Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton...

What are these people protesting?
Black people, just after George Zimmerman's acquittal, block traffic in Houston (July 2013); a powerful metaphor for how western civilization's evolution is blocked - retarded - by black people working overtime to pull all of civilization to their level...

To ensure black people's right to attack and maim police officers remains unmolested, eventually to be protected via a constitutional amendment? [Ferguson protesters plan to halt highway traffic on Labor Day,, 8-31-14]:
There’s a call from Ferguson protestors that could have an impact on-your- holiday weekend. During the massive, but peaceful “National March on Ferguson” Saturday, demonstrators revealed a new plan for civil disobedience: halt highway traffic across the St. Louis area on Labor Day.
More than a thousand people took to the streets Saturday for the march. They shut down West Florissant Avenue, marching to the spot where Michael Brown was shot and killed three weeks ago, then to a park in Ferguson. It was there, in the rain, that the plan was thrown out by organizers. They’re asking everyone involved to drive onto highways around St. Louis at 4:30pm on Monday, Labor Day and stop their cars for four and a half minutes. The time frame is intended to symbolize the four and a half hours Michael Brown’s body was in the street after he was shot.
Organizers say this will just be the beginning of such disturbances.
Zaki Baruti said, “If some of our demands are not dealt with, you’ll see more civil disobedience in the spirit of Dr. King, because we’re not just going to sit by and just let injustice be constantly impacting us.”
Most notable of their demands, the firing and arrest of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who shot Michael Brown. That is currently in the hands of a grand jury.
It is unclear at this point how many people might participate in the seemingly dangerous practice of stopping cars on an interstate highway. No word at this point how police might respond.
America is held hostage by its black population, which always rallies behind the lowest of its members whenever such a show of force can secure more rights, more money, and more tribute...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quantifying the Whole Three/Fifths Compromise...

Call this a continuation of what was written yesterday: The "Shelley House" at 4600 Labadie Avenue in North St. Louis: For $45,000, You Can Own America's Future.

It turns out the first black couple to move onto Labadie Avenue, J.D. and Ethel Shelley, purchased the long-celebrated (it's a National Historical Landmark after all...) "Shelley House" for $5,700 in 1945.

The neighborhood was 100 percent white until this transaction, which of course was illegal due to the restrictive covenant placed on the property

But that was 69 years ago.

Located in zip code 63115, 4600 Labadie Avenue is in an area that is now nearly 100 percent black.  

It wasn't but 69 years ago two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World World II; but the end of World War II saw the birthing of a new nation...

Today, the "Shelley House" has an appraised value of $15,000.

Consulting an inflation calculator (God Bless the Internet), we learn that a house valued at $5,700 in 1945 would be worth $75,445.83 in today's money; and yet the Labadie Avenue property at 4600 is appraised by the city of St. Louis for $15,000 in 2004.

What's that? Five times less today than what it was worth in 1945, when the community was all-white?

Now that's how you quantify the whole three/fifths compromise...

Remember this simple fact when appraising property value (commercial or private property) in America in 2014: the greater the percentage of the black population, the lesser the value; the lesser the percentage of the whole is the black population, the greater the value.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The "Shelley House" at 4600 Labadie Avenue in North St. Louis: For $45,000, You Can Own America's Future


That's it.

In what appears to be a bombed-out neighborhood, the famed Shelley House (a National Historic Landmark) is found to have a value of $45,000 in 2014.

No war was fought in North St. Louis, where the Shelley House is found on 4600 Labadie Avenue; no, instead the community went from almost 100 percent white in 1945 to nearly 100 percent black in 2014.

That's it.
The Shelley House (a National Historic Landmark) in 2014... it's where the four white arrows converge. Worth $44,695... did an aerial bombing campaign level the houses around it? No. The community went from 100 percent white in 1945 to 100 percent black today...

Not even the condition of 83 percent black Detroit in 2014 - a bankrupt, black-run metropolis - is a more powerful symbol for the complete failure of America's post-World War II race policies than what 4600 Labadie Avenue represents.

Not even close.

Here's Clarissa Rile Hayward and Todd Swanstrom's words on 4600 Labadie Avenue, as they wrote in the introduction to Justice and the American Metropolis:
A modest two-story brick home sits at 4600 Labadie Avenue in the heart of St. Louis's North Side. Nothing sets this house apart from its neighbors but a small metal plaque, which commemorates its role in the landmark Supreme Court decision Shelley v. Kraemer [1948].  
In October 1945, J.D. and Ethel Shelley, an African-American couple, purchased 4600 Labadie Avenue. At that time, the house was cored by a deed restriction that prohibited occupancy by "any person not of the Caucasian race" and specifically by "people of the Negro or Mongolian Race." A white couple, Fern and Louis Kraemer, were the plaintiffs, chose to represent the Marcus Avenue Improvement Association (whose covenants covered a total of fifty-seven parcels in the vicinity of 4600 Labadie Avenue) because Fern's mother had been a party to the 1911 agreement that originated the covenant. In is Shelley v. Kraemer decision, the U.S. Supreme Court rule that, although as private contracts racial deed restrictions were legal, state enforcement of such contracts violated the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. 
Following Shelley v. Kraemer, major civil rights triumphs in the second half of the twentieth century opened up important new opportunities for African-Americans, especially for middle-class blacks. But segregation persisted. Although after 1950 the black population expanded into the previously all-white neighborhood around 4600 Labadie Avenue, for most African-Americans in North St. Louis this change represented not the achievement of equality or equal opportunity so much as a move from the compacted Jim Crow ghetto to the lower-density ghetto of the post-civil rights movement years.  
In the second half of the last century, the neighborhood in which the house at 4600 Labadie Avenue sits experienced significant population loss. By the year 2000, the census tract in which the house is sited was 98.6 percent black. At that time, a full 21.3 percent of the neighborhood's residents lived below the poverty level, and the median value of single-family homes in the area was less than half that for the St. Louis metropolitan area as a whole. (Justice and the American Metropolis, p. 1-2)
Nature has a well-know racial bias.
The Shelley House (fourth down from left) in happier times... year unknown

No matter the efforts to keep nature at bay via social engineer, the best intentions of those who would manipulate nature always are exposed in the end.

The celebrated Shelley House at 4600 Labadie Avenue is a testament to this truth.

As I wrote at VDare days ago [Restrictive Covenants To Maintain Property Values Were Banned In 1948–How’s That Working Out?, August 22, 2014]:
In the past, land titles many white neighborhoods had “restrictive covenants” stating that the land could only be sold to another white person. This was meant to maintain property values, a reason the Supreme Court said was not good enough. [Eric Holder, Freedom Of Association, And The Forgotten Case For Restrictive Covenants, August 27, 2013]

The Shelley House in 2008
The most destructive SCOTUS case (Shelley v. Kraemer, 1948) was based around three cases on restrictive covenants: one came from St. Louis. 
The “Shelley House” is a National Historic Landmark. 
Here’s a black-and-white historical photograph.  
I looked on Google Maps/street view.… look at the house today (below).
The Shelley House in 2014... where'd the house on the left go?
This is… unbelievable.

This is just the reality of race and why restrictive covenants were so important in protecting the integrity and property values of neighborhoods (homes).

The fate of the Shelley House at 4600 Labadie Avenue in North St. Louis is a representation of what happens when a civilization/community goes from 100 percent white (1945) to 100 percent black by 2000.

It would be invaluable to find out what the property went for back in 1945, when the first black family (Shelley) purchased the house, so as to quantify the cost of trying to fool nature and engineer equality.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This Week's Sign the Black People Are Among Us: Ferguson, Missouri has been an "Enterprise Zone" since 2003...

The Visible Black Hand of Economics waits for no invitation to strike, immediately swinging into action once the demographic tidal wave has capsized a formerly robust economic community. 

Ferguson, Missouri is one of those communities where the Visible Black Hand of Economics has seen fit to push Adam Smith's views on commerce and free enterprise to the side. 
The racial breakdown of Ferguson, Missouri, home to Michael "No Angel" Brown (and easily the worst school district in all of the state of Missouri... courtesy of the students who attend the public school system, blacks)

The key to understanding the black insurrection in currently 67 percent black Ferguson, Missouri over the shooting death of Michael "No Angel" Brown by a white police officer can be found in this simple chronological exposé of the demographics of the city:
  • In 1990, Ferguson was 73.8 percent white and 25.1 percent black
  • In 2000, Ferguson was 44.8 percent white and 52.4 percent black
  • In 2010 Ferguson was 29.3 percent white and 67.4 percent black [Chart: Inside Ferguson's Changing Demographics, Forbes, 8-19-2014]

What does a demographic change of such magnitude (from 99 percent white in 1970 to 29.3 percent white in 2010) do to the economic well-being of the city of Ferguson? 

With the erosion of social capital, comes the need for incentives to encourage new economic development in a quickly de-whitening city. Enter the "enterprise zone"... [FERGUSON OKS ENTERPRISE ZONE, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9-1-2003]:
With Mayor T.R. Carr of Hazelwood looking on, the Ferguson City Council has agreed to join the proposed enterprise zone that would include the Hazelwood Ford plant and the commercial-industrial area being developed in Kinloch, Ferguson and Berkeley. 
Cool Valley aldermen also approved the zone at a separate meeting last week. The zone will provide income-tax credits to companies making new investments and creating jobs, plus credits for training employees and for hiring residents and people with disabilities. 
The zone would stretch over a long and irregularly shaped section of north St. Louis County along the north and east sides of Lambert Field from the Robertson area and the Ford plant to an industrial area around the intersection of Paul Drive, South Elizabeth Road and Bermuda Road in Ferguson. 
The zone also would include parts of Berkeley, Kinloch and Bel-Ridge and was plotted to include the proportions of low-income residents, unemployed residents and underused industrial land needed to meet state requirements. 
One significant part of the area is the nearly 500-acre tract east of Lambert Field including parts of Berkeley, Kinloch and Ferguson that some experts consider the best site for an industrial park in the St. Louis area. The three cities and the county have been negotiating a tax-increment-financing plan and special zoning to spur development of the tract but have yet to reach a final agreement. That TIF project and the enterprise zonedo not conflict with each other and could complement each other, says Patrick McKeehan, project director of the Ford-Hazelwood Task Force, the group that hatched the idea of the enterprise zone. 
Businesses that move to enterprise zones get state income-tax credits and are eligible for property-tax benefits from local governments for improvements to their buildings, McKeehan says. 
For the zone to become a reality, all six municipalities plus St. Louis County and the Missouri Department of Economic Development must approve. Hazelwood, Bel-Ridge and Cool Valley have approved the enterprise zone. 
Berkeley City Council members expect to approve the enterprise zone at their next meeting, says Mike Heimericks of the Missouri Department of Economic Development, who attended the Ferguson, Berkeley and Cool Valley meetings with McKeehan. 
When the municipal approvals are complete, the Department of Economic Development will need approval from the joint committee on economic-development policy and planning of the Legislature. 
Since McKeehan made the proposal to Ferguson in July, Ferguson officials asked him to expand the zone to include the industrial area near Bermuda, Elizabeth and Paul. McKeehan crunched the numbers and agreed. 
Mayor Hughes of Hazelwood thanked the Ferguson City Council for approvin g the enterprise zone. 
"This is a prime example of North County communities using cooperation for a viable economic tool," he said. 
Members of the Ford Hazelwood Task Force drew up the plan. Gov. Bob Holden appointed the task force last year after Ford Motor Co. said it would shut down its assembly plant in Hazelwood by mid-decade to cut costs. McKeehan's team hopes the enterprise zone and other incentives will convince Ford to keep the plant open. 
About 2,600 workers are employed at the plant, which opened in 1948. They produce the Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviator and Mercury Mountaineer.
An "enterprise zone" is a tacit admission of racial differences and the dramatic measures needed to encourage economic development and capital investment in an area quickly seeing the displacement of whites by the growth in the black population. 

The prior paragraph perfectly describes the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, a city where the future is so dim no light - no matter how bright - could offer a momentary flicker of hope. Just look at the state of the high school (sic -- publicly funded day center) Brown just graduated from, where the American flag flew at half-mast in honor of his memory on the first day of the 2014 year [At Brown’s impoverished high school, students try to make gains against odds, Washington Post, 8-25-14]:
The specter of Michael Brown is inescapable inside his high school. 
Hundreds of students, most of them African American, walk the same halls and sit in the same lunchroom as Brown did — before his hard-won graduation and, days later, his death in the middle of Canfield Drive not far away. 
The American flag at the entrance of Normandy High School flies at half-staff. Students write and draw in their journals and read essays about police brutality, Brown’s fatal shooting by a white police officer on Aug. 9 considered the most vivid case study at hand. 
Teachers rush from class to weep, behind closed doors, in faculty restrooms. They say they are crying not only for Brown, but also for Normandy and the students who remain in their classrooms. 
If education is the gateway to a better future, the door here was shut long ago, fueling a mix of resignation and rage. 
The school system’s entrenched dysfunction helps explain the street anger that has unfolded in neighboring Ferguson since Brown was killed by officer Darren Wilson in what Wilson’s supporters have called an act of self-defense.  
For years, Normandy High was considered the most dangerous school in the city, with abysmal test scores, underperforming teachers, a student body in which nine in 10 students qualify for subsidized or free lunches, and graduation rate that’s less than 50 percent.
Ninety percent of students (out of an almost entirely black student body) enjoy lunch for free or at a significant discount; and you wonder why "enterprise zones" exist...

These students will graduate and go on to ensure the declining economic fortunes of Ferguson continue unabated, regardless of whatever measures are taken to prolong a full-fledged collapse.

This week's sign the black people are among us is the realization a large section of Ferguson became an enterprise zone 11 years ago, though the move failed to generate an economic revitalization in the city because the racial tipping point had already been passed.

Three things are certain in life:



And the reality no city can escape the vise the Visible Black Hand of Economics has on a community's commercial viability (or lack thereof).

Monday, August 25, 2014

Officer Darren Wilson Supporters: “Oh, don’t get all P.C. on me. It’s tribal, not racist.”

The Washington Post unleashed nine reporters to unlock the key to Officer Darren Wilson's 'racist' past so the Department of Justice could unleash a federal civil rights suit against the man who executed Michael "No Angel" Brown.

Wait, he didn't execute Mr. Brown? 
Officer Darren Wilson is the new White...

Then why does the media always introduce the "Gentle Giant" by proclaiming he was "unarmed" at the time of his death? 

Panning for racial gold in Officer Wilson's past (you know, the same kind of off-color remark about blacks the FBI was supposed to find when they interviewed 30 people familiar with George Zimmerman in 2012...), the Washington Post was unable to locate the nugget of bigotry immediately showcasing as to why he so callously gunned-down Brown. 

Wait... he didn't gun-down Brown in cold blood? 

Then why are blacks rioting/looting/burning/stealing/and threatening more violence if they don't get 'justice' (and if you don't rebuild the business blacks looted/burned/stole from/and intimidated store employees of, well, "it’s gonna be hell to pay")?

Why indeed. 

If you're paying attention to the intense display of racial loyalty broadcasting out of 67% black Ferguson, you'll know lines have been drawn and, to paraphrase the most important scene from Orange is the New Black, blacks understand it's vital that "they look out for our own." [Nearly 6 in 10 African Americans say Michael Brown shooting was ‘unjustified', Washington Post, 8-25-14]
Most white people will recoil with horror and incredulity at the thought of "we look out for our own," just as the white female anti-hero did in the first episode of Orange is the New Black

But it's the reality of life that too few white people want to accept. 



And a truism that, if neglected, will simply result in the complete dispossession of whites in America. 

To directly quote Orange is the New Black this time,  “Oh, don’t get all PC on me. It’s tribal, not racist.”

Which is why the report by Mother Jones highlighting the words of racial encouragement left by anonymous white donors to Officer Wilson GoFundMe page should bring a smile to the face of any white person beginning to realize the truths of prison should never be forgotten when the prison bars are invisible. [Fundraising Effort for Ferguson Cop Who Shot Michael Brown Gets Ugly:Donors praise the officer for shooting "a common street thug" and removing an "unnecessary thing from the public!", Mother Jones, 8-21-14]:
Among the comments left by donors: 
"Ofc. Wilson did his duty. Michael Brown was just a common street thug." 
"Waste of good ammo. It's my privilege to buy you a replacement box." 
"Black people can be their own enemy and I am not white…He was shot 6 times cause the giant wouldn't stop or die. Evil people don't die quick" 
"All self-respecting whites have a moral responsibility to support our growing number of martyrs to the failed experiment called diversity." 
"I am so sick of the blacks using every excuse in the book to loot and riot." 
"I support officer Wilson and he did a great job removing an unnecessary thing from the public!" 
The collection of comments above was compiled by Jon Hendren, a comedy writer in San Jose, California. Hendren told Mother Jones that he took screenshots of the comments on the page that seemed especially offensive and compiled them into one image using Photoshop. "There were maaaany more that were borderline or ambiguous or a small dollar amount that I would've also captured, but I got so annoyed that I began to get a headache, so I stopped when I did," he explains. 
A "headache?" 

Anonymous white donors give money to Officer Wilson's GoFundMe page, while blacks loot/burn/pillage/steal/and threaten more violence if they don't get their way, and a few messages on the Internet give you a "headache?"

My message is far more blunt than any you've read, Jon Hendren: 'The Gentle Giant', the man the New York Times noted was "No Angel," Michael Brown got justice. 
Mother Jones mad white people have money... messages of donors to the GoFundMe page of Darren Wilson

As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch makes clear, in an article highlighting a (all-white) rally for Darren Wilson, those rallying for the Ferguson Police Officer still don't understand the truth espoused in the first episode of Orange is the New Black...[Darren Wilson supporters rally in south St. Louis, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 8-24-14]:
Supporters of Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown, gathered Saturday at a rally in south St. Louis, with many asking the public to withhold judgment on the case until the investigation is finished. 
“Everybody needs to pull together and find the truth,” said Jeff Swiney, who said he has friends who are police officers and wanted to show support for Wilson and the judicial process. 
“They put on their badge every morning and might not come home,” he said. “I appreciate that.” 
People came and went during the day, with more than 100 in attendance about 1:30 p.m. As many as 20 people stood along Chippewa Street holding signs with messages such as “Justice Comes In All Colors,” “I don’t support a race, I support the truth” and “Innocent until proven guilty.” Some motorists driving by honked in apparent solidarity throughout the late morning and early afternoon. 

Many in the largely white crowd wore T-shirts with a badge insignia that reads: “Officer Darren Wilson, I stand by you.” The shirts were for sale at a tablenear the entrance of the bar. A woman selling the shirts, who declined to give her name, said they had sold about 500 for $20 each over the course of the day. The shirts are also for sale at 

She said media coverage of Brown’s death and the ensuing protests has been biased, and that supporters of Wilson have received death threats. “Can justice ever be attained if one side’s supporters live in fear of speaking out?” 
She would not identify herself. “You want my name?” she said, concluding the brief statement she read to a throng of media and supporters in the parking lot. “My name is Darren Wilson. We are Darren Wilson.” 
Many of the people at the rally also did not want to give their names or speak to the media, saying they worried they would be targeted for their support of Wilson. 
Several participants said organizers were asking participants to not give their names to reporters. “They want to protect themselves,” said the woman selling T-shirts.
If it wasn't about race, then why would the almost entirely white supporters of Darren Wilson be fearful of identifying themselves as public supporters of Darren Wilson? 

What do they want to protect themselves from? 

Oh, those same black people who almost universally believe Darren Wilson should be immediately charged with the murder of Michael "No Angel" Brown...

But it gets better. [Supporters of Ferguson officer Darren Wilson met by counter-protesters, Washington Post, 8-23-14]:
“They are saying it’s murder because a white officer killed a black man,” said Karen Kennedy, who attended the rally with her daughter Katie. “I don’t know where that comes from. This is about two men and the events that unfolded between them. We don’t have the facts yet.” 
The crowd was almost entirely white, and had organized through a Facebook group called “Support Darren Wilson.” Though the group has been active online since shortly after the Aug. 9 shooting, raising several hundred thousand dollars on Wilson’s behalf, this was the first significant public event. Some held signs outside the pub saying “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” or “Law Enforcement Officer Wife.”  
Passers-by were asked to honk in a show of support. Many did. 
“I don’t know him. The people here don’t know him, but law enforcement is family,” pub owner Rhea Rodebaugh said. “The poor guy is in hiding. He was doing his job. People who become police officers, they do it because they love it.” 
The rally was organized in part by a woman who stood before reporters wearing aviators and a ballcap, reading a statement of support. She refused to give her name. She also criticized media coverage of the case, calling it “unethical.” Since the shooting, Wilson, 28, has not appeared or spoken publicly, nor have any of his family members. 
At one point, a motorist raced up in a bright yellow car, braked abruptly in the middle of the street, danced, and flipped off the pro-Wilson people. She threw a juice can at them before pulling away. 
“You are disgusting!” screamed one protester at the Wilson supporters. 
The person who started the counter-protest, Nakarla Rimson, said they began with two people, and that as people drove by, they parked their cars and joined them. It was hard to keep things peaceful, but she tried to tell people to “allow everyone to have their opinion.” 
Tempers flared on the other side of the street, too, with some people screaming and making rude gestures of their own. By 8 p.m., the pro-Wilson organizers had moved their tables and chairs inside. 
“We are trying to get everyone inside to calm things down,” said one of the organizers, who declined to give her name.
Just as the heroic Chuck and Dawn of St. Louis found out when they dared show up amid the black "peaceful" protestors in Ferguson, showcasing signs supporting Darren Wilson, the story is one completely about race; were it not, the police wouldn't have immediately stepped in to keep the "peaceful" black protestors in Ferguson from tearing Chuck and Dawn limb from limb like some missionaries attempting to bring civilization to an eternally barbaric tribe...

Daring to stand by Officer Wilson, who by all accounts was merely protecting his life from being taken by an 'unarmed' Michael "No Angel" Brown (though his fist, which is anatomically at the end of the arm, did fracture Wilson's orbital bone...), is somehow "disgusting."

Remember: America is nothing more than an open-air prison for white people; you might not be able to see the bars, but they exist right in front of you. 

If not, why would a white female supporter of Officer Wilson be afraid to show her face or give her name to the Washington Post reporter...

Just recall these words from Orange is the New Black about the racial reality of life in prison: 
When Piper arrives, black women glare and white women smile; a new friend clarifies what’s happening. “We look out for our own,” she says—then, after Piper’s glance, adds,

“Oh, don’t get all P.C. on me. It’s tribal, not racist.” 
Conservatism Inc. would have you believe it's about tax breaks, family values, traditional morality, school vouchers, education, or keeping the American flag free of being the victim of pernicious flames (you know, a flag burning amendment...), but it's simply about "looking out for our own."

 Oh, and don't get all Ben Carson on me. It's tribal, and it's about race: were it not Chuck and Dawn wouldn't have been immediately whisked away by police from the "peaceful" black crowds/protestors in Ferguson...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand."

Repeat after me: you are not obligated to participate in the Obama Administration's "My Brother's Keeper" initiative. 

You have the right to laugh at this program, realizing it's an implicit admission by the state on the enormity of racial differences that no tenured whiteness studies professor can explain away anymore.

No matter the dollar amount pumped into the "My Brother's Keeper" program, the Obama Administration (and successive administrations) will be unable to nurture cognitive development/self-control nature never intended. 
Al and Obama: The former was advising the latter on the events in Ferguson (roll on snare drum...)

Go ahead and add another zero to the programs budget (you know what? add two or three), and you'll still have a situation reminiscent of Lucy pulling the football from an onrushing Charlie Brown. 


Hilarious failure. 

When President Obama dispatches the chairman of the My Brother's Keeper Task Force to Ferguson to attend the funeral of 18-year-old Michael Brown, if you aren't laughing then you'll never get the joke. [White House aides to attend Michael Brown funeral, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 8-24-14]:
President Barack Obama is sending three White House aides to the funeral of Michael Brown, the young black man whose fatal shooting by a white police officer sparked days of racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. 
The announcement came Sunday as Rep. Lacy Clay, the Democratic congressman representing Ferguson, credited a visit by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for defusing some of the tension in the North St. Louis County suburb.  
Leading the White House group for Monday's service will be the chairman of the My Brother's Keeper Task Force, Broderick Johnson. My Brother's Keeper is an Obama initiative that aims to empower young minorities. 
Also attending will be the deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, Marlon Marshall, and an adviser for the office, Heather Foster.

There's no reason to be upset with Obama's racial loyalty in this situation; the only thing to find offensive is, by this point, images of Officer Darren Wilson immediately following his encounter with Brown should have been viewed by the Obama and the Department of Justice (sic). 

They have sided with a black criminal, who severely beat a white officer before his life was (correctly) extinguished; the facts exonerating Officer Wilson should have been hurriedly sent around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the offices of the Department of Justice, immediately causing an immense amount of embarrassment for those black government officials who leaned on Al Sharpton's on-the-ground reports for guidance. [Revved Up: How Al Sharpton became Obama’s go-to man on race., Politico, 8-21-14]:
And the White House, as the crisis following Brown’s death seemed to flare out of control, worked extensively behind the scenes to maximize The Rev’s doing what he does, using him as both a source of information and a go-between. After huddling with Brown’s family and local community leaders, Sharpton connected directly with White House adviser and First Friend Valerie Jarrett, vacationing in her condo in the exclusive Oak Bluffs section of Martha’s Vineyard, not far from where President Obama and his family were staying. Obama was “horrified” by the images he was seeing on TV, Jarrett told Sharpton, and proceeded to pepper him with questions as she collected information for the president: How bad was the violence? Was it being fueled by outside groupsand could Sharpton do anything to talk them down? What did the Brown family want the White House to do?
It was a heady consultation for Sharpton, who spent years on the outside dreaming of a place in the pantheon of the civil rights leaders he revered as a teenage street preacher in Brooklyn, and it’s an irony lost on no one that his rise to White House adviser has come thanks to Barack Obama...
An advisor to the President of the United States. 

Don't be mad about this development, but instead laugh. 

Let it out. 

Take your time with this one. 

Step back from the computer, go outside and laugh. 

Do it. 

You'll feel better. 


Anger is the wrong emotional response at this point. 

Just laugh. 

Put another couple of "zero's" at the end of the number for the "My Brother's Keeper" program, just so Broderick Johnson, chairman of the My Brother's Keeper Task Force, can be flown to attend every funeral of a non-white male gunned down before he could fulfill his potential and provide the cure to cancer, the chemical equation for ending all pollution, and patenting the most efficient dietary supplement for eradicating obesity. 

America stopped being a serious country long ago, so don't take stories such as these two seriously. 

Just laugh. 

Hard and long. 

It's much, much healthier to laugh. 

Anger can come when the photos of Officer Wilson are released, showcasing the injuries he sustained while fighting for his life with a belligerent Brown; anger can come when black politicians and leaders such as Attorney General Eric Holder (who obviously knew every detail of Officer Wilson's encounter with Michael Brown before he went to Ferguson on Wednesday, August 20th) refuse to castigate or condemn the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" movement, instead clinging to a fictional narrative of an evil, white racist cop executing a black choir boy. 

On second thought, even when the photos are released and Slate, Huffington Post, Gawker, and Twitter explode into an orgy of stories and Tweets explaining how Officer Wilson's injuries - sustained when he merely confronted Brown walking down the middle of a street, imploring to walk on the sidewalk - don't matter (caved in face, to be more accurate), laughter will be a far greater response than anger. 

"Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand."

Friday, August 22, 2014

Chuck and Dawn of St. Louis: "What daring! What outrageousness! What insolence! What arrogance! ... I salute you."

Lost in the madness of the Ferguson black insurrection is the story of two people, who dared stand against the tide of lies, expose true hatred, and then require police protection to survive potential black mob violence/lynching.
Heroes (though it's Nixon, not Nikon... but who cares?)

The right to peaceful assembly and the right to freedom of speech collapse into a pile of lies when the right of a black mob to assemble (burn/loot/throw piss at police) is impeded by two white civilians.

A white man and a white woman, daring to walk amongst a blood-thirsty crowd of black people salivating for the sacrifice of Officer Darren Wilson, boldly holding signs in support of a white police officer.

As King Osric told Conan the Barbarian: “What daring! What outrageousness! What insolence! What arrogance! ... I salute you.”

The same can’t said for, which edited the comments of Fox News Correspondent Mike Tobin, who was reporting live from Ferguson when a black mob gathered to confront the white supporters of Officer Wilson (He incorrectly identified Officer Wilson as “Officer Williams”).

Appearing on “The Kelly File,” Tobin told host Megyn Kelly:
“If you can see the small crowd right here – a little agitated right now – what happened is you had a couple of white people, a couple of supporters for Officer Williams (sic) showed up here on West Florissant Avenue. Not a very good idea if you're concerned with your safety. And that drew a big crowd in. The bottles were coming over the crowd,” he reported. And “they were walking along, they had a sign in front of them, said something in support of the officer, and as they were walking there was a huge crowd that formed around them, bottles coming over the top of the crowd, the whole nine yards.”

Without mentioning "white people" were being attacked by the black crowd in Ferguson, what kind of story do you have? 

Answer: you have no story. 

Notice how the great and powerful Breitbart reported the story (hint: they omit Tobin’s candid admission it was “white people” who were attacked). [Report: Pro-Darren Wilson Protesters Attacked in Ferguson, Breitbart, 8-21-14]

Fox News Correspondent Mike Tobin said that supporters of Officer Darren Wilson had bottles thrown at them during protests in Ferguson on Wednesday night.   
“A couple of supporters of Officer Williams show[ed] up here, here on West Florissant Avenue. Not a very good idea if you're concerned with your safety. And that drew a big crowd in. The bottles were coming over the crowd,” he reported. 
And “they were walking along, they had a sign in front of them, said something in support of the officer, and as they were walking there was a huge crowd that formed around them, bottles coming over the top of the crowd, the whole nine yards.” 
He added, “that's the second time this happened today. Some supporters of the officer showed up at the Justice Center earlier today, same thing. For their own protection, the officers put them in the car and got them out of there.”
Real bold of you Breitbart to leave out the most important point. Real bold.
Police get her out Dawn and Chuck out of Ferguson... why? Aren't white people allowed to peacefully assemble?

Here’s how the Daily Mail Reported the incident.

Unrest in Ferguson, Missouri was exacerbated on Wednesday night when Darren Wilson supporters showed up to a Michael Brown rally, sparking tensions.

The small group of pro-Wilson supporters arrived after dark in the rally area, with one woman in a rainbow-striped shirt holding up a sign criticizing the governor's reaction to the police-shooting death: 'Vigorous prosecution Jay Nixon? Justice is for everybody even P.O. Wilson'.

A video post to YouTube shows the woman and another man getting into a verbal argument with Brown protesters, before they were escorted from the scene by police. They are identified as Chuck and Dawn of St Louis, in the video's caption. 
It appears another woman came to the protest in defense of Wilson, according to the Washington Post which reported she was hit over the head while waving a 'I support Darren Wilson' sign and shouting, 'Y'all need to get your facts straight'. 
Police to rush to her side after she was hit, put her in a truck and drove her away.
'That sign was meant to provoke us. I asked the police why are you letting her protest causing problems over here?' said 30-year-old Tenisha Wheeler said: 'I wouldn’t dare go to a rally supporting Wilson with my own self.'

Chuck and Dawn of St. Louis have more heart, more balls, more drive, and more tenacity than the entirety of Conservatism Inc. put together. This one video, of two white people definitely walking through a throng of blood-thirsty black “peace” protestors is more powerful than the most finely crafted piece of unsolicited snail mail addressed from a Beltway non-profit or email blast promoted by a “Save School Prayer” conservative group…

Black Lives Matter, but white people assembling to protest and engaging in First Amendment protected activities don't...

It’s real.

It’s dirty.

And it exposes the reality of the United States Constitution so many white people maintain deep reverence for is dead, except when it comes to protect black people’s rights to assemble in a peaceful or bellicose manner.

Never mind the stores that blacks looted and burned down in Ferguson, the New York magazine was quick to poke fun at Chuck and Dawn.

Taking a break from noticing only white people are supporting Officer Wilson (as if this is a sin, considering 57 percent of blacks want him charged with murder, damn the evidence) New York magazine couldn’t contain their glee at the white “proles” who dared defy the air of black arrogance/supremacy permeating Ferguson. [Is This White Woman at the Ferguson Protests With a Misspelled Sign a Performance Artist?, New York, 8-21-14]:
Supporters of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the one who shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, have mostly been wise enough to stay behind their computers. Not this lady, who was so hyped up on inserting herself, idiotically, into last night’s largely peaceful protest that she spelled Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s name wrong. “??” indeed. 
She didn’t go over so well in town, obviously — “fuck that sign” seems like an appropriate reaction considering the penmanship and lack of copyediting: 
Is that Sacha Baron Cohen in a wig and top from Talbots? Was she sent by Jimmy Kimmel to make white people look bad? At which downtown gallery will this poster board be presented against a plain white wall? 
Unfortunately, she appears to be the real deal. Protesters intent on not letting her win reportedly locked arms and formed a ring around her to prevent any additional ugliness. Then the cops got rid of her, without rubber bullets and tear gas, somehow. 
Her name is Dawn. His name is Chuck. Of course. Chuck and Dawn.
So Chuck and Dawn misspelled a word: they haven’t caused any property damage in Ferguson or engaged in looting/violence/arson requiring thousands of overtime hours for police to be logged, as black people have done.
So they didn’t show up in Ferguson and immediately use their whiteness as a shield against the black masses; Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder flew into Ferguson and couldn’t contain his glee of having a hint of blackness, telling much darker citizens of the city:
"I am the Attorney General of the United States, but I am also a black man," Holder told Ferguson residents at a community meeting. "I can remember being stopped on the New Jersey turnpike on two occasions and accused of speeding. Pulled over. ... 'Let me search your car' ... Go through the trunk of my car, look under the seats and all this kind of stuff. I remember how humiliating that was and how angry I was and the impact it had on me."
He’d even go farther in siding with the blackness of Michael Brown supporters, all but indicating Officer Darren Wilson’s guilt is guaranteed:
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke Thursday about his visit to Ferguson to check in on the federal civil rights investigation into Brown's shooting. 
"This attorney general and this Department of Justice stand with the people of Ferguson," he told reporters in Washington. 
Holder has assigned scores of FBI agents and Justice Department investigators to look into Brown's August 9 death in the suburban St. Louis city.
Chuck and Dawn don’t stand with Ferguson.

They stand by Officer Darren Wilson.

Two white people faced down a bloodthirsty black crowd (who cared little for facts other than a black criminal being gunned down by a white cop -- race is all that matters, evidence of Brown's guilt is extraneous to this racial truth), “agitating” them in the words of a Fox News reporter: “What daring! What outrageousness! What insolence! What arrogance! ... I salute you.”

Thursday, August 21, 2014

St. Louis and the Racial Tipping Point: "Once a municipality passes 30% African American, it accelerates toward becoming overwhelmingly black"

So here's what we know:

  • In 1990, Ferguson was 73.8 percent white and 25.1 percent black
  • In 2000, Ferguson was 44.8 percent white and 52.4 percent black
  • In 2010 Ferguson was 29.3 percent white and 67.4 percent black [Chart: Inside Ferguson's Changing Demographics, Forbes, 8-19-2014]
More to the point, the racial transformation of Ferguson isn't unique to the city of St. Louis and its surrounding suburbs. Once restrictive covenants (freedom of association) was declared unconstitutional in 1948 by the Supreme Court, the last line of defense for maintaining the integrity of white communities was gone. 
The "Shelley House" (the Shelley in Shelley vs. Kraemer), a National Historic Landmark. (date of photograph unknown, but likely 1940-1960)

St. Louis Metromorphosis: Past Trends and Future Directions (edited by Brady Baybeck and F. Terrence Jones), published in 2004 by the Missouri Historical Society Press, offers illuminating reading into the vast history of the black undertow overwhelmingly formerly all-white communities in the St. Louis metro-area, and gives us this information on the "racial tipping point" (once a municipality passes 30 percent African American, it accelerates toward becoming overwhelmingly black)
In 1960, the St. Louis region had yet to begin dismantling much of the legal segregation affecting housing patterns. Although restrictive covenants had been declared unconstitutional in 1948, the legacy of past segregation continued, and more affirmative fair housing legislation banning private discrimination would not be passed until later in the 1960s. It is not surprising that 84 percent of the municipalities were predominantly white (i.e., less than five percent black) and only 6 percent were more than one-fifth African America, with one-third of these being two historically all-black communities: Brooklyn and Kinloch.  
From 1970 forward, however, many municipalities have experienced substantial racial transition... at least since 1980, whites are unlikely to avoid areas or flee them when the African American share exceeds 5 percent but remains under one-fifth. They do, however, become increasingly nervous as the proportion goes past one-fifth and toward one-half. Shifting to political power, both because they are on average young and because their political participation rates are lower, blacks have some but less than proportional control when their share exceeds a majority but is less than about two-thirds. African American then typically achieve political control above 65 percent and, once the community exceeds 95 percent, it is essentially as single race as the 95 percent+ white cities.  
The Shelley House in roughly 2011 (
Between 1960 and 2000, over half the cities developed at least a visible (i.e., 5 percent or higher) black population and only a minority - although a substantial one at 42 percent - remain predominantly white. For some municipalities, the transition from white to black was rapid. Each decade witnessed cities having their African American share increase 30 percentage point or more, indicating that racial tipping - a dramatic shift from white to black - has not gone out of style. Here are some example: for 1960 to 1970, Alorton (18 percent to 80 percent black) and Wellston (8 percent to 69 percent black); for 1970 to 1980, Berkeley (9 percent to 49 percent), Pagedale (23 percent to 79 percent), Pine Lawn (29 percent to 81 percent), and Washington Park (0 percent to 49 percent); for 1980 to 1990, Bel Ridge (25 percent to 61 percent) and Moline Acres (32 percent to 64 percent); for 1990 to 2000, Dellwood (9 percent to 58 percent), Jennings (48 percent to 78 percent), and Cahokia (5 percent to 38 percent). Over forty years, eighteen cities went from less than 1 percent black to more than 65 percent African American: Bel Ridge, Berkely, Cool Valley, Country Club Hills, Flordell Hills, Greendale, Hanley Hills, Hillsdale, Jennings, Moline Acres, Normandy, Northwoods, Pagedale, Pasadena Hills, Pine Lawn, Velda City, Velda Village Hills, and Washington Park.  
Is racial tipping inevitable? Once the black share began to increase, has any city been able to stabilize at some equilibrium short of two-thirds or more black? Yes, but the numbers are few. Only two have gone past 30 percent black and not passed 60 percent black within two decades: the City of St. Louis, which went from 29 percent black in 1060 to 41 percent in 1970 but now is just ten points higher (51 percent) in 2000, and University City, which leapt from 0 percent black to 43 percent between 1960 and 1980 but has stayed much the same (45 percent in 2000) since then.  
Even during the past two decades when there has been heightened awareness about the social costs of residential segregation and the negative consequences of rapid racial transition and awareness of recent examples such as University City about what policies might achieve a stable racial mix, the prevailing pattern has been: once a municipality passes 30 percent African American, it accelerates toward becoming overwhelmingly black. (p. 287 - 289)
Which brings us back to 1948, when Shelley vs. Kraemer was decided in the Supreme Court and restrictive covenants were declared unconstitutional.
Google StreetView shows us the Shelley House (a National Historic Landmark) in 2014...

Just who is the Shelley? Hilariously, the surname Shelley belongs to a black man who wanted to live in a white community in St. Louis... [Shelley House: Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement, National Park Services (]:
This modest, two-story masonry residence built in St. Louis, Missouri in 1906 is associated with an African American family's struggle for justice that had a profound effect on American society. Because the J. D. Shelley family decided to fight for the right to live in the home of their choosing, the United States Supreme Court addressed the issue of restrictive racial covenants in housing in the landmark 1948 case of Shelley v. Kraemer. 
In 1930, J. D. Shelley, his wife, and their six children migrated to St. Louis from Mississippi to escape the pervasive racial oppression of the South. For a number of years they lived with relatives and then in rental properties. In looking to buy a home, they found that many buildings in St. Louis were covered by racially restrictive covenants by which the building owners agreed not to sell to anyone other than a Caucasian. The Shelleys directly challenged this discriminatory practice by purchasing such a building at 4600 Labadie Avenue from an owner who agreed not to enforce the racial covenant. Louis D. Kraemer, owner of another property on Labadie covered by restrictive covenants, sued in the St. Louis Circuit (State) Court to enforce the restrictive covenant and prevent the Shelleys from acquiring title to the building. The trial court ruled in the Shelleys' favor in November of 1945, but when Kraemer appealed, the Missouri Supreme Court, on December 9, 1946, reversed the trial court's decision and ordered that the racial covenant be enforced. The Shelleys then appealed to the United States Supreme Court.
The house, which stood as late as 2011, next to the Shelley House, is completely gone...
On May 3, 1948, the United States Supreme Court rendered its landmark decision in Shelley v. Kraemer, holding, by a vote of 6 to 0 (with three judges not sitting), that racially restrictive covenants cannot be enforced by courts since this would constitute state action denying due process of law in violation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Although the case did not outlaw covenants (only a state's enforcement of the practice), in Shelley v. Kraemer the Supreme Court reinforced strongly the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection of the laws, which includes rights to acquire, enjoy, own, and dispose of property. The Shelley case was a heartening signal for African Americans that positive social change could be achieved through law and the courts. 
The Shelley House, a National Historic Landmark, is located at 4600 Labadie Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri. The house is a private residence and is not open to the public.
The ruin of an entire metro region (St. Louis) has occurred: not by asteroid, nuclear strike, famine, earthquake, or an invading foreign army, but by the unleashing of blacks via declaring restrictive covenants unconstitutional.

Just look at how quickly communities have collapsed to the emergence of the black undertow (the racial tipping point is 30 percent, then the community goes black fast)...

But what of the Shelley House, a National Historic Landmark, in 2014?

Oh, it's a fitting tribute to the Civil Rights movement.

You can consult Google StreetView for a taste of racial realities only a God who doesn't play dice would see fit to ensure exists via the Visible Black Hand of Economics.

As late as 2011, a house (which had been there since the 1920s) was located to the left of the National Historic Landmark "Shelley House," but it has since been razed..

So here's what we know:

  • Ferguson went from 99 percent white in 1970 to 27 percent white today
  • Not just Ferguson, but scores of St. Louis metro-communities went from almost entirely white to majority black, with the ability for the white residents to practice freedom of association (restrictive covenants) declared unconstitutional
  • The National Historic Landmark "Shelley House" is a silent witness to the black undertow effect, a reminder the Visible Black Hand of Economics is far more devastating long term weapon than any weapon currently in the United States Military arsenal 

Remember: God might not play dice, but he has a great sense of humor... just look at the state of the Shelley House in 2014.