Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"I am not a monster; I am just ahead of the curve"

There is literally nothing in the world I want more than watching tens of thousands of black people riot nationwide.

We already have seen what one black individual occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has done for gun sales in America; imagine what would happen if Tef Poe's warnings come to fruition?[TOP BLACK LIVES MATTER ACTIVIST: ‘WE WILL INCITE RIOTS EVERYWHERE IF TRUMP WINS’: "Trump wins aint no more rules fammo",, 3/16/16]:
Prominent ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist and rapper Tef Poe has a message for “white people”: If Donald Trump wins the presidency, “niggas” will ‘incite riots everywhere’. “Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know,” Poe tweeted today. He followed up with another promise: “Trump wins aint no more rules fammo. We’ve been too nice as is.” 
Poe is by no means a nobody, he has appeared in innumerable articles charting the rise of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and was credited with coining the phrase, “This ain’t your grandparents’ civil rights movement.”  
The rapper was one of the co-founders of Hands Up United, a “social justice” organization that emerged after the death of Michael Brown that was responsible for coordinating large BLM protests in the St. Louis area. 
St. Louis was hit by riots in August last year as police were forced to use tear gas to disperse demonstrators who threw bricks and bottles at officers. 
The “hands up, don’t shoot!” mantra was later discredited by DNA and autopsy evidence that confirmed Michael Brown did not have his hands up when he was shot by Officer Darren Wilson. 
Poe’s threat to incite riots comes on the same day that Donald Trump himself warned that any attempt by the GOP establishment to steal the nomination from him may result in civil unrest. 
“I think you would have riots. I think you would have riots,” Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo this morning. “I think you would see problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen. I really do.” 
Trump was quickly blasted by many sectors of the media for invoking the prospect of riots, a sentiment that wasn’t seen immediately after the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, when publications like Time Magazine argued that rioting was a justifiable form of protest.
America might be irredeemable, but much of the American population is not: Donald J. Trump has shown us this fact.

A people cannot thrive, if the civilization their ancestors bequeathed them isn't allowed to survive.


Reverend Bacon said...

This would be the best news ever. It would be the societal equivalent of ripping off the band-aid all at once, not peeling it off in slow agony. And when the band-aid is off, the wound will no longer fester, but it will heal. Unless the tissue is gangrenous, in which case it's too late, and the patient will die. But by ripping it off, we'll find out, won't we?

Medic Bear said...

I am sure I am not alone in wishing these useless, shit-talking, racist, lazy POS would start something. Light the spark for the final conflict, brotha' and see where it gets you.

I. Wish. You. Would.

I, for one, would contribute as many, as fast I am able. And I am in a very target-rich environment here in a BRA-ville.

PaintJob Theory said...

“niggas” will ‘incite riots everywhere’

Yep. From Haiti to Zimbabwe, Liberia to the UK, Detroit to Minneapolis St. Paul. That's just what they do. It will come as no surprise to me, and it will take little to no provocation. New pair of Jordans comes out, a cRap concert, some violent felon gets shot by police.

Where thar' be Africans thar' be Africa.

These silly primitives have no concept of the storm that's brewing. Their petty savagery and cruelty for sport pales in comparison the the righteous wrath of YT. People have been hoarding guns and ammunition for the last 8 years in earnest, many more have been preparing for decades. What does Tarquariavious have? Half a box of Tulammo .380 ball ammo and a Kaltec that's never been cleaned or oiled? Even that would represent some future time orientation to save ammunition beyond what's in the magazine in the gun.

Many of us have stored food and water. Serious militias, by all accounts, have enough supplies to sustain a 15 year resistance to any occupation, invasion, or usurpation of our country.

These prehistoric sub-apes are at the verge of extinction and they think they have the upper hand.

Anonymous said...

I honestly cannot even look at them anymore. So tired of watching and listening to their thuggish behavior. Go ahead and get it over with. Blacks and their supporters are and have been ruining this country since they were brought here. Divisiveness has reigned supreme since he 1700's. Either fight for whatever it is that you want or get the f out. I will say this, blacks have ruined pretty much everything they have ever been a part of. Go ahead and finish it off. When you're done whites will clean up your mess like we always do. Maybe this time we won't have to do it again. So very tired!

Californian said...

America might be irredeemable, but much of the American population is not:


Californian said...

Of course, we can ask, "What exactly is it about Trump that would cause blacks to riot in the first place?"

It isn't as if Trump is running on an anti-black program per se. And one might note that Mrs Clinton's husband put quite a few blacks in jail when he was in the White House and ramping up the War on Drugs.

It gets back to the meta-politics. Regardless of the issues, Trump is perceived of as a White Man fighting for White interests. How this plays out, we shall see.

Anonymous said...

Negro fatigue is setting in nationwide. The upcoming riots will only serve to increase it setting in motion more people flocking to Trump.

Anonymous said...

Once again blacks stir the pot, and whites get blamed. Bring it idiots. Locked, loaded and strapped in the dirty, filthy city that BLACKS destroyed. AKA Detroit. Instead of blaming another white guy for all your misery why don't you get off your lazy, ample asses and fix something on your own. Start with condoms and brooms.

Anonymous said...

Prominent ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist and rapper Tef Poe has a message for “white people”: If Donald Trump wins the presidency, “niggas” will ‘incite riots everywhere’

Perhaps I need to step away from the election and BRA related news for a while because I'm almost looking forward to the “niggas” going full riot. Its kind of like looking forward to going to the dentist to get a tooth pulled knowing that it will hurt for a while but feel much better later. I'm ready to get this over with.

Anonymous said...

12 miles north of Detroit. I live in a solid middle, middle class neighborhood. If the darlings of diversity come here, it will be a blood bath. Most of the folks here are white and own more than 1 assault type rifle. They ALL deer hunt, and more than half are ex-military with lots of current law enforcement thrown into the mix. Summertime neighborhood festivities usually always have a gathering of males and the conversation amongst us ALWAYS includes 'defense of our hood scenarios' should the orcs decide to get bold and come our way. The military guys have mapped out the choke points and good fields of fire. The police always tell us to mind their families until they can get home. The City of Warren (8-14 mile rd), MI is the first line of defense with Sterling Heights (14 mile rd _M59) being the fallback. I can say with complete certainty, that the orcs will never make it beyond 9 mile rd. White folks are armed, ready, and waiting for the orcs to feel froggy. Trust me, whites around Detroit have had enough of the animals and are literally itching to even the score for the years of orcs destroying property values and committing crime/mayhem. I almost feel bad for the orcs if they decide to test whitey's resolve in the Detroit area.

North of Detroit

Ricky Tucker said...

It's coming as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.Tef Poe and his fam are going to Be sorry their fathers ever met their mothers in the end. Got 5.56?

Anonymous said...

If whites stop paying taxes blacks would be in a world $hit.

Anonymous said...

Barely on topic, but is it surprising to anyone that no tribe of the Negroid species ever produced a written language of its own? WTF is a "fammo"?
(If you know, please don't answer. Nobody who matters, cares.)
Anyways, they've been promising to "bring it to Whitey" ever since after Rodney King. Even with Nobama's dashiki skirts to hide behind, they still haven't had the balls to "bring it". When Trump takes back our White House, those riots won't go any farther than Twitstagram, because even those thick-skulled cretins are smart enough to know Trump's DOJ Will. Not. Prosecute. any police officer doing his duty to quash rebellion.

Jim Christian said...

My powder is dry. Bring it on, Bruh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tef, why don't you and your niggas clean up some of your ghetto ass neighborhoods. "You people" seem to have a lot of extra time on your hands. The bitching never stops with y'all. Do something constructive instead of being a nigga with a message. Professional agitators. How come this kind of threat never makes it to newspapers or evening newscasts?

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Looks like the gloves are coming off. Almost time for the brass knuckles. Arm up. Train up. Link up.

This reminds me of the other "third rail" of touchy-feely political commentary: the notion that we can't say or do anything that might be offensive to Muslims because we shouldn't try to be "non-inclusive".
Really? They're already pissed off enough to fly planes into buildings, cut peoples heads off with a potato peeler, burn people alive and wear a vest made out of plastic explosives. How much more pissed off at the entire world can people get?

Keep poking and pushing and prodding. You think YT is pissed off now? All we've done so far is take a deep breath and crack our knuckles. When we reach the boiling point, there will be no stopping it.

"Arise, riders of Theoden! Spear shall be shaken! Shield shall be splintered! A sword day, a red day, ere the sun rises! Ride now! RIDE NOW! Ride to ruin, and to world's ending! DEATH!"

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

First off "Ted Poe" didn't come up with that phrase he merely changed the word Oldsmobile for civil rights movement. He's not that clever as you can see by his selection of a rap persona name. His reason for being involved in the movement is probably more self serving than he would like his fans to know. It's about exposure and selling his poorly thought out raps. Second, his nationwide riots wont be nationwide, they will only occur in places that have a sufficient amount of blacks so as to make them feel safe in numbers. Blacks don't like being outnumbered. We have seen it time after time. Even to assault one lone white man on the street they need at least a half a dozen. One or two will get in his face asking for a cigarette or some shit then another will hit him with a brick from behind ,and once he is down the rest of the tribe will join in. This similar to the way they hunted in Africa before we brought them here.
But, if the tribe want to come to my nieghborhood I welcome it. If a brick comes through my window something much more deadly will come back through.
We will see how much stomach Tef Poe has for a real fight. I suspect the only rioting he will do is in the Hood and then who gives a shit.

Mich Mike

oogabooga said...

Bring it you little black bastard!

Ex New Yorker said...

Let's say that the "power behind the throne" or the "man behind the curtain" have finally come to the decision that they no longer have any use for the blacks. The cost of feeding and supporting them has become to expensive. The blacks have already brought down enough property values that the wealthy billionaires can now buy up whole cities at pennies on the dollar. What you might call a huge "buyers market". What to do with the black populations living in those cities. How do you get the MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION to agree that "something must be done." If there "might" be a plan on moving the blacks out of America what do you do to get the rest of the people to go along with the plan.

"Maybe" the best thing would be to breed and feed them to such a point that they become a menace. Let the crime rates sore to a point that the white population are living in a permanent state of fear. Mob robs, street gangs, attacks on whites, robbery, mall riots, etc. Have a docile press that lies about the situation. Let them turn whole cities into a crime infested wastelands. "Maybe" you could have one of your billionaire buddies ACTUALLY PAY THEM TO RIOT and burn down whole sections of large cities. Let them take over the universities so that middle and upper class whites no longer send their children to these schools where a small number of illiterate blacks are dictating policy.

Let the blacks completely run wild and attack people at county fairs and other holiday events. Rather than keeping them confined in their ghettos you let the animals off the leash. Let them run wild so that the white population is living in fear and loathing. The best part of the operation "might" be if you make a black guy president.

By monitoring social media and comments on the the internet you can see the public's attitude toward the negro population as they cause masses of mayhem and destruction. Let things get to the breaking point. When finally a large majority has had enough of the crime, complaining, gangs and other bullshit is when you make your move.

You prime up their "black leaders" with huge sums of cash and get them to start a phony war against whitey. Since these street warriors cannot hit the side of a barn this is in your favor. The ones that aren't killed can be shipped to Africa or sterilized. The controlled press will go along with the operation. Problem solved. The discount prices on real estate will be good for the economy and make a good profit for Wall Street investors. All the hipsters can move back into the cities and open coffee shops, Tom and Jerry ice cream stores and restaurants.

Since nothing is as it appears there is always a hidden reason behind any kind of major events. The people are easy to control. Wars are planned five to twenty years ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

The Rape-publicans are going to steal the Presidency from Trump - accept it. It's coming.

Anonymous said...

First there would be an increase in the killing of whites that would reach levels that even the media could not cover up.

Then a white back lash would occur with immediate suppression of it by the government using military force and martial law.

Next a mass slaughter of whites that would make Nate Turner proud.

Finally the wiping out of the US government by nationalist paramilitary groups with millions dead. Then the paramilitaries would turn on the Africans.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Trump supporters will riot, but the GOP will implode. It's about to go the way of the Whigs in any case.

I was listening to talk radio today, and the hosts don't get the "logic" behind Trump'S popularity.

One caller summed it up: people don't give a shit that Trump probably doesn't know that he can't do what he says he'll do. They just want to stick a thumb in the eye of every professional politician who KNOWS they can't do what they say they'll do just to get votes.

It's a "punishment" vote, and that in itself is a "change" vote.

As Peter Finch said in "Network", "We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore."

When people are done with bullshit and oppression, they are done.

History teaches us that lesson. I'm not saying Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia were good ideas, but they didn't happen in a vaacum.

Trump is not Hitler or Stalin, but he is a wake-up call that it's all gone wrong.

If we don't fix it now with a moderate outsider - which Trump is - the next revolution could be pretty damn ugly.

PB said...

Election blackmail? Directed at a whole Nation? Soros and co.must be proud of their little elves.

PB said...

It will put Black Cops in a difficult spot though won't it.

Anonymous said...

We're ready, fammo.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, black people really ought to rethink this whole actual organized violence campaign against white people. White people will always win due to better organization and discipline. Or in other words, higher IQ.

NY Girl said...

You know, I don't even like Trump and seriously considered not voting should he win the nomination, but Tef Poe? Guess what? You talked me into it!

Guamanian Pie said...

To another useless "rapper." BRING IT ON!!!

FD80215 said...

It's coming folks. History is repeating itself, same thing took place two years before I arrived on the planet, think Nixon. This time however- things will be worse. YT is waking up and the internet helps with this. Here in MO. Trump edged out Cruz, I think this is bogus. I am convinced Democrats went out and voted for Cruz. Everyone I have talked to, and I mean everyone, including people that I know for a fact are Democrats are casting a vote for Trump. Of course they like to downplay it a bit, they say things like, "well, I just can't vote for Clinton because"...fill in the blank. Listen to the language, listen to the tone, I can read between the lines. They're voting for Trump for the same reason we're voting for Trump, they're tired of paying high property taxes, high income taxes, high everything due to "people" who will never, ever contribute to our civilized society. They don't like the fact that going to the Plaza on the weekend has become a life or death situation, this is the ultimate DWL hangout in KCMO, you best be packing if you dare to venture there on a Friday for a night on the town with the little woman. White women I know are voting the same. Women are taking CC classes here at untold rates. Why? They sure as hell aren't in fear of a bunch of crazy white Christians with AK's. Quite the opposite in fact. I'm with you PK, looking forward to the summer, that may seem a bit morbid to some, the fact of the matter is that it had to come to this for the rest of the country to wake the fuck up.

Shark said...

I'm so glad that I have a concealed carry permit and a lot of ammo...

Anonymous said...

They'll riot if DJT is elected?? They're rioting already! Everyday, everywhere, but the DWL media covers it up as per instructions from Soros. If DJT is elected and blacks do riot, he should send all arrested for rioting to TX/AZ/NM/CA and put them to work building The Wall.

Anonymous said...

Blacks truly are retarded. How are the liberal figureheads (their supposed allies) supposed to publicly back this statement? How is Hilary going to spin a direct threat to riot everywhere, all the time, as a good thing? How is anderson cooper going to read this quote on his show? Is he going to leave out "niggas"? Is he going to correct the grammar? We've seen it before, here it is now, and we'll see it again: the blacks are their own worst nightmare.
Then of course this baboon tries to lie about it.
I still challenge people whenever the topic arises to actually produce a racist quote from Trump. Insisting that we build a wall and deport ILLEGALs isn't the same as saying "all Mexicans are dirty and should be exterminated". But literally ANY talk whatsoever that strays from the verbatim pre approved narrative is immediately branded the most offensive thing anybody has ever said. There seems to be no shades of grey, no degrees of right and wrong. Its either in line with the process or it is utterly out of bounds.
So Trump says he wants to restore law and order, crack down on gang and gun violence in the cities, and get the police working again? This is a good thing right? Isnt that what revrun whoever and whichever black coalition are always marching and praying and lighting candles about? They should be happy.

Blacks are never happy.
"we been to nice as is" ???? Really?
Me too.

Anonymous said...

"Don't we already HAVE buellets?"

-My wife, whenever UPS delivers another case.

Anonymous said...

At least we still get to celebrate a white holiday today...

I totally agree with Paul. Since it seems that fear and extortion is all that blacks have in their arsenal (you will never hear them threaten to stop contributing, lol) that is what they will always use. Pretty stupid mistake, as liberals will point out left and right that Trump is riding on a tidal wave of anger. So many more whites than blacks, let alone much smarter and more prepared than them. Go ahead negro, I triple dog dare you.

You can always rely on a negro to go out of 'they' way to annoy or inconvenience any whites around them- just tell them what you don't want and they will get right to it. Demonic children as a description isn't far off.

So BLM is basically saying that Trump can't hold forum or office or else there will be guaranteed violence. Blacks don't contribute anything that they can take away from us for punishment, so we get the black mean.

What a joke. I hope that many of the writers here go out of their way to let blacks know how scared and uncomfortable this makes them and beg blacks not to do it. If I had learned about the black riots in Detroit and Baltimore during the 60's in school I would have probably been a child realist. And nothing turns liberal women on more than violence and destruction. Go for it D'Andre Marquis, just make sure to wear a hoodie!

Do anything you want to me, just whatever you do, don't throw me in the briar patch!

Anonymous said...

The Baron Says:

"These things gotta happen every five, ten years or so. Helps get rid of the bad blood"

This is not unlike the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that's been going on into infinity, and functions as an easy way for another American politician to score a Peace Prize and look "statesman-like". It's constantly kicked down the road for the benefit of the few, and never ends. The solution is incredibly simple in both instances; someone has to win. That's the only way "conflicts" and "disagreements" really end. Do you want your kids and grandkids to keep playing this ridiculous game?

rex freeway said...

Prominent ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist and rapper Tef Poe has a message for “white people”: If Donald Trump wins the presidency, “niggas” will ‘incite riots everywhere’. “Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know,” Poe tweeted today. He followed up with another promise: “Trump wins aint no more rules fammo. We’ve been too nice as is.”

Hey Black people, better put a leash on Obama's son and keep him on the porch. You all are 13% of the pop. If you dont want that number cut in half then I suggest you STFU. Otherwise it's "Click-BOOM!-done. Trump 2016!

Anonymous said...

Back in November, I traded off my AR. Now I wish I hadn't done that. Still have my SKS but I preferred my AR. I reckon I've still got time before the election/riots begin.
Trump is a leader. He's the only one, republican or democrat, that's not just another damned politician. He is not blind. He sees the terrorist organizations the Black Panthers and BLM and other negro "political parties" have become.
Before terrorism can be wiped out in the middle east, its got to be wiped out here at home first. Otherwise whatever any leader says about terrorism anywhere else, just makes him look like a hypocrit.
If Trump is elected law and order will be the order of the day. Hillary may actually have to serve the time she's got coming to her.
I reckon there are a lot more people tired of, and ready to confront the home grown terrorists than I thought.
Time to clean house is a coming!


Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously people, guns are a thing of the past. If we really think that government will not watch us depopulate each other to free up space on the hard drive, sadly mistaken. Stock up on your preservative infested foods and fluoride water, you diabetes stricken people. Stock up on your useless guns and ammo, you drone targets. Remember Jade Helm, remember all of the fema camps stationed near major cities and rural areas close to your militia compound.

Sound is the new weapon, there are anti-riot weapons that disables you by sound waves. It can cause death and be heard about half a mile away. The military and private sector have all the real weapons of this era and they only see 1 color, green. You guys should be ashamed worried some black boy with bad grammar singing songs about nothing but partying.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this black Mensa member ever realized that "being nice" to people is something people just do- it's not just a tool to fit an agenda.

What do you have to offer us, oh great blacks? Entertainment? Your talented-tenth serves as window dressing while whites and other non-blacks attempt to build and move society forward in way or another. I'm going to encourage liberals to take in rescue animals of all kinds so they will be too busy and preoccupied to help you. I'm sure most of them would rather go out of their way to help a dying animal than they would a black man- hey, the animal will probably show some signs of appreciation so you can't really blame their liberal logic.

Liberals LOVE Sanders, and you saw what blacks did to and for him this election season- it's not like the guy had marched and stood side-by-side with blacks for over 50 years... Bernie got burned, and the more black @ss he chose to kiss the worse his situation got. Thanks for the leading by non-example, Shlomo.

Liberals lack enthusiasm, are sick of black people like everyone else, and Hillary has put herself on a leash for BLM. Without someone playing fast and tricky with the rules, how could Trump lose? We need to get the word out that a tipping point has been reached, and it is Trump by popular demand. Stopping him now is a pipe dream, shut up with the "ifs" "maybes" and "coulds".

It should be Trump vs. Sanders, but of course the Dems sabotaged Bernie just as they did Howard Dean.

The biggest corporate whore in the room is Hillary, which is funny because liberals are usually dead-set against that kind of thing.

If Trump can talk jobs and keeping us safe from Muslim extremists then I think Hillary is as good as done- and of course plenty of talk and debate around BLM.

TNB will be in the news constantly so let's all make sure that it gets circulated so that the candidates can address it. It's our race to lose.

Anonymous said...

The orcs are too stupid to realize that they live in an artificial environment designed to keep them alive in modern society. Nigga Poe is like a goldfish in a fishbowl wanting to break the glass to teach YT a lesson. It is probably time to just flush it down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee that there is at least one national media type that reads this blog and the comments. Go ahead and report the nationwide security threat uttered by Mr. Tef Poe. I did t think so.

Anonymous said...

For some reason Shitivious Cook an armed robber from NJ has been purged from the internet. I am pretty sure his story was covered here but I can't find it other than in comments in the search section earliest February 2015. Does anyone have a link to his story?

Anonymous said...

The orcs are so stupid (genetics) that when they riot they just burn down their own nesting areas and destroy the businesses that have been stupid enough to cater to the ground apes. So riot away you idiots!

You're just making it worse for your unwashed hordes for the future. That leads to more animalistic behavior by you sh*t demons which makes Whites shun you even more. That's what we need to assist with the Great Awakening this country needs (and has coming very shortly).


Oil 'n Water said...

Blacks should kiss the ground of this country in thanks for ALL that they have. They just don't get how good they have it. Like the spoiled child living in a mansion, they cannot imagine how their lives would be if they lived where they truly belong.
They also do not comprehend they are not dealing with indulgent parents - this, do anything you want, all will be forgiven mentality. The servants will clean up the mess in the morning. Just please don't have another tantrum.
To use another analogy, when you pull crabgrass, you either pull out the whole plant structure, or it just comes back.
They are a size nine shoe in a size twelve box.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I misspelled Shitavious as Shitivious, the internet didn't hide it.
Shitavious J. Cook, 15, was arraigned Thursday morning on his charges, punishable by up to life imprisonment

Anonymous said...

Watch the release timing of the new Nat Turner movie. An orc and his posse of farm equipment massacring Whites may very well help put the ground apes in the right mood for a hot Saturday night race riot. Watch when they release it...

Mutant Swarm said...

Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB propaganda director before defecting to America. This video shows him describing the four stages of a Communist takeover of a countr. Watch it, and you will realize just where we are on theso-called "progressive" timeline:

"Demoralization, destabilization, crisis, normalization."

CENTURION (aka "Shots Rang Out") said...

PB, above, has a point:

How will negro cops handle this? If there are policemen (I do not recognize women as police anymore than I recognize men as wet-nurses) who read this blog, let us know what the Brathahs intend to do.

In my mind, I can see the negro wanna-bee, AA cops joining their uncle-daddy and nephew-brother and turning against the "MAN". They know they don't belong and never did.

PoliceMEN, let us know, ok?

Anonymous said...

Planning on going to a local gun show this weekend anyway. Now I know what to buy MORE of.
TRUMP 2016 !!

Downriver DTW



Let the lowly common negroes blood run thick in the streets! Bring it morons! We'll be waiting for your first move!


Anonymous said...

Just to brighten your day, here is a video clip of a white male taking BLM to task in a public forum. It's amazing how ineffective they are when going against people who are actually prepared:

Anonymous said...

White folks do not have anything to worry about, because blacks riot and destroy their own neighborhoods. This Tef Poe sound like a real idiot! The only ones who will lose is the blacks and their landlords, because property insurance has a riot clause. There's an underlining purpose behind this threat of riots, and if it comes to fruition. President Obama can declare a state of emergency and dismiss or postpone the elections. He can extend his presidency! We should all hope that none of this becomes true.

On Infowars, there's another disturbing story about the killing of Trevon Johnson by a homeowner who shot him in the process of burglarizing her home. The response by his sister and cousin shows the idiotic reasoning for committing crimes. When I read stories like this, I ask how can we be so stupid!

Willie from Naperville

Mr. Rational said...

The City of Warren (8-14 mile rd), MI is the first line of defense with Sterling Heights (14 mile rd _M59) being the fallback. I can say with complete certainty, that the orcs will never make it beyond 9 mile rd.

You wish.  They're already present in force in the apartment complex at 23 Mile and I-94, with a large concentration in Mt. Ghetto... excuse me, Mt. Clemens.  I got out before they started hitting property values in earnest.

Watch your back.

Anonymous said...

If Trump wins you and your ilk are then set on rioting? Really? I am 65 years old and live in metro Detroit. You have been shucking and jiving my whole life. In between the shucking and jiving, you have been rioting. Don't blame your inability to flourish and thrive on Donald Trump. Blacks have ruined neighborhoods, schools, stores, factories, transportation services, and the list goes on. Get your head out of your ass and either fix your life or admit that you are an irredeemable idiot. In the past your rioting, looting and mayhem has been placated by whitey. It's almost treated as if you are recalcitrant children having a meltdown. You might not want to push that theory again.

Anonymous said...

Unlike most of you I am old enough to remember the riots sparked by the "civil rights" movement of the late 50's and early sixty's. What is happening here is nothing. I WATCHED the city's burn. Hell my mother was a "freedom rider" who attended Berea Collage. I MET dick Gregory M.L. King and Rev. Abernathy. I KNOW Africans HATE whites and always have. If they think they have the upper hand then the rape and murder party is ON. If not they bitch, shuck and jive. We are not at that "critical mass" for a negro burn fest. YET. What we are seeing is normal African behavior when they are afraid. They get louder and louder until they start screaming like apes seeing a lion. They ALWAYS ACT OUT FIRST. Then they panic and start killing-burning everything close by, and they don't care what color it is who owns it or what it is. They Rape steal then burn. But they never travel far from "Da Hood" to do it, and like a pack of wild dogs they never attack anything that fights back. The Idea that some porch monkey, is going to attack a suburban home in the night is rather far fetched. But if they DO go crazy enough to attack white America and YOU happen to cap one or more of the little black darlings. Then you had best be ready for the hundreds that WILL riot down your street protected by YOUR Government.

WW3 said...

Once "nigga's see their "bro's" face peeled off by a 5.56- they will run away as fast as their size 13 Jordans will go. Just like in vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Planning on going to a local gun show this weekend anyway. Now I know what to buy MORE of.
TRUMP 2016 !!

Be interesting to see if there is lots of pro-Trump sentiment. Please give us a report when you come back. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I misspelled Shitavious as Shitivious, the internet didn't hide it.
Shitavious J. Cook, 15, was arraigned Thursday morning on his charges, punishable by up to life imprisonment

Who the [expletive deleted] names their kid "Shitavious?" What kind of parent would do something that depraved? And what do other kids call him for short?

William = Bill
Richard = Rich
Shitavious = [expletive deleted]

This is the thing about BRA. You simply can not make up this stuff. They exceed the usual bounds of sanity.

Anonymous said...

When blacks riot, neighborhoods burn.

When whites riot, continents burn.

Thought-Criminal said...

The "niggas" are so accustomed to getting everything they want by simply threatening violence, riots or screaming "RAYCISS!" that they have lulled themselves to sleep.

This particular nigga is about to see his threats blow up in his face in one helluva backlash.

Bring it, Poe, we're waiting.

Anonymous said...

The Left has murdered millions to stay in power.

Of course they're going to sic their "nigga" pets on us


The guys at my gun club can't wait. We're working on a scoring system. Shotguns make it to easy so are only given a scoring factor of one, rifles are a little more difficult so they get a scoring factor of two, handguns are the most difficult and get a scoring factor of four. Now targets just standing around only get a scoring factor of one. While running targets get a scoring factor of three. Targets screaming and carrying signs get a scoring factor of two. Targets looting and rioting get a scoring factor of three. Targets attacking people or breaking into homes or businesses get a scoring factor of four. So the best score can be achieved with a handgun, on a rioting target,running around, carrying a sign, attacking people. We haven't come up with a consideration for power factor yet, but it follows that a hit with a .308 should be scored higher than a hit with a .223 or a hit with a .357 mag should be scored higher than a hit with a 9mm any ideas?

PaintJob Theory said...

"... clip of a white male taking BLM to task in a public forum."

White.... Shapiro is a traditional Welsh name I guess. More of the same YKW's Conservative Inc. and their paintjob theory bullshit. Not once is GENETICS mentioned.

"Remember Jade Helm, remember all of the fema camps stationed near major cities and rural areas close to your militia compound. "

I do not remember Jade Helm. What happened there? I must have missed all the excitement. What about those FEMA camps? Where precisely are they all again? Where are all these sound weapons that kill people half a mile away?

The truth is that those sound "weapons" are merely crowd control pain generators. Achieving painful levels of sound is very difficult even in an enclosed space, achieving lethal levels of sound is so expensive as to be an absurd venture.

Now consider even the cheap 50 cent foam ear plugs reduce 20-26dB , even "painful" 170dB becomes annoying but tolerable 145-150dB. Throw a pair of over the head earmuffs on top of that and you're 60dB down which would turn the sound of a drag car in your driveway to the sound of your neighbor mowing the lawn. Among my hobbies is car audio competitions (a surprisingly all white endeavor in my region). I can assure you that achieving painful sound levels even inside a vehicle with heavily reinforced doors and windows is challenging and expensive.

On one hand you lunatics think that "they" want to kill 80% of us, on the other hand you think they want to put us in camps. Which one is it? Why would they need camps if they intend to kill us all? Mass graves would be far more efficient and could be made on the spot. Why even make camps? As we saw after Katrina, sporting stadiums would serve the same purpose quite easily.

No sooner does PK quote Infowhores website than some Alex Jones sycophant comes in here screaming doom and gloom sensationalized bullshit. Provide some proof of your wild ranting or crawl on back to Rabbi Jones' site and leave the adults to talk about adult topics. Did you know they called him Rabbi Jones in the Jerusalem Post?

Oh, and Ex New Yorker hit the nail squarely on the head today as well.

SKIP said...

I am disgusted at the anti-Trump saber rattling going on in the news, political groups, PACs and accusations all day of bigotry, racism, he threatens violence and NOTHING about the damned negro rapper and others threatening violence against Whites!!!! It has been 12 years since I voted because I was kept in Iraq and/or Afghanistan and some way was always found to discount military and contractor absentee votes, not this year. Also ordered more ammo, freeze dried food etc. etc. Also moved to a 98% White area in Tn.

PaintJob Theory said...

"President Obama can declare a state of emergency and dismiss or postpone the elections."

There is NO provision in the constitution for postponing or canceling elections. Also, in case you missed the memmo, Alex Jones has been a known sensationalist and bullshit artist since at LEAST 1999 (check his famous New Year's Eve show). If he tells you the sky is blue you had best go outside and check for yourself before you believe it.

"The guys at my gun club can't wait. We're working on a scoring system."

Really at the end of the day everybody wins so score 'em however you like.

NY Girl said...

Yeah, I have an idea. Dispense with the scoring factor and just shoot already. You think you're gonna redeem those points anywhere in Brave New World?

Mi. G. said...

Lock and load, my fellow Americans. No more running. No more coddling. No more concessions.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I'm not a fan of Alex Jones at all. However, I'm a HUGE fan of Paul Joseph Watson, who wrote this story I excerpted.

Bird of Paradise said...

Tef Poe needs to be arrested and charged with making terrorists threats bring him up on these anti terrorism and lock him up for 200 years no parole,no plwa bargins,no movie or book deals and No free concerts

Bill in St Louis said...

Holy shit. This makes sense.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

OT, but I experienced classic TNB on the bus today: full-grown male of subspecies, full-grown female of subspecies, strangers, who knows what set it off but, all verbal hell suddenly breaks loose.. back and forth.. all the way down the thoroughfare on a crowded city bus of people shifting in their seats uncomfortably hoping/waiting for an end to the chaos, which finally came when the male departed after about a very slow painful drawn-out urban mile or so; the female (get this) kept right on ebonics-yelling at the male for the next several blocks although the male had gotten off the bus and was no longer even aboard!.. The kicker was: he was about 60, and she was about 50.. and it struck me.. that they never emotionally mature! They seem to mature until about 12 years old.. and then that's it!.. They're done. It's like, that's all nature requires of them, to survive and continue breeding.. etc..

Bill in St Louis said...

This should be fun.

Anonymous said...

If negroes riot and burn down their hoods, don't replace the homes or businesses. Force them to stay in the ashes. They can live 20 to a room in the surviving structures and do all their shopping at the few remaining convenience stores if any. Provide them with nothing, restore nothing. Of course, they'll wail that no one fixin' all the stuff they destroyed is racism but to hell with them. It's time they learned there are severe consequences for acting like out of control rabid and destructive chimps.

If they bring their bs out in the white areas, catch their rotten black asses in a crossfire and don't let any escape. They want a war, let's give them total war with no option of their surrendering and having things go back to "normal." Once it begins, it doesn't stop until they're destroyed utterly. No black "refugees" pouring into white areas, no place for them to retreat and retrench themselves as the parasites they are.

It's time this crap was finished once and for all.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

Maybe the points can be redeemed along with all those stashed S&H green stamps. Why did Indy waste his time finding the Ark of the Covenant, with such fantastic treasures hidden in Grandma's closet?

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

To: Fatigued in Minneapolis

Yes, they're just like White people, aren't they? Someone should have videoed this lovely exchange between Barry's and Michelle's relatives and posted on-line. Do you have any idea what they were shouting about? Perhaps a chicken bone? Barbara Billingsly, were she alive, might have been able to interpret, but I fear Whites are losing ground on Ebonics. I usually have no idea what most negroes are saying on the rare occasion I can't hit the mute fast enough.

NJ Woman

PB said...

"Yep. From Haiti to Zimbabwe, Liberia to the UK, Detroit to Minneapolis St. Paul. That's just what they do."

You can now add Melbourne to that list where the Africans just recently destroyed an annual festival with their Shines. Our Police, not having a clue and afraid to be called racist didn't know what hit them. I wonder if a few will find this site as a result.

Anonymous said...

I want to say it here as I cannot elsewhere, but Ben Carson, as the smartest black man the Republicans could find, was and is an embarrassment. Really, he told a reporter that he really wanted to endorse other candidates. Does he understand endorsement? He cannot be trusted with simple tasks. How he got to be a neurosurgeon is beyond me. He really must have made a lot of white republicans wonder, 'are all these folks stupid or what?"


Steve Smith said...

They'll probably react the same way their sorry asses did on Nola after Hurricane Katrina.

Ex New Yorker said...

When my wife was still alive we had a friend that lived in Florida. I really got along with the guy because we were both "conspiracy nuts." He was a Desert Storm vet and was friends with some of the local cops who were also DS vets. This included the Chief of Police. Our friend was a computer geek and whenever the cops at the station had any computer problems he would help them out for free.

So one day he is showing me on the computer where the Fema Camps were in Florida. I asked him if he could ask the Police Chief and some of his cop buddies who the camps were for. I saw him a few days later and he told me the Chief said the camps were for the "teens". All the cops in South Florida know who is causing the problems. The camps are there to hold the jigs if there are any kind of black uprising. This was ten years ago.

As some of you may remember good old Ollie North and the Rex 84 program. As I recall Ollie said the camps were for "civil unrest and disorder." Just who might be causing this civil disorder....Iowa farmers, garden clubs, church groups, Boy Scouts, Hopi Indians, truck drivers, veterans, cowboys, sports fans, rednecks, Yankees, senior citizens, factory workers or school teachers. At my old age I still can't figure out who would be uncivil or disorderly.

Anonymous said...

Please bring back the nice, big, acreage encompassing housing projects of the 1900's. A nice shiny new housing market for blacks. A way to say thank you for being the neighbors from HELL. Build a school and shopping right next to the project. No bus service needed. Everything self contained. Whiteys gift to a 60 year experiment and a job well done. Thanks for a lesson learned.

Brian in Ohio said...

I would like to thank Mr. Poe for doing so much to advance the cause of Race Realism. He will never know how many whites his tweet awakened.

I wonder if blacks have any concept of just how much ammunition and how many firearms whites have purchased in the last 8 years? It seems every month sets a new record of NICS checks. The numbers are truly amazing.

Well, It looks like they`re going to get an education....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

The BEST thing that could happen in America would be for the american-africans to riot as violently as they are able.

It would FINALLY snap White america into being forced to deal with the american-africans honestly and effectively.

Just imagine, no more White guilt, no more political correctness, no more coddling or looking the other way or making excuses for them.

It would be glorious to live through.

NY Girl said...

That's the 'hood equivalent of foreplay. Be grateful they didn't fornicate right there on the handicapped seats.

Anonymous said...

For a bit of entertainment, here's a video from outside the Kansas City Trump rally. The knot of people with the red sign are SJW/commie agitators and Africans in America. The guy who posted it was whining on Reddit that the cops sprayed people who weren't even doing anything wrong. Waaa!

The payoff is at the very end. If you have any youth in your family who might want to go to one of these things, show them this to try and dissuade them. The black police chief approved of what the cops did and the black mayor was cool, too. These fools are being used and will pay the price.

Anonymous said...

OMG, you took the words out of my mouth!!! I totally ignore them wherever I am and you can be quite certain they know it. I can see it in there faces.

Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary.

SC Girl said...

Anonymous said:
"If DJT is elected and blacks do riot, he should send all arrested for rioting to TX/AZ/NM/CA and put them to work building The Wall."

Yes! That is a brilliant idea. And then when the wall is built we can throw them over it. I like that. :)

Brian in Ohio said:
I wonder if blacks have any concept of just how much ammunition and how many firearms whites have purchased in the last 8 years?

No, they don't, because blacks are a truly f***tarded species. They have no ability to put two and two together and they have no future time orientation whatsoever. They really don't understand that A) we outnumber them, B) we are much more prepared than they are for a race war, and C) whites actually know how to shoot their guns properly instead of sideways.

It will be interesting to see what's going to happen the rest of 2016. All I can I say to everyone here is please be alert and be prepared for anything. None of us know each other in person unfortunately, but we've all gotten to know each other a bit through our stories. There's a lot of good people on this forum and I don't want to see anything happen to anyone here.

Malcolm Ex-Lax said...

"When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

Malcolm Ex-Lax

Anonymous said...

Wait ... seriously ... Why are the negro people riled up about Trump?

The Engineer

Brian in Ohio said...

SC Girl said:
No, they don't, because blacks are a truly f***tarded species. They have no ability to put two and two together and they have no future time orientation whatsoever. They really don't understand that A) we outnumber them, B) we are much more prepared than they are for a race war, and C) whites actually know how to shoot their guns properly instead of sideways.

They hoot and holler about race war. Me thinks they should be careful what they wish for. It doesn't surprise me at all that they`re totally unaware that millions of whites are preparing for "civil unrest". Laying in supplies. Food, water, medicine, and lest we forget, firepower...lots of it.

And there are those who actively train for the upcoming festivities. Just youtube "3 gun Match" or "Cowboy Action Shooting" to see what whites do for fun. And lets not forget the millions of veterans our recent wars have produced. People who`ve earned their masters in urban insurgent warfare.

Where as the dindu`s level of training is all to apparent. We can observe them the same way football teams watch other teams game footage. Just think of SBPDL as the highlight reel.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

200 miles north of Detroit.* we the so called white people* own this neck of the woods. come up here an talk this kind of crap. will Gladly give you EXACTLY what your looking for !!!!!

chattanooga gal said...

" How are the liberal figureheads (their supposed allies) supposed to publicly back this statement? How is Hilary going to spin a direct threat to riot everywhere, all the time, as a good thing? "
they won't. It will never be mentioned.

Mr. Rational said...

Who are you talking to, Anon @ 6:44 PM?

Back last June, one Tevin Rashee Coney of Detoilet invaded a home in Kalkaska and demanded money at knife-point.  He was easily captured, but from what I see around me the lesson has not been learned:  more muds keep showing up.

Detroit Refugee said...

Grosse Isle is ready!
Open both bridges, deploy all police & reserve police/fire personnel.
All hunters & boaters lock n load.

Anonymous said...

Caucasian native born Europeans are leaving England, Spain, Italy, and Germany to live in European countries that do mot allow non Caucasian and non Christian immigrants such as Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic. It is the twenty somethings leaving because they are tired of being over run with Africans and Middle Easterners and there are no jobs, and the immigrants come first on everything.

Sounds like the U.S. Too bad we have to cross an ocean to go to a White country.

Truth Corps said...

I've been a reader & poster under various names the last few years here at SBPDL, so long now that I don't remember when I first discovered this blog. I knew that I had found something special after the first few blog posts that I read and the comments were incredible. I have felt a kindred spirit here over the years and I want to thank Paul and each and every one of you for your contributions.

I've also preached for some time to get prepared, for a storm is coming our way. I am almost certain that an "American Spring" is in the works for our Republic, which is in it's death throes. I urge you to prepare in earnest as time is short. Buy and store all the weapons, ammunition, food, water and medical supplies you can afford. Network NOW with like minded people in your area. Identify (through facebook, Twitter etc.) the SWJs, Communist/Socialist, BLM, and Occupy agitators in your area. You will need this information later.

Godspeed to you one & all.

"Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war let it begin here." Captain John Parker, to his Minute Men on Lexington Green, April 19, 1775.

White-Skinned Goodness said...

To Anon @ 8:43AM:

Thanks for posting that nugget. A real-life Shitavious!!! I'm laughing so hard that tears are flowing.

Anonymous said...

If guns are obsolete, why do they want to take them?

NC blue eyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NC blue eyes said...

I've wondered that, as well. Why are they so angry at the thoughts of someone who wants to bring jobs back to America? Never mind, answered my own question 😄

Bird of Paradise said...

Activate the Force Field and watch the disintigtrations to begin

Anonymous said...

NC Blue Eyes,
YT = Y.T. = Why Tee = Whitey

Anonymous said...

..."it would finally snap white Americans into being forced to deal with the American-Africans honestly and effectively."

Wish you were right but I doubt it. I lived through the riots of the 60's. That didn't snap anybody out of anything. Watching Blacks beat a man almost to death with a brick in the 1990's didn't galvanize us. Heck, the victim"forgave" his attackers. I read recently a story where a white girl was murdered by a black fellow church member. There were only a couple of blacks in the whole church. Predictably the white congregation had a prayer vigil or something like that where they were every bit as concerned about the welfare of the murderer as that of the girl's family. This is so idiotically "white" it make you want to scream
Whites have a fatal flaw. We empathize. We're "fair." We want to do the "right" thing. We're nice and actually quite non-confrontational, at least in America. I read a piece some years back in which a South African pointed out that we were on the road to doom just as her country was. She said our Achilles heel was "niceness." We wanted everybody to be happy. Her example was a town meeting where the Hispanics became very aggressive , hostile, and vocal and the whites just backed off. Can't be called racist, now, can we?
Most white Americans may secretly despise blacks, but would rather die while virtue-signalling than defend their own race and people. They are so abnormal that they willingly adopt black kids and others who look nothing like their ancestors. This is a sign of a terminal society. I hope whites will begin to react with a group consciousness, but I'm not really optimistic. The brain-washing has been going on for a long, long time and sadly has been quite effective. On a lighter note, the Novus Europa project or whatever it's called says that really very few whites would be needed to repopulate our race. Maybe only those who want to be white will be left standing when the carnage is over. The ones who have no white survival instincts (which seems to be the majority) will win the Darwin award and do our race an enormous favor by disappearing.

Anonymous said...

Heard P.K used to get his ass kicked on the 8 mile.

PaintJob Theory said...

Y T Say the letters out loud a few times.

Brian in Ohio said...

I agree with much of what your saying, but what's YT,? to: Paint job theory

YT, sounded out is "whitey"

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I had to dig deep to find info on Shitavious' victim. I assumed (correctly) he was white based on his name. Billy J committed massive amounts of TNB less than a month before he was shot. Definitely worth the read!

Anonymous said...

Trump supporters need to start making their support signs out of sheet metal, with an attached lanyard. A. They can't be torn to pieces. B. Any sign snatches will be a fail, and if your arm gets jerked in the process, it will make the protester appear to be the more violent party. And C. If the protesters go full retard and attack, your support sign, swung from the lanyard, may well save you from a severe ghetto stomping. Maybe attach a handle to the backside so it could be held as shield as well. YT brain at work, lol

Mr. Rational said...

Trump supporters need to start making their support signs out of sheet metal, with an attached lanyard.

Not sheet metal; it's too heavy and flimsy.  Laminating the printed paper sign over thin plywood is the way to go.  If you curve it slightly it becomes rigid and makes a good shield.