Friday, July 31, 2015

In an America without Whites, How Long Until a Collapse? 65% Black Baltimore Ties Deadliest Month Ever with 45 Homicides

Before we start, a quick history lesson. [Census data show segregation goes on, Baltimore Sun, July 7, 1991]:
Racial makeup changes 
The most significant change in the Baltimore area's racial makeup since 1970 has been the 25 percent growth in the black population. By contrast, the white population has only increased by 7 percent in the same period. 
But it was not black population growth that transformed Baltimore from a majority-white city (46.4 percent black in 1970) to a majority-black one (59.2 percent in 1990). The city's black population edged up a scant 3.7 percent in two decades. 
Instead, white population decline -- a drop of more than 190,000 residents, or about 40 percent -- changed the city. The white withdrawal, due to deaths and migration, was nearly twice as fast in the 1970s as in the 1980s.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. [ City ties deadliest month with 45th homicide, Baltimore Sun, July 31, 2015]:
 Baltimore Detective Roderick Mitter was at his desk at the police station when he got a call from his mother telling him a family member had been shot. 
Within minutes, the 10-year veteran was at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where his 18-year-old nephew, Jermaine Mitter, was pronounced dead Thursday. "I was telling somebody yesterday, 'You get numb to it. It's just work,'" the detective said Friday of the violence he regularly sees on the job. 
But with family, he said, "It's totally different. I wasn't just Roderick the police officer. I was someone who lost someone." 
Jermaine Mitter was among 45 people killed in July, the deadliest month in the city in at least 45 years. July's total surpassed the 42 homicides in May and tied the previous record monthly homicide count in August 1972, when the city had about 275,000 more residents. 
As the month drew to a close Friday, police also announced the death of Donte Dixon, 29, a popular local rapper known as "G-Rock," who was shot Thursday night in the 4500 block of Edmondson Ave. 
Police have not announced arrests in either case. City violence has surged since the April 19 death of Freddie Gray. The 25-year-old died after suffering a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody. Six officers involved with his arrest and transport have been charged and are scheduled for trial in October. 
All have pleaded not guilty. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake fired Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts in early July, and immediately replaced him with interim Commissioner Kevin Davis. 
She has praised Davis' leadership, calling the department's recent response to the violence "more nimble" after it announced several arrests this week. 
The mayor has begun holding regular public safety forums, and is planning an anti-crime walk Monday at the AME Zion Church on Pennsylvania Avenue. 
Detective Mitter said when he arrived at the hospital Thursday, he believed his younger brother, Jermaine Mitter Sr., had been shot. "I was kind of in pieces at that point," Mitter said. "I told my partner I had to call my mother," and he broke the news to her.
Baltimore was 54 percent white in 1970, when the city had 275,000 more residents; now, Baltimore is only 26 percent white and is roughly 65 percent black.

Do you understand now what a world devoid of the white man looks like?

Where a world completely dominated by a democratically elected black power structure exists?

We call this Baltimore.

Most normal people would call the conditions collectively created by individual black people, and governed by almost entirely democratically-elected black people, hell.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

HUD vs. Planned Parenthood: Which Taxpayer-Funded Organization has done more damage?

Do you remember your Jeremiah 22:10?:
Do not weep for the dead king or mourn his loss; rather, weep bitterly for him who is exiled, because he will never return nor see his native land again.
When you consider the evil of Section 8 Vouchers (look no further then the destruction of Ferguson, Missouri) and the truly sinister Affirmatively Further Fair Housing plan of HUD - which turns black and brown people into biological weapons to destroy the social capital found in all-white communities - one can easily understand the fatuous nature of the Planned Parenthood uproar.

There is something utterly horrifying about abortion, but there's something fundamentally treasonous about deliberating transporting living bipeds into communities for the sole purpose of undermining the quality of life there.

And this is what HUD has done for decades and will only enhance via AFFH...

How many unborn are there because a white father had to commute two hours everyday (10 hours a week/ 40 hours a month/ 480 hours a year) and didn't get to spend time with his wife, the stress of constantly searching for a peaceful place to raise kids - and the Holy Grail of a "good school" - free of the nefarious influence of black pupils?

Worse, how many marriages ended because of this strain?

Sorry, the first government-funded organization to be defunded should be HUD, which has done far more damage to the nation then Planned Parenthood; and, with AFFH, the damage HUD has in mind to do to living white people is far more insidious than any action by Planned Parenthood.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"I didn't even do nothing": Samuel Dubose Last Words Fail to Address Why he Simply Failed to Cooperate With Officer Tensing

It's entirely apropos the last words of Sam Dubose, after he had repeatedly refused to comply with simple instructions to show some I.D. by an exceedingly polite Officer Tensing, were "I didn't even do nothing."

If Mr. Dubose wasn't preparing to drive off, which strangely (shockingly, really) Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters argued he should have done in a highly combative press conference today, why did the car drive off after he was shot?  

The exact words of Deters were, "even if Dubose was attempting to drive off Tensing should have let him go"... what type of cop allows someone who is unwilling to comply with their orders to just "drive off?"

Is Deters, a man whose own son was attacked by a mob of blacks at the 2014 Taste of Cincinnati event, placating the black lives matter rabble more gratuitously then Martin O'Malley (who apologized for saying "white lives matter")?

It's important to remember that if Cincinnati didn't have a black population, it would be virtually violent crime free, with the blacks responsible for producing nearly every fatal and nonfatal shooting suspect. [EARLIER: How serious is black-on-black crime?, Cincinnati Enquirer, April 24, 2014]:

Since 2000, 664 of the city's 816 homicide victims, 81.4 percent, have been African-American, an Enquirer analysis of Cincinnati police data shows.
But an increasing proportion of homicide victims were African-Americans in recent years. The analysis showed they made up 77.9 percent of homicide victims from 2000 to 2004, but that proportion rose to 83.8 percent between 2005 and the present.
In 2011, all but one of the 66 homicide victims was black. And since the start of 2011, all but one of the city's solved homicides – 33 of 34 – have been black-on-black violence.
Two prominent members of city council disagree on how to best approach the problem and when the discussion should start.
Smitherman, elected in November as an independent, said African-Americans need to take responsibility for the violence and crime.
"There has to be ownership," he said. "Too often what you hear is, 'the white man is bringing guns into the (black) community.' If you pull the trigger, you are responsible."

But no one cares about a black gang banger shooting another brother, with the frequency of these events so ubiquitous one becomes to numb to the reality of black dysfunction.

But it needs to be stated again: without a black population, Cincinnati would be virtually violent crime-free and virtually 80 percent of the police force would unnecessary.

More to the point, the private University of Cincinnati force would be unnecessary, with the students free of the fear of victimized by a black population Hamilton County Prosecutor Deters believes should be free to disregard the simple request of showing an officer their I.D. ...

The fine blog Cincinnati is a Dump provided this important timeline for the events surrounding the fatal encounter between Dubose and Tensing (remember: this would have been a truly routine stop if Dubose had only complied with Mr. Tensing's requests):

My CIAD narrative is slightly different,  in that I conclude this was factually a 43 year old negro with 60+ prior arrests and no valid drivers license or job,  and 13-20 illegitimate ‘chillins (who will be looked after by your tax dollars) who was shot and killed while attempting to flee arrest in a moving and potentially dangerousvehicle,  in a routine stop.  The video looks inconclusive, but the UC Campus police officer appeared polite and professional.  Incidentally, The UC campus is surrounded by one giant ghetto full of violent ferals,  and just uphill from the famed Over The Rhine ghetto, Avondale and Walnut Hills to the East. 
In this case, The negro victim: 
1. Did not or refused to show ID- (This is elementary folks)  (Dubose had No Drivers license, it was suspended). 
3. Refuses to exit the car when commanded, and Has a bottle of alcohol with him in the afternoon that wasnt in a bag, making him a DUI suspect, and with possible firearm in the car. 
3. Fled the scene in a deadly weapon (car itself) after trying to reach for something that caused the officer to react, the fleeing is potentially a cause of serious possible injury to the police officer, dragging him severely..or hitting and killing a pedestrian while fleeing.
"I didn't even do nothing."

Well, you sure didn't answer Officer Tensing's polite question of if you had state issued I.D., so yes, you didn't do one thing.

I've had a few encounters with police officers (both white and black), and in each of them I've instinctively understood they held the power in the equation and it was only my job to cooperate with them unless I wanted to further exacerbate the problem.

What's so strange about this situation is Dubose did try and drive off, after refusing to answer a direct question (asked repeatedly) by Officer Tensing. If he wasn't trying to drive off, the car would have stayed in park after Tensing fired the single shot.

It didn't.

America doesn't have a problem of rogue police officers looking to shoot black people; America has a problem of overburdened police officers having to coddle a violent black population, that is increasingly protected by the state to get away with doing whatever they want.

In the case of Dubose, the Prosecutor Deters admitted he should have simply driven off instead of listening to Officer Tensing.

Welcome to Black-Run America (BRA).

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"In the world I see - you are stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center": Inching Closer to the 2015 Cincinnati #BlackLivesMatter Riots

"You grew up way too fast. And now there's nothing to believe. And reruns all become our history." -- Goo Goo Dolls, Name

Will this be it? 

The energy of the #BlackLivesMatter movement keeps growing, reminding one of exactly the synergy Nat Turner felt on the morning he awoke to lead his historic rebellion. 

  • What John Brown felt when he prepared to march upon Harper's Ferry. 
  • What Trayvon Martin felt when he tried to kill George Zimmerman; what Michael Brown felt as he prepared to charge at Darren Wilson. 
  • What Nkosi Thandiwe felt as he prepared to open fire on three white women in Atlanta, ultimately murdering Brittney Watts for daring to possess unearned "white privilege."

Perhaps we are far nearer to this energy being released than anyone wants to admit. [Mayor: 'We're prepared' for police shooting decision,, July 28, 2015]:

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said he's confident police are ready for whatever happens this week after prosecutors release video of a fatal shooting by a University of Cincinnati police officer.
Cranley said city officials are preparing for the video's release, as well as the conclusion of a grand jury investigation, in two ways: They are making sure police have the resources they need to respond to any protests or unrest, and they are reaching out to community leaders to prevent trouble from getting started.
"I think we're prepared," Cranley said Tuesday. "Everyone has the right to peacefully protest, but we will not tolerate lawlessness."
Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters has said he expects the grand jury investigating the shooting to complete its work this week, at which time he will announce whether UC Police Officer Ray Tensing will be charged with a crime and also will release video of the incident from the officer's body camera.
Tensing shot and killed Samuel DuBose, 43, during a traffic stop on July 19. The officer stopped DuBose at Rice and Valencia streets in Mount Auburn for having a missing front license plate.
Many questions remain unanswered. The police incident report said Tensing was "dragged," but there was no mention of the dragging in the police dispatch call. Deters has refused to release video of the incident until the grand jury's work is done, saying it is part of the investigation.
Cranley and other city officials say they have not seen the video, but City Manager Harry Black said Monday he has been briefed on what it shows.
"My reaction is that it is not a good situation," Black said. "Someone has died that did not necessarily need to die."
Cranley said he's optimistic the response to the video and grand jury decision will be civil. He said the city has changed since 2001, when the streets erupted in days of violence after a Cincinnati police officer shot and killed an African-American man in Over-the-Rhine.
He said the relationship between police and the community they serve is far better today than in 2001 and City Hall has open lines of communication with activists, ministers and others whose opinions carry weight in the city's neighborhoods.
"These are personal friends of mine," Cranley said. "We're staying in constant communication."
He said he's also scheduled a private meeting with DuBose's family members, who buried him Tuesday. "I want to express my condolences," Cranley said.
The mayor said another significant difference between this shooting and the one in 2001 is that this one didn't involve a Cincinnati police officer. That shooting led to sweeping police reforms and a "collaborative agreement" between community leaders and the city about the future of policing in Cincinnati.
Cue up the Goo Goo Dolls, signing a song detailing the false premise of so-called "white privilege" far greater than you could imagine:
 And scars are souvenirs you never lose 
The past is never far 
Did you lose yourself somewhere out there? 
Did you get to be a star? 
And don't it make you sad to know that life 
Is more than who we are
One day, sons and daughters of Europe will understand we are far more than individuals and realize our future will be predicated largely upon present actions of which we have literally no control; but it's how we collectively decide to respond to these actions that determine the future.

Life might be more than who we individually are, but when we collectively decide life is about who we will become (and must overcome), well... "collaborative agreements" from the past will no longer burden our future.

So few understand where the #BlackLivesMatter is inevitably leading, but it will ultimately birth a movement of far, far greater importance: that White Lives Matter.

And when this moment occurs, reruns will no longer be part of our history.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Martin Luther King Drive/Street/Boulevard/Trail/Highway Challenge

The Confederate Flag must go, as must all memorials/grave stones/drawings/statues/and memories of the Confederacy. 

Every street and school must be renamed. 

It must all go, even the mural of Lee, Jackson, and Davis on Stone Mountain
Dare take the challenge?

But the question one must ask is this: if Confederate symbols/flags/memorials must go, shouldn't we reevaluate the more than 900 streets/drives/boulevards/trails/highways named after Martin Luther King? 

Indeed, how many fatal and nonfatal shootings are there a week on streets named after Martin Luther King? [City streets named for Martin Luther King Jr. struggle across U.S.,, 1-20-14]:
A walk down the 6-mile city street named for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. yields plenty of images that would surely unsettle the civil rights leader: shuttered storefronts, open-air drug markets and a glut of pawn shops, quickie check-cashing providers and liquor stores. 
The urban decay along Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in St. Louis can be found in other major American cities, from Houston and Milwaukee to the nation’s capital. 
"It’s a national problem," said Melvin White, a 46-year-old postal worker in St. Louis and founder of a 3-year-old nonprofit group that is trying to restore King’s legacy on asphalt. "Dr. King would be turning over in his grave." 
Nearly three decades into the observance of Monday’s federal holiday, the continuing decline of the most visible symbols of King’s work has White and others calling for a renewed commitment to the more than 900 streets nationwide named in the Atlanta native’s honor. The effort centers in St. Louis, where the small nonprofit is working to reclaim MLK roadways as a source of pride and inspiration, not disappointment over a dream derailed. 
White’s goals are ambitious, his resources admittedly modest. A neighborhood park is planned across the street from the group’s headquarters. An urban agriculture project to encourage residents to eat healthy and grow their own food has preliminary support from nearby Washington University, one of the country’s wealthiest private colleges. Above all, Beloved Streets of America wants to build community from the ashes of what was once a thriving retail corridor when White was a child. 
The template can be found just a mile away. Delmar Boulevard, which saw a similar decline, is now a vibrant retail corridor packed with restaurants, nightclubs, a renovated movie theater and a boutique hotel. The renaissance earned Delmar recognition in 2007 as one of "10 Great Streets in America" by the American Planning Association. 
Journalist Jonathan Tilove, who wrote a 2003 book based on visits to 650 King streets nationwide, called the King byways "black America’s Main Street.""Map them and you map a nation within a nation, a place where white America seldom goes and black America can be itself," he wrote. "It is a parallel universe with a different center of gravity and distinctive sensibilities. ... There is no other street like it."
Martin Luther King Drive/Street/Boulevard/Trail/Highway reprint a place where black America can be itself, and in turn create "shuttered storefronts, open-air drug markets and a glut of pawn shops, quickie check-cashing providers and liquor stores," from sea to shining sea...

So the Martin Luther King Drive/Street/Boulevard/Trail/Highway Challenge begins: can any ascertain the number of fatal/non-fatal shootings on streets named after King in a day; a week; a month?

If the number far outpaces the aggregate of fatal/nonfatal shootings for a similarly named drive/street/boulevard/trail/highway found nationwide (George Washington, perhaps?), then perhaps it's time we rename every drive/street/boulevard/trail/highway named after Martin Luther King.

For it seems a drive/street/boulevard/trail/highway named in his honor is the greatest harbinger of destruction, desolation, destitution, and degradation imaginable; then again, it's just a place where black America can be itself...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Moment Like this will set it all Off: Cleveland Cop Surrounded by Hostile #BlackLivesMatter Crowd, Uses Pepper Spray to Restore Order

It will be a moment such as this one from Cleveland today that sets it all off...[Cleveland RTA releases statement about officer who pepper-sprayed crowd during Movement for Black Lives conference,, July 26, 2015]:
 A Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority police officer let loose pepper-spray into a crowd after the crowd surrounded a police cruiser holding a boy in custody, according to an RTA statement. 
The incident happened about 4:40 p.m. Sunday near a bus shelter on Euclid Ave at East 24th Street during the Movement for Black Lives national conference. 
Video of the incident quickly went viral on social media. 
According to the RTA, "officers on routine patrol peacefully removed an intoxicated 14-year-old male from a bus. Police said the juvenile was intoxicated to the point where he was unable to care for himself." 
Police then escorted the boy to the bus shelter, where officers intended to collect information before taking him to police headquarters where he would have been released to a parent or guardian, according to the statement. 
A crowd gathered near the scene within minutes, so officers put the boy in the back of a cruiser for his safety, the statement said. 
"The crowd then surrounded the car, and attempted to remove the juvenile from the car," the statement said. "By this time, several other law enforcement agencies had also responded. 
"The crowd kept the police car from leaving the area. A transit Police officer used a general burst of pepper spray in an attempt to push back the crowd, to no avail." 
The boy was then taken to nearby paramedics and was eventually released to his mother about 5:45 p.m., according to the statement. 
RTA officials are investigating the incident. It is unclear if any members of the crowd were injured. 
The Movement for Black Lives national conference, which was held this weekend at Cleveland State University, meant to draw attention to police brutality and race relations.
There is no reason for a white person to be a cop anymore; daring to uphold law and order (or help a 14-year-old black kid whose under the influence of alcohol) will get your surrounded by blacks prepared to remind the country #CopLivesDontMatter.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Only a Matter of Time Now: Black Clergy Agitate For Disorder in Cincinnati

Well... only a matter of time now. [Prominent black minister feels betrayed by UC president's decision to release police shooting report: Rev. Damon Lynch III tells Ono to release video,, July 24, 2015]:
Several pastors feel betrayed by University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono in the aftermath of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white UC police officer. And they're challenging Ono to defy prosecutor Joe Deters and release the officer's body cam video. 
A prominent black minister, the Rev. Damon Lynch III, and a diverse group of pastors say it was unfair for UC to release the police incident report Thursday while Deters withholds the video. The pastors say the incident report only give the officer's side of the story, and they're asking Ono to release the video now – with or without Deters' consent, whether Deters sues UC or not. 
"They only gave out the side -- the police officer side -- which serves to vindicate the officer and not the entire story so the community and the family can know what really happened on that fateful day," Lynch told WCPO Friday. 
"We're asking UC, which still has a copy of the tape, to release it." 
Following Officer Ray Tensing's killing of Sam Dubose during a traffic stop Sunday, Ono invited the pastors to meet with him Thursday and informed them that he was ordering UC police to stop patrolling off campus. Tensing pursued Dubose to a Mount Auburn street because Dubose's Honda Accord didn't have a front license plate. 
Lynch has been a long-time spokesperson and advocate for police reform. He stepped to the forefront after the fatal shooting of Timothy Thomas, an unarmed black teen, by white Cincinnati police officer Stephen Roach that led to riots in the city in 2001. 
Dubose's family and their supporters -- as well as the media -- have been clamoring to see Tensing's body cam video. WCPO and other media outlets announced Friday that they would sue the prosecutor's office to release the video. WCPO's editorial board called for the video's release earlier this week. 
Ono tweeted Thursday that he had asked Deters to let Dubose's family see the video. 
Ono said at a news conference Wednesday that he was prepared to release the video after the shooting but deferred to Deters, who said he would withhold it during the investigation. On Thursday, Deters said he wouldn't release it until the grand jury had seen it. On Friday, Deters said his office plans to complete its presentation to the grand jury by the end of next week. 
According to the police incident report, Tensing said Dubose was dragging him with his car and Tensing feared he would be run over when he fired a single shot that killed Dubose. 
Another UC officer responding to the scene, Phillip Kidd, backed up Tensing's account, saying he witnessed Dubose's 1998 Honda Accord dragging Tensing and Tensing firing one shot, according to the report. 
Cincinnati police from Districts 4 and 5 have agreed to increase patrols in the neighborhood areas around UC's Uptown campuses, Ono said in a statement Friday.
The lawless and riots in Baltimore that culminated with the historic empty stadium baseball game between the Orioles and the White Sox on April 29th started off in similar fashion to what we are witnessing in Cincinnati. 

Only a matter of time now...

Friday, July 24, 2015

No More "Hulking Up": Hulk Hogan's 'Racist' Comments from 8 Years Ago Make Him a Non-person to the WWF/WWE

In June of 2013, Paula Deen became the No. 1 public enemy for using the dreaded n-word... in 1986

To describe a black criminal....
Donald Trump and Hulk Hogan: Real Americans

In July of 2015, Hulk Hogan has become the No. 1 public enemy (with the World Wrestling Entertainment organization not only terminating Hogan's contract, but scrubbing all mention of him from their site in a move normally reserved for murderers like Chris Benoit) for using the dreaded n-word... in 2008. [Hulk Hogan Fired from WWE After Reports of Racist Rant, Hollywood Reporter, July 24, 2015]:
The wrestler has since apologized: "Eight years ago I used offensive language during a conversation. It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it." 
The WWE has fired Hulk Hogan after reports surfaced that the wrestling legend went on a racist N-word-filled tirade. 
"WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan)," the company said in a statement Friday morning. "WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide." 
The WWE has not confirmed the specific reason for ending its contract with Hogan.  
According to a "joint investigation" by the The National Enquirer and Radar Online, the decision came down after additional footage from Hogan's 2012 sex tape leaked, showing the wrestler making racist comments about his daughter Brooke's boyfriend, whom he believed to be black. 
"I’d rather if she was going to f— some n—er," Hogan reportedly said on the tape. "I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n—er worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player! 
The WWE has since scrubbed all mentions of Hogan's name from its website. A source tells THR that a replacement judge will appear in Hogan's place on Tuesday's episode of WWE Tough Enough. Further details will be announced on Tuesday's episode. Additionally, the WWE will no longer air previous episodes of the series that involve Hogan. 
According to USA Today, Hogan is also no longer present on the WWE Hall of Fame page. All merchandise has been removed from 
According to a separate report by Marc Lamont Hill, citing transcripts from the tape, there is additional audio of Hogan calling The Rock, real name Dwayne Johnson, the n-word as well as "samba." 
In a statement to People, Hogan has apologized for his comments, saying: "Eight years ago I used offensive language during a conversation. It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it; and I apologize for having done it."
Oh. My. God.

A conversation eight years ago becomes grounds for terminating an employee who is indisputably responsible with building the very foundations Vince McMahon built his entertainment empire upon...

Welcome to life in the USSA, an open-air Gulag, where every man is his own commissar...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

So What Does This Mean?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Cincinnati #BlackLivesMatter Riot in Honoring a Habitual Black Criminal with Nearly 75 Prior Arrests Inches Closer...

The fire rises... the inevitability of #BlackLivesMatter influenced riot on behalf of a dead black male - who used his car as a weapon to try and run over a cop - with nearly 75 prior arrests, inches closer. [Protesters to focus on Deters after UCPD video withheld,, July 22, 2015]:

Protesters and family members of Samuel Dubose, the man shot and killed by a University of Cincinnati police officer on Sunday, announced they plan to protest outside Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters' office on Thursday.
A crowd of family, friends and activists gathered at City Hall Wednesday night calling for Deters to release the body camera footage from what originated as a traffic stop but ended in a fatal shooting.
Deters announced earlier Wednesday that the footage would not be released until his investigation was completed, which he estimates will take till the end of the week.
"We have to do the right thing, and that doesn't mean blasting it all over the media when we haven't completed our interviews, received the coroner's report or results of the ballistics test," Deters said. "I'm not going to jeopardize my investigation."
Family and community members plan to pressure Deters with protests beginning at 11 a.m. Thursday.
Calls were also made for Deters to call the officer a "thug," “soulless” and “unsalvageable” reflecting statements he made about the perpetrators of July 4 melee on Fountain Square.
“We want the same language that has been used on the black community to be used on this officer,” said Iris Roley, a member of the Cincinnati Black United Front, an organization that rallies behind equality in the community. “We want to know Joe Deters is serious about prosecuting this officer. If he does not charge him with the appropriate charges, we won’t be looking at a conviction, we won’t be looking at jail time. All we will be doing is looking at each other once again.”
Plans for further protests were discussed as well including a boycott of this weekend's Cincinnati Music Festival, formerly known as the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival.

Never forget: blacks rioted in Baltimore in April of 2015 to honor the memory of a convicted heroin dealer. 

To honor a habitual criminal in Dubose will merely be par the course for the blacks in Cincinnati. 

But that Deters brings up something interesting. 

Remember him? In July of 2014, a white man was targeted by a mob of blacks at the Taste of Cincinnati. [5 indicted on assault, ethnic intimidation charges in attack: 3 assaulted near Taste of Cincinnati,, July 16, 2014]:
Five people have been indicted in connection with a downtown attack that followed the Taste of Cincinnati. 
Jon Deters, 24, was assaulted on West Ninth Street as he was walking his sister to her car on Memorial Day weekend. His father is Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters. 
On Tuesday, Matthew Johnson Jr., 23, Joshua McCoy, 21, Onea Lapsley, 22, Yahdea Brown, 19, and a 17-year-old were each indicted on one count of felonious assault, two counts of assault, one count of aggravated riot and one count of ethnic intimidation. 
A witness previously said the attack was racially motivated, noting "that was quite obvious in the slurs that were being thrown out.” The suspects are black, while Deters is white. 
"If that lady hadn't stepped in, Jon would be dead because he was a white kid and it's disgusting either way," Joe Deters said.
Outside of those watching the WLWT newscast in the Cincinnati region on the night of July 16, 2014, who even knows what befell Joe Deters when he attended the Taste of Cincinnati event? 

By some twist of fate, the very same county prosecutor whose son was beaten by a black mob (his crime: being white) at the Taste of Cincinnati in 2014 is the man who will decided whether or not to press hate crime charges against the black mob which beat McKnight. [Prosecutor Joe Deters reviews downtown assault, Local 12, July 9, 2015]:
Prosecutor Joe Deters said he has reviewed the evidence of Saturday’s July 4, attack on Fountain Square and he does "not" think it was a hate crime. But that doesn't mean the young men seen beating Christopher McKnight were going to get away with anything. So many people saw the video of McKnight, a white guy being beaten by black men, and went right to hate crime.    
  There is more to the story. 
Prosecutor Deters told Local 12 it wasn't just a white guy, he was a white guy who was intoxicated and had his wallet hanging out. 
Deters said McKnight was robbed and he kept coming back, motioning as if he wanted to keep fighting. What he was saying was, “I want my stuff back.”    
  He still doesn't have his wallet or cellphone. It really didn't fit Ohio's ethnic intimidation law. 
Under that law motivation for the assault would have to be about race, color, religion or national origin.    
  In some cases, that motivation was verbalized. That was what happened in 2014 at the Taste of Cincinnati when people were indicted under that law. 
The police report taken Saturday night, July 4, called the assault a "hate" crime and "anti-white." 
Captain Neville said he didn't think that was what it was going to be and Joe Deters agreed. But Deters also said he was going after the men in that video.
It was Deters own son who was attacked by a group of blacks during the Taste of Cincinnati event in 2014 referenced in the WKRC CBS (Local 12) story above... 

There's a frightening lesson somewhere in these two stories, separated by only 12 months: multiple black people attacking a lone person, with one of the episodes victim including the son of the Hamilton County prosecutor and the other including the same prosecutor who quickly brushed aside the news McKnight's beating might have been motivated by racial hate.

But what's the lesson?

Now, Deters will make a decision ultimately condemning the city to enduring more black riots (see 2001 riots in the city) and potential black on white assaults in the name of Justice for Samuel Dubose... just as his own son endured at the 2014 Taste of Cincinnati event.

Regardless of what the body cam shows of the event, this one incident in Cincinnati will bring about a #BlackLivesMatter riot. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How Long Until Cincinnati Burns?

How long until Cincinnati burns

Three days? Four? Five tops? [Police Officer Shoots Man to Death in Cincinnati Traffic Stop, CNN, July 21, 2015]:
Cincinnati police are investigating the fatal shooting of an apparently unarmed black man by a University of Cincinnati police officer after a confrontation during a traffic stop Sunday.
Yet another white male cop is now the No. 1 enemy of the "Black Lives Matter" militia 
The dead man, who was shot in the head, was Samuel Dubose, a 43-year-old father of 13 children, according to CNN affiliate WKRC-TV. A CNN records search showed that Dubose had more than 60 arrests. 
Authorities identified the officer as Ray Tensing, who has five years’ experience in law enforcement and who has worked for the University of Cincinnati Police Department for more than a year. 
He is white. 
According to Cincinnati police, which is handling the investigation, Tensing saw Dubose driving without a front license plate around 6:30 Sunday evening and tried to pull him over. Police said Dubose continued for about a mile before stopping the car. 
Tensing asked several times to see Dubose’s driver’s license, Cincinnati police said. Instead, police said, Dubose handed the officer a bottle of alcohol. 
According to police, Tensing asked Dubose to step out of the car, at which point a struggle ensued. 
“There was a struggle at the door with Mr. Dubose in the vehicle and the officer outside the vehicle, and the vehicle sped away,” Cincinnati police Lt. Col. James Whalen told reporters. 
Police said Dubose then stuck his key back in the ignition and sped away as Tensing fired a single shot, hitting the driver in the head. 
Tensing fell to the ground as he fired the shot, bruising his legs and tearing his uniform, Cincinnati police said. 
Dubose’s mother, Audrey, said her son was “full of love,” CNN affiliate WLWT-TV reported. 
“Know that my son was not a violent person,” she said. “My son . . . he got stopped a lot but he never tried to fight.”
End of the week.


The riots will commence.

All in the name of a deceased black male who fathered 13 children and had 60 prior arrests.

Welcome to Black-Run America (BRA).

Monday, July 20, 2015

Oprah Winfrey Got Her Wish: John Hester, a 68-year-old white male, is dead; Seven Blacks Arrested in his Execution

John Hester.

A 68-year-old white male.

A citizen of the great state of Georgia.
God Speed, John Hester...

A proud member of the Moultrie community.




A victim of a "home invasion gone wrong."

Oprah Winfrey would be proud, as he was obviously a member of that generation of white people she believes must die before a more perfect union can be created; Barack Obama would be proud, because his administration's belief that those citizens collecting social security shouldn't be allowed to own a gun (to protect themselves from "home invasions gone wrong") has, in this story, shown its true objective. 

John Hester was a 68-year-old white male, who lived in Moultrie, Georgia, and his white privilege finally ran out. [7 teens arrested in connection with slaying, The Moultrie Observer, July 16, 2015]:
Law enforcement officials say that a gun taken in a July 5 burglary of a residence is the suspected weapon used in a slaying that night of a Norman Park man. 
Six teenagers participated in the burglary and were joined by a seventh at the time John Hester Sr. was shot at the end of the driveway of his 353 Hwy. 256 residence, according to information released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on Thursday.
The seven blacks charged in the Oprah Winfrey-approved slaying of John Hester
Three of the seven teenagers arrested were members of last year’s Colquitt County Packers state champion football team. One of those three was a standout player who would have been a starting running back this year. 
In a news release, the agency released the names of the six accused in the burglary that occurred July 5 in the 100 block of Lonnie Brookard Road. Those six teenagers and a seventh teen also have been charged in the killing of Hester. 
Hester, 68, was taken to Colquitt Regional Medical Center after being shot after he apparently confronted the teens and exchanged gunfire at about 11 p.m. He was later transferred to Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, where he died at about 10 a.m. on July 6. 
Family members told police they found Hester, who had been shot outside his residence. The initial call to the Colquitt County 911 Center was made at 11:56 p.m. 
 The six charged in the burglary were arrested as part of an unrelated investigation conducted by the Norman Park Police Department and Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office, the GBI said in its Thursday news release. 
“Firearms and electronics were taken from the residence.  Law enforcement officers believe that a firearm taken during the burglary was used in the shooting of John Hester,” the release said. 
• Tykerious Raheem “Grumpy” Jones, 17, 129 Charm St. Apt. 6, Norman Park 
• Derrick Demond Phillips, 18, 4520 U.S. Hwy. 319 N. 
• Brandon Quanterrious “Brad” Wynn, 18, 4520 U.S. Hwy. 319 N. 
• Christian Savion Glover, 18, 1515 Fourth Ave. N.E. Apt. L5 
• I-Key Tumazs Pinkins, 18 429 Sunrise Ave. 
• Ty’Cameron La’Darius Hayes, 18, 1515 Fourth Ave. N.E. Apt. E3 
• Adrian Lyryan Robinson, 19 
All of those seven, with the exception of Robinson, have been charged in the unrelated burglary on Lonnie Brookard Road. 
Wynn, Pinkin and Jones were Packer football players. Jones would have been the featured running back this season.
Oh. My. God.

A high school in Georgia is going to be without its featured running back for the 2015 season!

Some Southeastern Conference (SEC) school will now have lost the ability to recruit a black athlete who otherwise would have never had the academic ability to earn admission to the university.

What a shame.

But Oprah Winfrey's ultimate goal is one step closer to fruition; Barack Obama's hope of taking arms away from otherwise defenseless elderly white people is one step closer to fruition.

The revolution of San Domingo 2.0 is upon us.

Rest in Peace, John Hester.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Revolution of San Domingo 2.0: Obama's Big Data Collection

If you still believe Martin Luther King Jr. only wanted the creation of a color-blind world, you live in a fantasy world where the revolution in San Domingo never happened

Well... now we know Big Data will help usher in the American version of the San Domingo revolution with the type of information Nat Turner and John Brown could only dream of collecting. [Obama collecting personal data for a secret race database, New York Post, July 18, 2015]:
A key part of President Obama’s legacy will be the fed’s unprecedented collection of sensitive data on Americans by race. The government is prying into our most personal information at the most local levels, all for the purpose of “racial and economic justice.” 
Unbeknown to most Americans, Obama’s racial bean counters are furiously mining data on their health, home loans, credit cards, places of work, neighborhoods, even how their kids are disciplined in school — all to document “inequalities” between minorities and whites. 
This Orwellian-style stockpile of statistics includes a vast and permanent network of discrimination databases, which Obama already is using to make “disparate impact” cases against: banks that don’t make enough prime loans to minorities; schools that suspend too many blacks; cities that don’t offer enough Section 8 and other low-income housing for minorities; and employers who turn down African-Americans for jobs due to criminal backgrounds. 
Big Brother Barack wants the databases operational before he leaves office, and much of the data in them will be posted online. 
So civil-rights attorneys and urban activist groups will be able to exploit them to show patterns of “racial disparities” and “segregation,” even if no other evidence of discrimination exists.
All the patterns Obama's Racial Data will reveal is individual white people collectively proving the reality of white supremacy, even in the face of a society that has been dedicated to stamping out whiteness for decades.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Homeland Security Officers Patrolling the Streets, Police deployed EVERYWHERE, and "Lock-ins" for Black Youth at a Church: Yes, the Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis is the ULTIMATE Exposition of Black Character

In August of 2014, Light of the World Church held a lock-in for black youth in Indianapolis. Too many black youth showed up, so the cops were called.

The church leaders still called the event a success, even though the police were called to break up fights and try to restore order... order, of course, being something black kids can't create unless they're locked-in a church to be kept out of trouble.

Cue the Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis this weekend, an event requiring a "safety plan" enacted by the police so it can actually be held without violence. [Curfew, police to be in place Downtown this weekend: Precautions, including security cameras and anti-crime patrols, will help ensure safe final weekend of Indiana Black Expo, police officials say., Indy, July 17, 2015]:

Expect more police officers on horseback, on bicycles and in plainclothes if you’re visiting Downtown Indianapolis this weekend.
A curfew also will be in effect on Friday and Saturday nights for the final weekend of Indiana Black Expo. The curfew will require anyone 14 and younger to be off the streets by 11 p.m. and 15- to 17-year-olds by 1 a.m.
“We have a lot of guests coming into town, this is convention season,” said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Rick Hite. “I think we want to go beyond the celebration and say we are protecting our city.”
Deputy Chief of Homeland Security Michael Bates said officers will be involved with traffic control and crowd management. Security cameras also will be active throughout Downtown, so “it’s going to be very difficult for anybody with ill will in mind to get away with anything,” he said.
The safety precautions will occur as the popular event still faces some negative perceptions from an incident at Black Expo in 2010, when nine people were wounded in shootings Downtown. A suspect was arrested and convicted in those incidents.
“One incident does not dictate or tell a story about an area,” said Chris Bailey, IMPD’s North District commander.
“We’ve been very successful and fortunate the last few years as far as incidents down there,” Bates said.
Pastor Charles Harrison, leader of the 10 Point Coalition, said the anticrime organization will be continue the safety patrols that it has held Downtown for prior Expos.
The group also will have outreach workers present tonight at a youth lock-in at Light of the World Christian Church and sponsor basketball games tonight at Barnes United Methodist Church.

Homeland Security? Isn't the need for Homeland Security officers to be deployed to the Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis to try and keep the peace an incredible exposition of the type of character black people display? 


Just incredible. 

Now you know why black people are praying for peace before the expo.

But it all comes back to the Light of the World Church. [Church lock-in helps keep teens from getting locked up,, July 18, 2015]:
The stormy weather might have ruined plans for some, but hundreds of teenagers didn’t lose out on a chance to have fun while also staying out of trouble. 
Light of the World Christian Church hosted its fourth overnight lock-in. It started around 7:00 pm Friday and lasted until 8:00am. 
And it’s not just keeping teenagers out of the rain; it’s helping to keep them out of trouble. 
On a Friday night, church might be the last place you’d expect to see teens lining up. 
But at Light of the World Christian Church, there isn’t a place the pack of youth standing outside would rather be. 
I know everybody that I know is going to be here,” said teen Isaiah O’Neal. “And everybody that knows me knows I’m going to be here.” 
“Our youth have done a great job to reach to other teens in the community and all are welcome,” said Reverend Dr. David Hampton. “As many as we can fit at least.”The church can hold more than a thousand people, but organizers estimated a little more than 600 youth ages 12-19 years old attended. 
Once inside the lock-in, students signed in and made their way into the gym for a night that included dance competitions, basketball tournaments, and guest speakers including IMPD Police Chief Rick Hite. 
“It’s an opportunity for them to fellowship in a safe way in an environment where their parents can be, feel comfortable with their kids and the activities here are designed to enrich them and to encourage them,” said Rev. Hampton. 
IMPD officers were also on hand supervising the event. Attendees also had to have their bags searched while a guard waved a metal detecting wand across their bodies. 
“We have all these chaperones and like security, so (parents) know that their child is not going to harmed or be out doing something they shouldn’t be,” added O’Neal. 
But organizers said the teens aren’t at the lock-in because they’re trouble makers. 
They said event is to make sure trouble doesn’t find them. 
“As a matter of fact, I can vouch that most of these teens here are excellent students,” said Rev. Hampton.
Homeland Security is needed for a reason; the exact reason black youths are encouraged to be "locked-in" at the Light of the World Church.

Just so the Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis can be held without black violence... this goes far beyond racial profiling, for it's the ultimate exposition of black people's character in America you'll ever find.