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The Inevitable SEALs Team 6 Movie glorifying the Osama Killing: How many Blacks will be cast?

Spot the Token Black... wait, this isn't a movie
Reading today an article about current Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, we had to laugh, realizing he was describing in succinct detail what we call Black-Run America (BRA). He called America a “civil rights nation”: So what does Deval Patrick’s memoir tell us about how black elites think? In my opinion, it is their conception of the United States as a “civil rights nation,” as Gov. Patrick articulates it in his memoir:
Ours may be the only nation in human history not organized around a common language or religion or culture so much as a common set of civil ideals. And we have defined those ideals over time and through struggle as equality, opportunity, and fair play.
The highest pursuit in American life (whether it be civic, public, private, entertainment, etc.) is the continued desire to purge the nation of Black inequality (i.e. Black failure). That Black inequality is the fault solely of some vague concept called "white privilege" is the only accepted reasoning in the eyes of BRA, and the history of the nation can be distilled as one of Black people overcoming the enormous impediments of white supremacy.
Prominent movies have been made that canonized Black troops in the Civil War (Glory). A movie was made that hyped the contributions of Black pilots in World War 2 (The Tuskegee Airman) to such a degree that watching the movie would lead the viewer to believe these men were responsible for the downfall of the Third Reich. Still another movie, a semi-true tale, was Men of Honor, which told the story of Carl Brashear, who overcame bigotry and Black fear of water to become the first Black Navy diver.

And let's not forget Cuba Gooding Jr.'s famous characterization of Dorie Miller in 2001’s Pearl Harbor, the Black cook who returned fire like every other American serviceman did during the Japanese attack but, because he was Black, became a national hero while valiantly overcoming the bigotry and racism from a character – played by Robert De Niro – who never even actually existed!
The Hollywood scriptwriters created a white bigot character for De Niro to play solely to the necessary racial provocations to make the story BRA approved.
And that brings us to the story of the team of Navy SEALs killing the evil terrorist Osama Bin Laden. If a more gripping, emotional,  perfectly scripted story can be fast-tracked for a summer 2012 release exists, we dare you to show us.
However, a problem remains. The view of a multicultural Special Forces unit is a concept alien to the US Military, where Real American Heroes have the unpleasant tendency to be overwhelmingly white:
It' s a situation that hasn' t been lost on minority members of special-operations forces.

"Those that are perceived as the most elite will have the smallest minority representation," said Capt. Everett Greene, who recently retired as the top-ranking black officer in the Navy SEALs.

Why does it matter if a small segment of the otherwise racially diverse military has so few minority members?

It' s the special-operations forces' missions -- all overseas, often working with foreign governments and often in secret -- that make ethnic diversity a significant issue with the brass.

Top generals and admirals argue that having more minority troops would help bridge language and cultural differences that special-operations forces often encounter in foreign countries.

The dearth of minorities in the elite forces is a sign of a much larger and more serious problem facing America and its armed forces, say sociologists who specialize in the military.

In a democracy, the sociologists argue, the military should reflect of the civilian society -- in economic, cultural and racial diversity.

Today the military, particularly the Army, remains one of the few settings in which blacks routinely boss whites.

Blacks, Latinos, Asians, American Indians and other minorities now make up 34 percent of the military, greater than the 28.5 percent minority representation within the general U.S. population.

But the picture is very different in elite units.

The Army Special Forces, known by distinctive green berets, has 234 African-American officers and soldiers in a force of 5,200 men. Blacks make up 4.5 percent of the Green Berets, compared with nearly 24 percent of the male soldiers in the Army.
The Navy has only 31 blacks among its 2,299 Sea-Air-Land, or SEAL, commandos, less than 2 percent of the force. African-Americans constitute nearly 17 percent of the male personnel within the Navy.
And, the Air Force' s special-tactics groups have only eight blacks in a force of 472 men, less than 2 percent. Servicewide, about 14 percent of the Air Force' s male personnel are African-American.

The statistics have not improved significantly in recent years, despite heightened recruiting efforts.
Thankfully tax dollars are being spent to try and find Black candidates for the Navy SEALs who aren’t afraid of water:
The Naval Special Warfare Center is embarking on new marketing and awareness campaigns to reach more minority candidates who have the best odds of becoming Navy SEALs in the hope that those efforts will diversity the commando force.

The campaign is the latest move by Naval Special Warfare Command to boost its recruitment of minorities, particularly African-Americans, to attend the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL course and follow-on SEAL Qualification Training and join the all-male community of special operators — one that historically has been largely white.

The campaign started Oct. 1, but much of the work is just beginning, said Rosemary Heiss, an NSW Recruiting Directorate spokeswoman in Coronado, Calif.
Naval Special Warfare Command hired three contractors for the diversity initiative, which will renew naval special warfare’s outreach to historically black colleges and universities; develop new marketing strategies that focus awareness, screening and recruiting efforts on minority communities; and develop research that identifies the traits of successful BUD/S candidates to hone recruiting.

“Each initiative has a different approach to get a candidate that we want. When you have a multifaceted approach, you start to mesh the different initiatives together to get more successful candidates,” Cmdr. Brodes Hartley, naval special warfare’s force diversity officer, said in a Navy Compass article.

Navy SEAL training is considered among the toughest in the military, with attrition rates from BUD/S average roughly 75 percent. But efforts in recent years, including an expanded recruitment effort and retooled preparatory course at the Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, Ill., are showing signs of easing attrition of potential SEAL and special warfare combatant-craft crewman candidates.

However, overall minority numbers still remain short of existing goals, and minority representation within NSW’s officer and enlisted communities remains much lower than what is reflected in the U.S. population.

Roughly 12.5 percent of the U.S. population is black, a number expected to rise to 13 percent by 2040, according to U.S. Census predictions. But only 10 percent of SEAL officers are minorities — with blacks representing 2 percent of officers — and minorities make up less than 20 percent of enlisted special warfare operators, according to a May contract solicitation for the pilot marketing and outreach program.
Look, just do what the Naval Academy and U.S. Coast Guard Academy did and lower standards already!
The real Navy SEALs look like these guys
The lamentable fact that the Special Forces are nearly all-white (as are the pilots in the Air Force and the majority of our best Officers in each branch) is a factoid that won’t dissuade Hollywood casting agents from calling Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson (who will inevitably be cast as the commanding officer of the SEAL team), Terry Crews, and that weird Black dude from the Old Spice commercials as potential actors in the inevitable SEAL TEAM 6 film that glorifies the men who took down Osama.
Djimon Hounsou can be the African immigrant and moral compass of the SEALs team. Ice Cube would be perfect for the part of the inner-city brother who really hates to swim but joined the Navy because his dad was a janitor in the World Trade Center… “Iss all 'bout the revenge, brah; nome sane?”
Don Cheadle can be cast as President Mein Obama with Halle Berry the perfect Michelle Obama.

Well, all right. That might be going a little far.   Just recast Vin Diesel (who played a SEAL in The Pacifer) as the Token Black guy and then five white dudes and you’ve got a film. The fact that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted about getting a role in the inevitable film is what got us thinking about the SEAL TEAM 6 film. You just know the inevitable photo of the team that took out Osama isn’t going to be a picture that Deval Patrick would approve of as a BRA-approved, civil rights-type shot.
If it included Special Warfare Operator 1st Class David Goggins, we’d be fine with that:
One of the Navy's elite warriors demonstrated his commitment to giving back to the local community when he paid a weeklong motivational visit to African American students at a local high school and college in Atlanta from Nov. 30 to Dec. 7.

Special Warfare Operator 1st Class David Goggins, a role model for African American youth, addressed Morehouse College's faculty and student body offering leadership strategies and tips on pushing past mental and physical limits. He also visited South West DeKalb County High School and Peachtree Ridge High School where he instructed students currently on the wrestling, swimming, and track and field teams on training exercises.

The students seemed to immediately connect with Goggins' honest and humble approach when he shared some of his experiences while serving as a SEAL.

"I'm just human, and I've had to learn my lessons just like everyone else," Goggins said.

He shared that he had to overcome the adversity of losing his father to murder.

"Sometimes I would hear people say 'Man, Goggins looks solid.', but they didn't know that I was really broken down inside," Goggins said. "I was able to push through that because I made a decision to push through -- for myself, my family and those fallen heroes. It's amazing how if you tell yourself you've made a decision to finish something, your body can reset itself -- the pain starts to go away."

Among Goggins' many physical feats is his ability to run 203 miles in 48 hours. Goggins is also no stranger to competing in "extreme" events like the Badwater 135-miler, a run routed through Death Valley. He has also competed in the Furnace Creek 508, which is a 508-mile bike race he completed in 41 hours. A testament to his endurance, Goggins said he often completed physical feats while battling injuries including broken feet, torn muscles and kidney failure.

He's training now for the Race Across America, which will take him 3,000 miles from Oceanside, Calif., to Annapolis, Md., in less than nine days. He trains for more eight hours a day -– with three broken ribs.
The SEALs team that took out Osama didn’t look anything like the America valued by Disingenuous White Liberals and BRA bureaucrats fighting for a civil rights nation.Like most of the people who sign on who to defend America, they were all white.
The movie won’t cast them as such, and you can bet Samuel L. Jackson will have a part in the film. (And when asked his thoughts on the terrorists and collateral damage, his character will be scripted to say, “Yes, they deserved to die. And I hope they burn in Hell!”).

Recall the furor over Black Hawk Down, where one Token Black was cast among a sea of bad-ass white dudes amidst an endless assault of Black people in Somali (think the scene where aliens keep assaulting the marines in Aliens). When you think about it, Black Hawk Down could have been made about Hurricane Katrina or the LA riots of 1992.
Despite all the nonsense of America being a “civil rights nation” and the terrifying power of Black-Run America, white people still love this country and fight for it.

Despite all the nonsense of America being a “civil rights nation” and the terrifying power of Black-Run America, white people still love this country and fight for it. Superman might turn their back on this nation, but is that necessarily a bad thing?
Remember, Hollywood is putting out a Captain America in July where a reluctant Steve Rogers becomes the super-soldier (is he a secret member of the American First Committee?):
Read it and weep you suckers who thought Hollywood might give us this one. But at the same time, don’t forget to thank Johnston for disappointing us before we spent the ten bucks:

“We’re sort of putting a slightly different spin on Steve Rogers,” said Joe Johnston, whose past directing credits include “Jurassic Park III” and “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. “He’s a guy that wants to serve his country but he’s not a flag-waver. We’re reinterpretating sort of what the comic book version of Steve Rogers was.” …

“He wants to serve his country, but he’s not this sort of jingoistic American flag-waver,” Johnston said. “He’s just a good person. We make a point of that in the script: Don’t change who you are once you go from Steve Rogers to this super-soldier, you have to stay who you are inside, that’s really what’s important more than your strength and everything. It’ll be interesting and fun to put a different spin on the character and one that the fans are really going to appreciate.” …

Much, much more predictable heartbreak below the fold:
For Johnston, the imperative is artistic one, not a commercial one. He wants a character that’s more complicated than a flag and a movie that entertains without borders.

“Yeah and it’s also the idea that this is not about America so much as it is about the spirit of doing the right thing,” the director said. “It’s an international cast and an international story. It’s about what makes America great and what make the rest of the world great too.”
Somehow, these two will be cast in Seal Team 6: The Osama Mission
An unenthusiastic Captain America, averse to fighting for the Red, White and Blue?   What? Was he mad that the military was segregated during World War II? Don’t worry, his special forces unit has a Black guy to ensure that the “civil rights” mission of American history in cinema remains in place:
When it was recently announced that Derek Luke had a role in the upcoming Marvel film, 'Captain America: First Avenger,' many fans and websites were curious as to which character the 36 year-old New Jersey native would play since the studio hadn't mentioned it in numerous press releases on the film.

Luke will be playing one of Nick Fury's Howling Commando's, Gabe Jones, stated Jones is remembered in the Marvel universe as a fierce fighter who always carried his trumpet into battle.

Other roles Luke was speculated for were a young Nick Fury, Fury's father Jack or Captain America's Avengers' partner Falcon.

As the first African-American to serve in an integrated unit, Jones is one of the close confidantes to Sergeant Nick Fury, who would later become the head of the organization S.H.I.E.L.D. Jones would later join him as an agent.
Let’s get real for a second. Those members of SEALs Team 6 represent real-life Captain America’s, as do all members of the United States Special Forces Units. They aren’t joining the military just for a job (think Alvin Greene), but they join because they love this country, have a desire to push themselves to the edge of physicality and go back for more and probably just want to kill some evil sons-of-a-bitches.
We at SBPDL support the United States military and ask any member of the armed forces reading this site to remember that America is much more than some “civil rights” concept. We already know “diversity” is all that the military brass who bow before BRA value, but the men who do the actual fighting aren’t in it for the betterment of “civil rights” or BRA.
They still believe this country stands for something, and the majority of people who proudly wave the flag do as well. It ain’t “civil rights”…
So who do you think should be cast in the inevitable SEALs Team 6 film? Trust us: Three or four minority actors will get parts in it, when the SEALs unit probably looked something like this. Wait, they already made a movie about Navy SEALs with a token Black guy?


Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. There actually was a black Ranger who was part of the "Blackhawk Down" mission to find Aidid. I met him about 10 years ago and his name is Mike Kurth, and what struck me most about him was that he talked like a surfer dude. Very down to earth fellow, unlike the people I had to "deal" with on a daily basis. said...

Most blacks have the physical ability to compete with the Navy Seals. Note, for example, the previous post regarding Michelle's masculinity.

What's lacking is not physical ability, but mental acumen. Tactical maneuvering is not the same as, say, a brawl at McDonalds, Chuck E. Cheese or Dennys.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Ret'd LAPD. Having read Mark Bowden's book, I should have remembered that, yes, there was one Black dude in Mogadishu.

Sheila said...

I knew a black back in my Foreign Service days who claimed to have been a Navy Seal. I've since read that the Seals in the 70s, 80s and early 90s suffered from lower standards and substantial theft of equipment by minimally-qualified members.

I also used to read some fun chick lit involving the Seals by a woman named Suzanne Brockmann. She has since come out about having a gay son, and has featured a gay character in per past half-dozen books, along with his lover. She's also pushed miscegenation. This is what passes for White, patriotic, romantic fiction these days.

I've read your statistics regarding minorities and blacks in the various branches of special forces before. The other day I tried to find the percentages of blacks per MOS (specifically combat MOS) but couldn't. All I was able to discover is that the National Guard has more Whites and fewer women than the active duty Army, and the Reserves are heavily black/female. If you (or anyone else) has specific numbers regarding the number of blacks in a combat MOS (routinely majority White; I want to know by how much) please let me know.

Anonymous said...

This article from The Navy Times lists the reasons for lack of Black people in SEALs:

"To reach those goals within its senior officer ranks, naval special warfare must boost the number graduating and completing all BUD/S and SEAL Qualification Training by 15 or 16 minority officers and 40 to 50 sailors, the command wrote in the solicitation.

The latest campaign also aims to tackle a long-running and vexing problem: Why aren’t minorities attracted to spec ops as much as white men?

A 1999 Rand study that examined diversity among the military’s spec ops forces found several key “barriers” cited as reasons fewer minority men opt to go into special operations. These included: the lack of minorities as role models within spec ops forces; little support within their own minority communities for choosing spec ops; and poor skills, little access or less experience with swimming, which is critical to spec ops diving missions and a must in meeting physical fitness requirements and completing demanding training."

Was it Steve Sailer who cited a report stating that the 40 percent of Blacks don't pass the US Army enlistment test?

Former Black Militant said...

Less Intelligent Help the Military
Just because you don't shoot someone directly doesn't mean that you are not contributing to the military. Cooks, repairmen, painters, etc. are all doing duties to help the military run efficiently,. It is a testament to the brotherhood in this military that they do not look down on these jobs but value that contribution because it frees up time for more talented individuals to train instead of having to do mundane duties.
There are also many black people who also go into the military because of love of this country, make no mistake.

White People are Smarter than SBPDL

Let's say whites are smarter than blacks generally, there is still some things blacks can help with and that is cultural areas in lands with people of color who might hold resentment toward former colonial masters, not justifying this hatred but it exists, and I don't think Bush doing this type of mission would have went over as well in the Muslim world as it is now going over. There would have been a lot more backlash, again not justifying but it is a reality if it was a white guy going into a Muslim country , you would have heard cries of "crusaders" etc. You all believe white people are so smart, yet you seem not to have faith in the plan that Obama would not be in office right now unless there was some smart white people who knew that they would need a sympathetic brown face to carry out missions like this and to neutralize accusations of racism. A white commenter once said on here and I agree, average white people will probably have little or no contact with the real elite top IQ whites who really make things happen and you all complain because you don't get the plan. It's like a chess game where you are low rated players griping that the Grandmaster's giving up his queen, but you don't see the checkmate in 10.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Former Black Militant:

Honestly, I just wanted to write an article that suggested actors for the inevitable "Seal Team 6: The Hunt for Osama" movie.

Learning that the military is trying to remove the "special" in our the US Special Forces in a bid to achieve the tactical goal of diversity just made me laugh.

I have no allusions as to the reach of SBPDL. We don't have delusions of grandeur here. I just write about stuff that makes me laugh now and am trying to get back to the old # posts.

Problem is, a lot of stuff makes me laugh.

Steve said...

Funny you should bring this up. I was just thinking the same thing. When they make the movie about this I'm sure the officer in charge (OIC)will be Morgan Freeman and say 40% of the team will be black. I'm guessing one will be a rap star, one will be very religious and talk about the moral dilemma he is facing by killing Osama.
The white guys will be incompetent and of course racist rednecks.

Anonymous said...

You can bet the computer hacker genius will be black in the movie. He will order the blue collar/Joe Sixpack white SEALS around with a mixture of bemusement and exasperation.

Dissident said...

"you all complain because you don't get the plan."

That's an interesting supposition Former Militant, but I think you're 180 degrees out of phase with the REAL plan, as you say.

The PLAN of those elite whites, is to subjugate not only blacks, but everyone else as well. These elite whites are using blacks and other minorities to dilute the traditional white power bock in this country-unlimited immigration (invasion) and PC BS are their tools of divide and conquer, etc.

Yea! You're right about a plan, but your deadly wrong that it's a benevolent one.

Racial antagonisms are part and parcel to the plan, but that doesn't diminish the fact that blacks have pissy attitudes and take no accountability for themselves. Peace.

Anonymous said...

there is segregation from my army experience. as an american of asian decent i saw it clearly. most NAM's were in the combat support units. cooks , maintance etc. most whites were in the combat arms. i chose combat arms because i wanted to push myself to the edge.i wanted a challenging military experience. i talk to most NAM's and they said they want job training and experience for when they leave.

Anonymous said...

Crowd of 'young people' in Oy Veygas robs convenience store.

Be on the lookout for young people, Nevada. :)


WarriorClass III said...

Former Black Militant:

You miss the bigger picture. Osama was a scape goat for what the power elite (PE) did, that is attack the US on 9/11/01. Osama didn't make the Air Force stand down that day, and no jet aircraft hit building 7, or the Pentagon for that matter. If you listen to the current administration, the terrorists are not the alleged middle eastern boogie men, but the white middle class Americans that believe the Constitution should still be the law of the land, believe they have inalienable rights, that abortion is murder, own guns and vote third party. The color of our dictator is of no consequence to us, as it is to the majority of blacks that were duped long ago into believing that whites were their enemy and that they have somehow "gotten over" on whitey.

When the government controls or regulates everything you do, taxes half of what you make, you are a slave regardless of the color of your skin. When the only businesses that are allowed to exist are those with connections in the government, what you have is fascism. When you are duped by a few food stamps and and hatred of people that have done nothing to you, you are truly an idiot. And were checkmated long ago.

We saw it coming and refused to play that game.


Anonymous said...

Actually,my very first thought on hearing Osama had been killed "last week",was who Hollywood would cast in the "Official Version"

The helicopter pilots will be white women,but I don't know enough about modern movies to know the names of potential actresses.

The O/C will be Denzil Washington,the Master Sgt will be some other black.

At least 50% of the assault force will be black plus another two Hispanics and possibly an Asian.

Sheila said...

Former black militant: The "elites" you believe were so wise as to know they would "need" Obama as cover truly aren't all that bright. I went to grad school with Tim Geithner; my husband shared a house with Valerie Plame's first husband - is that "elite" enough for you? I write this not to impress anyone with my "connections" or liberal status "ticket punches," but to impress upon you that there is no secret cabal of terribly intelligent, far-seeing people in charge. To call that naivete is to put it mildly. These are, by and large, stupid and malicious people (the two are not mutually exclusive). As far as Obama's brown skin causing less resentment overseas - I believe standard surveys have shown equal or greater antipathy to the U.S. overseas since his administration, not less.

Re the military - I readily concede that the military needs cooks and truck drivers as well as warriors. However, there remains a substantive difference between a warrior (i.e. a practitioner of combat arms) and a support/administrative staffer. To insist they are of equal value in a fighting unit is to push the standard liberal meme of equality uber alles. Additionally, blacks have long (and falsely) claimed that they fight and die at higher rates than Whites, when in truth the vast majority (upwards of 75%) of combat deaths are White. While some blacks may join the military to serve America, most are quite open about joining for personal goals - to get an education and/or future job training. Many lack the basic intelligence to do otherwise. I can't count the number of stories I've read of blacks who wanted to become a tanker or infantryman or pilot but scored too low on the ASVAB to qualify. For that matter, about 40% (if I'm remembering that correctly) of blacks fail to qualify to join the military at all - either due to lack of education, lack of fitness (too fat) or lack of ethics (having a criminal record).

Your hopes to improve your race are admirable, but do not use them to deny basic truths and factual information.

Anonymous said...


hmmm... this reminds me of that famous photo taken on the wreckage of the Twin towers of the firemen hoisting a flag on the twisted beams... they were all white. When the "official" art came out (help me here, was it a statue or painting?) diversity had been applied. Which means the artwork was a lie.

Also recall Spike Lee's attack on Clint Eastwood over "lack of diversity" in his Iwo Jima movie. As the combat forces were segregated in 1945 I'm not sure what Spike was looking for. Was he looking for Clint to lie about the front lines, or to include scenes of the mess?

My elite NY times reading Ivy educated friends believe the US military is majority-minority and there is absolutely no one there for patriotic reasons. They think these hapless minorities and rednecks are only there because they are broke because the American dream is dead. They think almost all casualties are minorities. No matter I say to them they refuse to believe. And why should they believe me? I went to a state university.

Anonymous said...

I was in Navy nuclear power and I never saw any blacks. They could not do the math and physics to get into the program. I do no think they will be lowering the standards to let some jive ass operate a reactor at test depth on a sub because of some diversity myth. At least I hope not!

-Fed up White Taxpayer

Don said...

Another great one SBPDL!.

As I've stated before, there are two ways of looking at the universe. The way Hollywood see's it & the way it really is!..In Hollywood , every third or forth doctor, or scientist or world saving warrior is black...Reality is profoundly different!.

Oh I have no doubt that in the theatrical or "made for t.v." version of this event, political correctness will rul the day & there will be no bearing on historical fact!. I mean Hollywood DID give us "Glory" about the all black Massachuesetts 54th regiment. They DO however conviently gloss over the fact that it was a unit completely made of of "free born blacks"- NO run away slaves & that it was the WHITE officers who petitioned for equal pay for their soldiers (equal to white service men). Hmmm, Ain't gonna let a little thing like the TRUTH get in the way of ones political agenda?!.

Or in "Amistad", how Speilberg CONVIENTLY omits the fact that after "Cinque" aquired his freedom that he went on to become a slave trader himself in the Carribean!.

Madness stalks this world, utterly!...My step dad was an army ranger in Vietnam (2 tours). He said he NEVER once in his tenure saw a black ranger (even though the army was trying vigorously to bring them in)..He said they invariably failed the mental aspect of the training (& the swimming)...I myself worked for some 12 years as a DoD cilivian maintaining & operating flight simulators for F16 fighter pilots at Luke AFB, Az..In all those years I met or seen many hundreds of prospective fighter jocks. Never ONCE seen a black pilot!! (a few Asian, almost all though were white).

So, I'm sure that when the "officialy sanctioned" version comes to the silver screen it will be meet the commisars, err, producers liking!...Truth be damned!.

Anonymous said...

Sheila: I think the NG has a higher percentage of white males because it has combat arms components, while the Army Reserves does not.

missbosslady said...

I am endlessly fascinated by this website, both by the posts and accompanying comments, such frank and open discussion is invigorating.

I concur with SBPDL that this racial quagmire will meet its inevitable come uppance, it is absolutely unavoidable. In what form will we see the societal pendulum begin to swing back, remains to be seen.

However, I do not fear what may come. I have always been amazed, that blacks seem to think, that their total resistance to self-improvement is a slap in the face to whitey. How very self-destructive, but certainly not fear inducing.

So I say to blacks; go ahead and continue to insist that all bars be lowered for you, continue to insist that you be coddled while you decimate your ranks, continue to sow the seeds of your own ruination. In the meantime, we whites will continue to do what we do; improve, compete, educate and progress.

Most liberal fantasies are pure folly and none more so than the belief that man can control nature. When man disappears from the planet nature will erase every trace of our existence in the blink of an eye. Survival of the fittest is the first law of the natural world and all of the wishing otherwise is pointless.

The Seals are all white, for all of the obvious reasons and no movie protraying something different will change the facts.

Annie Oakley said...

Former Black Militant:

I concur with many of your points. As a white separatist we’re both on the same page of racial separation. I feel you are wrong on the issue with the elite whites.

Many of the white elites I used to work with were NO smarter than many of the middle managers and lower stage workers. These white elitists had mommy and daddy connections that allowed them to get to the top. Doors were opened for these elite DWL’s simply because of their last name. If their last name were any different they’d be lucky to get a job as a Wal-Mart greeter.

I worked in the corporate sector many years in Southern California, New York and Honolulu. I worked in MEGA corporations, not some ma and pa store. As someone who worked in HR/Payroll I had to interact with these elite DWL’s on a daily basis.

Most of them were a joke. They were some of the most maladjusted mentally ill suckups I’d ever seen in my life. Many of them were having affairs, cheating on their taxes and had the morals of an alley cat.

Give me a hard working class white racist any day. I’d much rather have a good old fashioned southern red-neck racist in the fox hole with me than some candy assed metrosexual who couldn’t pour piss out of a boot.

Whites built this nation for whites and whites only. The 1965 immigration act allowed in a plethora of illiterate non-whites who should have never been in this country. Irvine California is now full of yellow insects from Asia who are now in section 8 housing while my white brothers and sisters are eating at the soup kitchen and living in their vans.

All the illegal Mexicans in Southern California displaced all the black janitors in So Cal. A black man used to be able to get a good job as a janitor but in the name of “diversity” that y’all love so much, you shot yourself in the foot.

Anonymous said...

I served in a COMBAT ENGINEER company. There were no blacks. Not one.

Steve said...

I'm enjoying the dialogue here. I'll go into depth on my back ground. I retired from the Army in 05 with slightly over 20 years. A great many of those years was in FIST an acronym for Fire Support Team. Many of us are Ranger qualified some Airborne as well but our primary mission is to guide in and or adjust indirect fire, including all those SMART bombs you see on TV.
We use a boat load of math from Trig tables to hand held computers.
In 20 years I've known only a few blacks that could become part of FIST.

Anonymous said...

Stereotypes come from real life. When I was going thru aviation training in P-Cola FL. There was a whole lot of survival swimming. Those that had issues went to remedial swim instruction. Yep looked like swim lessons in Harlem. 30+ black guys standing around the pool.

One of the black guys in our class, shitty swimmer, plus so lean his buoyancy was about 8 feet down, got thru our classes swim requirements by us coating the upper back of his flight suit with Vaseline to trap air, and stuffing little empty plastic OJ containers from the mess, with the lids taped on, into the various pockets for more buoyancy.

As tough as the swimming is in BUDS, I doubt there will ever big much of a black presence in Navy special forces. Stereotypes are more persistent in real life than most people want to admit.

Silent Running said...

I've also read Bowden's book. I could be wrong, but Bowden stated that there were just two blacks in the entire Ranger unit, and neither of them were involved in the firefights.

There are also many black people who also go into the military because of love of this country, make no mistake.

In my experience, most blacks (or at least the lifers) go into the military because they desire power. The military is an authoritarian entity where those higher in rank hold near-absolute power over those who are lower. Blacks love having power, especially when it's over whites.

Of course, those of us who smell civil war on the wind have a vested interest in more diversity for the military. I want as many SEALs as possible discharged, disillusioned, and no longer taking Uncle Sugar's orders.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* You wrote:

If a more griping, real-life, already scripted story that is tailor-made for a summer 2012 release is out there, we dare you to show us.

I'll leave you to figure out what's wrong with that sentence, Mr. Proofreader.

Former Black Militant said...

@Annie Oakley,
I said former black militant not current black militant, I learned through experience that most people blame others for their failings especially black people. I do not want to separate from whites, in fact many of the values , traditions, and philosophical ideas that I hold dear have been taught to me by white teachers through books, video, or in person. It is the acceptance of this and the realization that it is ideas and thoughts that make people your people not being brown. Only in America the greatest country so far in history, do we try to educate everyone, even disrespectful black children, this realization led me not only to abandon the vestiges of my own racism but come to a new appreciation for white people, still sounds weird to me when I say it, but its true. So I write these posts with an apologetic tone because though not perfect white people have done great things to advance humanity and I think you all are not given proper credit for that but are hated by other groups who want to be #1,like a great sports team that always wins. I however, have become a sort of fan of white people and culture, almost like how some whites love Asian culture for Kung-fu or Buddhism, I admire white/European/western culture for science,innovation, and the ideal of individual freedom.

Anonymous said...

Artist says:

Hey Former Black Militant,

You're my kind of guy. Keep up the good work.

We all need to find the best in one another. Many of my heros are Black Americans. Keep up the clear thinking.

Artur said...

Guys I coined a term that fits like a glove :

African American't.

Why is Detroit a wreck?

African American'ts.

It's edgy but politically safe enough to use in PC company.

Brought to you by :

ps: SBPDL: You're getting sloppy in the writing again: a lot of annoying little typos that distract from your otherwise spot-on message.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...,

I want to apologize for the ps part to you and everyone reading. I've been incredibly busy with work, personal obligations and other things that I haven't had the time to put into this site as I should.

It doesn't take long for me to get an article together as soon as I get going, but I write quickly and don't put as much time into editing as usual.

I set a deadline to get "Hollywood in Blackface" out by May 6 and I'm going to accomplish that goal.

Come Monday, it's back to old-school posts at SBPDL.

The # are back.

Traffic has never been greater here, but it's time for some much needed levity.

I apologize to all readers for the shoddy work as of late.

Porter said...

I apologize to all readers for the shoddy work as of late.

Plainly your copyeditor requires disciplinary action. You should dock Mencken several units of SBPDL scrip for indolence; and if he complains, several more for insolence.

Anonymous said...

Here's my own personal experience regarding why there are so few blacks in the US Navy SEALS:

I went through RTC (Recruit Training Command) Orlando, Florida, in 1990 for my boot camp in the US Navy. There was one day of training when we, the seaman recruits, all had to just jump feet-first from a diving platform, one after another into a swimming pool, while wearing swimming trunks, and then let this SEAL team CPO (Chief Petty Officer) who was already in the pool below, a very fit white guy in his late 40's at the time, then guide us over to the side of the pool, so that we could then climb out.

Since there were about 30+ blacks in my recruit training company of 80+ recruits, the whole exercise took more than twice as long as it likely would have if there had not been those 30+ blacks in my recruit training company. Each and every one of those blacks sank like stones as soon as they hit the water. Some of them would not even jump in until they were yelled at a bit by our recruit training company commanders. There were a whole lot of "Oh lawdy" type moans coming from these black recruits the whole time this was going on, and all they really had to do was just jump into the deep end of a swimming pool. They were all acting like they were being asked to jump into a giant vat of acid or something. It was a total comedy of errors, let me tell you.

That SEAL team CPO sure earned his paycheck that day, that is, by having to save all of those 30+ blacks from a certain drowning. Since RTC Orlando, Florida, was the US Navy's only boot camp for women at the time of my boot camp in 1990, this same SEAL team CPO had to do just about the same exact thing with all of the black female recruits in our sister recruit training company.

Later on in this same boot camp of mine, two of my recruit training company shipmates actually did start a regimen of extra training in the hopes of making their way through the BUD/S school in Coronado, California, so that they could become US Navy SEALS. Of course, they were both white guys. Just about all 30+ of the blacks in my recruit training command company went to "A" schools after boot camp graduation for ratings such as Storekeeper, Mess Management, Personnel, and Yeoman - less strenuous type ratings, in both the physical and mental sense, all of them were indeed. I then went to the gunner's mate "A" school myself in Great Lakes, Illinois, and of course, there were no blacks in my "A" school class whatsoever, since there was apparently just enough math and science involved with the gunner's mate rating at that time to phase most of the blacks out who were in the US Navy, due to their lower average scores on the ASVAB tests, which people usually take while they are still in high school, and are only considering a military enlistment after their high school graduation.

Here's the link to a photo of The graduating members of BUD/S Class 236 in front of the Naval Special Warfare Center:

At the far left of the last row in this photo is a Medal of Honor recipient, the late USN Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy.

Anonymous said...

Dwayne Johnson is half black, half of very few people with that ethnic makeup in the world. Furthermore, his father was a black man from lily-white Nova Scotia, Canada, and his mother had royal Samoan blood, making him even more atypical. Does that mean, since his ethnicity is not really average anywhere or characteristic of anyone typical, that he should not be cast as ANY character?

a-11 said...

they join because they love this country

I would suggest that the primary motivation for joining units with a high likelihood of combat is adventurism, not patriotism. War is the poor man's safari. Hispanics join the military in large numbers and as a group they can hardly be accused of patriotism.

white people still love this country and fight for it

The real question is why? The "country" (that is, its rulers) loathes them, its leaders shouting from the rooftops that their highest goal in life is the extermination of whites. Even when they die in disproportionate numbers for this system that hates them they get no credit from the regime, thus articles like the ones quoted. It's common in imperial systems that the conquered volunteer in greater numbers and are often the best units of the empire, in part as a reaction to the dehumanization and demasculinization they suffer at the hands of their conquerers. And much of the "patriotism" the flag-wavers feel for this country is really nothing more than a defense of material well-being - the more they're scared spitless that direction we've been going in since the 60s will take away their material comfort, the harder they wave the flag and defend the very system that is destroying them. When the money goes you'll see this "patriotism" evaporate. Unfortunately since there will be fewer jobs whites will still join a military that will be even more politically correct and incompetent and run by a system that will be even more openly genocidal and murderous toward whites, and by doing so they empower that system.

Artur said...

Thanks SBPDL for the feedback and the promise to simply proofread before hitting "post." It really doesn't take long.

I asked my attorney to look into getting a trademark on the term:

African American't.

Until then, feel free to use it in your posts if you want. I'd be honored.

Anonymous said...

"Does that mean, since his ethnicity is not really average anywhere or characteristic of anyone typical, that he should not be cast as ANY character?"

No, that's not what it means.

Any more really stupid fucking questions?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He's one of the only Black actors who tries to act white. Hell, he played "The Tooth Fairy" in a bad Disney film.

But having him tweet that he wants to play a Navy Seal from the team that took down Osama is just as bad as when he played the white coach in "The Gridiron Gang" and the white character in the "Walking Tall" remake.

Anonymous said...

...and we can all look forward to the upcoming movie to divinely portray Obama as Almight God Himself, Saviour & Redeemer of America.

By the way, @ Artur....LOVE the term "African-American't." May I plagiarize?????

Anonymous said...

"The real Navy SEALs look like these guys"

The real Navy SEALs look like those two scrawny douchebags? Really, why must you sully the good names of these brave men with the likes of Charlie Sheen?

Artur said...

Anon 3:32: Yes, please feel free to use African American't.

Just when you do please send people over to :

Btw: We need contributors to help us skewer the New York Times on COTT.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL - "I like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He's one of the only Black actors who tries to act white. Hell, he played "The Tooth Fairy" in a bad Disney film.

But having him tweet that he wants to play a Navy Seal from the team that took down Osama is just as bad as when he played the white coach in "The Gridiron Gang" and the white character in the "Walking Tall" remake. "

Right, you like him because he "acts white", but that still does not absolve his blackness in your eyes. What is this ignorant sht?

This is the 21st Century, whites will become a minority in 30 years. So get over yourselves and pray to your false gods that white people will not be treated the same way you treat others. Anyways, this post will probably be censored. Oh well.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

White people paying taxes that go towards the supporting and proliferation of the Black underclass and increasingly the Hispanic underclass are obviously treating Black people poorly.

EBT cards, free lunches for their children at school and health care is obviously treating Black and Brown people poorly.

Lowering standards at academic institutions (plus lowering LSAT and MCAT requirements) to increase minority representation is obviously treating Black and Brown people poorly.

Excusing away Black and Brown crime as white racism is the official policy of DWLs in Black-Run America... obviously treating Black and Brown people worse.

DC Handgun Info said...

The Gov. of Mass. shows his PROFOUND IGNORANCE: "Ours may be the only nation in human history not organized around a common language or religion or culture so much as a common set of civil ideals. And we have defined those ideals over time and through struggle as equality, opportunity, and fair play." Uh, Mr. Governor: It was settled by predominantly English Christians (95-or-more percent) with substantially English middle-upper-class values. The values of America have been summed up by broadcaster Dennis Prager as abbreviated on our coinage: "Liberty" (NOT EQUALITY), "E Pluribus Unum" (from out of many peoples, one), and "In God We Trust." Please, Gov. Patrick, crack a book!

Ivan Urkinoff said...

"This is the 21st Century"

LOL Negroes love to say obvious things.

I guess it makes them feel intelligent.

Anonymous said...

You cannot be a human being and a racist, chose one.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Anon who wrote:

"You cannot be a human being and a racist, chose one."

You're right. It's 2011. We shouldn't notice differences in the racial breakdown of anything.

Forgive us for our insufferable ignorance. May we join you in dancing in Zion and enjoy an awesome rave with the rest of the cast of "Matrix Reloaded."

Anonymous said...

You cannot be a human being and a negro.

Negroes aren't human.

Discard said...

"You cannot be a human being and a racist".
So, I gather that Japanese are not human beings, nor all the other billions on this planet that believe that the different races and nations have different qualities? You have just consigned most of humanity to the waste heap, because they do not accept your upper class White liberal notions. What a humanitarian.

Discard said...

Anon @ 7:37 pm, May 5: No Blacks in a combat engineer unit? Times have changed. My company was 1/3 Black. Not fun. We even showered in groups for self-protection.

Anonymous said...


I know I will get flamed for this, but I don't care. Historically speaking, blacks are not good swimmers. That is sort of a prerequisite for being a SEAL.

Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I can see for The Gridiron Gang going to The Rock is that Mark Harmon who was the most natural for the part was unavailable.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the movie "Seal Team Six", where THE COMMANDER IS A BLACK MAN!!!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the movie "Seal Team Six", where THE COMMANDER IS A BLACK WOMAN!!!!

Made a subtle change to make it more acceptable to Hollywood!

FollowThePath said...

I was in the US Air Force, and the most blacks I ever saw were in BMT. There were 7 in my flight in basic training, but after that, when I went to linguistics training at the Presidio, I knew only one black linguist. One. All of the Negroes in my Basic Flight ended up as bullet sponges in the Security Forces AFS. There was one other, but he was discharged before even making it into class.

Anonymous said...


Keep reading this site. The Military Languages school in California was forced to take on a guy who was clearly not up to the task of learning another language to any degree of competence.
He was given three extremely expensive (which had the opportunity cost of keeping three people out while he was there) attempts due to "color".

Discard said...

FollowThePath: There are benefits as well as costs. Three successive classes at Monterey got a good, up-close look at BRA. They won't forget. The military is where I first learned about Black ineptitude and White cover up.

Terry said...

What is interesting is that Osama Bin Laden has been dead for close to 10 years now. He died on December 2011. Also, the entire SEAL raid was staged. What it was was a training exercise. I have done this sort of things many times when I was in the military. I did it in Germany. Saudi Arabia, Iceland, and on bases in the U.S. It is interesting to note that the building where Bin Laden was prsumably killed in was about 200 feet from a Pakistani training center. That doesn't make any sense when the most wanted guy is hold up right next to a military complex. Besides, It isn't in the SEAL's mission to raid a building. Their mission is primarily reconnaissance, and planting mines. They are not a hit team. If our government wanted to use a hit team, they should have used a ranger team. They are more qualified. I know this, I have worked with SEALs, Rangers, and Special Forces. I was with the Special Forces for 6 years. Bin Laden was not killed on May 1st. of this year. He was alread dead. He died from Cancer, and he was on a Dialysis machine. When I was in Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2000 on a combat mission, in September of that year we were told not to go to the Saudi American hospital in the capital city if we had to go to sick call. We were told that Bin Laden was going to be there and that the CIA wanted to talk to him. We were told that Bin Laden was dying of Cancer. The entire raid and death of Bin Laden on May 1st. was staged. It was a training exercise, and made look like we finally got rid of Bin Laden when it didn't happen.

whitebuffalo said...

Terry, your analysis of the death of Osama is fairly correct. But your claims of your military actions are pure BS...

Farscope said...

this is a funny saying blacks dont have the tactical sense since my father was f-18 pilot for 20 yrs and my older brother who is force recon and team leader who has been to iraq four times and afgahistan twice oh yea their black

Anonymous said...

"this is a funny saying blacks dont have the tactical sense since my father was f-18 pilot for 20 yrs and my older brother who is force recon and team leader who has been to iraq four times and afgahistan twice oh yea their black"


Anonymous said...

Wow terry and a few people are kinda crazy with there thoughts huh!! TERRY you obviouisly dont truly have a clue of WHAT rangers are used for and WHAT SEALS from devgru (SEAL TEAM 6) are actually used for. I can tell you have either never actually served in the military or might have served in some small capacity and wished you could have been an operator of some sorts. You are basically just speaking out of your ass on this topic. RANGERS as hit squads????? Please SEA AIR AND LAND seals handle all missions in any enviornment. Rangers are more of special unit on a conventional scale more like a quick reaction force for a division comannder. No your doctorines for different type of military units before you just start rambling on.

Anonymous said...

If i was black and capable of being in a sealteam, i'd rather play nfl ...

Anonymous said...

Not sure how I found this site, but I was intrigued after reading the article and could not help but to continue reading the follow on posts. I read through all the comments and there were no operators ringing in. By operators I mean, SEALs, SF guys etc. From the outside looking in you are forced to go off second hand info and stats. In our world we know each other very well. We run into each other in the damndest places around the globe. As I type this I am sitting in my 5X15 foot room connected to the 11 other rooms of the same dimensions. I am deployed with my team and the only breakdown or stats that we care about are generally football and what we have operationally coming down the pipe. We are from all over the US and not all of us are white. Most of you will never know or understand why we do what we do. You are not like us, and I do not mean that in a better than though way. Ethnicity may affect your mental capacity to become one of us, if you drink the kool Aid, but all the quitters from my class quit because they were cold or tired. Do not try to understand what it takes to become something you are not. Do not waste your time worrying about who will play us in any film. The operative word is "play". Those films are made for you to enjoy, empathize, and fantasize and to make or send some message. Trust me, the things we notice and care about in almost all of those films, are not the things you would get. Most of us lose our families, and miss huge events in our kid’s lives. It is neither glamorous and rarely cool. It is work. All we ask is that you enjoy your lives and let us do our jobs. If you really want to know, the answer, it is at Fort Bragg NC or on the beaches of Coronado, CA. If that seems to far away, or does not make sense to you, then this is the best place for you to weigh in on Special Operations.
1 of “234”

Anonymous said...

If you look at the pictures of the deceased seal team. Those will be the only names and faces you will get. There was 1 asian and 1 mulatto.

Anonymousey said...

" said...
Most blacks have the physical ability to compete with the Navy Seals. Note, for example, the previous post regarding Michelle's masculinity.

What's lacking is not physical ability, but mental acumen."

This is incorrect. "Physical ability" is far more complicated than that.

Africans ("blacks"): Specifically, West African's have greater sprinting and jumping ability. They do not have greater strength or endurance. Even the sprinting and jumping ability amounts to only running 100m 2-3 seconds faster and jumping 1 foot higher.
In other words, it's completely useless for anything other than our amusement.

East Africans have greater endurance. But, they do not have the strength, explosiveness, or speed...

East Asians have quickness, intelligence, endurance...

You will not find a greater versatility amongst any human population as you will Europeans ("Whites") Europeans have the balance between Brain-and-Body capability that has resulted in Western Civilization being what it is, or was... Strength, endurance, speed, quickness, intelligence, durability, curiosity, ingenuity, fine motor control...

The versatility of higher-level Special Forces is like an expression of the European spirit itself.

Of course there are exceptions. Very few. These generalizations are accurate.

With respect to American Special Forces. There are over 50,000 SF'ers in the U.S. This is greater than the entire military's of other Western countries. As you can imagine the quality lies in the top 0.5-1% of that 50,000+. The rest don't deserve their ego's.
Yea, that's you "Anonymouse/Nov 13/11"

Anonymous said...

I've taught ghetto kids for many years, about 90% black and 10% white.
Several years ago I noticed that among the teenage boys, the top dare-devils were all white. For some reason, the black young men are not very daring, e.g., afraid or not interested in activities like rock climbing.
It's hard to imagine someone who is not a dare devil being in Special Forces.
Conversely, the athleticism among the black kids is, as a whole, significantly better than the white kids'. Except for swimming...

Einsamkeit said...

I served in the Navy from 1995 to 2006 in the EOD community. The only time I ever really worked with blacks was when I spent 3 weeks in Army Jump School.

The only other blacks I saw were supply and admin types. Serving in 3 Commands including a Joint Command there was not a single black. Hispanics and Asians were the only minorities I worked with.

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and growing up it was all White north of Detroit while Detroit was all black and dangerous.
When I reached my EAOS I was recovering from an IED attack and on TAD with my career in question so I got out.
My first experiences with the VA system was a nightmare since I was going to the Detroit VA. The Obnoxious blacks working there were %99 racist against Whites. The DAV helped me file for VA disability (which I was finally rated at %100) and they told me to go to the Detroit VA and be White was insane and to go to Ann Arbor instead. My experience at Ann Arbor Vs. Detroit VA was a Night & Day difference (pun intended). As someone who was new to the VA system I realized that once I was in the Ann Arbor system it was Detroit and the blacks that were hiding treatment from me and losing me in the system intentionally.

Since I got my surgeries out of the way I took my hobby of Djing and producing Electronic music as a full time endeavor. When blacks stumble into the clubs I DJ at they always do the same things.
They come in as cliques. They always come up to the DJ booth and try talking to me which I try to ignore until I no longer can. They always want me to change my setlist and demand that I play some awful rap garbage. Since I am a resident DJ I do not take requests and tell them to get lost and then they pull their gangsta attitude out on me or try to act like ballers offering me large amounts of money to play what they want. When I refuse again I normally have to call for security cause they then chimp out and make a scene.
I DJ for Gothic/Industrial clubs and "rave" type clubs on a weekly basis and have done 2 nationwide club tours and no matter where I am at the blacks do the same thing time and time again.

Interesting website and I am glad to see that there are still some Whites out there that are willing to tell it how it is and take the liberal idiots to task. Stereotypes have a basis in truth.

As for "terry" you are a paranoid conspiracy theory believing idiot who is lying about serving in the military to advance your inane beliefs.

As for "Anonymous" who is claiming to be a SEAL with your 1 out of 234 BS you too are a liar who has read too many books, and obviously never served either. Lying about service in order to push your lies about "the noble black serving in Special Ops" is downright pathetic.

Anonymous said...

This funny hundreds of years later, whiteboy still jealous of big dick. Black dudes fuck your wives and girlfriends just because of this stuff.

Anonymous said...

"This funny hundreds of years later, whiteboy still jealous of big dick. Black dudes fuck your wives and girlfriends just because of this stuff"

Boy, that is some great spelling and punctuation on your part. Allow me to play along.
This funny millions of years later, blackboy still pride himself on big dick and falsehood of white woman wanting it.

Seriously, is your dick all you have to brag about?

Anonymous said...

I love the posts on this site. There is a little truth in most of them. When I served in the Airborne units during the 60's there were plenty of blacks on jump status. Back then we got a whooping 55.00 extra a month-the reason for most of us to go Airborne. I loved the rush of jumping. Unfortunately there was alot of racism back then-mostly blacks hating whites. We actually enjoyed kicking their ass when they started the fight. It was really pretty sad as we were all Americans.

Anonymous said...

Kevin A Hudson. Black Guy. Seal Team 6.

Anonymous said...

What is really sad is blacks have not over come racism. Your going to act racist you will be treated as you are! (BLACK PANTHERS) (BLACK POWER)Funny there are no laws against discrimanation of a white. Our jobs are not protected or gained by our race. Too bad we are not all green. But them some people would find a reason to hate... prehaps the color of your eyes or lenghth of your hair.. I want all you blue eyed hippies on the back of the BUS!

Anonymous said...

Black Seal team 6 member: RIP

Yes, this is an old topic, but I cant let such disrespect slide.
Its not a shocker that this is a racist site. I just find this page very disrespectful to the African American operators who are overseas defending your right to
act like assclowns. African Americans are a minority, therefore they will be underrepresented, especially in elite units. Ive met African American SEALs Rangers, and a Sniper at Fort Drum.The numbers in these units are climbing, but again they blacks are a minority, but they have more character and integrity then the majority of the posters on this site.

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you but most spec ops teams are white. Blacks usually wash out. They can't handle it. Weak mentally. They usually drop out after they feel the slightest bit cold.

Anonymous said...

Look at all those black guys in dive training with the SEALs

Anonymous said...

Funny running into this site.
Okay, let's focus on this myth of "Blacks not up to par for elite units."

I went to college for one year "undecided" and what I did decide was to try the armed forces. I signed up for MOS 19Delta with Airborne... Funny thing is "Most black recruiters for all 4 branches were telling me that I didn't want anything "Special Ops" because it qualified me for NOTHING except law enforcement and you didn't need college or military experience for that.
Recruiters even tried to steer me into non combat MOS's.

My family and friends were very disappointed when I told them I signed on to become a Cav Scout in the World Famous 82nd Ariborne! I heard all kinds of crap even from guys I went to school with who were serving... SMH

I just felt that I wanted to do some cool stuff and be an 19 year old bad ass, I told them I could wait on being a bus driver, sanitation worker, cop, postal worker etc; I say ALL THAT to say that most black kids ARE gonna be told that by their parents,teachers, etc. It's not at all about being Rambro as I was called especially when I completed Jump, Air Assault,RSLC, & Jungle Warfare.

Even in the 82nd there were guys who thought I was nuts for wanting to join the LRS Unit. There were only about 10 black guys at the interviews as well as about 6 at the tryouts and 3 including myself that made it into the Detachment. I saw at least 60 white guys at the interviews and maybe around 35 that were at the try outs. About a dozen or so made into the LRS.

Now what does that say about the guys who didn't make it??? They ALL could swim I think, were high scorers on the ASVAB... So what was the problem?? Was there a different weeding out process?

I knew plenty of black guys during active duty as well as the guard who chose not to go into "Hotdog" units because they're not interested in jumping out of planes or combat swimming, scuba ( Ranger School, Pathfinder School, Sniper, etc; those things inerest them as much as civilian sky diving, climbing rocks, or surfing...Some of us do but for many it's not an interest.

For many, combat arms of any MOS is not an interest and who the farck thinks that anything's wrong for choosing the MOS of your choice and learning a skill set as well as money for college??? Now how the Farck does THAT make us any less than serving or American??

News Flash ladies & gents MANY other races PRIMARILY whites serve in CS & CSS. Also you can just tell from the start that MANY military service members are from POOR & working class communities! Trust me on that one! We all have similar stories and backgrounds. Not many families with better means encourage their kids to join the military, especially as an enlisted soldier or Marine.

Anonymous said...

As far as Mike Kurth not being involved in any of the fighting in Somalia.., uh, he did. He was on every mission except that one, but he did head out to the crash site to rescue and fight along side his fellow Rangers, which he did valiantly.

Also there was also another Ranger, SSG Dave Wilson who was a part of the initial assault force.
Even if they never participated in the battle they still were "Tabbed & Scrolled Rangers".
When the Rangers & Delta Boys were getting lit up by the "Skinnies" as they derogatorily called them, who was in charge??? A white male who sent his units out without body armor nor hydration and enough ammo... Total Typical Arrogance of White Western Thought.. "Let's just use are superior "White Intelligence" to conquer those savages cause we're mightier in every way!

Yeah, we see how that went for them and let's not forget SPC John Stebbins who raped his 14 year old step daughter. How about the nervous Ranger that shot up the D-Boys he saw in the windows?

There are a large number of black soldiers in combat arms, and I'm knowing the Cav & Infantry has many black soldiers. The SAME ONES the Rangers were laughing at on the radio station came to SAVE their ELITE @$$es!

10th Mountain Soldiers! Tore shi+_ up, bet the 75th weren't laughing then.

Anonymous said...

A classic example of modern subliminal messaging in movies is the Matrix trilogy. Think about all the many heroes and villains. Not just whether the character was a "good guy" or "bad guy" what whether the character was portrayed as heroic and virtuous or villainous and evil. Of all the dozens of colorful characters who had lines, NOT ONE was a white male! (Keanu is half Chinese) Even more amazing was that every single villain, and there were many, WAS a white male. Did you notice that? If the racial messaging had been reversed, you could be assured that the writers and producers would be facing lawsuits, boycotts, and moral condemnation.
Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

White people are the most racist people in the world...but they complain about everything... because they were born with the silver spoon in their mouth. That why most of the white population is rotting in Hell.

Anonymous said...


18easy said...

Maybe they were all white; but then again maybe they had a guy like the one who gave his life (linked above).

Not sure what the whole point of this site is. I served in Army SF "Green Berets" and am a little puzzled that people still give a shit about what race you are when you're serving your country. Did I get black jokes on the team? Sure. But when some non team pog or soft skill threw about black shit, my team was there to clean house. Point being, when you're on a team, no one cares what race you are. Why should you?

G said...

the TRUTH in all this is no matter what the issue most Blacks only want HONESTY.

Anonymous said...

"Hate to break it to you but most spec ops teams are white. Blacks usually wash out. They can't handle it. Weak mentally. They usually drop out after they feel the slightest bit cold."

And I hate to break it to you but most blacks are sitting back and watching with amusement as "you people" are self destructing with your own arrogance and wanton violent since "you people" can't handle any adversity- and without doubt are the first ones to either kill yourselves or 'go off' on the world- like the recent Colorado movie shooting or the Sikh temple massacre- all carried out by "weak mentally" white cowards....

JackClayton said...

BLUF: Put up or shut up...I don't care what color you are, if you wanna be a frogman, then go to BUD/S and earn your way into the Teams. That is it, [period]. It is cold, dark, wet and long as hell, but if you wanna be a Navy SEAL, then stop crying about how there needs to be more minorities in SpecOps and go do it...pass or fail. It is what it is, because believe me when you actually have to go out into the cold, dark, wet world and fight a determined enemy, you are going to need every bit of your training and every ounce of your brothers, to watch you back. Put up or shut up!

bugkill said...

Actually, there were 2 black Army Rangers in Mog and a good number more that were in 10th MTN during the rescue, with one being killed. Also, we just recently had a black Navy Seal who was a member of DEVGRU (ST6) who was killed when a chinook was shot down that killed a good number of Seals from ST6.

The bottom line with regards to minorities in special ops units is VOLUNTEERING. It has nothing to do with skin color or the other nonsense. The selection to these units is rigorous and they high attrition rates. There will never be a large number of minorities because many do not volunteer to go.

There are far more whites "trying out" for special ops and many of them get sent home, so why would anyone believe that there would be a high number of minorities making it? Take the Seal training for example. It is one of the hardest in the world and not many blacks aspire to do it, but the small number in the ranks only represents the small number that actually try out.

I have served in special operations and I have seen a good number of black guys in SF and I've met a couple that have served in a Army CT unit. I have no idea how many whites were on the UBL raid or do I really care, but it is possible that there were a couple of blacks on the mission and if not, who cares?

This blog is pretty pointless since you ignore the fact that only the strong make it into special operations units as a operator, color be damned.

Current SpecOps Black Guy said...

I'm a black EOD tech in the Army. The MOS doesn't get as much attention as other outfits but it is considered Special Operations. The attrition rate through EOD school is around 75%. There are very few black people (I was 1 of 5 I knew in school) in this field and I was treated accordingly all the way through school. I thought joining an elite field would mean professionalism and brotherhood but I was completely surprised and disappointed when I got to my first duty station. The isolation of the minorities was so obvious. Certain people (who conveniently were all black or Hispanic) were labeled as "shit bags," lazy, and incompetent and are blatantly regarded with less respect and receive more negative attention than positive. At first I rejected the idea of it until I started seeing for myself that it was a result of isolation and discrimination. I tried so hard to get people to train and teach me but the lack of cultural tolerance created an environment that was so discouraging I lost all motivation to train and was depressed for the first few months. The issue isn't even plain ol' racism, it's that minorities are made to feel uncomfortable in a majority white group. I don't listen to dubstep or country and I don't work on my car and I've never seen Top Gun so I'm looked at and treated as an outcast. There's no attempt to get to know me so most of these guys resort to stereotypes and their attitude towards me (and the other minorities that experience this same isolation) turns into racial tension. The fact that I was 1 of 5 people to graduate from my class of 25 makes little to no difference. This is what I deal with from the few people that AREN'T racist. The ones that are (that call me 'boy' and 'darkie' when they get drunk) plant these racist impressions and ideas in the [indifferent] heads of everyone else that turns into "black people think they're entitled to everything because of slavery so he's probably being a lazy black guy somewhere," when in reality I'm at home recovering from surgery. There is a brotherhood, it just has nothing to do with EOD skills and I'm not considered part of it. And there is professionalism, but it's only shown to those in that "brotherhood." I share this to highlight that Special Operations aren't immune to racial issues for all the people out there saying "your capabilities matter, not your skin color." I have seen and experienced first hand that this is not true. That's the only thing that makes me hesitate to try-out for SF, because EOD was advertised the same way. I'm worried I'll prove myself only to be written off as a less than worthy product of affirmative action...again. I can't speak for all minorities in the Army, but that's the reason I'm hesitant to try-out for Special Forces. Mutual hazards associated with your job don't negate "white privilege." It's easy to preach that politically correct BS but really it conceals the truth and perpetuates a racially biased organization...

Current SpecOps Black Guy said...

A lot of people fail to recognize true racism because they don't know what it is. They think racism = hatred but they would be wrong and ignorant. Racism is a belief that you are "better" than another person based on their race. A black person hating a white person is not racism (sorry to the EOD guy who couldn't get his VA benefits, but your actual RACIST attitude towards black people probably had more to do with that) Becoming part of a "Special" operation identifies you as a cut above the rest. Why isn't it an obvious characteristic trait of a Spec Ops white guy to think he's better than someone else? If everyone in your organization has done the same training as you and has proved themselves equal to you, why wouldn't you resort to racism as a means of elevating your ego? If you're already racist (which might explain why you want to be spec ops: you constantly compare yourself to others and need to be the best) why wouldn't you resist the reality that a non-white counterpart is equal to you? You all are doing your research on Special Forces, you also need to do a little research on racism before you comment on a thread dealing with racial inequality in Special Operations...

Anonymous said...

This website is stupid and does nothing but degrade the very progress racial equality tries to achieve... The amount of African Americans in devgru, seals, delta, sf etc has nothing to do with race but ability to survive and accel under not only physical stress but emotional and mental fatigue that might be procured by a few jabs to your ethnicity just to see if you have what t takes... There should be a site called what America doesn't like... And that is people using their race as a scapegoat for not being able to tough it out....

mindcontrol31 said...

Most people white or Black don't have the physical or mental ability to become Special Forces. Even less have the desire. I agree that Black people are probably over represented as SF. But lets be real most action heroes are white. If the depiction of one Black guy in the Navy Seals movie who dies early upsets you we got a long way to go. Despite all the hostility that is shown toward Blacks we have achieved great things in any field you choose to mention. Most media depictions of BP are negative and you all still complain about the few that are not! Now the question who many Blacks were cast in Zero Dark Thirty as Navy Seals?

Alex Ellis said...

I think we miss the point where we are only looking at the top of this subject, there are quite a few African Americans in the special operations community.

Anonymous said...

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