Friday, August 8, 2014

How Will We Ever Win Another War?

PK Note: Getting married, so posts are sporadic for a few more days. 

Nothing needed to be said with this article. See if you can spot the hilarious anecdote that slipped through the censor... [Black officers dismissed at greater rate than whites, USA Today, 8-4-14]:
The forced culling of majors from Army ranks is taking a bigger toll on black officers than those from any other ethnic group, according to Army personnel documents.
Almost 10% of black majors are being dismissed from the Army, records show, compared with 5.6% of the white majors. Eight percent of the Hispanic majors will be dismissed, while 5.8% of the Asian-Pacific Islanders are to be relieved.
In all, the Army is cutting 550 majors from its force through notifications likely to take one month. The move follows pink slips sent to about 1,000 captains as the Army seeks to shrink its force to 490,000 soldiers by the end of 2015. If automatic budget cuts return after 2015, the Army could be reduced to 420,000 soldiers by 2019. There about 513,000 soldiers on active duty.
"We don't want to do this," Gen. John Campbell, the Army's No. 2 officer, said.
Inevitably, Campbell said, some soldiers will receive their notices while serving in Afghanistan. The Army is working to mitigate the effect of their loss on their units and on the soldiers let go, he said. Officers serving in Afghanistan and deployed abroad elsewhere will be brought home within a month, regardless of the length of their deployment, so they can begin the transition to civilian life.
Soldiers losing their active-duty jobs are encouraged to join the Army Reserve or National Guard, Campbell said.
The Army combed the records of nearly 8,000 majors to find the 550 to force into early retirement. The board weighed bad performance evaluations or reports heavily in its decisions. The Army has about 17,000 majors.
Electronic warfare, civil affairs and psychological operations had the highest rates of dismissals among military specialties for black majors, according to the Army.
Logistics has the highest number of African Americans being let go with 10.
Across the Army, regardless of race, the cuts hit combat veterans hard. Nearly nine out of 10 have at least two years combat experience.
Among others getting pink slips: 17 majors wounded in combat, including 14 white soldiers and three African Americans.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the marriage, PK. Hope you and the missus plan on having lots of chillrens!

Shadow said...

Congratulations on your wedding,Mr.Kersey.

Is your new bride a black lady?Just kidding. :)

Anonymous said...

You are getting married.....................hope she is White.............or it will be Marriage gone bad.........

Anonymous said...

"Electronic warfare, civil affairs, and psychological operations..." Wouldn't you know...

10% vs 5.6%

Disparate impact! The Army be racist!

Virginian said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you PK.
"The board weighed bad performance evaluations or reports heavily in its decisions..." I guess the truth slipped out, just a matter of time before these reports will be deemed "rayciss!"

Mutant Swarm said...

Even if those dismissed officers were to remain on the job, we still couldn't win the next war. They've been brainwashed into political correctness, ass-covering, and ass-kissing of various minorities.

Anonymous said...

I will guarantee that this is nothing more than a PURGE OF WHITES
from the commanding ranks of the military so more blacks can run yet one more institution down the fucking drain.......I have to deal with these knuckle dragging work shirking fucks all day to have to deal with them in a situation where fuck-ups get people killed ..............NO FUCKING WAY.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, PK.

Anonymous said...

About the Previous Post.

This girl, who died for Equality, was brainwashed by the Good people. The Good people preach we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord. We are to be kind and loving and turn the other ass-cheek.

She bought into the unnatural lie that she should be independent, have a career, help society, give back to society and treat all people as equal.

She was probably brainwashed into thinking sex was "free". She most likely has had numerous boyfriends and maybe a one-night stand or two. The price for all that? No man around when she REALLY needed one.

A woman giving away sex is a fool. It is the MOST VALUABLE thing she has and it should be paid for by the support, love, and protection of a man so that she doesn't get beat up, knifed, killed or raped as she goes through her life. And look what happened to her.

As for NATURE, her most valuable use is breeding white children. She is 31. No children? She is useless to NATURE (please note I said to NATURE, not her family. Take this as serious as I do) in that she didn't pass on the DNA to the next generation which is her first obligation to life....not being a school employee.

Right now, there is some Mexican 14 year old girl, pregnant, who just crossed the border illegally. She will have the child here and go on to have perhaps 5 more by the time she is 31. When her first daughter is old enough to breed the Mexican way, at 13, she TOO can have 4 or 5 more. Thus, by the time the first illegal hits 31, she could have produced 10 more Mexicans.

This white woman produced none. 0. She aided in the extinction of her own people. For what? A fucking career? To be independent? To show she can make it on her own? To show she can take care of herself? Was her apartment a Gun Free Zone.

Really now.

We are stupid. We are killing ourselves. We have allowed the white woman to become sterile and useless and we have allowed them to live alone and be targets for alien species within our midst.

None of this is a surprise to me.

PioneerPreppy said...

Funny you should mention Black officers today. I recently went back and was reading Col. Hackworth's Self Army Bio titled "About Face" and I noticed in there the first time he notices trouble with Black officers being above criticism and command officers being afraid to fail them was during the very early 60's in Europe. This would have been before the entire civil rights movement got going full steam.

Of course Hackworth had to claim over and over he wasn't waaaycist and it was an individual thing, but he did mention the unwillingness by the brass to hold Black officers tot he same standards as White.



Let's all hear it for Mr. P.K. and wish him and his beautiful White bride a happy wedding day and good luck together and your future together is as bright as the sun.

And do us real proud and have many beautiful healthy White babies. Our race's future depends on you two. We must keep up with our enemy's!

Seriously P.K. best of luck and congratulations from the NORDIC CAUCASOID and all of my friends here at SBPDL!!! So where's the Honeymoon? And don't tell us Detroit! LOL!!!




Let's all hear it for Mr. P.K. and wish him and his beautiful White bride a happy wedding day and good luck together and your future together is as bright as the sun.

And do us real proud and have many beautiful healthy White babies. Our race's future depends on you two. We must keep up with our enemy's!

Seriously P.K. best of luck and congratulations from the NORDIC CAUCASOID and all of my friends here at SBPDL!!! So where's the Honeymoon? And don't tell us Detroit! LOL!!!


Independent Accountant said...

Does anyone remember Col. Hasan, who the Army did not dismiss? I suspect if the Negro Majors were evaluated on the same basis as other majors, not 10%, but 30% of the dismissed majors would have been Negro.

Anonymous said...

Today's America bears a striking resemblence to the stage of Roman Empire as it crumbled from the corruption within. Unable to fill her legions with able-bodied Romans as duty and honor had ceased to exist, the Senate turned to barbarian cultures with promise of Roman Citizenship. These tribes of course, had no loyalty to Roman culture or virtue and sought only self enrichment. The position of Emperor was then auctioned off to the highest bidder by bribing the Legions. Rome disintegrated shortly thereafter.

Anonymous said...

"Win a war"? What makes you think there's going to be another war? No - they're going to suck us dry the slow way. Much easier that way. Invade us from all sides, keep us glued to our devices and before we know it, we'll be marching off to the camps to be, um, processed.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the Chinese and the Russians; soon will come the day when their generals will have to match wits with General Sha'Neequa, and Admiral Key'Shawn!

They will rue the day they ever messed with the USA, I tell ya.

Anonymous said...

"Will we ever win another war?"

Only if it's against East Asians or Europeans. No worries about racism, damaging "holy" mosques, or having smoke cannisters hit a poor Muslim on the head.

Ask Serbia.

Virginian said...

Anon @ About the previous post said..
"She is 31. No children?" I'm guessing you're not in your 20's or 30's, if so you would understand that in the U.S. today most whites wait until they are financially stable before having children. Unlike those from the third world, young whites will attend school or struggle their way up a career ladder, so their offspring wont be dependent on Uncle Sam. I know many whites who are having children in their 30,s. Its not about quantity, its quality, and I'll take two William Wallaces' over a dozen Shitavious' any day. The previous article wasn't meant for you to speculate her political beliefs or her reproductive decisions, nor for you to place the blame of our extinction on the deceased. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and best of luck!

Anonymous said...

"Electronic warfare, civil affairs, and psychological operations..."

female specialties


otherwise known as Shipping and Receiving

Unknown said...

Yes, Paul, that's amusing: the farther one goes from actual warfighting, the more A4's you have (Affirmative Action African Americans- A4's). There were gobs of them to cut in Logistics, because that's a great place to dump more worthless employees. But when it comes to fighting (and this is what must have slipped past the censors): of 17 that were combat-wounded, only 3 were black.

The other amusing thing is that it was, in fact, performance-based. They probably should have left that out to stay "on message." But not really as good an anecdote IMO.

Anonymous said...

Without looking at any other comments yet, my answer to the slip up question is:

"The board weighed bad performance evaluations or reports heavily in its decisions."

Now, I shall read the comments and come back to mine here.

PK, does your new boss know you are a racists, redneck, slaver? We are all dying to know more. Where is the wedding since maybe you can invite many here. Think of the presents you'll get....guns, ammo, white sheets (kidding), Travon hooded jackets, black lawn jockeys, NBA jerseys, Gift certificates for gold teeth implants, tours of the slave ports off the Ivory Coast (along with Fun Facts About Ebola), a colored tv, new sail foam (his and hers matching Purple ones), etc.

This could be fun. Oh, in a previous post many mentioned books to read. Here is one: THE UNSEEN HAND by A.Ralph Epperson. It is thick and is all about the "conspiracy history" going back bout 200 years and is full of details. It names names and gives dates. It will really depress you.

AnalogMan said...

Excellent news, PK. Best wishes to you and the lucky lady. May your marriage be happy and gay, in the traditional sense, and fruitful as well.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. PK, may you have many good years ahead.


I didn't know Detroit was a big honeymoon destination. Is that why there are so many negroes there ?

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

First, congratulations are definitely in order to PK. It does goes to show that not all Millennials are naive to the reality of race realism, etc. That's good to know. Out of respect for his big day perhaps its best to keep the comments on a respectful and uplifting tone.

Second, to the poster at 11:34am. This attitude is totally disgusting and uncivilized, especially for whites. Again and again, we dont know the full details about her personal life. We DO know that the cops have repeatedly stated that she did not know her attacker. She was a lady, she had class. She obviously was proud of her calling as a teacher (a modern day Florence Nightengale) and as a guidance counselor. Sometimes in BRA, people lose a lot of things, including the most precious commodity they own; their lives.

You see, the town of Newton is about 40 miles out of Charlotte so there's a very good chance and all likelihood that the HS she taught at was majority white. After all, Newton itself is only 12% black, so chances are good that at most, the students at her HS are around 90% white (if not more). You think about that one. She was not teaching at some gangbanging urban run down broken building.
It would be as if one of your school teachers that you personally knew and liked was murdered yrs later. You wouldn't particularly be gleefully gloating.

I liken Maggie Daniels to Nathan Trappuzano. Two precious lives and both innocent of the fates that befell them.

Show respect for Maggie; she was a lady with class and they don't come along single every day.

On a lighter note, heartfelt congrats are in order. PK, enjoy your life as a married man and may the future only get better and more enjoyable over time.

Northern Resistance said...

It's BRA, and the BRMSM. In the eyes of the BRMSM, the tragedy isn't that there's a massive reduction in the military, but that blacks are "disproportionately impacted." That's what the entire purpose of the story is about, "poor blacks" and not "wow, we're cutting the armed forces down by tens of thousands." We all know that the military is being reduced so that there can be more spending for Medicaid and Foodstamps which disproportionately benefits blacks.

OT: here's a link for you guys about another "muh dik" moment.

Keep resisting, folks.

Anonymous said...

Over at the CDC web site, I learned where they are sending over 50 people, paid for by the white tax payers of America, to the 4 afro-nations with Ebola.

Isn't that racist? Is this not acts of colonialism? I hope all those going are black, affirmative action, health care workers. No doubt they are "qualified". Does the white man have to save the black man again, and again and again. I even read, at another source, that the blacks are blaming us whites for this outbreak. So, we in turn spend our money to help them?

I'm sick of helping them. We should send over the dead bodies of all the white men, women and children their "American" brothers have killed here in the last 10 years. Let them wash and bury them in penitence. At least our deceased aren't carrying the Ebola virus.

Speaking of Ebola, I also read where it is SEXUALLY transmitted, but, this is not discussed anywhere else. I guess to blame the Africans for the same transmission of AIDS, which these people gave us, is not going to be permitted. Keep it quiet. We can't have the white people know that they are fucking monkeys again. You would think they would learn not to do that with the AIDS scare, huh?

Bull Conner said...

Congrats PK!

On the topic, we won't ever win another War & folks had better let that burn in real good. Once it has, best plan accordingly.

'Cause Hell is coming to dinner.

Bull Conner

Anonymous said...

Why can't this site have the type of comment system that allows responses/replies to the comment of others?

Also, real time comment posting as well?

Anonymous said...

I found a web site that lists the murders of white people and has linked articles. Excellent.

Daily Stormer.

Shefali said...

Congrats on your marriage!

Pat Boyle said...

Most people don't seem to realize just how close we are to not having human soldiers on the battlefield ever again.

People probably know and accept that the F-22 is probably the last fighter plane that will ever have a human pilot but robot foot soldiers are maybe even closer.

The Army just cancelled the SWORDS project. This is a cheap ($200,000) robot based on the TALON bomb disposal robot. Maybe it will be reinstated after Obama is gone.

By a strange coincidence the name of these robots is nearly the same as those in the 1995 Sci-Fi movie ' Screamers'.

Right now all the robots are remotely controlled by humans but obviously if you just made them autonomous they would operate like roving land mines . They would be area denial weapons.

These things are not armored but they have few vulnerabilities. Simple small arms fire is not likely knock one out.

These gizmos are available now. Drop a hundred or so on an ISIS formation and you won't need any 'boots on the ground'.

So it's not clear how much longer we will have a need for blacks in the Army. In the movies the programmers are often blacks but things are different in real life.

Pat Boyle

bernicegreenbaum said...

Best wishes and have lots and lots of chillen. You'd be hard pressed to find a black officer smarter than a wooden post. Trying to reason with them will get you nowhere. The only thing they see is a paycheck and more of the "gibsmedat" experience.

Anonymous said...

Congrats PK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have happiness in a nice White Community and many many babies.

One "dark thought"---if more blacks are being let out of the military....will they go into the Obama Corps service?

Something to think about---our military will be stabbed in the back by the traitor in chief when the time is right.

Anonymous said...

Paul may you and your wife be blessed with many children! I live in Utah and I know a spine surgeon with 10 and a former special forces paratrooper with 11. Wish we could have had more!

The Holy Ghostbuster said...

Anonymous said ... We are stupid. We are killing ourselves.

Absolutely right! Here is the truth that Hitler had to shoot himself in the head to learn. A race that wants to survive doesn't:

Select its strategists from a hostile Tribe that wants to kill it, or from the friends of that Tribe.

Build its culture around a race-mixing religion that centers on an imaginary "Brotherhood of Man", and makes a racial outsider into a god.

Persecute and launch witch hunts or wars against its defenders.

Allow itself to be ruled over by racial outsiders.

Allow its women to fraternize and breed freely with men outside the race.

Impose onerous taxes on itself to support its racial enemies.

Privilege racial aliens over itself in law, education, employment, and finance.

White people have done and continue to do all these things; therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that they really don't wish to survive as a race. QED.

Anonymous said...

"How will we ever win another war"

Let's see. We lost in the Civil War. Lost our freedoms, our constitution, the rights of the States, etc. We all know that.

We did not defeat Germany in WW1. It was a stalemate and at the Peace Conference we cheated them.

In WW2 we lost for sure and the proof is that my children need to speak Spanish to get a job in America and whites are being killed all day long, while a formerly white nation is being invaded by Somalians, Arabs, Africans, Haitians, etc and our media/money/government is controlled by another country.

Korea? We gave up and surrendered all the territory we freed.

Vietnam? Ran as cowards and lost.

Iraq? Retreated and lost.

Afghanistan? Still being defeated daily and retreating daily.

We can't defend our Southern Border. We can't defend the East Florida coast.

Win? The only good hope is that if a White Nation breaks away the former US might lose that war.

Mutant Swarm said...

Congratulations on your impending marriage, PK!

She knows you write this blog, right? ;-)

Many happy years to you both.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

Paul, congrats, every good (white) man needs a good (white) woman.

The very best to you,

Jeff in Palm Springs said...

PK - Congratulations!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! There is no greater joy in life.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, PK!

I'm a strong believer that marriage is the backbone of culture, so I definitely approve of your decision.

Someone out there who is more inclined to retrieve data and compile it,and less lazy than myself, should create a table of black performance/grievance ratios. The consistency of Asian and Whites performing similarly in a given field, with Latinos being lower and Blacks being even lower, looks to be the same on almost every metric. The negatives such as violence and poverty are obviously inverted, but can much of the data be summed up in one single ratio?

D-FENS said...


The best thing the military can do for this nation is to stage a coup.

If they're unwilling to do that, then I welcome filling the ranks with womyn, LGTB, negroes, mestizos etc. I would scrap every aircraft carrier or perhaps sell them to the Chinese. I would retain a handful of nukes and nuclear subs.

This would make intervention in every 3rd world hell hole impossible. Not only would this increase our security and save a bundle of money, it would avoid importing refugees when our wars go south and we have to withdraw.

An added bonus is that the Israel lobby would have to find someone else to fight their wars.

Anonymous said...

Congrats PK and all the best life has to offer to you and Mrs K.

Anonymous said...

Getting married? I keep seeing the video to this song imagining your wedding...

I got a little change in my pocket going ching-a-ling-a-ling
Wanna call you on the telephone, baby, give you a ring
But each time we talk, I get the same old thing
Always, "No huggee, no kissee until I get a wedding ring"
My honey, my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf
She said, "Don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself"

Ooh, baby, baby, baby, why you gonna treat me this way?
You know I'm still your loverboy, I still feel the same way
That's when she told me a story 'bout free milk and a cow
And said, "No huggee, no kissee until I get a wedding vow"
My honey, my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf
She said, "Don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself"

You see, I wanted her real bad and I was about to give in
That's when she started talking about true love, started talking about sin
I said, "Honey, I'll live with you for the rest of my life"
She said, "No huggee, no kissee until you make me a wife"
My honey, my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf
She said, "Don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself"

Seriously though, Good Luck and Congratulations. Spit out some white kids real soon...that's the kinda Stuff Black People Don't Like!

Anonymous said...

yes and the US Armys reputation is in tatters over Iraq and Afghantistan...too much reliance on air power to bail out poorly disciplined troops..also reliance on almost all white Special Ops forces...BRA meets reality on the battlefield which may be why troops are not to be deployed

behind blue eyes said...

Congrats PK. Enjoy your marriage.
I had a few black officers in the army. Most would the equivalent of civilian AA hires.
Nothing to brag about. The shrinking of the military does bother me. I think it is another event Musbama will be remembered for. And not fondly of. He has been such an embarrassment for us.

Southron said...


Good luck to you and Mrs. PK.

Does she know what she has gotten herself into? :)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading more about Ebola. Seems the fine, upstanding, proud, free Negro of Africa not only has sex with monkeys, etc, but also eats them. AND, sometimes eats them alive.

That got me to thinking. Is that behavior both incest and cannibalism? And, WHO is having sex with WHOM (how about that for grammar)? Is the monkey having sex with the hominid OR is the hominid having sex with the Simian? How could you tell? Which is enjoying it most? Who comes first? I guess the one who reaches for the cigarette is the hominid.

(Speaking of PK, marriage, and time away from this site, it appears that PK and his new flame have started the honey-moon early - wink, wink, - OR she is already making demands that he fixes things about the house - know what I mean guys)? I hope PK has a great sense of humor since most of us here do and will stop at nothing. If we can poke fun at our favorite pet, then we sure can poke fun at the Zoo Warden.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your impending... an exciting time in life!

May you both be safe, happy and live long lives together!

And get the hell back soon-- we need you! : )

Jeff the Chef said...

Well it's a nice day for a.......white wedding.

~Billy Idol

Anonymous said...

Early '60's, Kennedy administration. Same Kennedy that wanted negronauts at NASA. The military had probably already got the word, "Be kind to the black boys now, they can't help it if they're stupid. "

Anonymous said...

The upper ranks are also being cleansed of white officers and replaced by officers of a foreign continent (Africa). Probably these new admirals and generals will not have any reluctance ordering troops to fire on Americans.
Imagine that, Africans shooting at Americans.

Sheila said...

Congratulations, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Sir. Have many white babies. We need them.

Anonymous said...

Congrats PK.

People say we're mortal. But, when one has a sound, true, and loving family, one's blood is immortal as it should be. With a strong matriarch, the family becomes magnificent.

Anonymous said...

PK said How Will We Ever Win Another War?

With our current level of AA dilution of the quality of our military and funding levels I believe that we could win a war with a minor power. A conflict with a larger power would require us to scramble as we did upon entering WWII. In a major war leadership and soldier quality would have to trump PC and AA fiction or we would be in deep doo-doo. I have always thought that there is a point where the corrosive effects of AA and PC will be abandoned in favor of survival, but I don't know where that point is.

In a real war, an indecisive weakling like Obama would delegate decisions to his generals. For example, he recently “authorized” bombing “if it is necessary” in Iraq. He didn't say that he ordered bombing to protect the Kurds. This is his typical method for avoiding responsibility. If a bombing goes bad, he can always claim that it obviously wasn't necessary and then fire the general who made the actual decision to bomb.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Paul!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Among others getting pink slips: 17 majors wounded in combat, including 14 white soldiers and three African AmericansAmong others getting pink slips: 17 majors wounded in combat, including 14 white soldiers and three African Americans."

Can't get hit if you're not in the shit!

Knautschke said...

Congratulations Mr. Kersey! I wish you both much love, health and happiness.

Bogolyubski said...

We're DOOOOMED! Ayabodah noze da Rad Tails won de wa' on THE MOSTEST EVILEST EVIL EVAAHH!!

Might was well surrender to ISIS now while we can.

Congrats to PK too.

Bogolyubski said...

OT but important, especially for those who always ask who the "squids" are. Looks like the number might be even smaller than we thought. The auto-response from our "concerned friends" will no doubt be to clatter on about "conspiracy theories". As I replied previously, no conspiracy required.

Mr. Anon said...

Congratulations Paul. I wish you and your bride much happiness.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to The Kerseys.

Regarding the article, l agree with Mutant Swarm. The leadership in the armed forces under POTUS Sotero has been under the process of shaping it to be more...agreeable. It's more about humanitarian missions than kicking ass these days.

"The Navy. A global force for good."

--NB with IPMS

bubo said...

The US' main agenda is to destroy Western Civilization through multikult and homo supremacy.

It's an evil empire.

Anonymous said...

Even our own GIJoe the Army SEAL is in danger of being culled and she has an IQ of 160,

Warrior said...

Deb Schlussel's recent article, "40 Years Later, “Death Wish” Movie’s Message as Relevant as Ever' is about protecting the Bill of Rights from the parallel government. Here's the link.
Congratulations on your impending nuptials Mr. Kersey. Many Happy Returns!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've got a busy year ahead of you PK good luck and congrats!

Anonymous said...

Lol, it was probably unintentional, but it was fun to see that while the majority of those fired are black the majority of the majors let go because of battle wounds were white.... and on a 14 to 3 ratio! Sure, those majors were not in a fighting-line duty, but still!

Kulturkampf said...

First off, my congratulations, PK.

My introduction to the wonderful world of diversity was when I joined the military years ago. I came from one of those areas that people would dismiss as 'too white' and 'boring,' and was of course suckled at the teet of American multiculturalism in a public school. I thought that perhaps even being among more 'diversity' would be one of the adventures of Army life.

Of course, it was. It was culture shock, more or less, to see the self-unaware stupidity, arrogance & unpredictable nature of black soldiers. I cannot be entirely unfair -- there were there who did a great job, but I have too many stories concerning the general insanity of indiscipline in uniform and routine misbehavior out of uniform.

I witnessed routine fraternization between black NCOs and privates; E6s getting E3s pregnant; I remember essentially being incapable of meaningfully disciplining a black E3 I had under me because she basically was friends with the 1SG. Once a black female E5 left a field training exercise to GET HER HAIR DONE, because she had explicit permission to leave from her Commanding Officer. For those who haven't served, leaving a field exercise for a personal reason other than 'death of a loved one' is unheard of.

The EO (equal opportunity) staff office eventually released statistics which indicated a disproportionate number of black soldiers receiving UCMJ (punishment), with the implication that there was (because of this fact) some inherent 'bias.'

Honestly, after making it to E5, and serving a relatively short amount of time, I felt I could write a book on the complete & utter rot of the US military that I witnessed, and I cannot even imagine what some realistic person who served 20-30 years and were Senior NCOs or Senior Officers could say.

PK, if you were looking for another theme for a book after NASA, I'd go so far as to say that the rot of the US military would be a very potent theme, and it'd prove to be utterly inexhaustible.

I think the only thing that is stopping thousands of veterans from jumping into such a topic is that the military has been the speartip of diversity & equality front put ou by the govt, and the backlash towards whoever did so would be intense.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the marriage. You're in trouble now, Hoss.

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

Congratulations PK!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Mrs Kersey! I look forward to the day that Race Realism is in the acceptable mainstream and you can share your wedding photos.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, america hasn't even fought a War since the 1940's. That was the last time we had a Declaration of War from congress.

Strange, huh? Even though The Constitution CLEARLY states that we MUST have a Declaration of War from Congress we have been sending troops around the globe, launching missiles, bombing, and invading but NONE of that was "War".

The Constitution also says that only gold and silver can be used as currency. There's no mention of Federal Reserve Notes. Hmmmm...

I also notice that the 16th Amendment, creating the federal income tax, was never Ratified, as required by The Constitution. And why are we taxing income? Taxes are paid when things are BOUGHT. We should be taxing consumption, not earnings.

The Constitution also requires a Budget, every year. How long did we just go without a Budget?

They just don't care. Our government has been purchased by banks and corporations, and the politicians are ALL a bad joke. I think I know more about The Constitution than any one of them. And the public is even dumber than they are. All that matters is American Idol, ghetto music, and electing blacks, gays, women, hispanics, and jews to as many elected offices as possible so we can all crow about how wonderfully diverse we are.

White Christian men built this Country, not slavery. Picking crops in a few States did not build America. America became the most powerful Nation in History, we went to the fucking MOON for Christ's sake, and we destroyed entire cities with single bombs! All with white Christian men running the government.

Now every city is becoming a ghetto hellhole. The ghettos swell and we just keep borrowing to keep paying our poor, violent, dangerous lowlives to keep pumping out more losers.

We're done. America is over. We failed. It won't be long now before every city becomes Detroit, the economy collapses, our antagonistic aggressive military foreign policy incentivizes major terrorist attacks, and we have to merge with canada and mexico.

Anonymous said...

The fact that twice the percentage of blacks were culled for bad performance simply reflects the fact that AA has been at work in the military. It is interesting to know that some in the military might understand that AA leadership is just a fiction.!bzObiM

When responding to an outraged officer who was incredulous at the concept of promotions based on merit rather than longevity General Odierno replied:

“We’re not saying you’re getting kicked out. You can still go get your Ivy League Masters Degree and teach 19 year old kids, but I’ll be damned if I put you all in a position to actually affect combat operations. I’m tired of you witless ass clowns getting soldiers killed simply because you stayed in the Army.”

Of course without actually knowing the racial makeup of the younger officers supposedly being promoted based on merit rather than longevity it is difficult to ascertain whether the change is intended to correct the AA problem or merely a way to accelerate young AA officer candidates past qualified white officers with longevity. Odierno's comment certainly suggests that he wants good leadership, and any rational person realizes that AA is inconsistent with good leadership.

A persistent problem, even with promotions based on merit, is that the AA passport affects even the ratings associated with a person's performance. When an AA passport holder mildly screws up something he/she still gets a gold star whereas a white would get a demerit. It is the same problem that is seen in private industry. An employer believes that he is hiring an AA college graduate based on merit because that student's transcript reflects grades of A or B, but in practice the AA student is probably less competent than a C white student. A good AA employee in private industry is one who shows up for work regularly, hasn't sued the company for imagined civil rights violations, doesn't steal from the business, and doesn't fight with other employees. These same attributes are basic requirements for a white employee. The effects of AA are so insidious and pervasive that it is almost impossible to avoid its effects.

Anonymous said...

I'm a frequent commenter here, but I won't use my nick for this one.

I am also a member of the military. Any other military personnel who visit this site will be able to back me up in what I say here.

The services produce an immense amount of powerpoint presentations, online training, promotional materials such as banners, pamphlets, flyers, little books, cards, etc. for reminders of training. Things like preventing sexual harassment, preventing racism, maintaining computer integrity, drinking enough water, keeping secrets, etc. Anything you can think of. In all the materials, the uniformed personnel are rarely a white male. I just took a walk around several buildings on my installation and looked at all the bulletin boards and tables of information. I was unable to find even one white male servicemember represented. Actually, very few white females, also. Black females, black males, several hispanic and asian males and females. But ZERO white males. I kept track of the servicemembers represented in the recurring training we all have to do, and the only white male servicemembers represented are the idiots used as an example of what not to do or the villians who are predators of the proud female feminist soldiers. Or bigots and racists who make minorities feel bad. Or terrorists who are trying to steal national security info. Or bumbling fools who don't know how to maintain a security clearance.

It's so obvious and over the top pandering. The white males in all of our training examples are constantly having to be counseled by the proud and competent blacks and women. It's comical. If someone didn't know any better, they would think the U.S. military is made up almost entirely of minorities, led by blacks and there are just a few token white men allowed in who everyone else just has to tolerate because they're terrible at everything.

America is screwed on so any levels.

Congrats, PK.

Cugel said...

"Electronic warfare, civil affairs, and psychological operations."


Maybe they can go work in the media. Just in time for the collapse, I hope.

Cugel said...

PK, Congratulations. All the best.

American Citizen said...

Congratulations on the marriage PK. Looking forward to more insightful articles in a couple of weeks when you are back to full-time writing. Unfortunately they'll be no shortage of topics and stories to cover concerning the American black and his non-civilized behavior.

Darayvus said...

Sincerest congratulations, PK.

Now that you've flagged it, I did some math on the statistic. Heh. If desk-chairs could sigh in relief, there are plenty now doing so in Arlington.

Anonymous said...

off topic

a pop up ad with a black led me to

black all over homepage as well

whisker child said...

Congrats Paul.

I don't know how old you and the Missus are, but if you're young, then it's time to pop out your own White Tribe.

Think of it this way: if YOU and your Mrs. raise them, they will be pro-white to begin with; you know, that in their lifetimes, they won't be fooled by the multicult, and they ALSO, will Marry White.

And that is all within your grasp.

whisker child said...

Congrats Paul.

I don't know how old you and the Missus are, but if you're young, then it's time to pop out your own White Tribe.

Think of it this way: if YOU and your Mrs. raise them, they will be pro-white to begin with; you know, that in their lifetimes, they won't be fooled by the multicult, and they ALSO, will Marry White.

And that is all within your grasp.

Anonymous said...

Congrats PK, new book and are doing great!

About the "girl being brainwashed post", I was thinking about girls' brainwashing this week.

I have seen a lot of things on film and TV...has anyone EVER seen a young woman to 45 year old woman need to stay home a day or two because of menstrual pain? Ever heard one on TV say "I can't attend, I'm having my period, I'm just going to nap?" No, and you never will. Why? Every woman who gives birth on TV is in HORRID pain, screaming her lungs out.

Well, you know the answer. According to our brainwashing: Women should not give birth, it will tear your body apart. But women must have no commentable symptoms (except cranky)when on their period so that they go to school and work every day. And breastfeeding is "painful and makes your breasts ugly" when actually breastfeeding is pleasurable cuddly fun and makes the breasts look big. Same reason, so that women go to work.

One other thing about my brainwashing. I was promised that we women could "burn our bras" because we would have so much freedom. What happened with that? Businesswomen sure wear bras. I hate those things.

weisse frau

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this move will not be seen in a racial slight but as a class slight i.e. the top heavy generals and admirals were not affected. The pentagon literally has one star Generals licking two star Generals butts all day long. What a kick in the pants to the Lt’s and Captains who gave blood and sweat to be thrown out on there ears. Plenty of money to feed the worlds lazy blacks though. This is proof positive that Obongo hates this county.
If anyone is having too much negro fatigue check out this sight I just found
I found it when I typed "why do black people look like monkeys" You will laugh till it hurts...we are going to win this folks

Michigan Jim said...

I wish you and your bride much happiness sir. In a sane world you would be a hero. But as you know better than anyone we do not live in a sane world. Thanks for all you do.

Mr. Rational said...

I do not envy PK the heap of comments he's going to face upon his return.

Let's home the new missus keeps him too busy to think about it!

D. Sterling-Trump said...

The Police Department of Lockport, New York described a suspect as "dark negro" to the outrage of civil rights groups.

"Dark negro".

Kind of a reverse oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations PK.

Whenever I visit SBPDL, I wonder what kind of crazy person would put in the crazy amount of effort you've put in on this SBPDL thing for what can't be more than pennies per hour in compensation. How did you squeeze in the time to acquire a wife? Is the wife going to be OK with this obsession of yours?

Here's hoping that your crazy obsession to wake people up to Reality is successful. You have truth on your side.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your marriage, PK. Here's some math on how quickly families can grow. My neighbor and his wife have 9 children and have been married 35 years. They have 15 grandchildren from their 5 married children. So in 35 years they've grown from 2 people to 26 not including their kids spouses. Good whites need to make babies and not get into debt. You can raise a family on a lot less money than our rulers want you to think you can but you have to be smart.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Why can't this site have the type of comment system that allows responses/replies to the comment of others?

Also, real time comment posting as well? “

Both systems have a advantages, but the system used by PK works well for me. I generally read every post on each topic except for the oddball posts. With the number of posts per topic running under 200 it is fairly easy to mentally connect a reply with the original post so long as the reply includes a brief reference to the original post. Most replies include such a reference.

With PK's system all that is necessary to verify that I have read all of the posts is to check the last post. On systems where individual replies are rolled into the original post I have to check the last reply under each post which is time consuming. The latter system works well when the number of posts becomes too large to read them all which is not yet a problem on sbpdl although we look forward to the day when it is.

It makes sense that PK does not allow real time posting because it would not permit effective filtering of inappropriate comments. It has been said that “you can't unring a bell,” and this probably applies to comments. Removing an illegal or otherwise inappropriate comment after it has been posted and drawn the attention of the people who look for those things is probably not as effective as preventing the post altogether. Until PK gets big enough that he doesn't need to worry about backlash, government investigations and subpoenas, and suspension by his ISP he probably should keep the human filter in place. It isn't real time, but when he isn't getting married it is usually pretty quick.

Anonymous said...

Kulturkampf: "Honestly, after making it to E5, and serving a relatively short amount of time, I felt I could write a book on the complete & utter rot of the US military that I witnessed, and I cannot even imagine what some realistic person who served 20-30 years and were Senior NCOs or Senior Officers could say."
You'll probably never get to read those thoughts, because "they" would surely find a way to rescind the author's pension.

J. Hannibal Smith said...

Congratulations, Paul. Best wishes for your future.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if PK got himself what every black man wants.......a white woman.

The point of the post concerning the 31 year old white single woman was PRIORITIES. One does not live alone. One has a responsibility TO their race just as a race has responsibility TO the individuals. There is a mutual "obligation". Your race helps create a civilization and you create the members of that race. That realization is what makes us white people produce a livable civilization.

If a young white woman wants to feel safe and have her life, then she needs to produce the white men of the future that provides it. At 31 you should be married since giving birth to a healthy child decreases quickly after that point. But she wanted a career more than that. Proof? She had the career and no children. That is a choice and I think a woman should make the choice. Did she?

She is not free to do as she wishes and then not understand there is a price for every choice we make. She is dead. And her death can be linked directly to her having no committed (husband) man about. What, I ask, is MORE important than that? A career or family?

Too many excuses. If she can CHOOSE a path, she should have been educated to choose the correct, natural, healthy one. Living alone, I assume, in an apartment, is a bad choice and she made it.

Please, don't give me any of this "she didn't deserve to die" excuse. WE KNOW THAT. But, had she made wiser decisions, like to be part of a white family rather than living alone in an apartment, she may be alive.

The young single woman who goes out and leaves a bar shit-faced at 2 AM has made a choice that makes her more likely to be assaulted. The CRIMINALS are already out there and to make yourself MORE of a target is a stupid choice. She doesn't NOT DESERVE TO DIE, but she choose to be a better target to the Negro whose intention is to rape and kill a white woman. Why make the choice to be that white woman?

Oh, because she has the right to get shit-faced at 2 AM? Really? How about, that is one stupid choice lady. You should be home with your husband and children.

Is she to blame? Well, to a degree yes. Is the society she (holds no obligation to) required to protect her? The Negro who killed her is going to work society for all he can get away with. Did she? Did anybody talk to her about the dangers of living alone, living near a Negro? Of course not. The Good people told her blacks are just like us and she should not fear a Negro.

She was brainwashed and she, for some reason, did not question. People, we can't blame society for everything. We can't just say "this is a tragedy" or "She didn't deserve this". Those statements don't get to the issue and the base of all this.

Since around 1960 she and her fellow white have been BRAINWASHED into not having a family, not having a white husband, not having children and to devote her live to a sterile career so that she can not and will not have any white babies.

It worked, didn't it. Our enemies achieved their goal. She did not deserve to die but she is not blameless. If I decide to drive up I-75 at 100 mph and get killed in a car crash, did I deserve to die? No, but I sure as hell helped it along, didn't I?

Hopefully there is a 17 year old white girl reading about that 31 year old and saying to her self: "that isn't going to happen to me" and maybe she will strike up a conversation with her racist dad or brother who will tell her what is important in life....that family is more important than some stupid MD degree or working for some High School teaching Mr Negro how to live his life.

NotTooSwift said...

Congrats on the wedding, PK. I only hope what happened to me does not happen to you or any of your followers. Here is what transpired.

My first wife ran off with a negro. You can imagine how I felt and how embarrassing the situation was.
I realize now that I should have listened to my friends and relatives and not married that black bitch in the first place...............LOL

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. I want to echo everyone's sentiments and wish you and your wife the best!

Anonymous said...

No offense PK, but I think I like reading the comments more than your posts. Some comments are really thought-provoking, some seem nearly hysterical, but I enjoy them all. This site has OPENED MY EYES. I've been scarfing down shit sandwich&purpa drank combos my whole life until about 6 months ago, but everything here is REAL. The stories aren't the maniacal rants of a "racisss", they're REAL. I guess I've lived a sheltered life up here in the Rocky Mountains, there aren't many black folk. Too high and cold, I suppose. At any rate, I was never smacked in the face with black reality until this site was recommended to me. The extent of the cover-up is staggering. Most people never hear about these things. Thank you all, I've seriously had my mind blown apart!

NotTooSwift said...

OT. The following quote is from today's (Saturday) front page of the New York Times:

"With hundreds of Africans dying from the outbreak of Ebola, some activists have said it is wrong that extremely scarce supplies of an experimental drug went to two white American aid workers."

I am surprised it took this long to start this BS. It never ends, does it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I must also add congrats PK. Have a bunch of white kids, we really need your help on this one. Remember work work work.


Anonymous said...

My Great Grand parents were married when she was 15 and he 18 this is how it used to be done they were also Catholic which helped Lol the more the merrier! It helps to have a family owned business or farm where everyone pitches in and does their part. Another way to help our race is to become a Mormon LOL many wives and Children! This is how some of you can help save our race! increase our numbers by converting! Take 3 or 4 wives and have 5 or 6 kids with each one! Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous August 8, 2014 at 12:16 PM said :
"Will we ever win another war?"

Only if it's against East Asians or Europeans. No worries about racism, damaging "holy" mosques, or having smoke cannisters hit a poor Muslim on the head.

Ask Serbia.


What ? You mean that Communist MILOSEVIC's Serbia that got its ass kicked out of Catholic Croatia by the Croatian army in the first place with no help whatsoever from NATO for occupying a third of its territory from 1991 to 1995 ("Operation Storm"). And didn't the US also bombed and occupied the hell out of Muslim Afghanistan and IRAQ for the last decade which resulted in hundreds of thousands more death and casualties than the mere 527 deaths the Serbian minority suffered for killing over 10,0000 and expelling 800,000 indigenous Albanians from Kosovo in 1999?

I keep saying this fallacy from time to time in pro-White circles as if Serbia and Russia were some kind of martyrs of the White cause and it is as uninformed and retarded as any argument made by Libtards.

AnalogMan said...

Anon said

With a strong matriarch, the family becomes magnificent.

Are you serious? Is this the prevailing view in America?

I hope and trust, Paul, that your family will be a patriarchy. You are the head of your home. That's your responsibility, and your natural right.

Anonymous said...

This might be relevant while we are discussing matters pertaining to the competency of our leadership. Samantha Power, handpicked by Obama himself as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations made the following declaration a day or two ago to the U.N. Security Counsel.

"Therefore any further unilateral intervention by Russia into Ukrainian territory, including one under the guise of providing humanitarian aid, would be completely unacceptable and deeply alarming — and it would be viewed as an invasion of Ukraine,"

This looks like another “red line” declaration to me. We've now stated that if Russia engages in any further unilateral intervention into Ukrainian territory that we will find it completely unacceptable and view it as an invasion. Indicating that something is unacceptable implies that it will not be tolerated. Obviously, an invasion of one country by another is a big deal, and we have cleverly defined an invasion by Russia as almost anything they might do pertaining to Ukraine.

We should probably prepare for another round of international humiliation when we bark at Russia and send the Ukrainians some token support in response to the next intervention by Russia. Perhaps we will sanction Russia by refusing to sell them something – oh wait, they have already refused to buy our stuff. Obama and his AA and otherwise deficient associates are unable to understand that the saying about speaking softly but carry a big stick only works if you actually have a big stick and are known to use it.

Because it is clear to the world that we will not enter into a direct kinetic conflict with Russia, it would be prudent to stop making grandiose announcements that will inevitably embarrass us. We probably need to review the program for conducting a cold war and attempt to keep it on a smaller scale than the last one.

Anonymous said...

I'll have three guesses and the first two don't count:



'The board weighed bad performance evaluations or reports heavily in its decisions.'

Anonymous said...

White women are doing this to themselves.They are liberated from men and are now free to work their whole lives away for trinkets,toys,and shiny baubles.Oh,the empowerment !
Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

There is a very good chance that if Margaret Daniels, from the previous post, had been a RACISTS she would be alive today.

A drunk, obscene, fat, black hog walking in a white area, screaming anti-white obscenities, is safer than this educated white woman entering her own apartment.

This "country" must die.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious ! the important-sounding names the military gives to shitty jobs. 'automated logistics specialist' is a forklift driver.

Anonymous said...

If the new Ms. Kersey is a race realist, then Paul is going to have a wonderful life.

Those of us who are honest and decent RACIST are the ones who love real truth and honesty. You can't be one without the other. Truth, real truth, leads one to racism. Racism, based on clarity, leads one to truth.

Racism is what Nature demands for one's survival. Prejudice and discrimination are two more ways to understand the world and to survive. They are natural, healthy, normal, and necessary traits of the intelligent and wise. If she be rayciss, she is wise.

If she understands WHY you do what you do, then she will be your soul mate. One either "gets it" or one is a fraud, a fake and a potential enemy. The middle road, that occupied by the DWL, is the most dangerous. They, The DWL, do and will kill their own children on the alter of EQUALITY. They would never hesitate to kill other whites to show their love of the negro.

Let us hope you don't name your son Trayvon nor your daughter LaBitche', OK?

The only down side for a true race realist like you is that now you have something of value: A wife and possible family. Our enemies always use that which is good about us to destroy us. They will do so against you. They will use your love for your wife as a tool to bludgeon you. To threaten you. To stop you. BUT, if she is on your side, then you are twice as strong and can tell the nasty squids to F off.

Have your new wife write a book. The perspective we all share here would be invaluable to white female readers. Maybe she can write a book to convince other white women to stand up for their race, their children and their sons since it is THEM that is the key to white survival or extinction. TITLE: "WHY I MARRIED A RACIST"...

10mm AUTO said...

Bless your Wedding day! May is such a good month for Babies!

May you hearts and hopes ever be true. May laughter follow every disagreement and my your hopes always be fulfilled.

Happy Wedding Day

Left Coast White Guy said...

Does she know she is about to become a mrs Nom De Plum? That is Mrs. Somebody else as well?

Anonymous said...

When will people learn just to stay away from black people. They will eventually kill each other off. They provide no benefit to the white people that they need. Like a host to a parasite without us, they are nothing. Time and time again I have said, do what you can because it will save your life or those around you. Blacks will never change, for every one that is good there are 9 that are terrible. MOVE NOW!

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan

Good luck and much happiness with your impending marriage. Thank you for everything (including my sanity).

Anonymous said...

Axing the dupe first.


Anonymous said...

Here is a question:
Why should I care about White people?

I of course prefer to live in White neighborhoods (as do most minorities and liberals) but I don't see why I should care about American Whites in general.

It's American Whites that so desperately want to believe "race is a social construct" and other fairy tales. Sure liberals are the worst but conservatives also believe that Capitalism + Christian Morals will make any racial gap in education go away. I can't believe how many articles/blogs I have read blaming "teacher's unions" for the gap even though white students aren't held back by those same unions. It's just another form of the same delusion. Conservatives used to be the adults in the room but now they play they same "race doesn't exist game" but instead of blaming nutrition/slavery/lead paint they blame what their wealthy benefactors seek to destroy (unions, Democrats, public education).

So why should I care? I'm seriously asking. It's sad but I feel surrounded by idiots and I don't see why I should care about them. I spent a few hours a decade ago reading about brain volume differences between races and yet most Whites use the internet for Facebook or pizza ordering. All the information is right there in Google, all the lies can come crashing down in a few hours and yet the delusion remains.

Yea I am ranting but I just don't care anymore. There are clearly no adults in the room so I don't see why I should care.

Anonymous said...

those blacks forced into early retirement will get a juicy pension the rest of their idiotic lives, courtesy of the middle class and lower middle class whites, who slave away til the day they die.

Anonymous said...

PB said...

So, that's where Landover Baptist went! Thank you Anon.

The Threat is Real UK said...

Shouts of "shoot the police" from missouri crowd after 18 year old vibrant teen shot dead by police.

Of course, he didn't do muffins...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the marriage--best wishes!

I spent time in the military back in the 70s--also spent time as a civilian working with the military. One thing that grinds my gears is hearing what a great diversity "success story" the modern day US military is--even "conservatives"-especially conservatives-have a idealized fantasy-unless of course, they served themselves. I imagine even then, some are in denial or willfully blind.

I met many, many blacks while in-I can truthfully say there were maybe 4-5, out of hundreds that were worth a damn. And the bad ones more than made up for those few.

It's covered up, but blacks, overall performed disgracefully in WW2 Korea, and 'Nam as well as peacetime. Sometime after 'Nam the military, like other institutions "surrendered" and allowed blacks to more or less have carte blanche. Ask a 1960s-70s vet-Vietnam or stateside, about the black race riots, mutinies aboard ship, fragging, attacking white sailors as the whites slept in their beds-one of the biggest race riots was at marine base Camp Lejeune the weekend of the Apollo 11 moon landing. An innocent white Marine was ambushed and killed.

All that was/is partially/totally covered up. Now the blacks have taken over at all levels and the supine PC whites racial dhimmis have learned their place.

Hell I of course admire our military and what they do, but all of the current white 17-35 year olds in our country were carefully taught and brainwashed with PC via school, media, Sesame Street, etc. their default position submissive-is lips firmly planted on negro buttocks. Not all but most.

Some of the smart ones with a backbone will actually have their eyes open and their attitude change. Others will just stay PC sheeple.

blacks regard this as their due of course. They are insufferable when defeated and intolerable when victorious.

Anonymous said...

OT but interesting – The Ferguson (suburb of St. Louis), MO police killed a nog who wasn't doing nuffins and the 2/3 black town has organized protests and marches chanting kill the police. The local chapter of the NAACP is already involved and demanding an FBI investigation.

The grandma explained that one minute she sees the little nog running in the neighborhood and when she got there he was lying dead in the street. She explained:

”her grandson had recently graduated high school and was looking forward to the future, including possibly attending college.
"My grandson never even got into a fight," she said. "He was just looking forward to getting on with his life. He was on his way."

“He was on his way” - that is so tragic.

Anonymous said...

When I hear of stories about women being allowed in to combat arms, or whites being replaced by blacks in the military (although this doesn't seem to be the case here), I honestly don't have a problem with it. If you think the apparatus of the state will be used against you one day, wouldn't you want it be staffed by the least qualified people?

Anonymous said...

Lol, we haven't won a war since WWII..Truman integrated the armed forces after that.

Anonymous said...

off topic

Police: Black teen shot after altercation

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — An unarmed 18-year-old black man was shot and killed by police in suburban St. Louis after an altercation that involved two people and an officer, authorities said Sunday while hundreds of pr

Anonymous said...

17 y/o arrested for killing 6 y/o YT girl....

3 guesses !

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know? Sexual promiscuity is one of the main tenants of feminism. After all, shouldn't women be able to demonstrate that in control of their bodies by being able to choose their partners? After all, if men can do it, why can't they?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she's a the most beautiful Nubian princess this side of Nigeria . ( not!)

Anonymous said...

OT but interesting. It appears that the European Space Agency has succeeded in intercepting a comet with their Rosetta spacecraft. The comet is blasting through space at 34,175 miles per hour and is about 250 million miles away from Earth between Jupiter and Mars. They are receiving amazing pictures and they might land the spacecraft on the comet.

It is disappointing that the USA gave up accomplishing such things in favor of pursuing the self destructive endeavors of Muslim outreach and promoting AA, but it isn't a surprise that this feat was accomplished by white men. We are told that there is no difference between blacks and whites other than skin color so why is it that multiple white societies have demonstrated the ability to accomplish these things, but black cities and societies located everywhere from Detroit to the dark continent have not yet found a way to keep their own shit from filling their homes? Other than the space travel that was so common among the mysterious ancient Black Egyptians, blacks cannot even cross a large pond without help.

Anonymous said...


Unarmed groid killed by police in St. Louis. It looks like there was a struggle for the cop's gun and the cop wasn't going to let that happen. Cue the protestors and cries of "rayciss" cops.

Money quote:

"One of those present, Shontell Walters, of Berkeley, said many took exception to the presence of police dogs. 'They are trying to instill more fear in us,' she complained."

Correct, negress. To instill fear in a groid, everyone who can own a dog SHOULD own a dog.

Groids are cynophobic, hydrophobic, and ergophobic. I suppose the perfect break-in deterrent would be a moat with a dog in the yard and a "Now Hiring" sign.

And guns.

--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...

“He was on his way”

Yeah, to the pen, so in this case the taxpayers were spared a couple decades of sponsoring him.

The Holy Ghostbuster said...

Anonymous said...
Here is a question:
Why should I care about White people?

Most whites do not, and that's true all across the political spectrum. Even the few who do care tend to do so only timidly and indirectly, lamely trying to defend "Western Civilization" instead of the race without which such civilization becomes inconceivable. It seems clear, too, that this is the unfortunate result of 20 centuries of Christian brainwashing regarding the imaginary "Brotherhood of Man", a lunacy which has sunk into the culture so deeply now that everybody must profess to believe it, even scientists and atheists who should know better.

It's both ironic and paradoxical, but in this sense "Western Civilization" itself has become the greatest threat to the continued existence of the white race. It is this selfsame "Western civilization" with its Christian and post-Christian ethical values that forces the races to live together on terms of "equality", which is in reality a dance of death that can only end in miscegenation and racial suicide for whites.

Why care for a kinsman more than for a stranger? Why care for truth more than pretty lies? My answer, and the answer of many here, I suspect, is this: Pure cussedness. What are they telling you to do? Do the opposite. What are they telling you to believe? Believe the opposite. That's the best way. ;-)

Anonymous said...

”her grandson had recently graduated high school and was looking forward to the future, including possibly attending college...."

And at college he was going to study "Aspiring to be a Rapper 101."

Anonymous said...

Anon said...why is it that multiple white societies have demonstrated the ability to accomplish these things, but black cities and societies located everywhere from Detroit to the dark continent have not yet found a way to keep their own shit from filling their homes?

A very good question.

Are there any trolls in cyberland who would care to answer it?

Left Coast White Guy said...

Christianity over twenty centuries accomplished all the greatest of White achievements. It is in this post Christian/JudeoChristians last 100 that emcee been on a speak descent. Don't be hide your patent hated of God behind false claims

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Over at the CDC web site, I learned where they are sending over 50 people, paid for by the white tax payers of America, to the 4 afro-nations with Ebola.

ANd the Nigerian government is DEMANDING our experimental Ebola drug. Id send them some colored water with HIV and Rabies virus in it and lable it Free Experimental Ebola drug.

Anonymous said...


"Vandalism, looting after vigil for Missouri man"

The natives are getting restless.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . .Id send them some colored water with HIV and Rabies virus in it and lable it Free Experimental Ebola drug.”

Tricking them into thinking they would be immunized against Ebola would definitely encourage some of them to take the Trojan Horse concoction, but if you want it to really be widely ingested, you should probably label it Magic Potion To Make White Wimins Want Ya.

Anonymous said...

PK asks, "How will we ever win another war?"

All you need to know:

US Army Chief-of-Staff George Casey, speaking of the Fort Hood massacre, said, "As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that's worse."

Anonymous said...

Oh ho nelly, the usual whopper craptastic sandwich.


The Holy Ghostbuster said...

Left Coast White Guy said ... Hgb,
Christianity over twenty centuries accomplished all the greatest of White achievements. It is in this post Christian/JudeoChristians last 100 that emcee been on a speak descent. Don't be hide your patent hated of God behind false claims.

Just like the rabbis from whom they draw their inspiration, Christians are always eager to try to claim credit for accomplishments not their own, and will never accept blame for anything. In reality, the insane babble of Chrisitianity regarding spirits in the sky, corpses coming back from the dead, and, particularly, the "Brotherhood of Man", has had almost nothing to do with Western technological advancement, the part of Western civilization which is its cynosure and what most people would regard as the "greatest of White achievements". In the search for truth, religious supertition of that kind has always acted only as a negative force.

Left Coast White Guy said...

The Christian religion which had made our race distinct isn't just a bunch of religious superstition. A people's religion is what gives them their inspiration for what they do as well as guidance on creating a society and what is acceptable in society and what is not. Not to mention compelling people who would otherwise not a willingness to behave civilly to do that very thing. It is directly responsible for creating the society we live in as a people. Currently it is totally corrupted in practice by the subtle, yet heavy judeistic influence. It is always corrupted to some degree or another by organized Churches, but it is also that which spreads it throughout society. It is huge what influence it had on Western/white man. If you refuse to recognize this you are just deluding yourself.

Anonymous said...

When "religion" in the West was at it's height, we had the "dark ages". From 400 to 1,400, if you so much as asked an intelligent question, you were killed.

When the agnostic and atheist, such as Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Da Vinci,etc used their brains to THINK, they were attacked and killed. In order to use their minds they had to write in code, write backwards and form secret societies, such as the Illuminati (To Illuminate, to Learn).

When thinking men finally cast off "religion", around 1500, The West exploded in learning, discovery, science, literature and EVERYTHING we call Western Civilization.

Western Civilization is based on the sanctity of the HUMAN and on HUMAN freedom. Not silly ghosts and vapors in the air. When men were free to work for money, work for goods, ask how the stars "moved", what was life, where did it come from , then and ONLY THEN, did we create The West.

Christianity is no worse than other superstitions. They all condemn man, hate man, hate the individual (more than anything,they HATE the individual) and most of all, "religions" hate the mind. Ever want to piss off a religious person? Ask them a real question about reality and watch the hatred in their eyes and how they would love to kill you, as they did those in 1350 at the bonfires.

The Magna Carta was not based on religion, but on the individual. The Declaration of Independence was based on man's (White Man's) individual worth. Bill of Rights? They all apply to the individual, not the State and not the Church.

Religion wants to tax me to help the poor. Religion wants to guilt trip me to helping the poor Negro kill my children. Religion is shipping in animals to rape my daughters. Religion want me to "give back" to society.

Fuck you, Religions. All of you.

Dunnyveg said...

This is a bit of welcome good news. The idea of our postmodern military consisting of sodomites, trannies, and multicultural baby mamas only encourages me to keep my guns cleaned and loaded.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your impending nuptials PK! May your union be blessed!