Wednesday, May 27, 2009

#10. Normal first names

Black people have never been to fond of normal, White people sounding names. Biblical- grounded names went out in popularity in the Black community as quickly as Don Imus did from the Black persons radio.

Instead of James, Michael, John or Luke, Black people decidedly collectively to try and out Black their fellow racial members, into who could come up with the most original name, to compliment their "slave" surname.

Most people have read the 2006 tome Freakonomics, a bestselling book that discusses numerous topics normally sheltered in hushed voices in diverse places, like the high school locker room or country club 19th hole.

Nevertheless, the authors of that book have analyzed the top 20 White names, and the top 20 Black people names:

The 20 Whitest Boy Names

1. Jake
2. Connor
3. Tanner
4. Wyatt
5. Cody
6. Dustin
7. Luke
8. Jack
9. Scott
10. Logan
11. Cole
12. Lucas
13. Bradley
14. Jacob
15. Garrett
16. Dylan
17. Maxwell
18. Hunter
19. Brett
20. Colin

The 20 Blackest Boy Names

1. DeShawn
2. DeAndre
3. Marquis
4. Darnell
5. Terrell
6. Malik
7. Trevon
8. Tyrone
9. Willie
10. Dominique
11. Demetrius
12. Reginald
13. Jamal
14. Maurice
15. Jalen
16. Darius
17. Xavier
18. Terrance
19. Andre
20. Darryl

Stuff Black People Don't Like would like to point out the peculiarities between the different names for White and Black people. It is hard to imagine where Black parents came up with these names, but for sportscasters around the country, they sure did make it difficult on you. Spelling bee emcee's, not so much.

Black people enjoy standing apart from the crowd and turning heads. Normal names like Sam or Barry don't accomplish that task. Barack does, however.


Anonymous said...

the best black name I ever ran across was "Sir Marcus." Of course it was from an article of a crime committed.

Anonymous said...


James said...

This is a pretty weak post. First of all, these are not actually the top twenty first names among black people, but the twenty most distinctively black first names, which is not the same thing.

Second, many of these names are not actually that weird. Tyrone, Demetrius, Reginald, Maurice, and Xavier are all names of European origin that have been borne by many white people in the past, even if they are not very popular among whites at present. Willie, Dominique, and Andre are just forms of William, Dominic, and Andrew. There are several names on the white list (Tanner, Wyatt, Dustin, Bradley, and Dylan) are just as trendy and non-traditional as most of the black names.

Room101 said...

The only places hiring people with weird names like that are in Government.

No normal person looking for someone willing to work is going to consider hiring a prizzon-quavious or some Felon-metrious.

Would you?

Me neither.

Eff 'em.

Not hiring right now, if ever.

Blacks need stupid wasteful government jobs to drain off the excessive numbers of blacks stuck in grinding poverty.

Black people belong to government.

That's the facts.

Room101 said...

Other funny black-ghetto names.

Unless the government dumps millions in taxpayer money pretending that these people will "work", it would've been cheaper just to throw them in jail where they belong.

People with those names have them for a reason.

Ignore it at your peril.