Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Until "CPT" Ends: 'Swear allegiance to the flag Whatever flag they offer'

"For some day sons and daughters

Will rise up and fight while we stood still"
In reading the autobiography of Ivan Allen Jr., one of the leading members of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) establishment of Atlanta who engineered and orchestrated the eventual takeover of city by black people, one story stuck out as absolutely nailing the current zeitgeist we've lived under almost 50 years.

No, it's not that he was one of the mayors who testified before Congress on behalf of the Civil Rights Act; no, it's not that he earnestly believed that Atlanta's "pragmatic white business 'power structure'"(Mayor: Notes on the Sixties, p. 91) would negotiate a peaceful and amicable to impending black rule; it's a quote from MLK to Allen that cuts to the heart of Black-Run America (BRA).

Recall that in 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and that Coca-Cola and leading white liberals in Atlanta strong-armed reluctant white businessmen in the city to attend an integrated dinner in his honor [The Connected Capitalism of the DWL: Let's Have a Coke Party, SBPDL, 5-22-12].

Ivan Allen Jr. is a traitor, whose story is a microcosm of the many capitulations and surrenders that occurred across the nation as pampered white leaders ceded power to the hydra of white liberals and black leaders, but one anecdote from the dinner for King (found in Mayor: Notes on the Sixties) sums up  BRA tragically (p. 97 - 99):
"When we got back to Atlanta, [J. Paul] Austin (president of Coca-Cola) called a meeting of two dozen prominent white business leaders one night at the Piedmont Driving Club. There was general agreement at the meeting that there should be a biracial dinner, and that they would support it. I don't you could say there was overwhelming, enthusiastic endorsement for the planned dinner. They were for it primarily on pragmatic grounds: that it would look bad for Atlanta's image if we did not honor Dr. King. 
King would arrive late to the posh dinner, which was being held in his honor (p. 99):
He had arrived late for dinner, and I remember his leaning over and apologizing to me.  
"I forgot what time we were on," he said with a grin.
How's that?" I said. 
"Eastern Standard Time, CST or CPT." 
"Colored People's Time," he said. "It always take us longer to get where we're going."
Why tell this story? Why concentrate on Atlanta? Because, like all of America, The City too Busy to Hate has been on "Colored People's Time" since 1963.

Ivan Allen Jr.: 30 pieces of silver (and a prize for "Social Courage")
1963 was the year that Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) officially won, using the control of news dissemination to paint the events of Birmingham, Alabama as the most egregious acts of racism and white supremacy imaginable.

That Birmingham has floundered under black political control is not up for debate; the glorious overthrow of white rule was accomplished! That's what matters.

"Colored People's Time" has been the official time measurement since 1963, with white people holding themselves back to ensure that black people can keep up (think any type of state-sponosred affirmative action bill, diversity initiative, or education agenda to close the racial gap in achievement); White America was forced to adjust its trajectory to "CPT" or face the consequences of having every city with a black population forever be held hostage by the fear of a sudden riot.

I hold no illusions that Mitt Romney is nothing more than a tool of Conservatism Inc; but his victory over Barack Obama in the race for White House will be viewed as a symbolic repudiation of black by... black people.

Nevertheless, "CPT" will continue to be the official time table for all of western civilization until, like Captain James Hook, we dare smash this evil clock once and for all.

Perhaps on this night, lyrics from a 1980s song are needed to remind people of the struggle that lays ahead; and why a different form of pragmatism (outside of the WASP elites pragmatic surrender of America) is needed:
Swear allegiance to the flag
Whatever flag they offer
Never hint at what you really feel
Teach the children quietly
For some day sons and daughters
Will rise up and fight while we stood still
All of the western world lives under the tyranny of "CPT"; to break free from this tyranny and move forward, ending "CPT" might mean looking backward.

Never forget that White America owes Black America only the truth; with a Mitt Romney victory - and the rejection of Obama - the dissemination of truth, however insignificant it might seem, begins.


Semi-Employed White Guy said...

White people are their own worst enemy. If white people would vote in their own interests, like all of the other races do, this election would not be close. Instead we have liberal whites, especially slutty single women, voting to give this country over to the third world.

Anonymous said...

For the first time in my life, I voted for a Republican presidential candidate. Not because I think Romney is amazing; rather, I voted for him for the reasons stated by SBPDL in this post. I am tired of being told I should feel ashamed of being white. Even though I live in an azure blue state, I voted for Romney to send a message when they count the popular vote.

SBPDL, keep up the good work. You truly have changed my entire political world-view. Thank you.

especially slutty single women

Such tacky comments detract from the main point of this blog. As a reader of this site, I ask you to stick to the topic at hand, please.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Obama will win. It win't matter though. There will be a Republican congress and blacks will continue to falter economically. CPT is over; that clock had been ticking for awhile. White rebellion against the DWLs and their monkey mingions is on. Just look at the responses in this blog. Do you think that people would have been expressing these sentiments 15, 20 years ago? Change is coming but not the way Obama and his team think it will. Regardless of whether the big O or Romney is in, this country is bleeding in insolvency. Hey let the bitch burn. Whites will survive with or without The United Shits of Amurka and its president that looks like Curious George. Perhaps things have got to go from bad to worse for white people who are still under the DWL trance to wake up. Blacks will realize too that Obama will not do squat for them.

PDK said...

I too am watching the "big show", and as I have feared of late, it looks like Obama will win.

For now I`ll just say, it looks like America is going "forward", over the precipice and into the abyss. Thanks.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said:

Such tacky comments detract from the main point of this blog. As a reader of this site, I ask you to stick to the topic at hand, please.

November 6, 2012 7:07 PM

If you are new here, welcome aboard.

That said, I would advise you, right now, to lose the habit of being polite to people who wish to destroy you. You are not required to say please and thank you to people who will gladly cut your throat.

The fight we are in will require hard, strong men and women who can focus their fury into a bright point of energy. Politeness toward one who wishes to kill you is exactly the wrong frame of mind, comrade.

Can you harden yourself to be the kind of person we'll need?

When your enemy presents himself to you, do this: Relax your facial muscles, slightly open your eyes to show the whites all around, and slightly unfocus your eyes. Watch the reaction you get. But only do this if you can back up your actions with force.

The time to be nice to our enemies is past.

truth said...

SSW is precisely why we are in this mess in the 1st place.

Liberated liberal women the ones that burnt bras, the emancipated ones, the ones who can't see that obama is a pimp, the ones that were easily convinced that it was hip to become a feral opinionated single mother, cause they don't need men.

The ones who hung onto every word that the high priestess of arm chair psuedo psychology, oprah spoke.

We happy that the light is starting to shine thru, please spread the word, white men aren't your enemy, the machine that turned industrious white women into a the white version of ghetto skanks is the enemy.

Which constituency was one of obamas largest, single white women.

Paradise Lost said...

Again I am amazed how stupid voters are. Until the stupid notion that Democrats are for the little guy mythology is broken, we are sunk.

The nation my ancestors built has been handed over to illiterate peasants.

Anonymous said...

Fuck I'm pissed... If I was younger, I'd leave the country.

Anonymous said...

if we get 4 more years of 'mr hope and change' = USA will be insolvent.

Anonymous said...

He's been reelected. I'm a white woman and I have to agree, liberal white women have reelected him. And a large percentage of them probably ARE slutty. OT, liberal Gov. Cuomo of NY has decreed that EBT card people who were affected by the storm will be reimbursed for food that allegedly spoiled. These people have been and will always be the number one priority of government at all levels. Back to the election, I think Romney made a big mistake in picking Ryan. He's a bore, could never deliver Wisconsin. They wasted too much time in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. They didn't talk enough about Obamacare and rationing. All of this probably wouldn't have mattered anyway...too many takers, too many minorities, the numbers of people of European blood less every day.

MuayTyson said...

Now the fight truely begans don't give up hope. Champions are not counted by the times they get knocked down but by the times they get up.

Do not let this get you down mourn for a day or two then get back on the damn horse your children need you. If it isn't for you do it for them!

Never Ever quite!

Anonymous said...

Don't start blaming sluts for four more years of BRA in the White House. It's a weakling that looks for scapegoats.

FDR would have been re-elected a hundred times if medical science could have zombified him. If you gib peoples free stuff like da Obama phone an' EBT an' SSI an' free hef ca', you gits re-elec-TED, baby. Uh-huh, feel me?

Are people stupid? Sure, some. Not most. Most are ignorant though. The MSM and the universities ensure this. BRA was invented by the universities. Journalists are trained by the universities. That's the sum and total of information "sources" for the modern, college-educated American.

Keep supporting your alma mater, and we'll get BRA-sanctioned Obamas as president until the US goes bankrupt -- and that shouldn't take too long. You should after all support them, because you worked as hard as Sysiphus to get that pedigree, er, degree...

It's very late in the game, but the only hope is to destroy the respect people have for the university system; better yet, destroy the system itself. Don't worry, the sciences won't go away, because they actually produce useful things like bridges and vaccines and computer chips.

It takes years of indoctrination (generally, four) to get White people to ignore their intuition about blacks and accept BRA as a good thing. All the while they pretend to be getting a good education in something really valuable like political science, sports nutrition, and psychology. If there's one thing this country can't do without, it's more human resources consultants with psych degrees and a specialization in modern, lesbian-literature hemeneutics.

Sluts gave us Obama? No way. The university system gave us sluts, big time. It isn't any mystery that a majority of young, college-educated womyn would want a paternal Big Brother to yoke the producers, so they can get free stuff: Others wiser than me have noted BB is the best alpha male. Orwell himself said young, attractive women were the most ardent followers of IngSoc.

And they don't come up with these ideas on their own. Check out the chick supporters of Obama on YouTube. They haven't an original thought in their pleasure-saturated, undeveloped brains. They voted for Obama because the university-created "intellectual" class made them comfortable with the idea that a large part of my salary should be theirs. By the same token, for every one of these "sluts", there is a slump-shouldered, White, college-educated male that couldn't wait to prove that he is NOT racist by voting for Obama -- again. Besides, he'll get free stuff too.

Bogolyubski said...

With the economy the way it is, the election should not have even been close. The fact that Housenigga Hussein has won is more due to the fact that Romney - the hand picked man of the Repuke elite - refused to fight. He caved on issue after issue. Even when he actually came out swinging a little in the first debate - he didn't pursue, but instead did the typical Repuke backing off.

It's going to get incredibly bad, I hate to say.

SKIP said...

I wonder how many more new nigglet babies will be born near the end of next year? I am totally resigned to the loss of America as many of us have known it and ready for the next big chimp out of blacks and muslims. Also, taking bets on there being a huge muslim prayer service on the black house lawn...Christians need not apply.

Anonymous said...

Romney did not deserve the support of white people. His Hispandering and allegiance to a foreign government was close to treasonous.

The Republican party, as representative of white interests, died a long time ago, however the ghost of Reagan, who hitherto was able to keep most whites in a somnabulistic swoon, kept many people from realizing how the Republicans had abandoned them.

But now there is no need for confusion. White America is finally dead. Once we realize it, perhaps we can move on to Plan B.

SSWF said...

Womens lib gave us sluts, women who want to be equal to men, women who wanted to sleep around as much as men did, except men went to the local whore house to get their fill, women were ok with this.

Untill womens lib started telling white women that they could sleep around as much as men, what happened, well with so much free pussy available and willing, men no longer need to frequent houses of ill repute and pay for services rendered, now men could get what they used to pay for, free now.

So womens lib, by fighting for womens liberation and dignity, in actuality made them worse that paid prostitutes, cause, now being liberated, they do what prostitutes get paid for, for fun.

So womens lib has made most women sluts, by convincing them they could be like men.

Men would go to a professional for sex, its just they way men are, there are things men will never do to their wives and the mother of their children, that they willing to do with a prostitute

Womens lib in trying to destroy the patriachal society, has actually devalued women in mens eyes.

Men still won't do to wives what they will do with a prostitute, what men do with a paid prostitute is a transaction.

So sad to see so much potential good women reduced to penis craving slut fiends

And these liberated females are the ones that hate themselves so much, that they vote in the man that trully hates them.

In the 50's women went to universities, and they didn't end up cock guzzeling machines, like they are now.

Anonymous said...

"A Declaration of War"


What are you prepared to do?

It's Time said...

Lets not be sore losers. This country is changing. Some change you have to accept like a bad cough syrup. Just swallow it and keep moving and eventually you'll get better. I am a woman. A conservative married mother of three who chooses (that's right its my choice) to stay home and be there for my children and husband. I don't choose career over family. I am one of thousands. But I can also say that I did my duty as a US citizens who got out and voted for Mitt because he represented our interests. He was my only choice. This is who the establishment gave to me and said "here--this one or that one--pick the lesser of two evils". From where I sit and view the world I don't think either candidate represents myself and many others like me.

And another topic that no one has yet to touch is the Mormonism factor. Christians do that to themselves. How many hispanics really voted for Romney? The audacity of Catholic bishops preaching against Obama on Sunday only to point their followers in the direction of a Mormon? Catholics believe that Mormons are a cult. Baptists believe both are a cult. Jeese the hypocricy at the pulpit. I for one am just sick of it.
Oh, and lay off the "slutty white women." How were they raised? Where were their fathers? If their fathers WERE around, then how did they treat them? You reap what you sow.

Suck it up boys. This country is changing. No telling how long we will have to trudge through this bullshit. Probably until most of the 60's DWL's die off. Just wait around. Nobody lives forever.

And SBPDL: Where the hell are those billboards you promised everyone?????

Anonymous said...

>>Are people stupid? Sure, some. Not most. Most are ignorant though. The MSM and the universities ensure this. BRA was invented by the universities. Journalists are trained by the universities. That's the sum and total of information "sources" for the modern, college-educated American.

The MSM and universities taught them that honor and dignity were archaisms-at least for whites- and that secular hedonism was the sophisticated approach to life. So you vote for goodies from the USG-among other things.

Jay in DC said...

Anonymous at 6:16--

That was VERY eloquently stated and 100% on point. Women are followers by nature and one of their lowest level drivers is social acceptability. Young women are even more susceptible in this way. The modern woman is tenfold more concerned about this than her ancestor. When you have gotten fed The Big Lie from kindergarten---> what other behavior could one expect?

Young white women get to party it up, ride the cock carousel until about 30ish, get a fancy degree in some make work, paper pushing job. Important work! I assure you, like advertising, lawyering, or the myraid service jobs that now make up the vast majority of employment.

They are the harbingers of destruction of the world that allows them to live this vacuous self-absorbed lifestyle, and they are too oblivious to care.

"This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper..."

Mr. Rational said...

Oh, and lay off the "slutty white women." How were they raised? Where were their fathers?

Their fathers were forced out by no-fault divorce laws and kept to minimal or zero roles by their mothers.  It's hard to raise your daughters when you're not allowed to see them, especially when your ex accused you of child abuse to get the upper hand in the divorce.

World_War_Me said...

Mutant Swarm said: "Politeness toward one who wishes to kill you is exactly the wrong frame of mind, comrade."

I am a white woman and I agree with you 100%, Mutant Swarm. I say, "NO MERCY!" for DWL women, slutty or not.
Does anyone think these "enlightened" women will be polite to us and/or our cause? HA!

World_War_Me said...

I was raised without a father. I would argue that girls without fathers have a more realistic look on life, more of a rugged individualism than a pampered "daddy's girl." It's the spoiled people who are the DWLs, after all.

The key is having rational, smart, mothers with integrity who will not raise their daughters to hate men. I was fortunate enough to have such an upbringing.

Anonymous said...

You suck it and swallow. The comments above about the slutty white women were accurate (although as a generalization, not ask white women of coarse) just as it was true of the men (as aa generalization of coarse). I believe most men then did not do this but some did and it was well known. Being well known to society, women did in fact stayed saying if men can shortstop around so can women. But I think the number if women who began sleeping around in response to this small percentage of men was tremendously higher. We now have what you see today... A man can go out and have indiscriminate sex every night of the week with little difficulty. You don't think that effects how men view women? Are you insane? I hear guys all the time say how they won't open doors anymore or go Dutch on dates, ect. Because they say... "Hey, women wanted to be equal with men".... Also, they view them as the comment above as "cum dumpsters" largely because so many are. I don't hate women. I was married 21 years and never cheated. I'm sure there are many women out there like me who don't cheat and are clean, but let's be honest about the state of our society. It will give you more credibility when arguing your point. I'm sure you're not like these women described in general so why take offense?

World_War_Me said...

Mr. Rational:
Just in case, my comment about being raised without a father was not directed at you. I agree that the divorce industry treats fathers badly. It's just bad timing that my comment came after yours. It was directed at the lady who posted earlier.

Brandon said...

"A man can go out and have indiscriminate sex every night of the week with little difficulty. "

Only a small percentage of men can do this. The rest are ignored by most women and, if they wish to marry and have children, have to settle for one that's already had dozens of exciting carousel partners.

This is no way to perpetuate society.

Anonymous said...

It used to be that only the best looking or charming were capable if this kind of behavior, but now via craig's list personals and various "hook up" websites on the internet, all men are capable of becoming complete degenerates if they so choose or lack the wisdom necessary to refrain from the possible.

SKIP said...

Personally, I say always be polite to people that want to destroy you, that way, they don't see it coming. Having been in MANY fights, fist fights, gun fights and such, I never use foul language before it starts, my usual response has been "gentlemen,there will be no kick SKIP's ass" and long time friends knew the game was on and I am an advocate of a pre-emptive strike of massive proportions.

SKIP said...

Reading comments, HOSTILE commenta about women here and on some of the other topics of SBPDL I wonder if you guys making those comments EVER get laid! I mean, seriously! that sort of attitude sticks out on a man and women KNOW it.

Semi-Employed White Guy said...

SKIP, if you had been in MANY gun fights you'd be DEAD, tough boy. I think its YOU who has never been laid.

RobertB said...

I'm glad you picked this song. I liked it from the first time I heard it and knew what it was referring to--the times we now live in.

Move, People, Move. If you won't leave the blue state you live in, then at least move to a red county within it. Your tax dollars are helping to feed the beast. The only way to take it down is by depriving it of money.

Discard said...

Semi-Employed White Guy: On other sites, SKIP has claimed to have fought in Vietnam, and to be presently serving in Afghanistan. Unless he's a 60 year old general, he's exaggerating his resume.

Anonymous said...

... or there could be more than one person using the nick of SKIP.

Discard said...

"...or there could be more than one person using the nick of SKIP".
True. If I've slandered him, I apologize. But I'd pick another name if I found out that somebody calling himself Discard had been posting stories about fighting in Vietnam over 40 years ago, and in Afghanistan today. Perhaps SKIP could drop the all caps, to distinguish himself from the American Renaissance BS commenter SKIP.