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"Be Cool": The Death of Black Middle Class

Be Cool, Black people, in the face of BRA's Demise
More and more "flash mobs" "Mahogany Mobs" are transpiring around the nation. It's not a question of if, but when the wrong store is robbed by a Mahogany Mob and an owner doesn't take kindly to 40+ Black people storming his store and stealing goods. Or a cop decides lethal force is needed to put down an unruly Mahogany Mob that isn't planning on dancing at 12:30 for everyone's enjoyment.

The other day I decided to watch Be Cool, a forgettable mid-2000s movie that included this hilarious quote from Cedric the Entertainer. To set the scene, a white guy has just called his character, a "nigger." Cedric's character didn't take it to kindly:
Sin LaSalle: Have you lost your mind? I mean, how is it that you can disrespect a mans ethnicity when you know we've influenced nearly every facet of white America... from our music to our style of dress. Not to mention your basic imitation of our sense of cool; walk, talk, dress, mannerisms... we enrich your very existence, all the while contributing to the gross national product through our achievements in corporate America. It's these conceits that comfort me when I am faced with the ignorant, cowardly, bitter and bigoted, who *have* no talent, no guts? people like you who desecrate things they don't understand when the truth is - you should say thank-you, man? and go on about your way. But apparently you are incapable of doing that! So...
[shoots his gun]
Sin LaSalle: ... and don't tell me to be cool. I *am* cool!
Wait a second: achievements in corporate America? Taking a look at the top 10 vocations for Black people in America per Black participation, one is hard-pressed to see how corporate America has benefited from Black participation (save the requisite Chief Diversity Officer position):
1. Barbers—35.0%
2. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides—34.0%
3. Residential advisors—29.6%
4. Security guards and gaming surveillance officers—28.6%
5. Postal service clerks-28.3%
6. Baggage porters, bellhops, and concierges—27.1%
7. Postal service mail sorters, processors, and processing machine operators—26.4%
8. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs—25.7%
9. Bus drivers—24.9%
10. Parking lot attendants—24.4%

No matter what Diversity Inc. tries to claim, the only way corporate America benefits from Black people is by their steadfast ability to guard the lobby levels of high rises in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and Washington D.C; carrying bags for white executives as they score more points at a Hilton or Marriott hotel; or drive busy executives to the airport and then park their cars for them.

Black people - and the artificial Black middle class - rely on government jobs to create wealth. With austerity measures setting in nationwide, the facade of Black achievement is crumbling. What is left behind isn't pretty, as we see that Black single women have a net worth of $5; "that the he median wealth of White households is 20 times that of Black households, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of newly available government data from 2009. Roughly a third of Black households had zero or negative net worth, compared with 15% of white households"; and you begin to question why Black people think the future is going to be so great, when the majority of Black males don't graduate high school and a substantial amount of them are more familiar with the penitentiary system as opposed to the Pythagorean theorem.

When the average Black household is worth less than $6,000, it makes you wonder how Black purchasing power can be anywhere near $913 billion

But I digress. Let's look at this statement: "from our music to our style of dress. Not to mention your basic imitation of our sense of cool; walk, talk, dress, mannerisms..."
Nigga... Be Cool

All across the nation, city councils (even states) are banning the Black form of dress - a curious inability to wear belts that hold pants up - because it is closely associated with criminality. Black music and Black actors are constantly pushed as the prototype of cool, yet white people do everything possible to avoid living near authentic Black people in the real world.

Take Detroit. The Grio asked if Detroit is the future of America. Well, it is the future of Black America, judging by the state of Baltimore, Birmingham, Memphis, Atlanta, Newark and Prince Georges County. Detroit is a laughingstock and a punchline because of its primarily Black population. If America wants to Be Cool and emulate Black people, then yes, we can enrich ourselves by replicating Project Detroit nationwide.

Looking at how Black people have come to rely on government jobs to create an artificial middle class (and a shockingly high number of Black people are employed as unproductive government bureaucrats in major cities they completely control) it doesn't bode well for Black America not implementing Project Detroit where ever they mass in large numbers in America:

Though 10 percent of the U.S. civilian labor force, African-Americans are 18 percent of U.S. government workers. They are 25 percent of the employees at Treasury and Veterans Affairs, 31 percent of the State Department, 37 percent of Department of Education employees and 38 percent of Housing and Urban Development. They are 42 percent of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., 55 percent of the employees at the Government Printing Office and 82 percent at the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.

When the Obama administration suggested shutting down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage giants whose losses of $150 billion have had to be made up by taxpayers, The Washington Post warned, in a story headlined, “Winding Down Fannie and Freddie Could Put Minority Careers at Risk,” that 44 percent of Fannie employees and 50 percent of Freddie’s were persons of color.
Knowing that America has basically castrated itself by committing completely to the concept of Black-Run America (BRA), to the point where clever home loans were concocted to try and help create more artificial wealth for Black people - which ultimately backfired - I'll pass on the concept of Black people "being cool."

Black people are largely being rejected in pop culture, and knowing what a drain the overall Black population is on the Gross National Product (how much money is invested in Black communities each year that yield no positive net return and worse, how many companies are sued each year for some make believe violation of EEOC regulations?) you have to wonder what in the world Cedric the Entertainer was thinking when he uttered that monologue in Be Cool.

The Black Middle Class is doomed, because private companies (and small businesses) must turn a profit to stay solvent and employing individuals who primarily benefit the diversity numbers as opposed to the financial bottom line is no longer an option in this economy.The wealth gap is only going to get worse. It was only through artificial means that that gap could close; now, that is an impossibility.

So Be Cool, Black people. Curfews are being installed nationwide so that Mahogany Mobs can be kept in check. America is going to unplug from the failed in Black-Run America (BRA), because the returns on that investment are... unacceptable.

Failed Black cities like Detroit have to offer cash incentives for white people and other productive citizens to move there; Black people move to Whitopia's because they offer Black people the incentives of work, safe neighborhoods and good schools (until the Black percentage of the population rises above 15 percent).

Be Cool, Black people. Just, Be Cool.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captain America and Whiteness: Available for Kindle

Quick update: Traveling right now, so haven't had enough time to update a few posts I jotted down in a notebook on the flight. Captain America and Whiteness: The Dilemma of the Superhero is available for Kindle. After what happened in Norway, I decided it best to cut a lot of the chapter that discussed why Frank Castle is the perfect Captain America for the 21st century.

Perhaps in a month or two, I'll just post what basically became an ode to the Garth Ennis Punisher Max story and how when you strip Captain America of the red,white, and blue veneer -washing away the American jingoism with the cold rain of reality - what you have left is Frank Castle.

The best chapter of the new book is a discussion on the Two Americas storyline from two years ago, when it was reported that Captain America went to the war with the Tea Party. Marvel Comics has a history of radical leftism and in the 1970s decided that the 1950s "Commie Smashing" Captain America was an impostor (and radical racist).

They also deemed that Captain America as 'insane'; it's worth noting that that Captain America had a major role in the Two Americas storyline.

Gotta run to a rehearsal dinner now, but I'll try and get another post up later tonight.

This book might not be for everyone, but it is the sequel to Hollywood in Blackface. If you make the purchase (or buy anything through Amazon), please do so by clicking on the Amazon link in the upper-left hand corner of the site. Share Amazon's wealth!

I know this has been a slow week for SBPDL, but I've got a lot going on personally that needed to be dealt with , but please know I appreciate everyone who visits here; comments; and remains dedicated to this site.

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Nancy Grace: All that's Wrong with the World (and yet, All that is Right?)

Having some free time as of late, I decided to read up on the Casey Anthony trial. Not one to watch Fox, MSNBC or CNN (unless I'm stuck at in an airport terminal where CNN always seems to be on, regardless of the city) my take on the entire saga of the murder of Caylee Anthony remains unpolluted from the fowl litigious arrogance of Nancy Grace and her ilk.

Memory serves that Grace was adamant in claiming the guilt of the Duke lacrosse team, when they were accused of raping the Black prostitute named Crystal Mangum (sadly she never followed up with a story of what the Black accuser is doing now). She couldn't even appear on her own show to read that all charges were dismissed against the Duke lacrosse players that she was so ready to prosecute (indeed, her show allows her the opportunity of steering the evidence in the public forum so she can castigate those she deems guilty on a nightly basis).

CNN's ratings are abysmal. By riding the story of Caylee Anthony, CNN - and Headline News (HLN) - were able to pull off big ratings. The Washington Post wrote this story about Grace following the Anthony verdict:
“Caylee’s death has gone un-avenged!” HLN star Nancy Grace shrieked in disbelief as the verdict was read in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

“Tot Mom will be walking free!” Grace grieved Tuesday afternoon as the Florida jury acquitted Anthony of murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter in the death of her 2-year-old daughter — though the jurors did find Anthony guilty of providing false info to the cops.

Five million people watched Grace as the verdict was read about 2:15 p.m. Tuesday — HLN’s best ratings performance in any hour in its history, according to Nielsen numbers issued Wednesday afternoon.
“The devil is dancing tonight!” Grace continued, hours after the verdict, on her prime-time show. About 3 million caught that performance — the “Nancy Grace” show’s biggest audience ever. 

Other news outlets might have been equally stunned by the verdict: ABC News on Wednesday called it a “jaw-dropping not-guilty verdict” as it plugged its coming interview with Jennifer Ford, who said she and her fellow jurors cried and were “sick to our stomachs” after voting to acquit Casey Anthony of charges she killed Caylee but that they could not convict because “there was not enough evidence.” 

This grisly murder trial has been the making of Grace — June had been her highest-rated month ever, with her prime-time show averaging 1.5 million viewers. And Tuesday, she emerged from the rubble having been crowned — by Web site Gawker and others — The New Queen of Grief Porn.

Grace was best at serving up to viewers what they wanted to hear. According to NM Incite — a Nielsen/McKinsey joint venture that provides social-media intelligence — 64 percent of people on Twitter disagreed with the verdict, and only 1 percent agreed; the other 35 percent were “neutral.”

 “In the end, Tot Mom’s lies seemed to have worked,” a bereaved Grace lashed out after the verdict was revealed. 

“Caylee, her 2-year-old little girl, found just 15 houses from where Tot Mom puts her head on the pillow every night; her body decomposed — nothing but a skeleton gnawed on by animals, disarranged there in a trash dump that used to serve as a pet cemetery.
Little Caylee — thrown away like she was trash.
“And now, for the rest of our coverage, Caylee will be in our hearts, regardless of what this jury or anyone else does or says.”
 Grace has been blathering endlessly on the story of Caylee - it would be interesting to see how many people have been murdered since her coverage of this one story broke - with these words written in January of 2009:
....CNN Headline News ambulance chaser Nancy Grace.

Pounding away nightly on the Caylee Anthony murder case, where the two-year-old victim's mother, Casey Anthony, stands accused of taking her daughter's life, Grace has hit a ratings jackpot. Fox News's Bill O'Reilly may bring in more total viewers, but Grace is chipping away at his lead as of late and besting O'Reilly's nemesis, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, too. 

Grace's ratings ascension is evidence that we're back to the good old bad days of cable news—a steady diet of murder and mayhem. Indeed, Grace's recent resurgence may be our post-election reality check. 

Instead of talking about where this country is headed and what the challenges are, we're being fed gruesome details about how a little girl's life ended, with Nancy Grace playing judge, jury, and executioner.
Judge, jury, and executioner? A bloated white woman with that much power? No wonder our nation is so fucked up. That Casey Anthony had to go into hiding because of the vicious rants of people like Grace - and the millions of largely white women she influenced during the trial - led to this horrific incident where Oklahoma native Sammay Blackwell was attacked by Shireene Nalley because the former "looked like Anthony." No mention that Nalley is Black and that she attacked Blackwell because "all you white bitches look like Casey Anthony to me."

What happened to Caylee Anthony is horrible. Not being a parent, I can only imagine the fear and dread that must exist within a mother and father each and everyday as they struggle with their parental duties of ensuring their child's (children) safety in an increasingly insidious world.

Revealing is the reaction by people to the verdict from all across the nation who became emotionally invested into this story. It's healthy. People felt outraged that justice wasn't done for the memory of Caylee.

Now they know how families involved in stories that never make it to Nancy Grace feel when all-Black or majority-Black juries refuse to prosecute suspected Black criminals that have robbed, raped, or murdered. How many victims of crime and murder - without a cable news heroine championing their story nightly - have had their story forgotten? How many families have watched as a son or daughter is laid to rest with no fanfare or flowers sent from an adoring public captivated by every turn and twist in the legal proceedings of the trial of their murderer?

That a smug, arrogant, pretentious, pontificating individual like Grace - and others like here - is allowed to play judge, jury, and executioner each night is a melancholy thought:
One of the jurors in the Anthony case, Elizabeth Ford, told ABC News that the 51-year-old Grace was not fit for television.

"I think a lot of things she says fuel the fire and they're based on nothing," Ford said. "I'm obviously against making decisions based on just speculation and opinion."

Back down? You don't know Nancy. After one of Anthony's lawyers said the verdict should send a message to those who engage in "media assassination" — remarks considered largely aimed at Grace — she said she wasn't concerned. "I don't like them much either," she said on a CNN blog.

"When I take a stand, I don't expect people to like what I have to say," Grace, who declined to be interviewed by The Associated Press, told ABC News. "But I do hold myself up to the standard of trying to tell the truth. And if they don't like it or if it hurts their feelings, there's nothing I can do about that. But I can tell you this much: That mom is guilty."

Grace's career was fueled by a personal fire. Her fiance, college student Keith Griffin, was murdered in 1979 when Grace was 19. The tragic crime caused her to abandon her plans to teach English and turn to law. She wound up working in the Atlanta-area district attorney's office, often on cases involving women or children. But the Georgia courts also cited her for prosecutorial misconduct on one or two cases.
That's a sad story, the genesis of Grace's war. But has she apologized for what she did to the Duke lacrosse players when she presumed their guilt and then hid on the day all charges were dropped? Though it's unlikely, if the killer of Caylee Anthony is found will she apologize to Casey Anthony (based on the evidence, she does appear to be guilty but our world doesn't have a Dexter Morgan to figure this out)?

From reading the sensational coverage of Anthony's trial, it appears - to me - that Nancy Grace was calling for some kind of vigilante attack on Casey Anthony, so that her death wouldn't go "unavenged"; so that the "devil would stop dancing."

In reading more about Anthony, I came across this article in The Miami Herald about a Black girl that went missing in 2001:
But the Rilya Wilson case lacks the essential elements to get noticed by the likes of Nancy Grace. Casey, however lurid her backstory, was an attractive young white woman – a necessary ingredient in cable television’s pursuit of sensational crime stories. Graham is a 65-year-old black woman. Caylee was that photogenic little pink-faced two-year-old. Rilya was the cast-off daughter of a black crack addict, not a promising demographic for a national TV audience. 

Nancy Grace complained Tuesday evening that Caylee’s death has “gone unavenged.”
Have white people - and non-Blacks - been desensitized to the world of the Black underclass? Is this the main reasons so many people cared about the sordid saga of Casey Anthony and her daughter, Caylee, and so few people watch the Local Nightly News in their towns now (where Black criminal stories monopolize the airwaves)?

Or does the whole saga of Casey Anthony show the power of manipulation and constant repetition of a story? Most people who don't read or follow 'seditious' Web sites have no idea what is going on across this country. Engorged on an unhealthy appetite of Mainstream Media (MSM) approved stories, viewers of shows on CNN and Fox remain woefully misinformed.

Yet a market exists for people desiring non-MSM approved stories. Gannett wouldn't have seen a 22 percent  income drop in the second quarter of 2011 if they actually reported news, instead of making excuses for why they don't. People are searching the web more and more for their news, and this has given me an idea.

More on this Tuesday, in a special Youtube announcement.

But again: Has Nancy Grace ever apologized to the Duke lacrosse team? Did the "Devil Dance" on the day you tossed the Duke Lacrosse players under the bus?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So Much To Do... and So Little Time To Do It

Some days you just get too busy to make much of an impact. Today was one of those days. Anyways, finally got Captain America and Whiteness off to the printer. It will be available for Kindle tomorrow and in deadwood form by Thursday (Friday at the latest).

I'm a pretty normal guy who has one eccentricity... a desire to bring the world the knowledge of Stuff Black People Don't Like. You're allowed one eccentricity in life, right?

So I've been working on editing down SBPDL Year Two: 365Black Days of Judging by Content of Character, because you never, ever know when the plug could be pulled on any Web site that deviates from the approved public discourse. Compiling a record of what was accomplished here from May 2010 - May 2011 is a goal I have set (for publication) by August 28 of 2011.

It's fun to know that there are a few people left who remain unafraid of broaching taboo subjects in Black-Run America (BRA) - where, despite every advantage possible for advancement,  one the biggest wealth gaps EVER in American history exists between Whites and blacks - and I'm beginning to realize those numbers are growing.

Tomorrow, expect a couple of posts. One asks a question about Nancy Grace and her strange reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict; the other, well, it's a numbered post.

To borrow a quote from The Daily Show... how about a moment of Zen?

Monday, July 25, 2011

#45. Power Ballads

There's something about the 1980s: John Hughes movies were a bridge back to the 1950s; Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics were saving the NBA; Michael Jackson decided his ebony skin needed an ivory overhaul; bands like Journey, Toto, Bon Jovi, etc., were producing songs and power ballads that have as much power now as they did when thousands crammed arenas to hear them perform live; in essence, whiteness still sold.

People reveled in it.

This is one of the primary reasons contemporary Black rap and R&B artists "sample" songs from this time period in the hopes of creating an iTunes sensation, because the music from this era resonates with people in a way the Black Eyed Peas original songs could only wish to achieve.

Perhaps the ultimate expression of this concept is the Power Ballad, that one love song every band tried to perfect to include in an 80s film and gain immortality through some awkward teenager guy always remembering it fondly as the song they finally got to the second base while listening to.

White Snake, Journey, Poison, Cheap Trick, Foreigner, Jefferson Starship, REO Speedwagon, Boston; all bands that can actually perform live and sound just as good as they do on the radio, CD, or via iPods, all bands that produced Power Ballads that still have an emotional pull modern "artists" could only wish to replicate.

Go to any bar where modern white people - fresh out of college to those still clinging desperately to their fraternity and sorority days and refusing to grow up - congregate and the pulsating noise of rap will make conversation virtually impossible. But if, by chance, a modern-day "juke box"machine is available that streams music then you have the opportunity to resurrect lost Power Ballads that instantly invigorate any evening out on the town.

Confusing people who never knew songs like Alphaville's Forever Young existed prior to Jay-Z's need of something familiar to have an instant 'hit' is a hilarious game that illustrates the Power Ballads appeal.

Black people have never been able to understand the mysticism of the Power Ballad, the concepts that go into producing such songs as Boston's Amanda; Jefferson Starship's Sara; The Scorpions Europe's Carrie; Toto's Rosanna; and Steve Perry's Oh Sherrie are foreign to Black people. Alien.

Just like Nicholas Sparks novels and films, white girls instinctual love these songs knowing that it represents something fundamental. Years will pass from hearing one of these songs, but the feelings present when they first heard them will come pouring back in an emotional dam-bursting and remind them of dreams they once had.

Sentimentality is a distinctly white trait, and though Black people can Act White by trying to enjoy a Power Ballad, it's difficult to find a Black person who can empathize with the emotions that can be drudged up from the hearing of a song 10 or 20 years from when those memories were first created.

The Power Ballad is a uniquely white [and primarily American] phenomenon, a manifestation of hope, love, desire and longing that symbolizes one of the last unifying cultural traits left for white people. Regardless of the geographic location, Power Ballads are still played across America and speak to an epoch that contemporary music seeks to dull, de-legitimize and label as square.

Funny: many of the most popular rap and R&B songs require heavily sampling from this time period in hopes of attracting an audience.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes Power Ballads, one of the most powerful instruments for keeping Black people from a bar, club, restaurant or place of business.

Power Ballads have the capacity to take white people back to earlier moments in their life that bring a strange mixture of joy and sorrow, loss and happiness. Memories from simpler times when the jitters before a first date could be fixed by listening to the comforting words and music from a Power Ballad that foreshadowed the hope of potentially rounding the bases later in the evening and starting something special with that girl who would ultimately break your heart.

Simultaneously the Power Ballad captures all the emotions that make life worth living and fighting for; you're not supposed to live in the past, but you're not supposed to forget it either.

Friday, July 22, 2011

"It looked like the government had declared martial law" -- How Black events stay peaceful

Black Columnist for Indy Star claims Black Expo was basically a "martial law" event
Remember the Indiana Black Expo? It couldn't be canceled because in Black Run America -BRA- no Black event can be canceled. Instead, massive amounts of resources went into keeping the peace and making sure a Black Behaving Badly (BBB) event didn't transpire.

After the violence at the 2010 Black Expo, the peace that ensued in 2011 was cause for massive celebration in the Indy Star.

Today, we learn this from Erika Smith:
It was only a year ago that Tanya Bell, president and CEO of Indiana Black Expo, stood grimly in front of a bank of TV cameras, trying to somehow explain the bursts of gunfire that left 10 teens injured during the nonprofit group's annual Summer Celebration.

On Monday, she faced the cameras again, but this time with an air of pride.
"This is a victory," Bell declared.

No one got shot.

No one got beat up in a brawl.

There weren't gangs of teenagers running around unsupervised.

The free concert went off without a hitch Friday night at the American Legion Mall. So did the youth concert Saturday night at the Indiana Convention Center.

Indeed, Summer Celebration was safe. Black Expo passed the public's test to put on a violence-free event.
But at what cost?

It looked like the government had declared martial law after the sun went down Friday.

Police were dozens deep on Pennsylvania Street across from the American Legion Mall. They were on foot, on bikes and in cars. On Meridian Street, there were even more cops, plus civilians who had vowed to help keep the peace.

Even people in the audience were peering through the dark, watching for trouble -- while, of course, singing along to old-school R&B.

On Saturday, the police presence wasn't quite as heavy, but officers were definitely around -- inside the convention center and on the streets nearby.

I kept thinking: All of this so people can have fun? Long term, how is this going to affect the mood of an event that's supposed to be a "celebration"?

Bell admits opinions were varied.

Some thought the police presence was too much. Some said they liked it because they felt safe. Others stayed away altogether.

Overall, Black Expo officials predicted attendance would be up from last year. Several events pulled in more people than ever before, including the education conference and corporate luncheon.
"I think the numbers look pretty impressive," Bell said.

At the same time, only about 40 people were arrested Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- not too far off from an average weekend Downtown.

I understand why a heavy police presence was necessary at this year's Summer Celebration.

But the fact that it was necessary still strikes me as extremely sad and slightly ridiculous -- like watching a Transportation Security Administration agent pat down an old woman with a walker or look suspiciously at a baby in a stroller.
How long will the need for safety trump everything else?

What will happen if three years pass without incident at Summer Celebration? Will attendees be so welcoming of the heavy police presence then?

I doubt it.

Bell says Black Expo and police will examine their security plans in the coming weeks. Based on what worked and didn't work this year, things could change next year.

Going forward, I hope there's consideration given not only to the safety of the attendees but also to their ability to feel comfortable enough to have fun.

It's a delicate balance, one that will have to be tweaked constantly over the next few years if Black Expo wants to keep meeting the needs and wants of blacks in Indianapolis.

Otherwise, the "victory" will be short-lived.
Cities like Newark, Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Louis, Chicago, Columbia, Cleveland and Philadelphia have all declared curfews this summer in a move to offset Black criminal activity. Curfews are only needed [for white people] in times of martial law when a natural disaster or war make them necessary.

This is how a peaceful, successful all-Black event transpires: an overwhelming presence of law enforcement agents with guns locked and police ready to strike without hesitation is paid for by [primarily] white taxpayers who do everything possible to stay away from these 'cultural' events when they occur.

It's time to start judging by character folks. That a massive police presence is needed to keep the peace among upper and middle-class Black people at their own cultural events and that veritable martial law must be declared to keep them safe from each other is an indicator that the character of the bulk of the participants has been found wanting.

DHS and McDonald's Both on the 365Black Agenda

What ever happened to judging by the 'content of ones character'? It seems the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has come to realize judging by the "color of their skin" is only applicable when it comes to white people.
A vigilant citizen in BRA looking out for dangerous DHS-approved white male terorists

We already know that the Transportation Services Administration (TSA) - 22 percent of its employees are Black compared to 10 percent of the private workforce - primarily frisks and treats white air passengers (whom are more than 90 percent of those who fly in America) as suspected terrorists, considering anything they carry that is more than 3 fluid ounces a threat to national security.

Now the DHS puts out an instructive training video that shows white males as the primary potential terrorists that we must all watch out for, and shows non-white families - watch the beginning of the video - as the new archetype of American family. Remember that the DHS - like all federal agencies - is also dedicated to improving the Black representation among its ranks:

The Homeland Security Department has made progress toward increasing diversity in its ranks, but still has a way to go in reaching an optimal mix of employees, witnesses told a House panel on Wednesday.
DHS is committed to building workforce that is "competent, effective and reflective" of the population, said Deputy Secretary Jane Lute, in testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee. "A lack of diversity hampers our ability to make wise and informed decisions."

Hispanics are better represented at DHS than at any other Cabinet-level agency, making up nearly 20 percent of the workforce. But black employees account for only 14 percent of the workforce, and black females make up only 1 percent.

In 2008, the department created a diversity action plan, establishing minority outreach efforts, and in April officials laid out a 120-day action plan with targeted marketing strategies and performance metrics to evaluate improvements. But several committee members expressed concern over the department's approach to outreach. Relying solely on the Internet to contact minority populations is a reflection of the "lazy attitude of the federal government in its outreach," said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas.

DHS is committed to sending recruiters to job fairs and historically black colleges and universities to engage potential hires on a more personal level, according to Lute. Representatives of the Secret Service, a component of DHS, have attended more than 1,100 job fairs since 2007, and one third of the newest recruits are minorities.

You begin to understand that normal, law-abiding white people are deemed war criminals in Black-Run America (BRA), losers of the Civil Rights struggle that exempts Black people from being judged by the content of their character and maintains that white people are automatically judged by the color of their skin; a guilty verdict that they have no ability to supplicate.

In reading a post on the subject at Mangan's, a fantastic comment was supplied by "Whiskey":
In real life, a Black man from Memphis, Carlos Bledsoe, aka Abdulhakim Mohammed is on trial for shooting and killing two White US Army Recruiters in Little Rock Arkansas. Bledsoe/Mohammed is a convert to the Nation of Islam.

Examples of Somali immigrants, the Beltway snipers (two Black men who converted to Islam), various Black guys shooting Whites (Omar Thornton), various Pakistani immigrants trying to blow up Times Square or other places, shows the vast majority of mass-killing and terrorist violence, (such as Nidal Hassan the Fort Hood Shooter) are done by non-Whites, specifically Black converts to Islam or Pakistani immigrants and Somali immigrants/refugees.

PC makes you stupid.
Speaking of PC making you stupid, McDonald's once again allows for some hilarious 365Black behavior as an off-duty Black manager attacked a white woman - video at this link - because she dared bring a service dog into the restaurant:
An arrest warrant has been issued for the manager of a Marietta McDonald's after she punched a mother of two autistic boys in the face, Marietta police said.

 It happened at the McDonald's on Bells Ferry Road, police said.The manager, Tiffany Denise Allen, told the woman that the twin boys’ service dog, Barkley, wasn't allowed inside, police said. Allen was off duty.The law, however, states that the dog is allowed inside.The boys’ mother, Jennifer Schwenker, said the incident took place on July 12 when she took the boys to the McDonald's to have lunch.Channel 2’s Diana Davis got her hands on a surveillance tape showing one of the twins and Barkley enjoying the restaurant’s play area.The family was about to leave when Allen told them there were no dogs allowed, police said.Schwenker explained that Barkley is a service dog, allowed by federal law in all public places including restaurants. 

Schwenker offered to provide proof of the permit for the dog, Marietta police said.It wasn’t enough for Allen, they said. The tape shows her following the family around the McDonald's, even down the hall to the restroom.When Schwenker tried to leave, she lost track of one of the boys. In a panic, she threw her drink on the floor and it splashed on Allen, police said.The tape shows Allen running after Schwenker in a rage, police said. Marietta police Detective Gwen Lewis told Davis that she has never seen anything like it.

Schwenker did not want to speak to Davis about the incident, but her husband said they are talking to a lawyer.Allen is charged with battery assault and disorderly conduct.
JM and Jan Owens, who run the store where the incident occurred, released a statement:“At our McDonald’s restaurant, we respect and value our customers. Their safety and well-being is always a top priority."We strive to comply with all applicable laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is our policy to make our restaurants accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities and special needs, whether or not they need the assistance of service animals."We are fully cooperating with the police department in their investigation, and the individual involved is no longer employed by our company. ”
Tiffany Denise Allen - the Black manager of McDonald's - appears to be holding a baby in the surveillance tape prior to her assault on Schwenker (she also looks to tip the scales at well north of 300 lbs). Moral of the story: stay the hell away from McDonald's.

How are these two stories related? Not exactly sure. Perhaps they show that both McDonald's and the DHS have gone 365Black, as this summer has seen more than 10 United States have horrible Mahogany Mob situations that result in martial law-style curfews being implemented.

The DHS should just wall off Detroit - like something out of Escape from New York - and place all of the nations prison population there. Those individuals who live in the Kansas City zip code 64130 - and account for 20 percent of Kansas' prison population - can also be transported there. Same for North District beat 23 in Indianapolis which accounts for the majority of crime in Indianapolis. Same for any of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America.

It's a big city that needs an influx of people to help save the economy there; pull the resources required to patrol all of the bad neighborhoods across the country by consolidating them in one place. Hell, put a McDonald's on every street corner there too! You have a massive prison-city that would require a huge security industry to maintain and I"m sure Teach for America would have no problem sending in progressive young educators to educate the children there.

Again, the DHS doesn't consider Mahogany Mobs a threat to national security; only white males are a threat. McDonald's governing corporate structure (in their personnel decisions) feels the same way as the leadership there does everything possible to promote anyone but whitey to positions of power. Even someone like Tiffany Allen. 

A Quick Review of "Captain America: The First Avenger"

Yet another WASP hero
After reading a hilariously bad article at Racialicious bemoaning the fact that Captain America wasn't going to be played by a Black guy (I decided to write something over at on that issue), I went and saw the film at 12:01 a.m. I still think the movie should have come out on July 4th, but what do I know about marketing and branding?

These are just some quick thoughts that will be fleshed out in the morning (by that time, Alternative Right should have another article by me up addressing the question What Would Captain America Think of America Today?) but I wanted to post them while they were still fresh on my mind. Update: here is a link to that article - which like the Vdare piece - set the stage for the book Captain America and Whiteness that comes out Tuesday. 

Rotten Tomatoes has aggregated a high fresh rating so far for the film, though Armond White has yet to weigh in on the lack of Black people in the movie (he hated Green Lantern, Thor, and X-Men for having Blacks play second fiddle to white stars).

Captain America: The First Avenger is a fantastic film, a special film even. Only through advances in technology - thank you James Cameron and George Lucas - could we see such visually stunning effects that make the 1989 Captain America look like some mid-day television show for kids. Chris Evans was stellar as Steve Rogers/Captain America, and was afforded yet another opportunity to play a white superhero (he's played one in The Fantastic Four, Push, The Losers, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World).

Coming later this week...
It was a combination of Forever Young (a Mel Gibson movie about a test pilot who is cryogenic-ally frozen), Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, The Rocketeer, plus Pearl Harbor, as Marvel Studios felt the need to Black the film  up a little. Cuba Gooding Jr.'s career is still stuck in 2001, so he was unable to play one of the handful of Black people that were peculiarly placed in the segregated military units of the US Army stationed in Italy.

Let’s be honest, World War II featured a segregated military. Captain America’s handpicked soldiers (His Howling Commando’s) had more diversity then a current Navy SEALs or US Special Forces unit.

Scenes in the barracks had plenty of Black faces sprinkled in that hopefully will make Spike Lee happy after his blasting Clint Eastwood for his incredibly historically accurate Iwo Jima films. That film featured no Black soldiers (like The Thin Red Line and Saving Private Ryan), and was incredibly historically accurate, much to Lee’s chagrin:
Clint Eastwood has advised rival film director Spike Lee to "shut his face" after the African-American complained about the racial make-up of Eastwood's films.

In an interview with the Guardian published today, Eastwood rejected Lee's complaint that he had failed to include a single African-American soldier in his films Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima, both about the 1945 battle for the Japanese island.

In typically outspoken language, Eastwood justified his choice of actors, saying that those black troops who did take part in the battle as part of a munitions company didn't raise the flag. The battle is known by the image of US marines raising the American flag on Mount Suribachi.

"The story is Flags of Our Fathers, the famous flag-raising picture, and they didn't do that. If I go ahead and put an African-American actor in there, people'd go: 'This guy's lost his mind.' I mean, it's not accurate." Referring to Lee, he added: "A guy like him should shut his face."

Despite Marvel’s politically correct World War II United States military, the movie was special. Chris Evans was fantastic as Captain America, and the scene where he awakes in 2011 New York City is fantastic, but ruined by the Mark Millar Ultimate Avengers version of Nick Fury (played by the insufferably Black Samuel L. Jackson):

Here’s Mark Millar on why this change was made (as explained in a Marvel spotlight interview available in the Civil War hardcover edition) and Nick Fury went from being a white guy to a Black dude:

Spotlight: Nick Fury’s look appears to resemble the actor Samuel L. Jackson. Assuming this is intentional, why the reference to him in particular?

Mark: Well, he’s the king of cool, isn’t he? This goes back to our idea of stripping these guys right back to basics and just finding what made them work. I love Nick Fury like no other. He’s one of my favorite Mravel characters, but the Steranko cool that he imbued on the character was rat-pack cool and very much of the period. Obviously, that’s still in a classic, retro sense, but it means little to a modern kid. Also, Nick Fury just sounded like one of those great , 70s blaxsplotation names. He sounded like an African-American disco super hero or something and we wanted to play around with that too. 

Movies have reached a point where anything white is seen as almost square, dull and an anachronism in a culture that has grown to see a white Nick Fury as “retro cool” but a character that means little to a modern kid weaned on a steady diet of Will Smith (for more on this, see Hollywood in Blackface).
Knowing that the world Steve Rogers left behind had so much promise (ultimately we went to the moon, but bankrupted ourselves paying for Black-Run America –BRA- after whites were made to feel infinitely guilty and at fault for the condition nature selfishly left Black people in), only to wake up in nation still filled with promise – but hundreds of decaying cities filled with neighborhoods that not even Captain America would dare go in – is an incredibly melancholy thought.

In the final scene of movie, as Rogers looks around an alien New York City, you can feel his pain. Regardless of the politically correct nature of the film, Chris Evans does a fantastic job bringing to life Captain America and for two brief hours, a glimpse of what life in the United State could be is offered by watching The First Avenger. To do that, you have to go back in time to when a nation actually existed and whiteness was synonymous with American.

Concepts like treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity were years from taking root in the minds of DWLs and the halls of academia… as you get a glimpse of The Greatest Generation. Sure America had problems, but I ask you this in all sincerity: would you rather live in 2011 or 1944 America?

Sadly, we all know what comes next, and when Rogers wakes up you realize the nightmare is just beginning.

Update: New York Press movie reviewer Armond White didn't disappoint. He called the film yet another useless WASP Hero and a White Elephant film. White guys just can't save the world anymore in movies:

In this moment of convictionless movie-going, Captain America lacks the fun that comes with belief in the essence of its premise. The comic originated in 1941 as an exploitative but gung-ho response to evil, with its first cover depicting Captain America socking Hitler on the jaw! But in today’s pop culture, good-vs.-evil has been blanded into an idiotic shades-of-gray, and Americana has been made suspect.
Ultimately Johnston and Evans are selling an anachronism. Steve Rogers develops from a Benjamin Button-style CGI dork to a pecs-forward athlete with Ricky Nelson eyes—termed “a new breed of super soldier.” Yet the culture no longer believes in soldiers (not even when pitying Iraq or Afghanistan vets suffering PTS disorder). Audiences who yawned when Aaron Eckhart movingly enacted the WASP soldier icon in Battle: Los Angeles are now stuck with Evans playing a blanded out version of the hunkiness he already satirized in Scott Pilgrim. Evans runs with a dancer’s grace like he did in Cellular, but his WASP heroism here is not just anachronistic; it’s a white elephant.

Cinephiles who swear by Manny Farber’s old dictum about useless, over-budgeted “white elephant” movies should recognize this Captain America as a bloated summer epic whose hero wears unfelt sign, shield, stars and stripes. There’s no regard for patriotism or the flag, just loyalty to comic books—and to action montages (including a nifty aerial dogfight that prolongs the story with after-thoughts of Pow!).When all these bland Marvel Comics franchise movies blur together in memory, it won’t prove that they amounted to one great epic master narrative, but that they’re all indistinguishable.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#290. Colin Cowherd

Richard Lapchick, who recently blasted Advertisement Agencies for being too white, previously blasted AP sports reporters for being too white as well, obviously oblivious to the fact that 50 percent of Black males are illiterate and never graduate high school; a substantial more are in jail; and relative few possess a college degree making them eligible for employment in this field. The study stated:
 Richard Lapchick, The Institute’s Director and primary author of this report, noted, “After four years from the 2006 Report to the 2010 report, there was some change in the five key positions we examined for race but little for gender. In fact, the overall grade for racial hiring practices improved from a C to a C+. There continued to be a failing grade for gender in all five categories. I think it is encouraging that APSE and AWSM had a combined event this year. I am also encouraged that APSE has continued to request the report knowing that the news would not be good. I applaud its determination to get better.

“It is important to have voices from different backgrounds in the media. This report shows that in 2010, 97 percent of the sports editors, 85 percent of the assistant sports editors, 86 percent of our columnists, 86 percent of our reporters and 90 percent of our copy editors/designers were white. In the 2008 report, those numbers for the same positions were 94, 89, 88, 87, and 89 respectively. The percentage of males in those positions this year are 94, 90, 90, 89, and 84. In 2008, the percentages were 94, 90, 93, 91 and 84, respectively. The 2008 report showed a terrible lack of opportunity for people of color and women. In spite of that, there was actually a decline in 2010 for opportunities for people of color as sports editors (from 6 percent to 3 percent) and copy editors (from 11 percent to 10 percent). The percentages of people of color increased for assistant sports editors (11 percent to 15 percent), columnists (12 percent to 14 percent) and reporters (13 percent to 14 percent).
Like Daniel Tosh, Colin Cowherd understands pushing the envelope on race sells
Sports reporters have to tread a fine line when covering sports, because the intersection with pernicious, unsightly racial matters is always there, behind virtually every problem. ESPN, a network that is 365Black and dedicated to advancing the proposition that Blacks are superior athletes whenever possible (watch the ESPN 30 for 30 Documentaries to see how Black-Run America – BRA – was peddled through sports) is hiring as many non-white males as possible for Sports Center and for other broadcasting positions, but not fast enough. 
Knowing that 80 percent of the NBA athletes are Black and 67 percent of the NFL athletes are Black means that the white guy covering sports must continually hide his head in the sand and never admit what his lying eyes tell him. These are the big two sports now (don’t ever mention baseball, that dying sport that only matters when sports writers bemoan the lack of Black athletes following Jackie Robinson’s dream; or NASCAR or the PGA, two sports that predominately white writers chastise for their lack of ‘inclusion’ and ‘racial diversity’), as evidenced by how much money is generated through both the collegiate and professional variety.
No sports writer dare mention the racial statistics of those who go bankrupt upon retirement nor those who refuse to pay child support to their litter of kids, for the wrath of organized Blackness will disable that writers career faster than Jimmy the Greek could eat a pita.
To point out the poor social behavior of athletes like Michael Vick, JaMarcus Russell, and Vince Young (guys who would rather ‘make it rain’ then practice throwing the football) would be denigrating all Black people, because when you single one Black person for their questionable character, organized Blackness logic dictates you single all Black people out for their questionable character.

Here’s what Black athletes fail to understand: sports survived and thrived without their participation. Southeastern Conference (SEC) football stadiums were built on the backs of white athletes who played both ways in a time before highly specialized athletes were needed to play one way (and take off most plays) and offenses were designed to capitalize on the speed of Black athletes who could never survive the type of practices that Bear Bryant, Shug Jordan, Wally Butts, Bobby Dodd, Col. Neyland, or Johnny Vaught put their all-white teams of actual student-athletes through.
Now, SEC schools recruit primarily thugs who require special admission to even gain acceptance to universities that then spend millions keeping them academically eligible. These Black athletes come from cities long ago abandoned by the white alumni who cheer them (but move far away from them whenever a city starts having ‘bad schools’) and are basically kept afloat thanks to government handouts (EBT/Food Stamps, Welfare, Section 8 housing, and free lunches in school).
What Black athletes in college and professional sports is that they perform in a vocation that is largely entertainment – which Cowherd understands and is one reason why ‘The Herd’ is such a popular show – and two, largely irrelevant – the absurdity of which Cowherd also understands.
Without positive examples (and that word is loosely used, because many of the Black athletes turn out to be criminals who refuse to pay child support and go bankrupt upon retirement) set by Black athletes, one is hard-pressed to ascertain where positive examples of the Black community would arise.
Certainly not academics, where cheating is the only way to see positive gains; certainly not city planning, since every majority Black city or county descends into economic and moral madness; certainly not from their vocations, since the top 10 jobs for Black people (as of 2009) require little more than an eighth grade education; certainly not the military, where standards have to be lowered for Black kids at the Navy and Air Force Academies so they can gain admittance, and Special Forces requirements must be lowered so Black people can feel… special.
Sports survived – and thrived – without Black athletes. Sure names like Bo Jackson and Hershel Walker are proudly stated by SEC football fans, but it is because of the foundations built by nameless white athletes at Auburn and UGA (a school who in 2006 required almost every Black athlete to be a special admission student and worse, more than 1/3 of the team majors in something called Housing) for more than 80 years that allow these Black athletes even a modicum of fleeting fame.
Black athletes aren’t needed in college baseball to keep the sport popular, so why do people believe that if college football instantly became 85 percent that it would lose any popularity?
Black people’s propensity for getting in trouble with the law starts in high school, where Black people are disproportionately the recipients of school discipline at rates that far exceed those of other racial groups. Primarily because they refuse to abide by the laws governing civil behavior, all in noticeable patterns in such disparate locations as Grand Rapids, Michigan, Seattle, all of Texas… hell, everywhere in the United States:
Nearly 60 percent of junior high school and high school students get suspended or expelled, according to a report that tracked about 1 million Texas children over a six-year period.
About 15 percent of the Texas seventh- through 12th-grade students tracked during the study were suspended or expelled at least 11 times and nearly half of those ended up in the juvenile justice system. Most students who experienced multiple suspensions or expulsions do not graduate, according to the study by the Council of State Governments Justice Center and the Public Policy Research Institute of Texas A&M University.


The report indicates a disproportionate share of African-American students getting removed from school classrooms for disciplinary reasons.
• MALES: • According to the study, 83 percent of black male students had at least one discretionary violation - compared with 74 percent of Hispanic males and 59 percent for white males.
• FEMALES: The same pattern applies for female African-American students - 70 percent for African Americans compared with 58 percent for Hispanics and 37 percent for white female students
This continues into both college (see this article on a Florida HBCU, where crime is just as common as giving a teacher an apple once was) and into adulthood. Of course, prison is a safer place for Black males then the real world, a fact that even the redoubtable Colin Cowherd has yet to state on his show.
With Black athletes possessing the character of a guy like Ray Lewis roaming the fields of the NFL and the courts of the NBA, you can see why this is true.
Sports writers, always hoping to remain chummy with the Black athletes they cover, must never chastise Black behavior. Like most white people, they believe that Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech incapacitates them from judging Black people by both color and the content of their character, since judging an individual Black person by their character is tantamount to judging all Black people by their character.
Colin Cowherd is an entertainer who just happens to talk about sports, much in the same way Daniel Tosh of Tosh.0 is a comedian who uses Black people as props in most of his jokes, because most white people (and non-Black people) privately are well aware that the stereotypes of Black people are true.
They wouldn’t be funny, worth listening, or ruthlessly suppressed if they weren’t true.
Wait, who is this Colin Cowherd you just mentioned? Cowherd is an obnoxious, hilarious, witty, opinionated radio and television personality for ESPN who pushes that fine line regarding race – sometimes crossing it – and continues to attract a massive audience where Black jock-sniffers like Jim Rome just look like water boys in the process
His show, The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a syndicated talk radio show broadcast on ESPN Radio affiliates throughout the United States and online at In 2008, the Herd added a simulcast on ESPNU. The show features commentary on sports news, perspective on other news stories, and interviews with popular analysts and sports figures. Although a sports broadcast, he often reflects on personal life and business as it relates to the sports world. Demographics and regional preferences are frequent topics of his program. The majority of his conversations primarily center around the National Football League (NFL) and college footballMajor League Baseball (MLB) and the National Basketball Association (NBA). He also has a featured segment, Spanning the Globe, during the second segment of his show. In this segment, he interviews reporters in different parts of the country to talk about the day's main topics in their region. with mentions of recent topics from
Cowherd has a massive audience of hard-working white males who enjoy hearing his refreshingly candid views on sports (entertainment) and his inane inclusion of pop culture references in the process. He understands that most sports fans don’t connect with the predominately Black athletes of today and instead root for teams that their fathers rooted for, and pull for those athletes like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and other white athletes who seem like normal, well-grounded individuals.
The dirty secret that pervades all sports is that the overwhelmingly white fan-bases of NCAA football and basketball; the NFL; the NBA; MLB; NASCAR; UFC; PGA; and tennis are just watching to be entertained. 50 years ago, these sports were just as popular – save UFC, which wasn’t around – and much whiter.
A monopoly like ESPN didn’t exist to broadcast every conceivable game to help manufacture the concept of Black dominance in athletics. You had ABC Wide World of Sports and one college football game a week, showcasing primarily white athletes that white fans cheered for; that is the dirty secret of sports.
Primarily white beat writers and sports reporters worship at the altar of many of the Black athletes they cover, hoping to get the inside scoop to further their careers (and eventually work for that monolith ESPN), all the while refusing to write articles that would show a morally questionable of these Black “Gods” they cover.
They revere these athletes, something Cowherd doesn’t do and which has enabled his show – The Herd – to be syndicated in radio markets across the country. Perennially whiner Chad Johnson (who changed his surname to Ochocinco for proper branding) complained that Cowherd had the temerity to make fun of his Black athletes penchant for opulent spending, lashing out:
Chad Ochocinco publicly bashed ESPN Radio and ESPN2 TV host Colin Cowherd on Twitter today after the sportscaster insulted the Bengals receiver on air.
According to Out of Bounds, "Cowherd said something to the effect of '70% of NFL and NBA players are broke within 5 years of retirement,' and used Ochocinco's name as part of his point." Ochocinco did not take the mention lightly.
In a series of tweets, Ochocinco urged Cowherd to "just say I don't like this black guy!!" He proceeded to tell the host that "your girl is cheating on you" and suggested that Cowherd "try EXTENZE," the "male enhancement pill" most recently pitched by former coach Jimmy Johnson. Scroll down for the entire barrage:
Colin Coward with all the negative going on with athletes how do u find a way to lump me n yo show just say I don't like this black guy!!

I guess Colin won't be happy till I get a DUI, arrested, well hell maybe I should get accused of rape, maybe that'll make him STFU!!!!

@espn_colin its not my fault your girl is cheating on you, its your fault, try EXTENZE and stop worryin about me! Lmao-have a show bout that

@espn_colin you look like an extra from the movie LORD OF THE RINGS, get your lisp fixed before you do your next show !
It's okay to judge by character
 Cowherd was recently attacked by John Mitchell of for daring to point out Black males strange ability to have children in such devastating numbers outside of wedlock, proving that once again white people cannot judge Black people by the content of their character unless they desire unleashing the mighty powers of organized Blackness (which will always defend the abhorrent social and moral decisions of Black people):
After hearing the ignorance that oozed from Colin Cowherd's mouth the other day, I have no doubt that if he didn't know already he would swear up and down that Tom Brady is black.
A few years back, Brady, the three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback of the New England Patriots, knocked up his girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan, and then promptly cut out on her, leaving her to attend Lamaze class all by her lonesome.
Pure class.
Brady left his pregnant girlfriend for another woman, so-called supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and eventually married and fathered a child with her.
Presented with this scenario and not knowing that Brady is indeed white, one has to assume that Cowherd would automatically say that Brady is black, and that this is stereotypical black male behavior. After all, Cowherd, a loudmouth ESPN screamer who apparently sees himself as part sports talking head and part Daniel Patrick Moynihan, ready and willing to dole out misinformation and snake oil to anyone who tunes in.
Shortly into John Wall's rookie season in Washington, Cowherd concocted a wacky correlation between Wall growing up without his father in his life translating into what will be Wall's inability throughout his career to be a true leader.
Uh, what? Nobody with half a brain believes this, especially the people who are paid to build NBA franchises. But Cowherd too often engages in stereotyping to cover up his lack of understanding of the sports he is paid to talk about.
Earlier this week he was at it again, proclaiming that the NFL, with its majority of players being black and reared in single-parent homes headed by women, couldn't possibly be prepared to handle the stern discipline coming from Commissioner Roger Goodell.
Cowherd employs the work of another pop sociologist masquerading as a sports columnist to back him up when he refers to a recent piece by CBS' Gregg Doyle. In the piece, Doyle miscasts as a widespread a feeling among black NFL players and media outlets that the commissioner is purposely disciplining black players more than whites.
Please, with the possible of exception of the James Harrison's rant last week, nobody in the NFL is calling Goodell racist. As defined at, a racist holds a "belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others."
I guarantee you that neither Doyle nor Cowherd, who probably hardly ever sets foot inside of an NFL or NBA locker room, is privy to one conversation involving an African-American athlete who shares these view.
This writer is correct: most Black athletes call themselves $10 million slaves or read William Rhoden’s book 40 Million Dollar Slaves and demand more money to foolishly spend like Dez Bryant. They joke about the New York Jets’ Antonio Cromartie’s inability to remember his nine kids names and debate the merits of various strip clubs to make it rain in.
Guys like Colin Cowherd and Daniel Tosh understand that there exists a huge market for racism in this country, because when most people are outside the earshot of Black people, jokes are constantly made at their expense.
Talking or writing about sports for a living means you have to close your eyes to the fact that most of the athletes you cover – Cowherd’s favorite are the NFL and NCAA football, the two big sports – will be Black athletes whose only ticket to success in America is based on their athleticism.
That ticket is short-lived and the communities they come from are largely Black holes that no one ventures into unless it’s a white college football coach hoping to recruit the next generation of Black athlete that will require millions of dollars in tutors to keep academically eligible.
Cowherd – and Daniel Tosh – understand that judging by color of the skin isn’t a smart move, but they understand that judging by the content of character is a viable business decision. Neither one of their shows or careers would be as popular as they are if they didn’t.
Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes Colin Cowherd, because eschewing the widely held rule in sports journalism – thou will not criticize the off-the-field behavior of Black athletes – he has threatened to make more and more people aware that judging by content of character is acceptable.
For some reason, most people forget that it’s okay to judge by content of one’s character. It’s time to start doing that.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Violence Free in Indy! Erection of Police State Keeps Black Expo Patrons from Shooting each Other

Celebrating the murder-free Black Expo in Indianapolis!
Maybe I should never have mentioned the name Brittney Watts. Her story will never be told in a text book or classrooms to make young Black children feel guilty for the way fellow Black people once acted; her death will be quickly forgotten by all but her husband, family, and close friends while the entire Atlanta establishment (including police) does everything possible to quickly forget it and act like it never happened.  In court, the killer will probably have his lawyer plea the charges down, serve some time and get out in 10-15 years.

The shooter, Nkosi Thandiwe, also shot two other white girls as he escaped (Lauren Garcia and Tiffany Ferenczy), but who cares, right? Just a coincidence that they were both all white.  Described as "respectful" by a neighbor, one is left numb knowing that the three shot by Thandiwe (and one dead) could have been your daughter or sister; wife or friend.

In reading the online stories about Watts, I thought about my friends who live and work in major cities throughout America and refuse to acknowledge the reality of Black criminality. Perhaps the best story I can find that explains the reality of Black criminality and their propensity to violence comes courtesy of Indianapolis where Black leaders, police, and city officials are CONGRATULATING themselves that the 2011 Black Expo was violence free:
The final weekend of Indiana Black Expo's 41st annual Summer Celebration drew thousands of people Downtown to participate in activities ranging from concerts to a health fair, from a celebrity basketball game to a community worship service.

But many may ultimately remember this year's event most for what didn't happen: There was no repeat of the Saturday night violence and gunfire that have marred the closing weekend of recent Summer Celebrations, including an eruption last year that left 10 black youths wounded in three separate shootings.

Although none of the shootings or fights was directly connected to Summer Celebration events or venues, the annual celebration of black culture that attracts more than 200,000 people Downtown during its 11-day run has been inescapably tied to the violence. The escalation of problems -- particularly on the final Saturday night -- has been enough to scare some people away. But a massive police presence, coupled with citizen patrols and the reconfiguring of some event times and locations, appears to have been an effective deterrent this year.

Indianapolis police reported 26 arrests, 13 traffic citations and five curfew violations from 4 p.m. Saturday to 4 a.m. Sunday. "There were no reported incidents of gun violence or gun-related activity," said Sgt. Linda Jackson, an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokeswoman.

Vernon Williams, IBE spokesman, said officials hope it is a turnaround that will carry over to future Summer Celebrations and help erase the taint of past violence.

"We're just extremely gratified," Williams said, "that there were no serious incidents last night."

He said several factors contributed to the turnaround. He cited a concerted, cooperative effort between police and Black Expo officials and the help of faith leaders, who mustered several hundred volunteers to monitor activity on the streets on Friday and Saturday nights.

Relocating the popular celebrity basketball game to the Indiana Convention Center from Conseco Fieldhouse was another positive change, Williams said. That kept attendees under one roof, so fewer young people roamed the streets getting from one venue to another, he said, and it "encouraged more parents to come into the convention center for other events instead of just dropping their kids off."

"There is no doubt about it that Mayor Ballard and the Police Department did a great job," Williams said. "We are very, very grateful for the way they stepped up and assured our citizens and visitors safe travel in and around the Downtown."

In a statement issued Sunday, Ballard said that "thousands of visitors to Downtown Indianapolis this weekend enjoyed events filled with activities for families and children, and they did so in an atmosphere of peace achieved with the tremendous support of our partners.

"I commend the Indiana Black Expo organizers, Summer Celebration participants, Ten Point Coalition and the many officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Marion County Sheriff's Department and Indiana State Police for their efforts working together to make the security surrounding this year's Summer Celebration a success."

While the police presence was very strong -- IMPD spokeswoman Jackson said she could not say Sunday how many officers were Downtown -- Williams said it was not too much.

"When you need to get things done on a serious level, you need to take serious steps," he said. "We wanted to make this a time when families and children and adults can come Downtown without fear, and they did that. I don't think any well-meaning person was bothered by the strong police presence. In fact, I would say it was comforting."

Tracy Williams, 44, Cincinnati, was among those happy to see the added police. Williams, who was attending his 14th Summer Celebration with his wife, their three children and his mother-in-law, said he had been concerned about safety at times in the past.

"This time I wasn't," he said. "It was a lot different this year -- I think they succeeded very well in keeping things under control."

Terry Jones, 33, Indianapolis, spent Saturday night at the Westin with two friends who came to town from Fort Wayne for the celebration. The added police presence Saturday night, he said, "made me feel protected."

As she waited for others to sign up for the health fair screenings Sunday, Tiffany Parker, 30, Indianapolis, said she was happy to hear there were no serious problems Saturday. But Parker said she still prefers to come with her kids on Sunday.

"It's not crowded like Saturday," she said. "There are just too many kids running around unsupervised."

Debra Majors, 56, Avon, attended Summer Celebration events Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Majors said she is attracted by the special events, such as Friday night's free concert, the health fair and Sunday's praise service. She also enjoys reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances.

"I like seeing old friends I haven't seen in a long time," she said. "It is almost like a family reunion."
Majors said the violence that has marred past events has troubled her because it distracts from all the good things that Summer Celebration has to offer.

"It did bother me that a few people cause problems when so many people are here to enjoy themselves," she said. "I'm really glad there weren't problems this year."

Laura Walker, 86, Indianapolis, attended the morning worship service Sunday before heading to tour the exhibition hall displays -- as she has done every year since Summer Celebration began. Although she was pleased by the lack of problems in the streets outside the convention center, Walker said some of it has been overhyped.

"A lot of things have been blown out of proportion -- and it really is not due to Expo," she said. "To me, this is one of the most educational opportunities people can have."

Even a pair of Indianapolis teens, who saw their last-Saturday-of-Expo-night routine changed, admitted it was -- ultimately -- a good thing.

"It was totally different this year," Amani Walton, 17, said of the scene Downtown. "There were so many police that you couldn't hardly breathe. And they split us up from our friends because they weren't letting big groups go into the mall and other places."

Jordanna Andrews, 17, who was volunteering with Walton at the health fair Sunday, gave the added security mixed reviews.

"The last couple of years, there were a lot more people out on the streets," she said. "When you're young, you want to be around a lot of people, checking them out and having fun. But as long as nobody got shot, it's a good thing."

Yes! Efforts to turn Indianapolis into a police state during the 41st Black Expo paid off! Allocating unbelievable amounts of resources to keep Black people from killing each other (as they did in 2010) by dedicating more than 500 police officers to maintaining the peace worked! And these weren't Black criminals mind you, just Black people coming to Indianapolis to celebrate whatever it is you celebrate at a Black Expo.

An army of "Faith Walkers" kept the city streets in Indy, because without adult supervision, Black people can't be trusted!:

The faith walkers are part of the latest and most intensive effort to thwart the violence that has marred the Summer Celebration in recent years. They will coordinate with police and are prepared to intervene before violence erupts.

"We won't jump in the middle of any trouble. We're not there to act as police, we're there to act as a deterrent," Alonzo Graham, a faith walker who will be on the streets tonight, said earlier this week. "If we see something, we'll catch it. If we are too late, we'll call 911."

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers are out in force, too. As in past years, the department canceled vacations to have additional officers walking beats Downtown. They'll be looking for gang activity, concealed weapons and other potential problems.

Deputy Chief William Benjamin last week said officers visited the homes of 70 known gang members to tell them in person that police are watching them and violence would not be tolerated this weekend.
Oh happy day! Now we know how to keep major cities from descending into violence; have 24-hour surveillance in the form of low-altitude, hovering blimps and dedicate hundreds of officers (damn the cost!) to making sure Black people don't kill each other.

That the Indianapolis Star actually published this article shows how far America has fallen and how completely subservient we have become to Black people that we have to celebrate a violence free weekend.

I started Stuff Black People Don't Like as a joke; I decided to take on the name "Paul Kersey" because it represents something, elemental; when I heard the news of Watts' death (while on a trip to Atlanta) from one of her friends, I can only hope that the emotions I felt were replicated by those who knew her closely.

Reading the Indy Star and seeing that people are happy that the allocation of immense resources (police, volunteers, etc.) into keeping Black people from engaging in violence at the Black Expo puts a smile on my face for all the wrong reasons. 

This is the last I'll write about Brittney Watts. Like so many other parents, family members and friends throughout America who believe their loved one was killed, raped, or brutalized in an isolated incident, I can only share this:
These horrible mob attacks must be viewed in the larger context of interracial violence in America.  Department of Justice statistics show that 33% of white murder victims are killed by a non-white while only 8% of black murder victims are killed by a non-black.[4]  Even greater disparities exist in violent crime and robbery.[5]  The disparity in interracial crime is certainly indicative of some form of extremism, racial hostility, or selective targeting.  The mobs reflect something worse: organized and widespread anti-white ethnic violence.
The rape/ sexual assault stats are much worse:
In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.
What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.
Brittney Watts is just another name in a long - invisible to most people - list of individuals who have been the victim of a Black-on-white attack. She could have been the biggest liberal in the world; voted for Barack Obama and had "Black friends," but in the end, she died at the hands of an individual that will help make those rates of interracial crime go up further.

A belated congratulations again to Indianapolis and to the patron of the 41st Black Expo who refrained from shooting one another! What little economic impact you brought to the city was completely offset by the need for the Indy police to erect a police state on your behalf to keep you from killing one another.

So rest in peace Mrs. Watts. In a week, the Atlanta Journal Constitution will have forgotten about your story, while CNN and asinine shows will continue telling us about Casey Anthony and how she is hiding to 'protect herself' from ravenous individuals that these same shows like Nancy Grace have created.

No television show created SBPDL or the people who come here; the reality of 21st century American life did.