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UnFair Campaign: What do men do against such reckless hate? Ride out and meet them

Black-Run America (BRA)
Called a few advertising companies today around the country in a few choice cities, strategically selected for what has happened to them. Had some interesting discussions regarding the pricing for a certain type of advertisement, which would be displayed in certain sections of the city.

Suffice it to say, some of the quotes received regarding pricing information for this 'project' were tempting. They'll go lower, for economic activity and aggressive growth exactly a phrase used to describe the direction these cities are going. The Visible Black Hand of Economics has played itself out. What is left, well, is the legacy of the Great Migration of Black people from the south:
Not far away, the danger might well have been human. Much of Detroit is horribly dangerous for its own residents, who in many cases only stay because they have nowhere else to go. Property crime is double the American average, violent crime triple. The isolated, peeling homes, the flooded roads, the clunky, rusted old cars and the neglected front yards amid trees and groin-high grassland make you think you are in rural Alabama, not in one of the greatest industrial cities that ever existed.

A journey eastwards along Mack Avenue is simply sad. The city is sinking back into the deep forests and grassy plains that were here before Europeans ever came to North America. What buildings are left are seldom used for their original purpose. A once-grand bank is a sweet shop. Sordid-looking bars sit alongside the chapels of obscure religious sects. There are whole schools with no children to attend them. Step out of the car at the petrol station and you are immediately accosted by pathetic wraith-like figures in grimy clothes, with the prematurely-aged faces of drug abusers. This is urban failure in all its shabby misery.
Peter Hitchens wrote those words, in a haunting piece for the Daily Mail in the UK. Not once did he mention the overwhelming role that Black people had in downfall of Detroit, though he does discuss the criminal trends of 84 percent Black Detroit that helped convince white people of the need to pack up their belongings and flee. As everyone knows - who reads SBPDL - 1960s Detroit was only 26 percent Black, though this portion of the population were responsible for 65 percent of the violent crime in the city.

Recall that the Great Migration of Southern Blacks to cities like Milwaukee, Cleveland, Chicago, and Detroit was from cities like Birmingham, St. Louis, Albany (Ga.), Savannah, New Orleans, Memphis, Columbus (Ga.), Macon, Columbia, etc. What do all of these have in common in 2012?

You don't have to answer. You really don't.

Just know that Hitchen's prose on the fallen state of Detroit would accurately describe the ruin in all of the cities listed above. And a good many more. The reasons for the decline never changes.

Flipping through a recently purchased Images of America collection on Detroit (well, two: Forgotten Detroit and 20th-Century Retailing in Downtown Detroit), it became apparent I was like looking at images from another world. Those same streets that Hitchen's story spoke of being on the cusp of returning to nature, were instead filled with happy, courteous citizens, contributing to the building of mankind's great achievements.

Now, Detroit is America's Atlantis. In the pages of Images of America photo collections, a Detroit long a memory sits eternally frozen for all to remember. Any of the pictures captured of but one, brief moment in time from long ago - that when juxtaposed with Hitchen's column - serve as a powerful reminder that race is all that matters to a city's survival rate.

Exist: Civilization once thrived in Detroit
Pick up a copy of one of these Images of America series. I'm sure most of the cities listed above are available for purchase. See for yourself what Birmingham once looked like. Why not take a look at the Cleveland of 1940 or 1950? Definitely secure one of the titles on Detroit.

It is the faces in these pictures, smiling and enjoying life in the very same spot of a city now deserted that... that seem alien to me. Haunting pictures of an orderly society where the nexus of commerce, community, and comfort serves to mock those who know of how these same cities look today.

History hasn't progressed for Detroit. History hasn't progressed for Birmingham. Cleveland rots, while the Images of America collection series depicts a robust, thriving town from 60 - 70 years ago.

What happened?

Well, one city in Minnesota is attempting to display a portion of the mindset that is at fault for the downfall of these cities. We've dubbed them Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL).  It's hard to know what to call this:
UMD has joined with 14 Duluth community organizations as a partner in the UnFair Campaign, a major anti-racism effort focusing on the role white people can play in addressing racial disparities. The UnFair Campaign seeks to raise awareness about white privilege in the community, provide resources for understanding and action, and facilitate dialogue and partnership that result in fundamental, systemic change towards racial justice.

Developed in Duluth, the UnFair Campaign was launched at a news conference in Duluth City Hall. UMD Chancellor Lendley C. Black participated in the news conference, along with Mayor Don Ness and representatives of other campaign partner organizations.

With the tagline “It's hard to see racism when you're white,” the campaign will attempt to heighten attention to white privilege and encourage dialogue through posters, billboards, the campaign’s website, public workshops, guest speakers, community reads, films, and facilitated discussions.

"The UnFair Campaign’s goals are fundamental to the change we are working to achieve at UMD," said Chancellor Black. "Our Strategic Plan provides the framework for realizing a learning and working environment that reflects the values of equity, diversity, and social justice. The first step is recognizing that racism and inequality exist."

UnFair Campaign. What a tremendous idea! Let's see what the Minnesota Public Radio has to say on the subject:
Community organizations in Duluth launched a new anti-racism campaign Tuesday.
The "Unfair Campaign" is intended to draw attention to advantages white people enjoy because of their skin color. Fifteen Duluth organizations kicked off the campaign with an event at City Hall.
A 2010 survey found Duluth residents viewed the city as less hospitable to racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, young adults without children, and talented college graduates looking for work than other comparable cities.
The campaign hopes to address such findings and spur dialogue about white privilege, and features edgy posters and billboards throughout Duluth, as well as speakers and community events.
The conversation is long overdue, said Carl Crawford of Lake Superior College and an African-American resident of Duluth for more than 25 years.
"For those of us who have been here, lived here, we know what we feel when we come into certain places," Crawford said. "It's here, we live it, we breathe it, we feel it. We base how we're going to get dressed in the morning on how our next interaction with other people is going to go."
The first goal of the campaign is to call attention to racial disparity in a city that is 90 percent white, said Ellen O'Neill, executive director of the Duluth YWCA, which spearheaded the new initiative.
"We swim in a sea of whiteness, it's the norm," O'Neill said. "If we're white we don't have to think about it, we don't see it. So the first step is getting white people to see it."

Swimming in a sea of whiteness? What's funny is Detroit was once an unforgivable 'sea of whiteness'. These white people created a community, a city that became the envy of the world. Now, that city - immersed in a sea of Blackness - drifts back to nature, a melancholy retreat from civilization to... disarray.

Duluth, Minnesota was a city founded by white people. Those same white people born after the founding are not at fault for this occurring, nor should they be attacked by a campaign making them feel sorry for inability for Black people to create similar communities that people desiring living and raising a family in.

But just like Detroit, just like Birmingham, and just like Cleveland, once the founding stock of city departs, well, that city is doomed. Once the unbearable, putrid sea of whiteness becomes that desired, vibrant sea of Blackness, well, you only need to read how Hitchen's story on Detroit ended to find out what happens next:
They have been trying to rescue Detroit for years, and for years Detroit has continued to be sucked back into the ground from which it was born.

Just as in China you can hear the roar and thunder of growth and ambition and the shouts of greed and triumph, in Detroit you can hear the whispers and sighs of decay and decline. For more than two centuries, America balanced on top of a wave of growth and power like a triumphant surf rider. Now she wallows in decline and the rest of us wait to see what that will bring.
Wait a second. Didn't this start out with a call to a certain advertising firm in a couple of cities? Yes it did.

What if the tables of the UnFair Campaign were turned? What if someone (or a company) decided to put up billboards in dying cities in America, where the "sea of Blackness" flows without the vile containment of white racism?

Well, let's do it.

The prices aren't extravagant. The billboard wouldn't take much, nor need to be anything over-the-top (like the UnFair Campaign). The expenses aren't significant. For a couple hundred buck, a billboard could be secured for months. Months.

If you are interested in helping out this campaign (I have a designer in mind for the billboard), consider making a donation to SBPDL. Normal rules apply: you'll get the soon-to-be released Stuff Black People Don't Like: 365Black Days of Judging by Content of Character for any $50 dollar donation (signed) and for any $100 donation, you'll get all five published books.

Why not remind those living in Detroit, Birmingham, and other cities where the "sea of Blackness" is most potent celebrate the future, by being reminded of what the past was like. That past is available in the Images of America collection.

"It's hard to see racism when you're white." Not really. Just visit Philadelphia and take a ride in a cab or a stroll down a street. Go be part of the Knockout Game in St. Louis. Take a drive into Baltimore. Or look through the pages of this Web site. Learn about Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa State Fair (2010). Read about Black people pulling whites out of the cars at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee (2011). Feast your eyes on the 20+ city Black Air Jordan Riots of Christmas 2011.

What do men do against such reckless hate?

The answer to that question is for you to decide.

As a favor to us, consider making a donation.

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Cast Liam Neeson in the 'Death Wish' remake; Set it in Philadelphia

Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I'll ever know
Live and die on this day
Live and die on this day

Set the remake in Philadelphia... instantly, you print money
The above poem is an integral plot point from one of those rare glimpses into what cinema could be, the type of entertainment Hollywood could provide  in every movie. Director Joe Carnahan's The Grey is a movie experience representing a momentary reprieve from... this world. It's spiritual in way that no church or religion could hope to provide now, speaking directly to the souls of those watching who know something is dreadfully wrong with modern society.

We live in a world with  not only a spiritual void, but one strangely devoid of purpose save the never-ending pursuit of lifting every Black voice so that it can sing (in essence, what Black-Run America is). Maybe this is why Liam Neeson, the star of The Grey, found the spirituality in Constantinople so overwhelming. Not to give away the plot of The Grey, but it tragically mirrors one aspect of Neeson's private life. When you have a tragedy befall you, it's only natural to question your faith. For many, this experience will only strengthen it.

So what's The Grey about?:
Devastated by the loss of his wife, Ottway [Neeson's character] has seemingly lost the will to live, until he and a half-dozen fellow workers survive a deadly plane crash in the wilderness. He and his stranded cohorts put up a fierce fight for survival against prowling wolves, dangerous cold and rugged terrain.
In some way, I believe that Neeson's involvement with The Grey was a catharsis. After the 2009 death of his wife, one can only guess to the spiritual journey the devout Roman Catholic took. But rest assured, to any SBPDL reader who goes to the movie theater and watches The Grey, know that the final scene was the finest representation of the philosophy behind this site.

Knowing this, you'll understand why we must now start a petition to have Liam Neeson cast in the remake of the Charles Bronson Death Wish film. Coincidentally, Carnahan will be directing.

And there is only one American city worthy of being the home to a 21st century remake of the gritty 1970s classic: Killadelphia Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, where Black violence is spiraling out of control, is the only city where Death Wish could logically be set in right now. It might sound outlandish, but a movie with this script could conceivably be made, knowing that Hollywood executives do care about turning a profit (just ask George Lucas what they thought of funding his Red Tails project).

Death Wish is ostensibly a right-wing story, but it's more than that; it's about challenging the state monopoly on violence when that same state sits back and does nothing to keep the law-abiding citizens safe. When that same state actively covers up for the actions of a criminal class, because covering the reality of crime would instantly undermine the very society that has been built (BRA) in the first place. 

Death Wish was a huge hit back in the 1970s, when white paranoia toward 'inner-city crime' was rising around the nation (it was made only a few years after the Black riots tore apart city after city nationwide). Guess what's happening now? That paranoia is well-founded:

IN A HORRIFIC assault in Center City on Saturday night, three teenagers who were spouting racial slurs pulled a man out of a cab to beat him. And when the cabdriver intervened to stop the assault, the teens turned their rage on him, police said yesterday.
About 8:25 p.m., a cab was stopped at a red light at 15th and Chestnut streets when two 17-year-old boys and a 15-year-old boy approached and started calling the male passenger in the back seat racially derogatory names, police said.
The boys then threw an unknown liquid at the cab before they opened the door, pulled the passenger out and started to pummel him, police said.
When the cabbie got out of the car to see what was going on, the passenger ran away and the teens turned on the cabbie. They punched him in the face, kicked him and threw a liquid on him, police said.
Despite being outnumbered, the cabbie grabbed a tire iron from his trunk, at which time the teens ran away. The driver flagged down a police officer, and the three boys were arrested. They were charged as juveniles with aggravated assault and related offenses.
The cabbie suffered an injury to his right eye and had abdominal and side pain, police said. The passenger remains unidentified.
Police said the three teens were black and the cabbie and passenger were white. Police did not immediately know whether the teens would or could face hate-crime charges.
According to police records, the cabbie worked for Liberty Taxi Co., but a dispatcher working there yesterday was surprised none of the drivers he'd spoken with were aware of the assault. Police declined to provide the name of the driver, so the dispatcher could not confirm whether he was an employee.
"This would be something that would be big news," the dispatcher said. "It would have been a highly charged moment that drivers would be talking about."
This type of thuggery (more to the point, Black-on-white violence) in Philadelphia - not to mention Black-on-Black violence - is all too common today. Freedom failed in The City of Brotherly Love

Cast Neeson as Paul Kersey. He's made a number of movies lately that Charles Bronson would have loved to starred in, and a Death Wish remake with Patrick Swazye's co-star from Next of Kin is what this world needs right now.

Regardless of what happens, The Grey is a cinematic masterpiece. The message of the movie is clear: never mind the odds, survive. Keep going. Live.


In nature, that's the only way to Exist.

"Crash and Burned! Huh, Mav?"

Red Tails box office numbers stink
With one-tenth of the budget (marketing/distribution and filming) that George Lucas spent on Red Tails, Tyler Perry consistently churns out films catering to a predominately Black crowds that yield huge returns.

Costing $93 million to make and distribute, Red Tails has earned an estimated $31 - $33 million in two weeks of being in theaters. Not too bad, right? Wrong. Consider that Tyler Perry - the Orson Welles of Black cinema - has a target market of mostly Black moviegoers, while his films open to box office numbers that should give any industry analyst pause when it comes to evaluating Red Tails success. From my new Vdare column:

Of course, that $58 million didn’t count the $35 million dedicated to distribution and marketing. Still, some were even more optimistic: Take That, Critics! “Red Tails” Is Box Office Hit!, NewsOne.com, January 23, 2012.
But Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family opened to  $25 million in April of 2011; and Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married opened to $29 million in April of 2010; and Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail opened to $41 million in 2009. See the numbers on BoxOfficeMojo.com.
And Perry spends considerably less in marketing dollars and doesn’t get free, sycophantic “earned media”—let alone schools closing to take students to see fiction peddled as truth.

“Hollywood studios were stunned by how well this George Lucas banner film Red Tails did in matinees Friday. Until they discovered that the Lucasfilm/Twentieth Century Fox marketing inside the African-American community resulted in busloads of midday filmgoers for the Tuskegee Airmen’s true story. ”[Nikki Finke,  writing on Deadline.com,  January 22, 2012]
Nor do Black people launch a Twitter campaign(#supportRedTails) urging seeing Tyler movies the opening week.
Read the rest of it there, comment on it here, and share it all across the wonderful social media of the Web.

Crash and burned? Yeah. Red Tails is officially a bomb. And Slider still stinks.

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Tick, Tick, Tick...

What is the racial breakdown?
Few have dared confront what will happen on the Day the EBT Card Runs Out. This nightmarish scenario is the moment from which masters of horror like Clive Barker, Stephen King, Wes Craven, George Romero, Frank Darabont, and other writers and directors steer clear from, for the implications are far more frightening than any mere zombie apocalypse, an inextinguishable hockey-masked killer, or just an evil supernatural clown combined.

The Day the EBT Card Runs Out is a real eventuality, one that will play out when the United States federal government can no longer borrow money to dole out entitlements to a growing population segment that produces nothing. Well, "nothing" is not the best choice of word. It is more accurate to say that the disproportionate amount of crime that requires quasi-martial law to be declared in a growing number of cities that forces increases in funding of the police sector is a noticeable outgrowth of this demographic.

It is for this reason that Predator Drones will take to the sky over cities like Philadelphia, Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Newark, and Birmingham, all in the name of 'keeping an eye on high-crime" areas.

So what happens when those EBT Cards stop working? What happens when the money runs out and they no longer provide the magical ability to provide victuals and provender?

Back in 2009, The New York Times produced an interactive map that breaks down EBT card usage by race for every county in America. It's available here. Please note that Hispanics are lumped in with the "white" category. In 2010, the NYT published another map that showed the percentage of growth from 2007 to 2009. The safety net of EBT cards is a growing cost that an absolutely broke federal government will one day be unable to pay.

To understand the disproportionate reliance that Black people have upon the EBT card, take a look at the racial breakdown of Michigan:
Total African-Americans in Michigan: 1,405,515
Total African-Americans in Michigan on EBT Cards: 546,135
Total African-Americans in Michigan on EBT Cards: 39 percent.

A burgeoning Black (no pun intended) market exists in Detroit (84 percent Black), where the EBT card is the de facto currency of the population. Michican serves as a microcosm for the fraud endemic in the EBT card community:

Two undercover informants entered Jefferson's Liquor Palace and spotted the owner at the register. "Big baby," said one, "we gon' do this?"

The man behind the counter provided $50 in cash, two bottles of liquor, two porn DVDs and two Viagra pills — all in exchange for taking $280.85 off a food-stamp card, say federal investigators who recorded the deal.

Fraud in the government program that helps the poor has added up to nearly $100 million since 2007, according to the U.S. Agriculture Department. It's a fraction of the more than $40 billion spent to feed people each year, but the crime has become a brazen way for some small stores to literally swipe cash from the U.S. Treasury, especially in the Detroit area.

There have been at least 122 fraud-related convictions of owners or employees in the five-state Midwest region since 2007, nearly double the number from 2004-06, says USDA, which oversees the welfare program. About half of those have occurred in southeastern Michigan.
Remember, these numbers represent 2009 data. A recent survey provided by the Office of Research and Analysis provides a glimpse of the disproportionate reliance that Black people have on the EBT card (remember, Black people comprise only 13 percent of  our US population).

Investors Business Daily has provided a cover story on entitlement usage - sans racial/demographic breakdown - that offers a glimpse of the nightmarish scenario toward which we inch closer to each day:

If the Republican primaries are any indication, one big debate in the upcoming election will be whether President Obama is pushing the country toward a European-style welfare culture.

Mitt Romney, for example, argues that "over the past three years, Barack Obama has been replacing our merit-based society with an entitlement society."

Newt Gingrich has taken to calling Obama "the best food-stamp president in American history."
Obama, in contrast, says the government must play an increasing role — what he likes to call "shared responsibility" — to ensure a society that is fairer.

Food stamps. This year, more than 46 million (15% of all Americans) will get food stamps. That's 45% higher than when Obama took office, and twice as high as the average for the previous 40 years. This surge was driven in part by the recession, but also because Obama boosted the benefit amount as part of his stimulus plan.

Do you understand now why record gun sales are at record levels across the country? Do you understand now why people are losing faith in the government, with an increasing amount of individuals believing that society is spiraling toward collapse?

The moment the EBT Card Runs Out is the impetus behind such entertainment as The Walking Dead. In the past two years Atlanta and Detroit both provided glimpses of the people who rely on entitlements (Dallas as well): it was a monochromatic scene of sadness.

Tick... Tick... Tick...

That sound you hear is the timer clocking inexorably to the moment when the bomb goes off - the EBT card stops working at McDonald's; when the EBT card no longer purchase an Enchirito at Taco Bell; when the EBT card no longer supplies steak and lobster; when the song "It's free, swipe your EBT" becomes a reminder of better days; when the EBT card can no longer be used to barter for drugs in Detroit.

This nightmarish scenario will unfold. Barker, King, Romero... any of the various incarnations of Paranormal Activity or Saw will be child's play when compared to the horror that happens on Night of the Dead EBT.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Same Old Song: Kansas City's Billion Dollar School Experiment Loses its Accreditation

Same old song
Just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do
Crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see
 - Kansas, Dust in the Wind

One day, every school child will learn of the folly that occurred here
It was only a few years ago that Clayton County (that once bustling metro Atlanta county that is now majority Black) lost its accreditation for its school system. It was only last year that a major scandal engulfed the Atlanta Public School system (another majority Black system, with a bevy of Black administrators), jeopardizing the accreditation of its school district in the process. 

Scandals are brewing in majority Black Washington D.C. and Philadelphia as we speak. 

But it's in one particularly interesting school district, host to perhaps the most notorious social experiment in American higher education history, that confirms that the dream of closing the racial gap in learning will never end:
As of Jan.1, the Kansas City Missouri (KCMO) School District has lost its accreditation for the second time in 11 years. The last time the KCMO School District lost its accreditation was in 2000 because of its failure to meet the minimal academic performance standards of the state.  In 2002, KCMO schools were able to make improvements to gain the district provisional accreditation and avoid a state takeover. According to MSNBC, the district has maintained only this provisional accreditation for nearly a decade.

The State of Missouri assesses each district on the criteria of 14 predetermined standards. These standards are: Mission and Goals, Planning, Resource Allocation, and Institutional Renewal, Institutional Resources, Leadership and Governance, Administration, Integrity, Institutional Assessment, Student Support Services, Faculty, Educational Offerings, General Education, Related Educational Activities, and Assessment of Student Learning. In 2010, KCMO passed its assessment by only meeting four of the listed criteria. According to Kansas City News Pro, in 2011 only three of the 14 accreditation standards were met resulting in the loss of its accreditation.
Who are these students performing so miserably on these tests? The answer shouldn't be surprising, with the blueprint for the school systems demise similar to those of Atlanta, Washington D.C., Birmingham, Memphis, Philadelphia, and Detroit. White flight to 'drifter colonies' surrounding Kansas City has left Black people in charge of an infrastructure they can't maintain and a school system filled with students incapable of achieving the academic standards of those who departed for temporary sanctuary in the suburbs. 

Here's the New York Times on the collapse:
In the wake of the Kansas City school board’s decision to shutter 28 of its 61 schools, many people were left scratching their heads. While school closings as a result of demographic change and tight budgets are commonplace across the country, rarely does a system lose half of itself in one sweep. 

The sudden move suggests a depth of dysfunction here that is rarely associated with Kansas City, a lively heartland town with a reputation for order. But a closer look at the school board’s recent history reveals a chaotic, almost nonfunctioning body that put off making tough choices and even routine improvements for generations. Experts said that in the board’s years of inaction is a cautionary tale for school districts everywhere. 

“This is extraordinary,” said Jack Jennings, president of the Center on Education Policy, a research group in Washington. “The school board was dysfunctional for years. There was very poor governance for a long period of time, and it was like a revolving door with superintendents.” 

Mr. Jennings also said the board was plagued with “a general unwillingness to face the facts” of the chaos it created. 

Students have been leaving the Kansas City public schools in droves. Close to 18,000 students exited to better suburban districts or charter schools in the last 10 years alone. The student enrollment is now 17,400 children, who are mostly black and impoverished. 

And achievement levels in the schools are abysmal: Fewer than a third of elementary students in the city schools read at or above grade level. And in most of the schools, fewer than a quarter of students are proficient at their grade levels.
Academic reforms to improve the Kansas City school system include shipping under-performing Black students into the drifter colony school districts that miraculously work. These primarily white students don't need tricks or gimmicks to pass tests or meet minimum standards. But with an influx of Black students, these school districts will inevitably collapse as well, leaving the state of Missouri with no choice but to cite the failure for academic progress in the Black students there too.

What happened in Kansas City (and continues to happen) requires us to look back in time and discuss the noble intentions of a desegregation order - and the billions wasted trying to close the racial gap in achievement between Black and white students - that should give any thinking person an obvious answer to the question of nature vs. nurture. District Court Judge Russell Clark presided over a case that will serve to educate students in the future of the sheer folly that ruled American educational discourse in the 21st century:

By almost any standard, Missouri v. Jenkins, the Kansas City, Missouri, school desegregation case, was extraordinary. Between 1985 and 2003 federal judges ordered more than $2 billion in new spending by the school district to encourage desegregation. Not only did they double property taxes to pay this huge bill, but they imposed an income tax surcharge on everyone who lived or worked in the city. The court order turned every high school and middle school (as well as half the elementary schools) into "magnet schools," each with a distinctive theme—including not merely science, performing arts, and computer studies, but also classical Greek, Asian studies, agribusiness, and environmental studies. The newly constructed classical Greek high school housed an Olympic-sized pool with an underwater observation room, an indoor track, a gymnastic center, and racquetball courts.
The former coach of the Soviet Olympic fencing team was hired to teach inner-city students how to thrust and parry. The school system spent almost a million dollars a year to recruit white kids from the suburbs, and even hired door-to-door taxi service for them. By 1995 Kansas City was spending over $10,000 per student, more than any comparable school system in the country. Despite this massive effort, litigation failed either to improve the quality of education or to reduce racial isolation. Test scores continued to drop, and the percentage of minority students continued to rise. Eventually, black parents—who had long opposed the court's heavy emphasis on "magnet schools" designed to draw whites into the school system—insisted upon a return to neighborhood schools.
Paul Ciotti of the Cato Institute produced perhaps the most devastating paper on the Kansas City experiment in Utopian dreams, revealing that no amount of money could another minute buy hopes of closing the racial gap in achievement.

George Will wrote about it at the Washington Post:

Thirty-five years ago, Kansas City’s district had 54,000 students. Today it has fewer than 17,000. Between then and now there was a spectacular confirmation of the axiom that education cannot be improved by simply throwing money at it.
In the 1980s, after a court held that the city was operating a segregated school system, judicial Caesarism appeared. A judge vowed to improve the district’s racial balance by luring white students to lavish “magnet schools” offering “suburban comparability” and “desegregative attractiveness.” And he ordered tax increases to pay the almost $2 billion bill for, among other things, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a planetarium, vivariums, greenhouses, a model United Nations wired for language translation, radio and television studios, an animation and editing lab, movie editing and screening rooms, a temperature-controlled art gallery, a 25-acre farm, a 25-acre wildlife area, instruction in cosmetology and robotics, field trips to Mexico and Senegal, and more.
Neither test scores nor the racial gap in academic achievement improved, and racial imbalance increased. Today, African Americans are 28 percent of the city’s population and 63 percent of public school students. And Covington (“We’re not an employment agency. We are a school district”) has survived the tumultuous process of closing schools. He won the support of a narrow majority on the elected school board. Except for one incumbent board member who ran unopposed, all those candidates in the next election who had opposed the closures were defeated. Now what?
Now what? Cue up the Kansas.

Same old song
Just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do
Crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see

Education reform is not my specialty. But the answer is not Charter Schools or busing Black students into drifter colonies in the hopes that, through some of educational osmosis, they magically produce the same test scores as their white counterparts.

The answer is one that the Federal government can never consider, for it would undermine the very foundation of its current mission (the totalitarian enforcement of what we have dubbed Black-Run America: BRA).

 Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) and I Have a Dream (I HAD) people - these are your standard Republicans/conservatives - have a vested interest in ensuring that the very question is never even asked.

Those haunting lines from Dust in the Wind provide the answer that should be obvious to any person, but because  our society values maintaining a lie (equality), we must obfuscate reality further. Ensuring that civilization crumbles to the ground in the process.

Kansas City, Detroit, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Newark, and a growing list of cities must be sacrificed to perpetuate this lie.

No worries. Kansas City is one of those cities where Flash Mobs Mahogany Mobs are scaring away shoppers and potential investors hoping to revitalize the downtown area, which is home to some of the most dangerous Black people on the planet (now you should understand why white flight happens; to live in communities free of crime, murder, and mayhem).

The lie of equality will continue to limp along, taking countless lives in the process and wasting trillions of dollars (not to mention the unquantifiable opportunity costs associated with maintaining it). All in the name of "progress", which really means stunting our advancement.

Never forget: We could have been on Mars, but we had to conduct the great Kansas City experiment. And the Detroit experiment. And the Memphis experiment. And the Philadelphia experiment.

The results were always the same. Here's how to save American education: admit racial differences in intelligence. This would instantly undermine BRA, so committing suicide is not an option for DWLs and I Had people. Our future must be sacrificed, instead, while we patiently look to the skies waiting for Superman to come save us all.

Same old song
Just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do
Crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see

Friday, January 27, 2012

Exist > Coexist

Exist. What a powerful word.

For what?
Coexist. Why? What does that even mean?

Nothing is more infuriating then seeing the “Coexist” bumper sticker on a car, thereby alerting the person driving behind them or the individual passing their parked car at a shopping complex of their inherit moral superiority.

There’s some new study out that Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) are all excited about, because it purports to paint conservatives and those harboring “prejudicial” thoughts as possessing low-IQ:
There's no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.
Now why isn’t similar – let’s call it what it is: sensational - language used to describe the reasons behind that pesky racial gap in learning? Trillion upon trillions (the number can’t be quantified) of dollars have been wasted – not to mention the countless careers of Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP) – trying to fix what, well, what can’t be fixed.

Black students, for the most part, can’t compete with the standards set by their white counterparts. Neither can the increasingly large Hispanic population, though Asians tend to perform at the same level – in some cases, above – as that set by their white peers.

Coexist? What Utopian delusions do DWLs imagine will exist in this world of tomorrow (did a “World of the Future” expo from the past ever include an exhibit promoting such wonderful notions of ‘coexistence’?) where Muslims, Jews, Christians and Wiccans (the “I” stands for earth, water, fire, air and human spirit) fraternize in harmony, equality, and peace?  Even in America, a land where Freedom Failed, the state coerces the people the tyrannical policy known as Black-Run America (BRA).

Just like in the dying days of the Soviet Union, a growing majority of the population has lost all faith in this system. Conversely, as BRA’s legitimacy wanes, attempts by the state to enforce its power become more desperate (the voter identification story being one example).

This epoch that we live in will pass. It will end. Until that moment, you have only one choice: endure.

But perhaps there is something more powerful that you can do. Something elemental.

While the zeitgeist of the day demands you ‘Coexist’, it’s only natural that a movement would arise in opposition to this desire for totalitarian universal brotherhood.

I’ve thought long and hard regarding a logo for SBPDL. Finally, it dawned on me when I saw a ‘COEXIST’ sticker on a car that cut me off on a highway.

The word 'Exist' in white letters, surrounded by Black.

One word that runs counter to this age, that despite decades of intense propaganda is all around us is crashing to the ground.


A radical notion that the cuts to the very heart of conservatism, and exposes the roots of what is behind any movement dedicated to preserving something, be it an old building designated for demolition; a forest that will leveled so a ‘drifter colony’ can be built outside an unsafe major city; or even a people who are told they have no right to worry about their collective future.


Don’t be surprised if bumper or magnetic stickers with ‘Exist’ written upon them start appearing around the nation.

Exist. What a powerful word.

In an age where a blind devotion to the delusional, yet coerced ideology that “progress” can only occur and be achieved through ‘coexistence’; well, daring to ‘exist’ might be the most radical act a person can participate in.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

(Frank) Castle Doctrine in Action? 65- year-old Pennsylvania Native Fights Back

It has finally happened in Philadelphia
 UPDATE: This story is going to be big. Eventually, MSNBC will send reporters to cover what looks to be a white dude utilizing the Castle Doctrine to defend himself from Black teens (who should have been in school!). It's a safe bet that the 65-year-old  man was a white male. Knowing that the dead teenage attacker is named Julius Johnson, it's an equally safe bet all three teens who attacked him (who were all skipping school) were Black:

A 65-year-old man was justified in shooting two of three teenagers who were attempting to rob him as he rode his bicycle along a popular river trail Wednesday morning, authorities announced Thursday.
The ordeal unfolded shortly before 11 a.m. on the Thun Trail in Cumru Twp., Berks Co.
The teens knocked the man off his bicycle and onto the ground, said police, who added that two of the teens were assaulting the man when he pulled out a gun and shot them.

The man was licensed to carry a gun, said Berks County District Attorney John Adams, who noted that he told investigators that he feared for his life. Adams said the man had no choice.
One of the alleged assailants, Julius Johnson, 16, a student in the Reading School District who skipped school Wednesday, died at the scene of a gunshot wound to the chest, officials said.

The city of Philadelphia is under-siege. Thirty-one people have been killed in the first 25 days of 2012 there.

Rocky Balboa, the fictional boxer who brought such pride to Philadelphia - a statue of this movie character sits outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art - wouldn't be able to train in the city now. He'd be targeted for assault or he'd have fled the crime that is forcing law-abiding citizens to leave for the suburbs, those rootless "drifter colonies" that surround almost every major city in America.

Annette John-Hall of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a column at the start of 2012, which quietly illustrated why white flight happens:
The paper read murder, Black on black murder,
The paper read murder, Black on black murder again

Murder again. . . . Is it genocide?
- Jay-Z and Kanye West, "Murder to Excellence"

Those gunshots that had you dropping to the floor on New Year's Eve? You know, the ones that traditionally ring in the new year?
They've become nothing more than an S.O.S., warning us that yes, domestic terrorism is alive and well in a city where brothers kill brothers - Philadelphia.
Talk about black-on-black crime: According to stats from the Philadelphia Police Department, 75 percent of 324 victims killed last year were African American men, while 80 percent of those doing the killing were - you guessed it - black males.

Unlike in New Orleans, where that city's elderly Black population prays for an end to Black violence - which no God answers - Philadelphia residents are witnessing the end-result of the experiment of ultimate freedom. Detroit should have been the case study that documented for the world to see that freedom fails. Sadly, many other cities must now fall to the same fate of The Arsenal of Democracy, with The City of Brotherly Love next on the list.

It's not hard to understand that its the Black population that makes a city unsafe to live. The greater the percentage (think Detroit or increasingly Philadelphia), the worse the violence. Just take a look at recent figures that showcase how Black people in Kansas City and St. Louis monopolize violence:

Missouri’s rate of 34.72 homicides per 100,000 black residents is almost double the national black homicide victim rate of 17.90, according to the study. The national rate for whites is 2.92 homicides per 100,000 people.
If there is any positive news in the report, it’s that Missouri’s nation-leading rate decreased from the year before when it led the country with 39.90 homicides per 100,000 black residents.
Kansas ranks 12th nationally with a rate of 20.04 per 100,000 population, according to this year’s report.
For their study of 2009 homicides, researchers reported 239 black homicide victims in Missouri. There were 35 counted that year in Kansas.
In St. Louis, blacks were victims in 125 of the 143 homicides in 2009, according to St. Louis police.
Of Kansas City’s 110 homicides in 2009, there were 81 black victims, according to Kansas City police statistics.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/01/25/3392027/missouris-black-homicide-rate.html#storylink=cpy
Truth does seem to have a racial bias.

Knowing that Philadelphia is headed for extinction, and that the violence seen in 2011 from Black people there is going to be eclipsed in 2012, what does one do?

Exercise the usage of the Castle Doctrine:
A 65-year-old man shot two teens, one fatally, as they tried to rob him Wednesday morning on a trail near the Schuylkill River, police said.

The Berks County coroner's office did not release the name of the boy who was killed, saying only that he was a 16-year-old from the city. Officials said his mother asked them to give her time to notify relatives before releasing his name.

He was pronounced dead at the scene at 12:17 p.m. by Deputy Coroner Jonn M. Hollenbach. An autopsy is scheduled this afternoon in Reading Hospital.

The other teen, who was shot once, was taken to Reading Hospital. Police did not release his name. Information on his condition could not be obtained.

A third teen, identified only as a 15-year-old boy, was stopped at the scene by police and taken in for questioning. He was later committed to the county youth center in Bern Township on unspecified charges.

Authorities also did not release the name of the man, who was not charged.

Police said the shooting occurred shortly before 11 on the Thun Trail near the Schuylkill River pedestrian bridge between Reading and West Reading.

According to investigators:

The man was riding his bicycle on the trail near the Bertolet Fishing Dock at South First Avenue and Chestnut Street in West Reading.

The teens knocked the man off his bicycle, and two of them assaulted him.

The man pulled out a handgun and shot them both.
As of yet, the racial angle of this story is unknown. Judging by the rate at which Black people avoid riding bicycles and the fact that a white guy was attacked by Black people while riding a bike last year into Philadelphia, the odds are pretty good it's a case of Black-on-white violence that was only interrupted because of the timely application of what must be dubbed the (Frank) Castle Law.

This story is still developing (video here), but it's one that illustrates no "drifter colony" is safe from violence. Berks County, considered part of Philadelphia statistically, is 76 percent white and 4.9 percent Black.

Regardless of how the story turns out (if three white punks were the attackers), those who do evil to others must be punished. Those who would do evil must be reminded that their actions do have consequences.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Detropia" as the future for all America: Why 'drifter colonies' must come to an end

Titan A.E.: A Whitopia is basically a 'drifter colony' for those with no home
The other day, I happened to watch Titan A.E. Strange as this may sound; it came out when I was in high school. It’s not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but the general thrust of the story intrigued me enough to watch bits and pieces of it while I finished reading a book called Detroit Divided.

First off, it’s a cartoon set between 3028 – 3043 A.D. The world has been destroyed (as in the planet has been blown up by an alien life-form made of pure energy) and only a few pockets of humanity escaped of earth.

Wikipedia describes beautifully what comes next:
Titan A.E. primarily deals with the idea of human existence after the destruction of Earth. The movie opens with the destruction of Earth and primarily takes place 15 years after this event. Since that time, humans’ numbers have dwindled and there is a general prejudice against them from other species. Many humans, even ones who once fought to save humanity, have given up on the species and concluded that extinction is only a matter of time. Cale is initially cynical in this way but begins to believe in saving his species more after spending time on a “drifter colony” full of humans and relics from Earth.

It was while watching the apathy of the Cale character (voiced by Matt Damon) toward fighting to save humanity, that I realized the movie was a perfect metaphor for our time. Sometimes, I wonder how many people have given up on defending the historic majority population of not only America, but of Europe and the civilizations her people gave birth too.

There’s a reason the entire non-European world wishes to live in the European-created world; they’d rather live in a world created and sustained by what Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) call ‘white privilege’ then their native land. The only ‘white privilege’ that white people have left in Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa is the privilege of watching their nations become submerged by people who have  no vested interest in maintaining the culture (an extension of race) that created it.

People dissent on what they are allowed to dissent on (in our strange world, we’d call these people “libertarians”) and the rest go about their pointless lives, hoping to get through the work week so they can spend a few hours in ecstasy watching a collegiate or professional sporting contest.

They remain comfortably numb to anything outside the micro-paradigms they’ve created for themselves, while a macro-paradigm shift has occurred which governs all of our lives.

Hard to believe, but 100 years ago white people made up roughly 33 percent of the world’s population; today, less than 8 percent of the population is white.

In many ways, we live in a world like that in Titan A.E.  Europe is quickly becoming Eurabia; South Africa and Rhodesia Zimbabwe are done; Australia and New Zealand will be swallowed by the demographic tidal wave; and the United States of America is governed by Black-Run America (BRA), where the slightest dissent means complete ostracism from respectable society.

For four generations now, white Americans have participated in the abandonment of major city after major city. The consequences of this pulling up tent and running away from major cities that become untenable to raise a family in (always due to the same reason: high rates of Black crime that drive down property value, force the closing of businesses, and worse, bring ruin to the schools) have been disastrous.

The collapse of Detroit into barbarism is the perfect reminder of why we live in a world much like that of Titan A.E. Detroit’s collapse is 100 percent racial; the original Detroit, like earth in Titan A.E., has been destroyed irrevocably. 

Detroit had a Black riot in 1967 that convinced white people of the need to flee for the suburbs if they were to survive and flourish. Multiple Coleman Young mayoral terms in Detroit convinced those few remaining white people to completely give up on the city.

Civilization is, for all intents and purposes, dead in Detroit. Though few will state it – remember, Detroit is 84 percent Black now – the collapse of The Motor City is 100 percent a reminder that Black people lack the capacity to even sustain a city they are given through the attrition of white people.

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, two filmmakers, have captured what happens when white people leave a towering metropolis that their ancestors created behind. Called Detropia, their documentary shows a glimpse of the future for all cities or counties that the Black Undertow submerges:
Detroit lost 25 percent of its population between 2000 and 2010, and now, broke, finds itself on the verge of a possible state takeover. Yet visual reminders of a better time both haunt and anoint the residents here. The past is achingly present in Detroit, and the way its citizens interact with the hulking, physical remnants of yesterday is striking.
A few years ago, there was a rash of power outages in Detroit, caused by people illegally cutting down live telephone wires to get to the valuable copper coils inside. The Detroit police created a copper theft task force to deter the so-called “scrappers,” young men who case old buildings for valuable metals, troll cemeteries to steal copper grave plates and risk their lives to squeeze any last dollar out of the industrial detritus.  
One freezing evening we happened upon the young men in this film, who were illegally dismantling a former Cadillac repair shop. They worked recklessly to tear down the steel beams and copper fasteners. They were in a hurry to make it to the scrap yard before it closed at 10 p.m., sell their spoils and head to the bar.  
Surprisingly, these guys, who all lacked high school diplomas, seemed to have a better understanding of their place in the global food chain than many educated American 20-somethings. The young men regularly checked the fluctuating price of metals before they determined their next scrap hunt, and they had a clear view of where these resources were going and why. They were the cleanup crew in a shaky empire.
Somebody’s got to do it.  
Will Detropia admit the racial aspect of Detroit’s collapse? Will it even broach the racial aspect of the collapse? Doubtful.

But those hated white people, who will continue to face increasing prejudices as their numbers decrease (and yet still be given the bill to pay for entitlements to subsidize the high growth rates of minority populations) will forever search for new homes to raise families free of crime, with safe streets, and with a flourishing school system.

They’ll search for “drifter colonies” – as in Titan A.E. – where the relics of an almost all-white society from the past is kept alive, if only fleetingly. To paraphrase one of my favorite lines from a movie, kids who get to grow up in a Whitopia – isn’t that all a “drifter colony” is in BRA? – get to see what all of America was once like, just a glimpse that will eventually be lost, like tears in the rain.

. Those people who yearn for the “good ole days” of America actually yearn for a world that has been dismantled, and can never be restored. The Detroit of yesterday is but the scrap metal of today.

How many other cities will eventually see a similar fate? Milwaukee, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Birmingham all are at the top of a growing list.

Surrounding these dying cities reside flourishing “drifter colonies” that will eventually be abandoned to the expanding Black Undertow, fleeing the very major city they couldn’t sustain.

The Detroit Free Press profiled Detropia, publishing these words:
The city's struggles have had no lack of attention recently. There have been other documentaries, as well as national TV reports, photo books, art exhibits and references in pop songs.
But "Detropia" seems different, for a couple of reasons. One, it's made by Oscar-nominated documentary filmmakers Heidi Ewing, who grew up in Farmington Hills, and Rachel Grady. They are best known for the controversial 2006 documentary "Jesus Camp," which focused on an evangelical Christian summer camp. Two, it frames the story from the perspective of the decline and collapse of America's manufacturing base, with Detroit being at the epicenter.
"Our intention is not that somebody point the finger and say, 'Man, Detroit's really got problems.' If that's what happens, then we've failed at our job," Ewing said this week.
"We want people to say, 'Man, that's happening in my city, too. How did we let it go this far? What is our American identity when we've allowed a city to come to this point? And what are our priorities?'
"Really, we want the story of Detroit to boomerang back to the viewer and reflect upon what's going on around them and their part of the country."
With evocative music and hauntingly lovely cinematography, "Detropia" conveys some of the emptiness and beauty of the city while delving deeply into the economic battering it has taken.
The villain of the piece could be the shift of manufacturing power from the U.S., where making things fueled the rise of the middle class, to countries such as Mexico and China, where the costs of producing goods can be much cheaper.
The movie, which took two years to plan and complete, doesn't shrink from harsh realities. There are familiar scenes of an abandoned house being torn down, people scavenging for scrap metal amid ruined buildings and community meetings filled with pain and resentment.

Pain and resentment. In how many hearts, in how many minds, in how bodies of those searching for the next Whitopia  “drifter colony” to try and raise a healthy family in, do these two words register?

Just as in Titan A.E., a high number have privately realized what is happening, but the majority of them have accepted that extinction of their way of life is all but finalized.

Why stand in the way of history, when it would only prevent you from cheering on your alma mater or favorite professional team to victory?

Steve Lasser recently wrote an op-ed for The New York Times, claiming optimism is the only way forward for Detroit. Knowing that the city is being scavenged by scalpers seeking a quick profit, while simultaneously deserted by the very people who precipitated its demise, one can only conclude that Lasser is mentally unstable.

But is one mentally unstable for hoping that the day comes when those congregating in “drifter colonies” amid the outskirts of once mighty cities all across this nation (Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, St. Louis, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Richmond, and others come to mind) realize that for the sake of the future generations of the unborn, an end to the system of BRA must end?

Detroit is the future for America if nothing changes, if the system of BRA remains in place.

If it does not, well, just like at the end of Titan A.E. we’ll get to create our own world, how ever we see fit.

The other day, I happened to watch Titan A.E. As the credits rolled, it dawned on me: the days of hoping to find the next US News and World Report or CNN/Money “Best Place to Raise a Family” Whitopia “ Drifter Colony” must end. Once, all of America looked like this dwindling-in-cities; now, the Federal government plots to put refugees or Section 8 housing in their midst’s.

Looking at the pictures of the old Detroit - the beautiful edifices of majestic buildings-you start to understand that they represent relics of a lost country, one that is still worth defending to the end.

Those residing in “Drifter Colonies” still seek out some semblance of that lost America, even if they won’t admit why they move from one Whitopia experiencing Climate Climate to one unmolested by this real phenomenon. A temporary 'drifter colony' for safe harboring. 

Cynicism that the end of BRA will come must end. What comes when it does end, well, that’s the real question.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Disintegration of America: Part II

PK Note: Comfortably numb. That's how I feel right now. Reading about the violence escalating in Philadelphia (could the fictional Rocky Balboa even train there safely now?), New Orleans, Chicago, St. Louis... you begin to realize we are one incident away, when the wrong person is attacked by youths Black people merely playing a simple game of Knockout King.

I read the stories of all these crimes (can't comment on... all of them), waiting patiently for some elected official to say... something. None do. None ever will. Well, SBPDL is pleased to publish part II of Zenster's "The Disintegration of America." We hope you enjoy it. Tomorrow, we'll start with old school # posts. Oh, and for those claiming Red Tails was a box office success, you might want to rethink that claim: Tyler Perry movies usually pull in $25 - $30 million opening week, with considerable less in marketing dollars (or free, sycophantic marketing dollars via glowing newspapers articles and documentaries), and without schools closing to take students to see fiction peddled as truth. Red Tails had a budget of $58 million and a marketing/distribution budget of $35 million (all paid for by George Lucas). It made $19 million opening night, largely due Black people launching a Twitter to see the movie opening week. Prediction: Red Tails drops 70 percent in box office revenue next week.

As a matter of history, the Fourteenth Amendment was not understood to ban segregation on the basis of race.
― Cass Sunstein ―
(Current Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs)

This section will examine the origins of segregation plus how a growing sense of entitlement is washing over America, particularly with respect to Blacks, but also in other parts of the population and the negative effects it has on social cohesion.

The Myth of Integration

The original and successful “integration” of America is largely an illusion brought about by the fact that a vast majority of early immigrants ― despite varying appearances and faiths ― still shared in common a largely Western European moral or spiritual framework. This provided a basic degree of mutual interest and lent genetic cohesion to an otherwise substantial population shift in the New World.

More recently arrived Black and Asian influxes posed issues that would prove increasingly problematic but, back then, were held in check by relatively strict and somewhat mutually agreed upon social segregation. However, almost all ethnic groups exhibited a degree of “enclave mentality”. This manifested as “Chinatown”, “Little Italy” plus districts for Irish, Scandinavian and other ethnic groups.

The so-called “melting pot” of America worked back then due to a predominantly European cultural milieu. Non-European populations typically did not intermingle as much and this minimal contact helped to curtail potential racial friction. America’s European immigrants slowly intermarried and this bled off a large amount of tensions that otherwise might have arisen.

Consistent with this existing social structure, actual government policies were put in place to ensure a lack of friction. Dating from 1937, CHA (Chicago Housing Authority) guidelines known as the “Neighborhood Composition Rule”, required that tenants of a given federally subsidized housing development must reflect the same race as people living in the environs of where it was to be located.

In light of how vulnerable midcentury inner cities were to arson and other riot-related havoc, the “Neighborhood Composition Rule” made a degree of sense. Awkward placement of subsidized housing recipients could have sown the seeds for racial confrontations that might just as easily have turned violent.

The “Great Society” and Big Government

Should anyone think that this sort of “social management” represented a new peak in paternalistic government, please consider the breathtaking scope of Lyndon Johnson’s plans. Here is a partial list of “Great Society ” programs.

• Medicare and Medicaid (as amendments to the Social Security Act)
• Economic Opportunity Act
• Office of Economic Opportunity
• Community Action Agencies
• Elementary and Secondary Education Act
• Higher Education Act
• Model Cities Program
• Housing and Urban Development Act
• Urban Mass Transit Act
• Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps)
• National Endowments for the Arts
• National Endowments for the Humanities
• Wilderness, Endangered Species, and Federal Water Pollution Control Acts

Consider in detail then, how these new agencies gave the Federal government unprecedented powers of intervention with respect to what were once largely state-arbitrated matters. Just that last item alone, a forerunner to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), has seen numerous important state projects halted over supposedly endangered life forms of sometimes nearly microscopic dimensions.

This was Big Government on an unmatched scale in all of American history. It also represented a considerable dilution of America’s once principally Capitalistic free market economy through the injection of so many Socialist measures. The problematic aspects of expanding government to such a major extent have only now begun to show up on the electorate’s radar. This growth in the federal system also signaled a tremendous paradigm shift in who voted for whom and when.

During this most recent economic recovery, the federal government has been the only noteworthy source of new job creation. With almost two million employees in 2009, there are now plans afoot to create another 273,000 “mission critical jobs” over the next three years. This represents a 41% increase over the same figures contained in a 2007 survey.

It is vital to remember that government workers are tax consumers who live on the public’s payroll. Very few federal employees generate any actual revenue beyond that garnered by tax collection. The financial impact of this surge in government hiring will not be felt for many years even though its more immediate influence is sure to be visible at the polls. There is little doubt about how federal employees will tend to vote when there is any question about growing the government.

In this we encounter a fundamental conflict of interest which is little different from how our politicians habitually vote themselves pay increases. The most profound inconsistency resides in how the Public Employees Union has little, if any, incentive to oppose increases in pay and benefits despite how these escalating costs threaten to destroy America’s economic health. Unlike private sector workers, there is no perceived chance of driving their employer, the government, out of business with demands for more wages and better retirement plans.

The reason for pointing this out arises from how there is also manifesting a voting alliance between government workers and those whose survival is tied to public-paid benefits like welfare and Social Security. That the federal government hires a disproportionate number of minorities lends a special emphasis to this issue. Ensconced tax consumers are de facto pro-Socialists, as no other form of governance could possibly support them.

Back to the Plantation

It has long been apparent that the traditionally Liberal Democratic Party has a deliberate strategy of appealing to the poor through advocacy for increased spending on programs involving social benefits. Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” is a pluperfect example of this. Another voting bloc with a keen interest in social benefits is that of naturalized immigrants. The typically lower incomes of these two groups assure that they will more frequently rely upon social benefits and, therefore, vote for Democratic Party candidates.

By encouraging an “Open Door” policy to swell the ranks of immigrant citizens, America’s Democratic Party has effectively enlarged their voter base. Between increased government hiring and spending, there is a strong inflationary effect upon the economy such that this can pose negative consequences for private sector job creation. Thus, by exacerbating poverty and increasing the number of those who depend upon government largess, the Democratic Party creates, in effect, Mendicant Voter Plantations.

This was far more apparent in the age of large-scale urban housing projects and, as a consequence of ensuing negative publicity, Democratic Party members recently have sought to camouflage this rather grasping ploy by distributing Section 8 housing recipients into the suburbs of major cities. All of which is driving a renewed round of White flight as what were once exclusively White enclaves fall victim to the crime and lowered quality of life that an increased minority presence so often can bring along with it.

Furthermore, there is no longer any need for large urban housing projects. The Federal government is already so heavily Liberal ― with many Republicans being RINO (Republican In Name Only) ― that, while racial gerrymandering still exists, concentrating Black voters within a single district is not of such vital importance with regard to getting minority politicians into office. The massive number of underwater homes ― a curious byproduct of Democratic Party policies and programs ― has also contributed to an increase in residences available for Section 8 housing. Finally, expanded transit systems ― recall that “Great Society” Urban Mass Transit Act ― has made it possible to achieve the dual Liberal goals of exporting urban mendicant voters into areas with less burdened social services ― read: self-supporting White enclaves ― and simultaneously desegregating such areas by force.

This peremptory imposition of “diversity” only serves to increase racial tensions and, accordingly, grows government by requiring increased hiring of law enforcement and social service officers in areas where such involuntary “cultural enrichment” happens. Again, this municipal hiring swells the ranks of tax consumers and only increases that burden which is carried by the ever-thinning ranks of tax producers.

Liberal policy-making and programs consistently reflect a strong vulnerability to The Law of Unintended Consequences, something that LBJ’s experience in Vietnam should have made him keenly aware of. Fighting racism with compulsory desegregation only strengthens the enclave mentality. Attempting to end poverty with expanded government programs increases the tax burden for productive citizens and deters overall job creation. Examples of this Liberal failing are as numerous as they are varied.

Dis-Integration Arrives

If Jared Taylor’s observation is true; namely, that “the statistics for residential segregation in the United States are almost identical to what they were fifty or sixty years ago”, then what ultimate effect does this new form of forced integration have upon communities? It is already apparent that neighborhoods with a higher degree of racial “diversity” inherently will experience more divergent political and personal interests which can just as readily compromise any existing sense of social cohesion. Divergence of this sort is an automatic predictor of potential conflict.

One immediate outcome is an “atomization” of personal relationships. A community’s fabric loses its tightness of weave and thereby, its strength. This frequently promotes the sort of anonymity more commonly associated with urban environments. Such "facelessness" is a vital ingredient for criminal activity that is more often suppressed in tightly knit communities where an individual’s reputation has a greater effect upon their social and financial standing.

This fracturing of social unity more strongly affects Whites than it does other minorities specifically because they are minorities and already experience differing goals from both other ethnic groups and Whites as well. The inherent fragmentation of minority interests is merely a fait accompli while it is an absolute poison for White society. On an increasing basis any protest regarding this purposeful dismantling of White solidarity is hysterically shouted down with screeches of “racism”.

This slur is only given even more effectiveness by the cottage industry that has sprung up around racial “discrimination”. Hypocritical race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made lucrative careers out of inflating White Man’s Burden. With typical Black shortsightedness, little did they begin to suspect how their shameless race-mongering would set the stage for a mass rejection by Whites of this fossilized encumbrance from America’s slave era.

White Man’s Burden

After decades of being milked like the last cow on the farm, White Man’s Burden is rapidly losing its ability to inflict any guilt. All of this has been accelerated by a dawning awareness on the part of Whites that not only has this social engineering experiment with integration-at-gunpoint cost America countless trillions of dollars; it has also failed in a spectacular manner. Along with this failure has come a growing resentment for the continued inability of Blacks to productively utilize the immense largesse of White America in any meaningful way.

The Black community’s persistent poverty, high illegitimacy rates, habitual criminality and disproportionate incarceration statistics rather pointedly indicate that little to no progress has been made, nor is it forthcoming. Instead, despite its munificence, White America has only borne silent witness to an increased sense of entitlement among Blacks. This grasping arrogance has become so pronounced that such behavior now inspires slang terminology such as “gibsmedat” and other less polite expressions. Websites like unamusementpark.com, chimpout.com and niggermania.net stand as stark testimony to how fed up Whites and other races have become with, what is known in the vernacular as, TNB (Typical Nigger Behavior).

Neither has this sense of entitlement confined itself to Blacks. Having experienced an unprecedented half century or more of heretofore unknown prosperity, security and abundance, today’s American youth of all colors demonstrate precious little appreciation for the ultimate sacrifices which were made on their behalf; so that they could enjoy life in such full measure.

One indication of this spreading sense of entitlement comes from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York whose recent report cites how Americans now owe more on student loans than on credit cards. This is no small matter as student loan debt cannot be shed through bankruptcy and, if left in default, can see the average graduation-day total of $24,000 literally double in short order. Standing now at one trillion dollars it is, in effect, a looming credit bubble with borrowers bearing the brunt this time instead of bailed-out lenders.

The downstream implications of this are substantial as debt-burdened graduates will be obliged to forestall life milestones like buying a car or house and getting married or having children. All of which promises, in turn, to further depress an already flagging economy. Getting today’s students to carefully consider accepting government assistance is not helped by having a Black minority that has made such a very conspicuous career out of riding upon the coattails of productive citizens and does so in an entirely obnoxious manner.

The Luxury of American Poverty

Nor is it helpful that newly arrived immigrants are treated to this spectacle of thankless greed. Such overt hostility displayed towards Whites masks the simple fact of how supposedly “poverty stricken” American Blacks experience a standard of living which exceeds that of most other nations on earth.

As scholar James Q. Wilson has stated, “The poorest Americans today live a better life than all but the richest persons a hundred years ago.” In 2005, the typical household defined as poor by the government had a car and air conditioning. For entertainment, the household had two color televisions, cable or satellite TV, a DVD player, and a VCR. If there were children, especially boys, in the home, the family had a game system, such as an Xbox or a PlayStation. In the kitchen, the household had a refrigerator, an oven and stove, and a microwave. Other household conveniences included a clothes washer, clothes dryer, ceiling fans, a cordless phone, and a coffee maker.

Presented with the prospect of such tremendous payoffs, it is not difficult to imagine how many other immigrants may subconsciously absorb a similar reflex in automatically labeling any conflicting White behavior as “racism”. That White Liberals are so indoctrinated by Cultural Marxism to the point of abject self-loathing

Given that America’s existing Black population poses so many detrimental factors, it defies all logic and reason that this nation is currently importing hordes of African nationals. Such illogicality is further compounded by the fact that many of these African immigrants are totally illiterate, both cognitively and technologically. None of which even addresses how they are often arriving from Islamic cultures which are brazenly antagonistic to all aspects of Western civilization. Again, much of this is a direct result of Liberal Democrats cultivating tax consuming Mendicant Voter Plantations at the direct expense of White Middle Class tax producers.

Unrestricted immigration has also contributed to a resurgence of the once-fading enclave mentality. This is especially the case due to how so many of these new immigrants come from non-European countries that have very little racial diversity. Cultural incompatibility at the most basic levels only increases how inappropriate this is. Just as American Chinatowns slowly were becoming a thing of the past, many major cities are seeing fairly clear divisions of turf into renewed ethnic warrens.

No single group exemplifies this more than recent Muslim immigrants. In European cities, this enclave mentality has spiked among Islam’s followers to the point of their creating so-called “No-Go Zones”. Non-Muslims, called kafirs, who enter such areas risk physical assault or worse; this includes law enforcement and emergency services personnel as well. While more prevalent in Europe, sections of Dearborn, Michigan are exhibiting the precursors of this phenomenon.

In this we find an exceptional example of immigrants purposefully driving segregation. Yet, any criticism by Whites over forming such intrinsically closed societies is immediately met with shrieks of “racism”. This is made all the more peculiar by the fact that Islam is not a race. None of which deters mass media from parroting this patently false accusation of “racism” whenever it encounters what is, otherwise, well-justified Islamophobia.

Equally, if not more alarming, is the fact that many Muslim immigrants have absolutely no intention of assimilating or integrating into their host cultures. Their “No-Go Zones” are total proof of this. What then to make of their so-called “immigration? There can only be one conclusion and it applies to all non-assimilating immigrants; they are not immigrating, they are colonizing.

This issue of colonization bears repeating because the equivalent arrangements found in Hispanic barrios and Black slums usually replicate this sort of “No-Go” environment, often for people of any other race. The Muslim “No-Go Zones” are particularly instructive due to how there is no possible way that Whites can be blamed for enforcing any degree of poverty involved, which is the common excuse for why such ghettoes exist in the first place.

So, there it is in plain language: ”Segregation for minority me but not for White thee”. This is just one more reflection of the iniquitous Liberal dictum that “only Whites can be racist”. If minorities practice de facto segregation, Liberals will claim that is just an ostensible way of “preserving their cultural identity”, but when Whites seek to obtain an identical result it is roundly condemned as the most virulent racism imaginable. This despicable double standard is a principal driver with respect to “The Dis-Integration of America”.