Thursday, January 29, 2015

"... beneath a ceiling painted with allegorical images of Western democracy": Africans in America and the Chaos at the Civilian Review Board Hearing in St. Louis...

Before we begin, read this one important quote. 

[Churches continue discussions on race, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1-26-15]:

Since the death of African-American teenager Michael Brown, civil rights activists have called for change in police departments and municipal courts — but also in the way society thinks about black lives. 
Only moments before the melee (courtesy of Africans in America) breaks out... "beneath a ceiling painted with allegorical images of Western democracy"
Not content to sit back, a wide array of churches are leading the charge, intentionally prolonging the conversation on race that has left some in the region uncomfortable. 
“God is engineering liberation,” said Dietra Wise Baker, pastor at Liberation Christian Church and co-chair of Metropolitan Congregations United, a group of interdenominational, multiracial congregations from around the region. 
It “can’t be a people that rise up, but the people. We have to rise up together. This can’t be one community’s fight.” 
In a separate Sunday gathering across town at Faith Church St. Louis in Earth City, for example, about 1,000 people met with faith leaders such as William Franklin Graham IV, grandson of evangelical preacher Billy Graham, and Aeneas Williams, a former St. Louis Ram turned pastor. 
Their pastors signed the “Ferguson Declaration,” a commitment “to support our leaders, our neighbors, and each other as we rise from the ashes of Ferguson and become an even better St. Louis.” 
Back at St. Louis University, Deb Krause, a New Testament professor at Eden Theological Seminary, called the current state of affairs in Missouri and the wider United States “a life-and-death matter.” 
The country, Krause said, is built on “this kind of mythic banner of equality” that denies the lived experiences of African-Americans. 
“In our society, all lives do not matter equally. Black lives have been deemed to matter much, much less,” Krause said.
Were you able to pull out the quote? Recall, many of those churches mentioned above offered sanctuary to rampaging, insurrectionary blacks back in late November, a safe haven to hide from police scrutiny after burning and looting Ferguson. 

No one cares to remember the actual facts of the story surrounding Michael Brown's death, an incident completely dependent on his actions in: stealing cigars, walking in the middle of the road, refusing to cooperate with Darren Wilson's request he walk on the sidewalk, attacking Wilson and trying to grab his gun, and then charging at him again which required Officer Wilson to put him down. 
The melee breaks out (courtesy of Africans in America)... "beneath a ceiling painted with allegorical images of Western democracy"

All those who are pushing (and signing) the "Ferguson Declaration" care about is promoting the narrative of an angelic Michael Brown viciously being executed by "Jim Crow-in-the-flesh" Officer Wilson. 

The monologuing on race must continue, with only one side allowed access the distribution of acceptable dialogue on all matters Michael Brown. 

Those pushing this narrative never met Jeff Roorda, the business manager of the St. Louis' police union, who was in attendance at the open meeting at City Hall on January 28th where the topic of conversation was the creation of a civilian oversight board of the police department (civilian oversight board meaning = unaccountable black people demanding police stop arresting black suspects). 

Dressed in a suit and sporting one of those "I am Darren Wilson" bracelets the Department of Justice (DOJ) hate so much, Roorda dared remind those at the meeting another side of Michael Brown story exists. [DOJ asks Ferguson chief to stop police from wearing 'I am Darren Wilson' bracelets on duty, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 9-27-14]

And in so doing, a hilarious reminder of why any city with a large black population can no longer be called "civilized" broke out. [Public hearing on civilian review board for St. Louis police erupts in chaos, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1-28-15]:
An open meeting at City Hall on the creation of a civilian oversight board of the police department devolved into a melee on Wednesday night, further exposing the city’s deep divisions over race and law enforcement.
The meeting held by the aldermanic public safety committee, designed to seek public comment, lasted more than an hour with little event as residents ticked off the pros and cons of having a civilian board to review police conduct and procedures. 
But the crowd became unsettled when police officers began testifying in opposition to the bill. At times, Alderman Terry Kennedy, who chairs the committee, struggled to keep order. The noise in the room spiked as police officers attempted to testify. 
At that point, Jeff Roorda, the business manager of the city’s police union, stood and called for order. Roorda was wearing a wristband in support of Darren Wilson, a former Ferguson police officer whose fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown last summer sparked months of civic unrest. 
After Roorda stood up, the crowd grew louder. 
“Excuse me, first of all, you do not tell me my function,” responded Kennedy, who has championed the issue of civilian review for more than a decade. 
Standing in the aldermanic hearing room packed with people shoulder-to-shoulder beneath a ceiling painted with allegorical images of Western democracy, Roorda shouted back at Kennedy. 
Others began yelling, then pushing and shoving as officers struggled to maintain control. Some in the crowd scrambled to leave the packed room, which has only two exits. 
The commotion lasted for about 15 minutes until order was restored.
No, the allegorical images of Western democracy are represented in the looting and burning of Ferguson by black youth. The video of one of these incidents was recently released, with blacks complaining about "law enforcement attempting to subvert the emerging narrative of Black youth energized and engaged, flooding the streets of this country in demonstrative displays of their anger."[Police release insane Ferguson looting video, are criticized for transparency,, 1-22-15]

 That's the reality of what Western democracy has degenerated into; and merely by showing up at a meeting of these jackals, an "I am Darren Wilson" bracelet wearing Jeff Roorda showed us what a farce this whole affair represents. 


Gavin Newsome said...

The monologue on racism continues and white people are entitled to hear only the Cultural Marxists.

Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

Woodsy InNYC said...

SBPDL said:

“God is engineering liberation,” said Dietra Wise Baker...

WTF is THAT supposed to mean?

And this coming from a looney tunes, gap-toothed, voodoo god, storefront pastor?

Followed by a melee?

These animals are unbelievable!!!

When the tiny short fuse of the White American dynamite is lit, all hell is going to break loose!

Please, for the sake of our country and our future, light it already!!!

Woodsy says: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Mr. Rational said...

The only way to keep such a proceeding from degenerating into chaos (a mini-riot) is to run it more like a call-in show.  The Blacks would have to be in another room with a video and audio feed and ONE microphone controlled by an engineer.  Multiple video feeds from the room would be fed back.  If they weren't orderly, their microphone would be cut off.

Video from their mini-riot would make excellent race-realist fodder for YouTube.

Anonymous said...

RexHymens here:

Please allow me to state the simple facts of the Michael Brown case:

The negro assaulted a cop and was shot while trying to murder a cop, immediately after he committed strong arm robbery and was impeding traffic while high on drugs.

If any of that is untrue please enlighten me.

Johnlenzini said...

After reading PKs article about the insanity in Ferguson Mo. I wondered how much a police officers wages are in that town.

The average wage is 28,000. Now money is not everything, but damn 28 grand and dealing with all the monkey shines, absolutely no way.

If I were a Ferguson cop I would quit. Here captain is the badge, see ya later...

Nice informative article PK.

Anonymous said...

Belle here,
I entertain the thought thought that with extensive scientific research we could define what makes people different, outside the usual I.Q. theory. Something concrete and irrefutable that would put to rest once and for all why segregation really is the only peaceful answer.
Then I remind myself that facts, truth or evidence means nothing to these folks, nothing.
When faced with this what is anyone to do?

Anonymous said...

The negro assaulted a cop and was shot while trying to murder a cop, immediately after he committed strong arm robbery and was impeding traffic while high on drugs.

If any of that is untrue please enlighten me.

"Truth" is one of YT's concepts to keep the bruthus and sistuh oppressed. Truth upheld segregation and apartheid. Truth about genetics. Truth about black crime rates.

What is needed re Ferguson is Black Truth which blacks invented along the pyramids.

bernicegreenbaum said...

OT: Whoever on a previous thread said, "Cream always rises to the top, but sometimes shit floats." After wrecking my keyboard with beer, I just wanted you to know I've stolen that golden phrase. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

This has become such a joke, and they wonder why nobody with any sense doesn't take them seriously. Like the 40 day no violence in East St. Louis. If your city has to brag about that idea, then you're screwed. Of course just another show to get some of YT's hard earned tax $$.

Haven't posted in a while but still read everyday. Good to hear from Outlander and the others. Welcome. It's the everyday experiences that really get a reader to think, "hey that's happened to me", and further awaken any on the fence. Negro fatigue is quite the disease.

NC Guy

-Also good to see another NC Realist on here. It's nice when people identify where they're from. Would love to hang out with some of y'all one day and share stories. Speaking of, where you at Gwinnett Gladiator??

--Too bad that Irishman in Nola wasn't Irate, never would've happened...

Anonymous said...

Watching that video is sickening. And the media will hold these reprobates up as virtuous victims of society. There was nothing noble or meaningful in these idiots stealing and destroying property. Just barbarism.

Californian said...

The country, Krause said, is built on “this kind of mythic banner of equality” that denies the lived experiences of African-Americans.
“In our society, all lives do not matter equally. Black lives have been deemed to matter much, much less,” Krause said.

Note the sloppy grammar, the use of passive voice to imply vast unseen forces which have "deemed" black lives to matter less, as if some giant conspiracy is at work. But who has made this deeming?
* Blacks who gun down other blacks over the most trivial of reason?
* A government which has given blacks every civil rights program in the book?
* Blacks who bring children into the world they can not and will not support?
* A media which glorifies black history and covers up black criminality?
* Blacks who burn down black-run businesses as a form of protest?
* Academia which suppresses scientific evidence of genetic differences in the races?
* Blacks who have Detroited schools, neighborhoods and entire cities?
* White liberals who can be counted on to grovel before any and all black demands, no matter absurd or even criminal?

Wait, I know who it is! Could it be...

* Blacks who glorify a thug like Michael Brown?

The point is, if we pull the curtain of rhetoric aside we see what actually is devaluing black lives in America. And it sure is not any mythical white power structure. But that's the reality, and reality is too much to bear. Much easier to riot and break up a public meeting. Life, as they say, in BRA.

Truth Corps said...

Shhhhh... you hear that sucking sound? It's the tax base in St. Louis leaving.

I document these things in a journal for my children to read when they grow up. I also print out race realist blog articles & save them in a binder for when the FEDGOV outlaws "hate speech".

I also collect old newspapers & such from the snivel rights era... when a lot of whites actually fought the good fight & saw the writing on the wall- we can't say we weren't warned.

Philadelphia Mike said...

Part of our strategy should be to avoid giving to charities and churches.

Charity begins at home. End of story.

If you are financially well off enough to be charitable, start by helping out a relative or a close friend who's in need.

Any monetary contributions given to charities and churches will only be used against our people with the sole purpose of perpetuating the dependency of the sub Saharan African sub species. Use your money wisely...and strategically.

What was once our nation is now a cesspool of violence and ineptitude, rapidly spiraling further downward into the vortex of black degeneracy.

And spread your knowledge.

Philadelphia Mike

Brooklyn born said...


Here's one for ya.

I go to the local motor vehicle dept to register my utility trailer that I built myself. In my state it's legal as long as it passes inspection, which is a given since I would not build something that may endanger anyone. Well I get on line, and I see there are four MV clerks, 3 black one white. I know from previous dealings with the AA hires I am going to get shit from them, and am hoping the long 3 to 1 odds will come in.

No such luck. I walk up to the sweaty 250lb sow, who's got a puss on like she just shit her pants. I'm already knowing I'm going to have make another trip. "Well" she says "Where the title at?" I said I don't have one, as it's a homemade trailer, and I filled out the registration application as such. "where the trailer at?" she says. I say Home, she says
You need to get a photo and the weight and a couple of other things. I zoned out after the second question. I said "Nevermind" and walked out. Shoulda known better.

So I left, and I went 20 miles up country to a small MV office, walked right up to a smiling brunette with a Harley t shirt on, and was on my way with plates in hand in under 10 minutes.

They will spend 20 minutes trying to talk their way out of doing 10 mins of actual work.


bernicegreenbaum said...

When you obviously lack the intelligence to form a cogent argument, your only alternative is to name call and try to cut the other party off? Really? This is an example of the most rudimentary, one-dimensional mind. And the best they can come up with is: "That rayciss!" "You rayciss!"

Believe it or not, and I read this in the Daily Mail, one negro during the "melee" called the guy wearing the arm band in support of Wilson, a "rayciss white muthafukkah supremaciss". For wearing an arm band. In support of another officer's position in the matter. Whether you agree with that position or not, it only debases the negro more to engage in this type of vitriolic hyperbole. Expecting them to understand rational debate and the rule of law and order is a losing battle.

I went to court a few months back to testify for an ex coworker of mine. The courthouse in this town was pure "N" ville. In fact, I think I wrote about it right here. Anyway, I walk into the courthouse, and sitting in the judge's seat is a negress. The defendant's attorney was also a negress. I thought I'd stepped into the Twilight Zone. I still haven't found out if my (white) friend ended up winning her case.

Medic Bear said...

Stunning in it's idiocy.

I, too, love the quote “God is engineering liberation.”

Liberation from what ? Your own barbarism, perhaps ?

And this gem: “In our society, all lives do not matter equally. Black lives have been deemed to matter much, much less.”

Um, tell that to the 55% of murders (all, no matter the color of the victim) who are BLACK and/or the 80+% of Black killers who are also BLACK.

Honestly, if one didn't know this delusion was serious, you'd think it was a bad political parody of Monty Python meets Seocnd City TV.

Anonymous said...

The video of one of these incidents was recently released, with blacks complaining about "law enforcement attempting to subvert the emerging narrative of Black youth energized and engaged, flooding the streets of this country in demonstrative displays of their anger."

I saw Black youth energized and engaged in flooding into the store they broke into, in demonstrative displays of wanton thievery.


Anonymous said...

Was it really a "melee"?

Or a "fracas"?

Or just a garden variety "ruckus"?

Because when Negroes are involved, it's never a riot.

Anonymous said...

St. Louis Dispatch
Michael Brown and Disparity of Due Process
August 14, 2014 By the Editorial Board

Michael Brown didn't get due process.

The still unnamed police officer who shot the 18-year-old black teenager dead in Ferguson will get plenty of it.

This is the root of the frustration that is driving the black community to the streets in North St. Louis County over yet another senseless killing of a young black man.

- - - - - - - -

This editorial goes on to applaud the NAACP for calling for the FBI to "take over the lead" in the investigation of the shooting, with the Post-Dispatch calling the anger over the shooting "justified."

Remember what the Post-Dispatch did later, when the facts had come out overwhelmingly demonstrating that Brown attacked Wilson and Wilson's shooting of Brown was justified?

As the Daily Caller reported: "The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is taking a unique approach to free speech and journalism. They’re shutting down their comment section on all editorials, columns and letters for two months. How come? 'Ferguson,' the editorial board wrote in an explanation Monday morning."

So... sure, while the P-D adopts a more or less neutral tone reporting on the "Chaos at the Civilian Review Board Hearing," we know who's to blame for that chaos, for the screeching black outrage exemplified by the woman on her knees in the lower right of the photo above.

From the very beginning of it all, the Post-Dispatch pushed the lie of unarmed black boy gunned down for no reason by racist white cop, and encouraged Ferguson's black community to get angry and stay angry, to take to the streets, to distrust and defy authority, and to keep it all up until they got the justice the Post-Dispatch insisted they were due.

Is there any wonder, then, why Ferguson's in chaos today? Huh, Post-Dispatch?

- Man in Florida

Anonymous said...

Beyond Fatigue said...

As Kipling wrote, the negro is indeed, "Half-devil and half-child." Perhaps, even more accurately, they are wholly third-world, un-evolved remnants of Home Erectus.

Undoubtedly, had we not intervened with this species, they would simply be tiny tribes dotted over various parts of Subsaharan Africa, eating bushmeat, creating lip jewelry, chucking the occasional spear, and barbecuing the occasional tribal enemy.

When we shrug off the White man's burden, natural order will be restored and all of our lives will be immeasurably better, most particularly, OUR lives.

Anonymous said...

Not to nit-pick or anything like that, but you forgot to mention the "gentle giant" Brown jumped on Wilson, pummeled and punched him repeatedly, and broke Wilson's eye socket before trying to take Wilson's gun. Wilson had to be hospitalized for a broken eye socket.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

it's so telling that their righteous indignation always includes looting, robbing, burning, and even the occasional murder and rape. In fact, let us not forget that the short Indian shop keeper who was robbed by Gentle Giant Mike Brown had his store burned to the ground as well.. I guess that's the price he paid for having a store in a black "community"...

Anonymous said...

this is no different then when the city counsel in detroit got into fist fights.. and I believe it happened in Cleveland as well.. It's so childish. America is fast becoming a disgrace due to the elephant in the room.

Anonymous said...

Growing up in the Episcopal Church I saw this kind of nonsense first hand from "clergy". In the last 50 years the EC has gone from sugar to shit because of cultural Marxism and most of the old mainline denominations are in the same boat. The average age is so old they won't mention it yet they continue on the same insane path to extinction.
Too bad there's not a book with some rules they could look to for guidance, oh wait they threw those out years ago.
It seems the nogs are still fired up even in cold weather, I can't recall this happening before so thus year will probably be the year of ook eek.
Has anybody out there noticed how this prolonged chimpout seems straight out of Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky?
SC Native

Anonymous said...

If negroes are so often vile while the EBT flows, what about when it stops?

what then?

Anonymous said...

SC Native... one does wonder how much of this is orchestrated. I've read things where part of the socialist plan to destabilize the US involves making us see the negro as equal.

And one can't help but notice at this point every damn time one of these imbeciles gets themselves shot, it's the same talking points from the mother. He's a good boy, he's not like that, he was just turning his life around, he was going to be a rap star/star athlete/doctor/rocket scientist/(insert equally unlikely career here), blah blah blah, plus if he was killed usually "why couldn't they shoot him in the leg" ...

That can't possibly be coincidence, can it? When two nogs get themselves shot to death 1000 miles apart and some variation of the same talking points comes from both families?

Anonymous said...

Detroit Refugee here
The antics of the Detroit City Council several years back ( Kwame era) were the very definition of dysfunction. A child appeared on TV and as I remember it, she called out Mrs. Conyers, who in turn went off on said child. All recorded for the whole world to see! A sad day for the whole region indeed.



I just wonder how many in that front row actually have a job? How many actually contribute to our society? Instead they just take and take and take.

Well guess what front row? There is no more too take. It's finished and we are finished with you the front row!


Anonymous said...

@ Joe 8:22pm

No broken eye socket, no hospitalization. That turned out to be a rumor.

He was checked out at the hospital, though, and photographed. One side of his face was pink and slightly puffy (supporting Wilson's claim Brown hit him) and there were fresh scratches on the back of his neck. That was the extent of Wilson's injuries.

- Man in Florida

Sage said...

I had to laugh at Brooklyn Born's DMV story.. sad but too true. I travel 20 miles out of my way to a DMV of my choosing for fast, efficient service with a smile. Unfortunately my SS office when I am forced to attend in person is in the middle of infested land with 2 other old white ladies and 199 blacks from 4 to 40.

I saw the video where the one chick went all the way around the room to "happen" to run into Roorda and accidentally jab him wtih her elbow and then accost him for shoving her. It's on video plain as day. She got a text I'm going to bet, to go over and harass Roorda.

I live in St. Louis and am just realizing it's damn near as bad as Detroit these days. Sad. Such a beautiful city to go to the dogs.

This civilian review board will wind up being a farce, manned by unemployed farces demanding officers lives be given up for the cause. God help us all.

I'm already seeing crime move in broader circles in what used to be "safe zones". We now limit our travel to daylight, early morning hours no matter where we go. Thanks Mayor Slay, Commissioner Dooley and most of all Jay Nixon for making St. Louis the new St. Sewer.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating video--it's like (wait, it is) watching a troop of wild apes going "ape shit" for bags of junk food and other crap. And these are the animals America has been trying to uplift?

That security door company has a good product. Too bad the wall of the store didn't hold out.

Anonymous said...

The break in looked a lot like one of those bug or rat infestations you see on Animal Planet, only way worse.

Anonymous said...

They should just have these meetings with the public standing in the room and the officials on tv monitors (protected by cages or something so they cant be stolen or broken) so when the chimouts start they can just gas the room with knockout gas and arrest everyone,

bernicegreenbaum said...

Anony sez:

"The break in looked a lot like one of those bug or rat infestations you see on Animal Planet, only way worse."

Well, yeah. Except that bug or rat infestations are usually under 350 pounds and not pure, black excrement, pushing, shoving, screaming, ooking, eeking, hollering that "dey cibil rites ben violated!" Give me the rats or the bugs any day of the year. I'd sooner reason with vermin under 10 pounds than the EBT morphed variety. They'd probably get my point easier, too. Just say'n.

Anonymous said...

Change the genome or segregate. No other actual option.

If not, then just sit back, open a cold one, and enjoy the demonic circus sideshow going on all around you.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Fellow Whites,

As you go out in the morning, ready to shovel your car out from last night's snow storm, scrape the ice off your windshield, and get ready to battle traffic to haul yourself to work to pay for these ungrateful baboons to sit on their asses and shovel EBT Doritos into their mouths, think about who you're really helping.

I have managed to withdraw my consent from furthering the extermination of my race. I make just enough money to not have to pay taxes. How did I do it? I effectively withdrew my consent. Many of you have described how you have real life skills. Many have carpentry skills, plumbing skills, gardening skills, accounting skills, etc. Use these skills to become self employed to the extent possible. If you still need to work in the outside workforce, and let's face it, the majority of us non-blacks do, limit your exposure to taxation. Politely refuse any overtime you can. Don't volunteer. Work under the table as much and as often as you can. Why do we continue to contribute to a society that, in the words of Oprah and others, wants us dead? They make no bones about it.

I'm hardly starving to death. I've simply prioritized my life. Instead of driving, if it's manageable to walk, I do so, even to the grocery store. It's healthier, too. I've dropped 30 pounds since my "awakening". Luckily, my home is paid for. I try not to buy new anything, not even clothes. Learn, like your grandparents, to use a needle and thread to patch clothes and darn socks. Nothing less than your children's lives depends upon us withdrawing our consent to be the cash cow that feeds these violent, stupid, savage ingrates.

True story: Early in the week, I was going off on one of my tirades, and my husband looks up from his paper and says, "What are you so pissed off about?"

To which I replied, "Life didn't turn out the way I wanted it to!"

He looks at me quizzically and says, "And is there anything you can do about it?"

In my mind, I'm thinking, "Hmmmm, let's see....BRA, a stupid, traitorous President, ditto the Congress, out-of-control spending on anything BUT building/ repairing infrastructure, failing schools, and loud mouth blacks bitching about how more stuff 'ain't free'." Nah, there's nothing I can do about it. But I can withdraw my consent.

You older folks can think of it as being a conscientious objector during Vietnam, except you can't wear an arm band saying "F' off, niggers!" Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

If these protestors and the like were so interested in convincing everyone that "black lives matter" they would be far more successful in the endeavor if blacks themselves actually LIVED as though black lives mattered.

Don't wait until someone is dead to suddenly become concerned and pro-active. If you actually value something, in this case black lives, you demonstrate it by continually investing in it - YOURSELF.

Here is what blacks can do to show that they actually care about their children and communities :

- Don't have children that you cannot afford to provide for, this includes food, clothing, housing, medical care, schooling, and rearing with values

- Don't have 80% plus illegitimacy rates

- Don't make excuses for the criminal element in your midst with "no snitching" and "he was a good boy" type crap

- Don't feed your kids sugary non-nutritious foods so that they become obese, diabetic slugs

- Teach your children to stay off of drugs and reject the thug/rap culture

- Teach them that if they violently assault people, police or armed citizens, they WILL be shot, whether they are an "unarmed teen" or not, and it will be justified in the eyes of the law

TO the degree that society does not "value black lives" it is a direct result of following the lead of blacks themselves and how they regard their own lives and communities in their own daily practices.

That is where change begins first, but that requires time future orientation, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

OT: another fatigued area !!

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – An increase in violent attacks in the Delmar Loop has residents on edge.
The feeling of uneasiness comes at a time in which police are reporting issues of teenagers coming into The Loop and committing crimes.
“I've come to Delmar Loop since I was a kid and this is just unheard of, where's the control?” asked longtime resident Larry Bastain.
Bastain's son was recently the victim of a brutal beating on the east end of The Loop.
“We were just having a nice, cool time and out of nowhere these young guys attacked us for no reason,” explained 18-year-old Jordan, who said he and his friend were attacked on January 19 by a group of more than a dozen other teens.
The manager at a nearby Circle K gas station saw the attack and helped the teens call 911.
“I had to get stitches, I was all scratched up,” said Jordan.
Police told News 4 the problem is teenagers coming to The Loop to fight other teens.
Jordan says he didn’t know his attackers or why they would do this.
“I honestly don’t know, I don’t know what the amusement is seeing people get beaten,” he said.
The same day the teens were attacked, a 25-year-old man was shot at the Delmar MetroLink station.
And in late December, police say two men approached a 19-year-old in her car and demanded her money, phone and laptop.
Police released surveillance images of the two men in the attack of the 19-year-old, but the manager of the Circle K gas station said they’re still waiting for police to come pick up the surveillance video of the incident where the two teens were attacked last week.
Even though police are not currently connecting the incidents, residents say it speaks to a larger issue.
“This is just unheard of. For fun? For a robbery? For a little bit of change? Come on guys, wake up,” Bastain said.
University City police say they have not experienced similar crimes in other parts of the Delmar Loop.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

OK. Did anybody else notice "unresponsible"?

Did the remaining YT's really think they could go to a 1st world meeting?

The look on the fat negress face in the front row is a standard reaction to "YT be tryin ta talk he big words an sheeit"

I could almost hear the ooks and eeks from the looting video.

What I see is something I deal with every day. Boredom giving way to looksatme and physical gestures along with screeches of anger. You have to laugh, or you will scream

mikej said...

Watching the video of the looting of the market, it appeared to me that very few looters were carrying any sort of food, but nearly all were carrying bottles. I doubt that the bottles contained fruit juice or soda pop. This suggests that market owners could prevent such incidents simply by putting up a sign: NO BOOZE INSIDE. Of course, someone would need to teach the looters to read... Aw, never mind!

Brooklyn Bob said...

That wasn't a wall, just boarded up windows. I can't understand why the store didn't have metal roll down gates. It's standard pratice in minority neighborhoods in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Stop by salon every now and then to get a dose of negro-worship and the great comments that inevitably go along with it. The article is about Loretta Lynch, the sassy AG nominee and is nothing to cry home about. Just the usual short, lacking in any real detail "article" slanted towards Obama's nominee. But just look at the picture that goes with the article. It doesn't even really need comment. The contrast between the two makes it even more powerful.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lost-in-Miami here,

I was taught (in re-education camp) in college that Thomas Malthus was wrong because the food supply didn't not have to increase arithmetically. As Homo Sapiens Sapiens we were capable of producing all the food we needed. Well in Africa we see the wrath of Malthus (WOM). Exactly as Thomas predicted an explosion of mouths to feed and no food to feed them. What was Thomas' name for them . . . "Useless Eaters". Of course this begs the question are we dealing with Homo Sapiens Sapiens? I think the answer is clear: what we have here is some manner of Homo Erectus.

Oh, great Malthus . . . have mercy on us!

Anonymous said...

RexHymens here:

Yesterday I went to a local Best Buy to buy a new Ipad Air2 to replace my 4 yr old Ipad2.

I walk to the proper area of the store and see 2 employees, one human and one negro sow.

Of course the sow approached me to "hep muh".

"Wehcum ta Bezbah kin ah hep u?"

I know she'll be unable to answer simple tech questions so to get her to turn me over to the human I ask,

"I have a cellular contract on my old ipad, what is required to transfer the contract to a new Ipad Air2?"

The sow looks blankly for a few seconds while I simply stare at it, irritated.

It giggles stupidly and I ask, "What's so funny I asked you a simple question. Are you unable to answer simple questions about your products?"

"Ah couldin ebem tinka nuffin ta say."

The sow wanders away to find a negro customer to "hep" and just abandons me. The negro she finds to "hep" is busy screaming at her niglet and the 3 of them start ooking and eeking about God only knows what. Xbox games I think.

I locate the human manager and explain whatbjust happens and he just sighs and rolls his eyes.

"She doesn't know anything, Sir."

"Then why does she work here?" I ask.

"That's wasn't my call, Sir." He answers sheepishly.

Naturally I bought my Ipad Air2, thanked the guy for his help and immediately e-mailed Best Buy corporate to file a complaint against "Lawonda", careful to use politically-correct terminology in my very professional complaint.

I'm going to stop back in a few days to buy a cover for the Ipad, and I will be looking for Lawonda to "hep muh" and I will be asking her questions in the hope that I will be able to file another complaint against her from a different email account I use.

I'll be fair. If she is professional and correct I will not file the 2nd complaint.

bernicegreenbaum said...

In the paper this morning I was reading that the Salvation Army's "Feed da Kettle" program over the holidays was "disappointing". I don't know about you, but I marched right past these people this Christmas. NOT*ONE*PENNY!!!!!! Someone from the fire department called me earlier in the month and pleaded with me to give money for "Give a (black)kid a coat!" I very politely refused, without giving my true reason.

Call me heartless. Call me unkind. Call me unfeeling. Call me cruel. I didn't start this war. You did. NOT*ONE*PENNY!!!! Not if it will feed, clothe, or help any black anywhere. Niglet or full grown ape. Here or in Africa. If I see a white kid who needs a coat, I will give it to him. Again, I didn't start this war, black bitchez! You did! Let's see how well you survive without this YT's charity. Go beg someplace else, f*kers! Stick a fork in me. I'm done!

Anonymous said...

The false prophets and negro anti Christs have inserted themselves into the position of The King. They preach politics of satan's gubmints, never preaching the Gospel. Negro churches preach blackism, totally fleecing their flocks' bank accounts and lives in order to make a buck tickling the ear of the negro racist power mongers. The birds are hungry and ready to feast.

Anonymous said...

" That's the reality of what Western democracy has degenerated into"

This is what ANY "democracy" becomes. The mob votes themselves a free lunch at the expense of the producers and the rule of law is replaced by mob rule and the law of the jungle.

"Democracy" is newspeak for socialism. Why is it that our constitution guarantees us a REPUBLICAN form of government yet the narrative is always "democracy"?

"SC Native... one does wonder how much of this is orchestrated. I've read things where part of the socialist plan to destabilize the US involves making us see the negro as equal. "

You bet your boots this is about socialism/communism. Search for "a racial program for the 20th century". The quote that was entered into congressional record nearly 100 years ago is chilling.

Mr. Rational said...

The only kettles I saw this past year had two bell-ringers in attendance instead of the usual one.  Not sure why.  Protection against thieves?  Ringing out guilt in stereo?

They got my usual bupkis.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: The Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments for doing away with the doctrine of disparate impact. The very fact that the SCOTUS agreed to hear the case has been declared-you guessed it- racist!
Anything that negatively affects blacks just has to be the product of racist disparate impact and unconcious racism that requires compensation. Unequal outcomes are not the product of unequal effort but evil whitey holding da brutha's down.
It will be interesting to see if the Supreme Court caves in to the race hustlers and their eternal victimization whine and demands for gibsmedat and special treatment.
Right now, I'd give it a 50/50 chance to go either way. Will common sense, logic, reason and intelligence win the day or will "political correctness" poison everything in order to placate the screeching negroes?

Anonymous said...

I too received a phone call from the Fire Department. They were asking me to donate money so chilluns who had been burnt in house fires could be sent on special trips to have fun. I burst out laughing and hung up on them because I knew it meant sending worthless niglets into human areas to ruin the activities of humans with their TNB.
So sorry, Fire Department- the gibsmedat center for negroes is permanently closed. I'm not subsidzing their worthless asses even to the tune of a penny. Let them go play in traffic on the highway- it's free!

Anonymous said...

"When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing - When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors - When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don't protect you against them, but protect them against you - When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice - You may know that your society is doomed." -- Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged", 1957

Anonymous said...

‘Bread and Circuses’ is the cancer of democracy, the fatal disease for which there is no cure. Democracy often works beautifully at first. But once a state extends the franchise to every warm body, be he producer or parasite, that day marks the beginning of the end of the state. For when the plebs discover that they can vote themselves bread and circuses without limit and that the productive members of the body politic cannot stop them, they will do so, until the state bleeds to death, or in its weakened condition the state succumbs to an invader—the barbarians enter Rome." - Robert A. Heinlein

Sheila said...

BerniceGreenbaum, you are a true kindred spirit. That scene you describe with your husband has happened exactly the same with mine. It is immensely frustrating to see one's whole world going to sh-t and know there is absolutely nothing one can do. Living in BRA makes every day a trial. It's incredibly tiring trying to live normally in an abnormal environment. I dread going out to the store, the human crap I'll have to wade through and the constant requests for money to support the horde. Every damned grocery store this past week has been pushing to "feed the hungry." Sorry, there are no true hungry in America - especially not the blacks and the squat monsters. It's not a "donation" or "charity" if it's solicited. The cashiers are always surprised when I don't merely murmur "Not today" - I state firmly "NO WAY."

Every day in the mail I get some charity request or purportedly "conservative" political group requesting cash. It all goes straight to the trash.

Despite putting my number on every "do not call list" I can find, I receive repeated robo-calls and live requests for money. Unless I'm in a particularly accommodating mood, I merely disconnect. Sometimes I'll state "I don't talk with people who can't speak proper English" before I hang up. Other times I demand "What makes you think you have the right to refer to a complete stranger by his Christian name?" (That really stumps them).

I've blithely walked straight past the Salvation Army kettles for YEARS. The bell ringers here are all black. They try to "shame" DWLs by booming out "Merry Krismas" and looking straight at them. I'll look right back and walk straight past them. I especially loathe the singing sows. Can't carry a simple tune of an overheard Christmas carol without constant vocal embellishments (they all think they sound so fine).

Every opportunity I find, I want so badly to ask White teens why they're listing to nigger noise. I want to remind these kids, who've never known a White America, that they have a heritage and a race to be proud of. It's a constant battle - they're not merely shocked, they're literally stunned wordless by any deviation from the lies they've been fed their whole lives.

I recently helped connect two branches of a family (my mother's 2nd cousin's husband, with his own 2nd cousins, to be precise) through my genealogy research. The girl who first messaged me (I know from the posts she must be in her teens or 20s) was firing all sorts of personal questions at me (Where did you go to school? What do you do?) Irrelevant, because I'm not related to her in any way, it was just my research that she came across online that enabled her father to learn about his family, but I patiently answered each message. Except I warned her first that I was "unapologetically not PC" and when she asked where I went to school, I told her the well-known name and said it's now the home of blacks and dykes.

She hasn't messaged me since.

Anonymous said...

You're right, we should be adapting rules for radicals to our cause. It has been very effective for the other side.
SC Native

Anonymous said...

Work be wayciss comrade:

World_War_Me said...

“In our society, all lives do not matter equally. Black lives have been deemed to matter much, much less,” Krause said. "...mythic equality that denies the lived experiences of African-Americans."


Deb Krause, I DON'T CARE. Your lives do not matter to me at all. I don't care that you want equality. I don't care about the lived experiences. I don't care about your "unarmed teenagers", your protesters, your public skoos, your YOUTHS, etc. My lack of care regarding your grievances is pretty much borderline psychopathic. Are you happy, BRA, now that you've forced me to acquire a personality disorder so that I can cope with your incessant bull$hit??

Jeff Roorda, just tell Alderman Terry Kennedy and the mob that YOU DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Play by play account of indispensable diverse cultural enrichment:

Anonymous said...

Facts, logic, and truth are to the negro as garlic is to the vampire. Or was that werewolves?

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Maulthus too. Why feed worthless eaters?
SC Native

Anonymous said...

Energized and engaged by George Soros' money.

Anonymous said...

The fading banana republik BRA is a daily laugh riot:

Awakened White said...

Anon @ 9:59pm...then its party time. and to greenbaum. no, not bad at all. its called charity begins at home. their plenty of poor Whites that need help.

Anonymous said...

And as it succumbs to the invader, celebrates its own death with chants of "Diversity!" and the waving of rainbow banners.

Anonymous said...

Negroes don't get it.
They never will get it.
I stopped beating my head against the wall a long time ago. I decided to gear up, avoid them at all costs and resign myself to PC consequences if they ever threaten those I love.
American culture is dead; supplanted by a barbaric meme fostered and encouraged by globalist political frontmen. Forget Democrat and Republican. It's an illusion. America is in its death throes. Make the best of it.

Anonymous said...

Why are people so glum in the Kwanstain?
The republicants were recently selected to save the republic and they will fail miserably and go the way of the whig party.
Our noble comrades in their finest hour selected the greatest Kenyan half breed son of a white communist gangbang whore to Christ Messiah and he is right now parting the lowering ocean waters and feeding the 5000.
The future is so bright comrades I have to wear shades.
Cue the (c)rap music so we can have some diverse cultural enrichment.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
The break in looked a lot like one of those bug or rat infestations you see on Animal Planet, only way worse."

Good point, every nog/Mexican/diversity gathering is basically an episode of Animal Planet.

Ricky Tucker said...

Someone once told me ''you cannot control what others do, you can only control what YOU do.'' Like others have suggested, drop out of the system as much as possible. Get in shape, stop believing some great White GOP savior is coming to fix all this in 2016. Cut the cable, sell that TV, burn your voter ID card...we have ALL the power to end this. The system goes, THEY go...simple as that.

Anonymous said...

An oldie but a goodie from Das Internet:

Anonymous said...

January 30, 2015 at 7:15 AM

Blogger bernicegreenbaum said...
In the paper this morning I was reading that the Salvation Army's "Feed da Kettle" program over the holidays was "disappointing". I don't know about you, but I marched right past these people this Christmas . . .

Sheila said...

. . . Every damned grocery store this past week has been pushing to "feed the hungry." Sorry, there are no true hungry in America - especially not the blacks and the squat monsters. It's not a "donation" or "charity" if it's solicited. The cashiers are always surprised when I don't merely murmur "Not today" - I state firmly "NO WAY."

Every day in the mail I get some charity request or purportedly "conservative" political group requesting cash. It all goes straight to the trash.

Anonymous said...

Pass the hopium pipe comrade I need a hit of that demockracy.
Ummm...tasty and the headrush is great, where do I sign up to vote comrade?

Anonymous said...

I live in St. Spew-us also Sage, it's really changed since August 9, I also drive 45 to 50 miles just to use a decently run DMV, the atmosphere in the city has changed for the worse, it's all about the criminal thugs being mistreated, I'm sick of it.
Now I know how the hard working people that once made Detoilet a great city feel, add to list...........
St. Spew-us

Californian said...

Honestly, if one didn't know this delusion was serious, you'd think it was a bad political parody of Monty Python meets Seocnd City TV.

Perhaps Monty Python can do a skit with a bunch of black activists sitting around:

Activist 1: "What did the whites ever do for us?"

Activist 2: "Well, what about building these great cities we live in?"

Activist 1: "OK, aside from building great cities. what did the whites ever do for us?"

Activist 3: "What about EBT? Without EBT, we'd all be starving?"

Activist 1: "OK, aside from EBT and cities, what have the whites ever done for us?"

Activist 4: "What about all these TV shows which make blacks look like engineers and honest cops instead of rioters?"

Activist 1: "OK, aside from TV and EBT and cities, what have whites ever done for us?"


Anonymous said...

I write for a living. Passive = lie

Anonymous said...

What happened to Bogoluyski (sp?)? I hope the man behind the Banana Empire curtain didn't send the Pink Palmetto bankster to make him eat grape sandwiches!

Seriously, Bogo always had entertaining comments which, through the baroque phraseology, had a point.

Anonymous said...

The diversity is so vibrant in Shit Louis:

Californian said...

There were a couple of comments here re Thomas Malthus. Here's the thing: what Malthus was saying had some truth to it back a couple centuries ago. But thanks to White science and white technology, it's become possible to feed increasing numbers of people with fewer farmers on the land. Look at how countries like the USA export all sorts of food. Look at how Rhodesia not only fed its own people when it was white ruled, but exported food.

But! put blacks in charge, and what happens? Agriculture collapses, that's what happens. Africa can not feed itself. So they trot out the wide-eyed kids with their begging bowls, stick some washed up white actress in front of the telescreen cameras, set up a PO box for the checks, and presto--the food starts rolling in.

Now here's a point somebody needs to answer: what happens when white countries get so swamped by third worlders that they can no longer efficiently produce food? You can already see this with the so-called food deserts which stake out black territory in American inner cities. Even with an abundance of food, black dysfunction makes it difficult to actually get the food to the consumer (I use the term "consumer" in a broad sense here).

You also have the reality that even when food is available, the consumer might choose to trade the EBT for drugs. The looters of convenience stores are not making off with granola bars or fruit smoothies. They're headed for the liquor section. They have choices, and the ones they make are not for good nutrition.

Similarly, in Africa the warlords and the corruption and the general disintegration of infrastructure make it difficult to distribute food aid. And now Africas are moving into North America and Europe, bringing with them all the dysfunctions of Africa--including an inability to feed themselves.

Will endemic starvation be the future--and BRA prove Malthus right?

Anonymous said...

Subsidies for the NFL.

Anonymous said...

"bernicegreenbaum said...
In the paper this morning I was reading that the Salvation Army's "Feed da Kettle" program over the holidays was "disappointing". I don't know about you, but I marched right past these people this Christmas

Sheila said...

Every damned grocery store this past week has been pushing to "feed the hungry." Sorry, there are no true hungry in America - especially not the blacks and the squat monsters."

Good for both of you, these "charities" are nothing more than businesses involved in another of BRA's rackets, the "non-profit" racket. The ultimate purpose of them is to enrich the few at the top of these organizations, expand BRA and try to shame YT for being civilized. All the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are thick as thieves with ruling class of BRA and are the epitome of the diversity/multi-cult bad religion of BRA and one their most important propaganda outlets.

Charity is actually a theological virtue, from the Latin 'Caritas'. One of its more important meanings is wanting what's best for another which many times is at odds with the desires of the receiver of charity. An alcoholic wants another 1/2 gallon of vodka but it's not "charity" to give him money to buy it. It would be enabling self destructive behavior to provide the 1/2 gallon of vodka and make the person who gave the money complicit in the self destruction, objectively speaking, in spite of the maudlin "feel good" sentimentality attached to the "charity".

With BRAs many "charities" there is no misguided sentimentality, it's a deliberate perversion of a legitimate Christian virtue into another means of looting YT although with his complete cooperation. If these "charities" were what they say they are you would see the leaders of them taking little or no compensation, they would avoid the government like the plague and they would be pounding the shit out of the nogs and squat monsters regarding their violence, thieving, bastardy etc. instead of being hypocrites and enabling such behavior. It's as if one were running an Alcoholics Anonymous center with an open bar and free weed.

I have worked for large corporations and in years past there was always a big push for giving money to United Way. That ended after this guy ". . . When Lisa Villasor Thomas was 22, she met William Aramony on an airplane. He got her a job at UWA and their affair began in July, 1986. They traveled together to San Francisco, New York City and other locations for business. Everything was fine until he "met someone he liked even more: her kid sister."[16]

Lori Villasor graduated from high school in Macclenny, Florida in 1986.[17] She was unsure what to do with her life, so she accepted her older sister’s invitation to move to Alexandria, Virginia and share an apartment. Soon after meeting the 17-year-old Lori, the 59-year-old Aramony began pursuing her. Lisa Thomas, outraged, told Aramony that she "didn't want him contacting me or Lori at all".[16]

Aramony arranged for a UWA subsidiary to purchase an expensive New York City condominium and furnished it lavishly with $459,000 Partnership Umbrella dollars.[16] Aramony claimed that it was a better deal for UWA than the apartment that had been rented for almost 20 years.[18] However, he also used it for his romantic trysts.[17] Aramony was alleged to have siphoned thousands of charity dollars through Partnership Umbrella to spend on fancy meals, trips and gifts, to keep Villasor as his mistress.[19]
. . . "

Don't give those hypocrites the time of day.

non-DWL from NE.
Oprah says hello to SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

The negro DOES NOT respect its own race. What would make even a DUMBASS white person think that they would respect someone it animal or human..? I completely agree with not giving to ANY charitable donations no matter what time of year. Just a few miles from me in Hendersonville NC a shopping mall would not let the red kettles set up there. I wont mention the name of the mall so there's little backlash. Excellent idea. I havent given to them for years..and never will again. When i watched my local news (Upstate South Carolina)one morning a few days before Christmas I watched the cars roll in for the free toys etc.Nearly all were negros perhaps a few rightfully so. After seeing the same thing year after year...this past Christmas i saw a new model black Lincoln Navigator with 28 inch wheels roll up. Huge black sow several squealing niglets with cheesy smiles abound. Gibsmedat. Take my word for it there are some good needy older white people that need your help too and they most certainly would be more appreciative. Next Christmas before you drop money in that red kettle....remember that black Lincoln Navigator with 28 inch wheels. Then go help your white neighbor.NC Realist

mikej said...

Just stumbled across an MSN photogallery entitled "50 most violent cities in the world." The cities seem to be ranked according to homicide rates per 100,000 population. Four American cities - scratch that, four cities in the United States - make the list. St. Louis is number 19 with a rate of 49.93. Detroit is number 22 at 44.87. New Orleans is number 28 at 39.61. Baltimore is number 40 at 33.912. The rest of the cities are where you'd expect them to be, in the cesspits of Latin America and Africa. I'm amazed that St. Louis beat out Detroit.

TMH said...

Anonymous said...
What happened to Bogoluyski (sp?)? I hope the man behind the Banana Empire curtain didn't send the Pink Palmetto bankster to make him eat grape sandwiches!

Seriously, Bogo always had entertaining comments which, through the baroque phraseology, had a point.

Drudge had a link to a story of a man found strangled to death by a squid. The squid was found in a shallow pool of water near the lifeless body. Investigators believe it was a pet. Could be related. We'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Here's the kind of conversation black audience members at this meeting, appeared to be waiting to hear.

"Citizens of Missouri..The clerk whom was robbed & strong armed by Michael Brown, was NOT a victim!"

"The officer whom was beaten and had to wrestle his weapon away from an angry 300 lbs black man-- was NOT a victim!"

"Michael Brown, whom had a criminal record, whom robbed a convenience store, strong-armed a clerk, beat a police officer, and attempted to gain control of the officer's weapon..HE WAS, in every sense of the word, a bonefide victim (pause. May God rest his soul."

"We must do everything we can to protect the precious lives of black criminals in this community! Therefore, it's only fitting that we create a committee consisting exclusively of blacks, to oversee the actions of white police officers. The problem we're facing has nothing to do with criminal behavior originating from those within the African-American community. The REAL threat surfaces each time a white police officer hurts or kills an African-American whom is actively engaged in criminal activity."

"I am not suggesting that any changes need to be made in the black community. Nor am I implying that black criminals need to cease illegal activity. What I am saying (and rather firmly) is any efforts to protect innocent citizens & police officers from black aggression, MUST stop and STOP NOW!" (crowd cheers)!!

Anything the commissioner said that did not closely mirror this dialogue, would have been met with hostility!

Anonymous said...

Know your enemy:

Marx believed that society is dominated by conflicts between the powerful and the subjugated. The Marxists theorized that throughout history the government, the ruling classes, and the capitalists have oppressed the everyday working people, and that it is only through revolution against these rulers that everyone will enjoy true freedom and equality in a classless society.

They believed capitalists (those who owned the farms, factories, and shops) made their fortunes by exploiting the people, whom they called the proletariat. In Marx’s ideal world, everyone would work hard to better themselves and would cheerfully provide assistance to those who were unable to work. The Marxists believed that all farms and factories should be owned commonly. This belief in common ownership gave birth to the term “communism” to describe this economic structure. Marx called the idea “economic determinism”, because the economic conditions of the people would determine the political and social structures of such a society.

The Marxists also believed that organized religion was one of the tools that governments and the ruling classes (also called the bourgeoisie) used to keep the people, or the proletariat, from thinking for themselves and from being aware, or conscious, that they were being exploited.

Anonymous said...

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” – Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928

Anonymous said...

Open drains, great lots filled with high weeds, ashes and garbage accumulated in the alleyways, cellars filled with filthy black water, houses that are total strangers to the touch of whitewash or scrubbing brush, human bodies that have been strangers for months to soap and water, villainous looking negroes who loiter and sleep around the street corners and never work; vile and vicious women, with but a smock to cover their black nakedness, lounging in the doorways or squatting upon the steps, hurling foul epithets at every passerby; foul streets, foul people, in foul tenements filled with foul air; that's "Pigtown." (p. 290)

PB said...

"What makes you think you have the right to refer to a complete stranger by his Christian name?" (That really stumps them)"

A true, vulgar modern disease.

PB said...

"I'll be fair. If she is professional and correct I will not file the 2nd complaint."

So how did the second complaint go?

Anonymous said...

A Cat 3 chimpout was pretty easy to predict there. Lot of "unresponsible" behavior going on, to quote the pseudointellectual groid.

rex freeway said...

You cannot reason with a group who's maturity level is that of a first grade child. One who has never been disciplined. This is what liberal Democrats have lowered the bar to. I would rather take a wild animal and try to domesticate it.

Anonymous said...

“In our society, all lives do not matter equally. Black lives have been deemed to matter much, much less,” Krause said."

Oh, please. Blacks stab and shoot each other in our inner cities ALL the time. Chicago has what, like 40 Black on Black shootings every weekend. When crime is between the races, Blacks attack Whites at forty times the reverse, Blacks attack Asians and Hispanics at much greater rates than the reverse. Yet, one White cop shoots a thug who violently attacks him and suddenly "Black lives matter"? No, the Ferguson matter is just Blacks twisting the facts in order to play the eternal victim. God, I'm sick of Blacks.

Mr. Rational said...

That's a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, discriminating against childen with autistic spectrum disorders.

Lisa :) said...

This is the same group of people, mind you, that will set out to carjack someone but ends up sexually torturing and killing the car's occupants (See Christopher Nusom). And when they set out to rob someone of their cell phone, they execute the phone's owner--then complain that the phone wasn't nice enough (see Byron White/David Peterson. And while robbing a woman whom was pushing her child down the street in a stroller, the black criminal shot the child in the face--killing him instantly (see De’Marquise Elkins). Ironically, when a black thug is killed by a white person the SAME question gets asked over and over again. "Why can't dey just shoot him in da foot or somethin? White people be SO violent!"

Race said...

So true, so simple.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the above quoted but do not know what book it's from....

Can you list it?

former liberal said...

Not only not doing one bit of work if you are white, but having to act up whenever a white person is around. The other day I was at the local Veteran's hospital, in an office space divided into cubicles. The sow next door acted up by singing, running into our cubicle area "to axe a question", and shouting out at the white person who was trying to help me. I finally became utterly disgusted and told this pos that I have a services connected hearing loss( which I do have anyway) and she needed to be quiet. Next time she acts up, I'm going to complain. And blacks wonder without one flash of insight why we despise them

Anonymous said...

They're all wrong! Just ask any african.


Anonymous said...

Virginia. In Afghanistan the young combat troops (white) would tell me that when the war was over they'd become police officers and jail guards. It's sad because they are Darren Wilson and they don't know it yet. Wait for a Fatherless Gangbanger to charge a war veteran on the streets of Detroit or New Orleans and they'll get shot. Standby to watch the same old Monkey Dance of burning down your own neighborhoods a few more times in coming years.

juvenal said...

Probably because YT knowsthat anything less than a kill shot Will mean that either he or some other poor white person will have to deal with the Son of Obama at a later date.