Friday, April 29, 2016

"Tell me what's the difference between us and them?"

"Because we live here."

America is irredeemable. We are learning, though, that many, many Americans still understand the immortal words from John Milius's 1984 "Red Dawn."

"Because we live here."

This is our rallying cry.

Sorry, invaders: this is our land.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ending the Pretenses of Equality Once and For All...

Every night before going to sleep, this is exactly the scenario I hope to see play out.

[PROSECUTOR: “MANY PEOPLE” WILL RIOT IN BALTIMORE IF WHITE COP IN FREDDIE GRAY CASE IS ACQUITTED: More civil unrest expected if officer goes free,, April 28, 2016]:

Former prosecutor and criminal attorney Warren S. Alperstein predicts that “many people” will riot in Baltimore if the first police officer in court over the death of Freddie Gray is acquitted. 
Beginning next Tuesday, a total of six cops, three white and three African-American, will be put on trial for the murder of Gray, who sustained his injuries during a ‘rough ride’ in a police vehicle after he was arrested for possessing an illegal switchblade on April 19 last year. 
Gray’s death set off a wave of riots that swept Baltimore over several days, prompting a state of emergency and the deployment of the National Guard. 

Alperstein told Maclean’s that if Officer Edward Nero, the first white man in the dock, is set free, the city will undoubtedly be hit by mass civil unrest. 
“I think if Officer Nero is acquitted, there will be many people who, unfortunately, will engage in civil unrest and rioting,” said Alperstein, “and there may be a racial component in that Nero is Caucasian.” 
When Baltimore’s new chief of police Kevin Davis was asked whether he was bracing for riots, he deflected the question. 
According to Shan Wu, a criminal-defense lawyer and former federal prosecutor in Washington, the potential for civil unrest should not be allowed to affect the outcome of the trial. 
“Certainly, the possibility of more rioting hovers over the cases, but it absolutely cannot be spoken of in the courtroom. You can’t be saying, ‘If you convict, there’s going to be riots. And if you don’t convict, there’s going to be riots,’” said Wu.
It's the end of the world as we know it, and I can't wait to finally feel fine. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Imagine New Orleans Without Black People... Private Property Would be Virtually Unattainable

America's most unique city has a problem: black violence.

Without this black violence, New Orleans would be the most desirable city to live in/play in/vacation in the nation; with a black population, the city must celebrate another successful year of midnight basketball (11 seasons!), while black violence continues unabated. ['A bullet hole in the head': Landrieu delivers passionate speech on gun violence, New Orleans Time-Picayune, April 27, 2016]:
"A bullet hole in the head." "They blew her guts out."
As Mayor Mitch Landrieu spoke about violence in New Orleans, it seemed at times as if he was using intentionally graphic language in an attempt to shock the audience gathered Wednesday (April 27) at Tulane University.
The bloodshed has reached such a scale that murder has become routine, Landrieu said. "The violence has become so ingrained, so baked in, it has become part of our culture."

Since 1994, 4,600 people have been killed in New Orleans, 1,003 of them on his mayoral watch alone, Landrieu said. A photo mosaic of their faces flashed on the screen. A row of binders containing their cases sat on stage.
And those numbers disguise the real truth, which is that some neighborhoods in the city see almost no gun violence, the mayor said. The murders are concentrated in just a few neighborhoods, which have become virtual war zones for their residents.
Landrieu recounted the story of Briana Allen, a five-year-old who was gunned down in a spray of bullets from a Kalashnikov-style rifle as she stood in front of her mother's home during a 2012 birthday party. Her father, Landrieu said, held her in his arms, "her life bleeding out of her and out of the city of New Orleans."
Her father was later given a life sentence in prison for drugs.
Her cousin, Ka'Nard Allen, also was shot the night Briana was killed. Then, just a year later, he was shot again during the 2013 Mother's Day shooting that wounded 19. His father was later stabbed to death.
The slaying of former Saints great Will Smith earlier this month has, for now at least, shaken the city out of its stupor, Landrieu said, but the city should see every death as a tragedy. 

"Some people still think that black lives do not matter," Landrieu said.
"They are wrong, but here is the thing: All black lives matter. Not just celebrities. Not just the ones killed by police. Not just the children.
"All black lives matter, period," Landrieu said.
The city is, by body count at least, safer now than it has been in decades. The city's murder rate is half what it was in the mid 1990s.
More needs to be done, though, Landrieu said. The federal government needs to enact sensible gun laws. The state needs to stop cutting funding for prosecutors and parole officers and mental health treatment. 
More than anything, though, Landrieu said, the community needs to step up and get involved. "We put a man on the moon for goodness sake. We can certainly figure out how to fix this," he said. "Our lives and the future of our community depend on it."
 Mayor Landrieu -- black people, who are responsibly for all violent crime, homicides, nonfatal shootings (gun crime), and the misery found in New Orleans, had absolutely nothing to do with putting a man on the moon.

Just as white people  have absolutely nothing to do with the gun violence you bemoan in New Orleans.

If New Orleans had no blacks, there would be no concentrated gun violence in neighborhoods you call "war zones."

The 30 initiatives of the NOLA for Life nonprofit wouldn't be necessary, since the people responsible for all the gun violence in New Orleans wouldn't be tormenting the city anymore with their.. freedom. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blacks in Baltimore Riot When Black Mayoral Candidate Reneges on Giving them Jobs

She's the new mayor of Baltimore, after winning the Democrat's primary tonight.

But earlier today, we got a glimpse of the unrest sure to break out in the 65 percent black city of Baltimore when the six officers Marilyn Mosby indicted (because she heard the cries of "no justice, no peace") are acquitted of all charges in the death of the heroin dealer Freddie Gray.

And if this story doesn't put a smile on your face, you still are under the delusion America is redeemable. [Catherine Pugh campaign blames misunderstanding for upset Baltimore workers, Baltimore Sun, April 26, 2016]:
Some Baltimore residents who expected to work for state Sen. Catherine Pugh’s mayoral campaign Tuesday instead damaged vehicles outside of her campaign headquarters after being told there were no jobs available.
A spokesman for Pugh’s campaign called it a misunderstanding. Anthony McCarthy, the spokesman, said Pugh decided “they will be paid” regardless.
A crowd of about 100 people lined the block outside Sandi’s Learning Center on North Ellamont Street, many of them saying they were promised election day jobs.
About a dozen police officers were on the scene and two security guards were at the door. Police said they responded for a report of property destruction.
The front windshield of a van had been smashed and tires were slashed. On another van, the driver’s side window had been broken.
Police made one arrest: charging Jerome Eric Tuggle, 53, of Baltimore, with destruction of property in connection with the incident, according to department spokesman T.J. Smith.

"The suspect used a rock or a brick to break out the window on a security vehicle in the area," Smith said.
Many in line had showed up late and had missed training sessions, McCarthy said, so they were told they were not eligible to work.
Upon hearing about the disturbance, Pugh ordered that anyone who wanted to work would be allowed to, McCarthy said.
All of them were being bused to polling sites to work, he said.
Mecca Wakil, 31, a hair stylist, rearranged clients to make an extra $100 to work for the Pugh campaign Tuesday. But when she and others arrived around 5 a.m., she said all of the jobs were taken.

She said many in the crowd had gone through an orientation and filled out applications this month. Some were recruited to work during early voting events. Some in the crowd got angry and beat on the doors, she said.
Windows of two nearby vans were broken and tires were slashed. But later in the morning, the crowd was calm and had formed a single-file line around the block as more people were allowed inside Pugh's headquarters.
Wakil said she voted for Pugh because of her experience.
"I figured she could help do something for the city," he said.
But after her experience trying to work for the campaign, she said she wished she had voted for businessman David Warnock.
James Warren, 26, a cook from East Baltimore, said he used his day off to come work for the Pugh campaign. He had been canvassing neighborhoods for the campaign previously and planned to vote for her Tuesday, "but the way this turned out, I want to go sit in the house."
If he does vote, he said he'll support former mayor Sheila Dixon.
Warren said he doesn't blame Pugh, but said her campaign is disorganized. Warren asked why so many people were asked to report to work when they didn't need that many.
McCarthy said opposing campaigns were attempting to fan the flames by telling Pugh campaigners already out at polls that they wouldn’t be paid.
“It is indicative, really, of how nasty and ugly this campaign has gotten,” he said.

The white people who flocked to the polls in Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware casting a ballot for Donald J. Trump are the grandchildren of the white people who built Baltimore, Providence, Hartford, Wilmington, and Philadelphia, only to watch as black crime made living in these once thriving an intolerably cruel act to expose their children to.

Those who quickly resort to saying "we're on the right side of history" to justify their ideological degeneracy and its consequences have no idea of what's coming: across the nation, millions of white people have responded to state enforced diversity and out-of-control immigration by turning to someone we still don't quite understand... Donald J. Trump.

As the first light penetrating the darkest night, Trump has exposed something frightening, that most of his supporters (and his detractors) still don't quite understand, but they respond in a manner that has the potential to the shake the world to its very core.

Meanwhile, in a city whites abandoned, Africans in America continue to work overtime to live up to every stereotype ever held about them.

Keep it up, blacks: every time Africa appears in America, subconsciously another Trump supporter is birthed. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?: Cops Handcuffed as Black Clergy in Indianapolis to Engage Black Teens in Public

It's only a matter of time. 

All the elements are in place. 

The heartland of America will be center-stage for some sort of conflagration in the summer of 2016. 

This article is proof of it. [Indy's new approach for a teen 'riot': Fueled by social media, and not having much else to do, hundreds of teens flock Downtown on weekends., Indy Star, April 18, 2016]:
A flier posted to Twitter in February garnered 4,000 responses, flinging it onto the phones and computer screens of hundreds of Indianapolis teenagers. At the top, in a bright purple type, all-caps and adorned with two devil emojis, was the word “RIOT.”
The place: Circle Centre mall.
Time: 7 p.m. to whenever.
And the reason? “Since Skateland closed for 2 Saturdays.”
That caught the attention of law enforcement.
Fueled by social media, and not having much else to do, hundreds of teenagers flock to Circle Centre mall and other Downtown locations on the weekends.
Most of the teenagers have no intention of causing trouble. They want to socialize, eat at the food court and play arcade games. Yet in the past, such large-scale gatherings have led to violence, fights and, in a few cases, fatal shootings.
That presents a dilemma for local law enforcement: How do police control the crowds and keep everyone safe without infringing on the teens’ rights to enjoy one another's company in public spaces Downtown?
In the past, police have stepped up patrols Downtown on weekends. Mall security guards have tried breaking up larger groups of teens. Some city officials in 2014 proposed moving up the city's curfew for older teens from 1 a.m. to 11 p.m., but the measure didn't pass.
Now, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is partnering with local clergy members to employ a new strategy.
The clergy members patrol Circle Centre mall and the Downtown Canal area to engage with teenagers in the hope of preventing problems. As the weather grows warmer, the clergy members will patrol most weekends, as they expect crowds to increase in the summer months.
The idea is to keep the police presence minimal and the vibe friendly. Coordinated by David Hampton, deputy mayor for neighborhood engagement, clergy
members patrolled the mall Feb. 27, the date of the proposed gathering on the flier.
Somewhere between 300 and 500 teenagers showed up, police said, but there was no riot. In fact, there were no public safety incidents of any kind.
“We don’t want to be in the position of stifling teens from being teens,” said Hampton, who also is pastor of Light of the World Christian Church. “But we do want them to be safe.”

It starts online

In the past, Hampton said, teens would just find fliers for parties in their mailboxes. Now, news of most large teen gatherings are spread wildly across social media platforms, reaching thousands very quickly.
Within minutes, an event that may have started as a harmless night out for teens can snowball into a mix of combustible elements.
IMPD Sgt. William Carter, an officer in the Nuisance and Abatement Unit, said youth-targeted parties or gatherings advertised on social media strip attendees and organizers of one crucial element: control.

"You don’t know who might show up, or what kind of history they might have with someone else who might show up at the party,” Carter said. “You don’t know how many people are coming, or who they’ve told, or if they’re going to bring weapons with them. … There are just so many different factors that you have no control over once you put something online.”
Police encounter teen crowds not only at the mall, but also at large parties in other locations, such as hotels. Young party promoters who throw pay-to-enter events are drawn by the allure of quick cash and little risk. Thanks to social media's ability to draw such large crowds, they can make enough money to pay fines if a party is shut down early and still turn a profit.
 The Great Society has birthed an army with only goal: destroy the civilization white people long ago built, and harass their descendants who no longer have the helping hands of Jim Crow to protect them. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Is the Modern Church Irredeemable? Davey Blackburn Forgives the Three Black Murderers of His Pregnant Wife Everyday

One of the most chilling stories I've ever read published is the following:
In search of even more money, they finally arrived at the unlocked Blackburn residence, with Amanda, then 12 weeks pregnant, and her 15-month-old son inside.Authorities say Taylor hit Blackburn with his gun and stayed at the house while the other two drove off to retrieve money from an ATM using her card.
Afterwards, Taylor reportedly told Watson, Gordon and two others that he killed Blackburn, authorities say.
Amanda Blackburn, murdered by the three black males on the right
“Taylor stated that she charged at him and he shot her somewhere in the upper body so he would not be scratched,” the document states. “Taylor then told them that he leaned over her body and shot her in the back of the head. He leaned further, looked at her face, and watched her bleed.” [Suspected killer of pastor’s wife ‘watched her bleed,’ court document says, Washington Post, November 23, 2015]
"...watched her bleed."

You remember the story of Amanda Blackburn, the pregnant Indianapolis mother murdered by three black males, right? 

She's back in the news, courtesy of her surviving husbands testimony where he not only forgives the three black murderers of his wife and unborn child, but stresses he hopes he can bring them to Jesus "as a kick in the nuts... for the enemy."[Davey Blackburn: Forgiveness is a decision: Pastor says he makes decision every day, The Indy Channel, April 24, 2016]:
Davey Blackburn says he's decided to forgive the men who killed his wife.
Amanda Blackburn was killed in her northwest side home on Nov. 10, 2015, while her young son Weston sat just feet away in another room.
The three black men who sexually assaulted and murdered Amanda Blackburn
Before she was killed, police say she was beaten and sexually assaulted. She was pregnant with her second child at the time of her death.

Three men – Larry Taylor, Jalen Watson and Diono Gordon – face a slew of charges in her death, including burglary, criminal confinement and murder.

In an interview with his former pastor on Sunday at the NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina, Davey Blackburn said he had made the decision to forgive Taylor, Watson and Gordon.
"What I realized was that forgiveness isn't an emotion. I wasn't ever going to feel like forgiving them. Just point blank: You're never going to feel like forgiving someone for doing something to you that's irreparable," Blackburn said. "What I realized is that forgiveness is a decision. And it's not just a one-time decision. It's a daily decision. I have to wake up and I have to decide to forgive. And here's why I decided to decide to forgive. It's because bitterness and unforgiveness is going to be a cancer to no one else except for me. And it's going to eat me up inside if I hold on to that."
He also said he hopes he can share his faith with the men.
"I really hope I get the opportunity to share the Gospel with these guys," Blackburn said. "Imagine if these three guys met Jesus. Imagine the kick in the nuts that would be for the enemy."

What type of sick world do we live in? I imagine a world where the three black males who sexually assaulted and murdered Amanda (and the child she carried) are publicly hanged next to the editors of the Indy Star, as a reminder of what happens to criminals and those who work 24/7 to protect criminality.

Davey: you can share the gospel all you want with the three black males who sexually assaulted and murdered your wife and the child she carried, but you can never take back the fact that your wife and unborn met the African culture Jim Crow was designed to protect white people from. [Why Davey Blackburn opted to forgive Amanda Blackburn's killers, Indy Star, April 24, 2016]:
Recently, Davey Blackburn returned to the home where his wife was killed, he wrote in a blog post. He wrote that he reluctantly walked back into the room where he found her.
“The morning I returned, I put worship music in my earbuds, laid down in the spot I found her, wept, prayed and worshipped,” he wrote.
Davey Blackburn and his son Weston now live with friends, he wrote in his blog. A question he gets all the time: How is Weston doing?
“How is Weston going to grow up without his mom? Every time this thought came to my mind it was a like a dagger was being driven deeper into my stomach,” Davey Blackburn wrote.
But he wrote that his son is doing okay. He attributes that to a network of support from family and friends, and Weston’s age. At 15 months when his mother died, Davey Blackburn wrote Weston was not old enough to absorb the tragedy.
Noble, the pastor of New Spring Church, asked Davey Blackburn on Sunday: “Have you forgiven the men that killed Amanda?”
“At the very beginning, when they had not been arrested, it was probably a little bit easier because they were faceless people. I had no idea who these guys were,” Davey Blackburn said. “The first time I felt any kind of anger was when they arrested them, and I saw photos.”
He said he wrestled with the idea, eventually concluding that forgiveness is not an emotion.
“I wasn’t ever going to feel like forgiving them,” he said.
Still, he said he decided to do it.
“Because bitterness and unforgiveness is going to be a cancer for no one else besides me,” he said.
 Bitterness and unforgiveness are not cancers, Davey; the cancer in America is the population that birthed the three males who sexually assaulted and murdered your wife and unborn child. It's the cancer the editors/writers at the Indy Star go out of their way to excuse any and all dysfunction from this community and blame it on white people for discrimination, white privilege, or the legacy of slavery.

There is something very sick and degenerate about modern Christianity, with Davey's strange theology standing out as a metaphor for why America is irredeemable.

Celestial reinforcements aren't coming to save us or you, Davey. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Life in 2016 Detroit, an 83 % Black City: Black Activist Group Confirms Every Negative Stereotype of Black People is True

As the civilization white people built - then abandoned when black crime made living in the city intolerable - crumbles courtesy of the new racial demographic in control of the city (blacks), a most revealing "code" has been issued to hopefully influence proper behavior in 83 percent black Detroit.  [New Era Detroit community activist group releases 'Street Code', Fox 2 Detroit, April 21, 2016]:

The community activist group New Era Detroit has released a Street Code that has many people talking.
Among 10 item list includes no drive-bys, adding that the shootings endanger the babies and children being killed and that all rapists and child molesters in the community must be turned in.
Also included is no shooting at concerts or parties which are neutral territories, respecting the elders, respect for people in general.
The list also promotes dealing directly with your enemy and nobody else, "no slinging to the children or pregnant women" and urges to not shoot any victims of a robbery.
The list is meant to "Enforce and Honor the Street Code, make our streets honorable, respected and true to the game."  For more information about New Era Detroit and their programs and events, CLICK HERE.
The complete list:
1. No drive-bys. Too many black babies are being killed from random drive-bys. These random shootings already took the lives of several black babies. This must stop. There is nothing gangsta about babies and children being killed. Drive-by shootings from here on out will make you public enemy No. 1 throughout the entire city.
2. All rapist and child molesters in the community must be turned in and dealt with immediately. We cannot allow rapists in the community preying on our women. That can be your mother, sister or daughter. Sexual assault committed against our women and children will not be tolerated in our communities.
3. Concerts and parties are neutral territories: No shooting. Too often innocent people get killed at parties and not the actual target. Handle your beefs at your own risk in your own space.
4. Respect the elders, any harm or violence towards the elderly is a serious violation. Elders are harmless and defenseless; attacking them is the same as attacking a baby and will also result in you becoming public enemy No. 1 throughout the entire city.
5. Respect. If no one has done anything to you, show them the love and give them respect.
6. All beefs must be handled away from school grounds, churches and businesses. Once again it is imperative that we leave innocent people out of beefs.
7. Know who your enemy is, deal directly with them and nobody else.
8. No slinging to the children or pregnant women. That's genocide on our people.
9. Do not shoot any victims of robbery. There is nothing more cowardly than robbing someone, getting what you want out of them then shooting them after you got what you wanted.
10. Enforce and honor the Street Code. Make our streets honorable, respected and true to the game.
 This "street code" issued by black leaders to the majority black citizens of Detroit is precisely why white people long ago dared pass laws - Sundown laws, Jim Crow, restrictive covenants, etc. -  now derided as examples of white supremacy and racism. 

In 2016, the "street code" issued by New Era Detroit is a reminder of black inferiority, which was present centuries ago and mandated responsible white men pass laws to protect their civilization (and posterity).  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Irredeemable: "Think Before You Thug" a Message for Blacks from City Leaders, Cops in Dallas

The old metaphor of "rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic" comes into play here. 

No offense to any Texans reading this, but I've never understood the whole mystique about the state. 

Houston is a nightmare, and Dallas is nothing more than a laboratory for showcasing black pathologies on a daily basis.
This isn't a joke...

Now this. [Dallas’ spiking murder rate sparks ‘Think Before You Thug’ movement, Dallas Morning News, April 20, 2016]:

 Former crooks, community leaders and cops have a message to Dallas’ gang members: “Think before you thug.”

City Council member Erik Wilson announced the provocatively named awareness campaign Wednesday at City Hall. Wilson said a recent sharp rise in violent crime and slayings – Dallas had 14 more murders this year as of Monday than the city recorded on the same date last year — prompted the effort.
“This is an important issue,” Wilson said. “One life lost is one life too many.”
The campaign is similar in some ways to the pro-Dallas police campaign Operation Blue Shield, which also pushed a community awareness message. But unlike that campaign, “think before you thug” will not be led by business and political elites, Wilson said.
“This is not a top-down effort,” Wilson said. “This is a bottom-up movement.”
Wilson said the effort will rely on community leaders and reformed former gang members, such as Pastor Omar Jahwar and Antong Lucky, to get the message out. The duo, who were former gang members, attended this year’s State of the Union address as guests of House Speaker Paul Ryan. They are also close associates of former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders and have done consulting work for Dallas ISD.
The target for the campaign will be high-crime areas in the city. Police have lined up a community fair meant to spread the word. It’s set for 11 a.m. May 21 at 9759 Forest Lane in far northeast Dallas. The event, sponsored in part by radio station K104, includes basketball games, guest speakers, free food and a job fair.

 There are no lifeboats to seek refuge in from the sinking remains of the experiment once known as the United States of America. 

America is irredeemable. 



Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Never Forget, the USA is Irredeemable: Obama's Secretary of the Treasury "Fundamentally Transforms" the $20 Bill

There's not much to say.

There's not much to add.

One of my proudest moments was standing in Jackson Square in New Orleans in early 2005 and having my picture taken in front of the stunning statue to Andrew Jackson.

Now one of the greatest Americans is downgraded to the back of the $20 bill so we unenlightened bigots in 2016 America can celebrate true heroism, Harriet Tubman-style.

Every statue to a white male in America will come down, with an enthusiasm (a religious zeal) unequaled by any act of rebellion in world history. In all seriousness, we are entering uncharted territory, with no historical precedent for what white people are allowing to happen in either the USA or Europe.

There's no underground railroad for white people in America to safely seek refuge in a free society elsewhere, with the tyranny of equality demanding white people sacrifice their history for the betterment of "humanity."

In so doing, we guarantee we have no future.

Currently, white people have absolutely no moral authority in America; conversely, this is the exact reason behind the strange rise of Donald J. Trump, with millions of white people showing (in their support of Trump), there is something still redeemable and worth fighting to preserve in a sizable portion of Americans.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Black Rapper's Ankle Monitor Goes Off at White House During Non-White Empowerment Initiative Meeting...

If the United States of America were a real country, this story would be upsetting. [Rapper Rick Ross’s Ankle Monitor Goes Off During Minorty Youth Empowerment Program at White House,, April 18, 2016]:

Rapper Rick Ross visited the White House on Friday as an ambassador for President Obama’s black and Latino youth program — and his court-ordered ankle monitor reportedly went off shortly after the president concluded a speech.

According to the Associated Press, the “Hood Billionaire” rapper joined fellow artists Alicia Keys, Common, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, Janelle Monae, Ludacris, Chance the Rapper and others at the White House on Friday, where the group met with the president to discuss the administration’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, which focuses on empowering black and Latino youth.
But according to TMZ, Ross’s ankle monitor, which he must wear as a condition of his release on kidnapping and assault charges last summer, beeped loudly shortly after the president concluded a speech.
Ross was arrested in June 2015 on kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges after allegedly pistol-whipping a man who had been doing repair work on his house. The kidnapping charge was added after it was alleged that the man was physically prevented from leaving Ross’ house.
Obama has previously enlisted the help of the music industry to promote the”My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, which aims to provide access to higher education to black and Latino youth. In January, Obama met with rapper Kendrick Lamar in the Oval Office, where the two discussed problems facing inner city youth and the importance of mentorship programs.
The United States of America is not a real country. America is irredeemable.

Were the USA a real country, this story would simultaneously make you mad and incredibly sad; instead, this story should elicit nothing but uncontrollable laughter. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hours After Attending "Stop the Violence" Celebrity Basketball Game in Knoxville, Black Spectator Shot Dead

The more the cry of Black Lives Matter rings out across the nation, the harder black people work to prove the exact opposite. [Zaevion Dobson’s 12-year-old cousin killed in Knoxville gang shooting: Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch asks for community to step up, saying 'we can't bury any more kids.',, 4-17-16]:

Just hours after attending celebrity basketball game in Zaevion Dobson’s honor, family says Dobson’s cousin was shot.
Knoxville Police Department said the shooting happened at around 9:46 p.m. at Danny Mayfield Park, located at 700 College Street. They said Jajuan Latham, 12, died after he was shot in the head.
A gathering of a large number of people was being held in the park when shooting erupted between the party attenders and occupants of two vehicles that were driving by the park, according to Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch. He said Jajuan Latham was shot while sitting in the back seat of his father’s parked vehicle.
We were at the celebrity basketball game and he had a good time and he was just more exciting to Bobby Maze than I was,” said Hubert Latham, Jajuan Latham’s father. “We went and had a good time and he was a good kid and they took my son’s life.”
Hubert Latham said they had pulled up to a park to pick up his son’s friends when he heard gunshots.
“The first thing I do is reach my son and I just realize he’s not moving, so I’m like, ‘What’s going on, is he asleep?,'” said Hubert Latham. “When I picked him up, that’s when I realized, what I seen, blood.”

The father says he held his son’s stomach, rushing him to University of Tennessee Medical Center. Police said the 12-year-old died just after 11:00 p.m. from his injuries.
“I knew he was going to pull through. It broke my heart 30 minutes later when they came out and told me my son was dead. The only thing that came to my mind was, who did this?,” said Hubert Latham.

Saturday’s Bobby Maze Celebrity Basketball Game was Saturday night to encourage Knoxville youth to stop the violence. Four years ago he lost one of his close cousins to gun violence. After hearing of Zaevion’s story, he knew he had to help out. Jajuan Latham and Zaevion Dobson’s mother, Zenobia, were in attendance.
“I was devastated,” said former University of Tennessee basketball player Bobby Maze. “Just knowing that Jajuan was one of the first kids at the gym to come in to see this celebrity game and he was excited about this event and to hear about hours later or after the game he was killed, it really hurt me. The whole purpose of doing this event was to shed some light on some of the things that has been happening in this community… Zaevion and it’s just been a lot of gun violence…. so I wanted to bring something positive to this area and to find out a kid that participated and came out to support this event was killed after and 12-years-old. You know, it’s just sad.”

Zaevion Dobson, a Fulton High School football player, died shielding three girls from bullets. Knoxville police believe the chain of events started on December 17 when Brandon Perry was involved in a shooting that served as a catalyst for three other shootings.
Police believe the incident prompted a shooting at Brandon Perry’s home where his mother was shot. After learning his mother was shot, investigators said Brandon and several additional suspects drove to Badgett Drive where they shot into a crowd. Perry was later shot and killed.
Somewhere, a University of Tennessee alumni is crying, lamenting the loss of the contributions Jajuan could have made to the Volunteer football program.

Friday, April 15, 2016

White 2015 Metro-Nashville Officer of the Year Attacked By Group of Blacks

In an America governed by a President Clinton or Sanders, white police officers will be forced to endure a beating by the black community if they wish to keep their job. 

Until then, what happened to Officer Cammarn in Nashville, courtesy of the black community, will have to suffice as a preview of what's coming. [Cellphone Video Shows Crowd Attacking Officer During Altercation With Assault Suspect: Nashville Police,, April 13, 2016]:
Cellphone video shows members of a crowd jostling a police officer in Tennessee on Tuesday as he attempted to arrest a man suspected of assaulting a woman, authorities said.

Shortly after 6 p.m., Officer Matthew Cammarn witnessed the alleged assault by 22-year-old Brian Shannon near the intersection of South 7th and Sylvan Streets, according to a statement from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.
The suspect “aggressively walked up to the officer,” who told him to put his hands behind his back and attempted to take him into custody, the statement said. Shannon allegedly pulled away, grabbed Cammarn and pulled him to the ground.

As the 22-year-old actively fought and swung his fists at the officer, members of a gathered crowd “pulled and pushed” Cammarn in an effort to free the suspect, police said. The incident was captured in a disturbing cellphone video.
Shannon stood up and ran to South 6th Street, where he was apprehended, according to the statement. Online records showed he was jailed on suspicion of felony aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, evading arrest, criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct and drug possession.
A 17-year-old boy, suspected of aggravated assault on an officer and evading arrest, was also taken into custody in connection with the recorded altercation, the news release said.
The condition of the alleged assault victim was unknown.
Cammarn, the Police Department’s 2015 officer of the year, was released from a hospital Tuesday evening after being treated for a head injury sustained in the incident, the statement said.
 America is irredeemable. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you'll be at peace with the insanity that is life in 2016 America.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Is ISIS or Obama's HUD the Greater Threat to America? Landlords Can't Refuse Renting to Criminals because of Racism or something...

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If we just barred Muslims from entering/immigrating to America, we'd still be left with the far greater threat. [Obama Admin Tells Landlords They Can’t Refuse To House Criminals, Daily Caller, April 5, 2016]:

The Obama administration released a warning Monday telling the nation’s landlords that it may be discriminatory for them to refuse to rent to those with criminal records.
The Fair Housing Act doesn’t include criminals as a protected class, but the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) says refusing to rent based on a criminal record is a form of racial discrimination, due to racial imbalances in the U.S. justice system.
“The Fair Housing Act prohibits both intentional housing discrimination and housing practices that have an unjustified discriminatory effect because of race, national origin, or other protected characteristics,” say HUD’s newly-released guidelines.
“Because of widespread racial and ethnic disparities in the U.S. criminal justice system, criminal history-based restrictions on access to housing are likely disproportionately to burden African-Americans and Hispanics. While the Act does not prohibit housing providers from appropriately considering criminal history information when making housing decisions, arbitrary and overbroad criminal history-related bans are likely to lack a legally sufficient justification.”
About 25 percent of Americans have some kind of criminal record, which can range from felony convictions to arrests that never led to charges. As HUD correctly notes, criminal history is not equally distributed across racial groups. For instance, while blacks are about 12 percent of the U.S. population, they are about 36 percent of the prison population. Hispanics are also overrepresented behind bars, though to a much smaller degree.
“The fact that you were arrested shouldn’t keep you from getting a job and it shouldn’t keep you from renting a home,” HUD Secretary Julian Castro said Monday at an annual meeting of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. “When someone has been convicted of a crime and has paid their debt to society, then they ought to have an effective second chance at life. The ability to find housing is an indispensable second chance in life.”
HUD says that landlords may be allowed to bar those with criminal records from living in a facility, but they will have to prove that such a policy is necessary for protecting the safety of other tenants, and designed to avoid illegal discrimination. The new guidance recommends that landlords consider factors such as the severity of the criminal history and how long ago it occurred.
There's no getting off this ride, no matter how hard you plead and beg. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Barney Simms: Longtime Advocate of Blackness in Atlanta Gunned Down by... Black Male

When the man who murdered Barney Simms is found, he'll end up looking a lot like the killer of Brittney Watts. 

For a man who spent his entire life advocating and agitating for blacks in Atlanta (at the expense of whites), it's a profound reminder that the circumstances surrounding his final moments on earth prove once again that black lives don't matter. 

At least to other blacks. [Bill Torpy at Large: All murders matter. The spotlight’s just brighter on this one., Atlanta Journal Constitution, April 13, 2016]:
All murders are terrible. Some may cause hardly a ripple beyond the immediate family or friends of the victim. But some draw outrage, profuse public mourning and calls for something to be done.
Barney Simms’ killing was the latter kind of murder.
Simms was professorial, always impeccably dressed and somehow able to pull off his trademark walrus mustache. He mingled just as easily with mayors and congressmen as he did the poor.
The 70-year-old was found shot to death Saturday afternoon outside his southwest Atlanta home. The door of his home was open, his Lexus stolen and found nearby the next day. That an upstanding citizen like this — a serial do-gooder — could be so brazenly shot down in broad daylight in his manicured garden says something is bad wrong about society.
Currently, the crime remains a mystery, with Atlanta police searching for a man Simms met at a local Waffle House a couple hours before the killing.

Was it a robbery? A random act of opportunity? Was it someone he knew?
Simms seemed to have known everyone, been everywhere, volunteered for everything. Those who know him gush and smile when remembering him. He toiled to improve the human condition, to make others rise above their surroundings, which makes his killing seem more outrageous than most of the other two dozen homicides committed in Atlanta so far this year. I’m not saying it’s fair. It just is.
What catapulted this one into the cruel irony category is that Simms was the board chairman of Atlanta Victim Assistance, an org founded by a woman whose son died in a stupid and senseless argument.

That Simms came in to lead was routine: Fulton County DFCS advisory board (chairman), Andrew and Walter Young Family YMCA board (co-chair); Atlanta Metropolitan State College (chairman), Neighborhood Planning Unit-R (chairman), president of the the Atlanta Planning Advisory Board (president), Atlanta License and Review Board (chairman), the Atlanta Beltline’s original steering committee (co-chair), Bonnybrook neighborhood association (president). And so on.
He was the father of two and heavily involved in Antioch Baptist Church.
Simms was plugged in socially and politically. At the helm of the city’s liquor board, he was involved in very cantankerous proceedings to close some nightclubs in the early 200os, most notably, the gay-club Backstreet. It was a move that helped open up that area of Midtown to high-end development and curbed street crime. He was accused of doing the city’s bidding, although he’d note he was simply going by the book.

After putting a stake in Backstreet’s heart, he was called to the Atlanta Housing Authority to help orchestrate the break-up of the city’s projects, an emotional and controversial undertaking.
“He had quite a juggling act on his hands,” said community activist Joe Beasley, a friend and churchmate who bitterly disagreed with Simms on this one. Beasley said Simms was brought into the job “because he didn’t rub people the wrong way. He got along with people in all aspects of life. That’s an art.”
It’s an art for which he was well compensated — $236,385 a year before leaving office.
Remember, the urbane Simms might have been a giver, but he was no dummy.
But he never did forget the little things.
Neighbor Elfert Jackson said Simms was the first one to greet him after moving in, as did Rebecca Walker. Next door to her is Donald Richardson. Simms gave the eulogy for Richardson’s wife, Mahalia. Simms planted flowers for neighbors, got dumpsters for community cleanups, organized block parties. The lawns are all cut, the streets are litter free, the homes are well-tended. I found two instances where residents stopped break-ins from happening to their neighbors.
This is a neighborhood with pride in appearance. More so, it’s a community. Residents afford him a lot of credit.
Simms’ good heart sometimes worried neighbors. Walker said she’d pass his home and sometimes see sketchy guys helping with yard work. “I wouldn’t have done it,” she said. “But he was trying to help people who were down.”
He was burglarized at least a couple times.
Upon volunteering for Atlanta Victim Assistance, Simms bore in on the founder, Brenda Muhammad, to understand what it feels to be a victim. Her son was shot to death in an argument over a coat in 1989. The other teen, who also was black, was acquitted. She organized and has lobbied to make prosecutions tougher and to uplift victims.
Twenty five years ago, after Muhammad founded her first organization, my old colleague Cynthia Tucker wrote that the grieving mother “bravely stepped forward to provide courageous leadership on an issue African-American leaders have too long ignored: the war at home.”
 More than a quarter of a million dollars a year to run the Atlanta Housing Authority (basically working to weed blacks out of Atlanta and into the surrounding, once all-white suburbs)? 

 America is irredeemable.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In 83% Black Detroit, Minority-Owned Contractors (to remove the blight black people caused) are still Classified as Black...

The ultimate symbol of white power is the American flag (regardless of its condition) on the moon. 

The ultimate symbol of black dysfunction is the Joe Louis Statue in 83 percent black Detroit, a black power fist standing amidst the decaying reminders of the city white people long ago abandoned.

Now comes this reminder of the type of community individual black people collectively create.[Minority-owned contractors in Detroit wanted for blight removal: City to host first contractor fair on May 13,, 4-12-16]:
Minority-owned and city-based contractors in Detroit are being sought for the city's blight removal program.
Mayor Mike Duggan, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and members of the city's faith-based community on Tuesday announced upcoming contractor opportunity fairs.

The first of the events is scheduled May 13 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Northwest Activities Center, 18100 Meyers.
Duggan says the city is "about to ramp up the work that's already taking place" in Detroit neighborhoods.
The city's blight removal efforts include demolitions and home rehabilitation.
More than 8,000 vacant houses have been demolished over the past two years.
The city is to receive $42 million in federal blight removal funds which could allow for 5,000 demolitions this year and 6,000 in 2017.
 Without a black population, would Detroit be in need of federal blight removal funds?

Do you get why white people long ago passed laws designed to protect their civilization? 

Monday, April 11, 2016

In a City Where all Violence Perpetrated by a Gun (Fatal and Nonfatal) is Committed by Blacks, New Orleans Laments Loss of Black Ex-NFL Player to Said Black Violence

My hatred of the National Football League (NFL) and NCAA Football has finally grown to a point where I believe virtually every individual associated with the game - coaches, boosters, alumni donors, support staff, owners, players, fans, television networks, etc. - should have all their assets seized and exiled to Haiti. 

Every last cent. 

Every last booster. 
Will Smith (right) was gunned down just another random black male in New Orleans

The shooting death by a black male of former NFL player Will Smith in New Orleans (a city synonymous with black people committing violence with a gun) is one of those "who cares?" moments. 

Until his former coach, Sean Payton (once a white man), said this about the need to abandon the Second Amendment and deprive white homeowners in 60 percent black New Orleans the ability to protect themselves from dangerous blacks. [Sean Payton speaks against gun violence; 'Our city is broken,' he tells USA Today, New Orleans Times Picayune, 4-11-16]:
New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton spoke against gun violence in an interview Monday with USA Today.
"Two hundred years from now, they're going to look back and say, 'What was that madness about?'" Payton said. "The idea that we need them to fend off intruders ... people are more apt to draw them (in other situations). That's some silly stuff we're hanging onto."
Payton spoke in the wake of the shooting death of former Saints defensive end Will Smith late Saturday night.
Added Payton: "We don't hear this noise when something happens in New Orleans East, or in the Lower 9," Payton said, alluding to predominantly African-American communities. "Now you creep into the Garden District...
"I just know this: Our city is broken."


New Orleans isn't broken. Far from it.

It's just that black people are incompatible with western civilization, their genetic inability to maintain what white people have created on constant display wherever blacks have assumed the majority in a geographic area whites have long abanoded.

Poor future time-orientation and lack of impulse control were on display when Will Smith was gunned down by a fellow black male in New Orleans.

The experiment in forced integration is over. It's failed.

Black people have broken the civilization whites created in New Orleans, with Hurricane Katrina's memory still a fresh reminder of just how quickly blacks will become Heart of Darkness Africans in the absence of the white man's rule.

Sorry Sean Payton, the only silly thing we are hanging onto is the belief in racial equality. Two hundred years from now, if we are to salvage the ship and turn things around, our descendants will wonder with sadness why their ancestors spent decades worshiping black thugs like Will Smith and the other truculent black players who are the majority of the New Orleans Saints franchise.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Not even a $100 Gift Card Could Save It: Last Vestige of Historic "mecca of black culture" in Indianapolis Sold

Read this story with an exceedingly discriminatory eye. [Indy's oldest African-American church sold for hotel space, Indy Star, 4-9-16]:
Indianapolis’ oldest African-American church has been sold. With it goes the last of what was left of Indiana Avenue, historically the mecca of black culture in the city.
By August, the 150 congregants of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church at 414 W. Vermont St. will move out of their historic Downtown building. The buyer, Indianapolis-based SUN Development and Management Corp., plans to redevelop the church and its adjoining parking lot into two hotels. A clause in the sales contract stipulates that as much of the structure be preserved as possible.
A church fundraising effort to pay for $2 million in necessary building repairs came up far short.
“It wasn’t even a drop in the bucket of what we needed,” the Rev. Lewis Parham said.
The pastor, who has been at the church a little over a year, said he will miss the sanctuary, with its brightly colored stained-glass windows and the high archways of the decorative wooden ceiling, the most.
Bharat Patel, chairman of SUN, said the company has not decided which hotel company will occupy the space. SUN plans to build a replica of the church on what is now the church's parking lot for the second hotel. Patel said the company expects to include a small bar and cafe in the hotel that will face the Downtown Canal.
"I think it will be good commercial development down there," he said. "It’s long needed."
Patel said the company is doing a structural study to determine how much of the building can be saved. He said the church's tower and front facade will remain. He said the company is working with historic preservation groups to determine the best methods of saving them.
"That church has a wonderful history, and we would at least like to have a monumental preservation of it," he said. "We would like to build a building that would mimic the church."
Patel would not disclose how much SUN paid for the property.
The Indianapolis chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded in the building. In an area of the city once considered Indianapolis' black residential neighborhood, before Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis was built, the building was home to many cultural events.
That history began to be stripped away as developers centered Downtown, building the college campus, high-end apartments and space for leisure activities. Parham said the new infrastructure, development and urban renewal projects forced out the black community.
"It completely changed the makeup of this area of the city," he said.

Although he has been at the church for only a short time, Parham said he does not want to see new development erase the history of people of color in Indianapolis.
"I respect and honor the history that has gone on here," he said, "the sacrifices that have been made."
The pastor said the congregation will move to a new and undetermined location, where "the evangelistic efforts we make would be more successful," and where there are residents with young families.
Last fall, Bethel was approached by multiple potential buyers, including SUN, Parham said. However, the church refused at that time.
In August, Bethel had hosted a community discussion and asked the 20 people in attendance whether to sell the building or make the repairs. Bethel has a mortgage on the building, built in 1869. The $2 million in repairs would have included putting on a new roof, fixing the foundation, adjusting the floor joists and replacing the electrical system. Church members felt confident they could raise the money.

The church made direct appeals to friends and family and created a page on the GoFundMe fundraising website. Parham said it was told by a Texas organization to expect $300,000 within five months once the GoFundMe page was active. Instead, the fundraising result was a $100 gift card from an Indianapolis resident and $11,000, separate from the GoFundMe campaign, in donations from church members, most of whom are on fixed incomes, he said.
“We were totally just disappointed,” Parham said. “People want the building to stay, but people don’t want to do what it takes to keep it here.”
The pastor said SUN approached the Bethel AME church again in February with a higher bid, though the amount was not the highest the church was offered.
“Considering the dollars that were involved, plus some of the other aspects of the contract, we thought his offer was the best,” Parham said. “His offer was one that would not call for demolition of this building.”

hurch historian Olivia McGee-Lockhart said the building has been a landmark for many visitors to the city. She said congregants have always been concerned about social justice in the community and have worked alongside many groups, though she said it's hard to find in the written history of Indianapolis.
McGee-Lockhart said her hope is that their history of social justice and dedication to improving the quality of people's lives won't be lost when members move to their next location. She said erasing black culture and people of color from Downtown will contribute to an impression that Indianapolis is not welcoming to them.
"You look around, and you don't see any evidence of the African-American culture," she said. "Without any concrete evidence, I think it would have an effect."

McGee-Lockhart said congregants meet people because of their closeness to the canal, and many are surprised to see the church. She said other than Madame Walker Theatre Center, the church is the last piece of black history Downtown. However, the historian said it's an accomplishment that the church lasted this long.
"You cannot talk about this city," she said, "without talking about the African-American community."
 All that was left of the "mecca of black culture" in the city of Indianapolis could only muster a $100 gift card (odds are only $1.14 was left on it) and $11,000 of the $2 million needed in funding for the necessary repairs to keep it open.

Without a black population in Indianapolis, you literally wouldn't be able to comprehend the value of the real estate in the city; with a city that is 28 percent black, only a $100 gift card and $11,000 were raised in five months. 

Don't worry though, as the true cultural contributions of blacks to the city of Indianapolis are still quite clear: just ask Amanda Blackburn's family.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Irredeemable: Norwegian Male Raped by Somali Laments He's being Deported back to Somalia

PK Note: Sick. Quite sick. Should be back to normal tomorrow.

  Were it not for a debilitating illness, I'd have posted this on Thursday. If one article/story ever summed up the mental illness crippling the West, this is it. [After Anal Rape, Left Wing Activist Felt ‘Guilt And Responsibility’ His Migrant Attacker Was Deported, Breitbart, 4-7-16]:

A left wing activist has bared all to a Norwegian documentary crew about his rape at the hands of a Somalian migrant, and his despair at seeing the man deported.

An active member of the Norwegian Socialist Left Party (SV) who described himself as an ardent “feminist and anti-racist” explained the difficulty he experienced accepting that he had been anally raped by a male migrant. He said he didn’t blame the man for the attack, and regretted the fact he had been sent back to Somalia.
Describing the process of reconciling his personally held beliefs, young SV activist Karsten Nordal Hauken said the experience left him “feeling nothing”, reports Norwegian state broadcaster NRK.
Attacked as a young man, his rapist was convicted six months after the fact with DNA evidence removed from Mr. Hauken’s body at the time of his rape, and fingerprints taken from his bedroom. The Somalian male was later caught when he was found to be carrying a knife in public and his fingerprints were a match.
Although he protested his innocence and claimed he had been enjoying a consensual relationship with Mr. Hauken, the migrant was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. After the completion of his jail term, the man was deported back to Somalia, something which his victim greeted with mixed emotions.
Speaking to NRK ahead of a new documentary series about young people in Norway dealing with mental illness, Mr. Hauken said of the moment when he was told by telephone at work that his attacker was to be deported: “I was a bit taken by surprise by this message.
“But I remained calm enough to tell the manager that I had to go. The tears, they came the moment I sat in the car. I felt a relief and joy that he was going away forever. I felt that the Norwegian government took on the responsibility to exercise the ultimate revenge, like an angry father who confronts a child abuser.
“But I also got a strong sense of guilt and responsibility. I was the reason why he should not have to leave Norway, and heading for a very uncertain future in Somalia.
He had already served his sentence in prison. Should he now be punished again? And this time much harder?”
Mr. Hauken found himself unable to blame his attacker, saying “he is not responsible for his actions”. Rather than the rapist being in charge of his own destiny, he said he was merely “a product of an unjust world. A product of an upbringing marked by war and deprivation”, and said that rather than the attack being sexually motivated, it was all about “exerting power” over him.
The attack had not in any way dulled his left-wing politics, either. Mr. Hauken said: “I stand rock solid in my opinion that people like him need our help. I want us to continue to help refugees with such a background… For I am a human being first, and not a Norwegian. No, I’m part of the world, and the world is unfortunately unfair”.
This is not the first example of leftist political activists allowing their close proximity to the migrant communities which they strive so hard to defend to cause them harm. Breitbart London reported last year on the near-fatal stabbing of an open borders, pro mass migration activist in Dresden.
Standing outside a pizza-parlour, the student was jumped and stabbed in the back by a gang of North Africans. He said that the event had left him feeling “very sad”, and he hoped it wouldn’t be used to demonise migrants.
 The mental illness Mr. Hauken suffers from is found throughout the Western world. Indeed, it's taught as the highest moral virtue.