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Turn the Page: The Reality of Race in the Divide between North and South Fulton County

If you've been paying attention to SBPDL, you know that we believe 2013 will be the year all eyes turn to Atlanta. The battle between primarily white, affluent North Fulton County vs. overwhelmingly black, poor South Fulton County will come to a head. We have noted at VDare [Obama, Romney, Who Cares? Secession Is Returning To America, 9-3-12] that the smell of 1861 is in the air; and the time is ripe for a nation-shattering moment.

The racial clustering in Atlanta (millennial edition)
More fuel to fire - inadvertently - was recently applied by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, with writer Jeffry Scott sticking strictly to "Journalism 101" in a story on the great divide between SAT scores produced by the students in North Fulton versus those of South Fulton [Great divide lurks beneath Fulton’s SAT success, 9-30-2012]:
Fulton County could serve as a core sample of all the ethnic, cultural and economic diversity of metro Atlanta, stretching about 80 miles from the north to the south, from the suburbs through the heart of the city. When SAT scores were announced last week it was like taking the latest reading on the impact of those influences on public schools.
By many measures, Fulton excelled. Six of the top 10 performing public schools in the state were in the county, and the district’s overall increase of 20 points bested that of its rival core counties of DeKalb, Gwinnett and Cobb (which showed a 2 point drop).
But there was an undertow to the numbers: The average score for the 11 north Fulton high schools was 1613 out of a possible 2400. That was 362 points higher than the average of 1251 scored by the five high schools in the less-affluent south end of the county — Banneker, Creekside, Langston Hughes, TriCities and Westlake.
Noticing any important information missing? The racial data would be incredible important to determining if, once again, that pesky racial gap in achievement is present in Fulton County too. That 362 point difference is important, if not a bit skewed. Only those students hoping to go to college take the SAT, and because South Fulton is overwhelmingly black, you have to wonder (what percentage) how many of these students opted out of taking the SAT.

Had they taken the test, what would the point differences have been?

But doesn't the SAT score difference between the sons and daughters of North/South Fulton County bespeak something much, much more important. Namely, why North Fulton is full of thriving communities, high property value, and the center of job growth/private industry employment in the Atlanta area; conversely, why South Fulton is the area of the city most reliant on welfare and public employment, and where job stagnation and blight is most commonly found.

In the important Brookings Institute study Moving Beyond Sprawl: The Challenge for Metropolitan Atlanta let slip some hugely important stats in understanding the racial divide between North and South Fulton:
  • The Atlanta region’s poverty challenge has a strong racial dimension. A 1999 study found that 91 percent of the welfare recipients in the City of Atlanta are African- American, and only 4 percent are white. In the Atlanta region as a whole, 70 percent of welfare recipients are African-American and 19 percent are white. Welfare recipients who are black are concentrated in predominantly black, high-poverty neighborhoods: fewer than 10 percent of welfare recipients in the City of Atlanta live in neighborhoods that are less than 50 percent African-American. By contrast, white, and to some extent Hispanic, welfare recipients are dispersed. In the region as a whole, less than 5 percent of white welfare recipients and about 10 percent of Hispanic welfare recipients live in high-poverty neighborhoods.
  • There is little or no job growth in majority non-white neighborhoods. South Atlanta had a net loss of nearly 1,000 jobs in the 1990s. South DeKalb County, about 83 percent non-white in 1998, had a net gain of 324 jobs between 1990 and 1997. This is minuscule growth compared to the rest of the region. 
  • In Fulton County, the northern suburbs account for 62 percent of the county’s job growth. The area around Alpharetta in northern Fulton saw a 175 percent increase in jobs
The onus on the residents of North Fulton to keep alive the economic engine powering the entire region is dramatic. The study used words like "distressed neighbors" to describe those areas of Atlanta where black people are found in large numbers; actually blaming the residents for the "blight" and "distressed" quality of the neighbor would instantly require those studying why "sprawl" (i.e., white flight) exists to factor in racial differences in ability.

That ain't gonna happen. Instead, the good people of North Fulton (remember, disproportionately white and educated) have set their sights on doing what they do best: building thriving communities that become the envy of their neighbors (remember, those in South Fulton are overwhelmingly black).

Sharon Adams bemoaned this racial imbalance when she wrote [No Jobs Near? Black Atlantans live disproportionately further away from employment clusters, Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, October 2006]:
  • A study conducted by the Institute of Race and Poverty at the University of Minnesota Law School, indicates that a disproportionate share of the region's poor and moderate-income residents live near the southern region of Metro Atlanta where job growth is the slowest. "Thirty percent of African Americans are more likely to work in areas where job clusters are declining compared to 20 percent of whites," informs Myron Orfield, executive director of the University of Minnesota Institute of Race and Property. The study also shows that job centers in the Atlanta business district grew modestly during the 1990s by 4,400 reflecting a 3.9 percent increase, compared to the second largest and fastest growing job center located in Sandy Springs/Dunwoody, which grew by 62 percent in the same time span. Other areas of increased growth include Cobb and Gwinnett counties and Alpharetta. According to the 2000 United States Census, African Americans represent 7.2 percent of north Fulton County's population, which includes the cities of Roswell and Alprahretta and whites represent 82.6 percent; where as the demographics of south Fulton County is 73.97 percent African American and 21.85 percent white.  

  • As job clusters are seemingly racing toward the north, it poses an increased burden for those who have to fight the traffic each day to keep up. "One of the biggest impacts in this type of imbalance for the region as whole [is that] it creates, among other things, an extreme burden on transportation," says Tom Weyandt, director of the Comprehensive Planning Department of the Atlanta Regional Commission. 
Those Disingenous White Liberals (DWLs) are sneaky: "job clusters" are the off-spring of white people (as evidenced by the population data this article by Adams provides), while the greatest detriment to job creation seems to correlate unfortunately with a high-clustering of black residents.

"Blight," "Distressed neighborhoods," and empty business districts are the hallmark of an all-black area. Know what else is hallmark of an all-black area? Ethnocentric politicians who were elected specifically to defend black interests [County official asked to stop insulting north Fulton, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Johnny Edwards, 6-8-2012]:

The latest eruption of Fulton County's north-south tensions has one elected official calling out another for publicly taking swipes at the Northside.
Liz Hausmann, who represents most of north Fulton, has asked Vice Chair Emma Darnell to stop insulting her and her district, and while she's at it, stop haranguing county staffers called before the commission dais. 
"All this does is continue the drumbeat to separate the county," Hausmann said.
North Fulton is 68 percent white and makes up more than a third of the county population. Its median household income is $93,555, according to north Fulton chamber data.
Dissatisfaction with the county led four Fulton communities -- including Sandy Springs, Johns Creek and Milton in north Fulton -- to vote to form cities during the past decade, changes made possible by Republican gains in the Legislature.
Northside residents have long complained that the county government siphons their tax money to the south while ignoring their needs, while Southside leaders contend that their money helped build up north Fulton, so it ought to reciprocate. The dispute has sparked a movement to split off the six northern cities and re-form old Milton County.
Were that to happen, what remained of Fulton would have a $36,930 median household income, according to a 2009 study by researchers at the University of Georgia and Georgia State. South Fulton is 81 percent black and Atlanta is 54 percent black, according to census statistics.

So there's your 2012 racial breakdown:

North Fulton is:
  • 68 percent white
  • median household income is $93,555 

South Fulton is:
  • 81 percent black
  • median household income is $36,930
Now, why couldn't Jeffry Scott's article on the differences in the SAT scores between the two factions of Fulton County have included this information?

Red was the for the white candidate; Blue was the black candidate (2009 Atlanta Mayor Race voting)
We already know that Sandy Springs (located in North Fulton) has successfully incorporated, but this article published in Scott's AJC just prior to the vote provides some stark data on just how reliant the black population of Atlanta - and, by extension, all of black America - is on the white population for job creation.  Race colors Sandy Springs' future, Atlanta Journal Constitution, by Henry Farber, 6-26-2005]:

Sandy Springs stands on the verge of becoming the second-largest city in metro Atlanta. But whether or not its voters approve cityhood in a June 21 referendum, the community will not be the shoreline for waves of white flight its founders inhabited when they first tried to incorporate in the 1960s.
That first population boom escalated into a barrage: Families came from Atlanta and northern cities through the '70s, apartment-seeking baby boomers and yuppies into the '80s and '90s, and now immigrants willing to occupy older, smaller dwellings.
Urban gateway
Today, Sandy Springs is more of an urban gateway than it is a "Golden Ghetto," the community's nickname when it was Atlanta's wealthiest suburb a generation ago.
At least one-third of the community's residents are Hispanic, Asian or African-American. Few disagree with demographers' predictions that whites will someday become another minority in this community tucked between Buckhead to the south and Roswell to the north.
The browning of Sandy Springs could color future decision-making as prospective city pioneers prepare to wrest control of government from Fulton County.
Racism charge disputed
Diversity is a sensitive issue for city proponents. Their loudest critics come from south Fulton and Atlanta -- the center of Georgia's black political power.
Unincorporated south Fulton alone would lose $25 million annually if Sandy Springs starts collecting and allocating its own taxes. The most severe critics call city advocates racists bent on victimizing blacks.
Sandy Springs advocates, noting the community's growing diversity, call the charge ironic.
"Whether they're black, white or Hispanic, they need more representation for themselves, too, and they'll have it when they're in a new city," said Gabe Sterling, a co-chairman of the city campaign.
Pie charts show the following totals:
1960 total: 16,456
White (16,286): 99%
Black (167): 1%
Other (3): 0%
1970 total: 39,050
White (38,883): 99.6%
Black (109): 0.3%
Other (58): 0.1%
1980 total: 46,877
White (45,804) 97.7%
Black (626): 1.3%
Asian (257): 0.6%
Other (190): 0.4%
1990 total: 67,842
White (60,797): 89.6%
Black (5,152): 7.6%
Asian (1,106): 1.6%
Other (787) 1.2%
2000 total: 85,781
White (66,522): 77.6%
Black (10,332): 12.0%
Asian (2,820): 3.3%
Other (6,107): 7.1%
2004 total (estimate): 86,567
White (64,742): 74.8%
Black (11,126): 12.9%
Asian (3,212): 3.7%
Other (7,487): 8.6%
2009 total (projected): 90,998
White (65,617): 72.1%
Black (12,224): 13.4%
Asian (3,833): 4.2%
Other (9,324): 10.3%
 Sandy Springs is roughly 75 percent white today, debt-free, and poised to lead the incorporating areas of North Fulton County (and those cities incorporating in DeKalb County) to the promised land of secession: the creation of Milton County. 

2013 is only a few months away. In closing, it should be noted that in the hotly contested 2009 Mayoral race [for the mayor of Atlanta], the battle went to a runoff between Kasim Reed, the black candidate, and Mary Norwood. 

Norwood was the respectable white candidate, who thanks to changing demographics in Atlanta, forced a runoff with Reed (though she got the majority of the votes in the initial voting). The vote went strictly down racial lines as this 11Alive (NBC affiliate in Atlanta) noted [11Alive Mayoral Runoff Results - Dec. 1, 2009
The results of the 2009 Atlanta Mayoral Runoff between Kasim Reed and Mary Norwood].

If austerity ever comes to America, the reality of race is going to come smashing directly in the face of the egalitarian course the nation has been headed for the past 70 years. 

No where is this more evident then Atlanta, where the divide between North Fulton and South Fulton is purely a racial one. 

And with the move to secession (the creation of a new county), the amount of money flowing from North Fulton County, now a torrent, to keep afloat the primarily black residents of South Fulton becomes less than a trickle. 


Anonymous said...

Well, again, you have to ask: why don't blacks take advantage of all those opportunities to create jobs and rise out of poverty by AA, minority grants, federal business programs, black studies, Head Start, school lunches, MLK worship, and etc., etc., etc?

Or perhaps: why don't DWLs ever consider why half a century of war on poverty, civil rights programs, and social engineering have all failed, and failed miserably?

Perhaps some DWL trolling about could answer these questions...

The thing is, DWLs seem to live in a suspended time, where every day is the day before Brown vs Board of Education. So their analyses invariably come down to blaming "racism," "lack of good schools," and so forth, despite the fact that DWLs have spend half a century addressing all these. Of course, if they had to face the reality, it would mean that post WWII liberalism has been a dismal failure. And that maybe, just maybe, race is a reality.

10mm AUTO said...

By many measures, Fulton excelled. Six of the top 10 performing public schools in the state were in the county, and the district’s overall increase of 20 points bested that of its rival core counties of DeKalb, Gwinnett and Cobb (which showed a 2 point drop).

But there was an undertow to the numbers: The average score for the 11 north Fulton high schools was 1613 out of a possible 2400. That was 362 points higher than the average of 1251 scored by the five high schools in the less-affluent south end of the county — Banneker, Creekside, Langston Hughes, TriCities and Westlake.

WOW! SBPDL makes it into the Mainstream media. "Undertow" is a very interesting word to use there and it was clearly a hat-tip to Paul.

This could be a real breaker. I had written in response to one of Paul's articles that going after the children would break the back of BRA. negros know exactly why Whites flee from them and now they see that Whites have developed a way to close the gate. Hence the lawsuits. If the lawsuits succeed, then it will mean that Whites can no longer flee and will have to turn and fight. If they CAN flee, then every negro area will turn into little Detroit's as the negro undertow becomes strong. Local school attendance will be a decision between a good school or the negro "little penitentiaries" with fences, metal detectors, private "school cops", assaulted teachers, low scores and graduation rates, etc. ( ).

Given the recent Court decisions still reinforcing BRA (Tests be racists and sheet) I do not think this will survive and Whites will be forced to fend off negros via physical barriers, ie gated communities and unofficial resale agreements. Using these new types of city structures, I could see erecting a sort of city that had a Real Estate Foundation with enough cash to agree to buy any home that is up for sale at +2% over price as long as the Foundation managers agreed, with convents that prevented rental occupancy unless the occupant was "qualified".

So CAL Snowman said...

We covered the fact that SAT verbal/reading scores are at an all time low, but there is more to this story. In 1994-95 the standards were lowered to accommodate the increase of students from "less rigorous" (NON WHITE) schools taking the test. So in actuality we are at a record low from PREVIOUSLY LOWERED EXPECTATIONS.

From : SAT

"The test scoring was initially scaled to make 500 the mean score on each section with a standard deviation of 100.[28] As the test grew more popular and more students from less rigorous schools began taking the test, the average dropped to about 428 Verbal and 478 Math. The SAT was "recentered" in 1995, and the average "new" score became again close to 500. Scores awarded after 1994 and before October 2001 are officially reported with an "R" (e.g. 1260R) to reflect this change. Old scores may be recentered to compare to 1995 to present scores by using official College Board tables,[29] which in the middle ranges add about 70 points to Verbal and 20 or 30 points to Math. In other words, current students have a 100 (70 plus 30) point advantage over their parents."

"If austerity ever comes to America, the reality of race is going to come smashing directly in the face of the egalitarian course the nation has been headed for the past 70 years. "

I'm pretty sure that the Federal Government and the Elites realize and have planned for this as they will bring austerity to the USA no matter who wins the "presidential election." Why else would the DHS buy up nearly 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition this year alone? The DHS understands that there is going to be massive civil unrest coming from the colored folks in this country. The previous record for ammo purchased in one year by the DHS was 500,000 in 2008 (before the economic collapse). Austerity is coming and it's by design. Look what is happening in Greece and Spain right now and those are predominantly WHITE countries.

Spanish Anti-Austerity Protesters Clash With Riot Police For The THIRD Time This week

Greek Austerity Protesters Clash With Police"

Some people here keep saying that the EBT cards will remain on indefinitely and that the colored groups will continue to receive their reparations with no cuts in services whatsoever. This is pure magical, delusional thinking. LOOK at what is happening to the rest of the world. LOOK what is happening in Europe. You think that somehow we are immune to this because we have the Federal Reserve printing presses? Even without the EBT cards running out, we are at the breaking point RIGHT NOW. East St. Louis is experiencing Martial Law Lite right now due to the out of control blacks. You think it's bad now, just wait for austerity. And if you think Oh-Face isn't going to go along with the plan you haven't been paying attention.

From the Ultra Liberal Huff Post:

Obama May Do Social Security Reform During Lame Duck Session, Senate Democrats Worry

Anonymous said...

Articles like this are boring. Write about something interesting like black crime or how the media portrays blacks.

Mr. Rational said...

The comments on the AJC article are classic DWL through the first 6, then you get some veiled race realism starting with the comment by Dogger, and then riversxing finally brings up the issue of the race card (while attributing Black failure to culture).

When the AJC finally admits that Brittney Watts was killed due to Black race hatred, I think hell will freeze over.

FSR said...

Homeless African illegal immigrant beats another homeless man of undisclosed race to death "with a tree" in Dallas Texas, in a super ghetto Section-8 apartment zone, which was formerly a nice safe white area once upon a time:

Homeless man arrested for beating another homeless man to death with a “tree”

September 29, 2012

A Dallas man turned himself in to police Saturday afternoon after claiming to beat another man to death in Northeast Dallas earlier in the day.

Ayoual Akout, 32, and the victim are homeless and often hang out near Park Lane and Shady Brook Lane off Greenville Avenue. They got into a fight Friday, and Akout was taken to Presbyterian Hospital for injuries to his face.

After he was released Saturday morning, he went back to the 8200 block of Park Lane where he beat the other man in retaliation for Friday’s fight. Akout walked a few blocks and called police, according to police reports.

He took officers to the body, and said he had beaten the man to death with a “tree,” according to police reports

The victim has not been identified yet.

Police arrested Akout on a murder charge. He is being held at Dallas County jail, where he will be ineligible for bail because he is listed as an illegal immigrant. The incident occurred near last week’s double shooting on Holly Hill Drive.


An article about a failed feel-good effort in the same area, from the perspective of a white-guilt libtard "journalist" writing for Dallas' Village Voice owned "alt weekly", the "Dallas Observer":

In Vickery Meadows, Walking Trail Attracts Many Vagrants, Few Walkers


"More worrying, the benches and open area became a magnet for vagrants, drunks, drug dealers, and other individuals doing things they probably shouldn't be doing."

FSR said...

If I didn't make it clear in my previous comment, the area in Dallas that the homeless African illegal immigrant killed another homeless dude and the "walking trail" area that the DWL "journalist" for the Dallas Observer wrote about are the same area.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Most black people are the eternal victim. Someone or something else is always to blame for what happens to them. It is ALWAYS the fault of someone else who has done all this bad shit to them. IT IS NEVER THEIR FAULT. The victim will never be responsible for themselves because to do so they will have to get off the pity pot. This they will never do because they are being supported in their own victim hood and self misery. Self pity finally becomes a life style that is passed on from one generation to another.
There are many black millionaires out there that became successful because they didn't buy into the victim bullshit.
I have no sympathy for anyone who likes to wallow in their own self created misery. Who to blame is the name of the game.

So CAL Snowman said...

OT - This is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen in my life. I was in tears at the end. A must watch!

Freestyle Rap Battle : Translated (for White people)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason DWL'S have spent a half century addressing this is because of their vested interest and sub par IQ's as well. It's a way to make a living or they prey upon the situation to maintain a big checkbook balance of the backs of the working and middle class whites. I really detest these hypocrites. They get it first.

Anonymous said...

Write about something interesting like black crime or how the media portrays blacks.

That they are always the victim and never the cause?

bubo said...

OT, ESPN will have a 30 for 30 tonight about overwhelmingly black athletes going broke.

Just from the preview I've heard excuses about them not making as much as people think. Yeah, ok. Base salary in the NFL is 400,000 dollars a year. Most make considerably more than that, yet they still go broke like clockwork.

Blacks cannot sustain themselves when being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, how can they sustain a city?

bubo said...

Unincorporated south Fulton alone would lose $25 million annually if Sandy Springs starts collecting and allocating its own taxes. The most severe critics call city advocates racists bent on victimizing blacks.

The arrogance of blacks is immeasurable by science. They actually believe it is THEIR money. FULL STOP.

I've wondered out loud before how long it would take the EBT cards to stop working before blacks resorted to cannibalism. I think it would be less than two weeks.