Saturday, July 20, 2013

"'Come in peace tonight' to Black Expo" demands Indianapolis Police Chief

Why is Indianapolis not cancelling the Indiana Black Expo and instead going through with an event that requires an army of police officers and extra security measures resembling the buildup to an armed invasion of a sovereign nation just to maintain a peaceful black event?

After all, this is a city where the black population is so violent, police have to be called to break up fights between families at funeral homes
A black-on-black crime/murder wave is hitting Indianapolis, scaring away white people from visiting the city in the process. More importantly, white people are abandoning the city to the misery of the black undertow. And no, the Trayvon Martin Saga is not a tragedy; it's a farce.

Where the police chief brags about how "Nobody got shot, nobody got beat down, nobody got robbed...nobody got hurt," at an almost exclusively black anti-violence march, as if this is some sort of great accomplishment when a large group of black gather and no instance of spontaneous blackness is registered. [Authorities, residents call for peace at anti-violence gathering in Downtown Indianapolis, Indy Star, July 15, 2013]

Only in a world as crazy as one governed by the political ideology known as Black-Run America (BRA) could the following article be published without a hint of irony [IMPD Chief Hite: 'Come in peace tonight' to Black Expo, Indy Star, July 20, 2013]:
Indianapolis Metro Police Chief Rick Hite issued a message this morning about the enjoyments he’s had during the Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration this week but also asked for cool heads and peace as the event begins its final two days.
Safety has been a concern for the Downtown event as 80 killings have taken place in the city since the start of the year. Hite increased police presence and other safety measures for the Expo. Hite reported few issues last night.

Here is Hite‘s message:

“I want to personally appeal to everyone to come in peace tonight. We had very few problems last night and none associated with the Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration. We want the same for tonight. In order to ensure a peaceful day, we have several hundred IMPD officers and other law enforcement partners deployed throughout downtown. Additionally, we have partnered with the Ten-Point Coalition and other faith-based groups, who will patrol downtown carrying a message of peace.

“Everyone is welcome downtown tonight. However, if your intentions are to come down and disrupt this Family Strong Event, we will respond swiftly to eliminate the disruption. I am asking parents to know where their children are at all times and make sure they are properly supervised. The Indiana curfew law will be enforced.

“Indianapolis is a great city and the Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration is an important part of what makes it so great. I look forward to a fun, safe Saturday night. See you downtown!”
 Why can't black people behave by the standards of civility white people have created? If race is a social construct, why is it black people who have to be told to "come in peace" when they gather in mass for an event that is an exposition of their culture and their people?
Why are anti-violence rallies exclusively in the black community, normally after this community engages in stereotypically black behavior?

 The new public safety director in Indianapolis has called the murder surge a symptom of "social breakdown," but that does a huge disservice to the communities that aren't seeing such fractures emerge.

It is black dysfunction driving the collapse in Indianapolis, just as it is black dysfunction that is forcing the police chief in Indianapolis to ask people to "come in peace" to tonight's Indiana Black Expo.[Indianapolis murder surge driven by social breakdown, public safety director says, Indy Star, July 12, 2013]:
Troy Riggs, Indianapolis’ impressive and still new public safety director, isn’t exactly a rookie when it comes to crime fighting. His experience before arriving in Indy last year includes helping lead police departments in Louisville and Corpus Christi, Texas.
But Riggs says he’s seen something new and disturbing here: Teenagers — 15- and 16-year-olds — openly defying police, and even coming back to challenge the cops after they’ve been told to knock it off and leave the area.“When I was a kid, you ran from the police — even if you weren’t guilty,” Riggs said. “Now, they’re coming back for more. The pastors (who are working to stop violence in the city’s toughest neighborhoods ) tell me they’re seeing teens who have absolutely no respect for authority.”

What’s driving that defiance, and the violence that eventually rises out of it?
Riggs, in an interview with The Star’s Editorial Board on Friday, pointed to the societal breakdown in large sections of the city as an underlying factor. That breakdown has helped drive the surge in homicides in Indy this year. It’s also a key contributor to an overall violent crime rate, which, although not necessarily worse in 2013, remains unacceptably high.

In the past, most kids had families, neighbors and churches to help keep them in line. That’s often not the case today. In far too many families, fathers are AWOL. The faith-based community doesn’t have the strength — or the respect — it once had. And neighborhoods are collapsing, in terms of infrastructure such as houses and sidewalks, but even more important in terms of engaged and functional neighbors who look out for one another.

So we have a 16-year-old shot to death on a Downtown sidewalk on the Fourth of July. And another 16-year-old gunned down on a playground a few days later. They’re only two of the 68 mostly young, mostly African-American people murdered in our city this year.

What can be done to confront the violence?
In the short term, it’s about triage. Putting more police in crime hot spots. Matching churches with the families of homicide victims to reduce the risk of retaliation. Even feeding people — Riggs said police are running into a lot of hungry people, and the department has plans to launch a program that will provides meals to families in need.
For the long haul, Riggs talks about trying to hold parents more accountable for their children’s well-being. “We’re looking at laws that allow us to charge adults for the actions of their teens,” he said.
Much can be done to confront the violence in Indianapolis.

Much can be done to confront the violence at the Indiana Black Expo that requires a huge police presence to ensure a safe event and the police chief warning people to "come in peace."

Understand the violence in the city and the violence at the Indiana Black Expo are manifestation of the type of environment black people create and thrive in.



A complete breakdown in the standard of civility white people create, and a complete refusal to acknowledge and abide the rules, laws and regulations safeguarding that society.

The answer to President Obama's speech on Trayvon Martin, black males and the way society views/stereotypes them should be effectively answered by the (black) police chief of Indianapolis practically begging black people, especially black males, to "come in peace tonight" to the Indiana Black Expo.


Daniel said...

"If race is a social construct, why is it black people who have to be told to "come in peace" when they gather in mass for an event that is an exposition of their culture and their people?"

TQTMNBA: The Questions That Must Not Be Asked.

stiener said...

Your piece speaks for itself. I, for one,invite the culmination of all this. The sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of all the continuing demonstrations on the Martin/Zimmerman verdict? They don't get another bite at the apple no matter how outraged they profess to be currently. Of course Obama continues to stoke the flames of racial division, but he has a political angle. I was originally concerned they were fomenting a race war, but they could not possibly win. The WH clown has continuously ignored any restraints on his exercise of raw power. It would not be that far fetched to see him attempt to institute martial law nationwide after fostering social breakdowns. He could then move to suspend elections pending the restoration of civil order, which of course will never come. Will the military obey orders to subjugate the citizenry?

robins111 said...

He and the city deserve whats coming..

Anonymous said...

You can come back for more when you have immunity from the Trayvon in Chief and his bathhouse buddy high yellow holder. Shhh...don't tell dhimmi dumbass dimbulb darkies there is no such thing as a white hispanic as they get played like a cheap fiddle by lamestream ministry of propaganda whores and race pimp hustlers who will be safe and sound at the bunker with the Trayvon in chief when it goes live. Did you see where high yellow holder took Zimmerman's gun away? Tenth amendment? Yea not so much in the fundamental transformation.

Vicio Malo said...

My ex worked for Turner Bail Bonds at 10 Delaware st. DT INDY Indy is a shit hole. There are more military parks in Indy than anywhere in the USA except wash. DC. A beautiful library full of homeless people parks full of homeless people and hoods that make Detroit look like a vacation spot. Wheeler Mission was in business as a Christian outreach ministry for almost 100 years. They tried re-designing the area manufacturing plants into upscale condos. The homeless people milling around at all hours, scared the new residents so they closed wheeler mission and re-directed traffic to the Lighthouse mission...a few blocks away. The homeless are a business in Indianapolis. The women's mission is at Rural and Washington. Another business. Norwood is in the south side a 1/2 way house another business...VOA is downtown another business.When a convict gets out of prison he goes to a 1/2 way house must find a job and oddly enough they just happen to know where to send you. They charge you roughly 1/2 of your paycheck to stay at the 1/2 way house. From day 1 you owe them and you will never be able to catch up. You are caught in the trap. You think slavery was a bitch...just ask for details...I studied this shit for several years...have a nice groid free day!...VM

Anonymous said...


Your link [Authorities, residents call for peace at anti-violence gathering in Downtown Indianapolis, Indy Star, July 15, 2013] leads to a hidemya.. page that says "Hotlinking directly to proxified pages is not permitted."

Anonymous said...

On WIBC this week Greg Garrison interviewed Mayor Ballard. Ballard stated that 92% of Indy's municipal budget falls under Public Safety; Law enforcement, fire ...

rjp said...

For the long haul, Riggs talks about trying to hold parents more accountable for their children’s well-being. “We’re looking at laws that allow us to charge adults for the actions of their teens,” he said.

This has been proposed before and it will be proposed again, but it will not be instituted any time in the near future. The White House, at least for the next three and a half years, will never allow welfare dependent black women or members of ASCME to be prosecuted for the crimes of their children.

As is is now, they are not even held accountable for the cost of their children's crimes. Does anyone actually think cities will actually fine or jail welfare dependent black mothers because they are out past cerfew and suspected of criminal activity?

Lorraine said...

How many more cities in the USA are going to go the way of Detroit? Philly, Indy, Gary, etc etc. This whole country is going to turn into a police state.

I was reading the comments on the other thread from our Canadian neighbors. I am dual citizen, Canadian and American. Did not come to the States till age ten in the early 80s. It seems to me that shifts in my race realism consciousness began to occur in the early 90's. I have been what's called a 'racist' since 1992 probably. I look around and I see people just waking up and I feel like saying 'where the hell have you been, I have been a racist for years'.

In doing some of my private research, it is amazing the extent of the government coverup regarding groid violence coupled with help from the leftist media and how long it has gone on. I remember the thread on this site regarding the rape and murder of Quinette Shehane in Alabama in the 1970s.

I have dug up stuff re: the McCleary or Cleary Act put into effect in 1990 which deals with college campus violence. This act was drawn up resulting from a rape and murder of a white female student by a black male student at Lehigh University in 1986! This is how long this groid predatory violence towards whites has gone on undercover with help of the Feds, business, and higher education all so the precious self esteem of the Trayboons of the world can be kept in tact.

Now in order just to have a violence free event, a mini police state must be enacted in Indy because the event is majority groid.

How long must we stand for this?

A recent article highlighted on Amren last night written by Pat Buchanan highlights the over 300,000 white women since the faux rape of Tawana Brawley in 1987 have been sexually assaulted by black males. Where is the civil rights community outrage? Where are the feminists?

I went to the Giant Foods cafe tonite and a heap of bitter looking groids were there ( VA has 'em) watching the NBC nightly news aka Pravda ramble on about the Trayboon trial and Obama's statements etc. I could feel the one groid's eyes boring into my back.

I called my dad tonite and I tell him how Canadians notice the BS too and how they view the bankruptcy of Detroit and how bands of feral groids could be on exodus from there to find fertile grounds to beat, rape, loot, rob, kill.

He tells me calm down.

He is in denial. Other cities will follow the Detroit path. Then what? What will become of the groids unleashed from the ghetto epicenters of Philly, Bmore, Gary etc? Has anyone out there conceived this?

Honestly I picture more home invasions like the one in NJ.


White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

I'm plum wore out from negro fatigue.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1744hrs the page opens fine for me but I am behind a proxy since I don't view any google related page with my real IP address. You should learn how to cover your tracks and manage cookies and scripts so you don't end up on the list comrade. Enjoy the fundamental transformation!

Anonymous said...

Why can't there be a tv show called salt or peppa? They could get 2 identical large wooded lots,separated like 5 miles.Get 2 teams,black and white.Say 12 people on each team.But real teams,say 2 or 3 families on each team,men,women,kids.Give them barest minimum of provisions,but plenty of basic tools.All exactly equal in every way.Check on them in 3 days,1week,etc. Tape the whole thing,cameras everywhere.No goofy goals,weird prizes,etc. Let each camp do what they will.No outside help.I'd be on the show in a hertbeat,or at least chip in money for it.Richard Cranium

Californian said...

If race is a social construct, why is it black people who have to be told to "come in peace" ...


As Daniel pointed out, a question which must not be asked.

[Authorities, residents call for peace at anti-violence gathering in Downtown Indianapolis, Indy Star, July 15, 2013]

There was a time when MAD magazine might have run this headline as an over the edge satire. Today, such things are routine and reported with straight faces. Such is BRA.

“When I was a kid, you ran from the police — even if you weren’t guilty,” Riggs said.

Bull Connor is smiling, somewhere...

"...The pastors (who are working to stop violence in the city’s toughest neighborhoods ) tell me they’re seeing teens who have absolutely no respect for authority.”

Given the level of BRA corruption and lawlessness from the White House down to municipal level, why should those at the lowest echelon play by the rules?

What’s driving that defiance, and the violence that eventually rises out of it? Riggs, in an interview with The Star’s Editorial Board on Friday, pointed to the societal breakdown in large sections of the city as an underlying factor. In the past, most kids had families, neighbors and churches to help keep them in line.

The family, neighborhoods, religion, they have all have been under attack by DWLs for decades. The result is civilizational disintegration. It's a downward spiral. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the BRA Zone!

Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton's National Action Network is calling for a boycott on orange juice and Disneyworld.

How f'ing stupid are these idiots? What do the citrus industry or Disney have to do with self defense laws in Florida (assuming that's what they intend to change)? Illogical morons.

Whiskey said...

Anon at 5:26 yes. That is Obamas plan. And Blacks plus National Guard plus Military which WILL obey equals victory. Goal disamament of Whites plus criminalization of self defense. Sort of Droit de Seignor, myth of nobles sleeping with peasant brides.

Yes of course Blacks would win a race war. They won in Detroit.

Wbiskey on Nook.

Anonymous said...

I am curious.Canada is a fine place.I have many, many happy childhood memories of fantastic vacations to Sandy Lake in Ontario.A truly beautiful,very clean place.I mean I really noticed (even at a very young age) how nice it is.I have occasionally kicked around the idea of emmigrating there.However,the actual dynamics of changing citizenship,living and working in Canada are intimidating.I need to do more,serious, research.You,on the other hand,have dual citizenship,at least some connections in both places,and presumably can live and work either place.What,(besides maybe weather) is it that is tilting the scale towards where you live in the US over Canada? I really am curious.What are some things about Canada that might surprise people in the US? Please do not take this in any way other than intended, ie. I am glad you are here in the US,and on this blog.I bet you have a wealth of practical knowledge.Off topic but I love Rush,Triumph,SAGA,Guess Who, and many other great Canadian bands.Please answer if you feel like it. Richard Cranium

Unknown said...

It's good to see all the posts about Indy. The blacks have been moving north the last twenty years. The north side was always the nicest part of the city. North of the city is where most of the suburbs are. They are even seeing an influx of blacks, Fishers especially. Fishers always ranks as one of the safest, best places to raise a family in major magazines. I see that changing over the next 10-15 years.

Anonymous said...

Last weekend I went to the Lemon Lily Festival in the mountain town of Idlewild, California. Not a Negro in sight, aside from the guy running the BBQ stand. And, unsurprisingly, not a cop in view either. Spontaneous order is the White way to be.

Anonymous said...

How exactly does one 'take on prevention'? WTF does that even mean?

Blacks ... mangling the language beyond recognition.

Anonymous said...

He actually wants parents to know where the children are! Ha good one! Blacks never worry about such things. Just look at how the little. broods run amuck in the grocery stores or drive electric handicap carts into people.


Hey fine white people. again I will say when is that rabble rouser albert not so Sharpton going to go to jail for tax evasion? better yet when are those chittlins going to catch up with the darkest racist in America jessie I've got another family jackson? and why in the world didn't I come up with the windows computer? at least I would have a grant ONLY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF WHITE AMERICANS! also is our 1/2white president that fucking dumb or that fucking stupid? all those years in that black nationalist church has come out of his mouth plenty of times in recent months. hey NSA I just said your boss is a RACIST! oh well.

And as for this indy black expo security bill, was it worth all the rented fences and over-time for the cops who aren't allowed to police the black community. I really hate what's happening to our once so proud country. and while i'm web surfing I see nothing but laughter and making fun of us Americans and from piss-poor countries to boot! also I want to send a warm welcome to our newest white friend Mr. Vicio Malo i'm enjoying your knowledge and your funny humor. and welcome to the new girl lipstick maybe? name slips me at this early time. and to all the anon's out there too! welcome and spread the white word of truth and realism. GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been suspicious since there has been no reports of crime stemming from the Black Expo. I was thinking the news was intentionally covering up stories so as to not tarnish the expos image. However, this morning a man was shot at a hotel downtown (see link below). There are no details at this time but it more than likely is black-on-black crime. I do wonder though if it could possibly be a black-on-white murder considering the Trayvon rallies held yesterday. I have spoken to black folk who avoid the Black Expo because they related that trouble always breaks out when they've attended. If black folk don't trust their own people why should I?

Anonymous said...

Here's another link to the shooting in downtown Indy. This time the article mentions a "juvenile" was shot. We all know the code words by now.

Vicio Malo said...

to P.K. 1st let me say I love this site. I can't imagine how much time goes into your research of issues and then to express your findings in a very intelligent manner. That being said, the "review" of comments nullifies any conversation between commenters. The time elapsed between posting comments and the site posting of comments is immense. Is there anyway you could shorten the time span? Enlist some of your trusted posters to review comments and allow/disallow? I was encouraged to post here a few days ago. I am probably one of your most avid readers. Not too much of a poster. I have read almost every thing you have written since 2009. I have also read the comments for almost every entry you have made.I take my medicine in small doses to make sure it lasts. I am currently in 2010. I read all the new posts and 3 or 4 of the last year I have before completion. I was encouraged to post a few days ago and it is just as I thought...addicting. Keep up the good work. I want to buy your books but I live on a military stipend and have to watch my money closely. Can I check them out at a library? Can I get them online? I will gladly donate a few bucks a month...can my donations be cumulative so I can get some books over time? thank you for your time I hope the spam trap doesn't get this posting...VM

Anonymous said...

How about getting the career criminals off of the streets regardless of their color? A minority of the minority commit the majority of the crimes. Arrest those people and prosecute them to the fullest even if it means that the criminals get to live in tents.

Vicio Malo said...

Lemmee tell ya how food stamps work...a single male in Indianapolis gets $210.00 per month on his EBT card. He goes to Polly's and gives them the card (polly's is a pizza joint in the hood). They take $105.00 and give Joe blow $110.00. Now Joe blow has $110.00 cash who needs food? Joe blow eats at the lighthouse mission. He hits every food pantry in the city...and they are plentiful. He eats a killer breakfast at 14th and Penn. lunch and dinner at the lighthouse mission ( formerly wheeler mission). The Church has a grandiose breakfast on Delaware every sunday. The homeless mission serves breakfast on Saturday in their parking lot. gives away everything from shoelaces to dental floss...they take a few 40s to the river and relax with all their ill-gotten is wonderful for the homeless in Indiana. They also contaminate the canals. Unsuspecting tourists and people that don't mind "mingling" with the aboriginies also go there...truly a cesspool. The killers use to dump bodies in the canals...they had to end that so they tried to make it a tourist spot...anyone insane enough to go to Indianapolis for a vacation needs to have their head examined. have a lovely bumper lipped day VM

MrGJG said...

"The faith-based community doesn’t have the strength — or the respect — it once had".

Nigga please, where do you think so much of this anti-white perspective prevails?

Vicio Malo said...

Anyone that knows downtown Indy knows this...aforementioned church at 14th and Penn that serves breakfast daily ... The blacks bring in Tupperware and gallon milk jugs. They get in line actually push and shove their way into line. Get as many cups of juice as possible go to a table and fill their jugs. The Tupperware containers, by the time they leave, are full of cereal. There is free bread and bakery products as you exit. Negroes don't like anything but white bread. Artisan breads wind up in the trash. Negroes are basically devoid of good decision making. They live in the moment not an inch further. The only game they know is how can I get over. That said bein' I sold all my food stamps I gots to go downtown and eat that shit...lemmee get mu Tupperware and jugs, spent all my moneys on crack and these picanninnies needs ta eat sumpin' des cheerios outa do. have a wonderful African free day VM

Melanie said...

@ Lorraine-

What do you think your dad would say if you sent him a list of the white females raped and/or murdered by groids over the past few decades? Including even elderly women 80yo and above, sometimes with their husbands present (bound and beaten)?

And with this, present the government's own statistics which show that the numbers of white on black rape are so low as to be statistically zero? That is, so few that they don't even add up to one percent?

I know that he must love and care about you, his daughter. In light of these statistics, what might he say about the odds that this could happen to you if you were like too many white American women? Even if they don't date groids, they are totally unaware and oblivious and naive (thanks to the media shut-out of the prevalence of black on white rape) to the danger they're in any time they're alone or even with an unarmed white male, when around one groid or a pack of groids? That, were you less informed regarding the rape statistics, one of those numbers could easily be you, his daughter?

Sometimes when you personalise the situation to someone who cares about you but is just unaware of the facts, it can make a difference. Those numbers tell the story-black males prey on white women, while almost the only time a white male is connected to the rape of black female is through false accusations. Wth those numbers being so high, one of those victims could be you, his daughter.

If I were your father and had this information, it would at least make me think.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I picture more home invasions like the one in NJ.

And after one of these home invasions is stopped in midstream by an irate-and terrified-homeowner with a 12 guage or a 1911a1,the really. scary part starts.

The local police,who ought to be congratulating the man or woman for a job well done,will instead be on a grenade fishing expedition to find out if there's any sort of hint of racism in the life of the homeowner.

They're going to do this,because they now know that if they don't do it,they'll be fired,and the FBI will do it for them. And if the FBI does it for them,their lives are going to be subject to the same fine tooth combing.

That's on top of having the local chapters of the NAACP,OWS,and whatever other local morons can be found sitting in front of the house,waving signs,and hollering about racism.

Serious question-has anyone looked into the price of a legal expenses rider for a homeowner's insurance policy to cover this kind of thing? We might very well need it.

Anonymous said...

1 man shot in downtown Indy Marriott hotel:

I live near downtown Indy. I talked last year with a white ER nurse who works at the black undertow welfare hospital, Wishard Memorial in downtown Indy. She said the city actively covers up black on black crime that happens during the Black Expo. Hundreds of rapes, stabbings, cuttings, shootings, beatings, you name it.

She said that the entire staff is on call and gets totally pummeled all weekend long. Tthey have to take regular breaks to keep going.

I listened to the police scanner all night and the city was hopping with black crime up until 5am. I heard armed robbery, shots fired, black male on bike with gun, black males begging for cash downtown, out of control clubs and parties, and parking lot fights.

The Urban Assault Vehicles (Hooptys) with spinning rims and blasting gangsta rap were out in force, cruising and loitering at area gas stations and strips. I heard police and ambulance sirens all night long last night. It kept me awake. Helicopters were circling the entire city center for this black spectacle.

And the #1 goal for blacks is to make a spectacle of themselves because they are invisible to us.

Don't believe the lies that the Expo went off without a hitch. It was a complete and massive police state. Whites are going to flee the city if they have not already gone. Mayor Greg Ballard has sold out his conservative base to the black "leaders" for Trayvon the thug.

THIS IS YOUR FUTURE IF YOU LIVE IN THE CITY. The blacks taste blood and shakedown money, and they need more sacrifices.

Freedom and liberty, civilization, or blacks. Pick any two.

Anonymous said...

Like another poster said, managing the black homeless bums and welfare queens in Indy is a big business. There are white church food pantries with long lines of negroes, most able-bodied males for every day of the week. There are MLK community centers, rec centers, after school centers, soup kitchens, free clothing stations, homeless shelters, battered women shelters, you name it.

Black bum schedule:

First, go to renovated historic public library and wash feet in bathroom basin. Then take nap in leather chairs on third floor and gawk and white wimmenz with young children. Next, get a free computer pass and surf porn for an hour. Take shit in marble-lined upscale library bathroom.

Go outside to smoke on the front steps with other bums and google at white wimmenz. Beg patrons for liquor cash. Take piss in library courtyard. Go to church feeding station to get lunch. Get liquor. Get drunk. Go back to library and take nap #2 on leather chairs on third floor. Get free computer pass an surf porn for second allowed hour. Google at white wimmenz, get thrown out.

Vicio Malo said...

TY Nordic C. I have been here a long time. I have been somewhat apprehensive about posting here. I am somewhat limited education wise but encouraged to I suspected it is intoxicating to vent. Thank you for the warm welcome...have a lovely negro free day...VM

eah said...


Welcome to Chicago -- now give me that iPhone

Some "teens" steal a tourist's mobile phone.

One of the "teens" says: ...'We didn't take your phone, you white b------, leave us alone,'...

Oops, that sounds dangerous. So, per the report, Tammy, the apparently white victim, immediately adds:

"I don't think it was racial. I just think they targeted anyone whose phone they could get."

Yes, even though the "teen" called you a white bitch, there wasn't anything racial about it.

You wonder if the reporter prompted her to say that.

Anyway, just to show how far the brainwashing by the media has gone: this country is full of people like "Tammy" who are so afraid of being Paula Deen'd that they'll make absolute fools of themselves by saying the most ridiculous things.

It's also my anecdotal experience that too many Whites are deathly afraid of the race issue; they run from it, you can see how uncomfortable it makes them.

So I'm not as optimistic as some commenters here that BRA is on the ropes. Seems to me it's in full control.

Anonymous said...

There's a jungle ethos among low-life third world people that being dissed requires a confrontation and the willingness to follow through with extreme violence. This low-brow idiocy is the result of weak mental function and leads a huge amount of bloodshed.

Well, here we are in 2013 America and our commander in thief and the rest of our pathetic sub-Saharan african population are almost in complete conformity to this destructive and immoral mindset.
To these stupid people, all that matters is that a black teen was dissed by being watched by a light-skinned neighborhood watch captain; therefore, any violence that happened was Mr. Zimmerman's fault. The fact that this african jungle mentality results in huge numbers of blacks being killed, crippled, and imprisoned is totally lost on these nitwits who are filled with racist tribal bloodlust.

We just had the obamanation give his cry baby story over the horror of blacks being made to feel less comfortable due to other peoples wary looks or small defensive actions. The millions of people who have been robbed, raped, battered, and murdered by the stinking sons-of-obama are completely irrelevant to this POS POTUS.

Down here in Central Florida, our local paper had a photograph of black females at a protest. It's impossible not to notice how small are the foreheads and how big are the mouths. The inexorability of blacks inability to understand a civil society is obvious at a glance.

Anonymous said...

RE: negro feeding programs

I took my kids to summer tennis lessons in a public park next to the "Martin Luther King Community Center". It was the park closest to my home. The center had a summer feeding program. Not just for children, but for the entire fambly.

Cars full of able bodied and often obese blacks would show up exactly as the doors opened. 10 children and more. They all drove nice cars and were dressed in decent clothing.

An older black woman with a wagon full of free "wholesome brekfisses" in brown paper bags would then travel around the park grounds handing bans out to everyone. Who knows what kind of "wholesome" shit was in there. But no questions axed about eligibility.


I saw a fat black woman with a bag full of McDonalds took a free meal, rummaged through the contents, and threw the entire thing away except for the OJ.

After a while, black people would drive up to the wagon lady in Cadillacs and Escalades, pop the back hatch, and load several free food bags into their cars. This was clearly theft of a tax-payer funded poverty program, but theft and "gettin' over" is part of their culture. They probably took them home to sell on the streets.

We are wasting so much money on keeping them well-fed so they won't riot??? Why not just let them go for it so we have an excuse to finally let them either make it, or starve to death?

I am in full blown negro fatigue. I don't even physically acknowledge them anymore. They are the devil's spawn.

10mm AUTO said...

Anon @ 7:08

I agree. One thing you can do is make sure that your computer is locked with a encryption lock program like TrueCrypt (free, open source). Also, update your hard drive to an SSD.

I have done so in the last year and it is a relief. In an age where the 4th Amendment is completely gone, it is really the only answer. ANYTHING on your computer can be made to look "racist" and you can bet that if D'Antwon's mammy smells a chance to get YT, she will do it even if you prove that the niglet was climbing in your bedroom, knife in hand when you shot him.
Look at Zimmerman! He mentored negro children, defended a negro homeless guy and has negro in his family tree. I have not (and never will) have those things in my past, plus I detest and mistrust negros. Trayvon's obvious hatred of "crackers" was totally ignored. The last thing in the world I need is my own words crushing me in Court.

You are promised by social compact that you are to be secure in your person, papers and things. Also notice that the first thing "law enforcement" does is seize computers, seeking to convict your with your own words. Say nothing to the police and never, NEVER give them the pass code. NEVER.

Lock your Computer.

Do it, today.

En Raged. said...

"Why can't black people behave by the standards of civility white people have created?"

There is no simple answer to that question, and it really requires in-depth historical and psychological analysis on the order of what Kevin MacDonald did for the Jews.

The starting point, and the basis of comparison, is African behavior. Blacks came to this country knowing only African culture. They had to rapidly adapt to the requirements of slavery depending on the role they were assigned (field grunt, overseer, house worker, etc.) Some received Christian teaching as slaves. Some women were raped, introducing white DNA into the population.

After 1865 they had to adapt to a new environment where they were not slaves, but not accepted into white society either. Here they developed their own institutions and practices, and they were making slow progress toward acceptability. This was interrupted between 1950 and 1965 by integration, the civil rights movement, and finally the federal government paying them to be breeders and slouches so they wouldn't burn down cities. The last of these has had a dysgenic effect on blacks, probably reducing the "talented tenth" to 5% or less.

Someone with the necessary talents needs to take on the task of researching this. It may not tell us what to do, but at least it will be clear what is happening and how we got to this point.

Anonymous said...

@White Mom: "I went to the Giant Foods cafe tonite and a heap of bitter looking groids were there"
Instead of letting it piss you off all the time, once in a while, you should step back and just relish in their lifelong misery. Don't let your guard down, but you owe it to yourself to get some small pleasure out of them. Far and above any political reasons, my primary wish for Sobama to lose the elections, was to see their collective hopes dashed against the rocks and to see them wail and moan en masse. Sadly, I've only gotten but a small taste of it, from the Great Skittles Tragesty. But small as it was, I did savor its sweetness.

Anonymous said...

This whole protest thing is just recreational diversion for shiftless blacks who are without purpose, since their sustenance and shelter are provided by me and other taxpayers. America is on a suicide quest, as it continues to expand its nanny state for increasing numbers of people with entitlement mentalities. These protests just show how people, who have nothing to do, are easily mobilized for political purposes.

Anonymous said...

@Whiskey how would they win when they don't have the numbers or sufficient gray matter to pull it off? I'm a dark rain cloud myself but I don't see a victory for darkies when they don't have the numbers and all races would unite in their disdain for darkies.

Anonymous said...

@Nordic being a thirld world laughing stock joke is part of the fundamental transformation. Russia and China won't wait too much longer before making their move.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 0803hrs the sow better listen to that great ambassador of Christ revrem Al, he of Tiwana Brawley and Freddie's Fashion Mart fame, and throw the OJ out unless it came from California.

robins111 said...

In my opinion, this trayvon protest thing is far from over. When the planned protest/riots largely failed to materialize, the race baiters must have just about beshat themselves.

They were hoping to parlay this into a cash windfall with themselves holding the keys. Now like a spoiled petulant child who's been denied a toy, they'll ramp up the violence. I give it about a week, for them to get over the shock of being ignored, then the real problems will start. Detoilet will be the flash point..

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis also hosts Gen Con. This is a meeting of people who play Dungeons and dragons and games like that. They do not need to be told to come in peace and increased police presence is not needed.

Anonymous said...

How many groids to you see at Disney? Not many and they don't buy orange juice with EBT.

Anonymous said...

Agreed 10mm auto and you don't have to be a computer wizard who started on mainframes at age 7 with your programmer parents. Visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation to find out the best apps and plugins to use to control your machine. If you don't control your box someone else will.

Bogolyubski said...

Anonymous asks:
Will the military obey orders to subjugate the citizenry?

Yes. We've already seen a mostly white unit from the OK National Guard forcibly disarm white middle-class residents of New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. They obeyed lawless orders issued by the groid Ebonics-fluent Pohfleece Cheeph Eddie Compass. Should a high enough percentile refuse the unconstitutional orders and "join the rebellion", treaties and quasi-treaties (security and prosperity partnerships) are already in place (along with planning) to import foreign troops and mercenaries. All instituted with full Republican cooperation and assistance, by the way. This is not to say that it is hopeless or that the enemy is invincible, but reality is considerably more hideous than our "friends" who inhabit places like Repuke Rim-Job's ironically-named Free Republic would have you believe.

Vicio Malo said...

to anon @ 7:25 am do I know you? The Indy library has so many computers your pass is an all day pass. You lock the computer and go 1 block away to get that 40. come back unlock the computer and go back to watching movies. Magically at 3:45 pm the negroes disappear. Oh that's right to claim your bed at the mission you have to report by 4:00pm tomorrow is another day of brutal job searches ogling white women and being worthless. Life is tough in Indy...VM

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

The delay you speak of, is EXACTLY why I don't post, as often as I would like. The relevancy is lost with the delay.

Anonymous said...

One of the things that gets me is this.If you really break it down,the only part of the black community that does much of anything,is black,single-parent women.I'm not saying they are doing a good job.Yes,they get an obscene amount of freebees.They get NO help from their baby daddies,and often look run ragged.Now nobody told them to have 5 kidz by 5 different men.They make bad choices,do dumb things.But if anyone does a damn thing in the black community,it is the women.Is th is why dumb young male niggz(dyn) over-compensate by being super violent? Super loud? There is a lot to it,and this is my take on some of it.Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

To White mom in VA-

You asked where the groids from Bmore, Philly, Detroit will go and how the violence will be run into other places (similar to the NJ home invasion)...

Well, why do you think the murder rates of major cities has gone down in the last few decades? It hasn't, it's been displaced to suburbs like in North St Louis county.

It makes the city of STL look better when their murder rate drops even a tick, but you'll notice the uptick in violence and murders in northern suburbs like Florrisant, Ferguson, Dellwood, etc.

When you have a city like Chicongo and it's murder rate near 1000 some years ago, and now with just 400 or so people killed within the city limits, they think that's progress. Mind you the city population has dropped considerably and if you take a look at the surrounding areas and do some math, you'll see the violence is right where it's always been.

Glad I gotta out of STL and made it to Texas....

-focal joker-

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hello, in France it's the month of the ramadan, a period of one month in which muslims dont eat steal or robe on the day..but they can do it in the night...And it's what they have done in trappes at 30 near Paris..
A big riot happens because police wanted to control a woman who wears a burka...
France is done, under islam rules!

The same thing happens in toulouse too!
During this time Australia stop bad immigration, congratulations

Vicio Malo said...

to anon at 5:26 PM we are taught to take the may not like it but that is just the way it is. you will get over it. Black people cannot deal with truth if they could they would slink off and die in shame under some rock. Who cares whether a nigger thug gets killed? other than his mother, and she got paid well to shut the fuck up. She would sell the rest of her children if that was the going guess is the race pimp al not-so-sharp-duh could get her at least $35.00 for that other son of hers any bids?

m said...

The relevancy is lost with the delay.

This is why you QUOTE the text you are responding to, even name the poster and maybe hyperlink to the comment it's from.  It maintains the thread.

Reply comments shorn of context are worse than useless.  They are just noise.

Anonymous said...

I agree with some others who said the comment capability is pretty bad. Not to take away from what PK does mind you. Just probably should find himself a better way to do the comments or host the blog. The blog pieces are great but PK could bring the audience together better without the comment delays and with a reply format and maybe those voting buttons. Everybody likes that stuff. Also the older threads are replaced so often and the continuity is lost. this kind of format discourages effort on the part of the readers, so you just get the short "i hate niggers also" comments.

rjp said...

Anonymous said...

Indychannel reports:

Lt. Christopher L. Bailey says the youth wasn't participating in Indiana Black Expo activities.

God forbid the image of the Black Expo be tarnished.

Vicio Malo said...

That being said, the "review" of comments nullifies any conversation between commenters. The time elapsed between posting comments and the site posting of comments is immense. Is there anyway you could shorten the time span?

I agree with Vicio Malo. Another thing that has been bothering me is that some of my recent comments have not made it. Where they went, I do not know. They weren't vulgar or threatening and did not include links. Just vanished never to be seen.

Anonymous said ...

Freedom and liberty, civilization, or blacks. Pick any two.

There is one you can't pick if you expect any of the other.

Anonymous said ...

Black bum schedule:

Sounds a lot like Harold Washington Library in Chicago. Except we got young bucks here that cruise around constantly looking for things to steal.

Anonymous said...

re: comment system
Well you definitely dont want unmoderated comments here. First, it will get flooded with black trolls and spammers. Second, you will get more posts from their "talented two percent", whose ability to spell and speak English will bait everyone into talking to, punching, and kicking The Tar Baby, as happens in so many threads @ glpiggy.

Anonymous said...

I quit going to library after having a card since 1981 after they put up a wall of kiss the magic nagra's ass books. Now the police patrol the library lot and have to break up fights between vibrant diversities all the time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the admin has a life and is busy with something else. If the comments posting speed is not your liking go to the little lord fauntelroy page and type 16 comments for every post.

Anonymous said...

Why Would You Think The Black Black Males Just Leave? Maybe The Black Females Are Insufferable? I Don't Know. Maybe It Is Not A Predisposition To Have Nuclear Families As Whites Do. That Idea Had Been Tossed About Here Before. But Instead Of Just Blaming Their Bucks Without Full Understanding, ... Well That Kind Of Makes Us More Like Them And Less Like Us.

Anonymous said...

So the police have determined that hunger is one of the driving forces in the violence in Indianapolis. Wow!
Yeah police im a feelin alttle ancy today and da violence is a startin to bubble up, so maybe yall could send a patrolman over wit a bucket a chicken,that will hold of dat violence at bay fo awhile. Make sure he bring da gravy too.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Paul you must listen to this gal:
"whites are no longer afraid of blacks, they in south DC you see Whites!"


Anonymous said...

There is plenty of blame to go around.I don't like the way any of them act,that is for sure.What amazes me is that no matter how much help,aid,assistance,handouts,etc. they are given they just cannot seem to do it.As far as not understanding them,well,who does?Not me anyway! Richard Cranium

bubo said...

Young white store clerk murdered by young black ghetto male in Jacksonville.

By my count this is the 6th or 7th white person killed by black males in the last two weeks here.

could've been Obama's son

Mutant Swarm said...

Vicio Malo said...

TY Nordic C. I have been here a long time. I have been somewhat apprehensive about posting here. I am somewhat limited education wise but encouraged to I suspected it is intoxicating to vent. Thank you for the warm welcome...have a lovely negro free day...VM

July 21, 2013 at 7:36 AM

Welcome aboard! It is indeed intoxicating to have a place to vent.

As far as your self-admitted "lack of education" goes, well, education and intelligence are two different things. You are intelligent. Please keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Maybe the admin has a life and is busy with something else. If the comments posting speed is not your liking go to the little lord fauntelroy page and type 16 comments for every post.

See white people want to fight with one another. You are such a fine example of that. When it all falls apart, my people and I will be looking carefully for people like you.

Anonymous said...

Whew I'm glad we have the arbiters of white think here it would be a shame to miss out on hive mind groupthink. Good luck anon @ 2030hrs you might not like what you find.

Anonymous said...

Believe me,you will have plenty more to worry about than that.Richard Cranium

eah said...

By my count this is the 6th or 7th white person killed by black males in the last two weeks here.

If that's the case it would be extraordinary; not surprising, but extraordinary. So please do some digging and post links to stories about these crimes.

With certainty this sort of crime far, far outnumbers the reverse, ie where a White shoots a Black, which is one reason the media jumped all over the Zimmerman case (which wasn't a crime at all of course). This is why many people now HATE the media: they lie and distort with what and how they report, and what they don't report. White 'racism' (or whatever) isn't a big problem in America: what is a big problem is massive black criminality and dysfunction, which the media dishonestly obfuscates.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one: what is so tragic about one criminal thug murdering another criminal thug?

I'm sorry but I just don't see any tragedy angle in this. It I wish it would happen more often.

We need to get real; it isn't as if any of these 80 IQ simians were gonna grow up to revolutionize the field of physics or something like that. They are born destined to be wards of the state, just as they were wards of slave masters in days bygone. Those masters compelled their work; the state doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Place Holder will eventually face revolt from his own subordinates.

This nickname "place" comes from the Washington CityPaper from his years as a do-nothing us atty for dc area. He was called that by them more than a decade ago.

Anonymous said...

Can they even FIND the parents??

Where yo daddy? He beez in jail or daid
Where yo mamma? Ain't seen her in weeks
Dis yo chillin? Dint do nuffins

Throw hands up and walk off. Now all of a sudden, what, threats against "parents" are gonna reverse their entire evolutionary strategy??? You already have to undercharge all the trayvawns out there andnl overcharge the zimmermans to try to equalize crime rates!

Anonymous said...


Among blacks a MAJORITY are criminals. The data is clear on this.

It isn't a tiny minority when you can look nationwide at 13% of blacks being dq due to felony records. In providence, RI it is 25%. In places in Nola it was higher than 50%. And these are just the percentages of those who are out of prison.

Anonymous said...

Buy a clue...DNA

Anonymous said...

You are always better off to just do all your time and be done with it.Probation,parole,halfway houses,etc. are a set-up,a trap.You end up doing more time on the installment plan.There is more abuse,fraud,hard drugs,and bizzare situations in halfway houses than most people would believe.Another racket,another scam to prey on those who don't dare complain.God help you if you get caught up in it! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Spectacle indeed! They just cannot stop themselves from being loud,rude,and disrespectful in the most solemn,serious situations.Whites standing together could put a stop to most of this bullshit.It really is long overdue.Next time niggz start to nig,at the movie theater or wherever,white people need to collectively tell them to shut up or leave.If they don't quiet down,white people need to run them off,no matter how many whites it takes to do this.These days forget about any business even trying to ask them to behave.Dat wood be rayciss! Richard Cranium

eah said...

Among blacks a MAJORITY are criminals. The data is clear on this.

Why not cite some reference to prove this?

Because you cannot.

Look up the definition of the word majority. It means more than half. No way more than half of all Blacks -- let alone eg half of all young black males -- are criminals. That claim is ludicrous.

The highest rates of 'judicial supervision' for Blacks occurred in the immediate aftermath of the 'War on Drugs'. Here is one data point on that:

In the late 1990s about 9 percent of the total black adult population in the United States was under correctional supervision compared to 2 percent of the white adult population. The percentage of younger adults was much higher. Some 33 percent of the black American male population between twenty and twenty-nine years of age were either in prison or jail, or on probation or parole.

And black rates have certainly fallen since that peak period.

Please don't muck up the comments with such nonsense. Black criminality is more than bad enough as it is -- no absurd exaggeration is needed or helpful.

10mm AUTO said...

eah said: Please don't muck up the comments with such nonsense.

Whoa there big black defender. Using your states lets look at the picture. 33% or 1/3 of the up and coming negro population are essentially felons.

Those were the ones who were caught.

With a catching rate (say in Detroit) in the single digits and only slightly better in other cities, it stands to reason that a vast MAJORITY of negros are not caught for their criminal antics like murder, rape, arson, assault, etc. Meanwhile, the rest of the "community" aids and abets with the "No Snitch" policy. I agree that 50% is a high number of criminal groids, but it is probably accurate.

Anonymous said...

"We suggest that those who do not like being branded as a criminal and do not like incarceration refrain from committing crimes"

Anonymous said...

Its all really simple. The black race have it in their genes to be violent. In Indianapolis the black community makes up 26 percent of the population. Whites 61%. Hispanic and all other races make the rest. Of the top 5 violent crimes ie.. murder, assaults, rape, armed robberies, and domestic violence. Black people commit a whopping 67% of all of the top 5 major violent crimes. Blacks make up over 70% of break ins. Almost 87% of all car jackings. So if 26% of the population is committing over 62% of all crime. And that is a low number. Is that racial profiling or is that a fact. Hummm that's a fact. It's a problem that will never go away because black people are violent by nature. If we took all black people and gave them a couple states to have and start their own new country for black people only. That would be the most violent, poor, undereducated, and deplorable country in the world outside of "the countries of Africa"... The white community andour leaders need to stop trying to be so politically correctand catering to them. Wake up and say enough is enough and let's start segregating again and knee white kids safe in schools, and if we were really smart we should all chip in and buy every black person a one way ticket to Africa. I'll buy a few tickets forthem myself.