Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remember the Maine

America in 2012: All white people search for their own private Maine
Two seemingly unrelated stories had me smiling today. One dealt with white people fleeing the Black Undertow that makes life intolerable in Akron (the home of the infamous "It's a Black world now" Mahogany Mob beating of July 4th, 2009), Cleveland, and Youngstown.

It's a sad article that illustrates why the social policies of the past 70 years have been engineered to destroy Real America and uplift Black-Run America (BRA); since middle-class white families can no longer protect their property - a huge investment that allows them to generate real-wealth via a long-term investment, put down roots in a community that strengthen the city and a families attachment to a particular place, and enter the ranks of the upper-class (in America, we mean via monetary access) through the maturation of their investment - because Restrictive Covenants were declared Unconstitutional in 1948, we have a situation where whites must constantly abandon one city for another when Black crime and dysfunction become too great a threat to ones person and property.

Realize the scenario described in this Newsmax article for three of Ohio's biggest cities is playing all out all across America as white people do everything possible to avoid having a Black neighbor (or sending their children to a heavily integrated school where Black people - regardless of the city, state, or percentage of Blacks at the school - have severe discipline problems):

A nonprofit consortium in northeast Ohio is tackling the tough issue of suburban expansion, where farmland is being taken over by new residential centers and traditional cities are shrinking from declining population.  
The Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium says the pattern, repeated in once thriving urban areas across the country, is hurting the region’s economy because fewer taxpayers are being asked to pay for roads, schools, and other public infrastructure, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. 
The sprawl is also hurting the environment and driving up gas prices. The consortium, made up of local and regional agencies, is backed by a $4.25 million federal grant and charged with making recommendations about how the state’s northeast region should be implementing future development plans.  
The group, which has been working for more than a year, plans to present its first major public report in June about the challenges posed by outward migration from the region’s shrinking cities of Cleveland, Youngstown, and Akron.  
According to the Plain Dealer, the region’s population fell by 7 percent from 1970 to 2010, even as the outer suburban areas were expanding. As a result, more governments were formed, new and often duplicative services were established, and the cost of keeping them operational became a burden for the smaller population.  
The consortium is hoping to convince what now amounts to hundreds of municipalities and governments to change their development practices to take into account the costs and consequences of continued outward growth.  
“We’re growing our footprint but not the population to pay for it,” consortium planner Hunter Morrison told the Plain Dealer. “We need to make some choices about where to focus and where to concentrate.”  
A number of other regions around the country, where sprawl has become an issue, are also being studied with the help of federal grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Partnership for Sustainable Communities. They include Salt Lake City, Utah; Hartford, Conn.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Dallas-Fort Worth; and Kansas City, Mo.
How do you curb "suburban sprawl" (i.e. white flight from pervasive levels of Black crime, dysfunction, and the intolerable nature of watching your property value plummet) and keep a city sustainable? Well, you start by having peace, stability, and low levels of crime, coupled with high levels of social trust (deep roots and long-established families dedicated to maintaining communities). 

Basically, you completely remove Black people from the equation:

Maine is the most peaceful state in America and Louisiana the least, according to rankings by an Australian think tank called the Institute for Economics and Peace.The rankings are based on the prevalence of violent crimes, homicides, police employees, size of the prison population and small arms availability. 
Overall, 2011 was the most peaceful year the United States has experienced in 20 years. Homicides and violent crimes both dropped by more than 3 percent last year, while the murder rate has plummeted a staggering 50 percent since 1991, when the survey first started. However, prison violence—which is not counted in the report—has risen dramatically as the number of people behind bars has also grown. (The United States has a higher percentage of its population incarcerated than any other nation.) 
Almost half of all forcible rapes occur in prison.Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Utah were the top five most peaceful states. Louisiana was the least peaceful, followed by Tennessee, Nevada, Florida and Arizona. 
The Cambridge-Newton-Framingham area of Massachusetts ranked as the most peaceful metro area, while Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn was ranked the least peaceful.The report found that out of dozens of environmental, economic and health factors, the percentage of children living in two-parent families was the factor most correlated to peacefulness. The more children living in single-parent families, the less peaceful a state was. Poverty was also a strong indicator. 

Trying to quantify the cost of Black people to America is simple: we could have been on Mars were it not for having to constantly fit the bill for Black-Run America (BRA). In Ohio, white families must abandon major cities. The ability to create and sustain capital (through the investment in a home) was completely destroyed by the federal government when the NAACP waged its 30-year war on Restrictive Covenants; regardless of where you live, the Black Undertow can eventually submerge your property value (and the federal government could just place refugees from some third world nation in your midst, a process we call Man-Made Climate Change).

This article in Yahoo shows that violence and containing violence has a negative economic impact of $460 billion a year. Knowing the broken window fallacy to be true, you should know that this wasted capital could have gone to other programs (improving infrastructure, actually working to improve the education system of the best and brightest in America instead of throwing money away at Head Start Programs which have accomplished.... nothing, or going to benefit the actual Real Americans who do the living and dying in BRA).

Maine and Vermont are the two whitest states in America. New Hampshire, Utah, and Minnesota are also three of the whitest states in America.

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Utah, and Minnesota are peaceful, tranquil places where America still exists. After 70 years of Black-Run America, the rest of the nation's white inhabitants are still packing up their families and searching for their own slice of Maine in Ohio. You won't find it in Cleveland, a city that has taken on the characteristics of its majority population (Black people).

Regardless of what becomes of the United States of America, that is a hilarious thought.

One day, Americans - Real Americans - will Remember the Maine. To bring back America, it means repudiating the horrific Shelly v. Kraemer decision. Maybe a white family trapped in Akron, Cleveland, or Youngstown (unable to leave because the rising Black percentage of the population has made their property worthless) can sue the federal government for its role in deeming Restrictive Covenants unconstitutional. A government has one job: safeguard the present for its citizens to amass capital and be productive members of a community (a nation) and create an environment where their posterity can thrive as well.

With the decision to kill Restrictive Covenants, the Supreme Court effectively made all of America a potential candidate for being submerged by the Black Undertow. Even -one day - Maine.

Our government has dictated that productive members of society must pay to ensure that the unproductive can thrive (and multiply).

This is not a recipe for a productive future.

BRA is no longer sustainable.


Lord Drek said...

BRA will be sustainable so long as the dollar retains its (relative) purchasing power. This blog predicted the end of BRA when PK wrote about the Clayton county food stamp 'glitch'. This entire experiment must have money to continue.

10mm AUTO said...

Here is the other reason this is not sustainable. Even with restrictive covenants, there is the evening walk on the town, breathing in the beautiful sights and Sounds of an advanced Whitopia and then:

Notice the high overhand right. Notice that the White doesn't realize the danger he is in till the animals are tearing at his pockets. When backed up against the car, he should have drawn and said, "Back off, bitch. Surround me and I open fire." Instead, like a White he really doesn't understand the pack mentality, the circling for the kill. The two large negroids flank him and the females rub their butts on him to embarrass him, causing him to walk away for the setup sucker punch.

They really are not human. This could be your son/Uncle/nephew/brother. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Louisiana is, of course, the second Blackest state in the country according to 2010 Census figures. May have something to do with our lack of "peace": sky high crime rate, failed public school systems (all the bottom ranked systems in La. are urban school districts with >90% Black student bodies), highest level of incarceration in the world, and our otherwise low quality of life.

I predict all of these indicators would turn a hundred and eighty degrees if all Blacks evaporated tomorrow. The Black population is the millstone that has held this state back for decades.

Zenster said...

Almost half of all forcible rapes occur in prison.

Shall we, for one moment, examine Maine's overrepresentation of Blacks in its prison population?

Quelle surprise!

It is some eight times that of the state's respective population. While this does not match the +12X levels of Delaware or Minnesota, neither does Maine represent anything remotely resembling the happy hunting grounds for Blacks in those other more populous states.

Therefore, it is safe to presume that imprisoned Blacks are also likely to be committing a disproportionate amount of the prison rapes, just as they do in the outside world.

What more is needed to justify some sort of profiling or enhanced sentencing with respect to Black crime?

Berating these Black thugs as "animals" or, simply, shunning them nowhere approaches the necessary level of excluding them from the machinations of civilized society.

Paradise Lost said...

I've had my house on the market since last year and can't get rid of it in spite of dropping the price several thousand dollars. A house is where whites have their investment dollars stashed and I believe there is by design a plan to cheapen our assets so as to get one one Whitey. I live 20 miles outside of the city center but still suffer high taxes ( taxes went up $100 per month). Fortunately I have a place and roots in rural, poor Appalachian Ohio where taxes are cheap and devoid of the negro.

I road the Cuyahoga valley train north of Akron a few weeks ago and noticed several fat sheboons hogging some of the seats. ( ride all day $15). Fortunately I got to sit in the car reserved for hikers and bicyclists who were Asian or white so I was not subjected to the caterwauling and cacophony associated with the dusky hoards. Plenty of whites using the bike/ tow path and not a negoid in sight.

Anonymous said...

Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire have been targeted by the US government for african colonization. Thanks to the regime, the Somalis have been handed the City of Lewiston ME (where laughing africans taunted White Yankees on 9/11), chunks of Manchester NH (where there is a "Little Mogadishu" section and an explosion of violence in the public schools), and parts of Burlington VT (where the remaining Whites stare blankly with careworn faces with expressions redolent of utter exhaustion, and young Somali bucks swagger through the once quaint tree-lined streets , perfectly aping the gangsta mannerisms of their Amerikan negroid cousins).

The good news is that, as soon as US government largesse is removed, these creatures will have no basis for a continued existence in these stricken places. Nor will they gain much by invading and raiding the hinterlands and countryside in NH and VT, at least, because these are shall-issue, open-carry states and the indigenous people (including many totally groid-wise and p-o'd refugees from New York and New Jersey) are armed to the teeth. Of course, these newly-minted, 60-IQ "Americans" from the horn of Africa now have these rights too, which is something to consider. The winters of northern New England will probably make short work of these hunter gatherers in any case, but you can be certain the regime will pull out all the stops -- including the use of federal troops -- to see to it that these creatures will prosper, and White Americans will suffer, in any SHTF scenario.

And yes -- the presence of these things in the previously unspoiled American landscapes of New England, like so many cancerous cells that heave been deliberately incubated in otherwise healthy tissue, speaks volumes on the betrayal and the gigantic LIE that are at the fetid, rotten heart of the Amerikan Empire, and its imperialistic and hostile attitude toward those of European racial stock.

Anonymous said...

If am coming to the conclusion that BRA is run by elites (negroes are certainly not intelligent enough to implement it on their own) as an exercise in control. The elites certainly don't believe in it any more than they believe in environmentalism other than protecting their own habitats. They live in enclaves protected from all but token examples of BRA. Even the Communist elites didn't believe in communism as they retreated to their dachas in limos and availed themselves to other privileges. It was a racket. As is BRA.

So BRA is forced upon us to let us know who is in control. Because BRA is horrendously wasteful of resources (as are the other civic religions of environmentalism and policing the world) the productive must be reminded that it is their fate to sustain the elite. These reminders have a purpose.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker...Everybody I know "out here" in Whitieville that has ever been around black people has no use for them. One friend was a fireman in Omaha when they set the city on fire in the late 1960's. I know people here that were in Cheyenne when the government did their Criminal Resettlement Program after Katrina. There are people here from Denver, New Jersey, Illinois, California, New York, Omaha and other Negropolitan areas. People that had never been around them had their eyes opened watching the nightly news during Katrina.
I sat one night at Mount Rushmore with a bunch of tourist from South Carolina. For over an hour they told me nothing but horror stories. They said in the old days nobody liked blacks, but now EVERYONE HATED THEM. They told me nearly all white people are armed to the teeth and if there is a black uprising they will be met with a hail of gunfire.
The black is to stupid to understand why people don't like them. It is the way they act. You could move a bunch of them into the Playboy Mansion and the place would look like a shit can within a year. Everything they touch turns to shit. I have seen it with my own eyes. The schools have become nothing but battlegrounds. The last year I was in NYC the schools had metal detectors for first graders. I am not kidding you.
If the Mau Mau goes on the warpath and kills off the white man, what the fuck will they do then. THERE WILL BE NO ONE LEFT TO FEED THEM. Da tax base be gone. Who are they going to get to rebuild there burned out cities. The Mexicans? I don't think so. Pedro will go back to Mexico.

Allan Wilson said...

@10mm AUTO

It's amazing how completely oblivious that guy was. Zero situational awareness, and apparently not much familiarity with these kinds of people. From the beginning of that scenario I would be at condition Orange, ready for Red.

Anonymous said...

It is about time some 'diversity' was introduced to these libtard states so that more stubborn eyes may be opened.

Mr. Rational said...

Zenster: What more is needed to justify some sort of profiling or enhanced sentencing with respect to Black crime?

Not just enhanced sentencing.  Prison segregation.  The opportunity to rape YT must be removed.

We must also have geographic restrictions imposed as a condition of probation, including juvenile criminals.  Black criminals must be kept out of White areas.  Use ankle bracelets as a way to electronically advertise "I am a parole violator!" and send them back to prison.  Ideally, they would be banned from White areas for life. said...

There's nothing like old photos to remind us who built America's great cities . . .

And who destroyed them.,_Ohio#Wooster_Ave._Riots_of_1968

Anonymous said...

Political coorectness is killing us. Nearly everyone knows the truth, but absolutely no one can say what they're thinking (except on obscure websites).

Until we start speaking up ....

Lily White said...

Did any of you guys see this? Thirty women involved in a street fight over something on Facebook. Let's play "Guess the Race!"

Denise said...

I am having real problems getting into and staying on my beloved Occidental Dissent site. The excrable Randi Rhodes linked to the site. I wonder if the OD is under attack.......

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said: (Why not pick a name?)

"young Somali bucks swagger through the once quaint tree-lined streets , perfectly aping the gangsta mannerisms of their Amerikan negroid cousins."

I've had the good fortune to have visited a few of those New England towns. The idea that thugs from Africa have been purposely inserted into those places, built with the blood and sweat of our ancestors, is too much to accept.

The negroes are a horror. It is what they are, innately savage. But it is the elites with government power behind them that are the fundamental source of our problems. Those monsters are motivated by greed, lust for power, often times a misdirected compassion towards something that troubles them, but most importantly they are motivated by a burning desire to control the lives of others.

Apart from the civil war and the great depression, we are in the worst situation in general terms that this country has seen.

Thrasymachus said...

Is this the "Green City" post you promised long ago?

Anonymous said...

Ya know, you're welcome to rattle on about this stuff all day long, but so long as you prohibit frank discussion about You Know Who, you aren't going to get a realistic analysis; and therfore you won't get an accurate solution.

Yeah, right, I bet all these problems started with the Presbyterian Church.

Get serious. Somebody has to.

Bogolyubski said...

Excellent remark Anonymous on the African colonization, often Muslims - carried out with the full assistance of ostensibly Christian organizations. Once again, who do we think is doing all this? Blacks sending their lottery winnings to Catholic Charities? Note also that there is absolutely zero opposition from "conservatives" and Republicans to this. Note that while organizations like SPLC rake in tens of millions, VDARE (on the few places online where one can find out about this abomination) can't even raise a lousy 30,000 dollars. Why is this so? Cui bono?

YIH said...

WSHH strikes again!
This time in Philthydelphia.

Anonymous said...

The best points you have made so far are in this article.

People, all white people, need to see this material and think about it seriously.

We have become a nation of wanderers and chasers.

Whites who flee from the chaos caused by BRA and the blacks who chase after whites to wherever they are after they wrecked the last place they took over--then wreck the new target, and repeat this same cycle over and over agian. It has got to end. They cycle is sheer madness, and not even the most brainwashed liberal loon could put up much of an argument in favor of allowing BRA to continue to run amok and have government fund this lunacy--and fund it with our own money!

One thing you said hits the mark dead on more than others:

".....put down roots in a community that strengthen the city and a families attachment to a particular place.."

for the first time in thousands of years whites have been stripped of their natural instinct to live in a secure, peaceful, and productive slice of the world in which to raise their families and thrive.

BRA is the root cause of why this instinct has been turned into a dream rather than a possibility as savage blacks run wild, This is the root cause of why America is sinking.

blanc de seine saint denis said...

Good morning Paris!! you talk about can you tell me who are the worst negroes, ex slaves who are in USA since 1650 or new african immigrants?? Are african immigrants a lot since 30 years because in france the new immigration since 30 years is from senegaln mali, mauritanie, ivory coast?? zenster : ypou comapre them as animals, it's funny because when french mastersalves discover them in africa they write in books they didnt know if they were animals or humans... and if i remember abraham lincoln said that living with these animals was not possible before changing his 300 years later nothing has changes...



ZIP ! ZING !! ZOW !!

This article hits right on target !!

Band Leader, strike up "Dixie" !


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

This is not the "Green City" article. I'm reading a few books by professed "sustainable" gurus.

Once I finish the "War on Atlanta" project - a city that completely invalidates the concept of 'sustainable' (because the story of Atlanta is the tale of white people continuously fleeing Blacks) - I'll try and post it.

You posted a nice article at your site on the topic.

Ivan Shatov said...

@ Anonymous April 25, 2012 7:27 PM

"You could move a bunch of them into the Playboy Mansion and the place would look like a shit can within a year."

WRONG!! It would take less than 48 hours. In a year the mansion would be long gone.

Mr. Rational said:

"Not just enhanced sentencing. Prison segregation. The opportunity to rape YT must be removed. . . We must also have geographic restrictions imposed as a condition of probation, including juvenile criminals. Black criminals must be kept out of White areas. Use ankle bracelets as a way to electronically advertise "I am a parole violator!" and send them back to prison. Ideally, they would be banned from White areas for life."

The inhumanity that integrated prison populations has visited upon YT is unimaginable. We MUST stop this madness. I agree with you 100%

Black criminals and their families will have to be deported. All other solutions are simply too weak. Any civilization worth its name would not allow these orcs to dwell amongst them.

@ Denise:

No problems getting on OD

Ivan Shatov said...

Jay Santos said:

"Apart from the civil war and the great depression, we are in the worst situation in general terms that this country has seen."

During the War Between the States the white man was fighting for his civilization. That is no longer true.

During the great depression we were better off spiritually and our civilization was healthier. As far as material well being - just wait.

THIS is our darkest hour. Problem is, it continues to get darker - pun intended

W74 said...

Cities aren't bad in, by and of themselves. In fact, they can be quite nice places to live, do business, go to school, etc.

I realize there are some on here who absolutely would not choose city life even if our country were 100% white. I get that and as it stands now I'm ready to find a farm and do something truly productive while getting away from black problems. I get that.

One great thing about city live, the way it could be is that we could bring culture back. We could bring Plays and Opera and Concerts and Artists (yeah, yeah, liberal stuff but it doesn't have to be that way by default) back and without having to worry about getting stabbed or hit by a rogue bullet we could actually enjoy those things. Me, I'd save $3-5,000/year not having the cost of a car, car insurance, maintenance and gas. Efficiency alone makes city life decent and the residents of Munich, Krakow, Helsinki, Lubiljana, etc. are probably living life well.

That's not to say that life isn't without it's problems anywhere you go, and they could be very minor (It's all relative isn't it?), but without blacks you can focus on the things that truly matter.

I'd thrive in a black-free city.

W74 said...

Denise said...

I am having real problems getting into and staying on my beloved Occidental Dissent site. The excrable Randi Rhodes linked to the site. I wonder if the OD is under attack.......

Denise, let them come. If liberal agitators want to post on our sites that's fine, they can only strengthen us. We are able to grow every time we argue against them, they in turn have to resort to more desperate measures every time. There are out of argument and have to resort to attacks and logical fallacies.

Let their people come to. Let the liberals swarm by the hundreds. Let them SEE what we've been talking about all along. Hopefully we'll wake up a few fence-sitters.

I like to imagine that every day, not just here or any of the sites SBPDL links to, but even while reading regular news articles or while listening to a professor speak in class....I like to imagine a liberal saying: "You know what? I'm done with this nonsense."

Dissident said...

BRA is a misnomer.

Blacks don't run shi!, besides their mouths! A power elite, whom are oligarchical by nature, are using the dumb Africans as their storm troopers.

They're propping them up to use as a hammer against Western civilization. When the time is right, they'll lower the boom on these knuckledraggers and dispense of them and middle class whites.

That's their goal, they're only using the blacks against us. This is really about population control, power, "sustainability", and an elitist agenda to destroy the white middle class in this country.

They consider us high entropy, "un-sustainable and useless eaters".

Blacks are pawns and WILLING dupes; wasn't it the Communists that said that they would use the Negro's and indigents against us?

Anonymous said...

My wife and I make tremendous sacrifices in order to send our kids to a private school. Despite what DWL's say, it is every white's innate desire to avoid contact with the parastic black masses.

blanc de seine saint denis said...

I thought that imigration in USA nowadays was asian or latinos and no we lie to me?? Are african immigration today look like afro american in their behalfs?? Are latinos less dangerous than blacks?? Are asians so bright than in france??

Anonymous said...

I actually knew Hunter Morrison, the City Planner referred to in the story of Youngstown OH, where he has recently been a college professor. He was a huge liberal and married (conveniently for both) another huge liberal, State Rep Jane Campbell, who was elected Mayor of the City of Cleveland OH for 1 term. She lost her re-election bid and the wind went out of the sails of their marriage -- if it ever was there, as both were not fully committed in their "gender" roles, which was obvious to a lot of people. They were divorced in 2008. She has since gotten a job running the office of LA US Senator Mary Landrieu. Jane's mother is the communist Joan Campbell who was head of the National Council of Churches a few years ago who was part of the Clinton team that kidnapped Elian Gonzalez and sent him back to Cuba. Ugly story.

In any case, the Morrison-Campbell-Landrieus are examples of elite Democrats blood-sucking off the white populations of the various cities they control. It is truly sickening. If these people live near you, call them out!

Anonymous said...

Follow up on Detroit refinancing,

Full Auto said...

@Anonymous Apr 25, 2012 07:15 PM

You are correct Sir. That's why I find it humorous when white nationalists talk about creating an all white region in the northwestern part of the U.S.
It would take the Govt.we have now about two seconds to foil those plans by flooding the area with Somalian refugees via the refugee relocation office which is headed by, you guessed it, an African. Some of his handiwork can be observed in Minnesota.

The only way to fix white flight is to fix the Govt.

Anonymous said...

Have you notice that not a single person in congress, the courts, or law enforcement, and not a single person in government is speaking out on the violence being carried out against Whites? It's like they are in a sound proof room with headphones on.

bupkiss o'toole said...

Glad to see you realize that all this has been policy for decades. The deeper you look the clearer it becomes.

Thanks for your cogent analysis and waking people up.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I have a two part series coming up at VDare on Restrictive Covenants and milliken v. bradley that will VERY in-depth.

Consequently, I have a two-part series on DC and Prince George's County that Peter is ready to publish. So send him a donation (it's tax-deductible!!!) so he can open up the site.

There is no other outlet for these types of writing, and I'm an admirer of the courageous Brimelow.

Sadly, I don't think The Daily Caller - which is publishing great work by GL Piggy - is ready for Paul Kersey. Not yet.

I know a lot of people are stressed out financially, but considering giving to VDARE.

I have four articles already in Brimelow's hands, and six in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:47
I F*CKIN HEAR THEIR SILENCE LOUD AND CLEAR. YEAH I HEAR IT. BOY DO I HEAR IT. I could write a very long post about this but I am already beside myself with anger and rage about this subject. THEIR SILENCE IS A GREAT CRIME AGAINST US. Joe

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis - St Paul isn't all that peaceful. A series of black flash muggings has occurred over the last three months or so, in the main shopping area of downtown Minneapolis

Minnesota has the largest Somali population in the USA { at least 32,00 but probably several thousand higher]. Most live in the Twin Cities.

Like everywhere else inner ring suburbs particularly the North metro are in many cases 30 to 40 percent, or more minority.

Outstate Minnesota { 1 .5 hours from the Twin Cities} is indeed still peaceful.

My wife and I live and rent in downtown Minneapolis but would never consider owning.

One additional issue here in Minneapols is the expansion of homeless shelters. One of the more recent is a men's homeless shelter adjacent to the Minneapols Farmers Market.

Women need not worry about lack of attention under these circumstances.

Denise said...

I am stil getting an "Internet explorer cannot display webpage' message, when I try to get on Occidental Dissent. I've gotten the site up a few times - but I can't get into Comments - or the "read more" into extended articles!

AGGGHHHH!!! The Enemies of our Race has discovered the perfect retribution! I can get here, thank GOD, I can get into Stormfront - but not OD. NO! It's like being cut off from oxygen


Mr. Rational said...

Peter Brimelow pays Paul Craig Roberts in order to get the rights to publish his stuff. PCR is very big, and probably paid, apologist for "Palestinians" and Muslims in general; for a long time, Brimelow was publishing all of PCR's columns even though none of them dealt at all with immigration.

Enough. I won't give money to VDARE as long as any of it goes to Roberts.

Randy said...

Anonymous said...

"Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire have been targeted by the US government for african colonization. Thanks to the regime, the Somalis have been handed the City of Lewiston ME...."

The US Government probably does target Whitopias for "refugee resettlement", but the case of Lewiston is somewhat different: The Somalis themselves selected that city for colonization; see this link:

Here are a few relevant passages from the article:

They are nomads, their ancient instincts honed to a 21st century edge. Pioneers in a new world, they discovered Lewiston and claimed a bit of it for themselves.

“It’s like finding a small island in the middle of the Pacific,” says Mohammed Abdi, who last year moved here from Decatur, Ga., and was quickly hired as the liaison between the city’s schools and the burgeoning Somali community. “We put it on the map.”


Fed up with life in Atlanta —he was robbed twice — Abdiaziz Ali said members of the Somali community there researched other places on the Internet, comparing crime rates, the cost of housing, test scores. Then they sent scouts to a handful of cities — Kansas City, Mo., Nashville, Tenn., San Diego, Houston and El Paso in Texas, and Portland and Lewiston in Maine.

Maine was preferred, and Portland was full.

The article also quoted some Lewiston Somalis a saying they wanted "a more benevolent welfare system" than the one in Georgia, where they were originally resettled.

Blacks don't need encouragement from the government or anybody else to move into Whitopias; they gladly do it on their own, if given half a chance. I realize, of course, that in many cases they couldn't do it if the government didn't enable them with Section 8 housing, antidiscrimination laws, etc.

Mutant Swarm said...

Full Auto said...

@Anonymous Apr 25, 2012 07:15 PM

You are correct Sir. That's why I find it humorous when white nationalists talk about creating an all white region in the northwestern part of the U.S.

It would take the Govt.we have now about two seconds to foil those plans by flooding the area with Somalian refugees via the refugee relocation office which is headed by, you guessed it, an African. Some of his handiwork can be observed in Minnesota.

The only way to fix white flight is to fix the Govt.

April 26, 2012 6:40 AM

What if the government can't BE fixed? What do you do then?

So you find the idea of whites forming their own country "humorous?" Will you still think so if we win?

Will you laugh, sit back, and pop another brewski, secure in the knowledge that you now have an excuse not to act? Will you expect to reap the rewards if we are successful, free of charge?

Or will you help us, or at least step aside and let us get on with it? Will you investigate the subject on your own, and not take others' opinions (some of which are uninformed, some of which are malicious attempts to dissuade us) as your own?

Forming a new country will carry an incredible price in blood and agony. Anyone who thinks that BRA will let us leave voluntarily is deluding himself (Senator Feinstein has already gotten a bill passed containing a provision that voids a person's passport if they have an IRS lien against them). Voting, boycotts, letter writing campaigns, marches; all have been tried, all have failed.

What if you were the one person who came up with a strategy or set of tactics that worked? That showed white people what to do, so that they wouldn't have to pick up and move, yet again, to anywhere but our own land, to escape the Black Undertow? Wouldn't you want your children and grandchildren to be able to say, "My Dad helped found our new country," or "My Grandpa moved our family there, just before the Americans made it illegal for Whites to go to the Northwest?"

When we went to the moon, the first thing we had to do was to believe that it was possible.

Liberty said...

@Anonymous :
However, the discussion is being had online and on Twitter. The grievance mongers are upset that the #trayvon discussion is being flipped to a discussion of black-on-white violence, (lots of tweets today about Strait & Owens) and the racially profiling blacks do when selecting a victim.

Keep talking, texting and tweeting.
Silence is assent.

Anonymous said...

There are ghetto blacks in Cambridge, at least Central Square. None in Newton. Dunno about Framingham.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore/DC resident here. Grew up in obamas hometown. Baltimore is black run anti white openly.ive been almost run off the road in pg county as the thugs do smash and hold ups. They hit your car force you into an accident and then rob you at gunpoint. I've been awakened since here, Midwest blacks as others are a different breed from Baltimore/dc. Baltimore is 70% black and a complete crime aids herpes and wart ridden cursed ground. Record aids herpes warts and all black!!

The local hop hop station ran a free thanksgiving turkey promo if you came to their ame church took an aids test and stayed for the results.

These are all signs grave ones that it's time to change. I can not tell you my stress level and expenses living around these animals. I'm always on guard and feel like I'm waiting for a repeat of 1992.

As far as gov jobs? They're all black and staffed by blacks out of representation for their race. Baltimore is second in food stamp and welfare fraud.

Pk please do an article on Maryland iq raycyst lawsuits and montgomery county where communist education indoctrination started!!!

Maryland is a commie black run hot bed, nancy pelosis father was mayor of Baltimore. Surprise!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the demographics are changing in New England and the Midwest as well. Churches are importing third-worlders as their 'christian duty' and companies are importing third-worlders for cheap labor. Two purported 'conservative' groups that are stabbing America in the back.

eah said...

Facebook Comments Reportedly Trigger Large Female Fight

Nice white people invent the computer, and this is what Blacks use it for.

A couple of other blogs readers here might find interesting:

Dispelling the Big Lie of the "Violent white racist America" one link at a time.

Irate Irishman

Absolutely hilarious at times.

Bogolyubski said...

Full Auto: The only way to fix white flight is to fix the Govt.

The government is not fixable - in case you haven't noticed the unidirectional flow of politics in the country once known as the United States over the past half century. What we have is an oligarchy on its way to being a totalitarian state much like the USSR. The very same folks who created and orchestrated BRA control the government, both nominal political parties, the economy (the so-called "free market" is just as big of a myth as "democracy"), academia (both public schools and universities), media, the arts, foundations and even churches. They literally own it all.

The only way this ends is for it to implode and collapse under its own weight - much like the Soviet Union. It is highly unlikely than anyone could even get to one of the oligarchs - as they will have the truly professional security details taking care of them. It is only when things collapse to the point that the oligarchy is unable to pay the legions of local police and military to enforce BRA at gunpoint will things start to change. This is why all proposals to 'work within the system' are worthless. The system is completely rigged and cannot be de-rigged. What is needed instead are ways and means to precipitate the BRA's collapse by gumming up and choking the machine's operation. The oligarchs will naturally escape and find another place to loot - many are dual-citizens anyway - but that's the way it has always been.

Anonymous said...

I am stil getting an "Internet explorer cannot display webpage' message, when I try to get on Occidental Dissent. I've gotten the site up a few times - but I can't get into Comments - or the "read more" into extended articles!

This may be a Javascript issue.

Anonymous said...

To all white Americans who may have plans to visit San Francisco this summer,please be advised that many areas of the SF and the SF metro area are already dangerous for white Americans.Some areas are downright No Go Zones already. If you don't know you're way around the area,it is especially dangerous.
I mention this especially for those traveling with children.
If you have to travel to SF,try to avoid the east bay entirely- if race riots break out in any part of the country,then riots will start there also.
In SF proper,avoid South of Market all the way down to South San Francisco, even during the day. Avoid Market street at night. When the office workers leave,take it as a clue to leave the area. Avoid the Hunter's Point neighborhood at all costs day and night.
***If you get into any altercation in SF area with a black, you will automatically be the guilty one,doesn't matter what the real circumstances are. Your SF court appointed attorney WILL NOT DEFEND YOU!If you hire your own lawyer, VERY GOOD chance he/she won't defend you either. SF is the capital of RADICALS and the radicals in SF hate normal,law-abiding white Americans.This IS NOT bullsh*t!
To tell you honestly,considering the rising attacks on white Americans,you're probably better off taking the kids up to the country for vacation. The attractions in SF are fun,but not so much fun to be stuck in the area if riots start. IT WILL NOT BE FUN IN SF AT ALL!Of those whites in SF who are not radicals, many are zoned out from drugs,partying,and years of anti-white propaganda to be any use to you. THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU!
Other whites who are not zoned out will be as overwhelmed by it all as you will be if riots start. Most of the aware whites live in the suburbs anyway.If riots break out,they'll be home and won't be in town to help you.
If you are traveling to Sacramento,avoid South Sacramento,south of hwy 99,especially at night.Avoid West Sacramento both day and night. Nothing beautiful to see in these areas anyway.
If you really want to travel to Northern California,you're better off going to Sonoma county and points north.If riots break out while you're on vacation here,however,it may be difficult getting back to SF or Oakland airports.It will be a giant mess if massive violence erupts.
If I sound alarmist it's because I don't want to see white children murdered. Your children Will Be Murdered in SF area if riots break out. It is not a joke,It Is Reality. Joe

Anonymous said...

Rowdy Florida Woman Explains To Cops, "You Can’t Tell Me What To Do. Obama Owns This Motherfucker!"

D J said...

eah: Is that a large fight involving demales, or a fight involving large females?


Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain to me why christians are importing even more blacks and other foreigners into this country? F*ckinUnbelievable. I'm of christian background myself,but I just don't get it. I never met a group of people with their heads so far up their assholes as these christians.Joe

Big Bear said...

Full Auto @ April 26, 2012 6:40 AM

I live in the Great White Northwest and have to agree with you. There is certainly no reason to push for a White homeland here, since we are currently off the enemy in DC's radar. There have been efforts in the past (Aryan Nations in the 1970s) but what protects us is geography.

It is the Big Empty around us. Spokane is the only metro area of note between Seattle and Minneapolis. Seattle and Portland are still Whitopias. There is no place near us that blacks can drift from.

It was 95% White when I moved here 40 years ago, it is 95% White today, and it will be 95% White 40 years from now. I know lots of people who moved up here from BRA in classic White flight. That will only continue as the undertow would have to cross the Big Empty to get here.

Full Auto said...

@Mutant Swarm

What I was suggesting is that large numbers of whites just moving into the northwest with our Govt. as it is now would never work on a massive scale. It would simply become a target for cultural "enrichment" and diversity treatments on a massive scale. I'm surprised it hasn't already been targeted for being "too white".

While we're not quite at the point of fix bayonets, there indeed could be another attempt at secession in which whites would try to gain there own territory and form an all white nation. Sounds good to me. I could get behind a movement like that and it appears we actually may be headed for that.

Zenster said...

blanc de seine saint denis: Good morning Paris!! you talk about can you tell me who are the worst negroes, ex slaves who are in USA since 1650 or new african immigrants??

It is extremely difficult to tell as they both act like primitive savages.

Due to how a huge portion of the new African immigrants are also Muslims they represent an intrinsic double-threat and, therefore, require more attention. The fact that they also employ so-called "family reunification" immigration policy to import a second wave of their illiterate goat-herding, genital mutilating, genocidal cousins only magnifies the seriousness of this issue.

W74 said...

Full Auto,

I'm curious to know what your personal definition of "the Big Empty" is.

Is it the Great Basin? Deserts stretching from SE Washington down through Oregon, NV and around Utah and Idaho? Is it the Middle section (the tallest, widest and longest) of the Rockies from CO through MT that keeps them away? Is it the great plains (and windswept cold) of Montana and the Dakotas?

Something tells me that once we cut off the Section 8, defund the EBT cards, and flip the switch on their electricity the Negro menace would either move back to more tropical climes or freeze to death.

Something tells me that despite Hot continental summers they lack the forward time-orientation to prepare for winter.

Case example. Here in the Baltimore area we have coat drives every year around Oct. and Nov. Why every year, and why so massive every time? Because once spring hits the blacks say "It's warm again, I don't need this thing anymore" and discard it, often in the dumpster. Then when late autumn sets in they start to say "I'm cold now, please take care of my needs."

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....This is for Joe from the Bronx. I really enjoy your post. We think alike. Maybe it is because we came from the same combat zone. JOE IS CORRECT ABOUT FRISCO. The town is run by fags and dykes and they do not care at all for heterosexuals. The last time I was there was about 1989 and the blacks were causing all the crime. The gays are unarmed and will be easy prey for the Mau Mau hordes.
I still have a couple friends in the East Bay. I have told them if they have to leave go into the valley with the farmers. If they can get out here I have a place where they can stay.
For anybody living in a Zulu Zone always HAVE YOUR GAS TANK FULL and have a stash of cash. Get out as soon as the shit starts and have an escape plan. When leaving don't drive thought black areas. You will be safer sleeping in your car at a truck stop than sitting in the middle of a killing field.
For Big Bear....I also agree with you as far as being in a safe area. Blacks will not be able to cross the wide open spaces to get here. If they were to try they would have to drive through a gauntlet of rifle fire. Everybody out here is armed and knows how to hit their target. I know an 88 year old lady with two pistols and a closet full of rifles. She brags about how she can hit a beer can on a fence post at hundred feet.

ModerateRealist said...

In the wake of AG "My People" & "Affirmative Action Has Just Begun" Holder's decision to sue a Florida fire department because not enough Blacks get promoted --they flunk the written test-- I continue my thoughtcrime experiment of how the different racial groups would fare without each other.

If his Nation of Cowards broke up and there were several separate post-USA sovereign States based on race (White, Black, Latino, Asian, Amerindian....even a citystate for LGBTs), how would they fare?

It looks like the White Republic would quickly go into civil war mode because, as I said, I think that the primary conflict is between Whites, liberals vs conservatives*. But if we simply stay on the level of basic survival...capacity to create order, have and use skills and resources, set up systems for healthcare, police and fire and military, banking and money systems, even garbage collection, heat and water and light, maintenance of infrastructure and technology, schooling, etc...the new Caucasian state would do just fine. To put it bluntly, the Whites do not need the other groups to survive.

In a Black State, who would handle all that?

Which leads me to my thoughtcrime of the day: as endlessly dissatisfied and resentful as many Blacks seem to be within the current structure, despite a half century of America's dismantling barriers and supporting special treatment, would they actually be better off outside it? Whites could get along without them, but could they get along without us?

You do the math.

Anonymous said...

the Re al problème is that in europe or usa white people dont fight anymore together for their civilization, lots oc white dont fight and lots fight for blacks and apologize.blacks allé fight against slave and muslim for islam..and white dont do children....the war is lost before being played. the whitopia are no russia and australia where white are dominant and proud.

Anonymous said...

To anyone who has a dog or plans on getting one- a dog is always good to have:
Do not allow anyone other than yourself or immediate family to feed your dog- even treats. If you're at the dog park or walking your dog around,do not allow anyone to feed your dog treats.
When the Bronx was destroyed in the 60's,criminals carried poisioned meatballs with them and threw the poison food over the fences. Some dogs succumbed,some didn't.
Better chance your dog won't go for it if the dog is not accustomed to eating from strangers. Don't let anyone, not even the nice elderly woman down the block feed your dog treats.
This may sound crazy, but it happened in the Bronx all the time in the 60's. IT IS NOT BULLSHIT.If I remember it then the criminals remember it too. I'm sure it's in the black panther guidebooks.Joe

So CAL Snowman said...

I'm staying in So CAL, I dont give a fuck. Very few blacks now (except in the LA area) what with the Mexican Cleaning and Removal services, and the Mexicans are all way too poor to afford to live in the nice "Whitopias." In many respects it's like living in a third world banana republic out here. You have the land holding "elite" and the peasants tilling the fields. In parts of CA you have 100 miles of nothing but white upper class cities and then BAM! 100 miles of SHIT. It is truly strange. I imagine this is what it must have felt like to be a ruling class Spaniard when the Spanish ruled Mexico.....

Anonymous said...

if the system is collapsing of its own weight, then "playing by the rules" will no longer offer the rewards they once did... and people will make different choices

what's the point of mouthing the BRA platitudes if you no longer get a biscuit?

we're witnessing a backlash of historic proportions

Magnifico said...

Since it been mentioned several times on this thread, which Christians group are bring these people over here?

Anonymous said...

@Ex NewYorker
We think alike. Your posts about your experiences back in NYC bring back alot of memories for me. We come from the same combat zone. I've had many experiences very similiar to yours so I know exactly what you're talking about when I read your stories. When you mention a street corner or a location, I can picture the whole scene and pretty much know how it's going to end before I even finish reading the story.I'm glad you post here so others who didn't live through it can perhaps learn a little bit about protecting themselves.
I have no problem being streetwise. It comes naturally for me. My dad gave me alot of pointers and taught me how to fight. My boxing lessons started when I was 5/LOL .
But alot of people never had to deal with all this sh*t, so they don't know what it's really like. That's why I post. Maybe some people will benefit from the little bit of advice I have to offer.
I sense that's the exact reason why you post also. Your advice and your tips are excellent. I'm hoping new readers to this site read all the past articles and comments and read your posts and learn from you.
As we say here in California,"It's all good dude". I always want to punch 'em in the face when I hear that. LOL/ Joe

Survivor said...

Years ago, blacks from Mississippi and Alabama came to Youngstown to work in the steel mills.

Starting in 1977, those mills began to close. Youngstown had been losing population to the suburbs for years, but now the exodus was to Texas and later to other places.

Youngstown has been losing population quickly, maybe more so than any major city. Now that Youngstown has lost so much of its population, it's not so major any more.

The really interesting thing is that even though Youngstown has a higher percentage of blacks than ever, the sheer number of blacks has begun to decline. The blacks are fed up with their handiwork and moving out, but the Whites are still fleeing faster...or just dying out.

Youngstown's schools have the worst test scores in Ohio. The enrollment is probably about 75% black, and every superintendent of schools for the past 40 years has been black.

Just try to develop a city such as that!

IT'S TIME said...

Anyone ever notice, when the negroes move in, the "pitty pat paths" (as my husband and I call them)get created? Those paths on the sides of the roads that have been trampled by feet going to the "stow fo some skittles and sweet tea." Hell, blacks around here walk up and down the damn highway.

Anonymous said...

So CAL Snowman
yeah... and the mexicans pushed them up here to sacofdementos.
thanks dude. LOL/Joe

So CAL Snowman said...

It just keeps getting better!

Obama Claims His Father Served in WW2!

Obama claims his father served in WW2 even though he would have been 3 years old!

Critically Caucasian said...

"...(Senator Feinstein has already gotten a bill passed containing a provision that voids a person's passport if they have an IRS lien against them..."

Doesn't have to be a lien. They just have to ACCUSE you of owing over $50K (I think is the figure, going from memory) in unpaid taxes.

Anonymous said...

Here comes the latest piece of anti-white revenge snuff from that quintessential DWL Tarantino:

Django Unchained.

just another fine example of hollywood celebrating diversity and togetherness...over the white man's bloody corpse.

If you'll indulge me, I'd like to make a few predictions about this film:

1) At least one white man will be lynched, probably by the titular hero himself in a dramatically graphic fashion. Maybe even have his guts spilling out, Judas-style.

2) At least one white woman will "make love" with a black man in a sex scene that would probably be deserving of an NC-17 rating, but because it is so "bold" and "daring" the MPAA will let it slide in the name of diversity and multikult.

3) There will be gratuitous scenes of evil white slave-owners raping and beating their slaves without mercy. Because you know it's us white folk that are the ones known for going off randomly and violently for no reason. We just have poor impluse control, I guess.

4) Only white MEN will be portrayed as evil; the white women will be portrayed as empathetic towards the black slaves and hateful of their evil white husbands and fathers.

5) There will be one or two "good" white men, probably DiCaprio's character being one of them, to give the DWLs in the audience someone to relate to.

Anonymous said...

Magnifico, it's my understanding that in Minnesota, it's the ELCA Lutherans that are facilitating the import of Somali "refugees".

Not sure about Maine.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker again....Joe...Thank you for the kind words. My dad was killed during World War Two so I had to learn to fight on my own. Doing street time I learned every dirty trick in the book. One night about 1970 I was dumpster diving a couple blocks from Washington Square Park near NYU. The dumpster was full so I was up on the top. I see two blacks coming down the sidewalk. An old guy and a young guy. The older guy is teaching his younger bro how to "panhandle white people".
At this point they are right under me. I see a long neck beer bottle in the dumpster and I dragged it over next to me just in case I may need it. A white guy in a suit and tie is coming their way and the older guy jumps right in his face.
"Yo man I needs some got some spare change...whats you got....gib it to me". The white guy gets freaked out and hands over all his change. The old guy tells his younger student "Yo man...dat how you panhandle a white man...a white man is afraid of a black man". He then looks up and saw me. "Hey muthafugger what you lookin' at" I then took the beer bottle by the lip and tapped it against the side of the dumpster. The bottom broke away and I leaned over with the broken bottle. I forgot what I said to the "Professor of Panhandling" but he and his student went running down the street. It was one of my finer moments.
This is how you break a beer bottle if you may need it as a weapon. You hold the very top with a couple fingers and just tap it against a hard surface like a lamp pole or brick wall, etc. The bottom will break away. You never grab the neck of the bottle and smash it like they do in the movies. YOU WILL CUT YOU HAND. I don't know if this works with a hard coke bottle or any other kind of hard bottle. I know it works with a beer bottle. I taught this to my wife the first week we met in NYC. Get some beer bottles and practice until you get it right. I survived New York because I had angels watching over me.

Anonymous said...

Some good new: Obama is not going to sign the bill banning children from working on farms:In other words,the bill would have made it illegal to teach your own children how to work on your own farm.
Pretty amazing that the bill made it's way through Congress. Pretty amazing that the bill was sponsored in the first place.
Farm groups greatly protested the bill.Good for them. Joe

Bogolyubski said...

Magnifico asks: Since it been mentioned several times on this thread, which Christians group are bring these people over here?

Catholic Charities and Lutheran Charities, plus groups from so-called 'mainstream' Protestant churches - United Church of Christ, Methodists, Episcopalians, Presbyterian USA, American Baptists, etc. Jewish charities also are taking Federal money to resettle Muslims in places like Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

"Can anyone explain to me why christians are importing even more blacks and other foreigners into this country? F*ckinUnbelievable. I'm of christian background myself,but I just don't get it. I never met a group of people with their heads so far up their assholes as these christians.Joe"

Upwards of 90% of their income comes from the taxpayer to flood our country with "refugees". The modern church is quite simply dead without this because they have steadily pushed the American people away.

Anonymous said...

@Ex NewYorker & Anonymous New York commenter

Hi guys. Questions: How do you act around blacks so as not to get targeted? Is there a look? A carrying of oneself? What makes them second-guess you?

What are some of the tricks they use to game you/win your confidence?

Whiskey said...

This does not get said enough, thanks PK for all you do!

As for Youngstown,a 500 million dollar steel mill is being constructed at Youngstown. Why? To service the Fracking industry there and in PA. Cheap and reliable Natural Gas makes things like manufacturing in the US possible, because the cost of energy is something like 8 times less in the US than in China, or other places in the Far East.

It remains to be seen how the desire to take advantage of cheap manufacturing in the US (and politically profit from both jobs and revenue/tax sources) will play out against the demands of BRA. My guess is the money will talk, and BS walk, but it will be a long and ugly road.

These new steel mills (producing high quality tubing for fracking) cannot employ semi-literate people. Its not first-wave industrialization, requiring strong backs and nothing more.

Whiskey said...

I almost forgot, give $$$ to VDARE. They pay PK for his work, and he DESERVES to be paid.

Nigga said...

You pale rednecks make me laugh.I am a black man from Atlanta and i just want to highlight some facts fr you idiots my dad lives in kenya owns 240 acres of farm land is a college graduate from Cleveland University and my mom was a teacher,oh did i mention i am black and have a college degree. By the way Atlanta is the second biggest city for black busineses(white cracker gets mad ),Do white people hate us that much i might move back to Africa which is experiencing positive economic growth,get a life crackers and dont go outside your skin will turn red oops..

Anonymous said...


The vast majority of those importing the Somalians have been lutheran or episcopalian. Really creepy if you ask me. The only true strong, non compromising faith groups in this country are traditional catholics and eastern orthodox

Anonymous said...

LA Dodgers fan here

Plenty of blacks and browns in Los Angeles. I'm sure when rioting breaks out they'll burn their own neighborhoods as usual.

If I were worried about looters in my area(I'm not), I'd just get a hotel room in Burbank for a few days until things have ended.

That said, I am not unprepared.

Anonymous said...

You see, folks, right now whites don't band together to resist BRA because the blacks have the government on their side. We have more to lose than to gain by defying the government civil rights apparatus.If you dare harm, insult, or bring a sad face to one of Holder's People, even in self defense, your life is basically over. The State will come down on your with the full force of the "justice" system, and your guilt or innocence won't matter a bit. Don't believe me? Two words: GEORGE ZIMMERMAN.

They also have the white cultural and intellectual elite covering for them. If you so much as hint that this whole integration thing didn't quite work out for the best, you will be taken apart. They will fire you from your job, damn you as a hatemonger in the press and broadcast media, and mobilize masses of empty-skulled white college kids and white career-girl Red Guards to harass and torment you online and off. Need proof? Two words: JOHN DERBYSHIRE.

But this situation can't last forever. Sooner or later the ability of BRA's enforcers to reach out and touch those who dare disagree with their program will diminish. Just as in the USSR, there will come a time when the powers that be will no longer be able to track down and punish every single Thought Criminal in this country. Just as in the USSR, there will come a day when no one takes the cultural and media elite seriously anymore.

A time is coming when the average white person is going to realize that They can't get him anymore.

And at that point... God help the black man.

Wednesday said...

The simple solution:

Declare all gangs in the USA as enemy combatants, or as terrorist organizations. Combatants they are, terrorize they do. Any member of a gang is therefore subject to summary execution.

Since membership in a gang is blood in blood out, Civilization is hereby offering them the only way out.

Whether in prison or on the street, gangs would be decimated. The urban wars would end. And all the little up and coming thugs would either get the strong message against committing to a life of crime or die in its pursuit.

"Only when others say you have gone too far, can you be sure you have done enough." -The Hagakure

Imagine the day when our cities would be safe again, and act. The legal tools are there. We need only summon the will to do what is truly necessary.

Anonymous said...

Ex New York again....In 1977 I was living in a loft on East 12th Street and 4th Avenue. One cold and freezing night I looked out my window and saw a guy laying across the street on the sidewalk. I went over to check him out. It was a black guy and he was passed out. He was dressed like a janitor. On the side of his mouth I saw a lot off foam and the only way I could tell he was still alive is because the foam was bubbling when he breathed. I went back upstairs and called 911. When I told the operator about the guy she was like "Yea, so what"
I said "He is not a wino". She asked how could I tell. I told her I didn't smell any booze, there was no dirt under his finger nails and his clothes were clean. She said we will be right there. I went back and told the guy that help was on the way. They were there in a short time.
I don't know who he was, how he got there or what happened to him. I do know that he may have froze to death that night if I had not made the call. When I encountered a human being I treated them like a human being. When I encountered an animal I treated them like an animal. New York was like a giant zoo, except the animals were loose on the streets.

YIH said...

black ''people'' are like 100% Canis Lupis, totally 'wild'. That species EVEN DEFINED IT as ''wilding''.
100% Canis Lupis is not a dog, it is a wolf.
Yet I've seen dogs that herd sheep without even disturbing them (Border Collie).
OK, Zenster, is my ''wiener dog'' a wolf or is it a dog?

Anonymous said...

My mother grew up during the Great Depression of the 1930's in what was once an Italian immigrant neighborhood (now called "East Harlem"),in New York City. The Italian neighborhood was next to a black neighborhood.
She had a black girl friend in high school.They were good friends.
One day they were walking home from school and a mob of black boys confronted them.
The black boys grabbed the black girl by the neck, dragged the black girl into the the middle of the street and beat the black girl UNTO DEATH!!... for having a white friend!!
My mother told me this about the time I was 14. She cried her heart out as she told me about this murder.
There are black people who don't mean us harm,except their criminals will kill them also if race riots come. The blacks who mean us no harm will be of no use to us. Not because of any fault of theirs. Their own criminals will kill them. That's for sure. Get a gun and learn how to use it. Joe

R Neville said...
BRA makes it easy for minority status criminals to get jobs. Seems all of us have been idiots. We should have knocked up 6-12 women by the time we were 20. Did some b&e's and drug dealing while we were living off the dole and our womenz checks. Did a little time.
We then could have entered the workplace and quickly rise to the rank of manager or executive due to our mad sklillz from living on dem streets.
Why work diligently and get an education?
I just get more frustrated and irate as the days march ahead towards the Neo Dark Ages.

Jeronimus said...

I used to feel the loss of farmland acutely. However, I don't care any more about the resource base. When a System manages resources as badly as modern finance capital does, destroying our source of calories and degrading the quality of food and throwing family farms out of business in favor of destructive, unsustainable industrial agriculture . . .

I just say

the hell with them.

It's going to take famine to teach us to manage resources and ourselves properly, according to nature rather than the eccentric brains of bankers.

Black Run America is a particularly harmful and irritating form of this mismanagement; but it is but one example of a broad mismanagement of everything.

I have had passing contact with super rich people and I noticed a pattern. THey are all batshit insane and their idea of how the world works is incredibly distant from any semblance of common sense. They lost their common sense in their wealth bubble. Something about fabulous wealth makes people not experience the necessary feedback of the universe. They lose their ability to perceive the world, as the small sounds of feedback are drowned out by their screaming wealth.

This is going to end badly. We are like the people on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg, but that hour and a half drags on for years . . . until it doesn't.

YIH said...

I've seen this ''I live in the Great White Northwest'' stuff before, And quite frankly I'm not fond of it.
I'm familiar with this NWF stuff and I think it's silly, it excludes both CO ('Paul Kersey' A.K.A. SBPDL) Myself (let's just say when the Jets play the Dolphins, I watch it live in the same time zone) Auster (NYC) and Baron Boddisey/Dymphna.
BTW, Zenster, I recently saw a map of the US broken down by states/counties and most of the state they live in is heavily groid infested. Even moreso than the state I and Zimmerman live in. Yet I've never seen them even address that issue, in fact they seem to focus overseas. I appreciate them and their work but if the homeland falls there is no hope for Europe whatsoever.

white is right people said...

wouldn't it be nice to go back to segregation? i have a feeling by the end of my days on the globe, this just may happen! i'm 42 yrs young but i love that idea! fellow whites think about how nice it would be to live amongst your fellow whites and WHITES ONLY. if mlk had a dream then dmz(me) have a dream too! fellow whites out there, please don't give these ngr's an inch. don't be kind either, cause those ngr's hate you. avoid these pig humans at all cost. it's not a scared thing it's just plain common sense. just this morning at 4:30 on my way to work. driving in my lane and notice a car comming towards me. next thing you know the ngr driving that car plowed into 3 parked cars. i was wondering if the coon was ok? next thing i see is the reverse lights come on and the ngr tried to flee. i know the ngr had no insurance cause the right thing to do is own up to it. right? not this ngr, fuck society and fuck the honkey's that owned those parked cars huh! donn't worry i got his plate# and dialed 911! imagine comming out to go to work and you just got liablity and some coon pulls the hit and run move. that means he'd be shit out of luck. even if that ngr gets caught, good luck getting money of of a welfare ngr.right?

Midwestern said...

Now it is not just restrictive covenants. Obama wants to limit background searches for minorities:

This is one of the reasons why blacks can not get jobs. They have extensive criminal records, and now we must hire them by law? When is the EEOC going to actually force businesses to hire diversity specialists AND all unemployed minorities?
This is racist!

flo said...

Anonymous said...

Ya know, you're welcome to rattle on about this stuff all day long, but so long as you prohibit frank discussion about You Know Who, you aren't going to get a realistic analysis; and therfore you won't get an accurate solution.

Yeah, right, I bet all these problems started with the Presbyterian Church.

Get serious. Somebody has to.

April 25, 2012 10:23 PM

Same problem in Europe.

you all know who said : "Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes its laws."

well his kins later thought "Give me control of a nation's media, and I care not what stuff its reality is made of".

ever heard of the Frankfurt School ? (not german at all. Just like the bolsheviks were not "russian".)

remember who got you into Iraq ? and how ?

IT'S TIME said...

To Nigga:

You are a perfect example of a minority "getting in to college." You should totally check your grammar and spelling. Everyone on here knows that standards are lowered so "your kind" can take part. Go troll some where else. You aren't going to get all the "cracker, kkk" reaction that you are looking for. Here at SPBDL we talk about the black undertow that is pulling this great country of ours into the depths of hell. You would be included in said group.

Why don't you do something for this great country of ours that allowed your father to go to college--and yourself (if you really did--with that grammar--I highly doubt it? Maybe you could teach your kind how to wear their pants correctly because the rest of society doesn't like to imagine the crack of their asses. Or perhaps you could get more information from your father, in Kenya, about the horrible practice of jackrolling which is the same as gang raping in America. We all know it is your kind who are always gang raping our women and children. Maybe the two of you could put your heads together and figure out how to stop such a vile practice. Or, perhaps, with your college educated self, you could teach your kind to have some pride and not to be a parasite that sucks our government bone dry.

Good luck college BOY.

Anonymous said...

YIH said...


OK, Zenster, is my ''wiener dog'' a wolf or is it a dog?

April 26, 2012 11:09 PM

Not Zenster, but here's your answer:

Wolves are canis lupus lupus (with a variety of subspecies, canis lupus ____)

Dogs are canis lupus familiaris

With the exception of dachshunds, which are classified as

Canis familiaris horribilus .

Anonymous said...

You Know Who doesn't put a gun to the heads of christians to force them/us to do things.You Know Who makes suggestions and gives advice(pretty lousy advice,but it's just advice). The christians could say "no,we don't like that idea" but they always say "yeah,that sounds great."
The world is the way it is because of everyone's thinking and behavior,not just You Know Who.
White americans tripped over themselves in the 60's to get on the "do your own thing" bandwagon.
They could have told the You Know Who radicals to shut up, but they said "groovy" to the You Know Who radicals.
The ones who tried to say "no" to the agenda were pushed aside and treated with disdain by their own kind. You Know Who is not the only reason the country is in a mess.Joe

flo said...

@ "nigga" (April 26, 2012 8:32 PM)

your name suits you peefectly.

"Do white people hate us that much i might move back to Africa which is experiencing positive economic growth"

Yes, just do that. Go experience african's growth. Pick up South Africa or Zimbabwe.

"get a life crackers and dont go outside your skin will turn red oops.."

typical nigger talk (remember you called yourself that). oh wait, you forgot "dat rayciss".

You went to college you say ? Are you sure it was not a trashcan you were in ?

funny how they all are the same, Europe, Africa, USA, you name it. Even the 200 000 located in southern China are pissing normal people off.

Midwestern said...

"Here in the Baltimore area we have coat drives every year around Oct. and Nov.."

Oh yes, the annual coat drive. Happens just after the School Supplies Drive and the "Free Turkey Dinner in a Styrofoam Container for Blacks Drive" in my city. I near the free coat distribution center, and you would be amazed at the line that wraps around the buildings. Of course they all have cell phones and $200 athletic shoes. Even middle income blacks line up for free coats just because it is "free". Most of the coats are brand new, donated by local businesses.

The local news has day after day of smiling children with their new or donated coats, cleaned for free at a local dry cleaner.

Just like the free Mozel Sanders turkey dinner campaign, it is a big liberal circle jerk, with hundreds of citizen volunteers, businesses and organizations participating, all competing for the "Liberal Of The Year" award.

The blacks in my neighborhood regularly get boxes full of free clothing, food, and home goods, and half of it ends up overflowing in the trash containers because it is the wrong flavor, style or color.

These are the same "needy" black people who will be rioting for Trayvon this summer.

I once even found a whole still-frozen thanksgiving turkey in a trash can at our local park. Will white people ever pull their heads out of their asses?

Cut them off. The filth and waste is amazing. Spend your hard-earned money on your own children this year.

edwood said...

college graduate from Cleveland University That says it all right there.

Anonymous said...

Nigga said:

"By the way Atlanta is the second biggest city for black busineses(white cracker gets mad )"

Black businesses get all kinds of cracka loans, cracka tax breaks, cracka contracts, and cracka breaks. They could not stay in business without white crackas. Who builds your roads, bridges, and sidewalks dummy? Who pays to pick up your trash and grows the food to feed your many, many children? Crackas.

Blacks always think that the white crackas are jealous of blacks. Think again. Brains get you farther in life than hustle and style. My old-lady black neighbor tried to run an illegal business from her "home". I reported her to zoning because of the excessive traffic. She said that I was just jealous and did not want the black folks to have nuffin'. This is what they all think.

Whites can live without blacks, but blacks can not live without whites. All whites know this. You think we are dumb crackas, but have outsmarted you again.

"Nigga", who do you think pays your momma's teacher salary and benefits? The crackas. You would not have a pot to piss in without the crackas. We are not jealous of you. Not 'H8IN' on you, as you like to say.

Our money just cycles through you in the form of entitlements, education, sports contracts, Affirmative Action and government jobs programs. We always get it all back in the end because you have low intellect and future time orientation and can not save money.

Anonymous said...

ITS TIME: I like the cut of your jib.

I have a Midwestern relative that gets jobs for imported Africans. They don't speak the lingo so warehouses far from town hire them. Then they don't have bus service there, so they carpool in a hoopty till it breaks or gets impounded and they all lose their jobs.

they're useless, just like the blacks here already.

They do add vibrancy to the area, and enrich it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any all-white charities to which one might contribute. I mean, who knows where your gifts wind up, unless you give to specific needy families? Certainly, the MSM- advertised, big business types are
going to support, mostly, the "underprivileged yoots" of society, the "goot boyeez," the "future af-leetz," etc...

I don't know how to find out a gift's destination in today's diverse society, where, of course, race is no longer an issue. I would feel much more generous if I knew with more certainly that the recipient was not likely to rob me or rape my wife or daughter.

I would be thankful for any info. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A NJ state senator is proposing yet another scheme that will further destroy neighborhoods. Give foreclosed homes to "individuals with special needs". Hope there's a nice big foreclosed home in State Senator Lesniak's neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly did a short segment last night with Megyn Kelly on a couple of the black-on-white attacks since Martin/Zimmerman. He didn't really seem to buy into the hate crime aspect of the attacks. Typical O'Reilly.

Dissident said...

Hey Nigga.

That's the best news we've gotten all week on this forum.

Glad you're leaving and please, please, pretty please? Take a dozen or two of your racial compatriots with you....PLEASE!

I'm sure that African't will welcome one of its own with open arms.

PS. What's the degree in Sociology, Phys-Ed., Feminist Studies, or Sports Marketing...just curious?

Bob1313 said...

@ "nigga" (April 26, 2012 8:32 PM)

"Do white people hate us that much i might move back to Africa which is experiencing positive economic growth"

Hilarious, ever notice how black people have to "brag" about their college credentials? Spotting a groid on a message board is easy, they consistently do two things, first they always talk up how "edumacated" they is, quite amazing how many have college degrees when less than half even graduate from high school. Second clue is the use of the word "Ignorant" black people love to other people "ignorant", this is almost alwasys the end result of them not having enough intellectual muscle to actually make a point and argue the points merits, you "ignorant", just pay attention and you can miss it

eah said...


Morris Claiborne: I blew off Wonderlic

Sure you did dude.

Black LSU cornerback's score was reportedly in the single digits. Which is borderline retardation I would think.

Didn't stop the Dallas Cowboys from drafting him though. They're 'America's Team', in case you hadn't heard.

Bogolyubski said...

Dissident akses: What's the degree in Sociology, Phys-Ed., Feminist Studies, or Sports Marketing...just curious?

In black studies of course. Or perhaps he be a rockit scientist who studied the Old Negro Space Program and was edumacated about the brilliant creative Afros who were flying airplanes around the pyramids before the spawn of Golub shot them down. It's always a minstrel show. Not funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

Blacks think since they're jealous of whites and each other, that we must reciproicate.

Well, I suppose I am pissed off about the anti european set asides, minority vendor, diversity quotas, sba loans, scholarships, etc that worthless minorities get that I can't dream of receiving but pay for.

Id like equality in an anti-european American society, which the US has become.

All I can say is everything we were ever taught about 20th century us history was a lie, half truth, or distortion.

Its up to us to learn the truth and leave the matrix. Use the net while you can.

anti racist is a codeword for anti white

oh and to the nigga, please go to africa and enjoy the warm embrace of the sun people, so that you can encourage other freed slaves to do the same.

I only wish there were a white country for me to go to.

Discard said...

At this moment, The Grio, one of the Negro sites P.K. has linked to in the right-hand column, has an article about rap and the L.A. riots of 20 years ago. This is not the only place I'm seeing "respectable" sources commemorating the anniversary. It can only be called nostalgia for the good old days when we (Blacks) burned the city. Will young Blacks long for those good times they missed? Does the Black intelligensia think that unleashing the mob will benefit them?

Anonymous said...

@ To Anonymous at 12:16
There are no all-white charities that I know of. I looked into the matter, both online and in the real world.There sure isn't in any urban/suburban area of the country.
I can't speak for rural areas, but I have a feeling you couldn't find one in a rural area either.
If you have clothes,or some money to give, you may want to look around your town and maybe find a white family that can use some assistance. That's the only way your donations are going to reach a fellow white American. Joe

Anonymous said...

"Breaking News! Black Man Charged With Hate Crime!"

I guess he didn't know about the progressive stack.

Listener said...

Nigga said...
You pale rednecks make me laugh.I am a black man...

You're writing semi-coherently and at a 4th-grade level. It goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

Scratches on his elbows=hate crime.

beaten into a coma=no hate crime

why the difference?

Anonymous said...

Here's a comment from the mouse in house... has anyone put a moment's thought to the recent news that the Government of China has been urging Chinese to buy gold and silver? Imagine; instead of a government broadcasting endless hours of byzantine concepts such as Quantitative Easing and vaporous musings about flat interest rates and marginal this and marginal that, a simple directive to buy and hold that which would keep your household afloat in these times? Perhaps since China has no central bank to print its money "for it" as in our system, but simply prints its money itself, we can see a connection. Not incidentally, China is also an ethnocentrically united state. A century of colonization by the British Empire and prostration before that Empire's fuel, opium,led to Communism. The excesses of Communism cannot be excused but we see in the resurgence of China and the rebirth of economic common sense in that country the stamp of ethnocentrism. Someday when the USA is reborn we will see similar common-sensical ministrations but not until then, I fear. In the meantime it is to the cleaners as usual.

Midwestern said...

RE: helping white people

Here are a few ideas:

Clean up your own house first. Many people neglect those closet to them. Your young kids and grandchildren should be first priority.

I open doors for white mothers with children and old ladies, or pay for their cup of coffee when they are behind me in line.

Take good care of your elderly white parents and grandparents. Help them pay bills, cook and clean for them. Try to save their life stories for the next generation.

I have send crisp $100 bills anonymously to struggling white family members with young children, or deliver sacks of groceries to them. Make a pot of soup and baked bread for a family you know. I have helped young mothers load groceries into their cars at the store, and taken their empty cart back.

I have given generous cash gifts to young married couples on their wedding day.

I have given out new $20 bills in a pretty card randomly at Christmas time.

I give homegrown vegetables to my young white friends. Sometimes I barter with them if they have something to offer in return.

I have given white veteran cup-shakers a few dollars, a hot fast-food cheeseburger, or a bottle of water. Always say "God bless you".

The best thing you can do is be prepared to help as the situation presents itself. I try to keep non-perishable foods and water bottles, extra hats and gloves in the car just in case I see a white couple begging on the corner. Which is quite often these days. And I pray for them all.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous at 8:07
There's no tricks involved in not making yourself a target. If you're in a neighborhood you don't know,just walk with purpose and as if you are going somewhere important- LOL- even if you're just exploring.
Walking like a cop is always a good idea- people will think you may be undercover.Especially if you wear black shoes and white socks(LOL-even if it looks ridiculous)Alot of people will think you are an undercover cop.Many will keep their distance.
If blacks approach you--talk to them like a cop- don't be rude,but don't be friendly. And don't stop to have a conversation.Keep walking with purpose.
Watch some cop shows and learn/copy their mannerisms.
Also :if you have the confidence, ask the approaching blacks if they know 'Tyrone or Leroy make up a name)and that he's wanted and has a warrant out on him. Talk to them first before they talk to you. That is very important. And talk to them as if you are there on business,not chit-chat.Talk with some hardness in your voice, but don't overdo it.
If they ask to see a badge,tell them they don't need to see it because you're not after them,but the made up guy.
Just be alert at all times,mindful of whose around you.If you are walking the sidewalk and see some blacks across the street and it seems they might cross the street,keep walking but clench your fists. Do not raise your fists. Swing your arms normally as you walk but keep your fists clenched.
Most criminals- of all colors-want an easy target. A purposeful walk and clenched fists is street language: "he might put up a fight"
In addition to wanting an easy target, many of them have warrants out on them,and are less inclined to get in a fight afraid the cops might show up.
It's always good to carry mace. Joe

Anonymous said...

How did Livonia get lumped in with Detroit and Dearborn? Detroit has it's black population and Dearborn has it's Muslims, but Livonia was called the "whitest city in America" a few years ago. This, of course, made black people want to move there as fast as they could.

I don't know what the numbers are now, but I've seen my son's school get a lot blacker in a hurry and I don't like it one bit. Section 8 is one devious plot to move ghetto blacks into white areas where they could never afford to get into otherwise.

It's giving the white kids an education they never would have gotten otherwise about their darker brethren, so it may yet backfire on BRA in ways they never imagined.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting.I haven't heard anyone say "charity begins at home" since I was a kid.I condensed your post to the old-fashioned saying because the expression best reflects the spirit you have in your heart. Your post was very beautiful. Joe

winston smith said...

A couple things-

ex-new yorker-write a book, and I'll be first in line to buy it. Love your stories!

I hope your advice about always going for the weapon never has to be used.

Midwestern-great ideas about helping other whites. I do what I can, but reading your list I can do more.

Joe-funny you mention clenched fists. I once had a negative(is there any other kind?) encounter with a black that wanted something from me. He mentioned to me something about my clenched fists. Unconsciously I was tense and ready for a fight with the guy. He confirmed your advice 100% that they look for these things!

I try to be ready in a legal and lawful way for unexpected encounters with them.

I don't let myself use legal defensive means as an excuse to be in reckless situations, or to escalate if I can escape trouble.

That said, it's nice to feel a little bit safer through preparedness.

IT'S TIME said...


"Ditto" what Joe said. You sound like a wonderful person whom I wish I could be neighbors with. I'm in Georgia. We homeschool. I've got three kids. Trying to instill good values and morals and making sure ours are raised right. I think I have read posts on here before where you sound very sad--kind of burnt out. Just know we are all in this together. If that wasn't you then disregard the last comment.

Anonymous said...


we can now add the Wonderlic to the growing list of culturally biased intelligence tests.

Also included on the list: IQ tests of all varieties, SATs, MCATs, ACTs, mid-terms, finals, pop-quizes, math questions, trivia game shows, architecture, reading, writing, inventing useful technology, developing scientific theories, and maintaining an advanced civilization. To name a few.

It's clear all these tests are racially biased. I mean what is "intelligence" anyway? It's just yet another of the White Devil's social constructs invented to keep a brutha down.

Letters from Galt's Gulch said...

Zenster: "Ayn Rand saw this coming over 60 years ago."

Nice to see someone point that out.


*The Fifth Concerto plays softly in the distance*

Anonymous said...

There are two people here from NYC who post. Myself and "Ex-NewYorker". I don't have a handle,just "Joe"
I think that we're both kinda sad and burnt out.I didn't mind you saying that. It is the truth.
New York in the 60's and 70's was a very difficult place.
I'm sorry to hear about Atlanta.I didn't know things were so bad there. I know exactly what it feels like to see a city destroyed.It's very sad and causes a deep pain in one's heart. Joe

Zenster said...

Great advice, Joe. Especially that part about inquiring after some made up guy and referring to how there is a warrant out on them. There is no pretense of impersonating an officer but most low IQ types will already be crapping themselves by that point.

Please keep up the great comments.

Zenster said...

I'll get in line and also applaud Midwestern's policy on charity. Screw church tithing, YOU make the decision and YOU make the allocation. That way, your hard earned cash doesn't end up paying the bills for some illiterate Somali goat herders.

Zenster said...

Letters from Galt's Gulch

Zenster: "Ayn Rand saw this coming over 60 years ago."

Nice to see someone point that out.

I'm thinking of changing my screen name to "Gallant Gallstone".

Anonymous said...


: (Why not pick a name?)

"young Somali bucks swagger through the once quaint tree-lined streets , perfectly aping the gangsta mannerisms of their Amerikan negroid cousins."

I've had the good fortune to have visited a few of those New England towns.

The idea that thugs from Africa have been purposely inserted into those places, built with the blood and sweat of our ancestors, is too much to accept.


Melanie said...

Most fundamentalist independent Baptist churches would never sponsor immigrants. They sponsor any missionaries from within their church, answerable only to that church and supported by that church. They are, as their title says, "independent". They have various loose associations with other independent Baptist churches, very loose, and it's more a fellowship thing than administrative. They believe in Biblical separation, and most still don't support miscenegation though of course these days they play that close to the chest. Most of them fly very much "under the radar", and are apolitical at the church level, though the pastors don't hesistate to speak out on moral issues, as moral issues, not as "social conservativism".

I agree with their beliefs and the idea that this is closer to the model of the New Testament church as portrayed in the Bible.

BTW, Jerry Falwell's church, for an example, is not a fundamentalist independent Baptist church. It is more an evangelical church, which is not as separatist and not as autonomous. I don't know exactly their stance on sponsoring immigrants, but as they are political and conservative, I would doubt they are guilty of this.

Anonymous said...

04/29/92. Reg Denny was lynched. Just for being white. Say something.

Melanie said...

How uncanny-after catching up on the comments here, I go over to that well-known conservative Republic forum which I frequent, and sure enough, there is a thread there about someone who is just tickled to bits with herself for having gone all the way to Somalia to adopt a baby, because we have a shortage of babies either here in the US or white babies in European nations who need homes./s The person has been questioned by a few as to why they had to go all the way to Somalia to choose a black baby to adopt, I have yet to see a good answer. A few other posters have chimed in about their lovely dusky grandbabies or such.

I have become completely disenchanted with the Republican Party, and am approaching that point with movement conservatism. I'll never be liberal, conservative values are in my very bones, but what I call conservative and what, more and more, is passing for conservative these days, do not mesh according to the values I was raised to have. Most especially on racial matters.

Anonymous said...

I'm in NYC, so that makes at least 3 of us!

Anonymous said...

Nigga said...
You pale rednecks make me laugh.
I am a black man from Atlanta and i just want to highlight some facts fr you idiots my dad lives in kenya owns 240 acres of farm land is a college graduate from Cleveland University and my mom was a teacher,oh did i mention i am black and have a college degree. By the way Atlanta is the second biggest city for black busineses(white cracker gets mad ),Do white people hate us that much i might move back to Africa which is experiencing positive economic growth,get a life crackers and dont go outside your skin will turn red oops..

Dear sir,
What you have and what your parents accomplishments mean nothing to me. What you will probably never get is that white people wish you could be a productive member of society. Also, its not that whites hate you, its more about how you and your people hate whites. The infantile statement about stepping out of our skin is an example of that. It appears that what irritates you the most is that we speak the truth and you know it to be true.
I do not wish you any harm. But I am tired of the injustices that whites must face on a daily basis and that includes being maimed or killed.
Wheather you know it or not, calling us names actually acknowledges your loss of an argument because you do not have facts to counter what many people have stated. If you want to move to africa then by all means please go.
By the way, you state you are a college graduate. Your whole statement does not sound like it was written by an academic.

-Canis lupus

Caiden said...

I haven't commented in this site for a long while. Actually haven't had a chance to go to many WN sites for a few weeks.

However I have been going to alot of sites, mostly yahoo, that deals with race realist issues. I can say it would seem our way of thinking is going mainstream. I can get away with calling blacks alot of things, but the blacks call us cracker so I guess yahoo let's anything go at this point.

When it comes to issues of aid to Africa MOST people are against it. Which is good, but we need better organization to defund the groups that support money for Africa.

When it comes to Sharpton and Jackson there are ALOT of angry whites. On every mainstream forum I've gone to (haven't checked CNN which I assume censors) the whites are awake.

It's funny because when someone who is openly black tries to defend blacks they say things like 'whites are doomed' or similar typically stupid black behavior. Things that really help us because alot of whites still believe blacks aren't hatefilled.

I would urge people to go to other sites and spend time there making race realist comments. I'm not saying go full Stormfront, but should try and let others know they are not alone. We need to wake as many people up before the blacks tear the country down. I have no illusion the US can be saved, it's just a matter of the position we are in when it happens, and how well and quickly we can fight back and rebuild.

The only hope I have now is in the knowledge that we will prevail.

We are not doomed, merely the current status quo is, we must prepare for what comes after. The blacks never prepare or learn, and the liberals will assume they'll be welcomed in by the savages.

Anonymous said...

"There are no all-white charities that I know of."

No... but there are all-white church congregations that might take a donation for their needy members. You'd have to begin with a quiet discussion with those in charge, to make sure you're all on the same page w/ regards to who gets the money, & possibly follow up later on. If I were flush that's what I would do.

Anonymous said...

@ Canis Lupis

That is so unkind of you. Desiree's father graduated from a University that closed in 1917 so lived through the First World War, The Great Depression, The Second World war (Which was singlehandely won by the Red Tails!), The Korean war, the Viet Nam war, Gulfs I and II.

What a wealth of tales he must be able to tell.

Why he may even remember the Maine!

William Wallace said...

Even a cursory glance at the situation should confirm to all but the most obtuse that at least one of the goals of "BRA" is to make all of us - each and every American non-millionaire - "the niggers".
Think about it.

Afraid to speak said...

There are plenty of empty houses in northern New England. The sooner we fill them with good American families, the sooner we can prevent the barbarians from knocking down the gate. Come and join us, and soon. Vast majority of towns in New England are 90+% white.

The rest of the nation is collapsing. Northern New England is replete with good farmland, open space, and a great abundance of water. We will surive here. Not in California or Nevada.

Anonymous said...

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