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The Fire Rises: Predictions for 2012

PK NOTE: will be running a big article by me on Tim Tebow. Stay tuned for it. Keep your eye on a certain white doe site too. Also, stay tuned to a certain "Renaissance" site for an article on Detroit's impending collapse. Sorry Rush Limbaugh, liberal policies have nothing on the collapse of Detroit; it's 100 percent racial. The one constant in the past 50 years there hasn't been liberalism; it's been white abandonment of the city because Black people aren't safe to live near. They [Black people] and they alone are responsible for the collapse of Detroit.

With the impending failure of Detroit, SBPDL is proud to announce that we will be publishing a book honoring Black people's contributions to the collapse of the "Arsenal of Democracy." We will honor the collapse of Black-Run Detroit, the city once known as "The Paris of the West," with a retrospective look at how we arrived at the point where the state of Michigan would be needed to take over the Motor City from... Black people. 

Tomorrow, we'll run the article by Zenster. It's the beginning of a multiple part series. You won't want to miss it. # posts will be making a comeback as well. 

One other thing: FaceBook has blocked people from posting links to SBPDL on your wall. Facebook no longer wants people to share links to this site. No other site is banned from having this done on Facebook. Why is that?

What comes in 2012?
Have we started a fire? 

No. We have not.

According to Quanell X, the Air Jordan Black riots of 2011 was the complete fault of Nike. We disagree. It was the fault of Black people. No questions asked.

Reading this article in The Washington Times made us laugh, because the conditions described in this Black Undertow area would accurately describe the conditions of any majority Black city or county in America:
 Imagine living in a demilitarized war zone, an environment where helicopters circle your neighborhood for hours every night. Imagine a place that has regular car chases, a neighborhood where football stadiums leave their lights on all night for safety. City leaders and the police tell you that—because of the crime in that part of the city—the lights must be left on. Imagine feeling powerless, with little hope for any sense of normalcy. Imagine how demoralizing and depressing your life would be, parents simply wanting to get their children "the hell out" to raise them in a normal life.
It’s not imaginary. It’s real. Welcome to District 35 in inner city Los Angeles, California—also known as Area 51.
 Only in times of war are "curfews" needed. Well, that and in Black Undertow areas. Only in times of war are private security/paramilitary personnel necessary to maintain the peace. Well, that and in Black Undertow areas. In times of war, "blackouts" are necessary for fear of air raids from the enemy; in your typical Black Undertow community, lights must be kept on for fear of Black raids engaging in salvaging missions.

How widespread is this knowledge? Does SBPDL represent the fringe view, a small outpost for Those Who Can See to vent, connect and escape from a world that hates them (it's well known in Black-Run America that anyone who questions the sainthood of Black people will immediately be deemed worse than a child rapist).

Or does SBPDL - a site that started as a joke - represent something else? Does it represent the direction that many people are headed because Mein Obama's War on White America (OWWA) becomes more pronounced daily, courtesy of Eric "My People" Holder.

The first two weeks of 2012 will see the SBPDL look at Hunger Games and why the world of BRA is far worse than the one in Suzanne Collins dystopian future; you'll see the Atlanta/Walking Dead article, illustrating why The City too Busy to Hate nears a Birmingham/Detroit style collapse; and you'll get a return to # posts. Plus, we declare war on the Tuskegee Airmen Myth.

So now, we offer you a quick look at some predictions for 2012.

1. The Dark Knight Rises will become the biggest film of all-time. Conversely, Red Tails is a flop.
2. Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for president; Ron Paul will run as a third party candidate after a contentious primary battle.
3. The state of Michigan takes over Detroit in early February. Organized Blackness nationwide protests this form of neo-colonialism/ audits of the city's books show a far worse financial situation then originally believed.
4. Philadelphia is the first city to introduce emergency "curfew" rules in 2012 as Flash Mob violence begins to overwhelm city leaders and scare away investors.
5. High levels of violence in New Orleans forces XE (the former Blackwater) to be contracted to patrol the city.
6. The US Post Office will cut 40 percent of its work force; Organized Blackness protests.
7. The Debt Limit debate heats up; Mein Obama's hopes for more borrowing will be stymied by Congress.
8. Mein Obama, told by Chris Rock and Don Cheadle to go "full-gangsta" will become increasingly identified with Black America as white voters - even Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) - support for him wanes.
9. Violence in the summer of 2012 mirrors that of 2011; Black Flash Mobs Mahogany Mobs begin targeting white people (and Asians) in major cities throughout the nation. A business owner, defending his property, will fire upon a Mahogany Rob triggering the first full-scale riot of 2012 as Organized Blackness descends on this town with MSNBC and CNN leading the calls for a lynching.
10. Michael Savage, the number two radio talk show host in America, is the first public leader to advocate on behalf of white people. FOX News invites Jared Taylor onto The O'Reilly Factor after Black riots breakout in numerous American cities. Millions of viewers wonder why he was never invited on before.
11. In what constitutes the last stand of white America, Mitt Romney is elected president of the United States, after the most racially-tinged election of all-time. Immediately after, MSNBC and CNN claim white people repudiated all the racial gains made by the "color-blind" election of Mein Obama: Organized Blackness warns Jim Crow is coming back.
12. Riots break out in Black Undertow cities after the election results are announced.
13. The economy continues to tank, with property values dropping in major metropolitan areas. Buckhead tries to secede from Atlanta, triggering similar efforts by Whitopia cities in other majority-Black Undertow urban areas.
14. Eric "My People" Holder, the attorney general of the United States, gives a major speech denouncing white people for their cowardice... again.
15. With the dollar fading fast - and Conspiracy Theorists fuming that "Globalists" are trying to destroy America - emergency moves to cut spending force the firing of 30 percent of the Federal workforce. The patriot movement grows in America, with distrust of the government growing to all-time highs.
16. Nelson Mandela dies of natural causes; Black-on-white violence rises in South Africa triggering a low-level war. Mein Obama intervenes on behalf of the ANC-controlled government.
17. Dec. 21 rolls around and... nothing happens.
18. The Far-Right in Europe starts to take power; Black violence in England, Sweden, and riots in France become too large to coverup. 
19. The Supreme Court rules in favor of Arizona. Other states pass similar bills to Alabama, Arizona, and Georgia's immigration acts.

Again, these are just predictions. What happens in 2012 in your life is up to you. All we can do is react to events that unfold in 2012. Don't blame others for your condition in life. Go out and make this year yours.

Stuff Black People Don't Like was started as a joke; 2012 will be the year of SBPDL because that is my goal.

What is your goal?

Regardless of the predictions above, the fire rises in 2012.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Structural Inequality? New Study Claims Black People in Detroit Can't Sustain Infrastructure Left Behind by White Flight

Black people in Detroit can't be expected to maintain its infrastructure, study finds
Climate Change, courtesy of the Black Undertow. The Visible Black Hand governing economics (this is why majority Black cities and counties can't sustain a local economy, save Check Cashing, Pawn Shops, Liquor Stores, Fast Food joints, and Hair Salon/Barbershops) that Adam Smith could never have foreseen.

There are those who would blame white people for every problem in this nation. Even white flight itself. White flight is just a natural defensive mechanism to escape the Black Undertow and the crime, property value drop, dereliction of infrastructure, and the decimation of the business district that follows this group.

In the coming weeks, Detroit will be taken over by the state of Michigan. Even though white people built a world-class city, full of architectural marvels that rivaled those found anywhere else on the planet, the Black people who inherited Detroit after the calamitous race war of 1967 (and the subsequent white abandonment of the city) have been unable to maintain a modicum of what they were unceremoniously bequeathed. The Los Angeles Times bashed white people for the failure of the city, when it was white people ingenuity that was responsible for the greatness of Detroit in the first place.

2011 Detroit is a direct representation of its majority population, which happens to be 82 percent Black. The ruins of the city, neglected and rotting monuments courtesy of a people who then rebuilt what they abandoned in the white suburbs surrounding Detroit, are to the Black inhabitants of the town what those strange heads on Easter Island where to the Europeans who first encountered them.

Your average Black inhabitant of Detroit has no understanding for how these architectural marvels were ever erected, nor could they - if trained by the top mechanical, industrial, electrical engineers and architects - ever hope to reproduce them. They can't even sustain them.

The haunting pictures of the empty Michigan Central Station; the staggering details on the facade of the Metropolitan Building still apparent despite the graffiti and trash found on the inside; Lee Plaza, once home to the elite of Detroit, now home to the elite of homeless Detroit; the Grand Army of the Republic Building, a castle erected in 1900 for veterans of the Civil War, now sits boarded up to keep out the descendants of Black people whose freedom has failed Detroit; the Broderick Tower, built in 1927, is the tallest skyscraper in America that has been deserted.

Like the post-apocalyptic world found in the book The Earth Abides, the Black people in Detroit show precious little concern for sustaining any of the city's former marvels. They find it hard to believe that people actually built them. Like the Sphinx in Egypt, Black people in Detroit sit in wonderment, gazing at some of the aesthetically - unequaled in the world for their majesty, even in their depressing state - magnificent buildings and wonder what they were once used for. Why were they even built?

It wouldn't be so bad if Detroit was the only city in America like this, but any city or county that the Black Undertow overwhelms inevitable fails.

In the south, you have Birmingham (72 percent Black), which was once one of the world's great cities. It has been rebuilt in the white suburbs surrounding the city. With Vulcan looking on, the Black Undertow which inherited Birmingham has decimated the hopes and dreams of the city founders and helped lead to the bankruptcy of Jefferson County. Mind you, it's the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

Well, two researchers at Michigan State just published a study that blames, you guessed it, white flight for the demoralizing results of the Black Undertow's leadership over cities and counties they inherit. In ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEWS & CASE STUDIES: More Cost per Drop: Water Rates, Structural Inequality, and Race in the United States—The Case of Michigan (published in the Cambridge Journal) we learn that white people will always shoulder the blame for the problems befalling Black people:
White flight from urban centers often means minority residents are left to pay to maintain aging water and sewer systems, a new study finds.

This “structural inequality” is not necessarily a product of racism, but does mean that racial minorities pay systematically more than white people for basic municipal services.

“This study demonstrates a disturbing racial effect to the cost of basic services,” says Stephen Gasteyer, assistant professor of sociology at Michigan State University. “People of color have the fewest opportunities to leave urban centers and are left to pay for the crumbling legacy of a bygone economic era.”

For the study, reported in the journal Environmental Practice, researchers analyzed Census data on self-reported water and sewer costs in Michigan and found that urban residents actually pay more than rural residents, a finding that refutes conventional wisdom.
Perhaps more importantly, water and sewer services cost more in areas with greater proportions of racial minorities.
Detroit is the “poster child” for this problem, Gasteyer says. The city has lost more than 60 percent of its population since 1950, and the water and sewer infrastructure is as much as a century old in some areas. Billions of gallons of water are lost through leaks in the aging lines every year, and the entire system has been under federal oversight since 1977 for wastewater violations.
“A fair proportion of Detroit’s large low-income population cannot afford the burden of rate increases meant to offset infrastructure repairs, leading to tens of thousands of customers getting their water turned off every year,” Gasteyer says.
Water and sewer lines are aging throughout the country. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, hundreds of billions of dollars will be needed to repair deteriorating systems over the next 20 years.
Paying for those upgrades likely will be a major issue in shrinking cities such as Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Birmingham, Ala., Gasteyer says.
“Everything is wearing out, and we are going to have to grapple with how we pay for these so-called liquid assets that need to be upgraded. At the same time, we need to be cognizant of who may be paying an unsustainable burden as those rates go up.”
Wow. What an amazing study! By the way, Pittsburgh has been rated the nicest place in America to live. It's not shrinking. Detroit and the other cities Gasteyer mentioned are, but not Pittsburgh.

Structural inequality? This is getting pretty embarrassing, considering that the most impressive structure your average Black person could erect comes in a Lego box with a "for children six or under" sticker on it. White people have abandoned world class cities across this nation to the Black Undertow. Inevitably, Black people lack the ability to sustain the infrastructure they are handed over in the transition of power.

Why can't the Black engineers just fix these water pipes? Why can't the elected officials set aside money to pay outside engineering firms to do this? Oh, because Black people can't sustain an economy to raise revenue to pay for upgrades to public utilities.

However, it is this line that smells fishy:
“This study demonstrates a disturbing racial effect to the cost of basic services,” says Stephen Gasteyer, assistant professor of sociology at Michigan State University. “People of color have the fewest opportunities to leave urban centers and are left to pay for the crumbling legacy of a bygone economic era.”

Gasteyer obviously hasn't looked at what happened when white people left Africa, specifically the Congo, or what happened to Rhodesia after the capitulation to Actual Black Run Zimbabwe (ABRZ) or in South Africa. Black people can't sustain the basic services that white people created worldwide. White people (and even Black people in Detroit) flee the Black Undertow in the Motor City because of the crumbling effect that Black people have on the the urban center.

People of Color (PoC) in urban centers can only go so far as public transportation will take them, hence the decision by city leaders in Whitopia's to keep out bus systems and light-rail into their towns.

Black people can't sustain a city swimming pool, let alone plan to maintain a city's infrastructure that they have no part in building nor paying for. So those members of the Black Undertow shouldn't be forced to pay for their basic services either:
“These people are going to end up rioting about this,” says Sheila Tyson, a community activist in Jefferson County, Ala. “If they let this stuff happen they are going to get the biggest riot the South has ever seen . . . I can see it coming.”

That’s a pretty serious prediction. What could possibly start a riot that big?

She’s talking about the likelihood of Jefferson County increasing its water and sewage bill rates.

Oh. Is it really all that bad?

“If the sewer bill gets higher, my light might get cut off and if I try to catch up the light, my water might get cut off. So we’re in between. We can’t make it like this,” says Tammy Lucas, a Birmingham resident who has been affected by a “financial and political scandal that has brought one of the most deprived communities in America’s south to the point of what some local people believe is collapse,” reports the BBC.

Lucas’ monthly water and sewage rate has managed to quadruple in the past 15 years. Currently, her bill is $150 a month, which she pays for by using her $600 social security check.

When a federal judge forced Jefferson County to upgrade its outdated sewer system, officials decided to finance the project with bonds.
“Outside advisers suggested a series of complex deals with variable-rate interest . . . Loan payments rose quickly because of increasing interest rates as global credit markets struggled, and the county could no longer afford its payments,” Bloomberg reports. That’s why Jefferson County residents have seen a 329 percent increase in their rates over the past decade and a half–the county has been trying to finance these new facilities.

The sewage system was supposed to cost $300 million. However, since the project started in 1996, the costs have risen to $3.1 billion after various problems and a series of bond and derivatives deals fell through in 2008.

"This is not even a race issue, if I’m telling the truth,” said Tyson. “It‘s just so happens that it’s affecting black people. It’s a class issue. They don’t give a doo-doo about poor people period.”
So what does the “community activist” think should be done to fix the problem?

“Somebody from Washington D.C. needs to come down here and take these sewer bills to where they are affordable for the people in these districts. Injustice – that’s all this is. They need to come down here and fix it,” Tyson said.
 Riots? Black people already riot in Birmingham. It's a well-known fact that tens of thousands of Black people in Fulton County (home to Atlanta) never had to pay their water bills. They never have their water turned off either and rack up thousands of dollars in unpaid bills that the Black political elite never have these model citizens pay.

And why should they, when the cost can be redistributed to the white taxpayers in Buckhead and other white enclaves through higher property taxes?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Freedom Failed: Birmingham's Edge 12 Movie Theater Closes Early on Christmas Because 400 Black People Riot

PK Note: I had planned to do two # posts in a row, until I read the story below that effectively ends the debate that Flash Mobs Mahogany Mobs will only transpire in states without the right to conceal carry. put this picture of a white Flash Mob with its story on the 400+ Black people riot that closed Edge 12 Movie Theater in Birmingham on Christmas Night
Have we started a fire? No, but the fire rises anyways.

There is a reason that Dr. King’s children couldn’t go to Funland. It’s the exact same reason why malls such as Union Station (formerly Shannon Mall) just outside Atlanta are boarded up; it’s the same reason why the Mall of America in Minneapolis was locked-down; it’s the same reason why Birmingham’s Edge 12 movie theater was forced to close early on Christmas:
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- A crowd of young people -- possibly drawn though social media -- interrupted the movies at The Edge 12 Movie Theater and were disruptive outside in the parking lot of Festival Shopping Center on Crestwood Boulevard Sunday night.
About 400 people were involved, with 200 of them really disruptive, Birmingham Police East Precinct commander Capt. Allen Hatcher said Tuesday, based on reports he got from the off-duty Birmingham police officer who worked security at the theater that night.
Movie-goer Shannon Webster, pastor of First Presbyterian Church downtown, said he counted 18 police cars when he and his family were told to leave the theater, part-way through seeing "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows."
"I was surprised," he said. "I did not expect to see that on Christmas night, going out to the movies."
Hatcher said that a large group of youths had showed up in the theater and the parking lot Sunday and started to cause problems and disruptions. When theater management confronted them, they grew more disruptive and management shut all the movies down.
Hatcher said some youths out in the parking lot banged on windows of nearby businesses, pushed some shopping carts into the parking lot, and went inside a Chinese restaurant. The off-duty officer put out a call, and police responded with a large contingent.
No one, to his knowledge, Hatcher said, was hurt or arrested, but a window was damaged at the Radio Shack store. The off-duty officer said that youths had heard on Facebook there was going to be a fight.
Hatcher said he recalled Trussville having a similar social media mob at a movie theater more than a year ago.
Webster said he had arrived at the Edge 12 about 7 with his wife and two adult children. When he arrived, there were "a lot of really young kids were crowded inside, milling around."
During the movie, some came into the theater and started making noise, but one of the other movie-goers ordered them out in a commanding voice, Webster said.
"There were hundreds of kids in the lobby," he said.
Webster saw security guards handcuffing several. He thought the crowd of youths ranged in age from 13 to their early 20s.
The outside scene seemed tense, said Webster, who has done church work in places such as the Gaza Strip, Northern Ireland, Cuba, Guatemala, and Communist Eastern Europe.
"Usually there is nothing going on there on Sunday afternoon," Hatcher said of the shopping center. "I believe social media made it a big event."

Efforts to reach the management of Edge 12 for comment were unsuccessful.
Webster said Sunday night was the only time he had ever felt unsafe there, and he plans to return to the movies.
"I don't want it to keep me from going back to the theater, because I think it's important for the neighborhood and for East Birmingham," said Webster, who lives in Crestwood. "We need them there, so I will continue to go there.
Why can't the writer of this story just state that these were Black "youths?" Birmingham, located in Jefferson County, the home of one of the south’s first big Mahogany Mob attacks. This is freedom. This is why freedom failed. Don’t forget that Jefferson County (Birmingham is 72 percent Black) recently declared the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

Detroit’s (or Wayne County) will be even bigger.

Not once does the article have the temerity to call ‘youths’ by the proper term: Black people. The owner of Edge 12 stated in an interview earlier this year that the goal was to turn it into a family establishment:
Owner Marty Felts and general manager Rob DeLeo are seeking to bring new life into the old digs, and hope to reinvigorate the Festival Center in the process. Safety concerns from the past have been dealt with, and the theater features heightened security and an interior ticket office so that moviegoers can buy their tickets inside rather than standing outside at a box office.
“We want this to be a family-friendly place, with a committed staff and great employees,” said spokesperson Newton, assistant manager of the Edge, who added that there has been no trouble whatsoever in the area thus far.
Well, having “youths” force the premature closing of Edge 12 on Christmas night isn’t a great way to keep business going. Perhaps that’s what happened to Edge 14 in Macon, which Felts owned. It was closed in September. Odds are people avoided the theater because the well-known Black Undertow in Macon couldn’t be quiet during the movies. Don't try and be an entrepreneur to the Black Undertow unless you are in the chicken business (like the Tulsa Chicken Hut), or selling crack.

It is Black people – 400 +!!! – who forced the early closing of the Edge 12 movie theater, depriving that business of revenue through ticket and concession sales. Then again, crime in Birmingham is nearly monochromatic.

Worse, had the audacity to post a story today that discussed the Flash Mob Mahogany Mob phenomenon wrecking havoc across the nation, that was accompanied with pictures and video of white kids dancing for the Salvation Army kettle campaign at the Brookwood Mall in Birmingham.

These white kids were participating in a true Flash Mob, ostensibly trying to raise money through philanthropy that will probably go towards clothing and feeding the very Black kids who forced the closing of Edge 12 on Christmas.

Here’s what the second article stated:
Flash mobs are in the news again, with reports of a rowdy Mall of America "smash and grab" crowd on Monday and, closer to home, movie goers being sent home early from the Edge 12 Movie Theater in Birmingham on Christmas Day when security and management grew anxious over a group of rowdy young people believed to have been drawn by a Facebook mention of a possible fight.

Some cities have wrestled with trying to find a way to address the chaos such social media-driven events can cause. In Cleveland, the city council passed ordinances earlier this month aimed at curbing them.
The City Council there banned "inciting to riot" and added computers and cellphones to a list of items that can be considered criminal tools when used illegally. Violators may be sentenced to up to six months in jail and fined $1,000.

Critics had blasted a previous effort by the Cleveland panel to outlaw the use of Facebook and Twitter to rally mobs as unconstitutional, unnecessary and difficult to enforce. The ordinances passed this month became law without the signature of Mayor Frank Jackson, who said he didn't think they will make a difference.

[Other articles from chronicling discussion of the issue there can be found here.]

For years, social media has been used to fuel gatherings that turn out to be beneficial or sinister, entertaining or even philanthropic, such as the November kickoff for the Salvation Army kettle drive in Birmingham, which was billed as a "flash mob" event but might not have met the letter of the definition of the term

All of the stories cited in this story involve (GULP!!!) Black people. It is the Black Undertow that is responsible for the mess in Birmingham, and it is the children of the Black Undertow that forced the early closing of Edge 12.

Birmingham was abandoned to the Black Undertow through massive white flight that created some of the top cities in America like Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, and Hoover, where white people rebuilt the town they had just fled.

Black people, who inherited the infrastructure that white people had created, built, and sustained in Birmingham, have turned it into a permanent filming location for the real-life crime/murder show The First 48.

Telling that published this story today:
Crumbling infrastructure in many of the nation's larger cities such as Birmingham are placing an unsustainable financial burden on populations unable pay for the rebuilding of key systems such as sewer and water, says a new research study from Michigan State University.
The infrastructure of the nation's central cities has reached and passed replacement age just as many core areas now contain populations of largely lower-income minorities already paying more for services than rural and small-city residents.
Along with metro Birmingham, other cities mentioned include Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and St. Louis.
Is there even need to discuss the implications of what Climate Change means to this story? Pittsburgh is one of the nicest places live in America, but money that should be going to public works is diverted to paying for a the permanent underclass that is the Black Undertow.

Cleveland, St. Louis, Birmingham, and Detroit have one thing in common: Black people inherited an existing infrastructure when white people fled the Black Undertow, and they couldn’t sustain it.

In summation, those journalists in America whose job is to inform law-abiding citizens of potential risks to their person, business, and private property have failed us miserably. They aren’t ‘youths’; they are Black people.

The early closing of Edge 12 movie theater in Birmingham on Christmas 2011 was entirely due to Black people (400 + mind you) who engaged in similar actions to Black people around the nation rioting over Air Jordan’s.

Or, the exact same behavior that was on display at the Mall of America.

Yes, Dr. King, your children can go to Funtown now. But because they now can, malls are closing nationwide. So is Edge 12 in Birmingham.

Freedom has failed. It has bankrupted Birmingham; it has made seeing a movie with the family an unpleasant experience at Edge 12; it is simply the tyranny we call Black-Run America (BRA).

Let it be known that the theory stating that only so-called Blue States (those with laws against conceal carry) would be the host of Mahogany Mobs is now dead. Alabama, that reddest of red (well, white) states has now seen a 400 + Black person riot. Another business (like many of the dead malls/strip malls/restaurants/etc.) has its very existence threatened by Black people putting it in the red.

Have we started a fire? No, but the fire rises anyway.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Have We Started a Fire? The Mall of (Black- Run) America Locked-Down Courtesy of Black People

(PK NOTE: I have a surprise planned for the moment Detroit declares bankruptcy and is taken over by the state of Michigan. Life is too short to allow this moment to pass-by without something big to celebrate the occasion of the Black Undertow squandering the resources and infrastructure of what was once one of the world's great cities and turning into a direct representation -- and extension -- of the Black phenotype seen all around the world. Detroit's collapse has nothing to do with 'liberalism' or 'socialism'; it has everything to do with Actual Black-Run America (ABRA). 

Have we started a fire? No... but the fire rises anyways.
The Black Undertow. Nothing is more lethal to the overall health of a county; a city; a business district; or a community then white flight from one of these aforementioned places and bequeathing of the sound infrastructure (abandoned is the right word) to the Black Undertow.

Formerly thriving business districts die immediately. Schools that once produced some of the highest standardized test scores in the nation are replaced with an army of probation officers to keep the peace instead of teaching the Pythagorean Theory.

Malls where commerce once thrived are boarded up. Property values plummet with the rise of the Black Undertow; tax-revenue drops considerably, forcing corrupt government officials (the hallmark of the Black Undertow) to find unorthodox manners in which to raise funds.

We call this Climate Change.

In 2011, across the United States of America, there was no major threat of Muslim terrorist activity (End all threats of Islamic terror by actively seeking to repatriate existing Muslims in America and discontinue all Muslim immigration to the United States).

In 2011, across the United States of America, there were minor terrorist engagements that one man dared expose: Matt Drudge and the heroic Drudge Report shamed every conservative -- those clueless non-profits in Washington that steal good people's money and every web site that still publishes crap about Detroit failing because of 'liberal policies' -- by showing us the Black Undertow in all its glory.

Who can forget the Memorial Day madness? Who can forget the numerous cities that through up the white flag and passed emergency curfews in response to this persistent threat? Who can forget that freedom failed in New Orleans, where the National Guard could emerge in 2012 as the watchful protector of law-abiding citizens from the savagery of the Black Undertow?

Flash Mobs Mahogany Mobs waged war on white people, each other, and unsuspecting businesses in Philadelphia, Kansas City, Peoria, Cleveland, Columbia (S.C), Washington D.C., Chicago, and many, many other cities. Immediately after the election of Mein Obama, these Mahogany Mobs started in places like Akron, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and at the Iowa State Fair.

In St. Louis, despite the best efforts of journalists to proclaim that participants in the Knockout King were 'youth', it's well-known that Black people hold a complete monopoly on this barbaric activity. Yes, just as Black people NATIONWIDE engaged in the 2011 Air Jordan Riots, Black people have once again come to dominate the interracial crime statistics this past year.

Only the most Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) can still hold out hope that a story involving some heinous crime will not be a Black-on-white (or Black-on-insert racial group here) activity. Judging by the comments of any story on the Memphis, Atlanta, Nashville, Chattanooga, Dallas, Los Angeles, well, name-your-city ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX affiliate, your average American knows the score all too well.

A once thriving mall... now dead because of the Black Undertow
People know that the Black Undertow is responsible for the vast majority of crime and do everything possible to avoid living near it... even if that means commuting 10 + hours to and from work a week to ensure the safety of their family in some Whitopia, they'll do it.

Worse, these criminals now have an Attorney General in Eric "My People" Holder who actively sides with them over the law-abiding masses. His Department of Justice (DoJ) is suing states that dare make people show proper identification; his DoJ is suing police and fire departments that dare make Black people suffer the indignity of showing mental acumen by passing a test that measures their intelligence; his DoJ is... completely refusing to acknowledge nationwide violence courtesy of the Black Undertow.

Then again, haven't all administrations turned a blind-eye to this threat? Who cares how many cities and counties that were once peaceful places to raise a family and were filled with an abundance of jobs courtesy of productive, law-abiding people have turned into Clayton County? Worse, how many malls have gone the way of Union Station (the former Shannon Mall) in Fulton County -- home of Atlanta -- Georgia?

Union Station closed because white people stopped frequenting that mall; white people stopped frequenting that mall because the presence of the Black Undertow made shopping there a dangerous proposition; stores closed because of a loss of profits, white people deciding to shop elsewhere because loitering Black people made the experience uncomfortable and unsafe; the myth of Black Purchasing Power was exposed as the Black Undertow couldn't sustain the mall (security costs outpaced sales).

This exact same scenario has happened to malls across the country. Chris Rock wouldn't be joking about it if it weren't true. We call it Mall Envy at SBPDL.

The aptly named Mall of America is headed that same way:
Police arrested nine people at the Mall of America Monday, the day after Christmas, after multiple fights broke out, authorities said.

Mall of America officials released a statement saying that around 4:20 p.m. 50 juveniles caused a large disturbance in the north food court.
Witnesses said the fights started after there were reports that rappers Lil’ Wayne and Drake were visiting the Mall. Police, however, did not comment on these rumors.
Cmdr. Mark Stehlik of Bloomington police said in a press conference that 30 officers responded to the fight and arrested five people (both adults and juveniles) for disorderly conduct.
Mall of America security arrested four other people for disorderly conduct as well, Mall officials said.
Police said as many as 200 were involved the fights. A YouTube video, which contains profanity, shows a fight break out and rage before a police officer interrupts it. The fight occurs at roughly 50 seconds in.
As the fights were popping up, the Mall of America inadvertently called for a lock down. But the lock down was called off minutes later, Mall officials said.
There were no reports of serious injuries, Mall official said.
Although the Mall kept its normal hours, some stores within the Mall closed early.
Some witnesses reported being evacuated from the Mall; but police said that shoppers were escorted toward the east exit to make room for the investigation.

Rumors of rappers led to a massive riot and the lock-down of the Mall of America? This is why Freedom of Association must make a comeback if we are to survive as a nation. Because business can't discriminate, well, you see what happened to Union Station.

Here's another story on the Mall of America Black Riot of 2011:
Fists flew and so did a few chairs during a large-scale brawl at the Mall of America Monday.
"Anytime you have a large group of people together things can happen," said Commander Mark Stehlik with Bloomington Police. "But this is highly unusual."
Shortly after 4 p.m., authorities confirm more than 20 individuals started fighting in the north food court. Cellphone video uploaded to YouTube shows dozens of young people watching while some push, punch, and even throw chairs. At that same time, police say several other fights flared up in other places of the mall.
"There were drinks thrown on the floor and chairs being thrown everywhere," said Tess Dessalgne who witnessed the brawl. "Everyone started running towards the fight."
No, Commander Stehlik, anytime you have large groups of Black people together, without a massive police response that resembles martial law -- just ask the good folks at the Indiana Black Expo -- then anything can happen. Perhaps this is why the people of Miami no longer want Black people to celebrate Memorial Day in their city?

OD showed some unsurprising statistics when it comes to entitlement abuse from the Black Undertow in Minneapolis (undoubtedly, many of the youths Black people involved in Mall of America Brawl for All subsist on redistributed tax-dollars):
Note: In 2009, 47 percent of African-Americans in Hennepin County, Minnesota were EBT card users. The number is undoubtedly much higher almost three years later. See also Looting in Minneapolis after Tornado? Who looted?
The Beat Whitey Night II event at the Wisconsin State Fair was the moment that I realized the end of Black-Run America (BRA) was an absolutely certainty: Just like in the waning days of the Soviet Union, people no longer believe in this insanity. No national figure has started to articulate a cogent argument against BRA yet, but that doesn't matter.

Have we started a fire? No, but the fire rises anyways.

We didn't start the fire. Nor will anyone know how to put it out.

DWLs know this too.

Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond, Philadelphia, Birmingham, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Houston, Tulsa (Oklahoma), Seattle, Hartford, Providence, Augusta, Mobile, Orlando, Tampa, Oakland... all of these cities are dangerous because of the Black Undertow. Entire shopping complexes are abandoned when the costs of doing business (and securing that business) is overwhelmed by the Black Undertow.

In Birmingham, the city has basically been rebuilt in the suburbs; white people giving up hope of ever saving downtown Birmingham and leaving its citizens as perpetual stars and cast members of The First 48 tv show.

Atlanta's suburbs that jettison as far as the Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee state lines are directly related to white people fleeing one city/county that the Black Undertow overwhelms and rebuilding it again in the futile hopes of escaping.

Just like any mall that the Black Undertow takes over; just like any city that the Black Undertow inherits the existing infrastructure of upon the inevitable white flight; just like any county that goes majority Black Undertow, the end result is always the same as that which befell Union Station.

The aptly named Mall of America is not immune from this iron law of the visible Black Undertow hand. Just look at Detroit, Birmingham, and Clayton County for the proof of what happens when Black people inherit the existing infrastructure of a formerly world-class city or county... it isn't pretty. 

Have we started a fire?


But the fire rises anyway.

Like it or not, 2012 is gonna be a hell of a year.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Nike: Winged Goddess of Black People

PK NOTE: The best breakdown of the marriage between Nike and Black people is found in this marketing presentation. The marketing strategy by Nike -- to make Negro Fascism cool through commercials and huge billboards --has in turn created a herd-mentality for the swoosh product among the Black Undertow.  

We find this passage in Swoosh: Looking Black at Nike, Moses, and Jordan in the '80s:
In his book, Sole Provider: Thirty Years of Nike Basketball, sportswriter “Scoop” Jackson makes a bold assertion about the marriage of two corporate entities (the NBA and Nike) and the role of the athlete in this:
"For thirty years a large part of the game’s life has been vicariously thru not just the sport, but the culture of the sport. Thru the shoes, the players, the commercials. Thru the drama, the icons, the history…A presence unparalleled, unmatched, unheard of and unseen by anyone. Instilled in the minds of millions: nothing can be accomplished, no success earned without the shoes."
Is this why Black people rioted nationwide for a pair of overpriced Air Jordan's?

The 2011 Air Jordan Black Riots
It was back in 1990 that Jesse Jackson decided to wage war on Nike, a company that had already gone all-in on promoting Black athletes with huge marketing campaigns that made Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Bo Jackson household names. To Black people, this wasn't enough:
For days now, the image of Jesse Jackson has hovered over the Rev. Tyrone Crider as he sits in the Chicago offices of Operation PUSH, devising a boycott of Nike Inc., the athletic shoe giant. For Mr. Crider and the civil rights organization he heads, it is their biggest test since Mr. Jackson, the group's founder and soul, left for Washington last year.
As the group approaches its 20th year, it has a new leader, a new target and a familiar tactic. In demanding that the company promote more blacks and do more business with black-owned companies, PUSH is taking on perhaps the most visible emblem in the lives of inner-city youths, for whom Nike has become a virtual uniform.

In calling for the boycott, PUSH is repeating a tactic it has used, often successfully, in affirmative action struggles with other corporations.
The group's officials say they are unhappy with the entire athletic wear industry but have chosen Nike because it is the leader. The company has no blacks on its board of directors, no black vice presidents and it does little or no business with black companies, although it draws much of its $2.2 billion in revenue from black customers, PUSH officials say.
The group called for the boycott on Aug. 12 after negotiations broke down. Among the many things the two sides differ on is the market that is at stake. Nike officials say blacks account for only 14 percent of the company's total sales. Operation PUSH believes black customers make up closer to 30 percent.
The company announced this week that it would appoint a minority member to its board, name a black vice president and more black department heads in the next year or two, but it also maintained that the moves had little to do with Operation PUSH.
''These were priorities for '91,'' said Liz Dolan, spokeswoman for Nike. ''People want to know how much a priority. The best way to show that is to attach a timetable to it.''
Mr. Crider said he sees little difference between the Nike boycott and the boycott of the Montgomery bus system by blacks seeking access to the front of the bus in 1955. ''If black folk in Montgomery could be disciplined enough to not ride the bus for a year,'' Mr. Crider said, ''surely African Americans, over time and through education, can be disciplined enough not to run in Nike shoes for as long as it takes.''

But blacks did not have the seemingly metaphysical attachment to buses that teen-agers have to Nike shoes. While both sides agree that it is too early to assess the effectiveness of the boycott, the other evening outside a Foot Locker shoe store near Chicago's South Side, the Nike logo was on nearly every young customer's foot.
Flash-forward 20 years. Black people's predilection for showing off their poverty by purchasing Nike products has been crystallized by the now infamous 30+ city Air Jordan Riots over Christmas 2011. This wasn't isolated behavior; this was nationwide 365Black behavior on display courtesy of Black people showing us once again why white flight transpires instantly in any city that gets a little too dark.

Sadly, Foot Locker dedicating resources to become the official shoe provider of Black people has been disastrous for their bottom line in the long run. Indeed, the only business that went 365Black and saw monetary rewards has been McDonald's, only because of Black people's notorious inclination for not passing on seconds.

Any city, county, mall, or company (save McDonald's) that goes 365Black is doomed financially, and even Nike has been attacked by Black people for not going far enough -- this was back in 1990 when Jackson and Jordan represented the public face of Nike!! -- to satisfy Organized Blackness.

Well, Nike has done some serious outreach to the Black community (specifically the Black Undertow, who rely on the government to pay for housing, food, incarceration, and TANF/Welfare) evidenced by the creation of the Black History Month shoe in 2011:
Nike challenged seniors at Miami’s Booker T. Washington High School, to create their own artistic expression regarding Black History Month through the art of spoken word. The finalists composed an original spoken word piece to interpret this period drawing upon such pivotal moments including the Civil Rights Movement. A panel of celebrities including popular Miami Heat disk jockey DJ Irie, former NBA athlete Alonzo Mourning, spoken word poet Ruth Tuffit and Nike representatives announced the contest winners.
Jazmine Snyder, the first place winner received a $1000 scholarship, and both Staresha Charles and Walter Peterson are the Second and Third place winners who each received a $500 scholarship. All three will also receive a pair of the limited edition Black History Month Air Force 1 shoes.
bhmside Exclusive: Nike Black History Month 2009 Air Force 1 Photos + High School Spoken Word Contest At booker T. Washington
The Black History Month Nike shoe!
Sneaker Info: The Air Force 1 shoe is one of Nike’s most revered and iconic models. This limited-edition version is not for sale but rather a special product, proudly displaying the colors of the African American flag. Rich black leathers have been chosen to represent the essence of all color. Contrast stitching has been used to show an energetic pop of pride and perseverance. The centennial logo honors the long and rich history of the African American culture. Forty-four stars circle the outer perimeter of the logo to represent the celebration of the first African American to represent a people as well as the American government. The Swoosh has a luxury material of metallic black leather and the outsoles are marbleized like the courtrooms of the US Supreme Court – the place where many civil rights battles were fought and won.
Those glorious Civil Rights battles that were fought and won so that we could see the true soles of Black folks over the 2011 Christmas weekend, courtesy of Nike! The culmination of the dream of equality was truly on display in every city with a mall where a Foot Locker was still opened. It didn't matter if it was Richmond, Virginia or Richmond, California, Black people stabbed, shot, kicked, screamed, ran, beat, and waged a mini-war with police and mall plexiglass in a bid to spend $180 on a pair of Nike shoes.

Doesn't a single Black female only have a median net worth of $5? That's 36 times what your average Black female is worth! How in the world could she possibly acquire such a luxury item? Oh, you -- the tax-payer -- pay for her food, housing, and welfare.
Worse, your average Black family is only worth around $5,677. Spending $180 on a pair of shoes for one child represents three percent of that number; imagine if they have two or three children to provide socially-acceptable foot-wear in the Black Undertow schoolrooms across America?

Back in 1999, the Journal of Sport and Social Issues published an article detailing Nike's marketing strategy to Black people. It's not available online, but here's the abstract:
An increase in the size and resources of the Black consumer market has prompted many organizations to increase their understanding of the challenges of devising marketing communications to appeal to Black consumers. The influence of culture on communication strategies aimed at ethnic groups has long been realized by marketers and advertising professionals. However, what remains a challenge is the means of adapting an effective (yet nonoffensive) culturally-based approach of marketing communication. Given the salience of sport to Blacks, this is a challenge that sport organizations should also address as they devise ways of advertising and communicating sport products and services to Black consumers. This article will employ the tenets of symbolic interactionism, to analyze Nike’s advertisements as vehicles to communicate with Black audiences.

Nonoffensive means of effective communication to the Black community? How would images that show Black people in more than 30 cities across the country storming Foot Locker's with the determination of the rampaging army (well, an army more interested in inflicting casualties on one another in the bid for the holy grail of Nike's yearly output) fit into that strategy?

For all those who want to say, "but white people do it," please understand that there has never been a New Balance riot, nor has there ever been a TOMS riot (you know, that shoe company that gives a free pair of shoes to some third world kid with ever purchase of a shoe).

Nike attempted damage control by issuing this statement denouncing the soles of Black folk nationwide (h/t Lawrence Auster on that hilarious truism):
Nike is decrying the shopping frenzies and subsequent police arrests over the release of its Air Jordan XI shoes Friday.

"We are extremely concerned to hear of the reported crowd incidents around the launch of the Air Jordan XI at some select retail locations," said Brian Facchini, spokesman for Nike's Jordan brand in a statement Friday night. "Consumer safety and security is of paramount importance. We encourage anyone wishing to purchase our product to do so in a respectful and safe manner."

The retail launch of the retro version of one of the most popular Air Jordans kicks ever sparked mayhem across the country two days before Christmas. The shoes retail for around $180. But that didn't stop Black Friday-like sneaker madness as consumers pushed, fought and trampled each other over the shoes.
In Indianapolis, shoppers stormed a mall, trampling fellow consumers and ripping a door off its hinges. In Seattle, police used pepper spray on about 20 shoppers fighting over the shoes. A man was stabbed in a brawl over the shoes in Jersey City, N.J. He's expected to recover.

Lost in 2011 riots that were overwhelmingly a Black Undertow phenomenon is that in both 2009 and 2010, these riots took place as well. There's one man responsible for turning Nike into the unofficial apparel provider of the Black Undertow, and his name is Sonny Vaccaro:
It's this kind of treatment that brings Vaccaro grief from the critics. It's also an indication of how much is different from the day he signed Michael Jordan for Nike and changed marketing forever. Sonny barely knew Jordan until right before the 1984 draft. But once MJ morphed into Air Jordan, it became Sonny's job to find the next great salesman. By the late '90s, sneaker companies were inviting 14-year-olds to their camps and travel teams.

Let's hope that Vaccaro saw the footage from Detroit, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte, Richmond (both locations), and all the other cities where the Black Undertow overwhelmed law, order, and decency for all to see over Christmas 2011. He made millions off of providing cheaply made swag to the Black Undertow; in one day, he inadvertently helped augment the ranks of Those Who Can See with the Black Riots of 2011 over Air Jordan's.

Nike: The Winged Goddess of Black People. Life in Black-Run America (BRA) sure can be funny.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

And at Christmas, You Tell the Truth

The Ghost of Christmas Future: never look back and think what could have been
We at SBPDL wish every reader a warm and very Merry Christmas! Especially a Happy Christmas to those who read Stuff Black People Don't Like and deplore what is written here; we don't just celebrate diversity at SBPDL, we have no problem noticing it either!

Apologies to all as time constraints pushed the release of Stuff Black People Don't Like: 365Black Days of Judging of Content of Character to early next year. We want this to be the best possible and we are still waiting on a few endorsements and edits to be finalized. To all those who have donated: your books will be mailed just as soon as this book is ready. It's going to be something special.

And when I write "we," it should really read "me."

Thanks to every reader who has helped turn this site into something more than just a joke, but to push me in other directions that have taken SBPDL down a much different road then it was ever intended.

It's been a strange year. What started as a joke, turned into something that almost derailed my career. Perhaps that should have been the end of Stuff Black People Don't Like, but it wasn't. This site has grown because of a dedication by the readers to help make it something else, and that's the reason I didn't quit. That's the reason I didn't stop.

About two years ago ( about six months into the SBPDL experiment), a reader -- Mencken -- volunteered to edit every piece. It was this generous offer (and investment on his part into a product that would return him no monetary return) that initially made me realize SBPDL was something important.

It was this past summer when I realized how important this site is to a lot of you. You'll never know how thankful I am to those who believed in me then. Each day, as this site continues to grow, please know it's because of that tumultuous month and the outpouring of support from people I'll never meet that SBPDL endured.

There were a few entries I wanted to post before Christmas, but they'll just have to wait. Please, do one thing for yourself this Christmas: sign off of the Internet, and go be with your family; call that old friend you haven't spoken to in years and just say "hello"; if there's some girl you always wanted to tell how you felt, go do it.

Because at Christmas, you tell the truth.

Don't sit in front of the computer on this wonderful day. If you haven't spoken to a family member in years, call them. Reach out to them. Go spend time with your children and your family.

But more importantly, if there's some girl you've always had a crush on or wanted to reconnect with, make it happen. No one else will, but you.

I live by one rule: no regrets. In this life, I've made mistakes and I can only learn from them. Starting SBPDL is not among them. It's something I'm very proud of.

Life passes us by in a hurry, and if we don't stop to blink every now and then, it will be gone. So, do yourself this one thing on Christmas 2011, and sign off your Apple or Dell, and go spend time with your family.

Know this: 2012 will be the year of SBPDL. That's my promise to all of you readers (and those who will soon be reading, joining the ranks of Those Who Can See in the process).

But on this day -- on Christmas Eve -- go spend time with your family. If your a young guy still hoping to chase tail and play the game, stop. Go call that ex-girl friend you still think about and let her know how you feel. There's more important things then just scoring in life; when you start your family, you'll realize what that is.

Years from now, we'll look back upon these times -- and the dark ones ahead -- and smile; courage, truth, and will is all it is going to take to end this madness. And it will happen.

But for now, let me wish you a very Merry Christmas. Now, get off the Internet and spend it with your family. Or reconnect with that old flame or friend you haven't spoken to in years.

The Ghost of Christmas Past is just that; The Ghost of Christmas Present is right now, so make the best of it; The Ghost of Christmas Future, well, what happens next in your life is all up to you.

So thanks again for reading. Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Not Exactly "Christmas Shoes": Black People Riot Nationwide Over Air Jordan's... Again

There are two songs around Christmas that I don't like hearing. One is Same Auld Lang Syne; the other is Christmas Shoes.
Black people attack Foot Locker's and each other across the nation

The former is about two long-lost lovers reunited on a snowy Christmas Eve; the latter about a poor child desiring a pair of shoes for his dying mother, but he lacks the required funds to make the purchase. A man sees this transpire and buys them for the young boy.

I've long thought the concept of "what might have been?" is completely foreign to Black people; just as in 2009 and 2010, we know unequivocally that the song Christmas Shoes has no place in any discussion of Black people.

Once again, Black people rioted nationwide trying to acquire the new Air Jordan tennis shoe. Nationwide is a misuse of the term. Black people -- whose monthly tithing to the high church of Foot Locker keeps that company afloat -- fought, punched, kicked, bit, and waged mini-wars trying to acquire the new Air Jordan's:
The quest for some limited edition sneakers took an ugly turn early Friday morning outside the Mall at Stonecrest in Lithonia. 
DeKalb police say several people have been arrested , including one woman who left two young children in her car, after the new Nike Air Jordan 11 Concords went on sale.
Hundreds of people began lining up in the early hours at the Mall at Stonecrest to get their hands on a pair of Nike's new Michael Jordan sneakers. Several stores inside the mall were offering the sneakers.
Apparently, some people could not wait until the mall opened its doors at 8 a.m. Police were called to the scene.
DeKalb police responded with as many as 20 squad cars after a large crowd apparently made an illegal entry into the mall, breaking down the door. Police escorted most of the people back outside. At least four people were arrested in that incident.
Police say more arrests could come as a result of the break in.
According to police, one woman left two young children in her car in the mall parking lot. Officers with DeKalb police had to break her car window to get the children out. They say the woman's car had been in the parking lot for quite a while.
It wasn't just Atlanta, that glorious Black capitol city of America, where Black people battled one another and the police for the right to purchase Christmas Shoes for the less fortunate  to spend one/half of their monthly earnings on a pair of shoes for themselves.

The same happened in Washington where the only angels Black people hoped to encounter were the winged-God of victory courtesy of Phil Knight:
Police officers used pepper spray to break up fights within a group waiting snag a pair of the latest Air Jordan sneakers early Friday morning.

A crowd, estimated to be more than 1,000 people strong, was camped outside the Southcenter Shopping Mall ahead of the release of the retro Air Jordan XI Concords when the frenzy began.

A Q13 FOX News photographer on the scene said people were shoving each other and shouting at police before the mall opened. Four stores in the mall were selling the shoes. The crowd had started gathering around 2:00 a.m. and one store — Foot Locker — opened about 3:30 a.m.

It happened in Charlotte too:
Dozens of police officers had to break up fights and restore order at a local mall while shoppers were waiting for an overnight sale of a popular tennis shoe.

The disturbance started inside Carolina Place Mall just after 5am. Witnesses said as mall officials opened the mall doors, crowds of people pushed their way in. 

"They almost took the door off the hinges," one shopper who didn't want to be identified said, "there were women with babies in their hands and they on their backs."

Shoppers were in line waiting for the re-release of the Air Jordan XI Concord tennis shoe at Foot Locker, Finish Line and Downtown Locker Room.
And Louisville:
Witnesses say Louisville Metro Police had to break up a fight early today at Jefferson Mall over the release of a new style of sneakers, but sources with the mall tell a very different story.

Metrosafe dispatchers told WDRB News they received a report of 75-100 people in a fight over pairs of the new Air Jordan Eleven Retro Concords.

One witness who was in the store told WDRB that a security guard was trampled by the crowd waiting for several shoe stores to open early. That claim could not be independently verified, as WDRB News was not allowed inside the mall.

Sources with the mall say they've talked to all of their security guards and no one was trampled.
At least eight police cars were on scene when WDRB arrived. Sources with the mall claim officers were already there to provide security. Dispatchers told WDRB News overnight that some units were dispatched to the mall after they received reports of unrest.

The new Air Jordans retail for $180 dollars and are very popular with so-called "sneaker-heads," who collect them.  One man tells WDRB he bought two pair of the shoes.  He sold one pair to another person in line for $260. Witnesses say Louisville Metro Police had to break up a fight early today at Jefferson Mall over the release of a new style of sneakers, but sources with the mall tell a very different story.
Every time I hear the song Christmas Shoes, I have to turn it off. It's a reminder that there are many people in poverty across this country that genuinely have good hearts, but have fallen on hard times. Many people whose parents would otherwise find gainful employment if Black-Run America (BRA) didn't exist.

Our wealth in America is redistributed to people -- yes, Black people -- who engage in this type of behavior on a daily basis, making malls no-go areas that inevitably close. I'd love to know the costs associated with policing these Black people across the nation on The Night the Air Jordan's Get Released. It's a yearly ritual by this point, and Foot Locker executives secretly love this stuff; after all, without Black people, who would even shop at the store?

The Air Jordan is named after them most odious athlete of all-time, Michael Jordan. Here's a good article that describes how the Nigga Rich Jordan acts now:
Michael Jordan has a reputation for being kind of a party animal. He likes to gamble, smoke cigars, and play golf. His Airness marches to the beat of his own drum, and doesn’t exactly give off the impression that he cares what people think about it.  According to Gossip Extra, those are the characteristics that have his future neighbors at Jack Nicklaus’ The Bear Club already annoyed.

“I don’t know which is worse,” a source inside the community said. “The half-smoked cigars in the grass or that fact that he rarely plays without a posse. I’ve seen him out there with 10 people and they’re hooting and hollering. The point of living in this place is that it’s quiet. The residents are seething but there isn’t much they can do about it.”

That certainly sounds like Mike.  Jordan hasn’t moved in yet, as his modest 37,000 square-foot home is still under construction.  His spokeswoman, Estee Portnoy, said that the above opinion is just that of one person and called Michael a “true gentleman.”  I wouldn’t go that far.  If the other residents are concerned about half-smoked cigars on the grass, they should make M.J. a bet that he can’t smoke his entire cigar and then throw the end of it in the rubbish. Or play him for it. We know he likes to golf and talk a little trash - even if it's with a former President. One thing he’ll never do is turn down a wager.

There are two songs around Christmas that I don't like hearing. One is Same Auld Lang Syne; the other is Christmas Shoes.

The song Christmas Shoes is one every one should listen to after watching the videos below of Black people rioting over Air Jordan's. It's a reminder that Freedom Failed.

Oh, there was a stampede in Indianapolis over the shoes. Thanks Black people, for once again showing us your "content of character" when it comes to Air Jordan's, and that it isn't isolated to Atlanta, Charlotte, Austin, or Indy, but a universally-shared trait among Black people nationwide. Oh, it happened in Detroit too. And there was gunfire, courtesy of Black people.

Why in the world do white people not engage in similar actions - fights, shootings, stabbings, riots with police - when they line up to purchase Apple's newest products, such as the iPad, iPhone or iPod?

Say it with me folks: It was Black People at Foot Locker's across the country that rioted over Air Jordan's. It is Black People that lacked civility and the ability to purchase these items in an orderly fashion. It is the Black Undertow that is responsible for making malls unsafe for people to shop.