Tuesday, April 24, 2018

"Racial Isolation" (Blacks Living in Near All-Black Communities and Deprived of the Peacefulness of Whiteness) Blamed as the Reason Behind High Rates of Black Homicides in Missouri

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How can "racial isolation" (a fancy term for segregation) only compel black people to kill one another? All-white communities in Missouri are peaceful, safe, and overflowing with social capital. Racial isolation from blacks seems to be a net positive for white people. [Missouri tops the nation for high black homicide rate … again, St. Louis Public Radio,  4-24-18]:

Missouri has the highest black homicide rate in the United States, according to a report by the Violence Policy Center. 
Without black people, homicides would be an anomaly in Missouri
The study, called the Black Homicide Victimization in the United States: An Analysis of 2015 Homicide Data, examined federal data from 2015. It found that the homicide rates for blacks in Missouri is 46.24 per 100,000, more than double the national black homicide rate of 18.67 per 100,000. (The national white homicide victimization rate of 2.67 per 100,000.) 
“Each day in America, the number of black homicide victims exceeds the toll in the Parkland, Florida mass shootings,” Violence Policy Center Executive Director Josh Sugarmann said in a statement. “The devastating and disproportionate impact homicide, almost always involving a gun, has on black men, boys, women, and girls in America is an ongoing national crisis.” 
Federal data from the FBI Supplementary Homicide Report were used to rank the homicide rates for each state. Missouri has ranked number one in black homicide rates seven times since the release of the Violence Policy Center’s first report in 2007. 
“Poverty, joblessness, racial isolation—all of those factors contribute to the conditions leading to high homicide rates and other forms of serious crime,” said Richard Rosenfeld, the Founders Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. 
The high rate of homicides among blacks is often attributed to larger black populations in the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City, Rosenfeld said. But overall the report found that the black homicide rate in Missouri is 10 times higher than the homicide rate in the entire U.S. population of 4.62 per 100,000. 
“We have to create more opportunities, both educationally and employment-related opportunities for folks in underserved populations who are living in these communities that are more susceptible to violence,” St. Louis NAACP President Adolphus Pruitt said. 
Pruitt said the NAACP supports several programs to reduce the rate of black homicides, including encouraging more African-Americans to join police departments. He said the program is administered by the Ethical Society of Police which advocates for officers of color.  
Rosenfeld said law enforcement officials have several programs in place aimed at reducing the number of homicides. Those include targeted patrol strategies, such as putting more police patrols in crime hotspots. Rosenfeld said those attempts do have an effect. 
“As crime is suppressed in a particular area, you don’t see crime go up in other areas,” Rosenfeld said. “What’s uncertain is how long those crime reductions will last.” 
For homicides where weapons were identified, the report found that 93 percent of black homicides in Missouri occurred from gun violence. The FBI data used does include justifiable homicides of blacks who were killed by law enforcement.
The homicide rates for blacks in Missouri is 46.24 per 100,000. 

In St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, almost every homicide victim has a black suspect. The anomaly in Missouri is a white homicide suspect. 

Without a black population, homicides would be an anomaly in the state of Missouri. 

Why can't the Violence Policy Center point this simple fact out in the data it collects, instead of creating new euphemisms for black crime/black dysfunction (again, "racial isolation" as the basis for black people killing one another means they are only civilized when living near whites)?

Monday, April 23, 2018

In 2016, Blacks in Michigan Committed 61% of the homicides... they represent only 14 percent of the states population

Previously on SBPDL: From 2000 - 2012, Blacks in Ohio Committed 63% of the homicides... they represent only 12 percent of the states population

The state of Michigan is roughly 76 percent white and 14 percent black. The state of Michigan puts out an incredible document entitled Michigan Incident Crime Reporting (MICR).

Basically, the state has the racial makeup of roughly 1980 - 1990s America, just as the 1965 Immigration Act flooded the nation with nonwhites. 
Fourteen percent of the population of the population of Michigan is responsible for 61 percent of the homicides

But what's so stunning about this data is the color of crime in the state of Michigan it exposes, with cities such as Detroit,  Pontiac, Flint, and Ann Arbor basically being war zones where black crime is driving away white civilization. 

In 2016, there were 586 homicides in the state of Michigan:

  • 397 of the victims were black or 68 percent
  • 170 of the victim were white or 29 percent
In 2016, there were 175 homicide arrests in the state of Michigan:
Without a black population, Michigan's homicide problem evaporates overnight

  • 107 of those arrested were black or 61 percent
  • 45 of those arrested were white or 26 percent
Remember, blacks are only 14 percent of the population of Michigan, but were responsible for 61 percent of the homicides (of those homicides with a suspect). It should be noted the 83 percent black city of Detroit was responsible for 302 of the 586 homicides in 2016 (52 percent of the homicides in Michigan). 

For those interested, blacks were responsible for 70 percent of homicides in 2015

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The CDC Confirms It: America's Homicide Problem is Entirely Driven by Black People

The white death vs. black dysfunction. The former is ignored by the elite and the media; the latter is the greatest crisis America faces, with trillions of dollars spent over the past half-century dedicated to uplifting black people and only black people. 

Which is one of the primary reasons for the white death.

When your nation turns its back on you, an increasing number of white people are falling down.  [Suicides Outnumber Murders 6 To 1 For Whites; Murders Outnumber Suicides 3.5 To 1 For Blacks, American Council of Science and health, April 21, 2018]:

Suicide and homicide rates show strikingly different trends in the United States.The suicide rate has been increasing. It has been led by a rise in suicides in rural America, which are up 40% in 16 years. The homicide rate, on the other hand, has been decreasing over the same time period, though there has been a slight uptick in recent years. 
Racial differences in homicide and suicide rates are particularly eye-catching. Over the past week, the CDC has released data, first on suicides:
The suicide rate in America: white America is truly falling down

As shown, the overall, age-adjusted suicide rate in the U.S. is 13.5 per 100,000. The suicide rate (per 100,000) among whites (17.1) is more than 2.5 times the rate among blacks (6.3) and Hispanics (6.7). 
To put those numbers into perspective, the death rate in 2016 from car accidents in the U.S. was 11.6 per 100,000. That means that the average white person was more likely to die by suicide than in a car accident, while the average black or Hispanic person was likelier to die in a car accident than by suicide.The data for homicide rates are shown below:
Were America to suddenly see all blacks disappear, the nation wouldn't have much of a homicide problem. 

Overall, the age-adjusted homicide rate was 6.2 per 100,000, a slight increase from 2015. In 2016, the homicide rate (per 100,000) for whites was 2.9, blacks 22.8, and Hispanics 5.3. Put another way, compared to whites, Hispanics were roughly twice as likely and blacks eight times as likely to be murdered. 
Comparing Suicides to Homicides by Race 
The contrast between races is further underscored by creating a "suicide-to-homicide" rate ratio (or vice versa). For whites, there are roughly 6 suicides for every 1 homicide; among blacks, there are about 3.5 homicides for each suicide; and the rate ratio among Hispanics is roughly 1:1, with suicide slightly edging out homicide. 
When we discuss our "gun violence" and "suicide" epidemics in this country, these statistics should help clarify where public health and safety resources are best spent. Suicide disproportionately affects whites, while homicide disproportionately affects blacks. 
Source #1: "QuickStats: Age-Adjusted Suicide Rates,by Race/Ethnicity — National Vital Statistics System, United States, 2015–2016." MMWR 67(14): 433. Published: 13-Apr-2018. DOI: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6714a6. 
Source #2: QuickStats: Age-Adjusted Homicide Rates, by Race/Ethnicity — National Vital Statistics System, United States, 2015–2016. MMWR 67(15): 462. Published online: 20-Apr-2018. DOI: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6715a8.
Until we stand up, we'll just keep falling down.  

Saturday, April 21, 2018

His Name is Anthony Mele: White Man, Holding His Daughter in his Lap, Randomly Murdered by Black Male

Do White Lives Matter? [Man Fatally Stabbed At Steakhouse With Daughter On His Lap; Homeless Suspect Arrested, CBS Los Angeles, 4-19-18]:

A man stabbed in the neck while sitting with his young daughter on his lap at a Ventura steakhouse Wednesday night has died, and a 49-year-old homeless man was arrested in what’s believed to be a random attack.
White Lives Matter
According to Ventura police, at about 9:20 p.m. Wednesday, the suspect, identified as Jamal Jackson, entered Aloha Steakhouse, located at 364 S. California St., and stabbed a man in the neck with a knife in what appeared to be a random attack. The victim, later identified as Anthony Mele, was rushed to a hospital with life-threatening wounds, where he underwent surgery. However, authorities confirmed that he died from his injuries Thursday.
Mele was dining with his wife and 5-year-old daughter at the time, police said.  His daughter was sitting in his lap when he was attacked. Mele’s wife and child were not hurt.
Good Samaritans chased the suspect, Jackson, onto the Ventura Promenade, where officers arrived and took him into custody.
Prior to the stabbing, witnesses told police the suspect was waving a knife and threatening people outside the restaurant.
On Thursday afternoon, Mele’s mother posted a picture of her son on Facebook asking for prayers as he was fighting for his life. However, in an updated post Thursday night, she wrote: “Thank you for your prayers — my son Anthony did not make it… just unbelievable.”
Officials are trying to determine if drugs or alcohol played a role in the attack.
Jackson was initially booked in the Ventura County Jail on attempted murder charges, according to inmate records. However, those charges were since upgraded to murder and child endangerment. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

Only we can make them matter again. 

No one is coming save us.