Thursday, September 6, 2018

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Black Reverend Hilariously Calls Out Black Criminality at Aretha Franklin's Funeral


"Respect" is a black preacher going to a funeral for a purported black legend and calling out the black community in America for creating all the problems for blacks commonly and habitually blamed on structural inequality, implicit bias, white supremacy and the debilitating impacting of white privilege.
[Aretha Franklin's family blasts 'black-on-black crime' eulogy,, 9-4-18]:
As Aretha Franklin's eight-hour funeral drew to a close last week, the Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. rose from his seat and picked up the microphone. 
Reverend Williams embarrassed blacks with a truthful eulogy for Aretha Franklin
Clad in a black suit, accented by a bright red tie and pocket square, the Atlanta-based pastor began eulogizing the Queen of Soul with an impassioned rendition of the popular hymn, "Father, I Stretch My Hands to thee." A large silver cross swung from his neck. 
"This is my subject as I attempt to eulogize Aretha Franklin; my subject is Aretha, the Queen of Soul," Williams said as the song's final notes faded on Friday. 
But in the roughly 40 minutes that followed inside Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Williams would devote more time to voicing criticisms about black parenting and "black-on-black crime" than Franklin's life and legacy. His words prompted swift backlash on social media, many slamming him for being "homophobic," "misogynistic" and disrespecting other black people. 
Among those who didn't appreciate Williams's eulogy were Franklin's family members, who called his comments "offensive and distasteful," the Detroit Free Press reported. 
"Rev. Jasper Williams spent more than 50 minutes speaking and at no time did he properly eulogize her," Vaughn Franklin, the late singer's nephew, said in a statement on behalf of his family. He told the Associated Press that the eulogy "caught the entire family off guard." 
In the statement to the Detroit Free Press, Vaughn Franklin said Williams was asked to perform the eulogy because he had eulogized other family members, including the singer's father, the Rev. C.L. Franklin. But, he added that, "there were several other people that my aunt admired that would have been outstanding individuals to deliver her eulogy." 
"We feel that Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. used this platform to push his negative agenda, which as a family, we do not agree with," the statement said. 
During his eulogy, Williams drew outcry for his views on single-parent households run by black mothers and the Black Lives Matter movement. 
He described raising children in a fatherless home as "abortion after birth." 
"Seventy percent of our households are led by our precious, proud, fine black women," he said. "But as proud, beautiful and fine as our black women are, one thing a black woman cannot do. A black woman cannot raise a black boy to be a man. She can't do that." 
Franklin was a single mother of four boys. 
Kei Williams Not Related to Rev. Jasper tweeted "How do you turn Aretha Franklin's funeral into a dragging of Black women? HOW DARE YOU...." 
Rep. Chaz Beasley tweeted "No disrespect to Jasper Williams, but my single mother raised me to be a man pretty well. . . #ArethaFranklinFuneral" 
When Williams spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement, he used it to critique black-on-black violence. 
"When we kill one hundred of us, nobody says anything," he said. "Nobody does anything." 
He added: "Black-on-black crime. We're all doing time. We're locked up in our mind. There's got to be a better way. We must stop this today." 
Then, he said if he were asked today 'Do black lives matter,' he would answer, 'No, black lives do not matter." 
"Black lives will not matter. Black lives ought not matter," he said as the crowd applauded. "Black lives should not matter. Black lives must not matter. Until black people start respecting black lives and stop killing ourselves, black lives can never matter." 
Though some supported Williams's stance, his comments were met with immediate reaction at the funeral when singer Stevie Wonder reportedly shouted, "Black lives matter."
On Twitter, some described the eulogy as a "disaster" and a "disgrace."

A 'disgrace'?
No, it's called the truth. 
White people are absolved from the problems black people create for themselves. We owe blacks nothing. 
Absolutely nothing. 
Reverend Williams spoke the truth and it doesn't matter what blacks think about it, because blacks should have absolutely no impact on any policy governing white lives. 
They can't even govern their own community without blaming imaginary white ghosts for haunting every aspect of their lives. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Is This Necessary in the White Community in the USA? In 10% Black Brevard County, Florida, Blacks Responsible for Almost All Violence, Unite to Try and Prove Black Lives Matter

Hundreds of blacks gather together in Brevard County, Florida, to call for an end to black on black violence. Representing just 10 percent of the 543,000 people living in the county, blacks are responsible for nearly 60 percent of the homicides in a given year.

Thus, the need for a unity event to try and convince anyone, everyone that Black Lives Matter.[Religious community unites against homicides, youth violence, Florida Today, August 28, 2018]:

Local religious groups set aside their differences Saturday and joined together in a show of unity amidst a string of homicides that have rocked Brevard's black community and left residents grasping for solutions.
We promise Black Lives Matter (never mind how often we kill one another in a county less than 10 percent black)
Hundreds of people from churches around the county gathered at the New Shiloh Christian Center in Melbourne Saturday evening in a rollicking rally that more resembled a gospel revival than the traditional town hall.
A number of demonstrations have sprung up in recent weeks in response to the violence. But, as the joyous noise filled the humid August air, attendees said this felt different.
"What we decided to do, rather than complaining about the darkness, is to shine a light," said Bishop Merton L. Clark of Truth Revealed International Ministries. Clarke, along with New Shiloh's Bishop Jacquelyn Gordon and other church leaders, helped organize the event.
"We're pulling all these people together to send out a message of unity and love, to see if we can turn some things around," he said.
While the atmosphere was exuberant, beneath were notes of distress and urgency.
There have been 23 homicides since January, about average for Brevard at this point in the year. But 11 of the victims were black, a concerning trend in the community given that blacks only make up about 10 percent of the county's population. 
"The blood is crying from the streets," Clarke said.  "Black men are killing black men. This is something that we need to change."
The murders have ripped at old wounds in a community beset by social and economic ills, Clarke said, and quickened a sense that solutions to local violence must begin in the home and the heart.
As with many of the recent demonstrations, the role of parenting was a common theme. Sheriff Wayne Ivey, who spoke at the event, emphasized that point from the dais.
"We have to allow parents to be the chief law enforcement officer in a child's life," Ivey said. "There is no greater movement than parents uniting together and teaching their children right from wrong, and that there's consequence for their actions."

Has this ever been necessary in the white community in the USA? The persistent, omnipresent nature of black violence in America is truly shocking when you take a step back and realize there is absolutely no comparison possible to any other racial group in the USA.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Just Boycott It: Nike Makes Anti-White Colin Kaepernick the Face of Its 30th Anniversary "Just Do It" Campaign

Previously on SBPDL: Just Do it! What The Nike Riots Tell Us

corporation whose market value rests on foreign cheap labor has now made the face of its upcoming 30th anniversary Just Do It campaign an anti-white, anti-police, anti-American black athlete. [Nike Launches Ad Campaign Starring Colin Kaepernick, Zero Hedge, 9-3-18]:

In a move that will likely infuriate president Trump, and/or lead to a sharp decline in Air Max sales, on Monday afternoon Nike and Colin Kaepernick unveiled a new ad campaign featuring the controversial former NFL quarterback as part of the company’s 30th anniversary "Just Do It" ad campaign. 
The entire power structure in America is on Colin Kaepernick's side,  yet we must believe he is a victim. 
The image, which Kaepernick tweeted out, shows a black-and-white closeup of the quarterback’s face and the words, “Believe in something. Even it if it means sacrificing everything. Just do it.” 
According to ESPN, Kaepernick - who is suing NFL owners for allegedly colluding to keep him out of the league - is one of the faces of a new Nike campaign meant to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the brand's iconic "Just Do It" motto. It also adds that while Nike signed Kaepernick in 2011 and kept him on its endorsement roster over the years, the company had not used him in the past two years. 
“We believe Colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation, who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward,” Nike V.P. of brand in North America Gino Fisanotti told ESPN. 
Perhaps, but for now Kaepernick is entering a second NFL season without a team and has an active collusion grievance against the NFL. That case cleared a hurdle last week with the league’s request to dismiss the grievance was rejected. A trial hearing that requires testimony from NFL owners could happen at some point in the future. 
“We wanted to energize its meaning and introduce ‘Just Do It’ to a new generation of athletes,” Fisanotti told ESPN. 
Kaepernick became a household name in August of 2016 when he began kneeling in what he said was protest of racial injustice during the national anthem, provoking a major backlash by the president, and eventually NFL fans.  The protests during the national anthem, soon embraced by other players too, raised the ire of some NFL fans and U.S. President Donald Trump. The result was a steep dropoff in NFL viewership in 2017.
There's no getting off this ride.

Nike is the official uniform supplier of the NFL (and consequently Baylor, a school infamous for recruiting black football players to chase after - and be accused of raping - white women), and has now decided to throw fuel onto a burning cultural war fire choking white Americans into realizing they are losing their nation.

Strangely enough, it's seemingly innocuous stories of an American flag being left out of First Man and Colin Kaepernick's antics, aided by ESPN, Nike and his black woke allies in the NFL, forcing white Americans to understand where there is smoke, there is fire.

This conflagration is exactly what those architects of Black-Run America (BRA) don't want.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Approves Black South African Government Confiscating White-owned Farms

Previously on SBPDL: The Coming Racial Chaos in South Africa: "We are going to take the land, even if it means we're going back to the dark ages. This country must be African. We are African."

Never forget: in a multiracial society, democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount. Worse, when the global institutions propping up the anti-white mindset operate under the same guiding principles, you quickly understand what's happening to white South Africans will inevitably happen to the coming white minority in the USA, France, Canada, the UK, and Germany. 

As long as the confiscation of white property/white wealth is done transparent and follows a 'rules-based' (i.e., if the people will it) procedure... [IMF backs South Africa’s plan to confiscate land from white farmers, Russia Today, 8-31-18]:
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) approves of South Africa’s controversial land reform as long as the highly contentious process is “rules-based” and transparent, according to the fund’s representative in the country. 
Unfortunately, the IMF doesn't seem to care...
Montfort Mlachila, the IMF’s senior resident representative in South Africa, said that the regulation must not damage agricultural output and put at risk food supplies for the country’s citizens. 
“We are in full support of the need to undertake land reforms in order to address the issues of inequality,” Mlachila said in an interview with Reuters. 
“There is need to have a transparent, rules-based, and constitutional process that leads to desirable outcomes. It is particularly important not to undermine agricultural production and food security.” 
The widely debated land reform was proposed by the country’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) in 2015, and received full support of the newly elected President Cyril Ramaphosa. The proposed measure will allow the South African government to expropriate land belonging to the country’s white farmers without compensation. 
A major part of South African farmlands is still owned by the country’s white minority. The current president vowed to change the South African constitution to grant some of the land to the landless black majority. 
The draft reform, which reportedly provoked violent attacks and even murders of white farmers, triggered a great uproar internationally. Last week, US President Donald Trump ordered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to closely study the issue. 
Earlier this year, the Australian government started issuing emergency visas for farmers facing violence in South Africa. 
Last week, the ANC announced the withdrawal of the disputed draft by the Portfolio Committee on Public Works for further study. According to the committee’s chairperson, Humphrey Mmemezi, the bill was referred to parliament on procedural grounds, but they couldn’t duplicate a separate parliamentary process. Afterwards, the ANC announced their commitment to push the land reform through.
In the end, the venerated U.S. Constitution won't save us, if an Amendment is passed in a few decades to confiscate white-owned property/wealth to be redistributed to America's new, non-white majority.

Democracy is, after all, a racial headcount.

Friday, August 31, 2018

White America's Flag on the Moon No Longer Worth Celebrating in "First Man"

Make no mistake, the July 20, 1969 landing on the moon by the crew of Apollo 11 was a magical feat courtesy of individual white people collectively uniting on a mission impossible to almost every other generation of humanity in the history of our species. 

It's why Whitey on the Moon': Race, Politics, and the death of the U.S. Space Program, 1958 - 1972 is such an important work, documenting how black America was almost monolithically united against the Apollo program. And in the current year, we can no longer even celebrate white America's triumphant moment of landing on the moon with the slide rule. [Ryan Gosling defends Neil Armstrong biopic 'First Man' leaving out American flag in moon landing scene, Fox News, 8-31-18]:
“First Man,” the Neil Armstrong biopic that tells the tale of the 1969 moon landing, has stolen the show at several international film festivals — but not everyone is happy. 
First Man will omit the planting of the American flag on Luna, an event Robert Heinlein correctly noted heralded the dawning of a new age
The film fails to show one of the most integral moments of American history – when Armstrong plants the American flag on the moon, according to The Telegraph. 
Ryan Gosling, the Canadian actor who portrays Armstrong in the movie, defended the decision to not show the flag. 
Gosling was asked at the Venice Film Festival whether omitting the scene was deliberate and the actor attempted to sidestep the question by responding that the moon landing “transcended countries and borders.” 
“I think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement [and] that's how we chose to view it,” he told reporters. "I also think Neil was extremely humble, as were many of these astronauts, and time and time again he deferred the focus from himself to the 400,000 people who made the mission possible.” 
Gosling said he didn’t think Armstrong “viewed himself as an American hero.” 
“From my interviews with his family and people that knew him, it was quite the opposite. And we wanted the film to reflect Neil." 
Gosling jokingly admitted he might have “cognitive bias” being that he’s Canadian.
The moon landing did "transcend countries and borders," as the genius of Project Paperclip ensured the USA got the smartest Germans instead of the Soviet Union. But we can't talk about these hidden figures, can we?

Thursday, August 30, 2018

In 79% White/11% Black Columbia, Missouri, Police Report Calls for Hiring 60 More Police Officers to Combat Black Violence

In 79 percent white and 11 percent black Columbia, Missouri, a proposal to hire 60 more police officers is entirely predicated upon trying to stop black people from killing/shooting other blacks. [Community policing report calls for 60 new officers, Columbia Tribune, 8-30-18]:
Columbia should hire 60 more police officers and nearly double the department’s payroll over five years to implement community policing, according to a draft report delivered Thursday to the Columbia City Council. 
Welcome to an 80 percent white/11 percent black city, where massive black violence requires a huge police presence to try and control
The report, written by Sgt. Robert Fox, combines its recommendations with observations on reasons for crime in Columbia, perceptions of crime in the city and why the police department has a negative public image. Marijuana sales are leading to violent crime, especially in the black community, Fox wrote, and media distortions make people think crime is worse than it really is and the department is doing its job poorly. 
The council will get its first chance to discuss the report, 69 pages with 270 pages of appendices, at its Tuesday night meeting. 
The council in February voted to implement community policing throughout the department. Defined in its basic form as deterrence through officer relationships with communities they serve, the city conducted a series of meetings with racial and justice equality groups and residents of each ward. 
Fox, who led the transition, outlines a plan within that includes a timeline, a budget, several recommendations on how the philosophy can be achieved and other information. 
The cost of community oriented policing, according to the report, includes 12 new officers per year from 2020 and 2024, as well as several sergeants and other support staff. 
CPD salaries in 2017 were budgeted at $7.9 million. The additional officers would increase salary costs approximately $1.3 million per year. By 2024, the cost increase to taxpayers would be $6.5 million annually. 
Vehicles and other equipment raise the costs to just over $7 million annually after the program is fully implemented in 2024. 
A chief cause of violent crime, the report states, is the marijuana trade which disproportionately affected the black community. Statistics supporting the claim were requested but not provided. 
“While City Ordinance has made possession of small amounts of marijuana a low priority for CPD, the violence connected to the distribution of marijuana and the cash flow it creates has resulted in most of the homicides and dozens of shootings over the last 10 years,” Fox wrote in the report. “Predominantly, the victims are young black males.” 
Fox stood by his claims when asked for clarification. However, in an email response, he changed “marijuana” to “drugs” in relation to homicides. 
“The victims of the violence associated with the distribution of marijuana are disproportionately black,” he wrote. “Of the nine homicide victims last year seven were black and most of our homicides are related to the distribution of drugs.” 
Black residents will benefit the most from increases in police staffing, the report states, because they are the demographic most affected by violent crime. Neither Fox nor Burton responded to questions about crime statistics based on race in the city. None were provided in the report as a basis for those claims. 
“Violent crime especially disproportionately affects the black community and proactive policing informed by good local knowledge with the support of the neighborhoods they work would benefit the black community in Columbia,” Fox wrote in the report.
In a city where only 11 percent of the residents are black, the frequency of black criminality requires a veritable police state to try and control, ensuring some semblance of civilization is maintained.

So few dare point out genetic reasons are the possible culprit behind the violence in the black community, representing only 11 percent of the city's inhabitants, versus the placid nature of the white community requiring virtually zero policing to maintain civilization/civility.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

In 99% Black Park Manor Community in South Side of Chicago, Black Business Owners Fear Burglaries/Violence

What is life like in a community in America less than one percent white and nearly 99 percent black

Let's take a look at Park Manor neighborhood in Chicago. [Black-owned businesses fear burglary in Park Manor, Chicago Sun-Times, 8-27-18]:
Businesses in the Park Manor neighborhood tended to the afternoon rush during a humid Monday afternoon. People ducked in bakeries or convenience stores seeking refuge from the heat, others walked into a barbecue restaurant. Residents laughed while walking down the street, and some even shouted at the weather in frustration.  
Other than the heat, it was a typical afternoon on the South Side of Chicago. 
Park Manor demographics in South Side of Chicago... a community completely devoid of white privilege (or white people)
Except for a couple of businesses that were suddenly closed Sunday on what they considered the busiest day of the week. The unplanned and temporary closure forced surrounding businesses to reflect on their own vulnerability. 
Several black-owned businesses along the 75th Street commercial corridor, which spans from Wabash Avenue to Cottage Grove Avenue, are concerned after burglaries at Harold’s Chicken and 5 Loaves Eatery that forced the two businesses to shut down operations on Sunday after someone cut their electrical wires to steal the copper wiring. 
The burglary could’ve happened anytime between 4 p.m. Saturday and 6 a.m. 
Sunday, according to Chicago Police. No one has been arrested. 
“We lost upwards of $2,000 worth of food when the electricity went out. It’s a small amount to some, but it is a big chunk [of money] to us,” said Constance Simms-Kincaid, owner of 5 Loaves Eatery. 
Simms-Kincaid said the wiring from her electricity has been stolen four times in the last seven years. She’s grateful this time it closed her business for only one day, but she remembers when she had to shut down for almost four months. 
“We were really struggling, and it really knocked us off our feet,” she said. “I was forced to get another job just so I could pay my employees in time when payroll was due.” 
Darnell Gaffney, owner of the neighboring Space Age Marketing, said he found it odd when he came to work Sunday and saw 5 Loaves Eatery closed. 
“This is really unfortunate to have this happen to them. [5 Loaves Eatery] do great work in the community, and people come from all over just to dine at their restaurant. If they’re not safe, none of us around here are,” Gaffney said. 
Lem’s Bar-B-Q has been serving barbecue in Park Manor since 1968. William Lemons, who manages the restaurant, said it would be devastating for his business to be closed for more than a day. 
“This is an issue we have to look out … I really don’t know how we can try and prevent this from happening to us,” Lemons said. 
Simms-Kincaid said, “Thieves are so determined to get the copper wiring from the electrical wires that they will do it during a thunderstorm, in front of cameras or even in front of people. They just don’t care who it affects.” 
A similar burglary happened at the nearby Captain’s Hard Time Dining in Chatham, shuttering their operation as well. The surveillance camera shows a person walking with a ladder and scaling the building with wire cutters in hand. 
Simms-Kincaid said the support she has received from the community has been amazing. Both Harold’s Chicken and 5 Loaves Eatery have reopened. Simms-Kincaid has plans to meet with the Chatham Business Association to see if they can come up with a way to prevent this from happening again. She is also hoping to work with Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6th), chairman of the Chicago City Council’s Black Caucus.
Wakanda, it turns out, isn't real.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Black Former Employee of Black Church in Kansas City Pleads Guilty to Spraying Anti-Black Graffiti on Church to Coverup His Robbery

More Fake Hate the corporate media immediately promulgated as being performed by a white person until surveillance cameras proved the culprit was nothing more than a crack smoking black employee of the black church. [Worker admits spray-painting racist graffiti, setting fire at south KC church, Kansas City Star, 8-24-18]:
A former maintenance worker at a predominantly black south Kansas City church admitted in U.S. District on Friday that he spray-painted racist graffiti on the front entrance and then set a fire to cover up a theft. 
Nathaniel D. Nelson, 49, was accused of setting the fire in an office of the Concord Cultural Center, adjacent to the Concord Fortress of Hope Church, where he was also a member. 
Attempting to cover up the robbery of his black church by writing anti-black graffiti on the church
Prosecutors said Nelson admitted to stealing money from inside the cultural center to buy crack cocaine. Nelson, who is black, said he had spray-painted the graffiti and set the fire in an attempt to throw off investigators. 
Fire crews responded to the fire early Oct. 29, 2017, but a sprinkler had extinguished it before they arrived. Investigators determined that an office chair and other combustibles had been intentionally set on fire. The church’s insurance company paid out more than $330,000. 
Congregants were greeted that morning with a racial slur, the letters “KKK” and a symbol similar to a swastika on the main entrance. 
Nelson was captured on a video inside the foyer just before he unplugged the surveillance system, according to prosecutors. But he was unaware of a second system, which recorded video of him outside spray-painting the graffiti. 
He later told investigators that he smoked crack inside his office at the church before trying to break into the finance office, which was the only room he did not have a key for. 
Unable to break in, Nelson rummaged through two other offices and stole about $230. He left to buy more crack, returned to the church and broke into two vending machines, but was able to get only a few dollars. 
Nelson left again to buy more crack, which he brought back to the church to smoke.  
He set the fire before leaving. 
Nelson had previously served time in prison for arson and burglary and was last released in 2011. He could be sentenced to up to 20 years prison.A sentencing date has been set for Jan. 17.
Every one of these incidents is immediately promoted as proof of sea to shining sea white supremacy, when almost invariably, all of them turn out to be black-in-origin, performed to ensure the Anti-White Mindset never runs out of fuel.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Story NAACP Pushed of White Man Urinating on Black Girl Turns Out to be a Hoax Designed to Further Advance the Anti-White Mindset

PK Note: Movie plug of the day - the incredible movie Zulu. If you've never seen it, get it now. 

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - The local NAACP says a man who allegedly urinated on a young black girl, and used a racial slur, should face sex-assault and hate-crime charges. 
Reverend Bacon of Bonfire of the Vanities fame would be proud of this hoax the NAACP advanced and advocated for hate-crime charges to be filed
The 60-year-old suspect is held in the Kent County Jail. Kent County prosecutors are waiting for Grand Rapids police to complete the investigation before deciding on potential charges. 
"This is clearly a case of child molestation, as well as a hate crime, and should be treated as such," Cle Jackson, president of the Greater Grand Rapids National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said in a Friday, Aug. 24, statement. 
Police used a search warrant at the man's home on Thursday. 
Police said the investigation takes time because of the young ages of the victim and three witnesses. 
"In order to protect the children involved, and reduce the amount of stress they may feel during an interview, there is specific and unique protocol that must be followed," Grand Rapids police said in a statement. 
"We work in collaboration with the Kent County Children's Advocacy Center, which is able to provide the resources needed to interview the children in a safe way while obtaining the information needed for a criminal investigation."
Chaser. [Police: No charges in case of man accused of urinating on child; case fabricated,, 8-24-18]:

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Grand Rapids Police and the Kent County Prosecutors Office says that the incident  allegedly involving a man urinating on a child earlier this week was fabricated. 
Police say no charges will be filed against the man who was accused of urinating on a child earlier this week. 
According to the Grand Rapids Police Department, interviews of the child and other neighborhood children were conducted by the Children's Advocacy Center.  
During the interviews, it was determined that one of the children urinated on one of the others, and they made up the story to stay out of trouble. 
The incident was first reported Wednesday and reportedly involved a 5-year-old girl in the 1000 block of Leonard Street NW. 
The Grand Rapids Chapter of the NAACP asked for a thorough investigation and that the suspect face the fullest extent of the law if the allegations were true.  Cle Jackson, president of the chapter issued this statement Friday night: 
"We asked for a thorough investigation into these allegations, and if the allegations were found to be true, we would expect that this gentleman would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 
"And also, we respect - regardless of the severity of the allegations - that this gentleman be afforded his Constitutional rights, based on due process. 
"In my conversation with the police chief, David Rahinsky, and the chief prosecutor, Chris Becker, that we all take these allegations very seriously, and that they should be thoroughly investigation. (sic) 
"At this point, from the NAACP perspective, we're waiting for the final results of the DNA testing that is currently underway." 
Efforts to contact other individuals involved in this story Friday night were unsuccessful. 
International news when the story broke and was promoted as just another of pervasive white racism, and completely abandoned once it became just another example of the NAACP and organized blackness promoting a story designed to create animosity against all white people. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Black Man "Randomly" Pushes White Woman in Front of MARTA Train in Atlanta; Her Daughter Saves Her, In Critical Condition After Being Hit By Train

Previously on SBPDL: More Urine Detection Equipment Needed for MARTA in Atlanta (Ridership is 74% Black)

Six white women from Wisconsin (a mother and her five daughters) went to Atlanta for a girl's weekend. As they jumped on MARTA, Atlanta's mass transit system, a black male randomly pushed the white mother onto the tracks at the Midtown MARTA station. 
A black man "randomly" pushes a white woman visiting Atlanta onto the tracks of an oncoming MARTA train...
One of her daughters jumped in and saved her, only to be hit by a train in the process. [Man who pushed mother onto tracks at MARTA station identified, CBS 46, 8-20-18]:
ATLANTA (CBS46) -MARTA police have identified the man who allegedly pushed a woman onto the tracks at the Midtown MARTA Station Sunday, prompting a chaotic scene that ended with the woman's daughter critically wounded. 
Police identified the suspect as Christopher Patrick Brooklin, 28. He is charged with aggravated assault and battery in a public transit station. 
Witnesses told CBS46 the man was behaving erratically. 
"We were downstairs, and a man just started punching people like just going crazy," said Aiesha Bowden, a witness. 
Police said the man pushed the 58-year-old mother onto the tracks. The woman's 27-year-old daughter jumped onto the tracks to try to help her mother. As of now, police don't have a motive and said the incident appeared to be random.  
"Everybody was trying to pull them up, but it was too late because the train was coming," said Bowden. "The train was already coming, and in the process of everybody trying to pull them out, it was just too late. The train was going too fast." 
The daughter remains in critical condition at an area hospital, said Cpl. Brian Lauda of the MARTA Police Department. 
Lauda did not release the names of the mother and daughter. He said the mother was treated for her injuries and released. Police believe she was not hit by the train. Police continue to review surveillance video that they are not releasing at this time. 
Police said bystanders were extremely helpful and alerted a MARTA police officer who was at the station. The officer was able to take the suspect into custody within 90 seconds of the incident.   
Brooklin is currently being held in Fulton County Jail. 

Welcome to life in the City too busy to hate...

CBS46 News

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Black Lives Matter? Black Leaders in St. Paul, MN Beg Blacks to End Gun Violence in City, Setting Up 24-Hour Hotline to Turn Themselves In

Black Lives Matter?[St. Paul's black leaders call for public's help ending gun violence: Activists said community members can contact them for help sharing information or turning themselves into police., Star Tribune, August 20, 2018]:
St. Paul’s black leaders called on the public to help solve a recent homicide and combat gun violence in the city before more people are hurt. 
Do they?
Tuesday’s plea by the African-American Leadership Council, the St. Paul NAACP and the St. Paul Black Ministerial Alliance comes on the heels of an unsolved homicide and recent shootings, including one that wounded the son of prominent activist John Thompson. 
“Our plea, our ask today is to our community. … We’re asking you to turn yourself in,” said Tyrone Terrill, president of the African-American Leadership Council. 
“The most important thing for our community is to allow healing, to allow peace and to allow an opportunity to deal with this level of violence.” 
Since the start of the year, 98 people have been shot in St. Paul; 73 percent of the victims were black, according to St. Paul police. Of 10 homicides in the city this year, eight were the result of gunfire, said police spokesman Steve Linders. 
Devon L. Goode, 21, of St. Paul, was fatally shot Aug. 12 while playing dice on a St. Paul street. Malik D. Turner, 19, of St. Paul, was charged with second-degree murder for allegedly killing Goode in order to rob him of $332. 
On Aug. 16, Lil R. Molin, 26, of St. Paul, was fatally shot on the 1400 block of Maryland Avenue E. near the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). No arrests have been made in the case. 
On Saturday, two women and a man were injured by gunfire outside of Willard’s Liquors. No arrests have been made in that case.
“Officers attempted to speak to people there, but nobody seemed to want to cooperate,” Linders said of Saturday’s shooting. “We need people with information to come forward.” 
Community leaders who gathered Tuesday at the Hallie Q. Brown Community Center called for people to turn themselves in, for community members to share any information they may have and for anyone who is afraid to reach out to community leaders for assistance. 
“It’s easy to hide in the shadows and in the dark, but enough is enough,” said Greg Jackson Sr., a board member of the St. Paul NAACP and an activist with Men of MARCH (Men Are Responsible to Cultivate Hope). “We can’t keep senselessly killing one another and think that it’s OK.” 
Terrill said the public plea was prompted by the recent shootings and the high percentage of black victims. He and others urged anyone who is afraid of turning themselves into police to call a 24-hour hotline run by Men of MARCH: 612-872-4997. 
A Men of MARCH member will accompany people turning themselves into police. The effort can bridge the gap between community members and police, activists said.
St. Paul is 61 percent white and 13 percent black.

A 24-hour hotline so blacks can snitch on other black people... what does this say about the black community in St. Paul?

Monday, August 20, 2018

His Name is Fadil Delkic: White Bosnian War Survivor Murdered by Black Male in Parking Lot at Walmart in Suburban Atlanta

He survived the Bosnian War. 

He didn't survive an encounter with a black male in the parking of a Walmart in suburban Atlanta. [Bosnian War survivor identified as victim in Walmart parking lot shooting,, 8-20-18]:

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Family members gave Channel 2 Action News photos of the man shot and killed at a Gwinnett County Walmart. 
Fadil Delkic, 49, was killed Sunday in the parking lot of the store on Scenic Highway in Snellville after a dispute with Troy Hunte, police said. 
Hunte was charged with voluntary manslaughter. 
"Everyone just started running. People were missing their family members, some kids were crying because they didn't know where their dad was at," a witness said. 
Family members said Delkic was a Bosnian refugee who survived prison during the Bosnian War in the 1990s. 
In a warrant for Hunte, a detective wrote Hunte killed Delkic under circumstances that would otherwise be murder but accused acted solely as a result of a sudden, violent, and irresistible passion resulting from serious provocation. 
Channel 2's Tony Thomas reached Hunte's girlfriend by phone but she didn't want to talk about what happened. 
Delkic's family insists he did nothing to provoke the attack. 
Authorities said the charges could be changed but so far no one else involved has been charged. 
You have to wonder if in his final moments on earth, Delkic had an epiphany,  realizing being in Bosnia was far better than being a Bosnian war refugee relocated to metropolitan Atlanta...

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Black Lives Matter? At Back to School Peace Party in Chicago, Blacks Open Fire on Black People, Wounding Three

Previously on SBPDL: Because of Incessant Black Violence/Dysfunction, Funeral home directors in Chicago call for law to reduce violence at funerals

They're just like us. Promise. [3 men shot near Seward Park on Near North Side during back-to-school peace party, ABC 7 Chicago, August 18, 2018]:
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Three men were shot and wounded Saturday afternoon near Seward Park on Chicago's Near North Side as children were leaving a back-to-school peace rally. 
The incident occurred at about 6 p.m. in the 300-block of West Division, according to Chicago police. 
Well... no you can't do this!
A person of interest was in custody Saturday evening. 
One to three male offenders, ages 15 to 20, fired shots in the direction of the victims before running from the scene, police said. 
A 54-year-old man was shot in his upper-right leg; a 43-year-old man was shot in the lower left leg and upper right arm; and a 28-year-old man was shot in the back. 
Two victims, ages 54 and 43, were hospitalized in stable condition. The 28-year-old was hospitalized in critical condition. 
All of the victims were innocent bystanders, witnesses said. 
Hundreds of children were attending the event, which featured music and games. 
Many of the children were leaving the event as gunfire rang out. 
Two off-duty Cook County sheriff deputies, who are brothers, drew their guns to try and stop one of the alleged shooters. 
"One thing we were thinking was, 'Ya'll are going to rain on an event that was sponsored for the children and to promote peace,'" Marvin Edwards, one of the off-duty deputies. 
The event was hosted by Brothers Standing Together. The organizers said they will continue to promote their mission of peace. 
Police are investigating.
Can you spot the great quote from this immortal passage in Nicholas Lemann's The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America?:
Chicago was home to the Chicago Defender, the country’s leading black newspaper, with a wide readership in the rural South. Robert S. Abbott, the Defender’s publisher, a small, round, well-dressed man who artfully combined the roles of race crusader and businessman, launched what he called "The Great Northern Drive" on May 15, 1917. The object of the drive was to exhort Southern blacks to come to Chicago, in order to make money and live under the legal benefits of citizenship. Abbott invented slogans ("The Flight Out of Egypt") and promoted songs ("Bound for the Promised Land," "Going Into Canaan") that pounded home a comparison to the events described in the Book of Exodus for his audience of extremely religious children of slaves. 
He persuaded the railroads to offer "club rates" to groups of blacks migrating to Chicago. At the same time strong-back businesses like the stockyards and packing houses, desperately short of labor because of the war, hired white labor agents and black preachers to tour the South recruiting. Black porters on the Illinois Central, who at the time were a prosperous, respected elite in black America, spread the word (and passed out the Defender) on their stops in Mississippi towns. E. Franklin Frazier, the black sociologist, reported that, "In some cases, after the train crossed the Ohio River, the migrants signalized the event by kissing the ground and holding prayer services." 
The black population of Chicago grew from 44,000 in 1910 to 109,000 in 1920, and then to 234,000 in 1930. A local commission on race relations reported that 50,000 black people had moved to Chicago from the South in eighteen months during the war. --  p. 16
Did you see it? 


I'll make it easy for you. As black migrants from the South entered the northern portion of the United States, they rejoiced at the their new found freedom:

"In some cases, after the train crossed the Ohio River, the migrants signalized the event by kissing the ground and holding prayer services." 
Blacks kissed the ground and held prayer services after they were liberated from the chains of Jim Crow and the white supremacist culture of the South. 

In August of 2018, black people hold "Peace Rallies" in Chicago, because black people can't stop shooting other black people. 

And even at a "Peace Rally" in Chicago, black people can't stop shooting other black people. 

Keep kissing the ground!

And keep telling yourself: they're just like us.