Monday, October 31, 2011

Do They Know It's Halloween in Prince George's County?

You won't see this in all-Black cities
Check out VDARE for a huge article on Diversity and Trick-or-Treating that I wrote. Understand that Robert Putnam’s study (which shows a correlation between more ethnic diversity driving down community trust) underestimates the impact of diversity, because homogeneous Black enclaves are deficient in trust.

Across the nation, Black children who reside in Black Undertow cities and counties are bused into all-white enclaves to Trick-or-Treat in safe environments, where parents do not neglect nor rely on the state to rear their children.  

Thus, Putnam’s study needs a caveat: homogeneous Black communities run counter to Putnam’s findings that diversity destroys the social fabric of a city; the greater the percentage of Black people in a municipality, the more atomized and unsafe the environment.

The Washington Post has just published findings that the all-white enclave is a thing of the past, inadvertently putting the final nail in the coffin of Trick-or-Treating:
Today their Silver Spring community of Hillandale is home to people of every race and ethnicity — the epitome of what one sociologist calls “global neighborhoods” that are upending long-standing patterns of residential segregation.

Around the region and across the country, the archetypal all-white neighborhood is vanishing with remarkable speed. In many places, the phenomenon is not being driven by African Americans moving to the suburbs. Instead, it is primarily the result of the nation’s soaring number of Hispanics and Asians, many of whom are immigrants.

The result has been the emergence of neighborhoods, from San Diego to Denver to Miami, that are more diverse than at any time in American history.

As the nation barrels toward the day, just three decades from now, when non-Hispanic whites are expected to be a minority, these global neighborhoods have already begun remaking the American social fabric in significant ways. Their creation and impact have been especially pronounced in the Washington area, where minorities are now the majority.

A Washington Post analysis of 2010 Census data shows a precipitous decline in the number of the region’s census tracts, areas of roughly 2,000 households, where more than 85 percent of the residents are of the same race or ethnicity — what many demographers would consider a segregated neighborhood.

In the District, just one in three neighborhoods is highly segregated, the Post analysis found. A decade ago, more than half were.
So what happens to those communities that are classified as Black enclaves? Well, Black kids vying for initiation into gangs and high levels of Black crime make Trick-or-Treating (and the ability to create lasting relationship and build communities) an impossibility.

Majority Black cities across the country rely on the generosity of non-profit organization and church organizations to bus their children into all-white enclaves for safe Trick-or-Treating. In the “bad” (read Black parts) of Jacksonville, attempts have been made to make the Halloween tradition safe.

Doesn’t this run counter to Putnam’s study, that the more homogeneous the community the greater the trust? All-white enclaves don’t require such programs, but all-Black cities do.

Which brings us to Prince George’s County, that all-Black enclave that his home to some of the highest foreclosure rates (and a horrible school system and high crime rate) that The Washington Post featured as an aberration in the increasingly diverse world.

Why? Because non-Black people don’t want to live there; it isn’t safe:
From Loudoun to Fairfax to Montgomery, communities that are growing are also growing more integrated, with people of every race and ethnicity living side by side. Prince George’s stands virtually alone as a place that is gaining population yet has an increasing number of residents living in neighborhoods that are overwhelmingly one race — in this case, African American. 

A Washington Post analysis of census data shows that the number of Prince George’s neighborhoods where more than 85 percent of residents are the same race or ethnicity — what demographers consider a high level of segregation — has inched up, from 25 percent in 1990 to 27 percent last year. 

Though the increase is small, any uptick is startling in comparison with everywhere else in the region. While the all-white neighborhood has all but disappeared from Northern Virginia, Montgomery and the District, the all-black neighborhood is on the rise in Prince George’s.

Yet the Prince George’s experience also illustrates the limits of integration. Most blacks and whites still live in separate neighborhoods, despite the dismantling of legal segregation decades ago.

Today, integration has moved beyond black and white. Integrated neighborhoods often are created when Asians and Hispanics move into predominantly white neighborhoods, said John Logan, a Brown University sociologist who has studied segregation patterns for 30 years. He says these “global neighborhoods” pave the way for more blacks to move into a community without triggering white flight.

In the Washington region, 90 percent of whites still live in neighborhoods where they are a majority or the largest group. Many whites remain unwilling to buy houses in black neighborhoods, Logan said, and so are most Asians. 

“It’s going to be a long, long time before that disappears,” he said.

White exodus
Some whites with deep roots in Prince George’s say they sense that the white exodus from the county is largely over and that Hispanics have helped make the county feel more diverse than ever.
Maryland state Del. Justin D. Ross (D) and his wife are raising four young children in Hyattsville, not far from the University of Maryland in an area that has long attracted a mix of people. His two oldest children attend University Park Elementary School, where the student body is 30 percent black, 30 percent Hispanic, 26 percent white and 8 percent Asian.

“We’re giving [our children] a competitive advantage in a real world that will look much different than the one my parents grew up in,” said Ross, 35, who is white and grew up in Prince George’s.
But most white longtime residents have friends and neighbors who have left the county and made little secret of why, said several who met on a recent afternoon to discuss white flight and diversity.
“A lot of white people don’t want to live around black people. It’s crazy, I know,” said John Petro, a developer who lives in a predominantly black subdivision in Bowie and has no intention of moving away. 

“They don’t always say ‘black,’ ” said Jane Eagen Dodd, a retired schoolteacher who lives in an Upper Marlboro community with a rich mix of people from different backgrounds. “They say, ‘The county is changing.’ ”
It’s crazy? Hmm… in virtually every major city in America that has a high population of Black people, nearly all-white suburbs have been created. It would be crazy if it were only one city; that it is EVERY city where Black and white people interact that has seen an exodus of the latter (with the former then in charge of a city that they inevitably see collapse) means it is definitely NOT CRAZY!

So what is Trick-or-Treating like in Prince George’s County, where crime is a huge problem (thus, disproving Putnam’s study on how communities that are homogeneous are much better than the diverse cities)?

How many of the kids in Prince George’s County are bused into the dwindling few all-white enclaves around D.C.?

The Washington Post can brag about Prince George's County offering Black people a chance to be around "Black role models" while gloating about the end of all-white enclaves.  But where will Black kids be able to Trick-or-Treat when these all-white enclaves disappear?

Halloween is the one night of the year where an entire community leaves their homes and interacts with each other. Interesting that Putnam's study on how racial diversity erodes community trust needs a caveat: the greater the percentage of Black people in a community (even if it is an all-Black enclave), the less the community trust.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

“I don’t know a single black entrepreneur": How Does the Internet Work then...

Michael Arrington never met this guy.
Unlike movies that feature prominent Black scientists and computer programmers, Silicon Valley has about as many Black people working there as National Parks have Black visitors.

As we wrote here back in February:
That we have reached a world blessed with the technology we have today despite Black participation in the creation of these technologies is a miracle. Silicon Valley's lack of Black people is an obvious indicator of culturally biased education system that will always be Waiting for Superman. Without Black people how can we expect to have innovation in Silicon Valley?

All of the great inventions - including the Super Soaker - are courtesy of Black people. Right? That's what movies have taught an unsuspecting American population through an ingenious form of behavioral modification
That Apple, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and hundreds of other companies exist, with almost no Black footprint on any of these organizations, is an aberration. Right?

Perhaps that has something to do with those low math and science test scores Black people consistently produce (because numbers and the Periodic Table are culturally-biased).You can't force people to be entrepreneurs; it takes a certain type of individual who is willing to put in the work, the hard work, necessary to get a company off the ground. Worse, the number of Black people in math and science is dropping, which means this trend is only going to get worse:

With black unemployment reaching historic levels, banks laying off tens of thousands and law school graduates waiting tables, why aren't more African-Americans looking toward science, technology, engineering and math — the still-hiring careers known as STEM?

The answer turns out to be a complex equation of self-doubt, stereotypes, discouragement and economics — and sometimes just wrong perceptions of what math and science are all about.

The percentage of African-Americans earning STEM degrees has fallen during the last decade. It may seem far-fetched for an undereducated black population to aspire to become chemists or computer scientists, but the door is wide open, colleges say, and the shortfall has created opportunities for those who choose this path.

STEM barriers are not unique to black people. The United States does not produce as high a proportion of white engineers, scientists and mathematicians as it used to. Women and Latinos also lag behind white men.
Yet the situation is most acute for African-Americans.

Black people are 12 percent of the U.S. population and 11 percent of all students beyond high school. In 2009, they received just 7 percent of all STEM bachelor's degrees, 4 percent of master's degrees, and 2 percent of PhDs, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.
In Silicon Valley, the only Black people to be found are on the Stanford University basketball and football teams. Pointing this out is not good for ones career:
A new documentary shines a light on Silicon Valley, the place where Microsoft founder Bill Gates and former Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs got their start, but not for it’s historic record of producing the next great breakthroughs in technology, but instead for its apparent lack of diversity.

In the CNN documentary series, “Black in America,” eight Black entrepreneurs in the NewMe Accelerator program share their struggles to launch start-up businesses in a place where minority representation is virtually nonexistent. In an interview that ignited a firestorm on Twitter this week, Mike Arrington, an industry leader and founder of TechCrunch, revealed an even harsher reality: “This is a white and Asian world up here — it just is,” he said. Arrington, who also commented that he doesn’t know of a single Black entrepreneur in the Valley, was harshly criticized for his apparent acceptance of the racial disparity.
It's funny when you think about it: white and Asian entrepreneurs create goods, services and new companies and technology that benefit all mankind. Black entrepreneurs, outside of creating crack and dealing drugs, primarily create businesses that cater directly to the Black community (think BET founder Robert Johnson).

Michael Arrington is a huge Disingenuous White Liberal, who more than likely went to see Waiting for Superman on it opening night. That he stated he hasn't met a single Black entrepreneur means he hasn't spent any time in Oakland among the Black drug dealers:

Michael Arrington was sandbagged by CNN. Arrington, founder and former editor of TechCrunch, and now running his own venture capital fund aptly dubbed CrunchFund, has been accused of being racist — a  completely ridiculous accusation.
Arrington sat down with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien back in July, for a documentary scheduled to air in November. According to the email sent by CNN to Arrington, which has been posted on his blog, Arrington was asked to participate in a documentary about the “Silicon Valley accelerator phenomenon and start-up culture.”
The email went on to say, “This particular documentary will be told through the experience of a group of digital entrepreneurs who travel to Silicon Valley to chase their dreams.” The email from CNN also called Arrington “GOD” of Silicon Valley, and TechCrunch “the Bible.” The email never stated that the real topic of the interview was the lack of minorities in Silicon Valley.
The documentary was previewed a few days ago, and CNN placed a clip from it on the front page of its website, featuring Arrington. In the clip, O’Brien asks him if he could name his favorite black entrepreneur, Arrington replied,  “I don’t know a single black entrepreneur.” This is the quote that started the whole argument. 
I’m going to keep this short. If you have ever met, or spoken to Mike Arrington, you would find that he is as far from racist as you can get. Arrington, like most civilized people, doesn't think in black and white.
“See, my brain database doesn’t categorize people in terms of skin color. Or hair color. Or sexual orientation,” Arrington said. “When I queried that database, under stressful circumstances, I got zero results.
Most civilized people do think in Black and white. This is why DWLs send their children to private schools and spend vast sums of money to insulate them from the Black Undertow. The Washington Post can gloat about the end of White enclaves, but the main point to take from quick demise of all-white neighborhoods is that Pat Buchanan is right (Vdare should have a big article by me up tomorrow on the correlation between neighborhoods that aren't safe for Trick or Treating and the Death of White America).

No Black entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley? How in the world is the Internet even working then?

Video of Michael Arrington on Black entrepreneurs can be found here. Read Arrington's "Oh Shit, I'm a Racist" post here, his pathetic response to the whole "no Black entrepreneurs" controversy.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Haunted Houses vs. Ghetto Tours USA, LLC: A Modest Proposal

Across the country, elaborate haunted houses have been created and huge lines of eager people will wait for the opportunity to be frightened by the manufactured and artificial horrors that await them inside.

The scariest Halloween Haunted House in America, the Bates Motel in Philly
Immense investments have gone into the creation of these elaborate haunted houses that feature actors dressed as ghouls and goblins, vivid special effects, hundreds of liters of fake blood, a Halloween Store worth of props,  and the promise of creating fear - if ever so brief - in the people brave enough to part with their money and venture into these massive structures. is a Web site dedicated to ranking the top Haunted Houses in America, where those seeking chills and thrills from people dressed up as zombies, vampires, ghosts, and other assorted creeps can find the most terrifying places to satiate their need for being scared.

Be it a haunted hayride, a walk through an abandoned insane asylum, traversing around an old skyscraper replete with Hollywood quality sets,or even signing a waver that prevents you from suing the company that put together the haunted house sets (you might be scared to death, you never know!), a person trying to find frights this Halloween season has plenty of options available.

Sadly, none of these Haunted Houses are actually haunted. They are all sets, built by corporations after profits. People want to be scared, where even though their life is never in danger, the thought of someone dressed up and chasing you around with a chainsaw still elicits fear.

But the people dressed up as monsters at these Halloween Haunted House attractions are just actors. The blood isn't real. The threat to your life is only simulated. There are no vampires. There are no ghosts. The person being examined and screaming at the 3D torture chamber is probably going to go have a drink after the show with the person doing the "so-called" torturing.

I've been thinking about how so many major cities across the country offer tours of the historic districts; guided tours by bus where people have the opportunity to see important buildings, monuments, and landmarks.

Halloween only comes once a year, though those creating these elaborate houses of horror plan all year (and certainly reap outstanding profits) for how they will build even more frightening sets for the next bewitching season.

What if someone were to do the unthinkable, unfathomable, unbelievable, and undeniably smart move and start offering tours of the worst cities in America; the worst neighborhoods in America; the worst housing projects in America?

People want to be scared. They pay to see elaborately decorated sets called Haunted Houses, where they walk into various rooms designed to test and stress their fear threshold. We already know that no one wants to live in the cities and counties that have been abandoned to the Black Undertow; those cities where Climate Change has made formerly safe neighborhoods into some of the most dangerous in America.

Those cities where the inhabitants offer real threats to those foolish enough to be caught driving in them. Those cities that routinely provide the bulk of the nightly news stories you watch - shaking your head at the depravity and thanking yourself that you don't live there - in utter disbelief.

How many areas of Baltimore would provide real fear in those being escorted around decaying buildings, long ago boarded up and left derelict. Where business from the gas station to the liquor have bars on all the windows? How many areas of Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Buffalo, Washington D.C., Indianapolis, Dallas, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, New York City, Providence, Hartford (CT), Philadelphia, etc., have areas of the city "every one knows" not to go near?

Real frights, courtesy of the inhabitants of the Black Undertow in Philly
Those are parts of the town - invariably all Black parts of the own - that people reflexively know not go drive near or be caught in after dark.

Real haunted houses. Not by ghosts. Not by vampires. Not by witches. Not by zombies. Not elaborate sets designed by Hollywood movie set designers and financed by smart businessman looking to capitalize on the Halloween season.  But these "bad parts of town" are the all-Black parts of major cities that white people only venture into if they need drugs or fake IDs.

Ghetto Tours USA, LLC. Has a nice ring to it? You could open up franchises in every city, have an armed guard on every tour and have tour guides relate the most heinous stories that have transpired since white flight occurred and the Black Undertow assumed control.

You could spur economic activity by letting those on the tour purchase food from the few remaining vendors in these depressed cities, such as the infamous Chicken Hut in Tulsa. The tour guide to show people the actual houses where gangs have been known to frequent and where the latest murder transpired; sadly, because of the no-snitching policy in that Black Undertow community, the killer is still at large. Unlike Haunted Houses, where people dress up as murderers, psychos, and nightmarish creatures, the inhabitants of the Black Undertow cities are real. They are the reason Whitopias exist.

Soon the Halloween season will end. The sets will be boxed up and the extravagant Haunted Houses and Haunted Hayrides will end. But that doesn't mean the truly scary places in America will be boxed up.

For those daring, for those entrepreneurial enough, and for those prepared to see the most frightening places in the country, Ghetto Tours USA, LLC is ready to open for business.

No offense to, but the scariest places in America are available to go to 24/7/365. It's just most people know that they could lose their life there, and they aren't willing to part with that. Not even if it means experiencing palpable, agonizing, terrifying fear.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

At Least They Aren't 3/5 of a Person: 25 Percent of Black People Don't Have Valid Photo ID for Voting

3/5's or 3/4's: How can you not have a government issued ID?
Would you rather be 3/5's a person or 3/4's a person? Quick math question: which percentage is closer to a whole person?

Politico is upset that numerous states are enacting Voter ID Laws that mandate voters show proper, state-issued identification before they are allowed to cast a ballot:
A new South Carolina voter identification law is impacting predominantly black precincts more than others in the state, according to a study by The Associated Press. 

The measure requires that every person have a photo ID of some kind when they vote, whether it is a driver’s license, military ID or passport, the AP wrote. The law has been under review by the Department of Justice to see whether it violates the Voting Rights Act.
The AP found that many voters in predominantly black counties in South Carolina do not have proper identification — and the percentage of minority voters without the required identification is higher in those areas than other precincts statewide.

For example, in Richland County, there are 11,087 nonwhite voters without ID, and in Orangeburg County, there are 4,544. The AP study said that means half of those impacted in Richland are nonwhite voters. In Orangeburg, that equals 73 percent of nonwhite voters hit by the law.

The AP’s analysis of the state’s 2,135 precincts reveals there are 10 precincts where almost all of the people impacted by the new law are minority voters.

“This is electoral genocide,” the state’s Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian told the AP. “This is disenfranchising huge groups of people who don’t have the money to go get an ID card.”

Similar laws exist in Indiana and Georgia, while four other states also passed new measures this year requiring photo identification in order to cast a ballot. In South Carolina, if someone goes to the polls without proper ID, that person is still able to vote absentee or use a provisional ballot, the AP noted.
Wait, some states don't require proper identification before a person is allowed to cast a vote? And calling it "electoral genocide" for having to show proper identification is going a little far, isn't it? Drivers licenses aren't that expensive and just having the state issue an ID can't be that hard on the pocketbook.

Now, if individual states brought back the poll tax, single Black females would be in a lot of trouble. After all, they only have a net worth of $5. Then again, the net worth of Black families has fallen to $5,677, so a poll tax would radically impact the Black vote. It would be extremely difficult to elect politicians who favor a system of government that radically redistributes money through TANF/Welfare increases, EBT/Food Stamps, an increase in Section 8 Housing, etc, if a poll tax was brought back.

Bring back the Literacy Test: Then you'll see "electoral genocide"
But what would truly be "electoral genocide?" How about a literacy test? We used to have those. Shouldn't those who vote actually have a working knowledge on what and whom they are voting for and an understanding of a republican form of government? Shouldn't they at least be able to read See Spot Run and be able to discuss the finer points of a child's book and how it is applicable to politics?

Knowing that illiteracy rates are highest in Black Undertow areas, how on earth would these Black people (25 percent don't have proper identification) be able to pass both a poll tax and a literacy test? Who in the world would be eligible to vote in elections in city's like Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, Newark, Jackson (MS), and New Haven? The Black illiteracy rates in these cities is staggering high. Worse, with more than 50 percent of the US jail population being Black (and with 1/3 of Black males being in either jail, just out of jail, or on probation), how many Black felons can't vote?

The Black dropout rate from high school (not to mention college) is incredibly high, and yet, if they acquire a proper ID then they can vote. No poll tax; no literacy test. Just a valid ID.

I'd call that "national genocide"; allowing people to vote who have virtually no stake in the election save the electing of politicians who will pander completely to their community. reports more states are getting into the game of Voter ID laws:
Nearly 25 percent of African-Americans currently do not have a valid photo ID necessary to vote, according to a recent study by the Brennan Center for Justice, the non-partisan public policy and law institute at New York University's School of Law. 

The study revealed that the number of states with laws requiring voters to show government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license or passport, has quadrupled in 2011, compared to only two states imposing such laws prior to this year's legislative season. More than 21 million U.S. citizens do not possess government-issued ID. 

The Center reported that seven states had signed photo ID bills into law at the time of the study: Alabama, Kansas, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. 

"This is electoral genocide," South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian said in a recent Associated Press article.
What would one call Black people in South Carolina -- all Black people -- voting as a monolith for US Senate Candidate Alvin Greene back in 2010? If that isn't "electoral genocide" (or better yet, "national genocide"), we don't know what is.

Black people and Organized Blackness, through the usual channels in the Main Stream Media and with Disingenuous White Liberal's leading the charge, have stated that Voter ID laws would disenfranchise the Black vote. Since the United States (and the various states) got rid of the poll tax, literacy tax, and actually checked ID's of those voting, the historic majority has been disenfranchised and forcibly required to continue paying for the honor of being legally discriminated against.

Eric "My People" Holder and his Justice Department is investigating whether or not the requirement of proper identification at the polls is a violation of the Voting Rights Act (or some other nonsense). Of course, the Department of (In) Justice will side with those who are perpetually disenfranchised.

Would you rather be 3/5's a person or 3/4's a person? Quick math question: which percentage is closer to a whole person? If you haven't figured it out yet, you don't deserve to vote. But in Black-Run America (BRA), even if you don't have proper identification, can't add 2+2, or understanding basic values of the republican form of government, you can vote.

Are white people even considered 1/2 a person in BRA?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

White in America: Peoria Racial Attacks Weren't Exaggerated -- Massive Mahogany Mob Strikes Again

An Actual Twitter (public) conversation with Soledad O'Brien
If you follow this blog, we implore you to start using social media (Facebook, Twitter, DIGG, and Reddit). The power to interact with people you will never have the opportunity to in the flesh is profound, and you'll be surprised who might respond to a "tweet" you send out.

SBPDL has Twitter. Follow us here. We have decided to start a new "hash tag" (a way for people to search certain terms and see who is commenting on them, and work to get them trending) called #whiteinamerica. This is, of course, inspired by CNN's "Black in America" series that investigates life for Black people in Black-Run America (BRA).

Any abnormality that Black people face will be highlighted in this on-going series (such as poor credit ratings, a problem that only exists when you spend more than you make) and efforts by the Federal government to quickly correct this inequity will be made.

What does it mean to be 'White in America'? We are going to explore this in a long essay for another Web site, but have no problem in stating the thesis: racial violence against white people is hardly a cause for concern nor justification for coverage by the media, for it is just another example of the privilege of being white; white people shouldn't worry about the changing demographics in America, for the joyous day when white people are just another minority group is the moment when a peaceful Utopia will occur.

In summation, white people have no voice in their continued dispossession that they have the privilege of funding, and have the honor of bearing the brunt of the primary racial assaults (Black-on-white attacks being the most prolific) transpiring in this nation that the media admittedly will not cover.

SBPDL started as a joke. That joke started to end on July 4, 2009 when we read about a Mahogany Mob attack in Akron, Ohio (50+ Black people) on a white family trying to enjoy the fire works. In this case, the Black participants shouted "It's a Black world!" as they attacked the white family.

That joke ended this summer, when Mahogany Robs and Mahogany Mobs started emerging nationwide to a complete media Black-out.

That joke officially ended when scores of Black people at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee pulled white people from their cars and assaulted them. CNN didn't cover this story (only local media did), but instead covered a month-old killing in Jackson, Mississippi, allegedly a white teenager running over a Black guy.

They just did a special on this killing (Mississippi Burning Again?). The unprecedented racial violence against white people by Black people that has accelerated since Mein Obama took office is left to be discussed on The American Thinker and in the e-book "White Girl Bleed  A Lot" by Colin Flaherty - reviewed at WorldNetDaily here - or other sites that are basically marginalized (no offense guys and girls).

Take Peoria, Illinois for example. A city that is basically 70 percent white and 25 percent Black, Peoria has seen the escalation of racial violence in the past six months that CNN has yet to discuss. Problematic for CNN; it's huge mobs of Black people attacking law-abiding white citizens. If it were angry white mobs terrorizing Peoria's Black population, you'd have an international incident on your hands that Anderson Cooper would cover for weeks.

No, you have this:

Two motorists were accosted by groups of teenagers within a few days of each other in an area near the site of a similar incident over the summer that drew national attention.

A group of about 50 young people on West Thrush Avenue near North Sheridan Road in June caused a disturbance by blocking the roadway and, according to one resident but not others, shouting race-related remarks.

Comments related to race also were part of one of the incidents last week.

A Meals on Wheels delivery driver was making his way to a home in the 800 block of West Nowland Avenue about 12:45 p.m. Wednesday when he encountered a group of 15 teens - 13 males and two females - walking down the middle of the road.

The group would not yield to the motorist, who followed him until reaching the house where he had to make the meal delivery. As he exited to take the food to the door, he was verbally attacked, according to a report on the incident.

One teen called him "honky," while another threatened to "kick his white (expletive)."

As the volunteer driver returned to his car to leave, the teens surrounded his car and pounded on it. The vehicle was not damaged, but police noted disturbances to dust on the vehicle, backing up the driver's story.
A woman driving in the 800 block of West Brons Avenue on Saturday night was the subject of a similar, but much more aggressive confrontation. She encountered a group of more than 40 teens about 10:25 p.m.

The group surrounded the 21-year-old woman's car and began beating on it with an object that shattered her driver's side window. One of the boys involved in the attack also pointed a handgun in the direction of a passenger in the car, but didn't make any threats or attempt to open the door.

When police responded, the group scattered in different directions. No arrests were made.

Both incidents remain under investigation by police. Public information officer Doug Burgess said Monday the incidents do not appear to be organized efforts, but rather the byproduct of unruly circumstances.
"It's not groups that are getting together to wreak havoc on the community," Burgess said.

The group Wednesday likely had just left school after District 150 released students early for the day. Police also have fielded reports that the group Saturday night had just left a nearby house party. The large group in June, too, had been at a house party just before that incident.
 It's a safe bet that white families will not be going trick or treating this weekend, for the fear of Mahogany Mobs attacking white kids dressed as ghost, dogs, or registered mail is too great. Seriously though, trick or treating will probably be canceled in Peoria, because police cannot guarantee the safety of white kids in that community, the number one sign that the Black Undertow has taken over.

Where are you CNN? Where were you in June, when this happened?:

This is a reprint from the Peoria Chronicle’s web site. It was posted by CJ, the sites owner and written by Paul Wilkinson. Paul is the President of the Altamont Park Neighborhood Association. I know Paul and he is the most straight forward person I’ve met. He has no need to embellish or to lie. That means this is true and it’s an outrage. I hope Mr. Jackson of the local NAACP reads this and responds. That will be interesting. This is nothing more than hate and race war against whites. 

Here is the posted letter: 

Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as we need to kill alll the white people around here. They were physically intimidating anyone calling for help from the police. They were surrounding cars. Cars on the main drag had to slam on their brakes to either avoid the youth blocking not only all four lanes, but a large section of the side street as well. fights were breaking out among them. They were rushing residents who looked out their doors, going on to porches, yelling threats to people calling the police for help. 

Cars were doing U turns on the streets just to avoid the mob, mostly male. One youth stated his grandfather was white and several assaulted him on the spot. One police officer answered the call. The youth split into two large groups, one heading north, the other south. They were also yelling racial threats to the police officer but he was outnumbered. Another police car did not show up until after the youth finally dispersed and the patty wagon (van) also eventually showed up. 

Residents are very shaken, both black and white alike. This is the fifth large mob action in about a month with smaller groups of 10-12 are out threatening children and adults a few evenings a week or later into the night. The times vary, even occuring during the day. In talking to the police officer, they are short staffed. Residents were advised to simply keep inside and to lock their doors. In other words buckle down, it’s not even safe to sit on your porch or go into your yards. 

My take? These are the same youths that run our schools and these are the same that make our schools unsafe, can’t make state standards, and assault teachers and staff. Why? Because there are no repercussions for their actions. At District 150, many are slapped on the wrist or told they suffer econmic let down or whatever and must need help. Even the Chief of Police who tried to correct this type of mob action on the south side streets by issuing J-Walking tickets a few years back, slapped them by removing the tickets. Why? Because the NAACP bitched up a storm. These were poor mis-understood children. 

Time has come for us to step up. Us, I mean law abiding citizens and no, I don’t mean grab the rifles and pitchforks. Two wrongs don’t make a right. No, I mean it’s time we citizens hold our elected leaders responsible and make, no, demand they take action and end this shit once and for all. I don’t care if they have to stuff 10 to a cell, but if they are doing this type of crap in our streets, then lock them up. 

Aw, but our City Leaders are too damn busy balancing the budget, raising our taxes, making up new fees, paying developers for hotels so Peoria can join the cliché and have walkways to the Civic Center. They do this by laying off cops, fireman, and city street workers. 

If we were smart, we would band together, rent a real nice bus from Peoria Charter coach, put some Rap videos on the tvs on the bus, pull up to Thrush and Sheridan and load these poor mis directed youth onto them and drive them deep into the 5th District and let them out near Picture Ridge. Watch how fast this is taken care of then.

 The Peoria Journal Star tried to downplay the attacks by Mahogany Mobs back in June, publishing stories that tried to claim the racial aspects of the Mahogany Mob were exaggerated. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice...

After allegations of a racist mob intimidating residents in Central Peoria captured nationwide attention over the weekend, police and city officials tried to quell residents’ concerns Monday.

The attention stemmed from a group of about 50 young people who walked down Thrush Avenue toward Sheridan Road just before 11 p.m. Friday. Paul Wilkinson, a Sheridan resident, said some in the group were yelling, “We’re gonna kill all the white people.”

City officials downplayed the racial angle Monday at a news conference at City Hall. Of the 20 houses police stopped at to speak with residents, only one resident reported the group used racial slurs, said City Manager Patrick Urich.
SBPDL sent a "tweet" to Soledad O'Brien, one of the primary people behind CNN's "Black in America" (and "Hispanic in America") series. We asked her why there was no "White in America" series, considering that whites the increasing levels of violence against the dwindling white population in America.

She responded with this:

Soledad O'Brien

good question. Though I don't believe white people are hated. And they're hardly dwindling.
Considering the incidents that CNN missed this past summer (check here for a list of them), it's more than past time that someone did a "White in America" series. It won't be Fox News.

Soledad O'Brien, you are a good journalist and you need to go to Peoria and find out what is going on. Huge Mahogany Mobs - like the ones in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and other cities - are terrorizing and targeting white people in Peoria.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mahogany Robs: The Wall Street Journal and Flash Robs

Paul Kersey had a big story at today. Tim Tebow: Bucking the NFL's Anti-White Bias allowed me to express a number of things, and I think those who saw Tebow lead the Broncos to an 18-15 overtime victory saw something special.

A Mahogany Rob in action
The Wall Street Journal published a story on October 21 that illustrates the power of Black-Run America (BRA). Across the country, retailers are forced to pay for extra security measures (video surveillance, rent-a-cops, security detectors on clothing that go off if procured without payment at the door) because of increasing rates of smash and grab or what is being termed Flash Robs.  

High rates of criminality force law-abiding consumers to pay higher rates for goods as businesses must make up for lost profits (and for increased security, which negatively impact profit margins).

Calling them Flash Robs is wrong, just as calling the phenomenon of teenagers utilizing social media or just spontaneously organizing to attack people (primarily white people) 'Flash Mobs'. No, those are Mahogany Mobs.

In the Wall Street Journal article, the authors delineate a list of cities that have seen private businesses ravaged by these smash and grabs Flash Robs 'Black and grabs' or Mahogany Robs. Sadly, the authors completely fail to identify the one unifying theme that connects each and every of these incidents; Black people organizing to procure free clothes, food, accessories, electronics, etc.:

Retailers this holiday season are preparing to protect themselves against a new group of unwanted visitors: swarms of teenagers and young adults who plot via Twitter, phone texts and Facebook to descend on stores and steal merchandise.

Law enforcement officials call them "flash robs," a criminal incarnation of the "flash mob" phenomenon in which participants use social media to organize impromptu gatherings, from dances in shopping malls to uprisings in the Middle East.

In Philadelphia, about 40 boys swarmed into a suburban Sears in June and made off with thousands of dollars in merchandise including sneakers, socks and pretty much anything else they could snatch, police said.
Mahogany Robs in Sin City
Several retail chains including Filene's Basement, Armani Exchange and The North Face were victimized by similar incidents in Chicago this spring in which teens ran inside stores in Michigan Avenue's Magnificent Mile shopping district, screamed, knocked over displays and fled with jeans, sweaters and shirts.
In Washington, D.C., surveillance cameras caught a group of 10 young women streaming into a convenience store in August and making off with bags of snacks. Similar incidents have broken out in Cleveland, Las Vegas and St. Paul, Minn., among other places.
 The National Retail Federation says that flash-mob attacks were reported by 10% of the 106 retailers it surveyed in July, a group that included department stores and big-box chains, as well as grocery and drug-store operators. Security personnel or police nabbed suspects in about half the cases, according to the survey, which examined crimes involving more than one perpetrator. Several incidents resulted in injuries, the survey found.

For the first time the trade association included advice for handling flash mobs in its recommendations to its members about controlling crowds during big events. Among other things, the NRF is urging retailers and police to monitor social networks and websites for indications that groups will be descending on a store. In addition, workers should alert managers or loss-prevention workers when they see unusually large gatherings of people inside or directly outside the stores. 

In Chicago, the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association, a local merchants group, organized meetings between retailers and police, who pointed out ways that stores could shield themselves from trouble, such as avoiding putting merchandise by the door. Surveillance videos showed that most of the items stolen in flash robs were folded rather than on hangers, said association president John Chikow.

The NRF also says retailers, to discourage thefts, should position workers near key areas of the store and valuable merchandise.

Figuring out how to prevent criminal flash mobs is hard, in part because they are a new and little-studied phenomenon, said Read Hayes, a University of Florida research scientist who serves as director of the Loss Prevention Research Council, a group of more than 60 companies that examines theft trends.
"It is mob behavior but it has some pre-meditation which is a new thing," Mr. Hayes said. "It's still a sporadic thing when you consider the thousands of retail locations some of these chains have. But it's pretty scary for employees, or any customers who happen to be in stores when this happens."
Mahogany Robs, courtesy of Mahogany Mobs (or 'Black and Grabs') are one of the primary reasons that Mall Envy exist; once the Black Undertow overwhelms a formerly white mall, economically the stores can't survive from the combined nefarious forces of high Black crime and low Black credit and purchasing power. It's a death sentence.

This is the primary reason you have seen commercial developers create the outdoor mall, which cuts down on high rates of loitering that is present in so many of the dying malls. Of course, the constant playing of classical music in many fine stores cuts down on the presence of loiters the Black Undertow as well.

Many stores and businesses cannot afford to take extra security precautions to protect their products and merchandise, meaning that continued assault by Mahogany Mobs engaging in 'Black and Rob' (Mahogany Robs) will inevitably force them to shutter their doors.

Such is life in BRA, where The Wall Street Journal publishes a story that dares to discuss a disturbing trend that threatens to choke economic life in many cities without once mentioning that it is Black people engaging in the Flash Robs. That it is the children of the Black Undertow brazenly entering businesses and participating in Mahogany Robs.

Do you want to bet it will be an immigrant continuing to do the job Americans won't do when one finally puts down one of these Flash Robs Mahogany Robs?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh You Crazy White People... Occupy White Street Lacks Black People

I guess they had no Black people as friends on Facebook
Any company, any school, any sports team, any vocation, any city, any avocation, any cause, any... anything that is too white is automatically illegitimate in the eyes of Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) and the soft-totalitarian structure that has been erected in the US called Black-Run America (BRA).

And the latest cause that is all the rage among the perpetually progressive Stuff White People Like (SWPL) white people class of American people is the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. Many of the participants in this nationwide movement are aging white leftists. Many more are young SWPL's looking for another cool cause to rally behind, since that half-Black dude in the White House has run out of change.

It's all the rage and highly fashionable to pitch a tent in a public park (or private) and design homemade signs denigrating Wall Street and promoting some DWL cause, all the while tweeting from an iPad or iPhone and Facebook-ing away on a Mac Book. Hope no one engages in unwarranted theivery at these makeshift refugee camps for SWPL whites who apparently got tired of blasting corporate America and fat cat CEOs on social media from their local Starbucks.

Sadly, these SWPL circles and their online meet-up groups of DWLs lacked any Black members as the national media is beginning to notice a paucity of dark faces at the OWS's Starbucks refugee tent city's. Notably, Atlanta appears to be an OWS gathering of odd DWLs and SWPL whites that resembles the racial makeup of Forsyth County from 20 years ago:

Ronaldo Sobral came to Woodruff Park not to be heard but to listen, to watch and to judge the appeal of Occupy Atlanta. One thing he noticed, moving through the crowd, listening at the edge of conversations, was that white faces far outnumbered dark ones such as his.

That is a reality, both in Atlanta and nationally: From the beginning, most movement participants have been white. Over time, more and more people have taken note, giving rise to a swelling national debate about the whys and so-whats. Some people see the lack of diversity as a failing, others see it as irrelevant.

But economic facts lend a certain irony: A movement born of anger over the gulf between the rich and the rest is only gradually attracting the very groups who have felt the brunt of economic inequality, both historically and as a result of the Great Recession.

The upshot is simple, says Tim Franzen, an organizer of Occupy Atlanta: "If we are going to say we represent 99 percent of the people, then we have to represent them."

Otherwise, he and others said, the lack of diversity could undercut the Occupy movement's ability to spur change in the country, and particularly in a city with as strong an African American presence as Atlanta.

"In order for them not to come off as spoilers who are just complaining, they need the moral authority of the black and brown community," said John Hope Bryant, founder of the Atlanta-based Operation Hope, a nonprofit that educates low-income people on financial issues.

"It's disappointing that there haven't been more [African American] people there," said Bob Holmes, former director of the Southern Center for Studies in Public Policy. "Maybe it's got to do with cynicism or that people have given up hope."

Sobral, who works as a designer, said he suspects that many minorities are too consumed by their own economic tribulations to participate. “They’re dealing with their own survival,” he said.

But the protesters in Woodruff Park also stumbled early on, affronting some African Americans by telling civil rights icon U.S. Rep. John Lewis on Oct. 7 that he would have to wait his turn along with everyone else to address the group. A video of the protracted debate over his request to speak has received almost 500,000 hits on YouTube.
Rep. John Lewis accused a Tea Party (another all-white cause/movement reflecting watered down right-wing sensibilities) member of calling him the-word-that-must-not-be-named (a nigger); watching this strange video of aging - legitimately batty - DWLs refuse to allow Lewis to speak is a hilarious reminder that no only was his accusation erroneous, but the OWS people in Atlanta basically did everything BUT call him the-word-that-must-not-be-named.

And it's all on film. BusinessWeek published an article on the lack of Black people at the OWS Starbucks refugee camps across the country; something called published this piece on sincere attempts to enhance the diversification of the OWS movement with a People of Color infusion. Obviously, Organized Blackness hasn't found a way to monetarily benefit from involving itself in this movement, but once a steady revenue stream can be assured Black people will start to trickle in to score some easy loot.

Just give it time, and The Blacks will come running to join the OWS movement. The question is if the SWPL whites and DWLs decide to pack up their REI tents and head back to Starbucks before that happens.

Update: Didn't see this hilarious article by Unamused, noting that "diversity" and "inclusion" of Black people with the OWS SWPL Starbucks movement hasn't been a smashing success. Instead, it's been a case study in what happens when you introduce the Black Undertow to Whitopias (and the OWS tent city's are mini-Whitopias): racism toward whites and high crime rates.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb

A Black high school football team (Hancock County) attacks the opposing teams head coach (Dave Daniels) in Georgia after he coaches his team to victory. Daniels is white; his attackers were all-Black.

Jim Shea, an 84-year-old former Temple administrator, is attacked by a Mahogany Mob in - can you guess the city? - Philadelphia. Four Black kids  have now added the "get the old geezer" game to the lexicon of other fun-filled activities that Black kids participate in, which include the always hilarious "Polar Bear Hunting" and the rousing contest, "Knockout King." Check out Lawrence Auster's thoughts on what he has dubbed 'surge attack' and realize that these kids didn't take Shea's wallet, cell phone, or any of his personal belongings, but instead engaged in your all-too-typical standard issue Black-on-white attack that will only garner play on your standard "hate" sites and local news channels.

There's so much going on right now, that it seems I picked a helluva day to stop drinking. Okay, horrible Airplane! reference. But seriously, I picked a helluva day to stop sniffing glue. No, I've been traveling, attending business meetings and haven't had time to sit down and write a couple of new entries. Plus, I've been trying to knock out a number of articles for other sites. Deciding to scrap the third Podcast, I plan on doing a new one in the morning detailing what's going on. Let's just say we are on the verge of an exciting new venture for "Paul Kersey" and a huge expansion of the audience.

But again, thank you to everyone who has sent in articles, ideas and continues to write words of encouragement. I read them (though I might not respond right away) all and try and use the anecdotes from the E-mails in a subsequent story. The tale of football madness in Georgia (with a head coach attacked)  is interesting, because I'm working on an article for another Web site - and its magazine - detailing the slow transformation that occurred in collegiate football head coaching due to integration. The once authoritarian white head coach that could shape and mold young white players into men was dealt a critical blow when teams integrated and discipline was confused with discrimination by the new Black players.

Soon, coaches had to change their style and adapt to the Black players culture if they wanted to keep their jobs (and not have opposing head coaches accuse them of racism during recruiting). We went from stern, yet beloved head coaches like Shug Jordan, Bobby Dodd, Jim Owens (University of Washington), to absolute scumbags who allowed an 'anything goes mentality' as long as the team won. Think Bobby Bowden.

The story of 'get the old geezer' in Philadelphia is interesting, because it continues the pattern of Black-on-white attacks that have become all-too-frequent in that city. Or, all-too-frequent across the United States. These are no longer coincidences (that the participants in all of these "Flash Mobs" that turn violent are all-Black), but reveal a clear pattern of the problematic reality of the Black Undertow (and the leaders of the Black community) that paints a dire picture for the so-called future prospects of Martin Luther King's 'Dream' coming to fruition.

Anyways, so much is going on and yet I feel like Adam West's version of Batman in the hilarious 1960s version of The Caped Crusader, when he has an Acme-style bomb and is trying to safely dispose of it so as to not endanger the citizens (or ducks) of Gotham City. Watch it here. Exasperated after having a marching band, lovers engaging in passionate necking, nuns, and a few ducks impede his attempt to find a safe place for the bomb to go off, Batman states, "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb."

Over the past three weeks, I've been traveling, reviewing the edits to SBPDL: Episode II, finishing up The Next Man Hell, traveling some more, and trying to knock out a number of articles for other Web sites. Plus, I've allowed a number of good ideas and articles (entries) I've been meaning to write sit idle, and like anyone trying to close a sale in business, the longer the duration between the initial meeting (or moment you have the idea), the less likely it is you'll close.

I need to do a better job of managing expectations, because over-promising and under-delivering reflects poorly on me. But a steady flow of new articles on other sites will be coming, as the "Paul Kersey" name continues to saturate the net. I'll link to them here when they go up. The first t-shirt design for SBPDL will be unveiled next week as well.

More importantly, a new podcast will go up tomorrow.

So thanks to everyone who stays patient with this site. And thanks to Robert George, the New York Post editorial writer who tweeted at me today. Perhaps you should do a story on SBPDL, Mr. George. You might be shocked at how many of your readers are already familiar with it; you might be shocked by how many of your readers become regular readers of SBPDL if you do.

I have plans for aggressive growth for SBPDL... it's just that some days you can't get rid of a bomb.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

War Zone, USA: The Black Undertow Provides Multiple Cities the Opportunity to Train Military Emergency Personnel to Deal with the Horrors of War

Here is one SBPDL truth that must be stated:
  1.  Distinct racial groups create a "culture": with that stated, Black people can assimilate to what is commonly known as "white culture" (though they will be shunned by their own community for 'acting white'); white people can assimilate to "Black culture" (though they will immediately be deemed 'wiggers'); Black people cannot create "white culture" and, in all cases, cannot sustain "white culture" when left on their own, but will revert back to "Black culture"; white people cannot create "Black culture," but, through gentrification, can remove negative elements of "Black culture" that blighted a city or neighborhood and depreciated property value. "Black Culture" follows Black people wherever they go, even if they attempt to assimilate to "white culture" (this is called the Black Undertow and it creates Climate Change).
With this stated, we can now turn our attention to something that has interested me since the SBPDL Survey results started coming in (you can still take the survey here) and, has, as far as I can discern, never been entered into the realm of public knowledge.

Black Undertow hospitals in America train our military for the horrors of war
A surprising number of people who took the SBPDL Survey identified themselves as working in the health care industry, with many stating they are doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and one stating that they are employed as a trauma surgeon. You always hear Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) and Professional Black Agitators claim that criminality is a byproduct of poverty, yet hospitals and medical centers located in predominately white cities (or suburban areas) do not serve as training ground for doctors who will serve in the various branches of the United States Military.

We already know that the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, University Hospital, and United States Air Force train emergency teams on how to evacuate wounded personnel in combat zones in Afghanistan and Iraq by treating the cities Black gunshot and knife attack victims. The victims of the Black Undertow in Cincinnati provide the perfect opportunity and war zone atmosphere to prepare emergency crews for dealing with the horrors of war abroad. Here you can read how the Institute for Military Medicine brags about the partnership with the University of Cincinnati and how the Black Undertow in that city prepares emergency teams for horrors seen in war by proving a facsimile of a war zone on a daily basis.

Cincinnati isn't the only city with conditions - courtesy of the Black Undertow, a byproduct of "Black culture' - that resemble a war zone. The University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore also serves as training ground for military doctors, because the Black population of Baltimore engages in bellicose behavior on a daily basis that resembles the same conditions our troops will face overseas in hostile territory:

CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr reported this weekend on a program used to train military doctors for the fast-paced and bloody environment found in war zone hospitals — namely, America’s inner cities. 
Starr follows a rotation of military doctors who are preparing for their deployment at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. The program director told Starr that the hospital is the closest to a war zone hospital he has seen:
COL. DAVID POWERS: The injuries that I’ve treated here and that I see here at this hospital are the closest thing to the injuries I saw in Iraq that I’ve experienced in the continental United States.
Watch a clip:

 While the program is no doubt useful for preparing doctors for the high-intensity environments overseas and likewise giving doctors broad sets of skills they can use at home, that doctors can train for war zones through the crush of patients with, among other injuries, stabbing and gunshot wounds serve as a powerful reminder that as the wars overseas wind down, problems at home remain.

The total spending on the U.S.’ wars now exceeds $1.2 trillion. The Pentagon budget passed by the House earlier this month allocated nearly $200 billion this year for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Baltimore ranks as the eighth most dangerous city, second in its reported HIV/AIDS rate, and is the heroin capital of the country.
No mention that Baltimore is a Black Undertow city, and that it is Black people and "Black culture" that makes the city unlivable and it is Black people (primarily Black homosexual males infecting each other and Black females) that give the city one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in America. But once again, the Black inhabitants of the Baltimore provide military doctors with real-life trauma experience that prepares them fully to psychologically survive the horrors of war and repair the bodies of our soldiers. After all, they have survived the horrors of Baltimore.

But it's not just Cincinnati and Baltimore. The United States Air Force also uses St. Louis, another of the cities in America that the Black Undertow helped earn the dubious honor of such accolades as 'worst' and 'most dangerous', to train surgeons and emergency personnel. The US Army? They use Miami, where the Black Undertow - mixed with a lethal and combustible cocktail of Haitian, Cuban, and other immigrants from less-developed (i.e, non-white) nations - presents horrors for trauma surgeons and emergency personnel that would scare even George Romero and John Carpenter:

MIAMI — The trauma center's radio crackles an alert: A 34-year-old woman injured in an auto wreck is being brought in by helicopter. Parts of her scalp have been torn back, exposing her skull. Broken bones may be sticking out through the skin of her left leg. Her injuries may help save the lives of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. 
For two weeks, 28 Army medics, nurses, doctors and nurse anesthetists have been learning trauma medicine and teamwork under pressure at the Ryder Trauma Center at downtown Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital, a place that sees such carnage it often resembles a war zone.

 Ryder is one of the busiest trauma centers in the nation, seeing an average of 11 trauma patients a day -- about as many as the biggest military hospital in Iraq.

Jackson Memorial serves some of the city's most crime-ridden sections, and patients arriving at the trauma center have been stabbed, injured in grisly auto accidents, wounded in shootouts with high-powered assault weapons, or hurt in falls and fights.

The Army sends 10 forward surgical teams a year through Ryder, which was selected six years ago because of the volume of bloodshed. It is the Army's only trauma training center. The Air Force has similar programs in Baltimore, St. Louis and Cincinnati; the Navy's trauma program is in Los Angeles.

This time, the professionals being trained are Ohio reservists with the Army's 848th Forward Surgical Team. In their civilian lives, some of them raise families, tend bar, go to college or work for the post office. The team leader is Col. Michael Oddi, a 59-year-old thoracic surgeon in Akron, Ohio.

"My practice consists of a lot of surgery, but we don't do a lot of trauma surgery. So a program like this, to prepare us for acute, multiple casualties, really helped us on our last deployment, and it will help us again," Oddi said. "It is extremely busy here."
Miami's Black population and "Black culture" provide excellent training for the Army doctors and surgeons, who prepare for the horrors of war by repairing the bullet-ridden bodies of Black people and sewing up knife victims from the war zone in The Capital of Latin America.

Because of budget cuts, the military must use Black Undertow cities in America to prepare trauma surgeons and emergency personnel because "Black culture" provides a 'war-like environment' on a seemingly endless basis in the so-called "inner city" of St. Louis:
The partnership between the Air Force and the hospital came about because of, in part, the downsizing of the military medical system that began more than a decade ago. The cuts closed military hospitals. As a result, most Air Force medical personnel now tend to work in smaller clinics and treat few serious injuries.

"They typically don't get to see gunshot and stab wounds," said Capt. Scott Fallin, administrator of the St. Louis program. "Being here in the inner city prepares them for some of the blunt-trauma injuries they will see."
We have discussed how Philadelphia is the fastest growing Black Undertow city in America, with white people fleeing for the suburbs leaving behind remnants and vestiges of "white culture" that are eroding quickly. With this erosion comes Climate Change, as this story of trauma centers illustrates:
Dr. Mike Reihart did his residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center in the Logan section of Philadelphia, a city where doctors see some 30 percent of all shooting victims in Pennsylvania.

Compared to that, Lancaster is a picnic.

But Reihart, attending emergency physician at Lancaster General Hospital, said Lancaster is less of a picnic these days, particularly on weekends. "Some nights are starting to feel a little like Philly," he said. 
Statistically, the two cities can't compare. There have been 30 shootings in Lancaster in the past eight months. In Philadelphia, gunfire has claimed more than 135 lives in less than six months.

But emergency physicians at Lancaster General say the frequency with which they see gunshot victims has definitely increased. The director of the emergency department, William Adams, told the Philadelphia Inquirer last week that over the past 10 years, the hospital had seen "about a fourfold increase" in the number of gunshot victims it treats. "Where we used to see one or two a month, now we see one or two a week," said Adams.

Reihart, who sees many of those patients, said the increase is disconcerting. But it's nothing he and other medical staff at LGH can't handle.

In fact, he said, gunshots are actually easier to treat than blunt trauma, the type sustained in car accidents. Penetrating trauma, like gunshot wounds, "are a little easier; you know there's a hole here, and a hole there," he said. Blunt trauma, by contrast, often involves broken bones and significant internal injuries.

If someone is shot in the abdomen, said Reihart, they go immediately into surgery. "The science of gunshot wounds is changing," he said. "There are so many gunshot wounds in big cities" physicians in places like Los Angeles have figured out how to triage patients without surgery.
Some people like to cite statistics that show crime is dropping in America. At SBPDL, we deal with facts. More than 1 million Black males are in jail, removing from the streets a significant portion of the criminal element of this nation (at only 5 percent of the United States population, Black males are significantly represented in the criminal class of America, and having committed more than 50 percent of the murders in 2010, those trends aren't slowing down).

More so, advances in medical technology and surgery techniques (thanks to the endless supply of gunshot victims the Black Undertow provides) have greatly increased the odds of an individual surviving a bullet or knife wound. And thanks to the Black Undertow providing so many instances of trauma and medical emergencies in "inner cities" throughout America, our military can successively prepare doctors and emergency teams for the horrors of war they will encounter overseas.

All courtesy of "Black culture."

Now do you see why Whitopias are necessary? Now do you see what those who escape The Nothing (horrible reference to The Neverending Story) that follows the Black Undertows are evading?

I would love to read stories and accounts of dealing with the Black Undertow at trauma centers in Birmingham, Atlanta, Memphis, New Orleans, Dallas, Kansas City,Washington D.C., Milwaukee, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Cleveland, and other cities with a large Black population.

It's hard to believe that the United States offers so many cities that would be excellent stand-ins for battle zones where military doctors and emergency personnel could so readily train and prepare for the horrors of war.

Such is the horror of the Black Undertow.

Monday, October 17, 2011

So You Don't Want Fries? Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child at 365Black McDonald's

Podcast 3 goes up tomorrow. Working on editing it for sound quality. Check back to SBPDL regularly this week, as a flurry of posts (some on football that many won't read, plus a big article on Oprah's failing network and the Whiteout of television in 2011 with shows like Pan Am copying AMC's recipe for success) will be coming. Also, we'll cover the economic lessons that Henry Hazlitt and Adam Smith forgot to mention.

So that's how Tiger Woods felt...
It wasn't that long ago that a brazen shooting in broad daylight outside of a Brooklyn McDonald's offered the latest example of 365Black behavior to marvel at; and by marveling, we mean being able to mutter almost inaudibly, "thank God for Chick-fil-A."

Now, another McDonald's in New York City (this time Manhattan) provides 31-year-old cashier Rayon McIntosh with the opportunity to earn his 15 minutes of 365Black fame:
A McDonald's cashier is caught on a horrific cell phone video using a metal rod to brutally beat two female customers who'd jumped the counter of his West 4th Street restaurant early Thursday during a fight over their order.

The cashier, who police said had previously served a decade for manslaughter, beat the women so badly that one suffered a fractured skull and broken arm in the shocking attack, which was captured on a customer's cell phone and then posted to YouTube.

Police have charged the cashier, identified as Rayon McIntosh, 31, with felony assault charges, along with criminal possession of a weapon. Both women were charged with menacing, trespass and disorderly conduct. He is being held at the Manhattan Detention Complex on $40,000 bail, according to the Department of Correction website.

The drama began about 12:30 a.m. Thursday when the two customers — Denise Darbeau, 24, of Queens, and her pal, Rachel Edwards, 24, of Brooklyn — entered the popular fast food spot and began giving McIntosh a hard time, police sources said.

In the video, Darbeau, 24, of Queens, is clearly heard cursing at McIntosh after the cashier told her he had to scan a $50 bill to make sure it was authentic before he would give them their food.
That's when all hell breaks loose.

An agitated Darbeau is seen slapping McIntosh across the face, prompting him to lunge forward and shove the two women.

Darbeau leaps onto the counter and clears the other side while Edwards retreats to the other end of the restaurant, according to the video.

Suddenly, McIntosh reappears on the video, brandishing a metal rod, which he slams onto Darbeau's head.

McDonald's is good for providing at least three or four examples of Blacks Behaving Badly (BBB) in any given month, more video proof that avoiding the Black Undertow and fast food restaurants that pander to Black people is not only good for your waistline, but good for avoiding being bludgeoned with a metal rod or shot by a customer irate over the McRib being dropped from the menu.

Corporate America offers a wonderful barometer of how politics are being played in America and which group is being favored; judging by McDonald's continued use of 365Black marketing efforts, Black-Run America (BRA) still holds sway.

But it is videos like that of Mr. McIntosh and his metal rod of doom that continue to be E-mailed and viewed online which serve to further erode the power of words like "racist," because once again, the stereotypes of Black people are confirmed by their actions. In this case, a Black dude who just spent 10 years in prison for manslaughter violently attacks a Black person who had the inability to refrain from chastising him.

Hilariously, a white woman - an obvious Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) - can be heard yelling "stop it," incessantly as Mr. McIntosh continually lays into his victim with a metal rod. It is that same DWL who will complain incessantly when news stories online showcase Black people behaving in an unflattering light and comments come pouring in from anonymous (and increasingly via Facebook) of people noticing that it is indeed Black people behaving badly.

DWLs will write the equivalent of the white woman's "stop it" when confronted with a barrage of comments from Those Who Can See and dare point out that the socially unacceptable behavior is courtesy of Black people. Again.

Just check out this story of two Black criminals intimidating a fat, out of shape DWL, procuring his iPad in the process to see a typical DWL whining over the comment section being hijacked by Those Who Can See.

You have to ask yourself: how will Black people top the latest two incidents of 365Black behavior at McDonald's? We've seen a shooting - in broad daylight mind you - and a iron rod incident that would induce jealousy in even Elin Nordegren.

365Black at McDonald's. Has there ever been a more fitting marketing slogan for a company?