Friday, February 25, 2011

#516. Nicholas Sparks Stories

(Quick note: This one is going to be personal) In thinking about how we find ourselves in situations we never, ever would have considered possible a year ago, two years ago or five years ago, my thoughts went back to moments in my life that seemed trivial, almost insignificant at the time they happened but seem monumental now. On a recent business trip I happened to catch the end of The Notebook, a movie I saw with someone very special to me while I was an undergrad that is regrettably no longer a part of my life.

The Notebook resonates with a people who merely tolerate Black Run America
Sure it's a sappy film, but it is a movie (based upon a novel) that glorifies Pre-Obama America and a society whose morals, ethics and vitality seem to have been zapped after the installation of Black Run America (BRA) in the 1960s. OneSTDV had a post today that discussed an article penned by some insane feminist, white-hating vegan and that piece perfectly sums up the world we find ourselves in today.

There are so many problems to confront that starting, running and sustaining a blog dedicated to Stuff Black People Don't Like might seem inane, a waste of time even. I'll admit that I read Roissy - though I don't agree with everything he writes - and find his statement that "feminism is incompatibility with chivalry" to be dead-on. In our strange world his ideas of "Game" make sense, but they'd be alien to an America that existed 50 years ago.

Watching the end of The Notebook brought me back to that moment in 2004 when the cares of the world seemed insignificant and all that mattered was being in her presence as we watched that same film in a theater, together.

Nicholas Sparks wrote The Notebook and the values represented in all of his work reflect the best values that were once ubiquitous in this country.Those values seem antiquated in 2011, but people seem to gravitate to his books and the film adaptations with a maddening devotion.

For the last 50-60 years the propaganda in schools, the media, Hollywood and television has been incredibly one-sided. A radical agenda has been pushed that can only be described as the attempt to create Black Run America (BRA). Think about all the TV shows (hundreds of thousands of hours of programming), movies and other sources of entertainment that push an agenda completely alien to Pre-Obama America.

And yet in 2011 America, all those efforts have largely failed. White people (Stuff White People Like whites included) flee diversity at the earliest sign it is near; white girls marry white guys 96 percent of the time; white babies are called racist by Newsweek because nature peaks her ugly head in before any chance of nurturing those ideas away and reprogramming them can occur; and white women carrying white children become increasingly ethnocentric.

Watching the end of The Notebook was cathartic. There is a reason women read Sparks books and flock to see his movies; the values preached in his stories are of a different time, belonging to a different society (a different people perhaps) and completely alien to what is being constantly pumped out into the mass media. There are so many things wrong with our society, with the strange devotion and simultaneous subservience to Black people being at the top of that list.

Knowing that there is a massive audience for Nicholas Sparks work is an encouraging sign that much of the rubbish that has been disseminated to create Black Run America and other nuisances will quickly fade away once they collapse on themselves.

In all of Sparks stories, the narrative focuses on white people battling for the truest emotion; love. Some on the Internet have questioned why Sparks fails to include the Token Black character in his stories, but the answer should be obvious; like John Hughes he doesn't understand the Black experience (looking at the rate of out-of-wedlock births, love stories are rare in that community).

It was an interview in People that Sparks showed his hand:
Still, a visit to the New Bern, N.C., home Sparks, 38, shares with wife Cathy, 36, offers plenty of examples of how to keep romance alive-despite the passage of 14 years and five kids: Miles, 12, Ryan, 10, Landon, 3, and twins Marin and Lexie, 2. Nicholas would like six, but, says Cathy, "I'm done."

"We get up at 6 a.m., before any of the children, so we can eat breakfast together," says Sparks. They also work out side by side three times a week at the local Gold's Gym. "For some part of the day," he says, "the marriage relationship has to be primary—it's one of the best things you can teach your children. So we don't feel guilty if we go for a walk, just the two of us."

Also helpful? Saying within earshot of Cathy, "The women in my stories tend to be like my wife—strong, confident, intelligent and putting family first." 

Fiction has become an emotional outlet for Sparks, who as a Notre Dame business school grad, decided to capitalize on the niche he saw in the love-story market, "He made a conscious decision about which genre to pursue, based on where the voids were," says his brother Micah, 38, who runs a cabinetry business in Folsom, Calif.

"Writing is an art," says Nicholas, "but publishing is a business. I have to have a theme that appeals to a lot of people." 
Sparks does write a theme that resonates with a lot of people, a lot of white people.

Reading a recent about online dating was interesting, because it confirmed something I know to be a fact -- whites prefer dating and marrying other whites:

Data from more than 1 million profiles of singles looking for love online confirms that whites overwhelmingly prefer to date members of their own race. The same is not true for blacks, especially men, who are far more likely to cross the race barrier to meet a mate.
Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, analyzed the racial preferences and online activity of people from the United States who subscribed between 2009 and 2010 to a major Internet dating service. In their profiles, the online daters stated if they had a racial preference.
Researchers were then able to compare the online daters’ stated preferences with whom they actually contacted for a date, and they found profound differences between blacks and whites.
“Those who said they were indifferent to the race of a partner were most likely to be young, male and black,” says Gerald Mendelsohn, a psychologist, professor of graduate studies, and lead author of the study, which will soon be submitted for publication.
Overall, he said, “Whites more than blacks, women more than men and old more than young participants stated a preference for a partner of the same race,”
The reluctance of whites to contact blacks was true even for those who claimed they were indifferent to race. More than 80 percent of the whites contacted whites and fewer than 5 percent of them contacted blacks, a disparity that held for young as well as for older participants.
One Web site tried to attack white people who prefer other white people when it comes to online dating as "racist" going so far to attack Nicholas Sparks in the process:
In other words, while perhaps not outright racist, this study certainly exposes the deep-seated racial prejudice (both in favor of whites and against blacks) that still exists in the U.S. Census data from 2000 shows that only one percent of American marriages take place between a black and white person, and in most cases, it's a black husband and a white wife. So it seems online dating habits are mirroring offline trends.

This isn't the first time researchers have drawn conclusions about racial attitudes and dating by studying people's online dating profiles. Last year, OKCupid published a humorous report titled "The REAL 'Stuff White People Like,'" which used infographics to illustrate the hobbies, tastes, interests and self-descriptions of various ethnic groups. So it's also possible that the white online daters are simply looking for a partner who could enjoy Van Halen and Nicholas Sparks novels as much as they do—and the majority of black online daters just have better, er, different tastes.

You can throw nature out with a pitchfork, but she'll always return. That's what has been attempted over the last 50-60 years in America, with the hope of permanently erecting Black Run America to oversee our lives. It's failed.

Each time a Nicholas Sparks book or movie comes out, further proof of its failure is supplied. Black people like his work about as much as white people like Tyler Perry's (each reflect two completely incompatible ways of life).

We are not doomed. Not by a long shot. If no one read or wept during the climatic scene of Sparks stories then we might be, but that longing for a simpler time is present throughout America. White America.

Stuff Black People Don't Like exists to showcase to the world what Black people do not like. Nicholas Sparks stories are included in that list, because the popularity of his stories shows that the whole toleration of Black Run America is just a game (a dangerous game), but one that will come to an end.

And just like in his stories, that ending is going to be happy.


Anonymous said...

In the days before I could see, I would scoff at books and movies like this. Now that I'm a firm believer in White cohesiveness, I absorb country music (which I used to hate) and movies like The Notebook. It's amazing to realize the improvements in my life since I began actively practicing tribal loyalty.

Hirsch said...

There is a conspiracy theory doing the rounds that the CIA promoted feminism in the hopes of destabalizing the American family, so that people would become more reliant on the government. With two working parent households, children would be left unsupervised, parked in front of televisions to be propagandized:

Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society
March 18, 2002

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"In the 1960's, the elite media invented second-wave feminism as part of the elite agenda to dismantle civilization and create a New World Order."

I can't really knock chick lit since it's implied in the name that it's not for me. From what I've heard though, "The Notebook," is the most saccharine book since "The Bridges of Madison County." If I was stuck on a transatlantic flight and it came on, I'd be praying for seventeen Saudis with boxcutters to come and end my misery.

OneSTDV said...

You were an undergrad in 2004?!?

I always imagined you were around 40.

OneSTDV said...

Oh and very nice post. I really enjoyed the tone.

South East Asian said...


The political correctness in the west is so ridiculous haha.

People wanting to date their own race is racist? LOL

Anonymous said...

Quite an observation. You are on to something here SBPDL.

White Guy said...

Excellent post.

"whites prefer dating and marrying other whites:"

I read this news, too - it was a great piece of scholarship that contradicts the endless, mind-numbing propaganda that whites are force-fed every day.

"You can throw nature out with a pitchfork, but she'll always return"

This is why liberalism is failing and will continue to fail. The nature of man cannot be changed.

The weakening howls of racism and prejudice can never supplant nature's roar for heritage and tradition.

The minority of whites, in particular women, who date outside their race, in all likelihood, have issues with an abusive or absentee father. Any self-respecting, healthy white father, will educate his offspring in the moral and physical dangers of miscegenation.

As for white males who date, marry and have children outside their race, a perverted character flaw must be recognized in order to understand why they sacrifice their genetic, biological and cultural legacy:

The lure of the exotic.

In its truest form, the lure of the exotic led Columbus to the new world, and drove the white man (American whites and Russian whites) to break the bonds of earth and touch the face of god. The lure of the exotic has led to an incalculable number of advancements that would take a lifetime list.

In its most corrupted form, it causes American GIs to take home some Vietnamese slut or order some Hong Kong whore as a mail order bride.

Anonymous said...

What an uplifting article you wrote there. Gives me hope for the future. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

What an uplifting article you wrote there. Gives me hope for the future. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that Sparks failed to include a token black character in his movie, but wasn't the nurse at the end of the movie who found them together, wasn't she black?

Anonymous said...

That would have been a great movie if the leading man hadn't been such an annoying jerk.

TMI said...

I love stories of white people falling in love, maybe even losing each other and and finding each other again to make a family and grow old together.

THIS is what makes the world go around.

If we could just start rejecting openly the dangerous urban/ethinic/black "hip and sexy" bullshit that permeates our lives, we could get back to the simple basics of a successful white society. Yes, sometimes hard work, marriage, fidelity, children, and family life can be dry and monotonous. But the excitement that comes in small spurts makes life truly worth living.

Thank you for posting this, SBPDL, it made my day.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Yes, a token Black character as a nurse. I didn't know this, but only 4 percent of nurses are Black.

Since "The Notebook" is set in the South, it makes since to include at least one Black character, even though it they are cast in a role more suitable - percentage wise - for a male nurse.

I'm 27.

TMI said...

"The minority of whites, in particular women, who date outside their race, in all likelihood, have issues with an abusive or absentee father."

You hit it, White Guy. A strong father figure is critical in a young girl's life. I have known young white girls who have been abandoned by their white fathers. This is a defining moment for them. They have lost their protection in the world, their first example of a man, their first experience with male love.

White society needs to rescue these girls, not judge them. Young girls crave male attention, and when it is not provided by their father in a healthy way, instead of patiently waiting for the good white man to come along, white girls with low self-esteem will be led by their noses by sexually aggressive black boys and end up making terrible mistakes. They mistake the attention for love, which is what they truly desire.

Black men will likely abandon and abuse them again, possibly leaving them with a mixed race child to raise on their own.

Anonymous said...

"People wanting to date their own race is racist? LOL"

Only if you're white.

Professor Snape said...

Interesting article. I have noticed that women, even the most feminist of them, still enjoy for men to worship them and sweep them off their feet. This will always be true, regardless of media or societal intervention or changing "norms".

The interracial marriage statistic is a telling one but it is misleading in that it fails to take into account the interracial dating and wanton sex rates, not to mention the reasoning behind the stats. Nature does not dictate sexual partners and especially the race of the marital partner. That is absurd.

What do you believe drives Asian-Americans to whites, as the rate of Asian women with white men is nearly equal to the rate of them with Asian men? Certainly it isn't nature, as you call it, because, as you suggest, nature not only selects for a person same-raced partners - always - and that it is also hard to suppress. Clearly, Asian women are "suppressing" so-called nature.

There is nothing wrong with staying inside of your race in terms of dating and marriage. The people who consider it "racist" are usually the ones who desperately hope to date/marry outside of their own color; they fail to take into account socialization (notice, not nature). White men/women who have only been around other whites will only want to be with whites, regardless of attraction to non-whites. It's the "comfortability" factor; no one is going to pet a dog they are unfamiliar with - the odds of being bitten are too unknown, and humans don't like the unknown. However, if a white man/woman grows up in a predominantly black community, it should be no shock at all that they date/marry black.

I have always wondered why "Bobby Milk" - Robert De Niro - and Bill Maher seem to prefer black women.

I will say it is not surprising more white men are open to other raced women as opposed to white women and non-white men. I mentioned under another post that the reason for segregation was the fear of white women seeking sex* - which in itself was scary - and then seeking it with black men. This mentality never affected white men, who could screw a black woman, take one as a concubine, or even marry one.

I imagine this legacy is a huge boon to white men who desire only white women, or, rather, those who want to make sure that even after all of that wanton interracial sex during their salad days, there will still be a white woman waiting in the wings.

Hardly "natural" but definitely expected, given the history of United States race relations...

*There are reports that some white women - part of the early colonists who settled this country - fled to Native American tribes and took Native American husbands because of the apparent social equality and sexual freedom, which was unknown - but obviously desired - to white women at that time.

Desiree said...

Didn't Nicolas Sparks write the story 'Dear John', which became a movie starring Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum?

Not exactly supporting 'white love', as Channing Tatum--in his own right--is a wigger through and through! Wayne Brady would have made it more believable!

@ White Guy:

The minority of whites, in particular women, who date outside their race, in all likelihood, have issues with an abusive or absentee father.

Wow, White Guy, that has to take the cake! You've said pretty stupid, reactionary statements on this blog but this one definitely leads the pack!

If you read SBPDL's article, you'd see that men--and this includes Whitey--date more outside of their race than women. I doubt a white man enjoying a black woman had issues with an abusive parent. Or any issues at all.

Most white man/black woman couplings are of people in the middle to upper classes. These upwardly mobile white men with good jobs and nice cars probably were given all of the tools for success by their parents, not beaten and emasculated by them.

@ TMI:

instead of patiently waiting for the good white man to come along


white girls with low self-esteem will be led by their noses by sexually aggressive black boys and end up making terrible mistakes.

Why not go to sexually aggressive white boys, since, according to SBPDL, it is nature's design for white to go with white? I don't see your line of logic there, TMI. It is very easy for a trailer trash white girl to find a dangerous trailer trash white boy.

Could it be that these girls are just attracted--like numerous white women--to black men, and since they are poor white trash, they go with poor black trash?

They mistake the attention for love, which is what they truly desire.

This can be said for all women, even ones from good homes. There is a reason for the universal truisms: 'Men are dogs' and 'men are pigs'. They use and abuse, that's just the way God made them.

Gee, TMI, you aren't very smart, are you, girlfriend?


Anonymous said...

A movie that speaks of a time long gone is, "Bus Stop", but it's also speaks of love between a white man and a white women. Okay, it's a comedy too and sort of hokey, but it has it's moments.

Anonymous said...

This is truly an illuminating, and enlightening blog. Humourous too where it needs to be, with a dash of sarcasm and wit!! In other words, EXEMPLARY! Keep up the great work!

Steve said...

Hirsch, trust me the CIA does not have the ability to do that.
The CIA can barely handle its current mission. Its not the overlord of surreptitious activity in the US.
Hollywood does that far better.

Steve said...

"Watching the end of The Notebook brought me back to that moment in 2004 when the cares of the world seemed insignificant and all that mattered was being in her presence as we watched that same film in a theater, together."

I recall those feelings when I first got married, the world was "out there" it was just us. Sadly my job was the world and those brief moments of happiness eventually turned to divorce.
Our race has a penchant for "long suffering" a term I got from my Celtic mother.
Never forget we are a noble race capable of great innovation and great achievement.
Every other race is allowed to have pride except ours.

Anonymous said...

"The interracial marriage statistic is a telling one but it is misleading in that it fails to take into account the interracial dating and wanton sex rates"

It's not misleading at all.

When choosing marital partners, people tend to stay within their own race.

That's the point.

Anonymous said...

"Not exactly supporting 'white love', as Channing Tatum--in his own right--is a wigger through and through!"

Sparks wrote "Dear John" years before it was made into a movie. What an idiotic comment.

White Guy said...

" I doubt a white man enjoying a black woman had issues with an abusive parent. Or any issues at all."

Read my entire post you reactionary.

Lisa said...

Does anyone notice the increasing number of commercials with blacks paired up with white girls/women that have been bombarding the airwaves lately?

The idea of being involved with a black is so ridiculous it makes me sick to even type it out. I don't hate anyone but I sure as hell love my own and after years of denying it, I've finally realized that we are under assault.

Most white people still prefer illusion to despair but many are waking up. The key is to use finesse when bringing it up and talking about it. So many whites have internalized a Hollywood imposed guilt, they think it's their duty to destroy themselves.

Hirsch said...

@ Steve

The CIA story is just a conspiracy theory. I don't subscribe to it. I was just putting it out there. I do think Charlie Sheen might be on to something with his vatican warlock assasins theory.

Anonymous said...

Yes the whole racial mixing agenda/social imprint restructuring has been pushed by the media for many years now. Also check your circulars from the major department stores and you will frequently see the mixes. They really seem to push the black male/blonde white female pair the most but lately I've seen a lot of white male/asian female mix, and I think they're still trying to figure out what race to mix the latinos with. The PTB picture the masses as an off-brown stew, compliant and sheeplike with no racial identity, cohesiveness, or hope left. A perfect slave scenario. I've found that because of our imprinting through said media, the average white person has a knee jerk "can't be racist above all things" (false) white guilt mentality. So I don't mention having white(perceived as evil) pride but rather Celtic pride. Or Italian, Lithuanian, or whatever as these are under the "ethnic"(good) heading and therefore acceptable. In effect we must do an end-around run to overcome the years of brainwashing we've been subjected to. And for the record, I've never thought bullfrogs were attractive either.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that the supposedly black commenters here only post reactionary bullshit that means nothing instead of posting solid evidence that actually counters a solid argument. They also find scan for typos and hurl meaningless insults. More examples of the black thinking style.

The black experience in America is such a limited one because of their unwillingness to participate in the greater society, it seems that blacks are not capable of understanding life'e experiences from a white point of view.

Shit Desiree, I thought you were gone for good.

It seems that you really have some jealous hatred for white women. Why so? You must learn to find beauty in your own black race instead of coveting the white woman. Since we are put high upon a pedestal and black women are not, I can understand why you be hatin'. Everyone knows that white women ARE the standard of beauty, I don't care what third world country you are from, Ask anyone, including black men, and you will find that they prefer white beauty over all.

Blacks are not capable of romantic love. Romance requires patience, the ability to connect on a higher level. It takes some intelligence, some humor, flirting, delayed gratification. I have never in my life witnessed black romance or anything close to it. I would assume that many black women dream about it because they have been exposed to the idea white romance and courting in movies and media.

But they will never experience it unless their white prince charming comes along to save the day. Blacks may try to mimic white romance, but they always manage to promote physical fornication. Maybe it is their larger genitals. Who has time for romance? Let's get it on.

Anonymous said...

"Could it be that these girls are just attracted--like numerous white women--to black men, and since they are poor white trash, they go with poor black trash?"

I would say no. They are not always "poor white trash". Some come from middle class environemnts. They are confused. Black men are not really capable of the kind of love and commitment (to provide for children) that white women need.

Anonymous said...

On a similar theme I received a post card size solicitation to join the YMCA a couple of days ago. There are 5 people pictured on it. 3 on front and 2 on back. Not a white person on it and I live in an area that is appropriately 85-90% white.

Anonymous said...

To anon @10:32, you should call the Y and ask if it's for blacks only.

Marilyn Monroe said...

Lisa - we are under assault. I've noticed time and time again in commercials over and over again, black man, white blond woman.

I've never found black men or men of any other color than my own the least bit attractive.

I finally found love again in my middle age to a man who loves his Nordic race as much as I love my Irish celtic race as well. Since we're both pro-white we have a common bond. We met on a racialist pro-white site. Since I posted on many items that were of interest to white people, he read my posts and found my honesty refreshing.

Before I met him I tried online dating and I would get many non-whites solicit me for a date. The one time I did respond back and tell the person I didn't date out of my race I receive the most vile hateful letters back. I finally stopped responding to anyone who wasn't white. I was tired of being polite. It did me NO good.

White people need to date and marry only white folks, same for blacks, browns and asians. My mexican friend only dates mexican men, that's all she's attracted to. She's told me time and time again, I only like brown meat. Works for me.

Usually mixed-race children have problems. Marriage and relationships are hard enough without adding the mixed-race venue to the table.

I'm pro-white and unapologetic about it. White people need to get past this stupid guilt. It serves no purpose.

People of color do not respect white folks who grovel and try to pander to the darkies. I'm not rude, I just don't have time to play games and be nice to someone who clearly is anti-white or pro-white genocide.

There are plenty of beautiful black women who would love to have a good successful black man. When a famous black man marries a white woman, ie Tiger Woods or Seal, it's a slap in the face to all decent black women and white men.

Anonymous said...

If you read Roissy, be prepared to live alone. A good-hearted woman doesn't want a trickster.


Anonymous said...

Romance beez rayciss an' sheeit!

Anonymous said...

Looking for love?


Anonymous said...

Locust says: What a great post.

Anonymous said...

''Everyone knows that white women ARE the standard of beauty, I don't care what third world country you are from, Ask anyone, including black men, and you will find that they prefer white beauty over all.''


What makes you think that WE as white women are the Standard of Beauty?

My Parents are celtic english and german-swedish, they have blonde hair and blue eyes and so I have blue eyes and blonde hair. So do my sisters and my baby brother.

BUT The MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD according to white people, is INDIAN. Her name is Aishwariya Rai. I imagine that standing next to her you would look like a hideous toad. or at least inferior, because NO ONE has declared you or our race the most beautiful in the world- Oh except a few blinded negroes, you imply - I imagine their opinion is akin to the word of God for you.

What is so special about our colourless Aryan features, yellow and white and blue? how do those colours of hair skin and eyes, even brown hair brown eyes/green eyes make US the standard of Beauty?

The only explanation for your sad little delusion is that you must just be SUPER jealous of some exotic/ethnic and ooh dare i say it, BLACK woman whose beauty is superior to your anglo-saxon looks. next to BEYONCE or SOFIA LOREN you would probably look like a monstrous withering tramp. EVERYONE knows that the most adored women in the world span all races, except deluded little nazi fantasists like you.

Some of the most beautiful models in fashion are Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls, Naomi Campbell. And oh my! they are ALL black. I assume a backward nouveau Nazi like you has no concept of fashion or the fashion industry.
you probably sit alone in your Gulog in a white robe and pointy hat like a true klu klux witch who doesn't even know what Christian Dior is. maybe you like the fact that the white KK mask hides your face. or maybe you could just paint the blue eyes black and the colours of the rainbow on your mawkish face for a more permanent effect.
or maybe you genuinely think that alabaster is some how nicer looking than olive/honey/mahogany/bronze skin


I am WHITE and my race DOES NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM represent the standard for FEMININE BEAUTY.

female beauty is represented by EVERY RACE upon the planet. IN EQUAL MEASURE. for every beautiful russian model out there, there is a beautiful black model. for every english/white american model there is a stunning asian model.

SO LETS GET OVER OURSELVES - HITLERS ANGELS CANT EXIST ANYMORE BECAUSE OUR UGLY LITTLE GERMAN DEMI-GOD IS DEAD. Come down to earth, its time for our savage tyrant race to take a back seat


LET LUTHER KING'S ANGEL and his JEWISH LOBBY rule the world now


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HIS BEAUTIFUL NOVELS.........but we would like to see a beautiful BLACK actress play the lead thank you very much. And i am sure there are BLACK actors out there with better morals than the obscene miley cyrus and the once upon a time stripper channing tatum.