Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let's Take a Day Off

Spend time with your family. Call an old friend from college. Hit the gym.

Enjoy the holiday.

We'll be back tomorrow.

It's Easter weekend.

Do me a favor though: if you have made a donation to SBPDL in the past and have not received your book(s), send an email to so we can make sure your signed copy goes out this upcoming week. 

Happy Easter.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to everyone as well. Please say a prayer for John Swoveland Jr., the 2 year old White child murdered by Negroes in South Bend, IN. His pic has been scrubbed from many news sites already, as the media doesn't want to spend any more attention to this "tragedy" than necessary. God Bless--

TheAntidote said...

A Joyous Easter to one and all. Let us take this time to ponder the possibility of redemption and renewal.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy time with friends and family. A day at the range sighting in those new rifles and pistols. A good day and good cheer to all!

Extropico said...

Happy Easter to the SBPDL community.
Schöne Ostertage!

Anonymous said...


LA Times, Kansas Shooter: Page 8

This on page 1 biz section, w HUGE color photo of Brandon 'breaking down and being consoled by his lawyer'
[we know who pays for his lawyer?],0,4759781.story

I have the print version, w picture...pic of black brandon didnt appear online for me..could be flash player.
he shoots 4 and cries when sentenced to 40 years.

Anonymous said...

w/r 2
Remember...the My Brother's Keeper program funnels hundreds of millions of your dollars to ridiculous programs like this. Something to mourn the week after we sent our taxes to Barry and Michelle's checking account in Washington.

I was at a so cal 'farmers market' today..there was an odd 'helpers booth' [other stands sell food]..

2 signs:
ebt accepted
ebt acceptomos

2 fat you know whats 'working' at the booth....
this waste of tax dollars [read white and yellow money] is evil.

drew458 said...

Happy Easter to all. We can take a day off, but the black on white violence never does.

Pray for Allison Leedy, a white asian high school girl killed by her black boyfriend because she wanted to go to college. He then texted her family and laughed about it, blaming them.

Don M said...

Hello fellow horrible raycissts!

I have the pleasure of having all of Mrs. Don M’s fambly around for Easter. We were having dinner the other night with her parents. Evidently, they have had a few instances of the knockout game in their bucolic Northeastern town.

My mom-in-law asked me, and I quote verbatim, “Have you heard about this game where young people run up and try to punch you in the chest?”

This is the dangerous level of understanding she had gathered from the Cultural Marxist Media’s sparse reporting on the incidents. But, boy, what a low hanging curve for ol’ Donny Boy! I had imbibed a few, so I swung for the bleachers.

I explained that 1. It wasn’t “young people” but BLACKS that were perpetrating these attacks, nationwide and 2. They weren’t trying to punch you in the chest, but were winding up, full-force and punching only white people (old, young, male, female) in the head with sometimes fatal results. I told them it was ENTIRELY racially motivated, despite what the lying media tells them.

I had their full attention now and went on to regale them with stories of pulling guns and knives on roaming packs of Vibrant, Cultural-Enrichers in defense of myself and their daughter. I talked to them about the importance of situational awareness and how I never let male Vibrants within 30 feet of me. I detailed everything I knew about how to avoid “Forcible Cultural Enrichment.”

During my monologue, I could see my wife looking apprehensive. A couple of times she interjected with, “You have to understand, Don was bussed into a bad junior high and high school…”

I was afraid I might have gone a little overboard. But at the end of it all, my mom and dad-in-law just looked at me with wide eyes and said,

“Thank you for telling us that. We had no idea.”

So, fellow SBPDL’ers, I have done my good work over the Easter season. I may have even saved the lives of two, hideously white, anachronistic, fusty, goyish, heterosexual, cultural oppressors.

Tim Wise would be so angry with me, LOL.

SKIP said...

I'm in Afghanistan AGAIN!!!!!! Happy Easter to all of you stateside.

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

A peaceful day to the TRUE whites who make this page a wonderful place to visit

Jay Santos said...

Don M said...
Hello fellow horrible raycissts!

I have the pleasure of having all of Mrs. Don M’s fambly around for Easter. We were having dinner the other night with her parents. Evidently, they have had a few instances of the knockout game in their bucolic Northeastern town.

My mom-in-law asked me, and I quote verbatim, “Have you heard about this game where young people run up and try to punch you in the chest?” …

Good job. Shouldn't be this difficult, should it?

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Brilliant! That made my day. Way to seize the moment! The idea of any Crystal Methodist unknowingly lobbing a watermelon like that to an SBPDL regular is just priceless. I can only fathom how a similar occurrence in the presence of Bogolyubski or Ex-New Yorker might unfold...


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....There have been some comments about how frustrating it is that so many white people don't seem to care about the BLACK CRIME epidemic. The situation is bad enough, but not talking about it makes it even worst. Whites are being butchered, robbed and raped and nobody seems to care.

My last years in New York I knew a lot of artsy fartsy hipster types. After the Black Out Riots of 1977 black crime got worst every year. Violent, bloody and gruesome shit like the city had never seen before. All most all of it caused by blacks. Subways became death traps and the streets were now killing fields. The big taboo was talking about it. That we must never do.

Now 30 years later it's the same old shit, but on a national level. Whites keep talking about forgiveness, better schools, improving the neighborhoods and other asinine useless bullshit that has never worked and never will work. This goes beyond stupid.

You can never solve a problem if you can't TALK ABOUT THE PROBLEM. People are under the influence of total mind control and brainwashing. We all know that blacks don't care about blacks. I am coming to the heavy realization that white people no longer care about white people.

Fed Up FF said...

Remember those that will have no Easter this year or ever.

Autumn Pasquale, Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, Baby Antonio Santiago, Matthew San Filippo, Michael Hoots, Kari Myers, John Bannon, Peggie Robinson, Bob & Nancy Strait
Tyler Johnson, Brianna Benlolo, Thomas Sonnenber, Robert Marchand, Kyle Joseph Jobin, Shirley Marchand, Ashley Carpenter, David Carpenter, Douglas Dooley, Colleen Rittzer
Jonathan Foster, Bernice Shaufele, Marley Lion, Justin Friedland, Marilyn Erb, Kelly Erb, Danny DeGennaro, Jose Aparicio, Jeffrey Babbit, Richard Daughenbaugh, Nicole Piacentini
John Sanderson, Sarah Coit, David Santucci, Reba Lynn Ryan, Andrea Kruger, Saskia Burke
Lawrence F. Howse, Amber DeLoach, Robbie Gibson, Juliana Grna, Paul de Wolf, Alan Grna
James Vester, Eve Carson, Michael Daniels, Joseph Harvey, Kimberly Leto, Juan Uribe Pena
Stephen Pitcairn, Lawrence Thorton, Aysha Ring, Tevin Geike, Delfino Mora, Jose Pequero
Jason Scott McClay, Bailey O'Neill, Eric Santiago, Troy Wolff, Miguel Piloto, Joey Klett, Domenic Perruccio, Jeffrey Babbitt, Richard Daughenbaugh, Elaine Goldberg, David Santucci
Lauren Daverin, April Fulghum, Paula Martin, Fannie Gumbinger, Sabina Rose O'Donnell
Andrea Rebello, William Zachary, Janie Fullilove, Evan Tyler Fitts, Sharlotte McGill, Delbert "Shorty" Belton, Christopher Lane, Christopher Cervini, Peter Jordan, Amanda Hayes
Billy Jo Bratton, John Bannon, John Serpe, Lawrence Bowman, Michael Hoots, Kyle Lutes
James Copeland, Jerry Copeland, Dean Mayley, Carroll Jordan, Colleen O'Connor, Margaret Kohlberg, Ben Grant, Ryan Hacke, Sabrina Gianino, Jack Davis, Robert Mohler, Nathan Trappuzzano, Officer Alexander Thalmann, Baby Silas Nelson, Mary Stella Greco
Casey Nicole Mitchell, Shelaine Maxwel, Robert Mohler, Christina Bossinger, Holly Embry Lynwood Ray Gresham, Ciaran Conneely, Michael Leger, Susan Soldierson, James Stewart
Kayla Archer, Holly Embry, Christopher Fell, John Gibbons, Michael Saucier, Tyler Zanco
Amber Long, April Smith, Kate Dixon, Ralph Ameduri, Jr., Officer Ronald Jones Robert Kuentz, Kourtney Krista Dawson, Vincent Binder, Michael James Perkins, Donna Bouffard, Ronald Sanders, James Wallmuth III, Diane Zaleski, Susan Wolfe, Sarah Wolfe, David Peterson, John Dooley, Joseph Griffiths, Donalvon Odell Rhyne
Officer Jimmy Fulford, Ann Harrison, Andrew Young, Scott Norman, Graydon Brown
Zachary Sheridan, Katharina Lawn, Kirk Lund, Jessica Cormier,Cheryl Gilberg Donald W. Sager, Karol Hurst, Deputy Lonnie Coburn, Steven Finckbeiner, Kayla Archer
Laura Ackerson, Sylvia Crowell, Joshua Burns, Genie Harshfield, Cassie Holden, Jade Harmony, Telisha Shaver, Alex Anderson, Sheila Serrano, Sharon Cox, Jessica Cox
William Pena, Oakley Mitchell, Sara Gretz, Brandy Keenan, Sandy Rogers, Cayce Ray Vice
Carissa Horton, Ethan Nichols, Krystal Skinner, Alexandria Nicole Bertran, Christian Dehart
Marilyn Bethell, Jacob Wages, Christopher Michael Matley, Malinda Gibbons,Danille Michaels
Shane Williams, Kevin Quick, Felicia Celeste Vickers, Angela Steigerwalt, Nathan Potter
Colton Gleason, Michael Patin, Keith Jerome Whisnant, Scott Kakaris, Jessica Hawk
Eileen B. Ferro, Robert Francis, Christopher Alexander Markoff, Aaron J. Thomas
Joseph Anderson, Tracy Pickryl, Danielle Kelly Thompson, Jette Jacobs, Robert Brewer
Kyle Roberts, Adrianne Robert, Petra Rohrbaugh, Ralph Ameduri, Jr., Stephen Honickman
Bobby De Muth, Jr., Courtney Caitlyn Rae, Concetta Russo-Carriero, Lauren Burk
Bowie Richard, Jamie Spurlock, Phillip Tucker, Howard Bernstein, Regina Riley-Paul
Wlater Malloy, Sr., Heather Bechtel, Suzete Berrincha, Sara Jane Hakopian, Sandra Price
Michael Giddens, Wendy Fisher, Jessie Auguilar, Jeffrey Mark Graff, Floyd Henry, Hunter Miller, Tricia Patrelli, Matthew Morrow, Geoff Vincent, Jennifer Johnson
Marsh Ann Brown, Bernice Schaufele

Fed Up Firefighter.

Fed Up FF said...

PK, one small request...

Could you include a list of victims names in future books? It would help raise awareness that we're not just "crying wolf" but also be able to be copied & distributed, like a flyer. New books could have new names added to the previous list in BOLD type.

Just a thought.

Thanks again for all you do.

Fed Up Firefighter

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to all who celebrate Easter.It would be easier to get a bunny to lay an egg than to uplift the black race by giving them things.Enjoy some time with family and friends and be glad you are White !
Richard Cranium

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

You've been working hard for a long time Paul, good to get a day off.

Don't know if you and yours celebrate Easter, but if you do, happy Easter to you.

Don't worry about the negro problem resolving itself in your absence, negros will negro until the negro has pilfered his way out of negroism via miscegenation, and into a mulattoed negro of white cerebrum capabilities.

Thanks for your efforts.

From the Sanctuary, I'm PDK: Thank you.

Melanie said...

@ Don M April 19, 2014 at 6:10 PM-

Three cheers for you, and for your in-laws being receptive to the truth! Considering how tentatative most are regarding the topic of race with other people, it might surprise us how many people would be receptive to the truth, if we only knew who they were, in this PC society.

Happy Easter to you and family, and here's hoping that your in-laws were enlightened enough to take the small step of researching the truth of crime and race for themselves!

Vicio Malo said...

You have a blessed Easter as well PK. Thank you for your thoughtful, well expressed words. To all the posters here...have a great Easter...VM


I was thinking about the previous post concerning the black preacher man with the donkey and cart approaching the Space Rocket, invented and built by the White Race.

I couldn't help thinking what a perfect analogy that scene was.

The black man uses a donkey. A wooden cart and approaches a SPACE ROCKET. What a huge difference. And, it shows the gulf between the two human breeds.

One can't get past a donkey and a cart while the other is poised to go to the moon in a machine created completely out of the White Mind.

And what do we do? We Whites give up space travel to appease the driver of a donkey and wooden cart.

Now, who is more stupid?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

PK, one small request...

Could you include a list of victims names in future books


Anonymous said...

Centurion is right regarding the Apollo/donkey analogy between blacks and Whites. But think about this too. Look at an old Sears catalog from the early 1900's, or any early implement that is discussed on "Modern Marvels". There are tools, machines, devices, and creations that the Negro mind could never fathom creating in a thousand years. Things that Whites have created, invented, improvised, innovated, fashioned, built into existence and have now passed into obsolescence that Negroes could never so much as imagine without the guiding, benevolent hand of Whitey.

Anonymous said...

o brother...can fix stupid.