Monday, November 3, 2014

Some people claim that there's a woman to blame...

Years ago, a hero and personal friend of mine told me there was one way our side would win.

It was crude.

It was lewd.

But it was an elemental fact.


Have kids.

This man is now dead, but his spirit is alive.

His idea, to me, has come to fruition.

May many of you reading this one day learn what I have learned.

For this is how we win.


Anonymous said... used to be said that a good man was hard to find. Now...its the other way around.

10mm AUTO said...

A Little Kersey on the Way! Congratulations. Wonderful.

The Irony! Paul now having to look for "good schools".

My the Lord watch over you and yours with a hard shield and a swift sword.

So, Names. If it is a boy, I would recommend Paul or Eric or Alex. Good strong names.

If a girl, I would recommend Elanor. Elanor is a compound of the prefix "El", star, and "Anor", sun in Sindarin. Many Elvish names have "El" (star) as part of the name. The words Elf, Elves, Elvish etc are presumably derived from Tolkien's romantic notion that El meant "star" because Elves are beings of the evening starlight.

The names Elrond (star-vault) and Elbereth (star-kindler) are other names for Elves. Anyone can make new Elvish names by combining similar words. For example, El (star) could be combined with Mir (jewel), Elmir, to form a name that Tolkien did not actually create. Tolkien gave the name elanor to a flower that grows on Cerin Amroth in Lothlorien. When Samwise Gamgee was pondering the name to give his first child, Frodo reminded him that Hobbits name their girls after flowers. Frodo recalled the beautiful flowers of elanor that they saw in Lothlorien, a place that Sauron's mind never apprehended. Sam's daughter Elanor later became maid of honor to Queen Arwen. She kept the red book after Sam left Middle Earth and sailed for Valinor. J R R Tolkien translated the red book from its native Westron into modern English and named it The Lord of the Rings. Following the death of the king, Arwen laid upon Cerin Amroth and there her grave remains "until elanor and niphredil bloom no more East of the Sea."

Please note I have never had a girl, only four sons.

Tonight I toast your House!

Anonymous said...

So should we pay for the rearing of these offspring or abandon the mother(s) to be wards of the state?

I know you don't post my comments about this issue, but cranking out children like the common ghetto walrus simply creates a mass of white socialists who are completely dependent on, and raised by the state.

Anonymous said...

Whites and other humans are not having many children because we actually have to PAY to provide for them, and we have the human souls that allow us to LOVE our children and live to make their lives better than ours has been.

Negroes are having MORE niglets than ever because the more they breed the more free stuff they get. We are literally paying poor negroes to reproduce.

I think the way we win is:

1. Mandatory permanent sterilization as part of sentencing for ANY Felony and ANY violent crime- including drug dealing and prostitution.

2. Mandatory permanent sterilization as a prerequisite to even apply for ANY welfare- Section 8, EBT, WIC, Medicaid, any kind of welfare.

3. We learn to shrug off and ignore all complaints of "racism" and just treat negroes exactly the same as we treat each other. No more white guilt, no more political correctness. No more affirmative action, no more racial quotas in hiring, or contracts, or school admissions.

That's it. Those simple steps would quickly lower the negro population to around 1-2% of our population, and they would be the very top tier negroes. Those intelligent enough to be trainable to mimic human behavior close enough to remain in human society.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wallace Schoolhouse:

Unfortunately, whites are bound to the economic constraints of how many children they can actually AFFORD. And I wonder how many times that point will be made tonight.

On the other hand, simian blacks and proud La Raza ballot-stuffers (proud of what else is a mystery) are more than happy to evacuate their bowels containing whole litters of their sprog to be bobbed out of the toilet like apples for evermore gibsmedats from the forced charity of taxpayers, AKA Y.T. McWhitey.

Split this godforsaken "country" up already...

The Moron Hunter said...

Election time is here and I need advice. I guess I'll take all advice, but I really want to hear from Bobulobuski.

I think I should vote. But should I vote for a Republican? They are awful. Maybe I should vote for a Democrat. Should I just wait 15 years for it all to collapse? What "shit sandwich" should I choose? What will the great Boguloboski do? Share your wisdom with us. Please use the word "alabaster" in your reply, so that I can be sure the reply is not your normal computer generated response.

Anonymous said...

Can't say I agree with this post. Should Whites have more children? Yes but that isn't a guaranteed solution.

White people already outnumber blacks but it doesn't matter since the majority have been deceived into believing that race doesn't exist.

It's taught in schools, colleges, the media, churches, social organizations, practically everywhere but the internet.

Then someone like James Watson makes a single comment and the entire establishment goes into defcon 1. If race doesn't exist then why would anyone care about some offhand remark from a scientist? That's the real problem. The establishment is so dedicated to the lie that it will ruin the career of anyone that merely makes a single off-hand remark. No one is allowed to question the lie which then allows it to exist. The lie is the problem.

Anonymous said...

The way things have been going, we'll never catch up to the brown hordes in sheer #'s. Unless there's a superplague or megafamine, the only way we'll survive is to separate, separate, separate. Otherwise, they'll swallow us and assimilate us, like The Blob.

Mr. Rational said...

Congratulations!  Is it a boy or a girl?

Nordic Queen said...

If I'm reading this correctly, congratulations are in order, PK and wife. Thank you from the bottom of my white, tribal heart for adding to our beautiful people. And God Bless.

Anonymous said...

G00gle "Detroit squatters". Steam will commence shooting out of your ears.

Anonymous said...

We win by taking our blinders off, then taking off the blinders of those we can help. Sadly, a great percentage of whites choose to be willfully ignorant. Think "The Matrix" and you are Neo.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

Oh shit, dude. Congratulations!!!

Disregard most of what I said in my first post, you'll be fine. I'm a little slow on the take, and quick to go doom and gloom.

Anonymous said...

PK, you dog! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

San Franciscan here

Congratulations. I'm really happy for you.

Reverend Bacon said...

Nice idea, but it won't happen. Breeding in the entire world is dysgenic: fecundity is inversely proportional to income and intelligence.

We need to stop making dysgenic incentives (that is, paying the savages to breed, opening our borders so the savages can export their excess population, giving birthright citizenship, etc.). A tax on breeding would be viewed as regressive (affects the poor more than the wealthy) but I'd be all for it. There are too many people in the world already, so trying to fight Yasser Arafat's "war of the womb" is destructive to everyone.

A wise friend of mine (wiser, I think, than your friend who advocates unchecked breeding) once said that "birth control should be in the water supply, and you should have to apply for the antidote.

Anonymous said...

Yes. But not only have non-black kids, 1) Take whatever actions you can to decrease any exposure to negroes for their safety 2) Make sure they are taught that negroes are different and dangerous and will hurt them and behave as parasites 3) Take whatever action you can to limit or end the money going into negro breeding programs in our country 4) Make sure they learn that negro dysfunction is due to genetic factors, not the fault of Whites and non-blacks 5) etc etc. Readers can fill in the rest...

Anonymous said...

American Expat here, and i wholeheartedly agree with this. The future belongs to those who show up for it. Ive got 5 children, ranging from 12 years old to 6 months, and plan to have as many more as I can as long as the ol lady and I are able. Im only 34, so I got alot of time to continue to procreate. Its not always easy, and lord Knows I could have a whole lotta toys, and take a few more vacations if I had less children. But despite that, the link to our future is more pressing, and even with a large family you find a way. I live in Croatia now, and take 2 weeks every summer with the family and spend it on the Adriatic coast. This is custom here, but its doable. Have some babies!!!

Anonymous said...

And after you have children, make sure they don't come into any contact with the murderous negroes. Here's an example "ripped from today's headlines!". So sad; so sickening. Imagine what's going through the parents' heads right now. Look into the eyes of the beast...

D-FENS said...


Anonymous said...

And DON'T raise them in New York City! From today's paper, regarding the negroes demand that negroes, based on their skin color, be in control:

“When the top black and brown people resign from the NYPD, we’re worried that the atmosphere there is not yet right for the change we were hoping to see,” said Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn).

Councilman Donovan Richards (D-Queens) said, “We want the power. I think that’s the message we’re trying to send here.”

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Social and political changes preclude this from ever happening. Too many White people enjoy the single or child-free life. It's expensive to have children these days. Why not have expensive vacations, enjoy restaurants and shopping? Why deal with a crying baby when you can enjoy life and vote for a smiling Bill Clinton or cool Black Obama? Dems are fixing the planet! Conservatives are just evil "repukes" who take away fun and want tradition.

Forget about tradition, higher meaning in life or simply "the right thing to do".

Too many Whites think this way. Only Mormons and fundamentalists are having children in big enough numbers.

It never dawns on the progressive that being married to career and politics means no children, but his taxes go to birth and raise a dark-skinned army that will come for him.

I wonder if they'll question their values when every single street in America has a negro crime problem, or ordinary Americans have a run-in with Blacks nearly every day.

Segregation and deportation will look like an urgent project by then, but it will be too late. As in South Africa, the Whites who can will pick up and move.

There need to be at least a few nations where no Africans can live. If not, Whites will die out or be killed off.

Keep voting Democrat. Let's Blacken America.

Neanderthal Girl said...

Please have 10 more, like the days of our grandfathers. I received a family tree of my mother side, it goes back to 1724. All the layers had 10 to 13 children. This is what we need. I tried, and tried, but could not. so PK please have 4 or five for me. Congratulations to you and Mrs. PK!!!

whisker child said...

So you finally figured it out, did you?

Viking Bitch and other White Nationalist women have been saying this for years, and white male noses have gone in the air.

Even Jared Taylor has gone on record, saying that the lack of children is MEN'S FAULT in that they refuse to marry and form a family.

Well, better late than never....

Mr. Clean said...

YES! For all the (well-deserved) abuse heaped on the negros, much of the problem is with the whites not having kids, largely due to laziness, greed and selfishness.

Anonymous said...

I have 3! Looking forward to 1 or 2 more.

Anonymous said...

The only way whites will win is to liquate the political class that rules the USA.
Britain's UKIP party, which is causing mental breakdowns amongst the British political class points the way.

Look, if you think that somehow whites can win a breeding race with blacks - whose global numbers double every 20 years, you are making a very, very big mistake.
Only political control will do it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy coming to this website to keep up on the antics of a people I no longer have to associate with. Since becoming semi retired and moving to the country, west of the Mississippi, I rarely see any public displays of underwear, parking lots cluttered with shopping carts, or people doing nothing except drinking from paper bags.
Too often I leave the keys in my truck or car overnight but its always there the next morning. Nothing gets bothered.
Its quiet at night. No drunken screams, no sirens and no gunshots. But there's no minorities here either.
Neighbors work all day but will come over after work to help out if they're needed.
New businesses are opening in town nearby. Everyone has several firearms but I only hear gunfire during hunting season.
I hate to think about having to go back to work in the cities someday. Oh well.


14Ω said...

Making more white people is only one part of the larger overall strategy for victory.

There are still hearts and minds to win over to our side right here and now. There are still eyes to be opened. And there are enemies that must be fought, both on the street and at the ballot box.

Someone a day or two ago reminded us all about the language being used here and the potential effect it has on those still on the fence and those who need to be won over to our side. He (or she) is right. Call them blacks or negroes or African-Americans (because wherever you have African-Americans, you have Africa). Let their actions define them as what they are.

LBD said...


Sheila said...

The triumph of hope over experience? Either way, my very best wishes and congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Too bad whites fell for population zero and birth control lifestyles. My Irish Catholic mom, German protestant dad believed in the gift of life. Together these two great souls are responsible for almost 50 grandchildren. I think they went above and beyond the call of duty.

Pat Boyle said...

Paul Kersey is optimistic. I'm pessimistic. I think the solution to our racial problems will not be easy or pleasant. So maybe I'm really optimistic in the long run.

In any case I doubt if there is any reason to expect that white people will start to increase their numbers. This is the problem of the 'Demographic Transition'.

We should look to Japan and France. These nations are losing their native populations faster than we are. In France and may other European nations they are replacing their white people with imported Muslims and Africans. Japan doesn't have immigrants so it is trying to replace its population losses with robots.

The Japanese are the oldest people on earth. The robots are needed to help care for all their elderly.

For decades the Western World has waited for the tropical nations to begin to have fewer births. The developed world everywhere has transitioned from high fertility to fertility rates at or below replacement rates.

Mexico for example continues to have high fertility while America has low fertility. Hence Mexico needs to dump its excess and unwanted peasant population here.

Japan is the third richest nation on earth. Yet if it doesn't reverse its fertility trend soon it will just disappear. Their problem is worse than ours and ours is bad enough.

Smart people - prosperous and successful people - just get out bred by the ignorant and useless.

I have a solution but you won't like it.

Pat Boyle

Anonymous said...

I was born in the 70's, came of age in the 80's and graduated from college in the early 90's. In all those years growing up not once did anyone encourage me to focus on marriage or childbearing. Instead I was inundated with lectures about the importance of careers, financial independence, and the need for higher education. My neocon parents had bought into the feminist lie and the whole notion of being a traditional woman was never encouraged.

So here I am now, 41 years old, with only one child. That's the bad news. The good news is that child is a stunningly beautiful, compassionate, intelligent white daughter. She will not be raised the way I was. She will be encouraged to focus in what is really important in life; finding a husband and having a lot of children. I won't be sending her to college. I'll pay for her to learn a vocation and that's it. If she wants a degree she can pay for it. My experience has taught me that college is a waste of time and money. It turns precocious young white girls into feminist drones. It robs young women of their most fertile years.

I won't let what happened to me happen to my daughter.

Procreation is key to victory.

SKIP said...

I wonder why the GIANT protests against islam in Italy and Germany have not made it to our news channels? I mean, more than 100,000 people in Italy got together to protest islam and there were no shootings, beatings, murders or rapes (photos show all white people) We must start protesting the muslim incursions into our country and gubmint. Niggers love them some islam and convert readily in order to be justified in their predations against White non muslims or just White people in general.

Anonymous said...

There is a simple and easy solution.
We just stop paying for them to have their kids.
Period. End of the nightmare,
If they can't come up with the cash , they better not get pregnant. And we'll be happy to pay for their abortion.
The states could easily enact welfare reform.
Sorry, we're not paying for you to have kids.
Not one more dime.
It just takes the courage to act

eah said...

For this is how we win.

It won't be enough.

Unless you do something about immigration it will not make enough of a difference -- Whites will eventually be, first, no longer a simple majority (ie > 50% of the population), then second, no longer even the largest ethnic group (Hispanics will surpass them).

A way must be found to raise enough 'white nationalist consciousness' so that people realize that a majority white America has unique value and is worth preserving -- enough so that this 'consciousness' can be translated into the political will to do something to limit or stop non-white immigration.

Anyway, congratulations. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Paul what do u think of white boys having babies with asian oriental women?

bubo said...

Another promising young white woman murdered by Section Ape. A 19 year old culinary student was murdered by her black 15 year old neighbor, who happened to be on house arrest for multiple felonies including burglary and beating a pregnant woman.

Living in an apartment with violent, unstable black males as your neighbor thanks to a negro appeasing court system and federal government is just another day under BRA.

JAMOACHA said...

A new law which will be finalized by the Obama administration in December will allow the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) to chase down any areas which are ‘too White’ and force them to bring in non-Whites.

To do this, HUD will be mapping every US ZIP code, neighborhood, and block by its majority racial group. The data would then be used to force “White suburbs” to change their zoning laws.

New York Post explains zoning laws would be changed so that cheap housing would be built “to bring more low-income minorities into ‘white suburbs’.”

White areas are being chased down as part of the government’s goal to eliminate “racial segregation”, but you will not hear about this law in your mainstream media – this law is not meant to be headline news.

White Genocide is not alone carried out by bringing millions of non-White immigrants in White countries, because those non-Whites tend to stick to the cities, while White people move out into the suburbs and towns.

So, these anti-Whites in power make laws – or sometimes break laws – which forbids any area from being ‘too White’.

This law for example, while its goal is supposedly to end “racial segregation“, it specifically targets White areas for ‘diversity’ whether they want it or not.

That’s because ‘diversity‘ is just a code word for White genocide.....I got this from the website, ''DAILY STORMER''

Anonymous said...

Congrats :)

Bogolyubski said...

Congratulations to Paul on the new Kersey!

Uncle Yusif on voting (1923):
Я считаю, что совершенно неважно, кто и как будет в партии голосовать; но вот что чрезвычайно важно, это - кто и как будет считать голоса.
-- Борис Бажанов. Воспоминания бывшего секретаря Сталина (1992).

I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how. Popular paraphrase in English: The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

Vox Day's comment today:
In any event, as millions of voters exercise their privilege across the USA today, it is very, very unlikely that the replacement of a Democratic majority in the Senate with a Republican one, and the strengthening of the Republican majority in the House is going to signify much in the grand scheme of things. The federal government will continue its deficit spending, the banks will continue to loan out credit money they create ex nihilo, Wall Street will continue to dictate policy to Washington, the U.S. military will continue to intervene in the affairs of sovereign nations around the world, and the flow of diverse and semicivilized immigrants will continue unabated.

So enjoy the show, but understand it is merely rote and ritual, a piece of kabuki theater to which we all know the steps and the lines.

YT should vote as he wishes - or not at all. For YT's one vote, negroes and illegal aliens will vote three for four times, with zero opposition from the "opposition" party, or from those who administer the Disney fairy tale called "the rule of law" in the Banana Empire. In one sense, voting straight Repuke has a kind of logic: If the Gay Old Pedos take control of both houses of Congress (followed by the subsequent predictable approval of every decree spoken by Housenigga Hussein on behalf of his - and their - masters) perhaps a few more white folks' eyes will open to the hideous reality of the totally fake "opposition" party and its singular purpose. Perhaps someone with more inside knowledge than even Ed Snowden will depart and unleash massive destruction upon the pure evil centered in Manhattan and Sodom-on-Potomac.

Your ankle-biting makes no difference, Moron. You are obviously just another non-white enemy who is here in the ranks whose agenda is not our survival, but likely more in line with that of Tim Wise. Most here are not fooled by you any more. Go sell your unending shit-sandwiches, turd-tacos and grape-drank elsewhere. I am certain you'd find a welcoming audience at Rim-Job's Free Republic. That's a lot more your speed.

Anonymous said...

Sad that cats and dogs seem to be replacing child raising with many young adults. Often people who chose not to have children while they were young later regret it. Self sacrificing appears to be a lost art in the age of self.

Anonymous said...

"Teen Fails 'Jared Diet' -- Robs Subway Stores in Revenge"

"labama police say Zachary Torrence, 18, has been arrested for robbing four Subway restaurants in four days near Birmingham because he failed the "Jared diet" and wanted all of his money back."

Keepin' it real in da Ham.

Anonymous said...

Sweden will be gone in our lifetimes.
Another suicide of a once white majority nation.
Sacrificial suicide on the altar of multi-kult and diversity.

senatortombstone said...

Congratulations, Mr. Kersey! As trying as it is to have them, in these desperate times, it is vital that whites do so. There is no point to this world existing, unless we whites are free to dwell in it.

Anonymous said...

I heard that groid on a.m radio. This is what America has become.

Imagine a white person saying that out in public!?!

Long Island Guido said...

"I wonder if they'll question their values when every single street in America has a negro crime problem, or ordinary Americans have a run-in with Blacks nearly every day"

That will never happen. They will never have the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. They say demography is destiny.

Long Island Guido said...

Or worse..your wife can't physically have a child and IVF is the only way. Which is the case for us. Our first cycle failed..very heartbreaking.

I look at all these mexicans and blacks having 4,5,6 kids at ease. Makes my stomach turn...

Anonymous said...

paul have u ever talked about black male violence against white women?

AnalogMan said...

Unaccountably, my first comment didn't make it (and I never even said "picannin" - not once!). So, once again, Excellent news, Paul. You'll never regret this development, whether it was intentional, or, as in my case, the luckiest accident of my life.

For those who say it's not the answer, that's not the point. We can't win by breeding alone, but we will surely lose if we don't.

If the answer turns out to involve violence, as seems likely, we'll also need numbers. I don't want my children to be overwhelmed by superior numbers - any more than is unavoidable.

To those concerned about the effect of children on your lifestyle, I can assure you it's wholly positive. Read Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent, who has recently discovered this himself.

If you're worried about the cost, don't be. I have only three (my wife wasn't allowed more for health reasons), but my youngest daughter, who has six, reports that the marginal cost per child, both financial and labour, are very low after the second. Even if you have to pack them in bunks like those photos of German concentration camps, kids are very adaptable and it won't hurt them at all. And the older ones help raise the younger.

Congratulations again to Paul and his Lady.

Anonymous said...

"This law for example, while its goal is supposedly to end “racial segregation“, it specifically targets White areas for ‘diversity’ whether they want it or not."

Please give some kind of source or text of this "law"? What's the bill#? In which house did it originate? Who is the author, co-author(s), sponsors?

By my estimation a bill that would carefully insert negro savages into every gated community sounds a little too good to be true. From reading/posting/lurking on race realist sites for many years now and watching new members come on board, I can say unequivocally that the number one thing that converts people to race realism is some good old fashioned, up close and personal, TNB... As long as they keep moving for "better schools" or whatever cognitive dissonance they sell themselves and avoid the groid, they will never allow themselves to admit what they know deep down. Remove the option of insulating themselves from their pets and I think the vast majority of DWLs will run out of white guilt really quickly.

DD-762 said...

G00gle "Detroit squatters". Steam will commence shooting out of your ears.

November 3, 2014 at 9:19 PM

I Googled the above. Did you see the "victims" kid?

Speaks volumes about her.

Anonymous said...

Suggested baby names for you sir. If it's a boy:

If it's a girl:

Anonymous said...

"Please give some kind of source or text of this "law"? What's the bill#? In which house did it originate? Who is the author, co-author(s), sponsors?"

I'm not the OP, but I believe he's talking about Affirmatively Further Fair Housing.

Anonymous said...

AnalogMan said ”Unaccountably, my first comment didn't make it (and I never even said "picannin" - not once!). . . “

I believe that you are mistaken in thinking that the post referring to inappropriate references to blacks was directed at your use of the word picannin. The post was probably directed more at references such as chimp, orc, porch monkeys, pavement apes, and other references intended to characterize blacks as something other as human. As offensive to blacks as the words negro, bantu, picannin have become, at least they are real words that historically applied to blacks in a non-derogatory manner. Over the years I have noticed that any word used by whites to refer to blacks becomes offensive to them after a short period of time. At one time they were offended at being called black. I plan to refer to them with any historically authentic word, but I might refrain from using words such as chimp, orc, ape, and similar words just to remain on the high road. I had a relative (may he rest in peace) who referred to them as darkies, and he intended no offense.

Bogolyubski said...

Yet another term for our ever-expanding lexicon of non-negro reasons for TNB:

"Alabama police say Zachary Torrence, 18, has been arrested for robbing four Subway restaurants in four days near Birmingham because he failed the "Jared diet" and wanted all of his money back."

Now we have: Subway gone bad!

(Zachary's TNB still be YT's fault, since Jared be YT)

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Is this the first time that the subject of a post on this blog could make sense of fathers day? -Disgruntled Gunny

weisse frau said...

Congrats PK!

Anonymous said...

great comments BTW. I plan to have a lot to (maybe 4-5). part of the problem the white race faces isn't really miscegenation as much as just not having birth control etc.. and of course the out of control immigration, thanks 1965.

Delysid said...

Congratulations! May your child(ren) arrive healthy with a never ending curiosity of everything.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations PK and family! Blessings to you and yours!
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

The prolific will inherit the world.

Anonymous said...

It's tough to have kids when your culture and belief structure dictate that you support them. (and support the welfare kids too).
It's easy to have kids when your benefits increase as the number of kids increase. This perverted inverse motivation system has to be reversed.

Medic Bear said...

Congratulations !

I have to say, despite my worrying level going up 10-fold with two daughters, I do take pride in knowing they are both strong-willed, independent White women who know the difference between right and wrong and don't fall for the BS progressive multicultural diversity madness & propaganda.

Best of luck to you & your family !

Anonymous said...

"White people already outnumber blacks but it doesn't matter since the majority have been deceived into believing that race doesn't exist. "

Great point and one worth repeating. But also notice that in the past, when the white race was both less mixed with non-white blood and less propagandized, their numerical majority was even greater, yet they still lacked the resolve to do anything. The difficulty is that all possible permanent solutions to the problems presented by the negro are ruled out as incompatible with the moral foundation of society. It's perfectly obvious that this guarantees that any measures taken will be ineffectual at best, and suicidal for whites at worst. Unfortunately, for the Christian and post-Christian citizens of the West, that's a feature, not a bug. For these ever-so-moral folks, the genocide of their own race is a small price to pay to be able to demonstrate their "virtue".

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 8:00AM said

I won't let what happened to me happen to my daughter.

That is a sad story. You are just one of the victims of the feminist fraud, which is just one of the many "sammiches" that our children are being fed daily through the news media, schools and entertainment. I saw just a few minutes of TV at my daughter's house last night, and was appalled at the relentless propaganda.

There are those who say that the decline of the White race is our own fault, for allowing ourselves to be manipulated so. It's easy to say that, but how can you expect young people to know enough to see through the lies of sophisticated and hostile media professionals? When Dora the explorer is pumping a five-year-old's head full of mush? When a child just out of school is being fed the same mush in the guise of "higher education" by a trusted mentor? Who are they to trust?

Say what you like about religion, but in earlier years it was a stabilizing influence.

Sorry, I'm rambling. Guard your daughter's innocence and teach her the values you have learned belatedly. Start by throwing out your TV. Your plans are spot on regarding her education.

May your tribe increase.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's hard to blame men for not having kids what with feminism teaching women to behave irresponsibly, to do what feels good, to do it in the road, and if you get pregnant just get an abortion whenever you feel like. As a result those women who still even have an interest in men have absurdly high standards, or they just go black after the old wives tale about the big muh-dik while at the same time bitching how they can't find a nice guy.

The end result is what women I've been able to attract have all been so terrible I joke about finding them under a rock that's under the bottom of the barrel. And I don't need that hassle, I don't need to be a paycheck for 18 years to some dumb bitch I foolishly knocked up before finding out just what a bitch she was. I've seen too many friends and acquaintances go through that. So I take it slow and at the first sign of problems, I'm gone. If I even bother at all. I'm getting too old to try to start a family now anyways.

Left Coast White Guy said...

Congratulations PK!

Whiskey said...

To further Pat Boyle's comments, Heartiste/Roissy has a post today on the subject of Charles Murray's thesis that higher IQ Whites are segregating by caste to form reproductively a hereditary high IQ caste.

I personally don't think that's the case, the Emmanuel brothers strike me as ruthless and connected (and ugly inside and out) but not smart. The same holds true for Bill Clinton, Al Gore and the Kennedys (the Gore family is basically the older, Southern version of the Kennedys). Connected, inbred, powerful. But not smart.

HOWEVER, we are at a crisis where smart White guys are having few if any kids.

Taylor is quite wrong here, and Roissy/Heartiste right, in that White guys with brains are not to blame for "failing to man up and marry those landwhale sluts."

Would you marry Lena Dunham? Pretty much, that's whats on offer for High IQ guys these days. Without game, even fatter, uglier, and stupider.

Roissy/Heartiste proposes higher IQ White guys fish in lower class White ponds. I'll go further -- it is critical to create more smart White people. Not only does that buy insurance for the future being less violent, ugly, Road Warrior dominated, but it potentially has cancer cures or mitigation, live extending technology, and the like by creating a larger pool of SMART risk takers who love and create technology.

The catch? A woman's fertility is not magic. It is a function of her age.

A girl/woman who starts having kids at 19, and has one every four years, would have: a kid at 19, one at 23, one at 27, one at 31, and maybe one at 35 for a total of five kids. Without too much stress on the family or her body. A woman who has one kid at age 35 is basically done. It gets worse as women delay fertility understandably if their IQ is at least 100 to see if the relationship works out, assume three years min cohabitation before birth.

I would rather have a smart engineer or researcher pass on his genes to five kids who are reasonably smart than say, a fifty percent chance he has one kid (the other fifty no kids at all) with one high IQ, bitter landwhale carousel veteran. Even if the one kid is reasonably certain to have a much higher IQ than the five kids average scenario.

Yeah, feminists would hate a mid teens girl living with a guy fourteen years older, and having five kids with him over her fertility window lifetime. So they'll fight that.

I'll note there is a huge push among lesbians in particular, but also the gays, to lower the age of consent to 14 over a number of them being prosecuted (understandably) by parents of teen girls and boys. Political jujitsu?

Whiskey said...

I want to stress that there are real good reasons for Whites to have historically limited their birthrates by delayed marriage as Steve Sailer notes that Gregory Clark has pointed out in Farewell to Alms.

Avoiding Malthusian limits and famines has mostly been successful for Europe after the Moldboard plow in around 800 vastly increased the carrying capacity of Northern Europe and hence the population. Even with all that excess food and wool, Medieval peasants sought to limit fertility by controlling sexuality among younger people who were more fertile; to avoid eating out all their food. That's a strong genetic/cultural heritage. And who wants to create with declining birthrates for now, a whole class of young White guys locked out of the marriage/reproduction market by older and wealthier rivals? I want young White guys invested with me in the future, not burning it down.

But ... you cannot escape it. If you want more White people, period, let alone more smart White people, you must not only accept but encourage teen girls to give birth; this of course runs into the problem that teen girls are terrible decision makers about who would be the fathers of their children.

We currently have no incentives at all for most smart White guys to have kids. Their smart female peers are Alpha widow, carousel veteran, landwhale beasts not that much different from Lena Dunham. Fat, too many partners, too much pining for their one Alpha. That's not much incentive to "man up." Particularly for Smart Guys who can see a marriage crashing in a year or less over said issues. A typical thirty year old Engineer or researcher, manning up for a cute 16 year old? Yeah I could see guys that age running through walls.

Fertility is not magic. Its a function of when a woman has her first kid. A world of difference at 19 than say, 35. Marriage is not magic either. White guys have mostly said no thanks to the landwhales, feminists, and carousel riders (mostly members of the same set).

Yeah I don't like the logic either. And there is a huge Malthusian risk. But I'd rather each reasonably smart young White guy have five reasonably smart kids even if somewhat less smart than himself than statistically, a half a super-genius (fifty percent chance of a kid with a smart women of age 35). A guy with a $65,000 income outside the LA/NYC/DC nexus can reasonably support a teen mom. Particularly since his parents would be young enough to baby sit for a while.

Whiskey said...

Congrats Paul for your first child. I wish nothing but the very best for you and your (growing) family.

Thanks for all you do!

And opening my eyes.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, feminists would hate a mid teens girl living with a guy fourteen years older, and having five kids with him over her fertility window lifetime. So they'll fight that."

An older man paired with a much younger woman is very rare nowadays; it's become something of a societal taboo. How this came to be would be an interesting topic for someone's doctoral dissertation. It wasn't always so. In patriarchal societies such as classical Greece and Rome, or in contemporary Islam, taking a wife of tender years is more the rule than the exception. But even in the modern West, if you check movies made during and just after WWII, it was fairly common. For example, in "To Have and Have Not", and in real life, Bogart paired with a much younger Bacall (she was 19 and he was 44). Of course, the wealthy and the famous have always been able to get away with things the average shlub cannot. But my own father was of that generation, and he was more than 20 years older than my mother while being neither wealthy nor famous. Interestingly, a certain historical figure with the initials A.H. also was the result of such a union. Could it be that our current matriarchal society unconsciously perceives the threat to itself represented by such marriages, and discourages them in order to perpetuate its own power?

Anonymous said...

Look, if you think that somehow whites can win a breeding race with blacks - whose global numbers double every 20 years, you are making a very, very big mistake. Only political control will do it.

Actually Ebola is doing it quite nicely. :)