Sowell, an Uncle Tom, defines a racist as:

“A conservative winning an argument with a liberal.”

Anonymous said...

VIDEO: One of those monsters is caught:

Anonymous said...

DWL judge with tears in his eyes, sentences black man with 10.5 years for killing white teen with single punch.

"So much potential, he read nursery rhymes to the church children, he was a good boy....gettin' his life together..blah blah blah."

Anonymous said...

"Her own unforgiveness, her own bitterness, that will kill her," Ann Thompson said. "I hope she doesn't die. I hope she finds forgiveness in her heart.", says black one punch monster's mother about white mother of slain boy.

They are pitiful, hateful, godless hollow souls.

Anonymous said...

Paul: You think Indianapolis Black Expo might spark this next weekend??

72 Hours Red Flag Before Martial Law:

Anonymous said...

regarding the rochester case when the old man father of the dead kid gets near to death he should lock and load and slaughter that nig's family Booyah style, yes even if you shoot a groid entering your home is worth it to go to jail, groids will only respect mass violence against them, that is why they do not mess with Mexicans

Anonymous said...

Ironic Eric Holder is still with us to talk about a gun case after selling full automatic weapons to Mexican drug Cartel that killed Americans and his role in Patcon. Real men would have demanded payment for his treason.

Melanie said...

@ Anonymous July 15, 2013 at 6:41 PM-

For what it's worth, I read that Jamie Foxx's new movie bombed (I don't pay any attention to movies made after the Hollywood Golden Age, so I don't know the title). That's good, but it would've been more impressive if his movie about a crazed negro murdering whites had bombed. It took white people, lots of white people, going to see that movie to make it a box office success. Why would whites want to go see a movie about a crazy negro kiling whites? And why would they put money in the pockets of those concerned with making the piece of filth?

And while I'm at it, why do whites support bakkaball and the National Felons League by buying tickets and merchandise? After all, it's not your grandfather's football and basketball anymore. The word "niggerball" describes both of them exactly.

Same with negro actors, "musicians", and comedians, especially-it seems the better part of their 'jokes" are insulting whites, while the whites just sit there like morons and laugh at it. Not that I give a darn about stand-up comedy, but just let a white comedian have the better part of his "jokes" (when he's not trying to "shock" by using foul language-as if any shock value remains in doing so these days) insulting or "stereotyping' (are they stereotypes when they're true?) negroes, and he will either be banned from show business for life, or have to grovel until what little pride he ever had died. (Even that didn't work for Paula Deen. The negros and their enablers are getting tougher).

How hard can it be to just ignore this idiocy and find other-white-means of amusement?

bubo said...


Either way it's just more black on white atrocity.

Police say drugs

Anonymous said...

CEO of connected capitalist Coca Cola at Bilderberg meetings??

Anonymous said...

Jacksonville brothers: Now they are saying it is a drug deal/robbery gone bad?

Anonymous said...

No, no, dear. You got the "attacking over Trayvon" thing all wrong.

Discard said...

Bogo: That shooting you linked to took place on the sidewalk, two days after the alleged theft. The White shooter is going for an insanity defense, not the castle doctrine.

Discard said...

Lorraine, the White Mom in DC: Hispanics are NOT persecuted in this country. BRA has targeted George Zimmerman on the premise that he is White.

AnalogMan said...

Melanie, re: entertainment -

Spot on. The entire entertainment industry is anti-White, and relies on Whites' money to survive. It's past time to kill it.

This is a sample of what's coming:

Nat Turner movie trailer.

Now, that's entertainment!

If you must watch movies, then steal them. Avoid negroes, in real life and fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Blacks like this know better than to go against the tribe. Truth and principle and all of that are WHITE constructs.

Anonymous said...

You're channeling Tim wise lol

Overdose of Roots or something? Blacks are convinced whites hunt them and esp black women don't understand not to fear white men...there are literally next to zero white on black rapes these days but just try convincing a black woman of that. She'll Insist it's like Roots where gangs of white men set upon and raped black women

Melanie said...

@booo hooo hooo July 16, 2013 at 9:53 AM-

It's not a question of sympathy for Zimmerman. In the big picture, it's not even about him personally. We (whites) need to care because this is a show of force by BRA to tell whites that we can be railroaded and have our lives destroyed for defending ourselves from a black thug, even one who is bashing our head into the sidewalk. In the big picture, it doesn't matter that Zimmerman isn't really white-he's the white placeholder. It doesn't matter what his politics were, or that he was a black sympathiser and enabler.

it doesn't matter, because none of that mattered to the PTB. All that mattered was that an ostensibly "white" man used deadly force, as is his right under the law, to defend his life, and the full force of the government is being brough to bear upon him for having the audacity to kill a murderous black thug as his only resort to stop the black thug from killing him.

It doesn't matter that it was Zimmerman, what matters is that this could be any white person. That's why whites should care, in spite of the irrelevant facts that Zimmerman wasn't really white, was a leftist and a supporter of BRA. In fact, if this could happen to someone like him, you better believe that it can happen to a "real" white person.

Melanie said...

@ Californian July 16, 2013 at 9:53 AM-

And what has been completely swept into the black hole of inconvenient facts is that even in 1962, before all the snivel rights brouhaha, blacks still committed crimes out of proportion to their percentage of the population. In that day, they mostly confined their crimes to themselves, but even then, they sometimes branched out and preyed upon whites. They just didn't do it nearly as often, because they knew justice would be rightfully swift and harsh.

Melanie said...

@ Bogolyubski July 16, 2013 at 10:09 AM--

What in the world? A man is being charged for killing a nigger who broke into his home? My God, I don't even know what to say about this, it's unreal.

Cory Lanham said...

Andrew Bohannon was one of my best friends. If you dont believe me, my name is Cory Lanham, I was one of Andrews pallbearers, and in my main profile pic on fb is a pic of me with the recently departed Andrew Bohannon. I hate to burst all of your bubbles, but as much as I would like to agree with this conspiracy theory, it is completely 100% UNTRUE. Andrew DID NOT have the "Free Zimmerman" sticker on his car. It's really sad that people actually think up things like this and cant just look past the fact that it was an act of senseless violence. But to rest all of your cases, the rumors of the sticker are completely untrue.