Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Bankrupt People: Baltimore Police Unveil the "Homicide Vehicle" to try and get Blacks to Start Snitching...

We already know black-elected decision makers in 65 percent black Baltimore are actually considering paying blacks not to kill one another as a remedy to stop the violence.  [Should Baltimore pay people to not kill each-other?, Baltimore Sun, June 2, 2015]
Yes... this is a real car. 65 percent black Baltimore's "Homicide Vehicle"

We already know 65 percent black Baltimore is plagued with consistent fatal and nonfatal shootings because the bulk of the black citizens remain committed to the notion of "no-snitching" -- displaying a loyalty to black criminality far greater than any duty to uphold the white man's law. [Police hit streets with their answer to 'Snitch' DVD, Baltimore Sun, May 11, 2005]:
First came Stop Snitching, the DVD celebrating drug dealing, diamond-encrusted wristwatches, violence and witness intimidation in Baltimore. Yesterday, city police unveiled their sequel. As movie releases go, it was decidedly un-Hollywood. 
Officers in bright blue windbreakers stood in the middle of high-crime East Baltimore, around the corner from a block with eight vacant homes, and handed out copies of the Police Department's debut production, Keep Talking. 
"The point," said police spokesman Matt Jablow, "is to let the criminals know that we're in charge, and to let the good people know we're winning the fight." 
Mr. Jablow's comments were made in 2005: after the events of April/May/June 2015, we know perfectly well the police are no longer in charge of Baltimore; the black mob, with full authority of the black-elected/appointed leadership, are in control

Which is why the latest shadow boxing with reality is so... tragically funny. [City police encourage tips with new vehicle, Baltimore Sun, June 30, 2015]:
  Baltimore Police and Metro Crime Stoppers officials unveiled a new "homicide vehicle" on Monday that they said will be used to encourage citizens to report crimes. 
The Chevrolet sport-utility vehicle is outfitted with phone numbers for the police Homicide unit, Metro Crime Stoppers and the city's Gun Bounty Program, which offers cash rewards for crime tips and recovered illegal firearms. 
Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said his department is the first agency in the greater Baltimore area to have a "wrap vehicle" and that it will be present at most homicide scenes to encourage witnesses to assist law enforcement. 
"We can't do it by ourselves," Batts said. We need your help."
When a police department has to "hit the streets" to combat the scourge of a no-snitching culture permeating the black community, you know the city is on life support; when the same police department has to deploy a "homicide vehicle" to encourage black citizens to report, it's time to pull the plug once and for all.

Most communities in America never tally a single homicide for the entire year; when one does occur, the individual committing the act is so mentally disturbed the entire community works together to lock him away for life.

In Baltimore, the black community works together to not only protect the identity of murderers/non-fatal shooters, but they also work together to produce a city where a "homicide vehicle" is necessary because of the immense number of homicides in need of investigating...

What little remains of the civilization whites once built (and subsequently abandoned) in Baltimore slips away each second passing into the Africa-style future for the city.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Marilyn Mosby's Baltimore -- "as if hell had erupted through the sidewalks and kept on growing"

I've always loved the original screenplay for what would become the 1989 Batman movie. 

Read the way Sam Hamm describes Gotham City, the very city Bruce Wayne is willing to protect by donning a cape and cowl, attempting to take back from the criminals and the thugs:
The city of Tomorrow: stark angles, creeping shadows,
dense, crowded, airless, a random tangle of steel and
concrete, self-generating, almost subterranean in its
aspect... as if hell had erupted through the sidewalks and
kept on growing. 
Marilyn Mosby's Vogue photo-shoot... no, this is not The Onion...
Is this Gotham City Hamm is describing or is this Marilyn Mosby's Baltimore? Mosby, the current "it" girl at Vogue (courtesy of a lavish photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz), is the individual behind the emboldening of the growing #BlackLivesMatter movement in America: culminating in the incredible BET Awards Show performance by Kendrick Lamar atop police cars rapping about the killing of police.

Yes, this actually happened.

In a summer when a movie glorifying the Niggaz Wit Attitudes (NWA) will be released, and the Nation Of Islam (NOI) is planning a 20th anniversary Million Man March on Washington D.C. - complete with the mysterious #JusticeOrElse hashtag - one is left wondering what type of hell is potentially about to be unleashed on the country.
The real Marilyn Mosby (filtered through the SBPDL prism from this photo): a Morlock personified - courtesy of the 2002 The Time Machine movie - prepared to capture an Eloi

And this time, the opening salvos might be videotaped. [After Freddie Gray death, cop-watchers film police to prevent misconduct, Baltimore Sun, June 28, 2015]:
On a sultry West Baltimore night, six police officers walked down a concrete courtyard of Gilmor Homes — while self-styled "cop-watcher" David Whitt held up his camera and pushed the record button. 
One officer confronted him, asking, "Do you have I.D.?" "Am I being detained?" Whitt shot back. As the heated confrontation continued, the officer took out a cellphone camera, held it up to Whitt and repeated, "Do you have I.D.? Do you live here? Because if not, you're trespassing." 
After Whitt responded, saying he had a right to film police, the officer walked away, telling him, "Thank you for putting my safety at risk. I appreciate it. You're also putting your safety at risk by following me." 
The scene illustrates the tension-filled encounters playing out in Baltimore and across the nation, as camera-toting residents seek to document examples of police brutality or other misconduct. 
Activists like Whitt, who is from Ferguson, Mo., the scene of unrest last year, are linking with residents in Baltimore, Charleston, S.C., and other cities to create a network that can expose problems with lightning speed through social media. Among those who have signed on is Kevin Moore, who gained nationwide attention in April for capturing the arrest of Freddie Gray on a cellphone video. 
In the aftermath of Gray's death, Moore created WeCopwatch Baltimore and has accumulated dozens of hours of police footage and begun "Know your Rights" discussions with fellow residents of West Baltimore.
Hell has erupted through the sidewalks, taken control of most of modern America and continues its metastasizing into something unimaginable.

And the Eloi (white Americans, as perfectly described by the late Lawrence Auster) sit back and watch the Morlocks keep dominating.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Where ignorant armies clash by night.

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There's a quote I heard long ago, but it's one you can never, ever forget. Robert E. Lee put it best in a letter, and it's this one quote forever keeping me at peace with the world: 
"I have always observed that wherever you find the Negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving."
He wrote these words in June of 1865, almost exactly 150 years ago to this today. 

And nothing, absolutely nothing has changed. Not even with trillions of dollars spent via the Great Society and the racial redistribution of wealth courtesy of affirmative action positions (largely through government "make work" positions), the stunning clarity of Lee's observation remains clear. 

And no matter if Robert E. Lee's statue comes down in New Orleans or if Nathan Bedford Forrest body is exhumed in Memphis, the fate of both cities is the exact if they remain majority black. 

Don't forget blacks in Memphis have erected billboards reminding the population: "Black Lives Matter -- So Let's Quit Killing Each Other."

Also never forget what other billboard went up in Memphis, serving as a warning to those entering the 64 percent black city... The Memphis Police Association put up billboards that simply read, "DANGER: Enter at your own risk; This city does not support public safety."[Billboard scaring pants off Memphis visitors, MyFoxMemphis.com, 5-4-13]

Oh... and don't forget Memphis has the Memphis Gun Down Program because black people can't put the gun down...

Never forget New Orleans has the hilarious NOLA For Life program, specifically designed to entice black people from killing one another

Statues honoring great men of the past have no bearing on the present inability for individual black people to refrain from collectively endangering civilization in either majority black Memphis or majority black New Orleans; what these statues do serve to say is "we told you what would happen..."

"We tried to warn you...."

Every memory of the Confederate States of America can be removed from the southern states, with roads, schools, buildings and streets renamed; with graves, memorials, flags, and statues torn down or desecrated. 

But the simple truth articulated by Robert E. Lee in June of 1865 remains veracious to this day, and it will continue to be a heroic statement of nature's finality regardless of the money spent to wish it away. 

Tear it all down and burn it. Smash the monuments into a thousand pieces, grind what remains into dust and then let the winds scatter the memory of what was into the wind.

Exhume every confederate grave and knock the stones marking their sacrifice; throw what remains of their earthly body onto the ground and take a selfie with it.

Go ahead.

Tear down every Confederate flag you see and ignite it in a bonfire of the self-righteous and morally superior, setting to a light a conflagration even the Gods will see.

But the truth of Lee's letter stands firm, a resolute statement of reality time can not weather.

The need for NOLA for Life and the Memphis Gun Down Program only exist because each city has a violent, bellicose black population genetically unqualified to participate in the civilization they inherited via white flight.

Lee's words ring truer today than they did in 1865. Let that sink in for a moment...

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The End Is The Beginning Is The End

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Is it bright where you are?  Have the people changed?  Does it make you happy you're so strange.  And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flame.  You can watch the world devoured in it's pain.
- Smashing Pumpkins

No words here. 

President Obama is keen to introduce tough new laws which will force the KKK and other extreme right-wing groups to disclose the identities of their members, Daily Mail Online can disclose. 
It won't be long now... and the public execution of white males will be cheered by the masses
The President discussed the possibility of the new measures when he telephoned Charleston mayor Joe Riley following last week's massacre. 
Riley, who is into his 40th year as mayor of the city where nine people were murdered by a self-proclaimed white supremacist down in the AME church massacre, said he and the President talked about how best to set up a national council to act as a watchdog to monitor and report on race hate. 
Among the ideas being looked at is legislation forcing extreme right wings groups and violent organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan to provide identities of supporters and members. 
Riley, in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail online, said: 'I have spoken with the President and the Vice President about this. And I have talked to the White House too.'One of the things we need to do is for the national government to give resources to expose these hate groups. 
'In America we worship the first amendment and any body can say anything they want.'But we need to shine the spotlight on them (racist organizations), so at least we know where they are among the public. 
'Neighbors should be able to know that the person living next to them is an absolute bigot. So there is a lot of work to do.' 
He said many self styled racists such as alleged gunman Dylann Roof built their evil beliefs after 'being fed by the internet' and new legislation to marshal racial material on the web is set to be brought in. 
'We need a national council on these hate groups. The President is talking about that. We have just got a lot more work to do,' he said. 
Roof, 21, revealed in his manifesto after the shootings that he had researched black on white crime on the internet and this had led him to believe he needed to act.

Is it bright where you are?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

We'll return to your regular SBPDL programming tomorrow, but for now a brief interruption.

Unalienable right? Or just pure alien?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

Bell Curve City is a story fundamentally about the evils of Section 8 vouchers/housing. 

Because freedom is ultimately the ability to discriminate; thus, the antithesis of freedom is the ability to dominate and turn on into a slave. 

Without the ability to discriminate, inevitably you'll be discriminated against by a power who has usurped your freedom. 

Thus, we were introduced to Michael Brown and Ferguson

And now, we know it is the federal government's policy to uproot implicit whiteness wherever it is dares hide; an explicit war upon the very people who founded this nation and solely posses the ability to maintain it. [Supreme Court upholds a key tool fighting discrimination in the housing market, Washington Post, June 25, 2015]:
Civil rights groups and the Obama administration won a major victory Thursday as the Supreme Court upheld a tool that advocates argue is essential to fighting housing discrimination and patterns of segregation that have persisted in America for decades. 
In the 5-4 decision written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court ruled that the 1968 Fair Housing Act prevents more than just intentional discrimination in the housing market. The court said the law can also prohibit seemingly race-neutral policies that have the effect of disproportionately harming minorities and other protected groups, even if there is no overt evidence of bias behind them. 
"The Court acknowledges," Kennedy wrote, "the Fair Housing Act’s continuing role in moving the Nation toward a more integrated society." 
He cautioned, though, that "disparate impact" claims don’t simply arise any time statistical disparities appear along racial lines in housing. It must be clear that housing policies caused that disparity, and that those policies don’t serve another valid goal. 
The decision upholds a legal strategy that civil rights groups and the federal government have used for four decades to fight lending practices, local housing policies and zoning laws that have had the effect of limiting housing options available to minorities. Lower courts have repeatedly agreed that the Fair Housing Act allows such "disparate impact" claims, but the Supreme Court had not weighed in on the question until now.
The government of the United States now has the policy of declaring war on any white community lacking in a black population, believing that via some form of osmosis blacks forced upon this fleeing white population via the Fair Housing Act will magically make them... better.

Destroying whatever wealth white people build through their home valuations, prior to the importation of blacks upon their community, is now a federal policy.

This is how we legislate equality, through judicial tyranny and the complete degradation of freedom.

What occurred in Ferguson is now official state policy for every American city.

The American dream is over; the American nightmare is now upon us.

But one thing about a dream/nightmare... you eventually wake up and realize today and tomorrow is what we make of it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Before the entire city became an armed camp or was burned to the ground" -- The Reason Six Baltimore Police Were Charged in the Death of the Heroin Dealer

There comes a point in every saga when the winds shift. 

Many don't notice it at first, but the shifting of the winds signals a new course of direction far, far different then the one previously existing. 

In but a blink of an eye, a change of the winds results in the resurrection of a previously long dead and buried hope, for the now supplanted paradigm provided nothing more than doom and gloom. 

And more doom and gloom. 
Sacrificial lambs to appease the black mob she calls "voters"

But for those who remained steady and weathered the tumult of yesterday, the finality of tomorrow will be your reward. 

Because the winds have shifted. 


Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby - who admitted to Cosmopolitan her law school degree is nothing more than an affirmative action handout and who hopes the death of Freddie Gray the heroin dealer will create a "movement" - has only delayed what so few know and so many more are soon to find out. [Prosecutors take credit for restoring order in Baltimore after riot, Baltimore Sun, 6-24-15]:

State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's announcement of charges against six officers in connection with the arrest and death of Freddie Gray restored order to Baltimore "before the entire city became an armed camp or was burned to the ground," her office argued in a new court filing. 
Michael Schatzow, Mosby's top deputy, asked a judge this week to deny a motion by attorneys for the officers asking that the charges against their clients be thrown out because of missteps they say Mosby made. 
The winds of change... "no justice, no peace" > actually administering the law
The defense lawyers argued that by publicly announcing the charges against the six officers involved in Gray's April 12 arrest, Mosby unforgivably biased potential jurors against their clients. 
But Schatzow said seeking to restore calm was a legitimate move. "Speaking in the middle of an ongoing riot, Mrs. Mosby was trying to calm the crowd, not incite it," Schatzow wrote. 
"Her repeated pleas for peace while the criminal justice system does its work served a legitimate law enforcement function." 
When Mosby made the announcement of charges on May 1, there had been no violent protesting for a number of days, but National Guard troops and squads of police remained on city streets. Her announcement was met with jubilation through the city. 
Schatzow also dismissed arguments from defense lawyers that a single press conference could have an outsized impact on the case. The early stages of the case have been marked by vociferous court filings on both sides. 
Defense lawyers have questioned Mosby's conduct, and in addition to asking a judge to throw out the charges, they have asked for her office to be removed from the case. Prosecutors asked a judge to deny that request last week. The defense team has also sought to have the case moved out of Baltimore. Mosby's office has yet to file a response.

Throwing Baltimore police officers to the wolves of the black uprising restored calm and order (influencing an outbreak of celebrations and a "Victory Rally") to the city, and this is something Mosby's office is proud to highlight as a major accomplishment. 

But wasn't it the black mayor of Baltimore who gave those black people "space to destroy," allowing the city to become an armed camp and potentially be burned to the ground? 

See, Baltimore is a black-run city, whose inept black police commissioner (whose only qualification for the job is his blackness) even dubbed it an "African-American city."

Or, as Mosby told Baltimore magazine in January 2015, the criminal justice system is broken because too many blacks get arrested:
Q. When you say barriers of distrust prevent convictions, do you mean that African-American juries sympathize with defendants because they suspect police bias?  

AEssentially, yes. But I'm not going to say it's just based on racial lines. It's far more systemic than that. But I can say that there is a distrust for the criminal justice system, and sometimes rightfully so. They look at an individual and they will oftentimes look like their son, their nephew, their neighbor, and they're going to relate more to that individual than they do to you. As the administrator of the criminal justice system, it's incumbent on me to break down those barriers. That means I'm not going to come in and essentially fire community liaisons, which are the faces of the African-American community. That's what was done, so there has been an exacerbation of distrust because there's no longer any visibility and presence in various communities throughout Baltimore.
The inevitable has only been delayed.  

The winds have shifted for good. 

The April 29th game at Camden Yards between the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox - that fans weren't allowed to attend - was the moment hurricane-force gusts could be felt by those willing to admit what an empty stadium represented.

Briefly, they've died down, but in so doing they'll only return stronger.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Anti-Violence March in Cincinnati Interrupted by [Predictable] Black Violence


Small "foreshock" rumbles may precede the big quake, the one people always feared would occur.

In Cincinnati (as in many places across America), these "foreshocks" can be felt if you only know the signs;

With homicides and non-fatal shootings increasing in Cincinnati (almost every one courtesy of a black suspect), today seemed as good as any for a march against violence. [Anti-violence march marred by 2 shootings, Cincinnati.com, June 23, 2015]:
 A march aiming to stop violence in Cincinnati nearly collided with a fatal gunfight Monday night. As Bishop Bobby Hilton and about 100 men turned a corner in Over-the-Rhine near Findlay Market, three men began shooting at Findlay Playground. 
When one of the men was hit, he ran from the park and collapsed on Race Street – about half a block from the march's leaders, Cincinnati police spokeswoman Lt. Danita Pettis said. Police have identified the deceased as 18-year-old Justin Crutchfield. 
The shooting comes a day after it was announced that Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell's plan to reduce crime in the city would be postponed due to the Friday slaying of Officer Sonny Kim in Madisonville. 
Crutchfield was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he later died, police said. State Sen. Cecil Thomas, a former Cincinnati police officer and city councilman, was in the march and speaking to community members about turning things around when the shots rang out. He immediately ran to the teen. 
"The first thing was to try to administer some form of aid to him by talking to him, making sure he didn't move, and trying to figure out where he was shot," Thomas said. 
"There was a lot of blood coming from the side of his body. "I walked these streets," Thomas said. "The majority of the folks down here don't want to be in this kind of situation, but there are a handful that we need to root out of here and that's what law enforcement's role should be."
Another unsuccessful anti-violence march.  

The black community of Cincinnati is genetically unqualified with participating in or sustaining western civilization, thus the standards of civility must constantly be lowered to what they can maintain. And there's no end in sight to where these standards will fall too... 
They come as shootings in Cincinnati are at a 10-year high. 
A 90-day plan to try to quell the violence was to begin Sunday, but it was postponed after a veteran Cincinnati police officer was shot and killed in an ambush Friday on a Madisonville street.

In a city where black criminality is high, it is a near absolute a police officer will interact with the wrong black criminal and thus set in motion a series of unfortunate events all because he is tasked with trying to keep alive law and order. 

Eventually these "foreshocks" will be the catalyst for the big one.  Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

Monday, June 22, 2015

Six Years Ago, America's Future Became the Present

Nearly six years ago, a story broke out of Akron, Ohio foretelling the Age of Obama. 

It's one I think about whenever the latest media jihad against whites (based on the actions of an individual white person) occurs, inevitably leading to concessions on the part of elected officials to placate the rabid mob. 


One day, it won't be the "Washington Redskins," or the Confederate flag; it won't be Jackson Square in New Orleans or Stone Mountain in Georgia; it won't be Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia or even the "White House" designation for the chief executive's home in D.C.

It will be something, something more exacting. [Akron police investigate teen mob attack on family, Akron Beacon Journal, July 7, 2009]:
Akron police say they aren't ready to call it a hate crime or a gang initiation. 
But to Marty Marshall, his wife and two kids, it seems pretty clear. 
It came after a family night of celebrating America and freedom with a fireworks show at Firestone Stadium. Marshall, his family and two friends were gathered outside a friend's home in South Akron. 
Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ''This is our world'' and ''This is a black world'' as they confronted Marshall and his family. 
The Marshalls, who are white, say the crowd of teens who attacked them and two friends June 27 on Girard Street numbered close to 50. The teens were all black.''This was almost like being a terrorist act,'' Marshall said. ''And we allow this to go on in our neighborhoods?'' 
They said it started when one teen, without any words or warning, blindsided and assaulted Marshall's friend as he stood outside with the others. 
When Marshall, 39, jumped in, he found himself being attacked by the growing group of teens. 
His daughter, Rachel, 15, who weighs about 90 pounds, tried to come to his rescue. The teens pushed her to the ground. 
His wife, Yvonne, pushed their son, Donald, 14, into bushes to keep him protected. 
''My thing is,'' Marshall said, ''I didn't want this, but I was in fear for my wife, my kids and my friends. I felt I had to stay out there to protect them, because those guys were just jumping, swinging fists and everything. 
''I'm lucky. They didn't break my ribs or bruise my ribs. I thank God, they concentrated on my thick head because I do have one. They were trying to take my head off my spine, basically.'' 
After several minutes of punches and kicks, the attack ended and the group ran off. The Marshalls' two adult male friends were not seriously hurt. 
''I don't think I thought at that moment when I tried to jump in,'' Rachel Marshall said. ''But when I was laying on the ground, I was just scared.'' 
Marshall was the most seriously injured. He suffered a concussion and multiple bruises to his head and eye. He said he spent five nights in the critical care unit at Akron General Medical Center. 
The construction worker said he now fears for his family's safety, and the thousands of dollars in medical bills he faces without insurance. 
''I knew I was going to get beat, but not as bad as I did,'' Marshall said. ''But I did it to protect my family. I didn't have a choice. There was no need for this. We should be all getting along. But to me, it seems to be racist.'' 
Akron police are investigating. Right now, the case is not being classified as a racial hate crime. There were no other reports of victims assaulted by the group that night. 
The department's gang unit is involved in the investigation, police said. 
''We don't know if it's a known gang, or just a group of kids,'' police Lt. Rick Edwards said. 
The Marshalls say they fear retaliation at home or when they go outside. They are considering arming themselves, but they're concerned about the possible problems that come with guns. 
For now, they are hoping police can bring them suspects. They believe they can identify several of the attackers. 
''This makes you think about your freedom,'' Marshall said. ''In all reality, where is your freedom when you have this going on?''
This was in 2009, as "America" celebrated Independence Day. 

Guess what happened in April of 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina? [911 calls describe terror caused by mob rampage in Charleston, The Post and Courier, April 28, 2015]:
As many as 60 teens were roaming Charleston streets attacking pedestrians and drivers early Sunday, witnesses told police dispatchers in 911 calls released Tuesday. 
All the teens were black, according to witnesses, and all but one of the people attacked were white. Still, it’s unclear if the attacks were racially motivated or sparked by the unrest in Baltimore, which followed the recent shooting death of Walter Scott, a black man, by a white North Charleston police officer. 
Investigators haven’t yet determined a motive, according to Charleston Police Department spokesman Charles Francis. 
James Johnson, who was at the forefront of local protests after Scott’s shooting death, said he had not heard any explanation for the teens’ behavior. 
“The Walter Scott incident is fresh in their minds, and then there’s Baltimore,” he said. “But there’s no telling. It could be just spur of the moment. I’m hoping we can find out. Whatever it is, we’ve got to go to the root of the problem so it doesn’t happen again.”

The future is now; the present is the horror of tomorrow.

"This is a black world,"

Friday, June 19, 2015

Black Baltimore Police Commissioner Calls Baltimore an "African American City"

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To understand the situation in 2015 Baltimore, and why rank-and-file Baltimore Police Department officers believe "rioting... more protesting" is coming to the 65 percent black city, allow one image taken from the 'Baltimore Uprising' to tell the tale. [Witnesses to Freddie Gray protest submit nearly 1,000 works to Md. Historical Society, Baltimore Sun, 6-17-15]: 
 In hindsight, the photograph taken on April 25 at Camden Yards seems to forecast everything that happened such a short time later. In the bottom center is the head of a little boy, perhaps 8 years old. 
Though his mouth and chin are outside the frame, you can tell by his downcast eyes and the slant of his brows just how angry he is. Directly behind him stand three Baltimore police officers, their hands on their hips. 
Yes Police Commissioner, Baltimore is an "African American city."
You can't see their eyes because they're obscured by dark glasses, but their mouths are grim. And from the right, someone is unfurling a black, green and red flag adopted by some African-American groups. 
In that image shot by Jerome Freeman, a 25-year-old Columbia resident, the divide between the police and the people protesting the death of Freddie Gray is evident at a glance. It seems almost inevitable that what began as peaceful demonstrations are about to erupt.
The black, green and red flag of blacks is getting ready to be raised in 65 percent black Baltimore, a city with a black mayor (who can't stop blasting cops for not putting their lives on the line to stop black people from committing crime); a black police chief; a black fire chief; a majority black city council; and a black state's attorney. 

Just look what the black Police Commissioner just wrote about the city.[Baltimore police commissioner: There is a cost to reform, Baltimore Sun, 6-19-2015]:

I challenge the leadership of The Vanguard Justice Society, an African American advocacy group for police officers, to stand and project their voice in this African American city, where people who look like them feel treatment is unfair. Speak out against the beating of a resident at a bus stop or the selling of narcotics on the back porch of a police station. Where is the concern over scores of African Americans arrested and college scholarships lost? Don't allow yourself to be used as a tool of a bygone strategy from times long since past. 
Our reform efforts will very likely see more police officers arrested. We will have more officers who are forced out because their outdated, outmoded views of policing do not match the standards the community expects and demands. I will not apologize for bringing professionalism and integrity to the forefront while eliminating greed, corruption and intolerance from the rank and file. Policing in any environment is difficult on a good day. That does not mean we have, or should ever have, a blank check to treat the public with callous disregard.
"... the standards the community expects and demands."


Who cares what the community expects and demands? They should be EXPECTED to abide by the law and refrain from murdering/shooting/robbing one another and they should be EXPECTED to turn in those drug dealers/murderers/rapists/sadists making their community unsafe, but instead they PROTECT these criminals with a firm belief in "no snitching."

But the black Police Commissioner of Baltimore believes the Baltimore police should lower their expectations and duty to uphold civilization in the city because the the "community" considers them an occupying force. [Divergent perspectives on Baltimore depending on who holds the lens, Baltimore Sun, 6-19-15]:

Baltimore is an American version of Gaza with an occupying army of heavily armed police in the streets and military helicopters overhead night and day. 
No, it's a flashpoint for social revolution against economic inequality with an even larger army of streetfighting men and women on the march for social justice. 
Sorry, everybody knows it's actually "The Wire" with all those boarded-up rowhouses and young men on the corners. 
Al Jazeera America focuses its lens on the death of Gray in order to look at police-community relations in "Baltimore Rising." 
Al Jazeera does some of the most sophisticated non-fiction storytelling anywhere online or on TV, and this is no exception. The 25-minute report with correspondent Anjali Kamat is filled with images of police helicopters hovering overhead and the sound of sirens. 
The narrative is Baltimore as Gaza, with city police described by talking heads as an "occupation force."
Actually, it's the black population of Baltimore that is occupying force in the city, electing leaders who are no longer concerned with carrying on western traditions and western civilization, but hoisting up the black, green and red flag and proclaiming it an "African American city."

The police in Baltimore (already majority minority) are not an "occupying force," but a remnant of a civilization once existing in the exact same real estate death, decay, ruin, and unholy privations flourish.

Where white civilization once flourished in Baltimore, the flame of western life has been expelled in the remaking of the city in the form of Africa.

Thankfully, the black Police Commissioner made clear where the city is headed. And thankfully, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 3 in Baltimore made clear its view on the matter with this Tweet
What can we even say to this? Continued lack of leadership and support for our members 
Baltimore in 1915 was 85 percent white; now, it is less than 26 percent white. Blacks have colonized the city and remade it in their image (the blight, dilapidated buildings, school textbooks tossed into the streets, crime, homicide, shootings, and Plexiglass/bulletproof glass protecting convenience store workers a visual reminder of the black contribution to the city).

As made perfectly clear by the black Police Commissioner's statement, the city of Baltimore is an "African American city." 

To all white people in the city and to all white cops: it's time to leave the city behind. 

As Baltimore continues to decay into the Heart of Darkness, it's important it be made abundantly clear the city's state is truly due to blacks. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Hate Crime in Charleston, South Carolina

Allison Griffor. 

It's a name you aren't supposed to know. 

It's a name you were never supposed to read or hear. 

She was five years old. 
Five-year-old Allison Griffor, gunned down on October 25, 2011 as she slept in her Charleston, South Carolina home. Police dubbed it a "botched home invasion" 

She was a beautiful white girl. A daughter. And a sister. 

Griffor was a resident of Charleston, South Carolina. 

October 25, 2011 was her last conscious day on earth. [Why did gunmen target little Allison? Girl, 5, dies after being blasted with shotgun in her own bed during mystery home invasion, Daily Mail, 10-28-2011]:
A five-year-old girl shot in the head during a suspected home invasion has died three days later. 
Allison Griffor was sleeping in her bed at her family’s home in Charleston, South Carolina, early on Tuesday when a bullet from a shotgun fired through the front door hit her and lodged in her brain. 
The four black males who participated in the "botched home invasion" in Charleston, South Carolina
Her father William had gone to the front door when he heard it being kicked, but before he could open it shots were fired through and he was also hit. His daughter was sleeping in the front room. 
Allison, a pupil at Drayton Hall Elementary School, had her life support machine turned off on Thursday after doctors could not find any activity in her brain scans. Her organs have been donated. 
It all began when Mr Griffor heard a loud banging on the front door and went to investigate, but as he reached for the lock there was a blast, reported WCBD. He told all the children to get under the bed.‘I went to the room to tell the kids and wife “we’re safe” and turned on the light to find our daughter would not respond,’ he told WCBD. ‘My wife turned her and she was laying in a pool of blood. 
‘The bullets had went through the door, through the wall, shooting her in the head as she lay sleeping in her safe bed… I was injured in the incident, but our daughter was critically injured.’ 
Mr Griffor said he was shocked by the shooting, because his ‘hard-working loving Christian’ family have no links to drugs or guns and ‘no enemies’. There have been no arrests made yet. 
The family are planning to sell a truck and boat to help fund huge medical bills since the incident, their spokesman Richard Douglas told the Charleston Post and Courier.
It would be years until a lead on the case would break, but not before the Charleston media would publish multiple, heart wrenching stories of the suffering her surviving family endured (particularly this October 25, 2012 piece).

But once the case broke, a picture developed of Griffor's murderers that few in the media outside Charleston would allow to disseminate. [Deputies: 4 suspects ID’d in shooting that killed 5-year-old Allison Griffor, Post and Courier, June 5, 2015]:
Charleston County sheriff’s deputies on Friday came closer than ever to filing murder charges in the 2011 slaying of 5-year-old Allison Griffor when they identified four men suspected in her death. 
During a news conference, Sheriff Al Cannon identified the suspects in the ongoing homicide investigation as Shyrome Jaquane Johnson, 25, of Mosstree Road in North Charleston; Philip Moses, 26, of Ashley Hall Plantation in Charleston; Franklin Glover, 30, of Cedar Petal Lane in Charleston; and Levell Leonard Grant, 27, of North Jupiter Hill Road in Adams Run. 
Each of the men had been in and out of jail in the years since Allison’s death, Cannon said. 
Warrants for murder have not been filed, though that is the office’s intention, Cannon said. 
Griffor was fatally wounded by a shotgun blast around 1 a.m. Oct. 25, 2011, at her family’s home on Pierpont Avenue. 
Cannon referred to the incident as a “botched home invasion” as investigators believe the shooter targeted the wrong house.
Allison Griffor. 

It's a name you aren't supposed to know. 

It's a name you were never supposed to read or hear. 

She was five years old. 

She was a beautiful white girl. A daughter. And a sister. 

Griffor was a resident of Charleston, South Carolina. 

Her murderers were four black males in a "botched home invasion"... 

Had she lived and the "botched home invasion" been downgraded to just a "home invasion," odds are high she'd develop a (healthy) fear of black people that a black judge would one day scold her for having...

Our job was never to Take America Back; Our job was always to survive the breaking of America. 

WCIV-TV | ABC News 4 - Charleston News, Sports, Weather

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The American Dream is Dead. The American Nightmare is Now.

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One of the great entertainers of our time just died. 

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. 

Professional wrestling might be fake, but at least the promoters of this form of entertainment have admitted its fake (unlike the bosses of the Republican Party, who continue to mislead the American public into believing we have a two-party system...).
"Hard Times" are coming to white America, courtesy of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) plan

If you've never seen the brilliant 'Hard Times' promo Rhodes gave back in 1980s (to set up a huge, money making match with "Nature Boy" Ric Flair), watch it now

Not only is it brilliant storytelling, but Rhodes convinced many people watching to invest in paying to watch his match with Flair. 

Just as this video is proof of why white people do everything possible to move as far away as possible from black people. [North City resident: 'We can't keep living like this', KMOV.com, 6-17-15]:
Moments after a man was fatally gunned down in north St. Louis, News 4's Robin Smith caught up with a woman who is sick of the gun violence in the area. 
“We can't keep living like this,” said Shantay Fitzpatrick “It's unsafe”Fitzpatrick lives in north St. Louis with her husband and two kids. She said she is fearful of her children going outside because of the shootings in the area. 
“When my child gotta come outside, my child's gotta duck from bullets,” Fitzpatrick said. “A bullet doesn't have any name on it.” 
News 4 caught up with Fitzpatrick moments after 40-year-old Ronald Collins was killed by a bullet while on a porch in the 5900 block of Highland Tuesday afternoon. 
Collins' death is one of the more than 80 homicides so far in 2015 in the City of St. Louis.
North St. Louis is unsafe because it's full of black people, just as heavily white areas of St. Louis are safe because they are full of white people: which is the primary (insidious) reason behind the push for  Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.

To paraphrase the late Dusty Rhodes, "Hard Times" are coming for whites courtesy of Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH), a reminder the American Dream is truly over.

Thanks to the AFFH, the American Nightmare is coming to you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Deus Ex Machina

Worth mentioning is the fact people in positions of power are floating the idea of paying blacks in 65% black Baltimore NOT to kill one another. In essence, the incentivizing of good behavior via cash payments is now being pitched as a solution to the violence in Baltimore. [Should Baltimore pay people to not kill each-other?, Baltimore Sun, June 2, 2015]:
However, the Washington Post offered a potential solution to the violence today: pay people to not kill each-other. 
The post article cites the case of Richmond, Calif., and Devone Boggan. Boggan is a former criminal who ran with gangs in Richmond, and is now a community activist.  
He was asked by the city of Richmond to help its violence problem during a time when the city held the 11th-highest murder rate in the country. He founded the Office of Neighborhood Safety in 2000, and identified the 50 men in the community who were most likely to kill, and be killed. 
Speaking with mentors hardened on the streets, the 50 men sought counseling and joined an 18-month program that helped them develop life skills, take anger management classes, and get paid while doing so—up to $1,000 a month.
Pay people to behave.

What a novel concept: Reward people with monetary handouts for their successful participation in civilization.

Well, at least it beats asking for divine intervention to halt the bloodshed... (below is a press release SBPDL received for a multicultural prayer march this upcoming Saturday in Baltimore):

BALTIMORE–June 15, 2015–On June 20th, city pastors, community leaders and police facing the highest murder rate in 40 years will engage in a unity and prayer rally. The rally has been organized by the Multi-Cultural Prayer Movement of Baltimore: 400 participating churches in the Mid-Atlantic Region. In strategic community engagement, the allied churches will address root causes of poverty and unrest in Baltimore and all of Maryland. 

All Baltimore residents are invited to join Lt. Col. Melvin Russell, chief of Community Partnerships Baltimore Police, and a host of faith leaders from across Baltimore in a Bless Baltimore Prayer Motorcade to some of the city’s most intense sites of violence.  Faith leaders include:
  • Bishop Angel Nunez (Bilingual Christian Church)
  • Bishop Clifford Johnson/Pastor Darryl Brace (Mt. Pleasant Church)
  • Bishop Willard Saunders (Created For So Much More)
  • Bishop Mike McDermott (Life Source Int’l)

WHO: Bishop Angel Nunez (Bilingual Christian Church), Bishop Marcus Johnson (New Harvest Ministries), Bishop Clifford Johnson/ Pastor Darryl Brace (Mt. Pleasant Church), Bishop Willard Saunders (Created For So Much More), Pastor Matt Stevens (Somebody Cares), Lt. Col. Melvin Russell (Chief, Community Partnerships Baltimore Police), Bishop Harry Jackson (The Reconciled Church), Rev. Derek McCoy (C.U.R.E./Maryland Family Alliance), Bishop Mike McDermott (Life Source Int’l), Bishop Monroe Saunders (Transformation Church), Pastor Toni Draper (Freedom Temple AME Zion), Bishop Abel Palomo (House of Prayer), Pastor Benjun Uybengkee (River of Life Int’l), Rev. Dr. Harold Carter, Jr., (New Shiloh Baptist), Rev. Dr. Errol Gilliard (Greater Harvest/President, Baptist Ministers Conference) 

“Together--and together only--can we begin to change our city.” Bishop Angel Nunez, president of the Multicultural Prayer Movement.
“Together--and together only--can we begin to change our city.” Bishop Angel Nunez, president of the Multicultural Prayer Movement. 
"The police department needs the help of grassroots partners to ensure community safety. Once again, we call on the church to help lead the way to Baltimore’s peace and reconciliation."Lt. Col. Melvin Russell said. 

“In Baltimore’s unprecedented spiritual crisis Church and community, united, will invoke Baltimore’s highest power, its surest hope. We’ll find value in the crisis,” Bishop Willard Saunders said. 

"After prayer, churches across Maryland will work together to create a greater sense of peace and reconciliation on the streets of our communities, ”Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. of The Reconciled Church Movement   (thereconciledchurch.org) 

WHAT: “Bless Baltimore Prayer Motorcade” of city leaders and residents www.mc-pm.net  

It's hard to determine whether or not 2015 America is a tragedy or a comedy.