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What We Learned from the NRA National Conference in Indianapolis (a city where gun violence is almost entirely black-in-origin)

Cecilia Marie Trapuzzano was welcomed into the world in an Indianapolis hospital, the same weekend the National Rifle Association (NRA) held their annual national conference in the city.

She’ll be raised, alone, by Jennifer Trapuzzano.
The NRA Conference attendees in Indianapolis weren't preparing for a Red Dawn scenario; they prepare for the moment when they might be confronted by a Simeon Adams, who would leave their child, like Cecilia Trapuzzano, without a father...

The mother is the widow of Nathan Trapuzzano; daughter Cecilia is the first and only child of Nathan and Jennifer.

He never got to see her face.

Cecilia will never get to see his face, hear his laugh, or see the love he had for his wife and her mother.

A black 16-year-old, Simeon Adams, has been charged in the murder (execution) of Nathan. During his first arraignment hearing, Adams was captured by both film and camera laughing.

To my knowledge, Nathan’s name or how he died was addressed at the NRA National Conference in Indianapolis.

Nathan was, after all, just a white guy. Simeon Adams, a career criminal at the age of 16, is black. The exact color Robert Farago of The Truth About Guns website hopes to attract to the hopelessly white NRA [Question of the Day: How Can the NRA Become Less White?,, 4-25-14]

His death serves no purpose in the narrative of gun violence. Had he been just another black victim of gun violence in Indianapolis, well, there’s your story.

Sadly, Farago would have found Adams a more suitable attendee of the NRA Conference than Trapuzzano: the only way you make something less white is by having more blacks (or non-whites).

Those actually utilizing guns for violence in Indianapolis would find the NRA too white; instead, they’d feel right at home in the NBA. Yes Robert Farago, your precious, potential black recruits (to add colorful legitimacy to the NRA) are responsible for virtually all the gun violence – fatal and nonfatal – in Indianapolis. [Indy on pace toward 150 criminal homicides,, 4-28-14]: 

Indianapolis hit a troubling benchmark Friday as the city recorded its 50th criminal homicide victim this year — a statistic that reflects a surge of violent fatalities that's been climbing over the past two years. 
The latest victim, an Indianapolis man in his early 30s who police suspect was gunned down during a drive-by killing Thursday on the Northwestside, died in a hospital Friday morning from multiple gunshot wounds. 
Hours earlier, another man died in a volley of gunfire late Thursday on the Eastside.No one has been arrested in either slaying. 
If the slayings continue at their current rate, it will put Indianapolis on a pace to reach at least 150 criminal homicides — well above the 125 it recorded at the end of 2013, which was the highest in seven years. 
City officials in Indianapolis, meanwhile, are trying various ways to stem the bloodshed. Last month, Mayor Greg Ballard outlined a new campaign called "Your Life Matters," which he characterized as a community-led initiative that officials hope will motivate at-risk youths to get off the streets and find jobs or volunteer programs. The campaign is geared toward black-on-black violence. 
Ballard said the increase in homicides last year and early this year — after what he said were three consecutive years of fewer than 100 — "deeply concern me." 
David Kennedy, director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, said the source of such violent criminal activity comes from fluid, disorganized groups — made up of only a fraction of a city's population. 
"The groups will technically represent under half a percent of a city's population," Kennedy said. "That under half a percent is connected with 50, 60, 75 percent of all the killings." 
Kennedy said tensions between different groups throughout a city can often account for flare-ups in violence — sometimes leading to a spike in deaths for a year or two before things calm down. 
The Rev. Charles Harrison, leader of the Ten Point Coalition, an inner-city peacekeeping group, had his own reasoning for what's behind the increasing level of violence and bloodshed in Indianapolis. 
"I don't think that everybody that's making the decisions fully understand the problems in the community," said Harrison. "We are not addressing the root causes." 
Harrison said much of the crime is driven by young black males who do not have role models, an education or employment opportunities. Drugs and gangs also are fueling violence on the streets. The outspoken pastor also called out the black community, saying leaders cannot "hide our heads in the sand" when it comes to a breakdown of families that leaves many young men adrift. 
Harrison said he was hopeful two or three years ago after a focus on getting police officers and community members into high-crime neighborhoods, where they could get on top of conflict before it turned deadly. 
"In 2009 and 2010 and even into 2011, I felt like things were heading in the right direction," he said. "But then, there seemed to be a shift in strategies, where much more focus was placed on re-entry and there was less emphasis on really intervening in street violence."

Cut the bullshit.

Nathan Trapuzzano was a white male, whose daughter will now grow up fatherless thanks to the actions of one of these black males responsible for virtually all the violence in Indianapolis (a city that is 29 percent black…).

The NRA meeting in Indianapolis was compared to a Nazi Rally by the Daily Kos; only SBPDL will point out the violence in Indianapolis, the gun violence, is perpetrated exclusively by people who look like the majority of the participants in a National Basketball Association (NBA) game.

One writer for the Daily Beast attended the conference, and while he wrote mockingly of overweight white men peering longingly at guns, the only people creating a war zone in Indianapolis (and other parts of America) are blacks. The same people lionized for their exploits on the basketball court, are working overtime to use firearms in the same manner white liberals fantasize a white conservative will soon mimic. [Preparing for War in Indianapolis: Inside the NRA Plot to Terrify America: In a cavernous exhibition hall, as far as the eye can see is all the assault weaponry you’ll need should Red Dawn hit your town. Welcome to the NRA convention—and prepare to get scared, Daily Beast, 4-28-14]:
Some weapons were in glass display cases, while others were right out in front to touch at will. At first the constant clicking of triggers and magazines being secured in place was a bit unsettling. Soon it just blended into the background, What was hard to not notice was the look of glee on so many men’s faces—white men, for the most part, generally of less than athletic appearance—whose communal id had been unleashed. They looked like kids in a candy store, boys with toys, with a type of porn their political ideology can get behind.
Anarchy has already hit 83 percent black Detroit; it’s already leveling zip codes and communities in Indianapolis where white people are as a rare a sight as they are on the hardwood of the NBA.
All white liberals want to do is discredit white gun owners, without daring to notice just who is using firearms for violence.
The NRA is almost as white as the NBA is black; as white people gathered in Indianapolis to celebrate guns and the 2nd Amendment, anti-gun protestors gathered outside to deride black-on-black gun violence

While the Daily Beast bemoaned the “NRA Plot to Terrify America” anti-gun protestors in Indianapolis gathered to bemoan the number of black people gunning down other blacks in the city. [Gun control supporters send message to NRA,, 4-24-14]:
Gun control supporters gathered Thursday on the eve of the annual National Rifle Association convention in downtown Indianapolis to plead for the gun rights organization's help in stemming a rising tide of homicides in the host city. 
"We have too many young people with guns and they're using them to settle disputes," said Hoosiers Concerned About Gun Violence President Stephen Dunlop.Dunlop told an audience of about two dozen people that the only answer is to keep guns off the streets. Other speakers said something needs to be done to prevent young black men from shooting other young black men, when both are often teenagers. 
Dunlop said that policies endorsed by the NRA haven't worked for Indianapolis and he wants the NRA to know about the rate of homicides that has risen over the past three years in the city. 
"The one thing that really works is to remove the guns from the streets," he said.
Remove guns from streets? 

That's the plan?

The better plan is assessing why black people are so trigger happy...[The NRA way: celebrate buying guns in a city where 4 people just got shot: At its convention, the NRA won't dwell on ending inner-city gun violence – because it's too busy scaring people into thinking they need more guns, The Guardian, 4-25-14]:
"Enforce existing laws" is a solution to inner-city gun crime only if you believe that it's not guns that are the problem, but the people that use them. Those who advocate the solution assume, understandably, that illegal guns are just a part of the web of criminality that blankets all urban areas. Take the criminals out of the equation, the logic goes, and you'll get rid of gun violence. 
But most inner-city gun violence isn't directly related to ongoing criminal activity. It's violence that stems from arguments over bragging rights or girls or wounded pride: one study of urban youth violence found that 42% of violent altercations stemmed primarily from "being disrespected," 31% from the offender's girlfriend being insulted. In firearm homicides specifically, "other arguments" accounted for almost two and half times (1,801) as many deaths as juvenile gang killings (681) and five times as many as those involving narcotics trade (311). 
The young black men who die from gun violence are dying not because they're so different from young people people everywhere, but because they're so much like them. They argue about the things young men everywhere argue about. They just have guns.

The Truth About Guns is simply this: without a black population, there would be almost no gun violence in Indianapolis and no need for the city government to dedicate resources in the “Your Life Matters” program.

There’d be no weekly vigils or marches for peace.

No Ten Point Coalition needed.

Though white advocates of gun rights and the NRA frets over the lack of black faces within their ranks, the real reason to fear the loss of the 2nd Amendment is the growing non-white population and liberals using extreme black gun violence as a reason to disarm the law-abiding.

Guns in the hands of a people (hey, they might be able to dunk a basketball!) more apt to use them as an offensive weapon when they’re “disrespected” will only further the emotional appeal garnered by advocates of massive gun control.

The perpetrators of gun violence in Indianapolis – and the executioner of Nathan Trapuzzano – overwhelming look like the brothers or cousins of the NBA’s typical athlete.


Black males.

Black males between the ages of 18-30.

Our prisons are full of black men because individual black people commit crime; the NRA Convention is packed with white men and women because individual white people fear being the victim of black crime.

What happened to Cecilia Marie Trapuzzano father, a man she’ll never be able to call “daddy,” is the great unspeakable fear behind why white people are purchasing firearms at such rates.

It’s not Red Dawn white people are preparing for, it’s what happened to Detroit driving white people to gun ownership.

It’s what happened to Nathan Trapuzzano convincing white people to purchase firearms. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Even in America, the Commissar Vanishes: Donald Sterling Banned for Life by the NBA


For life. 

Donald Sterling... a prisoner of America's open air Gulag

Stalin would have former high rankings members of the Communist Party in Russia airbrushed out of photos. Once they felt out of favor with the party and were eliminated, the original photo would need altering. 

Ghostly images, when compared to the original, appear of men whose very existence was airbrushed out of history. The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin's Russia by David King, is a history of these photos and those officially removed by the state. 

They simply fell out of favoring with the ruling orthodoxy. Regardless of their commitment, their memory had to be erased. 

The other day, I wrote If you see something, say something: Donald Sterling, the NBA, and life in the American Gulag.

It contained this line: 
The United States of America is little more than an open-air prison, a gulag, where you work hard and slave away to ensure that portions of your income are taxed to pay for the eternal quest to uplift black people. You can even go into debt to move your family away from dysfunctional, majority black cities, to buy your time some "freedom" in a momentarily peaceful suburb. 
Now, with unlimited immigrants (illegal and legal) flooding into the country, those who profit from this scheme have new, cheaper labor to drive down wages and ensure now prison riots or revolution against their rule transpires. 
But if you dare notice you are wearing prison jumpers (Cliven Bundy, Paula Deen, etc. ), as even Donald Sterling just found out, well, the reality of the gulag of Black-Run America comes crashing down.
Despite spending a lifetime donating money to pro-black causes (even the Museum of Tolerance...), Donald Sterling has just become a prisoner of the American Gulag. All the money spent buying accolades from so-called civil rights organization was erased, like one of Stalin's former allies who fell out of favor. [NBA Suspends Clippers’ Owner Donald Sterling For Life, Imposes $2.5 Million Fine, CBS Los Angeles, 4-29-14]:
Those that fell out of favor with Stalin - summarily executed - had their very existence erased (airbrushed) from the record...
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced Tuesday Clippers owner Donald Sterling will be suspended for life and fined $2.5 million following racist remarks he made in a recorded audio clip.
Silver spoke to the press at an 11 a.m. news conference from New York, stating he will “do everything in my power” to force the sale of the Clippers.

“The hateful opinions voiced by that man are those of Mr. Sterling. The views expressed by Mr. Sterling are deeply offensive and harmful. That they came from an NBA owner only heightens the damage and my personal outrage,” Silver said. “I am banning Mr. Sterling for life from any association with the Clippers association or the NBA. Mr. Sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices, he may not be present at any Clippers facility, and he may not participate in any business or decisions involving the team.”

For Life. 
An Iron Curtain Protecting Blackness has descended across America, sheltering black people from any criticism or potential hurt feelings (criticism of an individual black person, even based on their character, automatically qualifies of castigating every member - regardless of shade - of the black race). 

Just listen to Commissar Kevin Johnson, a former NBA point guard now in control of occupied Sacramento.[Kevin Johnson: Players support Donald Sterling lifetime ban, USA Today, 4-29-14]:
Johnson and others who spoke said a lesson is to be learned from the decision.
"These events remind us that hatred and bigotry are far from over in this country," Johnson said. "I hope every bigot in this country sees what happened to Mr. Sterling and sees that if he can fall, so can you."
By bigot, Commissar Johnson is directly speaking to the white population of America. 

Just as Eric "My People" Holder, grand inquisitor of the Justice Department, said hate crime laws don't protect whites, the party has spoken in one loud voice: bigotry has a color, and that color is white. 

Despite being a creepy individual and lifelong member of America's equivalent of the commissar class, Donald Sterling is now an inmate of the American Gulag. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Low Impulse Control + Poor Future Time-Orientation + Low IQ(x)Jury Nullification (black political control)² = Baltimore in 2014

It's not drugs.

No matter what you saw on The Wire, drugs are not the root cause of the violence in Baltimore. The Baltimore Sun's Don Rodricks' shed some light into the type of community black people have cultivated in Baltimore, when he wrote of the plague of "disrespect" killings that causes far more damage to the city than drug wars. [The insanity of Baltimore's 'disrespect' killings: Verdicts take two killers off street, but how do police prevent such murders?, Baltimore Sun, 1-19-14]

One of the latest homicide victims in Baltimore is just another black male, allegedly murdered by another black male. 
Where once progress seemed limitless, regression to the black mean seems unstoppable

Well, in virtually every homicide in 63 percent black Baltimore, the murderer and victim share the same racial lineage: black. 

Whether the year was 1990, 1999, or 2009, the story remained unchanged: black male found dead from multiple gunshots in Baltimore and a black male suspected in the shooting. 

But it's too easy to just blame drugs as the reason behind the exclusively black violence found in the city. 

It creates a boogeyman, which an eternal war must be waged (a war on drugs) in a vain effort to liberate the city of Baltimore from its invisible vise. Rodricks' piece isn't far off the mark, with "disrespect" homicide likely the primary cause of the homicide problem in Baltimore. 

Though blaming drugs for the body count in Baltimore has worked for years in garnering sympathy for an entirely unsympathetic population (whose role in the demise of the city's fortune is entirely to due to their inherent genetic code), a simple formula emerges that helps explain the conundrum of black casualties: 

Low Impulse Control + Poor Future Time-Orientation + Low IQ (x) jury nullification (black political control)² = Baltimore in 2014

It's this formula that helps drive down property values and convince owners of capital to invest elsewhere. 

It's this formula that helps explain why "primal anger over dubious acts of disrespect" is unweaving the fabric of civilization in Baltimore. [Man charged with fatally shooting neighbor after Sunday cookout: Brandon Stanfield felt 'disrespected' when victim left before his family arrived, according to court documents, Baltimore Sun, 4-22-14]:

A Woodlawn man was charged Tuesday with fatally shooting his neighbor, saying he felt "disrespected" when the victim left a Sunday cookout early, according to charging documents.
Police said Brandon Jerome Stanfield, 30, shot and killed Michael Jefferson Jr., 39, inside his home on Rocky Brook Court after Jefferson left a cookout before Stanfield's family arrived, one witness told police, according to documents filed in Baltimore County District Court.

Officers found Jefferson dead from multiple gunshot wounds inside his home shortly after midnight Monday after receiving reports of shots fired.

Several witnesses told detectives that they were with Stanfield and Jefferson at a cookout earlier that day and that the two men went inside Jefferson's home.

Once inside, one witness told police that Stanfield pulled out a .40 caliber Glock and placed it on the kitchen table, and Jefferson told Stanfield he didn't want guns in his home, the document said. Stanfield then began shooting, and Jefferson tried to flee, running toward the front door. The witness escaped down the basement and left through the back door.

"Disrespected" over a guest leaving your cookout early? 

So you shoot him? This is the rational for your typical black homicide in Baltimore. 

Not drugs. 

Oddly, this was never covered in an episode of David Simon's The Wire or discussed in either of his books The Corner or Homicide.

Where the little tax revenue generated by the majority black population should be going - city beautification projects like enhancing parks for the enjoyment of families, fixing potholes on streets, improving existing infrastructure like outdated water pipes, or making public transportation more convenient and affordable - instead must go to policing the black community and staffing the support system required to populate Baltimore's prison-industrial complex. 
[Baltimore homicides for 1991 reach 304, 1 under '90 record Shooting of woman marks first of '92, Baltimore Sun, 1-2-1992]:

In this majority-black city, young black men have dominated the homicide roster in recent years, and 1991 was no exception.
As of Nov. 30, when The Sun put the year-to-date killings at 269, 62.8 percent of homicide victims -- or 169 -- were black men between the ages of 20-39. When blacks between the ages of 10 and 20 were included, the percentage of victims who were black and male increased to 75 percent.
All of the slain children were black. Among them was 6-year-old Tiffany Smith, who was killed late one summer evening when she was visiting a young friend overnight in the Walbrook area of West Baltimore. She stepped into the path of a shootout between two men. And there was Renae Hicks, an 11-month-old baby allegedly beaten to death last month by her mother and her mother's boyfriend.
In the final two months of 1991, devastating budget cuts hit Baltimore. Although the Police Department was spared layoffs or furloughs, other areas of the criminal justice system suffered. City prosecutors had to take six furlough days, which in turn meant that the business of bringing criminals to trial didn't get done for at least a week.
With the city anticipating yet another loss of state dollars -- this time perhaps $13.3 million -- the prospects for more police or prosecutors in the new year are dim.
"We need more dollars for chemists, analysts, detectives and attorneys," said Baltimore State's Attorney Stuart O. Simms. "Dollars are something we don't have a lot of at the moment."

Civic enhancements are not a priority in a city majority black metropolis where continually hiring new police department support staff is a major fiduciary concern. 

Just one generation ago, the first elected black mayor of Baltimore, the Ivy League educated Kurt 
Schmoke, burst onto the national scene with the hopes of saving his beleaguered city.
Giving the city the moniker of the "City That Reads" Schmoke hoped to erase the formula (quoted above) that was already helping to turn much of the white-built housing stock in the city into nothing more than blight, crime infested neighborhoods. 

Initially it was greeted with national praise. [Baltimore Targets Its High Rate of Illiteracy; Schmoke Pushing Programs to Make `City That Reads' More Than Just an Idle Slogan, Washington Post, by Paul Valentine, 8-27-1990]:
 You see it everywhere, at bus stops, on park benches, on bumper stickers, on city trucks: a silhouetted figure poised over an open book next to the motto "Baltimore, the City that Reads."  
Not exactly a glitzy slogan, Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke acknowledges. But in a city of 720,100 where up to 200,000 adults are functionally illiterate, he says, "it shows where our priorities are."  
On second thought, Schmoke says, literacy is more than a priority. It's a matter of survival. Yet, of the 200,000 illiterates, only about 3,700 are enrolled in literacy programs at any given moment, according to city estimates. Absenteeism runs high. 
And 70 to 90 percent of participants are welfare recipients, mostly women, a kind of captive group that must enroll in education or job training programs to maintain welfare eligibility.  
Baltimore, like many older "smokestack" cities with a fading industrial base, is moving rapidly to a service economy-banking, insurance, tourism, health care-where the need for greater literacy and technological savvy grows daily.  
"We need to adjust to the economic realities of the future," says Schmoke, 40, one of the new generation of young black professionals who have become mayors of major U.S. cities. "That's why these {literacy} programs are so vital."  
"At the receiving dock, it used to be the guy would just unload the truck," Westinghouse executive Charles Zimmerman says.  
"Now he has to enter the information into a computer. "Unless we improve the literacy levels of the people coming into the work force," says Zimmerman, a board member of Baltimore Reads, a private support group of the city's literacy campaign, " . . . these people don't have a prayer." 
Behind the barrage of slogans, "readathons," car wash fund-raisers and other promotional gimmicks since Schmoke became mayor in 1987, he has established a new Cabinet-level literacy office and assigned it the Herculean task of teaching legions of people not only to read but to cope with high-tech America.  
The numbers are daunting. About one-third of the city's population above age 16 is functionally illiterate, that is, unable to read at a ninth-grade level.  
While that standard may seem high, officials say many have difficulty performing common tasks like reading bus schedules or filling out job applications. Uncounted thousands cannot read at all. Many of the people in literacy programs come from neighborhoods wracked with crime, drugs, teenage pregnancy, unemployment and poverty, problems that hinder attendance, officials say. 
 Of 5,409 enrolled in programs during the year ending June 30, up to 40 percent dropped out at one point or another.  
Almost 37 percent were unemployed. Fourteen percent were nonreaders. "They're prisoners in their own neighborhoods," says Maggi Gaines, the city's literacy boss.  
"They can't read bus and street signs. They can't read medicine bottles." "I never worked a job in my life," says Annette Shellington, 30, a mother of three who completed the eighth grade at age 17 but until recently read at second-grade level. 
"I never filled out a job application. I was scared . . . . I was embarrassed." 
Enrolled in a city program, she now reads at fourth-grade level.
It is this black population that gave birth to real moniker of Baltimore: "The City that Bleeds."

Black women like Annette Shellington birthed the new Baltimore, enabling the formula to become more than just a mathematical theory on a blackboard; ultimately regressing the civilization whites had founded there to the black mean, supported by the offspring of women in similar circumstances as Shellington.

No, it's not drugs.

It's this:
Low Impulse Control + Poor Future Time-Orientation + Low IQ (x) jury nullification (black political control)² = Baltimore in 2014


Sunday, April 27, 2014

If you see something, say something: Donald Sterling, the NBA, and life in the American Gulag

A recorded conversation (as Steve Sailer noted, in California it's illegal to record a conversation without consent), where the Jewish owner of the Los Angeles Clippers - and lifelong supporter of the NAACP and the Democrat Party - makes private comments that immediately become public fodder.
Donald Sterling, far right, on a visit to Russia in 2006. Now he is another prisoner in America's open-air gulag

Off with his head! [President Obama admonishes Donald Sterling for “offensive racist statements”, Sports Illustrated, 4-27-14]:
The owner is reported to have said some incredibly offensive racist statements that were published. I don’t think I have to interpret those statements for you; they kind of speak for themselves. When people — when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk. And that’s what happened here.
I have confidence that NBA commissioner Adam Silver — a good man — will address this. Obviously, the NBA is a league that is beloved by fans all across the country. It’s got an awful lot of African-American players. It’s steeped in African-American culture.
And I suspect that the NBA is going to be deeply concerned in resolving this.
I will make just one larger comment about this. The United States continues to wrestle with the legacy of race, slavery and segregation. That’s still there — the vestiges of discrimination. We’ve made enormous strides, but you’re going to continue to see this percolate up every so often. And I think that we just have to be clear and steady in denouncing it, teaching our children differently, but also remaining hopeful that part of why some statements like this stand out so much is because there has been this shift in how we view ourselves.
Profound words, Mr. President. The NBA is steeped in black culture, which is why the league has a hard time filling stadiums (you see, black people have virtually no purchasing power in America, outside of EBT cards... the NBA doesn't accept EBT cards as tender, does it?).

The NBA is investigating the comments of Donald Sterling, turning over stone as if this was some sort of murder investigation. 

But it's not a murder investigation.

It's something far worse.

A non-black individual not engaging in the mandatory fawning over black people, required by all white Americans 100 percent of the time.

Child pornography or homosexual rape charges have nothing on the private thoughts of Sterling being broadcast out to a nation conditioned to believe any negative thought of a black person is an indicator they wish for the noose, Jim Crow, and slavery to immediately return.

Freedom of Association is a meaningless concept in a nation, governed by the concept of Black-Run America (BRA).

There's a scene from Jack Reacher I've quoted before and I constantly think about. Donald Sterling isn't a model citizen, but no one deserves to be harassed as he has over comments that amounted to an endorsement of freedom of association:
Look out the window. Tell me what you see. You see the same things that you see everyday. Well, imagine you've never seen it. Imagine you spent your whole life in other parts of the world, being told everyday that you're defending freedom. Then you finally decide you've had enough. Time to see what you've given up your whole life for, everything. Get some of that "freedom" for yourself. Look at the people. You tell me which ones are free. Free from debt. Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Failure. Indignity. Betrayal. How many wish that they were born knowing what they know now? Ask yourself how many would do things the same way over again, and how many would live their lives like me.
The only people who are "free" in the United States of America are black people. Free from being judged by even the content of their character...

Failing K-12 schools that are majority black? Not enough state or federal funding.

Lack of qualified black candidates for elite colleges? Racism on the part of the admissions process.

Too many black males getting disciplined in those K-12 schools? Bigotry, of course.

An 83 percent black city, once known as the "Arsenal of Democracy," declares the largest bankruptcy in American history? The fault of unions, naturally. 

Hell, the Attorney General of the Department of Justice is working to release so-called "non-violent offenders" from jail over disparate impact.

Black dysfunction has a source.

It's simply blacks.

And if you dare believe you have the right of freedom of association, which enables you to remove yourself from living around black or sending your children to school with blacks (hardly discrimination, namely a rational reaction based on overwhelming empirical evidence of just which demographic drives down property values and demeans the concept of public education), well, just remember what this Donald Sterling incident is trying to prove.

The United States of America is little more than an open-air prison, a gulag, where you work hard and slave away to ensure that portions of your income are taxed to pay for the eternal quest to uplift black people. You can even go into debt to move your family away from dysfunctional, majority black cities, to buy your time some "freedom" in a momentarily peaceful suburb.

Now, with unlimited immigrants (illegal and legal) flooding into the country, those who profit from this scheme have new, cheaper labor to drive down wages and ensure now prison riots or revolution against their rule transpires.

But if you dare notice you are wearing prison jumpers (Cliven Bundy, Paula Deen, etc. ), as even Donald Sterling just found out, well, the reality of the gulag of Black-Run America comes crashing down.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

When Will Vegas Start Doing Odds on Weekend Homicides/Nonfatal Shootings in Chicago?

With Jack Frost melting away, the content of black people's true character is coming out from a long winter's nap in Chicago.
Las Vegas needs to start getting in on the action in Chicago.

Well, some have decided to start calling it Chiraq, but that does a disservice to the good people in Baghdad. It's not their fault the nation is being occupied by the United States of America.

But Chicago isn't occupied by any foreign army; it's occupied by the sons and daughters of black migrants who flooded into the city during the 1920 - 1930 Great Migration of blacks from the southern states.

The most enduring symbol of the civil rights movement in 63 percent Baltimore is plexiglas, bullet-proof glass protecting businesses and their employees from their primarily black customers. This same legacy is found in almost entirely black tracts/zip codes/communities of Chicago. [Bulletproof Subways A Sign Of Violent Times?, CBS Chicago, 4-25-14]:
 While out on an unrelated assignment, CBS 2 investigative reporter Dave Savini decided to stop by a South Side Subway sandwich shop for a meal.
Savini was struck by the fact that the counter of the store at 116th Street and South Halsted was encased in bullet-proof glass.
Such a sight would be common at crime magnets like gas stations or currency exchanges, but a Subway?
The store was clean and looked just like any other well-run Subway restaurant, except for the bullet-proof protection for the employees and lack of a bathroom for customers.
The FBI Director says he's "painfully aware" about the gun crime in Chicago, but does anyone dare point the violence is almost exclusively black-in-origin? News the federal government is creating a new unit to deal with the gun violence should be greeted with indifference unless this unit only deals with the black community.
The alien invaders in the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon did less long term damage to Chicago than the black population (migrants from the south, their children and grandchildren) have done to the city

Well, the black and brown communities of Chicago

Thus far this weekend, even before the liquor flows on Saturday night (and minor slights become grounds for a 9mm bullet to the head), it's been a deadly, deadly weekend in the black - and brown - areas of Chicago. [Wave of shootings leaves 4 dead, 26 wounded since Friday afternoon, Chicago Tribune, 4-26-14]

Easter weekend, while most of the civilized parts of Chicago celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the retiring of Jack Frost for the spring and summer meant the black and brown community was coming out to play.[At Least 8 Dead, 44 Wounded In Weekend Shootings, CBS Chicago, 4-21-14]

The week before Easter? More of the same. [4 dead among at least 36 shot in Chicago in 36 hours, Chicago Tribune, 4-13-14]

Chicago's middle class - white people - vacated the city precisely because of the crime and misery imported via black and brown migration to the Windy City.

Individual white people created the conditions in Chicago that helped make it a world class city; individual black people create - well, and brown people - the conditions in Chicago that help make it known as Chiraq.

Come on Vegas, it's time to get in on the action.

Over the past two weekends - including Easter - 52 people were shot in Chicago. Already this weekend, 30 have been shot.

It's not even Saturday night yet.

Las Vegas offers gambling on virtually everything.

Why not on the weekend homicides/nonfatal shootings in Chicago?

Wait... Chicago was the name of the city when it was populated by primarily white people; Chiraq is a more suitable name for the black and brown population that forms a majority there, and whose culture helped convince white people to flee for the suburbs.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Son of "No Snitching" DVD Creator Gunned Down in Baltimore

Peter Moskos is a Harvard-trained sociologist who spent a year as a cop trying to bring law and order to the 63 percent black dystopia that is Baltimore. He wrote a book about his experience, Cop in the Hood: My Year Policing Baltimore’s Eastern District. The book offers one excuse for the black dysfunction bringing down civilization in Baltimore to the black mean after another. But there’s one fantastic, illuminating portion of the book that deserves republishing.
Told blacks to "stop snitching" in 2005... his son is gunned down by black violence in 2014

In light of Baltimore's "No Snitching" King, Ronnie Thomas, losing his son to the black violence driving away those capable of sustaining civilization in the city, Moskos only interesting portion of Cop in the Hood is highlighted here:
Thug Life  
 While poverty is unquestionably rampant, many police (often using their own economically poor upbringing as evidence) are convinced the poverty does not create the ghetto. Rather, a ghetto culture of violence, sex, and drug use creates poverty. One officer told me, “You’ve seen what it’s like. Can you imagine what it would be like if your professors knew what really goes on here? I don’t see them walking down these alleys or spending time in one of these houses. They read about 280 murders, but they don’t know about the thousand shootings, the cuttings, the assaults where people don’t die. Those don’t make the papers. If people saw how fucked-up everything is, they’d stop blaming poverty or racism and just want the whole place torn down.”  
 Most police, both white and black, believe that the social problems in the Eastern District [PK NOTE: an entirely black area of Baltimore] are hopeless. One black officer said, “It’s hard not to think that this is a jungle here. People running around in the street at all hours. Getting high, acting like fools… They ought to tear everything down. All of it!” A white officer echoed this belief: “I’d like to napalm the whole area. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Just come in with air strikes and watch the whole thing go up in flames… I don’t know what else you can do. If people want to live this way, I say fuck’em.” 
 A black officer proposed similar ends through different means. “If it were up to me,” he said, “I’d build walls and just flood the place, biblical-like. Flood the place and start afresh. I think that’s all you can do.” When I asked this officer how his belief that the entire area should be flooded differed from the attitudes of white police, he responded, “Naw, I’m not like that because I’d let the good people build an ark and float out. Old people, working people, line’em up, two by two. White cops will be standing on the walls with big poles pushing people back in.” (p. 39-40)
 The Eastern District of Baltimore is a dystopia, a mini Port-au-Prince, Haiti in a once thriving American city.
Yet another book that absolves black people in Baltimore from any responsibility for their dysfunction

Baltimore's skyline, built by a people far different than those who create the culture of death in the Eastern District, stands as a silent witness to the misery blacks perpetuate in Baltimore.

Moskos, trained to blame all black dysfunction on either vestiges of white racism, Jim Crow (which was created to protect whites from the very conditions thriving in the all-black Eastern District), and white privilege, lacks the ability to discern the misery of black Baltimore is a creation of their own design.

Law and order was created to protect the civilization whites built; "no snitching," as popularized by Ronnie Thomas in Baltimore, was built to created to protect the civilization blacks built. Thomas, aka "Skinny Suge," was featured in Stop Fucking Snitching Volume 1. Well, now his son is dead, a victim of the exclusively black violence tearing away at the foundations of Baltimore white people erected long ago (and ultimately abandoned via white flight). [ 14-Year-Old Shot In The Head Was Son Of ‘Stop Snitching’ DVDs Creator, Baltimore CBS, 4-23-14]:
 Save our youth–that’s the mission of city leaders, including the Baltimore City Police Department, after seven teenagers have been murdered this year. 
Rochelle Ritchie reports the most recently slain teen is the son of the man who created the “Stop Snitching” DVDs. Fourteen-year-old Najee Thomas was fatally shot in the head Monday night while inside his Cherry Hill home in the 600-block of Roundview Road. 
He is the son of Ronnie Thomas, also known as Skinny Suge, who created the “Stop Snitching” DVDs that gained national attention. The first video surfaced in 2004 and was followed by a sequel in 2007. Police believed the DVDs were a form of witness intimidation and popularized violence in Baltimore. 
Skinny Suge was sentenced in 2010 and is now serving nearly 20 years in federal prison. Now stuffed animals and balloons hang from the fence of the home where his son was shot and killed. His murder makes the seventh teen killed this year in Baltimore City. 
The violence against Baltimore’s teenagers is a major concern for parents with teens of their own. 
“I have a 13-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy to be concerned about. They were playing basketball with [Najee] the same day he passed away,” said Rozonia Bunch, neighbor. Last week, 17 year-old Michael Mayfield, a student at Edmondson-Westside High School, was shot and killed. No arrests have been made in either of the boys’ deaths. 
As summer break approaches, the mayor is stepping up her efforts to make sure Baltimore’s kids have the right leadership and a safe place to go. “That’s why it was so important for me to do the work, the youth connection centers that I spoke about in my state of the city,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. “We are working to make sure we have year-round protection.”
There is no coordinated violence against the black youth of Baltimore; it's just outbursts of spontaneous blackness, the kind found in other black areas of America like the south side of Chicago, all of Newark and Camden, Philadelphia, and New Orleans.

Gun crime in Baltimore is a uniquely black phenomenon, though the same problem is found in Gary, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as Macon, Atlanta, Savannah, and Columbus, Georgia.

The Eastern Establishment, from which Peter Moskos was educated, has failed in addressing the cause of the violence in Baltimore and other American cities.

It's simply blacks.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

“Time” and “Newsweek” Noticed the scarce amount of Blacks at Apollo 11 Moon Launch in articles published in 1969; No one dares notice the scarce amount of whites present in Detroit at its historic bankruptcy in 2013

Gary Edgerton’s book The Columbia History of American Television offers another fascinating glimpse into the most striking example of racial differences in recorded history: when black people arrived on mule-drawn carts in Cape Canaveral – as part of the Poor People’s March – to protest the Apollo 11 moon launch.
From 2010, the Detroit City Council members. Yes, all members were black... the city is the black capital of America

Part of the Columbia Histories of Modern American Life, Edgerton’s work includes quotes from the July 28, 1969 issue of Newsweek and the July 25, 1969 issue of Time. Both periodicals lament the general whiteness of the moon launch:
On July 16, an estimated “1,00,000 earthlings, a record outpouring for a launch, had jammed the beaches near the Cape to give Apollo 11 a lusty, shoulder-to-shoulder send off. Among the gathered multitude were Vice President Spiro T. Agnew, Lady Bird and former President Lyndon Johnson, Senator Barry Goldwater, Jack Benny, Johnny Carson, 200 congressmen, 100 foreign ministers, and 275 leaders of commerce and industry. CBS reporter Charles Kuralt observed that Americans had gone “moon mad.” Time, in contrast, asked, “Is the moon white?” 
“On launch day,” the magazine continued, “the VIP grandstand was a miniature Who’s Who of white America; it was disturbing to notice that black faces were scarce.” Opposition to the expensive space program was especially strong inside the nation’s African American community. “Texas, with its oil wells, large farms, and now space center of the world, symbolizes the affluent America,” said Herbert James, the black field director of the National Welfare Rights Organization, “but there exists in this great state a despicable amount of poverty. Starvation and hunger are taking place within miles of the space center.” 
A "mule-cart procession of the Poor People’s March, led by Ralph Abernathy,” also arrived to protest the Moon launch on July 16. When the civil rights leaders saw the Apollo 11 liftoff, however, “he forgot about poverty and prayer for the safety of the men.” At least temporarily, the Moon landing generated an unprecedented level of interest in the space program, although some cohorts were clearly more excited by the telecast than others. “If to many the moon seemed white, it also seemed middle-aged,” Time further surmised; “the young, who have grown up in the TV and space age, seemed the most blasé of all. (p. 272-273)
NASA Mission Control in Houston, 1969: white America's footprint is on the moon; black America's footprint is 2014 Detroit

Time magazine wrote it was “disturbing to notice that black faces were scarce” at the launch of the Apollo 11, despite that outside of black custodians employed by NASA, there were few blacks involved in the space program.

How dare white America get to the moon without black involvement!

Well, it was only black involvement in the running of Detroit that brought the once proud city to its knees. Sadly, Time or Newsweek won’t lament the “disturbing” lack of black faces that were anything but scarce in the destruction of the city.

Luckily, Ze’ev Chafets 1990 book Devil's Night: And Other True Tales of Detroit supplies a quote that helps put into perspective the blight and ruin Detroit has become. In fact, it clearly shows what happens when black faces are no longer disturbingly scarce.

It shows what happens when white faces are scarce.

George Crockett, a longtime black judge in Detroit – during the racial transformation of the city from majority white to majority black – and eventual congressman, was a force in antagonizing the dwindling the white population of the city and convincing them to find new real estate to call home.

Chafets wrote:
A few days earlier, in a special report on the thirteenth District, the local NBC affiliate had called him “George Crockett, Third World congressman” – a reference to both his ideology and the devastation of his district. Crockett chose to take the reference as a compliment.

“Third World?” he mused. “Well, there’s something to that. Detroit is the black capital of the United States. When I first ran for City Council, back in 1965, I predicted that within ten years Detroit would be a majority black city with a black leadership, and I was right. One problem of postcolonial societies is a lack of prepared leadership cadres, especially in places like Angola and Mozambique, which were under Portuguese rule. We’re not quite that bad, but there’s room for comparison. 
“We had a white outflow that I’m not aware has been duplicated in any other metropolitan area in the United States,” he continued. “There is urban-suburban animosity because whites lost money in running, and because they still want access to the library, the symphony, the ballpark, and getting to them is inconvenient. So, that way, too, there is room for comparison to a postcolonial situation.” (p. 118-119)
Detroit was colonized. It was 98 percent white 100 years ago and was more than 84 percent white in 1950. Blacks had nothing to do with building Detroit, but everything to do with the destruction of Detroit.

Blacks remade the city in their image, with whites an increasingly scarce sight in the city. Hell, the currently named GM Renaissance Center was built as a fortress to protect white workers from the increasingly dangerous black city streets.
As the Apollo 11 rocket sat idle, prepared to jettison into space, black people marched for money for their community, using a mule and buggy (items alien even to Africans) to illustrate the dichotomy of white America vs. black America. This picture is from the Poor People's March, circa 1968, just one year prior to the 1st manned moon mission

Underneath the stars, the universe was once ours. Those writers for Time and Newsweek who lamented the overt whiteness of the Apollo 11 moon launch in 1969 were part of the tidal wave of opinion that helped ensure the universe came to become the property of those who remade Detroit in their image.


Those same people who arrived at the July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 moon launch riding a horse and buggy; when juxtaposed with the Apollo 11 rocket, the culmination of individual white people’s collective will and brain power, you get a picture of why Detroit became the city it is today courtesy of black people’s collective will and brain power.

When four black males, accused of attacking a white male in 83 percent black Detroit, and their relatives laugh at their charges, you get a glimpse of the type of community black people create and culture they foster. [At Utash Court Hearing, Suspects' Relatives Laugh At Assault Details, Deadline Detroit, 4-21-14]

When a white immigrant from Australia moves to Detroit to seek his “American Dream” (being a slumlord tenant in an 83 percent black city is somehow a ‘dream’) and gets murdered by one of the black tenants he is evicting, you learn the true nature of what the city being the capital of black America means: one of the people who attacked him – before he was shot to death - stated, ''I'm tired of you white people.' [Detroit witness: 'Kill the dude', The Age World (Australia), 5-28-11] 

A pro-black, anti-white mindset permeates throughout modern, 83 percent black Detroit. After all, to quote Crockett, it's "the black capital of America."

Once, it was federal policy for Americans to reach for the stars; to reach for the heavens.

Today, it is federal policy for Americans to regress to the level of 2014 Detroit; instead of reaching for the heavens, stare blankly at the stars while our future becomes increasingly that of the horse and buggy piloted by blacks back in 1969.

Time and Newsweek published articles back in July of 1969 lamenting the lack of black faces watching the greatest achievement in mankind’s history. Well, European history.

No one dared point out the scarcity of white people involved in the Detroit city government when black capital of America was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2013.