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No League of Shadows Destroyed Detroit; It was Black People

Yes, thanks to its Black population

This summer, The Dark Knight Rises will set the box office ablaze.  The third and film in the Director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, we will see the culmination of Bruce Wayne’s efforts to save Gotham City from the criminals and corrupt.

In the imagination of comic book writers, authors of fiction, and those in Hollywood working on the scripts of movies and television shows, magnificent heroes can be created to save the day. Defeat the bad guy, restoring peace and stability to a city where anarchy and chaos would have otherwise ruled without their benevolent sacrifices.

Nolan’s first film in the trilogy – Batman Begins – sees a younger Bruce Wayne seek out the means to fight evil and injustice. The League of Shadows trains him; a group of men who we learn have existed for centuries to fight corruption and decadence (“because no courts will try men entrenched in bureaucracies that exist merely to perpetuate themselves, to paraphrase the leader, Ra’s al Ghul), and, once a society has reached a point of no return, ensure that harmony and balance are ultimately restored by destroying said city. We learn that the League of Shadows sacked Rome when it became too decadent and corrupt. 

It is in this exchange of dialogue between Ra’s and Wayne the true function of the League of Shadows is delineated:
Ra's al Ghul: Tomorrow the world will watch in horror as its greatest city destroys itself. The movement back to harmony will be unstoppable this time. 
 Bruce Wayne: You attacked Gotham before? 
 Ra's al Ghul: Of course. Over the ages, our weapons have grown more sophisticated. With Gotham, we tried a new one: Economics. But we underestimated certain of Gotham's citizens... such as your parents. Gunned down by one of the very people they were trying to help. Create enough hunger and everyone becomes a criminal. Their deaths galvanized the city into saving itself... and Gotham has limped on ever since. We are back to finish the job. And this time no misguided idealists will get in the way.

The real world has no League of Shadows. It has no heroes either, costumed and jumping from one rooftop to another at night to fight criminals and keep the city streets safe.

Ours is a world where no secretive cabal needs to organize in the shadows to see some of our greatest cities (at least in the United States) brought to their knees. Were the fictional League of Shadows smart, to destroy Gotham City they’d simply implement the exact same policies that have been enacted in the United States of America, and the bureaucrats in charge of the metropolis where Bruce Wayne’s parents were gunned down by the white criminal Joe Chill wouldn’t have to worry about criminal offenses such as the murder of its most illustrious citizens.

The ruling of restrictive covenant being unconstitutional meant the death of not just major cities, but every city in America will eventually happen. Were the world of Gotham City in Nolan’s Batman trilogy to operate under the rules of our world, Gotham would have been long ago been destroyed.

The League of Shadows would have unleashed a more destructive force upon a city than a weaponized aerosol hallucinogenic to bring about mass hysteria (as they did in Batman Begins): A majority Black population. 

No, all the League of Shadows would have to do to destroy Gotham City is change the racial complexion from a majority white, economically thriving city into a majority Black city, where the only thing thriving is a high crime rate and blight.

Sure, it might take 20 – 30 years for this plan to mature, but the League of Shadows has been around for over an millennia. Civilizations come and go, but looking at the history of 20th century America, the fate of Birmingham, Memphis, Baltimore, Newark, Camden, Prince George’s County, Atlanta, and, of course, Detroit, is inexorably tied to going from a majority white city or county to a majority Black city or county.

In the case of Detroit, the corruption of the elected Black officials is but a microcosm of the day-to-day corruption and criminality found in its population (82 percent Black now; at the height of the city’s influence, it was more than 75 percent white when it was dubbed “The Arsenal of Democracy” in the 1940s).

Virtually all of the crime that drove white people from Detroit in the 1960s and 1970s was committed by Black people, who never ceased killing and robbing one another.

Even as Detroit has ceased being a functioning city – when it was once of the world’s most revered cities for its daring architecture, culture, arts, and industrious population – the misery found there hasn’t subsided.

Once the center of economic ingenuity based upon being the manufacturing hub behind America’s ascension to superpower status, Detroit is now a city – courtesy of a tax-base of barely literate Black people – that will soon be without a payday:
 The city is fast running out of money, with only $76 million reported on hand last month, and could be headed toward payless paydays this spring unless union concessions and other cuts are implemented soon, new financial numbers show. 
The cash flow numbers; as of Jan. 27 also show the city would be $46.8 million in the hole at the end of the fiscal year on June 30. The city would officially run out of cash in mid-to-late April, the figures posted on the city's website predict, a fiscal reality that first prompted the governor to consider sending in an emergency manager. 
At the end of November, the city had a cash balance after required distributions of $109.9 million. That fell to $53.7 million in December and jumped back to $76 million last month. The city is forecasting a steady drop in cash this month to $55.9 million, then $42.2 million in March and $2.5 million in early April. It's unclear why the numbers jumped in December. 
"Things are going down, down, down," said Edward Rago, the former city budget director under Mayors Coleman A. Young and Dennis Archer. 
"All the evidence points to the fact that things are bad, they are getting worse, they are going to be negative in eight weeks or so." 
The city also was forecast to receive $97 million in revenue through the end of January but was $21 million short of projections. 
Rago said that cash flow trend soon will signal a payless payday for Detroit.

No Batman protects Detroit; just mercenaries
Unlike the city of Pittsburgh, the majority Black population of Detroit that inherited the city once they chased away white people after the Negro Revolt of 1967 (and subsequent introductions of massive affirmative action policies in the 70s and 80s) they couldn’t restructure the economy to sustain the city – even as its population dwindled away– and completely failed to innovate or find ways to secure new investments from entrepreneurs or corporations. The tax roles dwindled as crime, prostitution and drug dealing made the concept of a "Black" market an oxymoron.
We read about the brutality in Detroit, when a nine-month old Black baby died in a hail of bullets from an AK-47, fired from a Black individual upset from the events at a wedding shower. We read about an 86-year-old Black veteran, beaten and carjacked, who crawled in search of help, but no good Black Samaritan was to be found.

Now, news of two Black teens utilizing an AK-47 in their car-jacking’s has broken.

Life is so little valued in Detroit, that the Black 14-year-old son of a Black mother opened fire on her while she slept, because she denied him the opportunity to hang with his friends:

Family members say a 14-year-old boy shot his mother to death as she was sleeping early today because he was mad she wouldn't let him hang out with friends. 
Tamiko Robinson, 36, died around 3 a.m., according to her brother, Leshaun Roberts. 
Detroit Police spokeswoman Sgt. Eren Stephens would not release any information about the case. 
"He just wanted to hang with the thugs," Roberts said, sitting on the front porch of the home on Burns, just off Gratiot Avenue, as he was holding a family picture of them. "The first thing that came to mind was he did it because of what they were going through." 
Roberts said the boy, who is on the swim team and ROTC at Kettering High School, broke into an office in the home to get a gun owned by his mother's fiance. 
As she slept in the living room and her fiance slept in an adjacent room with their 5-year-old daughter, Roberts said her son shot her on the couch and when she fell to the floor.

Mayor David Bing has taken to scolding the Black people of Detroit (remember, Detroit is 82 percent Black) for failing to raise their children correctly, though the Black people of Detroit who reared them weren’t exactly paragons of virtue considering they are the ones responsible with creating an environment that is considered the most dangerous in America:

Mayor Dave Bing today called on parents to better raise their children in the wake of a disturbing spate of violence involving young people in Detroit. 
His voice rising at times, Bing said what was especially jarring to him were crimes in which youngsters attack their parents. He said those kinds of incidents hurt him deeply and are simply "unacceptable." 
"When you've got parents afraid of their kids, you know you have not done a good job as a parent," Bing said in a news conference in his 11th floor conference room at City Hall. "You need to start disciplining those young people when they come out of the womb. Mothers and fathers ... you can't start disciplining a kid at the age of 12 or 14, it's too late." 
"What we are living with today is totally unacceptable," Bing continued. "And we're going to deal with it, we're going to solve the problem and we're going to make our streets and our homes safe again." 
Police Chief Ralph Godbee said his department will solve the recent crimes. The string of violence in the past few days includes the shooting death of an infant, a carjacking that left a 6-year-old in critical condition and a 14-year-old who is accused of killing his mother. But they can't do it alone, he said. 
"We're not standing idly by. What closes the loop for us is community involvement," Godbee said. "If you don't have the community closing that loop and turning over criminals that will kill our young people and maim our senior citizens, then we don't have a true community policing system. To that end, we're going to do our part."Godbee said his department has "the resolve to get the job done." 
"The fact that we're afraid of our own children is a commentary right there," Godbee said. "I don't want to wax philosophical, but when I was growing up I was more afraid of my father than I was the police. That element is missing in our community." Bing said that a "very small percentage of our population" is committing the crimes, but he stressed citizens "cannot just stand idly by and accept this." Even though admitting he doesn't have all the answers, Bingpledged to do "whatever I can to eradicate the kind of thinking and action that is now taking place in our community.""I was taught to respect my elders, and I was taught to protect the young," the mayor said. "And for whatever reason, we have a culture that doesn't accept that anymore." 
Fitting that he gave this speech at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, named for the first Black mayor of Detroit who denuded the city of its white police force. 

Wait a second. Isn’t another one of America’s formerly great cities seeing the exact same scenario of white people leaving in droves and Black people taking over every public institution in the city? Why yes, Philadelphia is seeing the Detroiting of The City of Brotherly Love take place as we speak.

It was just last summer that Mayor Michael Nutter took the Black people of Philadelphia (responsible for virtually all the violent crime in the city) to task, in a heavily promoted speech:

As violent mobs of young men continued to wreak havoc in Philadelphia for a second summer in a row, Mayor Michael Nutter has taken a hard line against the roving “flash mobs,” tightening weekend curfews, endorsing stiff “stop-and-frisk” polices, and blasting the mostly black teenagers involved in the violence with fiery words from the pulpit this weekend. About 50 teenagers were arrested Friday for violating the newly enforced weekend curfew. It is aimed at cracking down on mobs of young people responsible for random attacks on people and property. 
The mayor’s crackdown has placed him in the center of a simmering debate about how black community leaders should respond to violence within their own community. On one side are those who admire the mayor’s take-no-prisoners rhetorical style and use of police force, while others say this approach lets the mayor off the hook for failing to address the needs of young black Philadelphians. n a combative speech on Sunday at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter said that young black men have to stop acting like "sperm donors" and "human ATMs." He admonished parents for failing to supervise and expect good behavior from their children. And he directly implicated habits and styles of some young black men in the city. 
"If you walk into somebody's office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied and your pants half-down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won't hire you?" Nutter told the congregation "They don't hire you 'cause you look like you're crazy. You have damaged your own race." 
"I am a proud black man in this country," Nutter said in a subsequent interview with the Associated Press. "It was a message that needed to be said. It needed to be said at this time . . . People have had enough of this nonsense, black and white."

Strange that so many of the formerly great cities in America have turned into breeding grounds for criminality, pathetic school systems (which are only a reflection of the students in the schools) and depressed property values.

Gotham City could have been easily destroyed in Batman Begins by the introduction of Black people into positions of power and a slow rise in the overall Black population of the city as a percentage of the whole population. White flight would have happened and the effects would be nearly irreversible.

No Batman could save the city then from the crime, decadence, and corruption found merely in City Hall (does Batman even have a Black guy in his rogues gallery?), let alone the thugs and gangs that roam the streets of Detroit, New Orleans, or Philadelphia.

No Blackman can save them either.

The League of Shadows had it all wrong. Strange they could sack so many other civilizations but fail to understand the racial dynamics of America in the 20th and 21st century to understand why so many of our great cities have collapsed.

Stranger still that the liberalism so many claim to be the cause of Detroit and other majority Black cities’ decline can’t say the same about Burlington, Vermont; Missoula, Montana; Boulder, Colorado; or Portland, Oregon, where liberalism thrives amid a sea of tranquility, courtesy of whitey.

Misguided idealists refuse to look at the ruins of Detroit and blame the current occupants for its condition. The same goes for the declining city of Philadelphia. The same goes for Milwaukee. The same goes for St. Louis. The same goes for Orlando.

The same goes for… well, you get the picture.

Is corruption, crime, misery, decay, and failure the ultimate fate of any city that comes from transitioning from majority white to majority Black population?

Yes. The League of Shadows’ failure in bringing Gotham City to its knees – with or without a Batman to protect it – was in not introducing Black people into the metropolis to facilitate immediate white abandonment.

Once this occurs, the fate of the city is sealed. To understand where Philadelphia is headed, look no further than Detroit.

Our world has no League of Shadows to incapacitate a city through a veil of secrecy and surreptitious, clandestine machinations. The Visible Black Hand of Economics, an action that is available for all to see without any shadows blocking the view, destroyed Detroit

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Comes to America: Congress Mandates Diversity at Comcast

PK Note: A deluge from the skies postponed the Daytona 500 until tomorrow. Head over to Vdare.com to read yet another Paul Kersey article, this one on the quest to diversify NASCAR into an acceptable, multi-racial sport. Act of Valor was the number one movie in America, by the way. Expect a big week. 

I HAD (I Have a Dream) people are noticeably quiet right now. They keep citing the true “Father of America” – sorry, it’s no longer George Washington – Martin Luther King, and appear shocked that Mein Obama himself would target Black people with his African-Americans for Obama campaign.

Matt Drudge, who considers Alex Jones’ Prison Planet a legitimate source of news, has linked to an article that decries and bemoans Mein Obama’s explicitly targeting the Black vote as a betrayal of what Saint Martin Luther King wanted.

Actually, it’s exactly what MLK would have wanted. It’s only I HAD people who cling to some illusion that MLK was some color-blind savoir. But no example of the kind of policy MLK would have favored can be found that is greater than what Comcast announced this past week. We talked about this last year, when it became obvious that Comcast – and all of Corporate America – was fully invested in Black-Run America (BRA).

Here’s what Adweek reported:
Comcast is making good on its promise to beef up minority involvement in its cable division, though it's doing so with digital networks instead of terrestrial cable channels. It's not quite what it sounded like when, as a condition of its purchase of a majority stake in NBCUniversal (then 80 percent held by GE), Comcast agreed to create cable networks with minority leadership. Still, a channel is a channel. 
The company is launching four new digital nets with headliners including Magic Johnson, Sean "Diddy" Combs and film director Robert Rodriguez, starting as soon as April. The four networks will be available on Comcast's digital basic tier, but they won't be taking the place of any existing cable channels. Instead, they'll be digital subnets, a growing sector of the cable market that is mostly occupied by public access-style programming at this point. 
Johnson, whose title will be chairman, will lead Aspire, a new network with an African-American focus and inspirational programming. In a statement issued Tuesday, David Jensen, Comcast's vp of content acquistion, said that the Atlanta-based network (a partnership with GMC TV) will involve "an enduring focus on delivering quality programming that positively resonates with ethnically diverse communities." 
Combs' network, Revolt, will also have an African-American focus when it debuts next year but will be more of a music and news network. Revolt will be heavily engaged with social media and already has aspirations beyond Comcast's subscriber base. In a release issued by the new network this morning, Combs said that his hope was "that this new network will spark a revolution in entertainment and encourage other media and communications companies to bring Revolt to their audiences.” 
Rodriguez's network, El Rey, will focus on the Latino audience, with content created by the net's new production company, Tres Pistoleros, which will develop programming for the channel. Rodriguez's background as a director of films including Sin City and Planet Terror is mirrored in his vision for the channel: "The majority of the players today are doing a fantastic job serving the first generation [of Latinos in America]," Rodriguez told Deadline, "and what we want to do is serve their offspring.” The start date for El Rey is some time in 2014.
 Wait a second. Does this mean what we think it means? Has a South African form of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) come to America? Yes. Quickly, let’s allow the South African government to tell us what the BEE program is:

South Africa's policy of black economic empowerment (BEE) is not simply a moral initiative to redress the wrongs of the past. It is a pragmatic growth strategy that aims to realise the country's full economic potential while helping to bring the black majority into the economic mainstream.
Through its BEE policy, the government aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • Empower more black people to own and manage enterprises. Enterprises are regarded as black-owned if 51% of the enterprise is owned by black people, and black people have substantial management control of the business.
  • Achieve a substantial change in the racial composition of ownership and management structures and in the skilled occupations of existing and new enterprises.
  • Promote access to finance for black economic empowerment.
  • Empower rural and local communities by enabling their access to economic activities, land, infrastructure, ownership and skills.
  • Promote human resource development of black people through, for example, mentorships, learnerships and internships.
  • Increase the extent to which communities, workers, co-operatives and other collective enterprises own and manage existing and new enterprises, and increase their access to economic activities, infrastructure and skills.
  • Ensure that black-owned enterprises benefit from the government's preferential procurement policies.
  • Assist in the development of the operational and financial capacity of BEE enterprises, especially small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) and black-owned enterprises.
  • Increase the extent to which black women own and manage existing and new enterprises, and facilitate their access to economic activities, infrastructure and skills training.

Yikes. Isn’t this exactly what these networks basically represent, a form of BEE in America? Let’s take a look at another article celebrating this state-mandated minority ownership (Congress Compels Comcast to give Earvin “Magic” Johnson his own network, by Patrick Howley, Washington Free Beacon, February 22, 2012):

National Basketball Association legend and prominent Democratic donor Earvin “Magic” Johnson is set to launch a new network that will be carried on Comcast Corp. cable after pressure from Democratic politicians to “diversify” cable lineups.
Johnson’s Aspire network will launch on June 30, according to the Los Angeles Times. It is the first of 10 new networks—the majority of which are owned by African-American and Latino businessmen—that Comcast will launch by 2018, per its agreement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Department of Justice to “diversify the cable landscape.”

The commitment to the new networks came in 2010 as a result of pressure placed on NBCUniversal by Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) during the company’s $14 billion merger with Comcast.
In February 2010, Waters asked then-NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Zucker, “Is there some assumption that black programming is not profitable?” Waters offered to help arrange meetings for Zucker with African-American producers. Waters also alleged in a hearing that a Comcast representative had called her with the implicit offer of a payoffin exchange for her support—an accusation that Comcast denied.

Johnson made a proposal for one of the cable networks immediately after learning that Comcast was taking submissions. “We wanted to be the first one,” Johnson said to the Times.
Given the political nature of the network’s creation, Johnson was in a prime position to realize that goal. Johnson has donated more than $80,000 to Democratic candidates, committees and PACs since 2007, including $51,200 to the Democratic National Committee and $11,900 to President Obama, according to a database maintained by the Center for Responsive Politics.
Aspire will be led in partnership between Johnson and the family-oriented GMC TV. The financial terms of the agreement between Johnson’s group and Comcast were not disclosed.
Waters’ crusade to insert diversity-based programming into the terms of the merger gained enough publicity to warrant a parody of the congresswoman during the 2010 season of the NBC sitcom “30 Rock.” Even after the FCC released its 279-page review and approval of the merger in January 2011, which included Waters’ diversity-programming mandate, the California congresswoman was not satisfied.

Waters said, “I do not believe the American public can have much confidence in Comcast-NBCU’s commitment to launch 10 new independent channels when current networks have had so many challenges negotiating reasonable carriage terms with the cable giant.”
Why are conservatives silent on this too?

Well, except Alex Jones that is. Doesn’t that tell you something. Matt Drudge understands news. This is why he’s giving so much space to stories that denote Black pathologies, such as their love for rioting over Nike shoes. Were another conservative site to cover this story (or a politician), Drudge would give them publicity via The Drudge Report.

But they remain silent. They remain silent as Eric “My People” Holder wages a war against the historic majority population of the United States, with this Department of (IN) Justice suing South Carolina for passing a voter identification law; suing Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama for passing immigration laws because of the failure of the federal government to enforce the laws on the books.

Worse, Christian Adams documented the egregious levels of anti-white hatred found in the halls of Holder’s DOJ, though it was there before Mein Obama was elected. And few people even mention this now, save a conspiracy run by a guy named Alex Jones who actually believes our government and the New World Order wants to decimate the world's population, when every action of the UN and the USA is to bolster and strengthen the populations of Africa and other third world hellholes.  

Ladies and gentleman, the nightmare of BRA cannot end until someone publically takes on Obama and Holder. Until then, you’ll see Atlas Shrugged-style BEE laws mandated by Congress to economically level the playing field for Black people and other minorities. That person will become a star overnight, with millions of people rallying behind them and their rhetoric. 

Folks, Freedom has failed. We are now entering an era where Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is officially-sanctioned – mandated even – by the federal government. Funny, we've already seen what a version of BEE does to a major city like Detroit, where the Visible Black Hand of Economics turned one of the world's great cities into the "Mogadishu of the West" in only two decades from assuming power in 1973. 

To illustrate the pervasive power of BRA and how corporate America has been basically helping maneuver the concept of BEE into our nation, we must look no farther than the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). It’s been an abysmal failure, with horrible ratings.

But before it had even broadcast its first show, corporate America did something unprecedented:
The Oprah Winfrey Network, the 50/50 joint venture between Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Inc. and Discovery Communications, announced last week it had secured a significant commitment from Procter & Gamble, the world's largest advertiser. P&G, the manufacturer of dozens of household name brands like Tide, Crest, Tampax and Pampers, committed to a deal reportedly worth more than $100 million over three years. The agreement, which includes the purchase of time and integration into programming, is unprecedented in that Winfrey's network (OWN for short) will not be on the air until January 2011, does not yet have a full programming lineup and has no audience and therefore no basis for ratings, reach or demographics.

It is a sad state of affairs that the only conservative outlet – it’s only nominally – bringing up many of the racial onslaughts by Obama and his cohorts is Alex Jones.

This isn’t a conspiracy folks. BRA is real. BEE coming to America is real. It’s being mandated by Congress.

And the silence of conservatives is… to be expected.

 I have a dream that this all ends. Only conservative white people believe in a color-blind society, and actually try and practice the false rhetoric of MLK, a man who represents the greatest fraud in world history. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Wanted" Comes to Life in Detroit: The Black Insurrection of 1967 about to end by its own hand

We have forgotten what actually happened in Detroit in 1967
If you've ever seen the movie Wanted with Angelina Jolie, you need to check out the source material by Mark Millar. It's a graphic novel that bares little resemblance to its big screen spawn. The story centers around a war waged by all the world's super-villains - who joined together - against the few superheroes, and how this ingenious plan eventually overwhelmed the good guys. This "Fraternity" of villains took over the world - dividing the nations among themselves - and used advanced technology to erase every inhabitant of the earth's memory that the heroes or villains ever existed. 

Only faint, cloudy memories remain of the heroes who were trounced by evil.

The main character of the story, Wesley Gibson, is told of this by The Professor (who devised the plan of villains teaming up to defeat the heroes), and is incredulous as to how the real history of the world could be distorted:
Wesley: "I don't understand. How come this sin't in the history? Even there'd been one superhero, would that have been all over the news and stuff? 
The Professor: "Ah, but it wasn't enough just to beat them, Wesley. We had to strip them of their memories and make sure that even their greatest fans didn't remember them. 
"Such science might seem comical in this new world that we molded for you, but believe me when I say that reality itself can be rewritten if we desire it, boy." (Wanted, Millar, trade paperback, p. 47)
Reality itself can rewritten.

The story of Wanted is just a graphic novel. A comic book. But in our world, history can be rewritten. Actual events can be forgotten. No story verifies this fact more than what has happened in Detroit since 1967. We are on the verge of the state of Michigan assuming control of Black-run Detroit (82 percent now; roughly 35 percent Black at the time of the riots; less than 2 percent Black in 1912), a city

The law that threatens Detroit with direct state rule may be repealed through a petition drive powered by unions and residents opposed to white control of a city that’s 82 percent black. 
“It’s nothing but a takeover bill,” said Brandon Jessup, chairman of the Stand Up for Democracy coalition seeking 161,300 signatures to place the measure on the November ballot. “This is definitely a race issue. It’s affecting people of color not only in this generation but future generations.” 
Detroit needs to be run by Detroiters,” Mayor Dave Bing, a black Democrat, said last week at a press conference the day before Snyder called for the review. 
Councilwoman JoAnn Watson compared the city’s resistance to Rosa Parks’ refusal to move to the back of a bus, an act that began the Montgomery boycott in 1955 and a civil-rights watershed. 
Councilman Kwame Kenyatta said an emergency manager would be “a master, as someone to control the plantation,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

Forgotten is that Rosa Parks was once assaulted by a Black man in Detroit, long after her exploits in Montgomery made her a household name. This occurred in 1994 (when Detroit was more than 75 percent Black) and is a fitting reminder of the true legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. 

Black-Run Detroit has failed. Liberalism didn't fail the city; the Black leadership, elected from the electorate, failed. Black people left to their own devices when white people fled into the suburbs (and created thriving cities, some of the top school districts in the nation, and bustling economies) failed. 

The racial dynamics of Detroit - when it was considered the "Paris of the West" - was more than 70 percent white. In less than six years after Black people rioted in 1967, the city was majority Black and Coleman Young was the mayor. 

Just like in Wanted, we forget the battle that took place in Detroit in 1967. High rates of Black crime (in 1960, Black people were only 24 percent of the population of Detroit, but they accounted for 65 percent of the violent crime) were already forcing white people to flee to the suburbs. It was the Black insurrection - and the white capitulation that followed - that occurred in 1967 which has been completely forgotten about. 

Recently, I acquired the Life magazine from August 4, 1967. Just like the world of Wanted, what I read doesn't seem real in a nation governed by the principles of Black-Run America (BRA). The cover of this magazine shows the ominous outline of two National Guardsman - guns drawn - with a fire blazing in the background. With the main caption reading "Negro Revolt: The Flames Spread," this issue of Life seems like a glimpse into another world. 

One where the insanity of BRA was just bubbling to the surface, before its tentacles would ensnare every public and private institution in America. 

It is on p.19 of this issue that you can read the article "City at the blazing heart of a nation in disorder." It is these words that read like something out of the world of Wanted, where the villains won and the mere existence of heroes is but a shadowy memory:
With exploding heat and violence, the flames of Negro revolt crack led across the nation, bringing federal troops into riot duty for the first time in a quarter of a century. The disorder was country-wide, but at is blazing heart was Detroit, where the racial rioting ranked as the worst in U.S history. like Newark a few days earlier, the Detroit insurrection was touched off by a minor police incident - this time a raid on a Negro speakeasy. But it quickly flared into an even more destructive and persistent pattern of looting, arson and sniping. Whole city blocks went up in smoke, setting streets shimmering in waves of heat, and bullets whined and ricocheted unpredictably through the ruins. Unable to control the chaos with police and 8,000 national guardsmen, Mayor Jerome Cavanagh and Michigan Governor George Romney finally prevailed upon President Johnson to take the extraordinary step of supplying federal troops. Paratroopers from the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions - many of them veterans of Vietnam - rolled into the continuing fray. Not since 1943, and then, too in Detroit, had U.S. forced been so employed.  
Even so, death and destruction mounted. By midweek, at least 38 persons lay dead, including a policemen and a fireman. Looters and snipers died, as well as many innocent people caught in the often random cross-fire. 
This was the Negro Revolt of 1967, and event that helped bring about Black-rule in Detroit. Under Black rule - in the past year - we have seen what Life After White People looks like. With the city on the verge of being taken over by the state of Michigan, we can only ask how did it come to this? It's simple: the Negro Revolt that Life magazine spoke so openly about in 1967 has been forgotten, replaced with the progressive idea that Black people would be able to sustain a civilization - and city - they had no part in building, but had every part in destroying

A world where affirmative action destroyed the police, leaving the city in the hands of vigilantes in 2012. A city where the National Tuskegee Airmen Museum rests, a reminder of, something that really has nothing to do with Black people in 2012. Detroit is truly too Black for civilization, and Life magazine hinted at this back in 1967. It's the city where Freedom Failed, and where the game has already ended (sorry Clint Eastwood). 

But we can't even acknowledge any of the role Black people had in destroying Detroit, but must blame liberalism as the true culprit. Strange, liberalism flourishes in Pittsburgh, but that city survived the horrible decline of its steel industry

But Detroit can't survive its Blackness. It chokes on this Blackness, but because we live in a world where we can't acknowledge racial differences (because of that strange victory - like the one of the villains in Wanted - in 1967), the people of Detroit must drown in a sea of Black violence. Two stories from this past week illustrate the despondent reality of what Black-rule in Detroit means. One, the 43 murder of 2012, represents something truly sinister (Fight at Shower cited in slaying of 9-month-old baby, by George Hunter, Detroit News, February 25, 2012)
 A fight over a seat at a baby shower triggered the killing of a 9-month-old boy, according to the victim's grandmother. 
Delric Miller IV died Monday as he slept on the couch in his home on the 8400 block of Greenview Avenue. Police said someone fired at the house with an AK-47-type assault rifle about 4:30 a.m., leaving behind 37 shells. One of the rounds hit the baby, who was pronounced dead at Sinai-Grace Hospital. 
Delric Miller IV died Monday as he slept on the couch in his home on the 8400 block of Greenview Avenue. Police said someone fired at the house with an AK-47-type assault rifle about 4:30 a.m., leaving behind 37 shells. One of the rounds hit the baby, who was pronounced dead at Sinai-Grace Hospital. 
Delric's grandmother, Cynthia Wilkins, said she believes the shooting was retaliation for a skirmish Sunday at a baby shower at Club Celebrity on Plymouth Rd. in Detroit."The shower was overbooked, and there was an argument because there weren't enough seats," said Wilkins. Her daughter, Diamond Salter, attended the shower, which was thrown by a friend, Wilkins said. 
"A woman got mad because she couldn't find a seat, so she started knocking tables down, and it escalated from there," Wilkins said. "My daughter and her friends left the club, but (a group of men and women) followed them to a gas station, and there was a fight with one of the guys who was at the shower with my daughter. Then, they followed them to the house. 
"I think they came back the next day and shot up the house," said Wilkins, who sobbed as she recounted the events. "They went to the shower to celebrate life; instead, a life was destroyed." 
The shooting has outraged both police and residents, and prompted Detroit 300, a group of community activists fed up with crime, to go door-to-door asking questions, in hopes of finding the killer or killers. 
A task force consisting of the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives and the Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case."Life is not valued in Detroit. It's a war zone here," Wilkins said. "We need some ground troops patrolling these streets; they send them all overseas, but they need to be here." 
The death was the 43rd homicide in the city this year, up from 35 in the period last year. It's also the second killing of a youngster in Detroit in the past month."Again, adult behavior has brought another child in Detroit to an end," said Police Chief Ralph Godbee.
No, adult behavior didn't bring about the end of another child's life in Detroit. Black behavior did. Interesting that calls for ground troops to patrol the city of Detroit - just like New Orleans, where Black violence might bring about a call for ground troops as well - are needed in the last days of Black-rule, just like the beginning of Black-rule in those dark days of Negro Rebellion back in 1967.

Those days that we have forgotten about.

Life is balance. Never forget that. In the Alpha and Omega of Black-rule of Detroit, federal troops will occupy the city.

If not, more stories like the one of an 86-year-old Black guy being assaulted by a young Black punk will persist (With Video, Passers-by ignore injured car-jacked victim, 86, crawling at Detroit gas station, by Tammy Battaglia, Detroit Free Press, February 24, 2012):
The 86-year-old World War II Air Corps veteran, knocked to the ground during a carjacking on Detroit's west side, crawled across the gas station parking lot as people walked by. 
No one stopped to help, he says. Aaron Brantley, who worked for 31 years as a welder at a Chrysler plant in Hamtramck, recalled the ordeal Friday, two days after he was robbed outside the BP gas station on West McNichols at Fairfield, just east of the University of Detroit Mercy campus.Brantley estimates that at least four customers walked past him as he struggled for help, unable to walk because his leg was broken. "I never bothered anybody, and I always try to help somebody else when I could," he said Friday from home, his leg in a soft cast to his hip and not a tinge of bitterness in his voice. 
Brantley was on his way home from Bible study at Corinthians Baptist Church in Hamtramck, where he's a trustee, when someone hit him from behind and grabbed his keys at 10:40 a.m. Wednesday. The thief drove off in Brantley's 2010 Chrysler 200 -- bought to replace another car recently stolen."I noticed when I was crawling to the gas station, people were walking past by me like I wasn't there," he said. "I said, 'Lord, have mercy.' I said, 'Lord, some of them didn't even look around, just going to get their gas.' " 
Once Brantley got inside the gas station, the shocked attendant, Haissam Jaber, 37, and other customers called for help. 
"I've seen everything in here, but I couldn't believe it happened at 10 o'clock in the morning," said Jaber, who has worked at the station for 10 years. "And he actually pushed him down. It was a bad scene. He must be on drugs or something -- to push an old guy like this is sad. They do anything these days." 
It took so long for an ambulance to arrive, Brantley said, that he offered cash to a stranger to take him home. The Good Samaritan refused the money and drove him anyway. The ambulance met Brantley at home and transported him to Sinai-Grace Hospital. 
"I thought they ran over my leg," he said. "I didn't know what happened -- I didn't see him. When he had hit me and knocked me down on the ground, I went to get up and couldn't get up. So I crawled into that filling station there." 
A few hours after the carjacking, a man found Brantley's name and phone number in his Bible, still on the car's front seat, and called him. The car had been abandoned on the city's east side, the wheels and radio missing. 
Detroit police spokeswoman Sgt. Eren Stephens said no one has been arrested, and the case is under investigation. 
"Whenever a member of our community -- but especially a senior citizen -- becomes a victim of crime, it is very upsetting and disturbing," she said, requesting anyone with information to call police or Crime Stoppers.
This is the legacy of the Negro Revolt that Life magazine documented in 1967. White people fled Black crime - just as they do in every major metropolis in America - but because of the high concentration of Black people from the Great Migration (the most disastrous migratory movement in America, the complete reverse of Manifest Destiny), it quickly became the Black capital of America.

Now, with its school system perhaps the worst in the Western world (and already taken over by the state of Michigan); the lowest property value imaginable in America; and crumbling; the most unsafe streets in America, with violence and crime not even seen in war-torn areas; neglected buildings built by white people and burnt down by Black people during "Devil's Night" each year, Detroit is truly the best representation of what happens when Black people take control.

It is in that same Life issue from seemingly another world that an article, "On guard, specter of backlash" is printed on p. 24:
Of all the cities engulfed by negro violence, Detroit seemed one of the least likely candidates. Federal officials considered Detroit's anti-poverty program a model: up to last week it has poured more than $250 million into urban renewal and projects for the poor. Negroes had also attained a share of the political power. Detroit is the only city in the U.S. that has two Negro congressmen, and its young, progressive mayor, Jerry Cavanagh, had been popular with the Negroes. Unlike Newark and Watts, Detroit had no single ghetto (PK NOTE: no all of Detroit is a ghetto). 

But beneath the surface, the city simmered. Few of the statistics meant much to the Negroes who inhabited the eight-block area of 12th Street where the rioting erupted. The unemployment rate there was still 11%, and even higher among Negro youth. The area was the most densely populated in the city. Only 17% of the residents owned their own homes- compared with 60% in the entire city. A recent survey indicated that 91% feared being robbed and 93% wanted to move out. Even though economic conditions had improved, it served simply to raise Negro expectation - and the inevitable frustration when those hopes were not quickly satisfied. In the carnival-like revel of looting, Negroes took the luxuries they felt had been denied them - expensive liquor, color TV sets and hi-fi phonographs. "It looked like a singing commercial for all the things they had seen on television, says a Detroit sociologist.  
The rioting demonstrated the power of the discontented to disrupt and paralyze any city and the difficulty of reimposing law and order. It also raised the menacing prospect of white backlash. Whites already have started a run on gun shops and there was a danger that any community confronted by racial violence might be split into armed camps, white vs. Negro. If this occurs, an important lesson of the violence will be obscured. That lesson, says a Detroit psychologist, is "Learn, whitey, learn."
There was no white backlash. Whites left Detroit; Black people took over. Now, Detroit is one of the most unsafe cities in the world, because of the Black population present there.

We saw violence explode across the nation - Black violence - in the summer of 2011. The lessons that should be learned come directly from the Negro Revolt that Life magazine discussed openly in its August 4th, 1967 issue.

Just like in Wanted, the bad guys have won and remade the world in their image. We have forgotten the lessons of the past, and for this reason, we can't confront the reason that life is held in such low esteem in Detroit.

We can't even remember what the past looked like, because the world of BRA has clouded it in a shroud of white racism, bigotry, discrimination, and ultimately, white supremacy.

Looking at what happened in Detroit in the summer of 1967, there's a reason all of those things existed.

Detroit's collapse is near. The city is forced to sell of assets to make payroll. We must remember that it was a Negro Revolt - as Life told us - that made this all possible.

It wasn't white privilege that killed the 9-month-old in Detroit; it wasn't white privilege that refused to help an 86-year-old carjacked Black man in Detroit; it was a city where Black privilege has reached its startling conclusion. It's a city where an "Africa Town" was almost mandated by tax dollars, because of the shocking lack of Black entrepreneurship in a city where Black people are 82 percent of the population.

It's a city that we must understand is a reminder of what happens when Black people are left to their own devices.

The legacy of the Black insurrection of 1967 is seen in the tragic end of the nine-month-old; it's seen in the indifference to an 86-year-old Black veteran being ignored as he crawled for help after being car-jacked.

If we can't remember this, there is no use trying to save America.