Thursday, June 28, 2018

Black Lives Matter? Blacks Gather in 26% Black Pittsburgh to Pray for End to Black on Black Violence

Previously on SBPDL: Pittsburgh Is 64.8 Percent White And 26 Percent Black… Between 2010 - 2016, 87 Percent Of Known Homicide Suspects Were Nonwhite

Jim Crow didn't exist to perpetuate racism against black people; it existed to ensure white (western) civilization was perpetuated and protected from Africans in America. [Men and women pray for end to 'black on black' and 'police on black' violence: Small crowd gathered in Point Breeze urging conversation and healing,, June 26, 2018]

PITTSBURGH — A few dozen people gathered in Pittsburgh's Point Breeze neighborhood Tuesday night for a protest of a different sort. There was no screaming, yelling or blocking of traffic. 

But there was an important message.
Do they? Not to other black people
This group said they were there to protest the June 19 shooting death of Antwon Rose Jr. by an East Pittsburgh police officer but to also protest civilian gun violence that is occurring in many Pittsburgh communities.
Organizer- Autumn Perkins - said there has been a rash of deadly shootings
in Allegheny County recently.
"Including Antwon, there's been 11 homicides in Allegheny County in the last two weeks," said Perkins.
From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. the small group spoke to each other, discussed solutions, talked about ways to heal and complained about the lack of resources for children in communities such as Homewood, East Liberty and McKeesport.
Takisha Doss, a McKeesport mother of three boys and a girl, said her children do not have adequate places and spaces to play. She said the community center closes around 7 p.m. on weeknights and is not open on weekends.
Doss said she is afraid one of her children could die while walking down the street, based on how much gun violence has erupted in the area.
"It has to stop. Somebody has to answer to this. And we got to answer to black on black crime and we have to answer to police on black crime. We have to get an answer," said Doss.
The group left the gathering with ideas for community involvement, better communication with children, and a push towards therapy for children with parents who were killed.
They said a brief prayer, released balloons and then gathered in the middle of the street hand in hand.
At one point, Rep. Ed Gainey urged the group to hug.
"Hug somebody. Hug somebody. Hug somebody. HUG somebody. Don't hug somebody you know. Don't hug somebody you know," said Gainey.
Two police officers were on hand and briefly blocked off the street.
But few cars seemed to be driving down this street anyway.
This group felt that either way, their voices were heard, and that their message will make a difference.
"I think that more non-black individuals need to be in these groups and learn about this community," said Maryam Khatami.

There's nothing to learn from the black community and the violence within it, save to stay far, far away and to keep them far, far away from you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Looks like those Conquistadors were right about the demonic Aztecs... Hundreds of Thousands of Skulls Excavated in Mexico City from Human Sacrifices

Shot. From History of the Conquest of Mexico by William Prescott (p. 450), we learn what white people encountered when they came upon the Aztec people. "Hell": 
On descending to the court, the Spaniards took a leisurely survey of the other edifices in the inclosure. The area was protected by a smooth stone pavement, so polished, indeed, that it was with difficulty the horses could keep their legs. There were several other teocallis, built generally on the model of the great one, though of much inferior size, dedicated to the different Aztec deities. On their summits were the altars crowned with perpetual flames, which, with those on the numerous temples in other quarters of the capital, shed a brilliant illumination over its streets, through the long nights. 
Looks like those Conquistadors were right about the demonic Aztecs 

Among the teocallis in the inclosure was one consecrated to Quetzalcoatl, circular in its form, and having an entrance in imitation of a dragon's mouth, bristling with sharp fangs and dropping with blood. As the Spaniards cast a furtive glance into the throat of this horrible monster, they saw collected there implements of sacrifice and other abominations of fearful import. Their bold hearts shuddered at the spectacle, and they designated the place not inaptly as the "Hell." 

One other structure may be noticed as characteristic of the brutish nature of their religion. This was a pyramidal mound or tumulus, having a complicated framework of timber on its broad summit. On this was strung an immense number of human skulls, which belonged to the victims, mostly prisoners of war, who had perished on the accursed stone of sacrifice. One of the soldiers had the patience to count the number of these ghastly trophies, and reported it to be one hundred and thirty-six thousand! Belief might well be staggered, did not the Old World present a worthy counterpart in the pyramidal Golgothas which commemorated the triumphs of Tamerlane.
Chaser. It turns out "hell" was exactly what these white men found. [Feeding the gods: Hundreds of skulls reveal massive scale of human sacrifice in Aztec capital, Science Magazine, June 21, 2018]:
 The priest quickly sliced into the captive's torso and removed his still-beating heart. That sacrifice, one among thousands performed in the sacred city of Tenochtitlan, would feed the gods and ensure the continued existence of the world. 
Death, however, was just the start of the victim's role in the sacrificial ritual, key to the spiritual world of the Mexica people in the 14th to the 16th centuries. 
Priests carried the body to another ritual space, where they laid it face-up. Armed with years of practice, detailed anatomical knowledge, and obsidian blades sharper than today's surgical steel, they made an incision in the thin space between two vertebrae in the neck, expertly decapitating the body. Using their sharp blades, the priests deftly cut away the skin and muscles of the face, reducing it to a skull. Then, they carved large holes in both sides of the skull and slipped it onto a thick wooden post that held other skulls prepared in precisely the same way. The skulls were bound for Tenochtitlan's tzompantli, an enormous rack of skulls built in front of the Templo Mayor—a pyramid with two temples on top. One was dedicated to the war god, Huitzilopochtli, and the other to the rain god, Tlaloc. 
Eventually, after months or years in the sun and rain, a skull would begin to fall to pieces, losing teeth and perhaps even its jaw. The priests would remove it to be fashioned into a mask and placed in an offering, or use mortar to add it to two towers of skulls that flanked the tzompantli.For the Aztecs—the larger cultural group to which the Mexica belonged—those skulls were the seeds that would ensure the continued existence of humanity. They were a sign of life and regeneration, like the first flowers of spring. 
But the Spanish conquistadors who marched into Tenochtitlan in 1519 saw them differently. For them, the skulls—and the entire practice of human sacrifice—evinced the Mexica's barbarism and justified laying waste to the city in 1521. The Spanish tore down the Templo Mayor and the tzompantli in front of it, paved over the ruins, and built what would become Mexico City. And the great rack and towers of skulls passed into the realm of historical mystery. 
Some conquistadors wrote about the tzompantli and its towers, estimating that the rack alone contained 130,000 skulls. But historians and archaeologists knew the conquistadors were prone to exaggerating the horrors of human sacrifice to demonize the Mexica culture. As the centuries passed, scholars began to wonder whether the tzompantli had ever existed. 
Archaeologists at the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) here can now say with certainty that it did. Beginning in 2015, they discovered and excavated the remains of the skull rack and one of the towers underneath a colonial period house on the street that runs behind Mexico City's cathedral. (The other tower, they suspect, lies under the cathedral's back courtyard.) The scale of the rack and tower suggests they held thousands of skulls, testimony to an industry of human sacrifice unlike any other in the world. Now, archaeologists are beginning to study the skulls in detail, hoping to learn more about Mexica rituals and the postmortem treatment of the bodies of the sacrificed. The researchers also wonder who the victims were, where they lived, and what their lives were like before they ended up marked for a brutal death at the Templo Mayor. 
"This is a world of information," says archaeologist Raùl Barrera Rodríguez, director of INAH's Urban Archaeology Program and leader of the team that found the tzompantli. "It's an amazing thing, and just the kind of discovery many of us had hoped for," agrees John Verano, a bioarchaeologist at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, who studies human sacrifice. He and other researchers hope the skulls will clarify the role of large-scale human sacrifice in Mexica religion and culture—and whether, as scholars suspect, it played a key part in building their empire. 
The discovery of the tzompantli began the same way all the Urban Archaeology Program's digs do: with a planned construction project in the heart of downtown Mexico City. Whenever someone wants to build in a seven-block area around the Templo Mayor, Barrera Rodríguez's team must excavate first, salvaging whatever remains of the colonial and especially Mexica city beneath. The finds are often significant and surprisingly intact. The Templo Mayor itself came to light in the 1970s, when INAH archaeologists were called in after city electrical workers stumbled on an imposing circular statue of the goddess Coyolxauhqui, who was killed and dismembered by her brother Huitzilopochtli.
Our civilization is now being prepared to be sacrificed to a deity far more terrifying than the one Aztecs long ago willing made human sacrifices too.

Equality, which is a demanding God, constantly inventing new directives for implementing total destruction, all in the name of progress.

Just as in the final scene of Apocalytpo, it will be up to white people to once again save the day, forever dethroning the false-god of equality in the process.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

10-Year Study on Gun Violence in Miami-Dade County Proves It Only Occurs Where a Black Population is Found (Virtually Non-Existent in White Communities)

And not once in this article or the study do we learn young black men are disproportionately impacted by gun violence, because young black people shoot each other disproportionately. 
[Study: Gun Violence In Miami-Dade Disproportionately Affects Young Black Men, Health News Florida, 4-26-17]:

Gun shot injuries in Miami-Dade County are largely happening in a cluster of neighborhoods and disproportionately affect young black men, according to a recent study. 
Where blacks are found, you have gun violence in Miami-Dade County. Where blacks aren't found, gun violence is mysteriously absent. From the Geo-demographics of gunshot wound injuries in Miami-Dade county, 2002–2012
The study looked at patients treated for intentional gunshot injuries at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center from 2002 to 2012

Researchers with the University of Miami School of Medicine mapped the zip codes of gun shot injury patients by incident location and where the patient lives.  Most victims are shot in their neighborhoods, which are typically predominantly black communities, according to the study. 
It also found that while black people make up 19 percent of the population in Miami-Dade County, just over 70 percent of victims treated at Jackson for gunshot wounds were black males. 
The researchers note that their needs to be more understanding about the role race, poverty and other social pressures play in neighborhoods with high rates of gun violence injuries when considering possible solutions.  
"Targeted public health interventions by municipal— and state-level policy makers, starting with employment opportunities, economic inclusion, poverty reduction programs, and efforts to reduce structural racism, would likely have a significant county-wide public health impact," researchers wrote.
Somehow, black people (and other people of color) shooting one another on a daily basis in Miami is the fault of white people and their creating of communities where predominantly white people reside.

Black people shooting black people in communities and neighborhoods of Miami where few white people dare traverse is obviously the fault of white people and the nefarious structural racism they engineer.

This, this is truly what the ruling elite in medicine and academia believe and postulate as the reason why almost all of the gun violence in Miami affects black people (never once daring to publish the arrest rates for blacks in fatal and nonfatal shootings).

A genetic predisposition to violence among black people is the obvious reason, but such an admission for the high rates of gun violence among black people would dismantle the carefully constructed pillars of egalitarianism precariously holding together Black-Run America (BRA).

Brick by brick, they are coming down. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

"White Extinction Anxiety": New York Times Publishes Essay Bragging about Impending White Minority Status in America

President Whitmore: I know there is much we can learn from each other, if we can negotiate a truce. We can find a way to co-exist. Can there be a peace between us? 

Alien: Peace?.... No peace... 

Whitmore: What is it you want us to do? 

Alien: Die... Die...

This one scene from Independence Day does more to explain race relations in 2018 then any other ever filmed in the history of cinema. 

And, when you consider the morality of the scene, it helps succinctly explain the takeaway from the Charles Blow oped the New York Times deigned to publish on June 25, 2018. [White Extinction Anxiety,, 6-24-18]:
Strip all the other rationales away from this draconian immigration policy. This is at the core: White extinction anxiety, white displacement anxiety, white minority anxiety. This is the fear and anxiety Trump is playing to. 
For our posterity... 
America will soon be a majority-minority country. 
White America is growing older, there are fewer white women of childbearing age, and the white fertility rate is lower than that of Hispanics and blacks. 
All manner of current policy grows out of this panic over loss of privilege and power: immigration policy, voter suppression, Trump economic isolationist impulses, his contempt for people from Haiti and Africa, the Muslim ban, his rage over Black Lives Matter and social justice protests. Everything.
Co-existing with a people who hate your very existence is impossible.

They want us dead.

They are getting excited at the prospects of our demise.

Unfortunately, they've started popping champagne bottles before the party is over.

They suffer from Premature White Extinction Ejaculation (PWEE), a disorder reminding every living, breathing sentient white person peace is not an option, and they truly want us to die.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The "Sleep Gap": Washington Post Bemoans White People Getting a Good Night's Rest is Racist

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Every disparity between the races is your fault, white America. The misery black people uniquely create in communities from sea to shining sea is entirely the fault of white people and unrelenting, oppressive white privilege, especially in neighborhoods or cities where hardly a white face is seen. 

Naturally, even white people dream in unearned supremacy. [Study finds connection between race and sleep, Washington Post, 6-19-2018]

On May 8, campus police officers at Yale University responded to a call from a white graduate student about a black graduate student, whom she said was unknown to her and sleeping in the common room. For many, the incident was further evidence that African Americans are targets of harassment even in communities that are ostensibly their own, but the interaction is also a window into another, less-publicized disparity: It’s likely that, over the course of their lifetimes, white students have slept hundreds of hours more than black students. 
White privilege in its most sinister form: a good night's rest, truly systemic racism against people of color
According to a forthcoming paper by Tiffany Yip, a psychology professor at Fordham University, the sleep gap between white and nonwhite students begins with children as young as 2 years old — and it grows from there. What starts as a 15 minutes-a-day sleep deficit in childhood eventually becomes almost an hour a night in adulthood. 
But it isn’t just a difference of time. According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, African Americans are more likely than Caucasians to have insomnia, sleep apnea and daytime sleepiness. In addition, they spend 15 percent of their night in deep sleep (considered the most restorative phase), compared with Caucasians’ 20 percent. 
Lauren Hale, professor of family, population and preventive medicine at Stony Brook University, calls the sleep gap "a matter of social justice" and identifies two other significant predictors in addition to race: level of education (those without a high school diploma are more likely to have sleep disorders) and neighborhood context (city dwellers typically sleep less than those outside the urban core). Hale said of her findings in a 2013 TEDx Talk, "If the very people who are the most socially disadvantaged and most need that extra boost to function better during their days wake up the least prepared, then they are at a disadvantage throughout every aspect of their day." 
Of course, race is also intertwined with education levels, Zip code and other factors that impede a restful night’s sleep, such as crowding and cigarette smoking in the home and living in a higher-crime neighborhood. But, Yip says, “there are still independent effects of race that go above and beyond socioeconomic effects.”
No justice, no sleep?

Even when dreaming, white people are exercising oppression and haunting the dreams of blacks.

The purported "Sleep Gap" being dubiously peddled is just another attempt to guilt white people into sacrificing more and more to uplift blacks, with whites having undeservedly earned hundreds of hours  of more sleep than tired, ornery blacks.

Even when we sleep, white people can't escape their unearned privilege.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

To Protect Black and Brown Criminals, Police in Austin, Texas Will Stop Arresting People Committing "Petty Theft"...

Previously on SBPDL: Turning the 'City too Busy to Hate' Over to Black Criminals: Atlanta Police Announce They'll No Longer Dispatch Cops to Shoplifting Calls at Small Businesses

The number one job for police in Black-Run America (BRA) is to protect black criminals from the consequences of their criminality. With a growing brown population, police now have another secondary objective: protect brown criminals from the consequences of their criminality.['Freedom city'? Going beyond 'sanctuary,' Austin, Texas, vows to curtail arrests, Los Angeles Times, June 20, 2018]:

Ever since the Texas legislature last year passed one of the country’s most aggressive “anti-sanctuary city” laws, some enclaves have fought officials over the extent to which police can ignore federal immigration law.
The slogan "Keep Austin Weird" has been replaced with "Keep Black and Brown Criminals Free"
The state regulation known as Senate Bill 4 has been described by opponents as the “show your papers” law for allowing officers to ask about the immigration status of anybody arrested or detained.
The White House has said dozens of sanctuary cities and counties in the country are breaking federal law for not fully cooperating with immigration authorities and has threatened to withhold public safety grants from them. The Texas governor has shared a similar argument, and echoed Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions in his belief that sanctuary cities promote crime.
Amid the controversy over sanctuary cities, Austin this month took its fight against strict immigration law enforcement a step further by declaring itself to be the first “freedom city” in Texas. City Council members unanimously passed two resolutions last week that will restrict police attempts to question immigrants about their status and curtail arrests for nonviolent crimes.
One of the new city resolutions requires officers who question immigrants about status to also say that their questions about immigration need not be answered. The other resolution directs police to avoid arrests for misdemeanors, including those for smoking marijuana, having drug paraphernalia, and taking part in petty theft — crimes that city data shows frequently end in arrests of black and Latino residents.
While Austin is among the country’s first so-called freedom cities, it’s part of a wider movement around decriminalizing low-level offenses and decreasing arrests. According to Local Progress, a national network of progressive city officials, some council members in El Paso and Dallas are also considering “freedom city” proposals.
“Poor people of color in our city are over-punished and over-incarcerated,” said Greg Casar, an Austin City Councilman who pushed for the resolutions. “If people are being arrested less, we can also prevent people from being put in the deportation pipeline.”
“We found that black and Latino residents comprised 75% of discretionary arrests for driving with licenses invalid in the city even though they are 45% of the population of the city,” Casar said. “Black residents are seven times more likely to be arrested for low-level marijuana violations despite having comparable rates of usage of marijuana to white residents.”
Casar said the new rules could prevent up to 1,000 low-level arrests each year. Austin police arrest around 30,000 people a year.

Civilization be damned! We have black and brown criminals to protect and shield from arrest. What Atlanta Police have started (to protect black criminals from entering the legal system), now Austin implements to protect black and brown criminals. Expect many more urban municipalities to join in the great cause of protecting black and brown criminals from facing legal consequences for their criminality.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Is White Genocide Real? In 26 States, White Deaths Now Outnumber White Births

Is White genocide real? Well, here's Exhibit A. [Fewer Births Than Deaths Among Whites in Majority of U.S. States, New York Times, June 20, 2018]:
Deaths now outnumber births among white people in more than half the states in the country, demographers have found, signaling what could be a faster-than-expected transition to a future in which whites are no longer a majority of the American population. 
The Census Bureau has projected that whites could drop below 50 percent of the population around 2045, a relatively slow-moving change that has been years in the making. But a new report this week found that whites are dying faster than they are being born now in 26 states, up from 17 just two years earlier, and demographers say that shift might come even sooner. 
“It’s happening a lot faster than we thought,” said Rogelio Sáenz, a demographer at the University of Texas at San Antonio and a co-author of the report. It examines the period from 1999 to 2016 using data from the National Center for Health Statistics, the federal agency that tracks births and deaths. He said he was so surprised at the finding that at first he thought it was a mistake. 
The pattern first started nearly two decades ago in a handful of states with aging white populations like Pennsylvania and West Virginia. But fertility rates dropped drastically after the Great Recession and mortality rates for whites who are not of Hispanic origin have been rising, driven partly by drug overdoses. That has put demographic change on a faster track. The list of states where white deaths outnumber births now includes North Carolina and Ohio. 
The change has broad implications for identity and for the country’s political and economic life, transforming a mostly white baby boomer society into a multiethnic and racial patchwork. A majority of the youngest Americans are already nonwhite and look less like older generations than at any point in modern American history. 
In California, 52 percent of all children are living in homes with at least one immigrant parent, Professor Sáenz said. 
“People say demographics is destiny and there’ll be more people of color — all that is true,” said Jennifer Richeson, a social psychologist at Yale University. “But they also say the U.S. is going to become more progressive, and we don’t know that. We should not assume that white moderates and liberals will maintain current political allegiances, nor should we expect that the so-called nonwhite group is going to work in any kind of coalition.”
Demography is destiny.

Mass non-white immigration has consequences.

White genocide in the USA is real, and it seems to be state policy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

When England Won the World Cup in 1966, the Team was All-White; in 2018, the English World Cup Team is 52% White

Shot: In 1966, the last year England won the World Cup, they fielded an all-white (all-British) team on the pitch.

The 1966 England World Cup Championship team... all-white, all-British

Chaser: In 2018, 52 years after England last tasted national glory in the World Cup, the team has 12 whites and 11 non-whites. 52 percent of the English is white in 2018, a clear-cut example of white genocide on the pitch reflecting in the national demise of the nation-state.

White genocide is real, reflected in our sports. In America we have college and professional football as the opiate of the masses. In England, France and Germany, they have soccer. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Black Community Activists in Colorado Bailed Out Black Men in Prison to be with Their Children on Father's Day...

Previously on SBPDL: The State of Colorado is Four Percent Black... Homicides in the State Almost Exclusively Committed by Non-Whites

When you live in a society where western civilization has been demographically supplanted, this story can only make sense.  [In anticipation of Father’s Day, community activists bail black men out of jail: “It’s the human thing to do,” said Vincent Bowen, a volunteer with Black Lives Matter 5280, Denver Post, 6-16-18]:
For more than four hours on a weekday, three Denver activists sat in the lobby of the city’s downtown jail waiting for seven men — all strangers — to walk out from behind bars. 
The activists, who are members of the The Denver Justice Project and Black Lives Matter 5280, had paid the men’s bonds as part of their Juneteenth/Father’s Day Bail Out. The bail money was posted as a gift with no questions asked and with the trust that the men would return to court to face their criminal charges. 
“It’s the human thing to do,” said Vincent Bowen, a volunteer with Black Lives Matter 5280. “It is a way for us to point out the injustice of the cash bail system.” 
The activists, whose efforts continue through Tuesday, planned to spring more than a dozen men jailed in Denver, Arapahoe, Douglas and Adams counties. All are being held on low bonds for petty crimes, and the activists hope the men can be reunited with their families for Father’s Day or be released in honor of the Juneteeth emancipation celebration. 
The activists did the same over Mother’s Day weekend for 15 women housed in five Front Range jails. Both efforts are part of the National Bail Out movement, a larger effort to end money bail in the criminal justice system. 
This year’s Father’s Day Bail Out is in honor of Michael Marshall, a Denver man who was killed by sheriff’s deputies in the Downtown Detention Center while in the throes of a mental health crisis. Marshall was being held on a $100 bond for a trespassing charge, and his family did not know he had been arrested. The city paid Marshall’s family a $4.6 million settlement. 
In the court system, bond is supposed to guarantee people will return to court to face a criminal charge after they have been released from custody. But those who want to abolish money bail say it is punitive, especially to minorities who are arrested at higher rates and are more likely to live in poverty. 
Forcing someone to stay in jail on a low bond on a minor charge has long-lasting repercussions, activists said. People may lose their jobs, miss important payments on bills and be separated from their families. Meanwhile, everyone else in society is paying their tax dollars to incarcerate them, Bowen said. 
Bond reform discussions are happening across the United States. In Colorado, a statewide panel has been assembled to review bail and bond procedures.


Our nation is held hostage by these people, our present and past held in a vise of political correctness and white guilt, denying us our future.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Another Mass Shooting by Blacks: One Dead, 17 Shot by Blacks in Trenton, New Jersey at Art All Night Festival

Previously on SBPDL: Black Gun Violence in Trenton Reaching Epidemic Levels, Forcing Blacks to Call for Martial Law

One dead and 22 shot, all over a "neighborhood beef."

Just another mass shooting by black people at the Art All Night festival in Trenton, New Jersey. ['I could feel percussion of the shots,' Trenton festival shooting witness, The Inquirer, June 17, 2018]:

Edward Forchion said he didn’t fully react as bullets started flying early Sunday morning at the Art All Night festival in Trenton. But a half hour later, he realized several people surrounding him had been shot.
A mass shooting by blacks over "neighborhood beef" supplies more evidence why Jim Crow existed. 
By then, the 54-year-old Trenton resident and activist for marijuana legalization had made a video documenting the chaos and terror that followed the gunshots inside the Roebling Wire Works.
“Everybody froze like deers in headlights. Then everybody started moving,” he said of the moments right after the first shots. “[Police] started moving towards the door. Then they started shooting.”
Forchion doesn’t think he moved quickly enough.
“I was 25 feet away from them. I don’t know if you’ve been that close to a gunshot, but the air moves,” he said. “I could feel percussion of the shots.”
It was not the experience Forchion expected when he set out for the annual festival, his fifth in its 12-year history. He appreciates how the event pulls together people from various social strata in the area. Forchion saw this year’s festival as an opportunity to distribute flyers for his state Assembly bid. He’s running in the 15th district as an Independent.
As he was enjoying the art and music inside the red brick warehouse, Forchion said he heard one man arguing with several others.
“The guy was saying that other dude disrespected him,” recalled Forchion. The man who was most upset, he said, sounded like he had been incarcerated and was disappointed with the other men for not looking after a family member.  “He kept saying ‘We’re family. And you didn’t take care of my sister. And now she’s lost.'”
The man’s tone wasn’t particularly nasty, and Forchion didn’t expect matters to escalate. He turned his attention to a door at the back of the venue as an event staffer was closing it. A group of teens muscled their way through, he said, causing a stir.
Forchion didn’t see who shot first. He’s not positive whether it came from the group that was having a dispute or the young people rushing the door. Police had been in the crowd of festival-goers, he said, when the first bullets flew. To Forchion’s ear, they sounded like they came from a .45-caliber gun.
Forchion said a man who ran past him was shot by police. On the video Forchion later captured, the man can be seen lying in the street.
“One [cop] went around him and asked him to stay down,” said Forchion. “He was just wiggling like he was in pain. He was panicking.”
Initially, Forchion questioned whether the man who was shot had a weapon, but on his video, he later saw police recover a gun. It is not clear whether that man was one of the suspected gunmen who was the only reported fatality. In all, 17 people were shot; an additional five injured, mostly from falling in the rush to flee.
While Forchion said he believes many people were injured by police gunfire, he emphasized that he’s not passing judgment on law enforcement’s handling of the scene.
“It’s easy to be a cop-hater and be second-guessing. But I was standing right there,” he said. “I don’t think it was abusive. I think it was chaotic.”
Forchion is concerned that the shooting won’t receive its due attention in the national conversation.
“It gets portrayed as gang members shooting gang members. Drug dealers shooting drug dealers. Black-on-black crime. That’s how it’s going to be and it’s going to die down in two or three days,” he said. “This is our Parkland. This is our Columbine. [Black communities] don’t have mass shootings in schools. They have them at clubs and gatherings.”
The activist said he’s hoping that young people in town will mobilize, following the example of  students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. As for him, he’s still sorting through what would be the best way forward.
“I’m trying to think of something prophetic to say, but I’m at a loss for words,” Forchion said. “Senseless. How many times do you hear people say, ‘It’s senseless’?”

A "neighborhood beef" was the motive and catalyst for 22 people being shot and one murdered at what should be an obvious community building event.

Instead, the Art All Night festival in Trenton provides more evidence Jim Crow wasn't about discrimination toward blacks, but protecting western civilization from Africans in America.

Friday, June 15, 2018

In 33% White New York City, the Police Department Just Admitted the Secretive Gang Database is 99% Non-White

Previously on SBPDL: In 2017 New York City, a 33% white city and President Trump's hometown, Non-Whites committed 93.1% of the murders and 97% of the nonfatal shootings

We were warned about a rising tide of color almost a century ago. 

The civilization white people built in the United States of America is now being capsized by the tide of color overwhelming the western world. [New York City’s Gang Database Is 99% People of Color, Chief of Detectives Testifies, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, June 14, 2018]:
NEW YORK CITY — Ninety-nine percent. The number sent an audible gasp throughout the City Council chamber. Chief of Detectives Dermot F. Shea had just read off the percentage of people of color on the NYPD’s controversial — and until now — largely secretive gang database.  
The rising tide of color cometh... 99 percent of the NYPD gang database is non-white
Shea was talking publicly for the first time about one of the New York Police Department’s most popular crime-fighting tools. He testified Wednesday before the City Council’s Committee on Public Safety in the database’s first comprehensive public examination. 
Shea read the numbers from a stack of papers in front of him.  
African Americans: 65 percent. 
Non-white Hispanic: 24 percent. 
Black Hispanic: 10 percent. 
Shea said the gang database, whose number fluctuates as names are added and purged, stood at 17,441. Given those percentages, that means 17,267 of the individuals in the database are either black or Hispanic. Earlier in the morning critics rallied to protest the use of the database, saying it’s racist. 
There are 1,460 people who are younger than 18 in the database. In response to questioning, Shea said there are 17 13-year-olds, 80 14-year-olds, 204 15-year-olds, 455 16-year-olds and 704 17-year-olds. “You can see how the number goes up as they get older,” he said. The average age of someone on the database is 27, he said. 
The NYPD, which encompasses the largest detective bureau in the country, has no formal process for notifying parents whose children are in the database. But, he said, there are a number of informal ways that parents are alerted.  
“I don’t want to make it seem like there is no interaction with the parents,” Shea said. “Nothing could be further from the truth.” 
Youth officers assigned to precincts and to transit and housing units might talk to the parents during the course of an investigation and the topic might come up then.How does someone end up on the database, Public Safety Committee Chair Donovan Richards asked. 
There are a number of ways, Shea said: One is what he described as self-admission. 
This often happens on social media, where gang members may talk about their affiliation, he said. Another is through two independent sources who tell a member of the department. That name then needs to be vetted by investigators. Anyone can be a source of that information — friends, teachers, family or a confidential informant.  
Finally, he said, gang investigators can identify the presence of gang literature, tattoos, colors, clothing and other means of what they think is an indication of gang affiliation.  
The gang database was more than a bloodless policy discussion to him, Richards said: “When I was 14, I could have been in this database.”
In 2018, New York City is still a 33 percent white city.

Yet 99 percent of New York City secretive gang database is non-white.

Western civilization is drowning in a sea of color, racial groups incompatible with sustaining not only our way of life, but adhering to the standards of civilized life white people have set.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Atlanta-Journal Constitution Publishes Story Celebrating "Black Girl Magic" With Eight Black Women Holding Key Offices in South Fulton (Atlanta), a 90% Black City with High Rates of Murder, Crime, and Mayhem

Previously on SBPDL: Gas Station in 94 percent black zip code near Atlanta is bringing back full service because it's not safe to get out of your car to pump gas

Posting this story without comment, without criticism and without an ounce of hope this will turn South Fulton (the blackest part of Atlanta) into Wakanda. [‘Black girl magic’: South Fulton offices held by 8 black women,, June 12, 2018]:
It started with a photograph. The iconic picture published by the Atlanta Voice last week showed eight African-American women — stoic, polished and dressed in black — with the wood-paneled walls of a courtroom as their backdrop. In the City of South Fulton, that is what justice looks like — a law enforcement and municipal court system that is led exclusively by black women. 
Planet of the ... Atlanta Journal Constitution celebrates the triumph of blackness and the purported magical powers of Nubian women
“I didn’t notice until (LaDawn Jones) said something … she walked in and said ‘Oh, my God! Look at all this black girl magic,’”  municipal court clerk Kerry Stephens said. 
The photo became an internet sensation almost instantly, going viral on both Instagram and Twitter. 
“I didn’t realize it was a big deal until reading the comments and hearing people say ‘Oh, someone I know doesn’t even live in the state and they saw this,’” Clerk of Court Ramona Howard said. 
Such a criminal justice system seems revolutionary in the era of the #MeToo movement and on the heels of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. But the racial and gender makeup of the team, which was brought together after a series of months-long talent searches that started last year, is a matter of happenstance. 
“It happened by accident,” said interim police chief Sheila Rogers. “It wasn’t planned. With myself and my counterparts, justice was at the top of our list.” 
Rogers is the most recent addition to South Fulton’s criminal justice leadership. She was sworn in March 5, joining the ranks of Court Administrator Lakesiya Cofield; Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers; City Solicitor LaDawn Jones; Public Defender Viveca R. Famber Powell; Clerk Tiffany Kinslow; Clerk Kerry Stephens; and Clerk of Court Ramona Howard. 
It’s a seemingly rare feat. According to an American Judicature Society study, 12.6 percent of judges chosen since 2000 were minorities in 2008, and 29.2 percent of judges selected in the 21st century are were women. The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics reports that of all full-time sworn personnel in large city police departments, 16.3 percent were female and 38.1 percent were minorities. 
But what might be considered an anomaly in other cities isn’t uncommon in South Fulton, city solicitor Jones said. 
“I grew up in South Fulton. I grew up in neighborhoods where everyone around me were strong, independent, business-owning African-Americans, so black excellence is mundane to me,” she said. “ But, I recognize that this is an anomaly for other cities, and to see this many educated black women working as hard as we do is special for other little girls out there.” 
About 95,000 people live in South Fulton and nearly 90 percent are black.“Atlanta has a history of black excellence,” public defender Viveca Famber Powell said. “People routinely go to college in Atlanta — routinely pursue advanced degrees. It’s who we are.” 
Several of the women are the first person to hold their respective positions; though it is now the fifth largest city in Georgia, the southwest region of Fulton County has only been a city in name for a little over a year.
The Atlanta media can't stop celebrating blackness as some moral virtue, where any form of  whiteness is the greatest character flaw imaginable requiring immediate stamping out.

For further reading, check out this SBPDL from 2012: In the Air Tonight: White North Fulton vs. Black South Fulton County

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

In Brazil, a Nation Rapidly Losing a White Population (Replaced with Black and Brown People), Meteoric Rises in National Spending on Public Safety Met With Similar Rise in Violence

If the United States of America future is to be that of Brazil, why not take a look at the state of the latter nation in the present, so we can see a glimpse of our glorious, non-white tomorrow! [Brazil’s Spending on Public Safety Soared. So Did Violence., New York Times, June 11, 2018]:
RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil’s homicide rate soared over the past two decades even as the state and the public sector greatly increased spending on public safety, Brazil’s government said Monday as it reported results of a rare study measuring the economic impact of violence in the country. 
Brazil in 2018 is a reminder diversity, multiculturalism, multiracialism and a declining white population is a recipe for civilizational decline at a catastrophic level
The cumulative cost of crime — including estimates of the loss of productivity and the cost of policing and incarceration — amounted to more than 4.3 percent of Brazil’s gross domestic product in 2015, the most recent year for which comprehensive data was available, according to the report. 
From 1996 to 2015, the cost of violence in Brazil rose to more than $138 billion a year, from about $54 billion, a level government officials called unsustainable at a time when several Brazilian states are unable to legally raise their spending ceiling and others are broke. 
The government put the total cost of violence during those two decades at $1.937 trillion. 
“The numbers are striking,” said Hussein Kalout, the special secretary for strategic affairs, the division of the president’s office that conducted the study. “You can’t have a prosperous society with high crime rates.” 

With 62,517 violent deaths in 2016, Brazil reached a record-high homicide rate of more than 30 per 100,000 residents, according to the latest annual study that compiles law enforcement and health statistics. (In the United States that rate dropped to five homicides per 100,000 people from eight from 1996 to 2015.) 
That study, which was released earlier this month, shows that black Brazilians make up a disproportionate and growing share of homicide victims. 
While black or mixed-race Brazilians account for just over half of the country’s roughly 205 million people, they represented about 71 percent of homicide victims in 2016. Violence was the leading cause of death for Brazilian men in their early 20s, the annual study found. 
The cost-of-violence study, for the first time, put an official price tag on a life cut short in its early stages. 
For each homicide victim between the ages of 13 and 25, Brazil lost roughly $266,000 in productivity, the government concluded. The cumulative cost of lost productivity from 1996 to 2015 — during which the number of homicides rose to 54,000 from 35,000 — was roughly $218 billion. That amounts to about four years’ worth of health care costs, the country’s largest expenditure, at last year’s level.
Diversity, multiculturalism, racial amalgamation and a declining white population doesn't exactly bring about a utopia, does it?

In the case of Brazil, we have clear-cut evidence diversity, multiculturalism, multiracialism and a declining white population is no strength, but a recipe for civilization disaster.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Washington Post Basically Blames White People for 52,175 Homicides in 50 U.S. Cities Over the Past Decade, Despite Black or Brown People Overwhelmingly Being the Suspects

The Washington Post writers who contributed to this huge story leave out one pertinent data point: the race of suspects/offenders in the 52,175 homicides in 50 U.S. cities over the past decade.

Lamenting why victims of obvious black criminality refuse to cooperate with the police (no-snitching) aside, this article attempts to place the blame for a low clearance rate on homicides squarely on white people, when in fact more than 96 percent (or perhaps higher) of these 52,175 homicides have a non-white suspect. [Where killings go unsolved: The Post has mapped more than 52,000 homicides in major American cities over the past decade and found that across the country, there are areas where murder is common but arrests are rare, Washington Post, 6-6-2018]:
The Washington Post has identified the places in dozens of American cities where murder is common but arrests are rare. These pockets of impunity were identified by obtaining and analyzing up to a decade of homicide arrest data from 50 of the nation’s largest cities. The analysis of 52,000 criminal homicides goes beyond what is known nationally about the unsolved cases, revealing block by block where police fail to catch killers.
In 50 U.S. cities, 52,175 homicides occurred over the past decade. The Washington Post refuses to acknowledge who is committing the homicides (black or brown people), but finds a way to blame white people for the violence and low clearance rates...
The overall homicide arrest rate in the 50 cities is 49 percent, but in these areas of impunity, police make arrests less than 33 percent of the time. Despite a nationwide drop in violence to historic lows, 34 of the 50 cities have a lower homicide arrest rate now than a decade ago. 
Some cities, such as Baltimore and Chicago, solve so few homicides that vast areas stretching for miles experience hundreds of homicides with virtually no arrests. In other places, such as Atlanta, police manage to make arrests in a majority of homicides — even those that occur in the city’s most violent areas. 
Police blame the failure to solve homicides in these places on insufficient resources and poor relationships with residents, especially in areas that grapple with drug and gang activity where potential witnesses fear retaliation. But families of those killed, and even some officers, say the fault rests with apathetic police departments. All agree that the unsolved killings perpetuate cycles of violence in low-arrest areas.Detectives said they cannot solve homicides without community cooperation, which makes it almost impossible to close cases in areas where residents already distrust police. As a result, distrust deepens and killers remain on the street with no deterrent. 
“If these cases go unsolved, it has the potential to send the message to our community that we don’t care,” said Oakland police Capt. Roland Holmgren, who leads the department’s criminal investigation division. That city has two zones where unsolved homicides are clustered.  
Homicide arrest rates vary widely when examined by the race of the victim: An arrest was made in 63 percent of the killings of white victims, compared with 48 percent of killings of Latino victims and 46 percent of the killings of black victims. Almost all of the low-arrest zones are home primarily to low-income black residents.
In a country where western civilization is waning, and white people have ceded all moral authority to a black Marxist's "judging by content of character instead of color of skin" dream, we can only watch helplessly as our greatest cities are veritable war zones where black and brown people kill one another over errant glances, single digit debts, and disrespect.

Woe to those white people economically left behind enemy lines when their property values depreciate and they can join the white flight out of formerly prosperous, all-white communities now enriched with bellicose non-whites.

Understand in the rules of Black-Run America (BRA), every inconvenience black people face - and increasingly brown people - is the fault of relentless, brutal, exacting white racism or the residue of a white supremacist power structure.

The ghost of Jim Crow is compelling black people to not only murder other black people, but silencing blacks from speaking to the police about who committed the atrocity.