Monday, February 29, 2016

Captain Clay Higgins Resigns Because: "I will not kneel to a discredited, wanna-be, black activist that doesn't really have the best interest of his people in mind, who just wants to make a profit."

Real men of character are hard to come by in Black-Run America (BRA). 

To get ahead in BRA, self-preservation usually revolves around promoting the interests of blacks 24/7/365 and convincing yourself the morality of this endeavor supersedes all other pursuits in life. 

Enter Clay Higgins, a man who represents a movement back to law and order whose time has not only come, but is upon us. [UPDATE: Sheriff issues expanded statement; Clay Higgins leaves the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office,, 2-29-16]:

Clay Higgins, the charismatic Sheriff's captain who put St. Landry Parish Crime Stoppers on the international map with his viral videos, has resigned from the Sheriff's Office.  
Higgins made the announcement Monday morning on the steps of the St. Landry Parish Courthouse.  He says he was not forced to resign, but he felt he need to turn in his badge, which the Sheriff accepted.   
"I will not kneel to violent street gangs. I will not kneel to murderers or the parents that raised them. I will not kneel to a discredited, wanna-be, black activist that doesn't really have the best interest of his people in mind, who just wants to make a profit," says Higgins. "I will not kneel to bureaucrats in Baton Rouge, Washington or anywhere else who have forgotten why they wear a badge and who have forgotten who they serve." 
Higgins said he loves Sheriff Bobby Guidroz.  He admires him and respects him, but he can't abide by his current orders.  

 "I would die rather than sacrifice my principles," Higgins says. "I would leave my wife without a husband, my children without a daddy, rather than kneel to the very forces of evil that I have so long stood against." 
His announcement comes on the heels of some controversy surrounding the most recent video Higgins made about fugitives - which was not on behalf of Crime Stoppers. Higgins says per a request by State Police, he put together a video about seven suspects who have been on the run since last fall, accused members of the Gremlins Gang and under indictment on conspiracy charges.  
Along with Higgins, appearing in the video were members of various law enforcement agencies in the area and leaders in the black community of St. Landry Parish.  
However, the ACLU took issue with an advance copy of Higgins' script for the segment, and several people identifying themselves as family members of the accused gang members said they felt their relatives were in danger because of the segment. 

The ACLU and family members of black criminals would rather defend black criminality than defend law and order.

The movement back to harmony is unstoppable: all because white people are remembering they don't have to live on their knees.

It's a Trump world now. | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lame-duck Sen. Marco Rubio is Pro-Black Lives Matter

Law and Order. 

Without it, you have no way to maintain civilization. 

Everything falls to pieces. 

Throughout what's left of the United States of America, people are ready to pick up the pieces. 

The lame-duck junior U.S. Senator from the state of Florida, Marco "Anchor Baby" Rubio, is not one of those people. [Marco Rubio Says Cops Racist Against Blacks & He, Too Has Felt ‘Sting of Racism’,, 2-18-16]:
In a CNN townhall, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) have raised eyebrows by siding with the common progressive claim that systemic racism in America’s police departments is victimizing black Americans.
By 2017, Marco Rubio couldn't get elected as a PTA representative 
During Wednesday’s townhall, a questioner asked Rubio about race relations in the United States. Although the voter’s question made no mention whatsoever of law enforcement or the police, Rubio was quick to use it as an opportunity to question the racial attitudes of American police. Rubio then proceeded to cite accounts of police targeting minorities. “You talk about race relations, it’s a difficult issue in this country,” Rubio said, “And I know a lot if it is centered around law enforcement and police departments.” Rubio explained that when a young black male is repeatedly targeted by American police officers “for no reason, what is he supposed to think?” 
Rubio said that he has personally “seen” minorities targeted by American law enforcement: “In this country [there is] a significant number particularly of young African-American males who feel as if they are treated differently than the rest of society. And here’s the bottom line: Whether you agree with them or not–I happen to have seen this happen–but whether you agree or not, if a significant percentage of the American family believes that they are being treated differently than everyone else, we have a problem, and we have to address it as a society and as a country… I do not believe we can fulfill our potential as a nation unless we address that."
While Rubio made a brief token acknowledgement that the “overwhelming majority” of law enforcement are “incredible,” he immediately began to emphasize systemic racism: “But I also know–but I also know–there are communities in this country where minority communities and the police department have a terrible relationship,” Rubio said. 
Rubio’s latest statements come in addition to previous comments he made last year in which he seemed to lend his personal support to the rhetoric of the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement, suggesting that the issue the controversial protesters are fighting is “legitimate” and that the growing “resentment” of law enforcement was understandable. Rubio’s comments prompted Black Lives Matter’s DeRay McKesson to reach out via twitter to Sen. Rubio and request a meeting. 
By stark contrast, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has been very vocal in his support for law enforcement: “Police are the most mistreated people in this country… the most mistreated people,” Trump said in a January GOP debate. 
“The police are absolutely mistreated and misunderstood,” Trump reiterated in a February debate. “The police in this country have done an unbelievable job of keeping law and order, and they’re afraid for their jobs, they’re afraid of the mistreatment they get… They can’t act. They can’t act. They’re afraid for losing their pension, their job. They don’t know what to do. And I deal with them all the time. We have to give great respect, far greater than we are right now, to our really fantastic police.” As Breitbart News has reported, Trump’s pro-police statements prompted immediate criticism from supporters of the Black Lives Matter group.
Most people don't know how vastly America has changed since the rise of Trump has occurred. It's baffling at times to even contemplate what is happening for those of us close to the action and watching the implosion of Conservatism Inc.

Law and order.

Three words the American people yearn to hear.

You won't hear it from Marco Rubio, who has three little words for you instead: Black Lives Matter.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

"You've changed things, forever": High School Students Chant "Trump" At Rival, Majority Non-White School

PK Note: The clip below from Braveheart needs to become a video meme. Instead of Wallace's murdered wife walking through the crowd, it needs to be Trump. Instead of Wallace yelling "freedom," he needs to yell, "TRUMP." The faces of enemy need to be Rubio, Bill Kristol, etc. 

There's no going back, folks. 

It's started. 

The signs are all around us. 
"Trump": The most powerful, offensive statement one can make in defense of their heritage

White high school students in Iowa chanted "Trump" at a rival, majority non-white (heavily children of illegal aliens) school, and the news of this incident means exactly one thing: just as in Braveheart, William Wallace fought for freedom for his people (famously refusing to submit to the English crown and yelling "freedom"), the very name of Donald Trump is now a rallying cry for something once implicit, but increasingly becoming explicit. 

[Students meet to discuss 'Trump' chants made during game, KCCI Des Moines, 2-25-16]:

Student leaders from Dallas Center-Grimes Schools met with students from Perry Thursday to discuss “Trump” chants made during a Monday night basketball game. 
Dallas Center-Grimes student body co-president Austin Kloewer was in the stands Monday night. 
“There’s that feeling inside that this is wrong, but at the same time you don’t think of the big context, the feelings of the other side,” said Kloewer. 
Sonya Harwood, a senior at Dallas Center-Grimes, said she was not proud of her school’s public image after seeing KCCI’s story Tuesday. 
“I knew as soon as we saw it, we had to fix this,” said Harwood. “This was wrong.” 
Harwood, along with other student leaders, organized a meeting with athletic leaders from Perry High School Thursday morning. 
“They didn’t want to make excuses. Our kids did not want to go to Perry today and defend themselves,” said Scott Blum, dean of students at Dallas Center-Grimes. “They wanted to say ‘we were wrong and we’re going to get better because of it.’’ 
Harwood said her composition teacher threw out the day's lesson plan, opting instead to discuss the incident. 
“How we can come together as a community and support one another and love each other no matter what our skin color is – that’s the important part and that’s what really needs to be learned here,” said Harwood. 
DCG students reportedly used a derogatory basketball chant during Monday night's basketball game against Perry. 
Students at Perry said the opposing student section tapped into the presidential candidate Donald Trump's controversial stance on immigration to intimidate the Perry High School team. Dallas Center-Grimes students appeared to chant "Trump" repeatedly in the second half of the game. 
Nearly half of the student population at Perry High School are minorities, many Hispanic. 
Dallas Center-Grimes school officials said they ended the chant quickly and addressed the issue. 
Students and staff members at Dallas Center Grimes attended Perry High School's district championship basketball game Thursday to show their support.
So now the very word "Trump" is deemed a derogatory chant by the media and public school officials? 


"Mercy," they want us to yell, rolling over, accepting amnesty for illegal immigrants and for our dispossession to be complete. 

Fat, feckless "conservatives" entirely wedded to the system of Black-Run America (if you don't rock the boat too much, you can pretend to be opposition and have a job as a pundit) start their #NeverTrump Twitter campaign. 

And yet, throughout the nation, the very name of "Trump" is now synonymous with freedom. 

Freedom from the tyranny of the other. 

Freedom from the submerging of America into a colony of the 3rd world. 

"Trump" is now the embodiment of the most precious freedom imaginable: freedom of association, which literally means the freedom to discriminate. 

There's no going back, folks. 

It's started. 

The signs are all around us. 

The earth will literally shake the moment white people explicitly state what they implicitly know to be true: with one word, the chains fall off. 


As as these invisible chains fall to the world, tiny tremors are felt. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

"Law don't go around here...": America Moves Closer Back to Sanity With Each Public Display of Black Supremacy

A long time ago, in a country far, far away, Thomas Dixon's The Clansman usurped Uncle Tom's Cabin as the predominate work of racial fiction in America. 

Sadly, To Kill a Mockingbird supplanted Dixon's work as the paradigm in America's racial myth-making and no work of fiction has yet appeared to end this Atticus Finch-inspired nightmare. 

Not yet at least. 
A drawing displayed in a public school in Kentucky

Until then, we'll get more of this. [Outraged Cop Complains After Seeing This Painting At His Daughter’s School, Yahoo!, 2-26-16]:
A police officer father in the United States has taken to social media to complain about a piece of artwork displayed at his daughter’s school. 
Kentucky cop Dave Hamblin is outraged by the painting which depicts two black people with a gun pointed at their head. 
On one half of the painting, under the title “1930″, a Ku Klux Klan member is pointing the gun. 
On the other half, titled “2015″, a white police officer is shown pointing the gun at what looks like a African American child. 
The painting was from a school project  inspired by racial violence depicted in Harper Lee’s book, To Kill A Mockingbird. 
Police officer Dave Hamblin, who goes by the name Dave Kingmen on Facebook, says the picture is upsetting and creates “future cop haters”. 
“We speak of tolerance, we speak of changing hostile environments, we speak of prejudice, and we speak of racial relations, yet, when it comes to hostility toward police, their families, and profiling them through bigotry we are expected to tolerate it,” “Kingmen” wrote.. “I will not, nor will my child.” 
The cop has asked for the picture to be removed but the school has seemingly turned down his request.
“When discussing social injustice, people will likely be offended by some topic,” said  Tracy Green, a school spokesperson. 
“The drawing is a student’s artistic representation based on the lens through which the student viewed that issue and the student has a First Amendment right to share that opinion.”
In all seriousness, how many murders did the Klan actually commit? In a span of a century, probably less than a spring/summer weekend in Chicago, when black people find shooting/stabbing other black people a popular way to pass the time.

What's funny is that in 1930, Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Camden, Gary, Rochester, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Birmingham, Memphis, Atlanta, and Indianapolis were thriving cities, all with either small black populations or with black populations completely disenfranchised and devoid of participation in the political process.

In 2015 America, you can't go a day in Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Camden, Gary, Rochester, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Birmingham, Memphis, Atlanta, and Indianapolis when a black person isn't shooting another black person (or robbing/shooting a white person).

There's been absolutely no progress, save the promotion of blacks and the consequential retardation of white civilization.

It's time To Kill a Mockingbird got superseded by a new work of racial fiction.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Crying Wolf Long Enough Will Eventually Awaken Something Long Dormant....

Crying Wolf Long Enough Will Eventually Awaken Something Long Dormant....

Atavistic even. [Students who falsely reported a racist attack will be charged, Washington Examiner, 2/25/16]:
Several students who falsely claimed they were the victims of a race-based attack at the hands of a dozen white people will be charged, most likely with filing a false report.
The three students at the State University of New York at Albany claimed they were attacked by a dozen white people while riding on a bus in January. The alleged attack quickly caught the attention of Black Lives Matter activists, the school's president and even presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, all of whom condemned the attack before any evidence was provided. 
The evidence showed the attack was a hoax, and in fact that one of the alleged victims threw the first punch. Bus cameras also showed that no passengers yelled racial slurs at the students, as they had claimed, but one of the accusers did use a racial slur against a white passenger. 
Nonetheless, SUNY Albany President Robert Jones said he was"deeply concerned, saddened and angry about this incident." He added that "there is no place in the SUNY Albany community for violence, no place for racial intolerance and no place for gender violence." 
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even tweeted about the incident shortly after protesters took to the campus to decry the alleged assault. Clinton wrote: "There's no excuse for racism and violence on a college campus." 
One SUNY Albany student actually did become a victim after this story was reported. The brother of one of the accusers — who is a lineman for the San Diego Chargers — threatened a student over Twitter whom he claimed was one of the attackers before quickly deleting the tweet. The threatened student allegedly left school fearing for his safety. 
In an odd decision, the Albany County District Attorney actually allowed activists to view evidence of the alleged assault. One activist who viewed the footage of course argued against jailing the accusers, but suggested they apologize.
 Eventually, when you cry wolf long enough, no one will care nor believe you when the wolf actually appears.

The more you call people a racist, the more the potency of this word erodes, until finally they reply, "so what?"

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Black Lives Matter: Almost Every Homicide in Richmond, Virginia Region Has a Black Victim/Black Suspect

I'm not offended by black people killing one another.

What offends me is the laughable claim that Black Lives Matter, considering black people cannot stop killing one another in the former capital city of the Confederate States of America. In so doing, they still find a way to blame white people. [Regional killings jump to highest level in 7 years, with black victims 82% of total, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2-19-16]:
Homicides throughout the Richmond region in 2015 jumped to the highest level since 2008, with the number of African-American victims climbing to 82 percent in a year that Black Lives Matter activists commanded local and national attention. 
Eighty of the 98 people killed last year in the area’s four cities, three towns and 16 counties were black, the highest percentage since at least 2010, when the Richmond Times-Dispatch began tracking the race of homicide victims and their assailants, according to the newspaper’s analysis of regional homicide data. 
Regionally, the percentage of black victims leaped 10 points from 2014 to 2015. 
And at the region’s core, 35 African-Americans were killed in Richmond, accounting for 90 percent of the city’s 39 homicide victims in 2015. That total doesn’t include four other black lives lost in self-defense, or “justifiable,” fatal shootings, and a fifth case of a young black mother whose suspicious death remains unresolved. 
The disturbing trend even extended to the large suburban counties of Henrico and Chesterfield, where 31 of the 32 victims collectively killed in those localities were black. 
The disproportionate number of blacks killed in homicides isn’t lost on Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham, who during a recent forum said the question he frequently hears among his peers at law-enforcement conferences across the country is, “Do black lives really matter?” 
It’s a question that Durham, who is black, posed last month at a Black Lives Matter symposium at Virginia Commonwealth University, in trying to put into perspective the relatively small percentage of police killings of young black men compared with the thousands of African-Americans slain nationally each year.
The proportion of black homicide victims in the Richmond region last year greatly surpassed state and national percentages, which stood at 53 percent and 51 percent, respectively, of total reported homicides.
Nearly 6,100 of the nation’s 11,961 homicide victims in 2014 were black, according to FBI crime data for the most recent year available. And 180 of the 337 people killed in Virginia were black, state figures show. Blacks represent about 13 percent of the U.S. population and 19 percent of Virginia’s residents. 
The issue of black-on-black violence has received renewed public attention in the past two years in the aftermath of a series of police-involved killings of black men by white police officers that sparked national debate and protests here and across the country. 
The tragic loss of black lives in central Virginia — only one was due to an on-duty police killing that later was ruled justifiable — is one side of a deadly equation that includes an equally disproportionate number of black offenders. 
Of the 75 homicide suspects identified by police so far in last year’s regional homicides, 66 are African-American, or 88 percent of the total. In Richmond, 97 percent are black, the data show. 
“Where were the folks from Black Lives Matter ... when 12-year-old Amiya Moses was killed ... outside playing?” Durham recently asked the VCU symposium audience, referring to a Richmond girl who was killed by gunfire Dec. 18 during a neighborhood dispute. 
“Not once ... did I see anybody from Black Lives Matter, not one representative, in a prayer circle holding hands, walking in a community vigil walk or sitting on a panel talking about how we’re going to stop the violence in the city of Richmond,” Durham said last week. 
At the forum, Durham posed this provocative question: “If there was never, never another police-involved shooting of a black man, of a person of color, would the Black Lives movement be relevant?” 
The participants who took offense were adamant in their disapproval.
The symposium’s featured panelist was Bree Newsome, an activist arrested in June after she took down the Confederate flag flying in front of South Carolina’s Statehouse.
She countered Durham by saying, “We need to stop conflating crime that ... always happens in the city, homicides between two civilians,” with police-involved killings, which she described as “state-sanctioned murder.” 
Her remarks drew loud applause. 
“Those are two different things,” Newsome added. “A homicide happens, and (then there is) the state-sanctioned killing of people ... and a lack of police accountability. Also, when you have black people killing black people, they tend to go to jail. With police officers, then tend not to go to jail.” 
Killings in the black community, she explained, are due to a “total imbalance of power” for people growing up impoverished.
Without white people to blame for black-on-black homicides, all that remains is the sickening reality of black genetics on display as the reason behind black dysfunction in America.

There is no greater action a white person can engage in today than getting out of the way of the Black Lives Matter movement and allowing them demonstrate to the world that Black Lives Don't Matter.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

National Media Silence: Four-Year-Old White Girl Found Tortured/Burned/Murdered Beyond Recognition by Paroled Black Male in 83% Black Detroit

Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? - William Blake

A four-year-old little girl should be doing absolutely nothing, but enjoying living. She should be showered with hugs and love from her mother and father. She should dream of being a princess, while clutching her beloved toy doll and dream of nothing but happy thoughts. 
RIP Savannah Walker. She was murdered by a convicted black criminal who was out on parole since 2014. Her body, still lacking a positive ID, was found mangled and burned in an abandoned house in 83 percent black Detroit. Police say it will take time for a positive DNA match because, "It’s probably going to take us a little bit of time due to the fact that the fire and some of the different things that happened with the body of the second victim."
Savannah Walker was a four-year-old little girl with blond hair and blue eyes. Though I never met her, seeing her picture and knowing her ultimate fate leaves me wondering what type of God would ever have allowed a 33-year-old black convicted child abuser (out since 2014 on parole) near her. 

Savannah's mother, Heidi, has been found dead in an abandoned, burned out house in 83 percent black Detroit. Another body, believed to be that of Savannah's, was also found in the house, though a positive ID of the four-year-old little girl cannot be made because, "there's a lot more damage done to the child than there was to the mother." [Body Found In Burned Detroit Home Identified As Mother Of Missing 4-Year-Old Girl, CBS Detroit, 2-22-16]:
Authorities confirmed Monday that one of two bodies found in a burned down house in Detroit on Saturday was missing mother Heidi Walker. 
The second body found in the house has not yet been identified.An Amber Alert was issued for Walker’s 4-year-old daughter, Savannah, on Friday after the two went missing from Livingston County on Tuesday. 
Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said that the second body was too badly burned to make an identification and authorities are going to use DNA to determine the identity. 
Savannah's mother has been identified as one of the dead bodies in the burnt-out house. A convicted black criminal, Marcus Hightower, has already turned himself into the police
“It’s probably going to take us a little bit of time due to the fact that the fire and some of the different things that happened with the body of the second victim,” Shaw said. “[It’s] going to take us some kind of DNA testing to positively identify that body.” 
The two bodies were found in a torched, abandoned house in Detroit on Lakeview St. near Forrest Ave. on Saturday morning. Though the second body hasn’t been identified as Savannah, authorities know it is the body of a child. 
“There’s was a lot more damage done to the child than there was to the mother,” Shaw said. 
GoFundMe campaign was started to help fund memorial services. A person of interest, 33-year-old Marcus Hightower, turned himself in to police on Sunday morning. Police considered Hightower armed and dangerous. He was on parole for assault with intent to commit murder. 
Detroit police chief James Craig said Hightower and Heidi Walker, 38, had been in a relationship and there was a history of domestic violence between the two. 
Craig said it wasn’t clear if the two people were killed in the home or taken there afterward, but the fire was considered suspicious.“It’s not uncommon where a suspect will commit a crime like murder and try to cover their tracks by setting a fire,” he said. “It appears to be intentionally set (in an) abandoned house.”
Read that again: 
“It’s probably going to take us a little bit of time due to the fact that the fire and some of the different things that happened with the body of the second victim,” Shaw said. “[It’s] going to take us some kind of DNA testing to positively identify that body.” 
“There’s was a lot more damage done to the child than there was to the mother,” Shaw said.  
It's hard to even put into words the horror and simultaneous sheer hatred one should experience/feel when they read of what happened to Savannah Walker. 

There should be not an ounce of pity for Savannah's mother, Heidi. She was a grown women who willingly entered a relationship with a convicted black criminal, who spent years in jail for child abuse. 

There shouldn't be a dry eye when one reads about Savannah Walker's final moments on earth, knowing the horror she faced. 
RIP Savannah... Modernity should be on trial for your murder

Some stories will stay with you all your life, haunting you with every step you take and always lingering in the back of your mind. 

Savannah Walker's will never leave my mind. 

Reading Savannah's older sisters' Facebook page is haunting, because you see in real-time how she found out about their murder. There's a frightening detachment from the absolute macabre situation Savannah's older sister was faced with, as you read incredulous comments from her friends. 

"Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children," says Eric Draven to a heroin addicted women (who also happens to the mother of the child Draven and his fiance cared for when they were alive) in the 1994 movie The Crow

In Savannah's final moments on earth, a black demon tortured and ultimately murdered her: neither her mother nor God came to her aid. 

And it all happened in an 83 percent black city where only decades earlier white families were able to live and grow in peace and harmony when Detroit was pushing 90 percent white in 1940 and 85 percent in 1950. 

There was a reason segregation existed. 

There was a reason Sundown laws existed. 

There was a reason restrictive covenants existed. 

There was a reason most of America's Founding Fathers and early statesmen belonged to the American Colonization Society. 

Savannah Walker represents the foundational reality of that reason. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

ACLU and Black Family Members of the Gremlin Gang Defend Black Criminality Over White Police Captains Call for Law and Order

There's no going back now. 

It's coming. 


SBPDL is the ultimate racial seismograph for understanding what's upon us, and minor tremors on the racial Richter Scale are going off nationwide. 
White police captain calls out almost entirely black gang (they have a token white), family members of the black gang members defends their criminal children

We've been told for years the big one is coming, and there's nothing we can do to stop it. 

All we can do is survive it. 

A lot of mixed metaphors here, but you get the picture. 

Most of us will never quite comprehend how many are actually on our side. They just can't fathom a society utterly dominated by those bent on our destruction and subjugation producing individuals able to withstand relentless, unceasing propaganda. 

And as the racial Richter Scale continues to notice tremors across the nation, the fault lines emerge. [ACLU blasts St. Landry’s law and order sheriff’s captain over comments on latest viral video, The Advocate, 2-19-16]:
St. Landry Parish’s law and order sheriff’s Capt. Clay Higgins, known for promising criminals they will be caught and punished, has drawn the ire of the American Civil Liberties Union over the latest televised segment of Crime Stoppers. 
“You will be hunted. You will be trapped. And if you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fire with superior fire,” Higgins said in the segment that aired on KATC-TV on Wednesday. 
Higgins directed the message at the seven alleged Gremlins street gang members who remain at large. The Gremlins gang hails from Vermilion Parish, namely Abbeville, but Higgins used the highly watched St. Landry Crime Stoppers to publicize the law enforcement effort. 
As in past Crime Stoppers segments, Higgins employs his stern drill sergeant voice, mocking and belittling the fugitives, even sometimes cajoling them to turn themselves in. 
Marjorie Esman, executive director of the ACLU of Louisiana, penned a statement that chastised Higgins’ message for what she said was stepping over a constitutional line. She said the use of the phrase “bounty on their heads” was an archaic term that recalled a less civilized law and order period.
But it gets better. ['Gremlins Gang' family members respond to Cpt. Higgins,, 2-22-16]:

Family and friends of accused members of the "Gremlins gang" disapprove of things being said about their loved ones.  
A meeting was held today in Abbeville to discuss Cpt. Clay Higgins' comments made in segment that aired on KATC last week. 
In the video viewed millions of times Higgins said, "If you raise your weapon to a man like me, we will return fire." It was one of the many comments that has both sides talking.  
"My son is a human being not an animal," said Coretta Williams, the mother of one of the accused gang members. "Just as Mr. Higgins' mother feels that he's a human being and not an animal. It was uncalled for. It disgusts me, because someone that serves the public...someone with that magnitude to have such negative feelings towards the community that he is obligated to protect and serve did an injustice. " 
Community activist Raymond Brown headed the meeting, and he said they did not leave with derogatory attacks planned on anyone. He feels Higgins did more harm than good with his Crime Stoppers video.  
"He is laughing at this thing and enjoying himself with all the publicity he has generated, but this is no fun and game," Brown said.  
Some left the meeting emotional, because they said the criminal justice process has been damaged in this case.  
"Maybe they're on the run maybe because they're in fear, because the way this man [sic] spoke," Carolyn Boudreaux, a mother and grandmother to members of the accused gang members, said. "I probably would feel the same way...trying to find me, I would be scared you're trying to kill me." 
Brown said he plans to send a letter to the justice department and ask for an investigation. 
There is no unseen hand guiding history. Those in power, the oligarchs, can attempt to manipulate the present to ensure they stay in power in the future, but they can't control human nature. The past can be rewritten, but humanity can't.

Despite decades of social engineering, the pressure of nature is building across not just America, but the world.

We were never supposed to save anything; on the contrary, our job was always to survive. | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette

Sunday, February 21, 2016

How Dare White People Want Safe Communities! Indianapolis Star Bemoans Fact that Whites Don't Protect White Murderers

Living in a high trust society means a zero tolerance when it comes to criminality, for as broken windows policing shows any form of law-breaking must be immediately stamped out or else civilization will eventually collapse. 

And as the good white liberal writers and white editorial board at the Indianapolis Star show us, anytime a racial disparity exists between white and black people, not only is racism to blame, but the disparity immediately calls for an alacritous front page story bemoaning the obvious example of white supremacy in action. 
Oh no! Black people don't snitch on black criminals, thus the Indy Star has a need to call the disparity a crisis!

In this scenario: how dare white people not tolerate white murderers and protect them with a steadfast aversion to snitching to the police! [Families of Indy's black homicide victims seek justice:CASES INVOLVING WHITE VICTIMS ARE FAR MORE LIKELY TO GET SOLVED — AND THE DISPARITY IS GROWING., Indianapolis Star, 2-21-16]:

Clarence Wade Havvard III, a city employee and father of two, was shot and killed outside a house on Bernard Avenue last summer. 
Coriana Johnson and Makayla Mitchell, two teenagers who served as role models to girls through a youth empowerment group, were found dead in a car on the west side in the fall. 
Deshaun Swanson, a 10-year-old sports fan who dreamed of playing professional basketball, was at a memorial service in Butler-Tarkington when bullets sprayed the home. The young boy’s brutal death sparked a citywide uproar over the state of violence in Indianapolis. 
What these four victims have in common is concerning. It's not just that they were part of an especially violent year in Indianapolis. And it's not just that they are black. These four represent a particularly troubling and growing trend among the city's black homicide victims: No one has been held accountable for their deaths. 
An IndyStar analysis of homicide data provided by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shows that since 2011 a significant gap has developed between the solve rates for black and white homicide victims — and 2015 was one of the worst years in the past decade. In 2015, 87 percent of homicides involving white victims were considered solved by IMPD. But when the victim was black, the rate dropped to 50 percent. 
What's worse, it’s not projected to get much better. Experts say any solutions might require years to have a noticeable effect. 
This growing disparity is happening at a particularly tense time. Police are losing connections in neighborhoods as foot patrol officers are stretched thin. A pervasive “no snitch” culture has taken hold of many neighborhoods where witnesses with criminal records avoid police for fear of being arrested themselves. And a yearslong national conversation about race and policing has fueled additional mistrust. On television and social media, people are left picking sides, leading to pro- and anti-police factions that rarely, if ever, see eye to eye. 
The racial disparity in homicide solve rates wasn't always this wide. From 2008 to 2010, the gap ranged from 5 to 12½ percent. 
But the disparity has grown noticeably since 2011. The department’s closure rates for cases involving white victims has averaged more than 86 percent in the past five years. The solve rate for black victims, however, rarely edges above 60 percent. For 2014 and 2015, the department has solved about 50 percent of such cases. 
"It is disturbing whenever a case is not solved," Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said. "An unresolved homicide is unacceptable regardless of the race of the victim. It's particularly unacceptable if there is a growing disparity." 
The data are not perfect. IndyStar was given access to homicide data only from 2007 through 2015. Officials cited record-keeping difficulties before city police merged with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office that they said affected the accuracy of older reports. 
The data provide a clear picture of the disparity. What it can't explain is why. 
Without knowing the intricacies of every case, it’s hard to understand why one case might be harder to solve than another. And officials can’t point to specifics that explain the gap, saying the solvability of each case is determined on an individual basis and often relies on the evidence or witnesses available. Such details aren’t present in the homicide data reviewed by IndyStar. 
Compounding the problem is a growing number of killings. Last year, the city recorded 144 criminal homicides, the most in city history. Most happened in the last six months of 2015. 
"Would I be honest to say that I wish our end of year would have been better than it was?” asked Bill Lorah, IMPD’s deputy chief of investigations. “Absolutely, because we're striving to solve them all, and we fell a little short. But it's not over yet." 
Lorah said he’s confident the department will solve more 2015 killings throughout 2016. In cracking those cases, he said, the racial disparity would naturally improve, since the approximately 50 cases involving black victims are almost entirely what’s left to solve. 
But history shows the chance of clearing many of those cases is getting slimmer. Data show the vast majority of homicide cases are solved within the first year, when evidence is still fresh for a detective. Typically, only a handful of cases are solved in the following years. 
But how does a community become more willing to talk to police? Joe Simpson, a black City-County Council member who represents Butler-Tarkington, said part of the solution is for the police department to simply look more like the community it serves. 
“If you look at the police department in the city, it doesn’t reflect the community,” Simpson said. “You’ve got all kinds of people that live here that they can’t even communicate with.” 
The most recent racial breakdown shows that more than 80 percent of sworn IMPD officers are white, compared with 60 percent of the city’s population. Meanwhile, only 14 percent of the department is black, while 27 percent of the city is.
So because black people commit more crime, and because black citizens of Indianapolis protect black criminals by not snitching on them to police, there is a dire need for more black police officers to "reflect the community..."

Blacks are extremely violent in Indianapolis, and the black community these violent black criminals prey upon would rather fail to cooperate with police than work to get them off the streets by providing valuable testimony helping detectives solve homicides.

White people do it. Why can't blacks?

There are two simple solutions here: 1. No more police patrolling black communities, and 2. All white journalists must live in these black communities and enjoy the community they so happily write about as eternally aggrieved by ever-present white racism.

If black people don't feel they have a responsibility to cooperate with police and turn in black criminals who terrorize their own community, then I don't have a responsibility to care about the black community at all.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Her Name is Savannah Walker: Four-Year-Old White Detroit Girl Murdered by Her Mother's Paroled Black Boyfriend

Never, ever blame children for their parents mistakes. 

Ostensibly a "parent" is a grownup, who is capable of making of logical decisions. 

In the case of four-year-old Savannah Walker, her life was always in the hands of her mother Heidi. 
Savannah Walker's (left) was a beautiful four-year-old white girl. Her mother was dating a convicted child abuser who was out on parole. Both are now dead. 

And Heidi failed Savannah, by deciding to date a recently paroled black male with a history of violence against children. [Amber alert issued for 4-year-old girl missing from Detroit, Michigan Live, 2-20-16]:
State authorities have issued an Amber alert for a missing 4-year-old girl last seen in Detroit. 
Savannah Walker has been missing since Feb. 16. The listed "suspect" is Marcus Hightower, 33, according to information listed on the website of the National Center for Mission and Exploited Children. 
The two are traveling in a black 2004 Ford Explorer with the license plate DFJ5377. 
Savannah has blond hair and blue eyes. Hightower, a parolee, is 250 pounds and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. 
Michigan Department of Corrections records show Hightower has been to prison for assault with intent to do great bodily harm, weapons offenses and second-degree child abuse. He was paroled in September 2014.
 In a world where justice existed, any individual who dared harm a child who be immediately executed. 

Swiftly and without remorse. 

In our world, where justice has been sidelined for something called "racial justice," black criminals are paroled early to show how enlightened we are in the 21st century and to combat systemic racism. 

Because of this, Marcus Hightower has now murdered his white girlfriend and her absolutely angelic daughter, Savannah. 

Heidi was an adult and capable of making decisions for herself, thus, her death at the hands of a convicted black criminal should warrant no tears. 

Savannah Walker's death, on the other hand, rests firmly in the hands of an evil state dedicated to uplifting black lives at the expense of white civilization. [Bodies found may be tied to missing girl, 4, and mother, Detroit Free Press, 2-20-16]:

The  discovery of the bodies of a woman and a female child in a burned-out Detroit house today has authorities working to determine if the two are a missing Washtenaw County woman and her 4-year-old daughter and to find the missing mother's boyfriend — a parolee with a violent criminal past.
An Amber Alert remains in effect for Savannah Walker, 4, with the alert naming Marcus Tyrone Hightower, 33, with Detroit ties, as the person last seen with her. Savannah's mother, Heidi Walker, 38, also is missing, authorities said.
A black Ford Explorer mentioned in the Amber Alert, issued about 2 a.m. today, was recovered on Detroit's east side, but police declined to say exactly where or in what condition.
"You will not hide. You cannot hide. We'll find you," Detroit Police Chief James Craig said of Hightower, urging him to turn himself in and asking anyone with information of his whereabouts to contact police.
Authorities said  that the Walkers were first reported missing Tuesday to the Livingston County Sheriff's Office by an older daughter of Heidi Walker. But Craig said there was "somewhat a little delay in their investigation." The daughter then reported the two missing to the Michigan State Police's Brighton post on Friday night. Detectives there started working on the case and issued the Amber Alert for Savannah, State Police Lt. Michael Shaw said.
Shaw said the Amber Alert remains because the bodies found in the house have not been identified, adding it would be "a shame" if someone saw the mother and daughter and didn't report it to authorities. He said Hightower had been in a relationship with the mother for less than a year.
Shaw said Amber Alerts are only for children under age 16, not adults. The history of domestic violence between the missing mother and Hightower raised concern about her and her daughter.
Modern America is so, so evil. Every positive value and moral has been seemingly pushed to the fringes of society, where celebrities are celebrated and become a brand unto-themselves if they procreate with black males.

Savannah Walker deserved far better than what her mother provided, voluntarily entering a relationship with a black male who had spent time in prison for child abuse and assault. She paid for this decision with her life, as well as for the life of her daughter Savannah.

Though America might be irredeemable, it's stories like this and the haunting picture of young Savannah that sustain me, helping to remind me something must replace this paradigm

Savannah Walker deserved to grow up in a world where she could pursue her dreams and live in a peaceful community; unfortunately, Martin Luther King's dream is the map for where ever America is headed.