Monday, October 15, 2012

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick called the black insurrection in 1967 the "1967 Rebellion"; now, in 90 percent black Detroit,  40 percent of the city's population plans to move within five years.
The ultimate question that must be asked in 2012 America is simply this: with the elimination of all discriminatory laws - Jim Crow - on the book (save those that discriminate against white people); a media and entertainment industry that does everything possible to create the illusion of rampant white racism continuing to hold blacks down, while simultaneously publishing stories and producing movies/television programs that show the promotion of blacks to new jobs and government positions as the purest example of "progressiveness"; with all this in mind, are black people safer in majority black neighborhoods/communities/cities in 2012 or are they safer in majority white neighborhoods/communities/cities in 2012?

The answer to this question can be found in 90 percent black Detroit, the city that explicitly represents the legacy of the civil rights movement in America. Embattled former "hip hop" Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick called the 1967 black riot - that convinced the white residents of Detroit to flee the city - the "1967 rebellion" (blacks rebelling against white rule: to blacks, any white rule is "racist" and must be defeated) in his book Surrendered: The Rise, Fall and Revolution of Kwame Kilpatrick, and article in the Detroit News by Christine MacDonald is a stunning reminder of what 40 years of uninterrupted black political rule will do for a city[Poll: Crime drives Detroiters out; 40% expect to leave within 5 years, 10-9-12]:
Detroit's crime crisis is prompting such pessimism that 40 percent of residents plan to move within five years, according to a comprehensive poll of Detroiters' attitudes about their city and leadership.
Residents overwhelmingly believe the city is on the wrong track and have no faith that city leaders have a plan to turn it around. Crime is by far their biggest worry — even higher than finding a job in a city where some put the true unemployment rate as high as 50 percent.
The survey suggests that, unless city officials can combat violence, efforts to halt decades of decline will fail. The city's population already has fallen by 1 million over the past 50 years, and residents including Michael LaBlanc said they are ready to leave.
"There's an aura of fear that just pervades the whole neighborhood," said LaBlanc, 63, who installed a security system at his northeast side home last week because he's weary of car thieves and gunfire.
"It's almost like being in prison. We always like to have at least one person home for security sake."
The survey is believed to be the most authoritative of its kind in years.
Commissioned by The Detroit News and funded by the Thompson Foundation, the survey provided a rare, statistically sound measure of public opinion. Detroiters have been traditionally difficult to accurately poll.
Eight hundred residents were surveyed by land and cellular phone Sept. 22-25 by the Chicago-based Glengariff Group Inc. The survey — which has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points — asked residents' feelings about city leadership, schools, transportation, quality of life and overall optimism.
The results were stark — and despairing.
Nearly two-thirds, 66 percent, say the city is on the wrong track. The poll found low support for all city officials except Police Chief Ralph Godbee, who retired Monday amid a sex scandal that emerged after the survey was conducted.
The survey's author said crime is the biggest obstacle to stemming an exodus that has seen Detroit's population drop to about 700,000. The city lost a quarter of its residents from 2000 to 2010, an average of one every 22 minutes.
"Crime is the pre-eminent challenge facing the residents of Detroit," said pollster Richard Czuba, Glengariff's president. "That was a defining element of the survey. It's absolutely the driving factor.
"It shows a tremendous mindset of exodus. If you want people to stay, you have to deal with crime first. That's devastating for the future of the city and it needs to be dealt with."
Nearly 58 percent of respondents said crime is their "biggest daily challenge." That far surpassed unemployment and the economy at 12.8 percent.
The survey suggests that many residents who remain would like to leave but are stuck: More than half, 50.9 percent, say they would live in another city if they could, while 39.9 percent plan to move in the next five years.
The city of Detroit isn't to blame for the crime (indeed, black crime rates have always been there, approaching 66 percent of all violent crime in the early 1960s, when the city was nearly 75 percent white); black people committing the crime and a culture of "no snitching" and coddling black criminals is to blame.
Detroit has the largest population of black people of any city outside of Africa, and the regression to the mean  in the hands of almost monolithic black-rule since the election of Coleman Young to the mayor's office in 1973 offers the type of powerful evidence required to answer the question posed in the opening paragraph.

Detroit News survey: 50.9 % of those living in Detroit "would live in another city if they could"
The black residents of Detroit can't provide enough tax revenue to ensure adequate police or fire protection, with payroll for the dwindling number of public workers protecting life and property paid for via federal grants. Detroit Fire Fighters Association (DFFA) President Dan McNamara said "nearly 90 percent of the city is experiencing a delayed response time under the city's current plan. "Every day is Angel's Night right now," said McNamara. "We are a free burn zone right now."

With 9 out of 10 residents of Detroit being black, the remnants of a civilization they were bequeathed when white people (85 percent of the population of Detroit in 1954) fled after the "1967 rebellion" is fair game to arsonists. Opulent homes that once sheltered the families responsible for Detroit ascension to "world-class" city status are now reduced to ash by the unforgiven black majority, no longer fearful of their acts being investigated by a cash-strapped (with the largest percentage of black police of any city in America) police department or a fire department whose every division is on the chopping block. [Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy: Arson unit could be snuffed, Michigan Live, by Gus Burns, 101-12]:
On Friday, Detroit firefighters congregated at the Fillmore Theater in Detroit to watch the documentary "Burn" about the Detroit Fire Department and how its members deal with 30,000 fire calls per year in the cash-strapped city.

(More about "Burn")

The thousands of vacant homes and buildings are a beacon for firebugs looking to commit arson and account for many of the department's calls.

Federal Bureau of Investigation-reported arson crime in Detroit increased more than 70 percent between 2009 and 2010 and leveled out thereafter.
Conversely the city's ability to investigate and prosecute such crime is on the decline.

Personnel to investigate arson in Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy's office may soon be nonexistent.

"Quite frankly, with the current budget allocation I have been given this office will not be able to maintain an arson unit," she said Monday. "These cases are complex and time consuming. It would be a disservice to the public and a danger to the community if we lost this important unit."
90 percent black Detroit is living on borrowed time, fully funded by federal grants. The majority of the black residents, who are directly responsible for the woeful state of the city and the crime they desperately want to flee from, are planning to leave Detroit in the next five years.

These are the sons and daughters, the grandchildren of those who participated in the "1967 revolution" in Detroit -- and they want to absolve themselves from the 90 percent black city whose genesis rests in removal of white people from the Motor City.

The Black Undertow of Detroit will attempt to migrate out of the city, exporting the same problems that these black residents flee to whichever city they settle in.

And as Detroit's black population decreases due to this migration, don't be surprised if the city's fortunes increase. Fox 2 News Headlines


james wilson said...

Perhaps it is an unintended benefit of federal funds to keep them in one place? Cleveland and Chicago could send their overflow and Detroit would still have unused capacity. For police and firefighters it would be like working in a Mash unit, a place to get action and experience before moving on to something more sedate.

Discard said...

Good idea, James Wilson. Let Detroit be a training camp for emergency workers. Though no general worth his pension would say so today, arranging for new soldiers to take and inflict a few casualties in a minor battle is good training. It used to be called "blooding" the troops, a term taken from the conditioning of hunting dogs. Units that had gone through such experiences were called "seasoned". Taking a lesson from armies dating back to the Romans, we ought scour the land for malefactors, fence them into some already destroyed cities, and create a system of police, fire, and paramedic academies. We might as well get some kind of return on our investment in the Darks.

Anonymous said...

Hell with that shit! Fence it off and use it for an open air prison, plenty of criminal savages already there. Escape from Detroit!

I'm all white! How are you? said...

fast forward to 2025! what the hell will detRIOT look like? will there be a city named detRIOT? they might wall the city up like the movie escape from new york except it will be escape from detRIOT and it won't be pretty. i wonder how this will pan out? there will be plenty of detRIOT's all across the country. comming to a big city near you. man nov. 6th 2012 is the biggest day of our lives. DAMN THOSE SLAVE TRADERS!!! god-speed whites!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a rebellion when you failed whereas these guys suckseeded in colonizing the city for Africa!

Anonymous said...

There is a new plan that the DWLs are using that is probably the end. Here in NY they are moving welfare families from the city into the white suburbs and housing them in foreclosed houses. Crime is already up in my neighborhood and now I have to try to sell my house and get out of here. If not for my job I would have moved to the mountains a long time ago.

Zenster said...

Detroit Fire Fighters Association (DFFA) President Dan McNamara said "nearly 90 percent of the city is experiencing a delayed response time under the city's current plan."

Does anyone else see a parallel between "a delayed response time" for firefighters and the potential downgrading of America's Special Forces through imposition of "diversity" requirements?

Both are quick response units whose overall performance limits the amount of risk or danger that American citizens experience. One in an emergency services role, the other in a similar but military capacity. Both serve to control the amount of harm which can be inflicted upon American people, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Yet, in the name of "diversity", the fundamental level of expertise fielded by these teams is being eroded by forcible injection of substandard applicants who don't just endanger the citizen population but that of their fellow team members as well.

No foreign spy agency could so masterfully cripple the front lines of America's defenses. That is, not until you consider overall efforts made by the Soviet-era KGB to demoralize Western populations via introduction of Cultural Marxism. Once that snaps into perspective, the profoundly negative influence of Marxist Ivy League professors upon generation after generation of elite young minds like Bush 2.0 and 0bama becomes clear.

"Quite frankly, with the current budget allocation I have been given this office will not be able to maintain an arson unit," she said Monday. "These cases are complex and time consuming. It would be a disservice to the public and a danger to the community if we lost this important unit."

Again, this is a stripping away of society's front line defenses against the criminal element. Furthermore, elimination of the arson unit only assures an increased response burden upon already strapped firefighters.

This is the vicious scratch-itch cycle of Detroit's institutionalized corruption via its Black political machine. Deteriorating infrastructure promotes population flight, diversion of funds undermines public services, slow response times assures increased damage or outright loss of life in terms of paramedic and police intervention.

It is metropolitan cannibalism, and we see it in every American Black-run city, be it Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, Gary or Birmingham. All of them implode in an orgy of Black cronyism, bribery, nepotism, graft and preferential hiring. It is the African-style pattern of post-colonial societal collapse and bespeaks a common but fatal trait among Blacks which has every appearance of being genetic in nature. No other cause can possibly explain why Black controlled nations and cities all experience a near-identical systemic failure.

Anonymous said...

Blacks threaten to riot if Obama loses.

Unsurprising, since even a mere pair of overpriced shoes can incite them....

chuck2010 said...

i hate to say it but nothing can ever be done with the blacks who inhabit detroit because they simply too stupid to do better for them selves. Sure they can be supported by welfare yet most populations can see a better day thru hard work and becoming smarted. these blacks do not progress, cannot create wealth much less industry. In fact a medieval village is more prosperous then this gang.

Anonymous said...

"For police and firefighters it would be like working in a Mash unit, a place to get action and experience before moving on to something more sedate. " - The problem with this is that they want those jobs to be black, and will put restrictions that work towards that effect. See requirements that police/firefighters live in the city and not in a suburb for example.

Anonymous said...

40% plan to move? How? Most don't have a pot to piss in.

Lets see..with the governments help no doubt. "We will continue your HUD/Section 8, but you need to move here." (Most likely someplace very "non-diverse)

So CAL Snowman said...

Anonymous said :

"Blacks threaten to riot if Obama loses.

Unsurprising, since even a mere pair of overpriced shoes can incite them...."

I agree that when Mittens is selected President that the blacks will riot like we have never seen before. Although I do not trust and STRONGLY dislike Alex Jones and his Infowars/Prison Planet I think this information is correct. Ethnic riots are happening all over France, England, and Sweden so it's just a matter of time before they start here. The point of interest here is whether or not they will stay confined to their own hoods, communities and cities. I personally don't see them stampeding into the White suburbs (how are they going to get there?). I think what will happen is something like the Rodney King riots or the UK 2011 summer riots in EVERY major black city and community. They will expend all of their energy and rage on their local surroundings and then run out of energy and White patience when they seek to press their attack. At any rate the system cannot continue for much longer. Riots are coming regardless if obama or Mittens is selected. Either way austerity and rocketing global food prices will make for some very unhappy people of color. And people of color only know how to do ONE thing to assuage their anger in Western Civilization : threaten the White man with violence until they get the "gibsmedat."

Anonymous said...

So CAL Snowman:

You said: "The point of interest here is whether or not they will stay confined to their own hoods, communities and cities."

We know that a large concentration of blacks are in blue states like California. This means that if the blacks riot, they will do so in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. This then means that the whites they target will be those who most likely VOTED for Obama (DWLs). No doubt, such a scenario will open the eyes of a lot of DWLs, since they'll realize that no amount of pandering to blacks will safeguard them from black violence. And if they DON'T open their eyes, well there's no hope for them.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Blacks threaten to riot if Obama loses.

Unsurprising, since even a mere pair of overpriced shoes can incite them....

October 15, 2012 2:44 PM

So he gets voted back in. Then in 2016, the communists find another black candidate (any bets it would be Kwame Kilpatrick?) to run. And if he doesn't win, we'll blah blah blah rinse and repeat.

Might as well get it over with. Or else we'll be held hostage to these creatures until the end of time.

Anonymous said...

Full time career Firefighter/EMT here in a medium sized city in the Deep South.
The costs that blacks alone are responsible for, (but never pay) is STAGGERING. They are the main reason you must have large, fully staffed Departments in large cities & most smaller ones are well.
There's a reason the smaller White rural communities still have volunteer only tiny Departments... White rural communities are largely self reliant & don't consume the resources like black undertow areas.

As far as riots post Election go, if there is widespread violence, riots, arson, looting... the Fire Department WON'T come to extinguish/protect your homes or businesses until AFTER the "Scene is safe" per every Department S.O.G out there. Same for EMS Crews.

Plan accordingly.

make it rain TRUTH said...


Saturday morning, and for "financial reasons" the league didn't have their cop scheduled to be in attendance until later that day for the older kids' football games.

As Bugs Bunny would say: Ehh, I don't think he (they) know me (black people) very well, do he?

Anonymous said...

If DWL's are attacked by their loveable, wonderful and oppressed blacks if Romney is elected, I'm not going to lift a finger. They will be getting what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem. Let's say that the majority of blacks fled from their self created hellhole of Detroit. Afterwards, whites move back in and rebuild. The city once again is on the fast track to becoming a first class environment.
You know the end result. Blacks would see this happening and move back in droves for all the gibsmedat and would start the rot all over again. Whatever progress there was would be undone, whatever hope for the future existed (born anew) would quickly be extinguished. The poisonous nature of blacks and black "culture" would murder hope as surely as the sun rises in the east.
The only solution is to keep them out. You can't get rid of an infestation of rats by subsidizing and feeding them and guaranteeing that they'll breed like......well, like rats!

bubo said...

So CAL Snowman said...
I personally don't see them stampeding into the White suburbs (how are they going to get there?)

Unfortunately for me, my neighborhood was forcibly integrated by way of several large apartments going Section 8. My neighborhood is on a peninsula and the black apartment dwellers are as well. I have had contingency plans since before the 08 election, which I also believed would turn riotous if Obama had lost. I expect some level of chimping, maybe not the big one, but some at the very least if Obama loses.

never again said...

I lived in a block of apartments 18 apartments in all, 20km south east of johannesburg-south africa. When I went to live in this block of apartments, only white people lived in this block, the owner of the block was an old greek man, who would not allow blacks in, he would rather have an empty apartment losing rent money, rather than having a black pay rent.

In the new south africa this was a big no no, not in mandelatopia, whwere everyone is equal.

Some black school teacher that wanted to live in this block of apartments cause the rent was low, and the apartments clean and pleasant, this rabbid ho wanted in, but everytime she went to ask the letting agency, her answer was, no, apartments available.

Then this rabbid ho, got one of her female white DWL to go ask the letting agency if there were apartments available for rent, she got an affirmative answer, then this rabbid ho, went to the letting agency and asked them why there was an apartment for the white woman and not for her, she took this case to some tv channel, the poor greek guy, had to allow rabbid ho into the apartment.

Shortly after more black rabbid fiends moved in, the old greek owner sold the apartment block which had been in his family for 2 generations, before the ghettofication started and the value dropped.

It took 2 yrs for that apartment block to become ghettofied, loud music, trashy neighbours, the rent started to climb, the elevator stopped working.

I actually watched first hand, the effects on brick and mortar, of the energy that these rabbid blacks impose on their surroundings.

Mechanical objects break, windows break, a grey pall starts creeping over everything, rat population explosion occurs, cock roaches thrive, I was fascinated by the effects of their energy on animate and innanimate objects, plants start dieing.

I clashed with this one arrogant ho, who moved in next door, loud music from her cheap hifi, no consideration for other neighbours, I trully developed my dislike for blacks during my stint there, eventually I was the only white left on my floor, I was surrounded by dregs, I lasted 6 months, as the only white in that morass of shit.

I was the reminder of what they would never be or become, I was waiting for my house to be built, in a security complex, about 4km away from the ghetto.

The effect these dregs had on the neighbourhood was frightening, when I moved in, their were blacks around, but the apartments infront of my apartment had white people living there, the page set in, and in 5 yrs, from when that black bitch moved in, the whole neighbourhood had gone full blown ghetto.

End of part 1

never again said...

Part 2

Blacks everywhere, while living in the shithole - saved my pennies and managed to get enough money to start building.

Nothing gave me greater pleasure than the day I moved out that nigger shithole.

These people have no respect for each other, they go out of their way vindictively to mess their neighbours lives up, eventually I had one ghetto ho, blasting her trashy music at full volume, then the other ghetto ho, would reciprocate, eventually the noise was deafening.

I lost total respect for them as humans, I feel nothing but contempt for them, they are trully the dregs of society, and on somedays I drive past that shithole and I look up and I smile to myself, cause the dregs are still stuck there, the rents has gone about 300% more expensive, and they are stuck there like rats on sinking ship, I feel nothing.

There are there because they deserve it, maybe one or 2 apartments still have whites in them, because they can't afford to move away, I feel sorry for them.

But the rest of the rabbid nigs in there, deserve to gnash their teeth and feeL misery, I have nothing but disgust and contempt for them.

I saw the bitch I lived next to for 4 yrs, and when she saw me, I gave her a withering look, that I hope she understood that if she had to suffer some apoplexy near me, I would step over her and carry on walking.

I realised in the ghetto, that one cannot show good christian neighbourliness to these people, cause they will eat you alive, to live amongst animals, one has to become an animal.

These people destroy everything in their path, including themselves, no one can save them, they don't want to be saved.

I have no attacks of conscience, they don't deserve it, ever.

Our very civilised presence is something that must be withheld from them, because its pearl before swine, they hate that which they can never become, and they will actually kill you, because the rimnder of what they can nver be, is just to painfull to see every day.

I would love to read other peoples experiences of being exposed to the phage of black dysfunction