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Days of the Future Past: When "Stop and Frisk" Becomes "Investigative Stops" in Baltimore, Civilization is Nearing Death

It’s no secret Baltimore is one of America’s hotbeds for black murder, mayhem and dysfunction [Baltimore murder victims, suspects share ties to criminal justice system:
Slayings down but trends continue, Baltimore Sun, 1-2-2012].

It’s no secret that Del. Pat McDonough was correct when he chided black youths for being solely responsible for the crime in the city’s Inner Harbor area [Delegate warns of "black youth mobs" in Baltimore's Inner Harbor: Comment brings sharp criticism,, 5-17-2012].

The greater crime/sin in the incident was McDonough daring to notice and publicly comment on what we all know to be true. Incidentally, police did strengthen patrols in the Inner Harbor area only a month after his ‘racial insensitive’ comments [Baltimore Leaders Increase Security At Inner Harbor, CBS Baltimore, 6-21-12].

Murder and gun-crime, just like in New York City, is almost entirely the avocation/vocation of non-whites in Baltimore (specifically, blacks).

Which might be why the news of Baltimore running a stop and frisk program is so encouraging, though a name-change (purely for positive public relations reasons…) still has raised the blood pressure of the ACLU to an unhealthy level. [ACLU slams Baltimore Police over 'stop and frisk' name change, Baltimore Sun, 9-25-13]:

The ACLU of Maryland is criticizing the Baltimore Police Department's decision to change the name of its "stop and frisk" procedures and said they receive regular complaints from citizens about such stops.  
Last month, the ACLU filed a public records request with police seeking detailed records covering citizen encounters with police and was recently told the agency needed more time as it revises its general orders relating to "stop and frisks." The Sun reported this week that the agency has changed the name of "stop and frisks" to "investigative stops," in an effort by the agency to distance itself from controversy over the stops in New York City. City attorney Christopher Lundy told the ACLU that the new term was "more proper" way to refer to stops "motivated by reasonable articulable suspicion." 
The ACLU posted its request, and the BPD's response, here 
Sonia Kumar, a staff attorney with the ACLU, said in a statement: 
"Whether we call it 'stop and frisk' or something else makes no difference to the Baltimore residents stopped and searched without any reasonable suspicion that they have done something wrong.  The problem isn't the name - it's how police are treating people. 
"By law, an officer must have reasonable suspicion that someone has committed or is about to commit a crime before stopping him or her.  But that suspicion alone is not enough to justify a frisk during the stop.  In order to frisk, an officer must also reasonably suspect that the person stopped is armed. 
"Yet, as deployed in Baltimore and around the country, people of color who are totally innocent of any wrongdoing have been subjected to totally baseless stops and searches by police who are on fishing expeditions.  The ACLU routinely hears from Baltimore residents whose rights have been violated in this way.  Not only are such stops illegal, but they also corrode the relationship between police and the people whose help they need to keep everyone safe.”

David Simon’s book Homicide clearly shows cops in Baltimore understand they are on their own, hated by the black population in the city and only one difficult arrest away from a public demonstration (against police brutality/racism) and losing their badge.

Though most of the large-scale public housing no longer exists in Baltimore (strategically condensing crime to high-rise buildings gave way to the novel idea of exporting it throughout Baltimore via Section 8 vouchers), life in these formally all-black, tax-payer supported enclaves was a 24/7/365 war-zone.


No story illustrates the type of world black people create better than one from 1992 in Baltimore, when an armored vehicle was called in to save 10 officers pinned down by black snipers  [10 officers rescued in latest of city-housing problems, Baltimore Sun, 8-21-1992]:

The latest from Baltimore's public high-rise housing projects: 10 police officers, pinned down by sniper fire, had to be rescued yesterday by an armored car as gunmen fired shots from upper floors. 
A week earlier, 9-year-old Ebony Scott was murdered and left in a trash bin at George B. Murphy Homes, another city-owned housing project. And a week before that, a drug user was shot to death in a robbery at the same building.
This year, at least six people have been slain at city high-rise projects. 
Residents at Murphy Homes even marched to City Hall Wednesday to demand better security. 
But for housing officials, who say they are trying to come up with ways to battle the rampant crime, it seems to be a losing cause. 
"What can we do? When you have police officers pinned down by snipers firing automatic weapons, and it takes a tank to rescue them, what the hell do you do?" said one city housing official, who asked not to be identified. The same official has been dealing with security concerns from Ebony Scott's murder. "This is a massive, massive problem that we cannot control," the official said." 

When police made it inside Flag House Courts yesterday, along the 100 block of Albemarle St., the snipers had fled -- almostsurely to their apartments, police said. 
Police said they believe about a half-dozen shots were fired from two of the Flag House Courts buildings, apparently in protest of officers who made a minor drug arrest at 1:30 a.m. on the street below. 
An armored vehicle from the Prince George's County Police Department was brought in to help rescue the officers, eight from the city Police Department and two from the city Housing Authority, during a standoff that lasted about five hours. 
The vehicle, similar to ones sent to the Persian Gulf war last year, was used "just to insure there was a safe evacuation of those officers," police spokesman Sam Ringgold said. 

Bill Toohey, a city Housing Authority spokesman, acknowledged that crime problems have reached a serious level at the four city-owned high-rises: Flag House in East Baltimore, Murphy Homes and Lexington Terrace in West Baltimore, and Lafayette Courts in East Baltimore. 
He said the small Housing Authority police force -- he refused to specify their numbers -- is overwhelmed by the drug-related crime. 
A private, unarmed security force was removed last year from the buildings because it had no effect on crime, Mr. Toohey said. In fact, drug dealers often fired at the guards sitting behind bulletproof glass, and from time to time, they punctured the glass, Mr. Toohey said.

Sterilization/birth control of anyone receiving government benefits would seem to be one solution; repatriation another. Instead, those supported by the taxpayer are encouraged to continue the dysgenic policy of having more children (virtually unwanted and uncared biological detritus that guarantees greater lucre per month).

What would Inner Harbor and Baltimore look like today such a policy had been put in place in the early 1990s? Would black youths be terrorizing the Inner Harbor if, one generation ago, a sensible reproductive strategy had been employed to reduce the black birthrate in Baltimore, especially those living off of government handouts?

Instead, the first black mayor of Baltimore awarded a racially-motivated contract to the Nation of Islam to patrol the ‘projects.[Muslim Guards To Stop Work In Baltimore, New York Times, 11-10-1995]:
Federal officials have ordered Baltimore to sever its contract with the Nation of Islam Security Agency and award it to another company, Mayor Kurt Schmoke said today. 
It was not welcome news for the Mayor, who said violent crime had fallen in the last two years at the public housing units, where the security agency has been patrolling. 
He said the decision, by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, was motivated by concerns about the security agency's ties to Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam. Mr. Farrakhan, who called the Million Man March on Washington in October, is widely accused of anti-Semitism. 
"This is tremendously disappointing to me," Mayor Schmoke said. "We do not do this voluntarily." 
A spokesman for the Federal housing agency, Alex Sachs, said the order stemmed from a review showing that the city had arbitrarily rated Nation of Islam Security above Wells Fargo, even though the latter had offered a bid about $1 million lower. He said the decision had not been influenced by political pressure or an investigation into the use of the agency in several cities.

What exactly do individuals realistically believe a future America, devoid of white people, will look like?

In places like Baltimore, the non-white future is today.

Twenty years ago, black snipers pinned down police with a barrage of gunfire merely for arresting a brother on drug charges; today, the economic vitality of the city is at stake because of our leaders refusal to address the reality of the onus of crime in the city on black people.

Instead, every attempt imaginable to placate this population has occurred (the creation of Jazz Festivals), with extra security/police deployed to ensure black youth are free to drive away commerce and scare away tourists from visiting the city on the traditional “Easter” black celebration [Security tightened for Easter events at Inner Harbor Officials seek to prevent rowdiness by teens, Baltimore Sun, 5-5-1996].

Even acting as if they didn’t happen – before the advent of World Star Hip Hop could confirm what elected officials in the city didn’t want you to know [Mayor dismisses reports of downtown rowdiness, Baltimore Sun, 5-18-1995]:
Rodney A. Orange, president of the Baltimore chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said black teens have complained to him that "they feel stereotyped. They only want to enjoy their evening, wherever they are going, but very often they're looked at suspiciously."

Were the city of Baltimore to have a population that was 63 percent white (instead of 63.6 percent black and 28.2 percent white in 2010), would the ACLU be attacking the police for changing the name of stop and frisk? Would white people, living in public housing, have ever utilized sniping techniques to pin down police officers making a routine drug arrest?

Would white teens/youths, engaging in flash mob attacks, turn the Inner Harbor into a no-go zone for tourists?

Would the Nation of Islam ever have been awarded a contract for anything in the city, let alone providing security?

No to all of the above.

Baltimore would be a thriving city, able to attract foreign investors and compete with other major cities as a viable metropolis to relocate corporate offices.

But the Kerner Commission Report ensured that ‘white racism’ would always be the safety valve when discussing black failure/dysfunction/pathology/crime/incompetence.

So, Baltimore will remain one of America’s hotbeds for black murder, mayhem and dysfunction – ‘white racism’ will be to blame, of course. 

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When Will Mayco January Star in His Own ADT Commercial? The Ghosts of David Dunlap and Whitney Butler Want to Know...

A suspect in potentially 20 unresolved burglaries.

Two people (one was carrying a child in her womb) dead, when this suspect in 20 unresolved burglaries was found engaging in his avocation at their home.

The two dead were white people, a married couple.
A Son of Obama killed these newlyweds (and their unborn child) in Colorado Springs, a home invasion no ADT commercial will dare memorialize

The suspected executioner?

Macyo Joelle January, who was 17 at the time of the murders of David Dunlap and Whitney Butler. 

Mr. January is the real-life representation of why homeowners utilize the services of ADT, with the fictional white robbers/participants in home invasion a fanciful reminder of the overactive imagination of Madison Avenue advertising firms. [Details in slaying of soldier, wife emerge at hearing; suspect seeks transfer to juvenile court, The Gazette, September 26, 2013]
 A burglar ransacking a Colorado Springs home early this year fatally shot the homeowner as he arrived to check on a burglar alarm and then gunned down the man's pregnant wife when she came home a few minutes later.
The son Barry and Michelle never had...
Though attacked separately, Fort Carson Staff Sgt. David Dunlap and wife Whitney Butler died within a few feet of each other Jan. 14 in their front room on Bassett Drive on the city's east side, according to testimony by Colorado Springs police investigators.
An autopsy showed Dunlap died of a gunshot wound to the back of the neck. Butler, who was three months pregnant, was shot in the head. The new details were heard in court Tuesday as a complex, multi-day hearing began for Macyo January, the teenager accused of killing the newlyweds just months after their arrival in Colorado Springs.
 "Died within a few feet of each other Jan. 14," murdered by a black individual named Mayco January, who was a suspect in 20 home burglaries.
The only criminals/home invaders in America are white, according to ADT..

In a sane nation, Mayco January's story would be used by ADT to promote their home security systems.

In our nation, all ADT commercials depict white criminals engaging in home invasions.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Indianapolis Star Confirms: Blacks Responsible for Virtually all Murder in Marion County

Black mothers (or white mothers) bring them into the world.

They, byproducts of the black community in Indianapolis, are the single reason murder exists in the city.

No future-time orientation.

No impulse control.

Low IQ.

People who try and blame a 'fatherless' culture absolve black women (or white women) from the equation; no one is forcing women to engage in relations with black men, thus to put the onus of black dysfunction on a lack of a father figure is an egregious assault on reason.

As is the attempt by the Indy Star to humanize the black individuals gunned down by other blacks in Indianapolis this year. [Cycle of violence: Young lives cut short,, 9-28-13]:
They were short lives ended by violence.Through the first eight months of this year in Marion County, 39 people between the ages of 16 and 24 have died in homicides — 36 were black males.

That demographic represents less than 2 percent of the Marion County population yet has produced 92 percent of the victims in that age group. It also accounts for nearly 40 percent of the 94 homicides through the end of August.

The disproportionate number of young black men who show up in homicide statistics is not new or unique to Indianapolis. But this year goes well beyond the norm. The 36 victims represent a 171 percent jump from 2012, and the number is at least one-third higher than anytime in the past eight years.

While the growing number of homicides is troubling, the victims represent a fraction — less than 1 percent — of the city’s young black men. Still, their cases provide context to the harsh reality that in Marion County young black men are 10 times more likely than their white counterparts to die in a homicide.
An Indianapolis Star examination of hundreds of pages of police reports and other public records uncovered common themes in the lives of the growing number of victims: a history of troubled pasts at home, school and in their neighborhoods that intersects with a street culture where carrying a gun — and using it to settle a dispute or earn respect — can be seen as the measure of a man.
The findings reveal that 33 of the victims were involved in prior violent outbursts that drew law enforcement attention, and 31 in incidents where police reported guns were used or found. Five had been shot at least once before they were killed.
“I actually think kids are getting more violent and at a younger age,” said the Rev. Charles Harrison, who heads the Ten Point Coalition, a group that sends pastors and volunteers into some of the city’s toughest neighborhoods to quell violence.
“That is a real big difference today.”
The findings also suggest logical starting points for meaningful discussions needed to stem the tide of bloodshed — a daunting and complex challenge, experts say, that will require the cooperation of political leaders, law enforcement, educators, social service agencies, religious institutions, families and the community.

Deep-seated forces

“We cannot excuse or look away from personal accountability, first and foremost,” said Earl Wright II, a sociologist and professor of Africana Studies at the University of Cincinnati.

“But that’s the low-hanging fruit. That’s the surface level. It’s easy for us to stop at simply saying a person should be able to control themselves when confronted with a certain situation.”

Far more difficult to deal with, Wright explained, are deep-seated forces behind the crime and violence.

He cites issues that show up repeatedly in the records examined by The Star:
educational failure, poverty and the lack of economic opportunity, broken families, failed criminal justice interventions, and a distorted view of respect and justice. Those factors have helped push the homicide rate for young black men in Marion County to 28 percent above the national average.

“The result, sadly, is almost predictable,” said Marion County Juvenile Court Judge Marilyn Moores.

Thirty-one of the victims came through the juvenile justice system, but Moores said it often is too late — even at 12 or 15 — to turn around their lives. She calls them “feral children,” essentially abandoned by their parents and left to fend for themselves on the streets.

No Rev. Harrison, it's black children who are more violent, reverting back to a natural state no western makeup can hide anymore.

Thirty-five of the 36 blacks murdered (all by other blacks, the most pertinent fact of all) had police records.

Do not mourn their deaths.

Only mourn the death of the city of Indianapolis, another casualty of the black undertow. 

The moral of the story is simple: no one is forcing black women (or white women) to have black children. Simply end all funding of the black undertow - cut off EBT, Section 8 Vouchers, Welfare, Public School (and free breakfast/lunch), and WIC - and the problem ends over night.

If you don't fund dysfunction (dysgenics), something else will materialize in its absence. 

No, something will flourish.

It's called civilization.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Abraham Lincoln Had it Right. 82 Percent Black Detroit Set to Get $320 Million from Federal Government; Why Not Use it for Repatriation?

(PK NOTE: it's actually $320 million).

Detroit has been bailed out before.

Coleman Young, the first black mayor of the city (elected in 1973), went to Washington D.C. and, “brought that bacon back,” in the late 70s.
Even he knew the truth. The ruins of Detroit in 2013 silently confirm this fact

Since then, a steady stream of federal/state/grant money has trickled into the city, keeping America’s black metropolis afloat, while the black citizenry (reaching 87 percent of the population) contribute to turning the landscape – once known as The Paris of the West – into the “Ruin Porn”/Blight capital of the western world.

In truth, the condition of 2013 Detroit is “stranger than racism”: a city completely dominated by blacks for forty years has disintegrated before our eyes, in a manner that would make even the most ardent Klansman frown with indignity.


If you continue to financial bailout black dysfunction in Detroit, you will only breed more blight and contribute to a greater proliferation of “Ruin Porn” than already exists.

Detroit already receives roughly $291 million/year in grants from 71 different organization to help pay for the burden of having a population devoid of white people (tax-payers).

Some $52 million left over from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is being funneled to Detroit to remove the “blight” (ruined remnants of the past white civilization usurped by high levels of black crime, pushing the former population to seek safe real estate for sustaining life) [Snyder, officials launch $52M blight removal program in Detroit, Detroit News, 8-26-13].

Now, comes news of something bigger.[White House to announce $300M in aid Friday to make Detroit safer, erase blight, Detroit Free Press, 9-27-13]
Nearly $300 million in aid for Detroit — from federal and state coffers, private businesses and charitable foundations — will be announced Friday as Obama administration officials visit the city to discuss what can be done to help eradicate blight, improve transportation, encourage new business and make residents safer. 
The funding will include $150 million in blight eradication and community redevelopment, including $65 million in Community Development Block Grant funding — which had already been awarded over two years but could not be accessed by the city. An additional $25 million could help hire as many as 150 firefighters in the city. 
Some $24 million in federal resources that had been tied up will go to repairing buses and installing security cameras, part of an overall $140-million investment in transit systems. And several charitable groups — the Ford Foundation, Kresge Foundation and Knight Foundation — will put millions into spurring entrepreneurship and creating jobs.

Some of that money ($100 million) will be used as transit grants for “buses, a streetcar project, and a bus rapid transit system.” The bus system, with a base hub at the Rosa Parks Transit Center, currently is under siege; its almost entirely black employee base is demonstrating against the violence perpetrated by its almost entirely black customer base [Detroit bus drivers protest for better safety, Detroit News, 9-17-13]:
Inspections are being conducted on one of the city’s most troubled bus routes to curb violence targeting drivers and passengers, officials said Tuesday. 
Detroit’s Chief Operating Officer Gary Brown said the city will immediately begin using its resources to conduct spot checks on routes that have experienced the most disturbances. 
The bus drivers union organized the demonstration to seek help in stopping physical and verbal abuse between passengers and drivers, as well as the unreliability and neglect of the buses. 
Eight drivers have been hospitalized from attacks by passengers in the past nine months, said Fred Westbrook, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 26, which represents about 550 active Detroit Department of Transportation drivers. 
“The city of Detroit has got to fix the system. This is not what we signed up for,” said Westbrook, as he marched with about 50 others carrying signs Tuesday in front of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, calling for “cleaner buses” and “on-time service.”
Rosa Parks Transit Center? Never underestimate God’s sense of humor…

What could that $300 million do to help Detroit actually come back? Well, it could simply be used to repatriate the black population (significant percentages, at least) of Detroit to Monrovia, Liberia.

And what better date than February 12 (Abraham Lincoln’s birthday) in 2014 to start the initial flights from DTW to ROB?
The only way to secure a safer future for Detroit is to repatriate the black population

Using, we find that booking flights on Brussels Airlines, KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Air France, US Airways, and American Lines for the date of 2/12/14 has an average price of roughly $3,000 (remember, children under 2 can fly for free).

If we are only talking about using commercial airlines, with normal layovers, the government could use the $300 million to repatriate 100,000 black citizens of Detroit to Monrovia, Liberia. At 82.7 percent of the population (estimated to be 701,475 in 2012), this plan would also see all children under 2 on board these flights – roughly 25,000 people.

In 2009, roughly 100,000 black residents of the city where between the ages of 5 – 14 years old, thus the $291 million could realistically be used (if still using commercial flights) to repatriate the “youths” from Detroit, freeing them from the burden of consistently keeping alive the racial gap in education.

Such a move would see nearly 1/3 of the black population peacefully removed from Detroit, thereby eliminating from the equation the very people responsible for the “blight” found in the city. All for $300 million.

Now, such a plan – using commercial airlines – would be much more cost-effective if utilizing airplanes that went non-stop to Monrovia (supply-chain management gurus would be needed to determine the amount of flights that could leave DTW per day and, realistically, the capacity ROB has for such an endeavor).

More to the point about this repatriation: the United States would continue to pay for EBT Cards ($200/month goes much farther in Liberia than in the food desert of Detroit), and a $1,000 stipend/year – equating to $660 million – for those blacks resettled in Monrovia.

In exchange, those white people living in the suburbs of Detroit can move back into the city, abandoning absurd commutes – all to avoid living in the high crime areas of the former black metropolis. An actual downtown renaissance can occur, with the Visible Black Hand of Economics ($1 houses, anyone?) peacefully removed instead of eternally propped up to help bolster the cities ranking as “most violent in America.”

Now, such a proposal may seem outlandish.

It may seem incendiary.

But what’s the alternative? Continuing to fund the city of Detroit, with only one true return on investment found: and that’s the accelerated growth of the security, prison, and blight-removal industry?

The more lethal alternative is allowing the black population of Detroit to spread across America (Section 8 Vouchers in hand), to export the Black Undertow in places devoid of crime and boasting high property values.

Since 1948, we’ve tried to believe race doesn’t exist (Shelley v. Kraemer). The enormous error in American intellectual thinking has done what no invading army could; destroy once productive centers of commerce and public life, such as Detroit, Baltimore, Gary (Indiana), Rochester, Newark, Camden, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee.

Marcus Garvey had it right 100 years ago; the American Colonization Society had it right 180 years ago; Abraham Lincoln had it right in the 1860s.

In the ruins of America’s “Arsenal of Democracy,” we find the end-result of wishful, magical thinking.

Though most people refuse to see, the American Experiment had ended in the Petri Dish of Social Engineering still known loosely as ‘Detroit.’

Sure, a repatriation of black residents from Detroit to Monrovia, Liberia won’t happen; but neither will a closing of the racial gap in achievement.

All that will happen is more and more municipalities will collapse under the weight of racial reality, with more federal/state/grant money allocated as a “financial Band-Aid” upon nature’s greatest  (cruelest) joke of all.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remembering Frank Melton (He Dared Hold His Race Accountable for the Demise of Jackson, MS)

Latest Paul Kersey at is a look at how the Republic Of New Afrika” Arrives In Jackson, Mississippi.":
Mississippi is still burning. Not in the way the New York Times would have you believe, stuck in 1962 with lynchings of innocent blacks imminent at any given moment. Instead, while no one was looking, the capital city of Jackson has quietly become America's Harare. 
Speaking tough about black crime/dysfunction made Melton a pariah
Just as Africa's breadbasket, Rhodesia, had the name of its capital changed from Salisbury to Harare and became Africa's basketcase, Zimbabwe, racial democracy has spoken in 86% black Jackson. Racial socialist Chokwe Lumumba, the Nation of Islam's new favorite elected official, carried a not coincidental 87 percent of the Mayoralty vote  on June 4. The almost entirely black electorate embraced his disturbingly familiar slogan of “One City. One Aim. One Destiny.” 
Symbolically, Jackson International Airport has now been changed to Jackson-Evers International Airport in 2004. But this is only the first step of Jackson's transformation. One can only speculate when Mayor Lumumba will rename the city in honor of Medgar Evers instead of the racist white American Andrew Jackson. 
This transformation is taking place because, when all is said and done, “demography is destiny.” Because of remarkably swift white flight from Jackson, there was nothing to prevent the black majority from electing a man who thinks Africans visited North America centuries before Columbus. [Lumumba challenges history regarding Christopher Columbus: Presumptive next mayor says Africans visited Americas before Italian explorer, By Dustin Barnes, Clarion-Ledger, May 24, 2013.]

Lost in this virtually unreported (elsewhere) story is the tale of Frank Melton, the second black mayor of the city:

The embrace of “Black Power” is a change for a city that only eight years ago elected black businessman Frank Melton as Mayor. His slogan was far different than Mayor Lumumba's – “running the thugs out of town.” 
Wearing a police jacket and badge, carrying two guns, and leading sledgehammer-wielding black youth (for which he was indicted on Civil Rights charges) on raids of crack houses, Mayor Melton was a true champion of urban renewal.(Nothing in the story Mississippi Mayor Is Indicted on Civil Rights Charges, By Shaila Dewan, NYT, July 11, 2008, says that Mayor Melton was black.) 
In June of 2006, Melton declared a 30-day emergency on crime in the city (complete with curfew) and actually petitioned then-Governor Haley Barbour to send the National Guard to patrol the city. 
For these efforts, Melton was attacked by the usual suspects. The New York Times denounced him—an obvious indicator he was doing something right: 
 But Mr. Melton’s vigilantism has raised concerns from critics, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, that he is bypassing due-process rights and engaging in racial profiling by focusing on black neighborhoods. (The mayor, like 77 percent of Jackson, is black.)[Crime-Fighting Mayor Finds Himself Embroiled in Charges, New York TimesSeptember 21, 2006]
Frank Melton was the hero Jackson needed, but the type of man who the citizens of Jackson realized was the enemy upon entering office. He held a mirror up the black community and dared tell them the problems befalling the city were black in origin. 

What was a 52 percent white city in 1980 is now the blackest city (over 100,000 in population) in America, and Melton told his electorate - and an uneasy white business community - that combating black crime was the way to restore some semblance of order to the city [The Man Segregation Built: The Fall and Rise of a New Black Leadership in Jackson, Forefront, Volume 1, Issue 15]:
But by the 1980s, factors such as rampant fear of urban crime and the tense transfer of power to black leadership drew many wealthy and middle-class families, particularly whites, to the suburbs. The drain happened relatively quickly: Between 1980 and the present, Jackson’s overall population shrank from 202,893 to 173,514, and whites went from making up 52 percent of the city’s population to less than 20 percent. During the 1990s alone, nearly 35,000 white residents moved out of the city — an average of almost 100 a day over the 10-year span (by contrast, the city lost half as many in the 2000s). But while African Americans made up more than half of the voting age population by 1990, City Hall remained disproportionately white despite civil rights lawsuits and widespread discontent in the black community. Between the late ‘80s and the mid-‘90s, the city’s majority-white police department was shaken by a spate of police brutality lawsuits. Crime reached an all-time high in 1995. 
The citizens of the blackest city in America have now spoken: they elected a black man who speaks about black liberation and black nationalism as the mayor (with 86 percent of the vote).

Frank Melton is about as solid a black elected official as you'll get (never confuse this, though: black people will have nothing to do with the salvation of whites in America; putting faith in people like Ben Carson and Allen West is suicidal), and he came to be hated by the people he tried to lift up, so every voice could sing.

Instead, the black citizens of Jackson have embraced a chorus with only one refrain: black power.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why Might James Caldwell High School Not Want Newark to Host Its Prom?

World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, has been the surprise hit of 2013. But it is one scene in the movie that seems far more steeped in fiction than the zombie apocalypse his character, Gerry Lane, is trying to survive with his family: a white family seeking refuge in Newark.

Even in a world where a lethal contagion is spreading rapidly, a white family daring to find salvation in a city long ago lost to a force more terrifying and lethal than a zombie plague lacks credulity.
World War Z -- a daring rescue of a white family in Newark, in a city overrun with zombies. Will reality reflect fiction, with Newark overwhelmed with black violence?

It’s Newark, after all, where the dominant black population holds rallies decrying the ‘new normal’ of violence that originates directly from their sons and daughters. [Newark groups rally against the expectation that gun violence is 'normal', 8-4-2009]:  

The street sermon of speakers prompted James Jones to walk to the corner from his house on North Munn Avenue. As they pumped up the crowd, Jones said he was thinking about his eight grandchildren and how they could be victims like other children shot in crossfire.
"We're killing our own," Jones said. "You get tired of seeing black on black crime."
And tired of the vigils, the candles, the teddy bear shrines marking someone's death. Everyone knows whose wrecking havoc, making the innocent afraid to sit on their stoop. Crime is going to happen, and sadly enough, people are going to get shot. The streets are going to be the streets, but they are not supposed to take mothers and children. Activist are incredulous, wondering when that became part of the game.
Even in a fictional setting, why would a white family seek shelter in a city where the zombies would even be fearful of the black inhabitants?

Which brings us to the news of a high school scrapping plans to enter the nightmarish, post-white world of Newark. [James Caldwell High scraps Newark venue for prom, district cites violence as one reason,, 9-22-13]: 

The high cost of the venue cost and safety concerns are the main reasons why students at James Caldwell High School won’t have their prom in Newark next year, school officials say.

The prom committee of the regional school in West Caldwell looked at the Metropolitan Room at the Newark Club as one of nine venues. The Newark Club was eliminated from the list because the facility was too pricey and the city may be unsafe because of a recent rash of violent crimes, according to Superintendent James Heinegg.

Heinegg said the major factor in nixing the Newark Club was the quoted $85-per-student cost. The selected venue, the Skylands in Randolph, has a $60-per-student rate, said Heinegg, adding that it was the main reason the committee elected to go there. However, he did not acknowledge security was a factor.
"We do think that it is reasonable, however, for a prom committee to take into account area crime statistics when choosing the location for the year. As reported in The Star-Ledger as recently as today, September 5, 2013, that is not insignificant,’ Heinegg said in written statement on behalf of the school board.
"We do not have a negative opinion of the Newark Club," Heinegg added.
The decision was strongly criticized by Barbara Yeninas, a marketing consultant from the Newark Club. She said a student from the school’s prom committee — a group of five seniors and a class adviser — wrote to her, saying they were told, "You can’t go to Newark, it’s not safe."
In response, Yeninas sent an e-mail to the Caldwell-West Caldwell school board and superintendent.
"Your quoted excuse that Newark is ‘a bad place’ and your so-called fear that your students would be unsafe is exactly the attitude that promotes discrimination, hate and divisiveness among our young people and continues that pattern without end," Yeninas wrote.
She said she is fighting against negative stereotypes of Newark.
Why might negative stereotypes of Newark exist?

Could it be because one of the largest owned city parks is named for Nat Turner, who led a slave rebellion in 1831 that killed 55 white people? [Newark opens Nat Turner Park in Central Ward after 30 year,, 7-28-2009]:

The opening of Nat Turner Park in the city's Central Ward today was 30 years in the making. 
The city purchased a multi-acre plot across from the Felix Fuld Housing Complex in the mid 1970s. It sat unused for decades. Bernard Chase III, 40, said he played pick-up football games in the vacant lot as a kid. 
"On behalf of President Obama, let me say thank you. This is what it's all about," White House Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs David Agnew told a crowd arrayed on a bluff overlooking the turf field. People sat on the concrete ledges of a new 200-seat amphitheater carved into the small hillside adjacent to the field.

Could it be because restaurants and fast food eateries shelter their employees behind bulletproof glass (complete with state-of-the-art security systems) not found in cities and communities devoid of citizens like those found in Newark? [Newark City Council approves ordinance requiring eateries that stay open late hire armed security,, 7-11-11]:
The Newark City Council today approved legislation that calls for late-night eateries to post armed guards after 9 p.m. until they close.
The new ordinance, sponsored by South Ward Councilman Ras Baraka, comes roughly a month after South Ward resident and police officer William Johnson was shot and killed while waiting to buy a slice of pizza at Texas Fried Chicken and Pizza.
According to Baraka, the chicken shacks and pizza joints that stay open late do little to serve the community and encourage crime.
"Most of these stores provide security for themselves but not for the customers they bring in," Baraka said Wednesday, referring to the bulletproof glass and cameras common in the eateries.
Bulletproof glass/windows to protect employees from customers? Has a zombie apocalypse already happened in real-life Newark?
 A force more terrifying and devastating plague than a zombie apocalypse occupies 2013 Newark


Just an as-of-yet unnamed rebellion, which convinced whites to flee faster than the zombies in World War Z could move.

And most haven’t desired a return since. [Two suburban schools refuse trips to Newark for football,, 10-27-2008]:

Two suburban high schools refused to play football games tonight in Newark, citing worries about safety after a spate of drive-by shootings in the city Friday left two people dead and another injured.
Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School and Cranford High School balked at playing games rescheduled from last Friday and Saturday. Newark school Superintendent Clifford Janey had suspended all athletic events districtwide while police were hunting for suspects in the Friday afternoon shootings.
Two alleged gang members have since been charged in the attacks.
Scotch Plains-Fanwood athletic director Robert Harmer said the decision not to come to the city tonight for a makeup game against Malcolm X Shabazz High School reflected concerns by parents and administrators. The game had been rescheduled for 7 p.m. at Untermann Field.
"The bottom line is the welfare of our kids," Harmer said. "They pulled the plug on this on Friday, and right now, 72 hours after all this has taken place, we just felt we should let the smoke settle."
Officials at Newark's Central High School, which was to play Cranford last Friday, agreed to give up its home-field advantage and play on a neutral field tonight. Playing in Roselle Park, Cranford won the game, 33-12.
The decisions by the suburban schools underscored Newark's struggle to shake its reputation as an unsafe city, even as it has seen far fewer homicides this year than last year. The city has recorded 52 slayings so far this year, compared with 83 over the same period a year ago.
A Newark city spokeswoman, Esmeralda Diaz Cameron, called the schools' choice "unfortunate."
Perhaps in the fictional world of World War Z, the survivors of the zombie war would wear shirts reading, “I survived the zombie apocalypse.” In the real-world of Newark, residents wear far different shirts [Protesters rally against violence in Newark,, 8-1-2009]:
 Idresa Lightsey would have turned 20 yesterday, but instead of a birthday party, her mother attended an anti-violence march to remember her murdered daughter.
Wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with her daughter's image, Lena Lightsey was one of 30 people who gathered at Washington Park to take part in a protest rally against the violence in Newark.
LedgerSeeasia (who goes by one name) has her hand on and next to Lena Lightsey as Lightsey is hugged by another marcher. Peace activists met at Washington Park in Newark for a peace march and rally in Newark on Saturday.

"I am shaken today," Lightsey said of her daughter, who was stabbed to death Jan. 13 in a parking area of the Otto Kretchmer Homes in Newark's South Ward. A teen girl was charged with the killing. "But overall, God is good. She's always going to stay in my memories."
Bashir Akinyele, a member of the Newark chapter of the New Black Panthers, said he believed the recent violence was a symptom of black self-hatred because of the legacy of slavery and racism in the country.
"This a cultural issue, because we haven't found a way to love ourselves," he said.
A cultural issue?

No, it’s a racial issue, powerfully defined in a gun buy-back program, which sees the city purchase guns (no questions asked) and then melt them down to make jewelry.  [Fighting Crime With Jewelry: Jessica Mindich's company, Jewelry for a Cause, helps take guns off the street by transforming deadly weapons into beautiful jewelry, and nonprofit donations,, 5-7-2012]

This is a look into a city where Brad Pitt's character, Gerry Lane (and family), sought refuge during a zombie apocalypse in World War Z

Newark, New Jersey. 

Will the last white person out please turn out the light?