Wednesday, May 27, 2009

#198. Waiting until 16th Birthday for Drivers License

Whereas most other racial groups can wait until at least their 15th birthday to acquire a learner's permit, and then, after a year of defensive driving courses and learning from their parents the rules of the road - and garnering an actual license - Black people are convinced the roads belong to them.

Learning about cars and the excitement they bring from hours of watching television and playing video games, Black people - like seven-year-old Latarian Milton in the video below - cannot wait to get behind the wheel of an actual car. Denying the intensity that Black people get when driving a precision vehicle - like young Mr. Milton - is one joy that they cannot deny.

When one views the tenacity and zeal Black people have for driving, it can be quite befuddling to learn that not one Black person is currently driving in the NASCAR Sprint Series.

Black people's longing to get behind the wheel of an automobile is puzzling, since historical documents and records prove that their ancestors in Africa are one of the only people on earth to not utilize the invention of the wheel.

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