Sunday, July 31, 2016

Free Speech isn't Getting Freer: Growing Number of Americans Fired, Suspended, Forced to Resign for Criticizing Black Lives Matter

A Dallas weatherman forced to resign for daring to criticize the DNC Convention, which featured the mother of a would-be black cop killer had Michael Brown been successful in his attack on Darren Wilson (remember Wendy Bell?). 

A growing list of cops, firefighters and first responders fired for daring to criticize Black Lives Matter. 

A nurse fired for posting, 'I am tired of all this bulls--t with the black people!'

And now, this. [‘All Lives Matter’ Gets Texas Student Suspended, Sent To Diversity Workshop, Daily Caller, July 31, 2016]:

A student government leader at the University of Houston was suspended for 50 days and ordered to attend a diversity seminar after she criticized the Black Lives Matter movement online. 
Shortly after the July 7 shooting in Dallas that killed five officers, Rohini Sethi went on Facebook and opined “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter.” The statement was later deleted, but only after numerous UH students denounced it as incredibly offensive or even hateful. 
“Just for her to say, ‘forget Black Lives Matter,’ is a punch in the stomach,” student Nala Hughes told a local press outlet at the time. 
Sethi serves as the vice president of UH’s student government association (SGA), and several UH students demanded her immediate removal. 
A full removal of Sethi has significant hurdles, though. The student government constitution requires the student body president, president of the student senate and three-fourths of present student senators to approve impeachment proceedings. Sethi would then be tried by the student supreme court. (RELATED: U-Houston Faculty Told To Avoid Sensitive Topics To Keep Students From Shooting Them)
Instead of going through that arduous process, the student senate approved a measure giving SGA president Shane Smith exceptional one-time powers to punish Sethi as he saw fit. In response, Smith released a letter Friday outlining a set of five punishments for Sethi. The punishments include: 
  • A 50-day suspension from SGA starting August 1. This suspension will be unpaid (she currently receives a stipend of about $700 a month).
  • A requirement to attend three “UH cultural events” each month from September through March, excluding December.
  • An order to write a “letter of reflection” about how her harmful actions have impacted SGA and the UH student body
  • An order to put on a public presentation Sept. 28 detailing “the knowledge she has gained about cultural issues facing our society.”
If Sethi refuses or fails any of the requirements, she will be kicked out of SGA entirely. 
Smith notes in his letter that the punishment was particularly harsh because, in his view, Sethi hadn’t recognized the severity of her offense in declaring that all people’s lives matter.
From this point forward, we'll update this section with the list of people who are either fired, fined, or sent to racial consciousness rehab (diversity training) for daring to criticize Black Lives Matter or black criminality... or, in the case of Dallas Weatherman Bob Goosmann, simply pointing out a black person is a thug for trying to kill a white police officer. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Newer Low in America: Houston Police Car Gets "Tricked-Out Rims" to Appeal to Black Community

First it was ice cream for blacks in St. Louis, as part of an asinine program for police attempting community outreach (you know, because individual black people collectively lack the ability to abide by the law). 

What could possibly top free ice cream for blacks? 
Blacks kill for rims (literally) in Houston... so the police put them on cop cars as part of "community outreach"

A yearly Building Bridges basketball tournament and community event with the Harris County Constable Precinct 1 office has a brand new attraction: a tricked out patrol car, complete with "swangers" for rims. 
It's part of an effort to break down barriers between law enforcement officers and members of the public.
"A lot of us who drive slabs, who ride on those wheels, most of the time we don't have positive experiences with law enforcement when we get pulled over. I'd love to be pulled over by an officer who has swangers on his car," laughed rapper Paul Wall. 
He and rapper Z-ro teamed up with the constable's office to help kids meet officers face-to-face, which can have positive effects out on the streets. 
"This is the community I'm from. I grew up in this community. I also live here in the community. It means a lot to me to see the head constable in our area meeting people, meeting the community, wanting to meet the community he serves," Paul Wall said. 
Constable Alan Rosen believes getting to know officers one-on-one can break down any underlying fear.
"I don't want our youth to be fearful of law enforcement. I don't want them to be scared. I want them to embrace us and get to know us on a positive level," he explained. 
No tax dollars were used for the rims on the patrol car. They are on loan from Texan Wild Wheels and will be returned soon.
One word helps explain America in 2016, and it has five syllables: irredeemable.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Do you feel the Tremors? Black Lives Matter Banner at City Hall in Somerville a Microcosm of Explicit Instability of American Experiment

A perceptive reader will realize the implications of this story, as we are entering a world where elected officials are cozying up to the Black Lives Matter terrorist movement and alienating police officers, their families and those who desire seeing their property value and businesses thrive. 

It's absolutely vital you read Robert Heinlein's book Starship Troopers and pay particularly keen interest to the chapter on History and Moral Philosophy


Because this story represents a tremor. [Somerville police officers plan protest of Black Lives Matter banner,, July 28, 2016]:
Somerville police officers continue their fight for the removal of the Black Lives Matter banner that hangs on a building Thursday, when they gather to protest the mayor’s decision not to take it down. 
“The rally will be peaceful and respectful, but will demonstrate the solidarity of police organizations in Massachusetts to the exclusionary message that the banner sends,” officer Michael McGrath, Somerville Police Employee’s Association president, said. 
Wicked Local reports the rally, scheduled for 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, July 28, will be held in conjunction with the Massachusetts Municipal Police Association and is the police union’s next step in its bid for the removal of the banner that they say is “deeply troubling” to police. 
In a July 19 open letter to the mayor, McGrath said the Black Lives Matter movement has evolved from the grassroots advocacy group that emerged in 2014 following the deaths of young black men like 18-year-old Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri. He said fringe actors have used the movement to justify the killing of innocent police officers. 
“It is inconceivable to us as it is demoralizing that our city would propagate its support for this movement while standing silent over the seemingly daily protest assassinations of innocent police officers around the country,” he wrote last week. 
But Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone said his support for police officers could not preempt his commitment to addressing systemic racism locally and nationally. 
“The city of Somerville stands against all violence and all injustice, which is why a Black Lives Matter banner hangs at City Hall and why a banner in honor of the slain officers is hanging at Somerville Police Headquarters, where it would provide the most moral support to our officers — both on my order,” Curtatone told the Journal in a statement Wednesday. “Both banners will remain hanging.”
 America is irredeemable.

It is a story such this that proves this fact, rendering any protest to this claim moot.

But it represents but one of many tremors appearing nationwide, foreshadowing the inevitable earthquake we all know is approaching.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eloi Meet Morlock: White Woman Brutally Assaulted in Baltimore by an Unidentified Black Male the Media Refuses to Acknowledge is Black

With those blacks holding political power in 65 percent black Baltimore still lamenting the death of heroin dealer (Freddie Gray), it's important to remember only a few days ago a white woman was brutally murdered in the city as she merely tried to walk her dogs. 

Few tears will be shed for Molly Macauley, if any, from those black elected officials who rely on black criminality (and the fear of being the victim of black crime) to keep their jobs... after all, their black constituents don't care about safe streets, good schools or quality government as long as those holding office are black and put black interests first. 
The Baltimore media protects the identity of the obviously black male attacker of Lauren Hayden, a white woman who called the 65% black city home: her attacker literally tried to drag her into the darkness of the night in a horrifying image only matched by the literary story of the Morlocks and Eloi from The Time Machine

We all know H.G. Wells story of The Time Machine, where in the future humanity evolves into separate species: the Eloi and the Morlocks: the former, of course, being food for the latter. 

Well, here is the tale of a white woman named Lauren Hayden, who found herself the very definition of an Eloi, as an obviously black male attacker literally tried to drag her into the darkness of the night in a scene straight out of Wells novel. [Baltimore woman's skull fractured in robbery: Lauren Hayden attacked in Upper Fells Point,, July 26, 2016]:

A Baltimore woman is in the hospital with a fractured skull after she was beaten during a robbery. 
With the exception of maybe some petty crime, residents in Upper Fells feel the area is safe, but that changed after a woman who was walking with her friend was attacked. 
"It's kind of an unusual thing to happen in that particular area," victim's brother Robert Hayden said. 
Hayden has gone from brother to caretaker after his sister, Lauren Hayden, was viciously attacked in Upper Fells Point on Friday. 
"She's always the one who said she never felt unsafe, threatened by anyone, so it's pretty unfathomable," Hayden said. 
Police said at around 1:30 a.m., Lauren Hayden and a friend were walking home from the bars in Fells Point. When they got to about the intersection of Washington and Bank streets, someone grabbed her around the waist and threw her to the ground. 
"In the struggle, he took my sister down to the ground by the hair and slammed her face into a car bumper and then tried to drag her across the street," Hayden said. 
The attacker then ripped her purse away and ran. 
Hayden’s brother said the injuries were very serious, sending his sister to Shock Trauma for immediate surgery. 
"The impact fractured her skull and her whole body is just raw, scraped from head to toe," Hayden said. 
As far as the investigation, police do have some leads to go on and may have surveillance footage from a nearby private camera. 
Police also said a key piece of evidence came from Hayden's friend, who was able to give a very detailed description. 
"The second woman was a good witness. That's what we ask people to do. She got a description of the suspect, called police and was able to give officers more information when they got there," Baltimore police spokesman Jeremy Silbert said.
Well, what does the suspect look like, Officer Silbert? Must we protect blacks with such a ferocity that we'd endanger more citizens of Baltimore to the same fate of Lauren Hayden, who was dragged like a defenseless Eloi by an obviously black predator in a scene more frightening than anything Stephen King could ever write?

A Morlock...
Disgraced States Attorney Marilyn Mosby, standing before a mural painted in honor of the heroin dealer Freddie Gray (near the spot where he was peddling drugs only moments before his fatal encounter with police in 2015) demonstrates her solidarity with black criminality on July 27, 2016 
Only a few years ago, in the same part of Baltimore where an obviously black male (who the media protects) attacked Hayden, white people were attacked by a group of black people who made their assault highly racial nature with cries of violence that would make Wells' Morlocks proud. [Series of Upper Fells Point attacks prompt police to add officers, Baltimore Sun, August 5, 2010]:
Mark Simone makes a living convincing people to move to Baltimore. Monday afternoon, he helped a couple from Minnesota, recently hired by Johns Hopkins Hospital, settle on a $280,000 rowhouse in Upper Fells Point. 
Later that night, the 27-year-old real estate agent walked out of his own house in that same neighborhood and was jumped by a group of teenagers. They chased him, threw him to the ground, punched and kicked him and robbed him of his iPhone, $25 in cash and a black leather wallet. 
"It was the scariest moment I've ever had," Simone said Thursday, as he recovered from the attack and contemplated his new dual role as both a city cheerleader and a victim of violent crime, the kind that has scared others into fleeing to the suburbs. 
We're not going anywhere," he said of himself and his wife. "But we definitely don't feel as comfortable in our own home as we did before. … We had a sense of security here which is totally gone." He said he's now considering getting a gun. 
The attack on Simone was one of at least four violent robberies this week in residential blocks north of the touristy part of Fells Point — near Butchers Hill and west of Patterson Park — that has shaken residents and prompted area employers to warn their workers to be careful. 
A handgun was used in one robbery, and at least two others involved up to 10 teens or young men. In one attack Tuesday night on South Ann Street, police said one of the attackers repeatedly shouted to the victim, "[Expletive] you white boy," as he and several other black youths beat him and stole his cell phone and $100. 
Baltimore police said they are investigating that attack as a hate crime. 
Simone lived in Mount Vernon for two years before moving to Upper Fells Point. 
He said his car has been broken into but before this week he'd never been a victim of a violent crime. 
He had just finished sending a text message and put his iPhone in his pocket when he noticed the teens huddled around the entrance to a coin-operated laundry at Gough and Chapel streets. He said the oldest-looking in the group shouted, "You better not run." 
Simone ran. He said the older youth caught up with him about two-thirds of the way down the block on Gough Street, wrapped his arm around his neck and took him to the ground. "I curled up in a fetal position against the curb," Simone said. 
"I had my hands over my head trying to block my face," he said. "I was yelling at them to take whatever they wanted, which they did pretty quickly. I was screaming for help." 
They took his wallet and phone and one youth picked up a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, but for some reason discarded them. Police took the pack into evidence for possible fingerprints. 
Before this week, Simone told prospective homebuyers to check with police and neighbors for questions about safety. "Some people feel comfortable in different elements," he said. "That's the important part, for people to feel comfortable where they are living." 
Now, Simone is no longer comfortable in his own home. 
He insisted he remains "passionate about Baltimore" and that he's "not going to let a group of kids change that," but he said he's a bit more wary about his surroundings.
"We've talked about getting a gun," Simone said. "I think we're going to get one now. These guys have my ID. They have my license. They know where I live. I'm not a big guy. There's not much I can do to defend myself without having a weapon.
Oh yes there is a way to defend yourself without gun: don't live around blacks.
It's stories such as these, but a small snapshot of the horror white people face living as minorities in the 65 percent black city of Baltimore (completely dominated by black elected officials who consider the heroin dealer Freddie Gray some kind of martyr), that illustrate just exactly why Jim Crow once acted as an umbrella to shield whites long ago from the depravity of blacks. 

Now, black elected officials shield black criminals (with ample help from the media all too willing to protect black criminals) so they can stay in power, less more white people move back to the city their ancestors built and actually demand accountable public servants. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A New Low in America: St. Louis Police to Pass Out Free Ice Cream to Blacks as Part of "Operation Polar Cops"

What happens when your city is crippled by black crime

What do you do?

Sadly, the St. Louis Police Department has sunk to a new low.
Not a joke...

Because black people commit crime so indiscriminately and frequently in St. Louis, police interact with individuals of this violence-prone community far more often than with the white community; thus is born Operation Polar Cops... [St. Louis Police Department unveils 'Operation Polar Cops' truck,, July 26, 2016]:
The St. Louis Police Department has unveiled an ice cream truck that will be operated by the Community Engagement/Organizational Development Division. 
The “Operation Polar Cops” truck will be at various events throughout the City of St. Louis to distribute free ice cream treats. The goal of the truck is that community members have positive interactions with officers, according to a press release. 
The truck was purchased by the St. Louis Police Foundation and designed at no cost by Switch, according to the department’s Facebook page. The ice cream that will be distributed was donated by Schnucks and Prairie Farms Dairy.
Odds on how long until the "Operation Polar Cops" initiative is abandoned because black people riot when the cops, merely trying to have positive interactions with the black community, run out of free ice cream?

"To Protect and Serve Ice Cream" is now the motto of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police... all the while, what's left of the civilization whites built in St. Louis melts under the pressure of black criminality.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Stand Down, White Police in Philadelphia: Those Attending the Democratic National Convention (DNC) Hate You

When the boot comes off, those much maligned white police in urban America (basically war zones where black people kill/maim one another over $2 dollar debts and white police officers do their best to avoid becoming Darren Wilson) will be the first say to those assuming power: what took you so long? [Philly police union slams Clinton over DNC speakers, Metro.Us, July 21, 2016]:
Philadelphia's police union is criticizing Hillary Clinton for the lineup of speakers expected at the Democratic National Convention. 
Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to speak Tuesday night alongside members of Mothers of the Movement, a group of relatives of black men killed by police. Speakers include the mothers of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Sandra Bland. 
The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has accused Clinton of failing to include the relatives of slain police officers. 
John McNesby, president of Lodge 5, said the union was "shocked and saddened" by the scheduled speakers for the convention, which opens Monday. 
"The Fraternal Order of Police is insulted and will not soon forget that the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton are excluding the widows and other family members of police officers killed in the line of duty who were victims of explicit and not implied racism," McNesby said in a statement. 
It's "sad that to win an election Mrs. Clinton must pander to the interests of people who do not know all the facts, while the men and women they seek to destroy are outside protecting the political institutions of this country. Mrs. Clinton, you should be ashamed of yourself, if that is possible," McNesby continued. 
Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner and former Washington, D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsay is also scheduled to speak.  
On the recent spate of violence against police officers and against black men, Ramsay said earlier this month that the nation is "sitting on a powder keg."
America is a powder keg, as the black former chief of police in Philadelphia notes.

Am I the only one who goes to bed every night hoping to wake up and find it has finally gone off?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fight the Future: FBI Deemed "Too White"

We all know what's coming. 

It's not hard to see. 

Hints are everywhere, even in places seemingly obscure (see Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, mentioning the "diversity ceiling"). 
Why not just make it illegal (or a felony) to hire, promote whites?

If diversity is the goal, then logically the ends justify the means, right? 

Why not just bar employers from hiring white males for both private and public sector jobs? [Why is FBI Even Less Diverse Than 20 Years Ago? Director Doesn’t Know,, July 15, 2016]:
Over time, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has become even less diverse — and its own director doesn’t know why. 
During a speech on Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey called a decrease in diversity a “crisis” during a time when racial issues are at the forefront. 
“We have a crisis in the FBI and it is this: Slowly but steadily over the last decade or so, the percentage of special agents in the FBI who are white has been growing,” he said, adding, “I will have failed if I don’t change this.” 
The numbers show that FBI diversity has in fact been on a steady decline for nearly 20 years. According to the FBI’s website, as of March 8, 2016, its special agents are 83.41 percent white; 6.63 percent Latino; 4.37 percent Black; 4.48 percent Asian; and less than 1 percent American Indian/Alaska Native, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and multi-race. 
In 2012, a year before Comey became director, special agents were 83.1 percent white; 7 percent Latino; 4.8 percent Black; 4.2 percent Asian; and less than 1 percent multi-racial, American Indian/Alaska Native and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. 
The numbers were declining even before Comey stepped in. In 2008, special agents were 81.9 percent white, 7.8 percent Hispanic, 5.2 percent Black, 4.1 percent Asian, less than 1 percent American Indian and 0 percent Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and two or more races. 
In 1997, Politico reported, special agents were 6.9 percent Latino and 5.6 percent Black. 
In comparison, among the 2016 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity24.8 percent of all management employees are Black, Hispanic or Asian. 
Diversity among college graduates has been steadily increasing, as the FBI’s recruiting efforts went in the other direction. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, from the 1996-97 school year to 2013-14, the percent of bachelor’s degrees earned by nonwhite people increased 35 percent. The latest data showed 67.7 percent of four year degree earners were white, 10.6 percent were Black, 11.2 percent were Hispanic, 7.3 percent were Asian/Pacific Islander, 2.5 were percent two or more races and less than 1 percent were American Indian/Alaska Native. 
Comey was speaking at a conference called “Working Together — The Primary Prevention for Safety and Security” at Bethune-Cookman University in Florida. 
The event was put together by Historically Black Colleges & Universities Law Enforcement Executives and Administrators, a group dedicated to the safety of students at HBCUs and the quality of HBCUs’ law enforcement. 
Comey also addressed that the problem starts with him. 
“I am trapped inside this not-too-impressive, 6-foot-8-inch, skinny white guy from the New York metropolitan area existence,” he said. “That’s who I am. I can’t escape that. All that data I take in comes in through that filter.” 
Comey has spoke about the need for diversity on several occasions since taking his position in September 2013, but data shows he has not actually done anything to solve the problem. In 2015 he called the FBI “overwhelmingly white and male” and said it will be a “big challenge” to change that. 
“It is an imperative for all of us in law enforcement to try to reflect the communities we serve. … I have to change my numbers,” he said at the time. 
But the numbers have only gotten worse — and racial tension and violence have become more visible. During the conference some parents told Comey they are now fearful for their childrens’ lives, especially after the most recent police-related deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. 
Adrian Wiggins, executive director of Campus Safety and Public Safety at a college in Baltimore, became choked up when confessing his concerns to the director. 
“Full disclosure, I’ve been Black for all my life, and I’m raising a young Black man who is a wonderful, wonderful man, 10 years old,” Wiggins said. “I raise him right, I take him to church, teach him right from wrong. And I’m just afraid for my son.” 
Wiggins said he worries his “10-year-old son will be … one of those issues going down.” and asked, “What is it that can be done by the [FBI] to help me sleep better at night? To be less afraid for my son?” 
Comey said it is “vitally important” to “try very, very hard to put ourselves in the shoes of others” and called for more data about police violence, as well as open discussions about these issues. 
However, Comey’s past discussions about race relations between police and communities, specifically with Black people in communities, have not been productive for the conversation. Last year when discussing racial profiling during a speech he seemed to be making excuses for the practice rather than explaining how to address the problem. 
“The two young Black men on one side of the street look like so many others the officer has locked up. Two young white men on the other side of the street, even in the same clothes, do not,” he said at the time. “The officer does not make the same sinister association about the two white guys, whether that officer is white or Black.”
If present trends play out, we will see the federal government enforce rules in hiring to effectively stamp out the problems of whiteness, for both the private and public sectors.

The signs are all around us.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Roaming Barbecues to "Stop the Violence" in 80% Black Selma represent the Proof Our Ancestors Knew the Truth about Africans in America

A few years ago, I journeyed to Selma, Alabama so I could walk across the famed Edmund Pettus Bridge. You can watch me cross the bridge here

What exists in Selma isn't the promised Shagri-La that black people would create once the boot of Jim Crow came off their necks, but an environment eerily reminiscent of precisely why white people long ago established Mr. Crow to protect their posterity from Africans in America. 

Which is why in the now 80 percent black city, 

[Barbecuing to Stop Violence in Selma,, July 15, 2016]:

For Tamalyn Whatley, living in Selma, Alabama, violence is always nearby. 
“It’s an everyday thing,“ the 24-year-old explains as she plays with her youngest son in the front yard of family’s her home. 
“I see it and deal with it.” 
She grew up in this house, where she lives now. It’s also where her mom was shot and killed this past December. 
It was an otherwise normal day, Whatley says. She and her mother ran errands and fixed a leaky kitchen sink. In the afternoon, they went out into the front yard, when suddenly five shots rang out. Her mother was shot in the back. 
Whatley didn’t call the police or an ambulance. She doesn’t trust them to come quickly enough. Instead, she drove her mom to the hospital, where her mother died later that evening. 
After her mom died, Whatley couldn’t sleep. Despite being seven months pregnant, she couldn’t eat. 
“I made myself sick off of it,” Whatley says as she starts to cry. “I lost 20 pounds in one week of it, and when I had my baby he was underweight.” 
The effects of the shooting have stayed with her four-year-old son LJ too. 
“One day, I was driving and he said, ‘Ma, I just want to be dead,’” Whatley remembers. “I had to stop my car. I said, ‘No, LJ, you don’t want to die right now; it’s not time for you to die right now. I told you, your grandmother will be with you all the time in spirit.’” 
Selma, Alabama is a small city with a population of just under 20,000. News of Whatley’s mother’s murder traveled quickly. Soon, Whatley got a message from a woman named Hatwatha Mcghee, better known as Lady Watha. 
Lady Watha is a well-known deejay and club promoter in Selma. She was concerned about Whatley and the escalating violence in the city. 
The city has had an unusually deadly year. There have already been eight murders, five of which happened this spring within less than a month. 
So Lady Watha decided, “If I can pack a club, I can pack an event to stop the violence.” 
Lady Watha started throwing a series of roving barbecues in Selma’s neighborhoods this spring. This was as the murder rate climbed. 
Men in their 20s and 30s stand next to little boys in polo shirts and little girls in jelly sandals at a small park downtown. They chant “Stop the violence!” as cars pass by. They hold up pieces of neon poster paper containing handwritten slogans like “I am my brother’s keeper.” 
About 20 guys walk around in red and blue t-shirts that say “Big Brotherz from the Hood.” This was another idea of Lady Watha’s. She wanted to get men from each neighborhood to come hang out at the barbecues. Some are former gang members or have been to prison. She hoped they would maybe counsel the younger generation about how guns and gangs are not the answer. 
Nat Moore, 29, better known as Nat T, says violence has affected every person he knows in Selma:
“I’m talking about people that raised us, people that we looked up to, that we hung out with everyday.” He explains some are in prison, some have been shot, and some are dead. “People that we shared clothes with, that we shot ball with, rode bikes with. These are our people, so who better to do it for our people.” 
Moore has two young daughters, and he doesn’t want them to grow up in a city rife with poverty and violence. 
Organizers say they’re trying to do their part, but they can’t do it alone. Some in this majority-black city feel abandoned by the police. Whatley feels the police are simply scared of certain black neighborhoods. They have been invited to these BBQs, but so far only one off-duty officer has shown up. 
John Brock has been on the police force in Selma for 30 years and Chief for almost a year. He is white and says he needs people in the black community to talk to the police when a shooting happens. But Brock also understands the community’s frustration and fear. 
“How can you come up to a police officer and find out what’s going on or talk to him, when every time you have seen the police in your family, something bad has happened?” Brock explains. “We have to break that cycle a little bit, we have to try to break that cycle.” 
Brock says his force is understaffed. He’s heard of Lady Watha’s group, and he hopes that it isn’t just a summer thing and they stick around. 
Lady Watha says she’ll be here, and she hopes the police will join them. 
“I have been needing the police to come in,” Lady Watha explains. She is adamant she will continue to hold these community events as long as the violence continues. 
“I‘m going to go with Stop the Violence until I can see more change. I will go with Stop the Violence until the death of me, if I have to, ’cause we can find a cure for violence.” 
Right now, Lady Watha says, the best cure she can think of is to rebuild a sense of community, one barbecue at a time.
In a span of less than a month earlier this year, five blacks were murdered by other blacks. An exasperated Lt. Sam Miller noted no one in the black community truly seems to believe Black Lives Matter  (in the now majority black city where every last ounce of white guilt is squeezed out on a yearly basis), when he told the Selma Times-Journal, "what's frustrating is no one in the community wants to come forward and tell us anything."

We owe our ancestors a deep apology, for they warned us what would happen once we removed the safeguards they put in place to protect white civilizations from the deleterious effects of Africans in America. 

Look only upon Selma, Alabama - the fabled city our enemies pilgrimage to on a yearly basis, ensuring the white guilt tax is paid in full - for the empirical proof our ancestors were right and those peddling the civilization-nullifying ideology of colorblindness are entirely wrong. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trump: "I Am the Candidate of Law and Order"... Meanwhile, Mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown to Headline Democratic Convention

What did you think of Trump's speech? 

Law and order sounds pretty good, right? 

Meanwhile, next week in Philadelphia... [With NAACP Speech, Hillary Goes Full “Black Lives Matter, White Lives Don’t”—And Her Convention Will Be Worse (Better), July 19, 2016]:
 An entire day at the Democrat Convention next week in Philadelphia is being dedicated to allowing black mothers of would-be cop killers the chance to address the nation on behalf of their dead black sons: 
Tuesday: A Lifetime Of Fighting For Children And Families 
Featuring President Bill Clinton and Mothers of the Movement 
Gavel time expected at 4:00 p.m. 
Tuesday will feature the roll call vote and how Hillary Clinton has spent her entire career working to make a difference for children, families and our country. The Mothers of the Movement participating include Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin; Maria Hamilton, mother of Dontré Hamilton; Lucia McBath, mother of Jordan Davis; Lezley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown; Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, mother of Hadiya Pendleton; Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland. [What To Expect At The Democratic Convention, NPR, by Daniel Kurtzleben, July 15, 2016]

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

His Name is Capt. Robert Melton: Another White Cop Gunned Down by Blacks (Jamaal and Daqon)... this Time in Kansas City, Kansas

Perhaps they were motivated by the abolitionist spirit still haunting Kansas?

After all, President Obama merely compared Black Lives Matter (BLM) to those saintly abolitionists whose contributions to the American experiment turned out so well in Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, Newark, Camden, Gary, and Rochester...
All they did was kill a white cop... isn't that what the media, academia and the Obama Administration is encouraging blacks to do? Won't that finally rid America of "implicit bias"? 


Well, not really.

But that's not the point.

The point is, yet another white cop has been murdered ("executed" is perhaps a better term, though not quite an officially state-sanctioned execution yet) by a black person. In this case, it was two black people. [Suspected gunmen identified in killing of veteran KCK police captain,, July 20, 2016]:

Two men are being held in connection with the fatal shooting of a Kansas City, KS police captain, KCTV5 has learned. 
Prosecutor Jerry Gorman says Jamaal Lewis and Daqon Sipple, the men in jail in connection with Capt. Robert Melton’s death, may not be charged until Thursday. Police say they are not looking for any other suspects at this time. 
Lewis, 20, was booked late Tuesday night in Wyandotte County jail on first-degree murder. Sipple, 18, was booked hours earlier on aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer and use of a deadly weapon. 
KCTV5 spoke to Clarette Monroe, the mother of Lewis. 
She says don’t rush to judgement yet. 
“He’s not a bad kid,” Monroe said. “He’s hanging out with a rough crowd. He has no record and has never been arrested. People should not rush to judgment. Don’t do that.” 
Jalelisa Sipple, the sister of Daqon Sipple, also spoke to KCTV5. She echoed Monroe's comments.  
"The only thing I want people to know is that the picture that's being painted is not actually him," she said. "Which is what most people know, everybody that knows him knows that he's not that kind of kid?" 
KCTV5 examined Lewis’ and Sipple’s backgrounds. Searches in Kansas and Missouri revealed backgrounds. However, juvenile records are sealed.   
Police said there was a drive-by shooting at Second Street and Edgerton Road about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday and officers responded. Melton found both the suspects at 22nd Street and Haskell Avenue about 2 p.m. 
Before Melton could get out of his vehicle, someone opened fire through his window, hitting Melton several times, Zeigler said. 
Melton, 46, was taken to the University of Kansas Hospital. Paramedics tried to resuscitate him the whole way there. He was pronounced dead a little before 3 p.m.
Jamaal and Daqon "didn't do nothing," according to their family members.  They just killed a white cop, that's all.

And isn't that what Black Lives Matter seems to be agitating for?


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

DNC Goes All-In on Black Lives Matter

The latest PK at VDare. [With NAACP Speech, Hillary Goes Full “Black Lives Matter, White Lives Don’t”—And Her Convention Will Be Worse (Better), July 19, 2016]:
Only a day after another black radical—this time a member of the Nation of Islam—opened fire on white police in Baton Rouge (killing two white officers and one black officer, injuring multiple other white officers), the presumptive nominee for the Democrat Party has doubled down on the idea that racist white police are still out there hunting innocent black people.
The DNC Convention is going to be nothing short of hilarious...
Honestly, it’s hard to even keep a straight-face when reading what Hillary Clinton just told the NAACP National Convention in Cincinnati: that she will personally not stop leading a crusade against police “until we root out implicit bias and stop the killings of African Americans.”
I don't want to ruin the surprise, so please read the rest of the PK piece at there (but be sure to share it far and wide!!). 

Let's just say the Democrat Convention next week in Philadelphia is truly going to be The Planet of Apes.

Monday, July 18, 2016

In Suburb of Cleveland Enriched by Black Migration, Black Male Gunned Down at "Stop the Violence Beach Party"

Before we begin our tale of obvious blackness, a backgrounder is in order. [Census data reveals new migration pattern as black families leave Cleveland, Cleveland Plain-Dealer, March 28, 2011]:
Establishing a new and powerful migration pattern, black families fled their Cleveland neighborhoods in large numbers last decade. They transformed some inner-ring suburbs and brought new diversity to wealthier, outer suburbs. 
"They're moving out because of crime and because of the schools," said Councilman Zack Reed, whose Ward 2 on Cleveland's southeast side lost 26 percent of its population. "Those are the two fundamental reasons that people leave." 
 One of those areas profiled in the 2011 story from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer is Euclid, a city now majority black courtesy of black families fleeing the ruins of black Cleveland in search of another area black will inevitably ruin.
Why do black "stop the violence" party's always end in violence?

Which brings us to our tale of obvious blackness. [Teen killed at anti-violence gathering Sunday; 2 others also shot in Euclid,, July 18, 2016]

One person was shot to death during a “Stop the Violence Beach Party” at Sims Park Beach in Euclid Sunday. 
According to a release from Euclid Police Department, there were 200 to 300 people at the party, which was held in the area of 23131 Lakeshore Blvd.
Police say a crowd had gathered on the beach, and at shortly after 8 p.m. unknown suspects fired shots and then fled on foot.
Although the intended target is unknown, a 19-year-old Euclid man was shot in the head and killed.
A 12-year-old boy was shot in the back and was hospitalized. His condition is not known.
Later in the evening at shortly after 9 p.m., an 18-year-old Euclid man was walking in the 24000 Lakeshore Boulevard when an unknown suspect fired multiple times at him from across the street, hitting the victim in the shoulder. The teen was hospitalized, and his condition is unknown.
No other injuries were reported in either incident, and no arrests have been made.
Police are investigating the possibility that the two incidents are related.
No blacks, know peace.

Know blacks, no peace.

Eight words, eight syllables that tell the story of America perfectly. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Days After Three Blacks Arrested for Threatening to Kill Cops in Baton Rouge, Three Cops Ambushed and Killed by Black Male

It's happening.

At this point, there's no denying it.

The FBI tried to warn the cops of Baton Rouge and Louisiana on July 8 that they had credible evidence black people were threatening to kill them. [FBI Issues Alert in Louisiana: Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers, Riots, Judicial Watch, July 8, 2016]

Only a few days later, three blacks were arrested plotting to kill cops in Baton Rouge. [Alleged plot to kill Baton Rouge Police stopped,, 3 arrested, July 12, 2016]:
 Police say they have arrested 3 people accused of plotting to kill police officers with stolen guns from a pawn shop, according to CBS News.
They report that one of the suspects told police that the attack was in response to the death of Alton Sterling.
Sterling was killed by police.
And now, it's happened, with three cops shot dead and others injured. [Officials: 'No active shooter' in Baton Rouge; 1 deputy critical; 3 officers, suspect dead, The Advocate, July 17, 2016]

This is a message to white police officers nationwide: please, please be careful. Spend more time in restaurants drinking coffee and less time answering calls. The Obama Administration sent a representative to Alton Sterling's funeral... odds are they won't to yours.

Friday, July 15, 2016

There is no more "steam control": Baltimore Police and Media Cover-Up "Black Lives Matter" Assault on Police

There is no more "steam control."

It's only a matter of time now, until things blow. The pro-black media will cover up the truth, as will a police department under investigation by Obama's anti-white Department of Justice. [Amid nation's police-community tensions, Baltimore officers kill man in exchange of gunfire, Baltimore Sun, July 15, 2015]:
A week after five police officers were fatally shot in Dallas by a sniper during a protest against police shootings, Baltimore police say four officers came under fire from a 33-year-old man with a self-assembled, high-powered long gun.
Two of the officers returned fire, fatally wounding the man and spurring a massive police response outside a West Baltimore apartment complex Thursday night.
Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said Friday that the two officers who fired their weapons amid the "chaotic scene" have been placed on routine administrative duties pending an investigation into the incident. 

He said a preliminary investigation suggested the two officers — one a 16-year veteran, and the other on the force for six years, neither of whom has been identified — acted appropriately and bravely in confronting the gunman, identified as Dayten Ernest Harper.

We're lucky we don't have four dead cops today," Davis said, before repeating the number to let it sink in.
A person reached at a number listed for Harper declined to comment Friday evening.
The exchange of gunfire occurred about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, shortly after President Barack Obama concluded a televised town hall to address the Dallas attacks and the growing national debate over fatal police shootings of black men, including Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La., and Philando Castile in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minn.
It also happened the same day that the Baltimore Police Department received a memo from the Baltimore field office of the FBI, warning that members of the city's Black Guerrilla Family gang had discussed the possibility of ambushing officers in the wake of the Dallas attack.
The memo, obtained by The Baltimore Sun, said the FBI had received "highly credible information" that the BGF had discussed how the gang could ambush law enforcement officers parked in side streets or alleys, and instructed its members to look for opportunities to shoot white police officers.
Davis said police do not believe the incident Thursday had anything to do with the threat and "don't believe it was an ambush." He said four plainclothes officers happened to hear gunfire off Winchester Street and responded.
"They were fired upon by a bad guy," he said. "That's not the first time that's happened in Baltimore."
Still, given the intensity of the incident and the existence of the FBI memo, and with the national debate over police-community tensions as a backdrop, Davis said he decided to write a letter to all members of his force to reassure them that they have support.
 There is no more "steam control."

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Blacks Challenged to go "30 Days of No Killing" in 65% Black Memphis... Less Than 24 Hours Later, a Comical Black on Black Murder Occurs

The challenge was set.

Go 30 days without killing.

Black people in Memphis could do it, right?

Go 30 days without a black person killing another black person in 65 percent black Memphis, right? [Day 1 in '30 days no killing' decree,, July 11, 2016]:
While speaking with protesters Sunday night, Memphis Police Department Interim Director Mike Rallings called for a 30-day moratorium on killing.
"If y'all want to show me something, show me 30 days," Rallings said.
"Black Lives Matter" protesters shut down the Interstate 40 bridge for several hours. Nobody was arrested or injured during the protest.
Rallings went to the I-40 bridge protest in person where he and other officers joined arm-in-arm with protesters to march off the bridge. 
"We ain't pepper prayed nobody; we ain't deployed gas. That's the way it should be. I just wanted--come off the bridge, let's come to a place where we can talk, where we can have a dialog," Rallings said.
"I think we have to show restraint. We can easily resort to violence, so I'm asking our city to be less violent. We have to set the example," Rallings said. "I'm going to ask everyone, if you know someone, I want you to talk to those individuals and ask for 30 days of no killing. Senseless killing."
So far in 2016, Memphis has seen 120 homicides--it's a number that gives the city one of the highest per capita homicide rates in America.
Protesters agreed with the interim police director.
"When you feel like you need to pull the trigger, think, 'I'm messing my community up,'" one protester said. "When you feel like you need to stab him, think I'm messing my community."
"We're tired of the system killing us, so if we can show them how were not going to kill ourselves, there is no other excuse," Gregory Thompson said.
Thompson, who has been protesting in front of FedExForum since Friday, felt hopeful Sunday night and hopes Memphis can live up to its end of the deal.
"I hope we go 60. I hope we go 90. I hope it goes as long as it can," he said.
 Could they go 60 days? Could they go 90 days? Could they go a week? Two days?

Could black people in 65 percent black Memphis go one day without killing one another?

No. ['30 day no killing' decree fails in less than 24 hours,, July 12, 2016]:
A decree issued by Interim Police Director Michael Rallings to go 30 days without killing failed when a man was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon.
The shooting happened near the intersection of East Raines Road and Airways Boulevard. The victim was first reported as being in extremely critical condition, but doctor's later announced that he did not survive his injuries.
Monday afternoon, Interim Police Director Michael Rallings asked protesters to help him by agreeing to a 30 day moratorium on killing. That moratorium did not last 24 hours.
Memphis Police Department continues to investigate the shooting.
Officers have not determined why the man was shot, but they do think a group of people are to blame. Witnesses told officers a woman and three or four men were seen driving away from the shooting in a small white car.
Everett Burke said his brother-in-law, Brandon Byers, was the man shot and killed.
"I heard a lot of screaming outside. I woke up and I went outside to see what was going on," Burke said. "You see somebody taking their last breath--it is awful. You are right there close to them."
Burke said Byers and his sister have three small children who were inside the apartment when three men and a woman kicked in the door to the apartment.
"They actually had hands on my niece," Burke said. "She was on the way to the restroom and one of them covered her mouth with their hand."
Burke said the suspects took a TV and his nephew's video game system.
The children were unharmed, but Burke said he wants to know why the suspects didn't listen when Rallings asked the Black Lives Matter movement to stop the killing for 30 days.
Burke said he is nervous and anxious and just wants the violence to stop.
"All these people using guns and killing people. l mean, you're not doing God's work and you're not doing anything positive out here."
Couldn't make it a full 24 hours without a black person killing another black person in 65 percent black Memphis, even when challenged by a friendly black law enforcement officer (who mingled happily with black terrorists who shut-down I-40, which blocked an ambulance carrying a sick white child to a hospital)...

Our job is only to survive the madness upon us, then turn our backs on the black people demanding help in the aftermath of the misery they've bred (and we've monetarily supported with our taxes). KFVS12 News & Weather Cape Girardeau, Carbondale, Poplar Bluff FOX Carolina 21

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Memphis Commercial Appeal APOLOGIZES for RUNNING truthful headline about Massacre of Five White Cops in Dallas

There are moments of clarity when you realize the future for white people is nothing more than apologizing for our past greatness (worse, apologizing for having ancestors who dared defend our right to exist) and apologizing - bending a knee in the process - for daring to offend black people in the present with the truth.
The editor of the Memphis Commercial Appeal apologized for publishing the truth about the black gunman's attack on white people and white cops in Dallas.

This is one of those moments. [CA Editor: We got it wrong., Memphis Commercial Appeal, July 13, 2016]:
By Louis Graham of The Commercial Appeal
Simply put, we got it wrong.
Those three big words in headline type stretched across Saturday's front page — Gunman Targeted Whites — were true according to police accounts in Dallas at the time but they badly oversimplified a very complex, rapidly evolving story, and angered many of our readers and many more in the broader community.
In my view the headline was so lacking in context as to be tone deaf, particularly in a city with a 65 percent African American population. That front page minimized the broader refrain of what's happening in our country with anguish over the deaths of young black men at the hands of police. It has been viewed as suggesting that this newspaper values the lives of white police officers more than young black men who have died in incident after incident.
The checks and balances in place to avoid just this type of disconnect didn't work that night for a variety of reasons. Too few people looked at the front page before it rolled off our presses. We've taken steps to correct that. But the larger challenge is recruiting a diverse enough staff to better reflect the city we cover. We continue to work on that and will be more introspective about how we do our jobs.
In an environment so fraught with anger and anxiety we added unnecessary fuel.
That's not our role. Ours is to explore and explain. The headline required restraint and we didn't provide it.
During this, our 175th year in business, I have been unflinching in our efforts the tell The Commercial Appeal's incredible story to this community. The whole story. Several months ago we published a wrenching account of our failures during that long history, particularly on the coverage of civil rights.
Of all the criticism I've read, and it is considerable, this stuck with me most from an angry reader:
"CA has really good reporters who try to include equity of voice + this cover doesn't portray that …"
The reader is right on both accounts and I had a face-to-face conversation with her today. I will be meeting with other readers who were angered as well.
There was a very similar reaction inside the newsroom. I was particularly disturbed by a comment I received from an African American editor who said she was disgusted by the page and threw the newspaper in the trash without reading it.
This newspaper, just like this city, has work to do. This column will raise the ire of some readers who believe the headline spoke the truth; that I'm kow-towing. I've already gotten an earful from readers angry over columnist David Waters' piece last week suggesting white churches had greater responsibility to solve the problem.
We've also heard from readers who objected to our 'Bridge Shut Down' headline; they believed it should have read 'Peaceful Protest.'
Please know I have more skin in the game than my paycheck. My wife and I raised our children here. They're raising theirs here, too.
Several of you have already requested I go back to June 2015 and look at the headline — also stretched across the top of the newspaper — when  Dylann Roof was accused of killing nine African-Americans inside their beloved church in Charleston, S.C.
Did it say 'Gunman targets blacks,' I've been asked over and over.
No, it simply said 'Suspect Caught.'
Like I said, we have work to do.
America is irredeemable because men like Louis Graham keep their power by constantly bending a knee to Black-Run America (BRA).

What percent of the black population in Memphis is even literate?