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White Atlanta Mother Who Said, ‘Please don’t shoot, I have a little baby,’ Joins Her Husband in Forgiving the Four Blacks Who Tried to Kill Them

It's a headline from one of the most terrifying stories of 2015 that should still send chills down your spine.  Four black males participate in a home invasion of a young white family in Atlanta, shooting the white father and then shooting at the white mother after she pleaded with them not to shoot... because she had a baby. [Atlanta home invasion: ‘Please don’t shoot, I have a little baby’,, August 19, 2015]:

Michael Lash knew he had a broken leg and he couldn’t feel his other foot. One bullet had gone in the front of his thigh and out the back. 
While trying to protect his wife and two young children, the northwest Atlanta father was shot in both legs Sunday evening, the beginning of a few terrifying moments for the family. As Lash was recovering Tuesday, Atlanta police were investigating the home invasion, hopeful that security cameras on neighboring homes and evidence left behind would help identify the suspects. 
The Lash family had just returned to their Sumter Street home from vacation Sunday night when two male teenagers approached Lash on his front porch, witnesses told police. The teens — one in a yellow shirt, the other in a red one — asked if they could borrow a jack for their car and tried to force their way inside as two other teens stood across the street, police said. 
When Lash tried to close the door, he was shot by the teen in yellow, who had a short afro and tattoos and piercings on his face, Lash was able to tell witnesses and police. 
Inside the home, Lash’s wife, Whitney, heard the shots, grabbed the couple’s 6-month-old daughter and ran toward the back door, her mother, Jessica Huffman, told Channel 2 Action News. Whitney Lash called 911, and in a hushed voice, told the operator her husband had been shot. 
“I just ran outside with my baby,” the mother said in the 911 call. 
The suspects fired two shots at the mother, but missed her as she ran out the back door and to a nearby home for help. 
“He followed her and caught up with her at the gate and she turned around and said, ‘Please don’t shoot me, I have a little baby,’” Huffman said.
Why rehash this horrifying story?
Brandon Jerome Smith, Vashawn Smith, Trequan Sutton and Quindarius Slade: the four black males who threatened the Lash family, with Brandon opening fire on Whitney after she said, "please don't shoot, I have a little baby."

Because it has an even more horrifying postscript: the white family has forgiven those blacks who nearly took the entire's family life, including opening fire upon Whitney after she pleaded with them not to shoot at her... because she had a baby. [Suspect pleads guilty, gets life plus in violent Atlanta home invasion,, 1-28-16]:
Michael Lash may never regain feeling in one foot after being shot in both legs. Though his wife and baby daughter weren’t physically injured in a violent home invasion in northwest Atlanta, the two dodged bullets by inches. 
Still, the couple has forgiven the four teenagers responsible, the Lashes said Thursday morning in a Fulton County courtroom. The first of four suspects accused in the shooting, meanwhile, offered no apologies while pleading guilty. 
Brandon Jerome Smith, who turned 19 on Jan. 21, was sentenced to life in prison, plus 20 years and an additional five years for the violent home invasion in August. The sentence means Smith will likely spend at least 45 years in prison, prosecutors said. 
Smith never spoke to Michael and Whitney Lash, both seated in the courtroom with family members, or glanced at them. But he quietly responded to questions about whether he understood the conditions of a plea deal. 
“Yes, ma’am,” Smith said, barely audible, even through a microphone. 
Smith’s attorney said he was under the influence of a variety of drugs the day he led three other teenagers to the Lash family home on Sumter Street. After growing up in poverty and surrounded by drug use and violence, Smith also began using drugs as a child, his attorney said. Marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs were included. 
But in statements to the court, the Lashes said Smith and his co-defendants could have run away instead of forcing their way into the family’s home. 
“It did grip the city,” Judge Henry Newkirk told the court. “It is a family’s worst nightmare.” 
The remaining three defendants — Veshawn Smith, 15, and Trequan Sutton and Quindarius Slade, both 16, each pleaded guilty Thursday afternoon and were sentenced to 18 years in prison. 
“All it takes is one lapse in judgment and it can terribly affect your lives,” Newkirk said. “You will get out of prison one day, and believe it not, it’s going to be sooner rather than later.”
"One lapse of judgement," Mr. Judge? 

America is irredeemable.  

Friday, January 29, 2016

#OscarsSoWhite and the Nat Turner Movie: The End of the Martin Luther King Compromise (MLKC) is Upon Us

This is called a tease. Read the latest Paul Kersey at [BIRTH OF A NATION–New “Nat Turner” Movie Will Inspire More Black Violence,, 1-29-16]:
Anti-white snuff films are now practically their own genre. The newest movie following in the footsteps of Machete and Django Unchained isBirth of a Nation, a loving tribute to the 1831 Nat Turner slave rebellion which led to the death of more than fifty white men, women and children.
 Read the rest at
Birth of a Nation: Either future Americans continue their worship of blacks as some for of emancipation from the Original Sin of slavery or the Martin Luther King Compromise (MLKC) ends... 

It's my belief we nearing the true apex of the Martin Luther King Compromise (Judge by Character, Not by Color). Most won't admit it publicly, but it's happening. 

Peak Negro is upon us. 

Why? Because #OscarsSoWhite showed the whole MLKC was a joke upon the white people who dared sign their future away believing it was binding. [Will Smith Says He’s Not Boycotting The Oscars Because Of His Snub,, 1-29-16]:
"For me the issue is, I believe diversity is America’s superpower. I think that’s what makes our country great and special. If the image coming out of Hollywood narrows, it’s almost criminal. It’s like we’re narrowing the collective American imagination and that to me is the issue. I’m a member of the Academy, so this is a problem that we all have to solve collectively. For me the only reason it’s an issue this year is because it feels like a regression. There is something happening in our country that’s being reflected in Hollywood, that’s being reflected in the Academy that I for one want to be a part of making the adjustment. I want to be part of the solution.
Mr. Smith... Hollywood has spent 70+ years trying to tell us diversity is what makes America a superpower. Quite the opposite is the truth.

There is something happening in our country that has been forced upon us by Hollywood (and the federal government) and is coming to a finality.

 The Nat Turner movie is a beautiful reminder of exactly what the Western elite want for us, and why we must walk away from the MLKC.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hours After Writing Facebook Post Excoriating Blacks for Killing One Another, Black Male Gunned Down in Kansas City

It's always fun when a majority black (or heavily black) city has a non-profit organization or collaborative governing board of several organizations with the foundational goal being to convince black people to stop killing/shooting one another. Kansas City, Missouri has the No Violence Alliance (KC NoVA). 
Cute, right? 
Except it really, really sucks at its stated goal, with black people almost single-handedly making Kansas City a violent city in 2015
Great job, KC NoVA!
Few stories showcase the utter futility of the Black Lives Matter movement (save an Soros-funded entity aimed at agitating against white people, while inadvertently reminding them why their ancestors had such low opinions of the blacks) as the story of Walter Lee Gregory, a 40-year-old black male who until recently called Kansas City home. [KC murder victim gunned down hours after plea for peace on Facebook,, 1-27-16]:
 A metro man makes an emotional plea for peace on Facebook. Hours later, he ended up dead. 
Now police are investigating Walter Lee Gregory's murder. Wednesday night, loved ones gather to remember 40-year-old Gregory. 
The non-violence group “Mothers In Charge” was front and center. This vigil hit close to home for the organization's executive director. Much like she has at dozens of vigils before, Rosilyn Temple addressed a group of grieving loved ones, but this time it was different. 
"This is three times this has happened to our family. It was a cousin before, then my son, now it`s Walter,” said Temple. 
The homicide victim being remembered was her cousin. Gregory was gunned down last Tuesday at 39th and Troost in broad daylight. More than a week later, loved ones sent up balloons with their prayers in his honor. 
The morning he was shot, Walter Gregory posted on his Facebook page in part...'Why do black people hate each other so much? Who taught us that this was ok?.' 
That sentiment was echoed by Gregory`s father, who said before black lives can matter to anyone, they have to matter to the black community. 
"If life really matters it’s got to start with us,” said Walter Kidd. 
Kidd says his son had no known enemies, and can`t imagine who`d want to hurt him. 
"What I can`t understand, he didn`t have a beef with people. It had to be somebody personally jealous of him or something," said Kidd. 
He says his son was generous even beyond his last breath. He was an organ donor. 
"I know right now that his heart is going to beat in somebody else," said Kidd. 
He was also taking care of his mother who was bedridden and suffered a stroke. 
"What type of child, an only child would stop their life and to start taking care of a mother? Now what does that tell you about the man? That`s a man," said his stepmother Brenda Kidd. 
Gregory leaves behind two daughters, who will only have memories of their father left to cling to. Now the family is pleading with the one who pulled the trigger to turn himself or herself over to police.
While opinion writers for the Kansas City Star want to blame Missouri's "lax gun laws" for black people killing other black people, any reasonable person can easily discern the fault for almost all fatal/nonfatal gun crime in the city is courtesy of the black individuals pulling the trigger.

Yet another city in America with a black population simply working hard to confirm long-held stereotypes of black people, thereby annihilating the claim that Black Lives Matter.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Only a Few Days Until Blacks in Charlotte Protest Arrest of Nearly 30 Black Drug Dealers...

As for 'unusual,' punishment must be unusual or it serves no purpose.”
 -- Starship Troopers

One thought has long sustained me: if we were in control, the police - as agents of the state, entirely accountable to perpetuating the ruling order - would immediately be unleashed to deal with criminality. 


Without remorse. 
The face of criminality in Charlotte, North Carolina: black

Without hesitation. 

Without any media glorifying the "rights" of the criminals. 

In every major city across the nation, the police know exactly who is committing the crime, dealing the drugs, and harboring the violent offenders. And occasionally, they are unleashed to do something about it. [Crackdown on drug trade in Charlotte neighborhood leads to indictments, arrests, Charlotte Observer, 1-27-16]:
A predawn raid Wednesday by more than 100 law enforcement officers led to the arrest of almost 20 people accused of turning the Belmont community into an “open-air drug market” that catered to the entire city. 
In all, 28 defendants face state or federal charges stemming from the crack cocaine trade in the east Charlotte neighborhood, long plagued by poverty, joblessness and crime. A combined posse of FBI agents, state troopers and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police were still hunting six of the accused late Wednesday afternoon. Most of those in custody have extensive criminal histories, officials said. 
A sweeping federal indictment charges 20 defendants with multiple counts of crack possession and conspiracy to sell. Each charge carries a maximum 20-year sentence and $1 million fine. 
“To the law-abiding citizens who reside in these areas, we will continue to work ... to combat drug activity and violent crime,” said U.S. Attorney Jill Rose. “To those who engage in criminal activity, our message is clear: We will not sit on the sidelines while you continue to pollute our neighborhoods with drugs and crime.”Rose, with top FBI and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police leaders alongside, spoke during a press conference at a Central Avenue police station not far from where the early morning arrests were made. 
The raid culminated an investigation triggered by a surge in violent crime in Belmont believed tied to drugs. CMPD Deputy Chief Doug Gallant said during one three-month stretch, his officers answered 31 calls for “shots fired.” 
John Strong, head of FBI operations statewide, said the drug trade brought crime and violence to the majority of Belmont residents “who have chosen to live their lives peacefully.” 
The neighborhood’s struggles have been chronic. According to the Quality of Life Explorer, a joint data effort by the city, county and UNC Charlotte’s Urban Institute, the majority black community north of Central Avenue has almost six times the rate of violent crime, half the rate of home ownership and a third the college degrees as the rest of Mecklenburg County. 
Carl Taylor, 72, a longtime deacon at St. Paul Baptist Church in the heart of community, says prostitutes and drug traffickers operate openly on street corners and sidewalks. His church’s windows, he says, have been punctured by bullets. 
Invited to attend the press conference by police, Taylor described the crackdown as “an important first step. But I haven’t heard a lot about what’s the next step.” 
He motioned to where police had placed the mug shots of those arrested. Some of those men and women had long before become familiar presences around his church, Taylor said. 
Unless the city, police and residents do more to confront the community’s problems, Taylor predicted Belmont’s street corners will be manned by new faces “before the sun goes down.” 
“To poor folks,” he said, “selling drugs is the easiest job in the world.”
Perhaps Carl Taylor, a longtime deacon at St. Paul Baptist Church, a more civil action should emerge to persuade "poor folks" from engaging in vice "before the sun goes down...."

Hang each and every one of the 28 defendants arrested in the Belmont community as a sign that criminality has consequences.

America might be irredeemable, but that doesn't mean the descendants of the founding stock of the United States of America are without options in restoring hope to a world gone mad.

Read more here:

Read more here:

A sweeping federal indictment charges 20 defendants with multiple counts of crack possession and conspiracy to sell. Each charge carries a maximum 20-year sentence and $1 million fine.
“To the law-abiding citizens who reside in these areas, we will continue to work ... to combat drug activity and violent crime,” said U.S. Attorney Jill Rose. “To those who engage in criminal activity, our message is clear: We will not sit on the sidelines while you continue to pollute our neighborhoods with drugs and crime.”
Rose, with top FBI and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police leaders alongside, spoke during a press conference at a Central Avenue police station not far from where the early morning arrests were made.
The raid culminated an investigation triggered by a surge in violent crime in Belmont believed tied to drugs. CMPD Deputy Chief Doug Gallant said during one three-month stretch, his officers answered 31 calls for “shots fired.”

Read more here:

Read more here:
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Courtesy of Blacks, Memphis Off to Most Violent Start to Year in City's History

Congrats to the black population of Memphis, working hard to make the 65 percent black city in Tennessee the most violent in America in 2016! 

Nineteen people are dead so far in 25 days, courtesy of black individuals deciding to take another black individuals life. 

Cue the march! [Raleigh/Frayser communities use march as “catalyst for the movement” to reduce violence,, 1-26-16]:
Some Raleigh/Frayser residents stood up and took to the streets Tuesday. 
Lifeline to Success leader, Pastor DeAndre Brown, led a march through Frayser to stop the killing. 
A man was shot and killed at the Pleasant View apartments Monday. 
Police said three men drove off in a maroon SUV. 
"When I heard the shots, I just hit the floor, and I laid on the floor and told my baby, I said, 'Well, we're just going to lay here until I hear the paramedics,'" said neighbor Sandra Pluitt. 
Pluitt said her 6-year-old daughter knows what gunfire sounds like and what to do when she hears it. 
"And the kids around here seem to be used to it," she said. 
"This is not normal behavior, and it cannot continue this way," Brown said at the march. 
He said he is working to prevent more kids from becoming used to the violence.Standing in the street at Dellwood and Steele, Brown said neighbors are not just responding to an act of violence, as they sometimes do. 
"This is different. This is not just a rally. This is the catalyst for the movement," Brown said. 
Brown plans to assign people in the community to neighborhoods and complexes to monitor and improve them. 
Elected officials stood alongside him as he briefly explained the idea to the marchers. 
"We're discrediting our own self every time a black on black crime is committed, every time a life is taken away, and everyone sees something but nobody sees anything," said SCS School Board member Stephanie Love. 
"I don't believe that we can police our way out of the problem. We have to have community involvement, we have to start getting parents involved, and we have to figure out how to get our schools and our principals and our church leadership involved in this problem," said District Seven City Councilman Berlin Boyd. 
As for Pluitt, she said she and her daughter are leaving Memphis. 
"This is like the norm for them. I'm 43 years old. This will never be normal for me, ever," Pluitt said. 
Brown said organizers will discuss dividing up into different neighborhoods at the next Frayser Crime Committee meeting on February 9 at 6 p.m. at the Lifeline to Success building in Frayser. 
Lifeline to Success is an organization that helps ex-offenders with reentry.
There's some seriously insane contradictions regarding how to effectively deal with the black crime wave capsizing whatever is left of western civilization in Memphis. Can you spot them?

There is one simple solution: Planned Parenthood clinics on every street corner in Memphis.

Monday, January 25, 2016

It's Official: Black Criminality Overwhelms Western Civilization as Orleans Parrish Public Defenders Refuse Serious Felony Cases

God tried.
In 2005, he tried to show the world the reality of blacks when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and blacks in America regressed to the African in less than two days. 
No one of consequence dared pay attention. 
Now, black crime has overwhelmed New Orleans to the point that violent criminals have so backlogged the legal system that court-appointed public defenders are refusing to take on serious felony cases. 
The Orleans Public Defenders office announced Monday (Jan. 11) that it will begin refusing certain felony cases in which defendants face lengthy or life sentences. In addition to murder cases, these can include attempted murder, forcible rape and armed robbery, said Colin Reingold, the office's litigation director. 
The action, which Chief Defender Derwyn Bunton first threatened nearly two months ago, presents uncertain options for indigent defendants charged with serious violent crimes. The office either needs more funding or reduced caseloads, Reingold said. 
"Either those defendants will have to hire a lawyer, or the court will find them a lawyer, or they will wait for a lawyer until one of those things happen," Reingold said. "On a purely practical level, each judge could make their own call." 
Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration has increased direct appropriations to the office from $831,000 in 2014 to more than $1.5 million this year, the administration said in a statement. But these increases have barely kept pace with state funding cuts, the administration said, adding that the state "has primary responsibility in this area." 
The additional local funding is enough to stave off mandatory furloughs, but not enough to provide representation in serious felony cases that is constitutional or ethical, Reingold said. Reingold acknowledged the possibility a judge could order the Public Defenders office to proceed with representation, adding this could ultimately harm prosecutions. 
"We would continue to do the best we can with the understanding that we are warning them it is our opinion that the representation we are providing is deficient, and the case will be vulnerable to an appeal," Reingold said, adding that the Public Defenders office would likely seek appellate relief if forced to provide deficient representation. 
Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro's office did not respond to a query on Monday evening.  
Reingold said the public defenders are currently juggling about 350 cases of the type they will begin refusing, and they are spread among only eight full-time staff attorneys qualified to handle them. These cases include 85 cases in which defendants face mandatory life sentences. 
The office's caseload is two to three times greater than recognized national standards stipulate, Cardozo School of Law legal ethics expert Ellen Yaroshefskytestified in November before Criminal District Court Judge Arthur Hunter. Yaroshefsky said this forces the Public Defenders office to triage cases, which constitutes a conflict of interest. 
"I believe this entire office is operating as a conflict of interest. The lawyers here are compromising some clients in other to represent others," Yaroshefsky said. 
Reingold said the overburdened office is unable to comply with the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct, American Bar Association guidelines and the 6thAmendment of the U.S. Constitution. 
"Those things require that we have capacity on a day-to-day basis to do the investigation into our clients cases, to visit our clients, to take their phone calls and be able to advise them," Reingold said. 
The action aligns with a growing movement among public defenders offices across the country. The Florida Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that the Miami-Dade County Public Defender office could refuse cases when it couldn't provide proper representation, and similarly situated offices have followed suit. Public defenders offices in several Louisiana parishes, meanwhile, have imposed waiting lists or threatened to do so.  
While higher courts are sympathizing with public defenders officers, they haven't provided much direction for what to do with defendants while officials work out permanent remedies, Reingold said. 
"They leave it up to a particular judge to say 'am I willing to wait and risk this defendant's liberty while they are in jail without a lawyer, or do I find them a lawyer to work for free?'" Reingold said. "There's not a lot of good choices here."
One more time: America is irredeemable.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

As Confederate Monuments Come Down in 65% Black Baltimore, Push to Build Statue to Poop Eating Drag Queen Gains Traction

In 2015, the state of Alabama and South Carolina both saw the Confederate flag come down. In New Orleans, Confederate monuments have been voted to be taken down by black controlled local governments. 

In 2016, the city of Baltimore has also seen a black controlled government decided to removed Confederate monuments. 
As Confederate monuments and statues come down in 65 percent black Baltimore, a movement is underway (with blessing from black mayor) to put up monument to shit eating Divine, a drag queen who literally ate poop in the John Waters' movie "Pink Flamingo"

Here's what the Baltimore Sun editorialized about the removal of the statues honoring Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee (as well as a statue to a former Supreme Court Chief Justice who correctly noted in an opinion that blacks, free or slave, had no rights under the US Constitution). [Take the statues down, January 19, 2016]:
That, essentially, is what the recommendation of a commission tasked by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to review Baltimore's Confederacy-related memorials amounts to: an evaluation of whether these statues on public land reflect who we are as a city. The statues of Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B. Taney in Mt. Vernon Place and of Lee and Jackson in Wyman Park, which the commission recommended removing, do not. The Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Mount Royal Avenue and the Confederate Women's Monument on West University Parkway can with the addition of some well chosen signage. 

We're not worried that removing the two monuments will erase the complicated history of Baltimore's role in the Civil War. We're worried that it will erase the embarrassing fact that so many for so long have practiced denial about the entirety of what the Confederacy stood for. Mayor Rawlings-Blake should take down these two statues, but she should leave in their place some acknowledgment of their existence and the circumstances of their creation and removal. Then Baltimore should seek out new art that better reflects who we are today.
."..Baltimore should seek out new art that better reflects who we are today," wrote the editors of the Baltimore Sun. 
As a statue to poop eating drag queen is planned in Baltimore, the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson are coming down...

Speak of the devil, and he will appear. [Divine fans want to build a monument to late actor, Baltimore Sun, January 18, 2016]:
Here's proof that Baltimore isn't called The Monumental City for nothing. 
A group of Divine fans are looking to put a monument to the late actor, drag queen, singer and counterculture figure near the Tyson Street site where his most notorious movie scene — the one at the end of John Waters' 1972 "Pink Flamingos" — was filmed. 
"There will be pilgrimages to see this, I think," said Michal Makarovich, owner of the Hampden Junque store, who is spearheading the effort and has appeared on its behalf before Baltimore's Public Art Commission. "We think there will be an international fan base." 
The proposed marble and concrete monument, roughly eight feet tall and three feet wide, would consist of an arch perched atop two classically Baltimore marble steps. A photo of Divine in full drag-queen makeup would stare out from the space under the arch, with a small bronze representation of the doggie doo he scooped up and ate at the end of "Pink Flamingos" resting on the top step. Waters' reminiscence on the days he and his cast and crew were shooting the infamous scene — "It was a magic day in our happy young lives" — would be inscribed under Divine's photo. 
"I think it would be great," said neighborhood businessman Neal Foore, of Neal's The Hair Studio & Day Spa. "Anything to highlight Baltimore is good. Why not?" 
Added Ray Grueninger, whose Robert's Key Service has been a fixture in the neighborhood since 1964, "I love the idea. John Waters and Divine and all, I knew them well." 
More official voices, too, agree it's time Baltimore erected a permanent marker to its pride in Divine's, and Waters', cinematic accomplishments. 
"The mayor thinks that the idea sounds divine," said Howard Libit, a spokesman for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, "and looks forward to seeing more details on the proposal." 
The monument, which supporters believe would cost between $50,000 and $100,000, would rest on the side of a house at the corner of Read and Tyson streets, on the western fringe of Mount Vernon. The actual scene, according to those who were there, was shot on a lot alongside a house in the 800 block of Tyson St., where Pat Moran — a long-standing member of the Waters troupe, known collectively as the Dreamlanders — was living at the time. The proposed site is actually across the street from the house, at a location (a blank wall) its designers thought would work better.
A statue to a homosexual, shit eating, drag queen.

After all, it's 2016 right? Get those Confederate monuments and statues to white guys in Baltimore outta here! We have a poop eating Divine to immortalize for his role in some crappy 1970s movie that took place in Charm City (proving this drag queen was the "filthiest person alive")!

Yes, editorial board of the Baltimore Sun, I think you've found the perfect art and individual to commemorate that accurately reflects who we are as a people today...

America is irredeemable.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

80 Percent Black Selma, Alabama in 2016... The Gift that Keeps on Giving

There's something absolutely hilarious about this story, considering we are led to believe life in Post-March Across the Edmund Pettus Bridge 80 percent black Selma is nothing except peachy, that makes me laugh a deep, hearty laugh I hope former Birmingham Police Chief Bull Connor is sharing somewhere.

And to think it all happened on Martin Luther King Street... ['Rising Star' falls in Selma, Montgomery Advertiser, 1-15-16]:

Antoine Stallworth was helping a friend move furniture on New Year’s Eve when he became caught in the middle of a gunfight between two angry men said to have been on a “retribution mission.”
Stallworth, 38, had other things to do that afternoon, but put them on the backburner so he could pitch in to assist his friend move sofas and other heavy items.
They had just started when the pair arrived. Seconds later, guns were pulled and a hail of bullets enveloped Stallworth who never had a chance. He died a few days later at a Montgomery hospital.
“He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, an innocent bystander who didn’t have time to get out of the way,” said Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson.
Authorities indicated that the shooters were “getting even” following a violent incident before Stallworth became an unintended target.
It happened near historic Brown Chapel AME Church on Martin Luther King Jr. St. and inside a public housing project named for legendary educator George Washington Carver.
Deadly crossfires seem to be happening all too frequently in our shooting gallery of a country. Killers and victims become statistics with their names added to lists that just keep growing.
Stallworth was a quiet man from a big, loving family. He had spent nearly two years as custodian at the Selma-Dallas County YMCA before moving to another job.
He did it all at the “Y,” opening up around 5 a.m. to make the coffee for early arrivals before taking out his equipment to sweep and swab the floors at the big building.
He made sure television monitors in the weight room were on and tuned to popular stations for those on treadmills or other equipment.
On a first name basis with “Y” members, Antoine joined in conversations, usually about sports. Everybody marveled at his energy level and ability to tackle a job that most tend to avoid. The hallways sparkled and the bathrooms could have passed a country club inspection.
What upset him more than anything were rusty ceiling tiles and he kept looking up, knowing a leaky roof was causing the problem. Tired of looking, he decided to do something about it by hauling out a 25-foot ladder.
Unafraid of heights, he carefully climbed to the top and began scrubbing away the rust. A part-timer kept the ladder steady so Antoine wouldn’t fall.
“He was always doing things before anybody asked him,” said YMCA Director Ann Murray. “He was fabulous at whatever he did. That’s the best way to describe Antoine.”
Climbing ladders to ceilings isn’t something normally found in job descriptions, but he took it upon himself to get it done.
His dedication to his job was appreciated and he was surprised to find out he had been selected for a “Rising Star Award” by the Selma-Dallas County Chamber of Commerce.
He was always on time and rarely sick. When he didn’t show up we all knew he had to be under the weather. It became the topic of conversation among coffee sippers.
“I just feel good when the floors are clean,” he’d say. “People seem to like what I do and say nice things about me, but that’s not why I do what I do.”
Raised in rural Dallas County about 20 miles west of Selma, he learned the importance of cleanliness, be it a house or huge building.
He credited his great-grandmother with teaching him that lesson. Sallie Lee Stallworth assigned daily cleanup chores to more than a dozen young relatives who grew up in her house. She lived to be 95.
Antoine moved to New York City for a few years, but returned to Alabama to look for work back home. He found several before hooking up with the YMCA.
“I’m happy here,” he’d often say, when asked why he seemed to enjoy custodial work and always wore a smile on the job.
Nobody called him a janitor. He was the man who kept the YMCA clean and his “turf” included long hallways. He’d focus his eyes on the floor, looking for the tiniest piece of paper to pick up and discard.
Selma Police Chief John Brock said Antoine was shot four times, once in the throat. With wounds like that, recovery is unlikely. Initial reports indicated he’d be paralyzed the rest of his life if he survived.
“He wasn’t the target when the shooting started,” Brock said. “He just wanted to help somebody who needed it. It’s a real tragedy.”
Alfred Parnell and Glentravious Olds both have been charged with murder in connection with Antoine’s death, Jackson said Friday. Olds is in custody and Parnell is being sought, according to Jackson.
Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at Tabernacle of Praise in Selma.
A "rising star" at 38?

The much touted and highly celebrated March Across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama helped birth a world where we must blame the death of the "rising star" on white privilege and white racism, instead of simply realizing our ancestors knew EXACTLY how to deal with the genetic reality of black dysfunction.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Black Ministers in Chicago Resorting to Prayer for Divine Intervention in Ending Black Gun Violence

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It has nothing to do with turning your back on God, but everything to do with returning/regressing to the black mean. [Chicago pastor on combating city violence: 'Prayer is our weapon, Fox 32 Chicago, 1-20-16]: of warfare'
Chicago is off to a horribly bloody start in 2016. But now, there are two unique approaches to bringing peace to the city. One calls on more manpower, while the other calls on a higher power as thousands gather to pray for peace in every corner of Chicago. 
“If there's anything Chicago needs and desires, it’s prayer,” said Reverend James Meeks. 
In the House of Hope, they gathered to pray for restored hope for a city that has become synonymous with violence. 
“We believe that it is through prayer that hearts will be transformed, the work will start from the inside and be found on the outside, it will be noticed on the outside,” said Pastor Shando Valdez of New Jerusalem Baptist Church. 
Pastor Valdez lost one of his church youth workers to violence two years ago. 
Leo Matias was killed in a drive-by shooting on a job site.“Father give us a deep capacity to cry out to you for the city of Chicago all 77 neighborhoods,” the group prayed. 
On Wednesday, Pray Chicago event brought together people of all colors and faiths, young and old, united in one heart for one city.Reverend James Meeks says with all the violence, Chicago is in need of some divine intervention. 
“I think that some of the violence in Chicago and some of the problems we are facing has to do with the fact that people have actually turned their back on God,” Rev. Meeks said. 
The murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee touched the hearts of many, including the pastor who prayed over the young boy in the alley shortly after he was shot.“We are protesting against somebody different, we are protesting against a different level. 
And so prayer is our weapon of warfare,” said Pastor Donovan Price of Pray Chicago Youth Edition. 
Dr. Erwin Lutzer is the Senior Pastor of Moody Church. 
“We believe that if we turn to God and others join us, that the city of Chicago can actually have some hope which it desperately needs,” Pastor Lutzer said. 
This is the seventh year that pastors have hosted the Pray Chicago event, and they are hoping that change can come through changed hearts in  homes, neighborhoods and have a ripple effect across the city.

Chicago isn't in need of divine intervention, it's just in need of less black people and more white people. Just take a look at the statistics of who is getting shot in Chicago. Courtesy of a Yale University study called “Tragic, but not random: The social contagion of nonfatal gunshot injuries,” we learn this about the racial aspect of nonfatal shootings victims in Chicago:
And as was previously known, race was a key risk factor in getting shot, the study noted. For every 100,000 people, an average of one white person, 28 Hispanics and 113 blacks became victims of nonfatal shootings every year in Chicago over the six-year study period.  
If Chicago had no blacks, would there be any need for people to resort to praying for peace as a means to an end of the violence?

No, because the people responsible for the violence wouldn't be in the city.

Divine intervention isn't necessary. Just repatriation.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Free Shit Army (FSA) Grows: CNN Money Profiles How Safiyyah Cotton gets by on $7.50 an hour...

Didn't see this when it came out in September 2015, but it's a must see. [This is life on $7.50 an hour,CNN Money, 9-15-15]:
Safiyyah Cotton makes $7.50 an hour working at McDonald's. So how does she stretch her budget? With a lot of help from the government. Here's a look inside the life and budget of a low-wage worker.
Thanks to you, the generous white taxpayer, Safiyyah Cotton can live a life her labor could never, ever provide on the free market
Well, actually she "stretch's her budget" with a lot of help from the WHITE taxpayer, via the money redistributed from their hard work to pay for the proliferation of the Free Shit Army (FSA).

This is not going to end well, folks.

Reason 1 why America is Irredeemable is captured in this quick six minute video showcasing the life of Safiyyah Cotton (apt surname, as the white taxpayer is now the slave to her progeny).

This is just one example of a black individual who can never be held accountable for her actions, and how we must pick up the slack to enable her to have a better life (sacrificing our opportunity to have a better life).

The Day the EBT Runs Out is not a matter of if, but when.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Operation Take Back" in Memphis: Another Attempt by Black People to Convince Blacks to Stop Killing One Another

Sometimes you just miss a story. 

A good story. 

A revealing story. 

A story epitomizing a people who are completely incompatible with the founding stock of this nation.

A people, who as they proliferate doom the civilization the founding stock of this nation created.  [Memphis faith-based groups join hands to end “black-on-black” violence,, 12-9-15]
A coalition of ministers plan on taking their message of non violence to the streets.
The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) is spearheading a program called Operation Take Back with the goal of ending black-on-black crime in Memphis. 
The project is expected to get underway in 2016 and will take a different approach to a growing problem. 
"Black-on-black crime is something that is rampant in this community," said Rev. Dwight Montgomery, President of the Memphis Chapter SCLC. 
Montgomery points to makeshift memorials to victims of violent crimes that line some of Memphis' streets and are an all too common site. 
And all too often the dead and the accused aren't even adults. 
"In order to reach the young people, we need to first reach the parents," said Rev. Montgomery. 
The rising tide of youth violence in Memphis sparked the SCLC and the Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association to take their concerns to the streets, going door-to-door and finding out how to change Memphis for the good. 
"Coming together, reaching out, reaching to the parents, reaching to the children, reaching to the neighborhoods. We believe that will work toward minimizing crime in the community," said Rev. Montgomery. 
Both groups will launch a program in 2016 in church congregations throughout the community called  Operation Take Back. 
The program has four primary goals: 
  • organize neighborhood meetings
  • organize neighborhood watch groups where they don't already exist
  • provide youth with mentors and tutors
  • encourage increased church attendance 
Leaders admit their biggest challenge is reducing and ultimately eliminating black-on-black crime. 
And getting teens to understand all black lives matter not just when it's a case of police brutality. 
"Often times, when a black person is abused by a police officer, you know, people get on camera and talk about the fact that "black lives matter." And that's absolutely true, I agree that black lives matter.  But that black person who was killed by a black person is a black life that matters," said Rev. Montgomery. 
The message of non violence makes perfect sense to 22-year-old Joe Lewis. 
Lewis, who recently moved from Michigan to Memphis to start a career in heavy machine operation,  believes the first step is learning self-respect. 
"Nothing will change unless people change in themselves. And nobody can influence a person like a person can influence themselves," he said. 
Stevie Moore, founder of Freedom From Unneccessary Negatives (F.U.N.N.), has experienced the tragedy that comes with violence. 
Since his son was murdered in 2003, he has attended more funerals than he can stomach and wonders why the lives of young African-Americans are ending too soon and too violently. 
"We have an epidemic in the black community and we don't like to say it. But our children are dying at a disproportionate rate and we won't talk about it," said Moore. 
SCLC President Montgomery also said there are plans to include an enrichment and recreation program to get children off the streets and into a meaningful program.
Operation Take Back? Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives?

Evidence A and B as to why white people long ago saw fit to institute segregation, establish residential/commercial restrictive covenants, and rely on Jim Crow to keep their civilization safe from the threat of a people who would one day need Operation Take Back to convince black people to stop killing one another...

Of course, this hilarious admission by black clergy/black leaders in 65 percent black Memphis that black people are responsible for all the violent crime in the city can only be usurped by one nugget of pure blackness: in 2013, an individual affiliated with Operation Take Back was the executive producer of a documentary entitled, Daddy, Why Are You In A Gang?:
Tony Smith, executive producer of a small movie called "Daddy, Why Are You In A Gang," says the theme isn't hard to grasp. 
"The message is real simple, very simple," Smith said. "The  message is the guys that's in a gang, stop it!" 
The movie will focus on the pain children feel when their father chooses a violent lifestyle. 
The five-minute movie will be released in one-minute public service announcements starting in December. 
It's one of several methods Operation Take Back is using to tackle violence in the black community. 
Besides the short film, there will be etiquette classes the use of social media. 
A half dozen pastors met Tuesday to support an initiative to push gangs out of the neighborhood, revive community pride and show their outrage over any murder that hits close to home. 
Rev. Dwight Montgomery, president of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference said it's a plan that needs to start small in churches then spread through the community. 
"Black on black crime is hurting our community and the faith-based community must step up to the plate working with the parents, working with schools working with neighborhoods." 
One way Swandra Cowlie plans to help is by teaching manners to young men."We will try to encourage men to be gentlemen again, to open doors for our young ladies and our elderly to hold their bags...just being kind...just simple acts of kindness everyday."
It should be obvious by now that the black church in America is the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the world.