Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brawl at HBCU: What’s in the water at Alabama State?

The brawl at Alabama State
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) are one of our favorite topics here at SBPDL. We have been working on a 80 – 100 white paper on HBCU’s (many of you loyal readers sent in amazing articles discussing these important institutions and their contributions to America) that is one of our favorite side projects.

Despite this sad news, Fortune 500 companies flock to the campuses of HBCU’s in a bid to find the brightest, Blackest talent to fill diversity positions within their offices (the abilities of Predominately White Institution graduates sadly are ahead of HBCU grads). Remember that 80 percent of HBCU students rely on aid to attend schools, and remember the high rate of student loan defaults these students subsequently have.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at Alabama State, a school boasting a whopping 23 (or 27) percent graduation rate. The student body has a whopping 900 average SAT score. Why on earth aren’t major companies offering high-paying jobs to the graduates from ASU again? We might never know.

What we do know is that the current crop of students at Alabama State – future owners of sterling credit scores thanks to defaulting on student loans – enjoyed an Animal House moment recently in a campus eatery:
A fight broke out on campus at Alabama State University Monday and now a full investigation by ASU's campus police department is underway.

The fight involved two groups inside a campus cafeteria.

An earlier brawl - 2009 - on ASU's campus
There were no apparent serious injuries.

ASU Police are not releasing any specifics because they don't want to jeopardize the investigation.

Investigators did say the altercation involved only students.

The incident was captured on video, and was posted on You Tube.
Montgomery is famous for Black brawls. A massive, arena brawl transpired at Alabama State’s Acadome in 2009 that became a media sensation for a day or so.

Is there something in the water on Alabama State’s campus? Worse, could the fluoride in the drinking water nationwide be the cause of the racial gap in learning and the racial gap present in how discipline is distributed?

Are HBCU’s necessary anymore? Do they serve the students who attend them – as one writer claims that they fail to do? A university, college or school system is a reflection of the students who take classes there, so the failure rests squarely on the shoulders of the students.

Just as the behavior of those in the videos below is a reflection of a community that no one dares state is morally bankrupt, Birmingham, Montgomery, Detroit and Alabama Statue University reflect their majority Black populations just as Austin, Portland and Seattle reflect their majority white populations.

 Black Run America (BRA) has ensured no discussion of horrible Black behavior is tolerated; it’s just a shame that the Internet broadcasts both videos and images of that behavior for everyone to see what they move away from.


Anonymous said...

They have had brawls like this at "elite" black colleges like Bethune-Cookman as well. Black college is widely known as 13th grade so this sort of behavior is expected. I don't really care how they act among themselves and do appreciate that black colleges are around so that these thug blacks don't get put into a real college, unless they play football that is.


Anonymous said...

HBCU's are still needed.

Because if the B's are attending an HBCU,they aren't attending a real university. It isn't a cure all,granted,since the campuses of the real colleges and universities still have way more of these killer bees than ought to be there in the first place.

(a digression-"killer bees" is a bad term,and while it just popped into my head and I typed it out in the preceding paragraph,I don't wish it to be used again. Bees-even those referred to as killer bees-are industrious creatures,and useful additions to any agricultural establishment,and without them,lots of crops wouldn't ever get pollinated. And they also produce honey,which is a requirement to ferment mead. A glass of cold mead on a hot day is a wonderful thing.)

For every B at an HBCU,that's one less B taking up space at a regular school and displacing a student that just might have a shot at learning something.

It's kind of like building an engine that's going to get dropped into a stock car or drag car. Every little bit helps.

Ex Gladio Libertas

Anonymous said...

"HBCU's are still needed."

I disagree.

I can't even count the number of blacks I've encountered who GRADUATED from an HBCU, yet they have the grammar skills of a first-grader. HBCU's are diploma mills intended to falsely boost black self-esteem by passing out college "degrees". Just another colossal waste of taxpayer money built on the big lie.

Anonymous said...


Did you see the new Chrysler commercial during Survivor? "Imported from Detroit" lol. They had Eminem that morphed into and overlaid the Chrysler theme.

Anonymous said...

"A glass of cold mead on a hot day is a wonderful thing."

I disagree, nothing better than a warm glass on a cold Winter day.

Hirsch said...

Q: What did the black man get on his SAT test?

A: Barbecue Sauce

That's still an automatic 500 points, though.

My main experience with blacks in educational institutions was in a fairly mixed high-school in the inner-city. My time there happened to coincide with a lovely pastime that black males had invented, called gleeking. For those who doubt such a practice exists, here is the entry from

"Building up saliva in the salivary glands using some stimulus, like sour food or yawning, and then pressing the tongue upon the glands, causing the saliva to shoot out, usually at an impressive distance."

Several heirs to the legacy of Martin Luther King had at one point or another gleeked on my food or textbooks. I was eventually forced to transfer (and thankfully to a majority white and Korean boarding school) after one of the untalented nine-tenths took it upon himself to gleek in my face as we passed each other in the hallway. Hopefully getting his retina nearly detached kept him from gleeking on anyone else, after I left.

Desiree said...

@ Hirsch:

LOL at 'gleeking'! I can do this! Let me 'gleek' you, or will it be like a Vietnam flashback? (sorry, that is just too funny)

Several heirs to the legacy of Martin Luther King had at one point or another gleeked on my food or textbooks. I was eventually forced to transfer (and thankfully to a majority white and Korean boarding school) after one of the untalented nine-tenths took it upon himself to gleek in my face as we passed each other in the hallway.

Why does every white guy on here have a bullying story? I went to a school with a ghetto population and I had a less than thrilling experience. (Food fight in the cafeteria started because some girl threw something at me. Experienced a lot of jealousy, etc.) However, I have not resorted to hating my own people.

Hopefully getting his retina nearly detached kept him from gleeking on anyone else, after I left.

I don't believe this part...

Anonymous said...


You state the average SAT at ASU as 900 but your link shows that as the 75% percentile. I don't know if that refers to the top or bottom quartile cut. I would guess it's the bottom because the link also shows a frighteningly low ACT score of 14 at 75%. (I assume most students only take one of SAT or ACT and that the brighter ones tend to take SAT.)

Hirsch said...

@ Desiree, I wouldn't object necessarily to a female "gleeking" on me.

"Why does every white guy on here have a bullying story?"

The operative word here is "guy" not "white." I'm sure you're familiar with shows like "Lockup." The female prisons generally resemble an indigent version of "Sex and the City." The men typically vent their frustrations by stabbing each other. Testosterone and racial tension obviously yield different results than a surplus of estrogen.

Every white person has a bullying story? I have more than one, if you're interested, one of which involves a gun pointed at my head (perils of pizza delivery as a young man). Alas I am neither trying to elicit empathy or donations, but am merely trying to counter the fun-house refraction of mirrors that serves in place of genuine discourse on race, i.e. catching a rerun of Mississippi Burning or Roots on cable to justify black on white crime, on into perpetuity. I never used negative encounters with blacks in my personal life to victimize random blacks. I do however no longer have the desire to see the lion eat grass.

As to whether or not the poor fellow's retina was detached, contrary to what's shown in movies like "Fight Club" any bare-knuckle altercation can easily turn south very quickly. Eyes are very sensitive. I stated it as a matter of fact, not to appear macho. I'll freely admit that the first time I came under fire in the war I urinated in my pants. It's all a question of survival, not hubris.

Anonymous said...

Black 5th grade teacher on a field trip assaults elderly couple in my local mall:

TMI said...

"Why does every white guy on here have a bullying story?"

White people don't like black people because they are uncivilized and are victimologists. We don't like their behavior, and we can always predict how a black will behave in any situation. I was threatened by a strange welfare-fed black goon with a box cutter in high school. She said I thought I was "cute" and she was going to cut my face up. She hated me because I was pretty, clean, and white, that is all. Typical self-hatred which causes vile negroes to violently lash out in the dark.

Blacks terrorize whites, and then blame someone else because they have victim status. White people are providing a service to other whites - a warning to stay away from black pathology. Of course, you feel left out as usual, because no one is paying any attention to you and you don't like it.

You will never be able to make any sense of this because of your limitations as a black bully/victimologist. Can't see the forest for the trees.

You have proven this point on several occasions.

TMI said...

AND...not to mention the fact that you get off in watching YT get beat down. You know blacks are goons, but you will never admit it. You have no natural sense of justice, you only seek revenge for your phantom grievances.

How do you feel knowing that for the most part, white Americans don't like black people at all? Knowing that you are not at home here? That you have no place on the planet? Knowing that we hate to work with you at our businesses, we know that you don't deserve to be where you are. That our hard earned tax dollars have paid to feed and clothe you for most of your life?

All of you mysterious black lurkers out there on SBPDL, how do you like to know that most white people crack jokes and talk about you behind your back when you turn around, that we really don't want a black president, that we don't find you engaging or interesting at all, that we know black people add nothing of value to our society and are only parasitic to generous white people?

The fact that whites like me spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the fuck away from black people? Cringe at the thought of our precious white children rubbing up against urban blacks and their pathology and coarse sexuality? Find black behavior repulsive, loud and rude? Find black culture irrelevant?

I hope SBPDL takes the advice to block your posts. We have given you enough rope to hand yourself, and you did a much better job than any white racist ever could. No one cares what you have to say. We get enough of black behavior because your force your way into our quiet peaceful lives and we need this place to retreat from the madness.

Anonymous said...


You certainly don't represent all of white America. I hope and believe most people judge others primarily by their behavior and not skin color. I'm sorry you were threatened once, but not every black person is like that. Every race has a-holes. Despise those people, regardless of their race.

Anonymous said...

"Every race has a-holes."

So what?

Blacks are only 12% of the population, yet they commit more than half of all murders and rapes, and have the highest rate of AIDS infection.

The best way to avoid being murdered or raped or infected with HIV is to stay away from black people.

Anonymous said...

Yes he does. TMI speaks for all who have to suffer coontact with blacks.

Anonymous said...

There is a show on TruTV called "Hardcore Pawn" about a pawn shop in Detroit. If you want to see typical black behavior, check it out sometime. I actually feel sorry for the Jewish owners sometime.

TMI said...

You are correct, I do not represent all whites in America. I am nothing like the DWL whites who pander to blacks in their daily lives, but drive to their safe white suburbs at night and work to keep their white daughters away from your black sons. I judge people based on their behavior. Period. My experience has proven to me that black behavior is dangerous and vile. And so I judge blacks by skin color AND content of character. So what??? Call me smart, or call me racist. I will take either.

All whites do this whether or not they admit it openly. That is my point. You can day dream all day that whites love and accept you and that you add so much value to our lives. Just being black is a skill, right?? But if you really look at the way the majority of whites act in their own lives (even the ones who pander to blacks), they spend lots of time and money running away from you. Why do you think this is?

SBPDL has written about this on several occasions. White people are the true victims here. Multiculturalism IS the disenfranchisement of the white man. We don't "white up" things that are too black. We only "black up" things that are too white.

We know that the price of living in a safe white community (i.e. no blacks) is extremely high, but we will work our asses off to pay it.

Anonymous said...

Love this quote from OneSTDV today:

"In an intellectual venue like the Internet, one defined more by bombastic than measured rhetoric, some voices go to extremes to stand out. You have those that curse profusely, put out consistently scurrilous content, engage in incessant trolling, or espouse radical, unreasonable ideas. For these individuals, the relay of ideas doesn't matter so much as getting noticed. So they push the envelope further, hoping to garner attention at the expense of advancing a minimally viable argument."

This quote pretty much explains Diarrhea's monologues.

Anonymous said...

TMI - alas all Whites do not feel the way you do. Most people still live in ethnic enclaves. The vast majority of Whites still have extremely limited contact with non-Whites. They have NO idea how dangerous and destructive Blacks, as a Race, are. They still believe what TalmudVision - TV - tells them, that "We are all alike underneath" - cause this appeals to their vanity. Alas - most Whites will refuse to accept reality, until they have repetetive daily contact with non-Whites - on the Non-Whites terms. By that time, we will be wholly overwhelmed.

TMI said...

"By that time, we will be wholly overwhelmed."

Everything you say is true. Most whites have their heads up their asses by no fault of their own. They are in a sleeping stupor, the victims in all of this. Too nice, too fair, too accommodating. I hope they wake up soon. The "ethnic enclaves" and gated communities will provide no security for whites one day. There will be no place to run from the violence.

I live on the edge of a black ghetto neighborhood and unfortunately, I have lost my innocence and now I Can See. I have direct experience with black behavior, talk to blacks more often than most whites I know, have the inside scoop. Most white people have no idea how blacks really behave around other blacks. Most black people think they behave JUST like whites, and white people just don't like them because their skin is darker. This type of ignorance is the problem. I am often disgusted with what I see, but I know more than most white people and I think this is an advantage.

Whites should not be afraid of the future. We should make it our business to effectively handle the issues. Whites in America will still have the upper hand, the strong communities, strong families and values, the patriotism, the resolve, and the financial resources. We just need to understand our differences and begin to acknowledge them publicly and OUT LOUD. I have lost many friends and family members because of this, but we have to start telling the truth to ourselves.

Blacks have nothing to lose, but whites have everything to lose.

Anonymous said...

Omg you all must be crazy! I must be as well to even comment after you. I feel sorry for all who are posting their hate because of some traumatizing childhood experience. It's saddening to read all of your post especially those who believe that black people are, sorry for the summarizing word, evil. I'm sorry to break it to everyone but people in general are evil and if you are worried about women carving your face with a box cutter or people being obnoxious than its best you find the nearest vault and lock yourself into it. Look people, its going to be another races that causes you harm eventually even if you shelter yourself away from black people. Most of you will probably be on another website similar to this one and sharing your hate for yet another race. Lets be real, you guys are hurt and want to be heard. If a situation occurs and a black person selflessly saves your life than you would probably judge him or her as an individual, saying something like this must be one of the good ones. I'm sure we can see how pointless that makes things. I say see people as an individual and if you are gonna judge, do so from the content of a person's character. It will make you better than those you claim you hate...