Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When 'Rights' Trample 'Duties' -- Finishing Our Lesson on "History and Moral Philosophy"

The class on "History and Moral Philosophy" is still in secession. 

Continuing our discussion of Starship Troopers from yesterday, let's finish the lesson on the violence endemic in XXth century that brave men finally rose to subdue. Instead of living in a state of fear, where the future was a dystopia spiraling out of control, the fictional future world in Starship Troopers is one where those responsible for the degradation of communities and erosion of social capital have been put down. 
What if the black mob destroying city after city (especially Indianapolis) has no "better  nature" to appeal to?

Like untrained dogs:  

“… These children were often caught; police arrested batches each day. Were they scolded? Yes, often scathingly. Were their noses rubbed in it? Rarely. News organs and officials usually kept their names secret — in many places the law so required for criminals under eighteen. Were they spanked? Indeed not! Many had never been spanked even as small children; there was a widespread belief that spanking, or any punishment involving pain, did a child permanent psychic damage.” …      
“… They probably were not spanked as babies; they certainly were not flogged for their crimes. The usual sequence was: for a first offense, a warning — a scolding, often without trial. After several offenses a sentence of confinement but with sentence suspended and the youngster placed on probation. A boy might be arrested many times and convicted several times before he was punished — and then it would be merely confinement, with others like him from whom he learned still more criminal habits. If he kept out of major trouble while confined, he could usually evade most of even that mild punishment, be given probation — ‘paroled’ in the jargon of the times.

“This incredible sequence could go on for years while his crimes increased in frequency and viciousness, with no punishment whatever save rare dull-but-comfortable confinements. Then suddenly, usually by law on his eighteenth birthday, this so-called ‘juvenile delinquent’ becomes an adult criminal— and sometimes wound up in only weeks or months in a death cell awaiting execution for murder. You —”

He singled me out again. “Suppose you merely scolded your puppy, never punished him, let him go on making messes in the house . . . and occasionally locked him up in an outbuilding but soon let him back into the house with a warning not to do it again. Then one day you notice that he is now a grown dog and still not housebroken — whereupon you whip out a gun and shoot him dead. Comment, please?”
“Why . . . that’s the craziest way to raise a dog I ever heard of!” …“Mr. Dubois,” a girl blurted out, “but why? Why didn’t they spank little kids when they needed it and use a good dose of the strap on any older ones who deserved it — the sort of lesson they wouldn’t forget! I mean ones who did things really bad. Why not?”
“I don’t know,” he had answered grimly, “except that the time-tested method of instilling social virtue and respect for law in the minds of the young did not appeal to a pre-scientific pseudo-professional class who called themselves ‘social workers’ or sometimes ‘child psychologists.’ It was too simple for them, apparently, since anybody could do it, using only the patience and firmness needed in training a puppy. I have sometimes wondered if they cherished a vested interest in disorder — but that is unlikely; adults almost always act from conscious ‘highest motives’ no matter what their behavior. …
“… Young lady, the tragic wrongness of what those well-meaning people did, contrasted with what they thoughtthey were doing, goes very deep. They had no scientific theory of morals. They did have a theory of morals and they tried to live by it (I should not have sneered at their motives), but their theory was wrong — half of it fuzzy-headed wishful thinking, half of it rationalized charlatanry. The more earnest they were, the farther it led them astray. You see, they assumed that Man has a moral instinct.”
“Sir? I thought — But he does! I have.”
“No, my dear, you have a cultivated conscience, a most carefully trained one. Man has no moral instinct. He is not born with moral sense. You were not born with it, I was not — and a puppy has none. We acquire moral sense, when we do, through training, experience, and hard sweat of the mind. These unfortunate juvenile criminals were born with none, even as you and I, and they had no chance to acquire any; their experiences did not permit it. What is ‘moral sense’? It is an elaboration of the instinct to survive. The instinct to survive is human nature itself, and every aspect of our personalities derives from it. Anything that conflicts with the survival instinct acts sooner or later to eliminate the individual and thereby fails to show up in future generations. This truth is mathematically demonstrable, everywhere verifiable; it is the single eternal imperative controlling everything we do.“But the instinct to survive,” he had gone on, “can be cultivated into motivations more subtle and much more complex than the blind, brute urge of the individual to stay alive. Young lady, what you miscalled your ‘moral instinct’ was the instilling in you by your elders of the truth that survival can have stronger imperatives than that of your own personal survival. Survival of your family, for example. Of your children, when you have them. Of your nation, if you struggle that high up the scale. And so on up. …
“These juvenile criminals hit a low level. Born with only the instinct for survival, the highest morality they achieved was a shaky loyalty to a peer group, a street gang. But the do-gooders attempted to ‘appeal to their better natures,’ to ‘reach them,’ to ‘spark their moral sense.’ Tosh! They had no ‘better natures’; experience taught them that what they were doing was the way to survive. The puppy never got his spanking; therefore what he did with pleasure and success must be ‘moral.’“The basis of all morality is duty, a concept with the same relation to group that self-interest has to individual. Nobody preached duty to these kids in a way they could understand — that is, with a spanking. But the society they were in told them endlessly about their ‘rights.’
“The results should have been predictable, since a human being has no natural rights of any nature. …
Mr. Dubois then turned to me. “I told you that ‘juvenile delinquent’ is a contradiction in terms. ‘Delinquent’ means ‘failing in duty.’ But duty is an adult virtue — indeed a juvenile becomes an adult when, and only when, he acquires a knowledge of duty and embraces it as dearer than the self-love he was born with. There never was, there cannot be, a ‘juvenile delinquent.’ But for every juvenile criminal there are always one or more adult delinquents — people of mature years who either do not know their duty, or who, knowing it, fail.
The face of the community causing our major cities to become dystopian nightmares, the exact opposite  of which science fiction writers of yesterday wrote was the future for mankind...
“And that was the soft spot which destroyed what was in many ways an admirable culture. The junior hoodlums who roamed their streets were symptoms of a greater sickness; their citizens (all of them counted as such)glorified their mythology of ‘rights’ . . . and lost track of their duties. No nation, so constituted, can endure.”
Read that last portion of the lesson on "History and Moral Lessons" from Starship Troopers again:

The junior hoodlums who roamed their streets were symptoms of a greater sickness; their citizens (all of them counted as such)glorified their mythology of ‘rights’ . . . and lost track of their duties. No nation, so constituted, can endure.”
Why not juxtapose the lawlessness that was present at the end of the XXth Century in Starship Troopers (preceding the rise of a new order in that book), with the lawless in our society?
[Matthew Tully: Young black males and the dangerous city, Indy Star, July 24, 2013]: 
 I’ve been riding around the city with police this summer and, in our travels, I've come across a few young men who are clearly on the verge of something very bad. Their worlds are mixed up with drugs and dysfunction, violence and guns, and, I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to turn on the news one morning and see that one of them had become another statistic in this city’s bloody summer. 
And while it’s hard to imagine that too many teenagers would be interested in this fortysomething’s views on life and growing up and being happy, maybe it’s worth a shot. Maybe we all need to start speaking out, speaking up more, and trying to counter that powerful pull from the streets that costs this city and this country so many young people. There's been a lot of talk lately about the idea that black leaders need to speak up more about the stunning frequency with which young black males are being shot, killed and locked up. 
And they should speak up, from the president to the pastors in the pulpit. But shouldn't we all? Am I supposed to care less about a dead kid because he has a different skin color than the kids on my street? That doesn't make sense. I’ve found myself wanting to tell these young men that life is too short, and that the world is too big and full of possibilities, to so recklessly throw it away. 
But I've thought more rationally about doling out mid-arrest advice and instead I’ve watched as they’ve been cuffed and hauled away for the latest in a long series of mistakes and misdeeds. We’ve seen that time and again this summer. Daily shootings. Frequent violent deaths. Many of them involving young men. Young black men who might look at my picture and have no interest in what I have to say. Young men like Darnell Franklin, a 17-year-old who police say was shot and killed by a friend, apparently by accident, as they sat in a car in a Downtown parking garage at about 3 a.m. Sunday. 
Whatever details emerge from that case, the result is the same: another gun-related homicide of a young black male in the city. 
More lost potential. 
We are likely to see more such tragedies in the coming days and weeks, and it's easy to wonder if there is any way to get through to the young people who are living so dangerously on the edge. 
I'll admit it: I feel somewhat silly for even considering the notion that even one of those kids is reading this column or, if they are, taking it seriously. But we all have to speak up and reach out. 
We all have to make this point clear to the struggling young people in this city: We understand that many of you have been forced to to deal with far too much far too young. But we care about you, and you have the potential to overcome your surroundings. Many others have done it.
I hope you were paying attention in your lesson on "History and Moral Philosophy" from Starship Troopers.

Reading Matthew Tully's column on the black "juvenile delinquents"terrorizing not only their community, but the greater community of Indianapolis, serves as a microcosm for the failure of not only the black community in all of America, but our inability to properly understand the true sickness in our society.

Class dismissed.



Negro Fatigue

The almost perfect phrase. I have reached it and beyond. Trying to read this latest blog made it clear to me.

I want NOTHING to do with the African.


I don't want to see them. Hear them. Hear of them. Nothing.

I want a WHITE world to live in. I don't care for "dialogue" with the brightest of these monkeys. There is no "talented 5%" that I need when I have a talented 75% of Whites to "dialogue" with.

I have no more desire to dialogue with them than I do talking to my 2 little dogs. In fact, my two little dogs behave better than the average Negro.

I want away from them. I want them gone and I hope in the near future this is made very clear to them. Leave on your own or be persuaded.

They destroy Detroit by driving out the Whites who built the city and then they destroy the actual infrastructure. They are a virus of civilization. They are a disease of civilization. They are the infection that if we don't eradicate will destroy the White world and thus the world itself.

This madness must end.

Pat Boyle said...

Seeking advice.
I read just about everything Heinlein wrote when I was a kid. But not somehow 'Starship Troopers'.

I've watched the movie at least a dozen times. (not the dreadful sequels of course)

Should I bother to read the novel at this late date?


Anonymous said...

I submit that it was immoral to remove a feral, lower IQ sub species of human from Africa and import it into the new world for any reason. It was further immoral as well as illogical and insane to declare it to be worthy of equality and citizenship and given all the rights of men. These immoralities have been compounded by the further immorality of coddling this subspecies of human through entitlements in an effort to compensate for their failures as a species. It is further immoral to allow this state of affairs to continue unchecked.
However, these immoralities have taken root with a vengeance and since we're dealing with essentially an invasive and destructive species, uprooting it will and would be a monumental task. However, it is immoral not to do so.
When someone is harmed by the actions of another, the moral thing to do (which is standard by law) is to see that the person is returned to the condition they were in prior to the event which created the harm in the first place. Removing Africans from Africa harmed both the African (as it cannot assimilate nor compete in a first world environment) and it harms all other races in America due to the effects of the dysfunctions of the Africans and their presence.
The moral thing to do is to return the Africans to Africa to the conditions they were in before they were harmed by being introduced to the new world.
It's the moral thing to do for everyone concerned.



Ok, I read the entire blog and the final words woke me up:

"our inability to properly understand the true sickness in our society."

We White people are the sickness. We know better. Maybe not all of us, but a huge number of us know better. We brought an inferior race here to do yard work. We did it. We also feed them, like farm animals, and thus we breed them.

We created and maintain and encourage the sickness. They are only doing what comes natural and normal to them. Can we really blame them?

This mess would not be a mess if it wasn't not for the actions of us WHITE people. We are the sick ones and what we are enduring, and will endure, is of our own making.

There is hell to pay.

Erasmus said...

Matthew Tully is saying the polite things. Let's "talk about it" "talk our hearts out", "reach out", etc.

I heard that for years when I worked for the State of Florida. All they could offer ex-cons and criminals was compassion and benefits. It's all about rights and benefits. No responsibility - and why can't we suggest responsibility? That would be racist.

Hey, if Whitey isn't allowed to talk about solutions, we'll stay out of it. You can't offer solutions or compassion if you aren't welcome at the table.

Californian said...

"Bugs, Mr. Rico. Zillions of em!" --from Starship Troopers (I had to quote that!)

Here's the thing: Heinlein was going on the assumption that there was a reasonably rational society behind the show. A society that saw science as a means to solve the problems of the day. In the era in which he wrote, this was not unreasonable.

In his lifetime, he saw America rise to a highpoint via science, industry and hard headed common sense. Skyscrapers, radio, television, computers, atomic power, penicillin, jet airplanes, rocketry, interstate highways, two cars in every garage and a chicken in every pot--and even Americans walking on the Moon.

In his lifetime, he saw Detroit become the automobile capital of the world, the Arsenal of Democracy, the Paris of the West. There was nothing that could not be accomplished when Americans put their minds to it.

Therein lay the problem.

Heinlein was assuming that future Americans would be like the Americans of his day. But of course, they are not. Today, you have two types which are increasingly dominating national life:
* the low IQ, low impulse control demographic
* DWLs

Heinlein did believe there was an irrational streak in Americans, manifested in religious hysteria. He premised a number of his stories around a religious dictatorship being established in the country, which is later overthrown by a libertarian revolution. That messianic fervor is here today, but in the form of modern liberalism with its mass delusions and inquisitions against dissenters. They are deluded by ideology to the point of suppressing scientific data re genetics.

The concept of rights balancing duties has largely gone out the window. Entitlements, race hustling, flashmob violence, media coverups and massive bureaucracies are the law of the land.

In some of his stories, Heinlein presents a sympathetic view of blacks. Of course, it was easy enough to do so at the time he did his best work: white people were in the majority in America, blacks were a small minority kept under strict control. He, like many Americans, could assume that ending segregation would lead to a flowering of black scientific achievement and civic duty.

Over the last several decades, we have the outcome of BRA, and it ain't pleasant. There's a downward spiral, and not just in America but also in sub-Saharan Africa and the banlieus of Europa. A Heinlein purist might note that these just may be the "crazy years" which he predicted. But is there any counterbalancing force as with "Starship Trooper's" veterans to bring about a new society?

Anonymous said...

I too tire of the referral of dead blacks as lost potential. Really, aren't live blacks in a society exactly that?

Whites should say NOTHING about black crime except when it affects a white. Stop trying to mother these chimps and let them be.

This notion of spanking and punishment...yes, exactly. That sort of stuff is referred to as OPPRESSION. The law, punishment, arrest, incarceration, RULES are oppression to those who lack the innate ability to follow them.

Punish a dog for eating a steak you left out on the floor and you only get a pissed off dog

Puggg said...

We're going to have so many rights that we'll have no rights. That seems like a contradiction, but it's playing out right in front of our eyes. Think it through.

Lorraine said...

Yes there is, the resistance movement alive and well on the blogosphere. We are much like the resistance movement during the Protestant Reformation that spread anti tyrannical messages via the printing press.

Chinese proverb: ' just because the water is calm does not mean there are no crocodiles'

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

One of your best pieces.

Mutant Swarm said...

Matthew Tully writes: "... There's been a lot of talk lately about the idea that black leaders need to speak up more about the stunning frequency with which young black males are being shot, killed and locked up..."

Still using the passive voice, I see. "Being shot." "(Getting) killed." "(Getting) locked up."

NOT ONCE does he use the active voice. For instance: "Blacks are shooting, killing, and going to jail as a result."

He's STILL letting them off the hook, by not forcing them to take responsibility for their own behavior.


I can not thank you all enough for your existence. This blog is keeping me sane in an insane country/world.

The clarity and logic, the insight and the education many of you express here is so refreshing. Even the use of "slurs" is refreshing and delightful.

I am so tired of being polite and kind to those who would put a bullet into the heads of my 2 children...

Thank you all for being alive.

Jay Santos said...

That Shamus Patton looks like a good guy. Sadly, I imagine he's had women grab their purses when he has entered an elevator and he has surely heard car doors locking as he walked by. I see the day that Obama's Affordable Care Act gives him a scholarship to medical school. In 2017 he'll be your doctor.

Don M said...

Of course you should read Starship Troopers. Not only is it a reasoned discourse on ordered liberty, its a kickass sci-fi military adventure.

P.S. The movie didnt do it juzzdiss (sic).

Anonymous said...

Lost potential? Tully is insane.

Anonymous said...

Lost potential...Tully is insane. OT, do you think Bill O'Reilly has "negro fatigue"?

eah said...

At least the 'Black Expo' is doing what it ought to do: showing America what a significant segment of the black population is actually like. And the media has a harder time hiding that by calling them "teens".

Cool Cowlick said...

Cool Cowlick

@ Pat

Read Starship Troopers at least once.
It is a 'young adult' novel, though intended
for smart and thoughtful young people.

I read it at fourteen, and have never reread it. Yet it had a very powerful effect on me.
When I join the Navy I met three or four guys who said specifically that they sought out military service because of the ideas in ST. They were in fact the smartest and most motivated guys in my recruit company.

Over thirty years later when the movie came out there were many online discussions of both book and movie. I found to my surprise that I had no need to reread it;
the characters (Dubois, Johnny, Carl, Carmen, Lieutenant Raszcak, Sergeant Jelal, and Juan's father) were etched in my memory. I could quote long sections of text and dialog, again without referring to the book. It caused me to think seriously about the structure of society and the duties of citizenship in a way that civics class and the daily news never did.

I don't agree with everything in it. It isn't even my favorite Heinlein's juvenile - that would be Citizen of the Galaxy. But I can't deny the wallop it packed.

The movie is a trashy travesty,of course, but I had advance notice of how it mangled
the book, so I just enjoyed it on its own crappy level. The actors were attractive, some of the dialog was funny. Why Heinlein's widow ever allowed it to be made is another question...

The movie merges the characters of Major Dubois (the high school teacher) and Lieutenant Raszcak (Juan's first combat leader), in the person of the actor Michael Ironside. It was possibly the only improvement on the book in the movie. The scenes with Raszcak are simply the best thing in it.


@ Californian,

You need not be a Heinlein purist to understand that we are stuck in the Crazy Years.

But the Bad Times will end.


Life is choices. Once you move out of your parent's home, for better or worse, you are 100% responsible for everything you do. (I'm ignoring other cut-off points, but the point I wish to make is the same).

Life is choices. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sure, your inner ape is demanding short term gratification,, but when you choose to act you have made a choice. It is your choice to live your life for short term happy moments or to live your life for long term happiness. That is the ultimate choice.

Overall, the White race lives for long term happiness while the black sub-race lives for short term happy moments. You can see the difference. The "culture" you produce is a direct result of your time frame.

There is nothing anybody else can do to help you. Nothing. The smarter ones of us observe and see the world and make smarter choices. No, we are not perfect, but we endure less suffering and produce less suffering in others.

These black youths choose their actions. There is nothing I, nor any goof-ball liberal journalist, can do to help nor stop them. Nothing.

Spend 100% of your time making your life better. Then, after you have your act together do all you can to teach and guide your children while you have the chance. Talk to them, draw out their fears, their feelings, their thoughts and talk to them. You will not be around for ever and soon they too will leave on their own. They will make choices, which you will have 0 control, and all you can do is hope you did your best.

Hug your children and tell them you love them. They crave this.

You choose everything you do. Everything. Once you are "an adult" everything that happens to you IS your fault. Assume that as your philosophy and in doing so you will make far more correct choices.

(For any negroes reading this. I apologize that you didn't understand a thing I wrote)

Anonymous said...

"There is hell to pay."

oh yah, there is a special place in hell for cowards.

Californian said...

Should I bother to read the novel at this late date?

"Starship Troopers" works on several levels. If nothing else, it provides a realistic, if somewhat glorified, view of military service. It also goes into details of why men fight. You have the beliefs of the society. But there are also things like comradeship and breaking free of the limits.

Heinlein offers an exposition of population factors leading to conflict which resonate these days of declining white birthrates. Something to consider when we see how exploding black demographics replace whites, whether in southern Africa or America's cities.

SST provides one blueprint to get white people organized. There's the ideology, the survival factors, and how to get your act together. It is definitely worth reading.

Anonymous said...

What if the black mob destroying city after city (especially Indianapolis) has no "better nature" to appeal to?

Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding! You have won the $64,000 question, a trip to Hawaii and a new car! Come on down contestant P.K. and claim your winnings. Yes you win for figuring out the parable of the scorpion and the frog. What's that just common sense you say? Well then why is it so uncommon comrade.

Anonymous said...

My parents were hardcore antiquers and one weekend while they were out looking for new finds me and my brothers broke some original Tiffany lamps while wrestling. My brothers being much older said to me you better have fun today because it is ass whipping time tonight when they get back. The whole touchy feely bravo sierra about discplining children being hard on them or damaging to their fragile psyches is just that bravo sierra. Kids know the limits of discipline and are testing to see what they can get away with. When the parents got back that Saturday night they introduced me to the switch and I never wrestled with wreckless abandon near antique lamps again.

Anonymous said...

Jesse L. Peterson on Bill O'Reilly

Anonymous said...

"Democratic ideals among an homogenous population of Nordic blood, as in England or America, is one thing, but it is quite another for the white man to share his blood with, or intrust his ideals to, brown, yellow, black or red men.
This is suicide pure and simple, and the first victim of this amazing folly will be the white man himself."

~ Madison Grant-1920 in a forward to the book The Rising Tide of Color by Lothrop Stoddard

Anonymous said...

Political tags — such as ..., liberal, conservative, ... are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.

Robert A. Heinlein

Anonymous said...

You are deeply depressed and and your every thought is of pain and sorrow. How I envy you.

Dieter from Sprockets

Anonymous said...

The realist in murder writes of a world in which gangsters can rule nations … where a judge with a cellar full of bootleg liquor can send a man to jail for having a pint in his pocket … where no man can walk down a dark street in safety because law and order are things we talk about but refrain from practicing.
- Raymond Chandler

Anonymous said...

I get it, CENTURION. And you are spot on.


Pat Boyle said...

There is something else too in dog training - breed propensities.

I got my dog from a woman who was my tenant. She was dying of cancer and worried about Charlie. You see Charlie wasn't well house broken. That means he had frequent 'mistakes'. That means he shit in the house.

One reason I would never have had a dog like Charlie was because he was too expensive. My cat was free from the pound, but Charlie had cost $1,500 as a puppy. He had had a number of expensive vet visits too. I spent $1,000 on him one day (three vets that day).

Charlie is probably the cutest and most loveable dog it is possible to be. He would have to be that way, given his flaws.

He's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Blenheim. Such dogs are sweet and loyal but they are not "Street Wise" - that means they run in front of cars. And they are prone to "accidents" - you know what that means.

They say that the Border Collie is the smartest dog but they are only smart at herding. They can't point worth a damn. So it is with all dogs. They exhibit the characteristics of their breed.

I unfortunately have a dog who in spite of years of rubbing his nose in the poop, spanking him and putting him under the garage without dinner - still forgets and shits in the dining room.

He isn't trying to defy me and he knows it's wrong. It's his breed.

So it is with certain human populations. Black people are a breed that engages in criminality - everywhere and everywhen. Putting them in jail early and often is good advice but it will not fix the problem. It's the breed.


Anonymous said...

OT: Down with the ship...Gary,IN possible bankruptcy:

Anonymous said...

"Should I bother to read the novel at this late date?"


Anonymous said...

Lorraine said...
Yes there is, the resistance movement alive and well on the blogosphere. We are much like the resistance movement during the Protestant Reformation that spread anti tyrannical messages via the printing press.


People preaching to the choir and waiting for someone else to do something.

I spread tons of messages on Twitter, and on blogs, for years, and had zero impact. Except that I was told to take a hike.

I conclude we can't force people to look at the facts. They will seek the facts themselves when they have had enough of the black BS and are ready to seek the truth. But by then the damage done to society will be fatal, and all they'll really learn is what jackasses they have been all their lives.

We do have veterans with skills and equipment who might be able to effect a coup, but Constitutional loyalists seem to be undergoing a purge now. Everyone is being monitored, especially the military. Doing anything would have a high risk of discovery and failure. I can't blame them for not trying.

10mm AUTO said...

"Heinlein did believe there was an irrational streak in Americans, manifested in religious hysteria. He premised a number of his stories around a religious dictatorship being established in the country, which is later overthrown by a libertarian revolution. That messianic fervor is here today, but in the form of modern liberalism with its mass delusions and inquisitions against dissenters. They are deluded by ideology to the point of suppressing scientific data re genetics.

The concept of rights balancing duties has largely gone out the window. Entitlements, race hustling, flashmob violence, media coverups and massive bureaucracies are the law of the land."

This is Key. With the loss of religion, Cultural Marxism has stepped in as the prevailing "religion". Anyone who disagrees is labeled a hysteric, a neanderthal, a "racist", or a redneck.

Cultural Marxism (what we call Political Correctness) as has been pointed out, has all the earmarks of a religion. Brilliant men (Dr. Watson, finder of the DNA double helix for example, are treated just as Galileo was when they break the tenants of the religion, while low I.Q. "leaders" are exalted.

Why negros are the new cherubim, I can not answer. Perhaps because they are going to be the shock troops against the unbelievers; perhaps because they are easily manipulated as the early carpetbaggers found out or perhaps because Liberals feel so guilty about being White that ANY minority is raised to Holy status to atone for Whites being so extraordinary. Perhaps the greatest race that ever walked the earth (Whites) have a flaw of religiosity so deep, it will be our downfall.

If I may State, Marxism is a suicide cult, as plain and as ugly as the Jim Jones "Koolaid" cult. It does not matter that the Liberals are dying out as well (as they are not reproducing), they want to take all of us down with them, openly stating that the world needs to be "cleansed" of humans down to a few hundred millions. Billions of dead.


What is in the heart of the philosophy of Marxists that it always comes down to killing? With Marxists the Gulags, the re-education Camps, the lethal population "corrections" are the first thing up and running. Mao, Pol-Pot, Stalin, Castro, on and on the list goes of negative societies under this philosophy and not one positive example.

The absolute measure of a philosophy or religion should be the positive results and a growing family size after its implementation. Negative results should cause it to be condemned, no matter how many good words like "equality" and "Justice" are included in its description.

Sorry for the long rant.

Mom in VA, have sent several E-mails with no response.

Anonymous said...

I think the non-event of the acquittal of Zimmerman will mark an important transition point. Groids warned and threatened and demonstrated. Violence was palpable. The resultant yawn was a definitive response from Whites. Groids now feel unsure-- YT didn't react as expected (minus the dependable DWLs). Obama tried to stoke the embers but again... a yawn. The demand to have (yet another) conversation about race was greeted like a fart in church. The federal response to Detroit will be telling. A bailout, which you know they are drooling to organise, would unleash moral hazard on a national scale. The line would form immediately. But they can't crash the system they worked so hard to capture. Will they sacrifice Detroit to ride the gravy train a few more times around the tracks? Or will they say fuck it-- Obongo bux for all!

I agree CENTURION-- this is at root a white issue. Along with TWMNBN.

Anonymous said...

OT: HBCU Winston Salem cheating scandal:

Anonymous said...

I just finished the forward of Kevin MacDonald's "Culture of Critique". One interesting thing he pointed out is that whites inflict what he calls "altruistic punishment" on members of their own group. This means whites punish other whites who they feel are not contributing sufficiently to the welfare of people outside the group. If true, there could be a defect in the white/European genetic code that produces this self-defeating behavior.

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Even if I dont post everyday i try to read all the articles and the posts in the's a great pleasure to share the rage i have caught with you...
Centurion looks like me, even if he doesnt like french people i respect him..We're proud of being white, we're proud of having built this world that negros and liberals destroit!
God bless white America

Pat Boyle said...

Thanks guys. I ordered Starship Troopers for my Kindle.

I have a Kindle but I never use it. I discovered however that I really enjoy reading from my Google Nexus 10. It is in everyway a superior reading experience to a real Kindle. The Kindle service is great. I am on my fourth Hornblower novel since last week. Intended to start the Patrick O'Brien books but got captured by Hornblower.

If I get similarly captured by Heinlein, I'll never get anything done.

The Hornblower books have gotten me thinking about the wisdom of progressive taxation. In the eighteenth century the British rewards system was deeply regressive. It stayed that way for more than a century. This was the period of England's world dominance. When it adopted progressive taxation and 'fairer' social policies with the Labor party it began its long slide.

Eugenics seems to have also been good for national prominence - also long gone.


Anonymous said...

OT: Video: Vigil held for Brenna Machus, Dearborn Family Dollar worker killed and dumped in ditch by black thug.

Anonymous said...

And after Starshio Troopers, read 1974 The Forever War by Haldeman. It ranks there at the same pantheon of storytelling of how those who elect to defend the nation are often left aside by the society from which they sprang. The troops fight in exoskeletons capable of dealing massive damage to the alien enemy. The battle lines are light years away from the home planet. Each trip to engage the enemy requires stasis both ways where time is frozen for the troops. Each visit home reveals the changes in escalating amounts because time at home has continued forward. Well worth a read.

Anonymous said...

Pat/Albertosaurus, if you like Hornblower, you'll love Patrick O'Brien (the first book or 2 he's still finding his way, but by the 3rd he's "unputdownable" his characters are 3-dimensional all the way) heinlein's ideas are superb, but his prose is often "clunky" & s/t his characterization s/w limited - but his visual descriptions are rich - as one might expect from an engineer with gifted spatial skills.

Cugel said...

This means whites punish other whites who they feel are not contributing sufficiently to the welfare of people outside the group. If true, there could be a defect in the white/European genetic code that produces this self-defeating behavior.

It wasn't defective behavior when whites only dealt with each other.

But in a world where we have to deal with other races, it's a problem with those who are all about feelings, like DWLs. Feelings and instinctive behaviors are so easily subverted. Consider how the cuckoo can take advantage of other bird's nesting instincts so as to dispense with the bother of having to feed and raise its own young.

Then consider how elitest whites love to adopt African children as a sign of their enlightened state. They are just like the parasitized birds, except dumber, as the cuckoos don't even have to deposit their young in a DWL home.

Anonymous said...

What if the black mob destroying city after city (especially Indianapolis) has no "better nature" to appeal to?

or better yet .Melvin Udall: [to a group of depressed psychiatric patients] What if this is as good as it gets?

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's a completely different story from the movie, and really, anything by Heinlein is worth reading.

Lorraine said...

I just sent another email to PK.

You reply to the blog Viking bitch at

The replies go to my email

Anonymous said...

Hasn't 50 years of affirmative action already shown us that the only way blacks can compete with whites is by cheating?

Anonymous said...

It is...africans even know this

Unknown said...

I grew up in New York City. My parents moved to Queens from India. We grew up in a mixed-race working class neighborhood, but it had only one black family. There were many white families and many immigrants from Asia (India, China, Japan) and Europe (Greece, Armenia, Germany, Ireland) as well as a few families from Peru and Colombia. I remember it being a very safe neighborhood - we walked to school, played outside, rode our bikes for miles, went trick-or-treating - no problems. My parents were not racist and I had friends of all races - HOWEVER, whenever we drove through another part of town that was mostly black, my Dad would always ask us - did we lock the car doors? Were the windows closed tight? Years later, while I was working in a mostly white town, my white co-workers warned me about driving through the black sub-section. One father of a good friend of mine told me to treat stop-lights there as simply suggestions and a co-worker told me never to go there by myself if I could avoid it. These were good Christian people, not racists, but they knew the reality.

The thing is - I have black friends. And when I meet a black individual, I judge him or her on his merits. The best lab partner I had in college was black. One of the kindest people I've ever met was black. All that being said - if I'm walking down the street and I see a group of teen-agers I don't know, and they are Asian or white, I don't feel scared. If they are black - I do.

Unknown said...

BTW, reading about spanking - my Mom never spanked us. But she was still really strict. We just knew from the tone of her voice or the disappointed look in her eye that we had screwed up. My parents came here from India - the expectation was that we would get all As in school, never get into trouble and go to college. They never asked us what we would be when we grew up - they asked us whether we planned to be doctors, engineers or start our own business. That was it. The thought of being on welfare would have been really shameful. The idea that one of their kids would get pregnant out of marriage, or get into fights at school - shameful. Divorce? Not done in that culture. Talking back to older people or disrespecting your teacher? Totally not done.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the excellent post Centurion, pound into youngsters heads that they are responsible for their own lives and decisions, and poor decisions CAN and WILL ruin their lives

Bogolyubski said...

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Even if I dont post everyday i try to read all the articles and the posts in the's a great pleasure to share the rage i have caught with you...

Centurion looks like me, even if he doesnt like french people i respect him..We're proud of being white, we're proud of having built this world that negros and liberals destroit!

God bless white America

Speaking of books, a French author by the name if Jean Raspail penned one of the finest race-realist works of the last century in Camp of the Saints. I expect blancdeseinesaintdenis has read this work in the original language.

YT said...

What about duty vs. Duty?

Am I a coward for not seeking out and "culturally enriching" the nearest DWL because I have young children to raise and don't want to risk jail?

I think that's the ultimate risk analysis going on in the head of other dispossessed whites. When do you raise arms against BRA for the sake of your children? Too early and you end up in the klink and your kids are raised by TV. Too late and theyre machete bait.

P.s. I was in your hood yesterday white mom....Jesus how can you stand it?

Conservative Language Institute of America said...

Three incontrovertible truths that conservatives must fully embrace before they are able to successfully engage the enemy:

1. Equality is Theft

2. Politics is Religion

3. Reality is Racist

Anonymous said...

Centurion said it well - I agree entirely agree. I'm sick of them and the blights they cause. Like every parasite, they consume the environment and eventually the host. Then, when the famine arrives - others/the world must jump through hoops to save them from their lack of long term planning selves. We get pictures of flies eating malnutritioned babies. If the birthcontrol given out there was used, or women kept their legs closed, or men had an ounce of responsibility for the offspring they might create - those children aren't born. I feel.... nothing anymore - save frustration and despair. Agnostic and atheisits avert your eyes. Religious tangent ensues... I recall it was the Lord who made this black curse for valid reasons to his purposes. The curse is a warning!!! Avoid this. The exact scripture is telling - "When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth." Shall not yield her strength... to me that means Blacks will suffer in poverty and hunger.
FUGITIVE - due to violent behaviors/solution modeling. VAGABOND - No permanent home - see the tilling caveat.
Combined = indicates a lack of what is required to live life peacefully, in one location, and to provide for ones self = stupidity - or in liberalspeak: OCD, ADHD, DOB, HDTV, DOA, DDT...

Anonymous said...

Comments - Thank You all. Your voices provide me a ray of hope in the darkness increasingly around us.

Anonymous said...

The most bittersweet thing to me is to watch old documentaries and see cities teeming with white people. Everything is clean and wholesome, alive and vibrant, safe and wonderful. Then, to see the current state of those same places~ dirty, decrepit, unsafe and crawling with groids.
Such documentaries mirror my own experience. I can recall a wonderful park in my hometown which was a fantastic place for children to go. There was a small zoo and even a miniature train which children could go for rides on.
Today, it's a groid infested area. The zoo and the train are long gone. Now there's drug dealers, crack whores and other scummy people lurking about the park and no families ever go there.
To drive by such areas and view them through the eye of memory and to see their current state and to know who is responsible for it arouses the blackest of hates. If with but a glance I could cause all the groids to vanish forever in a puff of smoke and see the park restored to what it once was, I would not hesitate for even a second.
Poverty is not to blame because even poor whites would go to the park and take their children. Even being poor, they still had the decency and upbringing to know not to destroy everything around them and run it into the ground. They didn't turn it into a drug infested center for crack whores, thugs and drug dealers. Black "culture" did that.
Even in the town I currently live in, residents tell me tales of an area that used to be the place to go which is now a no go zone due to groid infestation. In every city or town I've ever lived in, the same stories of decent places destroyed by the same worthless to the world groids.
When I see groids and look at their faces, that's what I see~ decent wholesome places turned into a wasteland of sleaziness, filth and corruption. And when I hear them blaming da white man for it all, I want to just vomit with contempt.

It's Time said...

It's Time checking in. I agree with the other posters about being able to come here and read comments from like minded individuals. I reside in the southern U.S. in a county that is NOT considered "one of the best school systems" in my state. I educate my children at home. No, I do not have a teaching degree but I'm intelligent enough to know that I do not want my children educated by someone who says "axe" instead of "ask". It's really that simple. White people have been asleep for so long--the majority likes what's easy. I thought, before I had my children, when they turn five--they go to school. I go back to work. We live comfortably with two paychecks. NOT!! I'm a paralegal by trade but CHOOSE to educate my own. When in a group, and other mothers become aware that we home educate ours--there is this automatic "Oh, I could never do that. I just don't have the patience" or the "we can't afford for me to stay home". Yeah, whatever. It's called doing without. It's called sacrificing for the greater good. I reply that I want my children speaking correct English and verb usage. I don't want them to learn that you have to stand in line and be a drone and wait your turn. I don't want them witnessing the special treatment of athletes who can't even read. I don't want them, when they are adults, to ignore any of the common socially accepted "norms" I have listed above. If you want a REAL change--get your children out of government indoctrination camps--a/k/a public school.

Mr. Rational said...

The demand to have (yet another) conversation about race was greeted like a fart in church.

I think this that is the take-home lesson here.  All over blogs and newspaper comment sections (and talk radio? I am not a listener) YT said "I'm sick of the extortion.  You want a riot, bring it; I'm locked and loaded.  It's been 65 years since Shelley vs. Kraemer.  You want a conversation, prepare to spend 65 years LISTENING and upholding your obligations instead of blathering about rights."

Anonymous said...

Why worry the whole she-bang is about to go belly up. Only the strong will survive...the dependants will eradicate themselves. It's in the air.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous July 24, 2013 at 1:50 PM said...

I just finished the forward of Kevin MacDonald's "Culture of Critique". One interesting thing he pointed out is that whites inflict what he calls "altruistic punishment" on members of their own group. This means whites punish other whites who they feel are not contributing sufficiently to the welfare of people outside the group.

That's not what I got out of it at all. I don't believe he mentioned outgroups at all. The idea of altruistic punishment is that White people punish people among themselves who behave badly, even when

(a) they were not themselves harmed by the bad behaviour (i.e. not for revenge), and

(b) the punishment they mete out may cost them personally.

That's the sense in which it's altruistic - there's nothing in it for them personally. MacDonald is talking about homogeneous White societies - which used to be the norm.

Melanie said...

That is one bestial looking groid. That thing seriously does not look human. Not at all. It's so repugnant I wish I hadn't seen the picture.

Anonymous said...

Succinctly put! It really is quite simple...The time-orientation is a root cause of much of low-impulse -control behavior.This sort of behavior is not unusual,it is seen among young children of all races,for example,and a lot of adolescents too.In a real world,people that cannot control their impulses would end up dead and not be missed.By this I mean through accidents caused by risky behavior,also the real consequences of being a drag on the tribe,if you will.If the tribe is to survive,people who cause problems,produce nothing,consume a disproportionate amount of services and resources,etc. must be gotten rid of.In nomadic societies they might just be left somewhere and shunned.If they did not get serious as hell about their welfare,and quick,they would die.No genes ,or less at least,to pass on.Nature has a marvelous,impartial way of culling worthless or unfit-for-their environment organisms.When man,in his infinite vanity,tries to short-circuit evolution,look what we get! Huge groups of bored,boorish,not-too-bright,don't-give-a-fuck pieces of criminal shit ! These people would NEVER be here to begin with,had their family not been propped-up,fed,housed,etc. for 3-4-? generations previous.Only the best,brightest,most resourceful,efficient,industrious,thrifty,methodical people would survive and breed the next generation-If we didn',t prop-up do-nothings.Is evolution perfect? No. Over time however,it has worked marvelously and impartially.When man tries to 'improve' or 'tweak'or 'adjust' evolution he gets exactly what he deserves.Millions of wasted,worthless lives living only to get as much as they can,as fast as they can,as long as they can-with plenty of gunplay thrown in to make sure everyone notices.What some might call a rant I call relief. If you made it this far,thank You! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...