Sunday, June 10, 2018

A 26-Year-Old Black Woman Elected to Public Office Swears in On "Autobiography of Malcolm X" in Obvious Anti-White Demonstration

Shot. A hilarious Tweet from Dan Rather: 
There was a time in American history when really only white men could vote. Imagine where we'd be today if that was still the case.

Chaser. [26-year-old Georgia official places hand on 'Autobiography of Malcolm X' for swearing-in,, 6-7-18]:
 In a 1962 speech in Los Angeles, Malcolm X made perhaps his most powerful declaration about the state of black women. 
“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman,” Malcolm X said in the Los Angeles speech. “The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” 
Beyoncé recently borrowed the line for her song “Don’t Hurt Yourself,”off her feminist manifesto, “Lemonade.” 
Malcolm’s X’s quote came 29 years before Mariah Parker was born. But she still feels it. 
On Monday, the 26-year-old University of Georgia doctoral student was sworn in as an Athens-Clarke County commissioner. When Probate Judge Susan Tate swore Parker in as the District 2 commissioner, she was didn’t use a bible. 
On the steps of the Athens City Hall, Parker cocked her right fist in the air and before taking the oath of office, placed her left hand on a well-worn copy of “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” held by her mother, Mattie Parker.
What happens when a time in American history exists when people beyond white males can vote...

“They asked if they would like the Bible and I said no. My mother asked if there was a copy of the Constitution around. No,” Parker said. “I wanted Malcolm’s book. I think they saw it coming.” 
Images of Parker’s swearing in, particularly her towering Angela Davis afro, have flooded social media this week. 
Published in 1965, just weeks after his assassination, “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” is regarded by many critics and scholars as one of the most important autobiographies of the 20th century. 
The book, written with Alex Haley, who would later win a Pulitzer Prize for “Roots,” mapped Malcolm X’s conversations from a poor boy who saw his father murdered, to a drugged-addled jailed criminal, to the face of one of the most misunderstood religious orders in the country, to a vocal civil rights leaders, who would ultimately become a martyr. 
“Having seen the transformation of someone who came through a difficult background to become vocal and push conversations on race in a radical way is powerful,” Parker said. “Then he shifted course and saw race in a different lens as he got older. And the fact that he was arguably killed for his politics. These are things that I want to embrace.” 
Parker, who is getting her doctorate in language and literacy education, said she didn’t finish reading the landmark autobiography until about a year ago, but was struck by the parallels. She grew up poor in rural North Carolina. Overcame substance abuse. Struggled with mental health issues. 
“I was very lucky to break away from some of the generational patterns, by going to college and getting out of the town,” said Parker. “But I struggled and I thought people only looked at me as having nothing to offer.” 
A progressive who describes herself as openly queer, Parker was motivated to run for office because of what she saw was a need for vocal leadership. 
She beat Taylor Pass by 13 votes, running on a platform of economic justice, reducing poverty and discrimination, affordable housing, fair wage jobs, youth development, criminal justice reform and marijuana reform. 
“Malcolm’s willingness to uneditedly speak about black people at large, are qualities that I want to embody,” Parker said. “To speak out when I see things going wrong.”
Universal suffrage is universal suffering.


Anonymous said...

Another reason not to be in that county of Georgia, and maybe not in that state at all.

Anonymous said...

“Struggled with mental health issues”

I’m puzzled by the use of the past tense here...

Anonymous said...

That picture is offensive and disturbing. I’m quite certain that Ms. Parker’s time in office will also be offensive and disturbing. Not a doubt in my mind.

Ex New Yorker said...

The struggle must go on. I still can't figure out why everything with black people is a struggle.

Anonymous said...

OT: Just another day in BRA:

I guarantee you that if this plan goes through, you are going to start to see a mass exodus of upscale DWL families leaving NYC in droves leaving it financially bankrupt and leaving the rest of the country to pick up the tab when that happens. You are already seeing this happen in Michigan when entire school districts had to close down due to the mass exodus of DWL whites who had the money to support the NAM daycare centers er, I mean public schools. Not to mention the cities where the schools were located also went bankrupt as well.

But we have to remember something here, whetever it's NYC or Michigan, these DWLs who elected these degenerate politicians that screwed them along with screwing their children deserve what they have coming to them. All of them.

Anonymous said...

God help us. A female orc from LotR got voted in. The direction we're headed, Mordor has nothing on America.

AJAX said...

this repulsive looking black lesbian with the ridiculous looking brillo head should be reminded that the infamous malcomx had a white grand father on his mothers side -- that surely explains his impressive intellect as well as his natural red hair -- the lady thrusts out the clenched fist (black power salute) for dramatic effect -- and it works --she has obtained local and internet-www fame -- i would only wish she (and the rest of her kind) had a longing for an african homeland to escape to (the forever dream come true of all non-guilted whites in america) but alas (sigh) we are forever stuck with these people here in america -- as stupid as they truly seem to be at times they never the less know instinctively they must remain under mr white-mans society and rulership as they continue to benefit so generously from mr white-mans brilliant mind and his out streched hand of invention and innovation -- truly what would these american blax amount to without their white-man voodoo doll and their baby rattlers ('racist'-racism') as they piteously wallow in their black race self-pity --

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

I wonder how much time per day is spent on maintaining that Beefeater hair cut, compared to the time spent on deep contemplation.

Anonymous said...

They hate us so much, why do they even stay? Do they think they're going to just outbreed and replace us? That things are automatically going to get better once they have supremacy over us?

What goes on in a 70-IQ black's mind?

nokangaroos said...

How in hell did this - THING - get elected
1) at all and
2) on an unabashed platform to ass-ream YT?!

There is a reason all functioning democracies in history restricted the vote to free male landowners (NOT "only white men", and some added "able-bodied"), as the only ones able to both think and plan long-term.

- Montesquieu already deplored that the stupid breed faster; they also used to die faster but we have done away with that. Eliminating extraspecific selection has handed the selective advantage to the violent, sociopathic, oversexed and irresponsible.
(Is this Nature´s or God´s way to make sure we don´t become too smart? ;b)
Der Untergang des Abendlandes IS upon us.
... which our duty is not only to survive (right, everybody) but to procreate (right, Kyra ;) and, by extension, educate (right, PK).

IIRC "Roots" turned out to be complete fabrication so Malcolm is probably really just a pimp who had an epiphany in the slammer resulting in a novel business model.
Much the same will be true of this dame.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

If you were wondering where the Maxine Waters of tomorrow were going to come from, you need look no further. That afro look was popular when Mad Maxine entered politics back in 1976. Is history repeating itself?

Nomad said...

I'm sure a White Man would be granted similar accommodations if he asked to be sworn in with a copy of Mr. Hitler's autobiography.

nokangaroos said...

Not-so-coincidentally the black woman is also the least desirable person in America,
the stats say.

I know, I know - it´s OUR fault again.

"If people don´t want to come to the ball game you can´t stop them."
- Yogi Berra

Why I’m Racist said...

Universal suffrage is universal suffering.

That’s a good one, I’m gonna use that.

The clueless can pontificate on the IKAGOs all they want, but this is what happens when they group together. When will the stupid cuckservatives realize that tribalism isn’t inherently evil?

Let’s ignore tribalistic behavior which exists in every organism in th universe and allow every warm body an equal voice in determining elections and policy-makers. What could possibly go wrong? It’s not like this will ever backfire on us and have our own institutions used against us for the sake of another (((tribe))) or tribes.

Bill in St Louis said...

Malcolm’s willingness to uneditedly speak about black people at large, are qualities that I want to embody,” Parker said. “To speak out when I see things going wrong
I read the book. Malcolm had plenty to say about what was wrong with blacks as well, in graphic terms. I wonder if Afro-lady is going to address: generational welfare dependency, unwed motherhood, glorifying criminal behavior, excusing the same, etc.

Mr. Rational said...

I still can't figure out why everything with black people is a struggle.

Because life is an IQ test and everything is harder when you're stupid.  If "White privilege" really is "playing life on the easy setting", it's because White people are smarter and can see how to get their desired outcome quickly and smoothly.

Black people, on the other hand, are so stupid they often can't manage it even when YT shows them how.

Tarczan said...

She is still struggling with mental health issues.

Anonymous said...

This was so disrespectful to white people, it should not have been allowed. If a white person wanted to be sworn in with a George Lincoln Rockwell book do anyone think it would have been allowed?!

Anonymous said...

What is the opposite of progress?


Anonymous said...

At least in LotR, the rule of Saruman was unquestioned by the orcs.

Pat Boyle said...

No one should call me a racist. Race is a popular term that corresponds to the more formal term subspecies. So if you are a racist you are someone who believes that blacks are a subspecies (race) that differ in some ways from white European populations. The anti-racists like to say that race is a 'social construct' with no biological meaning. But how can anyone in the light of recent US history and all the recent genetic technological advances believe that?

Consider the Duffy gene. This gene is present in from 90% to 100% of all African-Americans. It is almost never present in white European descended people. The Duffy gene may be the single simple reason there are blacks in America at all. The Jamestown colony was failing. The European bondsmen that Abraham Piersay had brought with him to Jamestown were dying. They were bound to work the fields for seven years to pay for their passage. But most died within six months of working in the Virginia fields. The colony was failing. Of the various new diseases that the Londoners were exposed to in sub-tropical Virginia the worst was probably malaria. There are at least four varieties of malaria. The one probably responsible for the death of all the white Jamestown field hands was plasmodium vivax parasite. As it happens West Africans who have the Duffy gene are almost totally immune from the vivax variety of malaria. They worked the fields and stayed healthy.

Piersay was charged by the colony government to seek out some black slaves. He did so and the colony was saved. Blacks came to this continent to prosper in fields of the American South. They had a genetic advantage. They made excellent field hands.

So why then if black genetic differences, as I say, were so important in the history of America, why doesn't the recognition of that reality make me a person who can be called a racist? Simply because I argue that the many well known genetic differences between Europeans and West Africans are so great that they are not just subspecies differences but are species differences. I'm not a racist. I'm a 'spieciest'.

This young woman is said to have had 'mental problems'. That's not surprising. American blacks have schizophrenia rates at least three times those of Caucasians or East Asians. We don't yet know the cause of schizophrenia but it is known to be hereditable. It is another genetic difference between blacks and whites. Whites dominate weight lifting sports. Blacks dominate running sports. These differences seem to be mostly from the muscles differences although blacks also have differences in their skeletal configuration. On a plethora of mental and physical attributes blacks differ from whites. The size and ubiquity of these differences make the subspecies distinction inappropriate. The differences are too large. We should rather use the term different allopatric species.

When the white Portuguese first met black Africans they saw them as a different species and so did all educated Europeans. For the next four hundred years the accepted term was as a race but an inferior race. Then under the influence of Marxist sociologists in the mid twentieth century the differences between blacks and whites were downplayed. Today genetic science is advancing rapidly and everyday sees a new genetic difference emerge. We were wrong blacks are not just a different race but a different species.


Anonymous said...

Athens is a university town so you can expect an extra special layer of crazy to exist, as we see in this case. The only problem is that it doesn't limit itself to the area surrounding the university, but instead spreads like a disease (the Black Plague?) until it becomes "normal" everywhere.

OT: Right-wing Tory MP blasted for saying black people are more likely to be murderers

Just like in the USA, in the UK everyone knows it's true but no one is supposed to acknowledge the blatantly obvious. If you open the URL, be sure to check out the comments too. Clearly the readers know the score.

Ohio Machinist said...

Blacks want a " Throwback " . That's fine , bring back Sundown Laws , Fire Hoses & German Shepherd's .

kerdasi amaq said...

Another question; is this legally valid?

I don't think so.

Pat Boyle said...


I seem to have been banned from Google. That means I can view YouTube (under Chrome) but I can't comment or add a video.

I tend to watch more YouTube than I do TV. I just bought a 65" TV so that doesn't make much sense - but there it is. I watch political videos, some car videos, some science videos (John Hawks for example) and some gun videos.

I just learned of a video site dedicated to guns. It seems very good but not any good for non-gun videos. It seems free but has a couple limitations: it only goes up to 720p, and it does not have captioning. But it works and unlike YouTube it isn't jammed full of ads.

I have been looking for a place to mount a new series of videos I'm working on. I need a site that is accepting of all political viewpoints.

Any ideas?


AR in Illinois said...

Heartening to read the comments though. If most of them are New Yorkers they seem to be "awake".

Marc B said...

I much prefer this Mariah Parker creature over blacks who dress the part and parse their words or urban White leftist sell-outs holding these elected offices. Whites on the fence get to see this behavior and may realize that blacks are hostile to us and fundamentally act in their own group interests. Optics do matter.

Anonymous said...

Her picture looks like a skit from MAD-TV, or "In Living Color."

Except here, it is without the laugh-track.

Non PC Infidel said...

Ok, I have to admit that the photo is something special- looks like she's wearing a clown wig that's been dyed black. The only thing missing is a red clown nose and perhaps some big, floppy clown shoes. It's either that or Buckwheat grew up and got a sex change. The whole issue would be highly comical if it was a photo of a kid being sworn in as the "treasurer" of a plywood fort some kids had built in their backyard but, as things stand, it's a farce and a tragedy. Or should I say a "black comedy?"

Anonymous said...



Here is a video showing a compilation of negroes beating up on white people:


chattanooga gal said...

I think Georgia also elected more blacks in prominent positions, so they are pretty much going down the tubes. might work to my advantage, as Chattanooga is practically on the Georgia/Tennessee border. the first thing blacks ever do is put in all kinds of programs to bleed whites of their money, so I expect a white exodus from N. Georgia- and where will they go? north. so maybe Chattanooga will become whiter.

Anonymous said...

OT: here’s a good one for you PK.

Stenger plans to 'ban the box' requiring criminal history on St. Louis Co. job applications

Ex New Yorker said...

Help.......I'm having a 1960's "flashback" and I can't get up. That woman's hairdo was the cause.

There was one good thing about the "afro". The bigger the "afro" the easier it was to spot a tree monkey walking down the street. A good "afro" could be seen from at least a block away.

Awakened white said...

God help us. A female orc from LotR got voted in. The direction we're headed, Mordor has nothing on America.
Mordor would blush at these cretins. Orcs got nothing on these dindus. OT, recently moved to what I thought would be free of (diversity) and its ills. ( remote NC, Nope, thought wrong. Just can't escapee the tide it seems.

Anonymous said...

They won't get screwed. They'll just move out into the country next door to you and then they will help elect the same kind of Leftists who destroyed the place they just vacated.

Paintjob Theory said...

"A progressive who describes herself as openly queer ...a platform of economic justice, reducing poverty and discrimination, affordable housing, fair wage jobs, youth development, criminal justice reform and marijuana reform. "

Black African, sexual deviant, and a woman. The triple crown of victimhood, and a solid political platform from which to promise everything and deliver nothing. The "people" who vote for this creature as representing them are probably right on the money and they deserve everything they get. Those who know better and stick around in that county deserve everything they get too. This sort of thing happening in your town or county is a big canary in the coal mine moment... assuming the rest of the blight, crime, dysfunction, and economic ruin that likely happened 50 years ago wasn't enough to give you the hint.

D is for depressing said...

You are already seeing this happen in Michigan when entire school districts had to close down due to the mass exodus of DWL whites who had the money to support the NAM daycare centers er, I mean public schools. Not to mention the cities where the schools were located also went bankrupt as well.

Thanks for the link, and thanks for bringing this up.

Part of why the inner-suburbs are being destroyed is because of the state allowing this scheme called: schools of choice. Under this scheme, any student has a voucher that they can opt to go to a neighboring school district. Thus, under this scheme those who live just across 8 Mile/Telegraph can go Redford/Ferndale/Dearborn Heights/Farmington Hills/Warren/Harper Woods public schools.

Those school districts that have been infiltrated by the cockroaches are the school districts that Whites are fleeing. Those school districts are at the near-bottom when it comes to performance. Lockdowns are common. Because those districts are crappy, White parents are choosing to send their children further north of 8 Mile, west of Telegraph, south of I-94.

Example 1: Eastpointe/Roseville parents are sending their kids of St Clair Shores.
Example 2: Ferndale parents are sending their children to Berkeley or other schools in Oakland ISD.
Example 3: Redford/Dearborn Heights parents are sending their children to Livonia or Plymouth-Canton
Example 4: Lincoln Park/River Rouge parents are sending their kids to Southgate

It is also NOT a concidence that school districts that are closed to schools of choice are the best in the state. They are a drain wherever they go.

Anonymous said...

To D is for depressing @ 1:19 PM. I have been railing against this school of choice canard for years. When it first started in the inner Detroit suburbs it was to save teaching jobs. Keeping schools with failing populations open. This saved teacher pensions and jobs. The biggest scam ever. Once the blacks got their Detroit kids enrolled in ring suburb schools the teachers fawned over the new black students. This led to them ‘moving in’. Bringing their rent vouchers to the ‘welcoming ‘ suburbs. The welcome wagon was the employees of the schools. Put this horrible situation right at the foot of the public schools. Teachers = Black welcome wagon.

Brian in Ohio said...

Showed up to be sworn in to public office in jeans and a t shirt... I`m sure we can expect great things from this young lady.

I`ll be sure to remember this when I hear that the water in Athens, GA is unsafe to drink, and laugh.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

This is totally off topic; everyone please make sure to purchase a Chic-Fil-A sandwich this week. When people have to apologize for eating a certain brand of sandwich we are indeed screwed. Twitter fool!

Inquisitor said...

She will be kicked out for corruption soon enough.

Antidote said...

Malcontent X? Huge toilet brush brillo hair? Bl@ck powah fist? Long list of social justice gibs? This woman is a cliche; she's larping the Hippie era; a typical Negro she is all form and no substance. Probably has never had an original idea or an independent thought in her entire life---she is merely reading from a script, 'How to be a Bl@ck radical'.

OT: Obongo had a meeting with Democrats who may run for President in 2020. Only four names:
Crazy Uncle Joe, Bernie "Gibbs" Sanders, Fauxcohantas, Devil Patrick. Where's Kemala Harris? Where's Ellison? C'mon maing. Ree needs sum magic negroes up heah!

OverSeer said...

Anonymous Ex New Yorker said...

"The struggle must go on. I still can't figure out why everything with black people is a struggle".

Because when you have an IQ of 80 (at best) even tying your shoelaces can become a struggle.

Negro Antidote said...

Now this is one politician that the insane actor Robert Denigro could support.

Michael Dean Miller said...


Rather asks where would we be?

We'd be on Mars, Dan.


William Hendershot said...

OT, but a house blows up in East Cleveland and the negroes are complaining that the people who are supposed to help aren't helping the brothers. No blacks pulling together to fix things, just bitching that eba boda posed to hep.

Anonymous said...

This is why we will lose this fight.
We will lose because we aren't just not fighting back, we aren't even aware there's a fight going on!
We do nothing but fall back and regroup. We abandon our beautiful cities and leave them to these animals.
We give more and more ground and act surprised when shit like this gets into public office.

Jim in Jersey

Sam said...

This creature appears to be an Angela Davis clone, and not just in appearance--attitude also.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

“Struggled with mental health issues”

I’m puzzled by the use of the past tense here...

She lost the struggle.

AnalogMan said...

Pat Boyle said...

... unlike YouTube it isn't jammed full of ads.

I never get troubled by ads. Use an ad blocker. Better yet, switch to Brave browser. It blocks ads by default. It has other features which I commented on last week. Best of all, it's not owned by the enemy. It's by Brendan Eich, the former founder/CEO of Mozilla, who was fired for supporting traditional marriage. Why make your enemies rich?

Anonymous said...

"American blacks have schizophrenia rates at least three times those of Caucasians or East Asians"
Pat I always look forward to your comments as many others have stated here.
Since blacks use marijuana at much higher rates than whites or Asians. Do you think there's a correlation between their marijuana use and higher rates of schizophrenia?

Unknown said...

Race is a social construct unless you benefit from affirmative action then race becomes a reality.

Anonymous said...

Mental health issue elected official means she can skip that part of the democratic party training session.

Pat Boyle said...

An anonymous asked Do you think there's a correlation between their marijuana use and higher rates of schizophrenia?

I don't think so. When psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin became popular in the sixties there were a lot of attempts to claim that they produced a "model psychosis". But none of that came to anything. Schizophrenia has fairly predictable effects that are different from those of any recreational drug. For example many drugs cause visual hallucinations but schizophrenia has auditory hallucinations.


Auntie Daca said...

I'm surprised she didn't have the black American flag behind her, she must be out of the loop.

At a Christmas time work event, sorry... Winter Holiday event.... there was a Kwanzaa room with a black, red and green flag. None of the blacks knew what Kwanzaa was but they sure loved that flag. I've seen another one at a non profit organization where I had to tiptoe around the other volunteers, all surly, hostile and grimy blacks.

As for white privilege - noticed recently crazy homeless black males taking up residence on a street corner or nooks and crannies in all white neighborhoods. In both cases, they are clearly mentally ill and if they were black women or white they would have been moved along and/or committed to a mental hospital. One is an annoying crack head who I'm told by a security detail is protected by tenants in luxury buildings. He roams the street near two private schools and no one can do anything about him. The DWL's give him money and have made him their pet. Everyone else is afraid of him. Why not give him enough money to get an apartment instead of him attaching himself to white are?

The other is a total bum who has been living in a tent between a supermarket and a community garden on LaGuardia Place off Houston Street. He stinks, has disgustingly matted hair, smokes pot. As for his sanitation, who knows? I asked a co-op president about him and he says oh, he's a good guy. I was astounded. So obviously a public health and public safety hazard. Both adult black males who have the black pet privilege.

Anonymous said...

she looks like [cop killer? college 'teacher'] angela davis.

Left Coast White Guy said...

New TVs have apps on them and usually include you tube. Also you can "cast" from smart phone to your new smart TV.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes. I live in an upper-middle class are of metro-Atlanta and our high school has been invaded by hundreds of low-income students from crappy school districts. What was once a fantastic school now has much higher levels of "student infractions", not to mention this constant disruptions in the classrooms. My daughter has had many attacks on her whiteness from other students, as well as a black teacher (who reminds me very much of the lady this article is about). I called the school to complain about the teacher's constant race-baiting and black power-speeches.

It just sucks. My husband and I work our butts off to pay to live in a nice area with good (majority white) schools, but that has been ruined now. It seems like there's just nowhere to run anymore.

Anonymous said...

This is how you get more Trump

Anonymous said...

Leave Atlanta NOW!
My GA peach wife brought me back there. I am a corn fed midwestern raised, western living man by the grace of God. But that beautiful, loving wife of mine convinced me to move to her home.
I cannot explain what an absolute NIGHTMARE it was living in the Atlanta area.
I’m down an easy $100,000 moving to and out of Atlanta (metro).
Are there good people in Ga? Absolutely. Great, amazing, awesome people. But they are the minority.
If you want the life of which you speak, live East of the Colorado and West of the Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're happily re-settled now. When the time is right (mainly work/financial), we will definitely be researching options that don't include metro ATL!

Anonymous said...

You were talking about school districts being ruined by blacks. In my California town all the white people have fled north. When I was in high school in the 1970s our state test scores were in the 98th percentile. The other most prestigious high school in town had the same scores. These formerly white schools are now overrun with bussed in blacks and Mexicans. The test scores are now 61st percentile. We used to read real literature in school. Harry Potter is now considered literature. All school curriculum is dumbed down for everyone because these kids never perform at grade level and we have to be INCLUSIVE. And the white pussy superintendent’s answer is that the community has failed these minorities. Not to mention discipline problems are overwhelming black.. And they are going to throw a million dollars at it. These people will never succeed and we have to be dragged down with them.

Anonymous said...

University of Georgia doctoral student...yeah, she's so oppressed. T-shirt and blue jeans, yup, she's one of the working class, sure. Yeah. Right.

Self-obsessed, hateful lunatic, isn't she?

Obama's boyfriend said...

Probably the next black supreme court justice-eacist, bigoted, stupid and arrogant. Typical little feral creature.

Unknown said...

I love it! And to find out the explosion happened after scrappers attacked the house. A fire 🔥 broke out 2 days later in same exact area of neighborhood! They probably came back to finish the job so no evidence could be found, lol.

But this brings up another great point about insurance premiums. The cost of this whole situation has to be well over a million dollars now.. not including medical costs, just in actual damage costs thus far. A true liability wherever they go, wherever they exist. Simply put, our dormant pride will be our ultimate demise off the face of the earth because of these savages and their handlers.

America Irredeemable? You betcha dayum right!

Black fist in da air !!! This IS america's future, today!