Friday, September 26, 2014

K-K-K-Mart -- Company to Close "Underperforming" Store in 67% Black Ferguson (Courtesy of an "Underperforming" Population)

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One day, people will look on the events of Ferguson in roughly August - December 2014 and wonder why decent people ever put up with a population who sided with a strong-armed robbing, police attacking thug and continued to believe magically Republicans would ever stand up the insanity of the Department of Justice. [Federal investigators discuss Ferguson investigation, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9-24-14]:
U.S. Department of Justice officials promised a frustrated group of Ferguson residents Wednesday night that the federal government will take seriously their allegations of racial profiling and brutality at the hands of north St. Louis County law enforcement.
More than 300 people packed into a meeting room at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley for an update on the federal civil rights investigation Attorney General Eric Holder announced this month in the wake of the fatal shooting Aug. 9 of Michael Brown by Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.

Holder said the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division will investigate whether Ferguson police have engaged in a pattern of civil rights violations.
Christy Lopez, a Justice Department deputy counsel, reiterated that point Wednesday in front of a mostly calm crowd.
The point of the meeting was to give an update on the Justice Department’s investigation and give residents a chance to share their stories with federal investigators in one-on-one sessions.
“We are here to address patterns or practices of police misconduct,” Lopez said. She said investigators are looking at “whether people’s constitutional rights are being violated on a regular basis.”
Much to the frustration of many in the audience, Lopez did not say much about whether the Justice Department was looking specifically into potential misconduct by Wilson.
“We cannot promise a federal indictment, but we can promise a federal investigation,” she said.
That wasn’t good enough for many people in the crowd.
Jammian Weaver, 35, of the Spanish Lake area, left before the one-on-one sessions.
Weaver, who said police roughed him up as a teenager when he was walking home from work, said he was skeptical of the Justice Department.
“I got no satisfaction tonight,” he said. “I wanted to hear answers, and I didn’t get that.”
Bobby Johnson, 24, of University City, said he was hoping to hear more of what might happen to Wilson.
“If that was me that shot somebody who is unarmed, I’d be arrested on capital murder right away,” Johnson said. “I want to know why police get special protection.”
 “We cannot promise a federal indictment, but we can promise a federal investigation..”

A federal investigation into what? Perhaps... why K-Mart is closing its store in 67 percent black Ferguson (obviously, a crushing blow to the civil rights of black people to mandate a business be forced to stay in open in an area where the preferred method of payment is EBT/Food Stamps). [Kmart to close store near Florissant, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9-25-14]:
The Kmart store near Florissant will close as part of what the retailer said Thursday is its latest effort to cut costs by shutting down underperforming stores.
A liquidation sale will begin Sunday and the store, located at 2855 Dunn Road, will close in early December, Howard Riefs, a company spokesman, said in a statement.
About 100 employees, most hourly or part-time workers, are affected.
The store is just off West Florissant Avenue, about 2 miles north of the QuikTrip store that looters ransacked and burned after a Ferguson police officer shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown on Aug. 9.
The store is within an 868.5-acre commercial and residential area Ferguson is proposing to annex. The Ferguson City Council approved the proposal in June, then submitted it to the St. Louis County Boundary Commission for consideration. If supported by the commission, the proposal would be submitted for approval by Ferguson voters and voters in the annexation area, which is north of Interstate 270.
Riefs said in an email that Kmart’s decision to close the Florissant store was “unrelated to any local events.”
“The store was underperforming,” he said.
The store opened in October 1998 in what had been a Venture store.
No other Kmart stores in the St. Louis area, Southern Illinois or the rest of Missouri are facing immediate closure, the company said. Earlier this year, Kmart announced closure of its stores in Collinsville and Ellisville.
A publicly-held corporation should never be allowed to make a rational business decision and close the doors of a store failing to make a profit, if such a closing negatively impacts the black community (never mind the black community was the source of the store being in the financial red... instead of the financial black).

So... when will a federal investigation by the Department of Justice be launched into the pattern of businesses shuttering their doors in communities no longer reflecting the one they were originally intending to serve (recall, Ferguson was roughly 45 - 50 percent white in 1998)?


Anonymous said...

Possible reasons for closing:

Can't get insurance on the building nor contents anymore.

Employees refusing to come/go to work.

Death Threats being called in.

Embolden negroes have increased the shop-lifting rates.

Too much expense in keeping the store looking half way organized and clean.

Constant problems on the floor, in the aisles, payment problems, returns.

Speaking of returns, there is probably a massive amount of returns which are draining staff time and emotions. The negro will use the item for a few day and then return it. Especially clothes.

CHIMP-4 or CHIMP-5 events every night.

CONCLUSION: At some point in any business, even if you are making some profit, the life of hell is not worth it. K-Mart doesn't need the problem and this store most likely is demanding way too much attention regardless of any profit.

(Real reason? K-Mart doesn't want to deal with the negro. Corporate Negro Fatigue?)

Anonymous said...

That phrase: "Once you go black you can't go back" actually means that once an area goes black, the destruction is so complete you can't go back to the pre-black times.

Complete and total de-civilizaton.

Anonymous said...

Wow--Kmart must be worried that the nig undertow is about to go catagory 5 chimpout in the area to close the store BEFORE Christmas.

Can't blame them---the nogs destroy everything and the DWL/Catholic and Protestant churches blame it all on white working people and small businessmen.

check out in addition to this fine site

Anonymous said...

I've nothing to really add to these stories or conversations because the comedy and tragedy is just far too obvious. That there are people out there still attempting to defend the shenanigans and shines is beyond me at this point.

By no standard could I be considered to be above average intelligence, yet I feel like some sort of super genius when I read the recent stories coming out of Ferguson. Pilgrimages, company shut-downs with heartless but necessary PR announcements to cover their ass. And I feel even more elite when I hear the average person discuss this stuff.

So much work, so many obvious lies, and all to defend people who do crap like this-

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Good evening, fellow seers of racial reality. Today, I had the distinct pleasure of being served not one, but TWO shit sandwiches. Thus, I saved my fellow SBPDLers a couple morsels so that we might all share in the deliciousness of my good fortune.

Negro experience No. 1

In my still new job, I work at one of the more prestigious business addresses in Atlanta. Thus, it's relatively posh, as would be expected. As you would also expect, the building includes a full-time "suhkhurratee" staff. I believe this is operated by a third party organization (mistake no. 1), which, seeing as this is the ATHell, appears to consist of 100% black personnel (mistake no. 2, often fatal). The security staff also doubles as a kind of hospitality, Wal-Mart greeter for all the clueless white people who toil for 60 hours a week so that their earnings can be redistributed to the parasitic undertow.

Thus, these people "greet" the workers as they arrive each day, having no f-ing idea who any of us are, not knowing people like me, who are employed by the organization whose name the building bears, from someone selling toner cartridges or someone meeting their mid-day mistress for a quickie in the parking garage.

So the one guy that is the most visible in the entrance I use is a silverback, probably mid-50s, dressed in the company uniform with blazer and slacks, with a radio on his belt. You know, so they create the illusion of safety and competence for the clueless white workers that only care about college football, and already KNOW that we are all the same. Thus far, I've observed this guy to carry himself well, exhibit good manners, professionalism and generally being pleasant. He appeared to have some modicum of dignity, and at least he gets up and goes to work each day, doing something that his limited IQ permits. Fine. I don't wish him any ill will on the basis of what I've seen. In fact, just maybe he's the illusive "good one…"

So today, I show up, am greeted by a negress co-worker of his, who just seething with resentment at my daring to be so white. She had the perfect fake smile and mannerism, but the "you white muthaf-" was easily discernible in her eyes. Whatever. Nog being a nog. Well, at the elevator, I see Mr. Gentleman, speaking with a younger negress. I actually ended up in the elevator with them.

So this same guy with the respectable speech and mannerism has been totally transformed. He's ooking and eeking with this negress, dropping 4-letter words, and revealing himself as the complete fraud he is, which we all already know him to be, but DWLs refuse to ever knowledge, no matter the evidence. It was like I was invisible. He was yakking with that negress like they were on MARTA. That guy is a caricature of Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy, because that's the image that the security company knows that the stupid white people want conveyed. IKAGO nomination shattered. What's the worst thing a white person can call a black person that begins with N and ends with R? Neighbor. And you would not want this guy as your neighbor. Shitavious would be right behind him and Shar'juanda with her assorted niglets.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


So he's a total fraud and a classic Jawga negro, pretending to be nice to da white people to get his gibs. That guy hates my guts and wants me dead, but actually thinks he has me completely fooled and that I don't suspect any of that. Not exactly the case. Silly negro.

Ironically, I run into him later in the day in an elevator lobby. He snaps to and hurries to open the door for me, having just mooched from our fancy coffee selection, "There you go, sir!" Non-ebonics verbalization has been magically restored. IKAGO my ass.

Negro experience no. 2

I keep getting a medical bill for Mrs. Gwinnett Gladiator that insurance has already paid. Yet they seem to want me to pay the full cost of the remaining balance from the original charge of what the insurance didn’t cover. They don't get to do that, so after having called the insurance company twice and being assured that it would be taken care of, after getting yet another bill, I get a bit pissed and call for the third time.

Inexplicably, in calling the first two times, several weeks apart, I managed to speak to the same CSR, who happened to be a negress. Lovely. Fortunately, I got a white girl this time, although a male nog answered first. I wonder if he could feel me rolling my eyes via VOIP…

Anyway, I politely explain the situation, but make it known this is my third time calling about the same issue and that I'm a bit annoyed. Well, with a one standard deviation higher IQ, and the ability to apply deductive reasoning based on the specific information I was able to provide, the white girl immediately realized what the problem was, apologized profusely, and stated this should have been addressed in the first call. I told her that she would find notes in their computer system about the prior calls, and that I had spoken with the same person both times. "Well, I think that's exactly the problem," was her response. Now of course, she could have been referring to anything, it just so happens that the person at issue was a negress. However, in BRA, no conclusions can ever be drawn, and all experiences are merely isolated incidents and completely aberrations that have no larger meaning.

Finally, we received a new employee announcement email this week, with color pictures per SOP. A couple new legal staff personnel were brought on to help with the growing workload in a particular area. Both are lovely white females. However, in the same email, there was apparently some need to communicate the names and pictures of the staff for a part of the operation that management felt it more cost effective to outsource to a third party. Thus, a series of pictures of hideous, Turdquilla ghetto thugs followed the white ladies, complete with absurd ghetto names. The idea that this email was also received by dozens of TWMNBN lawyers that cost as much as $700 per hour will be the closing thought of this most savory bite of shit sandwich, made all the more delicious with the crisp, refreshing sweetness of a fresh batch of grape drank.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

Over the last few weeks we've heard a lot of ooking and eeking about WT being all up in de binuss so why not give them autonomy in the ghettos of this country? Pull out all of the white things like police, government, and businesses. Then tell them to stay there and build a wall to show them where the boundaries between civilization and negroization are and then sit back and watch. Send in the DWL's for humanitarian purposes and perhaps they'll eat them. I be's dey place so dey should run dis sheet! This is one time we should give these beasts what they ask for but not lift a finger when they beg for help after the eat all the rats and slower negros. Sometimes you have to lead by example and this would be a great example. Next time a chimpout occurs show them the footage and say this is plan b so how high would you like the fence?
Nathan Bedford Forrest

Anonymous said...

In Amkerikwa, police brutality = enforcing the laws.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter how big or small a community is: once it is mostly black, it will not be able to support most types of business, even a discount store (!) like K-Mart. Look at 83%+ black Detroit, which has no chain grocery stores.

Injun Jimmy Swaggart said...

Just a quick note to all my fellow SBPDL readers.

I've been following SBPDL since it started. What a marvelous one-of-a- kind site PK has given us.

Let's all cough up something towards the future of SBPDL.

ATL Born said...

Good for Kmart. So the chimps are out a store. Too bad so sad for the monkies.

My freaking home town is over run by these darkies. In the early 80's there were not really anyb coons in SE Atlanta, they were delagated to Dekalb & Newton. Now flash forward 30 yrs and they are like the cockroaches in a bad motel, everywhere. Sick just sick.

Fuck Opreh for that as she invited those scum bags!

I hope all the business's leave and on the way out hit the lights!

Ley the groids raisde hell and lets allow the store owners along with proeperty owners cap some of these chimps and bring on what we have all known was coming! Just another day in the BRA....

bernicegreenbaum said...

Some neighborhoods have been gentrified after years of burning, looting, and a few other negro pastimes. It can be done but it takes an inordinate amount of white effort. Overall this news is great. Another well-deserved food desert for blacks. It's really too bad they can't see the connection with these store closings and their despicable behavior, but then that would require cognitive ability - something in short supply in the black community.

bubo said...

I'm sure the monkeyshines didn't help, but Kmart has been shutting down stores regularly for years now. I'll be surprised if they're around in 5 years time. Which sucks if you ask me.

The one near my home closed a couple of years ago. I used to like going and scrounging through the discount video games. I remember mostly whites shopping there.

I think blacks prefer Walmart, probably has something to do with how much they cater to the EBT crowd.

Anonymous said...

Once again in this story the reference to Brown being unarmed. This is a nonsense argument. In my non US city a lone officer making a routine traffic stop got into a fight with the driver, ended up disarmed, shot and killed with his own weapon. The assailant was not a 275lb monster.

Anonymous said...

Several K-Marts have closed recently in Pinellas County, Florida, including the one at the Seminole Mall, which has virtually no blacks. Of course, no one wants to hear that in the "community"; no, it must be some devilish conspiracy cooked up by Whitey The Oppressor.



Bet anything that the K-Mart brand will be labeled "racist" from here on out. Maybe to the point of the negro higher ups calling for some boycott on them honkey-ass owned K-Mart stores.

Off-Topic but still on point!
Did you see the latest negro muslim bastard who cut the head off his ex co-worker in Oklahoma?
Now this is two recently brutal islamic killings preformed by the liberals best friend "the negro!"(New Jersey/Oklahoma)

Yet as usual the Marxist media won't put the obvious connection of former jailhouse negroes and the "religion of pieces" islam together.
I just wonder if "my peeps" will investigate that connection and ban all koran books from jails? You know how the liberal always spouts off the separation of church and state/prisons in this case anyway.


Anonymous said...

Repatriate. Now.

Anonymous said...

Opening a store in a solidly black area is pretty much the kiss of death for most businesses. The same applies for stores that exist in areas that go black over a period of time.
Just as some people are said to have green thumbs when it comes to growing things, the black population has the Kiss of Death for any area they inhabit.
I've even seen very popular fast food joints close down and move a few miles away to get away from the "diversity." One old fashioned drive in restaurant that had existed for decades finally fell to the effects of the undertow and closed. Photos of a by-gone era show the place chock full of cars loaded with white teens. Go to the area now and it's liquor stores with steel bars on the windows and negroes slouching down the street past "No Loitering" signs. Numerous locations (including a grocery store!) have been closed down by the city as a nuisance due to all the drug dealing, muggings and other crime that is rife in the area. It wasn't that way when the area was solidly white.
One man I knew had a business in the area and decided to close it down and move far away after his wife came to pick him up and was attacked by a black that was attempting to rape her. She got off lucky with just a broken arm.
When blacks wail that their area is a food desert, lacks jobs, lacks places to shop etc. they need to be given all the facts related to their own communities behavior and then be asked, "WHY should anyone subject themselves to all that just because YOU want it? What makes you so damn special?"
Blacks complain about the consequences of their behaviors, refuse to change the behaviors that create the negative conditions in which they live, scream racism when the cops try to get it all under control and then demand that businesses locate in their "hood" despite all this? Right. Makes sense to a simple minded clueless negro.
When blacks wail, "Why dem other communities got all dat but we don't? Why we gots to go ten or twelve miles to shop or do somethin'?" I'd simply tell them, "Go look in a mirror- your answer will be staring back at you." However, being the simple minded idiots that they are, they'd simply declare, "Hmmph! It be because muh skin be dark! Dat's it! It be racism! We goan protest dis sheeit!"
Their idiotic mentality is precisely why things will never change for them and why no amount of money, social "programs" or other attempts to civilize these idiots will be successful.
It's also why no one with any intelligence wants to listen to all the "n*gger-babble" that flows from their mouths.

weisse frau said...

Great post PK. Good points anonymous #1.
A businessman cannot refuse to serve a black person in his restaurant.
If any smart lawyer can find a pattern of KMART closing when a neighborhood becomes a certain percentage African American, well that is just blatant racism. Like a restaurant refusing to serve an entire town. Sue em!
KMART needs to move to some racist country that allows that kind of racist tactics.
Also, a pattern of more security guards in a neighborhood with more blacks is racist BTW.
A pattern of bulletproof glass around the cashier more often in black neighborhoods is also a glaring sign of racism, too.

City resident said...

Stores will become like the ones operating in Chicago ghetto areas. In case people haven't been in one, all the merchandise is behind large plexiglass barriers. People ask for what they want and it's brought to the front. At checkout there's a turnstile where the customer puts their money in at their end and the merchandise is at the other. The turnstile is then turned so as to revolve the money to the clerk and the merchandise to the customer. It's like a large currency exchange. The owners are usually Arabs who are the only ones willing to put up with that type of work environment.
Having trashed the place Ferguson residents will then complain that it's a 'food desert' and that the government needs to step in and do something to alleviate their suffering.

rex freeway said...

In South Kansas city there was a thriving shopping center. It included a Hypermart and a huge strip mall area. The power of the Negro destroyed this area in less than 25 years. Google Bannister mall in Kansas city. The last store to close was Kmart. It was there before the mall was built. But it could not survive the constant shoplifting and stealing by the black employee's they were forced to hire. The day the Hypermart closed, all surrounding Walmart theft prevention officers seen a marked increase in shoplifting and subsequent arrests.

Optometrist said...

Dear Gwinnett Gladiator,

I share your sentiments. In my course of work I REFUSE to do any business with the negro. None.

When I call any business, and get a negro voice, I either hang up or try my damndest to get transferred to a human. Many times I call back, over and over, until a human (White Person) answers.

What I "enjoy" is those phone trees where you first get a message, always a nice, White, normal voice. Then you press for the next message, always a nice, White voice. After about 5 or 6 of these (always a nice, WHITE voice) you get a live "person".....usually a negro or some pakistani whom you can't understand.....what happened to the nice White voice?

Some day, all the world will have left is recordings of nice White voices while you wait for somebody to come on line from India (dung, not maize) to "heeeelp yuuuu".

My second "Welcome to the Jungle" situation is my present on-going attempt to have an issue, with Wells Fargo, cleared up. In my area of Florida, all the branch offices of Wells Fargo have been told to only hire NON-Whites. Take a look. You will see NO WHITE MEN working in any of the branches. In the nearest branch to my office I counted 11 Hispanic females. No men. No White women. No White Men.

Thus my agony. I am trying to get my name corrected on the mortgage bill THEY send me each month. Somehow, somebody typed it in wrong a few months ago (I have no clue why the change) but nobody can seem to help. I am going to attempt to move up the food chain until I can get somebody to help.

Each time I go into a different branch (there are about 10 in my county) I am forced to talk to an account executive (who can do nothing to help with my account) and they are ALL BLACK BUFFALOES whom, I can tell, hate my guts before I even start. So, I tell them my story (with no emotions) just to get through it (since I have NO INTENTIONS of having them even attempt to help). They give me the standard bankers bullshit line of "seeing what they can do". They smile, I grin, and I leave knowing I wasted my life, again, trying to do 21st century business with a Jungle Monkey.

I attribute so much of our nations economic decline due to the Turd World workers we have to deal with.

Halle-freakin'-llujah said...

"The store is in an 865.5 acre tract of a business and residential district that Ferguson is trying to annex."
Well there it is.
Failing store, check.
Decreasing tax base peopled by leeches, check.
Town looks outwards to annex whatever the hell it can to briefly stave off the inevitable total breakdown by increasing said tax base, check.

What happens when these townships/cities etc. run out of annexations and people to foot the bill?
Methinks the liberal lemmings and multi-cultural morons are starting to sweat.
Such sweet treacle indeed.

Anonymous said...

What's not being said: We think closing the store down before the boogs burn it down is a prudent way of "cutting costs".

Anonymous said...

There's a saying that 5% of your customers cause 95% of your problems. In a place like majority-minority Ferguson, almost 100% of your customers are going to be the 5%, so pretty much ALL your customers are problems. Add to that, as someone said earlier, the difficulties in getting a population that prefers to sit on its collective ass rather than work to work at your store, and even getting an honest day's work out of them if you do manage to hire someone.

"Food deserts," my ass. There's a reason black shopping centers are nothing but hair and nail supplies and payday loans.

weisse frau said...

Gwinnet, you make a lot of good points. How many airports, bank, stores, have we all been in with negro "security"?
They have never made me feel secure, come to think of it. Even with all my TV/movie brainwashing.

Also, regarding "Silverback"...

On Netflix, watch "Feeding Time", which is about watching animals at a zoo, eating. Only watch the part about the gorillas. The zoo keeper says "people keep telling me how HUMAN the gorillas act and look." And you can tell by her eyes, she can't repeat what people are actually saying. Anyway, the gorillas act and look exactly like negros. I know I am not the first to point this out, but "Feeding Time" has some great footage.

Oh, the zookeeper/DWL also says "they are such peaceful animals". Then she shows the ridiculously strong male who is looking around murderously protecting his harem...It is great stuff.

Anonymous said...

The Black Mold ruins EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

HEY P.K. as much as it pains me to say this the ferguson store is not being closed directly because of the black undertow,its being closed because of bad managment going back 20 odd years i live in mich,and they are closing several here including the only one near me ,part of me is sad because a kid i loved going to k-marts i bought my first book ,stereo,records, my mother worked there so did my wife at the old headquarters,but now the stores are dirty disorganised & full of black workers & people that go there so the neighborhood near there will become much safer ,blacks destroy all they touch ..
royal oak dude..

Anonymous said...

A company cannot live on "5 finger discount."

Now we'll hear how Furguson is a food desert and nobody wants to be there. I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

Based on my experience traveling around in my state and some other east coast states, unless that K-mart is the only thing in town, the nogs prefer Wal-mart anyways, even if they have to go further. And if the town is so small K-mart is all there is chances are the nog population is small to non-existent too.

But I actually prefer K-mart just because of that reason - none of them are ever very crowded and even when moderately busy there's not many nogs to be seen. In South Carolina once I stopped in one because I'd forgotten to bring a pair of sneakers with me and I was the only person in the store. Of course, the clerk was a big sow, but I'd rather deal with just one than a whole pack of them.

I sometimes wonder how they even keep the doors open, it doesn't seem to matter if the store doesn't have anything nearby, or if it's in a retail stretch with all the other chains around, the number of cars out front is smaller, and I've run into instances of items that I know had been out on the rack for literally a couple of years when I bought them.

So I would guess this store is underperforming due to high loss/theft issues. Probably combined with being in a low income area and not moving enough of the seasonal product at full retail price when it's still new. I don't think it really would take a whole lot to put a store in the red.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's but one or two whites working there but there is a whole foods in Detroit.

Anonymous said...

You can sure DHS has all those tanks, weapons and domestic Army to come down on YT if he ever decide a he has had enough of Black degenerate behavior. They will come down on us for even defending our selves in an organized fashion. These little brush fires between local law enforcement and Blky are meaningless.

eah said...

Not sure how much to make of this, although it goes without saying that almost any business can be susceptible to a 'going concern' problem in such a heavily black area.

Earlier this year, Kmart announced closure of its stores in Collinsville and Ellisville.

But as a retailer, K-Mart has been having big problems for some time. And if you look into it, Collinsville IL (which is near St Louis) is approx 87% white, and Ellisville MO is approx 92% white, yet per the second article K-Mart earlier closed stores there too.

Anonymous said...

An anon recommends Chimpout dot com, easily the most chicken splat "racial realist" site on the web.
Avoid that site unless you want to be cataloged by someone who is not your friend, you have been warned.

Anonymous said...

Went to a Wally Mart in Buffalo a few weeks ago and it was the most pathetic display of human behaviour I've ever seen in my life time. I was waiting in one of the three cashiers available(I take it they were understaffed), when a 300lb silverback was in front of me with her three sprogs, one in the oven buying her weekly groceries consisting of pop, chips, microwave dinners all on the EBT card. I used to think it was merely the swipe of a debit-like card and they're on their way-WRONG!!! This nog had brought a whole damn itinerary with her that needs to be processed by the clerk(a brethren of hers)who obviously couldn't read if his life depended on it. After waiting a good 20 minutes watching disbelief, I then overhead them talking on how he hates his job and couldn't wait to join the army and kill some ISIS. I nearly pissed my pants laughing to myself! This semi retarded nog barely had the smarts to count change, how the hell could he possibly function in the military? Is it any wonder why this country is going to hell in a hand basket?

Anonymous said...

Once you go black you can't go back because, you're not allowed.