Friday, March 20, 2015

#RaceTogether: Businesses want to be in the black, not surrounded by blacks

There's something unbelievably repellant about most of those still wedded to ideas espoused by Conservatism Inc. 

None worse than this piece, published by one of the subsidiary sites of the Media Research Center, attempting to use Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) logic to shame Starbucks. [Why Is There No Starbucks Coffee House in Selma?,, 3-19-15]:
But a friend of mine named Paul made a brilliant point. 
Sorry, but a Starbuck's is located a few feet from Ferguson, servicing the global headquarters of the Fortune 500 Company Emerson Electric
If Starbucks wants us to talk about race, let’s start with why they don’t have Starbucks Coffee Houses in some of America’s cities that are mostly black, or have had a racially charged history? 
My friend looked up various cities, and found that there are no Starbucks Coffee Houses in many of them. 
Places like Highland Park, Michigan, which is at the center of Detroit, is inhabited by a population that is 94 percent African-American.  Or in Benton Harbor, Michigan, which is almost 90 percent African-American.  There is not a Starbucks in either town. 
There is not a Starbucks in East St. Louis, Illinois, in which 98 percent of the population is African-American. Nor is there one in Gary, Indiana, whose population is 85 percent African-American. 
The recent remembrance of the march on Selma, Alabama had the president walking down the street with many people who fought for civil rights, but once again, Selma doesn’t have a Starbucks. Neither does Ferguson, Missouri. 
Here is the point, if Starbucks wants to have a conversation about race, perhaps they should explain why they are not accessible to most of those they claim to advocate for and champion.  If being of a different race than white is higher on their list of desirables, why isn’t Starbucks putting their money where their mouth is?
No, I'm not the author of this piece's (Jen Kuznicki) friend. In fact, if you head over to Twitter, you'll notice the SBPDL Twitter account confronted Mrs. (or is it Ms.?) Kuznicki for incorporating extremely faulty logic in asking why a corporation - that must answer to shareholders - isn't opening up shops in heavily black areas cities across America.

Simply put: Businesses want to be in the black, not surrounded by blacks.

Interesting, a Starbuck's shop is located close to 70 percent black Ferguson, though it's only short walk from the campus of the headquarters of Emerson Electric, a Fortune 500 company.

More than 1,300 employees work there, making it an attractive location for a Starbuck's; the same can't be said for 70 percent black (and rising), where QuikTrip, K-Mart, Toys 'r' Us, and Big Lots have recently fled.

Why doesn't 86 percent black Jackson, Mississippi not have a Starbucks?

Why does 4.9 percent white Camden, New Jersey not have a Starbucks?

No business should be faulted for closing up shop and moving away from an area undergoing extreme demographic changes, especially when the racial population once possessing the capital attracting the business to the area has engaged in the oh-so-American phenomenon of white flight.

Where it not for extreme government-mandated affirmative action in the private sector and absolutely insane racial favoritism in the public sector, there would be no black middle class.

Bemoaning the lack of Starbuck locations in heavily black areas as a "gotcha-moment" of pseudo-journalism by the crack writers at is embarrassing, when the demographics of cities like Ferguson, Jackson, Camden, East St. Louis, Highland Park, and Gary represents the only reason this private business isn't operating in these locations.

The so-called opposition to the Democrat Party and those pushing Black-Run America (BRA) are the primary people in need of an uncensored conservation about race, but there just as wedded to the idea of eternal minority uplifting as those they profess to be ideological opposed against.

Businesses want to be in the black, not surrounded by blacks.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

"Businesses want to be in the black, not surrounded by blacks."

Hey, a new hashtag is born.

Thanks PK and commenters. You give me some hope.

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

AMEN Paul! We would all like to be surrounded by "whitetopia" like we once were. I agree that Starbucks has taken the issue too far. The big Obama is wanting to be able to declare "martial law" and stay in office. Once that is declared King O stays.... to use his pen at his will. There will be no election in 2016 once he shuts down the law. It's a reverse intimidation going on here. Reverse discrimination... how do you like the recently hung man story? I see this building to martial law! Please God NO! I am a white European woman!
Victory in Florida!

Anonymous said...

Fed Up

Right on the money.

Anonymous said...

The only role blacks can play at Starbucks is in the origin of the coffee beans like Kenyan 'Whatever'.

Like the beans, the best things in Africa are actually located there. The hordes of orcs shipped over here are just pure destruction.


Anonymous said...

African genome; African behavior.

Pretty simple no?

Anonymous said...

Coffee is for people who get up early and more than likely have a job.
Starbux may be run by leftists but they're not stupid. The leftists who built and run Starbux know that of the USSA's 40 million or so blacks, at least 20 million don't get up before 1PM and have never worked and has never known anyone in their circle who has ever worked.

Anonymous said...

Oh delicious irony. Of course the motto of BRA, DWL, YKW, and other communists has always been "good for thee, but not for me".

Anonymous said...


bubo said...

Jacksonville needs the SPBDL treatment. Imminent reelection of black mayor, likely black sheriff elect. Major budget problems and rapidly shrinking tax base.

Me] good, let it happen soon. The later the collapse the weaker 'we' will be. [and the smaller our numbers].

Anonymous said...

Been to starbucks maybe twice. Too trendy and expensive for me....even way back then. I can only imagine what it's like now. You can add them to the list : mc-donalds, general mills (makers of cheerios)wal-marts salvation army.... anything that promotes or gives to the black plague I stay away from. NC Realist

Anonymous said...

PK, I read this differently. I think the point is not to shame Starbucks into opening stores in these places but to get Starbucks to explain why they don't have stores in these places. Clearly the honest answer to that question would include many of the reasons we discuss on this site daily.

Now that would be a conversation about race worth having.

Anonymous said...

I’m a bit surprised by CNS news bringing up such a ludicrous idea: a Starbucks in the hood! Starbucks serve humans; not apes!

If I were Starbucks, I would reverse the question to CNS and make them answer it. I would ask them if the CNS people work out of the hood, or are they safely ensconced in a white suburb? If in a white area, then why not move all their resources to a black area and use aggressive Affirmative Action in their hiring?

Starbucks are running businesses and want to be in the black; not destroyed by the black(s)!

This article is a good example of the problem with articles in the newspapers; they attack their own for some reason to protect the position of blacks.

My reply to CNS as to why white businesses don’t want to locate in the hood is this:


CNS it’s like this: blacks are animals and not human. They should be treated like animals and segregated from the white population’s ranks. We owe them NOTHING! They are ANIMALS!!! I don’t care about their sheboons; I don’t care about their education, or even if they have enough to eat. They should be returned to Africa to fend for themselves.

I hope in the race war the one who wrote the retarded editorial that Starbuck’s doesn’t have a shop in the hood is the first one attacked by the orks!


Anonymous said...

I'm not following your post today, Paul. The writer of the article is perfectly familiar with why there are no Starbucks in those locales. The writer is attacking Starbucks, not for their obviously successful business practices, but for its pathological and completely disingenuous lip-service in favor of the elimination of that most proscribed form of contemporary thought-crime: racism. The writer of the original article nailed it on the head. Don't sic your barristas on us until you prove you mean what you say. I had no respect for Starbucks at any point in time, and I certainly couldn't care less about how much in the "black" they stay now.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally....who in a "right" state of mind would want to go to starbucks anyway to debate Realism with some stupid dipshit white liberal bitch...? Like it would make any difference to them..? The only difference they'll ever see is when the negro comes to deposit a bullet in her head for the measly 10 dollars in the cash register. NC Realist

Anonymous said...

Bham is 74% black and the four Starbuck's are on the southside of town where the school/hospital (UAB)complex is and hippies live, I'm assuming the 26%. Not a single one across the tracks in the city center, or anywhere else in the city limits.
Makes sense, after 5 p.m. downtown becomes a ghost town.

Anonymous said...

Any "smart"American groid you encounter will likely have had some White DNA f*cked into his bloodline along the way. Remind him of this; ask if he knows his heritage. That's what raised his average IQ. Ask him to thank the Caucasians for that privilege.

They usually have around 10 to 20 percent Human banged into their bloodline a few generations back; before science showed what they really are.

Anonymous said...

Again, is there even ONE black majority/black run community in America that is successful; And don't count the few pockets where gubbmint jobs or Apefirmative Action have skewed reality.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant observation Mr. Kersey. Most if not all self professed conservatives I've met over the years spew forth the obligatory "I'm not a racist but..." whenever the topic of black dysfunction comes up. It's sickeningly pathetic. I've been to bars and many times have had conversations about my utter contempt for blacks with people who were in total agreement with my stance. Then the fellow patron will put five dollars in the jukebox and play f'n rap! These same whites will also drone on and on about football or basketball then talk about how sick of blacks they are! Wtf!? These people put a confederate flag sticker on the bumper of their pickup truck while listening to rap! White people have their collective heads up their own asses! When will enough be ENOUGH?!?!

Anonymous said...

If blacks really are our equals, then why do they require my neverending financial support and supervision?

Sorry gang, must separate if you want to fulfill your life on this planet. Otherwise just picking up after animals.

Anonymous said...

Negroes - when Whites in England felt oppressed they left in boats and sailed across the Atlantic. They created America. They had their own country to escape oppression.

Get the hint?

Anonymous said...

OT, but funny. Famous magician was robbed. Guess who?

Pat Boyle said...

Back when I was in software development I used to have a saying - 'Starbucks didn't invent coffee'.

We had patented hardware and my team wrote original software, but we weren't getting rich. Starbucks was getting rich without any new technology whatsoever. The saying was my way of giving respect to the tremendous success that was Starbucks. Our marketing people could have learned something from them.

But if they really are going to have their Baristas talk about race and race relations it may all come crashing down. It's hard to imagine a more unsettling topic to talk about over breakfast. My tummy churns just thinking about it.

Part of the problem is that everyone assumes that the different food or beverages tastes are purely social or cultural. I'm just speculating here, but it may very well be that blacks don't digest or metabolize coffee the same way whites do. After all we know that Asians have a flush when they drink alcohol. That's genetic.

But in our over-charged racial atmosphere for me to suggest that blacks might react to caffeine differently, will immediately mark me as a racist. But it's possible. One of my prescriptions has different dosages if you are white or if you are black. Lots of medicines effect blacks and whites differently.

Personally I'm a coffee fanatic. I have all this equipment. I've never known a black person to have all the stuff I have. Maybe that means something.

Pat Boyle

Anonymous said...

While the CNS article could have been worded differently to make it clear the writer knew WHY there are no Starbucks in black areas, I agree with the hypocrisy angle of the piece. Starbucks wishes to to put their mostly white customers on the spot in a confrontational way, as if THEY are to blame.

We all know why there are no Ruths Chris steakhouses in black cities, but Ruths Chris doesn't play blame whitey hashtag games. Starbucks does, and deserves to be called on their hypocrisy. I would at least respect their consistency (though laugh at their cluelessness). Screw them.

Anonymous said...

That Starbucks crap is the last straw for me with liberal businesses. No offence to people who work in retail (i did) but i am not to be dictated to by a mere barrista (guilty white female likely) on such an issue. Over here in Ireland there is no AA yet, so there isn't any fake black middle class, they just exist on welfare like any good third worlder. When all this comes crashing down the end result will be quite interesting, will it be a case of sticking them on boats and sending back to Africa to build pyramids and sheet, or will it be an unimaginable bloodbath (WWII style)?.

White, Irish and proud

Southfield Cheeseman said...

O/T A black woman in Southfield,MI (pop.70% black) is trying to repeal a recently passed gay rights ordinance.
"It gives rights to one group and takes them away from another" she said, adding that it was "not


Anonymous said...

You may have missed the point here, PK.

The point of the article is simply to highlight blatant liberal hypocrisy.

The CEO of Starbucks says he wants another honest discussion of race, but of course that's the last thing he wants.

An honest discussion of race might include questions about why Starbucks and many (most?) other businesses don't want to locate in Negro areas.
No one expects the CEO of Starbucks to make stupid financial decisions.
I think we do have the right, however, to expect him to not lecture us when his hypocrisy is so transparently obvious.

Anonymous said...

I DO think that Starbucks should put its money where its mouth is.

I DO think that Starbucks should have its feet held to the flame.

Starbucks put its foot forward in furthering the disingenuous racial agenda.

Now they should prove to us how truly altruistic they are in the national conversation about race by opening stores throughout black ghettos across the USSA.

Anonymous said...

I am very tired of self-righteous assholes like the CEO of Starbucks. If we're lucky he'll have meetings with negro shakedown artists who will convince him to put his money where his mouth is and open 100 stores in all- (or nearly all) black areas. He could hire negro employees exclusively. He could suffer financial loss, employee theft, property destruction, violence and robberies in these stores. But they shame him into keeping them open.

Then he could have a real discussion about race with his shareholders. Not have his employees harangue his customers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Negroes - when Whites in England felt oppressed they left in boats and sailed across the Atlantic. They created America. They had their own country to escape oppression."

Yes, but many lived in Denmark before escaping to "America".
Those crazy versions "religious" freedom. Of course Europeans built this country.

Good luck my fellow White People.

Scot Irish

Snow Bird said...

Perhaps PK should edit the story with the background of this. AFAIK earlier this week Starbucks had introduced some promotion where their employees were to berate people for being "racist" or otherwise use them as street preachers to spread the gospel of BRA.

The "conversation about race" to be had with your Starbucks cashier then changes from "check your white privilege" and becomes "So why is there no Starbucks in Ferguson?"

Unknown said...

Oh my!

There is smoke coming out of my printer!

Got my bucket of paste, paint brush and latex gloves ready for some early morning fun!!!

Slapping these ALL over NYC with video proof (and reactions) from my spy glasses.

($15.98 on Amazon)

Pinhole Hidden Recorder Sunglasses

At the top of the pages that I printed - to attract attention...

...the word:


This is great information, PK!!!

FlowerBell said...

Charles Shultz is the same man that told investors they could go elsewhere with their money if they didn't like same-sex marriage.

This misguided man now thought if he talked about race it would help business(he thought wrong).
He knows (but will not admit) it would be a business disaster to open in predominantly black areas.

The problem with Starbucks is they're are not being genuine, honest or real. Its all window dressing and pretend. Just like most of the last six years.

How long can this alternate universe of the noble savage last?

Is Vegas already taking bets?

Anonymous said...

There seems there is more to this story than the article put forth. Maybe I lead a sheltered life, but I did not realize that the Starbucks’ CEO was critical of others for not locating in the hood, yet did not locate there as well. IS there any other CEO with this cockeyed way of looking at things that I should know about?

CNS is generally a good place for news, but I was shocked they would lambaste a company for not locating in the hood. However, I’m big enough to stand corrected, if you posters were correct about Starbucks’ hypocritical stand on the issue, then I have no sympathy for them.

It is suicide for any business to willingly locate inside the hood. Although the elderly lady in Ferguson lost money selling her house, she was lucky to get out. She could take the money and move to a smaller city away from St. Louis and the orks.

However…sooner or later white people are going to have to take a stand for their rights to live in peace without Negroes. It is really more of a common sense thing than racism not to want to live next door to blacks.

This may be a bit like the Sony CEO caught using what the groids thought were racist comments of Obama viewing only groid movies. Actually things like that show liberals know how bad blacks are, but are afraid to admit it in public. Only in private e-mails does this stuff come out.

White people who believe blacks are good people are beyond stupid!

Plaga Negra said...

I'd rather be a racist than a liberal democrat.

Anonymous said...

So this Starbucks barista foot soldier thing is also a partnership with USA Today. Notice on their in-house promotional piece, how the first three of four videos are exclusively black (13-14% of the population in America), and how the country *must* address racial issues. The fifth video is a Latina who is half white (opening line: "Too white for Latinos and too Mexican for whites"), the sixth is a mixed Polish and Mexican dude who credits a black friend for saving his life from bullies. The seventh features a black/Sicilian mulatto yammering on. The eighth is a dick-sucking piece on the baby-boomer white CEO of Starbucks addressing an inner-L.A. (i.e. mestizo) audience, and finally we have a USA reporter on the scene breathily orgasming over how baristas will scrawl #RaceTogether at all Starbucks stores.

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

I'm beyond fatigued.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Earlier this year J. C. Penny announced they were closing fifty some stores because of shoplifters and employee theft. Movie theaters are loosing money because whites are not going where blacks make up a large percentage of the audience.

Malls are closing because of large groups of TEENS and YOUTHS beating the shit out of each other and mugging people in the parking lots.

This year Amazon broke all records during the Christmas season because people can order on line and not worry about being mugged, robbed or raped while shopping.

My prediction is that one of these days during Christmas the TEENS will start hi-jacking and robbing UPS and Fedex trucks like they now do with pizza trucks.

These creatures are having an effect on the bottom line and the fat cats and money boys are suffering more and more loses. Maybe then things will change. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to sound like some kind of racist. I really do believe that Starbucks should move to the ghettos so they can get down with the brothers and have some really cool dialogue about race.

By this time I thought there would be more evacuees moving into my area from the surrounding war zones known as America. It looks like they are going to Colorado. That's fine by me. I don't like big crowds.

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

Off topic, but while I am reading the comment sections in various news websites, even mainstream sites like abc, cbs, or cnn, it is startling to see how many people are waking up. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but yahoo comments practically read like sbpdl, without the egregious racial slurs.
I heard the cheif negro of teleprompter reading of the united states reciting one of his jew speech writers thoughts on mandatory voting the other day. I couldn't help but think, he better be careful what his jew speech writer wishes for. The silent majority is always here, and always will be here. I think that they, the "leftists," the "internationalists," whatever you want to call them, have convinced themselves of their own propaganda, and in all of their brashness, the loud mouthed minority (lol) fails to recognize the silent majority. (Nixon's revenge?)

Anonymous said...

Funny comment at CNS:

If you feel the angry walls of Diversity™ closing in, and need a respite, here are some recommended black-free venues:

1. home improvement stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, or Benjamin Moore paints
2. botanical gardens and garden centers
3. gun stores, shooting ranges
4. SCV meetings, Civil War battlefields and historical reenactments
5. stock brokers' offices
6. German/Hungarian restaurants
7. classical music concerts, opera, ballet
8. country music bars and American Legion posts
9. museums, libraries, book stores

I would add a few:

10. Non-profits that don't provide services to blacks.

11. Computer stores.

12. Indy movie theaters.

Anonymous said...

As others have pointed out, I think the CNS writer is ridiculing Starbucks for not placing their shit coffee in the ghetto.

I've been ambivalent about Starbucks. That coffee is expensive and quite bitter. I've moved from being ambivalent to being dedicated to destroying them in any small way that I can. Race Together.

AnalogMan said...

FlowerBell said...

This misguided man now thought if he talked about race it would help business(he thought wrong).

Hard to tell what he was thinking. Was it just evangelism trumping his good business sense? We saw how that worked for McDonalds with their "365Black" campaign. They attracted exactly the clientele they were aiming for, with predictable results. So, whom is Schultz hoping to attract?

He can't be hoping to attract and convert us racists, surely? Can he be that delusional?

What if he's actually, as they say, "crazy like a fox"? What if there actually is a market for coffee with added guilt? Get your flagellation on the house, with your breakfast. Earn anti-racist points while you relax with a cup of coffee.

Those SJWs may just be that fanatical.

Of course, he'd lose the sane part of the population, and he probably won't attract any negroes, but there can't be many of those in his customer base anyway.

In any case, this is not an important issue for us, but it does illustrate that the propaganda is everywhere, and relentless, and possibly even higher priority in the agenda than mere profits.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He'll just pay them off, which is what they really want, and do nothing to implement their suggestions.

To expect the black race hustlers to actually do anything about the situation of the average black is like donating money to an African country and expecting that the elite won't steal it all before it reaches the starving villagers it was intended for.

Blacks will always run into the wall of their own blackness.



P.k. you done missed the boat on the back handed slap that friend of your was trying to expose. I totally agree with Anon 03/20/15@5:16p.m. and Anon 03/20/15@5:46p.m.

Really don't think this was a conservative thing at all. It was a "sure I'll do that when you do this." Knowing the whole time there will be NO "when you do this part!"


Anonymous said...

I agree with those saying that the point of the article is to call out hypocrisy of DWLs.

I go to starbux every now and then and I look forward to asking the semi employed barista exactly why there are no starbux in these cities. In fact I might just use my iphone to video the response. I'm sorta looking forward to this. This will be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

no business owner in their right mind will set up shop in an area where success of that business would be in jeopardy so its logical that they will go where people have money. they know full well what black areas are like, unemployment, crime, violence and the like.

Anonymous said...

The CEO of Starbucks neds to be replaced with a mulatto to prove they're not racist.

Unknown said...

Double down is what compulsive gamblers do when they start to lose. They're doubling down on black because they keep getting 00. That Wheel of Misfortune is now kicking their ass and their money is now worthless to stop it. When they get shrill and start to call for censorship that's when they will pack their bags and run for the airports. Hopefully some blacks will take up the offer to lecture Whites about racism, because they judge everyone by skin color. All they know about Baa Baa is that he's black.

Anonymous said...

The only way Starbucks will work in these cities is if they call it Starcrunks and sell malt liquour, hair weave, crack pipe, brillos, and blunts.

Serious though, only about 7 or 8 types of businesses survive around nogs because they're only going to buy what they want . Gourmet coffee is not on that list.

My views are hardening quickly. I'm beginning to think beyond the awakening.

Realist in MA

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

I need to remind everyone here, there is false dichotomy between "liberal" and "conservative." I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but there are too many people out there cligning to false political ideologies. For everyone on her who thinks they are a conservative, I want you to realize this. You are a radical, you are counter culture, you are fighting the system. Do you realize that?

Anonymous said...

To be in my own home with my wife making the best coffee in NC...sitting in the kitchen nook watching the sun come up...good intelligent conversation...commenting with like-minded white non-dwl people on this worth more than every starfucks coffee shop in the world. I will NEVER give up my white rights to any member or supporter of the black plague. Its not a priviledge...its mine. I worked for it...i earned it. NC Realist

Ricky Tucker said...

Homework assignment: Make a professional looking flyer for an upcoming job fair at a Starbucks near you. Make sure to mention GOOD pay and FREE insurance. Post flyers in places blacks frequent. For maximum effect a coordinated date is a must. I say April 15th. While you're at it make some flyers for the IRS as well.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what are you printing up and going to paste all over town ? You sort of left that out.

Anonymous said...

If what I am reading is true from the posters, both the CEO and Starbucks deserved the challenge by CNS.

It would be interesting at this point to research Starbucks and any comments they made towards lecturing others about catering to Negroes.

By the way, my wife spends a butt load of money there! I guess she supports a DWL company, and since I support her, so do I! HA HA!

I read what was in PK’s editorial piece. As it stands, it sounded like CNS was trying to shame Starbucks into moving into the ghetto for diversity’s sake; not because of any past action by Starbucks by what you people are alleging happened (namely Starbucks tried to bully others into the ghetto to make themselves look good.)

The editor of CNS needed to be clear on that point! I don’t spend all my days reading CNS and cannot read the editor’s mind or what he was trying to do unless he is clear about his intentions. He can’t expect people to support CNS’s cause unless the editor is clear about the blog’s intentions. Quite frankly the piece by CNS could be taken two ways, and the way I took it was CNS was trying to force a good company to relocate its assets in a losing proposition…which was ludicrous!


Race said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

White Boy: "How do you take your coffee"

White Girl: "Black, like my men"

Kids' lines from movie Airplane.

Ha ha.

Maybe Starbucks can use that clip as part of their campaign?

Anonymous said...

The scene:

Just puked in my mouth.

Indy is headed for the gutter said...

Generally, if your pissing away 5 dollars on a coffee, rather than helping someone who needs it or simply saving your money, you're a narcissistic and selfish asshole. JMO

Anonymous said...

"For maximum effect a coordinated date is a must. I say April 15th."

April Fool's day may be better.

10mm AUTO said...

"Homework assignment: Make a professional looking flyer for an upcoming job fair at a Starbucks near you. Make sure to mention GOOD pay and FREE insurance. Post flyers in places blacks frequent. For maximum effect a coordinated date is a must. I say April 15th. While you're at it make some flyers for the IRS as well.

March 21, 2015 at 6:21 AM"

Come on Ricky, if your going to post flyers for negros to get them to show up at Starbucks, use April 1st! Trust me, only the Barestias will get the joke.

Anonymous said...

"Conservatives" understand the simple principle of opening a business where the customers are, "progressives" on the other hand seem to be missing it. As such, when a "progressive" whines about lack of services in predominantly ghetto type areas, challenge them to put their money where their mouth is. These companies they are whining about sell franchise operations, they just do not have anyone interested in opening in dangerous areas. If these people are so "progressive" they, themselves should buy a franchise and put it in the "under served" area. There are even programs from local governments to help pay for opening businesses in these areas of town, so lack of funds is a very limited argument.
If you use this argument they get really upset, sometimes to the level of violence against you, then just have them arrested.

Anonymous said...

"For maximum effect a coordinated date is a must. I say April 15th."

Go to a Starbux parking lot, use their WiFi to set up a craigslist account and post away. Better make it "Starbuck", or some such.

Ricky in Cali said...

I see the same thing on the websites and I posted about this when the two all Black negress colleges got into a brawl about two- weeks ago. Major chimpout. I read 635 comments in the first half an hour of Realists tired of this before the moderators changes the article.

You see Yahoo used to delete about 1 out of every 30 of my posts. Then about 1 out of 15. They try so hard to make it seem like everyone thinks the same way, "the liberal way", but when 30,000 people comment on a website at one time it's hard to moderate them all and you can see the Realists shine through.

Enjoy it though my friend. Yahoo deletes comments to fit it's liberal horseshit agenda. A lot of people have seen the Realists disappear quickly on there. I'm one of them!

Anonymous said...

Calling out leftist hypocrisy isn't a problem. It's throwing their shit back in their face. Or just call it a jujitsu move.

Anonymous said...

Tru dat and Amen brutha!


Ricky Tucker said...

C'mon guys...April Fools too obvious. I chose the 15th because our tax money funds BRA. It's irony or something.

D-FENS said...

"I don't know if anyone has noticed, but yahoo comments practically read like sbpdl, without the egregious racial slurs."

"You see Yahoo used to delete about 1 out of every 30 of my posts. Then about 1 out of 15. They try so hard to make it seem like everyone thinks the same way, "the liberal way", but when 30,000 people comment on a website at one time it's hard to moderate them all and you can see the Realists shine through."

Yahoo is in a difficult position. They are an also-ran to Google and others. So they need the eyes and clicks to generate the numbers needed to generate advertising revenue. On the other hand, they would undoubtedly like to avoid being anything even remotely faciilitating "racism".

Pat Boyle could probably give some insightful comment on this.

festus said...

Well, blacks don't tip. So there is no extra incentive for the coffee servers to work there and thus no Starbucks in black neighborhoods. Some barista should make that a coffee-cup race dialogue opener.

Philadelphia Mike said...

I just thought of a good catch phrase: "Mothering Gone Wrong".

Where There's White, There's Hope.

Philadelphia Mike

D-FENS said...

We all need a little humor to get us through the Bizzarro World known as BRA. Here's an SNL skit about Starbucks Home Coffee system that is appropriate for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

Did you read this one?

A young mother to be (White?...she went to school in Guatemala) is stabbed by a feral sub Saharan African bi racial female. The feral female carved the fetus out of the womb of the young mother to be. The mother is still alive. The baby is dead.

What impulses were motivating this feral female? Was she going to eat the baby? You just never know anymore.

The atrocities never end. They only seem to get worse.

The negroes has no idea what's in store for them. But what do you expect? No future time orientation. No thinking. Just actions based upon unbridled impulses.

Just as there's a critical mass of societal destruction associated with negro influx, there will be a critical mass associated with the violent negro upon non-negro attacks whereby the non-negroes will explode in eruption of allied European/Oriental/Mestizo counter violence that the world has never before witnessed.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how high the ratings were for EMPIRE?? this is scary stuff ,the amount of whites watching this crap is sickening. COMMENTS??

Anonymous said...


The comment sections on various news sites are all that you need to know that you aren't insane, and yes, the emperor is wearing no clothes when it comes to national coverage about race. Feeling the disconnect, whites have begin to fill in the dots and then you realize pretty much everyone is doing it. Take a general note to yourself which sites seem to have open comment sections- they are declining because people are breaking from the ludicrous narrative that they keep peddling to people year after year. Such bs is so condescending that it is making people actually WANT to become race-realists. It seems like the black methodology is to be aggressive and accusatory and belligerent in each and all situations. Never a chance for any other minority to air their grievances (they for some mysterious reason don't seem to have the need to like black people do). If the camera moves off of them and their hyper-red neck wannabe thug looks at muh bs they yell racist and attempt to shame everyone into doing their bidding or giving them something completely unearned that no honest person would ever ask for. The social aspect of these people seals the deal for probably half the population. Everything you don't want your kids to be. Loud, selfish and in need of everyone's attention, completely unaware of the presence and possible needs of others, taking a literal dump on decorum, being late, unorganized, aloof and entitled. Complaining ALWAYS beating out actual working or just trying to act pleasant to others in even the slightest way. Everyone has their stories, particularly now, and I'm sure would love to share them.

Encourage people to share their stories on these sites. It makes it more engaging and personal.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is a Ruth Chris in downtown St. Louis. There main clientele is ghetto negros. Imagine the most ghetto trash imaginable going out for a 200$ dinner, but have the most disgusting automobile imaginable. They are incapable of getting their priorities straight. I did see a stat about blacks are aborting themselves out of existence. So there is some hope.

Anonymous said...

You fellow realists talk about white businesses not wanting to locate in Selma, or Detroit, or E. St. Louis, or Memphis, why don’t black entrepreneurs step up to the bat? They are getting real estate at a fraction that YT paid for it! This is an opportunity of a lifetime for those so-called intelligent blacks to put their bank roll where their mouth is!

Does Harpo the whale or Barrack Hussein Obama line up to create jobs for the young men training in the soon to be built community center? The yutes walk in as bonobo apes and in 30 days they are transformed into educated, intelligent men of integrity and savoir faire. Not even the most intelligent white person or group could accomplish as much as the new community center will accomplish with these yutes willing and able to achieve as soon as YT gets out of their way.

I want to see coon groups locate in these places. These are THEIR brothers and sistas!

Anonymous said...


negro riche

pouring champagne in flower pot

How do you spend $55,000 on one dinner?

Very easily, according to former Cowboys receiver Jesse Holley, who was one of the players who ran up that tab on Bryant. Holley told 105.3 The Fan that he and other players ordered liquor that ran $1,300 a shot. Seriously, $1,300 for one shot of liquor.

“There’s one called the Louis XIII Rare Cask. They only have about 50 bottles in the world. Two of them were in Texas. One of them is in Houston and the other one was at Pappas Bros. For one shot, it was $1,300 dollars. It’s Cognac. They brought it out in this case where they had to push a button and it opened up illuminating. They had to serve it in white gloves,” Holley said, via the Dallas Morning News.

Holley left before the bill came, but he said his understanding was that it was split among all the rookies, not just footed by Bryant. That’s not how Bryant remembers it; Bryant said this week that “I paid $55,000 for a dinner, and it struck me the wrong way.”

But while Bryant wasn’t happy, it sounds like Holley enjoyed himself.

“I’m not a drinker, but when they said it was $1,300 a shot, I said I’m not missing this opportunity to say I drank something that cost $1,300. It was really, really, really smooth and you don’t need much of it to hit you,” Holley said.

Holley also said players were ordering $90 steaks, $120 lobsters, and expensive champagne that they proceeded to pour in the flower pots at the restaurant. The veteran players apparently thought they were being funny. Bryant had every right to be furious.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to drink "coffee" at Starbucks, you had better have a job! A good one too. I went to Starbucks one time, will never go back. Too damned expensive!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

On GATEWAY PUNDIT there are photos of all the white CEO dudes that run Starbuck's. It looks that there is a token black.

Pat Boyle said...

D FENS though I might have something to say about comment censorship.

I do.

If yahoo censors a lot of your comments - simply avoid Yahoo. I don't keep stats on censorship but my impression is that Google GMail doesn't censor much of what I write. But I typically don't go back to check so I could be wrong.

The main thing I think is to develop a consistent approach First decided where you are going to comment. If you comment here you will seldom if ever be censored but this is a 'preaching to the choir' neighborhood. Probably everyone who reads this blog already agrees with you.

If you post a racial realist comment on a left oriented blog you stand a good chance of being squelched. But OTOH a racial realist comment there is most likely to have the biggest impact. So the rules are different for posting a comment in hostile territory.

You must be reasonable and appear even handed. Never use racial jargon. For example if there is a video of black teens attacking a white girl (a common enough clip) most white liberals will be outraged but you won't get listened to by referring to 'she boons' or 'chimp outs'.

Your best opportunity for changing someone's mind is to dispassionately decry the violence and then speculate if it is caused by different MAOA SNPs. Most liberals don't realize how different blacks are. Almost none of them even realize that blacks have smaller brains. Not knowing that, they can dismiss IQ score differences has some kind of mistake.

When writing on a hostile web site always be polite and never lose your temper. Race Realists have the facts on their side. Try to sneak in a fact. The battle will be long.

Paul Kersey is a good resource. Most liberals who just watch the mainstream media, have no idea about any of the basic facts that Paul has published here. For example few realize that Ferguson was mostly white only a few years ago. Most of the public doesn't realize that many houses there have lost half their value almost overnight. As Paul wrote recently many widows and the elderly have been wiped out. This is the real human tragedy not some criminal getting shot.

Pat Boyle

Anonymous said...

"" eruption of allied European/Oriental/Mestizo counter violence that the world has never before witnessed.""


Well, I do believe you're right. Things are going to get pretty ugly. 80% to 85 of the population will reach their tolerance limit and all hell will break loose against that very disruptive and destructive 15% of the population.

Who would have thought, a diversified alliance of Whites, Asians, and Mexicans. Necessity will make strange bedfellows.

Anonymous said...

Share this with your local Starbucks employee.

In the last three days we have seen:

1. two negro children aged 13 and 14 murder a white man walking his dog. For no reason other than hatred of white people.

2. a negro woman cuts a baby from a white mother's womb, killing the baby.

3. a crazed negro goes on a machete rampage in the New Orleans airport.

And those are only the most widely reported and spectacular acts of violent crime. During the same three day period, many whites have been raped, beaten, robbed and murdered.

But always remember Emitt Till.

Californian said...

Simply put: Businesses want to be in the black, not surrounded by blacks.

This gets to the real issue here: the corporate sector is a major supporter of white dispossession (via AA, funding non-white advocacy groups, exporting middle class jobs, importing third world workers, promoting a fantasy image of blacks on the telescreen, etc., etc.). But the dispossession is for the proles, not for the inner party who have their gated communities, private security details, posh schools for the lads and lasses, and Lear Jets to white sanded beaches.

Now you would think that the CEOs might see something imbalanced here. Like the Ferguson Fracas aka the pillaging of an American town making life a tad unlivable for the members-only golf club. And there have been reports that the upper crust is looking for ways to bail out when Dodge gets too hot.

It has been a major failing of mainstream conservatism that it has given the corporate sector a blank check for so many decades. Well, maybe when the issue was one of capitalism versus communism, it made sense. But today? There needs to be a major reappraisal of the relationship between the political right and the economic system. Too much of the managerial elite have sold out white interests. Perhaps they are slowly awakening to the consequences. Perhaps not. It's not for nothing that factions among the European new right are attacking capitalism as well as communism, and calling for a nationally based industrial system.

This can get really interesting.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

The biggest mistake that any big company who sells to the general public can make is to venture into politics or opining on contentious issues where there are large dividing lines, because you alienate those in your consumer base who hold an opposite stance. There is basically no positive that can come from it.

Everyone knows examples such as when Chick-Fil-A was roasted over the CEO's opinion on gay marriage, or when a boycott drive was directed at A&E over the Duck Dynasty man's views about gays. Granted, most people's views are more in line with Chick-fil-A and Duck Dynasty regarding those stances, but there is virtually no potential sales increase by venturing outside of merely selling your consumable.

I believe that the intent of the originally sourced article was to draw attention to Starbucks being a hypocritical company regarding their suddenly passionate views about race. It is very hollow to feign concern over "America's inability to address race" and act like they are going to be a brave and noble company for "initiating the conversation" ---- when for all intents and purposes, Starbucks has actually (and correctly) made its "view of race" known by where they do and do not invest resources. In practicality, they, like anyone else in business, do not like blacks either. They do not place their stores in heavily black populated areas, and they do not entrust blacks to executive positions within their boardrooms. They understand enough about what blacks bring to the table to grasp that THAT is not a "social construct" - linking your wagon to them is a losing proposition and a recipe for revenue loss. Other than lip service charitable endeavors, or use as feel good props in commercials, flyers, and billboards : corporate America has no more use for blacks than anyone else does, and they too, make sure to place as much distance between themselves and blacks as possible in real estate location.

The only kinds of chain outlets that intentionally place their stores in black communities are those selling primarily low price products. Dollar Store type places, fast food joints, and gas station/convenience stores. The only small privately owned non-chain businesses that thrive in black communities are hair/weave shops, pawn stores, tire shops, liquor stores, hat and t-shirt shops, and day care centers ..... and even then, rarely are those black owned and operated.

Before any construction is ever approved in a proposed location by a large corporation, every factor imaginable is taken into consideration, including resale potential in case of a future closing. And like the Bandy home, pennies on the dollar are the return, and the shekel counting YKW CEO is well aware of that too, hence his disingenuous gesture.

FlowerBell said...

Sorry, Howard Schultz. My error in my last posting.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people you'd dismiss as DWLs are closer to realism than you'd think.

If you drop the N-bomb or call for a race war, most whites will tune you out immediately, but there are a lot of things you can talk about without seeming like a crazy racist.

School violence/disruptive kids
Section 8 vouchers (complain that they don't help the people they're supposed to help)
The need for fathers/mentors in the inner city
"No snitching" and failure to cooperate with the police
The Hispanic work ethic
The Asian work ethic
Lowering of standards in schools
How awful most hip hop is (say that it paints a racist picture of blacks)
Pretty much any episode of supposedly "random" street violence and how it's reported
Why there are no coffee places in the inner city
Getting black children hiking, hunting, and fishing
De-facto resegregation of schools
Housing prices
Bill Cosby
Black underperformance in universities
Black underperformance anywhere
Almost any story out of Africa that makes them sound like a bunch of superstitious savages
EBT, food deserts, and black obesity/diabetes/hypertension
Almost any documentary about blacks
How rundown "that" part of town looks
White flight
Either one of the DOJ reports on Ferguson (yes, even the one that called the police a bunch of racists)
Almost anything that PK writes about (but talk about it from the perspective of the poor, benighted black people who don't know any better)

Above all, point out that liberal policies and attitudes are themselves racist against blacks!

Liberal policies and attitudes treat blacks like they're helpless, stupid children who can't control themselves. It's an endless parade of excuse-making and double standards. Use this to your benefit.

Just getting people to think about black dysfunction plants a seed that counters the mainstream narrative.

Anonymous said...

Semi O/T: I realize this piece wasn't about the failure of "conservatism" or the Republican Party to stand up for White people, but the conservative reference reminded me of something I wish every race realist could see. I often think of it:

Laura Ingraham was on some Fox show crying and wailing about the abortion rate among blacks.

She's a cross-wearing (prob. Catholic), "conservative" heroin, and anti-abortion, of course; the last of the "culture-wars" the Repubs seem to be holding any ground on.

Friends, abortion in the "black community" is one of the few things we have going for us right now. They should be free!

Anyway, every time I find myself hating the Dems (easy to do), I remember good ol' Laura saying that she wanted one million more black babies born here in America, every year, that were otherwise aborted.

And she passes for "smart" in conservative circles.

This illustrates just one of the reasons we can't trust Republicans any further on race than we can throw them. Womanish sentimentality about "precious black lives".

Good God....

Anonymous said...

I think this was started because of Starbucks wanting the baristas to engage the customers in conversation about race relations, along with using the hashtag #racetogether.

Anonymous said...

I listened to right side patriots on CPR today. It is a web based radio station that is streamed over the internet. It comes on each Wednesday and Saturday. The reason I am writing this is because some Americans are so close to accepting the realities of blacks in our country, but just refuse to go all the way.

Diane Sori gave a scathing rebuke of Arab Muslim’s today and frankly I agree with her. She said they were inbred and less intelligent than most other people which is true in my opinion. However, I have posted how blacks are equally as bad (using data from PK’s editorials) and she clams up and says that blacks are 99% good and just like us and desire the same things as us(a home, good schools, and the good life.) YET…just like PK…she will show –IN HER BLOG- the statistics of how bad black on white crimes are in New York City, Detroit, and elsewhere. She did a column in her blog (the Patriot Factor) highlighting all bad black behavior; her partner in the program, Craig Andresen, from the national patriot blog regularly lambastes blacks on his blog, but they still hold on to the insane idea that we can live together.

I guess my question is this: how can obviously intelligent people continue this charade? How can she and Craig disconnect the realities of what they report in an almost unfiltered view of reality, and then say that blacks are 99% good? Like I said, both (especially Diane) is vicious in her views of Islam. I see her articles and say: If only that lady and her partner could see that blacks are equally evil.

I will say this for Ms. Sori; she allows 100% frank discussion on her blog. I don’t call Negroes by the word Negroes. I call them what they really are in my opinion. A liberal commented on my comments that I was worse than Django Unchained because on many occasions I let loose 100%! However, no matter how clearly I lay out how bad blacks are, some whites just do not get it. They see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and yet they are blinded by their own preformed ideas of blacks. I try to teach the futility of the black race, but even with the proof that PK presents, some people just do not get it. When the race war starts I wonder if they will get it then?

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

I read that article and came to the opposite conclusion as you, Paul; I thought it was hilariously pointing out the hypocrisy of Starbucks.

Y'all have a good weekend.

P.S. Paul, you might want to look into "Texas Relays" in Austin, Texas.

Anonymous said...

So many funny coffee/negro comments to be made in this scenario!

Barista "How do you take your coffee?"

You: "African American, or can I say 'black' here?"

Feel free to add yours...

Anonymous said...

It is encouraging to see other sites on the Internet that addresses racism against Whites, how Blacks are protected and how Blacks use the race card to their advantage, how the media does not report Black violence and leaves out race when Blacks are involved and so forth.
It encouraged me a little to know there are others who are seeing the destruction of this country by Blacks.

Not surprising but everyone is crying racism because the nomination of Lynch for Attorney General is being held up. I do not ever remember anyone claiming racism at the frequency it is being used today. Every time I turn around someone is crying racism against a Black. I am sick of it. There are studies and experiments that show Whites are the least racist group, and Blacks are the most racist. But Blacks are in denial.

Anonymous said...

I meant to post a reply a few posts back to the person who talked about self defense but I'm just getting to it now. First learn about firearms and how to use them in stressful situations. Going to the range and standing in shooting lane for 100 rounds is not training. There are so many shooting courses you can go to from retired tier 1 guys that will get you more lethal with a pistol in 2 days than any ghetto dweller ever will be.
Physical fitness is paramount...weight training to be strong and lean. Your typical ghetto dweller is so out of shape it's disgusting. Any physical exertion over 30 seconds wipes them out to the point of being nothing more than a pile of shit. I don't need to tell the people here but don't the whole strong powerful black man is a myth. Get strong, eat right, mix in the right amount of cardio to gain muscular endurance and you have aassive leg up on the savages.
Lastly learn self defense that utilizes your whole body. The poster I'm replying to mentioned boxing, learn something else. I love boxing and follow the sport but it will teach you to only use your hands. As sure as the sky is blue in a stressful situation you will revert to your training. Other disciplines will teach you to use your hands, elbows, kness, legs etc. In a street fight against multiple attackers you will need to utilize everything.
I may have forgotten some stuff and I will add to this later. I have personal experience with everything I mentioned and have to deal with blacks pretty much on a daily basis so take it for what it's worth.

FlowerBell said...

Mr. Kersey

I'm assuming that since your celebratory post hasn't gone up you're still short of your financial goal.

I'm just a reader here who appreciates being able to share her feelings about race realism, a subject that appears to be nearly illegal everywhere else.
The situation I find myself in lately reminds me of an old Cecil B. DeMille movie "The sign of the cross". When persecuted Christians, came upon a stranger they would make half a cross in the dirt with a stick. The stranger would either finished the cross and identified themselves as a fellow Christian or ignore it.

We are fortunate enough to have this forum, Thanks to Mr. Kersey, where we can speak our minds without apology.
No apology required because we've done nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

i remember discovering the internet in 1996. i was immediately fascinated by the unlimited resources and information and possibilities for communication.

i also became immediately aware that there is nowhere on the internet where you can post something and know it will stay there for people to see.

express an opinion or spread information that is not politically correct and it WILL be taken down, you will be BANNED.

we COULD have an open exchange of idea and communication but we don't.

most of whats posted seems to be posted or hosted in america, where we SAY we like Freedom Of Speech and Liberty, but we don't really at all.

we want censorship.

we DEMAND to be censored.

its very sad

Anonymous said...

"we want censorship.

we DEMAND to be censored.

its very sad"

This is a very astute observation. Almost everyone is in favor of some kind of censorship, just not for THEIR point of view. It's universal, because this has to do with how people organize themselves into groups. In order for any group to be able to make itself distinct from other groups, there has to be a common belief system,
and there have to be mechanisms for enforcing conformity. Censorship is one of them. "Political correctness" is another, particularly odious mechanism, and in whites it traces back ultimately to the raceless thinking fostered by their religious heritage. These mechanisms also are used to suppress rival groups as the various groups struggle for power over one another.

Anonymous said...

Well then the article is worthless. Conservatism, Inc. and its allies have been POINTING OUT liberal hypocrisy for decades. What has it accomplished?

When they start advocating giving DWLs a taste of their own fascism I'll be impressed. I suggest putting a gun to Howard Schultz's head or siccing the IRS on him for ruthless persecution until he either (1) opens up in the ghetto and stays open even if it destroys his bottom line or (2) publicly apologizes for the campaign and renounces his right to ever lecture us again.

Many think hypocrisy is annoying. I think it is capital crime. Since DWLs want to take away my freedoms, I am happy to take away theirs.

Anonymous said...

They will never be sent back.

Anonymous said...

FlowerBell said...

"We are fortunate enough to have this forum, Thanks to Mr. Kersey, where we can speak our minds without apology.
No apology required because we've done nothing wrong."

The more I read your posts the more I like you. Believe it or not, posters like you give me hope.

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

" There are studies and experiments that show Whites are the least racist group, and Blacks are the most racist. "

That's why they're winning.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Forget about Ferguson, zoom out on that map and see how many Starbucks are in East StL. Just about 3, and they are all in communities bordering on Scott AFB. The map of Sbx locations in St. Louis is a map of segregation. Starbucks segregation.

Starbucks practices redlining, as is evident from a map of St Louis, where East St Louis is nearly a Starbucks-free zone.

Love to hear Howard's plans to end Starbuck's coffee segregation.

Basically a company like Starbucks is not in the coffee business. It is in the demographics data business. Starbucks is not a franchise. All its stores are corporate-owned and operated (except airport concessions). The map of StL / East StL and the Starbucks locations tells us that data be rayciss. Could we have a conversation about that please Mr. Shultz?

Anonymous said...

The Emancipation Proclamation, so honored for its bravery was actually more a Howard Scultz - like weasel move because it only applied to areas behind the Confederate lines, which made it unenforceable, of course. Areas controlled by the Union were exempt from it; in another words slavery was still the rule. I view this move by corporate America as sui generis cynical manipulation: make it appear we're cutting edge, brave, willing to engage tough issues blah blah blah. Actually we're just typical chickenshit soft bodied middle aged
Accountants with sour coffee breath.

Anonymous said...

Some people purchase websites in Russia. As far as I know these stay up and are immune to politically correct American censors.

Anonymous said...


'Almost any story out of Africa that makes them sound like a bunch of superstitious savages'

Shows the true color of africa. not 'makes them sound like'.

Anonymous said...

PK.... this used to be upper class white hood..... I'm being taken over this was in the 1970's all white rock and roll bands in the Gardens! Now it is nothing but nog's and shootings!!

Anonymous said...

FlowerBell said...

"We are fortunate enough to have this forum, Thanks to Mr. Kersey, where we can speak our minds without apology.
No apology required because we've done nothing wrong."

The more I read your posts the more I like you. Believe it or not, posters like you give me hope.

Scot Irish

March 21, 2015 at 4:57 PM

Anonymous said...

So... Starbucks wants a conversation about race? Maybe they should print "Why does starbucks stay out of the ghetto?" on the side of their cups.

Anonymous said...

"No matter where they go, we will follow. No matter how far away they move, we will follow. They can't escape us." —Andrew Young

D-FENS said...

"Every time I turn around someone is crying racism against a Black."

Crying racism is a trained response. Who or what is the trainer?

Anonymous said...

I did see a stat about blacks are aborting themselves out of existence!

and the stupid Republicans don't want to fund abortions. Let them line up to adopt each and every one of the spawns of the devil and raise them and pay for it themselves without goberment $ from my taxes!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on March 20, 2015 at 9:49 PM -

Yeah, they're already robbing UPS drivers. I remember an article from a few months ago in the Carolinas where three "teens" held up a UPS driver at gunpoint. In trying to find a link to the article I found a ton of other articles on similar crimes.

Probably the best one was in Google's summary for one in Baltimore it included a snippet of a comment about what the odds were that three white men held up a UPS truck there. Somehow the filters missed the realists on that one.

I think this is the one I remembered.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising seeing how they're not only the biggest racists on earth, but the most homophobic as well. I'm sick of this cow towing to these savages.

Neanderthal girl said...

From a Zillow spam email...

"Whether you're buying, listing or financing a home, money talks. Follow these do's and don'ts to get the biggest bang for your buck this home shopping season.

Proximity to the coffee giant is perking up home values.

DO buy a home near Starbucks".

Zillow gets it. race realist with code words for WHITE neighborhood.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, it seems to me that their cars are usually the classiest thing they have!

Not paying for food, all of the rent, utilities AND maybe an AA gubbermints job allows for a pretty sweet ride!

Race said...

It's religious heritage is far from raceless, in fact it is all about bloodlines. Only the current levened version is raceless but is entirely inconsistent with scripture. They get very mad when you point this out.

Race said...

IRS already has a program for persecuting Christians and conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I undoubtedly can tell you exactly why this particular CEO is doing what he is.....his primary consumer base. Think about this logically. After research, who are the primary customers of Starbucks? It's split between 2 main groups. 1) Hippie, douche bag college kids. Kids that feel that by going there, they are transported to a world of "I know and see all; and I am a worldly person!"
2) Upper-middle class and upper class business persons, and same class stay at home moms.Business persons carry their endoctrinated educations from colleges with them. All blacks are ok in their eyes. And it's their job to stop the atrocities plaguing the black community, by way of AA, etc.
The well off stay at home moms gather in groups while children are at school. In the event that they do actually stay at home one day, what do they do while "Angelina Maria Paco" cleans her house for her? (Which, you stay at home....clean your own damn house!) She watches countless hours of MSM brainwashing shit on the good Ole boob tube.
So, by pandering to blacks like he did, he knowingly just increased his sales to those who actually spend the most money there.
It was smart if you think about it. Lose the 3% of us who rarely even grace their establishments with our presence, or nearly double sales with those who frequent them?
Of course they'll never place their family, business, and livelihood near black communities. But those of us who can see already knew that.

Nursing My Black Wounds

Anonymous said...

" Most liberals don't realize how different blacks are. "

They know enough to stay out of Black neighborhoods, not buy homes in Black neighborhoods or send their kids to Black schools. Underneath is all, liberals know and they vote with their feet. The neighborhood starts turning Black, they move. Yes, liberals know, they just refuse to admit it.