Thursday, February 18, 2016

Poetic Justice: Leading Black Lives Matter Protester Gunned Down by Fellow Black Person in Chicago...

Our job, all along, has only been to survive. 

Nothing more. Nothing less. 

The Trump phenomenon is showing how many people actually want to survive, and it should be the most encouraging thing you've ever seen in your entire life. 

The Pope himself has declared war on The Trump, and this should bring a smile to anyone's face who read Raspail's The Camp of the Saints. There wasn't supposed to be anyone contesting the overwhelming of the West... 

And yet, The Trump stands. 
Leading Black Lives Matter protester in Chicago gunned down by fellow black person...

And as he stands, defiance grows. 

Courage is contagious. 

And as white men around the world learn once again that they can get off their knees and stand, a hilarious reminder of what they leave behind them is found in the internecine violence in Chicago. [Friends and fellow protesters mourn activist killed in Park Manor shooting, Chicago Reader, 2-10-16]:

Friends and family held a "March for Matt" and a candlelight vigil Tuesday for Matthew Williams, a 21-year-old Chicago activist who was shot and killed Friday night. Williams was playing Xbox with friends in a basement apartment in the city's Park Manor neighborhood when a gunman fired into the window of the apartment, striking Williams in the back. His cousin cradled him in his arms until an ambulance arrived, according to several of Williams's friends. Williams was then taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after midnight. 
What happened prior to the shooting is murky, although sources close to the family say there was an altercation in the apartment prior to the shooting. Williams was not involved with the fight, they said. An investigation into the shooting is under way. 
Williams, a Virginia native who moved to Chicago just over a year ago, came out as a strong opponent of Mayor Rahm Emanuel following the release of the Laquan McDonald video. 
"Matt always wanted to be involved with every protest," said Ja'Mal Green, 20, a fellow activist and creator of the infamous " Rahm Failed Us" T-shirts. "He had a bubbly personality. [He] was fun, but passionate about change." 
In a series of tweets posted just a few hours before the shooting took place, Williams touched on gun violence, and how it can quickly escalate from an altercation, while also declaring his love for people on his Facebook page. 

There have been 335 shootings and 69 homicides across Chicago since the start of the year, only 40 days into 2016, according to the Chicago Tribune. January and February 2015 accounted for 52 homicides. 
Friends and fellow protesters described Williams as a funny, charismatic man who wanted justice served for the black community. 
"[Williams] disagreed with gun violence and violence as a whole," says Rwanda Charnelle Davis, 20, a friend from Virginia. "Which was the sad thing about his death—he died from that very thing." She says Williams had a talent for music and had more than seven books filled with rap lyrics. 
"Matt was a believer in equal rights for everyone," said longtime friend Travonn Harper, 20. "He was a free spirit and not afraid to speak his mind." 
At one of the last protest Williams attended, he wore a red "I Matter" shirt while holding a bullhorn to his mouth. "He had a lot of heart, and would never step back," Green said. "He would let cops know things are going to stop." 
"He wanted his future kids and everyone else's kids that came in the future to not have to fight for what he was fighting for now," Green said. "Better education, a better [Chicago Police Department] culture, making sure everyone has equal opportunity, resources and jobs.
One of the so-called "leading" Black Lives Matter agitators/terrorists was gunned down by a random black person in Chicago... all while white people across the nation individually come to the conclusion something is distressingly wrong with the present, and that if things continue unimpeded they (and their children) will have no future. 

Enter The Trump. 

Not only do Black Lives Not Matter (courtesy of blacks killing one another without discrimination in making sure "respected" black leaders like Mr. Williams remain unharmed), but we are nearing a moment when The Trump lets slip a speech that changes things... forever. 

White Lives Matter. 

It's coming. 

The world is literally on the verge of shaking when white people explicitly state what they implicitly know to be true.

And in a nation where gun crime is almost invariably always committed by a black individual, the death of "peace activist" Matthew Williams is the exclamation point on the sentence "Black Lives Don't Matter!"[Funeral services for gunned down peace activist,, 2-12-16]:
A young community activist is gunned down at a friend’s house the week before he was supposed to rally for peace. 
This past weekend, 21-year-old Matthew Williams died a violent death, the kind he held peace marches and rallies about. 
The kind of black on black murder we hear about far too often in this city. 
Chicago police say Williams was in the wrong place at the wrong time, playing video games at a friend’s apartment at 71st and Calumet, when a guy with a gun came back to settle a score with someone else and Williams was the innocent victim. 
Williams had only been back in Chicago for a year and wanted to make a difference, make a life for himself. 
He was doing that, organizing peace marches and rallies with his friend Ja’mal Green. 
Today Williams’ family had his wake and funeral. 
His passionate and bubbly personality will be missed. 
He came back in the last year, just to have his life taken away. 
But they believe Matthew will be there in spirit tomorrow, Saturday, Solidarity Day. 
Leaders and activists from all over the city are coming together to march starting at 63 and King Drive and into Englewood and other neighborhoods high in crime. 
“This is about coming together for these causes because we are at war with each other and with the police,” says Green.
Silly Ja'mal: Civilization is for white people. And just as walls can be built high to keep people out, they can be built even higher to keep people in.


Anonymous said...

You blacks aren't just at war with each other and the police. You're at war with the universe. And guess what? People are getting very tired of it and are just about at peak boiling point. Pointless to tell you to knock it off. Pointless to say behave yourselves. Just pointless all the way around.

Anonymous said...

What happened prior to the shooting is murky, although sources close to the family say there was an altercation in the apartment prior to the shooting. Williams was not involved with the fight, they said.

So the apartment had people in it including Williams and his Xbox playing friends as well as the shooter, but it is all so damn murky. No one seems to have any idea who might have been involved in the altercation even though an altercation would require the participation of at least two people. Williams' black life wasn't important enough for any of his friends to tell police who shot him. Black lives really don't matter.

Anonymous said...

Blacks kill one another indiscriminately but Whites and cops are to blame and are the enemy.

There is no comprehending these creatures.

I found a site today called Hey Jackass. It chronicles black crime, White trash and crooked politicians in Cook County, Illinois. It show cases blacks 90 percent of the time. Check it out. How Whites live there is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

This is their biggest move yet to sabotage Trump and he acted as I hoped he would. He stood firm like a true leader should. The gloves are really off now. Of course all of the headlines read: Trump condemned as not a Christian by head of Christian Faith, or something of that nature. Their fear and desperation shows that Trump is doing something right and I'm glad he's not one to let up.

Diversity pollutes social capital. Studies have shown that contrary to PC belief, diversity causes the lowering of a range of positive social values. From trust in one another to the desire to volunteer for the betterment of the community, communities become places of neglect, fear, and distrust and this is supposed to be a Utopian dream world?

Notice how it is only white countries that feel the urge to "help out" other races and share their entire societies with them? Misplaced empathy that should be reserved for fellow whites if you are to use it at all, in my opinion. Feel like giving back? Help out a white family or offer a white man a job. Unlike blacks, whites are capable of working together and sacrificing resources for the betterment of each other. There is a return on investment, an unspoken agreement and loyalty. This is often lacking when diversity is brought in, as they could give a shit.

While Trump deflects this recent b.s. I strongly urge his team and those working with him to formulate a complex and precise strategy for not only dealing with BLM, but making them a focus point of the election. Hillary doesn't want to touch BLM with a 10-foot-pole, she already has to go on air agreeing with their rhetoric and actions while they make their unconditional demands known to her.

As shown in Seattle, they make Dems look like utter wimps who will give in to anyone who threatens to call them racist. Her thanks for her agreement is that she is "pimping" black votes.

This election needs to be about Black Lives Matter- they should be front and center and in our faces EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY until election day. Total saturation of their whining demands in tortured English and demands to be heard, loved, appreciated, and apologized to.

I want talk of reparations, college safe spaces, blocked traffic during rush hour and double standards galore.

I want black people on full display.

Please help me with this.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

What a list of seemingly wholesome, fun for friends and neighbors activities that manage to go wrong!

Bake sales. Card games, bowling leagues and an afternoon at the movies. A day at the races or a night at the opera. Tupperware parties and PTA spaghetti dinners. Playing X-Box or playing catch. Friday Fish Fry Fundraisers at the VFW hall. Driving, biking, jogging, standing, sitting, kneeling, walking, crawling. Swimming is still prettu safe. I wonder why?

All these activities that people have done, blissfully unaware that they were taking risks that would make Evel Knievel soil his star-spangled jumpsuit. Don't worry . . . a bold, federal initiative is coming that will protect us. You betcha! Instead of those candy-ass, hard to see warning labels, the US government will train the disenfranchised among us to act as personal safety consultants. And there will be solar powered neon signs advising us of all the new regulatory mandates. Problem solved!
Doesn't it make you want to eat a pound of Skittles and shit a rainbow?

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he was one of the jerks who helped close down Chicago's Michigan Ave shopping district the day after Thanksgiving with their protests. Looks like they were protesting the wrong people, those with jobs trying to work that is. Chicago blacks are really on homicide overdrive and it isn't even summer yet.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Oh dear, another aspiring rapper/activist/bubbling black "personality" eats a lead sammich. More of the wrong place, wrong time. At war with each other as well as the police. Exactly who are negroes not at war with? I really think we need an answer for that one, negroes. Exactly who on Earth do you not constantly assault with your loud, obnoxious behavior, silly fashions, stupidity, laziness, and violence?

During my lunch hour I visited an Italian restaurant out in the country that I like to frequent. They weren't particularly busy, but the few patrons there were negroes. I did a mental assessment of how much damage I would potentially suffer if I stayed and determined that it was worth the gamble. One middle aged negress was well dressed and waiting for her takeout order. The other negro couple started to sit at a table near me, but picked up and entered the other side of the restaurant in a nice gesture of self segregation. There's no real point to my story other than to say in passing that I'm really starting to like the new segregation the negroes are imposing on us. There are now negro only dorms in some universities. I'm really hoping this catches on big time.

OT, but continuing a thread from yesterday's blog about DWL friends. I've officially given up. There really is no hope for them except to have race realism literally BEATEN into them by their favorite pets. Some folks really do have to learn the hard way. I'll educate them no more about the negro and his ways.

Ex New Yorker said...

Ever since they torched Ferguson I have been a big supporter of BLM. After the burning of Baltimore was when I became a really 100 per cent "true believer".

Jamming up traffic on the interstates so people can't go where they want. The smashing of blocks of store front windows in Berkeley and Oakland. Calling for the killing of police officers. Harassing working class people as they are eating in a restaurant. Huge crowds yelling and screaming in the street.

All these events are being broadcast into the living rooms of millions and millions of white working class Americans. The protest and demands by black agitators on campus are having an effect on the people. Multi millionaire movie stars like Will Smith, Spike Lee and Oprah complaining about racism is making the news 24 hours a day. Every time some dead beat black gets upset over nothing it becomes the big story of the day.

This is what is waking the people up. Everybody is getting tired of hearing all the bullshit. America has to many problems they are personally dealing with and don't want to listen to a bunch of stupid nasty blacks. They are getting very tired of the constant bitching and moaning by a bunch of welfare leeches who don't even know how to raise their monster psychopath children. Every one knows who is committing the crime and violence.

The more BLM demonstrate for their rights the more the people are waking up. Three cheers for BLM now that they are killing each other. Hey Sambo, make my day.

Anonymous said...

Matthew be daid, he be shot in da heaid.

All the orcs ook and say how dey love dis spook

It's all a fantasy, he didn't matter any, like any

black lives would matter. The cursed creatures

Hope their lives will improve but never will they

see the real fallacy of their existence. Every

time blacks fail they recreate their native African

Hell. Remove to your original hell and bother us

no more with your senseless smells.

Anonymous said...

Lil Matt az hiz homies called him wuz a gud boy. He juz maked hiz furst mix tape and hiz homeboyz said it wuz duh fire. Hiz pastor described him as a skreet wize profit who knewed whut communicateded wit duh skreets. He wuz makin duh hood beda. We talkeded to our lawerz and he told is dis wuz dh resul of duh systic raycism dat all duh pastors be tellin us bout. We be putin our naymes into duh new chiraq water lawsuit against dem whites who be poisoned our youts cuazin dem to shot eachoda. We started a go fun me page to help payed for hiz funeral and set up a recording contract for future aspirin rappas in duh neighborhood. You can red bout our new lawzuit her.

Anonymous said...

My heart is bleeding thick custard for him.

Anonymous said...

This was a truly peaceful and wonderful negro. He loved us all and wanted nothing more than complete justice for his brothers and sisters. He was very black. Even his palms and the bottoms of his feet were almost entirely black. That's an authenticate black person. He was taken from us too soon.

I know the reports are that someone in the neighborhood shot him. I don't believe that. An average, ordinary negro cannot shoot through a window and hit their target with a $48 handgun. This was a professional hit.

North Florida Native said...

Let's celebrate. This is the kind of thing we've been predicting for so long. It is the dindu that will destroy the dindu, not capitalism, YT, income inequality, police, micro aggressions and other SJW talking points.

This murder is exactly we knew what would happen. Realists and BLM alike want cops to stay the fuck out of the ghetto dwellings. We knew that they would just turn around and kill each other.

A bright SBPDLer once said, "A crime is not committed when the dindu kills another dindu. A crime is reduced when a dindu kills another dindu".

This to me is no different than a member of Al Qaeda killing a member of ISIS. Al Qaeda, ISIS and BLM mistaken their enemy to be someone other than them, when it is people like them that lose the greatest threat. Like ISIS and Al Qaeda, BLM uses violence to influence political change. That's terrorism.

If there's anyway I enable the dindu to kill other dindus (other than voting democrat) please let me know.

Friendly reminder. Stock up on ammo before it starts getting warm. Stay safe realists.

Anonymous said...

Wandering around the city streets blocking traffic and vandalizing property is what counts for "peace" these days. Is peace synonymous with chaos and utter dysfunction, because the latter seems to be what black people want. Freedom to wreck, to destroy, to invade, to impose, to whine, and force themselves on center stage, and they don't see how this doesn't "get old" for white people and others forced to live around them.

What is very disturbing to me is how the "was in a fight/altercation" was completely left out of the news on my end. The way they try to humanize unhuman behavior is baffling at this point.

So we are lead to believe that the other brother took a cheap shot at him through the window? Not an accident because he aimed from outside and hit his intended target.

The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

OK, I know a lot of you advocate not watching television, but I like to think I watch responsibly, heh heh heh. Anyway, I don't have cable, or satellite, just over the air broadcast out of Minneapolis, which features a lot of classic programming, pre politically correct. Even then it's just background noise while I do other things. Other people here have commented on the ridiculous commercial trying to spin a terrible world fantasy where blacks weren't there to contribute to advancing society. Yeah, as if. How about a world where nobody but blacks existed? There would be nothing, absolutely nothing! No written language, no roads, no metal, no wheel; just primitive mud hut villages inhabited by naked, disease ridden savages engaged in eternal tribal warfare. And they would be okay with that, because they couldn't envision anything else. They couldn't conceive of making their world better. Look at South Africa, without white guidance everything has gone down the crapper(just a metaphor, many sewer, and water systems have failed). The power grid is failing, the infrastructure failing, people starving on some of the most fertile land in the world. These black history month jokers need to sit down and evaluate how much white culture has enriched their lives. Their miserable, unappreciative lives.

Anonymous said...

Probably a chimpout over whose turn it was on the Xbox. They kill for less than this all the time.

Anonymous said...

White lives matter.

Without Whites, everything around you wouldn't be possible, not even close.
If a savage doesn't believe you, just tell them to stop speaking English, walk away from the computer, and go chuck a spear.

Anonymous said...

That's what you get for playing X-Box when you should be out there stompin' honkies!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if blacks can even realize how animalistic, stupid and uncivilized they appear to everyone else in the world or if they're really so stupid that they haven't a clue. I'm guessing the majority really are that stupid and clueless since they think that having another tiresome, boring and repetitive march to end the violence will have any effect when it's never done so before.

It reminds me of nature videos in which lobsters are seen marching across the sea-bed in endless streams. The difference of course is that the lobsters probably have a practical purpose that actually results in some goal being achieved. Negroes- outdone and outperformed even by lobsters! It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

You can't fix genetics: ground apes have a different genome; their allele frequency is different enough to cause changes in the way they think and behave. Kind of like a dog and wolf. Same species but wildly different temperaments; try rising a wolf pup in a household with kids and you'll see what I mean!

Black n*ggers are wired differently; that's what causes non-orcs to shun them when they see how differently they behave. They are stupid and violent. Nobody wants to live near them (except brainwashed libs). Try as they might to convince us, the media (run by TWMNBN) are losing their power to tell us the Emperor has a wonderful suit of new clothes; we can all plainly see he is buck naked.

Trump will fix this though. Do everything you can to put that strong White man who loves America and civilization in power...

Brian in Ohio said...

Aspiring rapper, shots ringing out, he dindu nuffin, basement gone wrong....Yup, it meets all the criteria for a black life that didn't matter. The "bubbly personality" is a new one tho. I guess that's lib speak for uppity.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Must have been one of those Malcolm X-boxes.
This is quite a site for insight into the "minds" of those who refuse to advance into a civilized people. From the time of my "Hippie youth", I was all about fairness, the rights of man- Black, White, all of "mankind" and women too- a member of the S.D.S. until the talk of killing for peace; against the war in Viet-Nam, all of the trappings of that generation- I was down for the struggle. I went to concerts where I was a White dot in a sea of Black faces, Black films and other events where I was looked at with hatred but, when needed, I also had "Black friends" who kept me out of the worst of times. The music of Gil Scott-Heron was and still is in my library and I knew the meaning of what I heard. This sight is also full of G.S.-H. references so I get it. What has been happening in America since D.C. became Chocolate City- Parliament/Funkadellicks dream of a Black run Nation, has been more than simply a disaster, we are in a deadly battle between the blackest of souls and the heart of what was the Greatest Nation on Earth. A collective people of all races who had long ago tried to honestly deal with the clash of "cultures" and embrace even those who refused to honor the laws and ways of a civilized society. The results now infest the highest office(s) in the land with the failure so clearly shown in the rapid decay of safety, life and all that once was good about our future. Thanks "Paul Kersey" and all who make the truth available herein. Sadly, this half-White pResident has been quite successful at his goal of "fundamentally transforming America" into a broke, polarized and wretched place where radicals are given a seat at the White House to plan further harm and decent "folks" are left to fend against the growing attacks by packs of feral throwbacks. Black lives no longer matter when White lives don't. God Bless us everyone.

Anonymous said...

Groids killing groids is something the mainstream media and liberals want to cover up

Groids killing groida is something the mainstream media and the liberals wish to keep a secret. The central tenant to their campaign is that White Society is out to kill them off. Without this the remainder of their poison becomes ineffectual. How could the politicians mount their podiums and shout that we have a race problem in the US? They are violent, primitive animals that lack the intelligence to act in any other way than instinct and irrational impulse.


Anonymous said...

Books full of rap lyrics? Check. A female named Rwanda? Check. Wrong place, wrong time? Check. A dude (Ja'Mal) with a random apostrophe thrown in for no apparent reason? Check. No snitchin'? Check. Off the charts sense of self-importance (I Matter)? Check. A march with no real stated purpose? Check. No need to shout Bingo; the whole card is covered in chips.


City boy in AZ said...

God does have a sense of humor! Another uppity negro taken out by a fellow negro, and not the police boogeyman.

And the icing on the cake....I'd bet my paycheck that the welfare rolls have been thinned ever so slightly by this sassy simian going to the big watermelon patch in the sky.

SvengaliJim said...

So the wrong dindu was shot and killed in yet another senseless act of violence in the zoo. They can't even tell each other apart, and don't care who gets caught in the crossfire. But somehow we're the "racists" who should respect black lives.

Next time we pick our own damned cotton.

Anonymous said...

Almost 70 homicides and we aren't even into the spring and summer months. At that rate they should finish the year with 630+ homicides and around 3000 one city in America.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if we have all of the usual BRA approved phrasing:

"March for Matt" and a candlelight vigil - Check
gunman fired - Damn gunmen
[He] was fun - Sounds like a blast to be rount
gun violence - The worst kind
Williams had a talent for music and...rap lyrics. - How unique
"Matt was a believer in equal rights for everyone,"
"Better education, a better [Chicago Police Department] culture, making sure everyone has equal opportunity, resources and jobs." -
gunned down
Williams was in the wrong place at the wrong time
a guy with a gun
King Drive

Looks like they've kept to the approved script. Hell, they could just copy/paste article to article and simply change the goofy nog names.

D-FENS said...

Bbbbbbbut Ted Cruz is the only true, consistent conservative in the race. Plus he stands with Israel, a fact that seems to be important to some. Ted's votes for amnesty, H1-b visas, trade giveaways were just tactical maneuvers to mislead his godless, librul enemies. Same with his wife's job at Goldman-Sachs and her work to build a North American Community.

With Ted, you get Ted AND God. And often it is difficult to tell the difference.

Sick'nTired said...

OT, but relevant for anyone who wondered about the authenticity of blacks claiming America was built by them.

How Black Folks built this country....

and how the black folk grew our economy higher than it could ever have grown without them.

This puts it into a whole new perspective that we never thought of.


When blacks moved into the white areas in the 60's they acted like fools with their jiving and jacking around and the whites didn't want to live around that #$%$, so they worked two jobs and sold their houses and moved away to the suburbs, and built new houses and the forest and lumber industries grew and the hardware stores grew and millions of dollars surged into the economy building roads so the whites could get to and from work.

Then the blacks started robbing and stealing because they were uneducated and unqualified for jobs because they jived around at school instead of learning and the whites had to buy replacement stuff and the economy grew even stronger.

Since the blacks were unemployed they started hanging around drinking malt liquor and the malt liquor makers had to expand and add more workers so the economy grew stronger again.

The blacks started shooting people and the hospitals grew and new ones were built and more cops, nurses and doctors were required.

People had to buy guard dogs and security alarm companies grew stronger. Pet stores then sprung up everywhere to sell stuff for the guard dogs.

Then the blacks were thrown into jail and new jails had to be built and more guards were hired and the economy grew even stronger than before.

Then the Democrats created Welfare,,so all the blacks went on welfare, bred like flies and the whites had to work harder to support them, and the economy grew stronger. Then the blacks bought fancy cars and the auto industry grew and TV makers were thrilled cause they could produce shows like Cops and Most Wanted and whites bought more guns and lots and lots of ammunition to keep the blacks out of their stuff, so gun manufacturing jobs grew.

So you see, we owe a lot to the black folk, so stop being such a RACIST!

Anonymous said...

So the apartment had people in it including Williams and his Xbox playing friends as well as the shooter, but it is all so damn murky. No one seems to have any idea who might have been involved in the altercation even though an altercation would require the participation of at least two people. Williams' black life wasn't important enough for any of his friends to tell police who shot him. Black lives really don't matter.

I would bet any amount of money that every one of those blacks that were inside that apartment at the time of this shooting know exactly who fired the fatal shot, but none of them are going to tell the police about this, because that would then violate the "no snitching" rule that these blacks typically observe among their own kind. If the shooter was a white male by some chance, the police would have already been told everything they wanted to know about him and what happened there.

PaintJob Theory said...

Wow. This story really has it all. A march AND a prayer vigil, an aspiring rapper (code word for unemployed welfare leech) professional protester (ditto welfare leech). Barely sapient quotes from the friends and fambly, ghetto scrabble names, wrong place at the wrong time, "gun" violence, din do nuffins, err buh poda hep.

And this prize: ""Better education, a better [Chicago Police Department] culture, making sure everyone has equal opportunity, resources and jobs."

Gibs muh dat! You useless mooncricket. If you want to be educated read a fucking book. A fun fact that white people have known for centuries is that a library is for reading books, not for looking at porn and assaulting whites. If you want to avoid trouble with the police department stop committing crimes or move to darkest Africa where such oppression as white man's law won't be a problem for you.

I'm very confident there isn't a negro in this nation that wants equal opportunity. If we had a true meritocracy in this country you'd likely find that 99% or more of blacks are unemployable even in the most menial tasks.

The irony is that these schwoogies want free food, clothing, housing, healthcare, old age care, AND want to be given a job. Which is precisely what they had 200 years ago and they're still bitching about it. You just cannot win when black Africans are involved. If you really listen to their "demands" they seem to wish to both live in a state of nature and to be slaves.

Long Island Guido Realist said...

Karma finally arrived. Groid on groid murder..big suprise there!

We have full global marxist control at this point.

Marxist pope
Marxist President
Marxist Media
Marxist Schools
Marxist Mayor of NYC
Marxist Gov's of CA & NY etc.

They all hate Trump because Trump is exposing them for the slime that they are.

There's never been a more viable candidate that ive ever seen before for realists/patriots/nationalists etc.

Anonymous said...

Sick and tired @ 6:27 am. Excellent and spot on. You are correct in your theory. The money that white people have spent since the 1960's simply trying to avoid the groid is staggering. Not just money, but the constant thinking that goes into trying to stay prosperous and safe. Getting pretty exhausting. . In my sixties now and since my life has been spent in and around metro Detroit, I AM TIRED! Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide.

Long Island Guido Realist said...


Have any of you seen a more disqusting, slimey, pandering cunt of a politician like Hillary Clinton!?

I mean shes basically a step away from putting whites into slavery or telling us to line up for the box cars and ovens.


Anonymous said...

OT: Last week, Ellen DeGeneres started a page on for a Detroit elementary school. See it here:

Here's my question: How much money did carpet muncher multi millionaire Ellen DeGeneres donate from her own pocket to this falling apart, all black student, run by all blacks, elementary school?

Here's my guess: zero dollars.

Ellen DeGeneres also got the Lowe's store chain to pony up at least $500,000 toward this effort to fix up this Detroit elementary school. She also got Justin Beiber to pledge $1 from every ticket sold at his upcoming concert in Michigan. (How much do those concert tickets cost though?) Then Ellen DeGeners apparently got over 1500 of her viewers or fans to donate over $68,000 over the last 8 days to this page.

Meanwhile, I read on that Ellen DeGeneres bought a mansion in Los Angeles over two years ago for nearly $40 million bucks. This is a mansion that is next door to the Playboy mansion, and this is mansion is just as huge. This same website also says that Ellen DeGeneres' net worth is $200 million and her annual salary is $65 million.

The fundraiser goal on this page that Ellen DeGeneres set up for this Detroit school is just $1 million. I think that it is safe bet to say that Ellen DeGeneres fully expects all of her dopey viewers to keep contributing their little five and ten dollar donations until that full sum of $1 million is raised and then some. She could have just made the $1 million donation herself and then asked some other super-wealthy celebrities to donate some money, but no, she apparently does not roll like that.

Lest we forget - how many millions of dollars of federal and state tax dollars have already been poured into the Detroit school system over the last 10, 20, 30, and 40 years?

Are we ever going to see any Hollywood celebrities start online fundraiser pages for impoverished and rural white people in places like West Virginia or Kentucky? (You know, many of these rural white people used to have good jobs in the coal industry until Obama declared war on coal via the EPA.) I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

OT, but here are some headlines from the city of Syracuse, NY. You just can't escape the dysfunction, crime, etc.

I love this site, thank-you pk. The comments are top notch, from people who can see.

Anonymous said...

OT – What could possibly go wrong with teaching an AA Department of Human Services muslim groid with a bad attitude how to handle a weapon?

Anonymous said...

Dude was camping during Halo. I don't play dat shit.

Bill in St Louis said...

Murky.... HAHAHAHAHAHA. Even when "Matt" wasn't involved in the altercation, but was killed anyway, no one seems to know who was involved. It's just..... murky. The less white police patrol these areas, the easier the problem gets to solve, as they tend to kill each other off over things like "he stepped on muh Jordans" or "It was my tun to play de Xbox" . Segregation and cheap handguns seems workable to me.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if blacks can even realize how animalistic, stupid and uncivilized they appear to everyone else in the world or if they're really so stupid that they haven't a clue"

Same here.

Do they realze that nobody gives a shit about their marches and protests or are they REALLY this dumb?

Black marches worked 60 years ago when America was almost 90% White and most blacks lived in the south, so most Whites just didnt know what living near blacks was like. The Whites in the south knew, which is why they had Jim Crow Laws.

Now that there's been 6 decades of forced integration most Whites know exactly what blacks are really like, plus thanks to our leaders pushing White genocide through immigration and forced assimilation only about 60% of the country is White. Mexicans, arabs, orientals and other non-Whites don't have any White guilt, they hate blacks far worse than Whites do, so all the marching and protests really just make everyone hate blacks even more.

Anonymous said...

Cmon. This is pretty appalling. And despite his deluded politics, he in no way deserved this death. But what this does tell you is that the constituency he claimed to represent of black lives mattering is largely an ideological construct and the reality is that no one is safe from the scourge of black lawlessness, intimidation and violence. BTW, deluded white liberal politicians are the at root of promoting this scourge, whether by intent or indifference. The solution is obvious...

Plaga Negra said...

Anybody see the trailer for The Purge: Election Year? The propaganda is thick with this one. Poor, oppressed saintly coloreds, White savior complex, White Christians are the real psychopaths. How the hell does everybody not notice this?

Anonymous said...

Wow. This story really has it all. A march AND a prayer vigil, an aspiring rapper (code word for unemployed welfare leech) professional protester (ditto welfare leech). Barely sapient quotes from the friends and fambly, ghetto scrabble names, wrong place at the wrong time, "gun" violence, din do nuffins, err buh poda hep.

And this prize: ""Better education, a better [Chicago Police Department] culture, making sure everyone has equal opportunity, resources and jobs."

Thanks PaintJob Theory!Yes another senseless murder in Chicago. In a previous post I indicated that we are a primitive people, the left can manipulate us so easly. We actually believe we can march and hold vigils would change the minds of our gang banging youth. They will magically stop shooting each other, this is insane. Yes, this make us look stupid to the world.Black Lives Matter movement should not protest to change the culture of the police, but become allies to law enforcement. They should demand more stop and frisk in our neighborhoods. These activist should act as crime stopper by patrolling the streets, ask the police to walk a beat like the old days. They need the exercise, look how over weight most of the city cops are, it's a shame!

Many here sees Trump as some kind of savior, if he's elected he could make a difference, but the conservatives do not want him as the Republican's nominee. They want to keep things as they are. If G-d's willing, I will vote for Trump if he is successful in getting the nomination. We do need a real change!

Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said . . . And despite his deluded politics, he in no way deserved this death. . .

“Deserve's got nothin' to do with it.” - William Munny

Sh&t just happens in the hood.

Anonymous said...

Have you see this video from the Louisiana police captain? This needs to go viral.

AZ Ray said...

@ Ex New Yorker-Spot on summary!..

The "Amish" no longer control the narrative. Their control of the MSM is slipping by the wayside. Now there are multiple venues for the truth to be seen & known. And people are PISSED!.

People that I would have never imagined saying "those damned n*ggers" just a few years ago now say it frequently. So fed up is the white populace with negro antics, violence & dysfunction. Just look at the massive backlash against Cam Newton or Kanye West or Beyonce recently on social media?!, even on MSM!. Whites are starting to speak up. To acknowledge the sickness. Hey black people. We are SICK TO DEATH of you!. We are tired of making endless excuses for your depravity & dysfunction. We are sick of your destruction of our cities & neighborhoods, the raping of our women, the whining when things dont go your way, your depraved "culture", the usurping of other peoples accomplishments, your constant need for unlimited social programs. On & on & on it goes..

Look at the desperation of the joke that is now the MSM, using terms like "teens" or "youths" when discribing the perp of a crime. like they don"t think we know what that means?!. We ALL know what that means.

Water boils at 212F, we are right about 209F now!..

Mutant Swarm said...

Let's all celebrate Confederate History Month!

Anonymous said...

I moved into a brand new house last December, and earlier this month, I got a new Vizio 55" TV that can connect to the WiFi network inside my house. This makes it possible for me to stream content from Netflix and Amazon, but I don't bother with that yet because this TV also allows me to watch Youtube videos. This means that I can now watch Colin Flaherty's Youtube channel on a 55" flat screen TV instead of just on my tablet, and let me tell you, Colin Flaherty never fails to disappoint with his videos about all of the rampant black on white violence all across this country. There are usually two or three new videos on his Youtube channel each and every day.

@ Long Island Guido Realist: I am glad that you brought up your point about Hillary Clinton here, because Colin Flaherty has been using small clips of Hillary Clinton at her recent political rallies in his own recent videos. Colin Flaherty has also lately been using in his videos small clips of Bernie Sanders at his recent political rallies too. It is simply hilarious and outrageous at the same time to see in Colin Flaherty's videos both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders up on stages talking about "pervasive racism in our country", and also all of these poor oppressed black youths being targeted unfairly by the police, while then immediately being contrasted with TV news footage and police dashcam videos of black youths violently attacking police, pulling out guns and shooting at police, etc.

Colin Flaherty is simply one of the best realist reporters that we have out there. To me, Colin Flaherty is the anti-libtard version of the late Walter Cronkite.

It Da System Fault said...

You forgot to mention that the entire home security industry would not exist if not for the negro.

I love that commercial where the white couple comes home to find their home ransacked. The camera pans over to the negro couple next door, the female half of which says "I TOLE dem to get da Slomin's Sheeild!!!"

Yup. Only on TV can a negro couple give YT a lesson on personal responsibility, without a trace of irony.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with your take on Flaherty-he is doing yeoman's work.

Anonymous said...

If a negro astronaut killed a white astronaut on the ISS, the media would still report the white guy was in "the wrong place at the wrong time".

No matter where you are, if negroes are present, you are in "the wrong place at the wrong time".

They are color-coded for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Many here sees Trump as some kind of savior, if he's elected he could make a difference, but the conservatives do not want him as the Republican's nominee.

There are really only two groups that oppose him.

1. NYC based establishment conservatives that don't seriously oppose liberalism and really just want lower taxes and desert wars.
2. Evangelicals. This group isn't happy unless they get an anti-abortion candidate that quotes the bible every 5 minutes. They also still think Black areas can be turned into an African version of Leave it to Beaver with the right environmental tweaks (moral leader, private schools). Many of them are also Rapture Ready (TM) and actually view the destruction of the US as part of the plan.

These two groups are a disaster for rational Whites. They have created an unholy alliance where both oppose racial analysis. This type of opposition does nothing to stop liberalism. It just ends up being the perfect opposition for liberalism by never exposing the underlying fraud.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the negro contributions to these industries:

Payday/Title Loans
Weave shops
Vietnamese nail shops
Car rims
Bass woofers
Grape drank
Fried chicken
Malt Likka
Funeral homes/cemeteries

They vaulted the beloved 1985 Chevy Caprice into negro car classicism.

They get credit for the creation of malls only to be offset by them getting credit for the malls' destruction. Producing piles of bricks creates jobs, I suppose.

The single worst whitey invention that has been the most destructive to the negro "community" has been the front porch/stoop, negro magnets all, holdin' a bruva down.

Anonymous said...

I just hope he wasn't shot in his "I MATTER! " t-shirt. That precious garment will be wanted by the Smithsonian. Also hoping his "rap songbook" is safe. I smell a Broadway musical. Something bubbly.

NJ Woman

Long Island Guido Realist said...

Never seen a country transform in 7 years like this...

Anonymous said...

@anonymous @11:17, 2-19, "Plexiglas", ha-ha that's gold! Plus you're right, negroes can destroy a thriving mall faster than Bob Vila.

Can I just add their great contribution to the lead and brass industries here?

Thought-Criminal said...

Ha ha ha ha!

The "feelgood" article of the year so far!

D-FENS said...

"Black marches worked 60 years ago when America was almost 90% White and most blacks lived in the south, so most Whites just didn't know what living near blacks was like."

I don't think the marches were effective in getting the Cibble Raghts agenda. It was done mostly by lawyers and behind the scenes maneuvers.

The Vietnam war was not ended by marches. It went on for Nixon's first term.

Anonymous said...

Well said.They're about to learn the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Stories like this one, you know, the ones with happy endings,leave you with such a warm fuzzy feeling. :)

D-FENS said...

Wigger Rachel Dolezal just gave birth:

The father is unnamed and there is no mention of her having a husband. Perhaps she really is a negro. She's got the out of wedlock birth thing going for her.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! They're literally creating legions of realists. The angry polar bear is about to waken from his long slumber, and he's famished.

riptapart said...

I'll bet that sorry sunuvabitch wishes they were some White officers who could have profiled the gunman with a stop & frisk.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Cmon. This is pretty appalling. And despite his deluded politics, he in no way deserved this death.

Anthropomorphism, again. Ascribing human thoughts and motives to animals.

Does a fly "deserve" to be swatted? The question is meaningless. They need to be swatted. Negroes killing each other is not a problem; it's a solution.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows not to sit near the windows when a hurricane of violence blows through. Before you know it shots will ring out from a guy with a gun and you'll find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is the leading cause of death for expiring rappas.

Anonymous said... is the best site for documenting crime in Chicago

Anonymous said...

Due to every black killed in Chicago being an "artist" or "aspiring rapper" Chicago police have a new saying every time a black is pronounced dead by the hospital or fire department: "victim has joined the Dead Poet's Society"

mikeh420 said...

The only black lives that matter to BLM are the few percent that are killed by cops, mostly for pointing guns at a cop or trying for the cop's gun.

The rest, Meh. It how dey roll, yo.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't everyone realize by now that blacks act differently because of their genetic makeup? It's proven science and SOOOO obvious!

Pat Boyle said...


Anonymous said...


Pissed off in PA said...

This is great news. I'm sure Rwanda Charnelle Davis meant to say he had 7 books of crap lyrics.

riptapart said...

There are now negro only dorms in some universities. I'm really hoping this catches on big time

If true, that is just another example of how they are above us and our families. There are no Whites Only dorms I am sure.

Anonymous said...

So do any of the NAPAs ever stop to recognize that XBOX is largely a white invention and just one of the many thing they should be grateful for white people for creating?

AnalogMan said...

D-FENS said...

The father is unnamed and there is no mention of her having a husband. Perhaps she really is a negro. She's got the out of wedlock birth thing going for her.

More to the point, she has a (no doubt) black baby.

My daughter had a friend at school, she was beautiful, not just pretty; smart, classy. A Christian, lived her values. So I was disgusted when, in her thirties, she married a negro who shared her faith. She, too, now has a black child.

My point? Rachel Dolezal was always trash, and nobody mourns her. But no matter who you are, no matter what you have been, if you lie with beasts, you are a beast, and there's no way back from that.

Racoon said...

Pat Boyle:

You passed!

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! You just can't make this stuff up!

Unknown said...

Here here truth

Mr. Rational said...

Q:  How many of them need the "Expiring Rapper" award?

A:  Every one.

Anonymous said...

Another happy ending story.

PaintJob Theory said...

"More to the point, she has a (no doubt) black baby."

Actually if you looked at the link the baby looks whiter than she is. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

In a sane society that sort of self loathing degenerate would be spayed and locked away from society where she could weave baskets and perform other handicrafts without endangering civilization.

Anonymous said...

Blacks lie about any facts regarding crimes that they know about or are involved in. It is a carpet reaction. From the murder in little Melvindale (reported 12 hours after it happened in front of niglets) to the shooting of this terrorist. Any statements and reactions are false or deflections, typical of the feces species. The cunt that spewed 'To Kill a Mockingbird' started a self hating mentality as Whites were engineered to read it and forced to ingest self hatred and delusions that fecals are "victims". This killing erases all delusions and allows Whites to remain armed and ready to retake our country, without any second guessing OURSELVES.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they're really too stupid, have no clue just how pathetic they are. But, more than that, they don't CARE. No compassion or ability to care is why they're not human.

Anonymous said...

True until the end. It is quite easy to come back from it if you know you are white.....

Anonymous said...

Trump has a better chance against Hillary.

People who will vote for Hillary because she's a woman will still vote for Sanders.
People who will vote for Sanders because he might do something about the wars will not vote for Hillary.

Hilary will be the nominee. 100% support for Sanders among democrats will not make him the nominee - the democrat primary process is that corrupt. The superdelegates are what matters, and they are all establishment.

Myke Morbius said...

Why are blacks who 'protest' called "community activists", but we Whites who protest are called 'racists'??

Unknown said...

wow, can't we all just say ALL LIVES MATTER ....without being assholes about it??? APPARENTLY NOT!!!! I have white friends, black friends, hispanic friends ....why all this bullshit??? Blacks had white enslaved for 400 years.....the Irish immagrants to the Americas had it 100 times worse than any southern slave...LOOK IT UP~~~~!!!!! STOP IT ALL!....WE ALL DESERVE TO LIVE!! If I EVER come across a " slave" I will let people know....but I have never nor have any of oy friends EVER been a " slave" our country needs to stop being a bunch or FUCKTARDS!!!!!