Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's the Difference Between the Conditions of a 27% Black City and a 64% Black City?


Population: 834, 852

Black percentage of population: 27.5%

Percent of Black population on EBT/Food Stamps (as of 2009): 34% of blacks in Marion County on Food Stamps.


Population: 621, 342

Black percentage of population: 63.6%

Percent of Black population on EBT/Food Stamps (as of 2009): 32% of blacks in Baltimore on food stamps.

So Baltimore has 403,998 blacks, compared to Indianapolis’ 240,789.

The violence in both cities is almost entirely due to these population groups. Though the black population of Indianapolis is only 59 percent that of the overall black population in Baltimore, its already reached a tipping point and is firmly on the path to a situation where a peaceful downtown Independence Day celebration will require the type of police-state we saw in H.L. Mencken’s hometown in 2013.
The black community leaders/clergy in Baltimore (or is it Indianapolis) speak out against black violence

Blacks recently marched in solidarity after an impressively Chicagoan spate of black violence rocked the city of Baltimore. It did nothing to deter the violence: Not two days after the march, a double-shooting claimed one life only blocks from where the Nubian “peace” rally was held.

Black clergy promised to try and get a handle on the black violence quickly turning Baltimore into more than just a proverbial ‘ghost town’; but an actual city where the ghostly apparitions of once-thriving society (the white man’s skyscrapers) stand vigilant while the black community engages in fratricide. [A new level of outrage brings hope after a violent stretch: Organizers, officials looking to channel and sustain community activity, Baltimore Sun, July 8, 2013]:
On Monday, a group of ministers promised to take on a bigger role in violence prevention and activists held a peace rally and barbecue in East Baltimore. Recent days have seen a citywide prayer tour and calls for a 24-hour Baltimore "cease fire." 
The most visible example of the increased passion came Friday night, when organizers said 600 men walked the length of North Avenue and back — about 10 miles — to protest violence. Among those who attended was 66-year-old Cornell Rigby of Northwest Baltimore, who said he came to the event after hearing about it on the radio. 
"If we don't demonstrate, it's like saying [the gun violence] is OK, that society is accepting of it," said Rigby, who led call-and-response chants during the march. 
"We're redeeming ourselves, because we've been quiet too long." 
Those involved in the efforts say many people don't pay attention to crime until an incident hits close to home. Others might want to get involved but have trouble figuring out how. 
"It's just so challenging to figure out what to do," said the Rev. Scott Slater, of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, at a ceremony Monday in East Baltimore to dedicate a peace mural. The Rev. Willie Ray has been trying to galvanize residents for decades, including an annual event that sought to get people to link hands along the length of North Avenue — but which sometimes drew only a handful of participants. 
"It's a slow process, and you have to go with the flow," Ray said. "You find a few people that's going in your direction, and you roll with it." 
At the corner of Broadway and North Avenue, where Marques Dent sold snow cones for three summers as a child, the former Air Force captain threw a peace rally on Monday afternoon complete with a DJ, grilled hot dogs and drinks. 
"Baltimore's small," said Dent, who grew up in the area and started an IT job-training nonprofit when he got out of the Air Force in January. "It might not be my cousin, but it might be the cousin of someone I know. I have several friends who have been affected. They say, 'I'm tired of going to funerals.'" 
Dent said the violence has shaken Baltimore because it seems to be on the uptick, with few answers as to why. 
"People are upset — they're upset with our law enforcement, they're upset with our legislature, they're upset with our community leaders," he said. "People can't be dropping like flies just because it's hot outside."

The key take-away from the quoted material is that for decades, Rev. Willie Ray had tried to galvanize blacks to do something, anything, to try and convince the black community of Baltimore to ceasefire.

Even with the ‘peace rally’ and Nubian marches, black people are still dropping like flies in Baltimore.

The same is true of Indianapolis, where in a span of a day, two black people were gunned down (by other blacks). [Man holding baby dies in overnight shooting; had survived earlier Indianapolis shooting, Indy Star, July 9, 2013] and [Teenager dies in Eastside Indianapolis shooting, Indy Star, July 8, 2013].

The former story helps establish why white families chose to vacate a community/neighborhood that starts being overwhelmed by the black undertow: a shooting at a park, a black kid gunned down next to a swing set just before 3 p.m. on a Monday…; a row of 8 IMPD officers lined up watching as a crowd of blacks gathered, and eventually fights erupting.

This is the same conditions of 64 percent black Baltimore and the type of communities blacks create, found in a city only 27.5 percent black.

Erika Smith, writing at the Indy Star, noted 90 percent of the city of Indianapolis and Marion County’s budget goes to public safety. How much of the overall budget would go towards public safety if, say, there were no blacks in Marion County or Indianapolis? [Erika D. Smith: It will take more than police to stop violence in Indianapolis, Indy Star, July 9, 2013]:
If suburbanites were uneasy about venturing into the “dangerous” city before, gun-toting gang members are working overtime to validate their fears. 
Collectively, city and county governments spend about 90 percent of their budgets on public safety. That’s correct — about 90 percent! 
The other 10 percent pays for things that actually make cities attractive and livable: parks, infrastructure, transportation options. 
Indianapolis needs to find a way to even out the ratio. We can’t keep spending more and more money to lock people up. It’s expensive, and the cycle will only continue to repeat itself with each new generation. 
Because one of the reasons why we have so much crime is because we spend so much money trying to punish people after they commit crimes instead of investing in things that will prevent crime and help people find other ways to live. 
Every high-crime neighborhood where IMPD will send more officers is a neighborhood also plagued with poor schools, rundown parks and crumbling infrastructure. Abandoned houses, by the thousands, are falling apart in these areas.  
Overgrown lots are filled with weeds, rodents and other vermin. Streets flood when it rains. Sidewalks are turning into gravel and dust. And the city’s grossly underfunded bus service is of limited use at best in getting to and from employment centers that pay livable wages.

What Erika Smith can’t write and what the Indy Star won’t print is that every high-crime neighborhood where IMPD must send more officers is black; it is black children who are the students at schools that are deemed ‘poor’; it is the conduct of black individuals who collectively rundown city parks and assist in ‘blighting’ (or, her words, ‘crumbling’) the infrastructure.

The abandoned houses in Indianapolis are that way, because black individuals moving into a formerly flourishing neighborhood drove down property value so much that whites abandon them; weeds overgrow the lots because black people willfully refuse to take ownership of their surroundings (especially when it comes to admitting it's black dysfunction that caused the collapse of the community); most black individuals lack the qualifications for high-paying jobs – outside of the public sector – and business owners locate their companies/corporations in areas where their employees will feel safe.

Were white people to occupy the same communities that must now be ground zero of the IMPD’s show of force (Project 46218) to take the city back, weeds would be cut; schools would be free of excessive discipline action while test scores and graduation rates would rise; parks would be overflowing with young white families; sidewalks would be pristine, with people walking their dogs and bikers aggressively riding past them; abandoned houses would be filled with the laughter of children.

If HBO wants to resurrect another season of The Wire, why not just do a spinoff set in Indianapolis? 


Anonymous said...

off topic..meanwhile in Chicano, I mean Chicago:

Anonymous said...

We have thrown more than enough money away towards these community programs. Mahogany criminal neighborhoods laugh at Ministers and Community Leaders. Dysfunctional blacks should be left alone to kill each other while whites / Asians move out completely.

Anonymous said...

They say, 'I'm tired of going to funerals.'"

So don't go.

Dent said the violence has shaken Baltimore because it seems to be on the uptick, with few answers as to why.

Do you think that it might have something to do with the propensity of blacks to take offense at anything and everything while reacting to that offense with over the top violence?

"People are upset — they're upset with our law enforcement, they're upset with our legislature, they're upset with our community leaders," he said. "People can't be dropping like flies just because it's hot outside."

Try sleeping at night instead of during the day. Stay at home. There's nothing but trouble on the streets when you're out and about at 0300. Try cooperating with the police instead of shutting down. What community leaders? Oh, you mean the race pimps. Here's a clue, whites don't need community leaders. We do it ourselves and are pretty good at going it without a leader. You might want to give that a try.

Oh, and instead of pulling out a gun to settle who should get the last piece of chicken or how to make the best kool-aid try recognizing that the world doesn't revolve around you and to give once in a while. Try it. You might like it.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing - they think that *the march itself* is going to magically stop the violence!


Anonymous said...

"The Rev. Willie Ray has been trying to galvanize residents for decades"

Did Rev Ray try talking in cadence, and guilting YT into throwing away more money? If not, he didn't try to galvanize the residents very hard.

DailyKenn.com said...

Watching to local news today in Indy.

• 5 homicides in 5 days.
• Two males shot in apartment complex near Emerson & 40th Street.

And this was published this evening:

Expert: More officers won't automatically lower crime

D-FENS said...

What is the minimum White / maximum negro threshold for a viable, safe city? I am thinking minimum 85% White and maximum of less than 10% negro. Also, the trends should be stable for at least the past 10 years. There is a good possibility that I could be relocating to Columbia, South Carolina. Looks like I want to be west of the city. Any opinions?

Slightly off topic: Here is a youtube video of a guy in Atlanta who rented a house he owned to a Section 8 parasite who ended up trashing it. On one hand, he was a fool for doing this in the first place. On the other hand it's hard not to feel sorry for him and anger at what happened to him.


Anonymous said...

"Williams and Thompson had been in the apartment’s backyard with the child at 1:45 a.m. when they were shot, according to an IMPD report. The mother was inside the apartment at the time."

WTF??? NUff said.

countenance said...

Indianapolis Star dingbat writes:

Because one of the reasons why we have so much crime is because we spend so much money trying to punish people after they commit crimes instead of investing in things that will prevent crime and help people find other ways to live.

I respond:

She's almost saying that she doesn't want criminal law to be enforced. That would be one way to cut way down on the crime rate.

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly was priceless today, lamenting the terrible 91% black on black crime (murder).
He had some nigs on to comment. "Lavar?" from "Roots" fame? Who absolutely didn't make any sense at all. And some "highly intelligent" jig who explained the usual krap, environment, lack of jobs, discrimination blah blah blah.
Not once did the dumb phuc mention black on white crime or the destruction of our cities.
If I could just get O'Reilly in a dark alley sometime for some healthy re-education
CryHavoc and let loose the Dogs of War

Joe Hornyak said...

while every tv channel is fixated on the Zimmerman trial and its 'raysist' overtones, in Chicongo, on INDEPENDENCE DAY, 12 gars were killed,and 80 more were shot. Not one news channels mentioned a word about it.But the fact that a MEXICAN defending himself from a groid thug captures the nations tears for the poor nigglet shot down by the 'WHITE MAN' Pass the barf bag.

countenance said...

Another thing. Of course the Indianapolis city government will spend 90% of its budget on "public safety." First off, "public safety" is a big tent that doesn't include just cops, it also includes fire, EMS, jails, and other things. Second, the major funding source for schools is property taxes for real estate within the boundaries of school districts, which may or may not be coterminous with city or county boundaries.

neanderthal said...

That albino black man in the pic, woulkd be eaten alive in africa, albino body parts fetch a premium on the voodoo market.

This that happens in all cities with a large black population is just another form of the bell curve.

Japan functions wonderfully because its black free, the standard of living is high because its black free, after a natural disaster people are civil and help one another because its black free, unlike katrina and haiti

In black communities the tribe has to remain at 100 ppl, more than that and the caged rat syndrome errupts, blacks just aren't meant to live in large communities, they have to live in related tribes where everyone is related, that's the only way to curb the feral nature

Its an evolutionary strategy, if you contain people to smaller tribes spread out over a large area, and a disease hits, one of those tribes has a chance of making it, that's why the black plague(disease) didn't make it in africa, but had massive destruction in europe.

So blacks not being able to live in modern civilised cities is gentic, a genetic strategy that will preserve a low density population.

They are made to live in small tribes. Small tribes will never develop a high standard of living because there isn't that critical mass required for specialization

We can compare european and eurasian societies to a coral reef, if a disease occurs it wipes out that reef, on the other hand, a sea fan a soft coral is usually solitary, if disease occurs, the solitary sea fan dies, cause it doesn't live in a high sea fan density

So the impasse comes about, that a low density bred group, wants the high standard of living that only comes from living in a high density cooperating society. You can't have that.

High density cooperating societies run the risk of extinction for a high quality of life for all.

Low density societies don't risk extinction, but have low standard of living as the trade off

Simple Anthroplogy

10mm AUTO said...

Yea, What is this having every negro crawling around at 3am? Do you think negro dysfunction is wired to the fact that they are nocturnal predators, hunting others at night? Most well adjusted humans sleep at night, and if they are up at 3am either they have the night shift at work or they are suffering from insomnia. Perhaps low functioning mental simians require less sleep or the impulse to hunt at night.

We need Doctor Doolittle.


yet another white looking black male(darth vader himself) telling them darkies to stop killing each other. oh the terrible legacy of slavery is on display once again. yet nobody tells these cracker haters that a black man brought that terrible legacy of slavery to these shores and he too was a ngr hater. stop crying spooks and start trying. boo-hoo-hoo! shut up and sit the fuck down james earl jones and spend some of your white man's riches on your own people(even though your old ass turned white skinned all of a sudden)I guess we should call you not so dark anymore vader! hey james and the rest of you mistaken black people, it's all on your race this time. all other races are not holding their breath for even just a short time. GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

As usual, Paul is spot-on. It's the ratio of black poverty that causes the most problems. Where wealthy blacks move in to areas, poor blacks follow - and that's when the SHTF. We had some "wealthy" blacks move into the neighborhood here - and the Asian families promptly moved out. For me, the Asians are a canary in the coal mine. Yes, I'm looking for the exits.

Indy's black poverty makes a bad problem worse.

Anonymous said...

"She's almost saying that she doesn't want criminal law to be enforced. That would be one way to cut way down on the crime rate."

She is only protecting our most precious natural resource: the young black male. And she wags her sassy black finger at the white people in every column she writes.

Erika D. Smith is a higher-IQ, light-skinded black gal who has to sell black victimhood to the masses and prove her eternal loyalty to the black race. She is "down for the cause". She is "authentic".

She must be 'keepin it real" so the dark blacks don't hate her for her good hair and her good job, and her home in a white neighborhood.

Erika has suggested before that we emancipate the precious black babies from jail so they can once again run free from da Man. If we could legalize drugs, there would be zero YBMs incarcerated.

She should not have a public voice.

Anonymous said...

-Fireforce- here.

That is one ugly groid on the mike. Is he an albino, or just a very light skinned mulatto?

Anonymous said...

Mary Mitchell in Chicago also propses this. The blatant and astonishing narcissistic tendencies of the black community are quite ammusing!
Preachers are the best! They always ask why????
Okay well the culture of violence, lack of coping skills and the atittude that everyone is human even if they kill. Of course not white people, but everyone needs a scapegoat.
Same flawed logic permeates all black communities and all the same remedies fail in every black community. The thugs don't want jobs or education, their families don't turn them in cause they like the cash and no one wants their bros, cuzzins, uncles and baby daddys to go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Because they can't get any blacks to actually say on camera "we have to stop killing each other" they only say:
It's the cops fault, city fault, no jobs, the random violence.

Anonymous said...

Notice how it's always the old blacks that complain about black crime and yet I bet they were just as criminal in their younger days. Those slack-jawed idiots raised the current generation who are setting new records for mayhem. If those dressed-up chimps said what they really thought, they'd tell the black youf they meant for them to kill YT, not each other. That's what their real problem is with the violence - they never meant to be a victim of it themselves.

Anonymous said...

OT: Chicago 4th of July attack

My Hero! White man chases black sag-pants assthug in Chicago after 4th of July attack on a white woman. I bet the whites in this story are Obama supporters. Maybe they will rethink that one.


Anonymous said...

OT: You paid black DJ and NEA members to booty pop to the "Wobble" song conference.

"C'mon baby c'mon baby show your tits!"



The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

D-FENS @:5:37:

I learned a long time ago that Negros, when their numbers are kept low enough in any given group, feel their inferiority/fear and behave themselves.

However, when the Negro numbers in any group rises sufficiently for them to feel their power they start their stuff, their animalistic stuff.

They will never go away, we non-liberal whites must ultimately begin anew, outlawing the Negro from day one. Thanks.

Wednesday said...

It was a crime to bring Negroes over as farm equipment.

It was a mistake to turn them loose on the North American continent.

It is the height of willful idiocy to claim they are in anyway equal to European or Asian populations.

The only way to limit black violence is to limit the black population. Sterilization, deportation, or e x t e r m i n a t i o n.

Anonymous said...

Because one of the reasons why we have so much crime is because we spend so much money trying to punish people after they commit crimes instead of investing in things that will prevent crime and help people find other ways to live.

Here are some things America can invest in to help people find other ways to live. These have never been tried before because America has failed to prevent crime:

* Set up programs for gangbangers to play sports in the middle of the night to keep them out of trouble. Call it basketball at midnight.

* Have the federal government enact a massive redistribution of wealth to the black community, and we can call it a battle on poverty.

* Create a quota system to ensure blacks get jobs, though we won't call it quotas but action affirmative .

* As for a lack of blacks with higher degrees, there's an easy enough solution. Colleges can set up special programs which will hand out degrees in studies in blackness.

* Then we can have television make programs and even commercials which will show blacks as engineers, detectives and wise political leaders, and we can call this positive model roles.

Since none of this has been tried before, I am sure it will be a success.

AnalogMan said...

"investing in things that will prevent crime..." Let's see, what kind of things might those be? Not a lot of suggestions from the coonmunity. Midnight basketball? Tried that.

Historically, the only things that have had any effect have been the same ones she denigrates (is that raciss?) - prisons, police.

But I believe the Rev Willie Ray may be onto something here:

"The Rev. Willie Ray has been trying to galvanize residents for decades"

Brilliant plan.

Dip them in molten zinc.

Anonymous said...

re..studies in blacness...like Michelles thesis at an Ivy League school? a joke......like a kindergarten 'graduation'..


That is one ugly groid on the mike. Is he an albino, or just a very light skinned mulatto?
White skin and simian features..
he duz look primal...primate..primitive....gees
who be his daddy?

Anonymous said...

Dip them in molten zinc.

The original meaning was "to stimulate by or as if by a galvanic current", as in Galvani's experiments with bimetal strips and a severed frog's leg.

Updating this to the modern era, one terminal of a 7200 V feeder line in each hand should do just fine!

Anonymous said...

People are upset — they're upset with our law enforcement, they're upset with our legislature, they're upset with our community leaders," he said. "People can't be dropping like flies just because it's hot outside."

Blacks inherently incapable of personal responsibility. They'd have their gubmint nannies wiping their asses too if they could

Kamiko60 said...

Hmm...these people can organize a march, but they cant organize a neighborhood watch, neighborhood cleanup, get a job, help their kids get an education. as long as they cant cleanup their neighborhood or bring the community togetehr to make it safer, white people will not move into those neighborhoods. as long as black people hate white people, and the rate of black on white crimes go up, they wont see any white people move into those neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

This is true world wide. Read the stats


Anonymous said...

Someone else's fault always.

Notice how Dent is upset with legislatures, leaders, gov't, the police, even the weather.

Nobody seems sufficiently upset with who is to blame, black males. They have a cargo cult mentality...march and protest and it'll go away. It got them a lot of stuff they wanted in the past and they are trained to make noise and get outraged every time they encounter something unliked.

These clergy were all in the shoes of the thugs at one point. Every black man is "wrong time, place" away from a homicide charge. The chimpout gene is always there. What do you expect from these goons, that they will blame their own nature for the blight?

Anonymous said...

You and the rest keep positing rational solutions to them....why?

Blacks aren't a rational peoples, they are emotion driven.

Their evolutionary success over millennia revolved around taking offense, being highly aggressive, committing violence. Those who weren't got outbred.

Look, anyone who keeps fish understands that some breeds have evolved such aggression that they will kill each other reflexively once population concentration exceeds a certain threshold. Blacks and whites are no different, we just have different thresholds. Asians can sustain much higher concentrations even than whites. Blacks, much lower. Just nature.

Anonymous said...

Marching has worked in the past...cargo cult

Anonymous said...

Wrong and wrong.

Blacks are like kids or like drunk whites. There's no sense trying to REASON with them as they lack the capacity to really GET it.

Blacks are violent because blacks ARE violent. THEY created their culture, it did not create them.

Anonymous said...

B I n g o

Anonymous said...

Why is white flight happening soon the occupiers will push whites to a corner. Why not band together and fight back. Bully hates getting punched back and bout time someone punches back instead of bitching about it.