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"It's no Big Deal" --- Marie Joseph in Pool for Two Days

That's no Baby Ruth!
With Independence Day 2011 but five days away, let's take a break from the pre-firework stories. It's going to be a crazy Fourth of July across the nation, so how about a story that qualifies as "no big deal."

In honor of Caddyshack and a seriously misplaced Baby Ruth candy bar, we bring you this story:
A woman’s body was found floating in a public swimming pool in Fall River Tuesday night after a few days in the water, according to police.

Marie Joseph was last seen by the Veteran’s Memorial swimming pool in Fall River on Sunday. Investigators said the 36-year-old Joseph went down a slide with a 9-year-old boy.

“Marie unexpectedly slid down the slide, landing on top of (the boy). He further stated he believed Marie went under the water and did not surface,” said Chief Daniel Racine of the Fall River Police Department.

“We’re not certain about anything other than the fact that we have a death and that this person was at the pool, and what took place with respect to the slide. Everything beyond that is absolutely under investigation,” said Samuel Sutter, the Bristol District Attorney.

On Sunday night, an employee discovered clothing, a cell phone and a license near the Lafayette Park Pool on Eastern Avenue. The employee then called police, who went to the address to find nobody home.

The pool was open to the public Monday and Tuesday with lifeguards, but no one saw the body under 12 feet of water.

In response to the discovery of the body, the Department of Conservation closed all 30 of the DCR’s deepwater pools while officials conduct a “full review of each facility’s safety and operation procedures over the next 24 to 48 hours.”

Officials also placed the entire staff at the Fall River pool on administrative leave.
Recreation Commissioner Edward M. Lambert, Jr. released a statement about Joseph’s death:

“On behalf of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, we express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Marie Joseph… We will continue to cooperate fully with local and state law enforcement during their ongoing investigation.”

Police said that Joseph was not reported missing and they are investigating how her body went unnoticed in the pool for so long. They do not believe the cause of her death is suspicious.
How did no one see a human body at the bottom of a pool? Did no one go into the deep end?

How did no one see the body under 12 feet of water? We already know that Stuff Black People Don't Like includes water, but this story makes us wonder if all of those Black people who swam at the Lafayette Park Pool thought that Joseph's body at the bottom of the pool was nothing more than a giant Baby Ruth candy bar.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Castle Doctrine in Effect in Pennsylvania; Columbia (SC) Refused to Pass Curfew Ordinance in March of 2011

All across the nation, cities with sizable Black populations are implementing curfews in the vain hope of keeping Black people from engaging in criminal behavior that the "Not Guilty" program will one day try have all charges against them dropped.

Castle Doctrine: Philadelphia moves one step closer to the edge
Atlanta is becoming a police state this summer after 30 Blacks molested Delta employees on MARTA; Baltimore is building curfew centers to hold Black people like war criminals, keeping them off the streets and the citizens safe; Newark is doing much of the same.

Philadelphia is a city where Black violence is becoming the norm, with more than 100 Black people engaging in violent Mahogany Mob on Tuesday and injuring goofy writers from The Onion in another attack that had more than 300 Black people attacking people.

Thirty three people were shot in a three day period, making it clear that the white people fleeing the city of brotherly love are doing so for only one reason: to leave the Black violence behind. The violence has gotten so bad that a state of emergency has been declared in one borough:
Darby Borough, Delaware County is under a State of Emergency due to a recent uptick of gun violence.

Five shootings in three days led to the announcement Friday night.

Mayor Helen Thomas announced the state of emergency telling residents the gun violence had to stop.
“I Mayor Helen R Thomas declare a state of emergency.”

An 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew is in effect for adults and juveniles for at least 10 days.

Anyone outside during that time can be stopped and questioned by police, though Police Chief Bob Smythe says they’re more concerned about groups loitering or causing trouble.

“You’re in a group of more than three people and you are causing a disturbance. You’re going to be stopped and you’re going to be cited,” says Smythe.

A larger police presence is expected on the streets and Mayor Thomas says after the 10 days, officials will re-evaluate and go from there.
We have written this before and it should be crystal clear to all readers that the idea of curfew ordinances are only needed in three occasions: war, natural disaster and when Black people behave Blackly.

Most interesting is that Pennsylvania has just passed Castle Law, making an already combustible situation that much closer to the point of no return:

On Tuesday, Governor Tom Corbett signed a bill that expands a person's legal right to use deadly force in self defense.

Before, for a killing out of self defense to be legally justified, an individual had a duty to retreat, meaning they had to attempt to get away from the situation before using lethal force.

The only exception to that duty of retreat was outlined in the Castle Doctrine.  A person inside of their home, on their property, or in their car was not expected to retreat. 

The amended version of the law eliminates a person's duty to retreat in public places, such as state parks.
Some community members said they are worried the law will encourage violence.  

"I don't think that it's necessary," said Chris Yentzer, who enjoys local state parks.  "State parks are usually pretty calm, pretty family oriented.  I couldn't imagine there being trouble,:

The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association supports the amended law.  The law will only protect a person if they legally possess the firearm used. 

Still there are concerns, according to Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico.

"Our concern all along has not been for the innocent law-abiding citizens defending themselves on the streets," Marsico explained, "We don't see them getting charged with crimes for defending themselves.  What we're worried about is the criminals that are out there on the street engaging in gun play are now going to use this new law as a defense, a way to get out of other charges."

Supporters have a different take on it.  They see the law as an opportunity to ensure their own safety.   Some even think the new Castle Doctrine could reduce violence.

"I think it will be a reduction in violence because criminals will be wondering whether or not you're armed," said Brad Kelly, who supports the law.
The Castle Doctrine removes the legalistic obligation of retreating from an attacker who threatens a person before they have the right to fight back. Those who would do evil to others have no intention of retreating; those who would defend their person from such attackers now can fight back without legal impediments.

Philadelphia joins Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Atlanta, and St. Louis as being one of the cities most likely for an outbreak of violence that will make everything else that has transpired pale in comparison. The first person to exercise the Castle Doctrine in Philadelphia (perhaps Pittsburgh?) to ward off a Mahogany Mob attack will unleash a hell unlike any seen since 1992 in Los Angeles.

Imagine if the Mahogany Mob assault on Center City had been greeted by a white dude packing heat? What would have transpired next would have probably cracked the Liberty Bell again.

So many cities are powder kegs waiting to explode and you just wonder what the incident will be that finally causes one to explode. That the Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) in charge of most of these major cities actively suppress the reality of crime - and always have - is grounds for accusations of treason, if it wasn't considered a treasonous act to even notice the racial reality of crime.

It should be noted that after the Carter Strange beating in High Points by 8 Black people, the Columbia City Council did passed an emergency curfew:

Starting tonight, children 16 and younger cannot be unaccompanied in Five Points after 11 p.m., and more Columbia police are being dispatched to the bar district if USC's baseball team wins a second national championship.

A unanimous City Council adopted the emergency 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Five Points curfew for 60 days in response to many incidents of misbehavior by teens this year and last year.
“It’s time,” Mayor Steve Benjamin said Monday. “The challenges Five Points faces right now (are) unique. To not recognize that and to determine that we need to not address this need based on some idea that you are being unequal to other parts of the city is a false choice.”

State NAACP leader Lonnie Randolph called the attack “heinous” said the men responsible deserve “the fullest wrath” possible legally. But he urged council to slow down on the rush to approve a curfew, concerned that it would open the door for police to excessively harass young African-Americans.

“It’s a knee-jerk reaction to one incident by a group of teenagers that was out of control,” Randolph said. “Punishing everybody for what eight did is unjust and unfair.”
Yes, curfew ordinances in every city - not just Columbia - impact Black people disproportionately because Black people refuse to obey the law disproportionately. But wait, why wasn't a curfew in place in Columbia if violence had already been reported? The answer is quite simple:
Columbia City Council decided to hold off on a curfew for teens 17-years old and  younger.

City Attorney Ken Gaines and Police Chief Randy Scott say there isn't enough data to prove that juveniles are committing a significant amount of crime in the Capital City.

Councilwoman Tameika Isaac Devine says the city could face a lawsuit if it passes this ordinance in a hurry.

When we first started talking about it we had the ACLU represented and said they were looking at what we were doing very closely, so I think we have to very cognizant of what we're doing and do it the right way," she explains.
There is timetable for future discussion on this issue.  Councilwoman Belinda Gergel initially floated the idea of a city-wide curfew to deal with rising crime in Five Points.
Well Tameika Isaac Devine (contact information and Web site here), a lawsuit should be filed by Carter Strange or some enterprising lawyer against the city of Columbia, the city council and the local ACLU. It was the ACLU that threatened the city with a lawsuit if they passed a curfew:
A proposed curfew that would apply to teens 17 and under and bar them from being on the streets after 11 pm has cleared one hurdle, but is already facing another before a second reading by Columbia city council.

The South Carolina branch of the American Civil Liberties Union calls the proposed curfew unnecessary and unconstitutional.

In a three page letter to Columbia city attorney Ken Gaines, the ACLU contends the proposal "impinges upon the rights of children and their parents. Sometimes the government may usurp parents' fundamental right to raise children as they see fit."
There are weapons of mass destruction in every city across the land and they are Black participants in Mahogany Mobs who terrorize law-abiding citizens; business owners; and jeopardize potential investments in inner-cities from new companies and tourism.

We approach the moment when an individual fights back against a Mahogany Mob and because the majority of Black people will rally in support of the mob (and those Perfidious White Journalists writing for The New York Times, USA Today and reporting at MSNBC, ABC, CBS and CNN) and the dead youth troubled teen fatherless child Black whose mom will say was such a "good boy."

With Pennsylvania passing the Castle Doctrine, the odds that Philadelphia becoming the host of that moment just increased exponentially.

Always remember that the vicious beating of Carter Strange could have been avoided had Columbia just passed the curfew ordinance in March of 2011.

How many other cities are implementing curfews and issuing states of emergency? Inevitably, each city does so because of a monochromatic problem. Perhaps if Black people behaved (instead of participating in BBB behavior) no such laws would necessary.

Then again, people always say the last war is the one to end them all...

A Tale of Two Park Beatings: One is a Hate Crime, the other a Random Crime

Recall that the Baltimore McDonald's beat down of Chrissy Lee Polis by a Black girl wasn't considered news until it turned out that the former was a transsexual.
Had Carter Strange been a homosexual, his attack would have been a hate crime

The initial video of the beating went viral and - courtesy of Matt Drudge - people thought a white girl was the victim of a vicious assault. It was until it was revealed that Polis was a transsexual that the story gained Mainstream Media Attention from Perfidious White Journalists (PWJs): white girl being beaten by Black = non story; white guy dressed as a girl being beaten by Black = hate crime.

We don't like terms like 'reverse racism' or 'double standards' and never use them; because Black people being racist doesn't fit the carefully constructed narrative of eternal Black oppression in Black-Run America (BRA), some people throw these terms around to discuss anti-white policies.

It isn't a 'double standard', it's The Standard in America for Black people to be treated as extra-equal and white people as non-entities.

Take a look at how the story of Carter Strange is being treated - Columbia has passed an emergency curfew in the wake of the 8 Black people nearly killing him for no apparent reason - by local police, with people quick to state it wasn't a hate crime:
[5th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Dan] Johnson said he knows some in the Columbia area are questioning why “hate crime” charges haven’t been brought in connection with the bearing. A hate crime is a term that connotes violence committed against a person or property because of the victim’s race, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation.
But Johnson said South Carolina has no “hate crime” law. Also, police thus far have uncovered no evidence suggesting that race played a part in the attack on Strange.
“This was a robbery,” said Johnson. “People have made an assumption of hate crime because the victim is white and the suspects are African-American. But there is no evidence we have seen that race played a part in this.
Eight Black people savagely beating a white guy has no racial connection in the eyes of the police. It's a non-story because Carter Strange is a non-entity. Had he been a homosexual, like the 30-year-old who was recently beat in Springfield, Massachusetts (Mass. most gay-friendly city), it would have automatically been declared a hate crime:
Nine teens and preteens were arrested for allegedly beating and robbing an openly gay man at a Springfield park Tuesday morning. The 30 year-old victim was badly hurt in the attack, which police are labeling a hate crime.
According to Springfield Police Sergeant John Delaney, Shay Andre Edwards, 19, of Springfield was arrested on charges of unarmed robbery and violation of civil rights with injury. Four other teen boys and four teen girls are also facing the same charges in connection with the attack. Their identities are not being released because they are underage. Delaney says the attackers ranged in age from 12 to 19 years old.
According to Delaney, before 3:00 Tuesday morning, the group saw the 30 year-old man walking by Barrows Park. They called out to the man, telling him to enter the park, but he kept walking. That was when they allegedly knocked him to the ground. The male teens punched him in the face and kicked him in the head and stomach, while the females of the group cheered them on. All the while, the group members allegedly yelled out anti-gay slurs. The group allegedly took his MP3 player before running off.
Shay Andre Edwards is pictured here, undoubtedly a valued member of the Springfield community.

There is no 'double standard' in the reporting of these crimes; just the standard. White people have no Civil Rights in America, no laws to protect them. That is the standard.

Carter Strange was just the victim of an isolated incident where 8 Black people (including teens) attacked him in Columbia. Even though Black violence in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore, Atlanta and other cities throughout the land are forcing those cities into lock-down mode this summer, Strange's beaten is an isolated incident.

There is no epidemic of homosexuals being attacked in America; there is an epidemic of white people being attacked in America.

That a 30-year-old was mugged and beaten in Springfield by a group of 9 Black people (apparently some girls joined in the fun) wouldn't be news either, but because the person assaulted was a homosexual, the world will hear of the hate crime and insidious deed that transpired there.

Shay Edwards attacked a homosexual in Massachusetts; automatic hate crime
The events happened but five days apart, but demonstrate that The Standard is in full force. Carter Strange is a non-person, collateral damage in a world that seeks to cover-up any and all stories that paint Black people in a negative light (the North Avenue Beach violence in Chicago over Memorial Day is one such example):
Knowing that Disingenuous White Liberals and PWJ’s are in charge of the editorial policy at The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Gannett assets, and openly admit to censoring stories of Black criminality, it’s easy to understand why many newspapers are losing subscribers and the ability to charge huge rates for national ad campaigns.
That homosexuals get upset when a member of their community is attacked and assaulted by nine Black people is not cause to get mad that this group of people dares to confront The Standard. They are an organized community, they have goals and they are determined to live peacefully in their own enclaves and when that lifestyle is threatened they organize as one.

Remember that Herb Sosa of Miami called the events of Urban Beach Week a 'war zone' and stated this Black event must leave - though he did absolve himself of racism in his diatribe - because it wasn't conducive to public safety.

This is nothing to get upset about; it's something to emulate.

The day is coming when white people - the dwindling majority population that must continue paying for educating, incarcerating and moving away from an urban Black (and Brown) population that preys upon them without cops or elected officials caring - begin to mobilize on their behalf.

It is stories like the one of Carter Strange and the unnamed homosexual in Springfield, both attacked by Black people in parks, that illustrate why this day is coming.

Remember: Chrissy Polis' story was a non-story only disseminated on evil blogs until it turned out that the dude who looked like a lady was really a dude dressed as a lady.

The summer of 2011 will be one to remember forever.

View more videos at:

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Why is College Baseball so White? Where are Black players in the College World Series?

But where are the Black guys?
I've been trying to find some time to respond to Steve Sailer's article on why more white American's aren't in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Basketball has long been a sport that Black people have excelled in (recall that Pistol Pete Maravich - another generations Jimmer Fredette - called his teammates a "bunch of niggers" because they refused to pass him the ball as a rookie for the Atlanta Hawks) and some could say, dominated.

Since sports offer Black people one of the only opportunities to provide positive examples for members of their community to a world that wants little to do with them otherwise, it's vital that this pipeline of good will continues to produce positive results.

One man is responsible for this more than any: Sonny Vaccaro. People forget that the NBA was looked at as a ghetto, a league of Black thugs that no corporation wanted to invest in and promote back in the 1970s and early 1980s.

All that changed with Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan:
Now Nike wanted to try again. In 1979, Knight had met John Paul “Sonny” Vaccaro, a basketball maven who pitched a groundbreaking idea: The company would sign endorsement deals with college coaches who, in turn, could turn their players into billboards for the brand.
“I was charmed by Sonny,” Knight would say. “After that, we gave him all the room he wanted.”
As successful as the college venture had been, Knight knew the big money was in the surging pro game, where Larry Bird and Magic Johnson had vaulted the league’s popularity. Both players, however, wore Converse.

The men at the meeting were following Nike’s well-worn path of thinking far outside the box. With most of the NBA’s top players already locked up to Converse, Nike officials thought they should gamble on a rookie, a fresh new face for the league.
As this New York Times article makes clear, corporations such as Nike and Reebok pay big bucks to shuttle Black middle school and high school athletes all around the country to showcase their talents in AAU basketball games. Treated like Gods by companies hoping to find the next Michael Jordan (thus, the next basketball player to endorse Nike shoes and get inner city Black kids to spend $140 on shoes that only government handouts can help them afford), these Black athletes pay nary a dime to showcase their skills to college coaches across the land:
It's this kind of treatment that brings Vaccaro grief from the critics. It's also an indication of how much is different from the day he signed Michael Jordan for Nike and changed marketing forever. Sonny barely knew Jordan until right before the 1984 draft. But once MJ morphed into Air Jordan, it became Sonny's job to find the next great salesman. By the late '90s, sneaker companies were inviting 14-year-olds to their camps and travel teams.
Vaccaro is one of the people most responsible for the state of college basketball and the thug mentality that is pervasive in both the collegiate and professional ranks today. He has tried to clean-up his image by fighting on behalf of Black kids who have no business going to a university other than their ability to dribble a basketball or shoot a jump shot:

Over time, Mr. Vaccaro developed a knack for befriending other talented prospects — like Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers — guiding them to stardom and then signing them to endorsement deals. In the 1990s, he helped unleash the so-called sneaker wars in which the shoe companies fought over younger and younger prospects, sponsoring entire teams and flying them to tournaments.

Many saw Mr. Vaccaro as an advocate for young athletes, many of them poor and black, in search of a better life through sports. Other reviled him as the personification of a system that uses young basketball players to generate millions of dollars for the shoe companies and the N.C.A.A. but subordinates education to dreams of endorsement deals and N.B.A. careers.
Now ask yourself this: if you are a white parent, already taxed to death to pay for welfare, EBT cards, Section 8 Housing, and other amenities that go disproportionately to subsidize Black people (not to mention the unbelievable bucks spent to escape the Black Undertow and insulate your children in Whitopia's for "the good schools"), why would you subject your young son to playing a sport that is dominated by Blacks and have them travel around the country with primarily Black AAU teams?

You wouldn't. The best young white athletes these days play baseball (and play quarterback in football), because the cost of fielding a traveling team is greater than a team of eight Black kids from the hood.

White families drop big bucks to have their child play traveling baseball, with games all over the country. That gets expensive to follow and support, a cost barrier that single Black females (72 percent of Black children don't have a father living with them) with a net wealth of $5 can't overcome.

This is why baseball is no longer a sport with a big Black presence. It has nothing to do with racism, unless you believe that Nike and Reebok are racist to perceive that only Black kids can play basketball and are worthy of easy exploitation.

Tonight, South Carolina and the University of Florida will compete in game two of the College Baseball World Series. Unlike college football, where 'special admission' status ensures that Black athletes intellectually incapable of gaining acceptance to these schools on their own merit and earn a dubious "academic" scholarship, college baseball is a sport for white people.
The best white athletes play baseball

Look at any college baseball team and you'll see a reflection of what the university really looks like (both Florida and South Carolina are overwhelmingly white), as opposed to college football and basketball teams that normally have some of the only Black males on the campus playing for them:

In 2005, the most recent year for which figures were available, only 35 percent of players drafted were high school players, down from 56 percent when the draft started. And only about a quarter of drafted high school players now sign with a team, compared to about 70 percent of college players who are drafted.
In 1965, about half of drafted high school players signed, compared to 55 percent of college players who were drafted.

But baseball is not considered a revenue sport in college, as football and basketball are. Full scholarships are very rare for baseball. More often two or three players will share a scholarship. 

It takes a certain amount of economic resources for a baseball player to go to college and whites, on average, have higher incomes than blacks in the U.S. So for a black athlete that needs financial assistance to attend college, it makes more sense to try for a football or basketball scholarship. This is a big reason why college baseball teams have even a lower percentage of black players than does the major league, said Solomon.

"A Division 1 football program can give out 85 scholarships, and baseball teams only 11.7," said Solomon. "If you're an African American kid and you need help to go to school, do the math."
Major League Baseball is making a push to try to get more black athletes interested in playing the game. May 1 will be the first anniversary of the opening of the Urban Youth Academy in Compton, Calif., near Los Angeles.

Has the NBA ever opened up a camp in a Whitopia hoping to attract more white Americans to the game?

In the 2009 College World Series, only four percent of the players were Black.This is what happens in collegiate athletics when the Black Underclass isn't subsidized as it is in basketball and increasingly football.

SEC Football, which was once segregated, could look like College Baseball if Black athletes were not granted special admission to the schools so that their pathetic grades and low SAT/ACT scores wouldn't be usurped by their athletic dexterity.

Take a look at this link which shows the number of Black players for the SEC schools in baseball, plus fan support:

The under-representation of African-Americans in college baseball is evident. African-American athletes make up only 4.5% of all National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) baseball players. They are a shrinking percentage of Major League Baseball players. A focus group was established to identify specific sociological issues which were perceived to influence the under-representation of African-Americans in collegiate baseball. Additionally, information from the observation of SEC baseball games during the 2006 season was used to quantify the social pattern. Data from the "traditionally black" Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) and the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) were also collected during the 2006 season. For the Southeastern Conference (SEC), fan attendance was less than 1% African-American and the player participation rate was 1.91 per team during the 2006 season. Additionally, none of the SEC head or assistant baseball coaches were African-American. The focus group determined that the reasons for the decline in numbers were related to (1) lifestyle factors, (2) competition from other sports and social opportunities, and (3) the absence of African-American role models in baseball. The authors propose that Title IX legislation and the influence of sports media were primary factors in the change.

African-Americans in College Baseball

The under-representation of African-Americans in college baseball is an obvious yet perplexing picture in athletics today. African-American athletes are more than equitably represented among many of the most popular collegiate spectator sports; however, their near absence in college baseball appears to be more than coincidental. Questions arise as to whether the educational system, the social system of athletics, and/or federal legislation have been responsible for the reduction in the number of African-American baseball players in America.

Only 4.5% of all National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) baseball players were African-American during the 2004 season. This includes all divisions, in addition to the historically African-American colleges and universities. On the contrary, 42.0% and 32.3% of NCAA basketball and football players, respectively, were African-American in the 2003-2004 academic year (Bray, 2005).

When specifically examining one of the perennial collegiate conference baseball powers, the Southeastern Conference (SEC), only 4.2% of 2006 roster players were African-American, as noted in Table 1. The twelve universities that make up the SEC represent states with an average African-American population of 20.8%.
The majority of Black athletes playing college basketball and college football have no business attending classes and representing these institutions. College baseball - with limits on scholarships - shows what all sports should look like:

Perhaps the biggest challenge was simply making it as far as he did. In 2003-04 – the most recent data compiled by the NCAA – only 6 percent of the nearly 9,800 Division I baseball players were black, compared to 25 percent in all sports combined. Whites made up 84 percent of the baseball rosters.
And the total number of black baseball players has fallen from a five-year high of 649 in 2001-02 to 598 last year.

"It's sad, because I remember when I was this age, there were a lot of guys getting opportunities to go," said Harold Reynolds, a two-time All-Star during his 12-year career in the majors and currently an analyst for ESPN's baseball coverage.

As expected, basketball and football are much more equitable. Half of the men's and women's basketball players were black, and 44 percent of the football players.

"I think it's a reflection of the fact that there aren't any African-Americans at the lower levels of baseball," said Richard Lapchick, the director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports at the University of Central Florida."If baseball is going to be seen as the national pastime, you would hope it would reflect the diversity of the country."

According to Lapchick, the number of black players in the majors this season is down to 9 percent, the lowest figure since the late 1970s.

The reason more white people don't pursue basketball is because white parents are smart enough to realize that their children probably will enjoy the company of other white children in their communities, instead of traveling all around the country playing for a team where they would be the token white.

Plus, AAU basketball is heavily subsidized - at least at the highest levels - by Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and other sporting companies. They promote inner city (Black athletes) kids and fly them all over the country in hopes that they will be the next star NBA player who will help sell shoes made cheaply in China to Black kids in America for $140. It will be these shoes that will adorn the feet of Mahogany Mobs. 

 Travel baseball is very expensive and Black families (or, Black mothers who rely on the government) can't pay these expenses. This is why Black families put all their eggs in the basketball basketball as a way to escape.

Sailer is right to point out that white families also invest heavily in soccer and increasingly lacrosse, sports that Black kids go nowhere near.

But college baseball shows you what sports would look like if athletic scholarship weren't given out to the lowest academic qualifiers.

Black kids playing collegiate sports aren't being exploited; for 99 percent of these kids, the opportunity to play college football or basketball represents their only chance for a decent life. If they fail to take advantage of this opportunity, it is only their fault.

Put simply, the best white athletes are pursuing sports outside of basketball, because they will have the opportunity to be around their friends. These white athletes normally excel at high school football as well, but have a better opportunity to make an impact in baseball.

Just ask Peyton Hillis about why that is.

Monday, June 27, 2011

'Livin' in (Black-Run) America': There can be no Heroes, only Villains

Two weeks ago it was Milwaukee where teens, youths, Black people participated in a Mahogany Mob and terrorized law-abiding citizens of that city, whose name means "the good land."
In BRA, these actions of defense are those of a villain

Chicago is under constant assault from unidentifiable (according The Chicago Tribune at least) enemies, which continue to gain in strength, daring, and audacity. Unamusement Park is your war correspondent for that beleaguered city, beset with Mahogany Mobs that the elected officials there refuse to acknowledge or treat as a serious threat. Instead, it is Sarah Palin's Alaska that is to blame for the violence.

Massive Black violence in 2010 during the Black Expo in Indianapolis almost forced that events cancellation last week, but an enterprising move on the part of that cities leaders saw the mobilization of 500 police and an army of volunteers to keep the peace. Sadly, a similar move wasn't implemented for the 2011 D.C. Caribbean Fest at Howard University where "shyt got real" quickly.

Philadelphia, a city white people are abandoning at staggering rates (as well as members of the artificial Black middle class), is being ceded to underclass Black residents and Stuff White People Like (SWPL) goofy white people. SWPL whites belief  in equality and harmony can only meet harsh reality in the coming months, as this story shows:

A WOMAN'S leg was broken and several other people were injured Saturday night when a large group of teens accosted pedestrians in Spring Garden, police and witnesses said.

Philadelphia police responded to two reports of pedestrians being assaulted by a large group of young people along Broad Street about 9:30 p.m.

One of those reports came from Emily Guendelsberger, 27, city editor for local arts and entertainment content for the Onion, the satirical newspaper and website. She was walking with seven friends on Green Street near Broad when they were accosted, she said. Guendelsberger, who remained hospitalized with a broken leg yesterday, declined to comment further.

A friend who was with her at the time, Daily News staff writer Molly Eichel, said that they were walking down Green Street when a group of teens was walking down Broad. "We heard kids yell, 'Run, run,' " Eichel said. "Some kid just came out of nowhere and punched my friend Charlie in the face."

Eichel said that when her group tried to run, about 20 teens chased them down the street. "They were kicking kids down and punching them when they were down," she said.
One wonders if Baratunde Thurston, the web editor of The Onion, will cry tears over Guendelsberger's attack.

Remember what we wrote a few days ago:
Knowing that Disingenuous White Liberals and PWJ’s are in charge of the editorial policy at The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Gannett assets, and openly admit to censoring stories of Black criminality, it’s easy to understand why many newspapers are losing subscribers and the ability to charge huge rates for national ad campaigns.

Recall that Peoria was the home of more Mahogany Mob activity (de-centralized leadership perhaps?) with many of this dark mass shouting "kill all white people" as residents scurried into the safety of their domiciles. Peoria's Disingenuous White Liberals are embarrassed by this fiasco and Peoria Star Journal published this story to counter Matt Drudge's continued expose of life in Black-Run America:

Allegations of racist threats and mob-style intimidation in a West Bluff neighborhood Friday captured national attention over the weekend, but some say the claims were exaggerated.

A group of 50 or so young people was walking down Thrush Avenue toward Sheridan Road about 10:50 p.m. Friday, concerning some residents.

Paul Wilkinson, who has lived on Sheridan for 11 years, says the group was blocking four lanes of traffic, fighting and yelling racist comments at neighbors.

"They were yelling 'We're gonna kill all the white people. This is our neighborhood,'" Wilkinson, 45, said.
He emailed his account of the incident to several City Council members and one local blogger. The report at The Peoria Chronicle website was quickly picked up by dozens of other sites, including the widely read online news site The Drudge Report with the headline "Pandemonium in Peoria: Mob yells 'Kill all white people.'"

Some residents, unaware of the media attention, confirmed Sunday there was a crowd in the street Friday, but said that race was not involved. A police report on the incident does not even mention the word race.
Police responded to Thrush on Friday night on a report of fireworks and fighting but found neither of those activities occurring, a police report stated. The group dispersed in multiple directions when an officer arrived. No one was arrested.

Khalid Davis, who lives on Thrush, said the group blocked a few cars but was very orderly. He witnessed no fights and called the racist allegations a "heck of an exaggeration."

"If I heard them screaming any such thing, I would have called police immediately," said Davis, 62.
Wilkinson, the president of the Altamont Park Neighborhood Association, said Sunday the neighborhood has seen its share of problems with drugs and guns in his 11 years there, but the problems have visibly increased as of late. He said police recommended residents stay inside and keep their doors locked.

The effects of the allegations were evident in the neighborhood Sunday. A police nuisance abatement truck called the Armadillo, outfitted with cameras, was parked on the side of Thrush.

Peoria City Councilwoman Barbara Van Auken said Sunday she is outraged by Wilkinson's allegations.
Van Auken, who has known Wilkinson for six years, said he's had a history of "wildly exaggerating" reports, many of them involving race. And police are well aware of it.

"We have some very gullible new council members who were dumb enough to believe him," she said, declining to name names.

Wilkinson said he met with Councilwoman Beth Akeson following his email and spoke to Councilman Chuck Weaver over the weekend. Weaver told the Journal Star he planned to meet with the mayor about the incident.

Van Auken said there are few, if any, racial tensions in the neighborhood where the incident occurred.
"It's a national embarrassment now," she said.

 Mayor Jim Ardis was unaware Sunday evening of the national attention the issue had caused. He called it "concerning" but said he did not think Peoria was unique when it came to such incidents.
Ardis said he wasn't sure to what extent the reports were accurate.

"Not knowing all the details, it's surprising that it's caught national attention," he said.
In the meantime, police have increased patrols in the area, and Ardis, who is out of town, expects more reports on the incident to be available when he returns Wednesday.

Kenny Rogers, who has lived on Sheridan for 10 years, called police Friday after he saw the group "hollering" and stopping traffic on the street. He did not hear anyone yell that they wanted to kill white people.
Rogers says the crowd was running wildly around yards and porches. It was the largest Rogers, 38, had ever seen in the neighborhood.

"They were doing a show of force," he said, "to show everybody, 'Hey, this is their hood.'"
Wherever Mahogany Mobs may roam is their hood Mr. Rogers, because every excuse must be made to explain away the failures and dangerous activities of Black people in Black-Run America. Too many Black people in prison? Racism. Too many Black people incapable of performing academic work that can qualify as 'acceptable' or 'passing'? Racism.

Mahogany Mobs rampaging in primarily northern United States cities (or eight Black people beating Carter Strange within an inch of his life in downtown Columbia, South Carolina) are not worth reporting and are all unrelated, unexplainable phenomenons.

To do otherwise would invalidate the entire system of government that has been operating since the early 1960s, what we call Black-Run America. That doesn't Black people run America, but it means that everything possible is done to improve the lives of Black people without regard for the consequences of this policy for the rest of the citizens of the United States.

Reporting on the truth of Mahogany Mobs violates this governing concept.

Add Cleveland to that growing list of cities where Mahogany Mobs terrorize the law-abiding and make community life impossible:
About 40 Cleveland Heights police officers had to control a crowd of unruly teenagers in the last hour of the Coventry Street Arts Fair Sunday, an event hat closes Coventry Road every summer from Mayfield Road to Euclid Heights Boulevard. 

There were no reports of injuries, but Cleveland Heights police were expected later today to release the number of arrests made Sunday. 

About nine people were arrested in 2010  at the street fair. 

The teens, who other kids said were from "all over the place -- Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights -- were starting fights, screaming and throwing punches in the crowded streets, according to witnesses and shop owners. 

Sarah Corcoran, 21, of Cleveland Heights, said she saw about 75 people run through the street, some yelling, just before the fair was scheduled to end at 6 p.m. Police showed up shortly after to clear the streets.
"It was a big commotion," said Shalai Melton, 15, of Garfield Heights. 

"When somebody sees one person run, everybody runs," said Melton's 16-year-old friend, India Jackson. 
Reactions to news coverage of the unrest has been mixed, with some eyewitnesses saying that the incidents were limited to a handful of teens over a short period of time, with others claiming it was a frightening scene.

A mob attack on a white family over Independence Day 2009 in Akron, Ohio by 50 or more Mahogany Mobbers shows that we truly "live in a Black world."

Eric "My People" Holder brags about re-opening the Civil Rights Division of the DoJ, while Carter Strange lays disfigured in a hospital room in Columbia; the victim of a racial assault that cannot be classified as racial. 

Jim Goad has shown that Black Memorial Day 2011 was not unprecedented, that since Mein Obama's election Mahogany Mobs have grown in daring and boldness nationwide.

We live in an America that can be explained in the scene from Rocky IV, just before Ivan Drago kills Apollo Creed. James Brown serenades a stunned Drago with these lyrics:
I live in America, help me out,
but I live in America,
wait a minute

You might not be looking for the promised land,
but you might find it anyway
Under one of those old familiar names
Like New Orleans (New Orleans),
Detroit City (Detroit City), Dallas (Dallas)
Pittsburg P.A. (Pittsburg P.A.),
New York City (New York City)
Kansas City (Kansas City),
Atlanta (Atlanta), Chicago and L.A.

Living in America - hit me
Living in America - yeah,
I walk in and out
Living in America

Every one of those cities named by Brown firmly subscribe to the Black-Run America principles (save L.A., where Blacks are being cleansed by Brown people). Atlanta has declared virtual martial law this summer; Kansas City saw massive Mahogany Mobs terrorize major shopping districts last year; Pittsburgh is doing everything possible to sanitize coverage of out-of-control Black crime; Detroit is just Detroit; New Orleans and Dallas both are in major trouble.

We live in Black-Run America. Mahogany Mobs are coming to a city near you.

There can be no heroes in dealing with this spreading violence; only villains. The first white, Hispanic (or Asian) person to drop one of the participants of a Mahogany Mob will be instantly vilified by Disingenuous White Liberals in the media and in power in the local government ( not to mention the Black community ) but will instantly vivify the law-abiding everywhere.

Remember: there is a reason The Boondock Saints, Death Wish, Tombstone, and The Magnificent Seven strike such a chord with Americans.  However, the person (it will probably be a cop, like the SWAT Team that tried to protect white beach goers in Boston over Memorial Day from hordes of their fellow Black citizens) that shots and kills a Mahogany Mobber will instantly be denounced with a fury rivaled only by the joys from Black people over O.J. Simpson's exoneration in the mid-90s.

Instead of being a  hero, in the minds of the masses this person will be the villain. Law and order in Black-Run America are secondary to the continued coddling and excuse making for Black people who are incapable of abiding by the laws and decorum governing polite society.

Idiots on blogs preaching violence and retaliation should be shunned as either mentally unbalanced or an FBI informant. Already we live in a world where a low-level race war is occurring, as evidence by Black-on-white rape statistics (rape is a tool of war) and Black-on-white rates of property crimes and violent assaults. The complete removal of Blacks from Compton by Brown people is another example of this.

But no matter. Those in power will continue prattling on about white privilege and white racism being the primary impediment to Black success in a country that does everything possible to uplift Black people at the expense of everyone else.

This is the luxury of 'livin in (Black-Run) America' in 2011: the person who dares fire the first shot of sanity to bring order to a world long ravaged by insanity will instantly become a villain in the eyes of DWLs and Black people everywhere, while a hero in the eyes of only Those Who Can See.

It's a lose-lose proposition, sadly.

All we can do is keep reporting on the stories (people like OneSTDV, OD, Sailer, etc.) and implore readers to get concealed carry permits. At some point this summer, a Mahogany Mob will turn into a full-fledged Mahogany Riot.

At that point we will see how many people across America can truly see.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is a Black World: From Akron to Peoria; From Columbia (SC) to Denver

What is going on with Black people across America?
Today, we ventured to Tuskegee University to see how entrepreneurship, free market economics, reliance on building their own community and Black ingenuity have fared. One of the few cities to ever see a Wal-Mart shutter its doors and leave (rumors persist it was done in one night with scores of trucks so that people wouldn't riot), Tuskegee, Alabama, is a ghost town, with the entire downtown business district a veritable wasteland.

Businesses shuttered (save for a hair extension store, Dollar General, a KFC, McDonald's, and a Burger King), houses falling apart,  signs littering yards imploring the citizens of Tuskegee "to stop the violence"; all surrounding a university considered one of the top for educating Black people in the world, heavily subsidized by state and federal funds and enduring myths supplied by purported airmen and syphilis experiments.

A stones throw from a downtown (where intersections aptly named Martin Luther King Pkwy and Rosa Parks something another rest) that resembles a city after a zombie apocalypse, a vacant, brand-new shopping complex rests where that abandoned Wal-Mart was recently torn down.

No businesses have moved into this famous city to fill this vacant commercial real estate, with the new development sitting empty as a stark and ominous reminder to what Black people have the capacity to create. Economic growth from a people with whose single females have a net worth of $5 is tragically punctuated by a visit to Tuskegee in Macon County.

What a Black world looks like is on display in Tuskegee. 99 percent of Black students at Booker T. Washington High School are eligible for free lunches, showcasing that school named for an individual that wanted Black people to become self-reliant has become but a microcosm for how Black peoples entire existence being courtesy of federal and state dollars.

Here is your Black Wall Street for 2011. Don't give us the bs of Tulsa in 1921; Tuskegee shows (just as Detroit, Birmingham, Prince Georges County and hundreds of other towns do) what happens when the free market and Black people collide.

What happens when Black people and white people collide in Peoria, Illinois? Courtesy of Lawrence Auster:

Peorians living in fear

This eye-witness account is from Paul Wilkinson, president of the Altamont Park Neighborhood Association:

Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as we need to kill all the white people around here. They were physically intimidating anyone calling for help from the police. They were surrounding cars. Cars on the main drag had to slam on their brakes to either avoid the youth blocking not only all four lanes, but a large section of the side street as well. fights were breaking out among them. They were rushing residents who looked out their doors, going on to porches, yelling threats to people calling the police for help. Cars were doing U turns on the streets just to avoid the mob, mostly male. One youth stated his grandfather was white and several assaulted him on the spot. [LA replies: That's very odd. What does it mean? That the mob assaulted a black person after he declared that he had a white grandfather?] One police officer answered the call. The youth split into two large groups, one heading north, the other south. They were also yelling racial threats to the police officer but he was outnumbered. Another police car did not show up until after the youth finally dispersed and the patty wagon (van) also eventually showed up.

Residents are very shaken, both black and white alike. This is the fifth large mob action in about a month with smaller groups of 10-12 are out threatening children and adults a few evenings a week or later into the night. The times vary, even occuring during the day. In talking to the police officer, they are short staffed. Residents were advised to simply keep inside and to lock their doors. In other words buckle down, it's not even safe to sit on your porch or go into your yards.
"The fifth large mob action in about a month." Wow. This is really outrageous. Why is this neighborhood having to put up with this? "Residents were advised to simply keep inside and to lock their doors"? Seriously? That's the best we can do for our fellow citizens' safety?
This needs to be addressed, and quickly.
What we are witnessing across Black-Run America (BRA) is something we don't even want to write about anymore: from sea-to-shining-sea an unmistakable and unforgivable menace terrorizes law-abiding citizens (Black-on-Black violence is horrible too) and yet the media remains silent, openly refusing to acknowledge the race of the assailants.

Denver is plagued by Black people attacking random white stoners and white people who fled from Mexifornia; Chicago is plagued by Black people obviously motivated from viewing Sarah Palin's Alaska who have decided participating in Mahogany Mobs is a great way to potentially land a date with Bristol; St. Louis has Black people playing merely a spirited game of Knockout King; and Akron, Ohio in 2009 saw 50 Black people randomly attack a white family on July 4th chanting "This is a Black world!"

Memorial Day 2011 taught us a valuable lesson; this summer is going to be one for the history books.

Now on the same weekend that Carter Strange rests disfigured from an attack by 8 Black people in Columbia, South Carolina (all who have subsequently been charged with lynching), we see how Black people wish to repay white people in Black-Run America in Peoria. As the chants of "Kill all the White people!" sink into your head, know that today we saw for our own eyes what Black people can accomplish on their own.

Tuskegee, Alabama, the home of Tuskegee University (a city that Wal-Mart fled from in the dead of the night back in the 1980s) is touted as the center of Black creativity and ingenuity. It's a ghost town, with houses boarded up and falling into dilapidated states of decay.

This is a Black world now. What we saw in Tuskegee reminded us of memories from we have from formerly great cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Birmingham, Memphis, and Richmond.

The summer of 2011 is going to be one that will augment the numbers of Those Who Can See to levels never-before seen. There is no reason to do anything but watch and document. People should do everything possible to stay safe in the coming months, but DO NOT RETALIATE.

Remember that Eric "My People" Holder recently bragged about re-opening the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice; he is the one who called us a nation of cowards and said we need a national dialogue on race.

Avoid areas patronized by youths Black teens; if you do anything to antagonize Black teens, the full power of the judiciary will come down on you. Remember, this is a Black world now governed by the laws of Black-Run America.

So you want that debate, do you Mr. Holder? I've seen the future in Tuskegee; a future that looks a lot like Detroit and Baltimore. If it's a world where white people hide fearful in their homes from Mahogany Mobs, we want no part of this Black world.

Like it or not, courtesy of rampaging Mahogany Mobs all across America, we're going to get that debate on race.

Have it Your Way: Black Family Takes Burger King's Moniker Literally

The story of a Black family robbing Burger King together is no whopper
We needed a laugh. The story of Carter Strange and the eight Black people who beat him to within an inch of his life - where only his hair made him recognizable to his mother - put us in a mood that no amount of weight lifting or running could hope to ameliorate.

This story is something out of South Africa or Zimbabwe, not a nation where we enjoy post-racial harmony courtesy of one Mein Obama. Of course, Unamusement Park has shown that Chicago is one police shooting away of a youth Mahogany Mob member from a riot that Twitter and other forms of social media will cause to go viral.

Indeed the level of violence and mob attacks has only risen since Mein Obama captured 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - as Jim Goad pointed out - and we believe this summer is only getting started.

So courtesy of James Edwards (happy 31st), we bring a story that made us laugh in a way we haven't since the hilarious Black bikini brawler of Panama City video first appeared on-line.

Burger King tells us all to "have it your way" and a Black family attempted to engage in a Bonnie 'n' Clyde style robbery that anyone would call of "whopper" of a tale if this video evidence didn't exist:
Three relatives are charged in robbing the Burger King on Austin Peay. -One of them is an employee at the Burger King. -Their family members believe the employee was framed.

(Memphis 6/22/11) Three relatives were charged in a robbery of the Burger King near Raleigh Springs Mall Monday night.

One of them, 23-year-old Ashley Fitz, is an employee at the store.

In an affidavit, police said the other two involved named Ashley Fitz as an accomplice, who helped plan and execute the robbery. But her family does not believe that.

"She wouldn't even steal a piece a candy! What is she going to go rob a place for, where she works at?" said Bettie Fitz, Ashley's mother.

Family members describe Ashley as a hard-working person who volunteered for extra shifts. They believe her uncle, Tony Fitz, was the mastermind who framed Ashley.

Police said Tony Fitz walked into the Burger King Monday night and handed a note to Ashley, who was working then.

Ashley Fitz then handed the note to a co-worker, who instructed Ashley to comply with Tony's demands.

Police said Ashley gave Tony about $1,400 from the cash registers and safe.

Ashley's sister, Cartina Fitz-Childers, allegedly drove the getaway car.

"It makes me angry how Cartina would do her little baby sister like that," said Loraine Fitz, their aunt.

Family members are shocked Ashley would be charged in this crime too, but are not at all surprised at Tony Fitz getting in trouble.

"He's been going to jail for 16 years," said Loraine Fitz.

With Ashley and Cartina both in jail, their mother now has to care for their combined seven children.

Their mother, Bettie, is waiting for real answers on what happened Monday night. She also said she's extremely angry at Tony.

"I want to kill him, but I know it's against the law. You know. I'd be in jail myself," she said.

All three suspects are charged with robbery. Cartina Fitz-Childers is also charged with driving with a suspended license, speeding, and violation of financial law.

One has to guess that crime does run in the family. As austerity measures begin to hit and EBT/food stamp nation begins to cut back, one can only expect to see more people trying to have it their way by robbing Burger King's, McDonald's and other fast food joints for a couple hundred bucks. Of course fast food joints are pushing for people to be able use food stamps in their restaurants, so we'll just have to wait and see.

More than likely it will be a family affair. 

By the way, tell James Edwards you want Paul Kersey back on his show. With Hollywood in Blackface out, and two more books scheduled to be published in the next two months (a sequel to HiB and one on college football and race) it's safe to say it's past time for a return trip to Edwards show.

Or, if you know of other radio shows you think we should try and get on, let us know or let them know.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life Under DWL Rule: Carter Strange Lynched; Chicago is Close to the Breaking Point

"Write about what you know and what interests you, and the rest will come easy." That's the best advice to any aspiring writer wanting to chronicle life in the dying stages of Black-Run America (BRA) I can give.

No heroes protect the innocent in BRA. Thanks to DWLs, Black criminality could strike anyone
In traveling yesterday, I re-read Frank Miller's absolutely brilliant Dark Knight Returns and decided that for the next month I'm going to work on getting out a book to coincide with the release of Captain America: The First Avenger. A lot of people don't like the fact that I write about sports, movies, pop culture and comics, but you should write about what interests you.

It will be a short book that will answer the question of why whiteness and the concept of superheroes goes hand-in-hand.

Why don't I just concentrate on writing about Black depravity, crime and the continued destruction of major cities? In short answer, because I have to stay sane. Reading about stories about groups of Black people engaging in urban terrorism - that's all Mahogany Mobs, Knockout King, Polar Bear Hunting, and Black crime can be described as - enrages me to a point that no two-hour workout at the gym can alleviate.

My disgust and anger toward a system that actively rewards Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) with career advancement as long as they cover-up Black criminality and failure (case in point the police chief in Chicago who blames white racism on the rash of Black violence) or those Perfidious White Journalist (PWJ) whose reticence to speak openly about the color of crime in America forced the creation of because the market dictated such, can't be augmented 24/7 anymore.

You reach a point where you realize everyone responsible for the state of this world, this country, deserves to be punished. Harshly. Those who think otherwise are insane.

If I could speak to Carter Strange, the Columbia, South Carolina resident who was beaten within an inch of his life by eight Black terrorists, I would tell him that the policies of DWLs and the enabling of BRA to reach a point where Black crime is excused away and censored are responsible for a society that allows "Beat Whitey Night" to transpire unabated ever day in this nation.

Strange could be the biggest liberal in the world, devoted to uplifting every Black person and illegal immigrant, but he is in a hospital right now because Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP) in school teach that every failure Black people encounter in life is directly correlated to white racism. Of course, I'd love to know what Eve Carson was thinking as she was bleeding out from the gunshot wound suffered - arbitrarily - at the hands of two Black men in Chapel Hill back in 2008.

I'd love to speak Hillaire S., the Silsbee, Texas cheerleader who was raped by a star Black athlete, and was kicked off her squad because of her refusal to cheer for him. Her family is being asked to pay the legal fees associated with her case and many in her town sided with the rapist because of his ability to win games.

Her story is a metaphor for every college team in America - save Brigham Young - and fuels my increasing hatred of organized sports. On every campus, sexual assaults are brushed under the table so that Black athletes who have no business being in the school can remain eligible to participate in sports.

I remember all of these stories, thousands more, and every attempt to make me feel guilty with stories of Emmitt Till, James Byrd and water hoses in Birmingham fail to penetrate or have any impact.

In truth, I'd love to just go back to doing # posts (a homage to Stuff White People Like), because I have a list of over 400 still to do. I'd love to finish an article on LeBron James and AAU Basketball and my third article on college football in response to Steve Sailer's piece.

But then I read where Chicago's police and elected officials actively suppressed the reality of the Black Memorial Day violence that transpired at North Beach. The lies they told to cover-up Black criminality, which is virtually uncontrollable now in that city and I'm left with the same feeling I felt when the "Beat Whitey" Iowa Fair story was covered-up by the police.

In finishing The Dark Knight Returns yesterday, this final line stuck out to me:
and to bring sense to a world plagued by worse than thieves and murderers."

The thieves and the murderers, those mindless Black criminals that make living in Baltimore, Detroit, Birmingham, Atlanta, Chicago and other cities a risky proposition, are only allowed to roam free with their actions censored by PWJs in the press because Disingenuous White Liberals enable them and feed their hatred. I Had A Dream (IHAD) People continue to prattle on about Martin Luther King and his speech about character superseding color  as grounds for judgment without realizing the world we live is the one King dreamed of.

Those are the people who plague this world far more than thieves and murderers, individuals Timothy Egan of The New York Times who - in a column celebrating the talented Clarence Clemmons - castigates white people for stealing rock'n'roll:

The ideal he represented, at least in rock ’n’ roll, may have followed him to the grave as well. With a few exceptions, the most segregated place in America on a given night can be a stadium rock concert — on stage, and in the audience. In one sense, rock mirrors Major League Baseball, where black players made up only 8.5 percent of rosters on Opening Day this year, a 50 percent decline from 20 years ago.

In baseball, blacks integrated the big leagues by force of a few brave pioneers. In rock, whites basically stole the genre, and in some cases have taken it to odious extremes, as with Ted Nugent and his Confederate flag T-shirts and machine gun props.
Names like Kyser Miree and the life he led and the dreams he had are forgotten, lost to time like tears in the rain, while PWJs for papers like The Birmingham News continually publish pathetic stories like the one of Black teenagers from Birmingham traveling to South Africa for a 10-day journey to see what happens when an entire country is handed over to Black people to run (instead of just a city, like Birmingham):

"Just like we had children march here, they had their children's uprising there," Parker High School student Barry McNealy said. 

Both youth movements were met with violence, but Ramsay High student Jhana Plump noticed a difference. "The kids here were beaten with batons and water hoses, but in South Africa, you would be shot. It was much more gruesome," Plump said. 
 This is all we can celebrate in Black-Run America, stories of overcoming our racist past where the threat of water hoses being turned on Black people is perpetually right around the corner. Meanwhile, the threat of Chicago being the city of the first major Black riot of 2011 draws closer every day.

A police officer will fire on the wrong Black participant in a Mahogany Mob and then all hell is going to break loose.

The story of Carter Strange shows that a hell, courtesy of DWLs, is already loose; The Black-Run America Dream has come true.