Monday, March 31, 2014

"Black Male Engagement Task Force" in 83 percent Black Detroit to Address the Misery Caused by Black Males

You want to see a city where the scourge of white privilege has been - thankfully - removed? 

It's Detroit. 
Black privilege replaced Tim Wise's much (lucratively) bemoaned white privilege in Detroit: what's left behind is the uniquely black contribution to American History

You know Detroit, the 83 percent black city in Michigan.

Recently declared the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history. 

White privilege replaced with the quiet, reassuring stability of blackness. 


This is Detroit we're talking about, America's 24/7/365 living, breathing proof of the undeniable racial differences existing that no one will admit must be addressed. The rusting remnants of a once thriving (and entirely white) civilization in Detroit transmit an almost unspeakable truth in their awesome ruin: remove white privilege, remove the civilization they created. 

The only lasting contribution of blacks to Detroit can be found in the police blotters and in the terrifying 9-1-1 recordings of individuals reporting a criminal act to the unresponsive police; the decaying remains of white civilization in Detroit reflect this fact, a city paralyzed by the proliferation of black privilege where whiteness once ruled. 

Well, the chaos of 83 percent black Detroit is illustrated in the news of self-defense shootings rising in the city.  [Fatal self-defense shootings on rise in Detroit, Detroit News, 3-25-2014]:

Criminals prowling for victims in Detroit are instead finding armed citizens willing to open fire. 
A northwest Detroit homeowner on Tuesday fatally shot two men he said were trying to break into his west-side house. 
If those shootings are ruled self-defense, they will bring to 10 the number of fatal self-defense shootings in the city since Jan. 1. 
Detroit has traditionally had a large percentage of the nation’s justifiable homicides by citizens. In 2012, the last year for which national figures are available, there were 25 justifiable homicides in Detroit, which made up 8 percent of the 310 seen nationwide. Last year, there were 15 justifiable homicides in the city. 
“It’s horrific what’s going on in the city, where people have to defend their homes with guns,” said the Rev. Barak Holmes of Diverse Deliverance, who lives near the house where Tuesday’s shootings occurred and heard four shots. 
“We have to pray for our city.”
Well Rev. Barak Holmes of Diverse Deliverance, you should pray, or in your words, "pray for our city."

Key word in your sentence being "our."

Detroit's situation in 2014 is a uniquely black one, replicated in such places as Camden, Memphis, East St. Louis, and Gary (Indiana). Though it is not an anomaly, the misery of Detroit knows no bounds. With fans of the Detroit Tigers, the Major League Baseball (MLB) team, primarily white people living the suburbs, news that many of them would bring guns with them as they participated in an American safari into the Motor City shouldn't be shocking[Detroit Police ask Tigers fans not to leave guns in their car, Detroit News, 3-24-14]:

With Detroit Tigers officials announcing Monday that fans will be required go through metal detectors before entering Comerica Park, concealed weapons permit-holders will have to leave their guns behind — but, police hope, not in their vehicles. 
Detroit Police officials expressed concern during a November meeting that guns were being stolen from vehicles downtown, in part due to Detroit Lions fans leaving them behind because of the NFL’s ban on firearms in stadiums. 
Now that Major League Baseball has mandated tighter security measures that prevent citizens from bringing firearms to ballparks, Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody warned Tiger fans: “Do not leave that gun in your car.” 
“I’m preparing a memo for our officers, explaining what Comerica Park is expecting of them,” Woody said. 
Rick Ector, a gun safety instructor and owner of Rick’s Firearms Academy of Detroit, said baseball fans will likely want to take their firearms downtown, but offered tips to reduce the likelihood of their guns being stolen. 
“First of all, I’d ask people to take off all their gun-themed bumper stickers, and signs that say ‘I love the 2nd Amendment,’ ” Ector said. 
“Secondly, I’d strongly advise them to buy an inexpensive car safe. It would allow them to bolt their gun to the car floor, or run a thick cable through the car seat frame. It’s not 100 percent foolproof, but it would require a lot more effort to steal a gun from a car, rather than just breaking a window and grabbing it.”

Rick Ector would spend every waking hour denying it, but every nightmare he has is centered around black people and the black crime in Detroit that drove away civilization.

This is why he instinctively knows (white) baseball fans will want to take firearms to downtown Detroit, but he would never, ever admit it's because of the legitimate fear of black crime. 

While black-on-black crime (correctly deemed black-in-origin crime, so as to deemphasize the offending racial group) is the primary concern in 83 percent black Detroit, one shouldn't expect the new initiative by the Detroit City Council to address this fact.  [Detroit council initiative to tackle issues facing black men, Detroit News. 3-31-14]:

City Council members James Tate and Andre Spivey have launched a new task force aimed at addressing the most troubled segment of Detroit: black men. 
The two second-term councilmen are spearheading the Black Male Engagement Task Force, which aims to address high unemployment rates, drug use, lack of education and poor quality of life faced by African-American men. The council authorized the panel in February. 
The goal is to provide mentoring and life coaching opportunities for young men to improve Detroit, Tate said. 
“When you look around the country, African-American males typically find themselves in the more challenged parts of the spectrum as it relates to education, employment (and) youth and crime rate,” Tate said. “We, as a community, have to identify ways to improve our family structure. Improving our family structure will be the building blocks to improving our city.” 
Ken Coleman, a mentor at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit and a longtime political operative, said Detroit’s city government hasn’t tackled the issues facing black men in almost 25 years. The last time he recalls is when then-City Council member Barbara-Rose Collins raised it in 1990 with her “Save the Black Male” campaign following the 1989 conviction of her son for armed robbery. 
The council initiative is in line with President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Task Force. Launched last July, the president’s effort seeks to determine what private and public efforts are working and provide resources to support the endeavors throughout the country. It also wants to better connect state and local officials, the private sector and philanthropists. 
“We do have African-American males who are doing the right thing, who are giving up their time, services and resources to support the community,” Spivey said.But problems remain, he said. 
“With crime (in Detroit), a lot of the faces are African-American males.... Black men die at an early age,” Spivey said. “We can bring spotlight on those issues.”
Every metric measuring quality of life in Detroit is on empty, precisely because the city is 83 percent black, the culmination/aggregate of the individual contributions of black people. The Black Male Engagement Task Force, aims to address high unemployment rates, drug use, lack of education and poor quality of life faced by African-American men.

Funny: the high unemployment rates, drug use, lack of education and poor quality of life is created by African-American men.

Like Narcissus who found himself immobilized by his own beauteous reflection, black people - once in political power - feel uncompelled to move. Instead, they sit enamored in the reflection of power their new position allots them.

Never mind Coleman Young was elected the first black mayor of Detroit in 1974.

Never mind Detroit has, for all intents and purposes, been politically run for the benefit of black people for more than 40 years.

Never mind billions of federal dollars have flown from hardworking tax payers to enrich black charities, black churches, and connected black political officials (black government contractors) since the mid-1970s.

Never mind the designation as an urban enterprise zone, empowerment zone, or whatever tax-exempt program some racially-blind, limp-wristed white politician can come up with in Washington D.C.

A world professional white exterminationist Tim Wise could only fantasize about has come true in Detroit: white privilege is gone, replaced with black power. Ironically, the privilege of a civilization run by blacks, of blacks, and for blacks did not translate into the nirvana long prophesied by men of Wise's infinite knowledge.

This one fact will always remain intact: the lowliest white person, regardless of their class, net worth or station in life can look upon the moon and know white feet are all that have stood upon it; the black individual with the fattest bank account and grandest estate can look upon 2014 Detroit and see only a city where the black foot print/contribution to America is on fullest display.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Phillipsburg High School Noose Incident: "some other black students responded by openly saying they hate white people."

Call it immersion into George Orwell's "Room 101" from 1984.

Call it being exposed to the Ludovico technique, as administered by the good Dr. Brodsky, in Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange.
Whites guys and a noose: automatically, it's a sign of racial hate. No questions asked

Whatever you do, remember it's all about freedom and tolerance: it's about putting historical blame for the continued failure/dysfunction of blacks on all living white people. [Phillipsburg sensitivity program leaves some students in tears, mom says,, 3-28-2014]:
The first of a series of programs intended to bolster Phillipsburg High School students' awareness of bias sent at least one girl home in tears this week, a parent reports.
Following the circulation of a photo depicting what some have called a racially charged scene involving eight Phillipsburg High School students in February, the Phillipsburg School District decided to hold assemblies featuring a bias investigator, sports psychology program and the services of a diversity institute.
The first program, a diversity presentation given by Detective D’Amico from the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, was held on Wednesday, March 26.
Kim Williams, mother of sophomore Kenya Allah, who is black, said her daughter came home in tears, distressed at what she had seen.
According to Williams, Kenya did not like the violent imagery shown during the assembly and told her mother that students cried and attempted to walk out of the program.
One film shown was "Jasper, Texas," which depicts the true story of James Byrd Jr., who was dragged to his death from a pickup truck by three white supremacists.
Williams said her daughter saw an image of the man's head being torn off in the video and that students were told they could not leave the program, but could put their heads down if they felt uncomfortable.
She also said that any student who left was disciplined with suspension, but the administration could not confirm that information.
"This is just really bad timing," she said. "We've been trying to heal."
Explaining that the photo made her daughter uncomfortable about her classmates, Williams said she has been trying to quell her daughter's fears.
"I talked to Kenya to go to school with an open mind. I said, 'What they did was a silly thing,' and tried to tell her that we're much better off today, but I am truly lost right now. I was telling her we're past all that, but the film goes against that," she said.
According to Williams her daughter said that some other black students responded by openly saying they hate white people.
"Who knows the impact or backlash of that? It's scary. When a student makes a comment like that, there is something in that film to make them think that way," she said.
Stating that the program was recommended to the district by the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office, Superintendent George M. Chando said, "We regret if a student was upset with any segment of the program that was delivered as Detective D’Amico continually stressed to students they are leaders, heroes, and role models and everyone should be treated with respect."
Chando described the program as involving several short video clips to provide "a historical presentation of prejudice, bullying, stereotyping behavior, and acts committed against human beings over time," adding that the clips were brief and used to show direct outcomes of "hateful behavior."
"Detective D’Amico spoke on the topics of prejudice, diversity, the need to respect each other and what it is like to walk in another person’s shoes. He also stressed the need for students to step up and intervene when they encounter or witness an act of harassment or bullying," Chando said.
Williams said that in a conversation with Principal Greg Troxell, her concerns were not adequately dealt with.
"I wanted to have some kind of consent form for them to watch these things, but we never got one and he said that there wasn't enough time to get parents involved, like it was some scheduling thing," Williams said.
Chando and Troxell were not immediately available to comment on the alleged phone conversation, but Williams hopes that she and other concerned parents will have the opportunity to get involved in future programs.
"Whatever message he was trying to send, they didn't get it," she said of the program.
Upcoming events, including a sports psychologist and a program from the Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America, are still in the planning stages, Chando said.
On Thursday Scott M. Wilhelm, attorney for the students disciplined in connection with the photo, was not immediately aware of the program given at the high school on Wednesday, but previously told The Express-Times that the school administration was "throwing the kids under the bus" by hosting these programs.
 No, it's not "Room 101."
What's in your Room 101? I'd say either Detroit or Newark...

It's not the "Ludovico technique."

It's just behavioral modification administered in Black-Run America (BRA), where whites must be educated to understand all black failure is based upon past (however slight) injustices by some dead white against a black person --- or any non-white.

Let's roll the latest Blackjack Pershing, with another Dispatch from Occupied Newark. 

Collective Guilt, Collective Punishment by Blackjack Pershing

Running a profitable business is a challenge. Running a profitable business in Paterson, NJ (Newark’s cousin aka Newark Light) is even more of a challenge considering a city ordinance forbidding the locking of doors on business bathrooms. This means a virtual invasion of homeless people and drug addicts into your place of business. A McDonald’s in Paterson has racked up eight citations for daring to keep its bathroom doors locked. Paterson Health and Human Services Director Donna Nelson-Ivy called the locking of the doors “unacceptable.” Her advice to the manager, get staff members to “monitor” the homeless and drug addict activity in the bathrooms. Monitor? Really Mrs. Nelson-Ivy? Monitor? 
The mere thought of believing black people are responsible for their actions (thereby, being responsible for the demise of Detroit and Newark) will cause you immediate nausea and to be immobilized by debilitating white guilt...

            I wonder how many social crusaders like Mrs. Nelson-Ivy would actually stand up, bite the bullet, and let these wonderful denizens use her home as a bathing and shoot-up station? I think the answer is less than the number of citations this restaurant has received for having the gall to be concerned about the safety of their staff and customers.
"Who knows the impact or backlash of that? It's scary. When a student makes a comment like that, there is something in that film (Jasper, Texas) to make them think that way,"
~Kim Williams, the mother of Phillipsburg high school student Kenya Allah Williams, upon hearing of open expressions of white hatred by Kenya’s fellow black classmates
            Sensitivity training and diversity seminars are frequently called in today to prevent Monty Python and the Holy Grail-esque witch mobs from getting too out of hand after the inevitable cries of “I’m offended” reach a fever pitch on any given day in modern America. Recentlyeight Phillipsburg, NJ wrestlers staged a photograph, posing with a wrestlingdummy hanging from the ceiling. The dummy was donning their wrestling rival’s shirt and oh by the way, wrestling dummies only come in black or brown leather. Whether the intent was racial or not, well…society immediately decided yes, of course. You be the judge there.
            In response to this event, not only did a black student from the rival team sue the Phillipsburg school district, but a series of programs designed raise “awareness of bias” was scheduled to be screened… the entire high school. Ah, collective punishment. It seems to have a nice home in today’s America. After a mass shooting, laws are passed in multiple uninvolved states against legal gun owners. A terrorist attack occurs, now a security agent has to grope every man, woman, and child catching a flight. One Confederate flag flies, an entire state is labeled biased and evil. It’s the go-to punishment for nearly every offense.  
            Part of a diversity presentation given to the Phillipsburg high school students recently involved the watching of a film called, “Jasper, Texas,” a film about the infamous 1998 dragging death of black man by three white men in Texas. Two of those defendants would later be executed and a third sentenced to life in prison. The film screening brought down the house. Some students cried (including at least one black female student), others attempted to leave, but were forced to stay, and some black students “responded by openly saying they hate white people.” You know, somehow, I don’t think this was the desired effect. Talk about your sensitivity training.
            A program from the Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America is being planned for the collectively guilty high school students next.
“We’ve received emails from teachers at the school that there have been numerous acts of violence and that they’re occurring on a regular basis,”
~Gene Harvell, second vice president of the Paterson Education Association
          Although regularlyoccurring isolated incidents sure sounds like an oxymoron, this is how thedistrict spokeswoman Terry Corallo, characterizes the fighting problem at Paterson high school 12. The fight which involved at least a dozen students and required medical attention for one of the injured was of such little note on the scale of things at School 12 that parents weren’t even notified of the incident.  While teachers and some school officials say the fight highlights a “consistent problem” at the school, Mrs. Corallo maintains it was an “isolated incident.” Imagine for a second trying to teach in an environment such as this……………did you imagine it? Can you imagine it? It’s okay if you couldn’t.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

"The First 48": When the truth of Black Crime in Miami Caused Televisions Best Show to be Uninvited from Filming there...

An unrelenting, never-ceasing, never-ending, continuous, perpetual war of disinformation.

If you turn on your television and watch scripted programs (or allow your mind to be infiltrated with advertisements depicting individuals in virtually unprecedented scenarios), you are entering a world reality can't replicate.
You can't script reality... The First 48 no longer films in Miami. Too many black criminals...

Which is why A&E's show The First 48 is the most important program on television.

Which is why it must be stopped.

Showing real cops trying to deal with real black people (move over Cliff Huxtable and The Cosby Show), in the aftermath of incident of spontaneous blackness, the program is the only reality show on televsion.

And in a story from almost one year ago, comes the simple truth about how easily this system - what we've dubbed Black-Run America (BRA) - could come crashing down.

Just like in Memphis, where the almost all-black city council stepped in to shut-off the cameras, The First 48 was a tad to real for the fine folks down in Miami. [Miami police parts ways with popular “First 48” cable show: The popular television show has helped solve Miami homicides, but critics say the cameras can be a distraction to investigators and the show seems to focus more on African-American communities., Miami Herald, 5-20-2013]:
For nearly a decade, The First 48, A&E’s wildly popular reality show, has chronicled homicide detectives investigating scores of Miami murders — from Coconut Grove to Little Havana to Little Haiti.
Now, amid concerns that the cable television program glorifies violence in many of the city’s poorest neighborhoods and interferes with investigations, Miami police and the show’s producers have parted ways.
At issue is a request from Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa to have the show’s producers chip in a $10,000 donation, per new episode, to the Police Athletic League charity, which runs youth sports programs for at-risk children.
“We’re asking the show to donate monies to our P.A.L. program, to be spent in those communities where the show is being filmed,” Orosa said. The money would be used for programs in the communities’ parks and schools, the chief said.
So far, the production company has not agreed to the donation request. The show’s contract recently expired and crews have stopped accompanying detectives to crime scenes.
John Kim, The First 48’s executive producer and co-creator, still remains hopeful that a new contract can be hammered out for Miami, the “face” of the show that has now aired 242 episodes featuring more than 400 cases from around the country.
The shows leaves a colorful, if at times controversial, legacy as cameras capture the first two days of real-life murder probes, personalities of homicide detectives, heartbreaks of families and the grittiness of Miami’s streets.
The show’s first two cases were in 2004, set in Coconut Grove and Little Havana. In all, 113 Miami cases have been featured on The First 48. Among the notable ones: the 2005 kidnap-torture-murder of Miami drug dealer Jesus Discua, the 2006 crossfire slaying of 9-year-old Sherdavia Jenkins in Liberty City, and the 2010 slaying of a state corrections officer and her 2-year-old son.
“The Miami detectives in many ways are a reflection of the city itself,” said Kim. “Miami is a very colorful city and the detectives tend to be much more open and demonstrative about their jobs, about their feelings and who they are. Also, it certainly helps that the setting is beautiful and sunny. There are not many other cities that look like Miami.”
Critics complain that the show focuses too much on African American neighborhoods, depicting them as lawless. They also say that distracts detectives from solving murders, reveals police investigative techniques and causes complications when cases go to criminal court.

Read more here:

Kim, the producer, says he is exploring ways to include some of the good things in communities featured on the show – whether it’s from activists working to improve conditions or organizations helping youth.
But he stressed the show is the only one on television that chronicles the real suffering of families and the ongoing violence in African American neighborhoods.
“This is the face of urban violence,” Kim said. “Keeping it out there in the public consciousness is important. It’s so easy to forget what’s happening.”

Read more here:
 Heck, Luther Campbell of Two Live Crew fame even blamed The First 48 for keeping black areas of Miami in the dumps (no black person can ever blame the black people living in a community for the conditions found in that community; it's always some sinister outside force keeping black people in a state of peace). [The First 48 Keeps Miami's Inner City Neighborhoods in the Dumps, Miami Herald, 5-16-13]:
My problem is that the majority of the Miami homicides depicted on the First 48 inevitably originate in Overtown, Liberty City, Little Haiti, and other inner-city neighborhoods.
The show is essentially propaganda. The First 48 brainwashes a national cable television audience into believing these places are war zones they should avoid if they ever visit the Magic City. The episodes are like public service announcements telling the world: "Don't come here. Stay in Brickell, Coconut Grove, or downtown Miami."
Television is propaganda. The advertisements between various programs (be they scripted, so-called "news" show, or athletic competition) represent even greater propaganda. The First 48 is reality, confined in simple, concise one-hour segments (well, 48 minute segments).

What was it Ben Shapiro found out about the long-running program COPS? Oh, that's right...[Townhall Exclusive: 'COPS' Creator Reveals Intentional Distortions on Race and Crime,, 5-31-2011]:
Unbowed by the taboo, Ben Shapiro confronts both race and political correctness in his new book, Primetime Propaganda.  Ben has provided another short clip exclusively to Townhall, this time featuring an interview he conducted with John Langley, the creator of the long-running FOX program, COPS.   Langley says he's irked by some media critics who accuse the show of perpetuating stereotypes about "people of color" by depicting a disproportionate percentage of minority suspects.  Au Contraire, Langley protests, he intentionally shows an inordinate number of white suspects in order to side-step the facts.  "I show more white people than, statistically, what the truth is."
It's no great secret black males commit about 50 percent (or more) of the homicides in America; if you watch The First 48, you realize why areas with concentrated blackness are also those devoid of civilization.

Think Detroit or Birmingham. 

Which is why an honest program must be dis-invited from documenting the misery of the black community.

The First 48 is a reminder of why all those ADT commercials with all-white criminals represent a false paradigm, one that survives only with the blessing of an unrelenting, never-ceasing, never-ending, continuous, perpetual war of disinformation.

Friday, March 28, 2014

When a "C" Average is Worth Celebrating...

You might be able to find America on a map, but like the equator, it doesn't really exist.
.... (insert own headline here)

Fred Reed, an irascible son of a b*tch if there ever was one, penned a brilliant column demonstrating this simple fact. When America can be redefined on a dry erase (always remember the equation puts the white population far into the negative) at a moments whim, you know the equator has more permanence. [Cuddling with Disaster: The Chinese Won't, Though, Fred On Everything, 3-28-14]:
But in today’s political clime in America, we actually enshrine incapacity as authentic or democratic or of the people or whatever. We dumb down everything for the emotional benefit of the incapable. The whole thrust in America seems to be to lower standards and punish competence and intelligence. And anyone who notices who has them.
 I'd say Fred Reed gets it.

A recent story on black students in the Youngstown Public School System writing essays on why they don't want to end up in jail unearthed a hilarious story from the same destitute city.

It seems to be the perfect companion to Mr. Reed's insightful column. Detailing the story of "hundreds of medals were given to 550 academic achievers in the Youngstown City Schools Beeghly Center on Sunday," the story actually delineates the collapse of civilization and standards in a city hemorrhaging its white population.[Students celebrate academic triumphs at Olympiad, The Vindicator (, 6-23-2011]:
Shyanne Green proudly wore a gold medal around her neck as she sat with other Wilson Middle School students wearing silver and bronze medals at the Beeghly Center at Youngstown State University.
Shyanne and her fellow classmates did not receive the medals for athletic ability but instead were honored for achievement in the classroom. The students were honored Sunday at the Youngstown Community Fourth Annual Academic Achievement Olympiad. The ceremony is a combined effort between Youngstown City Schools and the FAMILY Empowerment Student Achievement Institute.
Gold medals were handed out to students in the district maintaining an “A” average, while those maintaining a “B” average received silver medals, and bronze medals were given to those with a “C” average. More than 550 students in the district received one of the medals.
Shyanne was the only student from Wilson Middle School to be honored with the gold medal. She said she has always maintained an A/B average in school but buckled down this year and worked to earn perfect marks.
“I really think this is a good thing. I just try to study hard and do my best,” she said.
Syesha Shaw, a Wilson student who received the bronze award, said maintaining a good grade-point average requires sacrifice. The 13-year-old middle school student said she has cut back on texting, Facebook and Internet play to devote more time to her studies.
Carole McWilson, Cofounder of the FAMILY Empowerment Student Achievement Institute and event organizer, said the idea is to encourage students like Shaw to continue making the necessary sacrifices to achieve academic excellence. She said the encouragement must come from the entire community.
“Our focus is to look to the positive. We are about developing a successful home, school, and community partnership. The district, parents or school cannot do it alone. It has to be a collective effort among all those groups,” said McWilson.
 Wilson Middle School sounds like a horrific place, where the future of America is on full display. At 66 percent black, 17 percent Hispanic and only 10 percent white, Shyanne's academic performance was prolific enough to help earn that coveted gold medal....

You might be able to find America on a map, but like the equator, it doesn't really exist.

What exists is the lingering, haunting memory of something called "America" white people long ago (and long dead) fought for and sacrificed to create; in their absence, there is no America.

Just something eerily similar to the concept of the equator.

Those whites still living in the landmass labeled America carry the burden of civilization, still capable of maintaining levels of achievement far beyond the capacity of... black people (and, those colonizers from Mexico).

The blight and degrading housing quality (and absence of entrepreneurial spirit and social capital) in formerly all-white now close to majority black Youngstown, Ohio is a reminder of what happens when celebrating a "C" average becomes the new norm...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

200+ Blacks Riot, Attack Whites (and Blacks!!), and Target Businesses for Theft in Louisville: City Leaders Declare Real Crime is Noticing Rioters were Black People

More than 200 hundreds blacks riot, beating white people (multiple white people) and attacking businesses

The attacking of businesses is nothing new, nor is the attacking of white people by roving bands of blacks in Louisville

It's just black people being... black. 

In a city where "senseless arguments" routinely end in one black male killing another black person (community activist Chris 2X claims "no one has a blueprint to solve the homicide issue"; obviously he's never entertained the notion one day white people might realize violence, dysfunction, blight, and property value devaluations are courtesy of the black population and do something about it to protect their civilization), 200+ black people - those oh-so-scary teens - rioting and attacking random whites is a pretty big news story. 
Dozens... Scores of Obama's Sons and Michelle's Daughters enrich Louisville over the weekend in a 200+ black riot

Louisville's sociopathic white mayor (our political and business system rewards those who embrace the Black-Run America narrative), Steve Fischer, was quick to grovel at the feet of the black community and the 200+ black storm troopers who brought the city to its knees over the weekend. 

His open letter to the residents of Louisville calls upon parents, community and religious leaders (since there exists no cohesive white community - agitating, lobbying and fighting for their interests - in any city in America, we know he speaks of blacks) to be responsible... whatever that mean words means to the black community, responsibility to the black community and shielding it from criticism is the first and foremost goal in mind. 

As is the case in cities like Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and Chicago,  all of the inhabitants of Louisville must be punished for the actions of black people (do you understand why Jim Crow existed now?). Here's what WDRB out of Louisville reported

The city will increase police presence downtown, monitor problematic gatherings on social media, encourage the community to report potentially dangerous situations and ask community leaders to address violence with teens and their parents, the letter stated. 
"The victims of the weekend chaos were both white and black, young and old and regardless of who they are or where they live they deserve to have their perpetrators brought to justice," Mayor Fischer wrote. 
"We are a great city full of good citizens who deserve to feel safe wherever they are."Fischer added that the community must work together and be "decisive, thoughtful and broad-ranging" in their response to the violence. 
In his appearance on WDRB News, the mayor also responded to the potential of vigilante justice from concerned citizens. 
"Now is the time where people are justifiably upset, but you've got to be calm and collected, and go about business and let us put in our action plan at the same time. Any type of extreme behavior is not going to be helpful for the city. That's what led to this problem in the first place. The last thing we need is adults acting that way," Mayor Fischer said.
The urban terrorism - all of which was perpetrated by blacks - that brought the Louisville community to a standstill this week (even Bill O'Reilly reported on the violence, noting it wasn't racial...) is the same type of violence that compelled white people to flee cities like Gary, Detroit, Baltimore, Birmingham, Atlanta, Newark, and Camden.

Now is not the time to be calm; now is the time to realize our elected officials, especially mayors in cities where disparities in crime exist - because the black individuals there collectively commit the bulk of the murder, rape, theft, and violent crime - are actively working to ensure no blowback occurs to the advancement of the Newark World Order (NWO) plan/agenda.
Not making this up: Louisville's chief of community building, Sadiqa Reynolds. She was quick to note the 200+ black people rioting in Louisville wasn't racial... they attacked blacks too!

The only plan that ever worked in curtailing black dysfunction, the destruction of urban business centers and maintaining the upward trajectory of private property values was Jim Crow and Restrictive Covenants.

That's it.

"Extreme behavior" by blacks convinced white people in Detroit that the city was no longer safe for civilization; 200+ black people rioting, attacking whites, and disrupting commerce in Louisville and an almost complete media blackout (outside of Louisville and O'Reilly's reassurance to Fox News Channels viewers that racial harmony is alive and well) is a sign the city's ultimate fate is that of Detroit. 

That's it. 

Mayor Fischer sides with the black community and protecting his own political interests (he's a sociopath); were he to point blame at the black community and demand accountability, well, let's not even entertain this fantasy. 

There's more proof Santa Claus is a real person than there is in any elected official in America admitting the reality of black dysfunction (black people themselves). 

Luckily, Mayor Fischer and his hilariously named chief of community building Sadiqa Reynolds have assured Louisville citizens the 200+ black people who rioted did so in a non-racial fashion. After all, they attacked black people too, as if intra-racial violence exonerates those marauding blacks from their actions. [Leaders: race 'no role' in mob actions, but all bear responsibility for, 3-25-2014]:

Louisville's Chiefs of Community Building and of Metro Police maintain that officers' observations, security camera video, and social media traffic make clear that race played no role in Saturday night's roving violence that began at Waterfront Park. 
"There were victims that were black, and we had white victims," Sadiqa Reynolds told reporters Tuesday. 
"I think it was some kids who were engaged in criminal behavior and they were victimizing anybody that they came across," LMPD Chief Steve Conrad. 
Social media postings and witness interviews lead investigators to believe that many teenagers had gathered in a tribute to Me'Quale Offutt, the 14-year-old who died two days after being stabbed during a confrontation aboard a TARC bus. Anthony Allen, 44, has been charged with Offutt's murder. 
"Somewhere, things went bad," said Conrad. 
Metro police logged 32 calls for service and ten victims; seven white men, one white woman, and two black teenagers including a 13-year-old girl robbed of her shoes. 
The charges include four assaults, five robberies, and six acts of vandalism. 
Investigators consider all of them crimes of opportunity and irresponsibility. 
"An 11-year-old, up that late at night, that far from home is unacceptable," Reynolds said. 
Look Sadiqa Reynolds, just because 200+ black people did their best to find a few blacks to attack while they assaulted whites doesn't excuse the most glaring racial component: the army of blacks was all-black!!

Chris 2X has already confirmed blacks attack/kill/maim other blacks over simple arguments, so what's a few black bystanders being attacked? 
Without black people, would there be any violence in Louisville? Certainly not much for homicide detectives to do...

In fact, it seems city officials are more concerned people are noticing it was blacks who held the city hostage with their 200+ army than demanding the black community be held accountable for their children, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren doing their damnedest to confirm every stereotype whites hold of them. [Downtown mob incidents not race related, officials say,The Courier Journal, 3-27-14]: 

 An impromptu vigil in honor of a 14-year-old boy, stabbed to death on a city bus, may have sparked the spate of mob violence that terrorized downtown businesses and passers-by for roughly three hours Saturday night, Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad said Tuesday. 
The memorial started peacefully, he said, with about 200 teenagers gathered at Waterfront Park, a common meeting spot when the weather gets warm. 
"Somewhere things went bad," Conrad said. Just after 7 p.m., while still daylight, a band of teenagers attacked a 13-year-old girl because they wanted her sneakers, police said. A 40-year-old man came to her defense and was pummeled by the mob. Within two hours, 31 more people called to report trouble, Conrad said. 
Groups of teenagers roving the area, looting a store, vandalizing cars and assaulting passers-by. 
The police department counted 17 criminal incidents within hours downtown: four assaults, five robberies, six vandalisms, one menacing and a theft. Officials called the random violence unacceptable, but said they are also concerned by the racial undercurrent that has overtaken the public conversation about Saturday's crime spree. 
Dozens have taken to social media to characterize the uprising as a mob of black teenagers targeting white people, but Conrad and other city officials say they have no evidence the crimes were racially motivated. Conrad said the victims were seven white men, one white woman, one black man and a black teenage girl. 
"This is not something that should divide this community along racial lines," said Sadiqa Reynolds, the mayor's chief of community building. "We have young people in this community who are out of control, and we have to deal with that. This is not a race issue." 
Backtracking violence 
The exact chronology of Saturday's incidents is still unclear. The Louisville Metro Police Department said incident reports are not available, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation. They said a detailed timeline should be available today. 
Word of the gathering spread on social media, with invitations to honor 14-year-old Me'Mequale Offutt, who was stabbed to death on a bus last week. 
But Waterfront Park is a common hang-out for young people, said Christopher 2X, a community activist. He said it's impossible to tell which of the teens were there for the vigil and which simply to socialize. Police got the first call at 7:23, Conrad said. 
An officer was dispatched two minutes later and arrived within one minute. The officer encountered the large, disorderly crowd.  
The officer spotted Je'rece Archie, 18, and a 17-year-old allegedly trying to pull a handgun out of a trashcan. Both were taken into custody — the only arrests during the hours-long crime spree. 
Conrad said officers ordered the mobs of teens to disperse as they moved through downtown but they would scatter, only to reorganize and storm through the streets. 
The department's First Division was staffed Saturday night with 19 officers, Conrad said. The fugitive apprehension team and the K9 unit were nearby, working on West Broadway. As the violence began to spiral, those officers were redirected to downtown.
For daring to notice black people were the entirety of this small army terrorizing Louisville, you are the enemy. 

Already, the black population of Louisville is doing their part (working overtime even) to ensure the city has a high homicide rate:

Homicide In 2009, the homicide death rate in Louisville Metro was 11 deaths per 100,000 population. The homicide death rate for blacks was approximately seven times that of whites. The death rate for males was four times that for females. In 2009, the age-adjusted mortality rate from homicide in Louisville was 11 deaths per 100,000 population. This rate was more than double to the state (5) and nation (5.5) for the same year. It also exceeds the Healthy People 2010 goal of 3 deaths per 100,000 population. Age-adjusted death rates for blacks (37) remained higher than for whites (5) in Louisville Metro.
Truly, it's worth noting the primary, lasting contribution of the black community in Louisville is the continued work it affords producers, cameramen, and on-air personalities for A&E's The First 48.

Regularly featured on the show about homicide detectives responding to black-in-origin violence, the city of Louisville's black population provides an abundance of material for the show to profile and highlight.

Odds are many of those black people participating in the 200+ black riot this past weekend have made cameo appearances on The First 48, participating in the time honored black tradition of no snitching and protecting black murderers/criminals from justice.

Little do they know the city leaders in Louisville's have the exact same goal in mind.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Louisville: When you have a Black Community Activist Named Chris 2X, it's time to stop believing in Equality

So according to Conservative Tree House, hundreds of blacks rioted in Louisville.

Chris 2X (forefront), is a representative of Organized Blackness in Louisville, agitating for whites to not recognize obvious black pathologies/dysfunction in the city

What else is new, considering this is yet another American city where black-on-black black-in-origin crime is about the only source of crime found in the city? [ONLY ON FOX: Insights on black-on-black homicides,]:
Just two days before Christmas, one Louisville family is dealing with the fact that the killer who murdered a loved on is still on the loose.
A radio show offers new insights into "black-on-black homicides."
The death toll in Louisville. It's a statistic we can be sure of: Many people won't make it through the year because they'll be killed. The lives of 70 people ended that way this year, tearing families apart.
"Sometimes I'll look out the window and daydream a lot," Juanesha Langdon, 10, said. She daydreams about the mother she lost last year: Ta'keisha Huff -- gunned down at 27. Her boyfriend, Marion Jones, 30, also was shot and killed at the Sheppard Square housing complex. Juanesha -- the oldest of three -- lives in fear. "I live in a neighborhood where a lot of people get killed a lot."
Why? Community activist Chris 2X tackles that question in a radio special called "The Holidays Without" -- focusing on all the black families who spend year after year without a loved one: a father without a daughter, little girls without a mother.
"Welcome, everyone, to "From the Corner to the Courthouse: Both Sides of Justice," Chris 2X said into a microphone in the studio.
One of two black homicide detectives at the Louisville Metro Police Department, Keith Roberts says a lot of blacks kill over drugs, but some kill just for the sake of respect. "If you disrespect somebody, whether it's about their family, a friend, or say it to one on one, that just takes them over the edge, for some reason," he said.
Little Juanesha understands a concept too many teens and adults don't. "People shouldn't kill people because God said that we shouldn't kill because God, He died for us," she said.
She says she has nightmares about her mother's murder. "Or sometimes I have good dreams that she's with me and she's like the little angel in the stars just watching me all day. I miss her and I want to see her again," she said.
 Chris 2X?

A community activist named Chris 2X?
Violence is one a race problem in Louisville, origins found in Spontaneous Blackness

And you wonder why Louisville is drowning in black-in-origin crime? Oh, its better. In areas of the city devoid of any white people, civilization has regressed to that found in a 'war zone'.[Hidden camera investigation exposes dangerous neighborhood,, 6-28-2012]:
On May 23, four hours after I finished recording drug deals on camera, police responded to a homicide at Beecher Terrace. A man was shot to death at 12th and Cedar, the same corner where I was videotaping. 
The next day, after police and reporters cleared the scene, I recorded more drug deals and a handgun being doled out with the drugs. The drug activity was going on next to the "Stop the Killing" signs posted by community activist Christopher 2X. 
"The best way I can relate to this issue is, as far as what you documented is, I'm disappointed," 2X said after viewing our tape. "This isn't helpful. I feel as that what this report will reveal, hopefully, is an urgency of us to do our own internal cleansing. Because I don't believe law enforcement is a solution to get us out of this problematic situation." 
Sometimes law enforcement passed every 15 minutes. Sometimes two hours passed between patrol cars. But the people flashed signs, motioning to buyers and sellers when police officers approached. The residents walked by drug and gun activity. No one called the police. 
"They're numb to it," said Lavel White. "They just dismiss it because they don't want to be involved in it." 
White lived in Beecher Terrace. He graduated from college, and recently was appointed by Mayor Greg Fischer to a group that is tackling the violence problem. 
"I knew my days might be numbered," White said, "but you live in your environment. You're used to it. So it's like you live in a war zone or something, but you don't know the war's going on."

Louisville is an overwhelmingly white city, with an overwhelmingly black crime problem. Well, the black community, mad that so much policing is required to keep their community operating somewhat smoothly, was uproariously upset that a white police chief was named in 2012.


The black community, led by such leaders such as community activist Chris 2X (and other black males wearing the Christian Cross), was upset a black police chief was not named in 2012. [Hiring of Conrad displeases African-American ministers, Wave 3 Louisville, 2-21-12]:

Not everyone in Louisville was delighted over Tuesday's announced that Steve Conrad had been selected as police chief of the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Reverend Charles Elliott and a group of African-American ministers walked in and sat in the front row. Elliott said they were disappointed with the selection. They wanted Yvette Gentry because she is African-American and worked her way up thru the ranks.  
After entering the Mayor's Gallery, Conrad immediately walked up and introduced himself to them before the press conference. Mayor Greg Fischer followed suit and told the ministers, "I think when you get to know the chief, you'll get along." 
After the press conference, we got reaction from a couple of key civil rights activists.
"We do have in our race the quality of leadership, whereby God blessed us to have the first black president of the U.S., with a white momma, which used to be if you looked at a white woman you'd be hung," said Rev. Charles Elliott of King Solomon Baptist Church. "So we made some progress, and we was hoping we could continue to make that kind of progress."
"This isn't the first time I met Chief Conrad and my first impression on him from the first time I met him was he was very humble, strong willed, very straight forward about making our relationship work," said Christopher 2X, a community activist.
"This appointment is one of the most important appointments that the Mayor will make and therefore the community needs to rally behind and pull together to make this a better community," said Raoul Cunningham, president of the Louisville NAACP Branch.
Most appealing to the African-American ministers is Conrad's resume which shows he worked his way up thru the ranks. Conrad started as patrol officer in the poorest parts of Louisville beginning in 1980.
 Yet another American city targeted for destruction.

Not via Muslims.

Not via Russians.

But via Organized Blackness defending the Spontaneous Blackness strangling civility in the city.


Not Democrats.

Not "Libtards."


Black-Run America (BRA), thy name is Louisville.

More to come tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

American Exceptionalism: Black Students in Youngstown, Ohio Write Essays on "why I never want to go to jail"

Yet another where the resident minority affairs columnist encourages the black community to "do something" about black-on-black black-in-origin violence.

Yet another community where black clergyman and leaders of the black church refuse to castigate their black flock and instead cast blame for black dysfunction on some insidious, outside force. [Blacks are still not free, a speaker said:151 years after emancipation, full freedom for blacks questioned, Youngstown News, 1-2-2014]:
Collectively, white America went to the moon...

“It appears to me to be crystal clear that we’re still not free,” the Rev. Roderick C. Pounds Sr. said during Wednesday’s annual Emancipation Proclamation and Installation Service at Price Memorial AME Zion Church, 920 Dryden Ave. on the East Side.
Blacks in America have the ultimate freedom: freedom from criticism; freedom from judgement; freedom from responsibility; and the freedom to remake civilization in their collective image, never understanding the "blight" around them is of their doing. 

Oh, blacks are free. 

Youngstown, Ohio (like Detroit and Flint, Michigan) are living, breathing - well, as living as a terminal ill cancer patient might be - proof of this fact. 

The city is collapsing into the footprint of those whites who built it long ago, under the constant duress of a black population increasing with more potency and destructive capabilities than an earthquake. 

Earthquakes are quick. 

Over in an instant. 

A black population is permanent. The consequences, once the black population usurps the white population as the dominant racial group, are far graver than those caused by an earthquake. [White-to-black ratio nearly even in Youngstown, Youngstown News, 3-11-2011]:
Tyrone Chatman, 40, who lives on the South Side, said he has also experienced the changes in Youngstown. 
“To see how much everything is going down is disturbing,” he said. “I think it’s part of what’s causing the crime and violence.” 
Chatman said the city needs to decrease crime and increase jobs to draw people back in, but in order to do that, people who still live in Youngstown need to put more focus on their children. 
“It’s really the main problem, the youth and how they’re coming up,” he said. “The problem isn’t going to go away, but more focus on it could help break it down.”
Crime is increasing and violence is increasing because individual members of the black community engage in criminality at collective rates overwhelming the civilization whites created; once whites flee, the black community lacks the individuals capable of sustaining the civilization whites bequeathed them [In-Depth: Kids killing kids and black on black crime,]:
Collectively, black people made the conditions found in 2014 Youngstown, Ohio

It could be considered a cultural epidemic and it's plaguing Youngstown, kids killing kids and black on black crime.
Ashley Chatman, whose two cousins Jaron Roland and Dary Woods were brutally murdered and their bodies found in a burning car says, "They're all killing each other for senseless things."
Poverty, gangs and drugs often play a major role in the violent crimes.  Glen "Big Poppa" Williams of Youngstown says, "It's not just the respect issue, it's the money issue, it's about what they don't have at home.  Children going to school with no food, or not even having water at home or having Kool-Aid with no water or having sugar with no Kool-Aid."
Of 19 murders in the city of Youngstown so far this year, 21% of the victims were teenagers and Prosecutor Jay Macejko says, "The victims and the offenders are getting younger."
Fourteen of the 19 murder victims were black males, nearly 100% of the suspects were also black males, and their weapon of choice, guns.

Even when whites are in poverty, there isn't a real crime threat; nor do white students need to have publicly funded programs - the Youngstown City Schools Afterschool Alliance - teach them about "why they never want to go to jail."

Black children on the other hand... [Student essays detail lessons of jail visit, Youngstown News, 3-25-14]: 

Third-grader Taniya Phillips would worry that no one would trust her any more. 
Stephon Abron, a seventh-grader, says it would affect his plans for college and a career as a mechanical engineer, and fifth-grader Khaliq Gentles believes it would have a negative effect on his younger brother. 
The three students were the winners of the essay contest, “Why I Never Want to Go to Jail.” Students in the Youngstown City Schools Afterschool Alliance and the Youth Police Academy wrote essays, explaining “Why I never want to go to jail” after a visit last month to the Martin P. Joyce Juvenile Justice Center. 
Taniya won first place and $100. Stephon’s second-place essay earned him $50, and Khaliq won third place and $25. 
Delphine Baldwin-Casey, commander of the Youth Police Academy, said the Black Knights Association chose the winners from the eight students who submitted essays and also provided the prizes. 
Essays had to focus on the theme, incorporate some of the information students learned from the speaker at the center and explain how the students would use the information to make better choices, Baldwin-Casey said. 
Taniya, a student at Martin Luther King Elementary School, said she never wants to go to jail because if she did, she “wouldn’t be trusted anymore.” 
She wouldn’t like the loss of privacy or the metal detectors, either. 
“The toilets there are — ugh,” she said. 
To be a good person, you have to be responsible, Taniya explained. 
“It’s like me with cleaning my room,” she said. “I have to clean my room in order to get another pet. I have a fish.” 
She’s hoping for a puppy. 
Stephon, 13, a student at Rayen Early College Middle School, said the visit to JJC was scary, so he imagines that jail would be really scary.
The moon is 238,857 miles away. It's funny to think the flag of the United States of America will still be on earth's satellite, long after the United States Flag on earth has ceased having any meaning whatsoever.

The people who planted the flag on the moon back in 1969 represented the pinnacle of our civilization, our people.

Since that moment, back on earth as one season rolls into another, the United States of America has become nothing more than a Youngstown; a place where freedom for blacks has meant the historic majority population of America has spent a considerable fortune pursuing freedom from blacks.

And as whites search for some undefinable slice of the American Dream, our cities descend into madness.

Youngstown epitomizes this civilizational metamorphosis, where a story is published in the paper highlighting an essay contest on why blacks don't want to end up in jail...

The flag of the United States of America is on the moon.

The fu**ing moon!

That achievement represents the collective dreams and abilities of individual white people whose lives amounted to kickstarting the grandest adventure in the history of humanity; Youngstown, Ohio in 2014 is the collective achievement of black individuals, whose grandest adventure is the ceaseless, never-ending crusade for their dysfunction to become legally protected as a civil right.