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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Approves Black South African Government Confiscating White-owned Farms

Previously on SBPDL: The Coming Racial Chaos in South Africa: "We are going to take the land, even if it means we're going back to the dark ages. This country must be African. We are African."

Never forget: in a multiracial society, democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount. Worse, when the global institutions propping up the anti-white mindset operate under the same guiding principles, you quickly understand what's happening to white South Africans will inevitably happen to the coming white minority in the USA, France, Canada, the UK, and Germany. 

As long as the confiscation of white property/white wealth is done transparent and follows a 'rules-based' (i.e., if the people will it) procedure... [IMF backs South Africa’s plan to confiscate land from white farmers, Russia Today, 8-31-18]:
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) approves of South Africa’s controversial land reform as long as the highly contentious process is “rules-based” and transparent, according to the fund’s representative in the country. 
Unfortunately, the IMF doesn't seem to care...
Montfort Mlachila, the IMF’s senior resident representative in South Africa, said that the regulation must not damage agricultural output and put at risk food supplies for the country’s citizens. 
“We are in full support of the need to undertake land reforms in order to address the issues of inequality,” Mlachila said in an interview with Reuters. 
“There is need to have a transparent, rules-based, and constitutional process that leads to desirable outcomes. It is particularly important not to undermine agricultural production and food security.” 
The widely debated land reform was proposed by the country’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) in 2015, and received full support of the newly elected President Cyril Ramaphosa. The proposed measure will allow the South African government to expropriate land belonging to the country’s white farmers without compensation. 
A major part of South African farmlands is still owned by the country’s white minority. The current president vowed to change the South African constitution to grant some of the land to the landless black majority. 
The draft reform, which reportedly provoked violent attacks and even murders of white farmers, triggered a great uproar internationally. Last week, US President Donald Trump ordered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to closely study the issue. 
Earlier this year, the Australian government started issuing emergency visas for farmers facing violence in South Africa. 
Last week, the ANC announced the withdrawal of the disputed draft by the Portfolio Committee on Public Works for further study. According to the committee’s chairperson, Humphrey Mmemezi, the bill was referred to parliament on procedural grounds, but they couldn’t duplicate a separate parliamentary process. Afterwards, the ANC announced their commitment to push the land reform through.
In the end, the venerated U.S. Constitution won't save us, if an Amendment is passed in a few decades to confiscate white-owned property/wealth to be redistributed to America's new, non-white majority.

Democracy is, after all, a racial headcount.


Anonymous said...

Who would have thought all those years ago when I was reading of Mad Mike Hoare in tit long, the Belgian Congo and the Selous scouts in Rhodesia in publications like Soldier of Fortune, that I would live to see it played out on our own shores as well.

The same background players, the same money backers, the same single-purposed media directing attention when it wants and bending public opinion on an anvil of lies.

We won't have to wait too long, I feel. The South African problem will dovetail nicely with the American problem. The communists in our government feel strong enough at this point that they feel they can pull this off so I think they will try.

Mark my words. The globalists will 'fix' South Africa and try to make the corollary between what is going on there and what has happened here. Their solution will be the same. Dethrone the dominant white culture and elevate the rabble to a level of un-earned importance and authority that will bring with it the typical black bloodlust.

Hope you are all ready for the ride.

Jim in Jersey

Alex from N. England said...


Is the (((IMF))) anti-white?

Anonymous said...

Don't remember if this made the hit parade, but if his mom didn't believe her little Torian had been beat up by the KKK what the heck does she think now?

More importantly, what has become of the KKK bastards? Seems to me that our young master Torian seems to have been forgotten in the midst of this great tragedy!


MILLERSVILLE, Md. (AP) — Police say a man charged with killing his mother at theirMaryland home told officers she didn't believe he was beat up by the Ku Klux Klan.

Anne Arundel County police said on Monday that officers called to the Millersville home Saturday for an assault report and found 53-year-old Rhonda Mack-Dickerson dead.

The Capital reports that charging documents state 23-year-old Torian Mack told officers he was "tired of my mom calling me a liar" after he told her he was beaten by the Ku Klux Klan.

Police say the Chief Medical Examiner's Office ruled Dickerson-Mack's death a homicide due to "multiple injuries to the head and neck."

Mack is charged with first- and second-degree murder. Court records show he's being held without bond, but don't list an attorney.

Pat Boyle said...

Peaceable civilized America has made a good faith effort to ignore the reality of racial inequality. So has much of Europe. But modern society evolves every year to one in which low functioning races like the various kind of Africans and Australian Aborigines simply don't fit. Change is coming and it is likely to be real unpleasant. Science reveals more and more truths about humans and human races each year. We cannot forever rely on the myths of equality to keep the peace.

That's good but it's sad too. Late twentieth and early twenty first century America may be seen in the future as the golden age. The last good time before the period of the race wars.

Many commenters here decry the white man's failure to resist the destruction of our civilization by blacks. But I don't. History shows many rapid changes that come unexpectedly. The Japanese for a thousand years were extreme isolationists - if a shipwrecked sailor got to their shore - they just killed him. The Tokugawa enforced extreme cultural regression. They tore down bridges, abolished the use of horses and wagons, and abandoned firearms. They tried to ignore the outside world. Then virtually overnight they reversed course. They became bellicose and expansionist. We had to reverse their direction again with nuclear weapons.

My ancestors the Irish had an emerging civilization in the eighth century AD. Then the Vikings came.They plunged Europe, the Middle East and Russia in to a deeper Dark Age through their savagery. Yet they too reversed to become the sweet, mild mannered Scandinavians who allow their young girls to be raped by immigrants they have welcomed amongst them. I think they will sometime soon reverse again. The descendants of the Druids who invented 'The Blood Eagle' still live in peoples of Northern Europe. When they decide to reverse course - it will be very unpleasant. I expect that nuclear weapons will again be employed.

For most of a century complacent and oblivious liberals have worried about the global temperature in the year 2100. A suspicious person might think some group has decided to try to divert attention away from more obvious problems like the destruction of the City of Detroit. But maybe it is just a spontaneous and un-led movement. But whatever the cause, it will not endure. America will wake up and it won't be pleasant.

Blacks are finished in Africa. If they launch a genocide against whites as seems likely, that could signal the beginning of the attitudinal turn around.


Anonymous said...

It's been an amazing week watching the matrix fall all over itself. The attempts to downplay and misreport on the crimes against humanity that are happening down there (in a country completely created by their white ancestors) is getting surreal.

The good news is that people aren't THAT stupid- if they sense you're trying to hide something from them they will seek out the real truth, from a source that doesn't seem to be pulling any punches or holding an agenda.

Figuring out something for yourself is one thousand times more powerful than having something just told to you. It has been a wonderful sight to see TWMNBM scrambling like roaches trying to keep the whole mess from falling apart at the seams.

D-FENS said...

One wonders about all the angles the (((Liberal International Order))) sees in all this:

An object lesson to White nations? - “Nice nation you’ve got there. Shame if anything happened to it.”

Keep natural resources (gold, diamonds, platinum etc.) on ice until needed say, when hard assets are needed to maintain financial power after the funny money is worthless?

Make SA even more dependent on banksters?

It will be interesting to see if China steps in to rebuild SA.

Way off topic - Whatever happened to 1) Chinese threat from building airstrips in South China Sea and 2) Florida International University pedestrian bridge failure in Miami?

Brian in Ohio said...

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) approves of South Africa’s controversial land reform as long as the highly contentious process is “rules-based” and transparent, according to the fund’s representative in the country.

Not to nitpick a typo Mr. Kersey, but that should be (((IMF)))….

Stay alert, stay alive.

Mr. Rational said...

The Boer government at one point had nuclear weapons and considered using one on Soweto.

How many South African whites are now ruing that failure to act?

Anonymous said...

I did not hear this discussed on Amren's podcast or on here but Putin about six months ago, at a journalism summit in Russia, to an audience of probably 30 VIPs said that the US had only just become minority white Christian. No one spoke. Everyone looked nervous. An advisor said that the US had always had a large minority population and Putin said "No!" No he said, this just happened in the last couple of years. He then remarked that this trend is happening throughout the Western world across Europe and even in Australia. No one said anything. He then just said, "Russia.....Russia is a white country." As if to stake that claim now. No one said a thing. Ironically, the entire audience in that meeting room was white.

Annie Oakley said...

Pat is right about Canada. When I visit way up north near Canada, I encounter white Americans who are docile, dull and would easily report me for being a racist to get more shekels. In fact, most of these anti-white dullards would rather have a so called “Christian” live next door to them, even if he had a dish in his lip, than myself.

I know a lot of people on SBPDL go to church and are Christians. I have nothing against them. But your church and your religion have brainwashed you so much, you can’t see that blacks are a serious threat to this nation and have to be reined in.

My cucked MIL thinks I’m a female Trump. When she told me that, I said why thank you. Apparently being pro-white and not wanting your nieces or daughters raped, set on fire or murdered by shitskins is being “rude”. We all have to be “nice”. F that. Nice gets you killed.

My AO has been targeted. Just recently an acquaintance of mine’s granddaughter was attacked in a retail parking lot. A black man tried to get into her car by grabbing the door was quiet violent about it. She freaked out so bad, she started her car, almost ran over him and peeled out of there. She didn’t call the police or even make a report, her grandma said she was too scared to.

That wouldn’t happen to me. The mooncricket trying to break into my car while I was in it, would have been an attempted felonious assault. After he finished shitting his pants, my gun would have been in his face.

I’m seeing more mudsharks and other swarthy creatures in my AO. They are not from my town, not at all. Even those who grew up here, don’t know who these people are. I believe many of them drug dealers or those looking for easy white gullible prey.

Always carry, keep your head on a swivel, stay off your smartphone in your car or walking out to your car. Go to the range and practice.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less about the whites left in SA. These are the people who thought Mandela would be great. It was time for fairness and justice. All race realists left years ago. The ones who stayed are getting the he fairness and justice they wanted.

Like the Bolsheviks used to say about the czars repression...the worse the better. Maybe a few people here will wake up.

Another Texan said...

:LOL: You don't say!

Egghead said...

‘I couldn’t care less about the whites....’

That’s how we got here....

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less about the whites left in SA.

Fair enough. They couldn't care less about you, either. You know nothing.

Anonymous said...

On a major network news show tonight, a story about the police being called on some young blacks who supposedly might be brandishing a gun. The police came and a gun was not found. The mother of one of them was lamenting about the incident and said her son is stressed out about it.

However, other stories about black on black (or white) violence don't get a mention no matter how heinous in most cases. But, when the police get called and there's no actual crime committed, it's an international incident.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less about the whites left in SA. These are the people who thought Mandela would be great. It was time for fairness and justice.

No they didn't and you need to check your history.

Power was handed over to the Black majority (non-native Xhosa) by De Klerk. He was never elected to hand over power and did it on his own. It was a case of a White government turning against the people that created it. It was never put to a vote because like Board vs Brown the polls showed that it wouldn't have passed.

De Klerk was like LBJ and wanted a legacy of helping Blacks. Gotta love all these great White leaders want to destroy cities and countries for their legacy.

All race realists left years ago.

Most Whites there are racial realists and most are unable to leave. None of the Western (White) countries have the guts to allow asylum. That would be wayciss for White countries to say they prefer White immigrants.

Anonymous said...

International monetary organizations operate under the assumption of blank slate.

They are mostly "free market" believers in that they think the markets matter and not the people and it's merely a coincidence that Africa is still "developing" even though billions have been dumped into it after WWII.

More cynical people would suggest that these organizations are aware of genetics but like social organizations mainly exist for themselves and "keep the faith" regardless of outcomes.

But I don't think that is the case. I think they are mostly managed by Rand market loving types. They really think that Africa will be developing CPU chips once they stop protecting their crops or something stupid like that.

Anonymous said...

You are so wrong. It was shoved down their throats, every western nation was whining about apartheid and sanctions were placed upon them. Your country included. How dare you make such a comment

Anonymous said...

The Author of "There Are No Successful Black Nations", Chigozie Obioma, has obviously never of Wakanda. What a dolt!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Reading some of the comments here really makes me think we're in a lot of trouble... more than we recognize.

If you can't muster any emotion about whites being murdered and having their land 're appropriated' to the blacks who will destroy their 400 year old family farms then there's no real reason for this blog.

They should've abandoned their homes? They were pro-Mandela? Where do you come up with this crap?

Mandela 'happened' to SA. DeKlerk was the instrument that made it happen. It was no coincidence. White power and prosperity were legislated away in SA the same way it is happening here.

Go back and read the back issues of Soldier of Fortune I mentioned in the beginning. Learn something before history repeats itself here.

Jim in Jersey

Archie bunker said...

Just saw a Excel Energy commercial with a brilliant black educating moronic whites on ladders, digging in the yard, propane smell in house, anything energy related. The magical negro is seen in the white neighborhoods, walking right in the house, uninvited. Shame on Excel for such a scenario, by the way, don't send your all knowing negro to my home, his reception will be far different than your stupid commercial shows

Pat Boyle said...

Annie Oakley warns people to turn off their phone so as to thwart surveillance. Last evening they had a segment on Tucker Carlson that seemed to show that that is insufficient. Apparently Google can track your smartphone when it's turned off. Maybe this is just some models.

Google wants to know where you go and what you do so it can build up a profile of your habits which they can sell to advertisers. But you might remember that the late Tom Clancy claimed that the government had a 'backdoor' into both UNIX and MS-DOS. The FBI had one and the CIA the other (I can't remember which). If this is true you should probably be careful.


Californian said...

This is why the Whites instituted apartheid in South Africa. You can not let blacks have any power, or eventually they will use it to destroy you. This has been the pattern in Africa. And let us not forget the fate of black majority cities in America. Or Europe now being invaded by Africans.

The moment that SA Whites voted for majority rule back in 1994, the chain of events began which led to the farm confiscations. Of course, they were in a real bind, given international sanctions and population pressures. You can not let blacks outnumber you, not if you want to maintain your civilization.

Well, there are lessons to be learned here. The question is, are White people finally going to learn them?

Pat Boyle said...

Commenter Archie Bunker is right about Excel Energy TV ads. However I don't see them on the West Coast. Here the most racially offensive ads are by Liberty Mutual Insurance.

On Comcast cable virtually all TV ads now show blacks in most commercial episodes. This seemed to accelerate some time last tear. Someone wants to paint an unrealistic picture of American society. The most common distortion is showing blacks and whites as happy friends. Another is showing whites as boobs who seek guidance the wise and competent black authority figures.

A typical TV ad shows two or three white people in a social situation with a fourth black person or a white couple socializing with a black couple. This is just quantitatively wrong. On TV commercials blacks constitute about 25% to 33% of the actors, whereas blacks are overall only about 13% of the population. Hispanics are in greater number. They are possibly 18%. But Hispanics are very seldom shown in TV ads. Apparently the same forces that try to promote blacks want to hide the reality of Hispanic illegal immigration.

But the real demographic distortion is in the presentation of social groups. If you were to believe TV all small white groups have black members. But that just isn't true. The races self-segregate. Remember Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) when he went to Africa to fight Foreman said how comfortable he was there. He said he was always ill at ease in America around all those whites. Blacks prefer to associate with each other just as whites do.

One source on the Web shows that average whites only have one black friend among a hundred friends. Blacks also seldom associate closely with whites - again at around one percent. TV shows something like panmixis - the population genetics term for everybody mixes and mates with everybody else and there is no sorting.

Someone thinks panmixia is desirable. Someone wants to do a some Social Engineering (SU).


Anonymous said...

Here is something you can do. Below is the address of the South African Embassy in the US. Write the ambassador a letter making one or more of the following points:

* You are aware of the planned land confiscations.
* These confiscations are violations of the South African constitution as well as discriminating against White people.
* Land confiscation brings in the possibility of economic ruin for South Africa (ala Zimbabwe).
* You will be watching this situation and if the land confiscations go through, then this will give you an adverse view of South Africa and its government.
* You will be supporting South African farmers who resist land confiscation.
* You support President Trump in his opposition to the land confiscations.

Keep it short, and keep it civil. Sometimes, a hand written (and legible!) letter will be more effective than a printed one.

Honorable Mninwa Mahlangu
Embassy of South Africa
3051 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008

Whitewalker said...

(((They))) want you to be a powerless, despised minority in your native country, but they would be even happier if you were dead.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

"...we're in a lot of trouble... more than we recognize"


Yup...that pretty much sums it up nicely.

Californian said...

Who would have thought all those years ago when I was reading of Mad Mike Hoare in tit long, the Belgian Congo and the Selous scouts in Rhodesia in publications like Soldier of Fortune, that I would live to see it played out on our own shores as well.


You have to see the various African "liberation" movements as part of a wider war against the White world. This war was fought in the Congo, and in Rhodesia, and in South Africa. It has been fought in the black "uprisings" from Watts to Ferguson. And the war is entering a new offensive phase with the current African invasion of Europe.

It's a war for control of territory and for political dominance. Africans have never cared for "democracy," "equality" or any of the other delusions in which DWLs engage. It has always been about power. (Bear in mind that blacks have frequently been the muscle for hostile elites within the Western world.)

The great failure of White peoples from the post World War II era until the present crisis has been the inability to see this war as a greater assault against themselves and their civilization. The Rhodesian troopies on fire force duty were just as much a part of the war as the housewives of America who protested forced busing. But throughout this era there has been a lack of common White consciousness, so the enemy could pick off White enclaves one at a time.

Today, we have the pathetic spectacle of White children holding up banners reading "Welcome Refugees" as the third world floods into Europe. One has to ask, how many of those children have since then been assaulted by those same "refugees," or seen their families displaced as their neighborhoods are turned into No Go Zones?

But the tide may be turning. Maybe. We see the rise of militant nationalist movements in Europe, and the Alternative Right in the US. The current black South African attack on Whites is waking up people.

The question becomes, how do race realists use the SA situation to:
* wake up even more Whites
* take action to support Whites in South Africa
* and get Whites to fight to defend their territories

Because guess what? Blacks (or really, their string pullers) will not be happy until they have subjugated the entire White world.

Life in wartime, act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Jim in Jersey, let me tell you something, sir, everything I post on SBPDL is not shown. I go over the top sometimes, but mostly not. I don't understand why my posts are being excluded? I see other people making equally bold comments. So, I mostly just read comments such as yours.
I make print sometimes, but I only comment when I have something to say. However, I am mostly a reader nowadays.

Rebel said...

Rebel here.

"Democracy is a racial headcount..." is true EXCEPT for white people. For some reason, a significant portion of the white population of any given place will side against their own self interests and the interests of white people to advance the interests of people of other races. For the purpose of "fairness" or some other emotion-based principle. Ethno-masochism is a phenomenon peculiar to white people.

You don't see black people all banding together to spend time, effort and money to go help white people. Or going to help Asian people after an earthquake, or whatever.

And you sure as hell don't see blacks fighting, killing and being killed by other blacks to advance the interests of white people.

White people have what seems to be a faulty gene. We run around the world fixing everyone's problems. We run all over the world fighting other peoples' wars for them. To my knowledge, this started with the American Civil War. White people slaughtering each other in the most horrific ways, all for the benefit people. Ever since then we've rushed around the world fighting 2 wars in Europe that were none of our business. We've rushed to fight and save the people of Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait and Iraq. We're constantly sending troops to die for causes that have little or nothing to do with advancing the interests of our nation. This is a very new development in human history, only the last 150 years or so.

I WISH democracy wa a racial headcount. If it were, white people would have a fighting chance of saving our nations. But enough white people intentionally vote against their own people and other races vote, more or less, as a bloc. That faulty gene is going to cause our extinction.

Rebel said...

One of the greatest joys in life is to coin a phrase and see that word or phrase used elsewhere by people you don't know.

A few years ago I coined the phrase 'suicidal altruism' to describe the curious irrational refusal of white people to admit that something they really, really hoped were true had turned out to be a catastrophic failure. Basically, the inability to admit you were wrong, even when it is killing your people and destroying your communities.

Abolitionists - white people - went to war, killing their fellow countrymen, destroying the infrastructure and economy of half the country, overthrew duly-elected governments and installed blacks into leadership positions at every level all across the South. They propped them up with massive support of both the federal government and the provate sector. It was a disaster.

It started out "The blacks should be FREE!"

Then they shifted to "The blacks should be made full citizens!"

Then they moved on to "Blacks should have (separate) fully-equal legal and civic accommodation!"

Then whites argued "Blacks should not be separate! They should be fully integrated into the institutions whites built!"

Then whites said "White people shouldn't be permitted to run their businesses the way they want or socialize with who they want! Uplifting blacks is more important than private property rights or freedom of association!"

Then whites passed an all-encompassing civil rights bill giving the federal gov't power to stalk and harass people, businesses and local and state governments to help blacks.

Then it was decided blacks still were still a mess, so whites decided it must be some mysterious thing from the past and came up with affirmative action to right the wrongs of history.

At each step in this journey of insanity, blacks are just blacks. They are what they are. Their culture just is what it is. It's not white. It can never be white. And no matter how many crazy ideas white people come up with to make black people start acting like white people, it always has the same result. Because black culture values completely different things from white culture. Their homes, neighborhoods, communities, finances, health, criminal histories, etc. are what they are because blacks are what they are.

Liberia looks exactly like Haiti which looks exactly like Detroit for a reason.

Look at any black protest. It's full of stupid white people who are afflicted with suicidal altruism. What they're actually protesting for is the destruction of what's left of the United States of America.


OverSeer said...

Its not just you. I have had perfectly sane posts that could have passed the censorship of Fakebook not show up. Very frustrating after you have taken time from your day to compose something you feel contributes to the blog.

Anonymous said...

sThe moment that SA Whites voted for majority rule back in 1994, the chain of events began which led to the farm confiscations.

There was never a vote. De Klerk signed over power on his own because he knew the Whites didn't support such a stupid idea. They were under an embargo and yet the Whites wisely knew that it would still be worse to let the Blacks vote.

Much of SA was never inhabited by Blacks until the Boers built a country.

Blacks had huge chunks of land under apartheid. What they resented was that all the White areas were nice (GASP) and they were only allowed in such areas to work during daylight hours. Like most Africans they didn't understand modern economics and thought White "stole da gold" and such.

Anonymous said...

7:19am to Jim in Jersey; I couldn’t agree with you more. I feel outrage, sadness, anger, and downright hatred that this is happening in S.A.. I don’t have a clue what to do about any of this worldwide destruction of white civilization. I call legislators, and I vote but outside of that I’m clueless. I’m certainly not a mercenary or soldier so that’s out of my league. How do you propose that we help the white farmers of South Africa?

Anonymous said...

I’m guessing that most South African blacks couldn’t grow a houseplant on a southern exposed windowsill. So good luck feeding the masses. I see them resurrecting sally strutther commercials in 5-4-3-2-1....

D-FENS said...

“I don’t have a clue what to do about any of this worldwide destruction of white civilization.”

Starve the beast. Reduce spending to bare minimum and boost savings. Become more self-sufficient. Whateve you can legally do to deprive the government of tax revenue and large corporations and media of your consumer dollars. It’s even better if you can live off the government by retiring early, getting disability, unemployment etc. Cloward-(((Piven))) in reverse.

When you are not dependent on the corporate treadmill, no one can hold a non-PC statement against you.

The other thing is to get educated and express yourself when someone says something anti-White or historically false. Pick an issue such as immigration and think of short, devastating retorts to relatives, friends strangers who do the enemy’s work.

For example, you could encounter the claim that “We are a nation of immigrants”. A short factual reply is that “It’s the Statue of Liberty, not the Statue of Immigration.” On MLK Day point out he was a communist, plagiarizer, whore monger and misogynist. When you are asked to help the boy scouts, refuse and explain why. You are doing this not so much to convert the idiot but to light a spark in the mind of a bystander and to give them courage to question the narrative.

There is an excellent flow chart that shows how anything a White does can be considered racism. Great for on-line response. Search under “white flight meme”.

And don’t let anyone you know join the military. When you are told that “The troops protect our freedom”, ask “why are the illegal immigrants and LTGBQ the only ones with more freedom than 30 years ago despite all the trillions on DoD?” Or “Where the fuck were they on 9/11 when we actually needed them?

Annie Oakley said...

Pat, about the phone comment. I know the NSA and other spooks monitor phones 24/7. If they're monitoring me, they must be bored.

That wasn't my point. My point is you cannot have situational awareness when you're glued to your phone walking to your car.

Anonymous said...

Well, there are lessons to be learned here. The question is, are White people finally going to learn them?

This is an excellent question. We have twin studies, Haiti, Liberia, Detroit, nearly half a trillion pumped into liberal theory based programs (Great Society) and all based on the premise that race doesn't exist and with little to show. Conservative solutions like higher standards and charter schools have quietly failed. Libertarians want us to legalize all drugs including crack to stop negro killings. Sigh.

There isn't a single mainstream ideology that wants to look at the reality of race. It wouldn't have to be pro-White. I'd welcome and support a Black nationalist organization that rejects liberalism because of welfare dysgenics.

Most Whites are unable to think critically about race. I don't know why and I certainly don't identify as a White supremacist or purist because White people piss me off more than any other group. Shockley was actually concerned most with the deterioration of Black genetics and yet White people destroyed him in the name liberalism and protecting Blacks.

Most Whites are easily fooled by vain intellectualism and appeals to authority. If they perceive a position to be smart and established then they will adopt it without question. What will it take for most Whites to realize they have been fooled by a small group of egalitarians? I have no idea. I do know that liberalism is losing. There was an article recently on Shockley in SFGate and the *allowed* comments were downright shocking.

Anonymous said...

1) the coming Russian-China war for dominance will make the US a second player like the UK after WWII. Russia is only as friendly with China as is necessary. Any thoughts of a Russia-China pact is clearly ignoring history. In the next big dance, those two will fight. China has the money, Russia has the might.

2) the bridge at FIU was a) designed by an all-female engineering team and b) they clearly didn’t understand the assembly process associated with a Cable tension concrete bridge as they installed the beam (and removed supports) BEFORE the cables were attached.
-the reasons why the process was done in this order very, but any PE in CE would have never allowed traffic under the bridge until the cables were attached, the tension confirmed and rechecked. They should have paid any penalties for keeping the road closed.

Anonymous said...

Like him or hate him, Putin understands this new world reality.

Like him or hate him, his policies and practices are needed here. Or we become like Europe. If we are lucky.

D-FENS said...

Nike now features a Colin Coperninkumpoop line of clothing. When my current Nikes need to be replaced, I think I’ll mail to Nike and enclose the sales receipt for the New Balance shoes I will replace them with.

D-FENS said...

Here’s a great site that has a flair for dissecting news stories as they would be presented in a sane world. Plus he links to SBPDL!

AnalogMan said...

Pat Boyle said...

Remember Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) when he went to Africa to fight Foreman said how comfortable he was there.

Don't remember that. I do remember he said he was sure glad his ancestors caught that boat.

Anonymous said...

This is happening right now in Atlanta.
The town is rapidly becoming a criminal cesspool, but many good southerners refuse to leave.

Anonymous said...

It isn’t so much that Christianity has brainwashed folks, so much as it is the influx of SJW and moral relativism into religion.
They justify their position via an inclusive, loving ministry, but absolutely reject the underlying concept-repent and sin no more.
A well respected former pastor at a former Church we attended has launched a new church for LGBTQ folks. As a group, they are underserved by the ministry, so it is reasonable. It is UNREASONABLE to preach that their lifestyle is acceptable. Moral Relativism.
It is the death of conservative Christianity, the Protestant work ethic, and normal society.
The basis is to treat everyone equally. The problem is blacks historically have demonstrated that they cannot handle equal and fair treatment. This is okay for kids, teenagers, and the mentally challenged, but seemingly not okay for blacks. The facts are one can restrict their impact without violating God’s laws. They need not live in white neighborhoods, they simply need equal treatment. So, the same income tax RATE, the same standards for employment, the same treatment by law enforcement.
But the majority of blacks aren’t intellectually capable of existing in white society.

Anonymous said...

That and a low birth rate. If you’re a white couple, you need 3, if not 4, kids in your house. If nothing else, to care for each other after you’re gone.

Anonymous said...

Blacks move in, whites move out.
My mom worked so my sister and I didn’t get bussed to a ghetto school. I guess the Carter era education department didn’t like poor kids going to the poor kid school, so they brought in some kids from 10 miles away.

Anonymous said...

same here, i gave up posting too because they almost never show up.

Mr. Rational said...

Very frustrating after you have taken time from your day to compose something you feel contributes to the blog.

Google either glitches or deliberately deletes realtalk (on a random basis), so I can't say this enough times:

COMPOSE IN A TEXT EDITOR.  COPY and paste into the comment box.  Keep your local copy until your comment appears.  If it hasn't shown up in PK's latest bunch of approvals, resubmit.

Also (a) make sure you have something worthwhile to add and (b) use Name/URL instead of Anonymous.

Mr. Rational said...

Most Whites are unable to think critically about race.

I have my differences with Vox Day, but he's right:  MPAI (most people are idiots).  Most people cannot use formal logic period, and of those who can it's an even smaller subset who can use it contrary to the pull of their emotions.  Rhetoric is the only thing that can sway them.

Right now, eugenics is Literally Hitler.  It's taboo.  This will get worn down out of ridiculousness when "HITLER!" gets shouted at e.g. couples who use PIGD to select the blastocysts in their Petri dish for the highest IQ, but it hasn't gotten to the point of being disregarded as insane just yet.

Mr. Rational said...

This is why the Whites instituted apartheid in South Africa. You can not let blacks have any power, or eventually they will use it to destroy you.

Wait, you mean Albert Schweizer was right?  WOW! ;)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational said ”Google either glitches or deliberately deletes realtalk (on a random basis), so I can't say this enough times: . . .”

It would be nice if we could blame this problem on Google, but if this is the case, why wouldn’t we hear from PK? With posted comment counts down, and numerous readers of the blog complaining that good comments are disappearing it is very likely that PK would give the same advice you have given unless he is responsible for the problem. My opinion is that PK has changed his criteria for admissible comments, and he has chosen not to publish guidelines. If this comment somehow gets through, it will be the only one of my last three attempts to make the grade.

Anonymous said...

Brawndo has what plants need.

Blue Juice said...

I’d like to relate a positive story about white South African refugees. 3 years ago, I took a vacation to Belize (that little English-speaking country in Central America). While scuba diving, the white South African dive operator invited us to his house for a BBQ. After finishing delicious South African sausage (boerewors), South African potato salad and Dutch beer, the story of how they came to live in Belize finally came up. This middle-aged man owned a small farm back home. His wife was a nurse and their two children nearly grown. They could read the horrible writing on the wall. They had friends who were killed or raped and his family was threatened by some of their black employees. They sold their family farm to some Chinese corporation for a loss and moved to Belize in 2011 as there is a small community of South African expats living there. They bought a house near the beach surrounded by other white South Africans and some retired couples from Toronto, Canada and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
This beautiful family originally planned on becoming US citizens but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and cost. Belize has very permissive immigration and tax laws so they became “permanent residents” and work part-time in the tourist industry and have a huge garden where they sell vegetables, wild flowers and honey on the side. It afforded them a beautiful 3-bedroom house (100 yards from the ocean), a new Toyota pickup truck and a small dive boat. They are even able to legally own a “hunting” shotgun for home protection. They were helping to bring other white South Africans to Belize as well as it was much easier (and cheaper) than moving to the US or Canada and they can live quite a nice life down there.
As others here have posted, white South Africans are some of the most generous and out-going (and toughest) white people I have ever met and I have met at least a dozen over the years. Oddly enough, they all seem quite liberal. This couple said they were hoping Hillary Clinton won the election and hated the idea of Trump becoming president. While they related how dangerous and horrible life was for white South Africans they refused to talk about the dark gorilla in the room and just blamed the situation back home on “corrupt politics”. I definitely believe these hardy people would make good neighbors in the USA but I’m guessing they would vote Democratic and promote all things progressive here as some sort of deluded self-punishment for Apartheid. Anyway it was good to see that some whites had made it out safely and are living comfortably. I hope more make it out alive.

“Others will meet their deaths here and they also will have blackened fingers...and blackened tongues!” - Brother William (The Name Of The Rose; 1986)

Anonymous said...

There is wisdom in the saying that “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”
A woman retires from a shithole to live in paradise apparently believing that there are “good ones” in Belize. The pictures of the perps shouldn’t surprise any reader of SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational said...
"Very frustrating after you have taken time from your day to compose something you feel contributes to the blog.

Google either glitches or deliberately deletes realtalk (on a random basis), so I can't say this enough times:

COMPOSE IN A TEXT EDITOR. COPY and paste into the comment box. Keep your local copy until your comment appears. If it hasn't shown up in PK's latest bunch of approvals, resubmit."

I think this one misses the point.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Putin at least is a Russian Nationalist, he cares deeply for his country, I wish we could say the same. On a side note Putin also recently started giving visas to S.A. Dutch Boer Farmers to come to Russia and Farm, Russia has vast unused farm lands. Time will tell but Russia will be as American was in the 1950's, Strong, Viable and everyone will want to immigrate there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous @ 2:54 , Mandela was a terrorist & a murderer, nothing more, nothing less...

Anonymous said...

Whites, for whatever reason (poison land, water, food, air, gmo's..etc.) are among the group with the highest rates of sterility. White women in their early 20's are having problems getting pregnant, they have the eggs of 50 year olds. Sperm counts of men in their 20's are almost non existant and men that do have high Sperm counts after they are tested, studies show that the Sperm are doscile(they don't swim, they just sit there)